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Candy Hearts [Flurry/Cadence x Anon by Kirko Bangz]

By OniiChansFables
Created: 2020-10-28 18:14:46
Expiry: Never

  1. >Saturday afternoon, Cloudy skies, and the soft droplets of rain. That's surely not ominous right?
  2. >You try to look straight ahead, but the back and forth motion of the windshield wipers continue to catch your attention.
  3. >"This is a good thing you're doing Anon. It shows consideration. Maturity."
  4. >Staying silent, your Father continues to speak.
  5. >"I know you're leaving tons of friends behind, but the fact you recognize that family is more important, shows you're becoming a man."
  6. >You just watch the cars pass by in continued reserve.
  7. >Your dad sighs,hoping for a response.
  8. >"Look...I know you're probably pissed with me. I did kind of pressure you into this after all."
  9. "Tch."
  10. >His brow furrows.
  11. >"Your mother and I weren't the best parents to your sister, and now...well she's a mother herself. We don't have the right to try to be "Mom and Dad" now. You know? She needs someone there. Your niece needs a male figure in her life now more than ever. Her uncle."
  12. >The car hit s a slight bump, making the entire car shudder.
  13. >"It's not forever. Just for a little bit. Just until she's feeling better okay? You'll see your friends again kiddo."
  14. >You scratch your head, and take a deep breath.
  15. "Okay,sure."
  16. >The car makes a left turn. "Rabosh Blvd" according to the street sign.
  17. >"We're here."
  18. >He moves down a little ways before pulling into the driveway of a lavish white two floor house. with a blue hybrid in the driveway.
  19. >You've always hated the design of those cars, but a car is a car.
  20. >After a bump or two, he stops, and looks over to you.
  21. >Without a word, you step out of the car, grabbing your bags from the back seat, without saying a word, and head up the cobblestone walkway.
  22. >"Anon. wait a sec."
  23. >You look over to your shoulder at your father, who has his head poked out the window.
  24. >"Thanks again. Make sure you call us every now and then okay?"
  25. >You nod, and continue on towards the door, as he backs out and pulls off.
  26. >Before you can even get to the entrance it opens up by itself.
  27. >"So he left without even saying hello?"
  28. "Yep."
  29. >There she is in all her statuesque glory. Mother of one, and dean of Crystal Prep Academy.
  30. >Cadence shakes her head with a small frown.
  31. >"Oh well in any case, come in! You'll get soaked standing out there!"
  32. >She takes one of your bags, leading you into her house.
  33. >You look around, never actually having been here before. You've only heard about it over the phone in conversations.
  34. >"Flurry! Your uncle is here!"
  35. "You don't have to call her. It's no big deal..."
  36. >She puts down your bag, with a smile.
  37. >"You're going to be living with us for a bit. I'd say that's a pretty big deal. For us at least."
  38. >You shrug, and shake your head.
  39. >The soft creaking of carpeted stairs signals the arrival of your Niece.
  40. >Flurry Heart descends with a deadpan look on her face, as she holds onto the railing.
  41. >"You called for me...?"
  42. >She looks nothing like when you last saw her on Easter. A bit paler, and that happy expression she once always wore is but mere memories of the past.
  43. >"Your uncle is here. Come say hi?"
  44. >She looks from Cadence to you.
  45. >"O-oh..hello."
  46. "Hey."
  47. >She slowly turns around, and heads back upstairs. You can hear her door softly click close.
  48. >Cadence touches her forehead.
  49. >"You thirsty? Come into the kitchen with me."
  50. "What about these?"
  51. >You motion to your bags.
  52. >"Just leave them there. Come talk with me munchkin."
  53. >You grumble. You're not done growing. Soon you'll be towering over her.
  54. >The reunion is moved into the dining room, where you take a chair, and look around.
  55. >Cadence keeps it pretty clean, but considering her current situation...she must need to keep herself busy somehow.
  56. >She returns with two glasses of blue colored juice, sitting net to you.
  57. "Thanks."
  58. >"Manners? When did you become so courteous? No childish jabs? Boogerbrain? Snot nose?"
  59. "I'm nearly eighteen."
  60. >She sighs and smiles sadly.
  61. >"Yeah...I wish things were simple like that again.
  62. >You sip your juice.
  63. >"Thank you for doing this. It's...it's really cool of you."
  64. >She bumps your shoulder with hers.
  65. "I was kinda forced into it, but I'd say maybe twenty percent is me."
  66. >She chuckles.
  67. >"I suppose that's enough.
  68. >Her expression changes back into one of sadness.
  69. >"I'm glad you came out here still."
  70. "It's one of those moments where family is really important after all."
  71. >"Too bad Dad can't figure that out."
  72. >He's figured out more than she knows.
  73. "Have you talked to Twilight yet?"
  74. >Cadence closes her eyes.
  75. >"We haven't spoken since the funeral. I think she still blames me."
  76. "She's still grieving. Just like you and Flurry. It'll pass."
  77. >Cadence sighs again, nodding.
  78. >She takes your hand in hers and gives it a squeeze. It's so soft and fragile, you wonder if you returned the squeeze her hand would break?
  79. >"Enough abput that though, let me run upstairs and make sure there's nothing "risque" laying around. Girls live here you know?"
  80. "I did forget briefly."
  81. >She punches you in the arm grinning, getting up from her chair, and disappearing into the living room.
  82. >You knock back your juice, and stand up.
  83. >You slide your chair back in, and move to your bags, putting them together into a pile.
  84. >A picture on the top of the fireplace catches your eye.
  85. >It's surrounded with Candles and Flowers. A police hat lays adjacent of the frame.
  86. >A newspaper article, or rather an obituary, is tucked into the frame below the picture.
  87. >Shining Armor(36) killed in the line of duty on september 14th, mon-
  88. >"It still feels like he'll stroll in with that big grin on his face, asking for a corndog."
  89. >You turn around.
  90. >Cadence leans against the wall with her arms crossed with a sad smile.
  91. >"C'mon up. Your room is set."
  92. >Cadence leads you to the second floor and down the hall past two closed doors. Must be hers and Flurry's.
  93. >"Here's your royal chambers your majesty."
  94. >It's a simple room with a desk, computer, bed and dresser. Nothing big, but maybe with some work it could be a regular "lair".
  95. >You walk in and put your bags in the middle of the room on the floor.
  96. >"So?"
  97. "So what?"
  98. >"What do you think? Pretty snazzy huh? It used to be Shiny's study."
  99. >Geez.
  100. >Cadence comes and sits on your new bed, kicking her shoes off.
  101. >" It's even got that new bed springiness!"
  102. >She bounces on it a few times.
  103. "Hey hey hey. Don't do that! If you wear it out, how will the ladies enjoy it?"
  104. >Your sister smugly grins at you.
  105. >"Ha. Like any girl is gonna go near the Dean's little brother, much less give him ANYTHING."
  106. "Should the Dean even be saying things like that to a student?"
  107. >"I'm not the Dean right now. So nyeh."
  108. >She sticks her tongue out at you.
  109. >You sit on the bed next to her, as she lays back, placing her slender legs on your lap, staring at the ceiling.
  110. >"I think you'll like CPA."
  111. "Yeah?"
  112. >She leans up a little to look at you.
  113. >"I do. Your niece also starts her freshman year Monday. It makes me happy she won't be alone her first day."
  114. "It's gonna be weird."
  115. >"Weird? How so?"
  116. >You look at Cadence incredulously.
  117. "Candy. I'm her seventeen year old uncle. It's gonna be weird."
  118. >She snickers.
  119. >"Just don't tell them you're her uncle. Say you're her brother if it makes you that uncomfortable."
  120. "So we're one of THOSE families now?"
  121. >Cadence repositions herself so she's sitting up.
  122. >"Haven't we always been?"
  123. >She bumps you again giggling.
  124. "You're still weird as ever. Aren't kids supposed to make you more mature?"
  125. >"Don't you know? The older you get the more you want to be treated like a kid!"
  126. >You groan as she throws her arms around you laughing.
  127. >The moment is stopped by Flurry's presence once more.
  128. >She stands in your doorway with the same expression as from before.
  129. >"Are you cooking tonight mom...? I'm hungry..."
  130. >Cadence let's you go, and stands up.
  131. >"Sorry sweetie. I'll get on it right away."
  132. >She walks past her sullen daughter running a hand over her rounded hair.
  133. >Flurry gives looks to you with sad eyes, before excusing herself.
  134. >The poor girl. You don't have to be some psychoanalyst or an adult to know she's closed herself off from reality. A girl shouldn't lose her father so young.
  135. >How can a kid like you do anything for another kid going through something so traumatizing?
  136. >You reach into your pocket, and pull out your cellphone.
  137. >Your last text was from your buddy Gilda. She took your leaving the hardest. It's just for a little. You'll be back soon. She can always call you. and vice versa. Just suffer through this until you can go back.
  138. >You look to the computer, wondering if it has skype on it.
  139. >Contacting your friends through this would be much more personal than a text!
  140. >You move to it, and boot it up.
  141. >It hums to life, beeping a few times, before the microsoft logo appears.
  142. >The wallpaper, brings a little smile to your face.
  143. >It's of when Flurry was still a baby, still in her high chair.
  144. >This was HIS study after all. Of course he'd put his baby girl on his screen so he could see her everyday.
  145. >You put your head in your hands.
  146. "Why did I agree to this again?"
  147. >Trying to put your thoughts behind you, you bring up internet explorer, and download Skype. You're not deleting anything, so it's not disrespectful.
  148. >You sit back and watch the download bar after clicking through the ToS.
  150. >You can hear the sounds of pots dropping from downstairs, prompting you to get up and investigate.
  151. >You make it to the kitchen, and see Cadence looking at the back of a box of Macaroni and Cheese.
  152. >Flurry sits at the table watching expressionless.
  153. >Cadence scrunches her brow, making faces like she's constipated.
  154. "I thought I smelled something burning."
  155. >She looks up from the box.
  156. >"But, I haven't cooked anything yet!"
  157. "I was referring to you thinking."
  158. >She scowls putting her hands on her hips.
  159. >"Well excuse me! I'm not exactly Emeril Lagasse when it comes to this stuff!"
  160. >You walk over, and take the box from her hands.
  161. "You're showing your age. We say Bobby Flay now."
  162. >"Whatever. I'm just gonna order a pizza."
  163. >She picks up the phone, but you place your hand on it, keeping it on the hook.
  164. "What pizza chains are around here?"
  165. >She puts a finger to her chin.
  166. >"Uhm...Papa John's. Pizza hut--"
  167. "So garbage. Got it. Sit down. I'll take care of this."
  168. >She releases the phone.
  169. >"All those hours of armchair Chopped cheffing give you the confidence to prepare a meal huh?"
  170. "Shut up."
  171. >You take a saucepan out and fill it with water, placing it on the stove.
  172. >"You're not going to read the directions?"
  173. "For Mac and Cheese? How did you survive all this time?"
  174. >She holds her elbow, looking down, going silent.
  175. >Flurry stares off into the distance.
  176. >"I...I didn't do the cooking in the house..."
  177. "O-oh..."
  178. >There goes that familiar tension.
  179. >Dad wasn't exaggerating it seems. They really do need you. You shudder to think of all the things your brother-in-law did for these two.
  180. "W-well don't worry about it. I'll whip up something great. Just go relax, and let me do my thing!"
  181. >She tilts her head with a sad smile.
  182. >"You're awfully enthusiastic."
  183. "I'm an artist. Inspiration comes to me at random times. You just happen to be privvy to one of those moments."
  184. >"Mhm. Sure. You've only been here for what now? Two hours? You're already cooking for us like you've lived here all your life."
  185. >You snort, and pour the box contents into the water, grabbing the sauce packet before it touches the boiling water.
  186. "It's no problem. I got this."
  187. >As you prepared the the macaroni, you had to hold in your frustration at times, due to Cadence asking over and over if it was ready.
  188. >Flurry just quietly sat in her seat, not making so much as a sound.
  189. >"Anooooon~ Is it ready yet?"
  190. >She hangs off of your back with an arm around your neck.
  191. >"I'm staaarrrrrving~ I'm wasting awaaaaaay~"
  192. >You grunt, and bite your bottom lip.
  193. "It's only been Twelve minutes Candy. SIT DOWN SOMEWHERE."
  194. >"This is elderly abuuuuuse~"
  195. >You rub your eyes in annoyance, but can't help but snicker a bit.
  196. >She was always this bad when she would babysit you. Like a big kid. It brings back memories of happier times, before she was kicked out of the house.
  197. >You're stirring the sauce in when she plops a finger into the pot, taking a noodle.
  198. "Oy! Cut that out. You'll burn your finger."
  199. >She sticks her tongue out at you, popping it into her mouth.
  200. >"Oh that's delicious!"
  201. "Yes. It's called Salted Water."
  202. >"Salt water? Like at the sea?"
  203. >You facepalm.
  204. "Just go sit down woman, and never ever go near a stove without a hazmat suit, and a sandbag barrier."
  205. >She pouts following your orders..
  206. >"I'm not that bad at cooking you butt..."
  207. >You set aside three plates, and scoop out three servings of the creamy Mac, and bring them to the table, balancing them like a pro. Working as a waiter at Denny's will hone those skills.
  208. >Cadance puts her hands together, impressed with the meager meal, while Flurry just starts eating in silence.
  209. >Cadence savors each bite, letting a "Mmh!" slip every so often.
  210. >You'd think they never ate a home-cooked meal before, but....well you know the reason for that.
  211. >"This is amazing! It's like when I was in college, and I got to go with my roomie to her rents house for Holiday dinners!"
  212. "Yeah. Dad and Mom were douchebags for that."
  213. >"Don't say that. They were kind to you, weren't they?"
  214. "Well yeah, but--"
  215. >"What happened between me and them is just that. I've moved on, and I have a good life as a result of it. Big House, Great Career, and a beautiful daughter."
  216. >She smiles at Flurry, who looks up for a quick moment before going back to eating.
  217. "That's true."
  218. >You feel her leg gently kick yours.
  219. >"And an amazing little manlet brother."
  220. "Don't call me a manlet! I'm not done growing!"
  221. >She giggles, and goes back to eating.
  222. >"Sniff-"
  223. >A quiet sniffle comes from Flurry's direction.
  224. >Tears slowly trailing down her cheeks as she's eating.
  225. >You open your mouth a few times, unsure of what to say or do.
  226. >She clears her plate, and stands up.
  227. >"May I be excused, please?"
  228. >Cadence gives her a concerned smile.
  229. >"Of course Sweetheart."
  230. >She slowly walks off into the living room and up the stairs.
  231. >You hear the soft click of her door closing.
  232. >Cadence runs a hand through her hair, and sighs.
  233. "Will she be okay?"
  234. >"Yeah...it's just hard, you know? Everything we look at reminds us of him."
  235. "I know. I'm here for both of you."
  236. >Cadence fighting her own tears, forces a smile at you.
  237. >"You're just a kid yourself. Don't try to be an adult now, you midget."
  238. >She stands up, giving you a tight hug, and kiss on the head.
  239. >"Thank you for dinner. I'm gonna turn in early. I have to go down to the academy to prepare for the beginning of the new semester."
  240. "Alright."
  241. >She breaks the hug, and leaves the kitchen giving you a little wave as she ascends the stairs next.
  242. >You sigh, and lean in your seat, arms folded behind your head.
  243. >You're in for a rough ride through rocky waters. Are you possibly overstepping your boundaries by doing things like this?
  244. >Candy doesn't seem to mind at least.
  245. >The microwave shows the time as being seven on the dot.
  246. >You start to clean up, wondering what your role in this house will actually be. You're not trying to replace Shining. Far from it. Just help them get on their feet is all.
  247. >Well Day one is over.
  248. >After clearing the table, and washing up the few dishes, you head up to your room, both Cadance and Flurry's doors closed.
  249. >Once there, you take a seat in the computer chair, and sign in to Skype.
  250. "Damn. No one's on."
  251. >Knowing Gilda and the others they're probably at the movies or something. An activity you'd be participating in.
  252. >Anonymous. Welcome to the rest of your teenage life.
  255. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Chapter 2~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  258. >Going to bed early on a Saturday, and being under thirty must be a crime somewhere for someone your age.
  259. >As you slept, you woke up to check your phone several times, hoping for a late night text. Has everyone back home forgotten you already?
  260. >Before you knew it, morning came like a flash. At least you won't be too tired.
  261. >You check the clock on your phone again.
  262. "Six thirteen. Hah."
  263. >You let your arm fall to your side, and sit up in bed. Candy still hasn't gotten up yet, and you don't think Flurry will emerge from hers until she's hungry or to wash. You at least hope she;s washing still. You've never been depressed, but you've read enough stories online.
  264. >You slide out of bed stretching, your bones cracking and popping loudly, as you head to the bathroom.
  265. >You look yourself over in the mirror, splashing water on your face a few times to get the bags out.
  266. >"Good Morning. Why are you up so early?"
  267. >Cadance saunters in behind you, half asleep, with frazzled hair.
  268. >She looks like she slept rough.
  269. "Good Morning. Is it time for you to get ready?"
  270. >She hums out an "Mhm", and promptly sits on the toilet.
  271. >You double-take at her in disbelief of her boldness.
  272. "Candy!! THE HELL'RE YOU DOING?!"
  273. >Upon closer inspection, you notice that she's now walking around in her bra and panties.
  274. >You quickly excuse yourself slamming the door behind you, muttering curses under your breath, as you head for the staircase down to the kitchen. On the way, a few thunks and bumps were heard from Flurry's room.
  275. >Hope you didn't wake her up.
  276. >You pop the lights on in the kitchen, rooting around in the pantry for anything to whip up. It's better to busy yourself doing something, than sitting and watching your phone like a hawk.
  277. >You locate some pancake mix. It's cliche, but you're sure they will both appreciate the gesture.
  278. >Considering Cadance is menace to the culinary arts, she sure does know how to stock her fridge and cupboards. Or maybe she wasn't the one doing the shopping?
  279. >In any case, you need to put that little incident from earlier out of your mind and focus on breakfast.
  280. >You root through the fridge and find eggs and milk for the pancakes, and one other item you're glad is there.
  281. >Whether it be Shining or Cadance, at least they know the basic food groups.
  282. >Dairy,Grains, Fruits and Veggies, and Bacon.
  283. >Before you know it, the house is filled with the sounds of life. If that sound is bacon sizzling.
  284. >"That's a smell I didn't think I'd get to enjoy again."
  285. >Cadance steps into the kitchen fully dressed in business casual attire, with a smile plastered on her face.
  286. "Hrnn.."
  287. >You grunt, focusing on your Flapjacks.
  288. >"Are you mad at me?"
  289. >She slides her arms around your neck from behind, pressing her head against yours.
  290. >"I'm sorry. I forgot it was you in the bathroom."
  291. "Who did you THINK it was?"
  292. >She goes silent,tightening her grip slightly.
  293. >You get the implications, feeling guilty.
  294. "Better yet, just forget about it. It's okay. We're family after all. Not the first time I've seen you half-naked."
  295. >"You've seen me half-naked at other times?!"
  296. "Uhhh...I plead the fifth."
  297. >She puts you in a sleeper hold, while you're cooking.
  298. "Hpt stove! Hot stove!"
  299. >She ruffles your hair, letting go.
  300. >"You better give me a Lumberjack's share for that."
  301. "Can you even EAT that much?"
  302. >She turns on the coffee machine by the fridge.
  303. >"Of course. I have the metabolism of a race horse!"
  304. >You roll your eyes.
  305. >How could you forget? Cadance didn't even look pregnant when she had Flurry. Baby fat didn't exist with her. You imagine her just walking around and Flurry sorta just slipping out without her knowing.
  306. >Okay, let's not imagine that.
  307. >Speak of the devil.
  308. >You turn in time to see, a quiet Flurry slide into a chair at the table, with the same expressionless face.
  309. >"Good Morning Sweetie. How did you sleep?"
  310. .>Flurry shrugs quietly.
  311. >Cadance goes to hug her daughter, as you flip a couple cakes onto a plate.
  313. >You haven't really tried to talk to Flurry since coming here. Mostly because you don't know what to say. Cadance is different. You can talk to her about almost anything. Maybe because she's older than you?
  314. >But how would you speak to someone closer to you in age?
  315. >As you take off the last cake, you sit the bacon on a paper towel to dry, and start fixing plates.
  316. >You approach the table with yours and Flurry's humble portions, and Cadance's seven-thousand pancakes helping.
  317. >She licks her lips comically.
  318. >"That smells heavenly~ I think we need to make it a house rule you watch cooking shows every night."
  319. "I'd do that even if you didn't make it a rule."
  320. >You sit the plates in front of your niece and sister, as they get to work on their meals.
  321. >Taking your seat last, you look over to Flurry who's quietly eating again like last night.
  322. >She's not really enjoying the food. More like just eating to sustain herself.
  323. "G-good morning Flurry."
  324. >She peeks up at you.
  325. >"Good Morning."
  326. >You exchange concerned looks with Cadence.
  327. >Nibbling on a strip of Bacon she starts to speak.
  328. >"I'm going to be at CPA all day. I have a lot of paperwork to catch up on. Missed too many days."
  329. "How much paperwork could a school have for you to fill out?"
  330. >"I know right? It's uncanny actually-"
  331. >Crunch-
  332. "Close your mouth when you eat Candy."
  333. >She sticks her tongue out at you.
  334. >"What are you going to do today?"
  335. >You shrug.
  336. "I don't really know this part of town. What is there to even do?"
  337. >Cadance looks to Flurry.
  338. >"Maybe you could show him around the town sweetie? Give your uncle the best tour in the city?"
  339. >Flurry lifelessly nods.
  340. >At least she'll be out of her room.
  341. >Cadance smiles, putting her fork down onto an empty plate.
  342. "Wow. You actually ate it all."
  343. >She slips out of her chair, with a smug grin, kissing your cheek.
  344. "Hey, hey. Keep your cooties to yourself."
  345. >She ruffles your hair again.
  346. >"We kiss the cook in this house. Deal with it midge.">She gives Flurry a smooch as well before knocking back a cup of coffee.
  347. >"I'm off! I'll call your cell when I get the chance!"
  348. >She waves to the two of you, before leaving the house with a semi-loud slam.
  349. >Then there was two.
  350. >Flurry is still eating quietly.
  351. >You want to break this silent tension, but have no idea how.
  352. "S-so when do you want to leave?"
  353. >She shrugs.
  354. "Oh. alright."
  355. >You play with your pancakes, feeling awkward.
  356. >Damn it Anonymous. This is your niece! You shouldn't feel bad about talking with her! Say something! Anything!
  357. "So you're gonna be starting at CPA this monday huh? Where were you before?"
  358. >"Canterlot..."
  359. "Oh? What made you want to transfer?"
  360. >"Mom thought it'd be best to keep me close after Dad died."
  361. >You start kicking yourself mentally.
  362. "O-oh."
  363. >She slides out of her chair.
  364. >"Thank you for breakfast."
  365. >She leaves the kitchen, going back upstairs to her room, leaving you to feel like a total moron.
  366. >You spent the next forty-five minutes cringing internally at your thoughtlessness, while washing the dishes.
  367. >This is going to be rougher than you thought.
  368. >You wipe your forehead, taking a deep breath at your nice and clean kitchen, and glance at the clock.
  369. >It's going on Nine. It's still a little early to go outside exploring,
  370. >What better time to see if anyone is on Skype than now?
  371. >You bound up the stairs passing by Flurry's still closed door.
  372. >There's little murmurs coming from inside, but you're not going to eavesdrop on the poor girl.
  373. >You take your seat in front of the computer, and log in to Skype.
  374. >Like predicted, Gilda is online. She was always an early riser. Probably because she helps out with the family bakery business. Crumpets won't sell themselves.
  375. "Hey."
  376. >You type in lightning fast, and wait for a response.
  377. >You see the familiar message that "Gilda is typing" appear near the bottom of the screen.
  378. >"Hey you jackass! Why didn't you call me last night?"
  379. >A smile spreads across your face. Though it was only one day, that aggressive concern of hers always warmed your heart.
  380. "I was busy settling in. It's worse than I thought. Also you could have texted me."
  381. >"How bad?"
  382. "Real bad."
  383. >There's no response for a moment.
  384. >"So does that mean you won't be coming back?"
  385. "I will someday. I just need to help out here for a little, then I'll come back, and you can pretend to not be in love with me again."
  386. >There's no response for about seven minutes.
  387. >"Shut up you asshole."
  388. >You break out into mad laughter, imagining her face lighting up like a Christmas tree.
  389. >"Hurry up and get back here. Greta will kick your ass if you don't."
  390. >Greta huh.
  391. "And what will you do?"
  392. >"You don't wanna know. I travel butthead. I'll find you."
  393. "Lmao"
  394. >You post a Lenny face after.
  395. >She stops responding again.
  396. >"You're such a jerk. Anyway, I have to go. TTYL."
  397. "KK see ya."
  398. >You lean back in the chair feeling better. Your friends still haven't forgotten you.
  399. >You get up from your chair, deciding to shower and prepare to go out with Flurry for the day.
  400. >Now armed with this positive, optimistic mood, you feel like that maybe this outing won't be so bad.
  401. >After a quick shower, and teeth brushing, you put on your best jeans and t-shirt.
  402. >You grab your cellphone, and move to Flurry's door, rapping your knuckle against it a few times.
  403. "Hey Flurry? You up?"
  404. >A few moments pass, until the door cracks open slightly.
  405. >She peeks through.
  406. >"...Yes?"
  407. "Get ready. We're gonna be heading out soon."
  408. >She looks down at the ground, and back up to you.
  409. >"O-okay..."
  410. >The door softly closes.
  411. >You decide to wait on her downstairs in the living room. Give her a little space.
  412. >You're not even on the sofa for five minutes, when She slowly descends dressed in all black. Black hoodie, black skirt, black leggings. Just all black.
  413. >"I'm ready..."
  414. >You don't want to ask if she showered or whatever considering how rude it would be to ask a girl about her hygiene.
  415. "Okay. Let's get going then."
  416. >You stand up, leading your young niece out of the house, and locking the door behind you.
  417. >She keeps her gaze downward to the ground, and her hands in her pockets the entire time.
  418. "So is there any place you can think of you want to show me?"
  419. >She sighs, head still hung.
  420. >"...There is one."
  421. "Sweet! Let's go then!"
  422. >She quietly starts walking, with you following close behind.
  423. >That optimistic attitude from before? Gone and dead.
  424. >Flurry just keeps silent, trudging along like a zombie. You're left at a loss for words.
  425. >You have to get her to talk, if at least a little!
  426. "Soooo...you go here a lot?"
  427. >"No..."
  428. >She says nothing else after that.
  429. >Geez. Maybe you should just keep quiet.
  430. >The silence is deafening.
  431. >You start checking your cell phone again. Anything for a distraction.
  432. >How long have you both been walking?
  433. >"...We're here."
  434. >It's a park with a wide lake in the center.
  435. "What's this place?"
  436. >Flurry looks out at the water with somber eyes.
  437. >She wordlessly goes to sit on a nearby bench, pockets still concealed in her hoodie.
  438. >You take a seat next to her, looking from her to the lake.
  439. "Is this a special place?"
  440. >She slowly nods.
  441. >Her eyes become glassy, the longer she stares off into the distance.
  442. >You start to get the significance, and place a hand on her shoulder.
  443. "If you don't mind me asking...did you and your dad come here?"
  444. >Her lips tremble.
  445. >You scoot closer to her, placing an arm around her.
  446. >She points to a nearby dock, where you see a couple paddle boats shaped like Swans. It's closed.
  447. >"W-we'd ride the boats every S-saturday..."
  448. >You can see her attempting to fight back the tears, but alas, to no avail.
  449. >Her arm starts shaking while she continues to point.
  450. >You place a hand on her wrist, and slowly push it down, bringing her into a hug.
  451. >She sniffles, burying her face in your chest.
  452. "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to open a fresh wound even more."
  453. >You feel her shake her head, as she takes handfuls of your shirt, like she's holding back outright bawling.
  454. "Do you want to go home?"
  455. >She looks up at you with puffy eyes.
  456. >"C-can we stay just a little longer?"
  457. >You smile at her, and nod.
  458. "As long as you want."
  459. >Flurry rests her head on your shoulder, sniffling a few times, as the two of you stared out at the lake.
  460. >You put your head against Flurry's, stroking her hair as gently as possible.
  461. "As long as you want."
  462. >You're not surprised.
  463. >Why wouldn't she go somewhere, she has fond memories of her father? You should be grateful she was willing to come this far, and not hole up in her room.
  464. >At least she doesn't hate you. She's just still hurt.
  465. >Flurry sniffles a few more times, wiping her face with her sleeve.
  466. >Actually...maybe you can do just a little bit more.
  467. "You know-"
  468. >You rub her shoulder.
  469. "I know I'm no where near your Dad's level, but if you like I could take you riding the paddle boats next time."
  470. >She pulls away from you, still clutching your shirt in her tiny hands.
  471. >Her big eyes search your face for any sign of deceit.
  472. >"D-Do you mean it? W-would you do that with me?"
  473. >You smile, feeling progress being made.
  474. "Of course. I'll do whatever I can for you."
  475. >She doesn't smile back. She just retakes her place leaned against your chest.
  476. >"Okay..."
  477. >It's something.
  478. >One step at a time.
  479. >Time passes, with nothing to be heard bu,t the lake crinkling from the wind.
  480. >Cadance hasn't called yet. She must be swamped in paperwork. How messed up is it that her co-workers couldn't do her a solid and do it for her while she was gone mourning the loss of her husband? You're not looking forward to meeting the faculty.
  481. >"...I'm getting hungry."
  482. "Oh? You ready to head home then?"
  483. >She nods, still pressed against your chest.
  484. "Alright. Let's get going then."
  485. >You both stand up, but your caught off guard, when she encloses her hand in yours.
  486. >Again, it's something.
  487. >You smile, and give her a little squeeze.
  488. "Let's go home."
  489. >You and Flurry, hand in hand walked back in comfortable silence.
  490. >Hopefully, next time you'll get a smile out of her.
  491. >It's well into the afternoon when you both make it back to the house.
  492. >Flurry never let go the whole way.
  493. >She even returned your occasional squeezes with her own soft ones. Her gaze never left the ground, and that's just fine.
  494. >Once inside she releases your hand, standing in the doorway.
  495. "What do you feel like eating?"
  496. >She shrugs, blinking slowly.
  497. "I'm sure I can find something to whip up.
  498. >As you head into the kitchen, you can see Flurry heading upstairs out the corner of your eye.
  499. >You exhale loudly, and wipe your eyes.
  500. >Time to start foraging. You look through the cupboards and find a few things you can do.
  501. >Lots of canned soup, boxed stuff. things really easy to make for the non-cooking housewife.
  502. >You start checking the freezer next, when your phone goes off.
  503. >The word "Candy" shows up on the ID.
  504. >You answer it and hold the phone to your ear using your shoulder.
  505. "Hello?"
  506. >"Heeeey~ What are you doing?"
  507. "Looking through your fridge for something to make Flurry. Was there a sale on TV dinners or something?"
  508. >You hear Cadance snicker.
  509. >"Shut up, I like those!"
  510. "It's mad unhealthy. Where's your lunch meat? Your roasts, and such?"
  511. >"Uhhhhh...."
  512. >You sigh, shaking your head.
  513. "I'll figure something out."
  514. >"Thank yoooou."
  515. >You grumble at her sing song tone.
  516. >"So where did the two of you go?"
  517. >You pull a can of chili from the cupboard, and sit it on the counter, alongside a bag of frozen fries.
  518. "We went to the park."
  519. >"The park...? Ooooh..."
  520. "Yeah."
  521. >Cadance is silent for a while.
  522. >"Did anything happen?"
  523. "No. Not really. Just a little talking."
  524. >You can hear the shuffling of papers on the other side.
  525. >"Thank you Anon. I truly mean it."
  526. "It's cool. It's what I'm here for."
  527. >"Then why don't you try being nice to me like that?"
  528. "I fed you didn't I?"
  529. >She chuckles.
  530. >"So mean to your big sister!"
  531. "Uh huh."
  532. >There's a click and you can hear the voice of someone in the background.
  533. >"Oops! I gotta go. Headmaster Cinch is here. I'll see you at home."
  534. >She hangs up before you can even say "bye" to her.
  535. >You get to work opening up the can of chili when another call comes in.
  536. >This time "Mom" appears on the ID.
  537. >You take a deep breath and answer.
  538. "Yes?"
  539. >"Why didn't you call and tell me you got there safely?"
  540. "I assumed Dad would tell you that part for me."
  541. >"I wanted to hear it from your mouth Anon, not his."
  542. >You roll your eyes.
  543. "I made it here safely mom. Sorry for worrying you."
  544. >"Thank you."
  545. >You wish they treated Candy with the same doting attitude. Maybe then she wouldn't need you here.
  546. >"So how is she...?"
  547. "Why don't you call her and ask her?"
  548. >Silence.
  549. >"Don't take that tone with me mister. You know whenever we talk, we argue. It'd be cruel of either of us to call."
  550. "Hmph. So sending a child to take of things for the two of you is A-Ok?"
  551. >"Anon--!"
  552. "Let's be serious here for a moment mom. Candy doesn't need just me right now. She needs ALL of us. Flurry needs her grandparents! Shining's side wants nothing to do with Cadance since his passing and by proxy that includes Flurry! This is the best time to try and repair broken bonds!"
  553. >You hear mom breathe loudly on the other side.
  554. >"Why are you always so hostile towards us?! We didn't do anything to you! We gave you everything you wanted-"
  555. "Just not a happy sister."
  556. >You hear a groan of frustration.
  557. >"I can't talk to you when you're like this!"
  558. "Bye."
  559. >You hang up first this time, and get back to making Food for your niece-
  560. >Who happens to be standing in the doorway of the kitchen.
  561. >She stares at you blankly.
  562. "...Uh..hey."
  563. >How much of that did she hear?
  564. >Flurry Heart takes a seat, staring down at the table.
  565. "Er...Do you like cheese on your fries?"
  566. >"..."
  567. >She stays quiet.
  568. >Hoo boy.
  569. "They don't hate your mom, you know? They just....they don't know how to approach her."
  570. >Silence passes as you're frying potatoes.
  571. >"I'm sorry."
  572. "Huh? Did you say something?"
  573. >You look back at your sullen Niece.
  574. >"I'm sorry..."
  575. "Sorry about what?"
  576. >She sniffs.
  577. >"We're making things hard for you-"
  578. >You turn off the stove.
  579. >"Because Daddy used to do practically everything for me and Mom.I know we're useless without him, a-and now you have to do his stuff for us now..."
  580. "Flurry-"
  581. >I'm sorry-"
  582. >You come to the table, leaning over your smaller niece.
  583. >"You're just a kid too, and you have to do all this stuff, and--"
  584. "Flurry. Shut up."
  585. >She looks at you with red, sad eyes.
  586. "I came here because I wanted to. Sure I think me and Candy's parents need to be here themselves to show some sort of support, but that's just something they're gonna miss out on. I admit I wasn't too keen on the idea at first, but I love the both of you very much, and it makes me happy to see you both happy."
  587. >"B-but you're still just a ki-"
  588. "I'll be Eighteen in December. We can't all stay little fourteen year old babies like you."
  589. >You ruffle her bouncy hair, making her grab your wrist with both hands.
  590. "So let's make a promise right here, and now."
  591. >She looks up to you.
  592. "You can be sad for now. No one is saying otherwise, but don't be sad forever. Okay?"
  593. >She sniffs and nods.
  594. "And get outta that room. You're way too cute to be holed up in there."
  595. >You can see her cheeks turn red slightly.
  596. >"...Shut up."
  597. >You grin wide, and go back to the stove, to finish.
  598. >She still stares down at the table, but you see a little bit more life in her eyes than before.
  599. >After your greasy meal of Chili cheese fries, you parked your stuffed self on the sofa, flipping on the Tv.
  600. >It's time to make up for lost time with the old idiot box, and Sunday is the best day for competitive cooking shows.
  601. >You hold in a burp as you browse the channels for Food Network. Why do channels have to be on different numbers in certain places? That's never made sense to you.
  602. >Flurry stands in the doorway to the kitchen, rubbing her arm silently, as if she wants to ask something.
  603. >She keeps her gaze downward, opening her mouth slightly a few times.
  604. "Is something wrong?"
  605. >Normally, she'd go up to her room around this time.
  606. >She bites the side of her mouth nervously.
  607. >"C-can I join you?"
  608. >You look at her incredulously.
  609. "This is your house. You don't have to ask me to do anything in it."
  610. >She walks slowly over to the opposite end of the sofa, sitting on the back of her legs, leaning on the arm of the couch.
  611. >You smile, finally finding Food Network.
  612. >Just in time to catch an episode of Chopped from the beginning. One of the contestants is talking about her Transgender daughter.
  613. >You scrunch your face up. Why does LGBTQ have to come up as a factor for your reason to cook?
  614. >"What's this show...?"
  615. "You've never seen Chopped? It's good stuff if you're into it."
  616. >"O-oh.."
  617. >She rubs her arm again.
  618. >You cross your arms, and legs leaning back in your seat.
  619. >Flurry keeps eyeing you every so often.
  620. >You try to pretend not to notice, but it's painfully obvious, what she wants.
  621. >You stop playing dumb, and lock eyes with her.
  622. >She quickly looks away, trying to focus on the tv screen.
  623. "Flurry."
  624. >"Y-yes?"
  625. >You wave her over with your hand.
  626. "Come on."
  627. >She nods crawling over to you, hugging your waist,laying her head on your chest.
  628. "You're such a little kid."
  629. >"...Shut up."
  630. >You put an arm around her grinning like an idiot.
  631. >Her face moves against your chest.
  632. >There you both sat watching Chopped.
  633. >Every so often Flurry would ask about certain ingriedients, or make a face when something she considers "icky" shows up.
  634. "You make those faces, but I might be tempted to cook something like that for you."
  635. >"Bleh. I won't eat it."
  636. >You rub her head.
  637. "I might make it taste good. You never know."
  638. >She tightens her hold a little.
  639. >They start taking the ingredients out of the basket. Pork Bung is one of the mystery items.
  640. >"What's that?"
  641. >You gulp, not wanting to elaborate.
  642. "Uhh...ask your mother."
  643. >She makes the "icky" face again.
  644. >You break out laughing, while Flurry pouts at your refusal to answer.
  645. >The door suddenly swings open, letting in a gust of cool air.
  646. >Cadance steps through sighing, with a folder under her arm.
  647. "Welcome home."
  648. >"Hey mom."
  649. >She pinches the bridge of her nose, throwing her head back dramatically.
  650. >"Hey you two."
  651. >She blinks a few times, staring at the two of you.
  652. >"Did I miss something here?"
  653. >You shrug.
  654. "Nah. We're just watching Tv."
  655. >She smiles putting a finger under her bottom lip.
  656. >"I see. I'm gonna need an explanation later on."
  657. "For watching tv? Weirdo."
  658. >She chuckles, sitting on the arm of the sofa next to you.
  659. >"So what ARE you watching anyway?"
  660. >Flurry looks up to Candy with a questioning look.
  661. >"Mom, what's Pork Bung?"
  662. >"Pork what? Are you watching something about drugs?"
  663. "BUNG. Not BONG."
  664. >Cadance cocks an eyebrow.
  665. >"I dunno. If it's Pork, it's gotta be like Ham or Bacon right?"
  666. >Flurry shrugs.
  667. >You stifle your laughter.
  668. >"It looks icky."
  669. >"If you're cooking it Anon, I'd totally eat it."
  670. "S-sure. I'd give you some fried, but whole."
  671. >Candy looks at you with a suspicious glare.
  672. >"What is Pork Bung Anon?"
  673. "I-I don't know--snrk."
  674. >"Hmmm."
  675. >Cadance narrows her eyes at you.
  676. >Flurry looks between the two of you.
  677. >You have no poker face at this point, your cheeks puffing out.
  678. >"I'm gonna google it."
  679. "N-no need to do that. I-it's like bacon."
  680. >"You're such a LIAR. I'm looking it up."
  681. >Cadance takes out her phone, her thumbs getting to work looking up the mystery meat.
  682. >You cover your mouth waiting for the shocking revelation.
  683. >Flurry goes back to watching the cooking, still attached to you.
  684. >Cadance stops typing, and goes to scrolling now, her face slowly turning from neutral curiosity to a grimace of disgust.
  685. >She looks from her phone to you with that look still present on her face.
  686. >"You disgusting little imp--"
  687. >You ball up your lips.
  688. "You'd totally eat it right? SNRK--"
  689. >Flurry pouts again.
  690. >"What is it? Is it good to eat?"
  691. "Only if you're into it."
  692. >Cadance slaps you upside the head.
  693. "Hey!"
  694. >Cadance crosses her arms, frowning at you.
  695. >You burst out laughing once more like an idiot at the playful anger.
  696. >"Set a better example for your niece you little pervert!"
  697. "I get it from my sister~"
  698. >"I'm so confused right now."
  699. >"Don't worry about it sweetheart. Your uncle is just a messed up midget butthead."
  700. "I'm the butt head? You're the one who wants a heaping plate of it."
  701. >She hits you again, as you laugh out loud.
  702. >The show ends, with Flurry asking you about certain foods, and Cadance commenting on how they look delicious.
  703. >It was a good time.
  704. >After, you darling niece "Feeling grimy" decided to take a shower.
  705. >Cadance decided to take her place on the sofa, instead propping her leg up on your lap like last night in your room.
  706. "So how are you feeling?"
  707. >"Tired. Cinch is such a huge gaping-"
  708. >She leans up to look and see if Flurry is within earshot.
  709. >"--Cunt."
  710. "Oh wow. Candy is using naughty words like when we were children."
  711. >"You're still a child."
  712. >She lifts her right leg, and brings it down on your lap, folding her hands on her stomach.
  713. >"So what's the deal with you and Flurry?"
  714. "Hm?"
  715. >"Don't play dumb. She was hanging off you like she used to with--."
  716. >Candy frowns sadly.
  717. "We just had a nice conversation is all. A little bonding between niece, and uncle."
  718. >Cadance turns her head to look at the television.
  719. >"I'm a little jealous."
  720. "You're jealous? Of what?"
  721. >She sighs.
  722. >"You make it look so easy. She hasn't given me a full sentence in two months, yet with you--"
  723. >You start to massage her slender legs.
  724. >She slowly closes her eyes, breathing softly out her nostrils.
  725. "You're both still mourning. It's hard to try to uplift someone when you're also suffering, you know?"
  726. >She silently nods.
  727. >"Be nice to me like her too...Mmmnh."
  728. >She let's out a small moan.
  729. "Uh.."
  730. >"That feels really good...you're a pro at massaging legs."
  731. >You gulp a little looking from her content expression to her long legs, feeling a somewhat queer feeling bubble in your stomach.
  732. >M-maybe it's the fries from earlier.
  735. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Chapter 3~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  738. >Cadence smirks, with a dreamy expression on her face, as you continue your treatment.
  739. >"You don't know how stiff my legs get throughout the day. This is a godsend~"
  740. "O-oh yeah?"
  741. >You find yourself unconsciously biting the side of your mouth.
  742. >"I bet they don't teach this on Cooking shows--"
  743. >Before you can reply, the audible rapping of knuckles interrupts the otherwise...you're not sure how to describe this moment.
  744. >She sits up bending her legs, with a look of annoyance.
  745. >"You stay there. You're not done with me yet."
  746. "o-okay."
  747. >You squeak out awkwardly, a visible lump in your throat.
  748. >Cadance gets up from the sofa with a tired grunt, and makes her way to the door, while you sit there freaked out somewhat.
  749. >What the hell was that?
  750. >Cadance opens the door, and you can hear a deep male voice.
  751. >"Good evening. How're you doing ma'am?"
  752. >You turn to see who it is, and see a police officer standing in front of Candy, with a confident grin on his face.
  753. >"Oh! Hello Captain..."
  754. >"Come on. You don't have to be formal with me. We're like Family practically."
  755. >"Right, right..."
  756. >They stand there looking at each other for a moment.
  757. >"May I come in to pay my respects?"
  758. >Cadance jumps a little as if she zoned out.
  759. >"Oh! Of course...Please."
  760. >The Captain-ranked policeman steps in taking off his hat. The guy is all muscles under that uniform. Almost the same build as Shining you'd say.
  761. >He steps in front of the small memorial of Shining on the fireplace, and touches the frame with his fingertips, and bows his head.
  762. >Cadance closes the door, and stands by it with her arms crossed.
  763. >The captain removes his hand, and looks to you with a smile.
  764. >"I wasn't aware Cadesy had a little brother! Hello young man."
  765. >He extends his hand to you.
  766. >You give him a firm handshake, wondering if he was trying to say you look young or if he is just great at guessing.
  767. >"He actually IS my little Brother, Captain Spearhead."
  768. >He looks back at Cadance with a surprised face.
  769. >"Oh really? I was originally just saying how he looked young. I guess I have amazing instincts after all!"
  770. >"Mhm."
  771. >Cadance doesn't look happy at all with this man's arrival, and scrunches up her face like she's smelling something bad.
  772. >The officer ruffles your hair roughly, before stepping over to Cadance.
  773. >You straighten yourself up, hoping this douchebag washed his hands.
  774. >"Look Cadesy..."
  775. >"Mrs.Armor. If you please."
  776. >He exhales.
  777. >"I suppose I deserve that."
  778. >"You deserve much more than that CAPTAIN."
  779. >He looks at you over his shoulder.
  780. >"Please. Not in front of the boy. Okay?"
  781. >Cadance narrows her eyes angrily.
  782. >"I think it's time for you to leave."
  783. >He hangs his head, shaking it, and putting his hat back on.
  784. >"Okay, Okay. Look...If you need anything, ANYTHING at all. You have my number. Don't hesitate to call me okay? Even when I'm working."
  785. >"I think I'll be quite fine Captain."
  786. >She opens the door for him.
  787. >"As you were."
  788. >He stares at her for a second, before going as far as the doormat and turning around.
  789. >"Remember, if you need anyth-"
  790. >"Nope."
  791. >Cadance slams the door right in his face with a scowl.
  792. >You sit there flabbergasted at what just occurred. What the hell was THAT?
  793. >She turns around taking a few deep breath with closed eyes.
  794. >She clenches and unclenches her hands a few times, and stomps into the kitchen getting the cordless phone.
  795. >All you can do is watch silently.
  796. >You hear the beeps of button presses...er...pummelling in Candy's case.
  798. >It goes quiet.
  799. >"BYE."
  800. >BEEP.
  801. >CLICK.
  802. >That poor phone.
  803. >Cadance stomps back into the room, and plops onto the sofa, this time sitting up, and crossing her legs, and arms once more.
  804. >She's staring at the tv so hard, you fear it may explode from her gaze.
  805. "Uh..."
  806. >Her face is still scrunched up. Like she ate something sour level.
  807. "S-so Pizza for dinner, I'm guessing?"
  808. >Flurry comes halfway down the stairs in a robe with a towel wrapped around her head.
  809. >"I-is everything okay?"
  810. >"It's fine sweetheart. Go finish up. Dinner will be here soon."
  811. >Flurry nods, and heads back up.
  812. >It goes silent again, and you're not sure if you should say something.
  813. "You good...?"
  814. >"....."
  815. >Cadance's mouth trembles as she stares ahead.
  816. >Take that as a "no" then.
  817. >You look to the tv, keeping your trap closed. Candy, when she's pissed is like walking to Brock Lesnar and spitting in his face.
  818. >God help whoever is in her path.
  819. >She balls up her hands, and slams them down on her legs repeatedly, with grit teeth.
  820. "Whoa! Candy! What the hell?!"
  821. >You scramble to get up, and grab her wrists,struggling to keep her from hitting herself anymore.
  822. >"Let me go!"
  823. "No chance! Cut it out!"
  824. >"Get off!"
  825. >She thrashes around trying to shake you off.
  826. "Stop acting like a child, and use your goddamn words girl!!"
  827. >You can see Flurry peeking down from around the corner.
  828. >Cadance slowly stops flailing about.
  829. >Her teeth are still tightly grit,her eyes twitching, and her breathing ragged.
  830. >She closes her mouth, but it's shivers intensely like she's about to scream.
  831. >Her violet peepers lock with yours, an immense hatred behind them.
  832. >After a solid minute, they grow glassy, and squinty, and that once rage induced scowl, falls.
  833. >Tears flow down her cheeks in multiple streams, her head slumping.
  834. >You release her wrists, and hug her close to you.
  835. >Like Flurry, she grabs handfuls of your shirt, sobbing loudly.
  836. >"It's not fair....! It's not faaaaair!!"
  837. >You can hear the soft click of Flurry's door from upstairs amidst the wailing.
  838. "It's okay. Just let it all out."
  839. >She gently bangs her fist against your back.
  840. >"Why did I have to lose Shining, and--and--"
  841. >You rub her back.
  842. "Who is that guy? What did he do?"
  843. >Cadance sniffs loudly.
  844. >"Please...n-not now."
  845. "Okay. That's cool."
  846. >You take a seat next to her never letting go.
  847. >The sobbing starts to die down after a while.
  848. >Her grip starts to ease up, and she pulls away from you, placing her hands on your cheeks.
  849. >"Thank you Anon. I'm okay now."
  850. >Her makeup is running, trails of Mascara beginning to dry on her face.
  851. "You don't look okay..."
  852. >She strokes your right cheek.
  853. >"We can talk later. I promise."
  854. >DING DONG.
  855. >You both look at the door.
  856. >"Pizza's here. Crying makes me a hungry Cadance, you know."
  857. >She forces a smile.
  858. >How can she joke so casually after something so heavy?
  859. >Candy stands up, heading to the door, opening up.
  860. >A big white buff dude with red eyes, in a Papa John's outfit stands there with three pizzas in hand.
  861. >"Three large pies, hawaiian, meat lovers, and a supreme?"
  862. >"You got it. They go through on the card?"
  863. >He nods handing them over.
  864. >Cadance takes the pizza in both arms, smelling them with a dreamy smile.
  865. >The Pizza guy stands there staring at her.
  866. >Cadance notices his odd look.
  867. >"What, you never seen a girl with makeup on?"
  868. >She steps back and kicks the door shut in his face.
  869. "Yowch. That was harsh."
  870. >"I get it from my brotherrr~"
  871. >You give her an unamused expression as she sticks her tongue out at you, and skips into the kitchen with the pies.
  872. >Your sister is so strong. Who but her can break down and bounce back immediately in the same span of time?
  874. >Cadance pokes her head around the corner with a slice of pizza hanging from her mouth.
  875. >"Mmh Mmm!"
  876. >Flurry comes down the stairs with a worried frown.
  877. >"A-are you two done fighting?"
  878. "We weren't fighting. It was....something else."
  879. >She tilts her head in confusion.
  880. "Let's go eat. She got Hawaiian pizza."
  881. >Flurry makes the "icky" face from earlier.
  882. "What's wrong?"
  883. >"Pineapple ruins pizza."
  884. >You can't help but smile.
  885. "Proof we're related right there."
  886. >Flurry looks at you in confusion again as you throw an arm around her and head to the kitchen.
  887. >The rest of the evening was spent debating over the fine art of pizza-toppings, with you and Flurry attempting to explain to Cadance why Hawaiian Pizza is the Pizza of terrorists and, corrupt politicians.
  888. >Cadance countered with what she ate on pizza during her pregnancy.
  889. >You thought Hawaiian was disgusting. Yeesh.
  890. >While it was all fun and laughter, you couldn't be swayed in the depths of your thoughts.
  891. >Who is that Captain Spearhead guy, and what does he have to do with your sister?
  892. >The least you could gather from that is Candy isn't too fond of him, but there has to be more going on here.
  893. >Cadance drops crust from the last slice onto the greasy interior of one of the pizza boxes.
  894. >"Phew....that hit the spot."
  895. "I'd imagine so, considering you consumed your weight in oil."
  896. >Flurry watches with a neutral expression, leaning on her hands.
  897. >"You and your Hyperbole! It was only like three slices!"
  898. "Try Fourteen."
  899. >"I told you I was hungry."
  900. >You roll your eyes, and look at Flurry.
  901. "Don't go to Buffets with this demon. They'll kick you out."
  902. >Cadance puts a hand to her chest in offense.
  903. >"How dare you!"
  904. >You shrug.
  905. >"If you didn't have school tomorrow young man, I'd give you an earful!"
  906. >She wags her finger at you playfully.
  907. >Flurry shakes her head, scooting out from the table.
  908. >"I'm gonna get ready for bed."
  909. >Cadance smiles at her.
  910. >"Of course sweetie. Goodnight."
  911. >"Night mom. Night Anon."
  912. "Night."
  913. >Cadance's jaw drops as Flurry waves to you both before running up the steps.
  914. "What?"
  915. >She looks at you in disbelief.
  916. >"She said "goodnight" to us."
  917. "Yeah. And?"
  918. >"Anon. She wouldn't even look at me before. Now she's talking and waving!"
  919. >You puff your chest out proudly.
  920. "I wonder who could be responsible for that?"
  921. >She smirks.
  922. >"You're a regular doctor Phil aren't you?"
  923. "I try."
  924. >"Then maybe, you'd be willing to share some of that wisdom with me...?"
  925. >You give her a look of suspicion.
  926. "What did you have in mind?"
  927. >She places a hand on yours.
  928. >"I feel like I owe you an explanation. For the future."
  929. "An explanation of what?"
  930. >"Don't play dumb. You know what. I want you to come to my room later on."
  931. "Okay. To talk?"
  932. >She cocks an eyebrow at you.
  933. >"Yeah. What else would go on?"
  934. >She flicks your forehead, getting up.
  935. "Ow."
  936. >"Do me a favor, and clean up? I'm gonna get ready for bed too."
  937. "U-uh...sure."
  938. >You get that weird feeling in the pit of your stomach again. It must be the grease from the Pizza...
  939. >She winks at you before rounding the corner, and ascending the steps.
  940. >Now that you think about it-
  941. >Did you ever have the details of what happened after Shining died, or HOW he died? You just remember getting a call from Candy one day. She was frantic, and stuttering, but never anything other than "Shining got shot!".
  942. >Maybe this is the opportunity to get some exposition. some context!
  943. >You clean up the boxes, and discarded crust, because we all know once the garlic sauce is gone, there's no point to eating the crust with Papa John's.
  944. >Taking a deep breath, you head upstairs.
  945. >Flurry's room is closed and her lights off, but Candy's door is wide open.
  946. >Inside Candy is under the blanket with a pair of reading glasses on, and a book in her hands.
  947. >The cover has two monotone hands holding a bright red apple.
  948. "Knock knock."
  949. >She looks up at you with a smile.
  950. "You ready to talk now."
  951. >She closes the book, teetering her head back and forth.
  952. >"I don't think so. Not in that at least."
  953. "What do you mean? What's wrong with my clothes?"
  954. >She folds her arms together.
  955. >"Don't tell me, that's what you sleep in."
  956. "SLEEP?!"
  957. >She chuckles at your reaction.
  958. >"Yeah dummy. Sleep. You're sleeping in here."
  959. "Wh--I don't--Wha-"
  960. >"What are you spazzing out for? We used to sleep in the same bed as kids. It's not a problem now right?"
  961. >You gulp loudly.
  962. "I--uh--ah..No! Not at all!!"
  963. >She shakes her head at you.
  964. >"Just hurry up midget."
  965. >Several minutes later, you're robotically walking into Cadance's bedroom in your best T-shirt and pajama pants.
  966. >Cadance takes her glasses off, inspecting your attire.
  967. >"Acceptable, I suppose.
  968. >You grumble fighting a blush.
  969. "So glad you approve."
  970. >Candy smiles, closing the book and laying on her side.
  971. >She grabs a corner of the blanket, and flips it over, patting the exposed spot.
  972. >"Hop on in. The water's fine."
  973. "You're not gonna wet the bed, AGAIN are you?"
  974. >She gasps, and hits you with her pillow.
  975. >"I never wet the bed!"
  976. "Mhmm."
  977. >You slide in next to her folding your arms behind your head.
  978. >She continues laying on her side staring at you.
  979. "So...who was that guy?"
  980. >She blinks a few times.
  981. >"Spearhead...is my husband's killer."
  982. >You jolt up.
  983. "SAY WHAT?!"
  984. >She puts a finger to her lips.
  985. >"Shh! Keep it down, and let me explain!"
  986. >You gulp again, and try to settle back into bed.
  987. >"We were in tough times...My job wasn't paying enough to keep the house, and Shining was working overtime, while taking care of us."
  988. >She sighs.
  989. >Spearhead was his partner, and--"
  990. >Candy chokes a little.
  991. >"Shiny would come home and sleep for about four hours each night before going back out on the beat.Me and Flurry did our best to talk him out of it, but he'd just smile and say "I got this."."
  992. "He must've been exhausted."
  993. >She nods.
  994. >"He said, the same thing before going off on...well..."That" morning."
  995. >She slides her hand over to you underneath the covers.
  996. >"Would you...? It's hard to talk about."
  997. "...Yeah."
  998. >You take her hand in yours, and rehift your position to face her.
  999. >"They said it was some Carjacker...some PUNK with a piece! Shiny, and Spearhead rolled up on the little bastard in the act, and--"
  1000. >She starts to hyperventilate.
  1001. >"And--!"
  1002. "Take it easy Candy. I'm here."
  1003. >"Right, right..."
  1004. >She squeezes your hand.
  1005. >He started firing at the two...and Shiny got hit in the neck. They said it hit his carotid."
  1006. >You touch your neck, flinching.
  1007. "What did Spearhead do?"
  1008. >She breathes loudly through her nose, squeezing your hand firmly.
  1009. >"He chased and gunned the the punk down, while my husband bled out, cold and alone...They said he was gripping a photo of us in his last...mo...last mo..."
  1010. >She closes her eyes biting her lips.
  1011. >Cadance starts to hiccup out sobs,her grip alternating between hard, and soft.
  1012. "Hey. Come here."
  1013. >She scoots closer into your arms, pressing her forehead against your chest.
  1014. >You stroke her back slowly, as she sobs softly.
  1015. >"Twilight...she knew about the long hours he spent working...she said we should've tried harder to make him stop. That we should've just asked them for money if "we were that bad". But Shiny...Shiny believed that a man should be the one to take care of his household. He would never accept handouts. " I got this". Always "I got this!" The stubborn idiot! Why didn't Spearhead call f-for help? Because of him and his stupid male bravado...!"
  1016. >She wraps her arms around you, pulling you in.
  1017. >"No way I could ask Mom and Dad for help. I'd rather die than ask those two for help...!"
  1018. >Cadance grasps your shoulders tightly.
  1019. >"Dammit!"
  1020. >You put your nose in her hair, shutting your eyes.
  1021. >"It is...isn't it?"
  1022. "Huh?"
  1023. >"It is my fault. isn't it...? I could've done more. I could've put my foot down. Said no.."
  1024. >Your embrace tightens, your legs intertwining underneath the blanket.
  1025. "It's not. It never was Candy. Twilight, and the others? They just need someone to blame, because they're angry. They don't mean it."
  1026. >Cadance remains silent.
  1027. >She moves her leg up and down yours, as you hold her.
  1028. "Look Candy. Hard work pays off. Dreams come true. Bad times don't last-"
  1029. >She giggles through her sobs.
  1030. >"-But bad guys do...?"
  1031. >Your eyes widen.
  1032. >"You were seriously going to console me using a line ripped off from Scott Hall's hall of fame closing speech..."
  1033. "I keep forgetting you're a fan of mandrama too."
  1034. >She continues to giggle, nuzzling your chest.
  1035. >"I know nearly everything about you dummy..."
  1036. "Yeah. I'll be sure to use something you haven't heard yet."
  1037. >She chuckles, patting your arm.
  1038. >"I hate you so much sometimes."
  1039. "Mhm."
  1040. >You both lay there in comfortable silence for a moment.
  1041. >"Is this okay...?"
  1042. "Is what?"
  1043. >"You holding your big sister in bed?"
  1044. "Well it was until you mentioned it."
  1045. >She snickers.
  1046. >"Well as long as I'm being weird, can your big sister have a kiss too?"
  1047. >You gulp.
  1048. "I--uh--I wuh--Okay...?"
  1049. >She tilts her head up to look at you.
  1050. >You take short measured breaths as you look into her eyes.
  1051. >She smiles gently.
  1052. >"Go ahead."
  1053. >You nod, and place your lips on hers, closing your eyes.
  1054. >Cadance freezes in place, gripping you firmly a few times.
  1055. >You break the smooch with a loud smack, and continue to look into her eyes.
  1056. >"....uh...I meant on the head or cheek."
  1057. ".....Of course you did."
  1060. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Chapter 4~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  1063. >"I mean...it's okay and all I guess...just--"
  1064. >You facepalm, feeling your cheeks burning like fire.
  1065. >She continues to hold you.
  1066. >"I know you're a young man, and your hormones are all out of control and stuff-"
  1067. "Candy please."
  1068. >"-And I am quite the sensual, sexy milf. It's understandable that you'd want get the hots for your sister-"
  1069. "Candy. STOP."
  1070. >She puts a finger on her chin.
  1071. >"Phew. This sure is awkward. Wait, you're not gonna get all excited in the middle of the night and attack me or something right? I am a deep sleeper..."
  1072. >You change your embrace into a headlock.
  1073. >"Elderly abuse! Elderly abuse!"
  1074. >You release the submission hold, exhaling loudly.
  1075. >"But really. Thank you."
  1076. "You're more than welcome."
  1077. >You feel her smile against your chest.
  1078. >"When you get married, you're gonna make some girl very happy, you know that?"
  1079. "Don't say stuff like that. You know I plan to live the rapper lifestyle."
  1080. >"Rappers get married too idiot."
  1081. >You both share a chuckle, and go quiet again.
  1082. >"So..."
  1083. "So...?"
  1084. >Cadance shifts her position slightly.
  1085. >"You wanna spoon?"
  1086. "CADANCE."
  1087. >You don't know when it happened, but eventually sleep overtook the two of you.
  1088. >Sniff-
  1089. >More sniffles.
  1090. >Your eye crack open in the inky black darkness, trailing over to a nearby digital alarm clock.
  1091. >Midnight.
  1092. >Sniff-
  1093. >You lean up a little.
  1094. "When did I get on my back?"
  1095. >Your chest feels heavy.
  1096. >It's hard, but your natural night-vision kicks in making out Candy's silhouette.
  1097. >With her arms wrapped tightly around your midsection, she pushes her head against your stomach.
  1098. >"Mnnf..Please don't....Please don't leave us..."
  1099. >You pat her head, feeling your shirt getting wet.
  1100. >Sniff-
  1101. >Wonder if Flurry has the same dreams?
  1102. >You close your eyes until you fall back into silent peaceful slumber.
  1103. >School starts in a few hours. It'll soon be time to meet the people you'll be with for the rest of your senior year.
  1104. >With Candy as your Dean.
  1105. >Candy is going to be overseeing your studies. God help us all.
  1106. >It felt like you had just finally gotten comfortable when the alarm goes off giving you the accursed out-of-body feeling.
  1107. >Cadance sits up, with the frazzled hair from yesterday, wiping her eyes sleepily.
  1108. >"Good morning sweetheart. Time to get uuuup~"
  1109. >She groggily grins, raising both arms, stretching.
  1110. >You sit up next, eyes still closed shut, with a tired scowl on your face.
  1111. >Candy slips out of bed, wobbling a little, and walks around into the hallway to the bathroom.
  1112. >You turn, sitting at bedside, wiping the crust from your eyes.
  1113. >"Good morning."
  1114. >You look up, and see Flurry standing in the doorway.
  1115. "Oh. gub burmin..."
  1116. >She stands there with her arms behind her back, placing a foot on top of the other nervously.
  1117. >It's taking a while for your vision to adjust to the light of daybreak.
  1118. >"D-did you sleep well?"
  1119. "Huh? Yeah..."
  1120. >No.
  1121. >"Did you sleep in here...?"
  1122. >Your eyes widen slightly.
  1123. >She turns her head away, keeping her gaze on you, expectantly.
  1124. >You're not sure how to answer.
  1125. >Thank the heavens, the sound of flushing interrupts this line of questioning.
  1126. >Cadance breaks the tension, dancing out of the bathroom like a simpleton, picking up Flurry in a big bearhug, and spinning the poor girl around.
  1127. >"Good morning Flurry Heart~ How's my little crystal today?!"
  1128. >Flurry grunts, and gasps, kicking her feet.
  1129. >"M-Mommy...! Ack..."
  1130. >She puts her down, and kisses her forehead.
  1131. >"Are you excited for today?! You get to come to work with me!"
  1132. >Flurry shrugs silently.
  1133. >Shrugging is like a family staple.
  1134. >Flurry slips past Candy, and heads into the bathroom next.
  1135. >Cadance watches with a concerned frown.
  1136. >"Is everything okay?"
  1137. "I dunno. Maybe it's first day jitters?"
  1138. >Candy plops down next to you kicking her long legs out.
  1139. >"Last night was AMAZING."
  1140. >You feel a blush creeping up your face again.
  1141. "Shut up...idiot."
  1142. >"Awww. Are woo still embawassed about trying to make out with your sister~?"
  1143. >She puts a finger on her lips coyly.
  1144. "GOD."
  1145. >She hugs you laughing insanely.
  1146. >"It wasn't that bad! Chill out."
  1147. "Can we just never talk about it again?"
  1148. >Cadance makes kissy sounds at you, causing your eye to twitch.
  1149. >"But seriously...thank you. I haven't spoken to anyone about Shining since his funeral. I'm blessed to have you in my life."
  1150. >Candy puts her head under your chin, snuggling you.
  1151. "Yeah, yeah. Unconditional love and all that."
  1152. >Flurry steps into the doorway, with a toothbrush in hand with her usual neutral expression.
  1153. >"The bathroom is all yours now Anon..."
  1154. "Thanks."
  1155. >She pops it into her mouth, walking off into her room.
  1156. >"You heard the girl. Get ready! And hurry up. I wanna see how you look in the uniform."
  1157. >Standing up, you enter the bathroom next, scratching your head, the weakness of waking up subsiding at last.
  1158. >Wait. Uniform?
  1159. >You're not sure how much time passed between your time in the loo and getting dressed, but you wish you had more.
  1160. >These pants can't have been put on correctly.
  1161. "Jesus Christ. Are they supposed to be so tight in the gooch?"
  1162. >You struggle to pull them down from your waist, as you step into the hallway.
  1163. >No sign of Candy of Flurry. They must have gone downstairs already.
  1164. >You bound down the stairs picking out a persistent wedgie, the sounds of clicking against tile coming from the kitchen.
  1165. >"Phooey on your uncle Flurry. See? You don't have to be a chef to make a bowl of cereal!"
  1166. >"You burned the first two bowls though...".
  1167. >"Shh!"
  1168. >You enter the kitchen still trying to adjust to the new monkey suit.
  1169. >Flurry is taking her time with a bowl of slightly charred cheerios, while Cadance has her back to you, fixing a cup of coffee.
  1170. "I can't believe your students wear this stuff. At this rate I won't be able to have children due to Fabric Vasectomy."
  1171. >Flurry looks back at you, her mouth slowly opening, and her eyes going wide.
  1172. >"Stop being a little baby. It'll get easier to wear as you keep it on--"
  1173. >Candy turns around with her mug of coffee, dropping it upon seeing you with a loud gasp.
  1174. >KARESSH
  1175. >"OUCH! HOT COFFEE!"
  1176. >She leaps back from the spill, mumbling swears, glancing at you every so often, as she locates paper towels to clean the spill, which are right next to the coffee machine.
  1177. >She's looking over the stove.
  1178. >You look between her and a completely red Flurry.
  1179. "What's wrong with you two?"
  1180. >Flurry wheels around spilling cereal in her shaking hands.
  1181. >Cadance is under the table cleaning up, but she peeks up, slowly rising.
  1182. >"H-heh. Oh hey there. didn't see you!"
  1183. >You try to adjust your pants again shaking your head.
  1184. >Cadance frantically grabs the box of cheerios, swinging it around, getting bits of it everywhere.
  1186. "Whoa! Calm down!"
  1187. >You look to Flurry for an explanation, who quickly looks back down at her bowl.
  1188. >"You're uncle looks great!! Right Flurry?!"
  1189. >Flurry slowly nods, looking at you with big eyes.
  1190. >They both continue to stare at you, Flurry slack jawed, and Cadance with this huge creeoy, toothy grin.
  1191. "Okay...Spaz."
  1192. >You take a seat next to your niece who meeps uncharacteristically.
  1193. >Well, at least for her current state of mind.
  1194. "Look at you Flurry! You're absolutely adorable in that! Girls always get the best things, man. I swear."
  1195. >She blushes sheepishly, trying to hide her face.
  1196. >"Th-thank you."
  1197. >You cock an eye in confusion at her antics.
  1198. >You put a hand on her shoulder, making her jump.
  1199. "So are you nervous? Decided how you're gonna tell others how you know me?"
  1200. >"I--I don't know..."
  1201. >She twiddles her fingers anxiously.
  1202. >Cadance isn't doing any better, as you can hear her breathing heavily from the table, as she stares at the toaster.
  1203. "Candy, you good...?"
  1204. >She appears to be pouring the toaster into a new mug, when she faces you.
  1205. >"I'm fine! Why d-do you ask?!?"
  1206. >You recoil, with a grimace.
  1207. "You know what? I think I'm gonna skip breakfast, and wait in the car..."
  1208. >Your Sister and Niece closely watch you as you slide out of your chair,and ease out of the kitchen.
  1209. >It's like when you come across a strange dog on the street, and you don't know if it's vicious or not, so you slowly walk away, but it watches you to see when you'll start running so it can chase you.
  1212. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Chapter 5~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  1215. >You step out into the cold chilly morning air, puffing out little clouds of breath.
  1216. >There are people out jogging, or walking their pets, and even a couple girls wearing Uniforms like Flurry's.
  1217. >They spot you from across the street, whispering to each other, and start giggling.
  1218. "Cunts."
  1219. >They may not even have said anything about you, but better safe than sorry.
  1220. >You can feel wind behind you, as Flurry steps out, with Candy locking the door behind her.
  1221. >Flurry refuses to look you in the eye, hurrying to the car.
  1222. >As you watch your Niece nervously bump into various parts of the car in her attempt to not look at you, two pink hand slip around your collar.
  1223. >Candy adjusts your undershirt, with a big smile.
  1224. >"You know-"
  1225. "Huh?"
  1226. >She hugs you.
  1227. >"Shining wore that same get-up when I first met him. You two look so much alike right now, it's like he came back for a day."
  1228. >She places her hands on your arms, getting another look at you.
  1229. >"You ready hot stuff?"
  1230. >You smile back. At least she seems happy.
  1231. "Yeah. Let's get this day over with."
  1232. >She nods,still holding you.
  1233. >"Wanna kiss for good luck?"
  1234. "ARGGGGH! I HATE YOU!"
  1235. >Cadance starts to laugh like a mad scientist, and you pile into the back seat of her hybrid, pouting.
  1236. >And with that loving exchange the three of you pulled off.
  1237. >"I think I should warn you two in advance-"
  1238. >Flurry from her place in the front seat looks over to Candy, while you sit in the back arms folded.
  1239. >"Headmaster Cinch is a huge bit--"
  1240. >She stumbles over her words remembering Flurry is in the car.
  1241. >"--ter piece of work. She's going to be waiting to speak to you guys. You know that big lesbian from that movie Matilda?"
  1242. "Oh that butch woman who ate the cake?"
  1243. >"I like that movie..."
  1244. >Cadance smiles at Flurry's response.
  1245. >"Cinch is like that. If you shoved an angry lobster up her butt covered in five alarm hot sauce."
  1246. "So a plate full of Pork Bung?"
  1247. >"Precisely."
  1248. >Flurry is still confused as to what Pork Bung is.
  1249. "What do you recommend?"
  1250. >"No sass....ANON."
  1251. >You roll your eyes.
  1252. >"And please-"
  1253. >The car comes to a full stop.
  1254. >She puts a hand to Flurry's cheek, looking between the both of you.
  1255. >"Watch out for you Niece, and look out for your Uncle? We're all we got."
  1256. >Flurry nods.
  1257. "Yeah.."
  1258. >She places the car in park, and takes a deep breath.
  1259. >"Showtime guys."
  1260. >You all exit the car, a sense of dread slowly forming in the air.
  1261. >It's the Staff parking lot. You can see other adults slowly walking towards the doors, armed with suitcases and portable cups of Coffee.
  1262. >"DEAN CADANCE!"
  1263. >A loud nasally voice calls out to Candy, garnering yours and Flurry's attention as well.
  1264. >Some nerdy, lanky guy in khakis and a striped shirt speedwalks over waving frantically.
  1265. >You lean over to Candy whispering.
  1266. "People still have goatees like that?"
  1267. >She lightly elbows you.
  1268. >"Hello Professor! Good Morning!"
  1269. >He snorts happily.
  1270. >"It's so good to see you back! The staff and I were SO WORRIED about you! How are you feeling?!"
  1271. >He gets uncomfortably close to Cadance.
  1272. >She takes a step back, her eyebrow twitching.
  1273. >"Oh, we're fine now. Thank you for your concern P-professor."
  1274. >Candy puts her arms around the two of you as if begging for you to shield her.
  1275. >"Allow me to introduce you to my younger brother, and daughter Professor! Go on, and say hi you two!"
  1276. >Flurry puts her hands behind her back keeping her gaze downward.
  1277. "Hello sir."
  1278. >He shakes your hand without you extending yours, and boy are his palms sweaty.
  1279. >"Good Morning! So polite, and well-mannered! Your parents must've done a great job raising you both!"
  1280. >You wipe your hands on your pants, when he's not looking.
  1281. "Uh...yeah. They're the greatest."
  1282. >Cadance curls her mouth, rolling her eyes.
  1283. >"While we'd like to stay and speak to you Professor SunBurst, we really must be getting on. These two have to get adjusted...soooo..."
  1284. >"Oh? Oh! Right,right! I apologize! I'm here just gabbing away when you have to get going! I mean I often do that! I'm such an idiot! It's like a switch with a broken dial! I just keep going, and going-"
  1285. >"PROFESSOR."
  1286. >"Right! I'm soooo sorry!"
  1287. >He awkwardly bows a few times as he back walks away from your party, tripping and falling onto the cold parking lot ground.
  1288. >He scrambles to recover, standing straight up, and waves until he's out of sight, but not before trying to open the door in the wrong way.
  1289. >You fold your arms shaking your head.
  1290. >Cadance facepalms.
  1291. >"He's not this bad, I swear."
  1292. "Sure."
  1293. >You think you hear Cadance say "I need a drink" under her breath, as she leads you and Flurry through the front entrance of the school.
  1294. >You hold the door open for Cadance and Flurry being the dapper gentleman you are, before entering yourself.
  1295. >Cadance smirks, making a kissy face at you, that you internally pray no one saw.
  1296. >A giant Bolt of lightning is plastered on the floor of the lobby. Various Trophies of differing sizes rest in a case nearby, with an impressive banner above it. Right in the center of the Trophies is a memorial to Shining Armor, and different pictures of him in his cop uniform, and school uniform.
  1297. >Surprisingly, Cadance wasn't exaggerating. You look just like he did when he was a student.
  1298. >Cadance, and Flurry walk to the case, and both touch the glass.
  1299. >You turn away rubbing the back of your head. Let them have their moment.
  1300. >Various students pass by, but one in particular catches your eye.
  1301. >It's a girl, with a chin like M. Bison. Wowza.
  1302. >She makes her way towards you with a stack of papers in her arms.
  1303. >Cleft stops in front of you, giving you a once over.
  1304. >That's not rude at all.
  1305. >"Are you the new student?"
  1306. "One of them, sure."
  1307. >"Hmm.."
  1308. >"Fleur! Good Morning."
  1309. >Cadance just saved this girls feelings.
  1310. >"Dean Cadance."
  1311. >She bows.
  1312. >"I was sent by Headmistress Cinch as Student Body President to ensure that these two integrate smoothly into our academic ecosystem."
  1313. >Cadance touches her mouth in concern.
  1314. >"Oh...uhm..Okay."
  1315. >You glare at Cadance who shrugs.
  1316. >"Well, go ahead you two. I'll see you at Lunch...?"
  1317. >The Student President about-faces, flipping her hair in your face.
  1318. >"This way please."
  1319. >You scowl, biting your bottom lip, feeling small fingers try to grab your hand.
  1320. >Flurry, stays close to you keeping her head down.
  1321. "...You okay?"
  1322. >"C-can I hold your hand? I don't like this place..."
  1323. "Of course. We got this."
  1324. >She looks up at you with glassy eyes, nodding.
  1326. >The haughty president frowns at your sluggishness, tapping her foot.
  1327. >You narrow your eyes at her.
  1328. >You match your pace with Flurry's rather than trying to keep up with this uptight animated mannequin.
  1329. >Various students give the two of you differing looks, as you pass by them in the halls.
  1330. >They never seen two people holding hands before? FUCK THESE GUYS.
  1331. >Normally you don't get mad like this, but you're worried about Flurry Heart. She keeps her head down, eyes shut like she wants to run away.
  1332. >The water bottle filled with milk finally comes to a halt.
  1333. >"Before we proceed to your locker assignments, I feel it's my solemn duty to educate you on the proud history of our school. First off, it was founded in eighteen sixty-six by the illustrious De Lis family's Doche De Lis while he-"
  1334. >Enough of that shit.
  1335. >You turn your attention to Flurry, who's locked arms with you.
  1336. >She shivers slightly, gaze still kept at her feet.
  1337. "Hey. How're you holding up?"
  1338. >She shakes her head slowly.
  1339. >"I wish Daddy were here..."
  1340. >You gently rub her hand.
  1341. "I know. I know it's tough Flurry, but he'd want you to be strong right now."
  1342. >"But I'm scared...!"
  1343. >She puts her head against your ribs.
  1344. "You're a lot stronger than you think."
  1345. >"I'm not..."
  1346. "You really are. Your grandparents abandoned your mom in her time of need, and to this day still kick themselves in the ass, but you? You got up and actually did something. That's strength."
  1347. >You see her blink her eyes a few times.
  1348. "Remember yesterday at the lake? You won't be sad anymore? Well you can't be scared either. You're an Armor, and an Amore. That's like Gohan from Dragonball. You're powerful."
  1349. >She finally looks you in the eyes, with a neutral expression.
  1351. >You both look to Leafyishere with annoyed scowls.
  1352. >She shakes her head in disappointment.
  1353. >"Just take these packets! They have your lockers and schedules, an outline of the student guidelines, upcoming events, a lunch menu, after school club advertisements, a list of the current faculty-"
  1354. >ENOUGH ALREADY. Is everyone here so damn long-winded?
  1355. >You just take the packets from Bailey Jay, and hand one labelled "Flurry" to your niece.
  1356. >This LGBTQ deviantart OC puts her hands on her hips.
  1357. >"Class will begin shortly after the morning announcements. Ms. Armor, if you ould follow me, I'll lead you to the freshman floor."
  1358. >Flurry looks at you and whatever this thing is.
  1359. "You're strong. Trust me."
  1360. >The anorexic glow worm takes Flurry by the wrist, leading her away from you.
  1361. >You nod to her, getting a determined nod back, as they disappear into a sea of students.
  1362. "Okay. Now where do I go?"
  1363. >You flip through the packet looking for your scheduled classes.
  1364. "Room...Seven...Ayy? Lovely. Why are people who use letters and numbers as identifiers for certain rooms, such pretentious dicks?"
  1365. >You look around for a room number to get an idea of where you are.
  1366. >Of course students see you searching the area like a retarded tourist, but these shitty rich kids couldn't give a fuck, though they could certainly afford it.
  1367. >5-D is the first room you see. Further down it starts to go back down the alphabet. Noice.
  1368. >Now to follow the waypoint.
  1369. >Navigating the sea of hormones, and cheap perfume, you finally locate your first class.
  1370. >The room is nearly full, but there is a desk in the back of the room.
  1371. >The teacher, is a woman with her hair in a tight ponytail. It looks painful actually.
  1372. >She smiles at you, as you take your seat.
  1373. >You can feel eyes on you each step of the way.
  1374. >You get into the desk chair combo, and fold your hands together.
  1375. >All the students are looking at you with big, creepy smiles.
  1376. >The teacher keeps her eyes on you, her smile not so creepy, but something is behind that grin.
  1377. >The loudspeaker blares on, hurting your ears. The students are still staring at you, while the morning announcements start.
  1378. >Your eyes dart between the creepy smiles and wide-eyed gazes.
  1379. "Mnnh..."
  1380. >You fidget in your seat. Is this the Special Ed class?
  1381. >"--and would like to welcome back Dean Cadance, who had been on paid leave to mourn the loss of cherished Crystal Prep Alumni, Shing Armor. Shining Armor is proceeded by a young Brother-in-law and Daughter who have joined our humble family as of today. If you happen across either of them, be sure to give them a spirited Crystal Prep welcome. Further more--"
  1382. >Flurry's face flashes in your mind. How could someone be so insensitive? She'll be fine. But you're still worried for your beloved Niece.
  1383. >The Loud speakers finally blare off with another screech ending the announcements for the day, leaving you in awkward silence, with the students still staring and grinning at you.
  1384. >The teacher stands up with the smile from before, and opens her arms wide.
  1385. >"You're the brother-in-law, yes? As your Social Studies instructor, allow me and the rest of the class to say, "Welcome"."
  1386. >"WELCOME."
  1387. >The sound of them all saying welcome in unison makes you flinch.
  1388. >"Welcome to "Our class"."
  1389. >"WELCOME."
  1390. >What children of the corn type shit is this?!
  1391. >She saunters towards your desk, placing a hand on the surface.
  1392. >"Please! Don't be afraid friend. We're like a close knit family here, and I'm sure you'll come to feel like you're right at home among your peers and equals!"
  1393. "U-uh...Okay? Th-thanks Ms...?"
  1394. >"Glimmer. Ms. Glimmer. Welcome."
  1395. >"WELCOME."
  1396. >Ms. Glimmer nods satisfied, before making her way back to the front of the class.
  1397. >They all turn their attention to the front. At the same time. SLOWLY.
  1398. >What would Gilda do? She'd probably start kicking asses, and get herself expelled.
  1399. >You really miss Gilda.
  1400. >Sighing, you lean on your elbow sadly.
  1401. >They're taking out their books, and flipping through pages. Since you're in the middle of a semester, you have to wait to participate.
  1402. >"Sugar Belle. Perhaps you'd be kind enough to share your book with Anonymous?"
  1403. >A desk crashes into yours snapping you out of your thoughts.
  1404. >"Of course Ms.Glimmer! It'd be my PLEASURE."
  1405. >One of the weird kids smiles in your face.
  1406. >You lean back like you're doing the limbo.
  1407. >She slides the book to where your desks meet, turning to some random page, never taking her eyes off you.
  1408. >"My name is Sugar Belle, friend! WELCOME."
  1409. "Yeah...thanks..."
  1410. >She finally backs away looking down at the book.
  1411. >"Continuing where we left off from yesterday class, Adolf Hitler was a German politician who was the leader of the vastly successful Nazi Party , Chancellor of Germany from 1933 to 1945 and Führer of Nazi Germany from 1934 to 1945. As dictator, Hitler initiated World War II in Europe with the invasion of Poland in September 1939, and was central to the Holocaust...but what do we say about that little bit of rumor?"
  1413. >The class all chime in.
  1414. >What the actual fuck.
  1415. >"Excellent job class! I'm equally proud of you all!"
  1416. >Sugar Belle leans in towards you eerily.
  1417. >"Isn't Ms. Glimmer, simply the best?! She's so kind and knowledgeable!"
  1418. "C-can you back up a little?"
  1419. >Sugar Belle still grinning like a puppet backs away one Centimeter.
  1420. "Thanks."
  1421. >"Now, despite being a charismatic leader, and singlehandedly dominating in World War ll, he was also a gifted artist, publishing numerous art books, and paintings such as the "Mona Lisa", and the "Last Supper"! Isn't that a neat FACT?"
  1422. >You frown, knowing for a fact that Hitler didn't paint those, and raise your hand.
  1423. >Ms. Glimmer's eyes laser in on you, the whole class turning to face you with those brain dead smiles.
  1424. >"Why Anon! Did you have a question?"
  1425. "Actually-"
  1426. >SCOOOT~
  1427. >The entire class just scooted their desks closer to you, all focused on you with their lifeless eyes.
  1428. >You start to feel antsy, lowering your hand.
  1429. "M-may I go to the bathroom?"
  1430. >Ms. Glimmer grins weirdly at your request.
  1431. >"Why of course! Take the hall pass by the door."
  1432. >You slowly crawl out of your desk, and shuffle through the packed in desks, each creepy doll face student following your every move.
  1433. >You reach for the hall pass-
  1435. >Its a swastika covered in glitter, and frills like a Toddler's project. A very messed up Toddler.
  1436. >You exit the class afraid to turn your back to your classmates, and step out into an empty hall, taking deep breaths. You've been here only about two hours and everyone so far is either some inbred, rich kid with an unwarranted shitty personality, or brainwashed propaganda-spewing
  1437. hand puppets.
  1438. >Back in Griffonstone there were two types of kids. Those who were dumb and those who were smart, and it worked.
  1439. >You pinch the bridge of your nose, and throw the Nazi Plus sign into a nearby dumpster. You're gonna have a serious talk with Candy tonight. There's no way in hell you're going back to that class.
  1440. >Speaking of which-
  1441. >Walking down the hallway with Flurry in tow is Cadance.
  1442. >She doesn't look happy, as they head towards you.
  1443. >"What are you doing in the hall?"
  1444. "Going to the bathroom."
  1445. >"In the hall?"
  1446. >You look back at the closed door of Ms. Glimmer's class, and see some of the students with their faces pressed against the small window used to look inside.
  1447. "Uh...yeah. What's wrong?"
  1448. >She rubs her forehead.
  1449. >"It's time. The Cinch wants to meet you."
  1450. >You rub your arm.
  1451. >"What?"
  1452. "Say uh....how lax are you guys with the teachers curriculum?"
  1453. >So off the three of you went. to the lair of the lion herself.
  1454. >You've never met her before, but if Candy's impression of her is anything to go on, you may have wanted to stay in Ms. Glimmer's class.
  1455. >No one spoke the entire way. You shudder to think what these two went through while you were all separated.
  1456. >Cadance finally stops in front of a set of huge doors that say "Headmistress Cinch" on an impressive plaque of gold.
  1457. >Cadance turns around to you, putting a finger in your face.
  1458. >"NO. SASS."
  1459. "I've been on my best behavior thus far. Even though that psycho teacher was indoctrinating her students-"
  1460. >Candy looks to her upper right.
  1461. >"Yeah,..I think she might be off her meds again. I'll handle that, but this is different!"
  1462. "I'll be good. I promise."
  1463. >She furrows her brow, narrowing her eyes at you.
  1464. "I swear!"
  1465. >She folds her arms, nodding, and knocks on the door.
  1466. >The sound echoes throughout the empty halls.
  1467. >You hear a soft, stern "ENTER" come from behind the doors.
  1468. >Flurry steps a bit closer to you, as Cadance brings both doors open.
  1469. >The lighting is so dim, you can barely make anything out. It's like a cliché Disney villain's lair.
  1470. >"Step forward."
  1471. >Cadance motions for you and Flurry to go into the lone beam of light in the room.
  1472. >You comply, and step into the blinding light, seeing only a pair of hands on a desk.
  1473. >The hands pick up a paper.
  1474. >"Flurry Heart, and Anonymous Mi Alma-"
  1475. >She said your full name. It makes you cringe.
  1476. >"Certainly you come from a admirable pedigree, but what exactly makes you Crystal Prep Academy material?"
  1477. >You cock an eye and look at Flurry, who shrugs back.
  1478. >You look back at Cadance who mouths "Answer".
  1479. "W-well...WHAT exactly is "Crystal Prep Material"?"
  1480. >There's a meth joke in there.
  1481. >The hands slide into darkness, and you can hear someone walking around in the darkness.
  1482. >"Crystal Prep is about Education at its highest pinnacle. Excellence through Persistence! Perfection incarnate!"
  1483. >Getting some Ms. Glimmer vibes here.
  1484. >"The two of you share blood with perfect examples of that creed. Running in your genes is perfection. Intelligence. POTENTIAL. So I ask again. What makes you Crystal Prep Academy material?"
  1485. >Flurry scratches the back of her head.
  1486. >"O-our genes?"
  1487. >"EXACTLY."
  1488. >She slams her hands onto her desk, making you both jump.
  1489. >"And with such amazing talent, do you understand now? In order to be Crystal Prep material, you must BE Crystal Prep! Am I clear?"
  1490. >"Yes ma'am!"
  1491. "Yep."
  1492. >You can feel a pair of eyes attempting to set you on fire from behind.
  1493. "I-I mean yes ma'am."
  1494. >Cinch settles down, finally moving into the light.
  1495. >You never thought you'd see someone taller than Candy in this lifetime, and scope out that chin. It's knife edge sharp!
  1496. >"My last question."
  1497. >She leans against her desk.
  1498. >"Can you wield magic?"
  1499. "I'm sorry?"
  1500. >Cadance quickly gathers you and Flurry up, with a panicked smile.
  1501. >"Oh wow! look at the time! I think I'd better get these two back to class! Wouldn't want them to miss out on such valuable education! Gotta hone that perfection!"
  1502. >Cinch opens and closes her mouth a few times, watching as you're herded out of her office with Flurry.
  1503. >Cadance pushes you both far out of earshot, before she starts talking.
  1504. >"I'm so sorry about that you guys. There was this competition, and she took some Xanax with wine before she came in, and started hallucinating during the contest, and she never quite let it go--"
  1505. >She leans against a locker, clearly stressed, and it's not even eleven yet.
  1506. >"Mom...?"
  1507. >"Hm?"
  1508. >Flurry hugs her arms.
  1509. >"Can I go home? I don't feel good, and these kids are...mean."
  1510. "Understatement. Who in gods name does the hiring around here?! That Glimmer chick teacher was talking about how the holocaust was a lie!"
  1511. >Cadance chuckles.
  1512. >The board started hiring graduates to be the instructors. They figured "those familiar with the school were the best to teach others about it"."
  1513. "That logic is terrible. Is that how you became Dean?"
  1514. >"Hah. Maybe."
  1515. >You shake your head.
  1516. "Yeah, I'm with Flurry. Let's go home. I'm feeling sick."
  1517. >Cadance folds her arms together.
  1518. >"C'mon guys. Just power through this. You'll have to come back tomorrow."
  1519. >You groan.
  1520. "Can I at least be taken out of Glimmer's class?"
  1521. >"Cadance points at you.
  1522. >"Done."
  1523. >The familiar screeching of the loudspeaker makes the lockers vibrate.
  1524. >"Will Dean Cadance please come to admissions? I repeat, will Dean Cadance please come to admissions? Thank you."
  1525. >CLICK.
  1526. >"Looks like this madhouse won't run itself. I gotta go guys."
  1527. >Cadance kisses Flurry on the head, and pats your shoulder.
  1528. >"I'd give you a smooch too Anon but--"
  1529. "Hnnnrh..."
  1530. >She snickers and walks off waving at the two of you.
  1531. >"And don't forget to go to class!"
  1532. >You both wave back.
  1533. "Guess I'll be going back...ugh."
  1534. >"W-wait. before you go..."
  1535. >Flurry grabs your wrist softly.
  1536. "What's up?"
  1537. >"Y-you and mom...uh.."
  1538. "Me and, your mom what?"
  1539. >She bites the corner of her mouth.
  1540. >"I-I'm lonely too."
  1541. >Your eyes widen.
  1542. "Where is this coming from? What brought this on?"
  1543. >She's silent.
  1544. >"I saw you both."
  1545. "Saw us what?"
  1546. >"L-last night. I-in bed."
  1547. >The color drains from your face.
  1550. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Chapter 6~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  1553. ?Oh...wow."
  1554. >Flurry focuses on her feet, as you both stand there in silence.
  1555. >You couldn't be more embarrassed right now. How can you explain yourself to her?
  1556. >She takes a step closer, your hand clasped firmly in hers.
  1557. >"Please?"
  1558. >You gulp loudly.
  1559. "Fine."
  1560. >You peck her on the cheek quickly, and try to walk off, but she holds on tightly.
  1561. >You turn around to look at her, only to get an angry scowl.
  1562. >"No. Like you kissed Mom. I'm not a stupid little kid! I know how you did it!"
  1563. "Flurry please. This isn't right!"
  1564. >She looks like she's gonna cry.
  1565. >"Treating me like you treat mom isn't right? Was all that stuff you said just lies to make me feel better?"
  1566. "No! I was for real! This just isn't the time or place for this sort of thing Flurry!"
  1567. >She releases your hand, balling up hers into fists.
  1568. >"She's all anyone talks about! I lost him too! Why do I have to be treated like this, but not mom?!"
  1569. >You try to put your hand on her shoulder, but she shrugs it off.
  1570. >"I can't talk to anyone! Not Aunt Twilight! No one! Doesn't anyone care about how I feel? Care about me at all?!"
  1571. "Flurry, calm down-"
  1572. >"No!"
  1573. >She stomps a heeled foot onto the tiled ground.
  1575. >Your mouth drops, and your eyes widen.
  1576. >Flurry stares at you with angry eyes biting her bottom lip.
  1577. "You..."
  1578. >She wipes her nose, blinking out tears.
  1579. "You're a little brat."
  1580. >"Wh-what?"
  1581. >Your sympathetic frown becomes a rage-filled scowl.
  1582. "How could you even think to say such a thing? Your mother, deep down blames herself just as much as everyone else is. She has to live with that everyday, and keep a strong face on for others. For you."
  1583. >Her mouth trembles.
  1584. "I'm here for both of you, and that's not gonna change, but you're out of line Flurry. Outrageously so."
  1585. >"You're a liar...just like all those people who say they feel bad for me,
  1586. >You're left alone in the hallway to ponder where to go from here.
  1587. >The bell rung signalling the period change, and well...the rest of the day went as could be expected. Snobby rich kids, and psycho teachers galore.
  1588. >All you could think about was Flurry, and the things she said.
  1589. >Are you the only one not saying it's Candy's fault for Shining? Hell, she's saying it's her fault even.
  1590. >You thought you caught a glimpse of her during the fourth period change, but if it was, she totally blew you off.
  1591. >Before you knew it Lunch came. Time to sample the local cuisine.
  1592. >You stand in line with your red lunch tray, looking over the spread. You glance at the special of the day.
  1593. "Salmon Roe with broiled Flounder?"
  1594. >The lunch lady puts some of the afforementioned food on your tray. It looks like play-doh boiled in Vegetable stock.
  1595. "Yeah, it looks just like that."
  1596. >"Ya don't like it, brownbag it."
  1597. >The lunch lady snorts.
  1598. >You give her a face, and walk off to find somewhere to sit.
  1599. >Flurry is no where to be seen. Maybe she has the other lunch period.
  1600. >You find a table by a window in the back, and sit against the wall, sighing.
  1601. >This has been the worst day ever.
  1602. >You pick at the mystery meat, with your spork. Isn't this a rich kid's school? What's this processed garbage that looks like it just had water added to it, and was microwaved?
  1603. >"How's the soup?"
  1604. >You look up, seeing Cadance with a tray in her hands.
  1605. "Soup? This is flounder with Salmon Roe."
  1606. >You poke it, getting an audible "Squish".
  1607. >Cadance grimaces, sitting across from you.
  1608. >"Where's Flurry?"
  1609. "Huh?"
  1610. >"This is her lunch period. I expected to see the two of you together."
  1611. "I wouldn't know..."
  1612. >You look down at your questionable lunch, stirring it.
  1613. "So are you having any more problems with the instructors?"
  1614. >You shake your head.
  1615. >Cadance tilts her head.
  1616. >"Are you alright?"
  1617. "I'm fine."
  1618. >"Really? You seem a little "short"."
  1619. >She snickers at her own joke.
  1620. "Hm. Yeah."
  1621. >"..."
  1622. >You lean on one of your elbows.
  1623. >"Nothing huh..."
  1624. "What?"
  1625. >She crosses her arms, frowning at you.
  1626. >You look up to meet her gaze, when you spot your Niece with a tray in hand.
  1627. >She locks eyes with you, scowls and walks off in another direction sitting on the far side of the room.
  1628. >Unfortunately for you, Candy happened to see that little exchange.
  1629. >"Anything you wanna tell me?"
  1630. "Not particularly."
  1631. >She leans forward, so she won't be heard by the surrounding students.
  1632. >"Anonymous Mi Alma, don't you bullshit me. What's going on?"
  1633. >You look away poking out your bottom lip.
  1634. "Nothing, "Cadenza". She's a big girl. She can eat by herself."
  1635. >Cadance's eye twitches.
  1636. >"Okay then. I'll ask her."
  1637. "Good luck."
  1638. >"Hrrnnh..."
  1639. >Cadance stares at you, hard.
  1640. >Her eyes feel like they're burning holes into your skin.
  1641. "...."
  1642. >"..."
  1643. >You fidget in your seat.
  1644. "Jesus Christ! Can we talk about it later?!"
  1645. >She pokes out her lips.
  1646. "look, it can wait until later alright? I don't want to talk about it here! What's with you girls and discussing sensitive matters in public settings?!"
  1647. >You get up from the table tossing your uneaten lunch into the garbage.
  1648. >Candy watches as you walk out of the cafeteria.
  1649. >Flurry is picking at her food while a couple of random girls sit around her talking about who knows what.
  1650. >She flashes you a look before you leave.
  1651. >Shit. This is gonna be an interesting evening.
  1652. >"Hey! Hey you! New kid!"
  1653. >You're barely out of the cafeteria. before you're called out to.
  1654. >Or at least you think it's you.
  1655. >Turning to the voice, you see some girl with Slicked back hair. She glares at you with her hands on her hips.
  1656. >You look around and point to yourself.
  1657. >"Yes you! We're the only ones in the hallway, and you're the only new kid between us dweeb!"
  1658. >Dweeb...There's a slight pain in your heart.
  1659. "Yeah? What do you want?"
  1660. >She curls a finger in your direction.
  1661. >"Come with me."
  1662. "No."
  1663. >Who does she think she is? You barely know her, and she just starts talking shit out of no where! What a cun-
  1664. >Your ear is pinched, and pulled on by the girl, who closed the distance while you were thinking to yourself.
  1666. >"Just shut up, and come with me!"
  1667. >She pulls you along like an 80s housewife to god only knows where.
  1668. >You're not walking for long, before she brings you into a room with some other kids inside.
  1669. >She pushes you forward.
  1670. >"Here he is. Whiny little bastard."
  1671. >You rub your ear, prepared to strike back at her, but not before getting a good look at your surroundings.
  1672. >Multiple stoves, and sinks lined up, and a couple refrigerators decorate the room.
  1673. >"Hello new guy."
  1674. >Some kid with a fucked chin(like that's not a running theme in this school) takes your hand, and shakes it, adjusting his white glasses.
  1675. >"Welcome to the Home Economics room. We're the cooking club, and you're hereby inducted into our ranks!"
  1676. >Slick hair pushes you from behind towards a stove.
  1677. >"Your sister said you got skills. Show us!"
  1678. >You can't get a word in edgewise! You're being shoved, and ordered around by this slickback whore, and yet...it feels vaguely familiar. Almost...Nostalgic.
  1679. >You see two other students in addition to Chinpocalypse and the bitch who stand with crossed arms silently watching.
  1680. >"Hurry up! Lunch is gonna be over soon, and we're starving!"
  1681. "Wait, you brought me here to cook for you guys?"
  1682. >White Glasses gives you his best smile.
  1683. >"If you don't mind of course. Dean Cadance praised your skills as exemplary, and well...we can't bring our butlers to school to prepare our meals-"
  1684. "You have to be kidding. Do I look like hired help to you?"
  1685. >Slick hair groans.
  1686. >"Stop your bitching, and just do it! My blood sugars low!"
  1687. "And you! What the hell type of drugs are you smoking? You think this is a cartoon where you just abduct people and don't get your ass whooped?"
  1688. >She puts her fists up in a fighting stance.
  1689. >"You wanna fight?! I'll wreck your shit!"
  1690. >One of the kids from the back, some big haired girl steps between you both.
  1691. >"There's no need to get violent here. Surely we can compromise right?"
  1692. >She looks to you with a smile.
  1693. >"You'd do it if you were compensated for your efforts right?"
  1694. >You cross your arms.
  1695. >"What do you mean "compensated"?"
  1696. >Slick rolls her eyes.
  1697. >"What do you THINK?"
  1698. >You put a finger to your mouth.
  1699. "....Sex?"
  1700. >They all erupt into laughter, and not normal laughter. Rich, snobby nasally laughter.
  1701. >"Oh heavens! Nooooo. No no no. Money new kid. Money!"
  1702. "Oh. Of course you meant money."
  1703. >Slick shakes her head.
  1704. "How much are we talki-"
  1705. >You're immediately met with the sight of Green Abraham Lincoln. You didn't know he had three other brothers....
  1706. >Cha-Ching
  1709. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Chapter 7~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  1712. >You divide the egg dish up for them, and stand back gauging their reactions.
  1713. >Indigo digs into it with reckless abandon, while the others take measured nibbles.
  1714. >It annoys the shit out of you.
  1715. >"I say! This is delicious!"
  1716. >"Almost better than what my personal chef."
  1717. >"And this is the result of cooking the young of domesticated farm fowl? How delightfully morbid, yet engaging!"
  1718. >What a bunch of jobbers.
  1719. "So if none of you can cook, why are you in THE COOKING CLUB?"
  1720. >More rich people laughter.
  1721. >"To have people cook for us of course! What did you think the cooking club was for?"
  1722. >That's retarded.
  1723. "Wha--who's your club president? Who created this abomination?"
  1724. >"Dean Cadance."
  1726. >You can hear the clatter of a fork hitting a cleaned plate, as Indigo leans back in her chair, patting her stomach.
  1727. >"...Not bad. It wasn't complete and utter garbage I guess."
  1728. "So glad to have gained your approval."
  1729. >She smirks at you.
  1730. >"And I'm glad your skills aren't hereditary."
  1731. "Huh?"
  1732. >A tense silence falls over the room.
  1733. >"D-Dean Cadance has a warped idea of what, "boiled water" is..."
  1734. >Upper Crust's face turns pale, as she hugs her arms. She looks like she's recalling a horrible memory.
  1735. "Well. See you chumps never."
  1736. >You dust your hands off, and prepare to leave. You head to the door, and just as you grab the doorknob, Fancy pants puts an arm around your shoulders.
  1737. >"Now one moment Anon, my boy. This can't be our last meeting lad. Someone with skills of your caliber for the culinary arts should be preparing meals for us every school day! Not without monetary compensation of course-"
  1738. >How old is this guy?
  1739. "Are you saying you want me to make food for you guys every day for money?"
  1740. >He nods smiling.
  1741. >You look back at the others.
  1742. >Indigo flips you off, while Crust and Trender smile pleadingly.
  1743. "Hmm..Maybe we can work something out."
  1744. >At least you'll have a reason to come to school now.
  1745. >While, that thing with Flurry and Candy had you irritated, you made off with a cool Twenty bucks.
  1746. >Twenty bucks for a half-assed omelet! You can't wait to tell Indigo!
  1747. >Er..Gilda. You meant Gilda.
  1748. >How could you get those two mixed up?
  1749. >The rest of the day was pretty uneventful. Mostly because you kept caressing your sweet, hard earned shekels, plus what kind of monster gives a new kid homework on his first day?
  1750. >I'll tell you who. SUNBURST. Fuck that guy.
  1751. >In any case, the final bell goes off. School has ended, and you came out of it only mildly traumatized, but twenty bucks less poorer!
  1752. >You exit Sunburst's class with a brand new advanced calculus textbook, and four worksheets.
  1753. >"Don't forget class! A sharp mind means an even sharper future!"
  1754. >He urkel snort laughs from inside the class.
  1755. >Seriously. Fuck that guy.
  1756. >You're pushing through the crowds of students to the front entrance, but get stopped partway.
  1757. >It's Indigo again.
  1758. >She hands you a piece of paper.
  1759. "What's this?"
  1760. >"A menu. I want to eat this tomorrow."
  1761. >You look at it.
  1762. >All it says is "Chinese", and has crusde pictures of what she interprets as Chinese food, such as eggrolls, and what you think is Ramen.
  1763. "...Oookay."
  1764. >"Cool."
  1765. >She walks off flipping what little hair she has, as you crumble up the paper and toss it into the trash.
  1766. >She gonna eat whatever you decide to fix her. And isn't Ramen Japanese?
  1767. >Ignoring that bit of foolishness, you look around for Cad-
  1768. >You see her, and Flurry standing near the trophy case from this morning. Flurry stares at her father's monument, while Cadance waves you over.
  1769. >"Hey! How was your first day?"
  1770. >Flurry peeks at you over her sholder with half-lidded eyes.
  1771. >You shrug.
  1772. >"See? I told you, you could do it. Day one is down! Just a few months to go!"
  1773. >She puts her arms around the both of you.
  1774. "Oy, cut that out! We're still on campus!"
  1775. >Candy makes a kissy face at you.
  1776. >"Awww. Little Anon can't take PDA from his big sister?"
  1777. >Oh Boy.
  1778. >You can feel Flurry's scowl from here.
  1779. "L-let's just go home, okay? I have a ton of homework to do."
  1780. >"You do? What kind of monster gives a kid homework on his first day?"
  1781. "I KNOW RIGHT?!"
  1782. >Flurry slips out of Cadance's grasp, leaving the building.
  1783. >"I-I'll be at the car, waiting."
  1784. >Flurry steps outside, heading to the parking lot.
  1785. >"What's with her? Do you think she's being bullied?"
  1786. "U-uhh--I--ah?"
  1787. >Cadance looks at you with suspicious, narrowed eyes.
  1788. >Her arm slowly begins to tighten into a headlock.
  1789. >"Something you want to say little brother?"
  1790. "Nuh-naw. Nope. Nuh-uh. I'm just ready to get home!"
  1791. >"Hmm..."
  1792. >Her grip continues to tighten.
  1793. "Oh! Hey Headmistress Cinch!"
  1794. >You look to behind you.
  1795. >"Huh?"
  1796. >Cadance looks also, giving you time to slide out of her hold.
  1797. "L-last one to the car makes dinner!"
  1798. >"Anon!"
  1799. >Once outside, you jog to the car, glad you dodged that bullet again.
  1800. >Of course you're not letting Candy near a stove, but it'll give her incentive to move her ass, so you can get this awkward car ride over with.
  1801. >You shudder, thinking of what could possibly happen in the car.
  1802. >If you just avoid interacting with Cadance, maybe things will be okay?
  1803. >You spot Flurry leaning against the car looking down.
  1804. >She looks up at you briefly, before turning away.
  1805. >"Noooooo! Don't make me coooook!"
  1806. >Candy brings up the rear, attempting to run in her heels.
  1807. "Then move it girl!"
  1808. >She stops in front of you panting.
  1809. >"This is Elderly abuuuuuuuse!"
  1810. >There goes that feeling of eyes burning into you from behind again.
  1811. "L-let's just get home, before we make a scene. Okay?"
  1812. >Cadance shrugs at your request, unlocking the car doors with her remote.
  1813. >"And here I thought Kids liked to have fun. Hm!"
  1814. >Flurry is already inside, staring ahead with an angry frown.
  1815. >You enter next, seeing her look at you through the rear view window.
  1816. >And it begins.
  1817. >Cadance gets in next, the car jiggling a little.
  1818. >"Time to go home gang! What are we having for dinner?"
  1819. >Flurry puts on her seatbelt in silence.
  1820. "I dunno. What do you feel like eating?"
  1821. >Cadance thinks out loud, starting up the car.
  1822. >"I'm in a seafood mood."
  1823. "After eating that slop in the cafeteria?"
  1824. >"Well..yeah. REAL seafood."
  1825. >Does she even have the proper items for it?
  1826. >"Maybe some sort of stew, with rice in it, and various meats? HINT HINT?"
  1827. "You're such a glutton."
  1828. >"Shut up baby, I know it."
  1829. >You think you hear Flurry growl.
  1830. >Right! Don't interact with Cadance! Just get through the ride.
  1831. >So Flurry, how was your day?"
  1832. >"...It was fine."
  1833. >You finally pull off, Cadance honking at one of the teachers and waving to her.
  1834. >The teacher doesn't look too pleased to be honked at.
  1835. "Who's that?"
  1836. >"That's the drama class teacher, Chrysalis. She's the best!"
  1837. "Mhm. Sure."
  1838. >Somehow you don't think this teacher feels the same way.
  1839. >None of your business .
  1840. > With Flurry peering out the window, the three of you proceed home.
  1843. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Chapter 8~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  1846. >"So spill. How many friends did you two make?"
  1847. >Flurry remains silent.
  1848. "None. Is everyone there a psychopath?"
  1849. >Cadance snickers.
  1850. >"Don't worry. It'll grow on you. Think of it as, character building at its highest extreme."
  1851. "Spouting controversial ideology is now considered "character building"?"
  1852. >"Errrm...Again, she's on meds."
  1853. "I'm starting to think we're all gonna need to be high on something to survive at this school."
  1854. >You run your hands down your face, and look out the window gor the rest of the ride, drowning out Cadance's blathering about how great CPA actually is.
  1855. >There's something else on your mind.
  1856. >The bumping of the car hitting the driveway snaps you from your thoughts as you make it home.
  1857. >Flurry is the first out of the car, and in the house. She practically ran inside, and you don't have to guess where she went.
  1858. >You, and Candy followed suit shortly after.
  1859. >"Be it ever so humble-"
  1860. >She kicks her heels off letting them fall wherever, and collapses onto the couch.
  1861. >"Anoooooon~ my legs huuuuurt."
  1862. >Hah. No. We're not doing that shit again.
  1863. "Yeah. That's a shame. Well, better get started on that homework! Work work work!"
  1864. >You practically mario jump up the stair case before she can protest any further.
  1865. >She calls you mean from downstairs, as you rush to your room, and shut the door.
  1866. >Finally. Peace, and quiet to organize your thoughts.
  1867. >You stumble forward, and lay down on your bed face first.
  1868. >The comfort of laying on a soft bed after being so active all day is heavenly. You could fall asleep at any moment, but you have to will yourself to stay awake. You have to cook, check for messages, and make up with your Niece.
  1869. >Who watched you in bed with her mom, and is jealous of your relationship with her.
  1870. >Lovely.
  1871. >How should you go about this?
  1872. >You were asked to help these two get themselves together, and you won't accept anything but a perfect outcome.
  1873. >Knock Knock.
  1874. >The door opens up. It's Candy.
  1875. "I didn't say come in. What if I was naked?"
  1876. >She steps in and closes your door.
  1877. >"It's not like I haven't seen your thing before."
  1878. "It's grown since I was seven Candy."
  1879. >Cadance comes and sits on your bed leaning on your back.
  1880. >"Next you'll tell me it's because it's cold."
  1881. >You grimace.
  1882. "That's gross. What do you want?"
  1883. >"An explanation."
  1884. >Oh boy. Here it comes.
  1885. >"What is Flurry doing locled up in her room? Yesterday she was all over you, and talking-"
  1886. >You grunt, as she presses her elbows down into the pit of your back.
  1887. >"What happened?"
  1888. >May as well come clean now.
  1889. "She saw."
  1890. >"Saw what?"
  1891. >You move to your side leaning on your elbow.
  1892. "She saw us in bed together last night."
  1893. >Candy looks at you waiting for more.
  1894. "That's it."
  1895. >"That's it?"
  1896. "Yes. That's it."
  1897. >She scratches her head.
  1898. >"Soooo...what's the problem?"
  1899. >You forgot. Cadance isn't really going to see the problem.
  1900. "We had an argument over it, and some other things is all. Nothing major."
  1901. >"What did you argue about?"
  1902. "I don't think it's really my place to say..."
  1903. >She "harrumphs".
  1904. >"Should I go talk to her?"
  1905. >You shake your head.
  1906. "I'll make things right. Don't worry about it."
  1907. >You change your position so you're sitting next to Candy.
  1908. >She puts her head on your shoulder once more.
  1909. >Some time passes as the two of you sit there, not speaking.
  1910. >"You wanna sleep in my room again tonight?"
  1911. "NO."
  1912. >You're getting tired of this teasing now. The jokes been done to death.
  1913. >She sits up.
  1914. >"I'm serious. I want you to sleep in my room again."
  1915. >You look at her incredulously.
  1916. >She moves the hair from her left ear, blushing slightly.
  1917. >"It's--I-It was nice having someone nearby when I felt so..so lost. y'know?"
  1918. "Well dang. I may as well move into your room then huh?"
  1919. >"Maybe you should."
  1920. >You laugh out loud. Alone.
  1921. >You're laughing alone?
  1922. >Candy looks at you with serious eyes.
  1923. "...Oh."
  1924. >She looks down, kicking her legs.
  1925. >"I realize how tough it must've been for you both. It was just as bad for me, and honestly? I would have broken down for sure at some point, if not for you, and your support..."
  1926. >You silently listen.
  1927. >"Don't misunderstand me here! I'm not trying to replace Shining or anything!"
  1928. >She takes a deep breath.
  1929. >"But I realize I need you."
  1930. >Your eyes widen.
  1931. >She puts her hand on top of yours.
  1932. >So if you ever considered wanting to move into my room with me, I wouldn't be opposed to it..."
  1933. >You gulp loudly.
  1934. "Cadance...Candy...Last night was an exception. I want to be there for you, but this would just be...I don't know..wrong?! We;re related, but I'm still a dude, so-"
  1935. >She looks at you with wide eyes now.
  1936. >"Are--Oh wow."
  1937. >She turns pinker than usual, looking away.
  1938. "Crap.. That sounded weird. What I meant is--uh--Well that is to say--"
  1939. >"N-no! It's cool! I get it! I mean, I am HOT after all."
  1940. >she poses, winking at you.
  1941. >You scowl at her joking tone.
  1942. >She giggles, bumping you, with a big smile.
  1943. >"Thank you for the compliment. That makes me feel good."
  1944. >A boner is a compliment to women?
  1945. "Do you think you'll ever date again...?"
  1946. >She looks at the ceiling.
  1947. >"How did we get on this subject? I thought we were talking about moving bedrooms!"
  1948. "Just answer, stupid."
  1949. >Her head teeters in thought.
  1950. >"I don't think so. Shiny was my soul mate. I don't want to trample all over that with some shitty rebound."
  1951. >She smiles at you.
  1952. >"I've accepted I'll never be as happy as I was with him. Ever."
  1953. "Candy..."
  1954. >She wipes her eye.
  1955. >"Let's not go too deeper into this than that. For now, I want you to do something for me."
  1956. >You nod.
  1957. >"Make up with your niece. If she's happy, I can be happy."
  1958. "Of course I will."
  1959. >She breathes deeply.
  1960. >"Thank you, midget. You're more of a real man than I give you credit for."
  1961. >You smile softly back at her.
  1962. >"...."
  1963. >She stares at you.
  1964. "Was there something else?"
  1965. >She scratches her cheek, sheepishly.
  1966. >"Eheh-heh-heh....Can I say something weird?"
  1967. "That doesn't stop you usually."
  1968. >She chuckles.
  1969. >"Yo-You're--Heh..."
  1970. >You roll your wrist telling her to go on.
  1971. >"You're a pretty good kisser."
  1972. >You straighten up, and blink.
  1973. "You're right. That was a weird thing to say."
  1974. >She pushes you, standing up giggling madly.
  1975. >"You're the sister-kisser here!"
  1976. "Yeah, but you liked it! Were my lips soft sis?"
  1977. >She covers her face.
  1978. >"I shouldn't have said anything!"
  1979. "Well you did, and now I'm gonna use it forever against you."
  1980. >She sticks her tongue out at you, preparing to leave your room.
  1981. >"Make up with Flurry. That's an order!"
  1982. "Yeah yeah."
  1983. >She leaves with reddened cheeks, laughing under her breath.
  1984. >You watch her equally red yourself if not more, and get off your bed heading to Flurry's room, like promised.
  1985. >You gently knock on it a few times, placing your eye to the cold wood to see if she;s up.
  1986. >You hear some bumping and thumping from within, but it soon stops.
  1987. >A minute passes until you knock again.
  1988. "Flurry? Are you up?"
  1989. >Bump bu-bump-
  1990. >The doorknob clicks finally after a few scant seconds.
  1991. >You can see a piece of her half lidded eye peeking through a crack in the door.
  1992. >"....What do you want?"
  1993. >You rub the back of your head.
  1994. "Can we maybe...uh...talk?"
  1995. >"...."
  1996. "Please? I promise you'll want to hear it."
  1997. >Flurry stands there in silence for a while, before finally opening the door partways.
  1998. >"Come in...I guess."
  1999. >You step inside, and look around.
  2000. >The lighting is pretty dim, and you can see a vanity mirror in the corner.
  2001. >Flurry has it decorated with many family pictures, and some of her father. She has numerous stuffed animals decorating another corner, where her big Queen-sized messy bed sits in the center.
  2002. "Wow. Your room is cool."
  2003. >She closes the door, relocating after to her bed, and sitting on the foot.>"Daddy designed it for me. He said "My princess, needs a throne worthy of her"."
  2004. "I-I see..."
  2005. >She folds her hands together patiently.
  2006. >"Okay..."
  2007. >You take a deep breath, and clear your throat.
  2008. "I'm sorry."
  2009. >She looks at you with big sad eyes.
  2010. "I should have been more aware of your feelings, but...well...I was a little unsure of how to speak or act with you. I haven't known you as long as I've known Candy, so I figured you wouldn't be really comfortable with me acting that way with you."
  2011. >Flurry bites her lips, ba,,ing up her hands on her lap.
  2012. "I promise to be more conscious of you, and treat you the same wa-"
  2013. >"Stop it..."
  2014. >You cock an eyebrow at her interruption.
  2015. >"How could you still be so nice to me...?"
  2016. >You sit down next to Flurry, putting an arm around her shoulders.
  2017. >"I thought about it a lot...I was really being a brat like you said! I can't f-force my way into a bond like you and mom's..."
  2018. >Tears fall onto her fists.
  2019. "That's very mature of you Flurry. Way more than I'd expect of someone your age."
  2020. >She sniffles.
  2021. "But you were right. I've been neglecting you. I'm sorry."
  2022. >You hug her close.
  2023. >"I wanted to apologize, but I was scared you hated me..."
  2024. "You lil idjit."
  2025. >She gasps, a look of disbelief on her face.
  2026. "I'd never hate you."
  2027. >"Or leave me?"
  2028. "Never."
  2029. >She looks down at her lap.
  2030. "Hey. Can I get a smile?"
  2031. >She sniffs again.
  2032. >"I-I'll trade you."
  2033. >Trade?
  2034. "What do you want to trade?"
  2035. >"F-for a kiss."
  2036. "Duuuuuh....wuh..."
  2037. >She looks into your eyes, with wet eyes.
  2038. >"Please?"
  2039. >You gulp again.
  2040. "O-on the cheek or head r-right?"
  2041. >She slowly shakes her head, and presses her lips against yours.
  2044. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Chapter 9~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  2047. >How long?
  2048. >How long has this kiss been going?
  2049. >Flurry pulls back with her eyes still closed.
  2050. >"That...that was amazing."
  2051. >You sit there flabbergasted at what just happened.
  2052. >Flurry finally smiles, bringing a hand to your cheek.
  2053. >"Thank you Anon. I-I'm really really happy.:
  2054. "Er...I'm happy you're happy!"
  2055. >She places her head against your chest, humming with a big grin.
  2056. >"Someone for me too..."
  2057. >She wraps her arms around your waist.
  2058. >It's good that you made up with Flurry...you think? You pray this won't bite you in the ass somewhere down the road.
  2059. >For now, you just need to get away and think about things.
  2060. "W-well, now that that's done, I should go start di-dinner..."
  2061. >"Okay!"
  2062. >Flurry releases you, allowing you room to stand up.
  2063. >You're back to that robotic walk, as you exit her room.
  2064. >"Hey Anon?"
  2065. >You look back at her making some type of constipated duck face expression.
  2066. >"I really really love you!"
  2067. >She smiles big.
  2068. "Ye-yes. I love you too Flurry."
  2069. >You leave the room, and head downstairs, shellshocked over recent events.
  2070. >Pretty sure Cadance didn't have that in mind when she asked you to make up with your niece.
  2071. >As you wiggle down the steps, you see Cadance curled up on the sofa watching tv.
  2072. >"Hey you."
  2073. "HELLO."
  2074. >She flinches at your tone.
  2075. >"Whoa! Keep it down!"
  2076. >You auto-pilot your way into the kitchen, and start taking out pots, not sure what you're going to do.
  2077. >Candy enters behind you, retrieving a pound of shrimp from her freezer.
  2078. >She plops it onto the counter.
  2079. >"I bought this on sale last week! What can you do with it?"
  2081. >"Goodness. You sound like Aunt Luna."
  2082. >She folds her arms together.
  2083. >"How did it go with your niece? Everything cool now?"
  2084. "I would say so! Yes! Best friends! BBBFF!"
  2085. >Cadance looks confused.
  2086. >Flurry appears soon after only making it worse.
  2087. >She dances into the kitchen, with a huge smile.
  2088. >"I think your cooking show comes on tonight! Are we watching it together Anon?"
  2089. >"Huh?"
  2090. >Cadance puts her hands on her hips.
  2091. >"Hello sweetie. How're you feeling?"
  2092. >Flurry spins in a circle.
  2093. >"I feel great! Why do you ask?"
  2094. >"d-uh..no reason...Huh?"
  2095. >Flurry bounces along sitting on the sofa, kicking back and bringing her knees to her chest, getting comfy.
  2096. >Cadance looks back at you with narrowed eyes.
  2097. >You avert your gaze, whistling.
  2098. >Cadance pinches your ear.
  2099. "OUCH!"
  2100. >"Shush!"
  2101. >Cadance leans in close.
  2102. >"What did you do?"
  2103. "Wh-what do you mean?"
  2104. >Cadance scowls.
  2105. >"Why is my daughter acting like--"
  2106. >She looks to the living room. Flurry is still there, humming swinging to, and fro.
  2107. >"-like a freshly fucked lonely housewife?!"
  2108. "I didn't do anything to her! I swear!"
  2109. >"Anon..."
  2110. "I'm serious! We just may have...kissed a little."
  2111. >You shut your eyes waiting for the boom.
  2112. >Nothing happens,
  2113. >Cadance is looking at you waiting for more.
  2114. >"Okay, and?"
  2115. "O-on the mouth."
  2116. >"Yeah? So what? What else did you do?!"
  2117. >She grabs your hand, and smells your fingers.
  2118. "Candy what the hell?!"
  2119. >You snatch your hand away from her.
  2120. >She releases your ear, with an angry frown.
  2121. "That's seriously all. Just a kiss."
  2122. >"Is that ALL?"
  2123. "Yes! Do I look like a pervert to you?"
  2124. >"Yes, you do. Because I'm a pervert, and you;re a lot like me in some ways."
  2125. >That is not what you want to hear from her.
  2126. >She sighs, leaning on the counter.
  2127. >"If that's all you did, mission accomplished I guess. You got her to smile again, so I owe you for that."
  2128. >You rub your hurt ear.
  2129. "So you're not bothered by something like kissing?"
  2130. >She shrugs.
  2131. >"I mean, you kissed me, and I didn't freak."
  2132. "But I'm your little brother."
  2133. >"Well it's weird when you put titles on it like that."
  2134. "Jesus Christ."
  2135. >You facepalm forgetting who this is you're talking to.
  2136. >"You're too uptight. I kiss Flurry on the lips, and so did Shining. She's family. It's not that odd, when you think of it."
  2137. "That's good and all, but why did you smell my fingers? What were you expecting to find?"
  2138. >"Uh..."
  2139. >"Shrimp!"
  2140. >She holds the bag up.
  2141. "Hey, don't change the subject-"
  2142. >"Shrimp! Cook it! Now. Stop talking!"
  2143. >Candy shoves the cold bag into your chest, speedwalking away into the living room.
  2144. >You look at the hand she smelled.
  2145. >Wait. She smelled your fingers, after she thought you did something to Flurr-
  2146. >Suddenly those gears start to move in your brain.
  2148. >The rest of the evening was spent eating fried shrimp. Out of which you mean Candy spent the evening eating the fried shrimp. Greedy woman.
  2149. >Flurry was a regular motor-mouth the entire meal. It made you happy to see that bubbly girl from Easter, and not the dark, stone-faced version of herself.
  2150. >In fact, the both of them seemed happier than normal.
  2151. >It felt like you were part of a complete family for the first time. No parents there to argue with her, no tears or painful stories. You wish it could be like this forever.
  2152. >You moved to the living room afterwards, while Cadance, and Flurry cleaned up.
  2153. >Flurry would have went up to her room, and Candy would have...well you're not sure. She would have been probably talking with you.
  2154. >You sit on the far end of the couch , settling in. It's Chopped o clock!
  2155. >Flipping to the Food Network, you see they're introducing the chefs. The worst part of the show.
  2156. >No one cares about the Origin stories of these guys. You just wanna see what the basket is, and who cries after going home.
  2157. >The chefs are starting to open the baskets, when you feel something in your pocket shake.
  2158. >You reach in, brandishing your phone, and look at the screen. It hadn't rung in so long, it's almost like you didn't have it.
  2159. >BZZZZZ. BZZZZZ/
  2160. >Someone is texting you.
  2161. >"Hey."
  2162. >It's an unknown number.
  2163. "Who is this?"
  2164. >"Your sister."
  2165. >Candy?
  2166. >"Your dad gave me your number. Are you free to talk?"
  2167. "WHO IS THIS."
  2168. >"YOUR SISTER."
  2169. >This stranger is starting to piss you off. You're not one for playing on the phone.
  2170. "In the Kitchen?"
  2171. >There's no response for a while.
  2172. "Hello?"
  2173. >You wait for a response.
  2174. >Nothing.
  2175. "Whoever this is don't play on my phone again, asshole."
  2176. >You put your phone on your lap, slightly annoyed.
  2177. >Before you can get back to the show, your phone starts to ring.
  2178. >Unknown.
  2179. >You cautiously answer it expecting a telemarketer.
  2180. "Hello?"
  2181. >"What do you think you're doing?"
  2182. >You recognize this voice.
  2183. >"Shining's body isn't even cold yet, and you're trying to take over?!"
  2184. "Twilight?"
  2185. >You hear a nasally groan.
  2186. "How did you get my number?!"
  2187. >"Your dad gave it to me! He's called and asked me to "Watch out for you, while you get their household together"! What did he mean by that?!?"
  2188. >You close your eyes, taking a deep breath, wondering why he went and contacted her.
  2189. >That'll be a conversation for later.
  2190. "You got the wrong idea! I'm just trying to help out around here-"
  2192. >You back away from your phone. her loud screeching voice is giving you a headache.
  2193. >"You know when I saw you at the funeral, I thought you understood. I thought you understood my anger, and then you go and do something like this-"
  2194. "Jesus Christ. One. Don't call me with this dumb shit. Two. You're my sister IN LAW."
  2195. >You can hear heavy breathing on the other side.
  2196. "Three. Refer to numbers on through two! Bye."
  2197. >"Don't you da-"
  2198. >Red phone button pressed. Now to make another call.
  2199. >You pull up your contacts with frenzied eyes, and press "dad".
  2200. >The phone rings a few times, before a husky voice answers.
  2201. >"Hello, this is-"
  2202. "Cut it out. You know who this is!"
  2203. >You hear some shuffling.
  2204. >"Hey Anon. How is it going?"
  2205. >You take a deep breath.
  2206. "Why did you give Twilight Sparkle my number?"
  2207. >"I'-I'm sorry?"
  2208. >You wish you could send a punch through text message to him right now.
  2209. "What were you thinking giving my number to her? I told you how crazy she got at the funeral right? What were you trying to do by telling her I was here?!?"
  2210. >He goes silent.
  2211. >"Your mother told me how you spoke to her, and we talked it out. We feel that maybe Cadenza's attitude is influencing you negatively, so I called and asked Twilight to look out for you. You're not going to be there forever son, and frankly, we don't want another one of her in the house messing up what we have..."
  2212. >You pinch the bridge of your nose.
  2213. "Please tell me you're joking."
  2214. >"I'm afraid I'm dead serious son. Twilight is responsible. She has her head in the books, and stays out of trouble. She's the perfect person to look after you, while you look after Cadenza."
  2215. >You grip the phone tightly.
  2216. >"Hello?"
  2217. "Do you know how retarded that sounds? Like really? DO YOU KNOW HOW RETARDED THAT SOUNDS?"
  2218. >You're screaming into your phone at this point.
  2220. >"Anon! How dare yo-"
  2222. >"You little brat! I'm still your father!"
  2223. >You hang up, trembling in rage, through grit teeth.
  2224. >You look up through red eyes, and see Candy and Flurry looking at you from the doorway.
  2225. >You stare at each other for a long while, before the both silently join you on the sofa.
  2226. >Flurry takes your right while Cadance takes your left.
  2227. >The two girls both hug you tightly without a word.
  2228. >Your heart is pounding hard. The gall of those two...!
  2229. >The only people messing up are them. Go back there someday? Maybe you should just stay here for good.
  2232. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Chapter 10~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  2235. >You lay back, enjoying the warmth of Cadance, and Flurry.
  2236. >It's soothing.
  2237. >"Had another great chat with Dad again, huh?"
  2238. >Cadance rubs your stomach.
  2239. "Yeah. He was just demonstrating how to be a terrible person again."
  2240. >Flurry clears her throat.
  2241. >"C-can I ask something?"
  2242. >"Sure sweetheart."
  2243. >"No. Of both of you."
  2244. >You crack open an eye.
  2245. "Sure."
  2246. >Flurry sits up letting you go.
  2247. >"Why don't you get along with Granny and Grandpa?"
  2248. >Oh boy. That's a story.
  2249. >Cadance snickers.
  2250. >"Your mom was a bit wild back in the day, if you let them tell the tale. The truth is, they're really old-fashioned, and things like "love for all", is considered immoral, and evil.?
  2251. >A.K.A Sex before marriage.
  2252. >Flurry tilts her head confused.
  2253. >"What do you mean by "love for all"?"
  2254. >Cadance laughs sheepishly.
  2255. >"W-well I mean, like-uh..."
  2256. "Your mom was a thot."
  2257. >"ANON!"
  2258. >She punches you in the stomach.
  2259. "Haha! I was just joking!"
  2260. >Cadance scowls, and crosses her arms in a puff.
  2261. "Our parents are overly patriotic, Fascists, who have an image of what society should be, and reject all else. Unfortunately for them, it gave birth to progressive offspring."
  2262. >"You could've just said that instead of calling me a "Thot"."
  2263. >"What's a "Thot"?"
  2264. >You and Candy exchange looks.
  2265. "That Housewife over there."
  2266. >Cadance gives you a thumbs up.
  2267. >Flurry shrugs.
  2268. >"Then how did you meet dad with parents like that?"
  2269. >Cadance smiles, blushing.
  2270. >"Oh geez. I never thought I'd give the "How did you guys meet" story..."
  2271. "Actually, I've never heard this story. Please do tell."
  2272. >Cadance sighs.
  2273. >"I used to babysit your Aunt Twilight, when I was younger, and met him one day during his weekly D&D campaign with his friends."
  2274. "Whaaaat? Shiny was a D&D nerd? I would never have guessed."
  2275. >Flurry brings her knees to her chest, listening closely.
  2276. >Cadance giggles.
  2277. >"I found out later that he went to my school, and well...A couple things happened, that drew me to him..."
  2278. "Such as? Don't give us a half story!"
  2279. >"Yeah continue!"
  2280. >"Weeeeell....He threw an impromptu concert dedicated to me during a sporting event."
  2281. "Oh yeah? What song did he sing??"
  2282. >Cadance's smile vanishes into a cringing frown.
  2283. >"Euuuugh."
  2284. "What song was it?"
  2285. >Cadance cringes physically.
  2286. "What song was it..."
  2287. >"Oingo Boingo. Little Girls."
  2288. >Your face goes deadpan.
  2289. >"What type of song is that?"
  2290. >You just stare at Cadance, not saying anything.
  2291. >"What? Is it a bad song?"
  2292. >Flurry questioningly looks between you.
  2293. "I'm more concerned about what part of you said, "I gotta get me some of dat" instead."
  2294. >"Shut up! It was a loving gesture!"
  2295. >She looks up smiling dreamily.
  2296. >"There was this other guy...your typical captain of the football team, chiseled body of stone. All the fixins."
  2297. "Let me guess. He was also a D-bag, who picked on Shining and his friends. A dance or some other social event came up, and Shining wanted to ask you out, but this Jock beat him to it. You said yes, Shining clowns him at the dance, and they live happily ever after."
  2298. >Cadance gasps incredulously.
  2299. >"You said you never heard the story before!"
  2300. "I didn't. It's just been a highschool movie trope that dates back to the 80s."
  2301. >Cadance rolls her eyes.
  2302. >"Well that's how it happened, and I've been with Shining ever since."
  2303. >Flurry sighs with a big grin.
  2304. >"It sounds so romantic. I hope someone does something like that for me."
  2305. >Flurry glances at you.
  2306. >You cock an eyebrow not understanding why.
  2307. >"Mom and Dad hated the guy. "He's a bad influence on you". He won't amount to nothing, blah blah blah."
  2308. "And then in the ultimate show of disrespect, she went and got preggers by him."
  2309. >"Yup."
  2310. >She smiles proudly.
  2311. >The three of you sit there in silence, thinking of Shining. He really is a pretty--was a pretty cool guy wasn't he?
  2312. >He will truly be missed.
  2313. >Flurry stands up stretching.
  2314. >"That was a nice story, but I'm feeling a little tired..."
  2315. >"Oh! Of course! Have a nice night dear."
  2316. >She smiles, heading up the stairs to her room.
  2317. >You watch her disappear into the darkness, before you're blocked by the view of legs.
  2318. >Cadance puts her legs on your lap.
  2319. >"My legs are still sore~"
  2320. "Aw come on Candy-"
  2321. >She puts a finger up, wagging at you.
  2322. >"Nope. You got me hooked, so now you have to feed my addiction."
  2323. >You sigh in defeat.
  2324. >"Go on."
  2325. >She nudges you with her knee.
  2326. >You hope she doesn't start moaning again. as you place your hands on her smooth legs.
  2327. >She giggles, wiggling.
  2328. >"Your hands are cold."
  2329. "Uh...yeah."
  2330. >You start pressing your fingers into her flesh, getting a soft gasp.
  2331. >She lays back folding her hands on her stomach.
  2332. >"You know what's funny? Shiny used to do this for me all the time...A-ah.."
  2333. >Jesus Christ. That tingling feeling is back.
  2334. "O-oh yeah?"
  2335. >"Yeah...how did you figure my legs were sensitive?"
  2336. "I dunno...I just figured it would feel good.."
  2337. >She lets out a little moan.
  2338. >"It feels great...Nnnh..Oooo~"
  2339. "Candy please. Can't you enjoy it more quietly?"
  2340. >She opens one eye, smiling.
  2341. >"What's wrong? Gettin all hot, and bothered touching your sister?"
  2342. "CANDY."
  2343. >She chuckles closing her eyes.
  2344. >"Like I said. Uptight."
  2345. "I detest you so much sometimes."
  2346. >Cadance continues to moan, fidgeting every so often. You're not sure if it's intentional or not.
  2347. >"About our conversation from earlier."
  2348. "Which conversation in particular?"
  2349. >She opens her eyes, looking up at the ceiling.
  2350. >"That you're a young man, and I'm a woman...Aah-"
  2351. >You gulp for the seven thousandth time today.
  2352. "Y-yeah?"
  2353. >"Do you think I'm attractive?"
  2354. >Your eyes widen.
  2355. "Candy, that's an odd thing to ask your little brother..."
  2356. >"Then answer as someone who isn't my little brother. Do you think I'm attractive?"
  2357. >You stop massaging her legs.
  2358. "Y-yeah..."
  2359. >"Do you think I'm sexy?"
  2360. "Candy-"
  2361. >"Just answer me."
  2362. >She looks at you with a deadly serious expression.
  2363. "yeah."
  2364. >You manage to squeak out.
  2365. >She opens her mouth a little, exhaling audibly.
  2366. >"Keep going..."
  2367. >You continue to rub her legs down, the tingling feeling getting worse.
  2368. >"Do you have a girlfriend?"
  2369. "I-I don't."
  2370. >"Hmm...Is it by choice, or are you holding out for someone maybe?"
  2371. >She grins coyly at you.
  2372. >Your hands begin to shake, while you touch her legs.
  2373. >"Are you okay? Is this topic too heavy for you Anon...?"
  2374. "I-I'm good!"
  2375. >Sweat begins to form on your brow. Where is this sudden interest in your love life coming from?
  2376. >"Are you a virgin still?"
  2377. "OF COURSE NOT!"
  2378. >She looks at you unamused.
  2379. >"Anon. You can tell me."
  2380. >You gulp once more.
  2381. "Yes! Okay? YES."
  2382. >"Hah. I knew it. You're still a cherry boy."
  2383. >You groan.
  2384. >"But that's not a bad thing...it means new things will be fresh and new for you."
  2385. "That's one way of looking at it."
  2386. >You blush, pouting at her taunting.
  2387. >"Have you ever seen..."it" before?"
  2388. >You look at her not understanding.
  2389. >"You know..."it"."
  2390. "I-I don't know what "it" is."
  2391. >She rolls her eyes.
  2392. >"A vagina. Have you seen one> L-like outside of videos?"
  2393. >Is it getting hotter in here?
  2394. "N-no..."
  2395. >Cadance turns her head, sitting up to look at the stairs.
  2396. >She moves to get a better view a few times, then leans in to you, blushing.
  2397. >"D-do you want to see one....?
  2398. >Your eyes widen, your mouth opening and closing a few times.
  2399. >All you can see in your growing tunnel vision is her lips.
  2400. >"Do, you want to see m-mine...?"
  2403. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Chapter 11~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  2406. >You look up the stairs next, and then back to her.
  2407. "Candy wh-what are you saying...?"
  2408. >She places an arm on the backrest of the sofa.
  2409. >"Keep it down! I don't want Flurry to hear us!"
  2410. >Candy scoots in closer. You can see the light blush forming across her face.
  2411. "Why? I mean, don't you know what this would mean-"
  2412. >"I-I'm just showing it to you, an-and it's not like you're a complete stranger."
  2413. >She bends her legs to get in closer,still whispering.
  2414. >"I-I mean, I don't have money to buy you some sort of th-thank you gift or whatever, a-and I figure you...oooh."
  2415. >She has to take a breath from the intimate proximity. You can feel the air getting heavier as well.
  2416. >"You're doing a lot for us, but how can we show our appreciation...?"
  2417. "You could say thank you."
  2418. >"That's not enough Anon. You're cooking for us. You're loving us. How can a mere "thank you" ever come close..."
  2419. >She looks into your eyes, sweat starting to form on her temple.
  2420. "A-and what would you get out of it? There's no payoff for you Candy-"
  2421. >She gulps, and shrugs.
  2422. >"M-maybe it turns me on a little to be looked at..."
  2423. >Your eyes widen up to the size of saucers.
  2424. >She slips the arm from the backrest to your shoulder.
  2425. >"Y-you're just looking after all...i-it's no big deal. You're not touching it, so it's like taking a bath with me when you were little! Ju-just without the water."
  2426. "I-I guess that's true."
  2427. >She moves one leg off the sofa.
  2428. "Oh my god-"
  2429. >"Are you okay? Don't pass out on me now."
  2430. >Your eyes trail down to her skirt, as you nod frantically.
  2431. >Candy slowly starts to hike it upwards, white fabric appearing.
  2432. >"K-keep looking. Don't avert your eyes."
  2433. "Okay."
  2434. >You try to swallow down a golf ball sized lump in your throat, getting a full view of her underwear.
  2435. >Candy moves a trembling hand downwards.
  2436. >"Don't tell anyone I did this."
  2437. "I won't."
  2438. >She hooks a finger on the white underwear, and starts to tug it to the side-
  2439. >CREEEEEAK-
  2440. >You both freeze in place and look to the stairs.
  2441. >Flurry 's leg appears, coming down the steps, forcing you, and Cadance to scramble to opposite ends of the couch.
  2442. >Your niece slowly descends, rubbing her eyes.
  2443. >She looks between the two of you, before heading into the kitchen.
  2444. >You can hear the sound of running water, and then silence.
  2445. >Flurry comes out of the kitchen with a glass of water in hand.
  2446. >She looks at the two of you again, drinking from her glass in a long gulp.
  2447. >"Thirsty."
  2448. >"O-OF COURSE YOU WERE."
  2450. >Flurry silently continues to drink.
  2451. >She then goes back into the kitchen, putting the glass into the sink, and proceeds back upstairs.
  2452. >You hear her door close softly.
  2453. >"..."
  2454. "..."
  2455. >You exchange looks with Candy.
  2457. >Cadance breaks out into hysterical laughter, slapping her knees.
  2458. >Sure it's funny to her. She doesn't have to live with this stomach-churning erection.
  2459. >"Phew..."
  2460. >Candy leans back on the sofa, looking up with a huge grin.
  2461. >"I don't know how I didn't expect that to happen."
  2462. "Uh...yeah."
  2463. >You cross your legs.
  2464. >Cadance snickers at your actions.
  2465. >"Got a little too hot for you? Do you need a cold shower?"
  2466. "Shut up stupid!"
  2467. >Candy starts to laugh again.
  2468. >"Well, I think we can both agree the moment is ruined, huh?"
  2469. "Yeah. Completely."
  2470. >She smiles, standing up.
  2471. >"Maybe next time midge. Maybe next time."
  2472. >Candy gives you a small hug before heading up the steps on noticeably shaky legs.
  2473. >She stumbles a bit with each step.
  2474. >"H-heheh...my legs must've fell asleep..."
  2475. "Mhmm..."
  2476. >You watch with your best shit-eating grin as she struggles to get up the steps.
  2477. >You flip off the lights following Candy up next, still bothered by that brief meeting between the two of you.
  2478. >Something is happening in this house, and you're not sure what it is, but holy shit is it exciting.
  2479. >Once in the hallway, you see Candy has closed her door, but Flurry's is mysteriously open.
  2480. >As you pass by, you see her sitting up in bed with a book this time. It reminds you of someone else.
  2481. >She looks up with a smile, quickly sliding out.
  2482. >"Anon! You finally came up!"
  2483. >She runs over throwing her arms around your neck.
  2484. "Flurry? Wh-what's up?"
  2485. >You keep your midsection away from her.
  2486. >"She takes your hands pulling you into her room.
  2487. >"You're sleeping in here today! Remember?"
  2488. >Dammit. That's right, You did promise her that you'd sleep with her didn't you?
  2489. "Flurry, wait. I don't know if this is a good idea..."
  2490. >She stops walking, tilting her head in confusion.
  2491. >"Why? What's wrong?"
  2492. "U-uhh I'm not decent you see.."
  2493. >"Oooh. You need Jammies?"
  2494. >A way out.
  2495. "That's exactly it!"
  2496. >She smiles.
  2497. >"Then just sleep in your boxers! Daddy did it! It's okay! I've seen them before!"
  2498. >You gulp, as she pulls you in completely closing her door.
  2499. >This is bad. Really bad.
  2500. >You're pitching a tent right now, and you're about to show it off to your innocent Niece.
  2501. "O-okay, let me go to my room and change-"
  2502. >Her face starts to fall into a frown.
  2503. >"Do you not want to sleep with me...?"
  2504. "No no! It's not that! I just need to get ready!"
  2505. >She looks down.
  2506. >"You're acting like you want to leave though...what if you don't come back?"
  2507. >"I'll come back!"
  2508. >She looks at you with narrowed eyes.
  2509. >"No you won't. You're just gonna lock your door, and not come out..."
  2510. "Come on Flurry Heart! What do I gotta do to make you believe in me? I promised I wouldn't leave you!"
  2511. >She looks up.
  2512. >"Then stay in here."
  2513. >You take a deep breath, hoping it's gone down a little at least.
  2514. >She slides back into her bed clearing a spot for you.
  2515. >Surrendering to her demands you lay next to her.
  2516. >"Aren't you gonna take your pants off?"
  2517. "I don't think that's a good idea."
  2518. >She looks at you questioningly.
  2519. >She reaches for her nearby lamp flipping it off, and snuggling up to you.
  2520. >"Thank you for doing this Anon. I love you."
  2521. >You stroke her hair.
  2522. "It's okay. I love you too."
  2523. >She lays on your chest breathing softly.
  2524. >"Can I ask you something?"
  2525. "Uh...sure."
  2526. >She fidgets a little.
  2527. >"What do you think about me?"
  2528. "What do you mean?"
  2529. >She clears her throat.
  2530. >"Like...as a girl. Do you think I'm cute?"
  2531. "Aww..you're the cutest Flurry."
  2532. >You can feel her smile on you.
  2533. >"I think you're cute too Anon."
  2534. "Uh..thanks? Don't think I've ever been called cute before."
  2535. >"Can I ask you something else?"
  2536. "Shoot."
  2537. >"W-well, we're close to each other in age...right?"
  2538. "Mhm."
  2539. >"A-and I'm at the age, it's okay to be CURIOUS about certain things...right?"
  2540. "What are you getting at Flurry?"
  2541. >Her breathing gets little rough.
  2542. >"I-I wanted to try some things...w-with you...if that's okay."
  2543. >OH BOY. You hope she means ballroom dancing.
  2544. "L-like what?"
  2545. >You feel her gulp, as she sits up.
  2546. >"C-come on Anon. You're not stupid. You know wh-what boys and girls do in bed together..."
  2547. >Jesus Christ. This is not your day.
  2548. "Flurry..I..wow."
  2549. >She rubs her arm in the darkness.
  2550. "I didn't come in here to do that sort of thing with you."
  2551. >"Th-then why did you?!?"
  2552. "Because I love you!"
  2553. >She straddles you, much to your surprise.
  2554. >"Then make prove it and-"
  2555. >She gasps feeling you poke her from below, looking down with big eyes, and then back at you.
  2556. "That's just the fabric."
  2557. >She looks back down, placing a hand on your bulge.
  2558. >You jolt, and throw her off of you to the side.
  2559. "Flurry...! No!"
  2560. >She bounces on the bed looking up at you with glossy eyes in the thin blackness.
  2561. >"Why not? Don't I deserve love too?"
  2562. >You stumble over your words, not sure what to say.
  2563. >She crawls over the bed towards you.
  2564. >"Would it be better if I was mom?! It's not fair! She had her turn to be loved by someone and lost him-"
  2565. >She stands up facing you.
  2566. >"-Isn't it my turn yet?"
  2567. >Oh Jesus. You feel like you're about to faint.
  2568. "Flurry of course you have a right to be loved, but I can't be the one to give you the type of love you're looking for!"
  2569. >"And why not?"
  2570. "I'm your uncle-"
  2571. >She puts her arms around your neck.
  2572. >"I don't care about dumb stuff like that Anon. I love you."
  2573. "And I love you too Flurry-"
  2574. >"Like as a guy, love..."
  2575. >You open and close your mouth like a fish out of water.
  2576. >"No one has ever made me as happy, or cared about me since mom and daddy. Anon. You're the greatest, and I-I-I love you!"
  2577. >Flurry looks like she;s trying to think of the proper words to express herself.
  2578. "Aw...Flurry. I don't think you're really in love like you think."
  2579. >"Wh-what?"
  2580. >You put your hands on her hips.
  2581. "You miss your dad. You miss him so much, and you want that affection from a male figure."
  2582. >She looks at you confused.
  2583. "I love you Flurry.,,but not in that way."
  2584. >Her eyes slowly start to tear up.
  2585. >"Are you saying you can't love me like you love mom?"
  2586. "What do you mean? I do."
  2587. >She scowls.
  2588. >"Then maybe if I show you my private part, you'll feel the same?"
  2589. >You nearly choke on your own spit, as she releases her embrace.
  2590. >"Then look at mines Anon."
  2591. >She reaches for the waistline of her pajama bottoms and-
  2592. >You cover your eyes, not knowing what else to do, as the swishing sound of cloth penetrates your ears.
  2593. >"Anon...please look."
  2594. "Flurry, no...!"
  2595. >She turns on her light, and you can feel her breathing on your hand.
  2596. >"I want you to look at me. Please...?"
  2597. >You grit your teeth.
  2598. "I'm gonna leave Flurry. I swear I'll go! I just--I can't do this!"
  2599. >Flurry takes your free hand, and directs it to-
  2600. "Oh my god."
  2601. >She breathes onto your hand, a little more heavily.
  2602. >The feeling of exposed flesh. Like when you skinned your knee after you ate shit while riding your bike. It hurt, but the sticky soft feeling is one you'll never forget in your mind.
  2603. >"Y-you can touch it too..."
  2604. >You start to tremble, feeling that queasiness in the pit of your stomach.
  2605. >"Please...ahh...look at me."
  2606. >You want to move your hand away, but the feeling on your fingertips. The growing moistness, the subtle musk.
  2607. >Uncovering your eyes, you're met with Blue orbs, zoned in on yours.
  2608. >"S-see? It's not so bad, is it..."
  2609. >You wiggle your fingers a little.
  2610. >"Mnnh..!"
  2611. "Oh my god. Oh my god. I can't believe I'm doing this-"
  2612. >She quiets your oncoming panic attack with a kiss.
  2613. >You're her uncle. This isn't right. This is not why you came here. This isn't right, this isn't right-
  2614. >The kiss is broken.
  2615. >"Touch me more Anon...Haah..."
  2616. >You're trapped in a dream-like state right now, unable to comprehend what's going on.
  2617. >What would Cadance think?
  2618. >Candy. What about her?
  2619. >What if it had been her doing this instead of Flurry?
  2620. >"Ahh..?!"
  2621. >Back in the living room, you were feeling as if you were going to lose it. You love your sister, but-
  2622. >You really love your sister...You really love-
  2623. >"O-ooh! Something...something is-"
  2624. >Flurry grips your shoulders tightly, digging her nails into your skin.
  2625. >"Aaaah...! Anon!"
  2626. >What feels like warm gel covers your fingers, as Flurry clutches your body for dear life.
  2627. >She jolts, and shudders a few times, exhaling loudly.
  2628. >"Oh Anon..Anon I love you so much..."
  2629. >She falls onto the bed laying on her back, having long discarded her bottoms.
  2630. >You look at the clear liquid on your fingers, but you can't look at her.
  2631. "I can't believe I did that."
  2632. >Flurry looks up at you with glazed over eyes, and the biggest smile you've ever seen her have in her life.
  2633. >She blinks slowly, until she closes her eyes.
  2634. >"I feel so warm all over...is this what it feels like?"
  2635. >You're absolutely disgusted with yourself. This is not what you came here for.
  2636. >You just want to run away, or-or-
  2637. >You don't know.
  2638. >"Anon...? What's wrong?"
  2639. "I can't-"
  2640. >"Huh?"
  2641. "I'm sorry, I just can't! I can't do this!"
  2642. >You about-face, and immediately exit the room, ignoring her calls for you.
  2643. >You beeline it to the bathroom, and lock yourself in, turning on the water to as hot as it can go, and start scrubbing your hands.
  2644. >What were you going to do with Cadance?
  2645. >What did you do with Flurry?
  2646. "Oh my god..what the fuck man..."
  2647. >You continue to scrub under scalding hot water.
  2648. >You're supposed to be the man here. What is your problem?!
  2649. >You hear soft knocks on the door, but continue to scrub.
  2650. >The knocking stops. You're not sure when.
  2651. >"Just keep scrubbing" you continued to chant in your mind.
  2652. >Before long they were red, and nearly raw from your harsh treatment.
  2653. " I shouldn't be here...I shouldn't be here...! What did I do?"
  2654. >You shut the water off, and lean over the sink, looking into the drain, wishing you could disappear down it.
  2655. >Fuck. You're gonna cry.
  2656. >A teardrop hits the white of the sink.
  2657. >You wipe your face, and flip off the light, exiting the bathroom.
  2658. >Flurry sits on the carpeted ground next to the doorway hugging her knees.
  2659. >She looks up at you, with worried eyes.
  2660. >"Anon...?"
  2661. >You turn your head, ashamed to look at her, and wordlessly head to your room.
  2662. >You quietly close your door, feeling even sicker, and lay down.
  2663. >Sleep doesn't come that night. Did you eyes even close?
  2664. >That feeling of tensing flesh is ingrained onto your fingers.
  2665. >What if Dad was right? What if you need to have someone keeping an eye on you? Making sure you don't do shit like-
  2666. >You place your hands on your face, continuing to utter swears at yourself.
  2667. "Candy is gonna kill me."
  2668. >If felt like the sun went down and came back up instantly without so much as a passing thought, and before you knew it, it was morning.
  2669. >Like the cosmos want to see your execution right now.
  2670. >You look to your Cell phone.
  2671. >6:15.
  2672. >You can hear footsteps bumping around outside, and a knock next door, and muffled talking.
  2674. >The door opens slightly, and Cadance pokes her head inside.
  2675. >"Good morning. Time to get up little guy."
  2676. >You look at her with baggy eyes.
  2677. "Okay."
  2678. >She makes a kissy face at you, that you don't react to.
  2679. >"Huh? Is everything good?"
  2680. "I'm up. I'll start getting ready, okay?"
  2681. >Cadance nods still clearly concerned, closing your door.
  2682. >You put your face in your hands, and exhale hard.
  2683. >BZZZ BZZZ.
  2684. >Your cellphone vibrates.
  2685. >You look at the screen, and see it's from Gilda.
  2686. >"Good Morning Nerd. HMU when you're free later on. We all miss you."
  2687. >It does little to bring a smile to your face. You imagine what she would say knowing about your-"sin".
  2688. >You finish getting dressed, and leave the room, adjusting your collar.
  2689. >Flurry is in the same spot she was in last night, only this time leaning against the wall with her hands behind her back.
  2690. >She's already dressed, and seems to be waiting on you.
  2691. >"Good morning Anon!"
  2692. >You put your head down.
  2693. "Uh...morning."
  2694. >She takes your hands in hers.
  2695. >"Are you mad at me...?"
  2696. "No."
  2697. >She tries to smile, but you keep your head down.
  2698. >"You look really handsome again. Just like yesterday!"
  2699. "Thank you...I'm gonna head downstairs..."
  2700. >"Oh...okay."
  2701. >You slip out of her grasp, and head downstairs.
  2702. >How so soon the roles switch, huh.
  2703. >Like yesterday, Cadance is fixing herself coffee.
  2704. >She smiles at you, while stirring the steaming brown liquid.
  2705. >"Good morning good-looking! ready for a day of learning and enrichment?"
  2706. >The sarcasm in her voice is hardly subtle, but you just don't have the energy to argue right now.
  2707. >Flurry comes in behind you, taking her usual seat at the table.
  2708. >Candy gaze switches between you and Flurry.
  2709. >"Wow. I know CPA can be a drag, but it's not that bad."
  2710. "I'm good...just didn't get much sleep last night..."
  2711. >Cadance blushes, playing with her hair sheepishly.
  2712. >At the same time, Flurry is covering her red face with her hands.
  2713. >"G-gee...I wonder wh-why?"
  2714. >Candy quickly bounces back however, resuming her upbeat personality.
  2715. >"Also good news! I was able to get you a new first period class yesterday! My good friend, perhaps even bestie Chrysalis will be your homeroom teacher!"
  2716. "Oh. the lady from yesterday."
  2717. >Candy nods sipping from her coffee.
  2718. >You're not sure what to make of this development, but anything is better than Glimmer and her little muppets. Assuming you can focus on class.
  2719. >With nothing else of note, it was time for school.
  2720. >Flurry, and Cadance chatted earnestly about different things about the school, but you mostly kept quiet, not really paying attention. Your eyes are burning for rest, but your mind is as awake as ever.
  2721. >Through the ride, you could feel their eyes occasionally flash to you with concern. Especially Flurry.
  2722. >It's more complex than just molesting your Niece for sure, but what does it mean? The whole time, all you thought was about how much you love Cadance.
  2723. >You really love her...
  2724. >"Anon?"
  2725. >You break from your "self-reflection", with a shake.
  2726. "H-huh? Yes?"
  2727. >"We're here."
  2728. >Cadance, and Flurry staring at you.
  2729. "Oh...okay. Thanks. See you guys later."
  2730. >"Sure."
  2731. >"Okay Anon..."
  2732. >They watch as you exit the car, and head to the student entrance, of Crystal Prep. Wait. Where exactly are you going anyway?
  2733. >Take two with assistance from Candy this time, who was more than happy to lead you to the Drama room.
  2734. >"You're gonna love this class Anon. Chrysalis is like the greatest teacher in all of existence! We were great friends in school, so I think it's fitting she teach you!"
  2735. "Is that so...?"
  2736. >Her bubbly smile starts to fall as she watches you walk with your head down.
  2737. >You find yourselves outside of a "3-D". Ironic.
  2738. >"And here we are!"
  2739. >She spreads her arms dramatically, like you've reached the promised land.
  2740. "Then I guess this is where we part ways until later huh?"
  2741. >You reach for the door, but Cadance grabs your wrist, placing a hand on your chest.
  2742. >"Not so fast."
  2743. >She pushes you around the corner checking for any students.
  2744. >"Is what happened last night bothering you?"
  2745. "Huh? What?"
  2746. >She leans in closer.
  2747. >"Did I upset or offend you with how I acted last night?"
  2748. >Her face melts into-
  2749. >It's fear.
  2750. >"If I did, I'm sorry! I forget myself when it comes to you, and-"
  2751. "No! No...it's nothing you did. It's something...It's something I did."
  2752. >"Do you want a moment to talk about it?"
  2753. "Nah. I'm good. A man has to suffer through his own problems, You know?"
  2754. >She sighs, placing her palms on your shoulders.
  2755. >"Don't say things like that. I lost one person important to me, because of that same attitude."
  2756. >She kisses your forehead.
  2757. >"I'm here for you, as much as you're here for me."
  2758. >You nod.
  2759. "Thanks. I appreciate it."
  2760. >She smiles letting you go.
  2761. >"Go have fun in Drama class then. I'll see you later."
  2762. "Yeah."
  2763. >Leaving Candy behind, you round the corner, and enter the classroom.
  2764. >You can see only about a handful of students sitting in a circle.
  2765. >A familiar face waves you over upon entering.
  2766. >"Ah! Anon! Over here!"
  2767. >A girl with big hair is trying to get your attention.
  2768. >It's Upper Crust from the cooking Club. She doesn't know what a tomato is, if you recall correctly.
  2769. >You shrug, and walk over to her, taking an empty chair next to her.
  2770. >"Good Morning! I never thought I'd see you here of all places, though I suppose a master of the culinary arts would have an interest in the theatrical!"
  2771. "Good Morning."
  2772. >Upper Crust sniles with half-lidded eyes.
  2773. >"I myself am seeking to break out into the acting profession once I graduate. I'm the best in the class."
  2774. >You can see other students rolling their eyes.
  2775. "That's amazing."
  2776. >She flips her hair.
  2777. >"Yes. I do believe it is, isn't it?"
  2778. >She wants to be an actor, but can't detect Sarcasm?
  2779. >The bell rings, and in comes a tall woman, with a long scarf around her face, and sunglasses.
  2780. >You recognize her from yesterday.
  2781. >"Class."
  2782. >"Good Morning Director Chrysalis-"
  2783. >Everyone but you says that in unison, prompting Chrysalis to lower her sunglasses peering at you.
  2784. >"Who're you?"
  2785. "I'm Anonymous. Dean Cadance said-"
  2786. >She holds up a hand.
  2787. >"Stop. Just...Just stop. Say no more. I know who you are."
  2788. >Then why did she ask?
  2789. >She casts off her Scarf, and glasses onto a nearby desk.
  2790. >"Ugh. Is that how you announce yourself? Where is your PASSION? Your ENERGY?"
  2791. >She makes a face of disgust.
  2792. >"No matter. You're just a block of stone seeking a sculptor. I shall be that sculptor!"
  2793. "Then...what's the chisel?"
  2794. >She looks at you confused.
  2795. >"The chisel? I suppose that would be my teaching method-"
  2796. "Does that mean I have to get naked? Because I'm allergic to Fig Leaves."
  2797. >"What? No! This isn't an art class!"
  2798. "Then who is the model?"
  2799. >"For what?"
  2800. "You sculpture."
  2801. >"No! I'm being figurative in my-"
  2802. >She stops suddenly getting it.
  2803. >"Ooooh, You cheeky little devil. I think we'll get along just fine."
  2804. >You tiredly smile.
  2805. >She claps her hands together.
  2806. >"Now, the majority of you know how I operate, and I don't believe in Idle hands. We're going to start with one-on-one acting exercises. Pair up,and let's get some volunteers."
  2807. >Pair up? Act?
  2808. >You only know how to act like an asshole, and you're still on little to no sleep.
  2809. >Upper Crust hooks your arm with hers.
  2810. >"Why don't we team up Anonymous? It'll be good practice for me, and maybe I can teach you something!"
  2811. >She snobby laughs.
  2812. "Yeah sure."
  2813. >The other students pair off, clearly doing whatever they can to avoid Upper Crust. Looks like you're the scapegoat.
  2814. >Chrysalis takes to a Director chair crossing her long dark legs.
  2815. >"Everyone paired? Excellent. Now let's have some volunte-"
  2816. >"We'll go first!"
  2817. >Upper Crust raises both your hands. If only you had the energy to refuse.
  2818. >"Ah. Crusty, and the untouched block? Very well."
  2819. >"Th-that's Upper Crust ma'am"
  2821. >You pulled along by your partner to the front of the class.
  2822. >"For your scene, I want you to improv explaining something heart-wrenching to your lover."
  2823. :You look at her, and then at Upper Crust, who is smiling smugly.
  2824. >"Lovers and not even one date!"
  2825. >She rich person laughs again.
  2826. >Like you'd even touch a girl named "crusty".
  2827. >Chrysalis folds her hands under her chin.
  2828. >"I know this is your first day Block, but do your best, and I'll guide you to the best of my ability."
  2829. >Crust clears her throat closing her eyes.
  2830. >"NOW ACT!"
  2831. >Upper Crust opens her eyes at Chrysalis's signal changing her face.
  2832. >"Anoymous...my love. I'm so glad you could met with me..."
  2833. >Her acting is over the top already.
  2834. >She takes your hands in hers.
  2835. >"I-I.."
  2836. >She fakes crying.
  2837. >"I'm going to die...I'm afraid, it's Cancer..."
  2838. >This IS cancer.
  2839. >Chrysalis is focused on the two of you.
  2840. >"More Pain Crusty! More pain! You're dying! Act like your life is actually ending girl!"
  2841. >Crust nods to Chrysalis.
  2842. >She brings your hands together in hers.
  2843. >"I have no clue how long I'll be able to stay by your side-"
  2844. >She fakes coughing.
  2845. >"But, I regret not a moment of it!"
  2846. >You frown. They want some acting? Some pain? You'll show them some goddamn pain.
  2847. "Then, I suppose I should confess my sin to you now..."
  2848. >"Your sin?"
  2849. >Chrysalis cocks an eyebrow intrigued.
  2850. "I'm a filthy human being Upps. The worst that humanity has to offer."
  2851. >"Wh-how so?"
  2852. "When I was sent by my father long ago to you...to help you get over your grief, I hid my feelings for you. My yearning..My LUST."
  2853. >"O-oh my."
  2854. >You squeeze her hands.
  2855. "I've suppressed my longing for you, and had written it off as familial love, always making the excuse we're too close to ever look at one another in that way...but you..you opened yourself up to me, and that wall I built. It came crumbling down!"
  2856. >You lean in to Upper Crust who is starting to blush.
  2857. >Chrysalis is biting her finger.
  2858. "I cheated on you baby. I cheated, and I didn't mean to. I'm scum, and I'll forever hate myself for doing what I did, but while I was with her all I could do was think about you. You haunted my thoughts, my sight,my...My EVERYTHING."
  2859. >"I--uh..I wo--"
  2860. >Upper starts to Hyperventilate.
  2861. "Please. I know that because of our situation we may not be together long, but please...Let me be selfish one last time. Let me give you all of this repressed affection until we have to leave one another...I love you Cand--er...Upps."
  2862. >Upper Crust stares at you with wide eyes.
  2863. "Close your eyes. Give yourself to me."
  2864. >Upper Crust, slowly closes her eyes, puckering her lips, leaning in, hands still locked with yours.
  2865. "AND SCENE."
  2866. >You step out of her path, making Upper Crust stumble.
  2867. >Did she really think you were gonna kiss her?
  2868. >You face your class, and the teacher.
  2869. >They stare at you for a long while, before a slow clap starts.
  2870. >Chrysalis has tears in her eyes.
  2871. >"A-A little heavy, but a-a nice attempt for a novice!"
  2872. "Oh. thank you."
  2873. >You bow, stepping from the front of the class with a flustered Upper Crust behind you.
  2874. >"W-Well that wasn't too bad for a first try! Do you have some experience perhaps?"
  2875. "Everyday is an experience."
  2876. >She looks at you like you just said something super profound. You actually read that off a poster behind Upper Crust.
  2877. >"How true..."
  2878. >She smiles, playing with a lock of her hair.
  2879. >"I-I say, I had the wrong impression of you. I thought from your homely, and miniscule size, you were only talented as Help!"
  2880. "Wait...what?"
  2881. >"Now I look forward to what delicacy you craft in the kitchen today!"
  2882. "Yeah...you just better have my cash."
  2883. >"That I won't ever run out of~"
  2884. "Mhm."
  2885. >You sit back with Upper Crust watching the rest of the teams step up and play out random scenes for the next twenty minutes.
  2886. >Some were Academy worth, others...?
  2887. >Well they would give a grammy to The Room over their performances.
  2888. >Chrysalis yelling at them, and throwing Lettuce at the students didn't help for nerves either, but you don't give a shit. your turn is over.
  2889. >After the last performance, A loud clap from Chrysalis gets the attention of the class.
  2890. >"Alright everyone. Valiant efforts out there, and some not so valiant..COUGHCOGUHSURIANDJETSETCOUGH.."
  2891. >You see the aforementioned students shrink in shame.
  2892. >She points to you.
  2893. >"Not bad. Your tone was a little dead, but I believed you were really troubled in that performance. Don't forget that feeling and polish that charisma."
  2894. "Wow. Thanks."
  2895. >She nods.
  2896. >"As for the others who were found lacking, get better or get out! I don't need half-hearted plebes in this class!"
  2897. >Wow, harsh.
  2898. >The bell rings.
  2899. >"That's all the time we have for today. Enjoy your lesser, not as interesting classes taught by your mouth-breathing instructors. Ta!"
  2900. >You think you may like this teacher.
  2903. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Chapter 12~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  2906. >You haven't even been out in the hallway for a few seconds when you're greeted by the familiar face of your Niece.
  2907. >"Anon! Hey!"
  2908. >She jogs to you with a flier in hand, and a big smile.
  2909. >"Check this out!"
  2910. >Flurry presents the colored paper to you.
  2911. >It's an ad for the swim team.
  2912. "The Swim team huh? I wasn't aware you the sporty type."
  2913. >She looks at the paper nodding.
  2914. >"I've always loved the water, and it's better than just going straight home. Did you know daddy was captain? This would be perfect for me!"
  2915. >She's smiling, but you can see the sadness in her eyes.
  2916. >You scratch your forehead.
  2917. "Uh...look Flurry...I was thinking that maybe we should talk abou-"
  2918. >"Have you joined a club yet?"
  2919. "Huh? Oh.Y-yeah,I suppose. They call it a club, but it's more of a part-time job."
  2920. >She tilts her head in confusion.
  2921. >"Is it fun?"
  2922. "Not one bit. But I was thinking that maybe we could talk later on about-"
  2923. >"Geez. Look at the time! We'll have to save this for later after I come home! Bye!"
  2924. >She hugs you, hurrying off.
  2925. >Well damn. With how awkward you were feeling, imagine how the girl you gave her first orgasm to is feeling. Even if it is your niece.
  2926. >Looks like we're back to square fucking one again.
  2927. >You head to your next class, getting stopped again.
  2928. "Headmistress Cinch. Good morning."
  2929. >She nods, looking around cautiously, and leans in towards you.
  2930. >"If you knew how to use magic, you'd tell me correct?"
  2931. >You give her a deadpan expression.
  2932. "....Yes."
  2933. >"As you were then."
  2934. >You walk off shaking your head in confusion.
  2935. >The rest of the day was pretty uneventful, aside from making a nice twenty bucks for making Hypertension inducing Fried Rice.
  2936. >You dragged ass all day. Wondering what your next move should be. Talk to Flurry, or tell Candy what you did?
  2937. >Or maybe there's a third option?
  2938. >The final bell rung for the day, but to your surprise Only Cadance was waiting on you by the trophy case like yesterday,
  2939. >You walked up to her staring at a picture of a young Shining Armor.
  2940. "Hey Candy. You the only one here?"
  2941. >Se slowly turns around, taking one last look at her late husband.
  2942. >"I'm afraid so. Flurry said she's trying out for the swim team."
  2943. >Cadance doesn't look happy about it.
  2944. "What's wrong?"
  2945. >"Oh! N-nothing. It's nothing at all. Are you ready to go home?"
  2946. "Sure. I'm wiped."
  2947. >She nods, putting an arm around your back, walking out of the building with you.
  2948. >Guess Flurry is gonna walk home-
  2949. >Actually, this will be the first time you've been absolutely alone with Candy since coming here.
  2950. >She keeps sighing, clearly bothered by something.
  2951. >Like you're one to talk.
  2952. >"Ready to go home?"
  2953. >You nod.
  2954. >"Then to infinity, and beyond!"
  2955. "You should consider never speaking again."
  2956. >A girl with red glasses and big ponytails, happens to look your way, as you pull out.
  2957. >The ride home was silent, which is weird for Candy.
  2958. >Usually you can't shut her up.
  2959. >All she did was look forward, and sigh a few times.
  2960. >Does she know what happened between you and Flurry, and is waiting for you to tell her?
  2961. "So...anything new?"
  2962. >"Not really."
  2963. "Oh. okay."
  2964. >"...."
  2965. "..."
  2966. >You rub your head, and clear your throat.
  2967. "Are you sure?"
  2968. >"...Is it that obvious?"
  2969. "Like a bull trying to disguise itself as a human by wearing a fake moustache."
  2970. >"That's a weird metaphor to use. You're weird."
  2971. >You roll your eyes as you pull into the driveway.
  2972. >Cadance slowly checks the mailbox as you head inside, plopping onto the sofa.
  2973. >With how tired you are, it feels like a bed almost.
  2974. >"Don't you look comfy."
  2975. "I'm exhausted."
  2976. >"Scoot over, You get to play Dr. Phil again."
  2977. >She sits next to you laying the back of her head on your lap looking up into your face.
  2978. "So what's wrong?"
  2979. >"I'm worried about Flurry."
  2980. "Okay. Why is that?"
  2981. >Candy folds her hands on her stomach.
  2982. >"Since Shiny passed, she's been going through emotional fluctuations...A "Flurry" of emotions."
  2983. >She looks at you with a grin.
  2984. "Wait, was that a pun?"
  2985. >She rolls her eyes this time.
  2986. >"She went from silence, and being withdrawn to her bubbly happy self, and it's concerning."
  2987. "Maybe she finally moved on. You know how us teens are."
  2988. >She curls her lips.
  2989. >"This Swim Team thing though. I think she's still grieving, and searching for any way to curb it."
  2990. "She told me Shining was part of the swim team."
  2991. >She lifts a finger pointing at you.
  2992. >"Exactly. I don't want her to do things because her father did it. I want her to do things that makes her happy."
  2993. "What if this makes her happy?"
  2994. >"I don't know...I mean if she's doing this, how long until she starts talking about wanting to be a cop?"
  2995. "Oooh. Now I see the issue."
  2996. >"Mhm."
  2997. >You lay there, or sitting in your case in silence.
  2998. >"I don't want to tell her she can't do something, but it scares me when I think of her putting her life in danger like that. I guess I'm more like our parents than we thought. huh?"
  2999. "I'm by no mean an expert on it, but I'd say no. I get that she'd want to honor her father in some way, but maybe she's actually interested in competing? She might turn that into a career."
  3000. >Candy nods.
  3001. >"You know. We sound like a couple of parents right now ourselves. Worrying about the future of your little Niece."
  3002. >She smiles.
  3003. >"Maybe we should get married like you always said when you were younger."
  3004. "Don't even joke, besides That was a long time ago."
  3005. >"Try seven years."
  3006. "Hrrnnh,"
  3007. >Candy starts to laugh sitting up, and sitting on her leg.
  3008. >"I'm really glad you're here."
  3009. >Sliding an arm over the backrest behind you, she gets a little closer.
  3010. >"I know Flurry is my daughter...my flesh and blood, but to be honest...It feels like we're complete strangers."
  3011. "Isn't that normal?"
  3012. >She looks down.
  3013. >"I think she hates me honestly."
  3014. "What? Noooo."
  3015. >You gulp.
  3016. >Cadance sadly smiles.
  3017. >"Coupled with my best friend wanting nothing to do with me, Blaming me for her brother's death. It's all been so...so LONELY,"
  3018. >Cadance looks into your eyes.
  3019. >"It's why I couldn't wait for you to come here. It was even more exciting than spending a whole minute not getting into a shouting match on the phone with dad."
  3020. "Yeah, that was pretty shocking."
  3021. >You both go silent again.
  3022. >Candy slides a hand over yours.
  3023. >"Are you still planning to leave someday, and go back?"
  3024. >Her eyes twinkle like glass,waiting for your answer.
  3025. "I don't know. Do you want me to?"
  3026. >"Depends. Will you let me be a selfish brat?"
  3027. "Go for it."
  3028. >"Then no. Stay here forever. Never leave."
  3029. "Oh wow. That's super selfish."
  3030. >She sticks her tongue out at you.
  3031. >"You said I could."
  3032. >She lays her head on your shoulder.
  3033. >"I feel better. Thanks for listening to me."
  3034. "Anytime."
  3035. >More silence passes, as she listens to your heart bump along.
  3036. >"So..uh..about yesterday..."
  3037. "Hm?"
  3038. >Cadance runs her hand across your chest.
  3039. >"I had a crazy idea."
  3040. "Cr-crazy like what?"
  3041. >"Well it got a little kooky back there, but I got really excited, and I was hoping you got excited too.."
  3042. >She traces circles on you with her finger.
  3043. "I-I-well that is-"
  3044. >"So yes."
  3045. "Yes."
  3046. >"So did you want to see it..."
  3047. >You feel every pore on your body open up.
  3048. >Not waiting for a response, she stands up to full height, and begins to undo her skirt.
  3049. >"L-looks like we won't be disturbed this time, huh.."
  3050. >You swallow a lump in your throat. The thought of Flurry from yesterday immediately comes to mind, and you start to feel like you'll lose yourself again.
  3051. >The article of clothing falls to her ankles.
  3052. "C-candy..I..Oh gosh."
  3053. >"Don't make it weird. Just enjoy it."
  3054. >She slowly begins to inch off her undergarments, with closed eyes.
  3055. >"I-I just want to say th-this..I know you're a young g-guy so if you want to to-touch yourself right n-now, I won't mind..."
  3056. "Candy, ho-hold on. I can't do this!"
  3057. >She looks at you in shock.
  3058. "Please. Get dressed. If you d-do this I don't know if I can trust myself to not do anything!"
  3059. >She widens her eyes, but it eventually turns into a warm smile.
  3060. >"Is that so...?"
  3061. >She holds her hand out to you.
  3062. "Wha-what?"
  3063. >"Let's go to my room."
  3064. >"Candy-I-"
  3065. >"Just stop talking. Come on."
  3066. >You take her hand, and stand up. She leads you upstairs with her skirt in her free hand.
  3067. >Your eyes keep trailing down to her thinly clad rump, your heart beating a mile a minute.
  3068. "Candy, what are we going to your room for..?"
  3069. >She keeps quiet, bringing you inside, and shutting the door.
  3070. >"Because, I'm going to do something I don't want anyone to see."
  3071. >You feel that lump from before get even bigger.
  3072. >She opens her arms wide.
  3073. >"I want you to hold me."
  3074. "O-Okay."
  3075. >Trembling in what you're not sure is arousal or fear, you take her in your arms, squeezing her tightly.
  3076. >"Ooh. You're shaking. Am I that scary?"
  3077. "N-no.."
  3078. >She places her hands on your shoulders, pushing gently.
  3079. >You take a step back with from the force, and sit on her puffy bed.
  3080. >Cadance sits on your lap suggestively, holding your cheeks.
  3081. >"What did you mean by you can't trust yourself with me?"
  3082. "I-I'm afraid I'll do something stupid.
  3083. >"Is loving me that stupid to you?"
  3084. >She slowly begins to lean in.
  3085. "N-no..."
  3086. >"Then why can't you trust your emotions? What are you afraid of doing to me?"
  3087. >Jesus. She smells so nice.
  3088. "I don't want to do...I don't want to--"
  3089. >She smiles, touching noses with you.
  3090. >"It's okay. Tell me."
  3091. >You shiver uncontrollably.
  3092. "I-I love you--I think."
  3093. >"You think? I'm your sister. Is that the way you love me?"
  3094. >You close your eyes trying to settle down.
  3095. "I---No.You know what I-I mean."
  3096. >"Maybe I just want to hear you say it."
  3097. >Is this really happening? Or is this some brain-addled hallucination resulting from your exhaustion?
  3098. >"It's okay. Don't be scared."
  3099. >She kisses your forehead softly.
  3100. >"It's alright to want to ease my loneliness.You can give me your virtue. Our blood doesn't matter right now. I'm just Cadenza, and you're Anonymous."
  3101. "Okay."
  3102. >She straddles you, holding you to her bosom.
  3103. >You tremble, but it begins to slow down, as you slide your hands around her waist.
  3104. "I love you as a Wo-woman."
  3105. >She chuckles.
  3106. >She strokes your cheek lovingly.
  3107. >"Next time, say it without the stutter sweetie."
  3108. "R-right."
  3109. >You worm your hands to her upper back, reaching for her bra clasp.
  3110. >"Oh? You're pretty eager aren't you?"
  3111. "Am I going too fast?"
  3112. >She smiles in your face, trailing a finger across your lips.
  3113. >"I want to know something first, before we take this step forward-"
  3114. >You hug her close.
  3115. "Ask me anything."
  3116. >She runs her hands over the scruff of your neck.
  3117. >"Why are you hiding things from me?"
  3118. >Your eyes widen.
  3119. "Wh-I'm not hiding-"
  3120. >Cadance's door bursts open, revealing both Flurry Heart, and Shining Armor.
  3121. >"Why are you lying Uncle? Don't you love me? Why are you so afraid to tell the truth?"
  3122. >"Is this why you came here? To taint my family and trounce on everything I've done?! Celebrate my passing by stealing the innocence of my little girl and grieving wife?!"
  3123. "How...? N-No!"
  3124. >Cadance wraps her mitts around your neck, and starts squeezing.
  3125. >"Why did you even come here?! Are you happy I'm suffering? Are you happy Shining is dead?!?"
  3126. "Ca-Candy please..."
  3127. >You feel tears form in your eyes.
  3128. >"I trusted you, and you-you...VIOLATED Flurry!"
  3129. >Flurry, and Shining's eyes glow red, as they shuffle towards you, drooling through fanged teeth.
  3130. "I'm so sorry Candy...I was confused..please forgive me..Ack...!"
  3131. >Her grip tightens.
  3132. >Your vision goes blurry, as your Niece and Brother-in-law descend upon you.
  3133. >"You--"
  3134. >You thrash, trying to get out of your demonic sister's clutches.
  3135. >"YOU DON'T GET ME AT ALL!"
  3136. >Your eyes fly open, just in time to see Flurry and Cadance in the kitchen.
  3137. >They're glaring at one another, with fierce scowls.
  3138. >Flurry balls up her hands, and stomps.
  3140. >She turns around, and runs to the steps, crying angrily.
  3141. >"Flurry Heart...!"
  3142. >The girl bounds up the stairs, the sound of her door slamming, making the house rumble.
  3143. >You blink a few times groggily,noticing the blanket covering you.
  3144. >Cadance throws her hands up in the air in frustration, disappearing to the side towards the refrigerator.
  3145. >You sit up, flinging the covering off you, and yawn.
  3146. >When did you fall asleep?
  3147. >You stand up and stretch, feeling dried tear stains on your face, as Candy comes back with a glass, and a bottle of wine.
  3148. >She pulls a chair out, nearly throwing it into the wall, and plops down into it, pouring herself a filled-to-the-brim glass of the red liquid.
  3149. >Before she can take her first sip, she notices you enter the kitchen.
  3150. >"Oh. Hey. You want a glass too?"
  3151. "Still Eighteen, and it would be frowned upon, for a dean to give her kid brother alcohol."
  3152. >She snorts, and downs the whole glass in a few gulps.
  3153. "Whoa. Take it easy!"
  3154. >"Shush. I need this."
  3155. >She starts pouring another glass, as you sit from across from her.
  3156. "So when did I fall asleep?"
  3157. >She pokes out her bottom lip, leaning on her elbow, swishing the wine around.
  3158. >"You were knocked out when I came back in from checking the mail."
  3159. >She closes her eyes, sighing.
  3160. "What did I miss?"
  3161. >She takes a big gulp of her booze.
  3162. >"A sterling example of Teenage angst in all its glory."
  3163. >Candy starts to tap her fingers on the table loudly.
  3164. "Could I get a little context here?"
  3165. >She opens her eyes halfway, looking down at the table.
  3166. >"We just had a chat about her "after-school activities"."
  3167. "The swim team? What about it?"
  3168. >"..."
  3169. >"I don't wanna talk about it right now. Just let me be."
  3170. >You recoil in surprise at the harshness of her tone.
  3171. "Wow. Okay."
  3172. >You sucks her teeth.
  3173. >"Tch! I'm not trying to take my mood out on you, it's just..."
  3174. >Like with Spearhead, she looks like she's getting angrier and angrier, but the rage slowly melts into loud, expressive sorrow.
  3175. >She places the palm of her hand against her forehead, sobbing.
  3176. >"Why do things have to be so hard...? What good was I before Shining?!"
  3177. >You get up from your chair, and move to Candy, going around the table.
  3178. >"She said she hates me...! My daughter hates me!"
  3179. "She doesn't."
  3180. >"Didn't you hear her?! She said it so loud too...!"
  3181. >Cadance sniffles.
  3182. >"And I don't blame her. I hate myself just as much!! I'm so useless...!"
  3183. "Candy, you're not useless!"
  3184. >"What do you know?! You weren't here! Shining was always fixing my screw-ups, and raising our daughter right, and now he's gone, and I'm just a pile of useless, worthless waste of flesh!"
  3185. >She downs the rest of her wine, and starts trying to pour another large glass.
  3186. >You grab the bottle away from her, and take a few steps back.
  3187. >She stares at you with red, teary angry eyes.
  3188. >"Give it back."
  3189. "No."
  3190. >"GIVE IT BACK!"
  3191. "I said NO!"
  3192. >Candy starts to stand up, wobbling slightly.
  3193. >"GIVE IT BACK ANON! I'm NOT joking around!"
  3194. >You back up towards the sink, and start pouring the remaining contents down the sink.
  3195. >"WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!"
  3196. >She rushes you, reaching for the bottle, but is too late.
  3197. >The rest of the Wine is long gone down the drain.
  3198. "You don't need to be drowning yourself in that garbage Cadance! Especially when you're so upset!"
  3199. >Her back is to you, as she keeps her head down, looking at the drain of the sink.
  3200. >"You...Who do you think you are, deciding stuff like that?"
  3201. >You can hear the venom in her voice.
  3202. >She turns around, her former frown elevated to pure fury.
  3204. >She takes a step towards you, placing her fingertips on your chest.
  3205. >She shoves you, making you teeter back a step.
  3206. "Cadan-"
  3207. >"Shut up!"
  3208. >She pushes you again.
  3209. >"You haven't even been here a week and you think you're calling all the shots?! You think I'm useless too, huh?!?"
  3210. "Of course not!"
  3211. >She pushes you again, forcing another step back.
  3212. >"You think you're pitying me, by coming here don't you?! Well guess what! I don't NEED YOU!"
  3213. "Candy stop."
  3214. >She pushes you once more. The knob of the pantry pokes you in the small of your back.
  3216. "Cadance please-"
  3218. >Your face falls into a deadpan gaze.
  3219. >Cadance looks at you, not so much furious anymore, but more regretful.
  3220. >You nod a few times.
  3221. "Okay. I'll go then."
  3222. >"Anon, I-"
  3223. >You put your hands up.
  3224. "Don't worry about it. You said what's on your mind. I respect that. I'll come pick up my things tomorrow with Dad."
  3225. >You start to leave the kitchen as calm as you can, making sure to grab your cellphone off the couch.
  3226. >"Anon, wait! I didn't mean it! I'm sorry!"
  3227. >You ignore her claims, opening the door to outside.
  3228. >She grabs your arm.
  3229. >"Where are you going?! Please don't lea-"
  3230. >You snatch yourself away from her.
  3231. "I'm going somewhere else for the night. Giving you your house back like you want."
  3232. >"But where are you going to go?!"
  3233. "I'll figure it out."
  3234. >"Anon! Please stay! I'm sorry!"
  3235. >You keep walking, as she falls to her knees on the doormat, covering her face.
  3236. >You can hear her cries in the distance, as you continue walking, not sure where to go.
  3237. >You're so pissed off right now, and hurt, and--so many other emotions too complex to describe.
  3238. >You don't really know the area, and you stormed off without a plan.
  3239. >Taking a deep breath, you just walk, and walk, and walk some more.
  3240. >You pass by a familiar park bench not long after, and pop a squat.
  3241. >Silently watching the lake, you pull out your phone.
  3242. >25 MISSED CALLS from Candy.
  3243. >You sigh.
  3244. >Thinking about it now, there is a place you can go for the night. Sort things out, and decide where you want to go from here.
  3245. >You tap your phone screen through your recents, choosing a specific number, and pressing the phone icon.
  3246. >It rings a few times.
  3247. "Hey."
  3248. >You sit there listening to the person on the other end for a few moments.
  3249. "I wouldn't say it like that. I hate to ask, but I need your help."
  3250. >They start yelling at you.
  3251. "Okay, Okay I get it. I'm sorry, alright? I'm in a bad way, and you're the only one I can ask for help right now."
  3252. >They start asking you why, and what happened.
  3253. "There was a fight...it got pretty heated,so I had to leave."
  3254. >More questions.
  3255. "Yes. I need somewhere to sleep for the night."
  3256. >The screech in shock.
  3257. "I know you're not too happy with me right now, but it's either you or this park bench."
  3258. >They go silent for a minute, then ask where you are.
  3259. "Crystal Heart Lake. You know it?"
  3260. >They confirm they do, and say they'll be there in a few minutes, and to sit tight.
  3261. >You hang up, and lean back on the bench, looking up at the sky.
  3262. >It's about thirty minutes before a red van pulls up into the park's lot, shutting off.
  3263. >The passenger door opens, and a stranger wearing a bright blue Hoodie walks towards you on the bench.
  3264. >They stand in front of you with their hands in their pockets.
  3265. >"...You look terrible."
  3266. >You look up.
  3267. "Why are you wearing your hood like that? It makes you look creepy. Like a Flasher or something."
  3268. >"Cut it out with the Jokes. Get in the car."
  3269. >They motion to the red van.
  3270. "Okay. Take that hood off at least. You don't want to look suspicious."
  3271. >With a loud sigh, thin purple fingers pull the hood down, a long two tone ponytail falling out.
  3272. >"Better?"
  3273. "A lot. Thank you Twilight."
  3274. >She narrows her eyes from behind thick black framed glasses.
  3275. >"Thank your father."
  3278. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Chapter 13~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  3281. >You both get into the soccer mom van, pulling out of the lot, and driving off.
  3282. >You look straight ahead, not saying anything, as Twilight does the same.
  3283. >It's extremely awkward. cripplingly so.
  3284. >"Well?"
  3285. >You look at her questioningly.
  3286. >"Are you gonna start talking or what?"
  3287. "I don't really know what you want me to say."
  3288. >"You can start by telling me what the heck happened?"
  3289. "I told you. We had a big fight."
  3290. >"Over WHAT?"
  3291. "It's not important. I'm gonna be gone tomorrow anyway."
  3292. >Twilight groans in irritation, gripping the steering wheel.
  3293. >"I'm really trying to be patient with you Anonymous, since you're my only remaining sibling, but considering how you started things off between us,that patience won't last for long!"
  3294. "You have a sister too..."
  3295. >She jams her foot onto the brakes, bringing the car to a screeching halt.
  3296. >If you didn't have a seatbelt on, you would have went flying into the wind shield. Thank god no one was behind the car.
  3297. "Whoa! What's your problem!"
  3298. >She jabs a finger into your face.
  3299. >"Don't even MENTION, that whore, and me in the same sentence when talking about relatives, or so help me, you can get out of the car right here, and now, and fend for your freakin self from here on!"
  3300. >You put your hands up.
  3301. "O-okay.Take it easy..."
  3302. >Twilight scrunches up her face, and looks back to the road.
  3303. >You don't understand why she's willing to call you brother, when you're Cadance's direct blood relation. You think your parents are pretty shitty for taking advantage of her using that fact.
  3304. "So how's college?"
  3305. >"I don't know."
  3306. "You don't?"
  3307. >"I don't start until next year."
  3308. "Oh. I thought it was this year that you're supposed to start."
  3309. >"It was."
  3310. >You scratch your head in confusion.
  3311. "Then why--"
  3313. >You go back to keeping your mouth shut, not wanting to "poke the bear" any more.
  3314. >This is gonna be a long night.
  3315. >You can see Twilight grinding her teeth, as the drive goes on.
  3316. "I'm sorry."
  3317. >She looks at you quick;y, and back to the road.
  3318. >"You're sorry huh? Why do I find that hard to believe?"
  3319. "Jesus Twilight, I'm being sincere here!"
  3320. >She snorts.
  3321. >"Then where were my phone calls checking up on me? What about my offer to have someone stay with me? You go to Shining's killer, before me? I was the one who actually lost something greater than that money hungry-"
  3322. >You roll your eyes.
  3323. "Is that what this is about? Come on Twily, Cadance is-"
  3324. >"DON'T...EVER call me Twily! That's not a name you get to use!"
  3325. >You sigh.
  3326. "Okay TWILIGHT. We're not even really related, so I didn't figure I really had a right to do such a thing-"
  3327. >"Oh that's such crap!"
  3328. "Is this what we're gonna be doing this whole time? Just this back and forth like all night?"
  3329. >"...."
  3330. >The car stops at a red light.
  3331. >Twilight leans on the wheel, and rubs her eyes.
  3332. >"Do you know why I agreed to look after you?"
  3333. "I don't."
  3334. >"Because you're a lot like me. You're devoted to your Sister, like I was to Shining. We love our older siblings a lot, and they help us to be better people."
  3335. "Yeah...I guess. I wouldn't put it so oddly like that though."
  3336. >Twilight looks at you annoyed.
  3337. "I'm sorry."
  3338. >"I think, we could have been great friends if we spent more time together, but things never work out how we want. Right?"
  3339. "Yeah."
  3340. >She sits straight up in her seat, placing a hand against her forehead.
  3341. >You both sit there in awkward silence.
  3342. >"I'm sorry too."
  3343. "For what?"
  3344. >"For saying you're trying to replace Shining."
  3345. "Oh. Well I'm not."
  3346. >"You couldn't even if you were actually trying to."
  3347. >She grins at you, but you remain silent with a neutral expression.
  3348. >You're not going back down that rabbit hole.
  3349. >All while you're enduring this difficult conversation with Twilight, your phone is still going bonkers in your pocket.
  3350. >After more moments of paused convo, she pulls into the driveway of a modest one story house.
  3351. >A black car is parked inside the garage.
  3352. >Twilight, places the car in park roughly.
  3353. >"We're here."
  3354. >You get out, waiting for Twilight to lead you inside.
  3355. >She marches up the front walkway to the door, knocking on it loudly.
  3356. >You bring up the rear, with your hands in your pockets.
  3357. >Twilight turns to looking you up, and down.
  3358. >"You look nice in that uniform by the way."
  3359. "O-oh? Thanks."
  3360. >That was weird as fuck.
  3361. >The door finally opens revealing an aged woman with hair similar to Twilight's.
  3362. >"Welcome back sweetie. Hello Anon."
  3363. "Hello Mrs. Sparkle."
  3364. >She moves aside allowing the both of you inside.
  3365. >You look around, noticing a picture of Shining Armor on the coffee table, and a large family portrait on the wall.
  3366. >Twilight tosses the car keys onto the sofa, walking into another room down the hall, leaving you and Mrs. Sparkle.
  3367. >"Are you hungry dear? I just finished cooking!"
  3368. >She smiles at you kindly.
  3369. "Uh...I guess. Thank you, ma'am.""
  3370. >"Please! You can call me Mom! It's okay!"
  3371. >You're slightly creeped out.
  3372. >She takes your wrist in her hand, bringing you into the kitchen, before you can protest.
  3373. >"It's so nice to have company! How have you been liking the city so far? I know it's not much-"
  3374. >She sits you down, strolling over to a cupboard.
  3375. "Actually-"
  3376. >"It's our little slice of heaven! Have you got to explore the town yet? Sugarcube corner is a great place for the youths to "hang out" I'm told-"
  3377. "Well, I've only been here for-"
  3378. >She locates a plate finally, and shuffles to the stove, scooping random contents onto it.
  3379. >"I'm sure you'll love it! I see you're wearing the Crystal Prep uniform? It works for you! Absolutely handsome!"
  3380. >You can't get a sentence out through Mrs. Sparkle's bombardment.
  3381. >She returns with a plate of what looks like casserole, setting it down in front of you.
  3382. "Oh...thanks."
  3383. >"Dig in! Dig in!"
  3384. >She waves a hand at you encouraging you to eat.
  3385. "I don't have a fork ma'am..."
  3386. >She gasps.
  3387. >"Oh silly me! Where is my mind today? And please! You don't have to be so formal with me Anon. We're all family here!"
  3388. >That's a word you've been hearing a lot lately.
  3389. >She goes to a drawer pulling out a shiny fork, placing it at your side on the table.
  3390. >"Okay, take two!"
  3391. >She giggles, pretending she has a movie clapper.
  3392. >It's so cheesy, she comes off as cute.
  3393. >You smile looking down at the mystery Casserole, and beginning the journey of flavor this is sure to be.
  3394. >"Not even here for thirty minutes, and you're eating us out of house and home?"
  3395. >Twilight arrives back on scene in a change of clothes, from her hoodie and jeans to a pair of boy shorts, and a t-shirt.
  3396. >You ignore her comment, enjoying the Casserole.
  3397. >"Twilight, stop that. That's not how you treat a guest! I didn't raise my children to be rude!"
  3398. >Twilight shrugs.
  3399. >"I'm sorry..."
  3400. >Wow. She's got her daughter on lock.
  3401. >Mrs. Sparkle gives Twilight a stern look that makes her shrink into herself.
  3402. >"Now take a seat young lady. It's time to eat!"
  3403. >"Y-yes ma'am!"
  3404. >Twilight sits across from you, her gaze never leaving Mrs. Sparkle for a moment.
  3405. >Mama Twilight must not be a stranger to the good old fashioned belt to the behind.
  3406. >Not to mention this Casserole is delicious! Is this the taste of L-love?!
  3407. >You snicker at your inner monologue. getting a glare from Twilight.
  3408. >"So Anon-"
  3409. >You look up to the returning Mrs.Sparkle, who sits with the two of you, setting another plate down in front of Twiggles.
  3410. >"I heard you had a falling out with your parents the other day..."
  3411. >You gulp, as she folds her hands under her chin.
  3412. >You open your mouth, prepared to explain yourself, but she holds up a hand stopping you.
  3413. >"Don't panic. I'm not going to scold you for it. I didn't hear the conversation, but I did hear a certain girl SCREAMING her head off!"
  3414. >She shoots Twilight a look, who slumps in her seat.
  3415. >"While I can't tell you how to treat your parents, you have to remember you only get one true set in this lifetime."
  3416. >You look at her with trembling eyes.
  3417. >""I know I have no say on matters of treating people with respect considering the current situation...but believe me. I regret it every single day of my life."
  3418. >Twilight snorts loudly.
  3419. >"Don't become like me Anon. Too old, and too proud to take the first step forward towards forgiveness."
  3420. >You can see the sadness laced in her voice, as she speaks.
  3421. "Yes ma'-Mom."
  3422. >Her face brightens up, while Twilight cringes.
  3423. >"By the way, has anyone told you, how great you look in that uniform? Just as handsome as Shining on his first day..."
  3424. >You're actually getting that a lot.
  3425. "Y-yes."
  3426. >Twilight is playing with her food, just listening to the two of you talk.
  3427. >"Well, whoever said that must have great taste! Heehee!"
  3428. >You avert your eyes. Not wanting to point out it was her Daughter-in-law and grandchild who first brought it up.
  3429. >So have you decided what you're going to do? Twily told me you had a big fight with your sister..."
  3430. "Uh..I'm still working that out..."
  3431. >"Well take your time dear. I know it's not easy to figure things out when you're upset. You can call your father if you like or--"
  3432. >She tilts her head looking away from Twilight who suddenly perked up.
  3433. >"You can't be seriously considering-"
  3434. >"You can stay here for a little bit. Give you and Cadance time to cool down and whatnot."
  3435. >Twilight stands up, knocking her chair over.
  3436. >"NO! NO WAY! HE'S THE ENEMY!"
  3437. >"Twilight Ester Sparkle! You sit down this instant!"
  3438. >"NO! He's just trying to replace Shining, and it's obvious you've already given up on big brother!"
  3439. >?Twilight! Settle down!?
  3440. >She storms out of the kitchen,the sound of a door slamming a ways from where you're both seated.
  3441. >Velvet sighs frustrated.
  3442. >"I'm sorry Anon. I didn't want you to see that."
  3443. "It's fine. A similar scene brought me here if we're talking about it..."
  3444. >"Is that so?"
  3445. >You nod a few times.
  3446. >"Things have been hard on everyone involved, but Twilight, and Cadance have had it the worst I imagine."
  3447. "I can fathom."
  3448. >Mama Sparkle smiles sadly.
  3449. >"Did you know I got divorced earlier this year? Before Shining passed? Twilight barely had barely moved on from that before this all happened."
  3450. "A divorce and a funeral? Jesus."
  3451. >"Mhm."
  3452. >"I can't fault her for her anger. I know she;s struggling to deal with things, and is latching on to anything she can to cope. Like a brother who isn't really a brother...?"
  3453. >She looks at you knowingly, making you gasp in realization.
  3454. "If that's true, why does she act like she hates me so much?"
  3455. >Mom(that's gonna be weird moving forward to refer to her as) sighs.
  3456. >She's confused. She's Jealous. She feels alienated, and that life is out to get her. She wants to let you in, but at the same time she doesn't want to forget her "BBBFF". It's complicated."
  3457. "Sounds like it."
  3458. >"She wants to lash out at the world, and the only one she can do that to is Cadance, because someone will actually care about what she's feeling."
  3459. "But, we all care about how she's feeling. Don't you two know that Flurry and Cadance think about you both constantly? They miss you something terrible."
  3460. >Mrs. Sparkle silently hangs her head.
  3461. >"The feeling is mutual, but-"
  3462. "But?"
  3463. >"But, there's a lot of hurt feelings, and mean things that were said-"
  3464. "Well "Sorry" usually helps move things along."
  3465. >"If that were true, why are you here instead of back with Cadance?"
  3466. >That's--a very good point.
  3467. >"See? It's anot so simple as saying sorry, and if we're being honest here-"
  3468. >She leans in towards you.
  3469. >"We're women. We can be just as stubborn if not more than men. Don't tell anyone though."
  3470. >She winks at you with a smile.
  3471. >You nasally chuckle.
  3472. "Your secret is safe with me."
  3473. >Mom stands up, rubbing your shoulder.
  3474. >"I'm gonna go have a chat with Twilight. Enjoy the rest of your meal."
  3475. >She saunters off out of the kitchen, to what you presume is Twilight's room, from the sound of the knocking.
  3476. >You stare down into your half-eaten dinner, and lean back, putting your arms over your face.
  3477. "Too old, and too prideful to take the first step towards forgiveness, huh?
  3478. >You take out your phone and look at the screen.
  3480. "Jesus..."
  3481. >She didn't just call you either. There's over fifty text messages.
  3482. >You start feeling bad for walking off, but you didn't want to hurt her feelings. It was getting too heated, and if you stayed things would have been awkward....right?
  3483. >Your phone starts to go off again, but it's not Candy.
  3484. >In fact it's a number you don't recognize.
  3485. >You press the green phone icon, and hold it up to your ear.
  3486. "H-Hello?"
  3487. >"Anon? Oh my god! You're okay?"
  3488. >This isn't Candy at all.
  3489. >"We were so worried! Where are you?! Are you okay?"
  3490. >It's Flurry.
  3491. "I'm absolutely fine-"
  3492. >You can hear cars in the background on her end.
  3493. "Wh-where are you? Are you driving?"
  3494. >"No, mom is driving right now. We're looking for you stupid!"
  3495. >You can hear Cadance talking in the background.
  3496. >"Now answer me! Where are you. so we can come pick you up??"
  3497. >You squeeze the phone, feeling awkward and petty at her tone.
  3498. "I'm in a safe place. I'll be staying here for the night."
  3499. >"B-but why? Are you really going to leave us?"
  3500. "I don't know yet..."
  3501. >Her voice starts to crack.
  3502. >"C-can't we talk it out? If you just come home then-""
  3503. "It's just for the night. to give us all time to cool off, and sort things out."
  3504. >She sniffles.
  3505. >"O-okay."
  3506. "I promise I'll be back tomorrow. Okay?"
  3507. >"Okay. Please don't go away..."
  3508. "I won't. Talk to you later."
  3511. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Chapter 14~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  3514. >You hang up the phone just in time to be joined by Mama Sparkle once more.
  3515. >"Hey again sweetie. You alright? You look a little out of it."
  3516. "I'm fine. Just tired."
  3517. >"Well we can't have that. Why don;t you come with me?"
  3518. >You leave the mostly eaten casserole there on the table, and walk with Mrs. Sparkle to an extra room next to Twilight's.
  3519. >The light switch clicks on with a loud snap, showing what looks to be a boys room.
  3520. >Stacks of comic books, and board games sit in the corner, as well as an ant farm on the nightstand, and a desk in the corner with various action figures from known video games.
  3521. "Is this-"
  3522. >"Yep. It's Shining's old room."
  3523. >You step in and look around.
  3524. "Wow...it feels so heavy just to be in here..."
  3525. >"He'd want you to use it Anon. Make yourself at home!"
  3526. >She smiles, preparing to leave.
  3527. "Ah...wait a second."
  3528. >"Hm?"
  3529. "I wanted to ask you something if it's okay..."
  3530. >Velvet blinks a few times before coming back in with a concerned expression.
  3531. >"Why of course. Ask me anything you like."
  3532. >You rub your arm nervously sitting on the bed.
  3533. >"I...I have a problem."
  3534. >"Do tell."
  3535. >She sits next to you, resting her hands on her lap.
  3536. "Well, let's say I have this friend who is into someone. like..really bad."
  3537. >"Like in love with?"
  3538. >You nod several times.
  3539. "And, he's afraid of well.."pursuing it", because they're kinda related...?"
  3540. >"Oh..Ooooh."
  3541. >She touches her mouth.
  3542. >"Well,I'm going to be as honest as I can with you Anon, and this is just my opinion because I don't know what sort of values your parents instilled into you-"
  3543. >You start sweating.
  3544. >"But this world would not have progressed to its current state without a little incest."
  3545. >Your eyes widen.
  3546. >"I mean you feel how you feel, whether it be for that girl down the street or a cousin you're close to. As long as those feelings are for real, and not just base lust....sorry to be so preachy."
  3547. "NO! No! That actually makes a lot of sense..."
  3548. >She smiles.
  3549. >"Just make sure it's because of love. I'm sure whoever it is, feels the same way about your friend."
  3550. >She pats your shoulder, getting up noisily. The sound of her bones cracking and popping as she stretches.
  3551. >As Mama Sparkle departs, you ponder her words. She gave you a lot to consider.
  3552. >While you're not One Hundred percent on board with the whole idea, she had a little bit of logic in her words.
  3553. >"Don't you look comfortable in my dead brother's room?"
  3554. >You look up and find Twilight staring you down from the doorway with a small dog in her arms.
  3555. >You stare back at her wordlessly, as she enters, inspecting the room's contents.
  3556. "Is there something I can help you with?"
  3557. >"I'm making sure that you didn't disturb anything!"
  3558. "Well I didn't."
  3559. >She starts looking through the comics reading off their numbers aloud. The Dog glares at you from its position.
  3560. >Whatever.
  3561. >"You're not going to stay are you?"
  3562. "Huh?"
  3563. >She moves over to the desk next.
  3564. >"My mom's offer.You're not going to take it are you?"
  3565. "I'm still figuring things out, but I probably won't.
  3566. >Twilight narrows her eyes, giving the action figures a thorough investigation.
  3567. >"Good. Are you going back home?"
  3568. "Why do you care?"
  3569. >She sets the dog down, taking the ant farm off the nightstand.
  3570. >"Are you saying I don't have a right to know?"
  3571. "I never implied such a thing-"
  3572. >"I mean, considering that particular phone call, and getting hung up on, I didn't have to come get you! It seems I'm the only one who knows what it means to cherish your family, huh?"
  3573. "Is that so?"
  3574. >She smugly grins at you.
  3575. "I wonder how Flurry would feel about that statement..."
  3576. >That smug grin is immediately erased.
  3577. >"That was low."
  3578. "Is it?"
  3579. >She sets the farm down pointing a finger at you.
  3580. >"If Flurry would leave that bit-"
  3581. >You grab her hand this time, having had enough.
  3582. "CHOOSE your next words carefully. I let you get a free pass in the car, but if you call Cadance another name, I will wreck yout shit."
  3583. >You engage in an intense staredown, until you release her hands.
  3584. >"Brute."
  3585. "Yeah? What if I started badmouthing Shining?"
  3586. >"I'd gouge your eyes out!"
  3587. "Welcome to the club of "protective little brothers and sisters" then."
  3588. >"RUFF! RUFF! WOOF!"
  3589. >The dog starts barking at you, baring his little fangs in defense of Twilight.
  3590. >She picks the canine back up into her arms.
  3591. >"If Flurry wasn't attached to "her" hip, she could come see me, but as long as she's under "her" I'm not going to speak to her."
  3592. "Well if that isn't the shittiest attitude to take for your Niece who lost her father."
  3593. >"Don't you preach to me. You left her too, or did you forget where you are right now? Did you think of Flurry when you were calling me up?"
  3594. >You stand up to her level.
  3595. "You know what? I didn't. I ran away like a COWARD, because I couldn't get out of my own ass, to sit down long enough to talk things out. I feel like the gum on the bottom of an ants shoe, and I've been kicking my own ass over leaving for this little bit of time.What's your excuse?"
  3596. >She bites her lip.
  3597. >"Well look who's all high and mighty! You sound like a TV special! You haven't lost anything! How could you even understand?"
  3598. "...."
  3599. >She starts nodding, feeling she has the advantage in the argument.
  3600. >"Yeah...YEAH! You still have both parents in your life! My dad is shacked up with who knows,and my brother is dead! All you have to deal with is a bratty older sister not wanting to talk to Mommy and Daddy! I'm so sympathetic to your first-world problems!"
  3601. >She grabs your collar.
  3602. >"So don't tell me, I'm wrong! I'm NOT WRONG!"
  3603. >Staring her dead in the eye, you don't budge an inch, as she lightly shakes you.
  3604. "What do you want?"
  3605. >"What?!"
  3606. "You heard me. What do you want?"
  3607. >Her lip trembles furiously.
  3608. >"L-like you'd understand..."
  3609. "I can only try."
  3610. >Her grip tightens on the fabric of your shirt.
  3611. >"I want-"
  3612. >She fights tears.
  3613. >"I want my brother back..."
  3614. >Through gritted teeth she continues to lightly shake you.
  3615. >"I want my best friend back...! Why do you get to keep yours...?!"
  3616. >Your face softens up.
  3617. "Then why did you agree to look after me..."
  3618. >"Why? Because she doesn't deserve to keep her brother! If she just asked for help. If she just said "No" a little harder than normal, this wouldn't have happened! But guess what?!"
  3619. >The Dog starts licking her arm.
  3620. >"She didn't, and now she matters to everyone, and I matter to no one."
  3621. >Your eyes widen.
  3622. >"I've been with Shining longer than Cadance! Why am I being ignored? Don't my feelings matter too?"
  3623. >You put your hands on her arms.
  3624. "I get it."
  3625. >She sniffles, still scowling.
  3626. >"Yeah? What do you get Mr. Insight? What does someone like you understand?"
  3627. "That it hurts. That you're suffering all alone, and no one gave you so much as a passing glance. Nobody has stopped to ask, "but what about Twilight?". Am I right?"
  3628. >"...."
  3629. >She looks at you with reddened eyes.
  3630. "You want a brother? I'm here. You want a shoulder to cry on? I'm here. You want someone to matter to? I'm here."
  3631. >She shakes her head.
  3632. >"N-No. I don't want to replace Shining with-"
  3634. >She shirks to the point, you can see Mom in the doorway watching carefully from over her head.
  3635. "We're all Cadance has. All Flurry has besides each other. To this day Cadance still calls you her best friend. Did you know that?"
  3636. >She sniffs, wiping her face.
  3637. "They need you, as much me. I know it won't be an easy transition, but at least try to approach them?"
  3638. >"That's a lot to ask of someone, who you hung up on."
  3639. "Jesus woman. Let it go."
  3640. >She chuckles.
  3641. >"You sound just like Candy when she used to babysit me."
  3642. "Hah. Yeah. She gave me the same speeches when I would be up--"
  3643. >You double-take.
  3644. "What did you just call her?"
  3645. >Velvet smiles, leaving the two of you to continue your conversation in peace.
  3648. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Chapter 15~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  3651. >The whole fight with Twilight, left the both of you exhausted, but a breakthrough had been made, you felt.
  3652. >Twilight wanted to stay up, and talk to you, but you insisted that you both get some rest. Tomorrow was going to be eventful, for sure.
  3653. >Maybe doing home isn't the most rational of decisions right now. You should be more mature about this. Candy was just upset, after all. While it did hurt to hear her say what she said, you bet leaving her alone would hurt her even more.
  3654. >Sleep came at last, once your mind was made up.
  3655. >It still feels weird to be in Shining's bed, but it fits just perfectly. Baby Bear style.
  3656. >You soon find yourself in a large White room, where a lone person sits in the center, their back to you.
  3657. >Each step you take sends loud echoes throughout the room.
  3658. >You get closer to the mysterious figure, trying to speak ,but not saying a word.
  3659. >They soon stand up, and turn to you.
  3660. >You recognize this person, but don't know their name. It continues to escape your memory.
  3661. >It's a man.
  3662. >He beams at you, with gratitude.
  3663. >"Keep up the good work kid."
  3664. >He begins to draw near, placing a hand on your head.
  3665. >"You got this."
  3666. >Tears start flowing from your eyes, as the room fades to a warm, accepting black.
  3667. >Your eyes flutter open to sunlight poking through drawn curtains.
  3668. >A Batman clock on the wall reads 7:00.
  3669. >Silently, you slide to bedside, feeling the dried trails on your cheeks.
  3670. "I got this."
  3671. >In that same instance, a knock at the door catches your attention to a morning visitor.
  3672. >Well not technically, since it's their house after all.
  3673. >"Morning. You sleep well?"
  3674. >Twilight stands in the doorway in her pajamas, adjusting her glasses.
  3675. "I did. I really did."
  3676. >She tilts her head.
  3677. >"Glad to hear it...? So what's the verdict?"
  3678. >You eye her for a few moments.
  3679. "Oh! Right! I'm going home."
  3680. >"Hm. I see."
  3681. >You stand up, approaching Twilight, taking hold of her arms.
  3682. "And you're coming with me."
  3683. >Twilight's eyes widen.
  3684. >"B-but I have a boyfriend...!"
  3685. >You narrow your eyes, bewildered by her comment.
  3686. >"See, b-because you take your gi-girlfriend to meet your parents, so I was saying-"
  3687. >Patting her shoulder, you shake your head.
  3688. "Leave the flirtatious commentary to MY side of the family Twiggles."
  3689. >She blushes in embarrassment.
  3690. "But A Plus for effort. Is that Sausage I smell?"
  3691. >You gently move her to the side, as you move to the delicious smell of butchered Pork, and find "Mom" in a robe manning the stove.
  3692. >Despite having had two children, and easily in her fifties, she's still quite shapely.
  3693. >She looks over her shoulder at you with that smile, only an amazing mother could give, that both makes you feel safe, and confused at the same time.
  3694. >"Well good morning. How was your first night in the Sparkle household?"
  3695. "If I say amazing, do I get extra Sausage?"
  3696. >Pause.
  3697. >She snickers.
  3698. >"Maybe.But it's gonna take more than that to butter me up."
  3699. "What if I said, that the morning sun can only rise when you open your eyes and grace the world with your graceful smile?"
  3700. >"....Okay. You win. Butt in chair mister."
  3701. >You give yourself a quick fist pump, as you take a seat, followed by Twilight, and her little dog Spike, as she introduced him as yesterday.
  3702. >"Morning Sweetheart! You sleep well too?"
  3703. >Twilight smiles back with a nod.
  3704. >You can almost see Cadance, and Flurry overlay their own features, except for one thing.
  3705. >Candy is banned from touching all cookware forever. How can someone burn cold cereal?
  3706. >Velvet sits a plate in front of you, and Twilight, with a smile, and a wink.
  3707. "Oh gosh. This smells AWESOME. Gee thanks Mrs. Ess!"
  3708. >Velvet giggles at your 1960s impersonation.
  3709. >"I'm happy to see you in a better mood! Both of you!"
  3710. >Twilight runs the back of head, blushing again.
  3711. >"Y-yeah. I'm sorry for how I acted yesterday..."
  3712. >Velvet takes a seat with a mug of Coffee, rubbing her daughter's cheek.
  3713. >"Think nothing of it dear."
  3714. >You wordlessly chew watching them both quickly.
  3715. >You hope Flurry, and Candy can be the same way someday.
  3716. >"Oh look at the two of us, acting like this in front of company! It must make you terribly homesick?"
  3717. >You sit your fork down.
  3718. "Actually, my parents aren't really as "nurturing"? I think that's the word."
  3719. >Velvet folds her arms on the table.
  3720. >"Oh? What are they like if you don't mind my asking?"
  3721. >You think of the best word to describe them.
  3722. "Eccentric."
  3723. >Velvet's eyebrows go up.
  3724. >"Huh. I've never actually had a real sit down with them, so I can't agree or disagree..."
  3725. >You shrug.
  3726. "One thing I can definitely say is that you're twelve times better than them both though Mrs. Sparkle."
  3727. >She smirks.
  3728. >"That's flattering, but you shouldn't Badmouth your parents. They're the only ones you got after all."
  3729. >You know she's right, but they're still pretty shitty.
  3730. >After breakfast, you, and Twilight piled into the Van once more. You didn't have a change of clothes to go to school, so she offered to drop you off, so you could get yourself together.
  3731. >You could see Twiggles, tense up several times while driving. Her palms would change colors from how tightly she'd grip the steering wheel.
  3732. >But, something is up with the way she's going.
  3733. "Hey...uh..where are we heading actually?"
  3734. >"Y-your home."
  3735. >Does she think-
  3736. "But, this isn't the way to Candance's house."
  3737. >"I had a feeling you meant that..."
  3738. >She starts to turn pale.
  3739. "Don't get bent out of shape. She's probably not even home right now."
  3740. >You see Twilight gulp, starting to sweat.
  3741. >"R-right. Of course she;s not...yeah. She's at work.."
  3742. >Twilight starts to whisper things under her breath.
  3743. "Are you okay?"
  3744. >"OF COURSE I AM!"
  3745. "Then can you take me Home?"
  3746. >"Oh gosh..."
  3747. >She hesitantly pulls into a driveway to back out and head in the opposite direction.
  3748. >A car pulling out, is nearly t-boned.
  3749. >She stays silent, continuing to tense up, and relax. You hope she's not having a panic attack.
  3751. >"I'm sorry!"
  3752. >The driver, honks, and you hear him call Twilight a cunt.
  3753. >You make sure your seatbelt is fastened tightly. There will be no final destination shit going on today.
  3754. "Talk to me Twilight. What's wrong?!"
  3755. >She bites her lip, keeping her eyes on the road.
  3756. >"I'm not ready-"
  3757. "For what?"
  3758. >"To go b-back "there"..."
  3759. "I'm telling you, it's no big deal. Cadance won't be home. Also we talked about this. You have to at least make an effort."
  3760. >"Nngh.."
  3761. >Her driving starts to get slower. You can hear cars starting to honk from behind her.
  3762. "You gotta speed up a little Twi. People are getting pissed."
  3763. >"Oh GOSH...."
  3764. >Drivers start passing her, some flipping her off, or yelling vulgarities.
  3765. "This is not the time to have a crisis!"
  3766. >"I'm sorry!"
  3767. "Then stop apologizing, and freaking out, and drive! It'll be alright!"
  3768. >She flashes you a look.
  3769. >"Will it?"
  3770. "Yes! I promise!"
  3771. >"Pinkie Promise?"
  3772. >You hold up your pinky finger.
  3773. >She looks at you confused.
  3774. "What?"
  3775. >"What are you doing?"
  3776. "A Pinky Promise."
  3777. >"That's not a Pinkie Promise..."
  3778. >FOR FUCKS SAKE.
  3779. "Okay...then how do you do a "Pinkie Promise"?"
  3780. >"You say cross my heart, hope to fly, stick a cupcake in my eye."
  3781. >You look at her deadpan.
  3782. "No."
  3783. >"You're obligated to do it as my brother now."
  3784. "It sounds stupid!"
  3785. >"Say it!"
  3786. >It's your turn to bite your lip this time.
  3787. >"Please? I'll believe you if you do-"
  3788. >You try not to internally cringe.
  3789. "C-cross my heart, hope to fl--(fuck)--Fly. Stick a Muffin-"
  3790. >"Cupcake."
  3791. "CUPCAKE, IN MY EYE."
  3792. >You see Twilight take a deep breath, taking a hand, and moving it up as she takes a breath,and extending it as she exhales. Reminds you of someone else who used to do that.
  3793. "You feel better now?"
  3794. >"I do. Thank you."
  3795. >Still a nervous wreck, she's at least driving properly now.
  3796. >It's not long before you're a few houses from your destination that she starts breathing hard again.
  3797. "Twilight..."
  3798. >"I'M GOOD! IT'LL BE ALRIGHT!"
  3799. >You watch her with narrowed eyes, as she slows down more, and more to the point an elderly man missing both legs on a walk is moving faster than the car.
  3800. "TWILIGHT!"