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Flanking Maneuvers Musical Short 3.

By Mandroid
Created: 19th December 2020 01:07:54 PM
AIE Safe Anon Celestia Comedy

  1. =Flanking Maneuvers Musical Short 3=
  3. >Why the fuck do you have to get groceries?
  4. >You're royalty, you have people for this.
  5. >But nooo. Fucking Celly sends you out at Nine at night to get frozen yogurt.
  6. >Neither of you even eats frozen yogurt.
  7. >You walked into the room and set the bag down on the table.
  8. "They were out of strawberry and if you complain...I'll..."
  9. >Why did your room have ass paddles hanging from the ceiling?
  10. >Why were they hanging from meat hooks?
  11. >Why did they have your name stitched into them?
  12. >"Do you like it?"
  13. >You turn around an-Oh god.
  14. >Celestia is dressed horn to hoof in dominatrix gear.
  15. >You feel a scowl carve into your face as Celestia switches on your stereo and smiles.
  17. >Celestia walks through the room, moving the paddles with her magic.
  18. >"Look at this stuff."
  19. >"Isn't it grand?"
  20. >"The kind of stuff that makes you unable to stand?"
  21. >"Wouldn't you think I'm the girl"
  22. >"The girl who'll try anything?"
  23. >"Look at this cache."
  24. >"All plated in gold."
  25. >Holy shit, some was gold.
  26. >"How many wonders can one dank hole hold?"
  27. >"Looking around here you think"
  28. >"Oh lord, she's got everything!"
  29. >"I've got handcuffs and restraints in piles."
  30. >"I've got straps made of leather and more."
  31. >Celestia shoves her face in your smiling.
  32. >"You want saran wrap?"
  33. >"I've got miles!"
  34. >wat.
  35. >"And if not?"
  36. >"No big deal."
  37. >"I got more..."
  39. >Celestia trots out onto the balcony and stares at the moon.
  40. >"I wanna be done hanging upside down."
  41. >"I wanna see, wanna see them struggle'."
  42. >Nope.
  43. >"Perhaps even standing on those - by the stars..."
  44. >"Oh~ - hands!"
  45. >She twirls a glass of wine in her grip.
  46. >At least you know why she thought it was a good idea to do this now...
  47. >"Just like normal" is far too bland..."
  48. >"Sight isn't required for foreplay, rutting."
  49. >She runs back inside to a locked chest.
  50. >"And if you want I've got a.. - Ah! here it is."
  51. >"Brand!"
  52. >"You won't need to walk, but please try to run!"
  53. >"You'll be spending all day with the sun!"
  54. >"Please come and see - I want you to be"
  55. >"Part of My World."
  56. >"It's just so boring, spending all day inside this castle."
  57. >"And in my long life, it makes sense for my interests to...change."
  58. >"But as a man, you understand"
  59. >"That this is not mental sickness"
  60. >"Those proper mares, such boring squares."
  61. >"While I am so grand!"
  62. >Grand pain in your ass...
  63. >"And I'm ready to try what nop0ny tries!"
  64. >"You may ask questions, but you won't get answers!"
  65. >"I have Solar fire and I make it - Dohohoh~..."
  66. >"Burn!"
  67. >"It's always my turn!"
  68. >"It's me who decides, decides that it's time to get done from all sides!"
  69. >Celestia hops on the bed and lays down seductively.
  70. >"Come lie with me"
  71. >She twists around so she's on her back looking up at you.
  72. >"I want you to be"
  73. >"Part of My world..."
  75. >You glare down at your wife.
  76. >Not only were you not in the mood right now, you also didn't want to get immolated.
  77. >You walk back to the grocery bag and pull out a cup of yogurt.
  78. "Vanilla or Orange?"
  79. >Celestia sighs. "Should have known you'd be no fun...Orange."
  80. >You walk up to her with on the bed and open the snack.
  81. >"Mous, I never asked for Vanilla."
  82. "I know."
  83. >You tilt the contents of the cup over onto her.
  84. >As the milky white stream cascades down Celly's leather chaps, you meet it at the bottom and let it fall into your mouth.
  85. >Celestia moans as you trail your tongue up her side and get the rest.
  86. >You get back to your feet and walk to the other edge of the room.
  87. "Now, if you wanted foreplay, we're gonna do something we'll both enjoy."
  88. >You place the orange yogurt on top of the dresser as you grab a paddle from the ceiling.
  89. >The paddle spins between your fingers as you drop into a fighting stance.
  90. "You want your snack? Come and get it."
  91. >Celestia grow a devious smile as her horn lights up.
  92. >No one in the castle got any sleep that night.

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