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Am I Evil 8: Power Metal.

By Mandroid
Created: 19th December 2020 01:56:06 PM
AIE Safe Anon Eris Slice of Life Humanized

  1. =Am I Evil 8=
  3. “Where is Chrys!?” you shout as you walk around backstage.
  4. >”Bathroom!” Sombra calls to you.
  5. >Fucking-
  6. >It was under ten minutes to showtime and this was what she pulled? You should be going over the setlist but nooooo.
  7. >Chili was never on the menu for the band ever again.
  8. >You bang on the door of the bathroom, already in your suit and mask.
  9. “Chrysalis will you hurry the fuck up!? The entire town is out there and they’re expecting us!”
  10. >”I’m almost done, you idiot!” she calls back.
  11. >You bang on the door thrice again.
  12. “Well get done faster because otherwise we’re going to have to make Arty our first singer of the New Year!”
  13. >”Hey!” the night prince exclaims.
  14. >You bang again.
  15. “Chrysalis!”
  16. >”ALRIGHT!” she says…with a much deeper voice.
  17. >The door to the bathroom swings open and someone half new is on the other side.
  18. >He’s got Chrysalis’s clothes on, although stretched to fit his broader shoulders with the neck a bit lower to show off his pectorals, along with her colored hair which was cropped shorter and sitting on his head much messier than the Changeling Queen would allow. He’s also a good few inches taller, but chews the inside of his lantern-esque jaw the same way Chrysalis did when she was annoyed.
  20. >”WHAT Anon?” he says.
  21. “Uhhh…”
  22. >You can’t help but be taken aback.
  23. “Chrys, is this a cry for help? Because I’ll be honest, it colors some of our past…interactions, let’s say, in a new light.”
  24. >The male Chrysalis smirks and looks into the mirror. “I thought I’d try something for tonight. Chrysalis is a unisex name, afterall.”
  25. “I’m not a unisex guitar player.”
  26. >”Oh stop, it’s just for one song.” He says, stroking his chin. “You’re lucky I didn’t keep the beard.”
  27. >One song?
  28. “So you have the setlist?”
  29. >He wags his fingers and floats a sheet of paper with nine songs written on it off the chrome throne.
  30. >”Taken care of.”
  31. >Chrysalis walks past you and pats your ass, earning a yipe from you.
  32. “Oi!”
  33. >”Chop chop Anon! Not long till showtime!”
  35. >The five of you walk out onto the erected stage in a field outside of town to an uproar of applause.
  36. >”Thank you! Thank you Ponyville! We love being here!” Chrysalis shouts to the crowd.
  37. >You inch over and whisper to your rhythmic counterpart.
  38. “Arty.”
  39. >”TERROR.” he corrects.
  40. “Whatever, fuck you, why is this town called Ponyville?”
  41. >”Don’t think about it Anon, it doesn’t matter.” He says before walking to his corner of the stage and tuning his guitar up.
  42. >Okay, whatever.
  43. >”I hope everyone had a nice Hearthswarming.” Chrysalis says.
  44. >He walks over and attaches his mic to his stand.
  45. >”You guys ready to ring in the new year with us?”
  46. >Applause and cheers.
  47. >”ARE YOU READY FOR SOME ROCK AND ROOOOLL?!” Chrysalis roars into the mic with his new voice.
  48. >A cheer is his response, from the front of the stage to the trees near the back.
  49. >Chrysalis shades his eyes and props a leg on the pot-light.
  50. >“Wow, must be the entire town out here tonight. You guys humble us, for real…”
  51. >He salutes the crowd, apparently a new body came with a new personality, or at least persona.
  53. >Sombra raises his arms high and hits a four-count, you play the first chords of the song.
  55. >The first song leads into the second leads into the third as the night goes on.
  56. >Chrysalis ducked behind the curtains and changed back to her regular self after the first song, brushing it off with a glib “I just passed the most handsome guy on the way out here.” to the crowd.
  57. >Shenanigans and chicanery ensued throughout the show. You and Terror had a guitar duel, which he lost, Eris flashed the crowd, and Sombra broke his stick and had to drum one handed until Huey could get him a replacement.
  58. >The heat from your show and the audience had melted the fresh show on the ground and upped the temperature due to writhing bodies.
  59. >You were actually sweating under your mask.
  60. >All that stopped for the moment as the collective mass huddled just outside of Ponyville held their breath.
  61. >”3!...2!...1!...Happy New Year, everyone!” Chrysalis exclaims.
  62. >The crowd erupts with applause and jubilation as you shed your jacket. From the corner of your eye you catch some fans admiring.
  63. >”May your year be full of joy and good music and…I don’t know, other good things.” Chrysalis says, waving her hand over her shoulder.
  64. >She turns to the lot of you and holds the mic to her face.
  65. >”So! Band of mine, what song shall we play for our first of the New Year?”
  66. >You shrug, the others have similar reactions.
  67. “How about that hip hop song about our dicks?” you say into your mic.
  68. >Chrysalis gags and waves that off. “Noooo.”
  69. >”Yeah, no.”
  70. >”Not till I practice.”
  71. >”You suck, Anon.”
  72. >Fuck you guys, then.
  74. >A glint appears in Chrysalis’ eye. “How about –that- one?”
  75. >You shrug again.
  76. >”The one we re-worked.”
  77. >Oh shit.
  78. >”You want to subject this crowd to something Tirek originally wrote?” Terror says, slightly eyeing the royal box.
  79. >Some cheers and “Oh!”’s came from the crowd, the exact reaction you wanted.
  80. >Chrysalis turns back to the public. “Weeee have a surprise for you, my little minions. We, long ago, stumbled into a cave that held hieroglyphics of Tirek’s last mighty wail.”
  81. >The crowd gasps.
  82. >”OBVIOUSLY we would never want to play anything so forbidden, so we…tweaked it a bit.”
  83. >The guards weren’t stopping you…could this work? Everything was banking on this, your entire future of the band.
  84. >”You in?” Chrysalis asks.
  85. >The crowd bursts into cheers. Shirts are removed and waved above heads, girlfriends get on shoulders, and ten thousand Tirek-horns shoot up into the air.
  86. >”New Song! New Song! New Song! They chant.”
  87. >Chrysalis turns back to Terror. ”I think they can handle it, can you, big guy?” She says, tickling Terror’s chin.
  88. >”How about the rest of you?” she asks.
  89. >You jam out three power chords in response, Chrysalis jumps up.
  90. >”That’s what I want to hear! Sombra! Lay it on us!”
  91. >You ready your guitar as Chrysalis weaves her hands and summons the images, ready to play the new song for your new band in the harder and faster future.
  93. >You slam out the chords of the anthem as Chrysalis finishes conjuring the images, from even the get go you can see the fans bang their heads harder than you’ve ever seen.
  94. >The image of a single golden city, resplendent with light and strength on top of a lone mountain appears before the crowd as Chrysalis begins her verse.
  95. >From all sides of the city, monsters come. From below marches an army of stone golems that come from under the mountain. From the sky comes beings of pure blackness which claw and scrape at the light emanating off the city. From the left and right march two separate armies, one of armor clad cyclopses and the other of multi-armed devils. Each force, alone being able to decimate the city, inches ever closer to consuming it entirely.
  96. >However at the last moment, incidentally right as Chrysalis picks up the second verse and you and Terror join in, an army of defenders appear on the city walls.
  97. >They are clad in shining armors, bellowing robes glowing with power, and cloaks that catch in the windless air. Each of them brandishing weapons and magics of the purest light to combat the evils at their door.
  98. >The gates of the city open and the warriors ride out on horseback, charging into the combined oncoming hoard face first.
  99. >Again from the city rises a boat that needs no water.
  100. >On the top of the ship with the wind in his face, a titanic figure in horned armor turns the wheel, brandishing his broadside to the enemy and firing magical cannon blasts of pure sunlight as the warriors combat the demons below.
  101. >Monsters from the horde grow more distinct, hovering in the air and casting their fowl magicks over the forces of light.
  103. >Ancient arcane circles form underneath their feet and erupt in hellfire. Vast eight winged wyrms descend from the sky to devour the guardians of the just, only to be stopped cold. One three eyed monstrosity from the sky raises its curved sword and points to the city, ushering a new wave of monstrosities from the ranks behind him to drown the defenders in bodies.
  104. >The defenders steel themselves however and glow brighter than a thousand suns. Their weapons glow with magical fire and cleave the monsters in two, while others release gouts of magic that disintegrate them, or let fly volleys of lightning bolt arrows that pierce even the strongest of hides and armor.
  105. >The armored sky captain raises a greathammer above his head and strikes a gong behind him, signaling more translucent shapes to the scene.
  106. >From the sky where terror had once spilled forth now drops winged warriors whose hands glow with righteous power. They tear into the monstrosities and fill their comrades with renewed vigor.
  107. >Behind the army of darkness, once hidden assassins with knives made of stars stabbed at the rears of the enemy, felling them before even a sound could be uttered.
  108. >The shadowy enemy is slashed to ribbons, bursting into small motes of light as their bodies are destroyed from blade or bolt or magic fire.
  109. >The scene zooms in towards five unique soldiers amidst the field that stare down the seemingly insurmountable host of abominations. While at the beginning they stand alone, other aid comes from those behind them who pick up arms to defend their shining city, ready to take on all comers.
  110. >”Alright!” Chrysalis shouts to signal your solo.
  112. >You dive into the crowd and turn your back to them, praying this doesn’t end up like that show at that casino.
  113. >Your loyal subjects catch you however and pass you along to their comrades next to them as you jam out on your guitar.
  114. >The images above flash to the five chosen knights charging the three-eyed king with his curved sword and doing battle with him.
  115. >Armored figures trade blows and block his massive swings while other, more nimbler fighters dance between his legs slashing at him and making him roar in silent pain.
  116. >The wizards bend reality to their whim amongst the field of charred bodies and drop suns and black holes upon the head of the king, weakening him and driving him to his knees
  117. >The lone rmored knight raises his sword high and brins it down on the kings on all-black necrosword, shattering it with the force of a single blow and sending smoking shards flying over the crowd as the king returns to ash and you’re tossed back up on stage.
  118. >Chrysalis begins to repeat her first verse again as she quickly illustrates the five warriors defeating no small number of foes after that.
  119. >A multi-armed lord of the devils, a golem the size of a castle that seemed to erase others from existence, but not the warriors, and a cyclops king clad in decorated armor and fineries were all destroyed by the warriors of light.
  120. >As the song wound down, the shining golden city was the only thing left in the vision, forever guarded by the warriors within it and able to repel any invasion.
  122. >The song ends, the crowd cheers, and the adrenaline hits your ears again. You all raise your hands with the crowd, mirroring their Tirek-horn gestures.
  123. >They were like you, and you were like them.
  124. >Chrysalis claps for the crowd and grabs her mic. “Yeah! You guys are amazing, the absolute best we’ve had, no lies.”
  125. >She turns and waves for everyone to join her at the mic, Sombra diving off his set.
  126. >”Now…you may have heard that we’ve been considering changing our name for a while now, if you’ve been to our other shows.”
  127. >Eris grabs the mic. “Which you shoulda been.”
  128. >”Yeah, which you SHOULD have been, but anyway, we decided on a name.”
  129. >Chrysalis turns and waves her hand, causing a furled banner that was attached to the top of the stage to fall and reveal a logo that you’d paid some scribe Arty found a good bit of money to make.
  130. >”We are the Neon Knights…” Chrysalis says into the mic. “And we play rock and roll!”
  131. >The crowd cheers and Chrysalis puts her arms around you, the five of you taking a bow to the crowd.
  132. >”Encore! Encore! One more song!” they exclaim.
  133. >Chrysalis laughs without her mic and pulls you all close together into a huddle. “They want more…do you guys trust me?”
  135. >”Kind of.”
  136. >”Sorta.”
  137. ”On a good day.”
  138. >“Sure? Why not.”
  139. >Chrysalis rolls her eyes. “Such love. Look, I know a song we can play to REALLY kill this, get our names from here to the griffon kingdoms…it’s risky, but we all know it by heart.”
  140. >”…Which?” Sombra asks.
  141. >Chrysalis grins like a devil and whispers into your ear.
  142. >”Let’s make them sick…” she whispers.
  143. >You blink twice.
  144. >That’s…
  145. “You weren’t lying when you said that it was risky…”
  146. >You think for a moment…a forbidden song…
  147. “But fuck it! Now or never time, I’m with her.”
  148. >The others, amazingly, nod.
  149. >”If Anon’s with it, so am I.” Eris says and Arty agrees.
  150. >”Great! Break!”
  151. >Chrysalis breaks the huddle and snatches the mic. Okay! Okay! We have one more to shut you up!”
  152. >You swallow your nerves as everyone gets into position and grab a fresh pick. You hold up a four-count to Sombra and strum your guitar 8 times after receiving it.
  153. >And your dark notes stream forth.
  156. -Elsewhere-
  157. >Somewhere far off from the celebrations, there was a tomb.
  158. >It was not an erected tomb, the sole occupant did not enter it willingly, but it rested in a silent cavern beneath the stone.
  159. >Somewhere far off from the celebrations, there was a corpse.
  160. >Cut off from all but the right sounds, dark hieroglyphs were etched into the walls surrounding the occupant, a withered bag of bones and dust that not even carrion creatures would dare feed on.
  161. >In its hand rested an axe, one that cleaved both body and soul and had been used to carve the mountains into the earth in the before-time.
  162. >Somewhere far off from the celebrations, the sounds of power reached the tomb.
  163. >The writings of the madman on the wall glowed a sickly green as their power was unleashed in a single act of carelessness or pride after countless eons of nothing.
  164. >The power of the notes, the chords, the chants flowed into the corpse and made its black heart beat once.
  165. >A yellow eye opened, taking its first glimpse at the waking world in a million lifetimes and seeing what it had become.
  166. >It gripped its axe in its hand and rises to its feet.

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