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Prose Equus 13: True Strength.

By Mandroid
Created: 19th December 2020 02:14:30 PM
AIE Safe Anon OC Adventure Action Drama

  1. -Prose Equus 13-
  3. >You open your eyes as the Bifrost deposits you beneath the trees of the Everfree Forest. The rainbow light seeped through your eyelids even when you squinted them shut.
  4. >Time moves differently for forests and mountains. It’d been years since you last set foot in this place, but every inch of it was as you remembered like it hadn’t even been a day.
  5. >Thoughts such as that wander into your head every so often. Would your life even register as a blip to the forest? Or would the entirety of your existence be to it as the flies currently in your face were to you.
  6. >You suppose that, considering your current divine company, you may have more impact on the forest than you realize.
  7. >Queen Sleipnir was responsible for sending you down to Midgard this day with a quick and simply stated task.
  8. >”You are familiar with the mortal settlement Ponyville. Travel to it and return my wayward daughter to me.” She had commanded.
  9. >When you told her that Ponyville wasn’t exactly a small place, she at least gave you a name to go off of.
  10. “Mmmmmjolna.”
  11. >You turn the name over your tongue for a bit, getting a feel for it and imagining what its owner may look like. If she was Sleipnir’s daughter and a wayward one at that while also, she believes, the one responsible for saving your ass at the Tartarian Gate, then that certainly colored your perception.
  12. “Anyone mighty enough to do that is…what? Nine feet tall? Should be easy.”
  13. >You swing your arms and begin walking towards civilization.
  14. >No weapon hangs from your hip and no armor straddles your chest this time, having told Heimdall to send you down close to the boarder. Close enough to avoid Timber Wolves but far enough from town to avoid making a spectacle.
  15. >However, a rustling of the bushes makes you momentarily regret that choice.
  17. >You drop low behind a fallen tree in the hopes of getting the jump on whatever creeps towards you, but quickly feel foolish as you see what it is.
  18. >Or rather, who they are.
  19. >”Ahm tellin’ ya, there aint no way we’re gonna see a magic wind cave with a pig-bear in it out here! All’a those rumors are just horse-apples!” a little filly states.
  20. >Another, oranger one jumps over her excitedly. “But Rumble says he SAW it out here! Saw it with his own two eyes and said it was knocking down trees to clear its home!”
  21. >A tiny white one trails behind the two. “Rumble Thunderlane’s brother?”
  22. >”Yeah!”
  23. >”How are you sure he didn’t just hear that from his older brother? Would YOU trust anything Thunderlane said?”
  24. >The three young fillies all look at each other silently for a moment before they begin giggling in unison.
  25. >Recognizing the little crusaders, you stand up.
  26. “Girls?”
  27. >For a moment they seem panicked at the surprise, thinking that whatever cryptid they were discussing might indeed be real, but their mouths turn to smiles at the sight of you.
  28. >”It’s Anon!” they exclaim.
  29. >In a second you’re mobbed by young girls. Applebloom tries to show you how tall she’s gotten, Scootaloo tries to show you how long she can hover for, and Sweetie Belle just wants you to look at her. It’s more chaotic than the battle of the Gate.
  30. “Girls, GIRLS!”
  31. >The three of them freeze.
  32. “It’s nice to see all of you, but one at a time. Please. I’m an old man.”
  33. >The girls all run in front of you and turn their smiles up.
  35. >”We haven’t seen you in f’r ever, Anonymous!”
  36. >”You’ve GOT to tell us all the adventures you’ve had with those god guys.” Sctootaloo exclaims.
  37. >”Yeah! Is that why you’re here now? Do you have some super special mission you gotta do?!” Sweetie asks.
  38. >They knew about the company you keep? Word travels fast.
  39. >The questions begin to ramp up again so you raise both hands to quickly calm them.
  40. “Hey, hey!”
  41. >They silently look up at you with expectant eyes.
  42. “I’m just here to…meet someone, girls. Just a social call.”
  43. >All three of the Crusaders groan in unified disappointment.
  44. >You cross your arms.
  45. “Don’t give me that. What are you three even doing out this far from town? And in the Everfree no less.”
  46. >Scootaloo dismissively waves a hoof at you. “Aw, you worry too much, Anon. We’re with our councilor!”
  47. >You blink.
  48. “Counciler?”
  49. >”Yeah!” Applebloom pipes up. “We’re in an after-school camp for young adventurous fillies, they let us go out WAY farther than our sisters do so long as we have a councilor with us watching us!”
  50. >”Do you want to meet her?” Sweetie asks. “She’s just over there.”
  51. >You follow the hoof she points to through a small copse of trees, but shake your head.
  52. “Gotta find my friend, girls. Sorry. Business comes first.”
  53. >You shrug as they groan again, but pet their heads as you pass by on your way. They should be alright out here if they’re supervised.
  54. “Be good! And don’t drive your councilor crazy!”
  55. >You leave the edge of the forest and make your way into town. The familiar buildings and sights of Ponyville greet your eyes as you approach. From here, you can even see some of the townsfolk in the distance.
  56. >Including one very very pink one.
  57. >That has now noticed you and is galloping towards you at full tilt.
  58. “Uh oh…”
  60. >In all Equestria there is a saying.
  61. >”There is no party like a Pinkie Pie party because a Pinkie Pie party will go until the police break it up.”
  62. >You’re trying to escape that fate this time.
  63. >The entire block was now engulfed in a raucous party that echoed through the entire town. Ponies danced, laughed, and even got a dj to perform. You’d been forced to the head of no less than three conga lines.
  64. >You’ve no idea how long the party lasted since Pinkie dragged you into a welcome back celebration that seemed to spring from nowhere. Minutes? Hours? Everything was a haze of cake and confetti.
  65. >Leaning back in the chair you borrowed, you rub your head.
  66. “Pinkie, if they ever let you in Valhalla, I think they’ll learn that eternal merriment can, in fact, be a bad thing…”
  67. >”Don’t be so down, Annie! It’s your super special “Welcome-back-we-thought-you-were-dead-but-you’re-really-not-and-secretly-helping-to-protect-Equestria-just-like-when-you-were-alive” party!
  68. >You spin one finger around.
  69. “Woo.”
  70. >The rolling storm in your stomach caused by the 18 cupcakes you were forced to eat at this thing causes you to reach for a beverage. Looking at what you grabbed, a super sugary chocolate shake, makes you put it back with a belch to release the pressure inside you.
  71. >Pinkie, to her credit, was still going as she slide more treats into her Pattented Pinkie Portable Party Oven If Pinkie Pie was good at two things, it was knowing ponies and parties.
  72. >Hmm…
  73. “Hey Pinkie, you know everypony, have you ever heard of someone named Mjolna?”
  74. >”Gesundheit, Annie.” Pinkie says.
  75. “Very funny.”
  76. >Pinkie chokes a laugh back. “I know. What was her name again? Mee-yol-na?”
  77. “There abouts.”
  78. >Pinkie thinks as hard as she can and taps her chin. “Mmmmmmnope. The name isn’t ringing any bells. Who is this pony, Annie?”
  79. >You sigh dejectedly, realizing you ate 18 cupcakes for nothing.
  81. “She’s the daughter of a…friend. I’m here to find her and bring her home.”
  82. >A rare worried frown crosses Pinkie’s face. “Aw, that’s so sad, Annie. If she’s the daughter of your friend…family shouldn’t be apart.”
  83. >You feel your old friendship with Pinkie tugging at your heart strings as you remember that she herself is separated from her family, hearing this can’t be easy for her.
  84. >Best to change subject.
  85. “How’s life, Pinkie?”
  86. >The dark clouds pushed away, Pinkie snaps back to her happy standard like taffee. “Aw, you know. Life is life. Workin’ at the shop, helping Twilight with some friendship problem, throwin’ parties.”
  87. “How’re the twins?”
  88. >”Bigger EVERY day, Annie!” she happily exclaims. “I was worried about business at the shop when Mr and Mrs Cake have to take care of them in their Terrible Twos, we were able to sell out almost our ENTIRE stock of pastries after I got Sandy to help me!”
  89. >You nod slowly.
  90. “Friend of yours?”
  91. >Pinkie nods back, you hear a been in a tin can when she does.
  92. >That made you smile, honestly even after the confectionary nightmare earlier. You may be here on a divine mission, but you’d also wanted to see the town with your own eyes, make sure everyone was alright.
  93. “Okay Pinkie, it was fun, but…”
  94. >You push yourself up and stretch.
  95. “I really do need to find Mjolna, or at least someone who’s seen her. She’s in this town somewhere.”
  96. >”Oh oh!” Pinkie says, bouncing up and down. “You should DEFINITELY go ask Applejack at Sweet Apple Acres! Ever since Big Macintosh joined that acapella choir, she’s been putting up help wanted signs for farmhands! Maybe she’s seen your friend!”
  97. >It’s as good a lead as any.
  98. >You give Pinkie a thumbs up.
  99. “Thanks Pinkie. Keep your ears open in case she Mjolna comes here, okay?”
  100. >Pinkie waves to you as you walk away, you smell smoke as you go. “Cross my heart and hope to die, stick a cupcake in my-AH! MY CREPES!”
  102. >The Everfree sits to the South of the town while Sweet Apple Acres lies more to the West. You head back to the center of town to escape Pinkie’s block party and then head along the road that takes you past the police station. You’re both amazed and relieved that the town finally got a real police station to handle problems.
  103. “Maybe now they won’t need to call Royal Guard and a bunch of show fliers to save them.”
  104. >Really, Wonderbolts? Against Tirek? Come on.
  105. >As you approach the outer edge of town, the houses become slightly further apart. One of the houses has two brown asses milling about the front moving some groceries from the market inside.
  106. >Though you guess the polite term is donkey.
  107. “Need a hand there, Matilda? I’d hate for someone to slip a disc.”
  108. >You hear Cranky snort before he even finishes turning around. “I’ll have you know that my disc is-“
  109. >”Oh calm down, Darling. Anonymous was just trying to be helpful.” The female donkey turns and smiles to you. “Thank you dear, I would love it.”
  110. >You ick up your pace down the road and scoop up the bags of food in your hands. You hear Cranky grumble, but he doesn’t turn down the help.
  111. “Nice to see you haven’t changed much, Cranky.”
  112. >”Still sticking your nose in other’s business, aren’t you Anonymous?”
  113. >Cranky was fun in an “angry bulldog behind a fence” sort of way.
  115. >”Oh don’t my him, dear.” Matilda chimes as she ushers you inside her home with all the bags under your arms. Making two trips was for neophytes. ”He’s been particularly grumpy ever since he couldn’t get our new couch indoors.”
  116. >You glance over into the living room. Three bodies wide, rich red velvet, high back and positioned right by the bay window. It was a nice couch.
  117. “Well, we all have those days.”
  118. >Matilda leads you to the kitchen where you deposit the groceries.
  119. “How’d you get that beauty over there then?”
  120. >Cranky finally chimes in. “Eh, that Shores girl was wandering by and lent us a hand.”
  121. “Who now?”
  122. >”A bit of a new girl in town.”
  123. “A big girl from the sound of it.”
  124. >”What is it the kids say? Earth ponies strong?” Matilda shrugs. “Thank you for the help, Anonymous.”
  125. >Matilda hugs you and even Cranky offers a dour “Thank you.” After he rolls his eyes.
  126. >You wave to them both and head out the door, continuing to Sweet Apple Acres.
  128. >You hear Applejack before you see her, picking up the sharp THWOCK of steel horseshoes against bark as you enter the orchard.
  129. >Sure enough you find the farmpony deep inside her orchard with a cart filled with barrels of apples.
  130. >She doesn’t see you and so you watch for a moment.
  131. “Does that hurt?”
  132. >AJ pauses and looks over her shoulder, growing a cocky smirk. “Naw, with how long I been doin’ this and these fancy horseshoes, barely feel a thing.”
  133. >You smile and stroll over.
  134. >”How about dyin’, s’that hurt?”
  135. “I’ve had worse.”
  136. >”Like what?”
  137. “Too many Pinkie Parties.”
  138. >The two of you share a laugh. Afterwards, you flex.
  139. “Though these days, I’m not really feeling too much pain, even at my age. The golden apples they have up their make me feel like I could wrestle Big Macintosh any day of the week.”
  140. >AJ’s brow furrows a tad as she leans against her cart. “Aint better than my apples.”
  141. “I don’t know, AJ…”
  142. >Her craftsman’s pride wounded; she points a hoof at you. “Prove it!”
  143. >You swing your leg back and give the tree she was working a resounding kick. From above you, the remaining apples in the tree fall to the ground as if they were pulled by a mighty force.
  144. >Applejack inspects your handiwork with a stern gaze.
  145. >”…Still couldn’t have tasted better than mine.”
  146. “You’ve got me there.”
  147. >The two of you share another laugh together.
  148. >Applejack takes her hat off and fans herself in the summer heat. “So what’re you here for, Anon? Gotta say you being back here at all is pretty odd. Twilight gave us the skinny on your uh…unique circumstances, but it’s still hard t’ believe.”
  149. “Odd how?”
  150. >”Odd as in “crossin’ the boundaries of life and death where nopony should walk” odd.”
  151. “I’m not exactly a pony.”
  152. >”Point stands.”
  153. >You shrug.
  155. “I don’t really know. I can’t remember how I “died”, even if I remember how I planned it, but I know that I can see and hear and talk to and touch everyone now so I might as well be alive.”
  156. >To prove a point, you reach out and tap Applejack’s nose with your finger.
  157. “Boop.”
  158. >She scrunches her noise and shakes her head out. “Don’t do that.”
  159. “No promises.”
  160. >You snigger and loop your thumbs into your pockets.
  161. “I’m here looking for someone, the daughter of my new…boss, I guess. Has there been anyone knew in town?”
  162. >AJ mimics Pinkie Pie and taps her chin. “Let’s see, new? Not really. Folks don’t really move out all the way to Ponyville. Even with all the element bearers and the Tree of Harmony and Discord and the Princess of Friendship here, we’re still too far out for most folk to make a life.”
  163. “Funny, I don’t exactly hear you complaining.”
  164. >”Keeps land prices down, f’nothing else.”
  165. >AJ sets her hoof down. “Near as I can figure, the newest face I know is Sandy Shores, she’s my repairpony.”
  166. “Wait, who now?”
  167. >”Sandy Shores? Young girl, maybe…18 or 19 by my guess? Lives in a house off Unicorn Range with Quick Fix.”
  168. “I thought Quick Fix was the repair pony!”
  169. >”Quick Fix has an engineering degree, Anon!”
  170. >Of course, how foolish of you.
  171. “What’s she do?”
  172. >AJ gestures to the edge of the orchard. “Diamond Dogs busted up my fence a couple moons back, Sandy came ‘round to fix it up and even helped me chase ‘em off. Why?”
  173. >You stroke your chin.
  174. “Just…hearing a lot about this girl today.”
  175. >”Aint surprised, she’s been a big help ‘round these parts.”
  176. >It could be…
  177. “Where is she now?”
  178. >AJ tilts her head a bit. “Probably off near the Everfree boundary with Apple Bloom and her friends? Sandy works part time as the councilor for that camp a’ hers.”
  179. >Sunuva!
  180. >You bid farewell to Applejack and hurry towards the place you came in at, apparently Heimdall was more accurate than you’d been led to believe.
  182. >You hightail it through the orchard and hop the fence back to the forest, relying on your sense of direction to take you back to the area you saw the girls at.
  183. >Sure enough it takes you less than ten minutes to hear the sounds of Apple Bloom urging her friends “Pull harder!”
  184. >You leak through the brush.
  185. “Girls!”
  186. >The three little fillies stop pulling on the strange looking plant that they’re tugging on in unison to look at you.
  187. >”Mister Anonymous?”
  188. >You realize your rush to get here was not THEIR rush.
  189. “…Where’s your councilor?”
  190. >Scootaloo rolls her eyes. “This again? We told you, we’re fine! She’s watching us!”
  191. “Yeah but can I meet her?”
  192. >The girls look to each other and shrug, who could understand what an old man wanted?
  193. >”Miss Sandy!” they call together.
  194. >”Coming girls!”
  196. >You size her up as she crosses through the treeline. Younger, about as young as AJ said, but larger than most of the earth ponies you’d seen. If you guessed, she’d come up to just under Mac’s height with a stocky build. Her mane was bright gold and seemed to catch the sunlight that creeps through the trees and hits her body, which contrasts with the smooth tan of her coat.
  197. >She seems nice by the big smile she wears and how the girls trot up to her. Were it not for one thing, you’d simple figure her to be a normal, if slightly bulky mare.
  198. >Were it not for the cutie mark of a familiar mallet on her flank.
  199. >”What’s up girls?” she asks “Who’s this?”
  200. >Sweetie Belle is the one to answer. “This is Mister Anonymous! He’s a friend of our sisters and helped protect Equestria and stuff.”
  201. >She chuckles. “And stuff?”
  202. “I also have a lovely singing voice. Girls, can I talk to Miss Sandy alone for a minute?”
  203. >The four girls cock an eyebrow.
  204. “It’s about the fence she fixed for Applejack.”
  205. >”Sandy” pats the girls on the back. “Why don’t you guys head off to the lake over yonder, alright? But stay within earshot!”
  206. >The Crusaders run off through the brush. “Okay Miss Sandy!”
  208. >”Sandy” watches the girls trot off before turning her attention back to you.
  209. >”So! What can I do for you, Anonymous?”
  210. >You decide to play it cool.
  211. “It’s just about the fence you helped Applejack fix…something about Diamond Dogs?”
  212. >She trots past you and examines a tree nearby. “Yeah, irritating little blighters. They knocked down a section of the fence along the western edge and even stuck around in the area while I was fixing it! I Applejack was around so she helped me chase them off.”
  213. >Sandy pumps her hoof. “We showed them what’s what, I promise!”
  214. >You offer a simply smile.
  215. “I’m sure, I just wanted to know in case…you know, keeping an eye out.”
  216. >”I guess a guard’s work is never done?”
  217. “Never ever. Even dead, I still serve.”
  218. >The two of you share a small chuckle.
  219. “Your cutie mark, the hammer means you repair things?”
  220. >Sandy nods. “Yeah, that’s it. The lightning bolts are because I do it lightning fast!”
  221. >You nod your head and cross your arms as Sandy trots past you towards where the girls went. “Can’t hear them all too well…those three had better not have gotten lost!”
  222. “We could always ask Heimdall to take a look.”
  223. >Sandy keeps her back to you.
  224. “Failing that, ask the Queen to send her ravens out.”
  225. >”Sandy’s” shoulder’s fall and her stance and demeanor change with the wind.
  227. >”You know.” She starts, turning around and walking towards you. Her mane shines with a brighter golden glow now and she moves with a previously unforeseen grace. “I was having a really good day until you showed up, Mister Anonymous!”
  228. “Oh really?”
  229. >”Yeah! I woke up early, the bakery had my favorite jelly doughnuts in stock and Miss Cake gave me an extra one TOTALLY for free. The weather was nice and Rumble couldn’t make it to camp today because his brother was sick which means I DON’T have to get hit on by Thunderlane today. I was looking forward to a nice quiet day with the girls, a nice days pay earned, and then maybe I’d go for a walk at night. But here you are.”
  230. “Sorry to disappoint “Sandy”.”
  231. >”Yeah, whatever.” She says, rubbing the back of her head. “So you know my real name?”
  232. “Mjolna? Yeah.”
  233. >”That’s the one.”
  234. “Why the pseudonym?”
  235. >”Pot to kettle? Hello “Anonymous”.”
  236. >Damn, she had you there.
  237. >”I took it to, you know FIT IN? I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but there’s a pretty studious resident in this town. I didn’t need her hearing about her new neighbor that she read about in books.”
  238. >You look at her and lean on a tree.
  239. “Fitting in, huh?”
  240. >”Uh, yeah? I like it down here, it’s nice and quiet. I’d like to blend with the townsfolk.”
  241. >Can’t fault her for that one, you loved it down here too. This daughter of Sleipnir was certainly different from the other one you’re used to.
  243. “So, I have to ask. The Tartarian Gate, that was you?”
  244. >Mjolna sighs a bit. “Yeah, it was. The guard were marching just outside of town and scaring everyone. Once I heard the commotion and heard everypony praying just to survive, I stepped in.”
  245. “You can hear prayers?”
  246. >”Gods can do a lot of things, alright?”
  247. “Well, still, thanks for the assist. We wouldn’t be here having this conversation if not for you, you saved a lot of lives that day.”
  248. >”Yeah, welcome to my life. It really do be like that sometimes.”
  249. >You laugh.
  250. “What?”
  251. >Mjolna shrugs. “I don’t know, something the kids say.”
  252. >You shake your head.
  253. “Well, I’ve been sent here to tell you that your Mother wants you to return home.”
  254. >”Pass.” Mjolna says.
  255. >A pause hangs in the air as you chew that unexpected answer over.
  256. “She’s…not really the type to take no for an answer.”
  257. >Mjolna looks over her shoulder and shrugs. “She better figure it out then. Trust me, she’s used to it with me.”
  258. “That sounds like a story.”
  259. >Mjolna sucks air through her teeth and blows her mane from her face. “It’s why I was banished here…”
  260. >The godling sits herself on the ground. “Long story made VERY short, Frost Giants killed my father. I wanted to go to Jotunhiem to find out why from the horse’s mouth.”
  261. “I understand there are no Frost Giants.”
  262. >For a moment, a grim shadow crosses over Mjolna’s face that makes you think of Sleipnir. “Yeah. There aren’t.” Mjolna lets out another deep sigh before continuing. “I got into a fight with Mother about it, in anger, we came to blows. After it was done, I was banished here.”
  263. >You let out a low whistle.
  265. “Takes a lot of guts to take a swing at your Mother.”
  266. >”Tch. So? I don’t care how old she is, I’m not letting that crone take the wheel on MY life and decide what I can and can’t do. If she deserves a welt, I’ll give her one.”
  267. >Now Mjolna reminds you of her Mother even more.
  268. >”Am I sad that I can’t see my family? Yes, of course. But it was the right thing to do, and I’d do it again.”
  269. “Alright, alright, easy.”
  270. >You raise your hands to calm her.
  271. “Look, I get it. But the Queen wouldn’t call for you or send me if she didn’t need you back. Whatever your Mother may be, a moron is not it.”
  272. >”True as that may be? I don’t CARE, Anonymous. A moron she might not be, but my Mother IS a pompous, posturing pain in my ass and the collective ass of everyone in the nine realms. I’m so OVER being her attack dog that she uses to strongarm other realms because I have a big hammer. Besides, I’m helping out around here.” She says, gesturing to where she sent the girls.
  273. “Equestria was getting along fine without the gods for years down here, barring a few princesses. Your family needs you NOW.”
  274. >Mjolna keeps her eyes from yours and lets out a quick verbal space. “Yeah, well, I really like being “normal”, whatever that is, and this might be my only chance to do it. In Asgard I was the God of Thunder first, the scion of the crown second, and my Mother’s successor third. Here I’m just Sandy.”
  275. “That doesn’t change the facts.”
  276. >”Well change can go to Hel. All I want to do is help, damn the politics.”
  277. >You sigh and rub your brow.
  278. “So that’s it?”
  279. >Mjolna shrugs. “The only hero I’m interested in being right now is one to those three girls, sorry…”
  280. >Silence lingers in the air between the two of you before it’s torn asunder by a deafening roar and three high pitched filly-screams.
  281. >The two of you are running in that direction before either finish.
  284. >The two of you break through the treeline where you heard the girls and indeed find them.
  285. >Cowering in fear behind a rock as a truly colossal grizzly bear made of starilight roars with the ferocity of the black hole in its gullet at them.
  286. “Ursa Major!”
  287. >”I see it!” Mjolna shouts from atop a rock she perched on.
  288. >The girls were a few hundred feet away and the Ursa, a good mile or two, but its massive gait could move it that distance in seconds if it wanted to.
  289. >As if in queue, the Ursa snarls and begins to charge towards the tiny ponies it spotted in its territory.
  290. >The girls cling to each other in sheer terror before they see you and Mjolna on the hill. “Help!” they cry.
  291. >An electricity moves through the air of the forest.
  292. >”Get to them.”
  293. “Wha-“
  294. >The rock Mjolna stood upon explodes as she leaps off it with such force that she rockets through the Everfree towards the Ursa.
  295. “Oh, damn!”
  296. >You waste no time and slide down the hill, dashing towards the Crusaders.
  297. “HANG ON, GIRLS!”
  298. >A mighty wind screams through the river clearing and turns into a squal.
  299. >A barrage of debris is ejected from the forest at the Ursa, uprooted trees and massive stones that fly through the air and strike it in the head in an effort to discourage it. The beast slows from the assault but falls upon you just as you reach the girls.
  300. >Hands around the three fillies, time slows to an eternity as Mjolna shoots from the forest and body-checks the Ursa Major in the jaw, sending it soaring over the trees into the side of Everfree Mountain.
  301. >”Whoa!” Scootaloo shouts.
  302. >”HOLY CRAP!”
  303. >“Hey! Watch your language, Sweetie!” Mjolna lands in front of the four of you and cants her head to the hill.
  305. >“Get to safety, I’ve got this!”
  306. “It’s an Ursa Major!”
  307. >”And I am the God of Thunder!”
  308. >The Ursa rights itself from the impact it suffered and roars another challenge. Mjolna stops paying attention to you and leaps into the forest.
  309. >You scoop up the girls and run back the way you came from, hazarding a glance back only when Scootaloo cries “Look!”
  310. >Mjolna leaps through the forest like a gazelle, her mighty legs pushing her forward at a speed you’d never seen any pony reach on land, galloping or otherwise.
  311. >The Ursa Major suffers an uppercut impact to the jaw as you reach the top of the hill. You stop and stare in amazement while the Crusaders jaws hit the dirt.
  312. >The Ursa Major is pulled up the side of Everfree Mountain by a small dust cloud near its head, one you presume is Mjolna grabbing it with what you can only figure is her teeth.
  313. >At the peak of the crag, the Ursa is thrown down the slopes as a tremendous “GET LOST!” echoes among the trees.
  314. >The Ursa roars all the way down the mountain and bounces when it hits the ground, sailing over the trees and impacting the river you’d just crossed.
  315. >You duck down and shield the girls from the falling debris with your body. Apple Bloom screaming in terror calls you to look over your shoulder.
  316. >The Ursa has sighted you once again, and dives towards the four of you with its jaws agape.
  317. >You hold the girls close in an effort to trade your life for theirs perhaps, ready to die again if it was like this, but a crack of thunder and a sonic impact from beside you stop the Ursa in its tracks.
  318. >In all your years alive, through all the times you’d seen Twilight talk to Celestia, none of those moments combined could equal the number of stars in the eyes of the tree fillies un your arms as they watched their camp counselor with her hoof pressed into the snout of an Ursa Major that she stopped from eating them.
  319. >”Can you not hear?” Mjolna asks the beast. “I said. GET! LOST!”
  321. >Like you’d seen Applejack do earlier, Mjolna plants her hooves and rears back, bucking the Ursa Major in the mouth with both of her hind legs.
  322. >Thunder cracks and the Ursa feels what it’s like to fly, shooting through the air like a bullet and soaring over Everfree Mountain on its way to the Badlands, now a problem for the Changelings.
  323. >Mjolna sets her legs down and smirks in the rain of water from the Ursa’s landing falls down on you all, content that she’d sent the threat away. Three gasps come from your arms as she turns her attention to her campers.
  324. >”Are you three okay? I was so worried! I’m sorry I took so long, but this is why I said stay close!”
  325. >The girls hear absolutely none of that and leap from your arms, mouths wide in excitement as they dance around Mjolna, unable to contain their glee.
  326. >Scootaloo just repeats “OMIGOSHOHMIGOSHOHMIGOSH.” While Applebloom tries to recount everything she just saw while catching her own breath.
  327. >Sweetie Belle spins while she bounces, explaiming to the world “OUR COUNCILOR IS THE COOLEST COUNCILOR EVER!”
  328. >Mjolna chuckles as they celebrate. “Easy! Easy! There’s no reason to-- I just had to keep you safe, I’m nothing-“
  330. “Special?” you interrupt, falling on your ass.
  331. “Eh, agree to disagree, from what I just saw, but I’ll say this.”
  332. >You point a finger-pistol at her.
  333. “Who you are? What these girls love so much? That can never change, no matter what you do. You can do…extraordinary things, truly beyond my comprehension, but that doesn’t preclude you from being who you are or who you want to be.”
  334. >Mjolna laughs as the girls hug her but says nothing.
  335. “Right now, Asgard is in need of the extraordinary things you can do. Your Mother has promised to help keep the peace down here in Midgard, and I can’t imagine she isn’t looking to include you in that.”
  336. >The godling pets Apple Bloom’s head. “Did she now…”
  337. >You see the thoughts cross Mjolna’s mind as the gears in her head turn. “I will…speak to her, but I want to continue living down here, in Equestria.” Mjolna looks at you. “If these three will accept me and what I can do, I want to at least try with the others.”
  338. >You shrug and smile.
  339. “My mission was just to get you to your Mother, that satisfies me just fine. Let’s get back to town so you can grab that magic mallet of yours and we can head out.”
  340. >Mjolna apologetically bares her teeth and averts her eyes from yours. Yeah…about that…”

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