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Father of the Night 19: Company.

By Mandroid
Created: 19th December 2020 01:38:53 PM
AIE Safe Anon OC Applejack Anondad

  1. =Father of the Night 19=
  3. >The moon hangs high in the sky by the time you and Bruce get back home with your new guest.
  4. >You'd done an extensive search around Dinky's house looking for any signs to where her mom went. Dinky was young, she could have just gone out to the store and run a little late.
  5. >Unfortunately, Dinky also seemed to be incredibly clever.
  6. >No sign note left, no sigh of a struggle, not even a note from a boyfriend or something that would call her away.
  7. >And it's not like you could have just LEFT her there. So back to the house with you she went.
  8. >You carry Dinky through the house towards the kitchen.
  9. "Let's get some food in your belly, huh? My mom always said that helps."
  10. >Dinky shuffles her hooves as you set her down and remains quiet.
  11. >"If nothing else it may help us come up with more ideas, Dinky." Bruce says climbing up into a seat next to her.
  12. >You open the pantry and take a look around. What do little fillies like? Probably the same things little colts like. Too bad your little colt was a total weirdo.
  13. >Cereal? No, it's late.
  14. >Porridge? Who the hell eats that?
  15. >Apples?...That'd do. And it gives you an idea.
  16. >You grab a few apples from the fruit basket and set them out in front of Dinky.
  17. "Do you need them cut up, Dinky?"
  18. >She shakes her head and speaks in a voice barely above a whisper. "It's fine...I-I like the skin."
  19. >Dinky reaches out and bites into the fruit. "Mom was a bit jumpy around knives anyway..."
  20. "Right...Bruce? Entertain her for just a minute."
  21. >"Mister Anonymous what a-" Bruce starts.
  22. >But you've already booked it to the phone.
  24. >Manetech was Equestrias primary technological juggernaut before the murder of Bruce's parents. And as his current guardian, you had some perks when it came to getting new toys.
  25. >Phones were a new invention in Equestria, very few had them. So you used your newfound pull to get one installed in your house as well as AJ's barn and Twi's library.
  26. >You would need it.
  27. >You press a few buttons and listen to the ring. It wasn't that should be interrupting anything.
  28. >Someone on the other end picks up and says "Hello?"
  29. "AJ! Hey, listen, it's me Anon. Can I get your help on som-"
  30. >"What? Anon I can barely hear ya, speak up!"
  31. >Huh?
  32. "AJ I'm talking normally."
  33. >"No ya aint! I can't hear a word yer sayin'!"
  34. >Now that you think about it, AJ's voice sounds quiet too, almost like it's too far from the-Dammit.
  35. >You sigh.
  36. "Applejack, you have the phone upside down."
  37. >Silence followed by fiddling around comes through your end before Applejack says "Oh. I knew that."
  38. "Sure you did, Hayseed. I need your help."
  39. >You can practically hear AJ's eyebrow cock from here. "Now what could ya need help with at this hour of the night?"
  40. "There's like..."
  41. >You lean out from where you are and look back at the kids, Bruce and Dinky seem to be talking.
  42. "There's this kid here...a new one. A little unicorn named Dinky who says her mom is missing."
  43. >"And what do you need me for?"
  44. "Because I can't take care of kids!"
  45. >"Anon, ya had a little colt living with you for months." AJ says deadpan.
  46. "Bruce is...a really shitty example of a normal kid."
  47. >"Anonymous!"
  48. "What!? He is..."
  49. >"That aint nice t'all! Now you get on in there and help that little girl or so help me!"
  50. >You rub your head.
  51. "Yeah I guess help from you is a no?"
  52. >"-click-"
  53. >Guess so.
  55. >You head back over to the kids and catch the tail end of their conversation.
  56. >"She fell from the sky, you say?" Bruce asks.
  57. >Dinky nods. "But that's just what the man from Appleoosa told me. I don't ha- I mean- He might have been lying..." she stumbles out.
  58. >You come up behind Bruce and take a seat next to the both of them at the counter.
  59. "Hey guys...what are you talking about?"
  60. >Bruce turns to look at you. "Oh just...rumors Dinky had heard."
  61. >You look to the filly. [spoiler][/spoiler] "Any good ones?"
  62. >She just shakes her head.
  63. "Right...well I was on the phone with Applejack and invited her to come over and help but she's a bit...occupied right now."
  64. >That's one way to say "You got shot the fuck down, son."
  65. >Dinky munches her apple. "I met Miss Applejack in the market a few times...she's nice." she says quietly.
  66. >Poor little bugger's probably still scared.
  67. "Yeah...she is...And so are we. You can stay here as long as you need to, okay Dinky?"
  68. >Bruce nods. "And we will help you find your mother."
  69. >Dinky looks at you both. "How are you gonna do that?"
  70. >You and Bruce exchange a glance. "We have our ways." he says.
  71. >Dinky looks at the two of you and then her apple before squeaking out a quite "Promise?".
  72. >You both nod.
  73. >Dinky gets a small smile. "Thanks Bruce, M-mister Anon."
  74. >You tap the table twice.
  75. "But we can't do that on an empty stomach!"
  76. >You head over to the pantry and root around some more.
  77. "You guys haven't lived until you've had peanut butter and apple slices..."
  78. >Gotta help the girl. Gotta be a good guardian. Gotta show up AJ.
  80. >Dinky rests on your shoulder after her snack as you carry her through the halls.
  81. >"How did you know that would put her to sleep, sir?" Bruce asks.
  82. "There isn't a being alive who can resist peanut butter apples and warm milk, Bruce."
  83. >Not to mention that you could see the stresses of the day catching up with her.
  84. >You open the door to the guest room and head over to the bed.
  85. "Can you check to make sure the window is shut?" you ask.
  86. >Bruce runs over to the window and wriggles under the curtains, his little tail wagging back and forth.
  87. >"It is secure."
  88. "Good. We don't want her catching a cold."
  89. >You lay Dinky down and pull the blankets over her, dropping them when she begins to rouse from her slumber.
  90. >"Nnnnggg..."
  91. >The little filly pushes herself up and rubs her eyes with her hoof before looking at you.
  92. >"Mister Anonymous...? I must have fallen asleep...I'm sorry."
  93. >You pet her mane.
  94. "Dinky, there's no need to say sorry. You've had a busy day and we understand, right Bruce?"
  95. >Bruce nods. "You will need your rest if we are to look for your mother."
  97. >Dinky curls up a bit. "Can we start looking soon?"
  98. >Bruce nods. "You and I will start looking tomorrow right after school, we'll search high and low for her."
  99. >Dinky smiles. "Thanks Bruce."
  100. >Surprisingly, Bruce smiles back. "It's my pleasure."
  101. >You kneel down to her eye level.
  102. "Now, Dinky, this is important. Do you know -anything- about before your mom went missing?"
  103. >Dinky shakes her head. "She just said she was going to deliver some letters and then wasn't there to pick me up after school..."
  104. >You nod.
  105. "Do you have any other family?"
  106. >Dinky ponders. "My big sister goes to university in Fillydelphia, but that's about it."
  107. >Hmm...not much in the way of leads.
  108. >You start to notice her eyelids drooping again and nudge Bruce.
  109. "We'll leave you to your rest, Dinky. We're both right down the hall if you need us." you say with a smile.
  110. >"Yes, do not hesitate."
  111. >You and Bruce turn and walk out the door.
  112. >"Goodnight you two...and thank you." Dinky says.
  113. >You nod back to her and shut the door.
  115. >Once the door is shut, you turn to Bruce.
  116. "Please tell me you have some ideas." you whisper.
  117. >Bruce trots down the hall and rubs his chin.
  118. >"Not a great deal at this juncture..."
  119. >Brilliant...
  120. "So what do we do?"
  121. >Bruce looks back at you. "We"?"
  122. >You rub your hand on the back of your head.
  123. "I don't like sad kids, call it a weakness."
  124. >Bruce stares at you for a few seconds. "Quite."
  125. >You follow next to Bruce as the two of you walk back downstairs from the guest rooms.
  126. "Guess we'll have company for a little while..."
  127. >"Hopefully not too long..." Bruce says.
  128. >You nod.
  129. "Any help you need from me, just ask."
  130. >Bruce nods as well. "Appreciated, mister Anonymous. I'll keep you in mind if I need your...talents."
  131. "I'll also let Mac know he's gonna be escorting another kid to school for a few days."
  132. >"I will keep an eye on Dinky at school and help her search afterwards, all will be well."
  133. >Right...well that was as planned shaped as anything.
  134. "It's getting late, I'm gonna turn in. You should think about it too."
  135. >Bruce hops up and heads to his secret door. "I will retire after I've done some research...perhaps some clues to Dinky's mother will reveal themselves if I investigate the mail routes."
  136. >You get up and walk upstairs. [spoiler][/spoiler] "Good luck, Bruce."
  137. >Dinky is snoring softly when you poke your head in to check on her, that puts you at ease.
  138. >You crawl into your own bed and turn out the light, resting your head against the pillow.
  139. "Tch."
  140. >This house was gonna become a boarding house if you're not careful.

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