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Bros in Equestria Bonus Story: Afterparty

By Mandroid
Created: 19th December 2020 01:15:52 PM
AIE Safe Anon OC Rainbow Dash Slice of Life

  1. =Bros in Equestria: Afterparty=
  3. >Year 8 in Equestria.
  4. >You tilted your head back and downed your third shot of the hour, careful not to get any on your suit.
  5. >"Should you really be drinking considering what we're about to do?" Anon asked in his gaudy getup.
  6. "Did you really have to change into pants instead of that bitchin' leotard?"
  7. >Anon crossed his arms and pouted. "Just because I have the highest voice doesn't mean I to be the cross dresser..."
  8. "No, the fact that you fuck dudes does."
  9. >"Are you guys ready?" a voice called out.
  10. >Derpy fluttered up to you two in her maids outfit. She got out of the dress pretty fast, it seemed.
  11. >"All set Misses Hooves" Anon said with a bow.
  12. "Your hubby gonna get upset that we're technically stealing your first dance?"
  13. >Derpy giggled. "He'll just have to appreciate the appropriateness."
  14. >You heard Twilight talk on the other side of the curtain. "-happy to see an old friend finally start a happy life. Even if it took him a while."
  15. >A chorus of laughs came from the ponies outside.
  16. >You hop to your feet.[spoiler][/spoiler] "Everyone remember their lines?"
  17. >Derpy nodded.
  18. >"Yup." Anon said as he put on his hat.
  19. "Then let's go be amazing."
  20. >The three of you take your positions behind the curtain as Twilight keeps talking.
  21. >"A few friends of ours have set up a..."show" for the groom, they hope you enjoy it."
  22. >You hear Twilight scamper off stage as the curtains are drawn back to reveal the packed ballroom.
  23. >>There, sitting in a large chair, was Mr. Hooves with a confused look on his face seeing his new wife on stage in a maid outfit. At least Dinky was giggling.
  24. >The music starts.
  26. >You slowly tilt your head up and look over the crowd.
  27. "It's astounding..."
  28. "Time is fleeting..."
  29. "Madness...takes its toll."
  30. "But Listen Closely."
  31. >You stomp your foot as the beat picks up.
  32. >"Not for very much longer." Derpy sang.
  33. "I've got to...keep control."
  34. >The three of you break formation and begin dancing around the stage.
  35. "I remember don' the time warp!"
  36. "Drinking those moments when-"
  37. "The blackness would hit me,"
  38. >"And the void would be calling!" You and Derpy sang in unison.
  39. >The three of you met right in front of Hooves.
  40. >"Let's do the time warp again!"
  41. >"Let's do the time warp again!"
  42. >Twilight levitates a mic to her mouth. "It's just a jump to the left."
  43. >"And then a step to the right!" you three sing.
  44. >"With your hands on your hips."
  45. "You bring your knees in tight!"
  46. >"But it's the pelvic thrust,"
  47. >"That really drives you INSA-AY-AY-ANE!"
  48. >You all jump back into formation.
  49. >"Let's do the time warp again!"
  50. >"Let's do the time warp again!"
  51. >Derpy orbits around her new husband.
  52. >"It's so dreamy..."
  53. >"Oh fantasy free me!"
  54. >"So you can't see me,"
  55. >"No, not at all."
  56. >She gets right in his face.
  57. >"In another dimension-"
  58. >"With voyeristic intention."
  59. >"Well secluded, I see all."
  61. >You strut in front of him as Anon dances behind you.
  62. "With a bit of a mind flip..."
  63. >"You're into the time slip."
  64. "And nothing, can ever be the same."
  65. >"You're spaced out on sensation!" Derpy shouts on the back of the chair.
  67. >"Let's do the time warp again!"
  68. >"Let's do the time warp again!"
  69. >You clear a path of vision strait to Anon as he dances with a cane.
  70. >"Well I was walking down the street,"
  71. >"Just a having a think."
  72. >"When a snake of a guy gave me an evil wink!"
  73. >"He shook-a me up, he took me by surprise,"
  74. >"He had a pick up truck and the devil's eyes!"
  75. >"He stared at me and I felt a change."
  76. >"Time meant nothing, never would again."
  77. >You rejoin him.
  78. >"Let's do the time warp again!"
  79. >"Let's do the time warp again."
  80. >Twi grabs the mic again.
  81. >"It's just a jump to the left!"
  82. >"And then a step to the right!"
  83. >"With your hands on your hips,"
  84. >"You bring your knees in tight!"
  85. >"But it's the pelvic thrust..."
  86. >"That really drives you INSA-AY-AY-ANE!"
  87. >You dance your way back up to the stage.
  88. >"Let's do the time warp again!"
  89. >"Let's do the time warp again!"
  90. >You all fall down as the music dies.
  92. >The room erupts into a hurricane of applause and cheers as the music turns into a slow and steady bassline.
  93. >The three of you get back to your feet and go out to greet the crowd.
  94. "Yes, thank you everypony." you say waving.
  95. >Hooves walks up and hugs his wife. "I loved it Derpy."
  96. >The mailmare blushes and gives her hubby a peck.
  97. >Anon smiles as you attempt to shoo them off the stage.
  98. "C'mon, let's not take up space."
  99. >Derpy flashes a small grin and pushes Hooves back into his seat.
  100. >Anon arches an eyebrow. "Any reason why?"
  101. >Oh really should have learned by now.
  102. >You take your position next to Hooves' chair.
  103. "C'mon man, you know what comes next."
  104. >Anon listens to the still steady bassline.
  105. >"You didn't..."
  106. "I so did."
  107. >"Who?"
  108. "Guess~."
  109. >"No way..."
  110. >He got no further as a bright flash of light erupted from right in front of Hooves.
  112. >Before you all, in a black cloak and whorish makeup, was Princess Celestia.
  113. >Just as planned.
  114. >"How d'you do, I see you've met my faithful handyman."
  115. >She glanced at you and winked.
  116. >"He's just a little brought down because when you knocked,"
  117. >"He thought you were the candyman."
  118. >She spun around and strutted to the stage.
  119. >"Don't get strung out by the way that I look,"
  120. >"Don't judge a book by its cover."
  121. >"I'm not much of a mare by the light of day,"
  122. >"But by night I'm one hell of a lover."
  123. >Everyone in the room gasps as Celestia tosses off her cloak and reveals a saddle, stirrups, and a birdle underneath.
  124. >"I'm just a Sweet Transvestite from Transexual, Transylvania..HA HA!"
  125. >She flares her wings and saunters down to the nervous Doctor.
  126. >"So let me show you around, maybe play you a sound."
  127. >"You look like you move pretty groovy."
  128. >She starts orbiting the chair.
  129. >"Or if you want something visual that's not too abysmal."
  130. >"We could take in an old Hot Trot's movie."
  131. >Doctor turned his head to talk to Celestia as she smugly walked around.
  132. >"Princess, what are you doing? Is this just a bit of screwing?"
  133. >"It's a bit strange, considering it's my wedding."
  134. >"I know you are kind and just messing with my mind."
  135. >"Or is there something I should be dreading?"
  136. >Celestia teleports in front of him again and grins a manic grin down.
  138. >"So you got hitched and bewitched, and now you're life's enriched."
  139. >"Well Doctor, don't you panic."
  140. >"In the light of the sun, when it's all said and done."
  141. >"I'll get you a satanic mechanic."
  142. >She trots up to the stage and pulls one of Rarity's lounges offstage, the three of you walking up behind her.
  143. >"I'm just a Sweet Transvestite from Transexual, Transylvania...HA! HA!"
  144. >She lounges across it with the three of you taking position behind her.
  145. >"So why don't you stay for the night?"
  146. "Night."
  147. >"Or maybe a bite?"
  148. >"Bite."
  149. >"I could show you my favorite...obsession?"
  150. >"I've been making a man with blond hair and a tan."
  151. >"And he's good for relieving my... tension."
  152. >She climbs up from the lounge.
  153. >"I'm just a Sweet Transvestite from Transexual, Transylvania."
  154. >"HIT IT! HIT IT!"
  155. >"I'm just a Sweet Transvestite from Transexual, Transylvania."
  156. >She stops in front of Hooves.
  157. >"So come up to the lab. And see what's on the slab."
  158. >"I see you shiver with antici...
  159. >The room is silent.
  160. >"...pation!"
  161. >"But maybe the rain isn't really to blame."
  162. >"So I'll remove the cause, but not the symptom!"
  163. >With that she teleports out.
  164. >The room stays silent after the sight they saw.
  165. "So...who wants' cake?"

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