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Aces High 13: Nitrus Boost

By Mandroid
Created: 19th December 2020 01:49:35 PM
AIE Safe Anon Spitfire Slice of Life

  1. =Aces High 13=
  3. >You look into your tall mirror in your room at your back. You’re in a nice pair of pants and a coat jacket as you stand there, modeling for yourself.
  4. >Hmmm…nah, that looks stupid, she’d yell at you for that. Back into the closet you go.
  5. >It’d been a few days back in Canterlot since your last race, mandated team R&R so you didn’t burn out on the road, and tonight you were headed to the club.
  6. >Spitfire had flown by early morning while you were getting your paper to tell you that she’d convinced the owner of Maisonette 9 to let the Wonderbolts in for free if you’d agree to keep his business cards on deck of the Albatross to get consumed during Spitfire’s keggers. He thought that’d be good for business.
  7. >Spitfire said she’d work it out late.
  8. >So like that, your evening was decided. Not like you cared, you didn’t have much else you planned to do except maybe hang out with Soarin’ or see a movie, and the rest of the team would already be there.
  9. >You’d shat, showered and shaved and all that was left to do was find an outfit to wear.
  10. >Which turned out easier said than done since it seemed your entire wardrobe of “clubbing clothes” had been out of season.
  11. >No wonder you’d had a hard time getting laid recently.
  13. >You settle on a short collared shirt and tie that was as close to “business casual” as you could muster when someone at the door knocks Shave and a Haircut.
  14. >You walk out of your room downstairs and quickly open the door.
  15. “We don’t want any.”
  16. >You try to shut the door, but the pony on the other side. “Good, more for me.”
  17. >Spitfire pushes her way through the door wearing what can only be described as biker shorts, pink tank top, glow in the dark ankle bands, and a headband with the team symbol on it pushing her mane up.
  18. >You can’t help but release a single laugh.
  19. “Nice get-up, did you get it from an old man in a time machine, by chance?”
  20. >”Har har. I like this outfit! A friend of mine from my graduating class got me into this stuff way back when.”
  21. >That raises an even bigger question.
  22. “You graduated?”
  23. >She elbows your waist. “Momma Spitfire didn’t raise no dropout. You ready?”
  24. >You grab your keys off your table and straight your tie.
  25. “Ready, let’s not keep the public waiting.”
  28. >You and Spitfire walk to the club sticking to Canterlot’s backstreets until you reach Downtown.
  29. >The line at Maisonette 9 was usually long, but tonight it was out the door, around the corner, and back along the street a block down.
  30. “Damn…that’s nuts.”
  31. >”Yeah, knew it’d be crowded, that’s why I scored us the free entry.”
  32. “What’s the occasion?”
  33. >”Ah, I think Neon Lights is playing tonight.”
  34. >Neon Lights…the DJ who wore the leather jacket.
  35. “You know him?”
  36. >”Know he’s got a small dick.”
  37. >Ha. There’s one for the gossip rags.
  38. >”Hey! Spitfire! Anon!” you both hear.
  39. >You turn towards the club and see Fleetfoot waving at you with the rest of the team, all fabulously dressed.
  40. >At the same time you notice a change in Spitfire…she inhales sharply and her features become sharper and her eyes light up from the calm burn they had to a raging inferno, her calm and serene smile becoming a cocky grin. “Hey hey hey! Who’s ready to get CUH-RAZY tonight!?” she cries, fluttering over to the team.
  41. >You follow along pondering what you just saw, taking your place next to Soarin’ in his navy blue blazer jacket and tie.
  42. “Hey Soar.”
  43. >”Hey Anon.”
  44. “You look like a jiggalo.”
  45. >”You look like a math teacher.”
  46. >Good old Soarin’.
  48. >Spitfire grabs you and Soarin’s wrists and pulls you along. “Soarin I wanna see you actually dancing tonight! None of that lone wolf wallflower crap! And Anny! I –gotta- get you to try this drink called the Celtic Kick? It will knock you on your ASS!”
  49. >You flash a look to Soarin’ in universal-bro-nonspeak-language saying “Where the hell did she get all that energy?”
  50. >It’s apparently not-so-universal as Soarin’ nods towards the opening act poster.
  51. >God dammit Soarin.
  52. >Spitfire clusters the entire team up near the bouncer, a Diamond Dog, and flashes him her award winning smile.
  53. >”Heya! I’m Spitfire, but you prolly knew that. I got an arrangement with the management here that says I can get in? These guys are with me. I know, I know, they look super lame, but I promise I’ll rub off on ‘em and make ‘em shine like a diamond in there! You guys’ll pull in peeps just from us, I swear!”
  54. >The bouncer looks at Spitfire, then you, then the line, then Spitfire again.
  55. >Then he chuckles and lifts the velvet rope.
  56. >”Enjoy time at Marrionette.” He says with a toothy smile.
  58. >The club is a hive of pounding beats and writhing bodies on the dance floor. Ponies crowd around tables sipping drinks and talking amongst themselves. Above the dance floor in a private booth, Neon Lights plied his trade on the turntables and made the entire club dance to his tune.
  59. >A few of the attendees looked your way and talked amongst themselves, you offer them a two finger salute.
  60. >Never off-duty entirely.
  61. >”Let’s find us a table and get us some dranks!” Spitfire exclaims.
  62. >Before anyone can utter a word otherwise, she spreads her wings and ushers you all to a bigger table.
  63. “Whoa! Whoa! Easy!”
  64. >You take your seat in the booth and Spitfire grabs Fire Streak.
  65. >”Streak! Dance with me!”
  66. >”Uhhh.” Was all eh got out before Spitfire pulled him onto the floor.
  67. >Soarin’ sighs. “Poor little idiot. Waiter! Let’s get some shots over here!”
  68. “Shots? Again? You know how this ends, Soarin.”
  69. >Soarin and you always ended up trying to out drink one another when you got shots.
  70. >And Soarin always ended up under the table.
  71. >”Everyone trips up sometimes, Anonymous.” He says.
  72. >You roll your eyes and grab one of the glasses from the waitress as she walks over. You tilt your head back and down the liquid inside in a single gulp, letting it burn the back of your throat slightly and placing the glass upside down on the table.
  73. “One.”
  75. >Soarin and the waitress look on in disbelief, Misty rolls her eyes and Fleetfoot pulls down her shades.
  76. “I’m bigger than you Soar, it gets to me less.”
  77. >You also had a bit more fat on you than Soarin’, but you don’t let him know that.
  78. >”Hey hey! What’s going on here?” comes a voice.
  79. >You turn your head to see Spitfire trotting up to the table already.
  80. “What happened to Fire?”
  81. >Spitfire shrugs. “Said he had to pee, figure I had some time to kill while he sat down. What’s going on?”
  82. >Fleetfoot chuckles. “Anonymous and Soarin’ were about to go drink for drink.”
  83. >Spitfire cocks an eyebrow. “Oh yeah? Waitress! More drinks!”
  84. >Huh? Wait.
  85. “What?”
  86. >Spitfire gets a cocky grin as you begin to lose yours. “I know how these always turn out! And it’s a captain’s job to help everypony on her team!”
  87. >Spitfire grabs Soarin’s drink and downs it the same way you did, slamming it on the table. “So how’s two against one sound?”
  88. >You should say no.
  89. >But-
  90. “Game on, “chief.”
  92. >Fourteen shots later, you were drunk.
  93. >That was probably bad, but you didn’t care.
  94. >Because you were drunk.
  95. >You were also dancing.
  96. >Spitfire was in front of you strutting her stuff after your drinking contest.
  97. >You could see some rose in her cheeks and you -knew- how fucked up you were.
  98. >Soarin’ was laying down on the bench at the booth, he tapped out.
  99. >Pussy.
  100. >You and Spitfire were moving pretty well together, you found.
  101. >The bigger part of your brain being too sloshed to work probably helped.
  102. >Maybe that’s why you were thinking in such short sentences?
  103. >You dunno.
  104. >Either way, Spitfire spins on her hindlegs into you and you instinctively dip her.
  105. “’Ey I think we’re getting’ the hang of this!” you shout over the music.
  106. >”What!?” she responds.
  107. >You lean closer.
  109. >”WHAT!?”
  110. >Fuckin’…
  111. “YOU DANCE GOOD!”
  112. >That got the basic gist across.
  114. >”Phst yeah! I know!” Spitfire says.
  115. >As you right your partner, she looks over her shoulder and gets excited.
  116. >Walking across the dance floor is a pony wearing a blazer coat and several glowsticks
  117. >”Dude! Dude. Dude? Wait here, I’ll be back in a flsa-back quick!”
  118. “Haha what?”
  119. >Spitfire wriggles out of your hands and goes over to the stallion.
  120. >You see them talking, but don’t hear anything.
  121. >But you see Spitfire get handed a small vial before she trots up to you.
  122. >”Heeey Anny, j’ou wanna-“
  123. >You’re already waving your hands.
  124. “Whoawhoawhoa Spitsh, it’s tour season, we can’t get high off club shit on tour season!”
  125. >Spitfire pshaws. “Pshaw! Anny’snot drugs! It’s boooooze! Delicious booze all the way from Atilian…supposed to have on HELL of a kick! You want some?”
  126. >Oh…
  127. “So it’s not drugs?”
  128. >Spitfire shakes her head. “Nahuh.”
  129. >Hmm…this was probably not the best ide-
  130. >Why are you taking the bottle and throwing your head back.
  131. >Spitfire giggles so hard she snorts, but you’re busy.
  132. >Having the best. Idea. Ever.
  133. “Spits…spits let’s get…we need a bathtub. NOW.”

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