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AJxAnonxBig Mac

By Smashed
Created: 28th October 2020 07:52:42 PM
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  1. >You have a heavily inebriated Applejack clinging to your front, and you are walking towards one of the many barns the Apple family has on their land.
  2. >This one seems to have the lights on.
  3. >She's sucking on your neck like it's the only water source in the middle of a desert.
  4. >You may have been drinking a fair bit of cider yourself.
  5. >Stumbling the last few feet towards the  barn doors, a large red hoof presses into your shoulders.
  6. >You turn to see what the hoof is connected to, seeing Big Mac of course.
  7. >His hoof slips around on your shoulder, as if trying to steady himself.
  8. >He gives you a look that penetrates your very being, and lets you know that he's aware of exactly what you had planned.
  9. "Aaah, Mac. Uuuh, *ahem* I was just... eh, finding a place to let AJ sleep off all this cider she's had. Yep, that's what I was doing."
  10. >You are a terrible liar.
  11. >Mac squints his eyes at you.
  12. >"Nuh-uh, ya were gonna rut me silly ya was!" Applejack shouts.
  13. >All you can manage is a quiet cough and a shifty eye look.
  14. >"Us Apples stick together, ya hear?" Mac's deep voice rumbles around in your guts, "Ah ain't gonna let you have your way with mah sister that easy."
  15. >Uh oh.
  16. >What does he have planned.
  17. >Some kinda honour battle or something?
  18. >He turns towards the barn, and pushes the door open with the flick of a front hoof.
  19. >Mac is crazy strong.
  20. >He could take YOU on in a fight, and you're pretty much the strongest in all of Equestria.
  21. >"Come on now, don't be shy Anon." Mac smirks at you.
  22. >You are still carrying the severely drunk Applejack, who's probably liable to pass out any minute.
  23. >Mac turns his head towards you.
  24. >His green eyes fix into yours.
  25. >He uses his mouth to grab onto a pile of hay and throws it about the floor.
  26. >"Wouldn't want mah little sis getting hurt now, would ah?"
  27. >What is even going on?
  28. >"Well now, why don't ya put AJ down on the hay, and come sit with me for a spell?" he says as he sits down on a bale.
  29. >Mac's tone suggests you don't really have a choice here.
  30. >You sit on the same bale of hay, awfully close to Mac.
  31. "So, uuhhh, what can I do for ya Mac?"
  32. >AJ is rolling in the hay, giggling to herself, in that sweet, rolling chuckle she has.
  33. >"Well, ah gotta know if yer good enough for Applejack."
  34. >You can detect a somewhat accusatory tone to his voice, leading you to believe he doesn't think you really are good enough for her.
  35. "Aw, come on Mac, you know me," you say, putting on a hurt tone.
  36. >You feel the crotch of your jeans being messed with, leading you to break your gaze with Mac to look down.
  37. >AJ has managed to crawl over to you while you were talking, and is in the middle of undoing the button on your jeans.
  38. "Hey, come on AJ, Mac's still here!"
  39. >AJ smirks at you.
  40. >You hear Mac speak again.
  41. >"Like ah said Anon, us Apples stick together. There isn't a thing we keep from eachother."
  42. >Mac starts nuzzling your cheek, while AJ fiddles with your button some more.
  43. >You decide that you aren't going to get to roll in the hay with AJ without playing along with Mac, so you turn to him.
  44. >He looks up at you, then smiles.
  45. >You open your mouth to say... something, but he takes that opportunity to start kissing you.
  46. >It's not a bad feeling, in fact you quite enjoy it.
  47. >Mac is a damn good kisser.
  48. >You wrap your hand around the back of his head, and grab onto his mane.
  49. >Pulling him deeper into the kiss, you realise you've started to really get into it.
  50. >You didn't even know you could feel like this for a stallion.
  51. >Mac's hot breath pours out his nose, onto your face, encouraging you to rub your hand on his belly.
  52. >He moans into your mouth, as you swap saliva.
  53. >You break the kiss, looking into his eyes, as you take some deep breaths.
  54. >The button pops loose, and you feel a mouth fumbling around to remove your boxers.
  55. >After some more rustling, your member pops free, and you hear a sigh of relief, then confusion.
  56. >"Uhh, sugarcube? Is... that all yah got?" AJ asks, confused.
  57. "Whoa hey now, I'm a grower, not a shower." you reply indignantly.
  58. >Mac chuckles quietly, and gives your neck a peck.
  59. >"Ah should hope so Anon, cause this wouldn't please a filly!" AJ bursts into laughter.
  60. >Your dick can't seem decide whether it should grow to its glorious fullness, or shrink to hide from the embarrassment.
  61. >Applejack makes the decision for it, when she gives it you a good lick right up your shaft.
  62. >You feel your dick spring to half mast almost immediately, from both the attention you'd received from Big Mac and now from AJ.
  63. >"Well, now we're talking." she says, continuing to work your dick.
  64. >She hums, sending vibrations through you.
  65. >Chills run up your spine, making you shiver in delight.
  66. >You reach full mast, just as Applejack lets you out her mouth.
  67. >She stares at your cock.
  68. >"Whoa nelly, ah didn't think yah'd grow so darn much Anon. Ah think ah'm in for a heck of a ride."
  69. >Big Mac turns towards his younger sister.
  70. >"Now Applejack, don't forget your manners. Oldest first." he leans closer to you as he reminds her of this supposed "rule".
  71. >She sighs, but accepts.
  72. >You're... okay with this.
  73. "I'm top though, right?" you ask.
  74. >Mac nudges you in the knee, then nips at your ankle.
  75. >"Ah wouldn't have it any other way Anon." he replies.
  76. >Big Mac then turns around, presenting himself to you.
  77. >His tail flicks out of the way, and you can't help but catch a glimpse of his cock.
  78. >It's impressive.
  79. >You could have a lot of fun with it for sure.
  80. >His head is lowered to the ground, and he's breathing deeply.
  81. >Mac's back legs are shaking with what you assume is anticipation.
  82. >You walk towards him, erection standing proud.
  83. >AJ just stands aside, and watches, licking her lips.
  84. >You are now right behind Big Mac, and you wrap your arms around his waist.
  85. >The tip of your cock brushes against his rump, causing him to take a deep breath.
  86. >Mac presses his haunches back against you, practically begging you to enter him.
  87. >You rub a hand against his cutie mark, causing him to grunt, and press back even harder.
  88. >He breathes out hard.
  89. >You press into his opening, which is tighter than you expected.
  90. >"Haaah, Anon, come on. Fill me up... Please."
  91. >Not one to deny a willing partner, you slowly push forwards into him.
  92. >There is a bit of resistance, but there won't be for long.
  93. >He starts breathing heavily and his limbs start shaking even more.
  94. >You edge in, inch after inch, until you manage to hilt inside of Mac.
  95. >Mac lets out a sigh in relief, as if he was worried he wouldn't be able to fit you.
  96. >"Anon, ya sure are fillin' me up... please, don't stop." Mac begs.
  97. >You stroke his cutie mark again, as you give him a second to get used to you.
  98. >Grabbing the tip of his cock, you slide your hand down the length, until you reach his sheath.
  99. >He grunts with pleasure.
  100. >Sliding out of him, you start stroking him, agonisingly slowly.
  101. >You grasp his tail, and pull on it sharply, drawing a moan out of Mac.
  102. >He tries to look back at you, but you move the hand on his tail up to his head, and grip his mane tight, forcing him to look straight ahead.
  103. >You push into him again, meeting less resistancent this time, but you feel him tensing up, so you let his cock hang free.
  104. >Mac starts leaning backwards, trying to get you deeper inside him.
  105. >Bottoming out, you slowly start to work up a good rhythm.
  106. >It's only been about 45 seconds of pounding, before you feel him clamp down on you and he lets out a loud moan, before soaking the hay he was on and his belly with his seed.
  107. >Applejack walks up to him, and climbs up on his back, so she's face to face with you.
  108. >"Still going sugarcube? Well Ah'll be," she smiles at you.
  109. >She leans forward and starts to nip at your neck, as you start to pound Mac again.
  110. >His front legs give out, and he breaths in heavily, feeling some pain as you're holding him up by his mane.
  111. >You let go of it, and he hits the ground.
  112. >AJ moves from your neck to look at you.
  113. >She leans forward and closes her eyes.
  114. >You take the hint, wrapping your free hand around the back of her head, you pull her into the kiss.
  115. >This lasts for a few minutes, as Mac goes through orgasm after orgasm, until he's just a writhing, panting wreck, it's been long since he was even able to cum.
  116. >He starts to drool on the floor, with his mouth hanging open.
  117. >It's not long after that you feel your own finale approaching, so you start to thrust even harder.
  118. >Euphoria pours through you as you dump load after load of hot seed deep into Mac's innards.
  119. >This causes you to moan loudly into AJ's mouth, still locked in the kiss.
  120. >He only manages a weak moan in his tired state, before his rear legs go limp too.
  121. >Mac lets out a content sigh, and you realise you're holding his sister up by her mane, with her forelegs draped over your shoulders.
  122. >Sweaty and with hay sticking to him, he falls into a deep sleep, with a big smile on his face.
  123. >Applejack starts wriggling her lower legs, trying to find the ground and she breaks the kiss.
  124. >"Hoo-ee, Ah haven't seen Mac have such fun in a LOOONG time, but Ah suppose you won't be able to go again until tomorrah at least."
  125. >A smirk plastering your face, you just say one thing to Applejack, as you sit down next to Mac on the hay.
  126. "Gimme fifteen minutes."
  127. >You turn and start stroking Mac's mane as he sleeps.
  128. >After what you assume is close to fifteen minutes, but is probably closer to five, you lean over to give Mac a kiss on his mane, then turn back to face Applejack.
  129. >You give her a smirk, and the fire in your eyes lets her know what you're thinking.
  130. >" were serious when ya said fifteen minutes? Ah thought you were kiddin'!" she can't hide the surprise in her voice.
  131. "Well, you were already surprised by how I "grew", are you really all that surprised now?"
  132. >She recoils in shock.
  133. >"Well... Ah...", she hits her forehoof against the ground, "Oh buck it. Anon, rut me silly!"
  134. >This is a request you'd be happy to fill.
  135. >You lean over her, "mounting" her like a stallion would.
  136. >She inhales deeply, anticipating what's about to follow, as you lock an arm around her neck.
  137. >You slide inside her, causing her to moan in pleasure as you start to nibble her ear at the same time.
  138. >Applejack seems to love your dick, as she moans every time you press in slowly, then hilt, and lets out a whine whenever you leave her.
  139. >She has to be held in place to stop her from keeping you inside her.
  140. >"Anon, please... harder!" she begs
  141. >You pick up the pace, and start to thrust with a bit more force.
  142. >"Aaaah, haaaaaah, Anon, harder!"
  143. >This spurs you on, and you start working even harder.
  144. >"RUT ME SILLY CONSARNIT!" she bellows.
  145. >This is all you need to hear to start giving it your all.
  146. >You start ramming into her without a care for if it's hurting her or not.
  147. >She reaches her peak all to quickly, letting out a slick fluid all over your crotch, as she moans loudly.
  148. >AJ starts panting loudly, trying desperately to catch her breath, so you stop thrusting for a bit.
  149. >"Ah really am in for a heck of a ride ain't ah?"
  150. >You respond by sliding into her.
  151. >She starts clenching her inner muscles, driving you wild with desire.
  152. >The pace quickens, and you're having a hard time holding her still because of the force of your thrusts.
  153. >She lets out a stream of moans and gibberish, and she hits another peak, and soaks you once again.
  154. >You decide to go for broke and go full speed.
  155. >Applejack goes through another couple orgasms before you start to feel a familiar pressure building.
  156. >Her moaning and clenching quickly drives you to your second peak of the night, causing you to tighten the grip you have around her neck with your arm and release your seed inside of the second Apple that night.
  157. >Applejack hums quietly, not even capable of moaning any more.
  158. >She collapses next to her brother, leaving you to squeeze in between them both.
  159. >You hold her tight and stroke her mane and back gently as she drifts off to a peaceful sleep, with a content smile on her face, no doubt delighted after the good rutting she just had.
  160. >Sandwiched between two Apples, you quickly drift off to your own sleep in the pile of hay, as the warmth the two of them are giving off is more than enough to make you sleepy, especially after the work out you'd just been given.
  161. >You feel Applejack wriggle in closer to you just as you fall asleep, and Mac turns over in his sleep, nuzzling the back of your neck.

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