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Fucking Bonbon... 10

By lapsbin
Created: 25th December 2020 05:27:42 PM
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  1. >All was not well in the Anon household
  2. >And by not well you mean that the worse possible thing fucking happened
  3. >You should have KNOWN that Twiggles would have said something to fucking lovebutt
  4. >She couldn't keep a fucking secret to save her little purple life
  5. >You were going to kick her fat little ass SO hard the next time you were--
  6. >"A bit for your thoughts, Nonny?"
  7. >You look up from your still steaming cup of tea at the Princess of Love herself, who was sandwiched between an VERY uncomfortable Bonbon and Lyra, her wings wrapped around the two of them
  8. >Frowning you look look away from the dumbest pink horse that you knew and turned to regard her putz of a husband
  9. >Cap'n horse was sitting next to you as smug as a bug in a rug
  10. >Like you had been he was staring intently at his tea
  11. >Studying it
  12. >Judging it
  13. >Seeing if it passed his "qualifications"
  14. >He started at his cuppa for a long while before picking it up into the air with his magic
  15. >He brought the cup to his lips and took a gentlemanly sip
  16. >His nose scrunched up and he hummed loudly as he swallowed
  17. >Putting his teacup down he looked over at you with a smile
  18. >Your eye twitched
  19. >Don't you FUCKING say it...
  20. >Don't you FUCKING say it...
  21. >"This is some bomb--"
  22. "I swear to god if you say that STUPID fucking sentence I'm, going to SHOOT YOU," you say, picking your crossbow from the table and pointing it at the little horse. "I will shoot you and your fucking wife right in your dumb horse faces!"
  23. >Both Cadence and Shining smiled and giggled at your threat and your mighty weapon
  25. >"Oh, did somepony get up on the wrong side of the bed?" Cadence teased, lifting your loaded bolt out of your crossbow with her magic
  26. "Get the fuck out of my house!"
  27. >Shining looked over at your marefriends
  28. >"So how did the two of you managed to snatch this silly filly up?"
  29. "Seriously, get out of my fucking house. I'm not even kidding right now."
  30. >"Yeah!" Cadence said excitedly, ignoring you completely. "How did you two lucky fillies get this hunk of a stallion?"
  31. >You give her the finger as she bats her eyelashes at you
  32. >"We were trying to get our hooves on him the second that we saw him! Isn't that right honey?"
  33. >Shining, who was lapping at his tea like a fucking dog, nodded with a big old dumb horse smile
  34. >"Yep! It's a shame that we didn't snatch him up before you two did but we're happy that Anon finally found somepony!"
  35. >Lyra opened her mouth to say something but immediately shut it when Cadence leaned over and nuzzled her cheek
  36. >"Oh I can't WAIT to get to know the two of you! I can tell we're going to be the best of friends."
  37. >Lovebutt looked over you with a fondness that most certainly was NOT fucking shared
  38. >"So tell me, I really need to know... how's Anonymous in bed?"
  39. >Shining leaned forward, an excited look on his face
  40. >"Yeah! Is he rough? Is he gentle? Does he do weird things with his--"
  41. >REALLY close to losing it you slam your fists against your table
  42. "One, that's NONE of your fucking business," you snarl, standing up. "And two... what, what the FUCK are you two even doing here?! Don't you have a shitty kingdom to run or something?!"
  43. >If they're worried that you're going to attack them Shining and Cadence sure as hell don't show it, simply leaning back into their chairs and smiling at you
  44. >"Oh don't worry about that, Nonny-kins," Cadence said with a dismissive wave of the hoof. "Shiny and I are on vacation."
  45. >"We decided to make the trip to Ponyville to see Twily," Shining adds, pouring himself another cup of tea
  46. >Bonbon opens her mouth to say something, looking an equal mixture of confused and concerned and outraged, but she too is silenced by alicorn nuzzles
  47. >"And since we remembered that you lived here too we figured we could stay with you for a couple of days!"
  48. >"Since we're such good friends and all!"
  49. >They let that just sit for a little while, staring at you hopefully
  50. >...
  51. >...
  52. >...
  53. "You two can't be serious... You HAVE to be joking..."
  54. >The Royal Couple adopt a pair of pouty faces
  55. >"Aw come on, Anon, don't be like that," Shining said, patting your leg
  56. >A LITTLE too fucking close to your wang
  57. >"We just wanted to spend some time with our favorite human! We can play games, go up to Canterlot to have some fun--"
  58. >"Have an orgy..." Cadence muttered with a cough
  59. "I fucking heard that!" you snap, slapping Shining's hoof away. "No, you're not staying in my god damned--"
  60. >"We'll pay for your food for the the whole time we're here! AND we'll give you a THOUSAND bits to boot!"
  61. >...
  62. >...
  63. >...
  64. >No
  65. >Don't you be a fucking jew Anon
  66. >You can't stand these little horses
  67. >You can't stand them one bit
  68. >So don't you--
  69. "Alright... fine. But you two are sleeping in the guest room..."
  70. >...Sweet Jesus Christ was is WRONG WITH YOU?!
  71. >What sounds like a rubber duck squeaking escapes both Shining and Cadence's throats as both of the little horses hop over the table to wrap you into a hug
  72. >You're not pleased with this turn of events
  73. >Not pleased at all
  74. >"Oh we're going to have so much fun together, Nonny!" Cadence cried, nuzzling your cheek
  75. >"You're going to love us here! I just know it!" Shining adds, nuzzling your shoulder
  76. >...Don't hit them
  77. >Your jewishness did this
  78. >It's your fucking fault
  79. >So just sit back and let this happen
  80. >You fucking dumb jew nigger...
  81. >Cadence and Shining hug you for a little longer before they break it with smiles
  82. >"Cadence, Honey, do you know what this calls for?"
  83. >Cadence blinked, looking at her husband with her head cocked
  84. >"No... What does this call for, Shining dear?"
  85. >Cap'n horse grinned, pulling out a bag of bits from... somewhere
  86. >"I think that this deserves some pizza, Honey Bunny!"
  87. >You have to put your head in your hands as Cadence gasped, her hooves squishing up against her cheeks
  89. >Snatching the bits out of her husband's magic Cadence nuzzles your side, a knowing look twinkling in her eye, before trotting out of your kitchen
  90. >"Come on, sweetie! I saw a pizza place not too far from here! We can get come pies!"
  91. >"Coming Honey!"
  92. >You, Lyra, and Bonbon watch as the two leave the room
  93. >"We'll be back in a little bit! Bye Nonny!"
  95. SLAM!
  97. >...
  98. >...
  99. >...
  100. >Her face an emotionless mask Bonbon got out of her chair and walked over to you
  101. >Without saying a word the mare slung you across her back
  102. >Too disappointed and ashamed of yourself to protest you don't say a thing as she carries you out of the kitchen and into the living room
  103. >Lyra, with the same look on her face that she had been wearing since Shining and Cadence had let themselves into your home, followed close behind
  104. >"You have some bucking explaining to do, monkey," Bonbon say, roughly tossing you onto your couch with a frown
  105. >Lyra gulped, looking at the door nervously
  106. >"...We'd really appreciate it if you'd tell us what all of... that was, Fingers," she said
  107. >You scratch your chin thoughtfully
  108. >What was that indeed
  109. >There were many, many ways to answer that question
  110. >Some of them were even true
  111. >But after a bit of soul searching you decided that the blunt answer would be the best one in this situation
  112. "Those two are the fucking craziest horses in the whole fucking world and for some reason that I still don't know they won't leave me alone."
  113. >Bonbon and Lyra just look at you before sharing a sideways glance
  114. >"...That's the biggest load of horse apples I've ever heard."
  115. >You frowned
  116. "Well, it's fucking true candy ass."
  117. >And it was
  118. >...You think...
  119. >It all started with Twiggles introducing you to Princess Cadence while the two of you were fapping around the Crystal Empire
  120. >She seemed to be a nice horse gal after a nice little chat with her and her husband
  121. >Twilight even said that the two had taken a bit of a shine to you just as the two of you were about to get on the train to get back to Ponyville
  122. >And, to be honest, you kind of wish that you hadn't even gone
  123. >Both Cadence and Shining had taken to you like flies on honey, always coming to the castle (you had lived in Canterlot at the time) and always bothering you
  124. >Always with this fucking HI ANON and ANON THIS IS SOME BOMBASS TEA!
  125. >Youweren'tevenfuckinggoodatmakingfuckingtea!
  126. >You had tried giving them the cold shoulder, tried ignoring them but they just kept coming with their puppy dog smiles and their wagging tails
  127. >It drove you FUCKING nuts
  128. >Those horses were crazy
  129. >And lewd
  130. >Very, VERY lewd--
  131. >For the next couple of seconds everything seems fine
  132. >You're welling in your hatred, Bonbon and Lyra are staring at you like you're nuts
  133. >Everything's right with the world
  134. >But then your stomach rumbles LOUDLY
  135. >You, Bonnie, and Lyra blink in surprise, all of you looking down to your gut
  136. "...What the fuck is--"
  137. >And then it hits you
  138. >You can feel your balls tighten and swell and your stomach clutch
  139. >It is not a good feeling
  140. "Oh fucking shit!" you curse, curling into a ball with a groan
  143. >"ANON! WHAT'S WRONG?!" Lyra cried as you slumped onto the couch
  144. "Balls... balls... my fucking... balls," you managed to say, shutting your eyes tight as you grit your teeth
  145. >Sweet Christ above it felt like someone was punching you in the balls was hard as they could as fast as they could...
  146. >You let out another pained groan as Bonbon, now as panicked as her marefriend, started to trot in place in panic
  147. >"I knew that drinking all of that potion at once was going to do something to him!" she cried, glaring at you. "Anon you bucking moron!"
  148. >"We gotta do something Bonnie!" Lyra cried, touching your shoulder with a hoof. "We gotta... we gotta... WAIT! I GOT IT!"
  149. >You groan again as Lyra forces you into an upright sitting position on the couch and pulled your pants down, incinerating your boxers off with a spell
  150. >Though your wang was normal your balls were an entirely different story
  151. >They were twice the size they were supposed to be, the egg-sized orbs twitching and growing with each passing second
  152. >"Sweet Celestia..." Bonbon said with an open mouth and wide eyes
  153. >Not wasting a second Lyra darts down and engulfs your member into her mouth
  154. >Your legs twitch and you let out another groan as Lyra's tongue swirls around your cockhead
  155. >"Lyra!" Bonbon shouts as your member twitches, quickly growing in her warm maw. "What the are you doing?!"
  156. >Bathing your cock in her spit Lyra draws back with a gasp
  157. >"We gotta suck the cum out of Anon before his bo-bangs blow up!"
  158. >...Bo-Bangs?
  159. >What was this kinder--
  160. "Oh fucking hell this is AGONY!"
  161. >Bonbon bit her lip, looking over at the door
  162. >"That... sounds like the dumbest thing I've ever heard," she said, trotting beside her marefriend to look at you hardened length
  163. >Though Lyra barely did anything your cock was already OOZING cum, your member throbbing angrily and your balls swelling
  164. >...Did you mention that it hurt?
  165. >Because it REAAAAAAAAALY fucking hurt
  166. >Though Bonbon still looked worried you could see a bit of hunger in her eyes
  167. >"...But we don't have any options at the moment..."
  168. >Darting in Bonbon dragged her tongue across the length of her cock, lapping up your cum
  169. >You groan as she pulls away, licking her lips
  170. >"Lyra, I'm going to go and lock the door so the Princess and her husband don't walk in on this. You keep sucking the cum out of this dummy."
  171. >Lyra nodded, her eyes narrowing in determination as she grabbed your cock with her hooves and aimed it upwards
  172. >"Don't you worry, Nonny," she said with a smile. "I'll fix you up faster than you could say sassafras!"
  173. >Sassafras?
  174. >Why would you--ohsweetbabyjesusridingaflamingbicycle!
  175. >Lyra pops the head of your dick into her mouth and starts sucking hard
  176. >Another few spurts of cum is her reward as your hips buck
  177. >Mint hoers, even though you could see the worry still on her face, takes her sweet time getting your riled up
  178. >Her suckles were slow and measured, her eyes glued to your face to gauge your reaction
  179. >She'd never take more than half of your length into her mouth, instead focusing most of her attention on your cockhead
  180. >One minute she'd be kissing your tip and licking your cum off of her lips
  181. >The next she'd be bobbing her head up and down your cock while sucking hard
  182. >This wasn't just another bout of foreplay where one of your mares would get you ready for the main event
  183. >This was hard and aggressive, and it only had one goal
  184. >To make you cum your fucking brains out
  185. >And it was WORKING!
  186. >You bit back another groan, biting one of your knuckles as a particularly noisy slurp escapes from in between your legs
  187. >Whether it was because of the potion or because of the promptness of this blowjob your member felt far more sensitive than usual
  188. >Like more sensitive than you've ever been in your life
  189. >You twitched every time Lyra's tongue lapped against your length
  190. >Your hips bucked every time she kissed your head
  191. >Your balls spasmed again, rewarding Lyra another mouthful of semen
  192. >"Are you almost done with him, Lyra?" Bonbon asked, walking through the door
  193. >Lyra once again pulled herself off of you with a gasp, cum and spit flying out of her mouth and landing on her chin
  194. >"He keeps cumming into my mouth but his berries aren't getting any smaller, Bonnie," she said, jerking you off with a hoof.
  195. >Bonbon frowned while you groaned
  196. >"Here, move for a second. I want to try."
  197. >Lyra nodded, giving your member one last parting lick before stepping away from you
  198. >All businesslike Bonbon took the spot in between your legs, a frown on her face and blush on her cheeks
  199. >"I can't believe you were so bucking stupid that you'd drink the whole bucking thing," the candy mare murmured, her eyes glued onto your length
  200. >One of her hooves reached up and brushed up against your cock
  201. >Just that small touch made your cock spurt
  202. >You groaned, relishing the feeling of her silky smooth fur on your VERY sensitive length
  203. >"I mean I don't think I've ever seen anypony so bucking stupid in my entire life, and I've known some pretty bucking dumb ponies."
  204. >Bonbon leaned down until her muzzle was just a few inches from your red, throbbing, and oozing member
  205. >Her nostrils flared and she closed her eyes
  206. >"You just can't go and drink some random potion to prove a bucking point. You're not five fucking years old!"
  207. >Her hot, moist breath washed over your cock as her mouth opened
  208. >You tried to close your eyes, tried to just sit back and enjoy this, but a rough poke to the thigh forces you to open an eye
  209. >"Hey! None of that!" Bonnie snapped, licking up a bead of cum on your tip. "You keep your bucking eyes open while I do this!"
  210. >Grumbling, the mare gives you a few strokes with her hooves
  211. >"I'm not doing this for my bucking health! I'm doing this to keep your balls from exploding!"
  212. >Out of the corner of your eye you see Lyra, biting her lip hard, had a hoof in between her legs
  213. >"...Bonnie?"
  214. >Bonbon stopped her stroking to look over her shoulder at her marefriend
  215. >"Yeah, Lyra?"
  216. >"Coooooould I help you maybe?"
  217. >Not waiting for an answer, Lyra walked over and smooched against Bonbon's side, so close together that their cheeks were almost touching as they looked down at Anon Jr.
  218. >Bonbon shrugged
  219. >"Hey, this was your idea. If you want to help me with this dummy then I'm fine with it."
  220. >Though she was still trying to act casual you could see that Bonnie Bun's tail was raised nice and high
  221. >Candy hoers was a bit more excited than she was letting on it seemed
  222. >Not that you particularly noticed since you were in some FUCKING PAIN!
  224. >An eager whine escaped Lyra's throat as she nuzzled your length, cum and spit staining her cheek
  225. >"Great! Now let's get to work, Bonnie!"
  226. >Rolling her eyes, Bonbon stuck her tongue out and licked her marefriends cheek
  227. >"Let me clean you off first before you make an even bigger mess of yourself," she muttered, her tone low and husky
  228. >You watched with wide eyes as Bonnie then began to lick the cum off of her marefriend
  229. >Lyra, with a giggle, leaned into the tongue bathing with a happy hum, her head tilting to the side as Bonbon cleaned off her cheek
  230. "Oh, you're so silly, Bonnie," Lyra cooed as Bonbon left her cheek and kissed her chin. "We're gonna get a heck of a lot dirtier anyways~"
  231. >The two mares turned to regard each other warmly before, with a growl, Lyra pulled Bonbon into a kiss
  232. >Both mares moaned as their tongues battled each other, Lyra's hooves stroking Bonbon's cheeks
  233. >Their kiss was a needy, hungry one, the two of them holding onto the other like they were afraid that their lover was about to fly away
  234. >And while it was hot, and while you would have enjoyed watching a two les horses make out, the pain in your balls was starting to become overwhelming
  235. "I don't... mean to interrupt this... but muh balls!" you say with gritted teeth, your cock throbbing for emphasis
  236. >Both mares froze mid kiss to look back at you
  237. >A moment later their eyes trailed down to your cum covered length
  238. >Teasing her marefriend's tongue for another second Lyra pulled away
  239. >"S-Sorry... about that... Fingers," she said breathlessly, her eyes the hungriest that you've ever seen them. "we got... caught up in the... moment."
  240. >Very slowly (or that could have just been your imagination) both of your mares stuck their tongues out and began lapping at your member
  241. >The licks were deliberate and quick, lapping at your cum in the fastest way possible to clean you off
  242. >"Don't you worry your dumb monkey head, you butt," Bonbon said with a growl. "We'll have you fixed in a jiffy~"
  243. >Your legs twitch and you bite your lip as the oral assault continues
  244. >Bonbon starts sucking your tip while Lyra laps at your gonads
  245. >Then Lyra's deep throating you while Bonnie nuzzles your legs and talks dirty to you
  246. >Then both mares have your cock smooched between their cheeks as they nuzzled your member
  247. >Neither mare gives you a chance to get used to them as they change their technique again and again and again
  248. >Your cum, ever-spilling from your tip covers their faces and cheeks and necks, and they looked as pleased as punch about it
  249. >"Come on fingers," Lyra cooed in between suckles. "I can feel you twitching in my mouth."
  250. >She pulled away and Bonbon swung in and took your cock down to the base with little effort, her nose crushing against your pubes as she started to rapidly swallow
  251. >She held the position for five seconds, then ten, then thirty, before she had to pull away with a gasp
  252. >"Just hurry up and finish you dummy. You're taking for-bucking-ever"
  253. >You could barely hear her as you laid there panting
  254. >You had cum already
  255. >In fact you've cum more times than you could count
  256. >The problem was that it had been in spurts; regular sized loads which didn't put a fucking dent the amount that you have swimming around in your balls
  257. >It was hell and heaven at the same time to be pleased like this again and again without a proper, full release
  258. >But you could feel something coming
  259. >The big one
  260. >The cum to end cums
  261. >You tried to open your mouth to warm your mares as they slobbily passed your member from mouth to mouth but you found that you couldn't
  262. >You were too tired
  263. >Too weak to even open your mouth
  264. >The best that you could hope for was that the end would come quickly and that it would be over soon
  265. >You could feel your balls tighten with every messy kiss and sloppy suckle and loving nuzzle
  266. >You could feel your marefriends sharing another kiss with your member right smack in the middle with razor focus
  267. >You could feel every more and hot breath and...
  268. >Your entire body tensed and you clench at your couch desperately
  269. >The ticklish feeling that had been swarming in your gut like a hive of angry bees fluttered harder than ever before
  270. >Your hips started bucking lightly into one of your mares mouths as she sucked on you
  271. >You didn't know which one, you couldn't even keep your eyes open at this point, but you did know you were just about at the finish line
  272. >Lyra, so focused on bopping her head up and down your length, didn't pay any mind when your member twitched violently in her throat
  273. >But when she was in the middle of pulling herself off of you so that Bonbon could have her turn you let out one final weak groan
  274. >The first burst of cum fired down her throat with an almost punishing amount of force, causing Lyra to gag
  275. >Even though you eyes were shut tight you knew that this was going to be no joke
  276. >Just that first little cum felt bigger than a ten shot burst from you normally
  277. >In fact, if your balls didn't hurt so fucking much you were sure it would have hurt like hell to have cummed that much at once
  278. >Luckily it felt fucking GREAT, and there was way more where that came from
  279. >Lyra noisily coughed around your member, blinking away tears as your cock throbbed
  280. >Before she could recover from the first burst of spunk, the second of what had to be easily one of the biggest cums of your life, was already underway, coating her throat in your baby batter
  281. >Hastily Lyra pulled away to have herself a coughing fit, your cum coming out of her mouth and nose
  282. >Not knowing that you were shooting fucking heavy artillery at the moment and just thinking that her marefriend had taken a little too much of you Bonbon quickly snuck her lips around your head and started sucking hard
  283. >Your tired, tired body twitches at the new stimulation and your third load, bigger than the first two, is right on its way a second later
  284. >Bonbon's eyes widened at the sheer volume of your cum, her cheeks bulging with your spunk
  285. >As quickly as she could she started swallowing, making sure to keep her lips sealed tightly around you
  286. >Ol' Bonnie was a trooper, she managed to drink up what HAD to been a cup of semen, but she wasn't prepared for the fourth spurt
  287. >Or the fifth
  288. >Or the sixth
  289. >Or the seventh
  290. >Or the Eighth
  291. >You cum and cum and cum and cum
  292. >With each burst you're lost in a mixture of pain and pleasure and relief
  293. >You couldn't think, you couldn't move, you could only cum
  294. >If you would have been a weaker man his would have probably broken your mind
  295. >Luckily for you you were a trooper yourself so you managed to survive cumpocalypse
  296. >Barely
  297. >Though it felt like an eternity your poor, abused lil' Anon finally stopped wrecking shit, one last little spurt firing from your now pain- free testicles
  298. >You sink into couch, your heart pounding in your chest as you do your best to try to remember how to breathe
  299. >"S-Sweet Celestia... I-It's bucking e-everywhere..."
  300. >Summoning up what little will that you had left you cracked open an eye to survey the damage
  301. >Your couch was covered in ropes of your DNA, as was most of your lower body and some parts of the carpet
  302. >...Fuck, that was going to stain wasn't it?
  303. >But that was just collateral damage sunshine
  304. >The one's who really got fucked up were right between your legs
  305. >Lyra and Bonbon were COVERED in your cum
  306. >Chests, faces, necks, stomachs, it looked like your marefriends had pissed off a couple of ghost and got SLIMED
  307. >Both of their eyes and mouths were shut tight and their ears were folded against their heads
  308. >Through the mass of white slime you could see embarrassment on their faces
  309. >While a part of you wanted to chuckle/ get aroused at the sight of your marefriends COVERED in your cum all you honestly wanted to do right now was lay down and die
  310. "...Lyra, Bonnie?" you croak out
  311. >With a sigh Bonbon cleaned up her face as best as she could, cracking open an eye to glare at you
  312. "I don't think I want to take that much potion anymore..."
  313. >"Whoo! That was a good one, Nonny!"
  314. >Turning your head you see both Cadence and Shining Armor standing at the entrance of your...
  315. >...
  316. >...
  317. >...
  318. >...Were those little niggers eating popcorn?!
  319. >With a giggle Love hoers threw a hooful of popcorn into her mouth, chewing noisily
  320. >"His cum got everywhere didn't it, Shiny?"
  321. >Shining smiled, helping himself to his buttery treat
  322. >"It looks like he almost came as me when we were with that lovely Saddle Arabian couple!"
  323. >"Oh, I remember that! It took the maids DAYS to clean up that mess
  324. >Though you're exhausted, though your mind was nearly broken from the ordeal that you have just gone through you frowned
  325. "Fucking hate... you... fucking... hate you... both...
  326. ~~-`-`-`-`~~
  328. >"Make sure you get behind my ears you bucking jerk."
  329. >You sighed as you applied more shampoo to Bonbon's mane, doing your very best to get it into it's previous condition
  330. >A funny thing about cum
  331. >It was as hard as hell to get out of things like rugs and clothes and coats
  332. >And this went doubly so when you go ahead and cum way more than any human has a right to cum
  333. >Or any whale for that matter
  334. >While magic had gone a long way to fixing up your living room, courtesy of Cadence and Shining, both Lyra and Bonbon insisted that you cleaned them off yourself
  335. >And speaking of magic, thank fucking god for the fact the love hoers knew a spell that would fix up a fucked up urethra
  336. >...
  337. >...
  338. >...
  339. >...You didn't want to think about that anymore...
  340. >You didn't want to think about that at all...
  341. >That was a memory that was going to be repressed
  342. "You know, I don't know how I feel about the whole "you guys making me cum until I'm a sense husk of a man" thing you guys keep doing to me," you say to your mares
  343. >Lyra giggled as her cheeks turned a light shade of pink
  344. >"I swear that we only meant to do it the one time, Nonny," she said, nuzzling your side as you poured more candy-themed shampoo into Bonnie's mane
  345. >Bonbon snorted
  346. >"If you would have said something earlier we wouldn't have made you cum that many times!"
  347. "Hey! You have no idea how fucking sensitive I was!" you say defensively, rubbing the shampoo down Bonbon's mane and onto her neck and upper back. "You're lucky that I didn't start seizuring!"
  348. >"You're such a bucking butt that I can't even believe it..." Bonbon said with a shake of her head before looking at your crotch. "At least you're junk isn't mellon-sized anymore...
  349. >Leaning down you wrap your arms around both of your mares and pulled them close
  350. "Thanks a bunch for helping my dumb ass out," you say, kissing their (mostly) clean cheeks. "If it wasn't for you I might not have my balls anymore."
  351. >Which would have fucking sucked
  352. >You've been with Benjamin and Steinbeck since straight out the womb
  353. >Those little niggers were family
  354. >Lyra made a happy sound as she nuzzled your cheek and even Bonbon smiled a bit
  355. >"Yeah... well you're lucky that your cum tastes so good," Bonnie grumbled, offering her cheek for another kiss. "And don't think for a bucking second that you don't owe the two of us for that bucking gross cum bath."
  356. >You kissed her cheek again
  357. "I'll make it up to the two of you, I promise."
  358. >Standing back to your full height you looked over both of your marefriends
  359. >Though they were sodden and a few parts of them seemed a bit... glossy they looked clean enough for you
  360. >...Idea~!
  361. "In fact come on and dry off. I'll make it up to the two of you right now."
  362. >Your girls exchanged glances
  363. >"Are you sure, Nonny? You don't have to do anything with us TODAY," Lyra said
  364. >"At least wait until those two crazy royals are out of our house," Bonnie added
  365. >Reaching back you give your marefriend's asses a loving squeeze
  366. >While Lyra let out an epp and jumped in place a bit Bonbon didn't move an inch as your fingers sink into her expansive bottom
  367. >In fact, if you didn't know any better, you'd have said that she had leaned into the groping
  368. "I don't care if those two crazy horses have their ears at the door," you say, shooing your mares out of the shower and grabbing a pair of towels. "You two must have drank a gallon of my cum. The very least I could do is return the favor a little bit."
  369. >Though Lyra continues to weakly protest (thinking that you needed rest after all that happened no doubt) you begin to dry off your mares
  370. >Drying turns into kissing and teasing gropes, which were innocent and playful at first but soon became heavier and more needy as the minutes ticked by
  371. >Though you were primarily focused on the light foreplay you couldn't help but once again appreciate the softness of your marefriend's coats
  372. >Even know, all these months later, the thick, lush fur continued to blow you away
  373. >And that wasn't all
  374. "A-Aha~! Nonny!"
  375. >A low hum escaped your throat as your fingers dug into Lyra's rump
  376. >Though it was nothing like Bonbon's caboose it was still a pretty okay booty
  377. >Perky and compact and springy, with just enough fat on it to give it a good pinch
  378. >The kind of butt that you took home to show your mother
  379. >Smiling, you kneel down and rub your cheek on your mare's lyre cutiemark, kissing it, then switching to the other side and repeating the process
  380. >An eager whine escaped Lyra's throat as she lifted her rump into the air slightly, wiggling it back and forth in an attempt to entice you to plant your kisses under her tail
  381. >You ignored the invitation, instead continuing kissing and nipping her rump
  382. >Though you'd be getting in between that tail of hers eventually there were MUCH better places to do that than in your bathroom
  383. >Like your bedroom for example
  384. >Picking up Lyra you carry her out of the bathroom bridal style
  385. >From behind you you hear a huff
  386. >"Hey! What about me?!"
  387. "I'll get to you in a little bit, Hon," you tell Bonnie, rubbing your cheek against Lyra's side
  388. >The unicorn twitches, a low groan escaping her throat as she paws at your face
  389. "I want to focus on the two of you one at a time."
  390. >You had meant it when you said that you didn't know how you felt about Bonnie and Lyra fucking to into a quivering wreck of a man
  391. >But right now seemed like a good time to return the favor!
  392. >Let's see how those two deal with cumming over and over and over again until they couldn't move!
  393. >You were going to give these little horses the best night of their lives via cunnilingus since you were still kind of worried about your wang and...
  394. >...
  395. >...
  396. >...
  397. >Sweet Jesus...
  398. >Your poor, poor dick...
  399. >Shaking your head to focus on the task at hand you throw open your bathroom door and stride into your bedroom with a squealing and twitching Lyra in your arms and a blushing Bonbon trailing behind
  400. >"N-Nonny, we--ahh~! We don't n-ned to-- Ohh~!"
  401. >Walking toward your bed you gently sent Lyra down at the edge of it
  402. >On her back the mare was splayed out, eagerly showing every bit of herself off to you with a little wiggle
  403. >"A-Anon... Nonny... Fingers..." Lyra babbled, her golden eyes already unfocused as she looked up at you
  404. >Grinning you drop to your knees and grabbed your mare by her hind legs to keep her firmly in place
  405. >Another eager little moan escaped Lyra's mouth as you kissed her lower belly
  406. >Your fingers dug into her flanks as you left a trail of kisses down her stomach until you came upon her teats
  407. >"Play with those, monkey," Bonbon said from over your shoulder. "She really likes that."
  408. >You give one of the nubs of flesh a kiss, drawing back slightly as Lyra's hips bucked at the stimulation
  409. "I know that she likes it. I've played with these things like a hundred times."
  410. >Though you couldn't see it you could tell that Bonnie was frowning
  411. >"Hey, I just want you to make Lyra cum really hard is all," she said with a huff
  412. >If you didn't have two handfuls of pony ass occupying you you would have facepalmed
  413. >Only fucking Bonbon would try to have a casual fucking conversation while you were in the middle of eating out your other girlfriend...
  414. >...Fucking Bonbon...
  415. "And I don't want a fucking backseat driver telling me what do to," you respond, popping Lyra's other teat into your mouth
  416. >You gently pull at it, massaging the little nud with your lips
  417. >Lyra squealed again, her front legs snapping down to your head to hold you in place
  418. >Bonbon might have said something else but you were lost playing with the tender nipples before you
  419. >Kissing them, licking them, biting them, pulling them until Lyra's chest was heaving and she was mumbling your name in between her babbling
  420. >"L-L-L-Lower! LOWER!"
  421. >Almost frantically, Lyra pushed your head downward with her hooves, too far gone to even think of using her magic
  422. >Chuckling to yourself you let the little horse guide you until you were face to face with the main event
  423. >The smell of thin mints filled your senses as you looked at Lyra's winking, dripping marehood
  424. >Smiling you kiss right above her mound, making her gasp
  425. >Then you plant a little kiss on her inner thigh, coating your lips in her juices
  426. >You were about to start licking her other thigh when an impatient whine escaped Lyra's throat
  427. >Though you couldn't see it since you were a bit preoccupied at the moment Lyra's horn sparked to life with such intensity that it lit up the room
  428. >Your eyes widened when you felt an invisible force encase your head in magic and forced you nose-first into Lyra's snatch
  429. >"Liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiicccccccccccccccccccccccccccckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!"
  430. >The unicorn used her magic to move her head back and forth to bring her command home
  431. >Giving her rump another little squeeze you pull your head back as best as you could and licked your mare's slit bottom to top, teasing her clit with your tongue
  432. >Lyra's hooves shot right back down to your head, forcing your face against her marehood again
  433. >You took your time with your mare
  434. >A gentle little bit here
  435. >A suckle there
  436. >A bit of licking
  437. >With plenty of kisses in between
  438. >In no time at all your face was coated in Lyra's love
  439. >Above you Lyra could be heard panting and wheezing and moaning and groaning as she twitched and wiggled
  440. >"A-Anon... N-onny... F-Finger... Anon... Anon, Anon... AnonAnonAnonAnonAnon!"
  441. >You tease her opening with your tongue, just parting the lips to lap at the pink presented to you, before finally taking the plunge and driving your tongue into your mare
  442. >Lyra gasped loudly, her back arching as she let out another loud groan
  443. >Her marehood rippled against your tongue, pulling your wet muscle deeper into her
  444. >"A-Ahhhhhhhh~!"
  445. >"A-Ahhhhhhhh~!"
  446. >Your tongue wiggles inside your mare, lapping at her juices while you begin the delightfully stimulating task of finding the spots that make Lyra scream
  447. >Though this wasn't the first time you've been in between Lyra's legs you decided to ignore her usual "squeal spots" and go in blind
  448. >You played this eating-out by the ear, listening to Lyra's moans each time your tongue brushed up against her inner walls
  449. >"Anon! A-Anon! I'm g-gonna! I'M GONNA!--"
  450. >Lyra's hips started bucking against your face in short, furious burst, making sure that you nose was rubbing against her winking clit at all times
  451. >Hearing that your mare was close your oral assault becomes more aggressive
  453. >You continued to lick and and kiss and suck her even as a rush of fluids coated your face
  454. >Lyra squirmed as you continued to lick her overly sensitive marehood, trying to push you away
  455. >But you would not be denied
  456. >"A-Anon, you can STOP~! Y-You CAN sToP!!!"
  457. >You don't know how long you stayed between Lyra's legs
  458. >An hour, hours, the whole night, you honestly had no idea
  459. >The only measure of the passing of time for you was Lyra's moans and her orgasms
  460. >You fought through your aching tongue and sore fingers
  461. >You powered through the smell of thin mints that was starting to permeate your very soul
  462. >With each time she came Lyra's moans and wiggles became weaker and weaker, her voice becoming hoarse and her breathing starting to slow
  463. >She stopped wiggling and her marehood's grip on your tongue seemed to slack just a little bit
  464. >"...Sweet Celestia, monkey..." you could hear Bonbon say from behind you
  465. >Finally your grip loosens on Lyra's legs and you raise your head
  466. >Wiping your face you look down at Lyra to see that the little mare's eyes were closed and her chest was slowly rising and falling
  467. >Heh
  468. >You ate your marefriend out until she passed out!
  469. >She'll be pretty damn sore in the--
  470. >"Anon!"
  471. >You look around, trying to see the source of the voice, when someone roughly poked your leg
  472. >Looking over your shoulder you see a red-faced and sweaty Bonbon looking at you with a crazed look on her face
  473. >...
  474. >...
  475. >...
  476. >Oh yeah
  477. >Bonbon was here too...
  478. >You had kind of forgotten that she was even there for a second...
  479. >Clearing your throat you smile at the little candy mare
  480. "Did you need something, Bonnie?" you asked casually
  481. >You try not to smile as Bonbon's eye twitches
  482. >"I, you, the, what--"
  483. >You couldn't help but smile as the obviously flustered mare tried to form a coherent thought
  484. "You alright there, Hon?" you asked sweetly, leaning toward her
  485. >Without warning, Bonnie spun around and sprinted toward your bathroom
  486. "...Bonbon?" you called as you heard things being tossed around. "Are you really flipping out about this? It's just--"
  487. >Bonbon poked her head back into your bedroom, a bottle of... something in her mouth
  488. >The cand mare, a big old blush on her face, power walked over to you and placed the bottle into your hand
  489. >You examined the bottle, raising an eyebrow
  490. "...Lube?"
  491. >Bonbon nodded, sitting on her rump
  492. "I-I promised to l-let you s-stick it in my b-butt didn't I?" she quietly said, refusing to look at you
  493. >You scratched your mare cum-covered chin in bewilderment
  494. >...
  495. >...
  496. >...
  497. >So wait
  498. >She actually wanted you to...
  499. "You actually want me to try anal with you?"
  500. >Bonbon's whole body twitched and her blush crept all the way down to her chest
  501. >"I-I don't want to b-bucking do it!" she shakily snapped, her gaze glued firmly to the floor. "I-I promised t-to do i-it! And s-since we're h-here doing s-stuff..."
  502. "Hey, Bonnie... you don't gotta--"
  503. >Before you could finish your sentence Bonbon took was face-to-muzzle with you
  504. >"G-Get on the b-bucking bed!" she snapped, nudging your chest with her nose
  505. >Not waiting for an answer, Bonbon walked around you and hopped onto the bed herself, gently pushing Lyra out of the way so that the two of you would have enough room to...
  506. >...
  507. >...
  508. >...
  509. >She really wanted to do this didn't she?
  510. >She wanted you to stick it in her pooper?
  511. >You looked down at the bottle in your hand
  512. >Then you looked at your marefriend who was now wiggling her rump at you
  513. >...
  514. >...
  515. >...
  516. >Fuck it
  517. >You're going in!
  518. >Now, you've said before that Bonbon had a big butt
  519. >She was an earth pony, and since those type of little horses were pretty bottom orientated, that was kind of expected
  520. >But Bonbon's booty was something special
  521. >One of the biggest, roundest, fattest, most perfect bubble butts in all of Ponyville
  522. >Applejack's farmer butt didn't come close to it
  523. >Mrs. Cakes badonkadonk looked small in comparison
  524. >It was so big that when she sat down in your lap her rump seemed to sink into you
  525. >Whenever she moved it would jiggle and wiggle in the most amazing ways
  526. >There wasn't too much fat, there wasn't too much muscle
  527. >Truly it was a rump that most men would happily die for
  528. >And it was your's
  529. >All your's
  530. >Putting down the little bottle of lube in your hands you cup your mare's bottom, closing your eyes
  531. >The plush, perfect fur on Bonnie's rump pooled around your fingers, threatening to overflow them as you gave it a gentle squeeze
  532. >Bonbon let out a quiet groan as you spread her cheeks and looked at her leaking, winking marehood
  533. >While you usually would dive into Bonnie's cheeks and start the ol' lickeroo like there was no tomorrow you had other plans tonight
  534. >Up above your liver's prefect little pony pussy was a perfectly tight asshole
  535. >Though up until know you've never really paid attention to it you could say that it looked like a perfectly untouched butthole
  536. >A perfect place to poop or whatever the hell ponies did with the thing
  537. >...
  538. >...
  539. >...
  540. >You were actually doing this weren't you?
  541. >Bonbon, sensing that you were staring, looked over her shoulder
  542. >"Hey!" she snapped, her eyes narrowing. "W-Will you stop l-looking at my butt already?!"
  543. >You leaned forward and planted a kiss on her cutiemark
  544. >Bonbon twitched, her breath hitching in her throat
  545. "I can't help it sweetie," you growled, rubbing your cheek against her rump. "You have a very nice butt. I can't help but not stare."
  546. >Though she was still trying to frown you could see that she enjoyed the praise
  547. >"W-Well if you like i-it so much then why d-don't you start g-getting it ready then?"
  548. >Giving Bonbon's butt another kiss you blindly reach for the small bottle of lube
  549. >Popping off the cap you were about to start lathering your stiffy up to that you could start pounding the hershey highway but you stopped
  550. >...You know...
  551. >You might not an anal expert but maybe you should ease into this just a little bit?
  552. >You didn't want to go and hurt Bonnie now...
  553. >Finding that you were breathing heavily you take a few deep breaths as you spurt a bit of lube onto your hand
  554. >"Come on! COME ON! Hurry up already!" Bonbon demanded eagerly, scooching backwards as you lubed up your pointer finger. >"I wanna--ahh~!"
  555. >Bonbon's rump tensed as you prodded her butt with your finger, rubbing the lube around her dark ring
  556. >"Sfsnfosdfns!"
  557. >Very gently and as slowly as you can you stick your finger inside of h--
  558. >"AAAAAAHHHHHHHH~!!!!"
  559. >Your eyes widened in surprise as Bonbon clenched down on your finger hard, her body shaking as her clit rapidly winked in and out of her marehood
  560. >...
  561. >...
  562. >...
  563. >Wait a tick...
  564. >You looked at your finger, which was about only halfway inside of your marefriend's butt, then you looked at Bonbon, shaky legs and all
  565. "...Did... Did you just cum?" you asked, bewildered
  566. >Though you could tell that it took a heck of a lot of effort for her to do so, Bonbon looked once again over her shoulder at you
  567. >"I... you.... I didn't... whoo..." she panted, her eyes glazed slightly and a dopey smile on her face
  568. >Still confused you pushed your finger into your mare a little more
  569. >Though you had your digit well lubricated it was still a tight fit, Bonbon's muscles tensing and twitching as you pushed into her
  570. >Once again Bonbon let out a pleased moan, wiggling her rump as you pushed knuckle-deep into her
  571. >...Oh my god
  572. >She was actually getting off to this...
  573. >A mischievous smile worked its way onto your face
  574. >Oh
  575. >This
  576. >Is
  577. >Delicious!
  578. "You alright there, Hon?" you teased, slowly pulling your finger out of her
  579. >A whimper escaped Bonnie's throat as you use your other hand to spread her cheeks
  580. "Because, if I didn't know any better, I'd say that you just came."
  581. >The candy mare bit her lip hard
  582. >"S-Shut up!"
  583. "Which can't be," you continue, ignoring her.
  584. >As you speak you were pistoning your finger in and out of Bonbon
  585. >Though she tried to keep her moaning and groaning to a minimum her ass sucked at your finger like a lollipop
  586. "You can't be enjoying this since ponies are supposed to think anal's gross."
  587. >You added another finger
  588. "And you're not a gross mare are you, Bonnie?"
  589. >"S-Shut up!" Bonbon snapped, giving her ass another little shake
  590. >You gave her thigh a kiss as your hand started moving back and forth faster
  591. "Are your knees shaking, Bonbon? Because it looks like your knees are shaking..."
  592. >Bonbon whimpered again, her ears pinning back against her head
  593. >"S-Shut... S-Shut... A-AAAAAAHHHHHHH~!"
  594. >You licked her inner thigh as she came again
  595. >It was starting to be bit of a fight to finger her butt but you continued, adding another finger with a smile
  596. "Oh... Well it looks like you came again right there..."
  597. >You hummed thoughtfully as Bonbon let her front fall against the bed, her ass still raised nice and high
  598. "Which means... you ARE a dirty little horse, aren't you Bonbon?"
  599. >Bonbon twitched, her clit winking so fast that it was a blur
  600. >"I-I'm not--ahh~! I-I can't--o-oh~!"
  601. >With some regret you pull your fingers out of Bonbon and stand up to your full height
  602. >Your member, standing at attention, throbbed as you once again grabbed the bottle of lube and generously coated it
  603. >Bonbon, desperately trying to catch her breath, watched you prepare for your dirty task with wide eyes
  604. >Though she was as red as an apple she gave her rump another little wiggle
  605. >"A-Anon... P-Please..." she whispered
  606. >You grabbed the best ass in the world once again, your fingers sinking into the perfect, wonderful, amazing flesh
  607. >Bonbon, with another whine, moved her tail out of the way as you spread her cheeks
  608. >You get into position, rubbing your cockhead against her well-lubed hole, the two of you moaning eagerly
  609. >"P-Put it in!" she pleaded. "P-Please!"
  610. >Yes ma'am
  611. >Your grip tightens on Bonbon's ass as your hips buck slightly
  612. >"Yeeeeesssssss~!"
  613. >Bonbon's ring spreads for your head begrudgingly
  614. >You grit your teeth pushing in an inch or two before Bonbon stops you in your tracks by clamping down hard
  615. >If you thought Bonnie's pussy was tight her ass was another thing altogether
  616. >And the heat! Sweet Christ above...
  617. "E-Ease a little up or I'm not going to get anywhere, B-Bonnie," you say through gritted teeth
  618. >"B-Buck off~!" Bonbon moaned
  619. >You wrapped your arms around her middle and leaned forward
  620. >Bonbon's body tenses as you bite her shoulder
  621. "Ease up, Bonnie, you dirty little horse."
  622. >You managed to sink another inch or two before you hear another moan come from Bonbon and she cums again
  623. >Breathing hard you start to drive into her
  624. >You forgo gentleness and throw slow out the window as you hilt inside your mare's ass with one savage thrust
  625. >"H-Harder!"
  626. "Fuuuccck!
  627. >In and out, in and out, in and out; faster and faster and faster until Bonnie's ass was clapping and her eyes were rolling in her head
  628. >Your cocked twitched as you thrusted into Bonbon so hard that the bed groaned in protest
  629. >With another groan Bonbon came again
  630. >"A-Anon! A-ANON!"
  631. >You closed your eyes and you wildly thrusted again
  632. >You were close
  633. >You could feel yourself getting close
  634. >And so could Bonbon, since she looked over her shoulder gave you bedroom eyes
  635. >"I-I can feel y-your thingy t-twitching in my b-butt," she said as you hilted inside her again. "A-Are you going to c-cum in m-my butt?"
  636. >You tried to say something but it turned into another groan as Bonbon's rump squeezed you again
  637. >Bonbon bit her lip, her ass bouncing back to meet your thrusts
  638. >"A-Are you going t-to cum? A-Are you g-going to c-cum in m-my butt?"
  639. >The way that she said it, her eagerness in her voice and that tone...
  640. >It was too much
  641. >You managed a few wild thrusts before you bite down on Bonbon's shoulder as hard as you can, you hilt your mare one last time, and you cum
  642. >Bonbon lets out a loud and long moan as the first burst of cum fires into her ass, the mare's inner muscles clamping down onto you almost to the point of pain
  643. >You tried to pull back to thrust again but you couldn't move
  644. >All you could do was hold onto Bonbon as you came against and again and again
  645. >Your vision swarmed and you became lightheaded
  646. >In the back of your mind you could hear Bonbon cumming again but you barely paid attention to that
  647. >"AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH~!!!!!!!"
  648. "Fuuuuuccccckkkkkkkk!!!!"
  649. >The two of you twitch and moan with each fired load
  650. >Though you didn't have orange sized balls you lost count of how many times you shot into your mare
  651. >You were only focused on the pleasure between your legs
  652. >...The neighbors heard all of this didn't they?
  653. >...
  654. >...
  655. >...
  656. >Fuck it...
  657. >Eventually your balls emptied and your cock softened, your body finally giving out and just slumping against Bonbon
  658. >Your wonderful, amazing little mare, who was somehow still able to move around after ALL that, nudged you with that big butt of hers and forced you to fall onto your bed, your cock still buried firmly inside of her
  659. >You don't know how Bonnie managed it but she spun around so that she was face-to-face with you, a content little smile on her face on her sweaty face
  660. >"Are you alright there, Nonny?" she asked with a quiet giggle
  661. >You groaned
  662. >How the hell are you still fucking talking?" you weakly demanded as she wrapped her hooves around your neck and pulled you close. "I made you cum like a million times..."
  664. >Though it was starting to get a little hard to keep your eyes awake you see Bonbon's smile widen just a hair
  665. >"I'm an earth pony, silly," she murmured, nosing your cheek. "That was nothing."
  666. >...
  667. >...
  668. >...
  669. >Fucking earth pony stamina
  670. >The next few minutes are spent in comfortable silence between you and your mare, the two of you simply holding each other's sweaty and satisfied bodies and enjoying each other's warmth
  671. >Finally, Bonbon speaks up
  672. >"Anon?"
  673. "Hm?" you idly respond, running your fingers through her mane
  674. >You watch as a blush once again makes itself known on her face
  675. >"I think I... might have liked that..."
  676. >Chuckling you kissed the top of the mare's head
  677. "I KNEW you were my dirty little pony," you teased
  678. >You could feel Bonbon's ass clench against your softened member as she kissed your cheek
  679. >"D-Don't tell Lyra I liked when you stuck you thingy in my butt please..."
  680. >Oh?
  681. >She said please?
  682. >That's new
  683. >Grinning you boop your silly pony's nose
  684. "I won't tell a soul that you're an anal slut, Bonnie," you say, hand going to your heart. "I promise."
  685. >Bonbon squirmed under the light teasing, eventually looking right into your eyes
  686. >"...I love you, Nonny."
  687. >...
  688. >...
  689. >...
  690. >...
  691. >..
  692. >Oh...

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