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Am I Evil 19: Hardest Metal Known to Man.

By Mandroid
Created: 19th December 2020 01:59:11 PM
AIE Safe Anon Eris Slice of Life Humanized

  1. =Am I Evil 19=
  4. >You and the others were backstage in your tent at Bawken, everyone was preparing for your set.
  5. >From here could hear the roar of the crowd as the band ahead of you finished out and you wrapped your hands in grip tape.
  6. >Eris shivers on a chair next to you. “Why did we have to come all the way to Asgaaaaard? It's too cooooool.”
  7. “You're in a fur coat, hun.”
  8. >”My face is cold, come rub your beard on it.”
  9. “Maybe after the show.”
  10. >She groans next to you and sits in her chair upside down.
  11. “Why are you so fussy? They treat us like royalty here.”
  12. >”Three-fifths of our band are actually royalty,”
  13. “Whatever.”
  14. >”It matters.”
  15. “WHATEVER. The point is that our music is way more accepted up north here and it shows, why are you fussy?”
  16. >”I want to wear my coat on stage...”
  17. “Fur jackets are not metal.”
  18. >”I could take it back.”
  19. “Is this like that time you tried to take racial slurs back?”
  20. >”I'd've done it too if not for that stupid cop...”
  21. >You roll your eyes and finish buttoning your suit.
  22. “Mask me, sweet stuff.”
  23. >Eris wings your green question mark mask at you. You catch it and pull it down over your head, adjusting it in the mirror before you turn to her.
  24. “Ready to rock and rumble?”
  25. >Eris's pensiveness over the cold vanishes as she rises up and lets her coat fall off, wearing some sweats and a long sleeve shirt underneath. “Ready.”
  27. >You and Eris grab your guitars and walk along the path to directly backstage.
  28. >The rest of the band is already there, turning to greet you. “Just in time, you two.” Chrysalis says “And not a drop in your hair, Eris.”
  29. >”Shaduuuuuup.”
  30. >She chuckles and waves you into the huddle.
  31. >”Okay...crew is finishing set up. These folks are way more manic than our usual fair, but that doesn't mean we take it easy on 'em, huh?”
  32. >”Hell no.” Sombra says.
  33. >”Damn straight. That means we play our guts out, melt some faces-”
  34. >”Potentially literally.” Artemis says.
  35. >”-and we make this one for the record books, feel me?”
  36. >You and everyone else nod.
  37. >”This is BAWKEN, guys. Before us, it was the only bastion for metal in the world. Let's give it what it deserves.”
  38. >Chrysalis puts her hand in between all of you.
  39. >”HATE'S GREAT!”
  40. >The rest of you put your hands on hers and break to “BEST VILLAINS!”
  41. >The five of you head out onto the stage, before a crowd that stretched beyond the horizon.
  42. >Chrysalis grabs the mic as you all get in position. “HELLOOOOOOOOO ASGARD!”
  43. >She grins and slacks the cord to the crowd. “ARE YOU READY FOR SOME HEAVY-FUCKING-METAL!?”
  44. >The crowd erupts again.
  45. >”ALRIGHT! Well the Knights and me got a NEW SONG for ya!”
  46. >You wave to the crowd and prepare.
  47. >”That's riiiiight a single coming to a place where any not-shit records are sold! Premiered here first and live! At Bawken...If your socks get blown off to hard, go grab 'em at the front gate!”
  48. >Chrysalis turns her back to the crowd as you and Arty take the front of the stage, putting your hands in the weirdest fretting position possible for this intro.
  50. >For the briefest of moments your heart is in your throat and you choke, but not from fear. Reaching as far as your eyes can see is a veritable sea of people, an ocean of fans.
  51. >Your fans.
  52. >To see so many sentient beings gathered together in this one spot fills you with a kind of awe, but the knowledge that it’s you who they’ve all come to offer reverence elevates it to new heights.
  53. >It makes no difference how many times you’ve seen it in the past or will see it again, the experience is fresh with each iteration.
  54. >Unnumbered multitudes shout your names and fill the air with their adoration and it sets your blood afire.
  55. >Is it the same for Celestia, you wonder? Is she filled with the same energy when the masses scream her praises?
  56. >From the corner of your eye you glimpse Artemis drinking in the crowd’s energy and reveling in the sensation. At your fore Chrysalis does the same, but much more literally, her face a mask of near euphoria.
  57. >Unwilling to tear your gaze from the scene you miss how your other compatriots are handling the attention, but you can only imagine it must be similar for them.
  58. >Then all at once the moment passes. You swallow your heart and in your mind everything is still. All that exist are the instrument in your hands and the song in your mind.
  59. >As one you all raise a hand to sky in salute to the progenitors of your craft and the crowd responds in kind.
  60. >And then it begins.
  62. (Sorry for the weird link, WMG are cucks.)
  63. >The first mighty chord is struck with such power that the snow covering the glacier you stand upon is blasted away.
  64. >Standing in an eerie calm before the storm, the six of you all stare straight down as the song opens with faces obscured by masks and flowing bangs while lightning flashes through a clear sky as punctuation to the notes you hammer out.
  65. >Soon the music picks up and the calm shatters. A gale kicked up by the furious playing whips your companions’ hair into a frenzy and makes you grateful for the mask you wear.
  66. >Magical energy arcs from each enchanted instrument with every note to create a dazzling light show all around you.
  67. >And in the eye of the storm of metal and magic Chrysalis stands stock still with eyes closed and arms held out to her sides.
  68. >Slowly she raises her head and her eyes fly open, twin flames of fel magic springing to life as all save Ahuizotl’s keyboard go silent.
  69. >”On a cold winter morning, in the time before the light. In flame’s of death’s eternal reign we ride towards the fight.”
  70. >In response to the words notes of steel tear forth from your instruments to accompany her.
  71. >Eyes blazing bright with fury, Sombra is a maelstrom of thrashing limbs as he pummels his drums with strength to sunder stone.
  72. >Hair as white as the snow surrounding you whips around Eris as she thrashes her head back and forth in time with the music.
  73. >Channeling magic through his strings, Artemis casts a glamour and great wings of pure black unfurl from his back and spread wide.
  75. >The world itself seems to shake from the might of your performance. Almost lost through the cacophony you notice small cracks spider webbing through the ice beneath your feet, though you pay it no mind.
  76. >Chrysalis clutches the mic close in an almost desperate grip, screaming the lyrics with an unfathomable passion.
  77. >As she holds that last note the collected energy of the numberless masses explodes forth from within her and wreaths her in emerald witchfire.
  78. >When the last word fades away you and Artemis take over while she catches her breath.
  79. >Fingers a blur as they dance across your strings with inhuman speed, you coax a chorus of piercing screams from your mighty axe while the Prince of the Night follows alongside with his own siren song.
  80. >The speed at which you play catches falling snow in a whirlwind to create a small storm about the two of you.
  81. >Lightning cracks through the storm summoned from the sparks that fly from your strings each time a pick strikes.
  82. >A smear of red on the neck of your guitar catches your attention for a moment and you suddenly become aware of a cut the strings had made in your middle finger.
  83. >Your lips pull up in a grin while the dull pain encourages you ever onwards.
  85. >Artemis’s enchanted wings suddenly explode in a brilliant nova that sends tendrils of starry midnight across the sky and dispels the blizzard that engulfs you.
  86. >The crowd roars its approval at the spectacle and the cracks across your icy platform grow yet more from the cacophony.
  87. >Ablaze with evil fire Chrysalis reaches up to claw at the sky while she sings. The ground begins to rumble as though alive while a sickly green glow begins to emanate from the ice.
  88. >The glacier heaves and tears and soon cracks open up all across its surface that widen into great rents that belch out torrents of changeling fire.
  89. >Wracked by the display colossal chunks of ice to break loose from the glacier and fall to shatter against the frozen ground beneath, though the noise is almost completely drowned out by the cheering of the crowd and the wailing of the guitars.
  90. >More and more you become aware of the pain in your left hand as yet more cuts open up across your fingers.
  92. >Heated to near boiling by the magic flowing through your strings, the blood slicking your guitar drips down from points along its neck to fizzle and spit on the frozen ground.
  93. >Then with one final, piercing note you and Artemis release your instruments and along with Chrysalis raise your hands to the sky, first and last fingers of both hands extended to form the horns of metal.
  94. >Countless hands rise from the sea of bodies to join your own while the changeling queen begins the chorus and you add your voices to hers.
  95. >A warm wetness runs down your left arm while you hold it high and thin streams of red slowly soak into your sleeve.
  96. >The second time around the crowd raise their voices to mingle with yours. The resulting noise shakes the very ground you stand upon and seems almost great enough to awaken even Grogar from his slumber.
  97. >The voices still and quick as lightning you and Artemis take up your instruments once more while Chrysalis uses her reprieve to summon a bottle of water to herself from offstage.
  98. >Summoning every ounce of energy you possess you lay into your instruments with reckless abandon.
  100. >Suddenly energy surges through your strings and when next your pick makes contact it’s overloaded with magical power and shatters in your grip.
  101. >Mindlessly you switch to your fingers without missing so much as a single note. Fortunately you keep your nails long for exactly this reason, though you wince inwardly as the strings begin to dig into them.
  102. >In your mind you can see the extra picks in your suit’s pockets, but to grab for one would result in missing notes and that is unacceptable.
  103. >So you play through the pain feeling more alive than you ever have. Your treacherous strings open cuts along the fingers of your left hand and split the nails of your right, but you carry on regardless with only the music in your thoughts.
  104. >Artemis seems to be faring better, paying you no mind while completely lost in the moment. Magical lightning courses over every inch of him making him shine like a star. Then all at once the star burns out as he ceases playing.
  106. >You lose yourself to the music and your hands seem to move of their own accord over your guitar at a speed no mortal eye could follow to unleash a relentless sonic barrage.
  107. >While your strings spit pure steel Artemis makes a show of grabbing a beer and cracking it open. Casually he leans back and guzzles half the bottle’s contents while making a point of looking anywhere but at you.
  108. >The display is lost upon you, though. You see the motion but barely register the action as consumed as you are by the music.
  109. >Then with one last echoing shriek your solo ends and it’s Artemis’s turn.
  110. >He abandons the bottle which remains floating in the air on an aura of magic and begins his answer to your challenge.
  111. >Taking advantage of the brief respite you saunter over the floating bottle and snatch it from the air with your bloodied hand and down the rest of it while snatching a spare pick from your pocket.
  112. >Once empty you toss it away to shatter against the ice and take your guitar back up as his song yields to yours.
  113. >Having a fresh pick in your hand leaves you feeling invincible and with renewed vigor you dive back into the music and let it overtake you.
  114. >You feel almost detached as you shred out note after note, as though you’re only a conduit for the song rather than the one giving it life.
  115. >Springing into action once more Artemis takes up his guitar again and together you forge metal the likes of which hasn’t existed upon this world in living memory.
  116. >In perfect harmony you give birth to a storm of chaos. Perfect in its conception it consumes and becomes you, making you into vessels for its arrival in this world.
  117. >Abruptly the storm abates and Chrysalis breaks her silence.
  119. >Sombra and Eris add their voices as backup to hers while Artemis throws his head back and howls out a note as high as the heavens alongside.
  120. >Mighty and unrelenting, the music seeps in through the rents in the glacier and fills it with a power it cannot contain. Vast sheets of ice are blasted free as its surface is raked with heavenly power in the form of lightning from the sky and green fire from below.
  121. >Steam rises from the boiling blood on your strings while ethereal energies writhe across Artemis’s. You play with unrelenting fury to craft a tribute worthy of your forefathers, those two first great titans of metal.
  122. >All the while the world falls to pieces around you and reality itself shudders under the iron onslaught.
  123. >Even time seems to warp under the strain. Each note seems at once to hang in the air for an eternity and only a fleeting moment.
  124. >But not even the rending of time and space is capable of forestalling the end, but you hold onto that final moment for as long as possible.
  125. >The final screams of your instruments carry out over the frozen wasteland with a triumphant finality, carving themselves into the very landscape as testament to their existence.
  126. >But soon the moment passes and all is silent...until the crowd explodes into cheers again.
  127. >The five of you wave, you a bit weakly due to your hand.
  128. >Eris hurries over to you and looks you over. “Really!? Through the bandages too?”
  129. “I'm enthusiastic...”
  130. >Eris waves a medic over and pushes you to the side of the stage. A quick glance to the others and they know what's up, Sombra starts a drum solo to cover.
  131. >With one last look you survey the effects of the power of your metal. The fans, the glacier, the latent magic, all of it.
  132. “Do you think we'll get eco-nuts protesting our shows now too?”

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