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Am I Evil 20: What it Pays to Be a Star.

By Mandroid
Created: 19th December 2020 01:59:21 PM
AIE Safe Anon Eris Slice of Life Humanized

  1. >You open the fridge and frown in despair.
  2. “Eriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis...”
  3. >”Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?” you hear from the other room.
  4. “We're out of milk.”
  5. >”That sucks.”
  6. >You walk into the living room where Eris is watching cartoons and having cereal and chocolate milk still in her pajamas.
  7. “So we need to go get some.”
  8. >”Anon, what day is it?”
  9. “...Thursday?”
  10. >Eris chews another spoonful. “It's our day off the band.”
  11. “Yeeeeesss...?”
  12. >”And so why would we go out and -do stuff- on our day off?”
  13. >You're silent for a minute.
  14. “Because I want milk.”
  15. >Eris falls on her side onto the couch, her cereal continues to float and be fed into her mouth. “Nnnoooooooooo...”
  16. “Eeeeeeeeriiiiiiiis...”
  17. >You walk over, grab her foot, and start tugging.
  18. “Come on, sometimes we have to go out and do things.”
  19. >”I'd rather we stay in and do me.”
  20. >You cross your eyes and put your teeth in front of your bottom lip.
  21. “Hurr hurr hurr.”
  22. >Eris mirrors your expression. “Hurr hurr hurr hurr.”
  23. “Come on, seriously, I want milk.”
  24. >Eris rolls her eyes. “Why do you wait till -now- to do this? Why not get some roadie to go?”
  25. “Because I'm not a worthless sack of shit.”
  26. >”I am.” she responds.
  27. >Pfft.
  28. “You know you can't make chocolate milk without the milk, right?”
  29. >Eris is silent for a full ten seconds before she retorts. “...I'm magic, I probably could.”
  30. “But you might not be able to.”
  31. >”Y-you don't know that.”
  32. “I know that there's a 100% chance you'll have chocolate milk if we go to the store.”
  33. >She's silent again before speaking softly. “I want to get cookies too.”
  34. “It's a deal.”
  35. >”Let me find my pants then.” she say as she rolls off the couch.
  37. >A few minutes later the two of you are walking down the road from your house. Eris knits her fingers between yours in the cold early spring air as you go.
  38. >”So I'm thinking of getting something pierced.”
  39. >You try to suppress a surprised cough.
  40. “As an effected party of that bit of you, I must express my discomfort in the thought of metal there.”
  41. >Eris shoulder checks you lightly. “I meant my nose or ears, ass.”
  42. “You were being vague, fuck you. I get your ears, but why your nose?”
  43. >Eris shrugs. “Tirek had a nose-ring in the old tales.”
  44. “You're old as dirt, were you really not around when the old man was knocking about?”
  45. >Eris takes little offense, she's head it all before. She was still a little vain though. “I was busy back then, you wouldn't get it.”
  46. >You don't pry.
  47. “Earrings could look nice, but your face is too pretty to ruin with bits and bobs of metal.”
  48. >She smirks a bit. “Not your best save.”
  49. “Abloo bloo bloo. Your look is fine, don't worry about it, worry about the music.”
  50. >”Mm...” Eris says.
  51. >The two of you walk along a bit more.
  52. >”...Anon? Have you thought what you want to do after this?”
  53. “Have a late breakfast and then watch tv in bed?”
  54. >Eris plays with her hair, a habit she did when she was nervous. “I mean after us, after the band. No band lasts forever...”
  56. >Ah...
  57. >She wasn't wrong. Even the old poppy crap bands of yester year were rare to last too long. Truth be told after meeting up with everyone and starting the Neon Knights, you hadn't put much thought into what came after you were all sick of each other...
  58. “...I dunno. You?”
  59. >Eris moves her hair and looks away from you. “I dunno...maybe do a solo act? Get some of my less metal songs out of me for a few albums. I've always been more classical than everyone else.
  60. >You mull that over, the idea didn't immediately turn you off and Eris's soul music she'd shown to you was fun to play along to.
  61. “Do you need a guitar player?”
  62. >Eris shuts her mouth and looks up at you, you were about six inches taller than her. “You're serious?”
  63. “Yeah? Sure? Why not? Could be fun.”
  64. >She blinks twice but keeps looking at you. “Why? You've always been heavy and sharp, wouldn't...whatever I do be weird for you?”
  65. “Maybe, but I can learn.”
  66. >You bring your hands up.
  67. “Besides, no place I'd rather be.”
  68. >Eris positively beams at you and lets go of your hand in order to wrap both her arms around yours, she nuzzles your shoulder but doesn't say anything.
  69. >Neither did you, nothing really needed to be.
  71. “Hmmm...Do I want Admiral Featherweight or Gorilla Munch?”
  72. >Eris leans against the small handcart you have. “You said we only needed milk...”
  73. “Yeah but we could also probably use some other stuff.”
  74. >Eris groans and seems to melt onto the floor.
  75. “Quitcher bitchin'.”
  76. >”It's my day ooooooffff...I want to be at home either naked or in my pajamas...I'm missing my feet hurt...”
  77. “Stoooooooop.”
  78. >”Noooooooo.”
  79. >”Excuse me?”
  80. >You turn your head and look behind Eris who reverses like an old VCR and goes back to her feet with an audible pop. “Eh?” she grunts.
  81. >In the aisle behind you was a shorter woman with purple and silver hair and a gray sweater on. You and Eris glance at each other for a moment.
  82. >”Who's askin'?” inquires.
  83. >The woman moves a strand of hair from her face and walks a few steps forward .”My name's Twilight Velvet...” she giggles “I'm uh...a fan.”
  85. >You see Eris thinking over what she said. “Velvet...velvet...way...Twilight? As in-” Eris snaps a pair of glasses onto her face, changes her hair purple, and adopts a haughty pout before she poofs them away.
  86. >Twilight Velvet laughs into her hand. “Yes, that's my little girl, I'm very proud...don't tell her about this though.”
  87. >”Uhhh...” Eris says.
  88. >You step forward a bit.
  89. “I think what my...friend here is trying to ask is why the mother of the lead of a band who was...let's just say “contemporary” since we're in public would be a fan of...well...”
  90. >You point at Eris, smoke is coming from her ears.
  91. >Twilight Velvet digs into her purse. “Well us proud moms weren't always so vanilla. I was a young lady too once!” she produces a small notepad and pen. “Could I...trouble you for an autograph?”
  92. >Eris's eyes now start spinning like a slot machine until the words “TILT” appear in her irises.
  93. “Hold on.”
  94. >You grab Eris's hair and give it a tug, her eyes rotate back to their normal gold and red and she pops up.
  95. >”Uhh...sure? Sure. I've always got time for a fan.” she says, taking the notepad and pen.
  96. >Twilight Velvet is beside herself in the aisle as Eris signs her name and does a little doodle.
  98. >You and Eris leave the store and cut through the park on your way home.
  99. “That was nice of you.”
  100. >Eris turns a bit red and plays with her hair. “She was a fan...”
  101. “A fan who's daughter turned you to stone once.”
  102. >”I made some of my best bird-friends like that.”
  103. >You chuckle and keep walking with her, but Eris lags behind a bit.
  104. “Eri?”
  105. >”...Do you hear something?” she asks.
  106. >You close your eyes and listen to the music that wafts through the trees.
  107. “...Wow, that's pretty goo-Eris?”
  108. >Eris hurries down the path in another direction, looking about for the source of the tunes.
  109. “Shit.”
  110. >You follow behind her and find her standing a few feet from a girl with spiky hair and purple frosted tops strumming away on an acoustic.
  111. >A hat with some bits sits in front of her and she continues to play with her eyes closed. Eventually it ends, another passerby dropping some bits into the hat. “Be here all week, buddy.” she says.
  112. >Eris claps like a retarded seal after the song ends and grins. “Awesome! Anon, give me money to give her money!”
  113. “...You're serious?”
  114. >“Money money money money!”
  116. >You hand Eris a few bits which she immediately deposits into the hat. The busker takes them out and counts them before looking up. “Mighty kind of you. Any requests?”
  117. >”I'll think about it. You sound awesome, who are you?”
  118. >She pours the bits into a bag and puts the hat on her head. “Name's Gilda, local busker.”
  119. >You take a few steps forward.
  120. “You're pretty good. You in a band or something?”
  121. >Gilda strums her strings and tunes herself “In-between, making some cash on the side this way. Got mouths to feed.” Gilda looks up at a girl with small pigtails who was playing around near a pond with some ducklings, the girl looks back at her and Gilda nods before strumming again.
  122. >Gilda strums a bit more. “Don't think I don't reco'nize you two. I know stars when I see 'em.”
  123. >You instinctively step behind Eris, this was why you wore a mask.
  124. >”If not for you two...I would be able to make any money for us. Few years ago music was almost gone outside of the radio, now a girl like me can afford to make an almost living off this.”
  125. >She looks up at you again. “So thanks.”
  126. >If Eris felt weird in the store, you did now.
  127. “Y-you're welcome.”
  128. >Gilda sticks a pick in her mouth. “Here's one free of charge.” she says as she starts to strum again.
  129. >Eris and you take a seat on a nearby bench.
  130. “...We inspired someone.”
  131. >”Pretty cool, huh?”
  132. “Better than your lame cartoons any day.”
  133. >Eris doesn't say anything and just rests her head on your shoulder.

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