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Prose Equus 12: Communion.

By Mandroid
Created: 19th December 2020 02:14:00 PM
AIE Safe Anon OC Adventure Action Drama

  1. Prose Equus 12
  3. >You step off your train to Canterlot station and look around puzzled. Normally when you get summoned to Canterlot by a personal letter from Celestia, somepony is here to meet you to tell you what’s going on.
  4. “That’s…weird.”
  5. >It didn’t take a Princess of Friendship to notice something was off.
  6. >The platform at the station was mostly empty of other ponies and none of the freight workers were out by their trains. Even the guards by the entrance were absent, like the entire city was neck deep in something else.
  7. “I’ll just…go see what’s wrong. It can’t be too serious if they aren’t here freaking out about it.”
  8. >You manage one step before a teleport spell whisks you to the palace and you have Celestia’s face an inch from yours.
  9. >”TWILIGHT!” she shouts.
  10. >You jump out of your skin and nearly spill your saddlebags.
  11. “Gyah! Princess!”
  12. >Behind her is chaos. Princess Luna rallies a group of guardsponies with gleaming ceremonial armor while behind her, Shining Armor and Princess Cadence adorn themselves in their regalia in a room across the hall.
  13. >Celestia floats over a scroll that rolls down to the floor and out the door. “Thank goodness you’re here.”
  15. >The Princess zips over to her own armoire and beings the process of placing her own regalia on while she talks to your reflection. “We’ve got so much to do and only so many hooves to do it with! The list you now hold is everything we have to do before noon, we need your help, Twilight!”
  16. >You start to read over the list instinctively as you would any list, but a question plagues your brain.
  17. “Princess Celestia…did you bring me here…for a scheduling problem?”
  18. >Celestia looks over her shoulder at you, face heavy with concern. A silent moment passes between you both.
  19. >”Are you mad?”
  20. “I’d be mad if you hadn’t.”
  21. >Celestia smiles a warm smile at you, knowing she chose well. “With you here, we may just pull this off.
  22. >You look to the clock; 10am. Two hours to get all this done.
  23. “What exactly are you trying to do with all this, Princess?”
  24. >A low crack of thunder rolls in from the balcony and silences everypony in palace. Celestia looks out to the swirling clouds gathering above Canterlot.
  25. >”We’re entertaining guests, Twilight…the most important guests in the history of the kingdom.”
  27. -Two hours later-
  29. >You watch from the top of the stairs to the palace.
  30. >The entire city gathers to watch the clouds swirl above the plaza in front of the royal palace. The sky burns and boils before a gap forms at noon on the dot.
  31. >A shimmering beam of energy from the clouds impacts the plaza grounds and kicks up wind and dust in its wake. Canterlot’s citizenry shield their eyes and hold onto their hats as the spectacle unfolds.
  32. >Familiar figures emerge from the beam one at a time, most that you’d seen at the Tartarian gate. First the massive armored ponies that pushed the hordes back almost singlehoofedly create an honor guard line, then out comes their one-legged commander and that sunny fellow in the glittering armor.
  33. >You smile when the next figure emerges. Clad in a freshly polished suit of silver armor and letting his hair out, Anonymous walks next to a unicorn you’d never seen before who was wearing a horned helmet. Despite the circumstances, you’re sure you see him grin and wink at you.
  34. >When they were all out, the beam cuts off like water from a tap and leaves the real guest of honor in the plaza. Clad in a silver neck regalia and wielding a golden spear, she looks over the gathered onlookers with her single eye.
  36. >Queen Sleipnir strikes the ground with the pommel of her spear, signaling her escort to turn and face her as she walks through them. More than a few of the ponies watching her arrival think they should bow when she does that.
  37. >You take the opportunity to size her up as she walks along the stairs up to you. You’re familiar with the legends relating to her, but they failed to capture her…intensity. Either despite or because of that eyepatch, you felt your legs shake under her gaze.
  38. >”Twilight Sparkle.” She says as she reaches you, snapping you out of your trance.
  39. “Yes!”
  40. >She continues to watch you as two jet black ravens descend from the sky and land on her shoulders.
  41. “Uhm…I’m a bit surprised you know my name, your grace.”
  42. >You bow to her to show respect.
  43. >”I know many things, little one.” Was her response. “Come, take me to them.”
  45. >You throw the doors open into the palace and lead the procession through. The Queen clips along on her eight legs next to you while Anonymous and the others walk behind you both.
  46. >This was a massively important part of your duty here, as hosting the Queen for the next few minutes was your responsibility and yours alone.
  47. >Visiting dignitaries and nobles’ line some of the halls along your path to bow to the Queen, but the guards along your path stand resolute and keep them back, even if it means fighting the urge themselves.
  48. >Queen Sleipnir ignores them as she walks, using the bottom of her spear to keep rhythm with her legs even though she had eight of them.. “I know many things, Twilight Sparkle. I would know more from you.”
  49. >You’ve prepared for all contingencies, so you’d of course planned to answer a few questions.
  50. “Well! The palace was built some 900 years ago after Princess Luna-“
  51. >”About you.” The queen interrupts. “When did you ascend?”
  52. >You nearly stumble.
  53. “Ah-Begging your pardon?”
  54. >She nods down to you. “The wings on your back.”
  55. >”Oh…a few years ago.”
  56. >She grunts in acknowledgement as the two of you round a corner to the throne room.
  57. >”Friendship, mm?”
  58. “Y-yes.”
  59. >The Queen keeps her eyes forward as you lead her in. “Could have used you back when the world was forming.”
  61. >You push the Queen’s comment to the back of your head and walk into the throne room ahead of them. Celestia and Luna sit on their twin thrones at the top of the royal spire, while Shining and Cadence sit one level up.
  62. >You clear your throat and turn as the Queen and her followers stop in the center of the room. The armored honor guard spread themselves along the back of the room in silence.
  63. “May I present to you, honored guests, Princess Celestia of the Sun and Princess Luna, of the moon. Alongside them, Princess Mi-Amore-Cadenza, Princess of Love and her husband Prince Shining Armor, Captain of the Royal Guard.”
  64. >The four of them nod, you place your hoof to your heart.
  65. “And I am Princess of Friendship, Twilight Sparkle. Former bearer of one of the Elements of Harmony.”
  66. >For all the pomp and circumstance, declaring the names and titles of any who visited the kingdom was an essential part of the diplomatic process. It let everyone know where they stood.
  67. >Anonymous clears his throat and begins to step forward, but a raised hoof from the Queen sends him right back.
  69. >”I am Sleipnir Borsdottir; All-Mother, Queen of Asgard, Skylord of the Eastern Cosmos, She Who Brunt the Old World, God of War, Poetry, Magic, and Death.”
  70. >That sounded…lovely, you guess, save for the magic part.
  71. >The Queen gestures to her side and the two stallions step forward. “My sons. Tyr, High General of Asgard and God of War and Justice. Baldur, Lord of Lights.”
  72. >You got a much better look at them now that there wasn’t an apocalypse going on. Tyr closes his eyes and nods stoically, while Baldur places his hoof to his heart and gives a heavy bow. “It is my honor to be within your presences, Princesses.”
  73. >You think you see Sleipnir roll her eye as she gestures to her other side. “My daughter, Loki, one of our most talented spellcasters in Asgard despite her young age and No-name, with whom you are all acquainted.”
  74. >”Charmed.” Is all Loki says.
  75. >Anonymous however, smiles. “Good to be back.”
  76. >You feel the others smile at him, but you’re hung up on her. Familiar as you were with their stories, the name Loki sets off bells in your head. The last thing you need is another-
  77. >”HELLOOOOO EVERYPONY!” shouts the last voice you wanted to hear.
  79. >Discord, the ever-present pain in your and your friend’s flanks, materializes out of a stained-glass window wearing a golf caddies’ uniform and hoisting a net full of chicken eggs.
  80. >”My my, look who it is!” he says, gesturing towards the throne. “Celestia, Luna, Prince and Princess whats-their-names, and my favorite little friend, Twilight…So good, so good to see you all!”
  81. >”Discord!” Shining shouts, getting low and ready to throw him out, or at least try.
  82. “We’re a little busy here!”
  83. >”Well this is how you can UN-busy yourselves! I have this great idea to spice things up around here and the only thing all of you need to do is meet me on the roof facing the Griffon King-“
  84. >”Discord.”
  85. >Discord makes a sound akin to a rubber chicken being squeezed and poofs away his props before turning around.
  86. >”…Hello Mrs. S.” he says, pawing at his…paw.
  87. >Queen Sleipnir locks eyes with Discord even as he tries not to meet hers and looks him over.
  88. >Everyone else in the room watches the exchanged, astonished at how quickly the chaos spirit capitulated.
  90. >As Discord prepares to open his mouth again, the Queen interrupts. “You’ve lost weight.”
  91. >”Oh…you know. Clean living, down here.” He says to make an excuse.
  92. >She grunts to him again and looks out the window. “I am meeting with your friends now. Leave, lest I call your mother.”
  93. >Discord’s eyes nearly pop out of his head as he turns back to all of you. “So sorry, my friends, but I just remembered that I have to…water my socks! Yes! So long!”
  94. >Discord snaps his fingers and manifests a knapsack over his shoulder before he winds up and zips out the window he came through.
  95. >The Queen watches him go before she turns her attention back to you. She reads the room and offers a small explanation.
  96. >”I knew him when he was a boy. Let us continue.”
  97. >She steps forward and signals for one of her sons, the bearded one, to follow. “The most pressing matter is the incursion from Tartarus and Asgard’s…intervention.” Anon shirks away from the Queen a bit, hoping not to be noticed. “We will begin there. Summon your warriors, I would speak of this in solitude.”
  98. >Celestia nods and looks down to you. “Twilight, can you take care of everypony not in this meeting?”
  99. >You nod your head; you could do with the air.
  101. >You quickly gather up your charges and head for the veranda, taking a deep breath once you see the sky again.
  102. “Aaaahhh~…”
  103. >Anon chuckles next to you. “You learn to get used to her.”
  104. “I’m not sure I want to…”
  105. >”Now you know how we feel.” Loki responds, walking past you out onto the deck.
  106. >At your other side, Baldur runs past you to the railing. “Wow! Look how far you can see! Haha! I can see all the way to the next city!”
  107. >You suppress a giggle.
  108. “That would be Manehattan, one of the biggest ports in Equestria.”
  109. >”Aahh! What’s that?”
  110. “The Everfree forest.”
  111. >”What’s that?”
  112. “That’d be Galloping Gorge.”
  113. >”What’s that?”
  114. “That-“
  115. >”-Is enough of that, please.” Anon finishes. You give him a questioning look, to which he answers, “This will keep up all day if you let it.”
  116. >”And night.” Loki answers, sitting at a table. “Though who knows how long we’ll be stuck behind mother only to be ushered out like schoolyard hens.”
  117. >”But she’s not upset, we swear.” Anon chides, going over and sitting nest to her. Baldur notices and heads over as well.
  118. >”I have every right to be! Dragged halfway across the realm just to walk in after mother and then be told to leave while she discusses important matters! I am a princess of Asgard, why am I not allowed to take part in shaping it?”
  119. >”Because you act like a spoiled brat and whine too much. Have an apple.”
  120. >Anon hands Loki an apple that she bites into, albeit with a snide look on her face.
  121. >You smile and sit across from them.
  122. “I see Anonymous has had no trouble fitting in.”
  123. >”He’s my best friend!” Baldur shouts.
  124. >”He’s VERY insistent on it.” Said friend responds.
  126. >”Though why do you call him that?” Loki asks.
  127. “What?”
  128. >”Anonymous is just what they call me, Loki.” He says. “No-name is what all of YOU call me.”
  129. “Which do you prefer?”
  130. >Anon shrugs with his palms to the sky.
  131. >You nod and help yourself to an apple.
  132. “I have to thank all of you again for what you did at the Tartarian Gate. Without all of you, I don’t know where Equestria would be.”
  133. >”On fire, more than likely.”
  134. >Anon elbows Loki to admonish her. “It wouldn’t kill you to be nice.”
  135. >”It very well might.”
  136. >”Not if I do it first.”
  137. >”I’d like to see you try, monkey-boy!”
  138. >Sparks fly between the two of them while Baldur digs apple seeds from his teeth.
  139. “Is that normal for them?”
  140. >”Dreadfully so.” He answers. “Sister has a habit of bringing out the argumentative in people. Not me, though.”
  141. >”I will hex you to RAGNAROK, Baldur!”
  142. >”Yes, yes, I love you too, sister!”
  143. >The prince chuckles and looks to you. “Children, am I correct?”
  145. >Wait what?!
  146. >”Oh you little-“
  148. >Baldur tries to leap across the table at Loki, but is held down by Anonymous. Loki’s horn sparks futilely in his armored hand as the two of them try to escape to beat each other.
  149. >Anon sighs as he holds them apart. “And people ask me if I’d prefer to have stayed dead…SIDDOWN!”
  150. >Anon pushes the two of them back to their seats. “Enough! We’re guests here, behave yourselves!”
  151. >The two godlings stare at each other and turn away in unison.
  152. >”I will if Loki stops being a pain.”
  153. >”I will if Baldur keeps it in his pantaloons.”
  154. “Are these two really gods?”
  155. >”Oh I promise Twi, they’re all just as crazy like this. I’ve had to learn to roll with it.”
  156. >Faaaaaantastic.
  157. >Just as Anon prepares to sit, someone else joins. “Is everything alright back here?”
  158. >You look over to see who it was, but Anon is already out from behind the table heading over.
  159. >”Armor!”
  160. >Shining smiles his brightest and embraces Anon’s hand with his hoof.
  161. >”You son of a-“
  162. “Watch it, Anon.”
  163. >Anonymous snickers and looks back to your brother, both trying to out-macho the other one.
  164. >”You know I can win.” Anonymous says.
  165. >”I know you THINK you can.” Armor retorts before releasing him.
  166. “Is everything alright, Shining?”
  167. >The Prince-Captain returns to his serious persona and nods. “The private meeting is finished. The Queen wants everyone in the room for what comes next.”
  168. >”Finally…” Loki groans, tossing her apple core off the side of the veranda.
  170. >Back in the throne room, Queen Sleipnir stands before Celestia and Luna, having come down from their thrones. Overall, the air in the room was a tad bit more casual.
  171. >The Queen interrupts her conversation to address the five of you as you return. She does not look when she does. “Loki!”
  172. >The Asgardian Princess stops in her tracks. “What?”
  173. >”Apologize to your brother.”
  174. >Her cheeks immediately inflate in a rage. “Wha-Buh-How did you know about that?!”
  175. >”I know everything you whelp! Apologize, NOW!”
  176. >Loki groans aloud. “Fine!I’msorryBaldur! Are you happy now?!”
  177. >”Content. Join us.”
  178. >You walk next to Loki as she grumbles under her breath.
  179. “Hehe, I remember what it was like being that age around my parents…”
  180. >”I assure you, living with my mother is different from anything you experienced.” She says.
  181. “I don’t doubt it. But still! A respected magister at your age, you must know so much!”
  182. >Loki puffs herself up, making her helmet go up as high as it can go to add a few inches to her. “I am the wisest of all my siblings! I can’t count how often they come to me asking for my advice! No-name too! Even my parents!”
  183. “Oh, how interesting! I handle lots of friendship problems with my friends and family too, I’d love to compare notes one day!”
  184. >Loki’s eyes snap open and she looks confused. “What.”
  185. >Anonymous leans down and whispers to her. “She says she wants to be friends with you, you doof.”
  186. >The Princess keeps her eyes focused forward as you all reach her mother before a small “Sure” escapes her lips.
  187. “What was that?”
  188. >”I-I will allow you to be my friend. Yes.”
  189. >You give her the warmest smile you can and make silent note to never let her and Trixie in the same room together.
  191. >The Queen clears her throat and turns to all of you.
  192. >”It has been decided.” She says.
  193. >Baldur is the first to speak. “Are…you going to leave us in suspense?”
  194. >The Queen shoots him a look before she continues.
  195. >”In the past, Asgard has stood silent vigil over the realms of Midgard and beyond. From No-name’s interference, we three have determined that things will not get better on their own.”
  196. >Celestia and Luna step forward on either side of the Queen. “Tirek only got as far as he did because the locks on the gate somehow failed, that couldn’t have happened by accident.”
  197. >Anonymous crosses his arms and nods. “Someone wanted it to happen.”
  198. >”Indeed.” The Queen answers. “So it is, and so shall it be that Asgard will, from this day forward, go forth and defend our charges in Midgard from those in our realm that would mean them harm. Each of you, my children, will be called forth in the coming days.”
  199. >Baldur is nearly jumping out of his skin in excitement. “Does that mean I get to leave the palace!?”
  200. >The Queen sighs. “Yes, son.”
  201. >The son says nothing, but his smile only grows.
  203. >”We will rely on the mortals for their aid in this endeavor, such control over their realm as they have already established.” Sleipnir states.
  204. >Celestia and Luna nod. “Canterlot will stand with you.”
  205. >”As will the Crystal Empire.”  Cadence says. “We’ll do everything we can to keep everyone safe.”
  206. >”Here here!” Anon says.
  207. >”Aye.” States Tyr.
  208. >The Queen clenches her jaw and looks out one of the windows. “In return for our aid…I ask but one request of you mortals.”
  209. >Celestia and Luna look to each other, both clearly unprepared for that. “What would you ask of us, All-Mother…?”
  210. >You glance at the Queen’s eye, but quickly wish you hadn’t. The steely determination simmering from it could level a mountain and made your knees shake.
  211. >”The one responsible for sealing the gate to Tartarus is my eldest daughter. She has been living amongst your kind for many moons now. I want to find where she is.”
  212. >Beyond the window, thunder cracks in the sky despite the sun shining. Next to you, Loki swallows a knot in her throat.

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