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Am I Evil 17: Fame and Excess.

By Mandroid
Created: 19th December 2020 01:58:47 PM
AIE Safe Anon Eris Slice of Life Humanized

  1. =Am I Evil 17=
  3. -Friday-
  4. “Eris, come on! We’re already the last ones there!”
  5. >”That’s because we’re not degenerates!” she calls from the bathroom.
  6. >You adjust your shirt and small necklace.
  7. “If we’re being invited here and actually going, I’m pretty sure we are!”
  8. >Eris walks out of the bathroom in a skirt and spats. “It’s rude to turn down an invitation…”
  9. “Especially to this place if half the stories I heard about Photo Finish are true.”
  10. >You adjust your belt pondering how Chrysalis even KNEW Photo Finish, let alone got these invitations.
  11. >Then you remember who you were talking about.
  12. >You see Eris mulling about behind you. “Rumors like…?”
  13. “Rumor’s like she took the entire Wonderbolt team to her ranch in the country for a week and whatever they did there left Soarin’ with brain damage. Like that she’s been caught in the bushes outside Filthy Rich’s place with a camera. Like she-wah!”
  14. >Your world becomes considerably pinker as someone wraps something over your head, pulling it back. You look through the holes offered by your new mask to see a sigil of Eris’s upside down face in that “chibi” style she talked about on the fabric while the real Eris snickered behind you.
  15. “Eris! Panties stay on outside of the bedroom!”
  16. >Eris guffaws behind you and leans on your shoulder as you peel the undergarments off. “Why so serious? They’re coming off once we get to the ranch anyway, you said so yourself.” She looks in the mirror at you.
  17. >“Actually-“
  18. >>You feel Eris worm her fingers into your shirt. “-You don’t need this either.” She says.
  19. “Hey! Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey! We’re not gonna be late again!”
  20. >Eris smiles her catty smile and continues to try.
  21. >In the end you leave 15 minutes later than you already were.
  23. >You arrive at Photo Finishes’ private ranch after a bit of a limo ride and stand in the doorway, taking all of…it in.
  24. >The ranch was one big room with a few rooms shooting off from it. In the middle was a large ziggurat structure upon which sat the master of ceamonies for the evening, Photo Finish. In all black lether with a cat-o’-ninetales.
  25. “Wow…”
  26. >”Yeah…”
  27. >You and Eris walk along the soft, tantalizing red carpet among the other select elite around you. Many wore masks and lounged in depressed sections of the floor on velvet pillows sucking on either hooka pipes or each other’s faces. People were spreading…some lotion on each other and a heavy incense aroma filled the air. Behind you came a train of people running along the ground holding hands as they weaved in between either waiters dressed in feather-boas and tight pants that carried assortments of foods, meats, and pills or golden fountains that shot crystal waters, or wines into the air that guests lounged in.
  28. >”I told you, you were overdressed…”
  29. “And I told you that this would be intense…”
  30. >”Oh you both have no idea…”
  31. >The two of you look over your shoulders at a fountain that was spewing milk chocolate. A hand sensuously reaches around the central basin. You feel Eris grip your hand tighter as the guest passes through the chocolate-fall and crawls on all fours through the milky delight below her before she looks up at you both with sharp emerald eyes.
  32. “…Hey Chrys.”
  33. >She rests her head on the side of the basin at your feet and sucks on her fingers one at a time. “Hello Anon~ Eris~.”
  34. >”…You’re naked in there.”
  35. >Chrysalis snaps her fingers. Two young men immedietly come over to the fountain and start rubbing her back. “I am~”
  36. “Is that sanitary?”
  37. >”I don’t have to think about that here, Anon~ It’s the perks of being famous~”
  39. >She was right about that at least. The band had been getting huge recently. Booking shows, selling albums, doing interviews, selling OUT shows, and swelling bank accounts.
  40. >”We’ve finally made it, Anon~ Back to the life we all deserve~”
  41. >Wow, she was out of it.
  42. “Did you take something?”
  43. >She waves her hand. “A little bit of what Eris just took from that waiter.
  44. >As soon as the words are out of mouth, you feel Eris loop her arms under yours and gently rub your chest. It feels good.
  45. >”Anonymoooous…I want to see some of those pillowy pits~
  46. >Chrysalis titters as you look back at Eris in her sorta glazed over eyes.
  47. “How many did you take?”
  48. >“Sshhhhut up!” Eris says “We’re famous now…stop worrying so much and enjoy it.” She says.
  49. >You ponder that until you can’t ponder it anymore. Which is about two seconds before Eris turns your head and shoves her tongue in your mouth.
  50. >For good or ill, you were not a very strong man when it came you your kinda-girlfriend.
  51. >You feel Eris tug you away and hear Chrysalis laugh again. “Enjoy yourself, Anonymous~! And stop thinking so much…Take my lead, I’m going to lounge here a bit longer then have these two gentlemen clean me off with their tongues…”
  52. “That sounds-“ you get out before Eris pulls you out of earshot.
  53. >You fall onto the pillows Eris pushes you onto and grunt as she straddles you, planting kisses on your face and neck while she gets your shirt off.
  54. >Time seemed to lose meaning as you breathed the incense in and laid on the pillows that were softer than a cloud.
  55. >Your last thought is Chrysalis’s advice.
  56. >It can’t hurt to enjoy your fame now, right?
  59. -Sunday-
  60. >”I love this city!” Artemis shouts out of the sunroof double fisting expensive champagne.
  61. “You’re drunk as fuck!”
  62. >”Who cares, so are you!”
  63. >Artemis gets pulled back into the limousine as it gets into a busier street. He laughs as he pours himself and Spitfire another drink.
  64. “You almost got your head torn off!” you say laughing.
  65. >”Oh I’d have been fine.” He says, wrapping his arm around Spitfire’s as they clink glasses and drink.
  66. >Eris giggles in your lap. You pet her fluffy hair.
  67. >Over near the front of the limo, Sapphire Shores leaned into Hoity Toity and showed off the stunning legs that she got paid for.
  68. >Unf.
  69. >”Darling tell us again about your idea to liven up this town.” She says, sniffing and rubbing her nose.
  70. >”Okay okay okay.” Eris says, holding up her hands. “Picture? Chocolate. Rain.”
  71. >Sapphire sips her glass. “This girl is a genius.”
  72. >”A true visionary” Hoity says.
  73. “Damn straight!”
  74. >You bend down and peck her forehead.
  75. >The voice of your drive comes over the intercom. “Sir? We’re pulling up now.”
  76. >”Oh shit shit shit!” Artemis says as he stoes the drink. “Who’s ready to see this moviiiie!?”
  77. >”Here here!” the car shouts.
  78. >As the limo pulls up to the carpet, the six of you climb out and greet the cameras.
  80. -Tuesday-
  81. >You down your shot and slam it on the bartop.
  82. “Another!”
  83. >Your friend and comrades around your cheer as the barkeep pours you another drink.
  84. >”Heeeeey!” Sombra shouts as he lifts his stein. From the other side of you, the members of Fackface Academy patted you.
  85. >”Can’t believe we ran into you here!” their drummer says.
  86. >Sombra sips from his mug. “Well believe it. We love this tavern, don’t we, Anon?”
  87. “Come here every time we’re in town.”
  88. >You noticed as your fame rose, more and more people noticed who you were even without the mask. You’d have to be more careful.
  89. >Their bassist, a cute little thing, what is it with chicks and bass? She comes up to Sombra. “Photo?”
  90. >He throws his enormous arm over her shoulder and holds up the horns. “Anything for a fan.” He says posing.
  91. >Sombra and the girl snap the picture quickly, but it’s all for naught. A burly man bumps into the girl and knocks her camera down, smashing it on the floor.
  92. >”Dude!”
  93. >”Not cool!”
  94. >The mountain of muscle looks over his shoulder and scoffs at the two of them. “Piss off.” He says.
  95. >You down your mug and turn to the rest of the Academy.
  96. “And here’s why we love this place.”
  97. >You hand your mug back to Sombra who takes it behind his back. You reach for a stool just as Sombra brings the mug down on the guy’s face and punches his friend.
  98. >If you hurried, you could get out of here before the cops showed.
  100. -Thursday-
  101. >Your eyes are closed.
  102. >”Okay, thanks.”
  103. >A door shuts and you hear someone walking around the bed.
  104. “What is it this time?” you ask, eyes still closed.
  105. >”Box’a Prench chocolates.” Eris says.
  106. ”Room service guy get a look at your cooter?”
  107. >”I don’t think so, this robe is long enough.”
  108. >You open one eye and look up at her in the afternoon sun.
  109. “That robe barely covers your ass.”
  110. >”It’s fiiiiiiine.” Eris says as she eats some of the chocolates.
  111. >You hold your hand out and lightly grab her fingers, rubbing them a bit.
  112. “You gonna share those?”
  113. >”Mmmm. Thought I might just use my day off to eat them all and drink all the wine. Maybe take a bath.”
  114. “You’re gonna get fat and ugly unless you work that off.”
  115. >Eris turns and looks around the hotel room. Full of crap. “I think I have an exercise machine here somewhere…”
  116. >She play pulls away, but you tug her closer until, like an alligator, you snatch her by the waist and throw her over the you onto the bed.
  117. >Eris descends into giggles as you nip at the back of her neck. “Stop! Stop! You’re gonna make me spill.”
  118. “We’ll clean it up later~”
  119. >You slide your hands under the too-small robe and towards Eris’s chest, getting a slight moan from her as she finally relents and leaves the chocolates on that side of the bed.
  120. >She bends her head back and kisses you lightly. “You know, we’re probably going to have to do something else today too…”
  121. >You start getting the rest of that robe off.
  122. “Yeah, we’ll bone on the couch and watch cartoons at the same time.”
  124. -Friday-
  125. >The five of you duck out the back door of the club all laughing into the night.
  126. >”Great job tonight, boys!” Chrysalis says.
  127. >”Hey.”
  128. >”And Eris.”
  129. “Your snares were spot-fucking-on in there, Sombra.”
  130. >”Pfft. Says the guy who played that solo.”
  131. >”He wouldn’t have had anything to play if not for Chrys’s songwriting.”
  132. >”Someone’s trying to score a handy~” she coos.
  133. >From down the alley you see a kid, no older than 18, look at you. “Yo, over here!” he calls to his friends.
  134. >Chrysalis looks up. “Another fan…I’ll take this.”
  135. “Knock ‘em dead, slugger.”
  136. >Chrysalis rolls her eyes as he walks away from the group as the three youths walk towards her. “Boys! Autographs are usually held by the club but for fans-“
  137. >”Fucking save it, poser!” one shouts.
  138. >Another rears back and with a push of his throat, spits on Chrysalis.
  139. >”Whoa!”
  140. “Dude!”
  141. >The four of you can’t believe what you see, can’t react as one of the kids jams his finger in Chrys’ face. “You used to be fuckin’ better than this, man. Better than making videos for some fuckin’ movie or getting photographed at some fucking fuck-ranch or selling us toothpaste!”
  142. >Another leans forward. “This is how we treat fuckin’ sell outs in this town, bitch.”
  143. “Hey! Fuck off you little bastards!” you shout as you and the others run over to help Chrysalis, finally shaken from your stupor.
  144. >”Oh shit!”
  145. >The three kids drop their skateboards and haul it down the alley.
  146. >You run around the frontman.
  147. “You okay? Did they do anything?”
  148. >”Here, hold still, this’ll come out.” Eris says.
  149. >Sombra snarls and Arty pats her back. “Kill those little fucking-“ Sombra starts before Chrysalis holds her hands up and shoos you all back.
  150. >She walks out of the circle you’d all made around her into the light of a billboard standing on top of a nearby building featuring Sombra’s grinning face offering a crystal shine to teeth.
  151. >Chrysalis sighs and holds her arms. “Someone get the car around here…”

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