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Father of the Night 14: Caper.

By Mandroid
Created: 19th December 2020 01:34:29 PM
AIE Safe Anon OC Applejack Anondad

  1. =Father of the Night 14=
  3. >Most parties on Earth followed a formula.
  4. >You'd arrive and meet with people, chat about current events, eat and drink and be merry.
  5. >Grand theft was usually only reserved for the BIG parties.
  6. >But then again, two Princesses in attendance counted as "big" in this town, so some excitement was bound to happen.
  7. >And happen it did.
  8. >Twilight hadn't wasted a moment going from calm and collected to full panic-mode.
  9. >"The crowns are missing!" She begins to dart around the room lifting objects and looking in every miniscule corner. "Crowns? Crowns? Come out crowns! If I were a crown, where would I be?"
  10. >You walk over to Twilight. [spoiler][/spoiler] "Twi. Twi? Stop. Please."
  11. >Luna and Celestia stare wide eyed at the empty chest. "H-how could this have happened!?" Luna shouts.
  12. >The moon princess knocks the crate onto the ground and rifles through it.
  13. >"The Princesses can't be seen without their crowns! What' are we going to do!?" Twilight shouts.
  14. >Luna examines the silk lining of the chest. "I'm more concerned with the MONUMENTAL breach in our security...the guards should be embarrassed."
  16. >The two guards outside the door shift uncomfortably as Celestia examines where the crowns were. "No need to be so harsh, sister. I'm sure the guards did their best."
  17. >She levitates the box up, causing the piece of paper inside to fall out, and looks it over. "How could they have stolen our crowns while they were still in the room with us...?"
  18. >Bruce trots up to the Princess eyeing the crate. "May I examine that, your highness?"
  19. >The Princess cocks an eyebrow but lowers the chest nonetheless.
  20. >Bruce peers over the lock in front of it and brushes his hoof along it's brass coating.       
  21. >"Hhhrrm..."
  22. "Bruce?"
  23. >"There are scrapings and scratches on this lock...whomever picked it..." Bruce's eyes follow along the wall to a hatch built in. "They would have had to exit out the laundry chute..."
  24. >Bruce turns back to you. "Mister Anonymous, I'm going to need you to come with me." he says already walking to the door.
  25. "What? Why?"
  26. >"We need to get my things from home."
  28. >Bruce leads you through the Ponyville streets at fast pace, making a beeline for Twilight's house.
  29. >He bursts through the door and heads directly for your room.
  30. "Bruce, what are you-"
  31. >You're cut off from the sounds fluttering clothe and clacking locks before the door opens to a dressed Batmane behind it.
  32. "Oh...we're doing this tonight?"
  33. >"We need to help find the crowns, Mister Anonymous."
  34. >You sigh and run your hand through your hair.
  35. "Yeah...I guess so. What do you need me for, though?"
  36. >He adjusts his mask as he heads to the door. "Another perspective, more eyes looking at the problem. You may see things I do not."
  37. "Don't see how..." you say following him out.
  38. >"You'll never know until you try, sir."
  39. >Bruce and you run back to Sugarcube Corner and duck around back.
  40. >You hang back as Bruce opens a basement window and jumps inside. The sounds of rooting around echo out of the open window before Bruce hops back out.
  41. >"I checked the chute but...I can't find any evidence...not a single clue as to who could have taken this or how." he says.
  42. >Well shit.
  43. "So what now?"
  44. >"Do you have any insights you see?"
  46. >You glance around. You are in the space behind Sugarcube Corner that served as it's utilities hub. There's the window that Bruce just hopped out of, but not much else. A smoke stack for the furnace or something ran up the back of the building and the water heater was next to it.
  47. "I...can't say. You'd think that somep0ny else would have seen them if they came out this way."
  48. >Bruce strokes his chin. " may be on to something."
  49. "Huh?"
  50. >Bruce paces around. "If someone were to steal the crowns and attempt to leave...they would have been seen by one of the crowd. It makes more sense to stash the crowns away somewhere safe and act natural to avoid suspicion..."
  51. >You bite.
  52. "What's "natural" here?"
  53. >He gestures inside. "Being at the party. The entire town is here and anyone leaving before the main event would draw attention."
  54. >You nod. [spoiler][/spoiler] "So you think whoever this is, they're still inside?"
  55. >"I do. And I need your help to flush them out."
  56. >Whoawaitwhat?
  57. "Me?"
  58. >He nods. "You. I will remain outside and try to catch them leaving, but I need you to actually -make- them leave for me to do that."
  59. " am I supposed to do that?"
  60. >Bruce pulls out his grapple. "I'm unsure, Mister Anonymous. But I have faith that you will succeed. You're track record in these things is most admirable." he says before shooting off onto the roof.
  62. >You sneak inside and look over the room.
  63. >The party was in full swing now, ponies were talking, eating, drinking and enjoying themselves, all the while unaware of the crisis upstairs.
  64. >Surprisingly, you saw both AJ and Twi standing near the snacks table mingling. Twilight looked like she was about to leap out of her skin while AJ seemed to be trying to keep her calm.
  65. >You nudge your way over to them.
  66. "Guys. I need your help."
  67. >Twilight dances on her hooves. "We -all- need help, Anon! We have no leads on the crowns and the Princesses are talking about CANCELLING their appearance!"
  68. " that bad?"
  69. >It sounded like it'd handle pretty much all the problems, they had to have spares back at the castle.
  70. >"YES IT'D BE BAD!" she shouts, attracting attention from those around her.
  71. "Okay! Okay!"
  72. >AJ comes between the two of you and holds out her hooves. "Now both of ya calm down!"
  73. >AJ and Twi look to you. "Now what's this ya need help with, Anon?"
  74. >You glance from side to side and kneel down to their level.
  75. "A certain someone in a cape and cowl thinks that the perp who stole the crowns is at this party...he needs us to make them rabbit." you whisper.
  76. >AJ furrows her brow. "How're we gonna get 'em to run when we don't even know who they are?"
  77. "Uhh..."
  79. >Come on, think. How do you scare off a criminal?
  80. >You look around the main room at everyone in attendance. Politicians, DJ-P0N3, Guards...
  81. >...DJ's and guards.
  82. "Hang on, I have an idea..."
  83. >You sneak off from the girls and head over to where the saddlebags are kept. You kneel down and start searching.
  84. "Saddlebag..saddlebag...if I were a famous DJ, what would my saddlebag look like?"
  85. >You eventually find your prize in the form of a small saddlebag with a music note on the side.
  86. >Before you cram your hand in this mares purse, you risk a cautionary glance both ways.
  87. >Luckily for you, everyone is too wrapped to notice you.
  88. >You reach inside and feel around the contents, wanting to wrap this up fast.
  89. "Come on, come on you stupi-"
  90. >Your hand curls around something cube shaped and a bit slippery.
  91. "Paydirt."
  92. >You look over your shoulder and spot a trio of guards idling by the counter.
  93. >You wind up and toss the cube over to them. It lands at their feet and one of them breaks away from his conversation to look at it.
  94. >"Is that...salt? he asks.
  96. -Bruce PoV-
  97. >You sit crouched on the top of a building across the street from Sugarcube Corner.
  98. >From your perch, you saw Anonymous throw the salt at the guards, arousing their suspicion. As you expect he thought, they jumped at the opportunity to do their jobs and began searching the party guests for any more of the illicit substance.
  99. >A few select party goers exit the building and trot down the road, their evenings no doubt shaken by the guards searching them.
  100. >A shame, the Princesses visiting was an occasion to be seen.
  101. >From the corner of your eye, you catch the faintest hint of movement darting into the alleyway.
  102. >You snap your head in that direction and catch sight of a shadowy figure disappearing into the shadows.
  103. >The thief!
  104. "Stop!" you shout.
  105. >You jump off your perch and run along the rooftops after them. Leaping across streets and swinging around corners.
  106. >If you were lucky, you could cut them off by the boutique.
  107. >The thief is good, however. They lead you from Sugarcube to Town Hall, through Mane Street, and past the sofa store.
  108. "Stop running!" you call as the two of you bolt down an alley.
  109. >Whomever they were, they look back at you over their rucksack as they run with red tinted goggles and grins.
  110. >The two of you enter the square where the boutique is located, the thief catching their second wind and sprinting towards the nearby stream to escape.
  111. >Blast it!
  112. >You pull out your grapple and aim for a tree branch sitting over the water's edge, firing off and snagging it.
  113. >At the same time, the thief hops on a rock and sails over the water.
  114. >You sail past the tree branch and dig into your belt for your bolos and tossing them at the thief.
  115. >The bolos intercept bandit and knock them into the water with a loud "OOF!" followed by a splash.
  117. >You land on the opposite side of the bank and trot to the edge.
  118. >The thief writhes in the shallow waters against the bolo trying to escape. "Is this -really- your first thing you do when you meet a girl?" they ask.
  119. >Ah.
  120. >Well.
  121. >At least her gender is determined.
  122. >You look her over. About your size and probably close to your age, black sneaking suit, red tinted goggles, pointed ears sticking up from the side of her mask.
  123. "Interesting look."
  124. >"I could say the same about you."
  125. >You walk over and haul the rucksack out of the water. The straps come undone easily enough and you peak inside.
  126. >Both of the royal crowns rested comfortably inside, a little damper than usual, but otherwise unharmed.
  127. >You fasten up the sack and turn back to your quarry. [spoiler][/spoiler] "A rather audacious plan, stealing the royal crowns."
  128. >"I pride myself on my willingness to go where others won't." she says with a titter.
  129. "...Quite."
  130. >You throw the rucksack over your shoulder and secure it.
  131. "So who are you? I need to know who's parents the guards should be calling when they come to get you."
  132. >She shifts in her bindings. "What kind of manners are those? Asking a ladies name without first offering your own?" she scoffs.
  134. >You narrow your eyes and grit your teeth.
  135. "Batmane."
  136. >The filly rolls her eyes. "Of course, how silly of me for not getting that in the first place."
  137. >You did not like this girl.
  138. "You're mocking me."
  139. >"You got that right, handsome."
  140. >Waitwhat.
  141. >What did she sa-
  142. >Handso-
  143. "Uuhhhhhhhhhh..."
  144. >The girl lets out a throaty chuckle and looks at you. "Well, "Batmane", you can call me..." her eyes drift over you. "Catfilly. Yes, let's go with that."
  145. >You take a step back. [spoiler][/spoiler] "Uuuuuhhhhh..."
  146. >She glances down at her bindings. "You gonna get me out of here, Batsy?"
  147. >You turn your head and clear your throat. Blasted...flirtatious girl.
  148. "You into the royal chest, you can get out of those on your own."'
  149. >You leap over the creek and run back to Sugarcube Corner before she can respond.      
  151. -Anon PoV-
  152. >It had been a bit since you threw the salt.
  153. >The guards had searched pretty much everyone at the party and taken that DJ off to the lockup. Not that it'd matter, celebrities got caught with this stuff all the time and got off.
  154. >You went up with Twilight and Applejack back to the Princesses room, Twilight needed to be taken out of gen pop before she had a panic attack.
  155. >Right now you were talking to Princess Luna while Celestia grilled the head guard on duty about his impromptu drug raid.
  156. >"And...these two gangs just decided to burn down your house?" Luna asks.
  157. "Uh...yeah?"
  158. >" provocation?"
  159. >Shit.
  160. "Nnnnever seen 'em before in my life."
  161. >You try to get a read on her face, anything that could help you dodge this.
  162. >...She seems unconvinced, fuck.
  163. >The window behind Luna, the one that was closest to the crown jewels chest, slides open and saves your hide.
  164. >A black rucksack is thrown in through the window and lands in the middle of the room. Everyone turns and gasps as the twin crowns come rolling out.
  165. >"The thief!" Luna shouts.
  166. >The moon princess rushes over to the window and sticks her head out, you, Twilight and AJ right behind her.
  167. >Against the pale moonlight washing over the town, the three of you catch sight of a figure leaping from the rooftops with its cape billowing behind it.
  168. >Good...he caught the thief.
  169. >" that, Twilight Sparkle?" Luna asks.
  170. >Twilight's eyes dart back and forth. "Uhh...that's the Batmane, Princess! He was the one who saved the town from the gang war...ehehehe."
  171. >Luna apparently isn't paying attention to Twilight's shitty lie and just continues to stare out the window. "Interesting..."
  173. >The Princesses fixed themselves up and make their appearance shortly after the crowns were returned.
  174. >Despite the earlier "festivities" of the night, the arrival of their monarchs injected new life and energy into the party, the party which looked to not be stopping any time soon.
  175. >As you mingled downstairs, a certain colt seemed to materialize next to you by the punch table.
  176. "Well hey there buddy, nice night?"
  177. >Bruce sits on his rear and stares straight out into the crowed. "It was...eventful."
  178. "Nice save with the crowns, did the thief give you too much trouble?"
  179. >Bruce shakes his head. "She did not."
  180. >You arch an eyebrow.
  181. "She" huh?"
  182. >Bruce nods, still staring ahead. "A filly, it seems. Apparently my age. She calls herself "Catfilly"."
  183. >Damn...a single kid fighting crime was one thing, but now they were committing them?
  184. "Think you'll be seeing her again?"
  185. >Bruce's gaze casts downward. "I...wouldn't be surprised."
  186. >It's silent between the two of you for a bit.
  187. "So...who is this filly? Do I know her?"
  188. >"Uhhmm...I don't think so, I didn't get a name."
  189. "And you didn't think to bring your new friend to this nice party..." you tease taking a swig of your drink.
  190. >"She uh...wasn't able to come."
  191. "Oh? Why's that?"
  192. >"She was...tied up with something." he says shyly.

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