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BiE Bonus Chapter: Excelsior!

By Mandroid
Created: 19th December 2020 01:46:10 PM
AIE Safe Anon OC Rainbow Dash Slice of Life

  1. =Bros in Equestria Bonus Chapter: Excelsior!=
  3. >Year 4 in Equestria.
  4. >You and Anon walk through the woods on this bright shiny day with business going as usual.
  5. >So ragging on stuff.
  6. "The girl gets promoted to Princess and she needs -our- help to clean up a castle? Doesn't she have -people- for this?"
  7. >"Yes, but she also has her friends and friends help each other." Anon says, hands in his pockets.
  8. >You grumble and keep walking.
  9. "Pain in my ass, draggin' me all the way down from Canterlot into the goddamn woods..."
  10. >"Are you -still- bitter about the coronation ceremony? It was THREE MONTHS AGO!"
  12. >Anon rolls his eyes and keeps walking.          
  13. >You didn't like this, the walking or where you were walking too.
  14. "Goddamn castle had to be in the middle of the fucking Everfree..."
  15. >"Twilight says it's been pretty calm since that thing with the vines."
  16. "And you!"
  17. >You pick up your pace and catch up to Anon.
  18. "What's the deal with not asking for my help with that?"
  19. >"I thought you didn't like to be dragged back out here into the boonies?" he answers with a smart look.
  20. "Yeah, but not when there's giant vines and shit."
  21. >"I handled just fine, thank you very much."
  22. "How?"
  23. >"Aerosol can and a lighter."
  24. "Ah, you have learned well, young grasshopper."
  25. >"It's only natural that your psychosis would infect me too." Anon says with a wink.
  26. "All part of the package."
  27. >You put your hands behind your head and keep walking down the road to the castle.
  29. >The two of you come up on the Everfree Castle in about a half hour's time, finding the door a crack open.
  30. >"Do we just...go in I guess?"
  31. "It's either that or wait out here and they might have food in there."
  32. >Anon shrugs and joins you in heading inside.
  33. >The castle looked...well, as similar to the one in Canterlot as your memory would allow, just in a further state of disrepair.
  34. >Tapestries hung in various tatters, there was rubble or clutter everywhere, and you could smell the dust.
  35. >But some parts looked worked on. A pile of clutter gathered neatly here, a tapestry taken down and folded there.
  36. > one who could have done it.
  37. >"Oh boy..."
  38. "Like -this- isn't suspicious."
  39. >You and Anon fan out and investigate.
  40. >"Twilight? Dash? Where are you guys?"
  41. "Rarity? Spiiiiiike? I swear if you got those covered in dust I'm going to be mad.
  42. >"Got what?" Anon asks.
  43. "Spike asked if he could borrow some of my old comics and shit from home a while back."
  44. >"I guess I should just be glad it's not something more ridiculous..."
  45. "He wasn't interested in a Lexicanum."
  46. >"Smart kid."
  47. "How heretical."
  48. >You and Anon keep looking through the castle, he told you that there were apparently traps here? So you kept on edge.
  49. >Two secret doors, a pitfall, and a not-glory hole got you nothing.
  50. >"Okay, I'm starting to get concerned now."
  51. "Let's check the highest room in the tallest tower."
  52. >"...Okay, I'll bite, why?"
  53. "Twilight's a princess now? Duh."
  54. >Anon follows you to the stairs rolling his eyes. "Of course, how stupid of me."
  56. >A few too many stairs takes you up to the highest room and, surprise surprise, it looks like it's been in recently.
  57. "Where do you think they are?"
  58. >"I don't you think the vine things came back?"
  59. "I wouldn't know, I wasn't -here- for them." you say.
  60. >You turn look over the room. There's bits of food and a bag of chips along the wall and some comic books lying on the floor on the othe-
  61. >Floor?
  62. "Oooohhhh noooo..."
  63. >You walk over and leaf through them, all here, just on the floor.
  64. "I'm going to kill that boy..."
  65. >You begin leafing through  copies of Green Lantern and Fantastic Four to inspect for damages when Anon comes up behind you.
  66. >" that supposed to happen?"
  67. >You look over the comics and see that one of them is glowing hot white with the images swirling into a vortex.
  68. >You feel a tugging as if a great vacuum is sucking you forward as it spreads to the other works as well.
  69. >"Oh for the love of fuck." was the last words out of your mouth before you got sucked in.
  71. >You come to with your face against pavement.
  72. "...Ow."
  73. >Anon stirs outside of your field of vision. "Nnnnnggggooo...losing consciousness like that is -super- bad for you..."
  74. "Where are we?" you ask, getting to your feet.
  75. >"No...idea."
  76. >The two of you look up. You were in a city, that's for sure, with purple and blue stone buildings that had golden diamonds studded on their corners. The sky is a deep twilight with blue and green and deep red streaks and stars arcing over it.
  77. >The two of you stand in the shadow of a...hairspray factory?
  78. >"No earthly idea..."
  79. "We're not on earth."
  80. >"Shut up."
  81. >A sharp cackling sound echoes out from the factory. Both you and Anon shrug to one another and then sneak up to the window.
  82. >Inside there's, can only call it a cross between a pony and a hentai monster behind the controls of a big cannon type thing with a can of hairspray next to her.
  83. "A...HUH."
  84. >She babbles about bad hair days and you and Anon duck back down.
  85. "We got sucked into the comic books."
  86. >"HAS to be, only explination."
  87. "Must be enchanted."
  88. >"Gotta be."
  89. "Is it bad that we're so blasé about this?"
  90. >"This is sort of our lives now."
  91.  "Yeah, but do you feel like it's weird somehow?"
  92. >"Like?"
  93. "Like this is all one big contrivance and now that we're sucked into the comic we'll become wrapped up in the plot?"
  94. >You and Anon just look each other in the eyes.
  95. >"...Dude, I'm okay with it if you are."
  96. "Hell yeah. It works for X-men."
  97. >"Who in Tartarus are the X-men?" another voice says.
  98. >You and Anon look up to see three stallions dressed like mooks.
  99. "...Ah crap."
  100. >"Ah crap."
  102. "Hey! Quit your damn shoving!"
  103. >"Move it, then!"
  104. >The goon behind you prods you with his head and pushes you along on the floor. You do your damndest not to make it easy.
  105. >He's a strong one, however, and him and his friends push you and Anon into the factory.
  106. >The weird-lady laughs like a lunatic as she looks over you, shaking an iron cage with her hair.
  107. >"What is this!? Uninvited guests!!!!?"
  108. >Inside the cage you could make out six familiar colored po-what in the hell are they wearing?
  109. >"Anon!...Mous!...What' doing here?" you hear Twilight ask through strained teeth.
  110. "Guessing the same way you are, Twi."
  111. >"Then they meet the same fate!!!" the crazy lady shouts.
  112. >"You won't get away with this, Mane-iac!" Twilight retorts.
  113. >The two of them go back and forth and you whisper to Anon.
  114. "Well at least we know where they are now."
  115. >"You got a plan for this?" Anon asks.
  116. >What?
  117. "No, I don't have a plan for being sucked into a comic book."
  118. >"I mean some of that Errol Flynn shit! Wave your knife around and be nuts and do crazy shit!"
  119. "I don't have my knife."
  120. >Anon practically recoils. "You went into the forest without your fucking knife?!"
  121. "I didn't want to sneak it onto the train!"
  122. >"Oh that's a first."
  123. "Shut up."
  124. >Mane-iac continues to rant and one line catches your attention. "This city shall experience just what I did when I fell into that vat of chemicals!"
  125. >Both you and Anon immediately face her.
  126. "No."
  127. >"Yeah, no, we're not doing that."
  128. >Mane-iac cocks an eyebrow. "What?"
  129. "The Joker origin thing? Yeah, we're not doing that."
  130. >"CHRIST no."
  131. "So cliche."
  132. >"Incredibly."
  133. >"SILENCE!" she shouts.
  134. >"Or what? You'll monologue more?"
  135. >She looks offended. "I'll monologue exactly as much as I-"
  136. >"Hang on, Power Ponies!" a voice cries.
  138. >Everyone looks up as Spike slides across on a zipline weari-why is he dressed like Burt Ward?
  139. >Spike kicks the cage the girls are in and brings it down onto the ground where it shatters.
  140. "Good plan!"
  141. >"Works for me!"
  142. >You and Anon body check the goons guarding you as the others run off to deal with the girls.
  143. >"Yo! Anon!"
  144. >Rainbow Dash flies up in...some sort of costume and smirks. "Come here often?"
  145. >"Only every other week, Bluebutt." he retorts back.
  146. "Flirt later, what in the shit is all this?"
  147. >Dash grabs a necklace in her teeth and shoots lightning at somepony. "I dunno! We just got sucked inside of one of Spike's old comics and we were in these outfits!"
  148. >You and Anon look at her. "And...then you could do super things?"
  149. >She nods and zaps another, you and Anon look to each other and you catch yourself smiling.
  150. "How's THAT for a plan, dude?"
  151. >"What?"
  152. "We're in the comics, let's get our superpowers and bust out of here."
  153. >Anon just looks at you. "...Did you hit your head?"
  154. "Come on, it'll be fun!"
  155. >You dash away, Anon shouting "Dude!" behind you and run into the fray.
  157. >Any time and any powers here, Comic-gods.
  158. "Hey! Mrs. Mane!"
  159. >She turns to look at you as you walk up.
  160. "Or do you prefer Maney? You know I used to read about someone a lot like you, she was more Next-Level-of Evolution than tentacle hentai."
  161. >You shake your head. [spoiler][/spoiler] "You kids dissapointing."
  162. >She growls at you and leaps to her hairspray-can-thing. "We'll see how much lip you give when you can't move! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!"
  163. >Any time now, comic gods.
  164. >Something small shoots through the window as Mane-iac jumps on the presser and sprays the sickly green gas at you.
  165. >Just then, you feel something tug at your finger.
  166. >Yes.
  167. >You feel a presence in your mind, one that floods it with information.
  168. >YES.
  169. >"Ring Capacity: Climbing."
  170. >OH HELL YES.
  171. >You clench your fist and the object on your finger envelops you with emerald energy. At the same time, you think of a whirling hurricane that would blow this smoke away and find the wind picking up.
  172. >The wind turns to a momentary vortex expels the smoke, you then jab your fist towards Mane-iac and smile as it shoots a green laser at the canister, exploding the top of it.
  173. "Beware my power, asshole."
  175. -Anon PoV-
  176. >What. The. FUCK.
  177. >You'd seen many incredible sights since coming to Equestria, but this one was currently at the top.
  178. >Your best friend, the guy who you'd known your entire life, just came into possession of a power ring from a comic book.
  179. >One rooted in his own stubbornness, at that.
  180. >He stands there, garbed in the skintight uniform of the Corps that wasn't doing anything for his figure  and having dispelled all of Mane-iac's solidifying smoke with a wave of his hand.
  181. >"So that's what that's like..."
  182. "DUDE!"
  183. >"I KNOW, RIGHT!?" he responds ecstatically.
  184. >"FOALS!" Mane-iac yells. "I'LL DESTROY YOU -ALL-!"
  185. >She climbs behind her cannon and takes aim at you.
  186. >"Oh please."
  187. >Mous raises his ring at her, green sparks showering from it as his willpower just BEGS to be let out, and fires a beam of light at the cannon.
  188. >The cannon erupts into a shower of sparks and blasts Mane-iac away from it. A sphere that looks just like a plasma globe jostles out of it and falls to the ground.
  189. "Lookout!"
  190. >"I got it!" comes a cry.
  191. >Spike runs up in his caped outfit and dives through the air, catching the sphere inches before it hits the ground.
  192. >"NICE work,  Spike!" Twilight shouts, the others applauding him.
  193. "Yes, very what?"
  194. >Mous walks over to Mane-iac and floats her up into the air. "Yes, what do we do with you, sunshine?"
  195. >She mutters something.
  196. >"Eh? Can't hear ya?" Mous says. You all lean in to hear her.
  197. >"I'm sorry, my liege...I'm so sorry..."
  198. >You and Mous look to one another.
  199. "...What did she mean by lie-"
  200. >The ground starts to rumble and Mous deposits Mane-iac over in the corner, raising his ringed fist again and grinning.
  201. >"We're not done yet..."
  203. >The far wall explodes in a torrent of blue energy and a figure stands in it.
  204. >Mous aims his ring at her and the other costumed heroes take positions next to him in the still settling hairspray.
  205. >"Knaves! Who are you to defeat my associate!"
  206. >Twilight looks to Spike. "Who is -this- Humdrum?"
  207. >He scratches his head. "I dunno...she's not from my comics...
  208. "Then...that leaves..."
  209. >"Mine." Mous says.
  210. >A pair of eyes, turquoise eyes and reptillian, open inside the smoke and make Twilight gasp.
  211. >"NIGHTMARE MOON!?"
  212. "WHAT!? HOW IS -SHE- HERE!?"
  213. >Twilight shakes her head. "I don't know! Maybe a magical imprint on the castle got into the comics as well!"
  214. >"Then she'll go down like all the rest!" Mous boasts. "Isn't that right, Moonie?"
  215. >She begins to walk towards your group. "You do not speak to "Nightmare Moon" human."
  216. >As she exits the smoke, you lay eyes on her. She's tall, as tall as Celestia, with wings just as wide and a horn just as long, just sharper. She's shrouded in a green cloak and wears a masked helmet underneath the hood.
  217. >"YOU SPEAK TO NIGHTMARE DOOM!" she shouts before firing an energy blast at the plasma globe.
  218. >The reaction inside hitches and glows brighter, sending a wave of energy out from it and surprising you.
  219. >You instinctively step back and gasp, filling your lungs with the hairspray.
  220. >And then you drop to your knees at the sharp stabbing pain in your head.
  222. >"Anon!" Mous and Dash shout as they run over to you.
  223. >What is this?
  224. >What's going oooaaaaah.
  225. >You hear your blood pumping through your own brain as your thoughts race faster and faster and faster still.
  226. >"WHAT DID YOU DO TO HIM!?" Mous roars.
  227. >The whirlwind of thoughts speeds up and you think of everything you've ever thought at the exact same time.
  228. >It goes so fast that you swear your head is going to catch alight when suddenly-
  229. >It stops. You open your eyes and see everything new.
  230. "Conciousness..."
  231. >Mous leans down to you, still pointing his ring at Nightmare Doom.
  232. >"Dude?"
  233. >You chuckle.
  234. "Yoked by CONCIOUSNESS."
  235. >"Are you okay, Anon?" Dash asks.
  236. >You jump to your feet and kiss Dash on the lips, getting a tinge of electricity from her.
  237. "FANTASTIC! So much about all this makes sense now!"
  238. >"Anon?"
  239. >You whirl around to Mous.
  240. "It's controlled by consciousness! We're in a compressed space based on a fictional thing! The space is picking up on our conscious and unconscious thoughts and spiralling out from there! That's why you have that ring! That's why they have those powers! That's why this is all here! It's fundamentally linked to us! We think it into being!"
  241. >Mous cocks an eyebrow.  "What the -hell- happened to you?"
  242. >You wave a hand. [spoiler][/spoiler] "Probably just some of the chemicals in the gas excited by the energy wave and interacting with my brain, nothing major. It's not important! I can get us out of here!"
  243. >"How?" Twilight asks.
  244. >You look at Nightmare Doom, staring at the nine of you behind her iron mask.
  245. "She'll have to be distracted and gone first."
  246. >Mous turns to her and you swear you see his eyes shrink as his ring ignites.
  247. >"Oh we can handle that."
  249. -Mous PoV-
  251. >Your ring flares and light envelopes your hand, setting it ablaze with emerald fire as you stare down your enemy.
  252. "Twilight! Rarity! Rainbow Dash! With me!"
  253. >"Mous wha-"
  254. >Before she can react you raise your hand, a lance of burning green erupting from it and blazing a brilliant path through the air to strike Nightmare Doom square in the jaw.
  255. >She recoils from the attack, more in surprise than pain, an indignant yelp escaping her as it collides.
  256. >"You dare strike me?” she demands when she recovers, barely restrained anger smoldering in her eyes.
  257. "Oh I dare,” you say with a smug grin. “Catch me if you can."
  258. >With little more than determination and a half-cocked plan not ten seconds old you take a running start and charge the villain, a single word echoing through your mind and filling your being.
  259. >Fly.
  260. >It works far better than you had intended.
  261. >A factory wall explodes as you’re propelled forwards at a clip that would leave even Rainbow slack-jawed, a shining green contrail left in your wake.
  262. >As well as one very angry alicorn.
  263. >”You cannot run from me!” she bellows after you. “None escape Doom, foal!”
  264. “Well I’m escaping right now, let’s see you do something about it!”
  266. >Incensed, the alicorn redoubles her efforts, anger fueling her and propelling her ever faster.
  267. >“You cannot win!” she roars furiously, her words nearly lost amidst the rush of the wind.
  268. “Allow me to disagree. You see this ring of mine is powered by will, and I am one obstinate son of a bitch.”
  269. >”I don’t care how obstinate or belligerent you may be, it won’t save you from Doom!”
  270. “You know what? You’re right, you’ve convinced me.”
  271. >With a thought you come to a complete stop and whirl about to face Nightmare Doom.
  272. “I’m right here, Doom, come and get me!”
  273. >Nightmare rockets toward you in her single-minded fury, completely oblivious to your actions.
  274. >The light from your ring grows a thousandfold brighter as you pour every ounce of willpower you can conjure up into it.
  275. >You draw your arm back and clench your fist, the rings power surging through your muscles.
  276. “I tried to warn you,” you say more to yourself than to her. “But you didn’t listen. I told you, this ring of mine’s powered by will, and where there’s a will, well...”
  277. >Your arm pistons forward, every tendon in your body shrieking with the effort.
  278. >Doom notices at the last moment, but by now her speed it too great to avoid you.
  279. >Her momentum carries her directly into your first whereupon all the stored power in your ring explodes outwards in a miniature super nova.
  280. "Below the shoulder! Past the wrist! Look out evil, it's my fist!"
  282. >It takes a moment for the spots to fade from your vision, but you’re finally able to observe the aftermath of your work.
  283. >Unfortunately for you that involves a still-conscious Nightmare Doom who doesn’t particularly look that much worse for wear, a wicked smile etched on her face.
  284. >”A fair strike, but your last.”
  285. “Oh fuckberries,” is your intelligent response.
  286. >You desperately try to muster up a few scraps of power to defend yourself, but you’re spared the effort when the air around Nightmare is filled with frost, lightning and… sewing needles?
  287. >”Mous!” comes a familiar voice that you’re pleasantly surprised to hear.
  288. “Better late than never, your highness,” you call down to Twilight. “Now lay on the pain!”
  289. >Nightmare breaks through the ponies’ assault and make a beeline for you, the attacks appearing to have done little more than irritate her.
  290. >You roll through the air, just barely avoiding her charge and respond with a well aimed blast of energy from your ring.
  292. >However your attack bounces harmlessly off a protective veil of darkness that springs up about her in response.
  293. “Damn it all!” you curse loudly.
  294. >”You fools think to harm me? I am the night! I am doom! I am-”
  295. >Her tirade is interrupted as a pink cork materializes in her mouth.
  296. >”That’s quite enough from you!” Rarity calls out. “You sound like a broken record!”
  297. “Ha!”
  298. >With incoherent rage currently overriding all of Nightmare’s thoughts she misses Twilight and Rainbow entering the fray, the pair unleashing their powers on her in unison.
  299. >The powers combine and quickly Nightmare is enveloped in a howling snowstorm.
  300. >She pays little heed to it though, and instead redirects her ire at an unsuspecting Rainbow, a beam of midnight tearing through the gale striking her full in the chest, tossing her from the sky like a puppet with its strings cut.
  301. “Rarity, catch her!” you call out.
  302. >Rarity is in motion before you even finish and Rainbow is seen safely to the ground, much to your relief.
  304. >In retaliation you dash to the distracted Nightmare lashing out with your fist, fully intent on reproducing your attack from earlier.
  305. >However the power takes on a different shape, encasing your fist in a whirring emerald drill.
  306. >The drill strikes her in the side of the head and shears through her helm, splintering a section of the silver armor as it impacts her and sending her soaring through the air.
  307. >It’s over in an instant, but when the drill fades you can only stare at your hand in amazement, the implications of what you’d just done not lost upon you.
  308. >A grin splits your face and you clench your fist with renewed determination.
  309. “Twilight, Blow her out of the stars!”
  310. >Twilight wastes no time peppering Nightmare with a hail of razor edged ice while you loop around behind the black mare.
  311. >You fire off an attack at Nightmare that takes the shape of a rocket propelled fist while she’s busy defending against the hail of frozen bolts, a strike meant more to agitate rather than cause any real damage.
  312. >The fist strikes her in the back of the head and draws her attention.
  313. >She whirls around to meet you and comes face to face with a hardlight hammer, its head in the shape of a roaring lion.
  314. “Goldion Hammer!” you bellow as the construct strikes her mask with a sharp crack, the impact sending Doom spinning through the air.
  315. >Yes, this is working out quite nicely.
  316. “Mous, are you alright?” comes the concerned voice of Twilight as she and the others fly up to join you.
  317. “I’m fine, how about Rainbow?”
  318. >”It’ll take more than that to keep me down.” Rainbow proclaimed brashly.
  319. “Good to hear, ‘cause we’ve got quite a bit of work ahead of us.”
  320. >”What’s the plan then, comic expert?” Twilight asks.
  321. “Simple. We hit her until she breaks.”
  322. >”I like the way you think.” Rainbow says.
  324. >Without another word you and Rainbow take off towards your target who’s still reeling from your most recent attack.
  325. >Dash overtakes you and lets loose with a lightning bolt that splits the sky.
  326. >Her aim is true and with Nightmare still reeling she has no defense against it.
  327. >Rarity follows up with a cluster of knife-edged gems that slash through the air, detonating in a shower of pink as they collide with their target.
  328. >Twilight hits her next with a blast of arctic wind, a coat of rime forming over Nightmares wings and throwing her off balance.
  329. >You dump every remaining scrap of power you possess into your ring in an all-or-nothing attack. This is your last shot.
  330. >A hardlight canon forms from your ring, its barrel glowing ominously.
  331. "FINAL STAGE!"
  332. >A vedant beam of pure destruction erupts from the mouth of the canon, laning straight towards Nightmare.
  333. >The beam impacts with a thunderous crash, but before you can celebrate you realize something is off.
  334. >Instead of resulting in the earth shattering kaboom you’d expected the blast is sucked in and begins to whirl around her
  335. >Every consecutive attack your allies land on her meets with similar results, each strike being absorbed into the glowing shell forming around her and adding a different color.
  336. >The energy whirls faster and faster, the colors blending together until it was all just a blur of white.
  337. >You’ve read enough comics to know what’s coming next.
  338. >The accumulated energy explodes violently away from Nightmare in a brilliant chromatic wave.
  339. >You manage to raise a weak shield that just barely manages to withstand the backlash, the girls, however, are not so lucky and are caught up in it and thrown to the factory below.
  340. >Squad broken!
  342. -Anon PoV-
  343. >Mous shoots up into the sky trailing green, Nightmare Doom following him and Twilight, Dash, and Rarity following her.
  344. "Okay, time to get to work."
  345. >You run over to the sparking orb that fell on the ground and look it over. Marveling at the trapped electricity contained inside
  346. "Spike? How does this thing work?"
  347. >Probably a plasmatic reaction kept in a perpetual firing state.
  348. >"Uhhh..."
  349. "Nevermind! I think I have it!"
  350. >You run away from the orb and head to the giant hair dryer cannon, looking into the slot the orb was kept in at the circuitry contained within.
  351. >"Uhh...Anon? What're you gettin' at there?" Applejack asks.
  352. "All part of the plan, AJ."
  353. >You hear her walk up behind you. "And you mind lettin' us in on this plan?"
  354. "It's pretty simple once you run it through, AJ. We're in this comic land place because it's influenced by our consciousness, our perceptions about how reality works now that we're in a comic book.  I wager that's also what brought Nightmare Doom here since me and Mous saw the other comics get the same treatment before we showed up."
  355. >You re-arrange some architecture in there, shifting some phase couplings to accelerate the isothermal axio-tractor beams.
  356. "If we ever want to get back home, we need to cause a collapse of the causal-nexus that maintains this idea-verse by feeding it a paradox and channeling enough of the conceptual field bleed into that paradox that it just shuts the whole thing down."
  357. >You lean back out of the socket and look at AJ.
  358. "Get me?"
  359. >She just scrunches her face.
  360. >"And...yer gonna do that with...whatever you just did to that machine?"
  361. "I reversed the polarity and yes."
  363. >You climb up into the control seat and pop the cover of it off, meddling with some wires inside.
  364. "AJ! Fluttershy! I need you to rotate this thing to face the moon!"
  365. >"Oh! Uhm...why is that, Anon?"
  366. "All a part of the plan, trust me."
  367. >AJ throws her lasso around the barrel and her and a bulky Fluttershy rotate you.
  368. >You divert power away from the catalytic-aerosolizer and...
  369. "CRAP!"
  370. >"Two for the swear jar!" Pinkie shouts.
  371. "No, Pinkie, I need-"
  372. >BOOM.
  373. >You instinctively cover your very-clever head  to avoid and rubble while Pinkie zips away to investigate.
  374. >Wait, she can -zip- no-
  376. >You get that thanks to your new brain.
  377. "Dash!
  378. >You leap down and run outside the factor. Just as Pinkie said, Twilight, Rainbow Dash, and Rarity lay in a small crater.
  379. "Dash! Dash are you okay!?"
  380. >You look her over, feeling around her wings.  The Supracostalis felt bruised, but that's it, the Radius and Ulna were intact on both sides, and her Biceps took it well.
  381. >"U-uh..." Dash stammers.
  382. "You're okay!"
  383. >She looks up at you with a hint of red in her cheeks. "Better than okay if you don't get your hands off my wings quick."
  384. >Oh.
  385. >OH.
  386. >You shoot your hands back.
  387. "Oops."
  388. >"You kids done playing?"
  389. >You look up and see Mous float down.  
  390. "Is she distracted?"
  391. >"She -was- until she turned our attacks back at us."
  392. >You rub your chin. Damn, that'd mean she'd need to be overpowered.
  393. >Overpowering an alicorn...tough.
  395. >...
  396. >Unless...
  397. "We could paralyze her..."
  398. >"Anon?"
  399. >Black lightning above you heralds Nightmare Doom's rage, you hazard a look and see her breaking out of some ice on her wing
  400. "We need to catch her by surprise, then we can slam her into a paradox and bring this whole thing down."
  401. >"We'll get sent back home?" Twilight asks.
  402. "Lickity split."
  403. >Pinkie sags. "Ahttp://www...I was kinda hoping I could run super fast for just one more day..."
  404. >"NO."
  405. >Everyone looks to Mous who has his teeth clenched.
  407. >Everyone is silent...
  408. >...So you flick Mous in the head.
  409. "Thettle down, Beavith. I need your help with that infinite energy battery you got there to pull this off."
  410. >"Name it." He answers with his ring already ignited.
  411. >You point up to the angry alicorn who just freed herself.
  412. "I need you to put her back in the moon. The resonance cascade will tear this reality apart."
  413. >Mous lifts his ring and grins. "I can do that."
  414. "Good! We gotta hurry!"
  415. >You turn and run inside, climbing up the cannon into the control seat.
  416. "Spike! Put the orb in! I need the power! Then set all the dials inside to six!"
  417. >"You got it!"
  418. >"NONE MAY STAND AGAINST DOOM!" you hear.
  419. >Shitshitshit.
  420. >You look up to see Mous helping the others up. "Okay! Blast her with what you got! I need her still for just one second!"
  421. >Twilight, Rarity and Rainbow fly up and blast Nightmare Doom with their powers, stalling her mad descent to crush you into atoms for a split second.
  422. >Mous clenches his fist. "Finishing move."
  423. >He'sno-
  424. >Mous holds his ring up, forming a large green drill.
  425. >Yep, he is. Goddamnit.
  426. >You take aim at the moon in preparation for your roll in this.
  427. >Moment of truth.
  428. "Go!"
  429. >"GIGA-!"
  431. -Mous PoV-
  432. >Your hardlight drill connects with Doom's chest and doesn't stop there.
  433. >She summons shields to keep from getting impaled but you pour it on and on, dumping your will into the ring to keep going.
  435. "OH SHUT UP!"
  436. >You keep pushing higher and higher away from the planet, blasting through the atmosphere and hoping your life support shields work.
  438. "I'm not banishing you!"
  439. >You re-angle yourself and push more thrust out of the ring, homing in on the moon.
  440. "I have a giant drill and I'm going to PUT. YOU. IN the moon!"
  442. >Nightmare Doom fires off bolts of magical energy which shatter her mask and reveal the deformed face underneath, she bites at you with fanged teeth and fires more bolts into the emptiness around you both but you keep pushing.
  443. "You're what's keeping us here, locked up and trapped. It's hardly a wonder that your shit got slapped! The night is over, now it's day! You lost Doom, NOW OUT OF OUR WAY!"
  444. >You slam the drill and Doom into the surface of the moon, kicking up dirt and rocks as you push down harder into it.
  445. >Far off, a few miles away from your impact sight, a beam of hot white energy slams into the moon, it's origins coming from the planet behind you.
  446. "Atta boy, Anon!"
  447. >The rocks you kick up go from dull brown to glowing white, like the beam.
  448. >You look down at Nightmare Doom and see her glowing with the same intensity from the inside out.
  449. >Your stomach lurches and the moon starts to move...towards the planet at an astonishing speed.
  450. >Did he-?
  451. >Is he-?
  452. >...You better be right, Anon.
  453. >As the two objects get closer together, you look Nightmare in the eye.
  454. "So this is the power of the Electro Orb...not bad, not bad at all."
  455. >Sometimes you couldn't help yourself.
  457. >For the second time today, you regain consciousness in total darkness with an odd taste in your mouth.
  458. >Is what she would say.
  459. "Bleeeeehhhccchh..."
  460. >You push yourself off the ground and open your eyes. You were back in the room you entered the comics in, the others scattered about.
  461. >You spot Anon getting up.
  462. "You dick."
  463. >"What?" he answers.
  464. "You dropped the moon on me!"
  465. >He shrugs and smirks. "Hey, it worked, didn't it?"
  466. "Ya coulda warned me."
  467. >"Coulda shoulda woulda."
  468. >You help the others up and shake off what just happened.
  469. >"Spike, where did you get this comic book?" Twilight asks.
  470. >"The Enchanted Comic Shop in Canterlot."
  471. >Wait what.
  472. >You slide a bit closer to Spike.
  473. " wanna tell me where that is?"
  474. >"No." Anon says.
  475. "Oh come on."
  476. >"No, I don't need to read about how you got shot with a time bullet or something."
  477. "My comic-death would be way more glorious than that."
  478. >"Sure it would be."
  479. "I'd be awesome."
  480. >"You'd end up in Crossed or something." Anon teases.
  481. >You roll your eyes.
  482. "Yeah, sure, then I can be killed by the fucking stupid writing."
  483. "My clone could take over."
  484. >Anon rolls his eyes and follows the girls downstairs. "Come on! Time to help out."
  485. >You follow them, glancing back at the comic one last time.
  486. >Leaving wasn't so just wasn't your color.

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