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Am I Evil 12: Food for the Soul.

By Mandroid
Created: 19th December 2020 01:57:45 PM
AIE Safe Anon Eris Slice of Life Humanized

  1. =Am I Evil 12=
  3. >Canterlot may be the capitol of Equestria, but Manehatten was probably the nervous center.
  4. >Everything came through here before it got to the rest of the kingdom and almost everything started here.
  5. >Trade and immigrants came through the Winding River and into Bucktooth Bay where they passed by the Equus sans Conflit monument before they got into the city to join the great melting pot of cultures in it.
  6. >It was no wonder that Filthy Rich set up his recording studio here. You’d have to ask him if this was where he started his band back in the day once you saw him again.
  7. >Here would could experience the widest degree of cultures in the world and channel all that love and energy into your music, producing a record that would travel along the railroad nerves of Equestria to every ear in the kingdom.
  8. >Or at least you would once you started, right now you were busy.
  10. “Ha! That one almost hit four feet!”
  11. >Eris catches the bit in her hand and flicks it back, giggling. “Hehe, use your thumb more, that seems like it works better.”
  12. “I could concentrate more if I wasn’t so concerned about someone cutting off the blood to my legs because she can’t lay somewhere else.”
  13. >”This couch is too small to lay somewhere else, or do you want to get even less height?”
  14. >You think that over for a minute.
  15. “...More thumb it is. In three…two…one…”
  16. >The door beyond Eris’s head opens. “Hey guys what’s-“
  17. >”Fire!” Eris shouts.
  18. >You flick the bit as hard as you can, your aim shifting during the moments you’re distracted by the door. It bounces off its target and sails past Eris’s head, and wings off the doorframe.
  19. >Sombra instinctively recoils. “Damn!” he cries, before he turns and looks angrily at you both. It only lasts a minute as his expression changes to confusion at the scene.
  20. >”…What in the world are you two doing?”
  21. “Uh…”
  22. >You look at Eris who shrugs.
  23. “I’m…bouncing bits off Eris’s butt.”
  24. >Maybe he’d be less weird about it if she hadn’t pulled her pants down to her ankles.
  26. >Sombra rolls his eyes and walks into the lounge you and Eris were chilling in, heading over to the table and pouring himself a coffee.
  27. >Eris hikes her jeans back up and gets off your legs.
  28. “I was ogling that, you know.”
  29. >”Later.” She responds, taking a normal seat. “Why the long face, Somby?”
  30. >Sombra sips his drink and nods towards the door. “Artemis and Chrysalis are going at it again.”
  31. >You and Eris groan in unison. “What NOW?” She asks.
  32. >Sombra continues. “It’s about the album. Some big movie director or studio to something contacted Filthy Rich once he heard we signed with him, they want us to compose a song for their movie coming out and shoot a video for it and stuff.”
  33. >You and Eris look at each other.
  34. “That sounds pretty sweet, actually.”
  35. >”That’s what Artemis thinks. Chrysalis thinks it’s selling our souls, though.”
  36. >Eris rubs the back of her head. “Yeah, she would…”
  37. >”They’ve been at it for two hours. I can’t take much more. I need coffee.” Sombra sips his “Slave driver” mug. “I’m amazed you two haven’t heard the shouting.”
  38. “We’ve…been busy?” you say as you pick up stray coins.
  39. >Sombra shakes his head. “Not in the studio, Anon. Please.”
  40. “Oh shut up. Not –that-.”
  42. >”That game was a lot of fun, Somby. You want to bounce some coins off my butt?”
  43. >Sombra cocks an eyebrow. “I’ll pass. It’s a nice offer, but anyone could tell you stealing a bandmates girlfriend, especially when she’s also a bandmate, would be a bad idea.”
  44. >Before you can respond, the intercom lights up. Eris goes over and presses it.
  45. >”Mushi mushi?”
  46. “Fucking weeb.”
  47. >”Shut up.”
  48. >”Hey Eris.” You hear over the intercom. You can also make out indistinct hollering in the background.
  49. >”Hey Flam, what’s up?”
  50. >”It’s Flim.”
  51. >”Whatever.”
  52. >Twin brothers should never hold the same job.
  53. >”These two sound like they’re winding down. If you guys want to strike while this iron is hot, now’s the time.”
  54. >Eris looks at you and Sombra.
  55. “Might as well.”
  56. >Sombra sighs. “Once more into the breach…”
  57. >Eris hits the button. “On our way, Mustache!”
  58. >”No, that’s my brot-“ Flam starts, but Eris releases the call button and the three of you head out the door.
  60. -Some time later-
  61. >Uhg.
  62. >You walk through the recording area later in the night.
  63. >It took five and a half hours of arguing, reading a bullshit script, composing, bullshiting, drinking, and recording, but the basic gist of the single for the movie was done.
  64. >You’d go back and clean things up and re-record later. Right now you all needed a bit of space from one another or someone was going to wind up with a sock shoved down their throat.
  65. >Trudging along, you hear the low plucking sounds of a bass some feet away.
  66. >The rhythm was…infectious, worming its way into your bones.
  67. >You follow it to the source, Eris sitting in a big chair with her bass in her lap.
  68. “Hey.”
  69. >”Hey.”
  70. “What’s that?”
  71. >Eris continues to play the simple yet addicting bassline. “Just something I had in my brain.”
  72. >You next to her and watch her play.
  73. “Doesn’t sound like our usual fair.”
  74. >”S’cuz it’s not, it’s what I feel inside.”
  75. >You cock an eyebrow.
  76. >”Look, I love you guys and I love playing with you. The music we play is awesome too. But one day I want to write music about what I’m –really- all about.”
  77. “Why haven’t you brought it up?”
  78. >Eris shrugs. “Bass player?”
  79. “Oh fuck off, that’s a myth. Queen of Chaos can’t be content to sit in the back not being heard, anyway.”
  80. >Eris is silent for a moment or two. “…Eeeehhhhh…”
  81. “Fuck that.”
  82. >You grab your guitar and plug it into an amp.
  83. >”Whaaaaaat are you doing?
  84. “I’m gonna jam with you, help you smash this out, and then we’ll put it on the record.”
  85. >”Anon, this song doesn’t really belong next to our hard songs…”
  86. “You mean like a dude in a mask doesn’t belong up with four enemies of the state? Not flying. When was the last time I used my talkbox?”
  87. >”Uhhh…Canterlot.”
  88. “Time again.”
  89. >You plug the box in and stick the mic in your mouth.
  90. “Now show me how you feel, yeah?”
  92. >Eris resumes noodling on the strings.
  93. >You close your eyes and nod along with the beat, getting a feel for it.
  94. >As you do, you begin to pluck at the strings of your guitar, mimicking the pitch and notes with your voice to create your flanging effect.
  95. >Time begins to lose meaning as you strum along and jam with Eris, letting the notes do the work.
  96. >Eris lets you into herself, moving together until your hands are in perfect unison and your music echoed out in harmony.
  97. >At least until some cockgobbler coughed and interrupted you.
  98. “GAH SHIT WHAT?!”
  99. >You open your eyes to find Chrysalis, Artemis, and Sombra standing over the two of you.
  100. >”Are we interrupting?” Chrysalis giggles out.
  101. >Eris shrinks into her seat a bit. “Hooooooow long were you guys standing there?”
  102. >”The last twenty minutes.”
  103. “We’ve been playing over twenty minutes?”
  104. >Eris turns a particular shade of red and shrinks into her seat more, releasing a pathetic whine at being caught playing a personal piece of music by her band.
  105. >Chrysalis kneels down and pinches her cheek. “Don’t be saaaaaaad Eri dear, you made a beautiful piece of music.”
  106. >”Were you going to put that on the record?” Arty asks.
  107. “I think she should.”
  108. >Arty and Sombra look at each other, Chrysalis coos. “Awwww…our little Eris is growing up and wrote us a song, guys.”
  109. >”Stoooooooooooooop.” Eris whines, clearly getting annoyed.
  110. >Chrysalis rises up and grabs a microphone, Artemis and Sombra move to their instruments.
  111. >”What are you all doing…?” Eris asks.
  112. >”We liked your song, Eri. We’re gonna put it on the record obviously.” Chrysalis says as she tunes herself in.
  113. >Eris turns even redder. “W-what?”
  114. >Chrysalis taps the mic. “Flim! Wake up in there, we have a new one for the record.” She says with a grin.

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