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Am I Evil 9: Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous.

By Mandroid
Created: 19th December 2020 01:56:15 PM
AIE Safe Anon Eris Slice of Life Humanized

  1. =Am I Evil 9=
  4. >You walk along the marble floors of where you were staying barefoot in your flame print bathing suit. This place had a ‘tub and you were on vacation.
  5. “Hey Arty, where’s Sombra?” you ask as you pass through the foyer.
  6. >Artemis holds up one finger while he talks into the phone. “Some little band saw him walking through town the other day and invited him to some party tonight. Yes, yes I’m still here Celly.”
  7. >Whaaat? Some party and you weren’t invited?
  8. “I thought we came all the way out here to get away from all that.”
  9. >Artemis shrugs and turns his back to you, going back to talking to his sister.
  10. >Whatever. YOU were relaxing.
  11. >You head out onto the porch overlooking the snow covered mountains and let the cold air brush upon your chest.
  12. >The band-Neon Knights had packed up after the New Year’s show and skedaddled north for some R&R. Artemis was letting you all squat in an old summer retreat of his and you were taking that for all it was worth.
  13. >Right now that meant a hot tub. You walk over to the very edge of the porch where the tub overlooks the snow kissed valley below as the stars begin to come out and find someone already there.
  14. “Hey you.”
  15. >Eris bends her head upside down and looks back at you. “Hey yourself.”
  16. “How’s the water?”
  17. >”Like me, hot and bubbly.”
  18. >You chuckle.
  19. “If I cannonball in, how much trouble will I get into?”
  20. >”You’ll surface somewhere less fun than next to me.”
  21. >You laugh again and step in normally, getting chest high in the warm and steaming water as you sit next to Eris.
  22. “I gotta say I’m surprised to see you wearing a top.”
  23. >”Arty complained that his neighbors were watching earlier.”
  24. >Ah, that’d do it.
  26. >Time passes and Artemis raises the moon from inside. Meanwhile, Eris is practicing a trick.
  27. >Your part in it was holding two maregarita glasses she’d pulled out of her bikini top and filled with tub water.
  28. “…Eris, please.”
  29. >”Shut up! I have this.”
  30. >Eris snaps her fingers again for the third time and the liquid in the glasses turns green and starts fizzing.
  31. >She leans down and sniffs it like a cat would. “Smells right. Take a sip.”
  32. >You hesitate a minute.
  33. “Please Eris.”
  34. >”Oh come on, trust me here.”
  35. >Oh well…you’ve put worse in your mouth.
  36. >You bring the glass to your lips and take a sip.
  37. >…Tasted like a maregarita, shockingly enough.
  38. “I’m legit surprised.”
  39. >”You don’t give me enough credit.”
  40. “I give as much credit as someone made of chaos warrants.” You say, handing Eris her drink.
  41. “Cheers.”
  42. >”To Arty for this sweet pad.”
  43. “A-fuckin-men.”
  44. >You and Eris clink your glasses and drink down the liquid.
  45. “It’s a bit minty.”
  46. >”You’re a bit minty.”
  47. >”Any more of that left?” you both hear followed by a sharp “click click click” sound.
  48. >The two of you turn towards the house and the sound and spy Chrysalis walking towards the tub in heels and…well a “suit” would be stretching it.
  49. “Shit Chrys, I could floss with that thing.”
  50. >”You can, I’ve done it.” She says as she reaches the pool’s edge.
  51. “Course you have.”
  53. >Chrysalis winces and reaches down, unbuckling and removing her heels. “Dammit…”
  54. >”Why would you wear those if they hurt so much?” Eris asks.
  55. >”When you’re the frontman of a band one day, you’ll understand why we have to look good.” She says as she slides into the tub on your opposite side. “Now about that drink?”
  56. >Eris pulls another glass out her cleavage and holds it under her nose, she blocks one of her nostrils and sprays maregarita out of the other into the glass which she hands to Chrysalis.
  57. >Chrysalis tentatively takes it but looks at you.
  58. “Tastes fine, trust me.”
  59. >Chrysalis takes your word and clinks glasses with the two of you. “Cheers.” She says before she sips and reclines.
  60. >”Aaahhh~…This is the life.”
  61. “We do more shows like that one in Ponyville and this will be the life –all the time-.”
  62. >”That’s the dream, Anon. That’s the dream.” She says. “And all we need is some gig to hit it big.”
  63. “Mmmhm…”
  64. >You swirl your drink as it magically refills and take another swig.
  65. “Did I ever tell you about my first real gig?”
  66. >”Nope.”
  67. >”Probably.” Eris says.
  68. “Well it was back in the home I came from…” you begin.
  70. >Time passed and you were on you…eighth drink? It didn’t matter, you were almost finished the story.
  71. “And so Steve…riiiides the food cart through the cafeteria and smashes into a vat of old grease. We weren’t allowed back at that school again.”
  72. >Chrysalis and Eris both laugh themselves into a fit next to you. “Oh-ho-ho Anon…you had downright CHARACTERS as friends, didn’t you?”
  73. “That’s one way to put ‘em aside from “retards”.”
  74. >”You ever miss ‘em?” Eris asks.
  75. >You hang your head a bit and sip your drink.
  76. “…Yeah. Sometimes.”
  77. >You set your drink down and quickly get an arm around each of their shoulders.
  78. “But here I got other new friends! And these ones have hard-ass rap sheets and laws named after them.”
  79. >The girls, equally on their something-ith drink, giggle.
  80. >”Well I see that my houseguests are having a good time.”
  81. >The three of you turn around.
  82. “Arty!”
  83. >”Get IN here you big lug! The water is perrrrfect.” Chrysalis says.
  84. >That’s when you notice Artemis is in his normal clothes.
  86. “You got a speedo under there, big guy?”
  87. >”Fraid not. I’m afraid this is where I leave you three.”
  88. >”Whaaaaat?” Eris says.
  89. >”Oh say it isn’t so.”
  90. >”Afraid it is.” Artemis says. “It’s the holiday and I’ve a family to spend it with and duties to perform. I’ll see you guys in a couple of days though after, alright?”
  91. >Chrysalis splashes a bit of water his way and turns around. “Fine, party pooper.”
  92. >”Eeeevery party needs a pooper that’s why they invited you…” Eris sings.
  93. >Artemis dodges the splash with a jump back and zips his jacket up. “Just don’t die in the tub, and don’t mess up my house!” he says walking away.
  94. >You turn back and put your feet up on the seat on the opposite side.
  95. “Whatever.”
  96. >Eris adjusts her seating and lets her head fall onto your shoulder. “Some holiday with half the band gone.”
  97. >On your opposite shoulder, Chrysalis mirrors Eris and plops her head down. “You’ll have to be a gentleman and entertain the ladies tonight, Anon.”
  98. >Maybe it was all the alcohol in your blood.
  99. >Maybe it was due to diverted bloodflow in the first place.
  100. >Or maybe it was because you weren’t a fucking chump, but you were suddenly really happy Artemis left.
  101. “So…girls.” You say, clearing your throat. “What’d you ask for for the holidays?”
  103. >You awake the next morning in one of the beds to the most beautiful sight in the world, a rising sun over a snowy valley seen from between a beautiful woman’s legs.
  104. >At least that’s what you saw before Chrysalis pulled her panties back up.
  105. “I was looking at that…” you say as you push yourself out of a puddle of your own drool.
  106. >Chrysalis turns around and smiles. “I would think you’d still be out by now. Good morning.”
  107. “Hey beautiful, and nah, my years of practice being a drunk prepared me.” You yawn out
  108. >”No hangover, even?”
  109. “Not even.”
  110. >”Must have sweated it all out last night.” She teases as she puts a shirt on.
  111. “I don’t think that’s how that works…” you say.
  112. >”I may have cheated a little bit.”
  113. >”Be quieeeet.” Eris says pulling her head out of the blankets from behind you. “It’s too early for talking…”
  114. >You laugh.
  115. “Apparently Chrys didn’t cheat with everyone.”
  116. >”She’s always so mean to me…” Eris pouts.
  117. >”Stop pouting Eris, you’re be gal-pal, you know I love you in my own special way.”
  118. >You watch Chrysalis pull her pants on.
  119. “The hell are you going?”
  120. >”Out?” she says.
  121. “It’s a Saturday and we spent all night partying and you want to go out?”
  122. >”I live in the desert most of my life, Anon. I’m going to take every chance I can to see what’s out there.”
  123. >”I was in a rock and I’m still in bed…” Eris says.
  124. >”You’re lazier than I am, dear. Have a nice day! Don’t get dehydrated.” She says as she wanders off cackling to herself.
  125. >You let your arm give out and fall back onto the pillows. Eris worms her way up to you and puts her head on your chest.
  126. >”Now what?”
  127. >You rub your forehead and yawn.
  128. “Okay. We go back to sleep, get up around noon, order doughnuts, and watch cartoons all day. That sound cool?”
  129. >Eris closes her eyes and kisses your pec. “Read my mind, Anon…”
  130. >You pull another pillow over your face and you’re out like a light.

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