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BiE 13: Ragin' in the Rain.

By Mandroid
Created: 19th December 2020 12:33:25 PM
AIE Safe Anon OC Rainbow Dash Slice of Life

  1. =BiE 13=
  3. >You stir from your sleep.
  4. >Wait, something's off.
  5. >No Celestia making her sun blind your ass to start off they day? What's the occasion?
  6. >You throw back your curtains and look outside.
  7. >The sky is grey.
  8. >The wind is howling.
  9. >It's also raining.
  10. >Sideways.
  11. >"Oh."
  12. >So that's what's up.
  13. >Wait.
  14. >You still had to walk to work in this.
  15. >"Oh dicks."
  16. No. Don't wanna.
  17. >Fuck you brain, we've been in this fucking room for two days. It's time to get out.
  18. >You ignore your brain and roll off your bed.
  19. >Literally roll off.
  20. >You land on your face.
  21. >"Ow. Fuck."
  22. >Right, okay.
  23. >Those painkillers were a bit stronger then you thought.
  24. >You push yourself off the ground and manage to stand.
  25. >You hobble your way over to your door, you get the hang of walking again by the time you make it.
  26. >Hard part's over.
  28. >Step 1: Food.
  29. >Solution: Two rolls of bread and some water.
  30. >Fucks given: None. It was cheap and filling.
  31. >You spy both Rainbow and Anon still asleep on the couch.
  32. >Anon wasn't wearing his shirt.
  33. >You don't want to know.
  34. >You finish eating and make your way to the bathroom.
  35. >You throw your shirt off and start removing the bandages covering your back.
  36. >The scars from the Manticore were noticeable, but Zecora's burning potion thing made them blend well enough.
  37. >You turn on your shower and step in.
  38. >Should you tell Anon about Rainbow? It's been obvious to you since she started showing up to watch movies so often.
  39. >It would be nice to rip this band-aid of awkwardness off fast and just get on with it.
  40. >...No. Anon had to figure this out for himself.
  41. >Anon was the smartest guy you knew, but he could be pretty damned thick at times.
  42. >Even you had to point out how close he was getting to his last girlfriend.
  43. >Uhg. That fucking 200 pound secretary.
  44. >Stupid cunt. Fuck her.
  45. >As you shower, you take a moment to notice that you are covering yourself in water to go outside and get covered in water.
  46. >The irony would be delicious if you weren't going to hate it so much.
  48. >You feel a bit more lucid after your shower.
  49. >More aware.
  50. >That's good, Aloe and Lotus would probably get mad if you came into work stoned.
  51. >A quick peek outside shows you that this rain doesn't seem intent on letting up any time soon.
  52. >You decide to wear some normal clothes while you walk and change when you get to the spa.
  53. >You grab a work outfit from your dresser.
  54. >Matching stark white shirt and pants. Rarity had made them when you started working at the spa.
  55. >You personally thought they were too white when coupled with your pasty skin.
  56. >The only different color on your entire body when you wore them was your hair, you had even started to grow out your beard just to add a little fucking variety.
  57. >But getting these soaked wasn't an option so they went in your bag. You threw on some jeans and a shirt and made for the door.
  58. >Sweatshirt on to block at least some of the rain and bag over your shoulder, you opened the door.
  59. >Yep. Still raining sideways.
  60. >Shit.
  61. >You spot a fluttering grey figure in a yellow poncho by your mailbox.
  62. >"Hey Derpy." you call out over the wind.
  63. >She spots you and gets that big smile of hers.
  64. >"Hey Mous!" she says as she flies up to you.
  65. >It must be hard for her to fly in this weather.
  66. >That was why you were friends with Derpy, she never let stupid shit like a nor'easter stop her.
  67. >"Neither rain, nor sleet, nor snow, nor hail, huh Derpy?" you say as you return her smile.
  68. >Her eyes get a bit more skewed, she puts her hoof to her chin.
  69. >"Huh? What's that?" she asks.
  70. >"Heh. Never mind Derpy, just something we say where I come from. You headed my way?"
  71. >You gesture towards town with your thumb and Derpy beams a smile and nods.
  73. >Dude.
  74. >Fuck. This. Rain.
  75. >It was coming down in sheets, the wind making those sheets hit you square in the face.
  76. >You could swear that you were a few steps away from being thrown into Oz.
  77. >Did Equestria have an Oz? Was it weirder then Equestria?
  78. >Your thoughts are interrupted as a fresh burst of rain nails you.
  79. >Even the company of your favorite mailmare can't overcome the hurdle of the blasting wind and rain.
  80. >You had to practically yell to get conversation across.
  81. >From what you could make out; Dinky was doing well in school. Or was going to Hell for the pool, you don't know it was hard to hear.
  82. >Probably the first one though.
  83. >Derpy flew off to finish her rounds as you two entered town, leaving the last few hundred yards a solo endeavor.
  84. >You eventually made it to the spa door and stumbled inside, your cloths were heavy and you were no doubt dripping.
  85. >You flipped back your hood to see Aloe behind the front desk, trying to stifle a laugh, it seems.
  86. >"Welcome back, Rough morning?" she asks.
  87. >"I will never be dry again. I could spend a year in the Appleoosian desert and still be damp."
  88. >"I'll bet. Lotus! Mous just walked in!" she calls back.
  89. >"On my way." you hear your co-boss say.
  90. >Lotus walks in through the door.
  91. >"Mous, welcome back. We're glad tha-"
  92. >She takes a look at your new part man-part water form.
  93. >"Are you sure that you're okay to work? You look like you didn't have a particularly relaxing leave." she says, you think you spot concern in her eyes.
  94. >"I have water in places I didn't know I had, but my wounds are all closed up. Just point me to somewhere I can get changed and dry."
  95. >Lotus gets a small smile. "You can use the steam room, we haven't had many customers today so it's empty."
  96. >Great. The day you bust your ass to come to work is the day nopony shows up.
  97. >"Thanks boss." you say as you make your way back.
  98. >Lotus bumps you as you walk past.
  99. >Ha.
  100. >She hated to be called boss.
  102. >You get to the steam room and grab one of the towels nearby.
  103. >You disrobe and start drying yourself off.
  104. >You'll throw our clothes in the dryer you use for towels, if it's a slow day then Aloe and Lotus won't mind.
  105. >Good thing your boxers didn't get damp.
  106. >It makes sense that business is light today, nopony wanted to be outside in this weather.
  107. >Anon and Rainbow had the right idea, be off work, sleep late, stay indoors and watch movies.
  108. >Perfect recipe for a lazy Saturday.
  109. >Kinda like the day you first showed up here.
  110. >You pull your pants on and grab your shirt, satisfied that you were dry enou-
  111. >You collapse as a liquid magma hot pain runs along your scars.
  112. >"GAH! FUCK!"
  113. >Fucking hell. It felt like the Manticore was dragging it's claws up your back again.
  114. >Slowly.
  115. >While on fire.
  117. >You get yourself into a seated position and try to relax.
  118. >Too much relaxation, you accidentally lean back on the coal pit in the center of the room.
  119. >"Dammit!" you gasp out as you slam your fist into the coal pit.
  120. >"You must have made a lot of noise because Lotus comes galloping into the room.
  121. >"Mous! What's wrong? Is it your back?" she ask as she bursts in.
  122. >You half double over and put your head in your hand as you grimace.
  123. >"It's nothing..." you say through clenched teeth.
  124. >She wasn't having any of that it seems. "It is not nothing! You're in pain!"
  125. >"Nothing real, just phantom pains. Probably been having them *gak*"
  126. >Dammit. Not now.
  127. >"...since I got hurt, painkillers must have made me not notice them."
  128. >"And you're off the painkillers?" Lotus asked.
  129. >"Was taking a few at a time. Can't come to work stoned." you say through gasped breath.
  130. >The pain was starting to fade a bit.
  131. >" can't work like this." she says, actual concern in her voice.
  132. >Talking to Lotus was always like a game, you had to distract her to actually get the real her out.
  133. >"I can't sit at home for another day either, I'll go mental."
  134. >You sigh. The pain seemed to have passed, all the was left was a sort of throbbing feeling.
  135. >You could handle that.
  136. >"There. See?" you ask as you rise. "Good as new."
  137. >You throw on your shirt, as proof. It hurts, but nothing major.
  138. >"Mous, you can't work if this is going to happen again. It's not safe." she says as she looks up at you.
  139. >You mull it over.
  140. >Nopony wanted a masseur who was in pain.
  141. >Your boss didn't want you to work if you were in pain.
  142. >But you wanted to work.
  143. >The solution was simple: Don't be in pain.
  144. >"Then it won't happen again." you say as you head for the door.
  145. >"Are you sure?" you hear Lotus call out behind you.
  146. >"Positive." you say.
  147. >"I'll be in my room."
  148. >Okay.
  149. >You could do this.

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