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Ceres the uniCORN (By Anon)

By afterpaste
Created: 30th September 2021 08:23:31 PM
2nd October 2021 06:02:48 PM


Be Anon

Have breakfast

There are cereals!

Without milk, because you're poorfag.

Look at the box.

There is a cute unicorn mare on the box.

She's beautiful!

White coat, blue mane with a purple streak, golden horn; her hooves are cloven, but still cute, with little bells around her fetlock.

The main reason you bought those cereals in the first place.

Poke dry cereals with the spoon.

Look at the mare again.

tfw no mare

Remember men do not cry.

Cry anyway.

Your tears pour onto cereals.

Suddenly, a loud pop

Fall from the stool, spoon hits you in the head.


Fall silent in the midst of the word.

In your room there is-- there is--

A beautiful unicorn mare!

Just like that one from the pack!

"Hello! I'm Ceres, the uniCORN mare!"

"Um, hello. I'm Anon."

"Why are you on the floor?"

"I fell."


Her horn lights up.

She lifts you and drop back onto the stool.

She lifts spoon as well.

"Please, don't."

You stop her.

"Five second have passed"

She drops spoon back, it falls with a clanking sound.

Then she sees a bowl of cereals.

She extends her graceful neck and sniffs it.

"Don't you know dry cereals aren't good for your digestion?"

"I have no milk, Ceres."

She her large, expressive eye become full of sorrow.

"Poor Anon. Do you want some milk with your cereals?"

She steps over your makeshift plank table.

The bowl is now right between her thighs.

Now you notice her teats.

Beautiful, supple, dark nubs of flesh.

She grabs her nipples with her aura ans tugs on them.

Stream of white, thick milk squirts into the bowl.

A liter, at least, or even more.

Don't know what to say.

"Try it!"

She says and pushes you with her nose.

Look at spoon, shrug.

Scoop cereals with your hand.


It's heavenly delicious!

Quickly gulp everything down and lick the bowl.

She nuzzles you again.

Hug her by the neck.

She's warm. Soft, delicate fur.

Plant your face into her withers and inhale.

Your prayers to Cadance, Celestia and other goddesses weren't in vain, after all!

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