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Flanking Maneuvers: Musical Short.

By Mandroid
Created: 19th December 2020 01:06:05 PM
AIE Safe Anon Celestia Comedy

  1. Flanking Maneuvers: Short.
  3. >You were laying back on your bed reveling in one of the calmer nights you've had here.
  4. >Meaning you still had your pajamas on and weren't getting accosted to take them off.
  5. >Celestia was standing by the balcony door, looking out.
  6. >"Dear?"
  7. *grunt*
  8. >"Let's go for a ride."
  9. >You look up at her in confusion.[spoiler][/spoiler] "Say what?"
  10. >"A ride. It's a beautiful night out and I never get to enjoy them like this."
  11. "Is this going to end with my pants off?"
  12. >She chuckles. "Who knows~?"
  13. >She probably knew, the twat.
  14. "Are you taking me out to meet one of your boytoys on the side?"
  15. >Celestia pouts. "That hurts me, Mous. You know I'd never step out on you..."
  16. "Unless that's what you want me to think."
  17. >She trots up to you and nudges your leg. "Come on, you never take me anywhere nice."
  18. "How would this work, anyway?"
  19. >"I have wings, Mous." She says as she spreads her "back-tits" as you've called them.
  20. "Are you sure you can lift both our fat asses?"
  21. >"We'll never know unless we try." She grins out.
  22. >This was stupid.
  23. >It also might be a trap.
  24. >But you were also bored.
  25. "Fine."
  26. >You hop off the bed and climb onto Celestia's back as she heads out to the balcony.
  27. >With a flap of her wings, she takes the two of you into the air. You hanging onto her neck for dear life.
  29. >You were high above Canterlot now, just flying through the clouds.
  30. >It was kinda nice up here...
  31. "I'll admit, you can keep people on your back fairly well."
  32. >Celestia smiles up at you.
  33. "But I know how kinky you are, I'd expect you to have practice at it."
  34. >Celestia rolls her eyes. "Can't even let me enjoy my night out, can you."
  35. >You look around at the almost familiar setting...
  36. "I have a song for you, if you want."
  37. >She arcs an eyebrow.[spoiler][/spoiler] "What? I have a voice like an angel."
  38. >"A fallen angel, maybe."
  39. >Whatever, she'd see.
  41. "I heard you had fucked a guard."
  42. "Just like you did all the others."
  43. "Tell me, princess, now when did you last let your head decide?"
  44. >Celestia banked through a cloud.
  45. "You dragged me into your room."
  46. "Tried to make me your plunder."
  47. "Over, sideways and under."
  48. "On a night of blackmail sex."
  49. "My slutty wife!"
  50. "Re-defining "city bicycle."  
  51. "You bring the dawn."
  52. "Can't make a spawn."
  53. "A good thing that you can't, huh?"
  54. >Celestia smiles up at you as she decides to sing.
  55. >"My freak husband!"
  56. >"A stubborn oaf from far away."
  57. >"But now listen here."
  58. >"It's crystal clear."
  59. >"That I keep you around for those hands~..."
  60. >She begins to descend, the two of you hopping over Canterlot's roofs.
  61. >"An unbelievable ass."
  62. >"Indescribably tactless."
  63. >"Torid, ruthless, and callous."
  64. >"Just an irritating guy!"
  65. >Celestia dives straight down.
  66. >"My freak husband!"
  67. "Don't you dare close your eyes!" You shout, not sing.
  68. >"A hundred thousand things to try!"
  69. "Hold your breath - it might help here!"
  70. "You are a psychopath!"
  71. >"You are a psychopath!"
  72. "You'll feel my wrath!"
  73. >"You can't do math!"
  74. >"At the least you can hold my attention."
  75. >Shit, she was booking it.
  76. "My slutty wife!"
  77. "I've got more pranks to do to you."
  78. "You'll do me anywhere!"
  79. >"You'll do me anywhere!"
  80. "And you won't care!"
  81. >"And you won't care!"
  82. "At least I made you cry out your own name."
  84. >Celestia swung back to the castle after your little duet and when p0nies on the ground started to notice the two of you.
  85. >You jumped off as you landed and made for the mirror.
  86. "Don't fly so damn fast, you'll fuck up my hair."
  87. >"Oh, you had fun."
  88. "Lies. I had fun one time and it was awful. Never again."
  89. >Celestia walks up behind you and nuzzles the side of your face. "Well I did...
  90. >Oh hell.
  91. "And all that somehow made you horny?"
  92. >"Mmmm~"
  93. >You reach up and scratch her between her ears, eliciting a moan.
  94. " bout we try something new tonight?"
  95. >Celestia is trying to massage her face with your shoulder. "Oh?...Like what?..."
  96. "I'll show you.~"
  97. >You walk over to the bed.
  98. >Throw up the blankets.
  99. >Slide yourself between them slowly.
  100. >Reach over and turn off the light.
  101. >And promptly go the fuck to sleep.
  102. >Deal with it, Celly.

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