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  1. >"Anon! I'm home~" you hear coming from the front door
  2. "Alright. Dinner's going to be a bit" You yell back while running on the treadmill
  3. >You hear her enter the workout room
  4. "Hey, how was school?" you ask
  5. >"Oh, it was fine. The girls and I got in a little trouble and got a bunch of extra homework" She said as she went to sit down on the bench press behind you and starts taking out books
  6. "Wouldn't it be better to do that in the kitchen or your room?"
  7. >"Probably. I like of like the thumping of running and it makes me concentrate more"
  8. >You mentally decided to extend your 5k to a 8k
  9. >When you finished you turn back and saw that Sunset left at some point
  10. >You decided to take a quick shower and as you head to the bathroom, you smelt some cooking
  11. >Sunset probably finished her homework and decided to give you a break from cooking tonight
  12. >You take a quick 5 minute shower but noticed you forgot to close the door all the way again while drying off
  13. >Seems like you've been forgetting to do that a lot lately. You could have sworn you did
  14. >Dinner tasted great
  15. >Her friend Pinkie has been showing her some stuff apparently
  16. >You'll miss it whenever she decides to leave
  17. >You both chat the rest of the night before heading off to bed but not before taking a pill
  18. >Sunset recommended taking some Melatonin a while back to get a more restful sleep
  19. >You hesitated at first but good lord does it work. You fall asleep quickly and wake up feeling great
  20. >She bring you the bottles since her friend Fluttershy gets them at cost
  21. >8 hours later you wake up feeling amazing
  23. ----------
  24. "*mmm...mmph...yes...unf...oh yeah...." you moan
  25. >That's all you've been saying for the last hour
  26. >You close your eyes and shudder as you cum once again before collapsing on your brother
  27. >As you pant on top of him with him still inside you, you take a deep sniff into his neck
  28. >After a few seconds, you start grinding again for round 3
  29. "Thank god for those pills, Fluttershy" you say as you bounce your ass on his cock
  31. >You wake in bed feeling delightfully drowsy, the kind of feeling of just waking up and could easily fall under the covers of sleep once more.
  32. >The birds chirp outside and you can see the dawn peak through the window.
  33. >Man you feel great.
  34. >Yawning you slowly sit up and rub at your head before stretching feeling your back pop.
  35. >You better get breakfast started, Sunset will probably have stayed up all night studying again.
  36. >Your poor sis has always been less of a morning person than you, might explain the reason why she's called Sunset instead of Sunrise.
  37. >...That was a terrible joke.
  38. >Pulling aside your blankets you hop out of bed only to pause at the faint smell that wafts up from under the covers.
  39. >Strawberries?
  40. >Weird.
  41. >Time for breakfast!
  42. >Some eggs and bacon ought to do it.
  43. >The sounds of the kitchen overtake you as you wear an apron so you don't get splattered by hot oil.
  44. >You hum to yourself as you cook before hearing a faint gasp from the doorway.
  45. "Oh hey Sunset, how many pieces of bacon you want?"
  46. >"...I'll take three, and some eggs too..."
  47. "Sunny side up?"
  48. >Weird, she looks flushed...
  49. >"Y-yeah, for sure and I'll uh, make some toast to go with it."
  50. >Grinning you nod your head in thanks before turning back to the skillet.
  52. >Fucking hell...
  53. >Why is he wearing an apron with just his underwear?!
  54. >Now you know why Fluttershy has an obsession with her fetish in cook ware...
  55. >Watching him cook you bite your lip eyeing that ass hidden by just a few pieces of cloth.
  56. >What were you doing again?
  57. >"Sunset can you grab the plates when your done?"
  58. >Jumping in place you quickly walk towards the cupboards and open them.
  59. "Yeah!"
  60. >Shit get it together girl, you can't just let a piece of eye candy distract you like that!
  62. >Watching your sister quickly collect the plates and cups you frown at seeing her red cheeks.
  63. "Sis?"
  64. >Hearing her hum as she looks to you, you step over and hold your hand to her forehead.
  65. >Feeling her freeze underneath your hand your frown.
  66. "You've been looking really red, are you getting sick on me now?"
  67. >"Uh, n-no, I've just...running! Yep! Lots of running and cardio exercise you know!"
  68. "Oh, well don't over do it, or else I'll need to wind up taking care of you again like we were little remember?"
  69. >You snicker as you remember something.
  70. "Hey you remember when you got sick when you were little and I carried you around the house whenever you needed something? On that little blanket of yours?"
  71. >Sunset pouts avoiding your eyes as her face flushes with embarrassment, "Anon! Shut up about that, you know I hate it when you bring that up..."
  72. "Daw, what of you being cute?"
  73. >Taking your hand away you boop her on the nose making her squint at you in annoyance.
  74. >Your sister might be weird, but she is cute.
  76. >Why does Anon have to treat you like a kid all the time!?
  77. >Seriously you've seen yourself in the mirror, you've got a body to die for.
  78. >So why does he just not see it?
  79. >Stupid older brothers...
  81. >Scrapping some of the bacon up, you start on the eggs and look over at Sunset as you work, "How many eggs you want?"
  82. >"Huh? Oh, two is fine."
  83. "Come on now, if your getting an early work out you're going to need lots of protein for it! Three should do it."
  84. >"Are you trying to make me fat?"
  85. "Please, as if you need to worry about your figure, besides..."
  86. >Hip bumping her you smirk.
  87. "With those thighs I bet you got all the boys at school eating out of your hand."
  88. >As you turn back to carefully cook the eggs you faintly hear, "All but the one I want..."
  89. "What was that?"
  90. >"Was asking what you wanted on your toast, jam or butter?"
  91. "Mm strawberry jam sounds great about now..."
  92. >Odd why is your little sister biting her lip again?
  94. >Taking off the apron you turn off the skillet and serve the table alongside your sister.
  95. >Jeez the AC is making it cold...
  96. "Hey be right back, gonna get a shirt."
  97. >"You d- yeah might be best, could poke an eye out with those nips!"
  98. "Pfft, please. Anyway don't eat all of breakfast while I'm gone!"
  99. >"No promises!"
  100. >Cheeky little...
  101. >Quickly grabbing a shirt you slip it on before returning to find Sunset already digging into the meal.
  102. >"Schoo good!"
  103. "Don't eat with your mouthful Sis."
  104. >Getting a shrug in reply you roll your eyes before digging in yourself.
  105. "Got any plans for today? Summer's here so I expect you'll want to hang with your friends."
  106. >Sunset scoops up some egg yolk with a piece of toast before nodding, "Yeah I was actually planning on asking you something as a matter of fact..."
  107. >Chewing on some bacon you raise an eyebrow in question.
  108. >"See the girls and I were hoping to do a bunch of things this summer, we had some ideas like a summer camp, sleep overs and a few other things."
  109. "And your problem is that you need some place to plan this out then?"
  110. >"More or less, plus for the sleep over I was hoping it was cool with you if we used the house."
  111. >Squinting at her you level a fork at her face.
  112. "This isn't some ploy of yours to hook one of your friends with me is it?"
  113. >"No! Why in the worl-"
  114. "Pffthahaha, oh god your face!"
  115. >A slug to the shoulder is your reward for the joke, "Asshole..."
  116. "Worth it, haha..."
  117. >"Look can is it cool or not?"
  118. "Yeah, yeah it's fine when should I fortify the house for the girl brigade of yours?"
  119. >"Probably this Friday, if that's cool?"
  120. >Thinking to yourself you count the days on your fingers...
  121. "Have a day off on Thursday...work on Friday...yeah it'll be fine, but I won't be back at the house till nine, nine thirty or so."
  122. >"Cool, we'll save you some food then."
  123. "Just don't eat me out of house and home eh?"
  124. >Noticing the clock you curse and start to hurry with your food.
  126. >You finish your meal and start to head for the bedroom to get dressed only to feel Sunset grab your arm.
  127. "Sis?"
  128. >"Hang on..."
  129. >Why does she have a determined look on he-
  130. >Sunset leans in close to your face
  131. >Shocked you hold still as she sticks her tongue out and licks at your cheek!
  132. >Chewing Sunset swallows before grinning at you, "Had some bacon on your cheek, be pretty bad if my big bro came to work with food on his face!"
  133. >You stare at her for a long moment before nodding slowly.
  134. "Yeah...be very...sloppy."
  135. >Sunset simply sits back down and tucks back into her meal as if nothing were amiss.
  136. >You meanwhile woodenly walk back into your room to get dressed.
  137. >Closing the door you slowly slide down it until you sit against the door.
  138. >The fuck was that?!
  139. >Why did she?
  140. >And the tongue on your cheek!
  141. >Boner is demanding satisfaction yet you ignore it as you wrestle with what the hell just happened.
  142. >Okay, her friend Fluttershee or something was a big anime nerd right?
  143. >So maybe she saw something there that made her think its fine to do that...
  144. >Then what the hell is she watching that makes it ok?!
  145. >Looking at the clock you curse again before getting dressed.
  146. >You start to leave your room before pausing and checking your face in the closet mirror.
  147. >No food.
  148. >Good.
  149. >Boner argues otherwise, but you've sent him back to snooze land in the meantime.
  150. >Taking your key you call out to Sunset.
  151. "Heading out for work, lock the doors when I'm out Sis!"
  152. >You leave before letting her get a chance to say goodbye.
  153. >Nothing like another eight hours of labor intensive work to kill any heretical thoughts!
  155. >Chewing on the last strip of bacon you fist pump as soon as your brother is gone.
  156. >Fuck yeah!
  157. >Fluttershy's anime shit actually worked!
  158. >You thought it was dumb, but it actually worked!
  159. >And the way his eyes got all small and panicky was adorable, in it's own dumb older brother kind of way.
  160. >He thought he was being subtle, but well he was your /big/ brother for a reason...
  162. >Speaking of Fluttershy, you better call up the rest of the girls and tell them the good news!
  163. >The sleep over is a go!
  164. >From there you can plan with your sisters from another mister on what to do next.
  165. >You lean back in your chair pondering, you know that Fluttershy and Applejack support your love for your big brother.
  166. >Twilight does as well, plus she got you interested in this to begin with, bragging about her Shining Armor being the best big brother around.
  167. >That naturally sparked a debate between you two and Applejack naturally got dragged in as well.
  168. >Rarity thought it rather silly since being the older sibling was a pain in the rear as she put it.
  169. >Despite that Rarity did offer some good dating places that you could Anon to if you can convince him to come.
  170. >Finishing your meal you gather the dirty dishes and start to wash up.
  171. >You're just glad that when you left Celestia's court your older brother was willing to come with you...
  172. >Settling into this world would have been much harder had you been alone.
  173. >You wonder sometimes if he resents you for taking him with you...
  174. >It keeps you up at night sometimes, though his embrace is usually enough to chase it away.
  175. >You even like to think that by helping him like this that you're repaying him for his trust and support in you.
  176. >...Even if you did turn into a raging shedemon hell bent on destroying your old home.
  177. >Despite that your big bro helped you up when you were at your lowest, heck he even helped you clean the front of the school while he was working at that car shop too!
  178. >Stacking the last of the clean dishes to dry you wipe your hands before finding the phone.
  179. >Dialing Fluttershy's number first you wait listening to the ringing lost in thought.
  180. >You wonder if you could have even escaped in the first place when you learned that Celestia was planning on banishing you...
  181. >"...H-hello?"
  182. "Oh! Fluttershy, sorry lost in thought, but Anon said it was ok for us to the sleep over!"
  183. >"Y-yay!"
  185. "Yeah, so if you could go ahead and call Rarity and Twilight I'll get Applejack and Rainbow."
  186. >"What about Pinkie?"
  187. "I imagine that sh-"
  188. >A beep on your phone makes you pull it away to look at it.
  189. >One incoming call...
  190. "Hang on, someone's on the other line."
  191. >"O-okay!"
  192. >Clicking over to the new call you start to ask who it is when you hear, "SUNSET DID I HEAR A PARTY WAS SOON?!"
  193. >Cleaning your ears out of the ringing, you bring the phone back up to your ear.
  194. "Yes, thank you, nice to talk with you too Pinkie how was your day, Oh mine was fine thanks for asking."
  195. >Pinkie whines into the phone as you talk with the driest tone you can manage, "Sunseeeet! Don't be like that, you know how I get with parties they are my jam!"
  196. "Alright sorry, but yeah we've got a sleep over this Friday, so get your stuff ready alright?"
  197. >"Yooou betcha!"
  198. "Cool, I got Shy on the other line see you girls at Sugarcube Corner?"
  199. >"Yeppa rooni!"
  200. "Heh, bye Pinkie."
  201. >Clicking back onto Fluttershy's line you grumble under your breath at Pinkie's antics, sometimes that girl is just shy of being committed.
  202. "Hey Shy, that was Pinkie she already knew."
  203. >"So fast!"
  204. "Tell me about, anyway I'll let the others know. In the meantime I'll see you guys at Sugarcube Corner so we can hang out."
  205. >"O-okay! Bye Sunset!"
  206. >Ending the call you go to get dressed, lots to do, not to mention plan for Friday!
  208. >Black leather jacket?
  209. >Check.
  210. >Hip as hell mini dress that Rarity designed for you?
  211. >Double Check.
  212. >Thick as fuck boots that for some reason everyone wears?
  213. >Checked.
  214. >Grabbing your wallet and chain of keys you are ready to face the day!
  215. >Locking up you soon head out to Sugarcube Corner to meet up with the girls.
  216. >Arriving on the scene a few minutes early you walk inside and wave to Pinkie as she mans the counter.
  217. >Bracing for Pinkie's, 'uniqueness' you are not left wanting.
  218. >"Hi Sunset! Glad you made it, though you are early, but I guess that would make sesne since the early bird gets the worm, though wouldn't that make you a Sunrise instead of a Sunset?"
  219. >Pinkie holds her chin as she ruminates on this.
  220. >You however try not to giggle at Pinkie's quirkyness.
  221. "Rrright, well in any case set me up with a strawberry banana smoothie, I've got a real hankering for something sweet today!"
  222. >Pinkie salutes you, "Captain Pie is on the job Ma'am!"
  223. >Once your order is typed up Pinkie rips the sheet off and takes it to the back, "Mrs. Cake! One setting sun on the rocks!"
  224. >That's a...neat way to call a smoothie...
  225. >"Pinkie Dear you know I don't know what half your code words mean." Comes from the kitchen making Pinkie sigh before giving you the universal teen look of 'old people right?'
  226. >You just smile awkwardly before Pinkie calls back, "Just a strawberry banana smoothie Mrs. Cake!"
  228. >Closing your eyes to giggle at Pinkie's brand of silliness, you open your eyes only to jump back at how close Pinkie is!
  229. >Celestia Above!
  230. >She's like that creepy story on the internet!
  231. >"Soooo...." Pinkie drawls out drawing out nonsensical patterns on the counter top. "Didja get him? What happened? Did the stuff Shy get you work? Details lady I need them now!"
  232. >By the end of the torrent of questions Pinkie has you by the jacket and pulled you in close while she leans over the counter top.
  233. "Pinkie!"
  234. >Yanking yourself free you brush your cloths off and settle yourself.
  236. >You hold up a finger to the hyper active pink girl, it's well known, according to Twilight at least, that Pinkie will focus on something that is directly in front of her for all of three seconds.
  237. >Have to make them count!
  238. "First off, not until the others are here. Second, this place is really freaking crowded to talk about that type of thing and third!"
  239. >You reach up and grab Pinkie into a head lock!
  240. >Bearing down your knuckles into a noogie you grind down on the now shrieking girl.
  241. "No touching the jacket!"
  242. >"I'm sorry! Stahp! Sunset! Stoooo! I need an adult!"
  243. "I am the adult!"
  244. >Suddenly the kitchen door slams open and Mr. Carrot Cake is there holding a baseball bat high, "Pinkie are you al-"
  245. >You freeze.
  246. >Pinkie freezes.
  247. >Mr. Carrot Cake takes in the situation and lets out a breath of relief, "Girls please, I know you like to have fun, but please don't scare me like that."
  248. "Sorry Mr. Cake."
  249. >"Won't happen again!"
  250. >"If only." Shaking his head Mr. Cake tucks the bat under his arm and walks back into the kitchen.
  251. >"Order up Pinkie, and please stop harassing the customers dearie."
  252. >"But she was-"
  253. "Just going to take this now..."
  254. >Interrupting Pinkie's defense you hop over the counter and snag your smoothie leaving coins on the table for Pinkie to count.
  255. >Taking a seat you dig into your smoothie enjoying the taste of it and the frustration that Pinkie directs towards you.
  256. >Ah it's good to be queen.
  258. >Not long after more of the girls start to arrive through the door, each wanting to know about what happened last night in their own way.
  259. >From the disinterested Rarity who can at least admire your brothers figure to Twilight and Applejacks interested looks of what your big brother might be like in bed.
  260. >Those two got a glare for asking, that's between you and your brother's comatose body!
  261. >Pinkie takes the chance to use one of her breaks to sit with you as well and you are soon telling your story.
  262. >Once your done, there isn't a face not sporting a strong blush
  264. "So to wrap up, my big bro is fucking amazing!~"
  265. >Wrapping yourself in a hug you squeeze the leather jacket hearing it squeak from the force.
  266. >"W-well, ahem, that is quite a tale Darling, I'm- my word, he lasted for two hours?"
  267. "Well more like twenty to thirty minutes for each shot, but yeah he's a beast."
  268. >"Shoot, Big Mac and I can go all day ifn' we're hankering for it." Applejack boasts polishing her fingernails on her shirt.
  269. >"Well you two might be able to last doing the same thing in and out all the time, but I bet neither of you have done some of the things my BFF have done." Twilight interjects adjusting her glasses.
  270. "Please, if my big brother can do all that in his sleep I might add, then imagine what he can do when he's awake?"
  271. >"Rainbow throws her hands in the air, "Jeez are we going to just talk about your brothers or are we going to actually plan our summer?"
  272. >"Shucks Rainbow you don't have to get jealous of us."
  273. >"Me?! Jealous? Yeah right, dream on cowgirl."
  274. >"Least I'm gettin' some."
  275. >"Why you..."
  276. >Reaching over you yank Rainbow down into her seat while Pinkie boops Applejack back into hers.
  278. "Girls, come on let's not fight, we can drop the topic for now and move onto the next one."
  279. >At that Twilight clears her throat, "Yes well, I do have some ideas in mind."
  280. >"Oh boy, here we go..." Rainbow mutters letting her head drop on the table.
  281. >"Now Darling that's rude, Twilight's probably already has the whole summer planned for us, the least we can do is listen."
  282. >"More like half the summer, but your right! I was thinking that the best way to have maxium fun is if we follow a schedule."
  283. >Twilight pulls out a list alongside some charts setting them on the table.
  284. >Looking over her shoulder you poke the list which unfolds into a long line of paper that drapes over the table.
  285. >"Uh, th-thats alot of things to d-do Twilight..."
  286. >"Well of course, how else are we going to do everything together? Oh I can't wait to make new memories!"
  288. >Reading through some of the list you see rather benign things like 'Help Fluttershy at her shelter', 'Go Swimming at the lake' then you spot one entry circled in yellow highlighter.
  289. >'Big Time Amazing Sex Party!~'
  290. "Ahem, uh Twilight, what's that one mean?"
  291. >More of the girls lean in to look which Twilight hastily moves the paper away covering it up with a nervous smile, "That? Oh! That yeah, uh that's uh something if we get to it or not an- Pinkie Pie you give that back!"
  292. >Reading through it Pinkie lets out an Oh of delight, "Twilight you dog you! I didn't know you had it in you!"
  293. >"What? What is it?" Rainbow asks reaching for the paper.
  294. >"It's a surprise!~" Pinkie sings out keeping the paper away.
  295. >"Oh god please kill me now, I don't want to know what Pinkie can cook up." Twilight mutters hiding behind her hands.
  297. >"Be that as it may Darlings, I think that we should at least vote on some of the things we shall attempt."
  298. >Holding out a hand towards Pinkie, Rarity speaks in her most prim and proper tone, "Pinkie, if you would be so kind as to return the list, I'd like to circle the ones I'd want to do."
  299. >"Hrm...alright, but one quick thing!" Pinkie says slipping a black marker out from her hair, don't ask, and slips something off the list, "Can't spoil the surprise after all!~"
  301. "Pinkie, come on now, be reasonable with that alright?"
  302. >"Meh, since we did help you with all that hard work you could at least share the fun~"
  303. "Pinkie!"
  304. >"You stay away from my BFF!"
  305. >"Now what in tarnation has you two riled up more than two hens fighting over a cock?"
  306. >You and Twilight freeze as if struck by lightning.
  307. >Applejack...
  308. >Oh Celestia, Applejack why did you have to hit the nail so damn hard on the head.
  309. >Meanwhile Pinkie is on the floor laughing to herself so hard she's started to hiccup.
  310. >"Applejack Darling, must you use such crude language?"
  311. >"What? Oh fer the love of, I meant a rooster, you can call a rooster a cock you know!"
  312. >"Snrk, s-sure you can AJ."
  314. >As Applejack tries to reach over to strangle Rainbow, again you sigh before holding your face.
  315. "Alright, Pinkie, calm down, maybe, but I haven't even gotten him used to the idea yet and I've yet to even ask him about it. It's a big step alright?"
  316. >"Are we going to actually do anything to day or talk more? I've got a pick up game of soccer with the team down at the park." Rainbow pipes up.
  317. >"A-and I have to get to the shelter soon for f-feeding time." Fluttershy adds in.
  318. >"I do have some designs I was hoping to work on this afternoon..."
  319. >Is this what feeling like your older brother is like?
  320. >Jeez no wonder he acts so cranky sometimes...
  321. "Yeah, we're done for now, aside from whose bringing what."
  322. >"Dibs on soda!" Rainbow sticks in.
  323. >"I got the games!" Pinkie jumps in as always.
  324. >"I suppose I could get the snack department." Applejack offers up.
  325. >"While Twilight and I shall procure us some delightful movies to enjoy!"
  326. >"C-can't forget to bring p-popcorn!"
  327. "Cool, then I guess we're settled up and ready to split, talk to you girls later then?"
  328. >The girls nod and start to go their seperate ways.
  329. >Standing yourself you start to stretch only for Twilight to grab your sleeve.
  330. "Hm? Twilight? What's wrong?"
  331. >"C-could I talk with you? In private?"
  332. >"Er, yeah sure."
  333. >Walking to the bathrooms with Twilight you close the door and lock it while Twilight checks under the stalls.
  334. "So whats this about?"
  335. >"I was wondering, that is I mean you and Pinkie seemed willing to discuss it after all and..."
  336. >Walking up slowly to the quickly muttering girl you place your hands on her shoulders.
  337. "Twilight, breathe."
  338. >Taking a huge gasp of breath Twilight looks up to you a tangled ball of nerves and tension.
  339. "What did you want to ask?"
  340. >"I was wanting, toknowifyouandIcouldmaybeswitchbrothers!"
  341. >You blink trying to catch that.
  342. "Uh, say that again?"
  344. >"Well my BFF and I have done lots of crazy stuff and when Dean Cadence got involved alot of it got low key as my BFF was getting more involved with Dean Cadence until he decided to break it off with me and doesn't want me anymore and I was just hoping to..."
  345. "Whoa, whooooa hang up Twilight, calm down, breath again."
  346. >"I-I..." Twilight sniffs before wiping at her face, "Wasn't I good enough for him? I-I thought that with my BFF and my best babysitter we could be together or something, but he..."
  347. >Twilight just bites her lip and looks down at the ground ashamed.
  348. >"I can understand if you don't want to Sunset, I know I'm not g-"
  349. >Reaching over you wrap your friend in a hug.
  350. "Hey, you stop that right now."
  351. >"S-sunset?"
  352. "Look, let me work on my big bro for a bit, get him used to things..."
  353. >Suddenly an idea springs to mind, it might work, but it could also drive Anon away from you...
  354. "Maybe...maybe you and him could get together, then we could ease me into it. That way he'd be more willing to accept it if I'm not the only saying it's okay."
  355. >"You think that could work?"
  356. "It's better than doing nothing and fucking him in his sleep..."
  357. >Twilight stares at you sniffing again before she buries her head into your chest, "Sunset you're the best friend a girl could ask for, thank you!"
  358. >You just pat her on the head awkwardly, you really hope you didn't just cuck yourself.
  360. >It's Friday night!
  361. >Your big bro went to his job at around noonish to work the afternoon shift leaving you to the house.
  362. >So of course you get the party ready by setting up a large collection of throw pillows, your mattress and every spare blanket you had laying around the house in the small living room of the two bedroom apartment you shared with Anon.
  363. >Usually between the two of you, you keep the house in some degree of order, but not tonight!
  364. >As the sun starts to set your friends soon start to arrive bringing with them there own contributions to the party.
  365. >Before too long things are going well and you had finally managed to get Rainbow and Applejack to give up the television for movie night.
  367. >Now you were all arguing over what to watch.
  368. >"I'm saying we should go ahead and watch Chainsaw Massacre 3; The Red Road!" Rainbow says holding up the dvd.
  369. >"C-could we not a-and say we did?" Fluttershy asks meekly, "Why n-not that new one Z-Zootopia?"
  370. >"Darling please, that's a touch childish isn't it?"
  371. >"But they have such cute and adorable clothes on!"
  372. >"I dunno bout you all, but I'd prefer to watch that Civil War movie looks cool."
  373. >"And scientifically inaccurate, half of the things in Ironman's suit wouldn't even be possible with modern techniques."
  374. >"Sugarcube it's a movie, made up?"
  375. "Alright everyone calm down!"
  376. >Drawing the attention of your friends you hold up a finger.
  377. "Since it's my house I'll decide what we watch, alright?"
  378. >There is some faint muttering and grumbling, but the girls all accept it.
  379. "So we'll watch something that isn't too creepy, nor too cutesy but has some action in it. Even has some laughs in it too."
  381. >"Ooooh! Is it Jeff Dunhams puppet show?" Pinkie asks bouncing on your couch beside you.
  382. "Uh, no, It's the Jungle Book."
  383. >"What the one from the 90s?" Rainbow asks in disbelief.
  384. >"Ooooh I haven't seen that one yet, its supposed to be a re imagining of the old animated one!" Fluttershy squees in delight hugging close a bunny pillow.
  386. >"Er, Sugarcube, ain't that a bit too much on the nose fer you?"
  387. "Huh? What why would you say that?"
  388. >"I think what she's trying to say Darling, is that it does feature an all talking animal cast..."
  389. "Oh please I'm not confusing this for a real story like I did with that E.T movie..."
  390. >There is a small moment of silence before Twilight lets out a snicker of laughter.
  391. >"You did what?"
  392. >Waving your hands in defense you hurry to explain.
  393. "It was when I first came here alright?! I didn't know that your movies would be so life like!"
  394. >Instead of showing understanding from the others, it makes them dissolve into helpless giggles as they continue to enjoy your embarrassment.
  395. >Feeling a small chuckle escape you at remembering the silly story you shrug your shoulders.
  396. "Okay, fun's over, let's just watch the movie."
  397. >Plopping down beside Twilight you insert the disc and hit play.
  399. >It's later at night when you hear the front door unlock.
  400. >Looking up from Mowgli helping Baloo in his honey quest you see your older brother!
  401. >Stretching his back Anon yawns covering his mouth with a grime ridden hand before waving at you.
  402. >Trumping inside Anon kicks off his work boots and gives a wave to the girls, "Don't mind me, I'll just head in and shower, you girls enjoy your night."
  403. >With that Anon sets his boots to stand next to yours before walking to the bathroom, keys jingling on the table as he walks.
  404. >Across the room you can see Rarity give a nod before a shudder of disgust runs up her spine, "Sunset does your brother always come home like that?"
  405. "Well he does work with cars, so yeah."
  406. >"Shoot Rarity it just means a hard worker is all!" Applejack pipes in before Pinkie shushes her.
  407. >Feeling a nudge to your side you look over at Twilight whose giving you a look.
  408. >What could she want?
  409. >You tilt your head in confusion before she motions her head towards the bathroom that's running.
  410. >...Oh shit yeah, you were going to try hooking them up...
  411. >...Fuck.
  413. >You give her a weak grin and mouth later.
  414. >Satisfied for now Twilight turns back towards the screen munching on popcorn.
  415. >Reaching over you grab a handful eating some as you debate with yourself.
  416. >Do you really want to share Anon with Twilight?
  417. >Maybe they won't click together...
  418. >Or maybe they do, but Anon will be happier with Twilight...
  419. >Celestia it was easier when you just needed help on how to get in your brother's pants...
  421. >Hearing the shower stop from the bathroom you pay it no mind until a rubber ducky bounces off your head.
  422. >Whirling around in confusion you look back to see Anon waving frantically at you from the bathroom.
  423. >Twilight of course noticed the sudsy projectile and looks over as well.
  424. >Seeing Anon peeking out from behind the door makes her flush as you go to see what your brother wants.
  425. >"Sis, uh, not to be a bummer, but where are the towels did we run out?"
  426. >You did forget to do the laundry today..
  427. "Shoot, sorry big bro, hang on lemme find you one that's useable."
  428. >Heading into your room you look around and get an evil idea.
  429. >One of the towels you used to clean up after your little nightly sessions is still laying against your chair.
  430. >Biting your lip at the sinful thought you grab it and bring it back to Anon.
  431. "Here big bro."
  432. >"Oh thank Celestia, thanks. Go on and enjoy your movie, I'll stay in my room so I won't bother you."
  433. >Well...might as well ask for Twilight's sake right?
  434. "Anon..?"
  435. >Anon had started to close the door only to pause, "Sup?"
  436. "You don't have to stay in your room you know, you can come out and hang with us."
  437. >"I wouldn't want to impose on you girls. I know you liked your little pow wow sessions after all."
  438. >Tugging at the hem of your shirt you wrestle with the words before they spew forth.
  439. "Okay, look Twilight also has a little bit of a crush on you too and I was trying to help her out."
  441. >At that Anon looks at you in silence before he cranes his head around the door jam to look into the living room at Twilight who tries to look as if she wasn't listening in.
  442. >Turning to look at you Anon whispers back, "The bookish looking one right?"
  443. >Ugh...
  444. "Yes the bookish one, so do you want to hang out or not?"
  445. >Your heart beats as you wait on the ball of your toes anxious to hear his answer.
  446. >Anon moves his mouth left and right in thought as his eyebrows furrow together before he answers, "Sunset, I appreciate the concern and I think it's really neat your helping your friend like this, but..."
  447. >Shrugging his shoulders Anon sighs, "Look, with the way things are right now, I can't afford nor give any girl the proper amount of attention they deserve. I hate to break her heart like that, but I can't."
  448. >Reaching out to you Anon ruffles up your hair into a wild mess beaming at you, "Besides I already got a girl at home that's the best little sister ever right?"
  450. >...
  452. >...Oh Celestia damn it Anon why are you such a oblivious idiot?
  453. >Unaware of your thoughts Anon quickly wraps himself in your towel smearing himself in your scent.
  454. >You'd be finding this rather hot if it weren't for the fact Anon was being such a fucking tease right now...
  455. >"Anyway I'll come hang out with ya and the girls, but I'll probably be the one that needs to set her straight."
  456. >Anon starts to head for his room to get dressed, but you hold your arm out on his to stop him.
  457. >"Sunset?"
  458. "...Let me tell her, that way she doesn't feel as bad alright?"
  459. >Smiling at you Anon leans down and pecks you on the forehead, "Thanks little Sis, I'll be out in a minute or two."
  460. >Letting him go you take a deep breath to chase away the blush that worked its way up your cheek before laying down beside Twilight.
  461. >Immediately you are bombarded by questions from Twilight, "What did he say? Did you ask him? Are things going to plan? Tell mee!"
  462. >The last has her holding onto you as if to pry the answers from you.
  464. >Oh jeez, you didn't realize how fucking thirsty Twilight was at this point.
  465. >You can see the hopes shining in her eyes...
  466. "...I did ask him..."
  467. >"Yes and??!"
  468. >Seeing you look away with no small amount of regret has Twilight slowly wilt as hope dies away.
  469. >"O-oh..so he isn't interested is he?" Twilight asks in a quiet defeated tone.
  470. >Daww, now you just want to hug her and try to cheer her up.
  471. >Though you have the strangest feeling that cheering her up would involve your brothers dick..
  472. "H-hey look, I bet there are plenty of other guys out there that would love to know you!"
  473. >Twilight sniffs before rubbing at her eyes, "I-its okay Sunset, I figured it was a long shot, but had to try right?"
  474. >"Sugarcube? Yall alright?"
  475. >As if sensing Twilight in distress the rest of the girls have turned away from the movie and cluster around the distressed girl.
  476. >"Oh Darling, why are you crying?"
  477. "Twilight do you want to tell them?"
  478. >Twilight nods her head, and starts to softly explain.
  479. >Before you know it your buried under a wave of friendship as the girls all pile atop of you both with hugs and reassurances.
  481. >"Uh...should I go back to my room?"
  482. >The whole party freezes as you peek out from between Pinkie's arm and over Rainbow's head to see Anon dressed in pajama pants and a loose sleeveless T.
  483. >Those thick arms look so tasty...
  484. >Must be from lifting tires all day..
  486. >Shaking your head you call out to him.
  487. "It's fine Anon, you can join us."
  488. >Pinkie whispers into the group, "Twilight is that alright with you? We can send that meanie pants back to his room instead."
  489. >"Oh gosh no, Pinkie it's fine I won't let this be a reason to ruin the party."
  490. >"But Darling to spurn the wantings of a ladies heart is rather crude."
  491. >"Well ain't tryin' to steal him from Sunset kinda rude too?" Applejack asks in a whisper.
  492. "Applejack!" You whisper shout at her in warning.
  493. >"Seriously if I'm being a bother I can just go chill in my room, need to get to bed soon anyway."
  495. >"I-If you want to, y-you can..."
  496. >Oh Celestia damn it Fluttershy, you know your brother!
  497. >Soon as you give him the opportunity he'll-
  498. >"Righto then, see you girls in the morning, I'll even make pancakes since there are so many mouths to feed!" Anon says with a breezy air before making tracks for his room.
  499. >Take the first opportunity to book it and leave.
  500. >Curse your brother for being anti social!
  501. "Thanks Fluttershy..."
  502. >"O-oh you're welcome Sunset." Fluttershy says missing your dry tone.
  503. >"Well since the eye candy isn't here we could at least finish watching the movie." Rainbow adds reaching for the remote as the girls resume their proffered spots.
  504. >You continue to watch the movie with the rest of them rather annoyed at the evening's prospects of working your brother over to the idea of you two becoming lovers.
  505. >Maybe try romancing him like Rarity suggested?
  506. >Though you don't know where you'd find a leather paddle and fuzzy wrist cuffs around town..
  507. >Yet seeing as how he's still yours, you can just wait for the girls to fall asleep and have a bit of late night fun with your brother.
  509. >You're running through the halls of Canterlot the beating hooves of the castle guard right behind you.
  510. >You duck away into an alcove and pant heavily from the chase.
  511. >You knew that Celestia was going to be unhappy with you continuing to better understand Dark Magic, but this is getting out of hoof!
  512. >So you might have dabbled in a bit of necromatic hoohaw and used a few ponies for a zebra curse or two.
  513. >You still fixed it none the less!
  514. >Besides you think to yourself sneaking past a duo of guards and out the window.
  515. >If Celestia wasn't grooming you for an important position like Defender of Equestria, why wouldn't you learn the dark arts that would be used against it?
  516. >It'd be madness not to be prepared!
  517. >Still you better lay low with your brother, he's always been there for you.
  519. >As you approach the Shimmer manor you see your older brother step outside the house!
  520. "Anon! Thank goodness I found you I really need t-"
  521. >"Don't talk to me."
  522. >Startled you take a step back in surprise.
  523. "B-Big brother?"
  524. >The look on his face is one of disgust mingled with pity, "You were the shining star of the house, and you throw it all away for some mad grab for power?"
  525. "B-but I was just trying to do what Celestia wanted me to! She's always testing me in her own ways!"
  526. >A solid clop of your brother's hoof stops your weak defense.
  527. >"NO! You cannot hide behind our family name nor the idea of Celestia 'testing' you, you broke the law sister, and you have to be punished."
  528. >With that being said your brother charges his horn and from the front gates come guard ponies in droves!
  529. >You manage to stun one and knock aside another before they tackle you down.
  530. >You feel a magic nullify placed upon your horn short circuiting your magic.
  531. >"Thank you guards, take this...filth away."
  532. "N-no, wait! Big Brother! Anon! Don't do this, please! Don't leave me!"
  533. >Anon had started to walk away before he pauses and looks back at you.
  535. >Nothing is in his eyes, no warmth, no small crinkles to his eyes from smiling.
  536. >"I have no sister..." With a flick of his tail Anon simply walks away from you as your dragged kicking and screaming back to the dungeons.
  538. "Anon!"
  539. >Looking around in a haze, you slowly begin to recall where you are.
  540. >On Humania, not on Equestria...
  541. >There aren't any guard ponies come to take you away in chains.
  542. >No unicorns to chain your magic...
  543. >Big brother didn't turn you over to the guard...
  544. >You feel a slight shuffle beside you and see Twilight shift in her sleep before she cuddles into a pillow, wrapping her arms around it as a faint sigh comes from her.
  545. >Well at least someone is getting a good sleep...
  546. >Despite knowing it was a nightmare, that your big brother would never leave you to dry...
  547. >You can't shake the cold chill that runs up your back at the thought.
  548. >Ordinarily you would just wrap yourself in a blanket and try to sleep it off...
  549. >Yet you just can't, sleep won't come back to you.
  550. >Not even using some of the softer and cooler pillows have any affect.
  551. >Frustrated you slowly get up and go for the ultimate sleep aide.
  553. >Mmm it's nice to be able to sleep...
  554. >Though for some reason you can feel something prod your side...
  555. >Waving a heavy arm around at the large fly you try to sleep.
  556. >It's only when you hear the frightened voice of your sister do your eyes crack open with great effort.
  557. >Sunset is beside your bed, her eyes look puffy.
  558. "Unset? Whut ar-" A yawn breaks through your sleepy mind, "Doing up still?"
  559. >"B-big bro...I had..." Sunset looks away as if ashamed.
  560. >Her eyes seem to water even more as she wrestles with what to say.
  561. >Your big brother insticnts however sluggishly kick in.
  562. >Problem:Lil Sis is crying.
  563. >You have just the solution.
  564. >Sunset lets out a startled meep of surprise as she is dragged into bed with you.
  565. >Wrapping her in a tight hug you bury your face in the back of her head.
  566. "S'okay, big bro 's here. Nake it 'etter..."
  568. >You soon drift off into dreamland with the scent of strawberries and banana in your dreams.
  569. >It's rather pleasant...
  570. >Reminds you of something though you can't remember what...
  572. >You blink in surprise flush against your brother's warm body.
  573. >You can feel his body heat radiate into your own causing tense muscles to slowly loosen as you sink into his embrace...
  574. >Wow, you should have tried this sooner, you could get used to this.
  575. >You would be more worried about Anon freaking out like that one breakfast when you had decided on being bold, but it's just so cozy under the blankets with him.
  576. >Anon grumbles in his sleep for a moment before his arm adjusts to wrap around you.
  577. >Yet you find it hard to really care about what might happen in the future, right now right here?
  578. >Anon invited you to his bed himself!
  579. >That's most likely one of the first steps to being together with him.
  581. >Not to mention the feeling of his dick starting to slowly rise to the occasion as your rear rubs into cheeks.
  582. >It's a good thing she wore the bottom of that pajama set, she'd be left with nothing but her panties. Not that she wouldn't have mined...
  583. >Baby steps Sunset, baby steps,,,
  585. >Man Sunset was right, those melatonins are great for sleep.
  586. >Your all nice and warm deep under your covers feeling the smooth silkiness of your body pillow.
  587. >Wiggling ever so slightly you adjust your grip feeling softness yield under your arms.
  588. >A breathy moan escapes your body pillow, but you pay it no mind too intent on sleep.
  589. >...
  590. >Wait a minute...
  591. >Body pillows don't moan...
  592. >Nor do you own a body pillow...
  594. >Cracking open an eyelid to take in the view around you, you find yourself buried under sunset curls of flame.
  595. >In less flowery terms, your face was buried in your sister's hair.
  596. >You tense as your body rises to the occasion as you can feel yourself throb with a mighty need.
  597. >Your fingers quest about trying to figure out where they are.
  598. >Softness, malleable, a faint hint of a po-
  599. >You still your hands hearing another gasp, "Anon..."
  600. >Oh...
  601. >Oh dear, you're really stepped in it now...
  602. >Shit, okay stay calm she's still asleep.
  603. >Feeling her start to twist and turn in her sleep quickly forces you to amend that statement
  604. >"Nnngh, no...don't go..."
  605. >Carefully pulling your head back you can see Sunset's face furrowed in distress sweat plastering her forehead as she breaths heavily.
  607. >...A big brother's job is never over it seems.
  608. >Shifting your hands to more appropriate places you slowly pet your sister's forehead and move stray strands of hair out of her face.
  609. >Humming a soft lullaby from your shared childhood you stay with your sister holding her close.
  610. >You suck in a breath each time she moves her hips though.
  611. >Fuuuuuck why did she have to inherit such breeding hips?!
  612. >Biting your lip you force down your erection only for it to stand defiant against any that would kowtow it's grand pillar of manliness.
  613. >You suffer through it, for her at least.
  614. >After all family always has to watch each other's backs.
  615. >Soon enough after the final bars off the song Sunset looks more peacful now.
  616. >No more whimpering and grinding dat glori-
  617. >Bad thoughts!
  620. >Just...focus on something else.
  621. >Anything other than the smooth caress that glides up and down you-
  622. >Taking in a deep breath you try some of the focusing lessons your old magic teacher taught you.
  623. >Breath in through the nose...
  624. >Uh, Sunset really likes her strawberry shampoo...
  625. >Hold it in for a second...
  626. >Then let it out through the mouth.
  627. >You ignore all else feeling yourself slowly become centered.
  628. >Despite this, instead of finding your center you are swamped by your sisters' scent.
  629. >A mixture of strawberry shampoo, some type of banana and cream deoderant and underneath all of that, the smell of a girl almost grown.
  630. >Heady yet faint, potent but so little.
  631. >It's enough to keep you from fully noticing the bed shifting.
  633. >It's Sunset, she's getting up and stretching, you simply let her slip through your arms.
  634. >Hopefully she didn't feel Jr. have a fascination with her bum.
  635. >"Anon? Are you awake?"
  636. >Slowly opening your eyes you let out a simple hum in acknowledgement.
  637. >"Oh that's good..."
  638. >Sunset quickly moves back into her previous position after stretching.
  639. >You tense feeling Sunset dig /right/ back where she was.
  640. "Think it's a bit late in the morning for morning cuddles."
  641. >"Says you, I do what I want."
  642. >Christ not the rebellious teenage angst...
  643. "Thought you said you were too old for this kind of stuff anyway?"
  644. >Sunset simply scoffs grabbing your arm and holding it close like a teddy.
  645. >Her breasts push up against your arm forcing you to remember the feel of them from this morning.
  646. >Fuckin' no damn it, you need bleach to burn these images out!
  648. >"...I did want to say thank you..."
  649. >Craning your neck down at her you catch her eye.
  650. >As if catching your questioning glance your sister explains, "For letting me sleep with you, I know you don't want us too, but thanks. It's nice to know I can always come to you if I need too."
  651. >You feel your heart do a small flip at that, fuck why is your little sister so adorable at times?!
  653. "Hey you know me, always there to save the day right?"
  654. >Sunset gives you a lazy smile as she nods, "Yeah my own knight in shining armor type, guess that make me the princess in the story right?"
  655. >Alright time to pull out the kooky weird humor to cheer her up!
  656. >You point your free hand up into the sky in a pose.
  657. "Hark young maiden, I shall endeavor to thy honor before any and all challenges!"
  658. >You can feel your sister shake in place as she tries to hold in her laughter.
  659. >Mentally you fist pump yourself at getting a laugh out of her, it's always been the best way to cheer her up.
  660. >Your sister slowly turns around in the bed so she's facing with a beaming smile.
  661. >You return the smile glad to see her no longer troubled by her fears from last night.
  662. >"Well if I'm the princess in the story, I think my knight deserves a little favor."
  663. "Like maybe doing the laundry this week?"
  664. >You get a small whap to the arm for that comment, "No idiot, just, just close your eyes alright?"
  665. "...Why?"
  666. >"Just do it already."
  667. "Fine, fine, pushy lil sister..."
  668. >Mumbling to yourself you close your eyes and wait.
  670. >You're half expecting a small slap or even a flick on the nose considering her past behavior.
  671. >So when the feeling of soft, strawberry flavored lips suddenly meet your own.
  672. >You're understandably floored.
  673. >It was a shy thing, almost as if asking for permission to even be there, yet it was...sweet.
  674. >You lay there as your eyes slowly open and Sunset slowly pulls back to rest her head on your chest.
  675. >Noticing that she has herself on the majority of your body, you wouldn't be able to just slip away with out tossing her out on ear.
  676. >You could blame the slow thoughts of why not running for it anyway on waking up and the shock of your sister just straight up kissing you!
  677. >What the fuck do you say.
  678. >Y-You need to say something, come on think!
  680. >"A-Anon..."
  681. >Your eyes travel up towards Sunset and she swallows her throat making you question yourself as you watch it.
  682. >"I know that...I know that this is sudden and y-you might not even r-return my feelings..."
  683. >Oh fuck she's starting to tear up.
  684. >"B-but I just want you t-to know that, no matter w-what your say, I just hope we c-can still be together."
  685. >Sunset suddenly shakes her head and curses, "Wait I didn't mean like together together if you don't accept it, but I mean like you won't leave together. That's what I meant!"
  686. >As you continue to stare at her in bewilderment you watch as your self confident, didn't take nothing from nobody sister slowly crumble in on herself as the tears start to pool.
  688. >You reach up slowly...
  689. >Sunset hasn't noticed yet...
  690. >You cup her cheek making her verdant eyes shine in the light with a wild hope.
  691. >Carefully you wipe away her tears and bring her in for a hug.
  692. >You can feel how she tensed that she was expecting a kiss, despite it all.
  693. >Hearing her sudden hitch in breath you quickly talk.
  694. "Sis, before you do anything, know that I will always be your big brother, I'll watch your back till the end...but you gotta let me think about this, alright?"
  695. >Pulling back to look her over you finish cleaning up her tears.
  696. "And don't worry, I ramble a lot too when I'm nervous."
  697. >Sunset doesn't respond much from that point looking down at your chest as if she were afraid.
  698. >...Right you know what you need to break the ice now.
  699. "Wanna help me cook something for breakfast?
  701. >Sunset stares at you for a moment mouth ready to say something before she closes it.
  702. >A thoughtful look crosses her face before she grins at you with a sly grin.
  703. >For some reason you feel uncomfortable about this.
  704. >"Sure, but only if you make those chocolate chip pancakes, those were really good."
  705. "That I can do. Wanna let me up so we can start?"
  706. >You stare at her waiting for her to move.
  707. >Yet she doesn't move an inch.
  708. "...You gonna move?"
  709. >Your sister wiggles in place drawing your attention to the rather...distracting items on her chest.
  710. >"Well I would, bu~~~ut I have another favor I wanna ask before we start."
  711. >The feeling unease just grows, yet you hide it away.
  712. "Go on...?"
  714. >A few minutes later...
  715. "I really feel like this is inappropriate!"
  716. >You stomp your foot as your shoe clacks in the rather tight butler out fit that feels a size too small.
  717. >Doesn't help that the damn inseam on this is riding on your junk either...
  718. >"Ah ah ah don't you forget Anon about this." Sunset says bringing a small bow tie clicking it into place around your neck.
  719. >Wait clicking?
  720. >Pulling at the small circlet around your neck you find its more of a collar than a piece of cloth.
  721. "Where do you get these things?!"
  722. >"Rarity, now chop chop butler man we've pancakes to make!"
  723. >Taking a deep breath you just let it roll off your back.
  724. "Fine, fine remind me again why I put up with you again?"
  725. >"Cuz I'm your sister and you love me lots?"
  726. "...Damn it I want to argue, but I can't find a good reason."
  727. >Pulling down cook ware and ingrediants alongside you Sunset simply sing songs, "That's because I'm the little sister and we're always right!"
  728. "Thought that was older brothers?"
  729. >"That's what Mom and Dad said to make you feel better."
  730. >You hold a hand to your heart as you stagger back.
  731. "My heart! Am I really just a glorified butler for you?"
  733. >"...No, never..."
  734. >Glancing at her face you notice Sunset looking shamefully at the bowl in her hands.
  735. >Shit you went from joking to somber!
  736. >Stepping closer you place your hand on hers.
  737. >Sunset looks up at you surprised.
  738. "Hey, relax. It was a joke, to cheer you up you know?"
  739. >Sunset stares at you searching before she sniffs wiping at her eyes, "S-Sorry I guess I'm being a bit of a cry baby huh?"
  740. "Nah, just being my little sister is all."
  741. >You wrap her in a hug holding her close before she returns the favor clinging onto you desperatly.
  742. >Reluctantly you let her go and nod your head to the table
  743. "So bout them pancakes?"
  744. >"Did someone say pancakes?!" Comes a shout from the living room among startled screams of teenage girls.
  745. >Quick as a wink there is a pink girl in your kit- HOLY SHIT
  746. >You avert your eyes as Sunset quickly jumps at Pinkie, "WHERE ARE YOUR CLOTHES!?"
  747. >"I always sleep in the nude?"
  748. >Even though you hadn't meant to, the image of those perky puffy pink puppies are seared into your mind.
  749. >Who would have thought that such a energetic girl would have...
  750. >Ahem.
  751. >"Pinkie I don't care! Go get clothes on!"
  752. >"Okay! Okay! Jeez, one question though, why is Anon in a butler suit?"
  753. >"Reasons! CLOTHES! NOW!"
  754. >Man who knew the ceiling of your house was so interesting.
  755. >Still can't get rid of those sweater puppies from your mind, they were just...there!
  757. >Before you can do something that you would later regret you hear Sunset clear her throat, "You can look now Anon."
  758. >Peeking from your gaze at the ceiling you look over at the door way to find Sunset just looking quite peeved.
  759. "Are there any more sleeping habits your friends keep that I should be aware of by chance?"
  760. >"No! That was just, ugh, Pinkie being Pinkie, didn't even think she was into that to be honest..."
  761. "Right..."
  762. >"Its the truth!"
  763. >Cracking a few eggs and pour the mix in you simply nod your head.
  764. "Of course, of course not like it'd be much different back home you know."
  766. >Sunset comes alongside you as she brings some butter to the skillet heating it to temperature, "Yeah, hey mind if I share a little secret with you?"
  767. >Compared to this morning?
  768. "Shoot."
  769. >Sunset spares you a glance from the skillet and then back again, "I sometime well, feel so naughty for wearing socks all the time you know?"
  770. >....Oh Celestia above....
  771. >Suddenly the image of Sunset as she was in long socks suddenly comes to mind.
  772. >You find that it's rather tasteful instead of the instant revulsion you had expected...
  773. >"Anon?"
  774. "Heh, uh yeah I know what you mean, man when you came through the portal you were so weird-ed out by our new bodies."
  775. >Sunset simply snorts at that comment as you add chocolate chips to the mix, "Please, as if you were any better."
  776. "To be fair we had just escaped from Celestia's guards and managed to not die from it."
  777. >Watching the batter be poured into the skillet Sunset is quiet as she watches you cook the pancakes.
  778. "Bit for your thoughts?"
  779. >"Do you ever miss it?"
  780. "It being...?"
  781. >"Our magic, our old manor, Canterlot, all of Equestria I suppose."
  782. >Man first its the whole love thing, now its homesickness, can you not catch a break?
  783. >You let the pancakes sizzle a bit longer as you think about your answer.
  784. >You don't think Sunset is wanting a simple yes or no.
  785. >Flipping the flap jacks you press down on them to help spread the batter.
  786. "Some, being able to magic some of our problems away would have been helpful, and it was nice to have servants around to help with the house. Not to mention some of the sights in Canterlot where amazing to see at the right time. Or the expansive libraries that were in the local quarter, I'd spend alot of time reading there."
  787. >With each thing you ticked off you could see Sunset sinking deeper into a rut of guilt.
  789. "That being said, seeing a new world? Being able to use my hooves, I mean hands for things, not to mention the technology around here that is so common place, I mean did you even imagine a television before Equestria? Or the internet? Humans have wormed their way into my heart and..."
  790. >You give your sister a small hip bump.
  791. "I'd never have gotten to see any of it with out my little sister to show me."
  792. >There's the little smile you know and love!
  793. >"Heh...thanks big bro..."
  794. "Hey, making pancakes, cheering up little sisters and being eye candy, all part of the job it seems!"
  795. >"And what delicious eye candy it is!~"
  796. >"Morning Rarity, you want pancakes?"
  797. >"I would love some Darling, though I see you were already able to put my work to good use I can see."
  798. >Feeling bold you decide to do a little strut as you walk with your stacked plate of pancakes.
  799. "Like what you see?"
  800. >"Oh do I." You can hear the purr in her voice as she continues to eye fuck you.
  801. >"Ahem!" Sunset is quick to put a stop to that as she levels a simple look at Rarity.
  802. "Hey you wanted me to dress up Sis, don't be jelly."
  803. >"I am not!"
  804. "Are too."
  805. >"Are not!"
  806. "Are too."
  807. >"Are not!"
  808. "Are not."
  809. >"Are too! Wait, ho-"
  810. >"Oh dear Darling." Rarity giggles behind her hand at Sunset's flustered face.
  811. >You meanwhile stick your tongue at your sister.
  812. "Ha ha, you're ass just got looney tooned."
  813. >"Just gimme some of those pancakes before I strangle you Anon..."
  814. >Obliging her simply because she was cute when she was mad you soon are sans three pancakes as you walk into the living room.
  815. "Breakfast everyone! Come and get it!"
  816. >Soon enough you have a small throng of girls charging you for the toasted brown goods on your platter.
  817. >Aside from a few wolf whistles and giggles the girls seem to ignore your attire.
  818. >That is until someone pinched your butt making you look towards the culprit, but find it hard to see who did it with them all crowding you.
  819. >You quickly notice however you're going to need more pancakes.
  821. "I'll be right back girls, looks like I need to make more pancakes."
  822. >You get a variety of understanding from the girls as you head back to the kitchen ready to fry up some more batter.
  824. >"Sugarcube, why you look so frazzled?"
  825. >Munching on some pancakes you look up from your angry chewing before swallowing down the food.
  826. "What?"
  827. >"I think Darling, Applejack is asking what has you so upset, if I was over stepping my boundaries I apologize in advance." Rarity adds cutting her pancakes with a dainty slice of the knife.
  828. >"Yeah you look like someone took your last cupcake a siesta!" Pinkie twiddles her legs back and forth eating her pancake upside down on your couch.
  829. "Oh, no it's not that. I just..."
  830. >Should you really tell them?
  831. >You really don't want to hurt Twilight's feelings though...
  832. >"Um, did you t-tell Anon, how you f-feel?"
  833. >You slowly turn your head to look at Fluttershy eyes wide in alarm.
  834. "How did you?!"
  835. >You made the fatal mistake, you acknowledged it!
  836. >You hear a flurry of gasps and are suddenly surrounded on all sides.
  837. >"What happened?"
  838. >"Did he accept it?"
  839. >"Oh my this is just too juicy to pass up!"
  840. >"Did he mention making it a threesome?"
  841. >At the last everyone looks at Twilight in shock, the purple girl simply blushes, "Come on I had to try!"
  842. "Girls, come on calm down. He's in the next room you know!"
  843. >"So he already knows how you feel! Details girl!" Rarity insists badgering you with a couch cushion.
  844. "He said, he said he'd have to think about it."
  845. >At that the enthusiasm that had infected your friends quickly dies down as a somber mood takes the group.
  846. >"Ah shoot."
  847. >"I-I'm sorry to hear that Sunset..."
  848. "Hey don't just assume he's going to just say no you know!"
  850. >"Be that as it may Darling, the chances of it h-"
  851. >Applejack quickly elbows Rarity in the side making her wince in pain, "Uh, what I mean to say is..."
  852. >"Loud mouth here is tryin' to say you shouldn't give up hope at the first obstacle Sugarcube, just be patient with him and see what happens."
  853. "You really think so?"
  854. >You feel a firm grip on your shoulder and turn to look to see Rainbow of all people giving you a nod, "Defintly, I still think its a bit squicky that you're into your big brother, but if you don't give it your all then how can you expect to get anywhere with it huh?"
  855. >"M-maybe you could doing something nice for him, l-like a massage?"
  856. >"Well it would have to depend on the massage Fluttershy, I've read in some books that massages can vary on where they are being done, for example one done on the lower back of a male can cause for high arousal t-"
  857. >Pinkie stuffs a pancake in Twilight's mouth before she can continue, "You should try some baked goods! Momma Pie always said a good way to a boy's heart is through his stomach!" Pinkie pauses before tapping at her chin, "Or was that through the stomach then under the rib cage I forget..."
  858. "Uh, what exactly did Momma Pie mean by that?"
  859. >"Never mind that Darling, I have the best idea to help your chances!"
  860. >Looking over at the fashionista you know that look she has, it's the look of either a full make over or something unpleasant for you.
  861. "No spa dates."
  862. >"Oh poo on you, take away all my fun."
  863. "You know he's not a life sized Ken doll right?"
  864. >"But those proportions! So perfect for modeling!"
  865. >Applejack pulls Rarity away from you, "Down girl, down. Why don't yall take him to a movie or something?"
  866. "Is there anything even good to watch at the theater?"
  867. >"Silly billy! The movie isn't the point of going! It's the chance to go with your big brother on a date!"
  869. >A date?
  870. >With Anon?
  871. >Damn it your cheeks shouldn't be getting this red from the idea!
  872. >"Yeah I know just the thing, look!" Rainbow pulls out her phone and turns the screen towards you.
  873. >On it is some gruesome horror movie called The Summoning 2; What is Dead May Never Die.
  874. "Why a horror movie?"
  875. >"Oh dear, that's rather s-scary isn't it?"
  876. >"Well I ain't one to get scared easy, but you could use it as an excuse to get all close with Anon"
  878. "It might work..."
  879. >"Yes! Then I'll go ahead and order the tickets now." Rarity exclaims nails clicking away at her phone.
  880. >"Rarity why are you ordering eight tickets?" Twilight asks having finally managed to finish off the pancake.
  881. >"Well how else are we to help Sunset in her endavors?"
  882. "What?! No! Rarity why would you do that? How am I supposed to get close to Anon if you're all going to be right there?!"
  883. >"Oh please Darling, we'll be sitting in different spots after all. Just observing and playing wing girl for you after all!"
  884. >"Rares don't you think that's a mite, invasive if we're just stalking them in the theater? Folk might get the wrong impression."
  885. >"Do what you like, but I'm going just for the movie, none of this mushy romance stuff." Rainbow says browsing her phone before munching on her pancakes.
  887. >"I'll go for the candy if it makes you feel better Sunset!" Pinkie offers up with a grin, "Though if you wanted moral support I can do that too, oh! I have just the thing!" Pinkie then reaches down and from behind the sofa pulls out a giant foam finger reading Sunset number one!
  888. "...Where did you get that from?"
  889. >"Prop shop!"
  890. "Right."
  891. >Rubbing your eyes you sigh thinking hard over your options.
  892. >You could go through with it, though it feels like your playing into some cliche for some reason.
  893. >Not to mention you don't normally scare easily so Anon might catch on...
  894. >Though remembering that poster Rainbow showed you, it did look pretty spooky.
  895. "You know what, fine, let's do it. I bet I can convince Anon to come along since we're all going anyway."
  896. >A group cheer from everyone has you smiling despite yourself.
  897. >'Just you wait big brother, soon enough you'll be mine'
  899. >You hear the girls cheer from inside the living room.
  900. >At the same time you feel a small chill creep down your spine.
  901. >You really hope that the girls aren't going to drag Sunset into something crazy, again.
  902. >First it was sirens then it was alternate Twilight's.
  903. >Hopefully it's nothing, right?
  905. >After breakfast is served with another platter Sunset grabs your arm, "Anon?~"
  906. >Washing some dishes as her friends clean up in the living room you nod to her to continue.
  907. >"Well I was talking with the girls and we got another idea for what we can do for this summer."
  908. "Yeah?"
  909. >"We were all thinking of pitching in and going to the theater maybe tonight or tomorrow night to see some of the new flicks that came out. Think you can spare a day for it?"
  910. >Looking up you start to count off the days in your head as you remember your work schedule.
  911. >Frowning you rinse off another plate before shaking your head.
  912. "No, last I checked I have work today and the next day, though if you wanted too we could do it on Tuesday, that's when I have next off."
  913. >"That sounds great! I'll go and tell the girls!"
  914. >Sunset starts off before you can call after her.
  915. >Soon you can hear excited giggling and laughter from inside the living room.
  916. >There's that rather creepy feeling crawling up your spine again...
  918. >Still to think your little sister liked you like that...
  919. >Squeezing the sponge in hand you watch it with a furrowed brow.
  920. >Damn it buck up and face it, your little sister loves you.
  921. >But she's your little sister!
  922. >She's her own mare as well.
  923. >Whose in a teenager's body, a /very/ voluptuous teenager's body.
  924. >Those legs just seem to never stop and those hips...
  925. >Maybe not all your pony traits are gone as you thought...
  926. >Shaking your head you scrub at the plates in frustration.
  927. >You rather hated the fact she was dating that prick from her school, Brash Gendry or something.
  928. >He rubbed you the wrong way for some reason, from the way he looked to his 'cute' little rock band.
  929. >Fifteen bits that it won't even go anywhere either.
  930. >You realize you've been cleaning the same plate for the past five minutes as you've stewed over Sunset dating some other guy.
  931. >Letting out a breath you didn't realize you'd been holding you start to rinse the plate.
  933. >Alright so maybe it bothered you more than you'd admit
  934. >Still going from disliking her choice of men to fucking her, that's just a step too far!
  935. >'Though she does look like she was up for anything', a traitorous thought whispers 'You gave up everything for her, shouldn't she have to give something back in return?'
  936. >...
  937. >Sometimes you wish you didn't think so much.
  938. >Looking up at the bargain bin clock above the sick you curse at the time as you finish drying the dishes.
  939. >Stupid random shift changes, your boss is such a dick sometimes...
  940. "Sunset I'm headin' to work! Don't wait up!"
  941. >"Anon wait!"
  942. >You'd already had your boots on and uniform in hand ready to slip on as you pause at the door.
  943. "Sunset come on, I'm going to be late here!"
  944. >Sunset runs down the hall towards you, "I know, but before you go..." Sunset leans up to you and wraps her hands around your head drawing you down.
  945. >A soft peck of the lips with the hint of something more grace your own.
  946. >Slowly Sunset draws away with a heady blush and grins at you, "Have a good day at work Anon!"
  947. "Da, I.."
  948. >You trip over nothing as your legs spasm and you nod rapidly.
  949. "Yeah work, good do yep, uh bye Sunset."
  950. >You are quickly chased out of the house by giggles and run into the truck.
  951. >Feels like you need a towel with how much your sweating right now.
  952. >Jeez.
  953. >Slamming the door shut you start the truck and drive, hopefully the radio will help...
  954. >Oh lovely...
  955. >Twisting the dial again you hear...
  956. >Catchy...the image of Sunset dragging her nails across your skin makes you quickly jerk the wheel back into the proper lane.
  957. >Alright time to focus, going to get in a wreck at this rate.
  959. >At work you do your job and are heading for lunch tired and sweaty from how hot it is.
  960. >Grabbing a couple bucks you grab some vendor food and drink to munch on.
  961. >Not the greatest, but it's better than nothing.
  962. >Enjoying the air conditioning inside you pull out your phone and start to browse on the internet.
  963. >You look up to the corner of your phone to see a new message is there.
  964. >Might be Sis needing something picked up...
  965. >Swiping over to the message app you click on the message, weird it's got a photo attached...
  966. >As it finishes loading you simply stare.
  967. >There plain as day is Sunny staring at you with lowered eyes in her leather jacket and a two piece at the pool side.
  968. >Must be the community pool...
  969. >But that two piece is so small, and you think you can just make out pointed tips on..
  970. >"Holy shit man, how'd you land that piece of ass?"
  971. >Jerking the phone down you wipe your head around to see one of your co-workers, Jeremy grinning at you, "Hey now don't be stingy, whose the girl?"
  972. "Close friend."
  973. >Sitting across from you, Jeremy just gives you this smarmy grin, "Aw is little Anon shy about his girlfriend? I'm proud of you man, didn't think you'd even find anyone to be honest."
  974. "Hey!"
  975. >Shrugging Jeremy simply pulls out his own phone, "Not my fault, you just give off this forever alone vibe. So how'd you meet her?"
  976. "We're room mates."
  977. >At seeing how surly you are Jeremy glances up from his phone, "Don't be like that Anon, I just wanted to know about her is all."
  978. "Why in the hell would you want to know?"
  979. >"Why your like a little annoying brother in the shop after all!"
  980. >The word brother makes you internally flinch remembering the kiss from this morning.
  982. >In response you just grunt before tapping away at your phone, "Sending her a text?" Jeremy asks from his own phone.
  983. "Yeah, then I'm going to enjoy my lunch break."
  984. >"Looks more break than lunch."
  985. >Simply flipping him off Jeremy gives that obnoxius laugh of his before minding his own business.
  986. >Finally, you look back to see Sunset had replied to your question of where she was.
  987. >'At pool, was thinking of you. Wished you were here.'
  988. >Dawww
  989. 'Someone has to pay the bills, don't worry bout it. You learn more about friendship stuff and we'll take it a day at a time.'
  991. >'I can help in other ways too you know~'
  992. 'Behave.'
  993. >'Yes Daddy~'
  994. '...'
  995. >'Anon?'
  996. 'Don't do that ever again, please?'
  997. >'...Sorry.'
  998. 'So pool party?'
  999. >'Fluttershy's idea actually.'
  1000. 'Didn't think she liked being exposed like that.'
  1001. >'Hang on...'
  1002. >New photo arrived!
  1003. >Prepared for the worst you keep one eye on Jeremy just in case.
  1004. >Once it's loaded you look and can't help but daw internally.
  1005. >Fluttershy was wearing some single piece suit as she swam looking rather peaceful in the water.
  1006. 'That's cute.'
  1007. >'Yeah, she didn't want two piece Rarity had so we made dude.'
  1008. 'You girls have fun, going to need to head back from lunch break soon.'
  1009. >'That sucks, well have good rest of day at work. Love you!'
  1010. >Despite yourself you smile gently at the message before sending back, 'Love you too.'
  1011. >Standing up you clean up your spot and get ready for heading back to work.
  1013. >You finally trudge home tired and sore from work.
  1014. >Using your keys you open the door and set them on the counter yawing as you walk inside.
  1015. >You start to head towards the bathroom intent on a shower to get the grime and grease off you
  1016. >It's only when you are in the living room do you pause.
  1017. >Sunset is laying on the couch with the television on playing some show.
  1018. >Did she stay up waiting for you to come back?
  1019. >Your heart warms at the gesture as you smile at her dozing form.
  1020. >Sunset wiggles her nose then and sniffs turning over onto her back, her tank top slipping from her body to drape down.
  1021. >You can just make out the imprint of a nipp-
  1022. >Baaaad thoughts.
  1023. >Shaking your head you walk to the bedroom and gingerly grab a blanket before covering your sister.
  1025. >You walk into the bathroom and start to take a shower.
  1026. >It feels good to let the sweat and grit from today wash away...
  1027. >You had just finished getting most of the filth off you and started to shampoo when you hear the door open.
  1028. >"Anon?"
  1029. >Aw man you must have woke her up, she sounds sleepy.
  1030. "Yeah Sis, I'm in the shower. Didn't mean to wake you up."
  1031. >Your eyes are closed to keep the soap out so you can only hear the sound of running water and then the faint yawn of your sister.
  1032. >"It's fine, just wanted to cuddle with you when you got back s'all."
  1033. >Is she still having nightmares?
  1034. "Uh, yeah sure we can do that, mind letting me finish? Don't think you want to just jump in here with me."
  1035. >"Mmkay..."
  1036. >Good now you can fi-
  1037. >Hearing the curtains rattle open you freeze in place before cold hands nudge you over, "Budge over, you take too much space..."
  1038. >WHEW LADDIE!
  1039. "S-Sunset?!"
  1040. >"What you said get in didn't you?"
  1041. >Don't open your eyes, don'openyoureyes...
  1042. "I meant it as, look get out!"
  1043. >"I'm already in though..."
  1044. "Sunset!"
  1045. >"Relax, haven't gotten to shower after the pool anyway."
  1046. >You hear the padding of her feet and the curtain draws close.
  1048. >You're still frozen solid trying to figure out what to do here.
  1049. >Soon you hear the squirting of one of the bottles.
  1050. >"Hey, pass the loufa..."
  1051. >How is she still sleepy?!
  1052. >A small tapping to your chest brings you attention back, "You going to p- why are your eyes closed?"
  1053. "Shampoo still, can't open my eyes..."
  1054. >"Oh...here."
  1055. >You hear the click of the shower head and then blessed water dribbles down rinsing your hair.
  1056. >"There ya go, just like when we were kids!"
  1057. "Think things were different then..."
  1058. >You keep your eyes shut as you blindly reach behind you for the loufa.
  1059. >Squeezing the sponge you hold it up.
  1060. "Here."
  1061. >"Anon, why are you keeping your eyes closed?"
  1062. >Give me a break...
  1063. "Sis, I get that you were sleepy and came into the shower, that's fine, well not really, but alright you were sleepy, but I'm not going to...look because then that'd be."
  1064. >"Be what? Now that you mention it..." You feel hands on your shoulders dainty and soft, "I /want/ you to look."
  1065. >Oh Celestia damn it, she didn't even have lusty thoughts crawling in here to begin with?!
  1066. "Ffff- no, sorry, but too soon alright? Just...phew."
  1067. >"You look a bit hot and bothered there Anon, you sure you don't need some relief?"
  1068. >Solar rays guide you through this darkened turmoil...
  1069. "Nope! All fine here, just...let's just get cleaned up alright?"
  1070. >You don't know why, but you can just feel the pout thrown your way.
  1071. >The silence aside from the showers is telling, but soon you hear a disappointed hum, "Fine, could you at least help me with my hair? It's so thick that I sometimes have to fight it."
  1072. >Thank Celestia! Something normal!
  1073. "Sure!"
  1074. >"Cool, hands please?"
  1075. >You cautiously hold up your hands and feel Sunset take them into her own.
  1076. >They are raised up and placed on her head where you can feel the cool liquid of the shampoo.
  1077. >Carefully you start to knead the soap into her wild mane and feel out her scalp.
  1078. >"Mmm, that feels nice, I forgot how nice it is when you don't have to shampoo your own head..."
  1080. >Encouraged by that and wanting her to get those lusty thoughts out you work deeper on massaging her scalp.
  1081. >You start to trace the swirl that is on her head and follow it around working the shampoo deep into her hair roots.
  1082. >"Ahn~..."
  1083. >Must feel nice if you got that kind of reaction.
  1084. >You starting to work the shampoo into the main body of her hair now using her back as a way to mix the shampoo and hair.
  1085. >Sunset pushes back against you to help and you can feel her muscles twitch underneath the skin.
  1086. >"Anon~"
  1087. "I know, just a little more and I'll be done."
  1088. >If you didn't know better you'd think she was getting off on this.
  1089. >Hearing a rather vocal moan you start to cross your legs, now is not the time for dick!
  1090. >You think your done now with her hair anyway.
  1091. "Sis?"
  1092. >Sunset leans back onto you and you feel her tilt her head to look at you with a breathy, "Yes?"
  1093. >Coughing as that is not how sisters refer to their brothers you hold her shoulders making damn sure to keep her off your dick, she hasn't seen it yet thank Celestia.
  1094. "You're hair's done, better rinse now."
  1095. >"Mmm~"
  1096. >Sunset pulls away from you then and you can hear her hair start to rinse off.
  1097. >Meanwhile you try to think of someway to get your dick to go down, but can't think of anything.
  1098. >If she see's this she'll try to push for something you just know it.
  1099. >Would that be so bad?
  1100. >No! It...maybe?
  1101. >You're going to need to at least see what your doing before anything else to keep track of Sunset's eyes so she doesn't see.
  1102. >Fuck it.
  1103. >Cracking open your eyes you find before you a vision of beauty you hadn't expected.
  1104. >Plump ass that connect with shapely legs that accent it just right, from behind the softest swell of her breasts that jiggle every time she moves her arms around to rinse of her hair...
  1106. >Your dick meanwhile has jumped to full attention like a grizzled Royal Guard ready to dive head first into a changeling nest.
  1107. >You need something to cover u-
  1108. >A towel!
  1109. >You'd been meaning to use that to dry off, but any port in a storm.
  1111. >Wrapping yourself in the towel you breath a sigh of relief.
  1112. >Sunset also looks to be setting the shower head back up.
  1113. >Finally now you can just get dressed and maybe get some sleep.
  1114. >Sunset turns back towards you and you feel your breath taken from you.
  1115. >Pebbly areoal with perky nipples that top of a bountiful chest and a smooth toned stomach with a small cute belly button you remember blowing raspberries on when you were both small.
  1116. >"Well it's nice to see you too Anon."
  1117. >What?!
  1118. "Huh?"
  1119. >"Your eyes are open." Sunset gestures to herself proudly displaying her goods, "Like what you see?" A cheeky grin covers her flushed face.
  1120. >You simply stare caught out in the act as your mind races.
  1121. >"Well at least one of your heads are honest..."
  1122. >Looking down you see the small tent in your towel despite the heavy cloth.
  1123. >You quickly adjust the towel hiding your dick as Sunset lets out a small aww of disappointment.
  1124. "W-We should finish the shower. Bed! Yeah bed should be a good idea now!"
  1126. >"We're still going to cuddle together, right Anon?" Sunset asks batting her eyelashes at you while using a small pout.
  1128. >OhCelestiapreserveyou.
  1129. >Too late only nightmares here!
  1130. >Swallowing you shakily nod, "Y-yeah, of course. Big Bro here to chase away the nightmares!"
  1131. >Sunset smiles then and quickly wraps you in a hug.
  1132. >Oh heavens above, you can feel her nipples dig into your skin sparking a fire that trails behind them!
  1133. >"Thanks Anon, I always could count on you..."
  1134. >Just like that she pulls away and turns off the water bending over just enough for you to spy a sight you haven't seen for a long while.
  1135. >A puffy pair of lips that let out a small wink towards you before Sunset quickly skips out the shower and to the towels.
  1136. >Leaving you behind in the shower dripping with a cock straining to be freed and starting to get cold.
  1137. >Pinching yourself you confirm that wasn't some strange day dream that just happened.
  1138. >You think you might need a therapist...
  1139. >"Anon, are you coming?"
  1142. >You call back to Sunset before heading to your bed room.
  1143. >You get dressed into some sleeping clothes, a simple t shirt and some boxers, how in Tartarus are you going to keep her out of your pants?
  1144. >Maybe you need a cock sock or something to lock up at night.
  1145. >An image of some nylon looking thing with a large block over your dick pops into mind.
  1146. >You cringe, it looked like something Rarity would design or something.
  1147. >Bad idea.
  1148. >"Anoooon! Hurry up!"
  1149. "Calm down Sunset, jeez."
  1150. >Opening the door you find no Sunset with a blanket like you expected.
  1151. >"Big bro, over here."
  1152. >You see Sunset patting a spot on the couch next to her as the title screen for The Princess Bride plays.
  1154. >...
  1155. >If you were a betting man you would say that Sunset is trying to send you a message here...
  1156. >None the less you carefully walk into the room, "Oh relax, I'm not going to bite you." Sunset chides opening up the blanket cacoon she had made.
  1157. >"Now hop in and we can watch the movie!"
  1158. >Sunset was wearing something rather simliar to your own sleep ware, only for one notable difference.
  1159. >You couldn't tell if she had any shorts on or not, the t-shit was just to big, speaking of which.
  1160. "Hey isn't that my AC DC shirt?"
  1161. >Looking down Sunset hums before letting out a huh of surprise, "Guess it is, might explain why it's so long on me."
  1162. >Back to old territory with your sister you start to relax.
  1163. "Do you have to keep stealing my clothes? Half the time I need a shirt its in your closet!"
  1164. >Sitting down next to Sunset she baps you in the shoulder, "If you decided to actually help me with laundry then you could help me sort."
  1165. "Please, you like doing the laundry you weirdo."
  1166. >Sunset points her face away with a small hmph, "There is nothing wrong with enjoying some music while you work."
  1168. >Wrapping yourself up with some of the extra blanket Sunset had offered you, you chuckle, "Sis, I don't think dancing around in just a shirt and panties to Coloratura while you fold isn't the same thing as just listening to it."
  1169. >In response Sunset just flicks your head and points to the couch, "Just lay down you dork."
  1170. "Hey I'm not the dork here."
  1171. >Sunset smirks at you, "No your just the duncle to most my friends is all."
  1172. >You pause in laying down and turn a confused look at her.
  1173. "I do not!"
  1174. >"If you didn't insist on those really dumb literal jokes then maybe my friends wouldn't call you their duncle you goof." Sunset palms your chest as she gently pushes on you. "Now lay down so we can start the movie!"
  1175. >You struggle against the push as you hold up a finger to her.
  1176. "Hang on, that's not fair at all I'm only a couple of years older than you lot!"
  1177. >Sunset shrugs, "Sorry out of my hands honestly, since you're being awfully crotchety maybe I need to be more aggressive with my bed side manner."
  1178. "Huh? N-H-hey!"
  1179. >Sunset quickly shoves you down on the couch before she soon climbs atop of you and straddles your chest as she impishly smiles at you, "Haha! I am queen of the hill now!"
  1180. "Not for long you little minx!"
  1181. >You dig your fingers into her sides making her suddenly seize up in laughter as she curls in on herself trying to escape from your questing digits.
  1182. >Yet she stays locked atop of you squeezing you tight with her thighs before she launches her own counter attack!
  1183. >Soon the both of you are devolving into a tickle fight trying to one up the other.
  1184. >You thought you had her when you brought her legs into the fight, but she surprised you by going for your neck.
  1185. >None the less it leaves you both heaving on the couch with a light sweat from the effort and in giggles at the both of you being silly.
  1186. >"Heh, that was fu-" Sunset starts to say before a yawn interupts her.
  1187. >Yawning yourself you nod at her.
  1188. "I agree, sleep sounds pretty good about now."
  1190. >At that Sunset crawls closer to you and pulls up the blanket from the floor, "In that case, dibs on little spoon."
  1191. "You always go for little spoon..."
  1192. >"Because I fit best there, duh. You're too big for little spoon anyway." Sunset argues back before throwing the blanket over the two of you.
  1193. >Snuggling down against you Sunset lets out a happy sigh as your arms automatically wrap around her in a casual hug.
  1194. "We still watching the movie then?"
  1195. >Glancing at the clock above the TV Sunset shrugs, "It's late, but if you wanna?"
  1196. "Be something to fall asleep too, white noise and all that."
  1197. >"In that case sure." Sunset reaches out from the little den you've made with her and grabs the remote clicking play.
  1198. >Shortly after Sunset whips her arm back inside and grabs onto your own arms for a tighter embrace.
  1199. >Your rather glad you had a few minutes to get dry and dressed, otherwise that hard on you were sporting in the shower would make this a lot more awkward.
  1200. >Sunset twitches in place wiggling about as she pushes up against you her rump soon settling into your groin.
  1201. >You keep your poker face as her butt rubs up against your dick, you twitch in response, but nothing more.
  1202. >Good.
  1203. >Tonight is for cuddling only, not for lewd.
  1204. >You let out a happy sigh of your own and settle in for watching the Princess Bride alongside your sister.
  1206. >Celestia damn it you really shouldn't have let up on him that soon!
  1207. >You hadn't planned on jumping in the shower with him, usually he's covered in all sorts of dirt, but the image of his flared cock sticking out proud like that ready for breeding you senseless...
  1208. >You shift your legs together as you feel a slight trickle of wetness leak out.
  1209. >You're glad you decided to forgo any panties tonight, Anon didn't even try to look under your shirt during the fight.
  1210. >Stupid gentlecolt ways of his...
  1212. >Thankfully you managed to at least get him to cuddle with you, maybe Rarity was right about being the right mix of alluring and cute would bring Anon in?
  1213. >Feeling Anon squeeze you closer as you feel his dick jump at your touch you smile.
  1214. >Maybe not everything's a lost cause...
  1215. >Half way through the movie you start to subtly grind your ass against your brother.
  1216. >Anon moves against you in return making you think 'Finally we're getting some where!'
  1217. >Only for Anon to mumble, "Mfram is good for you..."
  1218. >Craning your head to not disturb him you internally fume, that ass hat fell asleep!
  1219. >Well that's not going to stop you damn it, you continue to grind your ass against him feeling his cock soon rise to the occasion.
  1220. >That's it...
  1221. >You've grown rather fond of Anon's cock, much better than that pencil dick Flash had.
  1222. >Biting your lip as you feel the broad girth settle against your butt crack you can feel your own loins heat up in response.
  1223. >You know Anon didn't take his melatonin tonight, but thrill of discovery, even with him being aware.
  1224. >You just winked at the thought.
  1225. >Reaching back carefully you slid your hand into his boxers and just feel the pillar of heat in your hand.
  1226. >You love the thick veins that run up it, the spongy flesh as it grows under your careful hand, the musk that comes off it.
  1227. >Anon suddenly moves his arms and you draw away from his dick quick to look natural in sleep.
  1228. >What surprises you is when Anon draws you closer to him and his hand brushes against your breast.
  1229. >Sucking in a breath at the fiery lust that run through you, you gently guide his hand back and help him squeeze.
  1230. >It takes a few tries, but soon enough Anon's gripping your breast!
  1231. "Mmm~"
  1232. >You moan quietly to yourself trying so hard not to wake him as Anon continues to play with your breast, you can feel your nipple rub against his calloused hands sending sparks through it to your brain.
  1234. >Celestia above you need him in you now!
  1235. >Reaching back with a shaky hand you try to calm down, but your breath is shaking and lust is on your mind as you quickly fish out his prick.
  1237. >You try to guide him into you, but can't.
  1238. >The size difference between you and Anon isn't helping you line up with him.
  1239. >You can't move either as his hand has your breast which is driving you up the wall.
  1240. >Letting out a low whine of frustration you spread your legs trying to find a better position.
  1241. >As you do the stifled sex scented air rushes out and blasts you both.
  1242. >You felt Anon's prick twitch at that and your own opening is thick, ready for a welcoming cock.
  1243. >Still you can't find the r-
  1244. >Anon shifts forward and his dick falls free right between your legs smashing against your clit.
  1245. "Ahn~!"
  1246. >Well, not as great as going inside...
  1247. >But momma didn't raise no quitter!
  1248. >You close your legs around his length and have to bite your lip again as you stifle your moaning.
  1249. >Thrusting back and forth you grind against his length feeling an electric thrill as his flare rubs your clitty.
  1250. >Anon plays his part well as he thrusts and squeezes your breast tightly in synch.
  1251. "Nnn!~"
  1252. >Anon quickly takes a breath and you freeze equal parts terrified and aroused at the sudden motion, yet your on the edge...
  1253. >It seems you are in the clear, so you move along the wonderfully thick dick pushing yourself off the cliff into ecstasy
  1255. "Mmnf!~ Ah~!"
  1256. >You shudder in place squirting your mate with your scent, marking him as yours for all other mares to see that this stud is yours, YOURS!
  1257. >Your brought to even higher heights of pleasure as you feel Anon twitch against you and a boiling liquid splashes your thighs.
  1258. >The breeding scent grows thicker as you ride the high, reaching down carefully you scoop up the seed and taste it...
  1259. >Sweet, yet with a tinge of bitterness.
  1260. >Thank you Fluttershy for recommending pineapples...
  1261. >You start to drift off to sleep rather content in the arms of your lover with his seed drying on your skin.
  1263. >Rolling your shoulders you let out a sleepy sigh and yawn as you slowly open your eyes.
  1264. >Huh, you'd have thought that without the melotinin you'd have not slept all that well...
  1265. >You feel pretty good for having slept on a couch.
  1266. >Though you don't see Sunset next to you like you had expected, though the smell of strawberries is thick around you.
  1267. >Must ha-
  1268. >"Finally your awake, sleepy head." Sunset says coming from behind the couch to wrap you in a hug.
  1269. >You faintly feel her breasts brush against the back of your head before she pulls away, "Hey I managed to cobble together something for you to eat if your up for it."
  1270. >Leaning back to look up you tilt your head all the way back until the top of your head is brushing her tummy to catch her impish smile.
  1271. "Mmm, breakfast on the couch. Sounds lovely."
  1272. >Sunset in response simply pushes your head off and makes your head bob, "Shut up alright I don't cook as half as well as you."
  1273. "It's not that hard you know."
  1274. >Sunset simply looks at you with annoyance, "Last Tuesday night when I made fiesta tacos."
  1275. >You wince as your gut suddenly rumbles from what she had put in the meat.
  1276. "Okay, so maybe you added a bit too much chili powder and jalapenos to it..."
  1277. >"Anon I thought I would need to call a doctor to get your stomach pumped it sounded so bad."
  1278. >You wave your hands at her in the universal gesture of no.
  1279. "Calm down, that's going a bit far."
  1281. >"Ugh, whatever, anyway come on before the cereal get's soggy."
  1282. >Following after your sister you soon take a seat across from her at the small round table where an orange, bowl of cereal and some milk sit ready to eat.
  1283. >Scooping up the bowel you dig in before hamming it up.
  1284. "Mhmm! Delicious!"
  1285. >In response you take a napkin to the face which you hurriedly dig out of your cereal bowl.
  1286. >"Ass." Sunset remarks with an easy going grin.
  1287. "Hey now our mother was unicorn and you know it."
  1288. >Sunset giggles before the toaster goes off making her go get it, as she stands up you see your shirt flap at the movement.
  1289. >You choke on your spoon for a moment.
  1290. >Why wasn't she wearing anything underneath there!?
  1292. >Luckily you managed to salvage your spoon from your throat as Sunset starts to butter her toast.
  1293. >It also gives you time to fix your poker face, just play it cool Anon.
  1294. >Sunset hums a little tune to herself as she butters the toast, though the way the sun rays rain down on her face through the window...
  1295. >You can't help but to stare.
  1296. >The gentle curve of her face and the way her smile just perks up your day.
  1297. >Golden yellow and strawberry red strands mixing together as she pulls it up behind an ear.
  1298. >Oh shit she's coming back, you duck your head down quickly finishing your cereal.
  1299. >"You've got another day at work don't you?"
  1300. "Mm? Oh yeah, then the day after is when I have off. Speaking of..."
  1301. >You lean back to look at the clock on the stove and grumble aloud.
  1302. "I have to go to work in a frikking hour, Celestia damn it all to Tartarus and back..."
  1303. >Fumming at the cut in time you get to have for yourself you grumpily eat your cereal.
  1305. >Suddenly a warm hug envelopes your head again startling you from your bad mood, "Hey, relax big bro, you've got this."
  1306. >Sunset nuzzles into the side of your head and murmurs, "If it weren't for you, we wouldn't be able to have a house, or food to eat or any of that stuff. So, I just wanted to say thanks for all that you do."
  1307. >Pulling away from you Sunset gives you a shy smile as her cheeks go pink.
  1308. >...
  1309. >Oddly enough the tension that had been building inside of you slowly fades away.
  1310. >It's, nice to have someone just say thanks and genuinely mean it.
  1311. >Sure you get the odd customer that says it when you fix a problem of there's but once that's done your good you never see them again.
  1312. >You return the smile and wrap an arm around Sunset bringing her into a another hug making the girl let out a startled oof of surprise.
  1313. "Thanks, that means alot Sunnybuns."
  1314. >You get a soft whack to the head as a result of that and chuckle, "You know I /hate/ that name!" Sunset grumbles from above.
  1315. "Well if you hadn't broken into the sweets cabinet when we were little and ate all our cinnamon buns, then that little nick name wouldn't have stuck around now would it?"
  1317. >In response to that you get a flick to the forehead, "Finish your breakfast you dork."
  1318. "Not a dork.~"
  1319. >Scooping another spoonful of cereal you hum happily at seeing the annoyance on your sisters face.
  1320. >Drugs, alcohol and rock n roll, nothing would compare to the joy you get from teasing your little sister.
  1321. >Finished with the bowl you start in on the orange and lean back to enjoy keeping an eye on the clock.
  1323. "So what's the plan for today then Sunnybuns?"
  1324. >A simple finger to the face is your answer as Sunset devours her own meal.
  1325. "Alright, I'll stop with the nick name for now."
  1326. >"Thank you, as for today? Nothing much really, I think Rarity was wanting to go mall shopping with me for some new fashion ideas of hers."
  1327. >The mall huh?
  1328. >Oh shit yesterday was Monday huh?
  1329. "That reminds me..."
  1330. >Standing up you head back to your bedroom and rummage around in your pants for your wallet and pull out a couple twenties.
  1331. >Coming back into the kitchen you lay the two twenties out before Sunset making her look up at you in confusion.
  1332. "It's your allowance and pay for the week remember?"
  1333. >Another dark look crosses your sisters face as she slides the bills back to you, "Anon..."
  1334. "No, no you help out tons around the house, heck knowing me I'd have a pigsty if you didn't live with me, so this is the least I can do for you."
  1335. >"If you let me get a summer job at least I c-" Sunset tries to push the money back to you.
  1336. "Nuhuh, nope. Nada, sorry sis, but it's the older siblings job to provide and protect for their siblings! Besides you need all that free time for those bonds of friendship your always been going on about right?"
  1337. >You slide the cash right back to her as you give her an understanding smile, "It'll be fine really."
  1338. >You can almost see the frustration above her head as she scowls before swiping the bills up, "Fine! Jeez Anon why are you so persistent about this?"
  1340. "Cuz I love you of course."
  1341. >Sunset freezes in place and looks at you with such fervent hope you step back in suprise.
  1342. "What?"
  1343. >"You said...you love me..."
  1344. "Well yeah of course, we'r-"
  1345. >Suddenly a freight train slams into your mind and your voice dies.
  1346. "We're family."
  1347. >Sunsets look of joy is instantly subdued at that and she slowly nods, "Right, that's what you meant."
  1348. >Fuck, how are you gonna protect that smile when you're the one that drives it away?
  1349. >Struck by indicision you watch as Sunset finishes her cereal and collects yours as well before going to wash them.
  1350. >"I guess you'll be going to work then? You've got about fifteen till."
  1351. >You wince at the cold tone she uses before letting out a soft sigh.
  1352. >The only way to protect that smile, is to bring it back.
  1353. >You step behind Sunset and wrap her in a hug.
  1354. >Celestia above she's tense as a rod.
  1355. "I'm sorry sis, I didn't mean t-"
  1356. >"Don't...just, don't try to make me feel better if you're not going to take me seriously."
  1357. >Damn...
  1358. >Instead of answering her you instead squeeze her tighter and whisper in her ear.
  1359. "I will take you seriously."
  1360. >"You sure don't act it." Sunset says still tense against you
  1361. "Just let me get used to this whole thing alright?!"
  1362. >Suddenly Sunset whirls around knocking you back a step, "What's there to get used to?! I love you Anon! Why can't you understand that?!"
  1363. "I do! I do understand it!"
  1365. >"Then show me!"
  1366. "Maybe you should try not jumping the first thirty steps in a relationship!"
  1367. >"What steps? If there were any I think we've skipped a few at this point!"
  1368. "Gee I dunno maybe like a date, not like this isn't weird enough as it is!"
  1369. >"Oh so now it's weird now!"
  1370. "Don't put words in my mouth damn it."
  1371. >"Then say your own words instead of what society says!"
  1372. "...I love you."
  1373. >"Pfft, yeah like a sister."
  1374. "Sunset..."
  1375. >Sunset looks over at the clock and quickly changes the subject, "You're going to be late for work if you don't leave soon."
  1376. "Fuck work, this is more important."
  1377. >You think you might have scored points with that as Sunset holds your gaze and you can see something like gratitude hidden in them.
  1378. "Sunset, look w-, /I/ need to ease into this alright? I can't just...I don't think I can just jump into bed with you at the drop of a hat because of something that could be a crush for all I know!"
  1379. >Sunset raises her chin in defiance at you her eyes smoldering infernos, "You really think I'd be that shallow?"
  1380. "No! Which is why I'm even considering this whole deal to begin with! You're smarter than I am and I know you go after things with obsession, I just don't..."
  1381. >You take a breath and let it out shoulders slumping down eyes on the tiles of the kitchen, "I don't want to break your heart...or mine."
  1382. >Silence is all your answer and you think you fucked up.
  1383. >Then you see bare clad feet step into view and you get ready for a slug to the face.
  1384. >"Anon..." Sunset murmurs raising your head with her fingers, "You could never break my heart."
  1386. >Leaning up to you Sunset chastely kisses you.
  1387. >It's so soft...
  1388. >Warm.
  1389. >You hold back fear gripping your heart, but just as she starts to draw away you relent, holding her close as you return the kiss on your own.
  1390. >Sunset immediately warms up to the idea as her kiss deepens her tongue seeking entrance to your mouth which you allow.
  1391. >This is your sister's tongue dueling with your own as you kiss each other...
  1392. >You both continue to kiss before you draw away for breath panting from the kiss.
  1393. >Sunset meanwhile looks eager for more her previous woes chased away at your acceptance.
  1394. >She reaches in for another kiss, but you hold her.
  1395. "Baby steps Sunny, baby steps."
  1396. >Sunset pouts at that before relaxing, "That's fine, Anon?"
  1397. "Yeah?"
  1398. >Slipping free of your hold Sunset sneaks another small kiss on you before darting away with an easy smile, "Thanks."
  1399. >Solar flares above your lips burn, and you like it.
  1400. >Looking over at the clock you see it's five past when you should have come in for work.
  1401. >"Shit!"
  1402. >Running you head out the door.
  1403. >Then come running back in as you remember that you're not dressed yet.
  1404. >One quick change of clothes and your in the truck speeding away to work.
  1406. >It's been a day since you've agreed to try this...quasi relationship with Sunset.
  1407. >Right now you're reading a small paper back of some adventure world that a young teen struggles to find their place in the world.
  1408. >Your eyes droop a bit as you relax in the lazy chair you have when you feel a soft pressure rests on your head.
  1409. >Craning you eyes up you catch the hint of red before you hear a giggle.
  1410. >Then before you can say a word soft, warm lips come down on your own.
  1411. >You suck in a breath breathing in her scent, drowning in it, loving it when she pulls away merriment glowing in her eyes.
  1412. >"Hey big brother, you ready for the movie tonight?"
  1413. "Hrm?"
  1414. >Tapping your bookmark into place you bring the spine to your chin in thoat.
  1415. "Movie...what could you be talking about I wonder..."
  1416. >"Anon." Sunset deadpans at you in annoyance.
  1417. >You merely smile at her with a shit eating grin.
  1418. "Sorry my memory is so terrible after all, care to remind me what you mean?"
  1419. >"Anon!" Sunset says pouting and bringing her hands on your head rest squeezing it in frustration, "You know that I hate it when you do that!"
  1420. "Do what?"
  1421. >"Play duumb on purpose!" Sunset says before leaning down to loom over your head, her long locks falling around you, "Can you please stop?"
  1422. >F-fuck, when did she get so cute?
  1423. >Clearing your throat you avoid her look before nodding.
  1424. "Y-yeah, sure I guess..."
  1425. >A small peck to your lips draw your attention back to Sunset as she smiles back at you, "Thanks, hey you wanna help me pick a dress for tonight?"
  1426. "We're just going out for a movie, why do we need to dress up?"
  1427. >"It's my first date with you though!"
  1428. "...Not much a date if we have all your friends along for the ride."
  1429. >Sunset gnaws on her finger in thought before mentioning, "We had planned on me trying to open you up to the idea with the movie, I mean...before all of this had happened you know?"
  1430. "Yeah I get you, but still you don't have to get all dressed up just for me, I like you the way you are."
  1431. >Sunset stares at you for a long moment her face slowly growing as red as her hair and you think you've made a tactical error before Sunset quickly flees to her room.
  1432. >Was it something you said?
  1433. >You just liked her as she is, is all...
  1434. "Sunset?"
  1435. >All you get in reply is a high pitched Eee from her room.
  1436. >You guess she's happy from it?
  1437. >Oh well, might as well finish this chapter at the very least.
  1439. >You dive beneath the ledge and hug the wall tight.
  1440. >The galloping hooves on stone echo before stopping outside your hiding spot.
  1441. >You hold your breath waiting for them to leave.
  1442. >"Anon?"
  1443. >Celestia damn it Sunset, not now!
  1444. >You turn into stone holding your breath waiting for the guard to have heard you.
  1445. >One beat then another, but then...
  1446. >The clip clop of hooves goes away letting you let out a sigh of relief.
  1447. >That quickly turns into horror as you turn to see Sunset held by some form of magical light!
  1448. >"Anon! Wake up!" Sunset shouts to you with a look of fear on her face!
  1449. >Wait, what?
  1450. >"Anon!"
  1451. >Jerking back you feel the ground beneath you give way and sudden darkness takes you.
  1452. >Opening your eyes you see enlarged print before you then sudden light as the words are yanked off your face, "Jeez Anon, why do you sleep so much?"
  1453. >Regaining your senses you turn to give Sunset a piece of your mind for being so rude to wake a person, only to stare.
  1455. >Sunset regards your look with a nervous smile, "...Come on Anon, stop staring so much, at least say something."
  1456. >You continue to drink in the sight before you, Sunset is wearing a strapless burgundy dress that is just snug enough to emphasize her modest bust and comes down to mid thigh, wrapped around her upper back however is something that adds a bit of daring is her biker jacket that squeeks as Sunset folds her arms up looking at you.
  1457. >"S-so does it look alright? Rarity had said the color was good with my hair and I know I usually don't like to dress up but,"
  1458. >You break out into a easy grin.
  1459. "You look nice, very tasteful with the jacket."
  1460. >"Now you're just making fun, it might get cold!"
  1461. "No really, it suits you."
  1462. >Sunset looks herself over and gives a little grin back, "Yeah...yeah it does, doesn't it?"
  1463. >Planting her hands on her hips, you bite your lip for some reason that you can't recall, Sunset points out towards the door, "Then let the date begin!"
  1464. "You do realize I'm still in my PJ's right?"
  1465. >That comment just earns you a pillow to the face. "Then get dressed already you sleepy head! I'll go ahead and call the girls ahead of time to meet us there."
  1467. >Driving with Sunset beside you, you turn onto the parking lot for the local theater.
  1468. "Still can't get over how realistic their films are you know?"
  1469. >"It does suck you in pretty well doesn't it?" Sunset agrees before looking around the parking lot, "The girls should be here already, they live so much closer after all."
  1470. >You glance around yourself looking for the rather unique vehicles your sister's friends like to use, a few jeeps, some Toyota trucks and even a Prius litter the parking lot, but no Chevy Cruz that you remember Pinkie? likes to drive around.
  1471. >"Lemme just..."
  1472. >Looking over to Sunset you see her already halfway out of your passenger window as she sits on the door.
  1473. "Sunset!"
  1474. >"Relax, I'll just be a second."
  1475. "Just don't fall and crack your head alright?"
  1476. >"Worry wart." Sunset replies her dress flexing against her frame as she leans up to get a better view.
  1477. >..Admittedly you can see why /alot/ of guys want your sister...
  1478. >Your thankfully brought from your less than wholesome thoughts by Sunset suddenly bouncing on the door, "OH! I see them! Girls over here!"
  1479. >You start out of your truck as you look over in the directions Sunset is looking to see a small crowd of teens brush past you to greet Sunset.
  1480. >You smile at the sight of your sister greeting the girls with hugs and excitedly talking about the movie.
  1481. >Speaking of you glance at your phone and note the time.
  1482. "Girls, we'd best get into the theater, movies' gonna start soon."
  1484. >Quickly enough the party takes off for the theater bringing you into the crowd of teens as they surround you.
  1485. >Getting the tickets was a chore due to the line for some twenty year in the making sequel to an old film apparently, but your group managed it.
  1486. >Entering the theater you soon start for a spot that's relatively big enough for everyone to sit together.
  1487. >"Ahem, Anonymous Darling, if you don't mind. Could you and Sunset sit up behind us?"
  1488. "Huh? Why?"
  1489. >The fashionista simply replies with a coy smile before answering you, "Well I had thought if we set in a cluster we'd be able to better enjoy the movie."
  1490. "What's wrong with sitting on the same row?"
  1491. >"Shucks Anon, we've got so many of us that it be better to take a couple rows fer ourselves." Applejack chimes in nodding her head to the back of the theater, "Sides I don't like havin' to crane my neck back in the front."
  1492. >"Which is why I took the liberty of having us seated like so." Rarity replies as she points Rainbow, Fluttershy and Pinkie together on one row, herself and Applejack on the row before them and then finally you, Sunset and Twilight on the top row above Pinkie's group.
  1493. "...This feels really contvuleted for a seating arrangement."
  1494. >"I don't know about you Anon, but Pinkie likes to talk in a movie alot." Rainbow says easily taking her seat with no fuss.
  1495. >"I do not!" Pinkie replies with indignation.
  1496. >"You totally do! We almost got kicked out a few weeks ago!" Rainbow shoots back before Applejack interjects, "Just whisper what ya'll wanna say for Pete's sake."
  1497. >Sunset grabs your hand leading you to the seats Rarity picked, "Let's just go with it Anon, beside's the back of theaters are always the comfiest."
  1498. "Where'd you hear that?"
  1499. >"Internet."
  1500. >You shrug at that answer, "Fair enough."
  1502. >As everyone begins to settle in for their movie viewing experience Twilight stands up from beside you, "I just remembered, need to get a drink. Anon did you want something? Sunset?"
  1503. >"A Dr. Salt would be nice."
  1504. "Crack for me."
  1505. >Twilight nods and is soon followed by Pinkie and Applejack as they too remember to get something to drink and eat.
  1506. >You watch a few trailers as you settle back in your seat enjoying the rather vivid pictures and film.
  1507. >"Oh wow, that one looks like fun." Sunset murmurs beside you as a trailer about a man coming back to the jungle after living in civilization.
  1508. "You just like the way that Tarzan guy looks."
  1509. >A faint blush is on your sister's cheeks before she swats at your shoulder, "Oh shut up, that's not the only thing you know."
  1510. "It was pretty impressive that he's going up against that ape, thing is huge."
  1511. >"Almost reminds me of a Daring Do novel actually..."
  1512. >Before you can reply you hear Twilight coming back with the girls a trio of drinks in her hands.
  1513. >Waving at Twilight you start to reach for your drink and Sunset when Twilight suddenly stumbles drinks tipping out of her hands!
  1514. >SPLASH
  1515. >Ah damn it all.
  1516. >You wince feeling the ice cold liquid soak into your lap.
  1517. >That's going to be so sticky before the night is out!
  1518. >"Anon! Oh my gosh, I'm so so sorry, here I-I got some napkins..." Twilight stammers out as she uses the complimentry napkins that go with the drinks to wipe at your pants.
  1519. >"Twilight are you alright?" Rainbow asks looking over her seat as Sunset stands up helping to collect the drinks that fell to the ground.
  1520. >"Y-yeah, sorry I just tripped..." Twilight says face red as she pats your lap down.
  1521. >You help out by picking the ice cubes off your pants.
  1522. >You start to hand off the ice cubes to Sunset when you feel a gentle grope of your dick.
  1523. >Whipping your head back to your lap you see Twilight trying to clean your pants.
  1524. >No, couldn't have been...
  1525. >You go back to drop the ice off with Sunset only to find her glaring at Twilight.
  1526. "Sunset?"
  1527. >Snapping out of her foul mood, Sunset just smiles at you, "Yeah Anon?"
  1528. "You alright?"
  1529. >"Just peachy!"
  1530. >You start to answer when your little guard jerks again at the constant pat downs and quickly stand instead.
  1531. "Hey you know what? I think the napkin's aren't working, lemme just go use the restroom right quick. Thanks for trying to help Twilight."
  1532. >"O-oh, uhm, alright, sorry again about your pants..." Twilight answers with a heavy blush holding the wet napkins in her hands.
  1533. >You make a beeline for the bathroom, hobbling from the small party downstairs as you do.
  1535. >As Anon runs for the bathroom you watch him go just out of sight of the theater before whipping around to glare at Twilight.
  1536. "What do you think you're doing?"
  1537. >Twilight who had been looking after Anon as he went suddenly jumps in place before looking away from you, "I-I don't know what you're talking about."
  1538. "Cut the shit, why were you feeling Anon up like that?"
  1539. >Fluttershy gasps at hearing this and Rainbow taps the duo in the front.
  1540. >Twilight meanwhile just stays silent for a few moments before she manages to say, "W-well h-he didn't say anything about it right? So he must have liked it!"
  1541. >This bitch.
  1542. "Twilight, he probably knew, but didn't want to call you out on it. That being said, back off he's mine. You already got shot down you know."
  1543. >Pinkie tries to calm things down, "Girls, come on let's not fight? Please?"
  1544. >Sorry Pinkie, but your not letting your mate be claimed by another.
  1545. >Challenge me for Alpha huh, Twilight?
  1546. >Not happening.
  1547. >Twilight's face hardens then as she balls her fists up, "Yeah? Well if he's yours how come you haven't even said anything to him about it? Huh?"
  1548. >Ohohoh...
  1549. >You simply lean back and smirk at Twilight.
  1550. >"Twilight Darling, yo-"
  1551. "I already have actually."
  1552. >"What?!" comes from Twilight while the rest of the girls soon bombard you with more questions
  1553. >"When was this?"
  1554. >"Did ya'll yanno?"
  1555. >"W-was he happy about it?"
  1556. >"Of course he was I bet he danced for joy at it!"
  1557. >"Darling are you sure that he was ok with it?"
  1558. >"Applejack that's gross, why'd you ask that?"
  1559. >"Ah've been havin' a dry spell alright shuddaup!"
  1560. "Girls! Girls, calm down we're taking it slow, Anon doesn't want to rush into things. Thought I wish he would, tonight was sort of a date to test the waters."
  1561. >"I'm hurt Darling, why didn't you tell us?"
  1562. "Sorry Rarity it just kinda happened..."
  1563. >Looking back at Twilight, you see her clenching her fists in anger and stares back at you bitterly.
  1564. >Applejack catches on quick as she walks up to the row and gently touch's Twilight's shoulder, "Sugarcube, ya'll need to calm down alright? Ya don't want to do something either of you regret right Sunset?"
  1565. >No fuck you, bitch wants my man.
  1566. >You grab hold of those mare instincts that tell Applejack and Twilight to jump off a cliff then throw it off the cliff instead.
  1567. >Their your friends, remember?
  1568. >Taking a deep breath you let it out and nod giving a small smile back at Twilight.
  1569. "Yeah, I'm sorry Twilight I shouldn't have been mean about it, we cool?"
  1570. >You hold out your hand to Twilight waiting for her to take it.
  1571. >Twilight stares at your hand then up at before she crosses her arms and asks in a snide tone, "What did you even do to deserve a wonderful brother like that?"
  1572. >Jerking back in surprise you hold your hand as if burned.
  1573. >"Darling! That's going to far."
  1574. >"Sugarcube, Ah know your new to the whole friendship thing, but ya gotta learn to live and let live."
  1575. >That fucking little cunt!
  1576. >You don't care she's an alternative Twilight from your realm, bitch just spat in your face, metaphorically speaking.
  1577. >You start to walk over to that thirsty bitch a lesson in respect when Rainbow is there holding you back, "Sunset, no. Don't do it, it's not worth it."
  1578. >You glare at Rainbow in response, but she holds firm against you, "Don't, loosing a friendship like this is a terrible thing, so just don't."
  1580. >"Well? I'm still waiting on answer Sunset, I mean, sure I went a bit crazy with magical power, but that was just a mistake. You intentionally went and turned into a raging demon bent on conquering your home, so why do you get the brother that wants you?!" Twilight asks anger and the faint motes of something else lingering in her eyes.
  1581. >You strain a bit more against Rainbow, yet your soccer inclined friend holds firm.
  1582. >What does she even...
  1583. >You stop trying to get past Rainbow as you look at the sticky floor of the theater deep in thought.
  1584. >What's terrible...
  1585. >What's terrible is that Twilight's right.
  1586. >And you know it.
  1587. >As you twist and turn the thought in your head you faintly Rarity and Pinkie talk with Twilight about what she'd done.
  1588. >The sound of arguing starts to climb until you look up, locking eyes with Twilight.
  1589. "You're right."
  1590. >Like that the argument dies down as you say that.
  1591. "I don't deserve a brother as amazing as Anon, I should have been alone from the start. Heck I tried to do it alone, but he caught me grabbing supplies from my room when I was getting ready to leave."
  1592. >You wrap yourself in your arms as you think back to those panicked stricken times.
  1593. "I couldn't lie all that well with most of my stuff packed up ready to go, Anon just heard what had happened at the university and had come looking for me."
  1594. >Twilight leans forward intensely listening as you continue your tale.
  1595. "I mean, what was I? Just a stupid pony who wanted more than she could have handled and what do I do? Run for it and drag my brother into my own mess. I should have just ran for the portal from the get go..."
  1596. >You take a deep breath again the pity you feel for yourself is disgusting, yet you can't find it in yourself to stop.
  1597. >Until, warm arms wrap you in a hug.
  1598. >You look up expecting maybe Rainbow or Pinkie, instead you find it's none other than Twilight hugging you!
  1599. >Seeing the question in your eyes Twilight answers shamefully, "I'm sorry Sunset, I, I know what you mean, by bringing your brother into a mess you made yourself..."
  1600. "What do you mean?"
  1601. >"Before the games, well Shining and I, I would stay inside so much that Shining had wanted to bring me out of my shell, so one night he had taken me out for a dinner, I forget what we even ate, but I had seen some kind of glow from an alley. So I went to look with Shining and it happened so fast I didn't even see it, but Shining got hurt, bad."
  1602. >Twilight looks up at you with tears in her eyes, "If I had just left things alone maybe I wouldn't have made that dumb amulet and nearly end reality..."
  1603. >Oh jeez...
  1604. >You hug Twilight in return.
  1605. "Twilight, that's...that's terrible, but heh, I guess we're both two terrible sisters then to our brothers?"
  1606. >Twilight lets out an undignified laugh of misery at that.
  1607. >Meanwhile the rest of the girls offer their own form of comfort.
  1609. >Despite the rather rough night, you think you've grown a deeper bond of friendship with Twilight...
  1610. >Though through out the whole spat, you're starting to wonder where Anon is at.
  1611. "Hey how long has Anon been gone? The movie's about to start..."
  1612. >You debate on going to check on Anon, but that would be a bit weird to be standing outside the bathroom waiting for him.
  1614. >Finally after fifteen paper towels and extensive use of the hand dryer, you're pants are finally dry!
  1615. >Though somewhat still sticky you can bear with it.
  1616. >Tossing the last paper towel away you head out the bathroom and start to make your way for the theater.
  1617. >Along the way you notice a large group of girls walk in talking amongst themselves.
  1618. >You simply pass them by intent on making your way for the movie when you hear, "Hey you!"
  1619. >Turning to look at the call you find a pink girl with green streaks in her blond hair that reminds you of Pinkie for some reason, "Oh you heard me!"
  1620. "You were talking to me right?"
  1621. >Hearing a few giggles from behind her you look to see her friends watching your interaction with an intense look.
  1622. >The girl also heard them and you can see a faint blush on her cheeks, "Y-yeah, of course, uh, hey so I was wondering, where you interested in doing something later tonight?~"
  1623. >...Is she coming onto you?
  1624. >Looking over at her friends again then at the still blushing girl you step a bit closer to her.
  1625. >Hearing the excited whispers coming from her friends start anew you lean down and whisper to her.
  1626. "Are you asking me because of your friends over there by chance?"
  1627. >The girl jumps as if zapped and looks up at you with wide eyes, "N-no! Of course not, that would be silly for me to do a dare like that!"
  1628. >Suddenly she clasps her mouth shut with a muffled eep.
  1629. >Cute.
  1630. >Coming closer still you whisper with a smile.
  1631. "Listen, I don't want to break your street cred with your friends, but I'm...seeing someone."
  1632. >Seeing the hurt look in her eyes you gently pat her shoulder.
  1633. "But, if I give you my number and you give me yours, you can show them up a bit. What do ya say?"
  1634. >The suggestive tone and confidence from before starts to make a comeback as she whispers back, "Can I sneak a kiss at least?~"
  1635. >In answer you kiss her yourself on the cheek.
  1636. >Beet red the pink girl hastily writes her number down on your hand and you do the same for her.
  1637. >Soon enough you send her on her way watching with a cocky wave to the group as the swarm around the pink girl.
  1638. >Huh, you never got her name...
  1640. >Heading back into the theater you soon take a seat next to Sunset who looks over at you in surprise, "Anon, what took you so long bro? I thought I was going to need to drag you out of there."
  1641. "Eh something came up, meet a friend. I think?"
  1642. >"Oh?"
  1643. "Yeah some pink girl her f- what is that?!"
  1644. >Pointing at the screen you watch as some old man is held aloft by a whirl wind of tentacles and speaks in a strained tone.
  1645. >"Something about aliens not having vocal cords so they need someone to be a mouth piece, but tell me more ab-"
  1646. >"Sunset, can you be quiet it's hard to hear." Twilight asks beside you.
  1647. >"Oh sorry."
  1648. >You just watch entranced at how life like the alien is as it uses the president as some meat puppet for it's demands and taunts.
  1649. >Though what brings you out of your trance is the warm feeling enveloping your hand.
  1650. >Looking over you smile as Sunset holds your hand playing with your knuckles as she does so.
  1651. >Leaning back you bump shoulders with her catching her eye.
  1652. >Smiling back at you Sunset slides more of herself over to rest against you.
  1653. >Applejack was right, the back of the theater is rather cozy...
  1654. >Despite the amazing sight before you and the feeling of happiness coming from Sunset you feel your eyes start to droop down.
  1655. >Even in the octane fueled fire fight against the alien threat can't keep you awake you nod off...
  1657. >Slamming the door shut you lean against it watching as Sunset gallops ahead in the vault.
  1658. "Sunset!"
  1659. >Hearing the muffled sounds of bodies hitting the door you shove it back magic lighting up as you scramble to slid the bolt home.
  1660. >A few more seconds of struggle and the door is locked.
  1661. >You can hear the muffled thudding of the vault's door as magic is thrown at the sturdy piece of wood rattling the gateway.
  1662. "Sunset!"
  1663. >"Over here!"
  1664. >Following the sound of your sister you navigate through the cloistered amount of artifacts each one worth a family fortune and even more.
  1665. "Damn it Sunset where?!"
  1666. >You continue to look only to crash into a small body sending you both to the ground.
  1667. >Grunting you get up and help your sister up as well.
  1668. "Sunset, why did we even come here it's a dead end now with the guard outside the door."
  1669. >Sunset looks up at you with a steely determined glint in her eye, "Not quite big brother, in here is a portal to a different world!"
  1670. "Different world? Sunset are you sure about that?"
  1671. >"Positive, Celestia had shown it to me a time or two when we were having lessons, who would have thought my old teacher would provide our escape?"
  1672. "Heh, yeah, but question is, where is it?"
  1673. >Sunset starts to answer when the doors to the vault suddenly grind open.
  1674. >"Sunset Shimmer, Anonymous Incognito I know you're in here."
  1675. >Oh sweet solar flames...
  1676. >Princess Celestia herself?!
  1677. >"Please come out my little ponies, I know you feel slighted, but taking power for power's sake is not the way."
  1678. "Sunset, find the portal, now."
  1679. >You start to head towards the voice only for Sunset to grab you, "What are you doing?!"
  1680. "Doing what I do best, stalling."
  1681. >"What?! No you idiot, you can't just..."
  1682. >Hugging your sister close you nuzzle her cheek.
  1683. "Listen, I'm not going to go hoof to hoof with her, just talk to her. You need to hurry I bet she has the guard already scouring the place now."
  1684. >Sunset's worried look and frantic eyes hold your own gaze before she sighs and nuzzles you back
  1685. >"...Fine, but you better not leave me big brother! You got that?"
  1686. >Kissing Sunset on the forehead you nod to her before trotting towards the sound of Celestia calling out.
  1688. >Rounding the corner of artifacts you see her, the monarch of the sun and the Equestrian Empire itself, Princess Celestia.
  1689. "Your highness."
  1690. >You bow low to the monarch before standing once more, it looks like her guard are just behind the door waiting on something...
  1691. >"Anonymous." Celestia bows her head to you in greeting, "I hope that you've come to your senses now."
  1692. "I'd just want to talk, understand why."
  1693. >"Your sister, she is...talented yes, but she pursues those talents for the wrong reasons." The princess says trotting a bit closer to you.
  1694. >You take a step back in return and hold her gaze.
  1695. >"My apologies, do you not trust me my little pony?"
  1696. "I'd rather not be taken unaware, what makes you say her reasons are wrong?"
  1697. >"Power for the sake of power is not the way I rule, nor would I allow for others under my rule to use this method to protect our kingdom."
  1698. "Yet without power, how is one supposed to defend against that which threatens our own?"
  1699. >Celestia makes a small nod, "You do need power yes, but sometimes a little finesse and the thought of fighting for /others/ rather than /yourself/ can make all the difference."
  1700. >Come on Sunset hurry up...
  1701. "That maybe true, but from what Sunset had told m-"
  1702. >"She told you something along the lines of I was going to choose her as a protector of Equestria yes?"
  1703. >Shocked somewhat you can only nod at the Princess.
  1704. >"Yes, I was afraid of that." Celestia says with a small frown, "You see Anonymous, I had many different plans that involved your sister, being a protector of the realm was one, so was having her become the headmaster of the gifted school for unicorns as well."
  1705. "Prestigious positions either way, why didn't you trust her with it?"
  1706. >"Simply put, your sister is too much of a hot head."
  1707. "Hey, that's my sister your talking about."
  1708. >"I know, I felt she had to slowly adjust to her studies and truly understand what it meant to weild the power she has."
  1709. >Celestia bows her head closing her eyes in thought.
  1710. >The moment she does you feel your scarf buzz, Sunset must have found the portal!
  1711. "You should have let her at least try." You argue back mentally trying to figure out how to get to Sunset.
  1712. >"And put the kingdom at risk if my student had gone rouge? Like she has right now?"
  1713. "You're just afraid she'll do a better job that you'd like! Even then she hasn't done anything wrong!"
  1714. >"Yet she has learned dark magic behind my back, plundered the tomes of the Starswirl the Bearded section and is now trying to escape from Royal Authority." Celestia counters cooly as she takes a step closer to you now.
  1715. "She'd need to learn it to beat dark magic, you wouldn't let her check out those books and you're trying to imprision her for not following your little path!" You snap back horn glowing with anger readying a spell.
  1716. >"Princess!" Some of the gaurds call out starting to file into the vault.
  1717. >"Steady my guards, I shall handle this." Celestia says holding up a wing, turning to you the alicorn holds a sorrowful look to her face, "Do you truly believe that I would do that? Is this the path you wish to hold yourself to?"
  1718. "In the words of my house, Family, Duty, Honor."
  1719. >You respond before sending out your spell!
  1721. >You jerk awake to the feel of Sunset's hands on your shoulder, "Anon?"
  1722. >Looking around wildly you see yourself in a movie theater, the girls are surrounding you looking concerned and you can hear music playing of some movie...
  1723. >...right the movie, you went to the movies and must have fallen asleep?
  1724. "Ahem, uh yeah, sorry Sunny...Did I fall asleep again?"
  1725. >"Actually Darling you had um..."
  1726. >Pinkie interjects, "You started glowing all green and golden like!"
  1727. >What.
  1728. >"We didn't know what was happening so we had to cover you up before anyone noticed." Twilight adds, looking at yourself you find that you're covered in spare jackets and even a scarf.
  1729. >Pulling a few of the loose clothes off you find yourself looking at normal pale green skin.
  1730. "You sure I was?"
  1731. >"Anon, you were." Sunset says with conviction.
  1732. >Letting your head back you let out a groan.
  1733. "Great, now I get to worry about turning into a sparkler, lovely."
  1734. >"Ya'll don't think he's able to pony up do ya?"
  1735. >"Dude that would be awesome if he could!"
  1736. >"Well he is from Equestria so that might be it." Twilight adds in on the conversation around you.
  1737. "Look, uh sorry about falling asleep on you guys, guess I was more tired than I expected."
  1738. >"H-have you b-been using the melotonin like I s-suggested?" Fluttershy asks
  1739. "Yeah actually, been feeling great afterwards usually a bit drowsy, but the good kind you know?"
  1740. >"He's been able to get at least eight hours if not more from the pills." Sunset offers as well.
  1741. >"Maybe Anonymous is simply suffering from narcolepsy, has this happened before back home?" Rarity adds to the brain storm.
  1742. "Not that I've noticed no, look so I sleep a bit more, so what?"
  1743. >"Anon you started to use magic in your sleep, what if you used some of the combat spells we knew from back home?" Sunset asks worry infecting her tone.
  1744. >"I could fashion a device that could help reduce any magical disturbances, or at least absorb it for a while." Twilight offers up.
  1745. >"Eh no offense Sugarcube, but the last time your doohicky had drained us we felt exhausted, I don't reckon Anon'll be able to do much of anything if he uses it."
  1746. "Yeah, let's not do that. Look it'll be fine, might have something to do with what I was dreaming anyway."
  1747. >"Which was what?" Rainbow asks leaning over her seat to get comfortable
  1748. "It was when Sunset and I were escaping from Equestria to begin with..."
  1749. >All eyes go to Sunset, wide eyed the girl looks at you, "You mean when you?"
  1750. "Yeah, still can't believe a flash spell even worked."
  1751. >"Care to fill the rest of us in Darling?"
  1752. "It's a bit funny, but Princess Celestia is in control of the sun and light itself right? Well I had used a flash spell to blind her before sprinting to the portal. I didn't expect her to actually be blinded by it since she could control light."
  1753. >Sunset gives a giggle at the memory, "It was pretty funny when we managed to get through the portal at least."
  1754. >"Huh, so it's like when a video game boss get's whooped by his own weapon huh?" Rainbow asks aloud in thought before grinning, "I like it, good job on that at least."
  1755. "Thanks, hey since the movie is over think we should all head out? I dunno about you all, but I'm kinda starving now."
  1756. >As if to punctuate that statement your stomach growls rather loudly.
  1757. >Snickering erupts around you as the girls try to hide their smiles.
  1758. >"Anon's right," Sunset says standing up from her seat holding a hand out to you, "Let's go eat!"
  1759. >Taking the hand up you hear the girls cheer at that before they soon discuss where to eat.
  1761. >Walking with Sunset to your truck you look down at Sunset's hand.
  1762. >Well, you were kinda a jerk for sleeping through the movie, but you did get to enjoy some cuddling as the movie played...
  1763. >Sunset also managed to keep her libido in check as well...
  1764. >Decision made you reach out with your hand and hold Sunset's.
  1765. >Sunset looks from the truck to you with a bit of shock to her face, before she soon beams at you in return intertwining her fingers with yours.
  1766. "Ahem, so uh, where we going to eat?"
  1767. >"We all decided on Applebee's." Sunset says as she walks closer to you cuddling into your side her hand tightly clasp to hers.
  1768. >You adjust your pace to match Sunset's as her warm frame burrows into your side keeping the chill at bay.
  1769. "Neat, anything in mind?"
  1770. >"Was thinking of a cream pie for desert, I know that much."
  1771. >You look down at her to see the little smirk of self satisfaction.
  1772. "Proud of yourself for that one?"
  1773. >"Yes, yes I am in fact."
  1774. >Snickering you escort your sister to the truck and open the door for her.
  1775. >Sunset simply kisses your cheek making you flush before she hops in.
  1776. >You follow suit shortly after and drive the truck following the girls towards the local Applebees.
  1778. >Arriving at Applebee's you managed to just get in before the dinnner rush so there was room for your rather large party.
  1779. >Following after the waitress with Sunset holding your arm in a comfortable embrace you're soon lead to a booth with a few tables nearby.
  1780. >"This should set you up." The waitress says with a smile at you both.
  1781. >"Dibs!" Rainbow cries as she hops into the booth seat next to the window.
  1782. >"Scuze me sugarcube..." Applejack says quick enough as she follows suit.
  1783. >You try to take a seat as well only for Pinkie to some how teleport where you were going to sit, "Anon! Don't be silly you need to sit with Sunset!"
  1784. >You look up from Pinkie to see that Twilight, Fluttershy and Rarity had already taken up the other side of the booth as well.
  1785. >Standing upright you spare a glance at Sunset who shrugs her shoulders in a 'what-can-you-do'
  1786. >Deciding you might as well be the gentleman here you go ahead and pull out the chair for Sunset at the table near the girls.
  1787. >Hearing the soft squee of delight at the action you simply roll your eyes.
  1788. >Damn fashion girls and their bad romance plots...
  1789. >"Thanks Anon, sorry about the girls..."
  1790. "It's fine, so what you thinking for dinner?"
  1791. >"Hmm, I could go for a salad with that summer berry mix that they have I've heard some really good things from it."
  1792. "Oh that sounds good, wonder if they have corn on the cob could go for a couple of those..."
  1793. >Before you can continue to speculate about the potential dinner options the waitress is back, "Hello all, I'm Kathy and I'll be your server, here's your menus and can I get your drinks?"
  1795. >You quickly order your drinks before popping open the menu browsing around through the options.
  1796. >You and Sunset both take out your phones and lay them on the table while you look at your menus.
  1797. >Humming to yourself you flick a page only to start in place as something soft brushes against your leg!
  1798. >Moving your leg against the soft touch you can feel, is that Sunset's foot?
  1799. >Peeking above your menu, you see Sunset already staring at you intently, "Something wrong Anon?"
  1800. "I tho-"
  1801. >A brief brush against your thigh makes your jaw snap shut as you wiggle from the soft panty clad touch.
  1802. >"I said was something wrong Anon?" Sunset asks mischief sparkling in her eyes.
  1803. "Nn-no..."
  1804. >"Well I was thinking something along this salmon that they had offered up, it's coated in lemon juice before being seared just right for it to be nice and /juicy/."
  1805. >At the word juicy Sunset's foot slides deeper to your crotch gently brushing against you dick.
  1806. >Biting your lip you spare a look over to her friends who are all happily chatting away un aware of your predicament.
  1807. >A light bob of her foot draws your attention back, "So what do you think? Something juicy or maybe you'd like something /plump/?"
  1808. "S-Sunset please."
  1809. >Sunset merely tilts her head at you while you can feel her foot draw up and down tracing the outline of your dick through the cloth pants you wear.
  1810. >"Mm? Well come on Anon, I'd like to know what you'd like to eat out for tonight is all~"
  1811. >You have got to be kidding me.
  1812. "Y-you're the one eating, why you asking mE!"
  1813. >You can feel her toes spread around the crown of your dick making you hold onto the menue with a death grip.
  1814. >Ffff
  1815. >"But i might want to share with you after all."
  1816. "Uh...uh...something plump would be nice."
  1817. >"I thought so, in that case I'll have the berry salad, thanks for the help Anon!~"
  1818. >If you so happy then stop with the teasing!
  1819. >Despite this Sunset has the gal to lean back to stretch, thrusting her chest out as her back lets out a small pop.
  1820. >Despite the long stretch the girl's foot continues to ideally pump at your crotch relentlessly!
  1821. "Nnf...Sunset..."
  1822. >You can feel your little guard getting ready to pop when suddenly the delectably soft and smooth sole disappears.
  1823. >"Hey guys, are we ready to order now?"
  1824. >S-saved by the waitress?
  1825. >"I'll have the summer salad with the raspberries and strawberry mix please." Sunset primly says beaming at the waitress as she writes it down right quick on her notepad.
  1826. >"Excellent choice, and you sir?"
  1827. "Uh, um, I'll take the Alfredo..."
  1828. >"Very nice sir, was there anything else?"
  1829. >"No, that'll be all, thank you ma'am."
  1830. >Well that came out a bit ominous...
  1831. >As if sensing the need to leave the waitress quickly moves off to the other girls to take their orders.
  1833. >Squirming in place you try to calm down a bit.
  1834. >"Ah come on now Anon, don't be like that."
  1835. "You're not the one whose going to make mess if they pop either..."
  1836. >"Psh, you haven't seen my-"
  1837. "Inappropriate!"
  1838. >Sunset merely sticks her tongue at you before breaking out into light giggles, you can't help yourself from joining her in laughter a moment later.
  1839. >"O-oh Celestia above you sounded just like father!"
  1840. "How dare you, I will have you know that I sound nothing like the sort!" You say thrusting your nose into the air.
  1841. >"Snrk, Anon please."
  1842. "No idea what you could be talking about dear Sunset! After all the nobles of Canterlot are of the most sophistacted of Canterlot, the Elite of the elite!"
  1843. >Sunset continues to giggle at your antics when she notices your phone light up.
  1844. >You reach for it wondering who it could be, "I don't recognize the number Anon, friend from work?" Sunset asks watching as you stare at the phone in thought.
  1845. "Eh, I don't really recognize it...lemme see who it is..."
  1846. >Swiping the phone lock off you start to talk when you hear sobbing on the other end.
  1847. >"H-Hey, um, I-it's me Zest, I mean Lemon Zest. You m-might not have remember me, b-but um, my friends just ditched me at the movie theater, I was the girl you talked to at the movie theater, we exchanged phone numbers r-remember?"
  1848. "Uh, yeah, I do, do you need some help?"
  1849. >"Y-yes, please they just ditched me and I-I told my parents that I was g-gonna be at a friends house studying, not going to the movies and I c-can't call them to p-pick me up! I'll get in so much t-trouble if I don't get home in the morning and I l-live an hour by c-car from here!"
  1850. >You mentally sigh to yourself, great...
  1851. "Alright, hang on. I'll be there soon alright?"
  1852. >Hearing the sniffle from the other end Zest quietly answers, "O-okay."
  1853. >Hanging up the phone you can already tell Sunset isn't happy, "So what, you're gonna ditch now?"
  1854. "Yeah, friend of mine seems to have gotten left behind by their friends at the theater. They don't have a ride and need some one to drive them back."
  1855. >"Can't they take a cab or something?"
  1856. >Shaking your head you pocket your phone with regret.
  1857. "No, they live out of town apparently, don't ask me why they decided it be a good idea to come to town for a movie."
  1858. >Sunset reaches over and holds your hand as her eyes shimmer up at you, "Do you really have to go?"
  1859. >Would it be so bad?
  1860. >You don't really owe that Zest girl much of anything really...
  1861. >Though remembering how much she was crying as you talked with her...
  1862. >Celestia damn it all, why do you gotta be a white knight?
  1863. "Yeah, I do, I'm sorry Sunny."
  1864. >Sighing Sunset looks at the table in frustration and not a little bit of hurt.
  1865. >Feeling like a tool you bend down and kiss Sunset on her cheek.
  1866. >At the sudden contact you see your sister blush wildly and hold her cheek as her eyes snap back to you.
  1867. "Thanks for being understanding Sunset, I'm sorry."
  1868. >"U-uh, uhm, s-sure..."
  1869. >You start to leave when you feel a tug on your arm.
  1870. >Sunset is still looking at your arm with an intensity behind her gaze before wrenching her eyes to stare into yours, "B-but can I get one more?" Sunset brings a finger up to her plump cherry lips as her finger slowly rides against it, "Here?"
  1871. >The things we do for family...
  1872. >In answer you step closer and bend down slowly, your breath mixing with Sunset's as you get closer to one another...
  1873. >"Holy smokes, Ah can't believe this is happenin'."
  1874. >"Darling, Shut. Up."
  1875. >"What I can't see what'- Yeouch!"
  1876. >You barely pay attention to the peanut gallery as you tilt your head just a bit and you seal the deal with a kiss.
  1877. >For a few moments you'd think that Sunset was just wanting a peck on the lips and you could go, so you start to pull away when your sister suddenly wraps her arms around your head and holds you fast.
  1878. >In return you spread your lips and lick against her own tasting them, huh strawberry, who would have thought?
  1879. >You don't have long to wonder as Sunset's own slimmer and agile tongue comes forth to wrap around your own.
  1880. >Back and forth the battle wages as you each attempt to dominate the other.
  1881. >"Dear heavens, I hadn't thought Sunset had it in her..."
  1882. >"Man they are really going at it..."
  1883. >"Oh, that reminds me of better times..."
  1884. >It's only when you start to run out of breath do you pull away breathing heavily as Sunset leans back in her chair with a small dribble of drool on her cheek.
  1885. >Looking quite content with herself Sunset waves airily at you, "Make sure to come back Anon, that, I want more of that..."
  1886. >Your lips burn and your cheeks doubly more so, yet you nod with an eager grin.
  1887. "Fair enough, here's the card to pay for the meal, don't be crazy with it yeah?"
  1888. >"Only if you want me to be crazy." Sunset replies her eyes lidded with a playful smile.
  1889. >Swallowing reflexively you crack a shy grin at that and then start to leave passing by a rather intense stare down from the other girls whose eyes follow you till your out of sight.
  1890. >As soon as you are gone they quickly surround Sunset chattering away.
  1891. >Sunset meanwhile merely rubs her lips remembering the sensation a whole world away from her friends.
  1893. >Slamming the door shut you sigh looking around the movie theater in the muggy heat of the evening.
  1894. >You could be having fun with Sunset and enjoying some nice food.
  1895. >Instead you're just sweating your ass off in the middle of the night as you trudge to the front of the theater looking around for that distinctive green and yellow hair.
  1896. >Where in the hell is this girl at?
  1897. >You're just shy of saying fuck it and go back to the restaurant when you hear a shrill yelp near the alley way by the movie theater.
  1898. >If you still had your old ears they'd be pricked up in interest now as you jog over to the alleyway.
  1899. >Just as you reach the entrance to the alleyway you can see pale pink legs fruitlessly kick around the corner!
  1900. >Son of a Yakinstanian whore!
  1901. >With no time to call the guard you take off down the alley way and take the tight turn into the narrow alcove.
  1902. >What you find disgusts you, three punks wearing black leather jackets and far too many piercings surround Zest while she keeps kicking against the bigger one.
  1903. >Upon seeing you Zest perks up in shock and surprise going slack against the larger thug making him grunt in surprise
  1904. >At hearing your rapid approach the other two turn to you with smarmy grins, "Hey no guv, ain't nothin to see here, why don't cha get a move on?" The one with a mohawk says fingering something at his hip.
  1905. >It's too dark to see if it's a gun or a knife, but you can't just bail on Zest.
  1906. >"Cor Ted, can't we let the fella join in? Be less of a hassle that way ain't it?" Asks the one who looks like he has more chrome than teeth.
  1907. >"Shut up Gin, I'm already pissed ya scared off the babes with your act earlier."
  1908. >Looking over the dank alleyway for something you use while the two argue, you notice a broken mop nearby in the garbage dump.
  1909. >Meanwhile the one holding Zest simply says, "If you two don't get rid of him, I'll just start by myself." Roughly he squeezes Zest's chest making the girl squeal in fear.
  1910. >Shit.
  1911. >"Fine, I'- holy shit!" Shouts the mohawked thug as you narrowly miss him with the mop handle, "You little shit! C'mere so I can gut you!"
  1912. >Could have made this easier if you had just landed that hit...
  1913. >Keeping both of them in sight you hold the shaft steady in your hands, just pretend it's a spear, can't be much different...
  1914. >Gin simply slips his hands into his pockets and you tense ready for the sign of a gun.
  1915. >You slowly relax as instead Gin slides on a pair of brass knuckles, good you'd rather fight them without needing to get shot.
  1917. >Crap!
  1918. >You narrowly avoid being swiped at by the knife Ted had pulled as he cackles, "Should have just minded you own business kid!"
  1919. "Fuck you, I'm your age at least."
  1920. >"Oh look at the baby, think's he's a big boy now." Gin taunts you as he cracks his knuckles together sending sparks flying.
  1921. >In response you send a swing at Gin making him duck and you reverse the sweep into quick downward strike cracking Gin in the head.
  1922. >"Gah!"
  1923. >"C'mere!" As soon as you overextended to attack his friend Ted had charged into you shoulder checking you into the wall.
  1924. >You grunt, but keep a hold of your make shift staff and slide down the wall before a burning spike in your chest hits you.
  1925. >Celestia damn it, it buuuurns!
  1926. >Hissing you bring you knee up once, twice, three times before Ted lets out a whine falling away.
  1927. >Adrenaline pumping you lose your focus as you shove Ted away and use your good arm to rain down a series of blows on the stunned thug.
  1928. >You start to see some blood on the wooden shaft before a blaring alarm of pain takes you from the side and you're knocked down.
  1929. >Your staff goes clattering away from you as you land on your back.
  1930. >Straddling you is that ass Gin and he starts to rain blows on your head.
  1931. >You shield as much as you can, but the metal encasing his fists is just too much for your arms to handle.
  1932. >Gritting your teeth you jerk out your hand in a wild swing cocking Gin in the side of the head.
  1933. >If anything that just angers him as now the blows rain down on your face with a fury.
  1934. >More blows start to break through until you've had enough and thrust your hips up against the prick!
  1935. >With a startled oath Gin falls to the side and you roll atop of him fully intent on returning the favor.
  1937. >Schnick!
  1938. >You stiffen in pain as you feel a skinny hand grab your shoulder, slowly twisting the knife in your back, "Thought you were a c-cheeky cunt, kneein' my nuts like that, eh? Well how bout this for fair play!"
  1939. "F-fuck you."
  1940. >You're thrown backwards at that little comment onto your back and can feel blood start to flow out from your deep stab wound.
  1941. >Unfortunatly you fall back just far enough to see Zest's wide crying eyes of shock and fear at your state.
  1942. >Weakly you start to struggle back up only for a heavy boot to crash into your face.
  1943. >"Just fuckin' stay down you cunt!" Gin, or was it Ted says/
  1944. >Still you struggle to rise, just to spite him if nothing else when another boot lands on you.
  1945. >Then another.
  1946. >Soon enough it's nothing but more boots and kicks as they rain down on you.
  1947. >It's getting hard to see with how bruised your getting.
  1948. >You tried to grab onto one of them to trip them, anything to get an advantage and at least let Zest get free.
  1949. >Instead you just got a kick to the head, you nearly blacked out from that one.
  1950. >Despite that you endure even as you fell something crack inside of you.
  1951. >Eventually the duo tire of kicking you and pant before laughing at each other, "Ha, fuck this little shit's tough, hey Gin, let's make the little hero watch."
  1952. >"Dude that's a little gay."
  1953. >"Pfft say's you, I wanna see him crumble after being such a little nuisance."
  1954. >"Whatever, yo Just, rip her clothes off will ya?"
  1955. >You can barely make out anybody with how bruised your face is, but that's quickly remedied by Ted? lifting your head up.
  1956. >"Ello guv, just wanted to let you have front row seats as we fuck your girl. Up ya get."
  1957. >Despite his skinny frame Ted manages to leverage you up against the wall and cackles at hearing Zest scream as Gin and Just tear at her blouse.
  1958. >No...
  1959. >Though her blouse is ripped, her modesty is protected barely by her bra.
  1960. >"Can't have that now Gin, rip it off!"
  1961. >You start to stand again, but feel a blade at your neck stopping you cold, "Where you think you're goin, eh?"
  1962. >You can't let them do this!
  1963. >Come on think!
  1964. >Just holds Zest down chuckling darkly to himself as Gin starts to unbuckle his pants.
  1965. >You can feel your teeth grinding down to the gums as you strive to come up with a better plan than just watch.
  1966. >Seering the leering looks on the thugs infuriates you, the tear stricken face of Zest breaks your heart even as she looks to you for help and finding none.
  1967. >Rage burns through you and you can feel the faintest feeling of something, just at the edge of your mind...
  1968. >They tear away her skirt leaving her with just her bra and panties exposed.
  1969. >A faint green and gold sparkle springs to life around your body...
  1970. >Gin leers slowly pulling the panties down despite Zest's vigourous attempts at kicking.
  1971. >You snap.
  1973. >Simply not caring anymore you rip your arms upwards catching Ted by surprise!
  1974. >There is the faintest feeling of something scratching your neck, but you pay that no mind.
  1975. >Nostrils flaring as the blood pounds through your frame you let out a roar as you pump your legs and shove /hard/ into the wall with Ted.
  1976. >You thought you felt something give, but you pay it no mind as you can feel steam pour off you small sparkled of green and gold interspersed through the steam.
  1977. >Teeth clenched hard you shakily exhale at the two encroaching males on your territory.
  1978. >They look fit to piss themselves, good. They should be afraid.
  1979. >Bellowing out a wordless sound of challenge you sprint towards Gin who scrambles to get up.
  1980. >You clothes line him just as he managed to stand making him flip from the force.
  1981. >Before he can land on Zest you grab him by the back of his jacket and throw him into the wall.
  1982. >You ideally note a crunch as you do so, but your eyes are simply left on the last male that dared step in your territory.
  1983. >He takes a step back and you notice a small puddle at his feet.
  1984. >You bear your teeth and snort, steam flaring out.
  1985. >That spooks him as he tries to run, but you're not having it.
  1986. >Running in another sprint you jump up and kick.
  1987. >Nailing him in the back you follow him down body surfing his face into the pavement as he slides for a foot.
  1988. >Kicking over the fat lard you see him crying for his mother, a snarl crosses your face.
  1989. "You dare?"
  1990. >Slamming a foot down on his back you pick up his arm that flops bonelessly.
  1991. "After what you just did? You /dare/ beg for your mother to save you!?"
  1992. >You start to pull on his arm feeling the muscle strain against you to hold it tight.
  1993. >"S-stop man! I'll go clean! I-I, It's hurts! STOP IT!"
  1994. "No, you get to suffer for it!"
  1995. >Bringing your foot up to finish this snake in the grass you bring it down intent on his head.
  1996. >"STOP!"
  1997. >Freezing an inch away, you look over to the voice.
  1998. >Zest is sitting up clutching her blouse together shivering as she looks at you with fear, "P-please don't k-kill him..."
  1999. "...Why? This...this scum, after what he nearly did to you?!"
  2000. >"I-it doesn't mean he has t-to die! J-just call the police, l-let them deal w-with it." Zest says before pointing behind her, "You already, s-stopped the other two!"
  2001. >Panting heavily as your body seems to get heavier you look over to what she means.
  2002. >You just shov-
  2003. >Was there human sized hole in the wall before?
  2004. >Or the rather large dent in the garbage bin?
  2005. >W-was that you?!
  2006. >Swallowing heavily you look down at your hoof, no foot. It's a foot not a hoof.
  2007. >You then look at Just, seeing him blubbering not to die.
  2008. >Ashen faced you set your foot down and slowly walk to Zest.
  2009. >You can make out a look of surprise and relief on Zest's face as you do.
  2010. >Walking to Zest you take off your suit over coat and drape it around her shoulders.
  2011. "Here..."
  2012. >Man it's hard to swallow for some reason.
  2013. >"H-hey you're bleeding..."
  2014. "N-no really, I hadn't noticed...my trucks up ahead..."
  2015. >Shakily you help Zest up and notice the glow of magic fades away from your.
  2016. >You feel so tired...
  2017. >"S-stay awake, you can't fall asleep."
  2018. "Mm, yeah...u-sue phone, c-call 'ister..."
  2019. >"Stay awake t-till we get to the truck at least..."
  2020. "...Kay..."
  2021. >You barely remember pulling your keys out and unlocking the door.
  2022. >You do remember however falling into your seat and the engine starting.
  2023. >What you don't remember is driving however.
  2024. >There was something about Sunset needing to talk with you.
  2025. >"Anon! Anon talk to me what happened?!"
  2026. "S'okay...just, sleepy now..."
  2027. >"Anon don't fall asleep!"
  2029. >Softness is the first thing to register to you.
  2030. >The sound a fan blowing nearby is the second.
  2031. >Then the sound of soft crying is the third.
  2032. >The last one draws you from your slumber and you crack an eye open.
  2033. >There's a blurry form of a familiar mash of red and yellow.
  2034. "Sunset?"
  2035. >A small gasp and the red yellow blurs looms into view.
  2036. >"Anon!? You're awake?"
  2037. "No, I'm just... sleep talking."
  2038. >Coughing you start to ask for water before a cool glass is already before you.
  2039. >You try to reach for it, but are so tired you merely flop your arm instead.
  2040. >The glass is brought close to you as Sunset cradles your head to help you drink.
  2041. >Yet just as that cool refreshing nectar was about to get into you, Sunset holds it away, "Anon, what you did was stupid, brave, foolhardy and just you, but stupid."
  2042. >Whining under your breath you try to reach for the water while pleading with Sunset.
  2043. >It's useless as she looks down on you with a mix of worry and justified anger, "Anon you almost died from that fight, you need to promise me, promise me you won't go looking for trouble like that again."
  2044. >Feeling how serious this was to her you look her in the eye and slowly nod.
  2045. >That's when Sunset lets you drink and dear sun kissed buns of Celestia's butt did water never feel so good.
  2046. >You drink deeply before you struggle to swallow and cough.
  2047. >Sunset draws away the glass, "Shoot, I'm sorry Anon, your throat. It got cut up during the fight."
  2048. "H-how bad?"
  2049. >"If it wasn't for your magic, I think you would have died Anon..."
  2050. >Sunset squeezes you tightly to her chest careful of your bruises.
  2053. >Hugging Sunset weakly you grunt in discomfort as your chest twinges.
  2054. “Can I at least see?”
  2055. >nodding with your head to your covers Sunset nibbles at her lips in worry, “It’s pretty nasty Anon…”
  2056. “Just let me see Sunset.”
  2057. >nodding once the girl peels back your covers to reveal a swath of bandages wrapped around your chest.
  2058. >Small portions of it are dotted with dried blood, yet the bandages are still firm around your chest.
  2059. >Letting out a breath you didn’t realize you were holding you look over at Sunset and grin.
  2060. “Hey, chicks dig scars right? Think I’ll get some nice ones at least?”
  2061. >That little comment just earns you a small whap to the head, “Dork.” Sunset murmurs softly coming back to sit beside you.
  2062. >Looking over at the plethora of medical equipment around you, you let out a sigh.
  2063. “I’m in the hospital aren’t I?”
  2064. >”Anon, you were stabbed, of course you’re going to be in the hospital. Where else were we going to take you?”
  2065. >Shifting under the covers you grumble to yourself.
  2066. “I just don’t like hospitals, you know that.”
  2067. >“You should just worry more about relaxing for now Anon.” Sunset says with a small frown marring her features, “Please for me at least?”
  2068. >You know you should really find a defense against seeing her use that face.
  2069. >But damn it, is it hard to say no.
  2070. “Fine, I guess I can get pampered by the staff here and enjoy the fine dinin-shit.”
  2071. >“What?”
  2072. “I need to call work and let them know I can’t come in for work.”
  2073. >“Oh, that, I already took care of it for you Anon.”
  2074. ‘You did?”
  2075. >”Mhmm, though the man on the phone was weird.” Sunset taps her chin leaning against the bed letting her head fall back beside your hand.
  2076. >Odd, why does she have a impish expression?
  2077. “Weird how?”
  2078. >“He asked if I was the girl on your phone.”
  2079. “...”
  2080. >“Anon you didn’t happen to share that picture did you?”
  2081. “Nooo.”
  2082. >“Liar~” Sunset simply sing songs out at you with a grin.
  2083. “I wasn’t- I didn’t send it or nothing, I saw it while on break and one of the guys had been peeking over my back like a creeper!”
  2084. >Sunset breaks out into laughter at you.
  2085. >“Oh my Celestia Anon, relax. You really need to learn to take a joke.”
  2086. “It’s all well and good to have jokes, not so much when you’re the butt of the them.”
  2087. >“Knucklehead.”
  2088. “Still your knuckle head though.”
  2091. >At that comment Sunset simply smiles and nods, turning up and facing you as she laces her hands through your own.
  2092. >Her soft fingers play across the bruises scrapes and scratches.
  2093. >You know they should hurt from being touched, but the gentle way Sunset cradles them is soothing.
  2094. >It reminds you of home, before the bad times...
  2095. “This is nice…”
  2096. >“If you let me I could make it even better.”
  2097. “Think that would be the opposite of relaxing Sunset.”
  2098. >“Only if the doctor finds out.~”
  2099. >At the cheeky comment you start to reply only for the door to click open.
  2100. >Walking inside is one of the staff with large wire glasses and a stethoscope around his neck,
  2101. “Good Morning, I’m Doctor Scopes how are we today?”
  2102. “Sore, bruised and feel like I took on a rusty chainsaw.”
  2103. >“Anon, play nice.”
  2104. “Am I wrong?”
  2105. >“Yes, well according to this you should have wound up dead, to be quite frank with you. Two stab wounds in the abdominal area, one across the neck and multiple contusions and a possibly cracked rib which will take a month at most to heal.” Scopes says adjust his glasses.
  2106. “Jeez, when you put it like that..”
  2107. >“I told you, you’ll need to rest up a bit.” Sunset admonishes you lightly her tender caress never stopping during the lecture.
  2108. >“Quite so, seeing how you are awake however, we can go over your treatment options.”
  2109. “Alright, hit me. Just you know, not literally.”
  2112. >Chuckling is your only response from the doctor before he dives into it, “Of course, now then we can have you stay with us for another week or so before discharging you, I’d recommend it as we would be on hand in case of any complications occur while you are healing. Alternatively we can also keep you overnight for observation and have you discharged by tomorrow, you’ll need at least a week to properly heal. What is it that you do again?”
  2113. “Automotive work for the big supermarket in town.”
  2114. >“Oh dear, then I would suggest at least a month before returning to work at the bare minumum.”
  2115. “Can I at least get a note saying when to come back?”
  2116. >“Of course!”
  2117. >Sunset leans closer to you whispering, “Anon, are we going to be able to afford a month without pay?”
  2118. “I think the insurance will cover it...I think.”
  2119. >“If nothing else I can get a job too.”
  2120. “Hey now, no. It’s the older brother’s job to provide for their sister you know. It’s why we get born first.”
  2122. “So, what’s the other option Doc?”
  2123. >“We can also discharge you now, but I wouldn’t recommend i-”
  2124. “Done, Sunset let’s get out of here.”
  2125. >“Sir you can’t ju-”
  2126. “Sure I can watch me.”
  2127. >“Anon I really think you should rest.” Sunset places a hand on your shoulder even as you try to sit up.
  2128. “Which I can do at home, so c’mon. Up!”
  2129. >You say holding your hands out at her.
  2130. “Sunset? Come on help me up!”
  2131. >You flex your fingers in a grabby motion in emphasis.
  2132. >“Snrk…”
  2133. >Why is she snickering?
  2134. >Wait a minute, a brief memory of little Sunset begging to be carried around all the time comes to mind.
  2135. “Don’t you dare.”
  2136. >“I-I can’t- haha- oh jeez, Anon you look so-”
  2137. “I see how it is, fine make fun of your poor defenseless older brother in his time of need.”
  2138. >Crossing your arms you turn away with difficulty.
  2139. >Soon arms wrap around you as a voice whispers in your ear, “No one said I wasn’t going to help you, lazy.”
  2140. >“Ma’am I really do insist th-”
  2141. >Turning to address the doctor Sunset quickly nips the problem in the bud, “It’ll be fine, besides if a patient refuses treatment you’re not obliged to force it on them right?”
  2142. >“Yes, but he cannot be allowed to do anything strenuous!”
  2143. “Yeah Doc, I’d figured I’d go and bench press three hundred or so to stay in shape.”
  2144. >“Not the point, regardless, if you are insisting on this then let me go and fetch the treatment plan.”
  2146. >The doctor soon leaves you two alone with a simple click of the door.
  2147. “I really am sorry.”
  2148. >“I know you are, but why?” Sunset asks sparing you a long look of thought.
  2149. “She sounded scared and alone, I couldn’t just let her be could I?”
  2150. >“No, but you could have at least brought me along.” Placing her hands on her hips Sunset stares you down.
  2151. “Hell no.”
  2152. >“I could have helped!” Sunset stomps her foot in emphasis
  2153. “Or gotten hurt even worse than I did!”
  2154. >“I’m not a foal anymore Anon!”
  2155. “You're still my little sister no matter how old you get.”
  2156. >“You do this every time!” Sunset explodes throwing her hands out in exasperation/
  2157. >Excuse you?
  2158. “What?”
  2159. >“That self entitled I’ve got to take everything on my shoulder’s mood you’ve got!”
  2160. “Is it self entitled when I have to?”
  2161. >“You don’t /have/ to, you just do.”
  2162. “What else am I supposed to do, just not do anything?”
  2163. >“Ask me for help, like I did with you!”
  2164. >Sunset explains poking your shoulder with a finger.
  2165. “Which I still had to help you fix something.”
  2166. >You remind her, oh that doesn’t seem to have appeased her at all.
  2167. >“I didn’t just dump the whole mess on you and expect you to clean it up Anon, I fixed it /with/ your help.”
  2168. >You hold her glare finding the measure of her conviction that she would be able to help you with the things to come.
  2169. >Sure you might have taken the lion’s share of work when it came to financial problems and other assorted troubles that cropped up.
  2170. >But what good brother wouldn’t for their little sister or their family?
  2171. >Though, it would be nice to relax a bit.
  2172. “Alright, fine. Fine, the next time some terrible calamity is about to befall us I’ll let you know ahead of time so you can help.”
  2173. >“Good.” Sunset says with a firm nod before she crawls into bed beside you wrapping you in a hug.
  2174. “That was rhetorical.”
  2175. >“Don’t care, still holding you to that promise.” She replies rubbing her cheek against yours while you sit there, unamused by her antics.
  2176. “Ugh…sisters…”
  2177. >“Oh don’t complain, you still love me.”
  2178. >Silent you endure the loving cuddles coming from your sister before a wry chuckle escapes you.
  2179. >Looping your arm around gingerly you bring Sunset closer to you.
  2180. “...Yeah, guess I do, huh?”
  2184. >Few days later, at home in the afternoon
  2185. >You toss aside another sheet of paper and draw a new one towards you equations and magical thermos coming to mind as you rack your head for ideas.
  2186. >beside you on the couch Sunset cognise on her own sheet, pauses for a moment and continues once more.
  2187. >It almost reminds you back when you were both helping the other in the academy for gifted unicorns.
  2188. >Though you don't think interdimensional cross magical theory was a course they taught back then either.
  2189. “If we attempted to use Starswirl’s theorem on understanding how this magic works we might have a chance of better understanding it.”
  2190. >”Which would work, only if we were back home.” Sunset says gnawing on the end of a pencil in thought.
  2191. >”Honestly Anon, this universe and it’s expression of magic is random.” Pulling out a thick stack of papers from her school bag Sunset sets them in front of you.
  2192. >Picking up a few of them up, you find some basic experiments such as trying to measure out each subjects magical potential, but there is nothing for two minutes then suddenly the readings are of the charts and the experiment ends.
  2193. >”I tried to puzzle out how the girls even are able to tap into the magic of friendship in the first place and got no where.”
  2194. >Browsing through different experiments it looked like Sunset tried to find a baseline for each of the girls, but sure enough the results are scattered everywhere.
  2195. >You set aside the data and frown before looking over at your sister.
  2196. “...I suppose you’re right, but we should have some measure of understanding our own magic, we came from Equestria for Celestia’s sake.”
  2197. >Sunset crumples up her paper before tossing it into the wastebasket, the wad flies true only to bounce off the already full bin.
  2198. >Leaning back with a sigh Sunset grumbles covering her eyes.
  2199. >Despite the setback in understanding magic, it's been rather fun to hit the books again with your sister.
  2200. >Not that you could do much else stuck on the couch during the day.
  2201. >You start to suggest taking a break and watch a movie when Sunset interrupts the peaceful quiet.
  2202. >”There was a time when I was able to tap into my own magic.”
  2203. >You simply stare at Sunset, gaze boring through her arm that rests over her eyes.
  2204. “And you didn't think to mention this before?”
  2205. >”It was embarrassing alright!” Sunset exclaims sitting upright to glare back at you.
  2206. “What did you just sit down and suddenly grew ears and a tail?”
  2207. >”...”
  2208. >Sweet solar sailing sailors, she did!
  2209. “You did, didn’t you.”
  2210. >”No I was just, ugh, okay this was after I finished cleaning up the school,” Sunset explains slowly drawing he regs under her arms avoiding your gaze. “ I was on the roof and was thinking about what I had done up to this point.”
  2211. “Go on…”
  2212. >You say gently to her remembering how changed she was after her big reveal from the princess visiting.
  2213. >”Well, I felt a bit of harmonics start to take hold, it’d been so long since I had felt it that I just went with it and started to sing.”
  2214. >That's all?
  2215. “Back home that was pretty par for course, why would you be embarrassed?”
  2216. >Sunset spares you a look of exasperation ”Anon, we’ve been here for two years, you know how this place works. Humans don’t just burst into song at a random moment, they don’t feel harmony as well as we do.”
  2217. “I think you’re being a bit silly, but what was the song about?”
  2219. >At the innocent question you can already tell you've stepped on the hidden cream pie in the cake.
  2220. >Sunset merely looks at her arms and her hands flex as she squeezes herself tight.
  2221. >Leaning over you gently place a hand on her shoulder.
  2222. “Sunset?”
  2223. >Sunset merely leans into your touch before saying, ”I’d been such a little jerk for most of my life hadn’t I?”
  2224. “Sunny…”
  2225. >”No it’s true. I was an awf-Mmphm?!”
  2226. >You continue the kiss for a few moments longer feeling the tension running through your sister slowly go limp.
  2227. >Drawing away with a small lick of your lips that feel feverish from the kiss you simply smile back at her.
  2228. “You’re better than that now. So stop being so harsh on yourself, for me at least?”
  2229. >Sunset gapes at you cheeks flushed as she rubs her lips before she pouts at you, ”That’s cheating you know.”
  2230. “Debatable, now come on let’s try one more time to figure this out.”
  2233. Ding Dong
  2235. >You both turn to the door at the bell.
  2236. >Sunset starts to stand, ”I’ll get it.”
  2237. “No, no by all means I’ll get it.”
  2238. >You say starting to move the fat stacks of paper away to stand.
  2239. >”Anon, you know you’re not supposed to get up.”
  2240. “I’ll get fat if I don’t move at least some!”
  2241. >You playfully argue back still getting up from the couch only for a gentle hand on your shoulder.
  2242. >Sunset is smiling down at you before rubbing her knuckles against your head.
  2243. >”Oh sit down, I’m already up knucklehead.”
  2244. “Pff, sisters…”
  2245. >Sinking down you sigh before pulling over more equations to look over.
  2246. >It’s just so odd that while Sunset was able to continue manipulating the crown for magic she could never really get anything from her own abilities.
  2247. >Of course the element of magic would create it’s own field on this side of the mirror, yet were your own reserves and Sunset’s not large enough?
  2248. >Which makes no sense, you’ve seen Sunset ‘pony up’ as the girls call it.
  2249. >Maybe the magics are more subtle requiring a trigger?
  2250. >Looking over some of the other notes form Sunset’s earlier experiments you notice that Rainbow had started to play her guitar at near the same time the magic suddenly spiked.
  2251. >The same with Pinkie when she was in the middle of doing her drum solo, but at the same time while she was baking she suddenly had magic occur as well.
  2252. >Rarity, much the same as Applejack as well…
  2253. >There’s a pattern, but you just do-”
  2254. >At hearing footsteps you look up to see Sunset leaning against the door jam with a forced smile on her face.
  2255. “Who was at the door?”
  2256. >”Oh you kno-”
  2257. >”Anon!”
  2258. >Suddenly green and yellow everywhere!
  2259. “Urk!”
  2260. >”Be careful you ditz! He’s hurt!” You hear from somewhere outside this rather soft, but squeezing embrace you’re in.
  2261. >”I’m sorry, I’m so so sorry! I didn’t mean for you to get hurt like that and I didn’t even think that the theater would have those creeps nearby and I’m glad you came by to pick me up or else I’-”
  2262. >The poor girl is talking so fast her words are starting to blur.
  2263. >You start to frantically tap her back as you choke out,
  2264. “T-That’s fine...need t-to breath…”
  2265. >”Oh gosh I’m sorry!” You’re let go and take a explosive breath of fresh air savoring the sweet embrace of oxygen, nitrogen and other trace amount of chemicals.
  2266. >”If your so sorry, why don’t you leave him be? He’s supposed to be resting!” Sunset interjects stomping over to Zest and taking a seat beside you making a paper stack wobble before it steadies.
  2267. >”Well excuse me if I wanted to show some appreciation for someone saving my life!” Zest replies sitting on the other side of you as well.
  2268. >You eye the stacks of paper around you with worry, oh this is not good.
  2269. >”That’s really neat-o, now you’ve done that, while injuring my brother, so you can go now.”
  2270. >Sunset explains through gritted teeth set in a grimace of a smile.
  2271. >The tense air disappears from Zest for a moment as she blinks in surprise before looking over at you.
  2272. >”You’re related? Huh, I can’t see it.”
  2273. “Why’s that?”
  2274. >”Because you’re not as mean as she is.”
  2275. >Sunset perks up at that and if she had her old ears you could tell they would have perked up in outrage.
  2276. >”Hey!”
  2277. >You hold your hands out at both of the girls to keep the peace, as well as steady the stacks of paper around you.
  2278. “Easy now, come on Zest don’t be like that.”
  2279. >”...Fine, I’m sorry for calling you mean.”
  2282. >You nod thankful for the apology before looking over at Sunset as she glares back at Zest.
  2283. “Sunset, come on.”
  2284. >Sunset sends you a small betrayed look in return.
  2285. >Which you answer in the silent language of siblings, ‘Play-nice-so-we-can-get-this-over-with.’
  2286. >’This-sucks=and-I-don’t-like-it’
  2287. >’I-know-sorry.’
  2288. >’Hey-Anon!-Hi-Sunset!’
  2289. >’Pinkie?!’
  2290. >Blinking away the rather odd thought of giggling pink girls you focus back on to hear Sunset say.
  2291. >”I accept your apology.”
  2292. “Great! No-”
  2294. Ding Dong
  2296. >”Oh great now who else is it?”
  2297. “I cou-”
  2298. >”Just stay put Anon.”
  2299. >While Sunset goes off to answer the door again you feel more than hear Zest scoot over a bit closer.
  2300. >”...Thanks, again I mean.”
  2301. “Hey, I’ve had to bail my sister out a time or two before it’s fine.”
  2302. >Shaking her head hard enough to send her long man of hair flying the girl adjusts her headset.
  2303. >”No, it’s really not. You almost died! And what was with that sparkly stuff and why did you grow ears and a tail?”
  2304. >Crap.
  2305. “Uh, uh that was uh, a mirage?”
  2306. >”I might keep my headphones on and ignore most of the world, that doesn’t mean I’m stupid. It was almost lik-”
  2307. >”Hi Ano- Lemon Zest?”
  2308. >”Twilight! You know Anon?”
  2309. >”He’s my best friends brother, of course I do.”
  2310. >Walking out from behind Twilight, Sunset gives a wave to you.
  2311. >”Twilight came by to help us with figuring out what happened.”
  2312. >Zest takes the chance then to dig right back at it, ”Oh, hey yeah! Back to that, Anon what did you even do that night? You sent guys flying like they were toothpicks!”
  2313. “Adrenaline?”
  2314. >You make wide eyes at Twilight and silently mouth ‘Help’
  2315. >”Right! Adrenaline would have the right properties to help Anon ignore his wounds and fight much stronger!” Twilight says adding onto your tale after catching your message.
  2316. >”Then what about the tail and ears?”
  2317. >”Are you sure you didn’t hit your head?” Sunset asks with a dry tone.
  2318. >”I did not!”
  2319. >”Could've fooled me.” Sunset simply says gesturing Twilight to take a seat on the lazy chair.
  2320. >Flopping onto the couch at the same time Zest rockets to her feet was a terrible idea.
  2321. >Physics demand’s couldn’t be met as the stacks of paper were sent tumbling by the girl’s antics and soon you were buried under a small hill of paper.
  2322. >A startled eep of surprise is all you can hear after the paper avalanche and a muttered sorry.
  2323. >Taking a deep breath through your nose you simply blow a stray sheet of paper off your face.
  2324. “Listen, girls, I’m really tired. Do you think…?”
  2325. >”I’ll get them out of here Anon.” Sunset offers quickly grabbing Zest by her arm.
  2326. >”But I want to talk ab-”
  2327. >”I’ll tell you, but for right now, out! Anon need to recover.”
  2328. >”Here Anon, lemme help you get these sorted…”
  2329. >Smiling in return you start to collect a few of the papers before seeing Sunset walk out of sight.
  2330. “Thanks Twilight, but if you could do me a solid and go after Sunset? Make sure she doesn’t claw out Zest’s eyes or something?”
  2331. >”You’re not...into her are you?” Twilight asks with worry.
  2332. “What?! No! I just don’t want to have Sunset drive her off because she has too or something like that!”
  2333. >”Oh well, I mean, if you were interested in polyamory groups I wouldn’t have minded…”
  2334. >You..
  2335. >That’s, I mean…
  2336. >Herding was a thing for some nobles, but your parents never did.
  2337. >Though what you heard from the Sparkle family…
  2338. >Shaking your head you start to answer only to get a small peck on the cheek in response.
  2339. >Before you can call her back Twilight’s already gone and after Sunset.
  2340. >You simply let your head flop back and groan covering your eyes.
  2341. “Man, I am three different kinds of fucked…”
  2343. >”So you're an interdimensional traveler who's stuck here and used to be a pony,” Zest stares at you as some strange loud music plays from her headphones, “...Alright.”
  2344. “That's it you just believe me?”
  2345. >”Of course I would, I nearly fell into that world that your friend had made in the first place.” Shrugging Zest adjusts her music player switching songs bobbing her head to the tune.
  2346. >Frowning you cross your arms.
  2347. “You leave Twilight alone, you and your prep friends pushed her to using it.”
  2348. >”I know that, doesn't change the fact you guys cheated during the games.”
  2349. >Seriously, she’s still on about the games?
  2350. “Are you for real right now?”
  2351. >”What?” Zest stares at you in confusion.
  2352. “Your that hung up on the friendship games?”
  2353. >Again Zest just shrugs her shoulders at you leaning back on the wall.
  2354. >You’re really starting to dislike the way she acts, just so, so air headed about everything!
  2355. >”Not really, I mean school spirit and all that, I'd rather just listen to my music.”
  2356. >...Ugh.
  2357. “Fine, but you leave Anon alone.”
  2358. >That draws a reaction from the girl as she pushes away from the wall and points her finger at you.
  2359. >”Are you kidding me? If you’re his sister then he’s like some magical prince from another world!” Zest throws her arms out at the word world, eyes shimmering with excitement.
  2360. >If she thinks for a single moment you’re letting your brother fall to her little whims she can go jump in a lake.
  2361. “Hey! You get your gold digging mitts away from my brother.”
  2362. >”I am not a gold digger!”
  2363. “Sure, that’s why you were just salivating at the thought of all the gold we’d had, we didn’t even get to bring that much with us to begin with.”
  2364. >Zest merely cross her arms and looks away from you, “I wasn’t even interested in him for his money, I like him because he actually took the time to help a stranger in need.”
  2365. >Celestia damn it Anon.
  2366. >Sighing you start to talk only to be interrupted by Zest as she looks over at the photos you have on the wall showing you and Anon together.
  2367. >”It’s so sad to hear though, I mean, being exiled away from his land because of his sister.”
  2368. “That’s not- I mean,”
  2369. >How could she even dare to assume she knows what you went through!?
  2370. >”No, no I get it, family sticks together, but you have to admit you really made a mess of things.” Zest says spreading her hands around the small apartment a far call from the mansion you had grew up in.
  2371. “Look will you just leave now?”
  2372. >”Because I hit too close to home?” Zest asks with a smirk across her face.
  2373. >You glare back at her coldly feeling your veins throb with fury at this condescending bitch.
  2374. “Leave.”
  2375. >”Hi girls, wow would you look at the time we should really head back it’s already getting dark outside!”
  2376. >The bun that Twilight always wore bobs in front of you cutting you off from trying to set Zest aflame.
  2377. “Twilight?”
  2378. >”Dark? It’s only evening, sun hasn’t even set yet.” Zest says peeking out one of the windows
  2379. >”Well you wouldn’t want to get caught out in open like last time right? I’ll walk you home even!” Twilight grins widely, too widely even.
  2380. >She only acts like this whenever things are going bad, or she’s trying to hide something...
  2381. >”...Thanks, but no I’ll take the bus back.” Zest glances at her wrist before letting out a sigh, “That being said, I do have to get back to catch it.”
  2382. >”Neeeeat! Well in that case I’d be happy to walk you back then, I have to get a ride as well.” Twilight leaps on the chance glancing at the door eager to leave.
  2383. “Are you alright Twilight you look, stressed.”
  2384. >Twilight whirls around to look at you cheeks flushed and eyes wide.
  2385. >”Me? No! Of course not, nothing at all, so uh come on Zest let’s go!”
  2386. >”Wha-hey stop that! Don’t push me li-” Tilting her ear to the purple girl Zest listens before a wide grin crosses her face that makes your stomach turn, “Deal!”
  2387. “Wait what deal?”
  2388. >”Nothing!~” Zest chimes out giving you a carefree two fingered salute before heading out the door
  2389. >”It’s fine Sunset, I just promised to help her with something, tell Anon I send my best!” Twilight spills out in a rush before running out after Zest.
  2390. “...Bye?”
  2393. >Waving your friend off you close the door and sigh.
  2394. >Walking from the door you wonder over to living room.
  2395. >You both still have no idea why his magic has started to spring up like this.
  2396. >A few theories spring to mind, but most of them require materials that aren't home to this realm.
  2397. >Still deep in thought you take a seat gathering up a few papers before looking at your brother.
  2398. >His arm is draped over his eyes and his chest rises and falls with each breath.
  2399. >Is he asleep?
  2400. “Anon?”
  2401. >All that answers you is the slight breathing of his.
  2402. >Poor thing.
  2403. >Even after a few days of rest he’s still so tir-
  2404. >Oh my.
  2405. >Your eyes had trailed along his body before noticing something that was certainly not sleeping.
  2406. >Gnawing on your lip you eye the rather impressive tent you brother had pitched up.
  2407. >You haven’t slept with him for a while now, you didn’t want to aggravate his wounds, no doubt his body is protesting this.
  2408. >Seeing the blanket slowly bob with each breath you take a deep breath to calm down.
  2409. >Wrong choice.
  2410. >There is the faintest whiff of something familiar that quickens your veins as you feel heat start to gather in your belly.
  2411. >If that stupid bitch Zest hadn’t called you’d have been able to satisfy both of you.
  2412. >Though you can’t fault him for just being him, Anon always did try to do right when he saw something was wrong.
  2413. >Drawing closer to your brother’s sleeping form you gently lift up his blanket to get a better look at his bandages, yep that’s the only reason.
  2414. >Certainly not to see that Anon had forgone wearing pants and only boxers as his cock slaps against his belly a small drop of pre already beading on its end.
  2415. >The heady musk that had been cooking for three days at least hits you hard drool leaking from your mouth.
  2416. >Hastily wiping your mouth you glance over Anon’s bandaged form, you definitely can’t ride this wild stallion like you used to, but maybe…
  2417. >Even as the idea comes to mind you gently prod Anon’s shoulder, “Anon?”
  2418. >Do you really need this?
  2419. >Your poor brother must be so pent up after three days of having to heal.
  2420. >Even then you’re in a relationship with him now! A tiny voice nags at you making continue to stare at the slowly throbbing pillar of flesh as the drop of pre slides down adding a thin sheen of liquid to the veiny cock.
  2421. >Your hand hovers over Anon’s flare, trembling as you debate to yourself on what to do, continue and enjoy the sex hoping Anon doesn’t find out, or wait for him to come to you first?
  2422. >You’ve made so many steps forward with Anon, you’re afraid.
  2423. >So afraid you’ll drive away the one constant in your life.
  2424. >Even so you’ve done all of this for him, to make up the huge debt you’ve earned from him…
  2425. >Panting heavily as your thoughts race you jump in surprise as Anon lets out a low grown hips jerking forward suddenly making contact with your hand with a soft boop.
  2426. >”Sunny…”
  2427. >You jerk your hand back as you stare at Anon waiting for the barrage of questions, instead your met with a soft moan as Anon slowly grinds away at where your hand was.
  2428. >He said your name…
  2429. >The fact he did makes your smile wider than you ever had before.
  2430. >Relief courses through you then as you slowly reach back to his proud member and gently rub your brother’s cock.
  2431. >”Mmm…”
  2432. >It feels like it just grew thicker in your hands…
  2433. >You’re so wet right now.
  2434. >Kneeling down for a better position you start to slowly stroke him, the skin pulling taut then slackens as you pump away.
  2435. >The far and few drops from before are gone now, instead there is a steady trickle that leaks from his flare making you lick your lips at the sight.
  2436. >”Sunny…”
  2437. >Oh this is so stupid, but you can’t resist…
  2438. “Yeah Anon?” You whisper back so softly you don’t think he heard you.
  2439. >His cock however stiffens then and he meekly murmurs back to you, “M-more…”
  2440. >You continue to milk his cock slowly going faster before too long having to use both hands to properly service him, Celestia above, how do you even fit this inside of you?!
  2441. >”Ahn!~”
  2442. “Did you like that big brother?”
  2443. >”Mmm” The subtle shifts of his hips makes you near giddy in surprise at how eager he is.
  2444. >Your hands, slick with his love juices glide over every vein, every ring and even the sensitive flare that makes him whimper in delight.
  2445. >Leaning up you quickly pull down your shirt, a simple button up letting your breasts droop down and rub against his body.
  2446. >Taking care to not press down on his body you simply whisper into Anon’s ear breath hot and heavy.
  2447. “Do you want inside me Anon? I’m so wet and ready for you, just take me.”
  2448. >That lit a fire under Anon’s dream as his stiff rod rubs in between your breasts the sheer heat from it makes you melt on the inside.
  2449. >You can even feel his heartbeat strong and steady as your breasts caress him.
  2450. >”Sunny, yes...”
  2451. >A thick glob of pre, leaks out and stains your skin, you can’t wait any longer!
  2452. >Drawing away prompts a simple whine from Anon as you can see his dick throb angrily deprived of it’s cushy home.
  2453. >Not yet my stud, soon.
  2454. >Drawing close your hot, humid breaths make the breeding scent run wild through your mind as you drink in the glorious sight.
  2455. >Licking your lips you begin to properly worship your brother’s cock, with small licks to help clean him from the pre coating his member.
  2456. >Your agile tongue tingles as the salty liquid runs it’s course, yet you never falter lapping away diligently cleaning each and every crevice of your lover’s cock before it shines with your spit.
  2457. >Yet even still your brother hasn’t stop!
  2458. >Clearly you need to take matters into your own hands.
  2459. >You take one last deep whiff of your brothers divine cock and open wide, small rivulets of drool leaking from your mouth to drizzle upon the flare when you hear a gasp!
  2461. >Whipping about to find the noise you find none other than Twilight at the doorway looking on in shock, face flushed so much her entire face looks like a deep mauve.
  2462. >Swallowing you shakily wave a hand at the girl.
  2463. >Frozen in place Twilight quivers in place her hand bunched in around her skirt and as you watch a long slow drop falls from her skirt to the floor where you can spot a small damp spot.
  2464. >Oh sweet Celestia, she’s not wearing any panties…
  2465. >The thought would normally cringe, yet the sheer thrill of being caught, of showing to someone how much you truly love your brother.
  2466. >You feel yourself wink at the thought.
  2467. >Both of you stare at each other unsure of what to do.
  2468. >It’s only when Anon groans again does Twilight look over at you with a pleading expression.
  2469. >...The things we do for friends.
  2470. >Rolling your eyes you simply nod before hearing a faint squee and displaced air as Twilight kneels beside you drawing her tongue along Anon’s thick dick.
  2471. >With each slurp and lick you can feel Anon continue to throb, yet it doesn’t look like it’s enough for him to cum.
  2472. >Eager to have that treat you tap Twilight’s shoulder making the girl look up at you from the cock as the heat and steam mists her glasses up.
  2473. >Reaching down you slowly take them off her and lean down to kiss her head.
  2474. “I get first dibs.”
  2475. >Twilight looks fit to argue with you.
  2476. “You can taste his balls if you want?”
  2477. >At that Twilight flashes you a thumbs up a small sparkle appearing the end of her thumb.
  2478. >Your friends are so weird at times…
  2479. >As Anon’s thick dick flops atop your head you giggle slightly before opening wide and slowly devouring your brother.
  2480. >The taste, the texture!
  2481. >Simply marvelous!
  2482. >Rolling your tongue you begin tracing along the flare as his pre soaks your mouth with his taste.
  2483. >Deciding to be adventurous you slowly go deep and nearly gag as his cock thrusts deep into your mouth.
  2484. >Pulling off for a moment to cough Anon shifts on the couch making you and Twilight freeze.
  2485. >Speaking of, the thirsty girl had yet to even stop basting Anon’s balls in her mouth, popping one then the other into her mouth as she suckles on them like some jolly rancher!
  2486. “Sunset, I can feel how thick his cum is, I predict at least three hundred milliliters worth, why’d you let him be so pent up, Shining only got like this after a long time away!”
  2487. >You simply point at the bandages still draped across Anon’s form.
  2488. >”Oh.”
  2489. >Having caught your breath you bring Anon’s dick back to your mouth and begin to go deeper, mindful of the small thrusts into your mouth from him.
  2490. >You suckle away at Anon, before pushing forward with a huge leap forcing yourself to go deep!
  2491. >”Ahh!~”
  2492. >Suddenly Anon’s dick becomes thicker than you expected and you hurriedly pull him back to taste him.
  2493. >Never mind what would happen if he were stuck in your throat!
  2494. >Searing hot goo fills your mouth and you have to swallow down mouthfuls of it to keep up.
  2495. >The warm sensation as it fills your tummy makes you glow inside with contentment before it finally tapers off with a few weak spurts.
  2496. >Pulling away you still have a mouthful and see Twilight already stroking and trying to pump up what few remains of Anon’s seed is left.
  2497. >Feeling for her you simply tap her shoulders, when she turns you lean in with a kiss.
  2498. >At first Twilight stiffens in surprise, then recognition dawns in her eyes and her mouth grants you entry.
  2499. >You two slowly pass the mix of cum and saliva back and forth before you draw away small strands of cum and spit linking you both.
  2500. >The smell of sex lingers in the air and your panting hard as you see Twilight take the wad and swallows it down with a gasp.
  2501. >So close to each other it’s no surprise when Twilight slips closer to you and rests her head upon your breast in a hug.
  2502. >”Thank you Sunset…”
  2503. >The simple relief and joy the girl felt makes your heart ache and warm at the same moment.
  2504. >You return the hug and let out your own tired chuckle.
  2505. “No problem, but...why’d you come back?”
  2506. >At that question you feel Twilight’s face heat up as she simply points at the coffee table.
  2507. >”Forgot my purse…”
  2508. >You don’t know whether to laugh or to cry at that point.
  2509. >Instead you just squeeze Twlight a bit tighter.
  2510. “You dork.”
  2511. >”I know, so could I stay the night? The bus already left by now…”
  2512. “Sure, we should probably clean up a bit.”
  2513. >Twilight simply giggles.
  2516. >”Dibs on the shower!”
  2517. “Ah, Twilight!”
  2518. >”Mfrm...ah, mm, Sunset?”
  2519. “A-anon!”
  2520. ‘Oh Celestia, he’s awake.’
  2521. ‘Did he wake up from you two’s antics?’
  2522. ‘Of course he did you blew your brother with your best friend!’
  2523. >”...Hey…”
  2525. “You get some good sleep from your nap?”
  2526. ‘Nailed it!’
  2527. >”Yeah, I uh, ahem, sorry about falling asleep on you.”
  2528. “It’s fine big brother, you need your rest.”
  2529. ‘Does he really not notice?’
  2530. >”Mm, did you just get done eating?”
  2531. ‘What?’
  2532. ‘Screw it, just roll with it girl.’
  2533. “...Hu- uh, yeah, why do you ask?”
  2534. >”On your lip, you missed some sauce. Did you make alfredo?”
  2535. “”Yes! Yes I did, uh didn’t make enough because Twilight stayed over for the night, sorry Anon.”
  2536. >”Oh, well that’s fine, still kinda tired. A- Celestia, recovering sucks.”
  2537. ‘You need to clean up and a mirror, bail!’
  2538. “Don’t worry Anon, you’ll get better before you know it, you need anything?”
  2539. >”Mm, something to drink? Feel thirsty.”
  2540. “Sure.”
  2542. ‘Dear Celestia in heaven, how did he not…’
  2543. >”Ahg, darn it… need a towel or something…”
  2544. ‘Maybe he did know!’
  2545. ‘Was he playing dumb for your sake?’
  2546. >”What am I twelve or something, jeez, haven’t had one of those for a while now.”
  2547. ‘One of those? Did he mean the blowjob?’
  2548. ‘Focus girl, you need to get that drink.’
  2549. >”Thanks sis, ah that’s so good…”
  2550. “You know you should drink more water.”
  2551. >”Bleh, that stuff is so bland if we had more money I’d spring for some of the wines they have around here, you remember those fine Saddle Arabian vintages in the cellar?”
  2552. “Yeah, hey didn’t we sneak a bottle of that stuff when we were younger?”
  2553. >”Yep, was a 942 vintage from the House of Thunderhooves, now those ponies know how to make a wine.”
  2555. “Come on Anon, it’s just one bottle, Dad has like hundred of them.”
  2556. >Anon looks around the cellar room checking for eyes and ears, ”Well, a sip couldn’t hurt I suppose.”
  2557. >Smiling an eager grin you take your magic and pop the cork off the bottle.
  2558. >The faintest hint of banana and strawberries waft up from your drink of choice making your nose tingle.
  2559. >Pulling it back you take a few swallows before your eyes open wide in surprise!
  2560. >Setting the bottle down you blink at the bottle as the wine warms your belly.
  2561. “Oh wow, it’s sweet!”
  2562. >”Really? Lemme have some.” Anon’s own magic intermingled with your own and in surprise you let him have it.
  2563. >Before you can warn him the silly stallion upends the bottle and starts to take huge drafts of the wine!
  2564. “Hey don’t drink it all!”
  2565. >Anon must have heard you as he stops and sways in place looking at you with a heated glazed look.
  2566. >”Whooooa, everthing is so fuzzy….”
  2567. >Taking the bottle with some difficulty you swishel it observing the liquid inside.
  2568. “Jeez Anon, you drank like a third of it!”
  2569. >”But itsch so schweeet.”
  2570. >Looking over at Anon you find him trying to walk and staggering left and right head bobbing to some invisible tune.
  2571. “Hahah, you’re drunk.”
  2572. >”And you’re schweet too.”
  2573. ‘That’s nice, wait what?’
  2574. >Suddenly Anon’s larger frame covers your own in a bear hug.
  2575. >His body heat is so hot as you futilely push your hooves against his barrel.
  2576. “Anon! Hey get offa me!”
  2577. >”Nu, you’re comfy, and all fluffy and schtuff.” Anon replies nuzzling deep into your neck small giggled escaping your mouth despite your best attempts to hold them.
  2578. >He’s just so warm!
  2579. >Grumbling at how he’s getting all the fun you eye the bottle before leaning up to whisper in his ear.
  2580. “At least let me have a couple more drinks you ass.”
  2581. >Anon’s ear flicks at the words and you think he’s just continue to smother you under his frame before a low rumble comes from his chest.
  2582. >”Schure.”
  2583. >He slowly pulls himself off you and you start to stand.
  2584. >Only for him to wrap you in his forelegs and drag you down atop of him instead!
  2585. >Straddling him you scrunch in surprise and annoyance.
  2586. “Ah! Why’d you do that?”
  2587. >Anon simply shrugs forelegs still wrapped around you in a hug.
  2588. >”Now I can cuddle and yous can drink of coushe!”
  2589. >With that simple explanation Anon continues to rub his head under your chin like an affection kitten.
  2590. >Well you wanted to at least drink the wine...
  2591. “Oh, well bottoms up!”
  2592. >Watching the liquid slosh about in the bottle as you drink deeply you can feel the fire start to course through your veins.
  2593. >Slowly things seem to brighten and blur at the same time.
  2594. ‘Oh wow, he’s right...everything is...blurry and tingly!’
  2595. >”Heheh, you feel it too right lil sis?” Anon asks giving you a little squeeze.
  2596. >Feeling rather affectionate yourself you set the bottle down carefully, veeery carefully.
  2597. >It almost tips over, but you manage to save it.
  2598. >That done you look over your brother and grin.
  2599. “Mhmm, I tink I know why Da’ likes this schtuff.”
  2600. >Enjoying the embrace you snuggle deeper into his warm coat and the thick powerful heartbeat that pounds away in his chest.
  2601. >”Haha, your s-s, that thing you do when you can’t talk.”
  2602. >Your eyes open in confusion, when did you close them?
  2603. >Moving your head to look up at Anon you ask,
  2604. “...Slurring?”
  2605. >”Yeah that!”
  2606. >How does he not know?
  2607. >He’s one of the smartest pony’s you know and heir to a House.
  2608. >Despite all of that you can’t help but find yourself snickering before laughter is hastily buried in his chest.
  2609. “You’re snrk, so dumb.”
  2610. >”Don’t care cuddling.” Anon simply states his hooves seeming to roam about before they
  2611. >Hey now!
  2612. >Before you can protest Anon squeezes your flanks with his hooves and scoots you up so you’re eye to eye.
  2613. >Seeing the mischievous glint in his eye you simply raise an eyebrow at him.
  2614. >”Wanted to see you, insteada over you, shorty.”
  2615. “I am not short!”
  2616. >”Mmhmm!”
  2617. “Oh yeah? Well can a short pony drink all of this then!?”
  2618. >Magic slightly flickering you bring it up and take another deep swing before something draws it away.
  2619. >Oh….
  2620. >You feel so tingly and happy right now!
  2621. >Anon’s saying something, but you're just so happy right now!
  2622. >You just nuzzle deeper into the warm heat you’re atop of.
  2623. >What draws you back is the cool sensation on your cheek.
  2624. >Looking to the source you find Anon’s eyes glazed over and his mouth on your cheek.
  2625. >”Love you.”
  2626. >Dawww
  2627. “Love you too Anon!”
  2628. >You feel so weightless.
  2629. >Almost like you're floating away…
  2630. >The last thing you feel is the tight hug Anon gives you before you pass out.
  2632. >Coming from your trip in memory lane you find Anon eyeing his glass with a reminiscent gaze.
  2633. “Didn’t Dad find us in the morning?”
  2634. >”Oh Celestia above, yes he did. He tanned our hides and made us work with the servants for a week without pay!”
  2635. “Yeah, but I think it was worth it.”
  2636. >”The hangover would beg to differ.”
  2637. “Not that,” Leaning over you gently hold his hand, “It helped me realize how /much/ I love you.”
  2638. >”Really?” Anon’s gaze is confused marred with a small bout of worry as well.
  2639. “It wasn’t the only thing, but it helped I think.”
  2640. >You smile at him and in return he gently squeezes your hand.
  2641. >”Well I-”
  2642. >”Sunset! Shower’s open now!”
  2643. >Fucking.
  2644. >Twilight.
  2645. >EVERYTIME!
  2646. >You turn to give Twilight a piece of your mind only to choke on the sight.
  2647. >Twilight’s there naked as the day she was born toweling off her long locks before letting them trail behind her back.
  2648. >”Sorry about that, but I r- EEK!”
  2649. >Suddenly a towel is thrown over your head covering Anon as Twilight flees.
  2650. >From underneath the towel Anon is silent for a few moments longer before a flat even tone asks, “Why was Twilight naked?”
  2651. ‘Think fast!’
  2652. “She got some of the food on her and had to wash up. I guess she thought you were asleep still.”
  2653. >Anon takes a deep breath in that way you know he does when he’s rather fed up with things.
  2654. >Using his other hand Anon pulls the still damp towel off and offers it to you, “Does she at least have any clean clothes still?”
  2655. “Eh, she can use some of mine till we wash her’s.”
  2656. >”Alright, but please tell her to at least wear something next time.”
  2657. “Oh don’t act like you didn’t like the view.”
  2658. >Anon simply gives you a look.
  2659. >”You’re sending rather mixed signal Sunny.”
  2660. “I like to keep my options open is all.”
  2661. >”Speaking of options, did Zest leave or something?”
  2662. “Oh yeah, her.”
  2663. >”Sunny.”
  2664. “What?”
  2665. >Anon persists with the look and adds on the raised eyebrow at you.
  2666. >Damn it all, you hate it when he raises the eyebrow!
  2667. “Okay, I don’t like her, I think she’s some kinda gold digger.”
  2668. >”How? We have to scrape by to make ends meet every month.”
  2669. >Rubbing your feet into the floor you avoid Anon’s gaze before mumbling,
  2670. “I might have told her about where we came from…”
  2671. >Anon brings has hand to his face groaning, ”Oh Sunset…”
  2672. “Well you didn’t help with your magical explosion thing.”
  2673. >Anon simply holds his hand there and speaks around it, “She think’s we’re exiled nobles like some fantasy book doesn’t she?”
  2674. “Hence the gold digger comment.”
  2675. >”Since you brought her in the fold, can you at least be civil?”
  2676. “I can be, but if she thinks she’s getting her hooks into you-”
  2677. >”Sunny.”
  2678. >Anon squeezes your hand again as he looks you in the eye with a certainty that makes your insides tingle, “I’m not going to cheat on you. I won’t do that.”
  2679. >...
  2680. >Closing your mouth you swallow reflexively and manage a weak smile returning the squeeze.
  2681. “A-alright.”
  2683. >”Hey guys, I just wanted to say I am so, so sorry about that.”
  2684. >”Twilight.”
  2685. “Oh hey, Twi.”
  2686. >Coming over to sit near the couch Twilight nervously looks away
  2687. >”I’m sorry Anon, I thought you were still asleep.”
  2688. >”That’s alright, just try not to do it again. You didn’t get burned or anything right?”
  2689. >”Burned?” Confusion crosses the girl’s face before you subtly nod at her.
  2690. >”Oh! Uh, yeah no I didn’t thankfully the…” Twilight chances a glance at you for some help.
  2691. >Why must all your friends be goody two shoes?
  2692. “Sauce.”
  2693. >”Sauce, wasn’t hot or anything. Thanks for asking.”
  2694. >Seriously how hard is it to lie?
  2695. >”Just glad you’re alright.”
  2696. >”Thanks.”
  2697. >Shrugging off the thoughts about your friends being a bit naive for the world you change the topic,
  2698. “Well, think we should hit the books again Anon or do you need some more sleep?”
  2699. >”We-” Anon yawns loudly before finishing, “-ll we could try it again.”
  2700. >”I don’t think you should Anon, you sound tired.”
  2701. “She has a point Anon, you look pretty exhausted too.”
  2702. >”No, I c-” You spear him with your eyes pointedly reminding him about his bad habit. “-ould get some more rest, you sure you two don’t need any help?”
  2703. >”Nah, we’ll manage.” Twilight says already gathering up different pages and looking them over intrigued.
  2704. “Yeah big bro you just let your friends help you out and we’ll get this cracked.”
  2705. >Twilight grins eagerly at that, ”Definitely! I mean if I managed to cobble together a magic absorption device I can help discover why magic is showing up again!”
  2706. “Hopefully without near world ending cataclysms.”
  2707. >A faint blush covers Twilight’s face as she covers it with some calculations, ”Hehe, yeah, without those.”
  2708. >”Well, I suppose.” Anon says with reluctance clear in his voice.
  2709. “Come on then lay down and get some sleep.”
  2710. >”Alright Mom, jeez.”
  2711. “Well if you’re gonna be like that.”
  2712. >Standing you stride around the coffee table and flip the blanket up, tucking Anon in much to his surprise.
  2713. “Let Momma Sunny put you to bed.” You add in a smoldering tone before popping a quick kiss on his cheek.
  2714. >Turning away you can feel Anon’s wide eyed gaze on you as you bend over starting to collect the papers you’ve used.
  2715. “Twilight can you get that stack over there?”
  2716. >Snapping out of her shock Twilight shakily nods before gathering her own papers.
  2717. >As you both walk down the hallway to your home Twilight hisses at you, “What in the world was that?”
  2718. “It’s called being flirty Twi.” You remark with a smirk. “Now let’s solve this puzzle.”
  2720. >You flip the page over eyes skimming the words but not taking them in
  2721. >It's only been a day and you're ready to tear your hair out.
  2722. >Sighing you lean back and rub your eyes setting the book aside
  2723. > you're quite ready to be done with being sick and having to stay in bed
  2724. > you wonder what Sunset and Twilight are up to and start to get up from your bed
  2725. >There was also that dream you had last night, felt so real.
  2726. >Sunset and Twilight both had been on you doing…
  2727. >Looking down south you frown at the salute your little guard gives you.
  2728. >Shaking your head you ignore your other head as you gingerly start to get dressed in simple clothes
  2729. >Walking into the kitchen you find yourself walking into a war zone
  2730. >Stacks of calculations and diagrams lay haphazardly about your table, some covered in coffee stains and others pinned to the wall with colored string to link them all.
  2731. >You sigh, Sunset does this every time she has a major project of hers.
  2732. >Starting to clean up you jump in surprise as you spy Twilight face down on a sheet snoring away blissfully.
  2733. >Oh great, now you know why Sunset likes her now, she's just as bad!
  2734. >Looking closer you quickly see your sister next to Twilight her hand holding the purple girls.
  2735. >Hnng
  2736. >Holding your heart you struggle against the cute.
  2737. >Deciding to give them a perk up you start to slowly excavate your kitchen.
  2738. >When you have coffee bubbling away in the pot, after having to work out the stains from last night study session, you hear the table shift.
  2739. >Sparing a glance back as you crack open some eggs you grin seeing Sunset slowly sit up, a paper stuck to her chin as she sniffs the air eyes closed.
  2740. >Beside her Twilight twitches before her arms slowly stretch out with a satisfying pop.
  2741. “Morning girls.”
  2742. >The sizzle of eggs punctuates your greeting as you turn back to the skillet.
  2743. >Mumbled moans are all you get for an answer making you chuckle.
  2744. >Your sister is so hopeless in the morning and it looks like Twilight isn’t much better.
  2745. “You girls might want to shower a bit, breakfast will be ready soon.”
  2746. >”Mm...coffeeee.”
  2747. >”Foood!”
  2748. >Looking over your shoulder you find the two morning zombies stagger towards the coffee pot.
  2749. >Setting the eggs aside you gently grab the girls by their shoulders.
  2750. “Come on now, get bathed first before you drink the joe. You’ll stain your teeth if you don’t.”
  2751. >Usually you can handle Sunset in her morning fugue, but you hadn’t counted on Twilight having such a need for coffee as they both pull you towards the pot.
  2752. >”Coffeeeeee.”
  2753. >”Javaaaaa.”
  2754. >You’re half tempted to let them scald themselves on the stuff since it’s not even done yet, there’s barely enough for a cup.
  2755. >You’re not that mean however, instead you move in front of the two and kneel down.
  2756. >Sunset follows your movement with a squinted eyes before they widen in suprise, “Anon do-EEP!”
  2757. >You use your legs before lifting both girls on your shoulders!
  2758. >As soon as you stand up right you stiffen in pain.
  2759. >”Anon!” Sunset slips out of your grip and grabs you. “You idiot, you’re still hurt!”
  2760. >”Ah!” Twilight lets out as she falls down kneeling down as she had just caught herself.
  2761. “N-Nah, I’m s-strong as a horse.”
  2762. >Flinching in pain as your wounds scream at you Sunset carefully guides you to her seat, “Anon, that’s a terrible joke, you need to heal.”
  2763. >”Why’d you try to do that i-yawn-n the first place?” Twilight asks standing up and reaching for a fresh coffee mug.
  2764. “Used to, do it all the time with S-Sunny.”
  2765. >”Hang on Anon, I’ll get you your medication.” Sunset takes off for the bathroom while Twilight takes a sip from her mug as she looks you over with a frown.
  2766. >”You know that was silly right?”
  2767. “H-hey that’s me just being the silly big brother.”
  2768. >You grit your teeth as you smile.
  2769. >Twilight simply takes another sip arching an eyebrow at you, “You should listen to Sunset, she’s trying to help you know.”
  2770. >Before you can reply Sunset returns with the pain pills and quickly gets you a glass of water.
  2771. >Letting the matter settle you simply take the medication and breath.
  2772. >Sunset rubs your back gently, “Hey, thanks for making breakfast at least.”
  2773. >Twilight looks over to the stove and nods her head, “You mean the eggs?”
  2774. >Together you both look to see the eggs slowly starting to burn on the skillet.
  2775. “Shit.”
  2776. >You start to move only for Sunset to throw you a sharp look, relenting you sit down and watch as she finishes cooking the meal.
  2777. >Feeling guilty from the worried crease on your sister’s face and Twilight’s rather unimpressed look you sigh.
  2778. “Sorry for being stupid you guys.”
  2779. >Sunset spares you a look that softens, “It’s fine Anon, just you know, rest.”
  2780. >”Could also try to not act like you're indestructible too.”
  2781. >”Twilight.”
  2782. “No, she’s right. I was being dumb, I’ll take it easy.”
  2783. >Seeing the unhappy look that the two girls share you change the subject after looking at the papers scattered about.
  2784. “So we learn anything new?”
  2785. >”Actually yes, Sunset said that a lot of Equestrian magic is based around Harmony and working together to create Order of a sort.” Twilight answers you before adding some sugar to her coffee and stirring it.
  2786. >You nod remembering your magic classes well.
  2787. >”What had been giving us trouble was how sporadic the magic was acting, there didn’t seem to be any rhyme or reason to it, nothing tangible at least.” Sunset adds scooping eggs onto the plate and begins to cook some hashbrowns as well.
  2788. >”Which turns out to be the opposite of what Harmony is.” Twilight hints at you.
  2789. “Chaos? That, that doesn’t make any sense.”
  2790. >”Not at first, but we’ve crunched the numbers a few times based on the past experiments, there was a pattern during each spike of magical energy.” Twilight explains taking a seat from you and leaning back to look at the ceiling with tired eyes. “So many, calculations…”
  2791. “Thought you loved to do math and science?”
  2792. >”I do, just not endless numbers based on old data and with no proper way to test it.”
  2793. “So what’s the pattern then?”
  2794. >Sunset sets out a trio of plates for you all before answering, “Emotion.”
  2795. “Sorry?”
  2796. >”When each of the girls were doing something that they loved to do, their magic would react in response.” Sunset explains before taking a bite of her meal as you start on your own.
  2797. >Swallowing you ponder that before Twilight adds in, “However because the girls didn’t have any set task their magic ran wild giving such different results.”
  2798. “It’d make sense that it’d run crazy, you usually need to have a set idea on what you’re doing with magic as well as a basic understanding of the things you’re trying to change in the first place.”
  2799. >”Exactly, but so far it’s just a theory, we need to do more experiments so we can see what happens with your magic.” Twilight digs into her own meal squirting out a large dollop of ketchup on her food.
  2800. “Great when can we start?”
  2801. >”Twilight and I are going to the lab to try a few experiments, /you/ mister are staying home and resting.” Sunset says with conviction stabbing her fork down on a piece of egg.
  2802. “I can at least help with writing down the results at least!”
  2803. >”Anon come on, you heard the doctor, you need rest.”
  2804. >”Sunset is right Anon, you’re doctor usually knows best.”
  2805. “Look I promise to not do anything crazy, beside this involves me too, you can’t just shut me out of this.”
  2806. >Twilight and Sunset both look at each other an almost silent conversation running between them.
  2807. >”Well, he’d be in the observation room so nothing would happen…” Twilight mentions to Sunset.
  2808. >”...Fine, I don’t like it but alright.”
  2809. “Great, let me get the wheelchair and we can get started.”
  2812. >A short drive to the school later finds your trio outside the school.
  2813. >Passing by the statute that leads to home you wheel yourself to a stop near it.
  2814. >Pressing your hand on the cool stone you take a moment to remember.
  2815. >A warm hand lays gently on your shoulder, prompting you to look at Sunset, she smiles at you in understanding.
  2816. >”Anon? Are you coming?” Twilight asks from the school doors.
  2817. “Yeah, coming.”
  2818. >”We’ll figure things out Anon, we always do.” Sunset says to you helping you push yourself up the ramp.
  2819. “I hope so, I really hope so.”
  2820. >Twilight pauses at the door before opening it with a jingle of keys.
  2821. “They let students have keys to the place?”
  2822. >”Only to us,” Sunset explains holding the door as you roll in, “It’s so we have access to the labs when we need it.”
  2823. “Surprised that a high school has the stuff needed to even do this to be honest.”
  2824. >”Compared to Crystal Prep, it’s rather low grade, but the equipment is still useable.” Twilight answers before blushing as she takes in Sunset’s annoyed look. “That is to say, Canterlot has it’s own brand of stuff that is just as useful!”
  2825. >”Smooth.”
  2826. >”Oh shut up and let’s get started on the science! I can’t wait to see what new things we can learn.”
  2827. >You just snicker at the two’s banter before following them through the school.
  2828. >You didn’t get much chance to actually go to the school to begin with, taking a job as soon as your arrived, the halls are unfamiliar to your own eyes.
  2829. >As your party moves through the halls you find a poster that pops up now and then.
  2830. “What that poster talking about, summer camp?”
  2831. >”Oh, it’s some trip that a lot of students are planning on going to for their senior trip. As a way to save money all of the lower years are being invited as well.” Explains Twilight after looking at the poster itself.
  2832. “Huh, you girls planning on going?”
  2833. >”I’d like to, but I know that money is tight…” Sunset mentions
  2834. “Pfft, hey you relax and go if you want to alright? It’ll be fine.”
  2835. >”Really?”
  2836. “Yeah, get you out of my hair for a while at least!”
  2837. >”Ass.” Sunset simply says flicking your ear.
  2838. “Abuse! Abuse I say! Twilight save me!”
  2839. >”Nope, that’s all on you Anon.” Twilight giggles after rolling her eyes at your antics. “Now hurry up, we’re almost there.”
  2840. >Soon enough Sunset guides you through confidently alongside Twilight opening out into a rather authentic looking lab.
  2841. >A trio of tables lined with drawers and cabinets locked tight alongside a wall dominated by a variety of computers.
  2842. >In a corner lies a isolation chamber that is separated by a wall of glass and keypad for the door.
  2843. >On one of the spare tables near the cabinets lay an assortment of gadgets that look cobbled together from the local hardware store.
  2844. “What’s our first step then?”
  2845. >”You’re going to be over here, far away from any explosions that might happen.” Sunset says simply pulling you over behind a table and locks your wheelchair in place
  2846. “Oh come on, like there is go-”
  2847. >Stepping past you Sunset merely quirks an eyebrow at you, ”I got zapped by magical rainbows and lighting.”
  2848. >Unlocking the wheelchair you scoot back further away from the chamber.
  2849. “Right so I”ll just be over here then!”
  2850. >”He changed his tune quick.” Twilight giggles out as she starts to work on her gadgets.
  2851. >”Anon doesn’t like lightning that much.” Sunset walks alongside Twilight before helping her with assembling the test.
  2852. “It’s not the lightning that bothers me, it’s the zapping stinging and burning that goes along with it!”
  2853. >”Alright enough horsing aro-” Twilight says before stopping at your and Sunset’s looks.
  2854. >You both have your hands clamping your mouth shut as you try so hard not to snicker.
  2855. >”...”
  2856. “...”
  2857. >Twilight simply sighs, ”Get it out of your system.”
  2858. >”N-no, we’re f-fine!”
  2859. “Not like we’ve got to get a hoof on or anything.”
  2860. >Twilight flails her arms at that, ”Oh my gosh, you two are terrible!”
  2861. >Sunset can’t hold it in any longer laughing at the stupidity, ”Snrk, s-sorry Twilight, Anon’s an idiot let’s go ahead and start.”
  2862. >You dramatically cross your arms and let out a humph of disapproval.
  2863. “I take silent offense to that!”
  2864. >”You’re not being very silent.”
  2865. >”That’s the joke Twilight.”
  2866. >”Oh, right. Well here lemme strap this on…” Twilight says bringing over what looks like a pasta strainer to rest atop of Sunset’s head.
  2867. >”Ok, I think I’m ready.” Taking a few steps the girl bobs her head before smacking it to insure her head gear is secured.
  2868. “You can do it sis!”
  2869. >Twilight comes back to you after Sunset enters the chamber.
  2870. >Clicking a recorder in she pulls from her pocket Twilight seems to change in her demeanor.
  2871. >”Alright beginning recording, now. Twilight Sparkle on July xxth in 20xx. Subject Sunset Shimmer is attempting use of her own magic for measurement.”
  2872. >You spare a glance at the supreme professional scientist beside you.
  2873. “Do you really need to do that?”
  2874. >”It helps me keep organized.” Twilight simply responds before moving the camera nearby to record and point at Sunset.
  2875. >”...” Meanwhile Sunset stands there eyes closed tight.
  2876. >Time starts to pass and you begin to wonder if you should ask to help or something when you see a faint glow surround your sister.
  2877. >Before your eyes you watch in awe as Sunset starts to slowly levitate into the air with a slow twirl!
  2878. >Small glowing nubs start to form on her head as her hair starts to grow in a cascade of curls as two billowing wings made of yellow light starts to form behind her.
  2879. >Faint red marks start to appear across her eyes when suddenly she opens them in shock revealing her jade eyes, like a switch her magical transformation grinds to a halt.
  2880. >With a loud pop and bright flash of light Sunset returns to her normal form!
  2883. >”Ah!” Breathing heavily Sunset kneels down trying to catch her breath.
  2884. >”Sunset! You almost had it, what happened?” Twilight asks walking into the chamber and giving the girl a drink.
  2885. >You bring a towel that the sweaty girl thankfully takes drying off on.
  2886. >”I-I don’t know I could feel it though! It was so close, but then it slipped through my fingers.” Sunset responds after a few minutes to catch her breath, but you can see the eagerness in her eyes at this new mystery.
  2887. “What did you focus on?”
  2888. >”What? Oh, I had, I used the feeling of friendship that I felt between myself and everyone else.”
  2889. >”Aww, Sunset.” Twilight seems to melt at the comment before wrapping Sunset in a hug
  2890. >”H-hey, stop with the hugging, this helmet might hit you.”
  2891. >”Don’t care!” Twilight expresses with glee rubbing her cheek into your sisters.
  2892. “Cute, but I have to ask if you got so far on friendship, maybe you need something more potent?”
  2893. >”What do you mean?” Sunset asks awkwardly patting Twilight on the back to look over at you.
  2894. “You could try love, that’s always was a thing. Remember the princess Cadence?”
  2895. >”Would it work?” Twilight asks peeling herself off of Sunset to look at the both of you.
  2896. >You shrug at the question
  2897. >”I-I don’t know, unicorn magic tries to remove the emotional aspect from it…” Sunset looks out of her depth before you helpfully add,
  2898. “Can’t hurt to try right?”
  2899. >”Yeah, alright step back Twilight.”
  2901. >Sealing the chamber once more you and Twilight take your positions once more.
  2902. >Faster than before Sunset begins to glow a low amber light once more.
  2903. >Soon she is going through the process as her wings and ears form along with those odd markings again.
  2904. >Then before your eyes you can see a horn made of pure light begin to form on her forehead, as the light radiates from the chamber you feel stronger, healthier even.
  2905. >Opening her eyes that glow white at first, soon return to their normal jade to lock eyes with you.
  2906. >A small smile crosses her face as you return it only to be distracted by Twilight.
  2907. >”Oh this is so exciting.”
  2908. “Calm down, let’s ju-”
  2909. >Out of the corner of your eye, you would have missed it if you blinked, a dark streak of ebony darts in front of Sunset!
  2910. >With a groan Sunset holds her head and curls up as the light begins to dim all around you.
  2911. “What’s going on!?
  2912. >”I don’t know! Her readings are skyrocketing.”
  2913. >”NGyaaaaaaaaaaah!” Before your eyes you watch as Sunset’s light turns from a youthful carefree yellow to a smoky hazy maroon as her clothes and skin change.
  2914. >Gone is the elegant dress and yellow skin instead a ragged dress paired with ruddy skin crawls up your sister!
  2915. “Shut it down!”
  2916. >”I’m trying!” Twilight says slamming a button beside the door.
  2917. >With a whine of machines at work you watch as the magic surrounding your sister is suddenly drawn to a hatch above her.
  2918. >As it does the changes seem to fade away before the magic rebukes the drain surging forward as a demonic wing sprouts from your sister!
  2919. >With an explosion of smoke and flame the machine dies out and the changes continue unchallenged
  2920. “Nothings working!”
  2921. >”She overloaded the fail safe.” Twilight says in shock staring at the carnage before her.
  2922. “What?!”
  2923. >”Heeeeelp meeeee.” Sunset’s cries out from inside the chamber.
  2924. >Heart hammering in your chest you know what you have to do.
  2926. >”Hang on Sunset!” “Anon?! Stop what are you doing?”
  2927. >Twilight tries to sprint towards you, but the door slides shut before she can reach it.
  2928. >Scrabbling at the keypad Twilight curses before you draw her attention away.
  2929. “Sorry Twi, but my little sister needs her big brother.”
  2930. >Slamming on the door Twilight shouts at you, ”No! Don’t do it, you idiot you’re going to get hurt!”
  2931. “Thanks Twilight.”
  2932. >”Anon!”
  2933. >Waving her off you turn to the swirling maelstrom of energy that surrounds your sister.
  2934. >The winds buffet at you and you can feel the confusion and rage within it.
  2935. >This children is why we don’t do emotional casting.
  2936. >None the less your sister is in the thick of it and you’re getting her out!
  2937. >Wheeling forward you are nearly knocked off your seat as you push onwards.
  2938. >Leaning into the wind you can feel it burn at your skin as you hold your hand up to your face to ward it off.
  2939. >Faint whispers can be heard all around you speaking of explicit things that set your heart thrumming from their lurid promises.
  2940. >Was this what your sister faced when she turned the first time?
  2941. >Thankfully the chamber was small as you can see the hunched over form of your sister.
  2942. “Sunset?”
  2943. >”NNnngh.”
  2944. >You nearly jerk back, nearly, but the sight of your sister’s tormented face half of it demonic and leering at you while her other half is crying for help, steels your resolve.
  2945. >You let your wheelchair fall to the ground and be swept away in the storm.
  2946. >Holding your sister close you hug her whispering,
  2947. “Sunset, come back to me.”
  2948. >”Its…..haaard…” Comes the choked half mocking and half crying response of two voices in one.
  2949. “Please.”
  2950. >You squeeze her tighter to you hoping that she had the strength.
  2951. >If anything the whirlwind grows stronger and the burning almost too much before with a gasp of air it stops.
  2952. >You sag in relief, held only by your sister and the floor itself as Sunset holds onto you tightly crying all the while.
  2955. >”I’m sorry, I’m s-sorry…” Sunset struggles to speak through her tears as you weakly hold onto her.
  2956. >The chamber door slides open and you soon hear Twilight raving at you
  2957. >”Anon! You idiotic dumb moronic stupid horse! When I saw your wheelchair slam into the window I thought you died you retard!”
  2958. >Hoping to ease the tension you crack a joke,
  2959. “You realize you used the same thing like four times right?”
  2960. >Twilight’s eye twitches dangerously as her lab coat flares behind her striding towards you, ”Shut up! Going into a magically contaminated area was reckless an- Sunset?”
  2961. >One moment the irate and hellfire spitting scientist the next the caring and heartfelt friend.
  2962. >Women are scary.
  2963. >”Oh no, Sunset. What happened? Your readings were fine one moment then the next your power just went out of control.” Twilight softly says rubbing Sunset’s back as she clutches to you tightly.
  2964. >Jeez, Sunny’s going to have nightmares of this all over again.
  2965. “I think it’s better if we let her rest first.”
  2966. >At that Sunset shudders before she starts to speak in something other than sorry, ”N-no, I..I need to confess.”
  2967. >”Confess?” Twilight asks wide eyed.
  2968. “What’s wrong?”
  2969. >”My magic, it...it turned on me.” Sunset explains before pulling away from you and holding herself not willing to face you.
  2970. >”I-I, started to turn into that demon again and...and it.”
  2971. >”Sunset you don’t have to talk about it if you want to.” Twilight offers laying a hand on your sister’s shoulder.
  2972. >Only for the girl to abruptly jerk her shoulder away with a yell, ”No! I-I need to.”
  2973. “That was the form you had from the crown right?”
  2974. >”Yeah, but...oh Celestia, Anon I...I didn’t turn because of some power lust it was from-”
  2975. “From what?”
  2976. >For a long moment Sunset is silent and you think she’ll keep it to yourself when she speaks, ”I’ve...Anon I’m sorry, but, I’ve been sleeping with you /before/ we ever agreed to dating…”
  2977. >What, but...that would...
  2978. >”Sunset…”
  2979. >For how long has she? Last night definitely had something do with them both at least, but then...
  2980. >”No! I’m not, I’m tired of lying!”
  2981. >Finding your voice you mind races as you ask,
  2982. “Sunset, just. Why?”
  2983. >”I’m sorry, I just, you were always there for me and you’ve never pushed me away and…”
  2984. “So you just wanted it and took it?”
  2985. >”No! Yes, I mean.”
  2986. >”Guys, if you want I could leave…?” Twilight asks edging towards the door eager to leave.
  2987. >Oh no purple smart, you get to enjoy this cluster fuck too.
  2988. >”Yes.”
  2989. “No.”
  2990. >You lock eyes with Sunset once more to find her in tears still and looking absolutely wretched before she meekly lowers her eyes.
  2991. >”Nevermind Twi…”
  2992. “Sunset just, why didn’t you wait? Or even ask?!”
  2993. >”You were taking forever and I never in my wildest dreams would believe you’d just accept me in the first place!” Sunset tries to explain still squeezing herself tight that the tips of her fingers turn white.
  2994. “That’s because it was so weird! I was getting used to it a bit, but is it too much to ask for some space to get used to it?”
  2995. >”No, it’s not an-”
  2996. “So you just wanted it and took it? Sunset you’ve always had this problem.”
  2997. >”Wh-what do you mean?”
  2998. “You see something you want, and you just take and take and take it for yourself!”
  2999. >Guilty Sunset doesn’t even try to refute your accusation, ”I-I know, I just…”
  3000. “Oh I’m not done yet, is our entire relationship just based on you wanting my dick and thats it? Is it?!”
  3001. >”No, no i-it’s not I just...I wanted to pay you back I mean.”
  3002. “Pay me back, for what?”
  3003. >”For taking you away from our home! For sending us both into exile and stranding us here on this world!” Sunset says as if it should be obvious.
  3004. >Is she…
  3005. >Really?
  3006. >Th-that’s it? The whole reason for you both to be together?
  3007. >Of a simple debt?!
  3008. “...”
  3009. >”Sunset…” Twilight says stepping closer to her friend.
  3010. >”Yeah?” Jumping Sunset turns to her friend, to be honest you’d forgotten Twilight as well.
  3011. >”Are you intentionally being retarded?”
  3012. >That, came out of left field...
  3013. >”Wh-what? No! Why would you even ask that?!”
  3014. >”Because that’s a stupid reason if you asked me.” Twilight says coming down to look at her friend with a sad look.
  3015. “Sunset, what are our words.”
  3016. >”H-huh?”
  3017. “Our words, now.”
  3018. >”Family, Duty and Honor.”
  3019. “Sunny, you’re my family, I would /never/ ask you to pay me back for this.”
  3020. >”But, this is a lot different than asking for bits to get an experiment running or even a new castle!”
  3021. “Somethings’ don't have a price tag, little sister.”
  3022. >”Yeah Sunset, my own brother would always help me out, okay maybe he’d ask for some help with some homework, but hey, it evens out.” Twilight adds in before briefly rubbing Sunset’s shoulder.
  3023. >”Th-that still doesn’t mean what I did is right! Anon I made you give up your birthright for Celestia’s sake.”
  3024. “And I’d do it again, because we’re family and family looks out for each other.”
  3025. >”Anon…” Sunset says sniffing and shaking in place.
  3026. >You simply spread your arms wide,
  3027. “C’mere you.”
  3028. >With a cry Sunset crawls into your hug and fresh tears fall.
  3029. >Gently patting her back as she holds on with a death grip you murmur,
  3030. “There, there...let it out…”
  3031. >”I’m sorry, I’m sorry!”
  3032. >”Here Sunset.” Looking up you find tissues along with the whole box as Twilight gives you a nervous smile
  3033. >Taking a few you hand them to Sunset as she blows her nose trying to recover her composure.
  3034. “Thanks Twi, speaking of.”
  3035. >”Huh?”
  3036. “I had a rather strange dream last night involving you and Sunny here.” You feel Sunset stiffen in your arms at that and you feel a certainty in your heart.
  3037. >”Grk!” That and Twilight's face of busted is just the topping of the cake.
  3038. “You wouldn’t happen to know anything about that right?”
  3039. >”Uh, w-well I should make sure to fix th-” Twilight stammers out trying to back away.
  3040. >”Twilight.” Sunset sniffs simply.
  3041. >Twilight aborts her botched retreat before avoiding your gaze as she mutters,
  3042. >”...Yes, I, Sunset and I had, i-intimate relations with you while you slept.”
  3043. “Right, well then…”
  3044. >”Y-you’re not mad?” Twilight asks having expected something more at least.
  3045. “Oh I’m steamed, but at the same time I can’t argue that it’s a bit of an ego boost.”
  3046. >”So, what do we do n-now?” Sunset asks looking up at you from your chest.
  3047. “Now? For now I think, I think we should all take a break. Cool off so to speak. I’m not going to lie and say that I don’t feel hurt from this Sunny. Same goes for you Twi, if I can’t trust you girls to leave me be while I sleep. How can I trust you with my heart?”
  3048. >”I-I understand.” Twilight says meekly
  3049. >”Yeah.” Sunset responds gently nuzzling into your chest to avoid your look.
  3050. >Seeing the two of them looking so guilty that you let out a grunt of disgust
  3051. “Teats of Celestia, I sound like some courtier, look I just. I’d want to have at least been a part of something that should have been special in the first place!”
  3052. >”W-Well we coul-”
  3053. >”Twilight!”
  3054. >”It’s an option!” Twilight snaps back holding her hands out in peace.
  3055. “Look, I, I want to let this work, but for now we’re gonna let me heal up, figure out this magic stuff and then maybe we can untangle this clusterfuck alright?”
  3056. >”Makes sense, but are you sure you don’t-”
  3057. >”Twilight!”
  3058. >”I have needs woman!”
  3059. >Despite yourself, you can’t help but start to laugh at the ridiculous situation you’ve fallen in.
  3060. >At seeing you laugh the two girls look at each other before at you.
  3061. >The duo start to have their own laughs as well.
  3062. >You simply lay against your sister still laughing, the tight feeling in your chest slowly unwinds.
  3063. >Sure the girls might as well have raped you in your sleep, but at the same time it was nice, even if you never got to really enjoy it.
  3064. >You know what, its’ time to stop being a whiny bitch.
  3065. “You know, maybe I was being too dumb.”
  3066. >Sunset is the first to get over her laughter at your statement, “Huh?”
  3067. >Squeezing your sister close you lean over to kiss her cheek.
  3068. >Scarlet runs through her face as she stares at you in shock.
  3069. “I’ve decided, I’m not gonna be salty about this, instead what we need are better ground rules. Such as, Twilight!”
  3070. >Jumping at your shout Twilight holds her hands together looking at you, “What?”
  3071. >Waving your arm at her to come closer you wait for her to get close and grab her down to sit with you both.
  3072. >”H-hey!”
  3073. “Alright first rule, ASK. I don’t mind friends too much, but ask before you bring them over alright?”
  3074. >”S-sure!”
  3075. >”W-wait does that mean?”
  3076. >You hold a finger up interrupting the two now excited girls.
  3077. “Second rule, if you want to do something, /don’t/ do it while I’m asleep. This relates to rule one!”
  3078. >”S-”
  3079. >You place a finger on Twilight’s lips to stop her questions making her glasses fog up interestingly enough.
  3080. “And third rule; I’m not taking anything up my butt.”
  3081. >For a moment you see the two girls stare at you before they realize what you said.
  3082. >Twilight simply falls limp in your arms face bright red and Sunset lets out a harsh bark of laughter before nuzzling into your side again, “Anon you are such a dork.”
  3083. “Pfft, if you say so, but hey.”
  3084. >Squeezing Sunset closer you smile at her, “Least I’m your dork.”
  3085. >Sunset simply smiles at that warmly as a light glow surrounds her form as she hugs you tight.
  3087. >”Not that I don’t mind the hugging, but could we get back to the science maybe?” Twilight grumbles having recovered from her too lewd thoughts.
  3088. “Sure, so are you good to go Sunny?”
  3089. >Wiping away the last of her tears Sunset nods with vigor, “Let’s try it again!”
  3090. >Clearing the chamber you walk over to recover your wheelchair before sitting down with a sigh.
  3091. >Soon you’re back where you started before that rather, explosive confession.
  3092. >Does it even really count as rape if you’re still getting hard?
  3093. >Sure, that could be argued with a biological reaction and not a willing one.
  3094. >”Alright Sunset give it all you got!” Twilight says slapping a panel back into place.
  3095. “Did you already fix the fail safe?”
  3096. >”Yep, it just over loaded the fuses, just needed to be replaced is all.”
  3097. >Coming to stand beside you Twilight gives Sunset the thumbs up before the girl starts to clench her fists together.
  3098. >As you watch you spare a glance at Twilight you test the waters.
  3099. “So, how long has Sunset been, interested?”
  3100. >Scribbling down something in a notebook Twilight perks up from her notes before the blush returns, “Oh that, uh...That’s not really something I should share…”
  3101. >At the look you give her Twilight quickly gulps before saying, “Ah, uh well for a few months now, I think? I mean she’d share some details with the rest of us because she wanted advice on how to, to well get close.”
  3102. >”Get close.”
  3103. >Sweet moon pies, months?!
  3104. >And she shared it with her friends for advice?
  3105. >Leaning back with a creak of the wheelchair you let out a sigh feeling your heart contract painfully.
  3106. >Before you can dwell on it too much however, a golden light falls over you.
  3107. >At finding the source you find Sunset looking incandescent with a look of peace on her face.
  3108. >Again like last time she locks eyes with you as she grins happily.
  3109. >Despite how conflicted you feel, a smile comes easily to your face.
  3110. >The glow surrounding your sister seems to intesify at your smile before Sunset closes her eyes once more.
  3111. >With a sudden pop and bright flash of light Sunset lands on her feet holding her knees.
  3113. >”This is amazing, according to the instruments she maanged to get 1452 Magi-joules of power and hold it there for a few minutes.” Twilight adds in bringing you out of your thoughts.
  3114. “Yeah, that’s my sister, pretty impressive right?”
  3115. >”No doubt, but…” Twilight clicks the intercom once more, “Sunset? Why’d you stop?”
  3116. >”C-couldn’t hold that form for long.” Sunset manages out between heavy breathes.
  3117. >”Alright then, I think we’ve at least managed to understand what triggers the transformation.”
  3118. “Ya think?”
  3119. >Twilight shoots you an annoyed look at that before shaking her head, “I know that some of this is redundant Anon, but we have to keep track of everything. Otherwise we might miss something.”
  3120. “I think you’re over thinking it, but alright. No let Sunset outta the bubble I bet she’s starving.”
  3121. >”Oh come on I-” As if to spite her, Sunset’s stomach suddenly lets out a loud growl that makes the glass seem to vibrate.
  3122. “So what was that about food?”
  3123. >”I guess I could go for something to eat.”
  3124. >Snickering you roll over and let Sunset out of the chamber.
  3125. >Twilight finishes packing away her data and is already working at the computers.
  3126. “Twilight are you coming along?”
  3127. >”Mm, no ill catch up with you later.”
  3128. >”Are you sure? You do that even have a ride.”
  3129. >”I can catch a bus, it’ll be fine.”
  3130. >You share a look with Sunset before you both creep up on the unaware girl.
  3131. >”Beside I need to get this data organized so we cahahahaha!”
  3132. >You and Sunset both dig your fingers into Twilight’s sides as she shrieks in surprise!
  3133. >Bursting into laughter you scoot your wheelchair back to avoid the flailing arms.
  3134. “Come on Twilight, just save it to your drive and let’s go eat.”
  3135. >”But, my data! It needs organized!”
  3136. >Sharing a look with your sister you nod to her prompting Sunset to frog march Twilight out of the lab.
  3137. >”Sunset!”
  3138. >”Sorry Twilight, but you do need to go out more.”
  3139. >”I went out plenty when I was coming out here!”
  3140. “Wasn’t that to spy on Sunset?”
  3141. >”Th-that’s not the point!”
  3142. >”Sure it isn’t, come on now.”
  3143. >You smile despite yourself watching as Twilight and Sunset continue to bicker back and forth.
  3144. >You’re still weirded out by Sunset’s confession, not to mention that what Twilight had mentioned…
  3145. >Were you just a conquest for your sister?
  3146. >Nah, after Flash your sister’s never been with another guy, as far as you know at least.
  3147. >Narrowly avoiding a door you shake your head
  3148. >What are you doing?
  3149. >It’s your sister, she’d never do that to you.
  3150. >You thought the same thing about her respecting your boundaries whispers a traitorous part of your mind.
  3151. >”Anon?”
  3152. >Sunset’s voice draws you from your mind to find Sunset and Twilight both looking at you with concern as they stand at the doors leading outside.
  3153. >”Are you coming?” Twilight asks, “You were the one to insist on food.”
  3154. “Yeah, yeah sorry just got lost in thought.”
  3155. >”Oh I’ve actually read a few books that could help with that, one of them had mentioned that by counting backwards from a hundred can actually help you keep your focus.”
  3156. >”Are you sure that wasn’t meditation instead?”
  3157. >”I might have mixed the two.”
  3158. >You have a little laugh at that before following the duo into the car once more.
  3160. >Breaking down the door you scramble to your hooves and bolt for the next room.
  3161. >You can feel the flames lick away at your back as you pant.
  3162. >Gotta go faster, faster!
  3163. >Pouring on the speed you zip past the kitchen of your old home skidding on the tiles as black smoke and red flame follow after you.
  3164. >Need to escape!
  3165. >You shove at another door only for it to hold fast.
  3166. ‘Open damn you!’
  3167. >Whirling about you buck the door.
  3168. >Once.
  3169. >You can see the flames roaring into the kitchen consuming the counters and wood work.
  3170. >Twice.
  3171. >You can feel your fur start to stand on end from the heat as it races towards you.
  3172. >On the third try the door falls away and you hastily scramble backwards from the flames.
  3173. >Regardless the fire rises ever more as it chases you through.
  3174. >You have a brief moment to realize that you’re in your apartment now.
  3175. >Not given a chance to even wonder why you have to duck as flames roar over your head.
  3176. >Frantically you search for a way free, but the yellow and red flames lap away eagerly at your surroundings.
  3177. >Coughing from the smoke you kneel down trying to find another way out.
  3178. >Only for something hard to strike you down, you see a glimpse of a hoof before the flames rush in at you.
  3179. >All you can feel is burning.
  3180. >Burning!
  3181. >You grit your teeth trying to find a way out, instead the flames lick away at your core before you fall over curled into a blackened husk.
  3183. >”Anon!”
  3184. >You abruptly sit up with a gasp arms smacking into a body.
  3185. >”Ow!”
  3186. >Hands shaking you feel around yourself making sure that the flames are out.
  3187. >You jerk at the soft touch to your arms before seeing Sunset holding your shoulder.
  3188. >”Anon, are you okay?”
  3189. “I-I…”
  3190. >With a small thump your heart stops as you see a demonic visage before you only for it to fade away revealing your sister’s eyes tired and bloodshot.
  3191. >”Anon, I heard you shouting in your sleep. Did you have a nightmare?”
  3192. >Meekly you nod and draw your legs towards you as you try to recover your breath.
  3193. >”Well, I could help you.”
  3194. “W-what do you mean?”
  3195. >Sunset shares a shy smile with you as she scoots closer, “I mean, all those times you helped me out with a nightmare, I can return the favor you know?”
  3196. >Rubbing your head you think about it for a little bit before sighing and opening your blanket.
  3197. >With an excited squee Sunset clambers in with you and gives you a hug before settling in herself.
  3198. >”Do you wanna be big spoon or me?” Sunset asks having made herself at home in your bed.
  3199. >Which position stops you from fucking me in my sleep?
  3200. >”Huh?”
  3201. “Oh uh, you can be big spoon. Just remember, no funny business alright?”
  3202. >”Of course, this is just to help my big bro get some sleep!”
  3203. >With that said Sunset scoots over and wraps you in her arms.
  3204. >You can feel her breasts push up against your back.
  3205. >Ignoring that for now you take a deep breath and just try to relax listening to the steady breathing of your sister.
  3206. >You start to drowse off to sleep once more, but the feeling of flames crawling up your skin jerk your eyes wide open to look around frantically.
  3207. >Come on man, you need to sleep.
  3208. >Moving about you try to find a comfortable spot, but with Sunset nearby you can’t move as much as you want to.
  3209. >”Mmn, Anon?”
  3210. “Sorry, did I wake you?”
  3211. >”Lil’ bit, are you okay?”
  3212. “..Can’t really get comfortable.”
  3213. >”Oh, lemme…”
  3214. >Sunset reaches over and brings over her pillow to sit in front of you.
  3215. >With her arms the girl wraps you in a homemade sandwich of girl and pillow.
  3216. “How’s this supposed to help?”
  3217. >”Now you can be the big spoon and the little spoon.” Sunset murmurs sleepily before laying a kiss on your cheek, “Now time for sleeps…”
  3218. >You think your little sister is still out of it.
  3219. >The small whisper of sleep from behind you confirms it as well.
  3220. >Maybe you just need to calm down a bit and just relax…
  3222. >Sparing a glance at the alarm clock nearby you see that it’s already two in the morning.
  3223. >You haven’t gotten to sleep yet, every time you close your eyes you can see the flames there eager to greet you.
  3224. >It’s almost like hellfire with it’s intensity…
  3225. >That just reminds you of that song with the priest and hellfire now.
  3226. >You need to get something to drink…
  3227. >Carefully you sneak the pillow over to Sunset and let her grab onto it instead.
  3228. >Freed from your sister you hobble over to the kitchen delicately.
  3229. >Pouring a glass of water and ice you lean back against the fridge as you sip at it.
  3230. >Should you really be that fine with your sister violating your private space like that?
  3231. >Or the whole thing with her sharing the sordid details with her friends?
  3232. >Granted your sister doesn’t have much in the way of relationships to help her with personal things, but still!
  3233. >Has it really hurt you in the long run however?
  3234. >Watching the ice clink in the water is the only answer you get.
  3235. >You just wish you could understand how you’re supposed to even feel about this.
  3236. >Heck you could imagine the guys at work giving you a hard time for denying free pussy like that.
  3237. >Still, it’s your sister, she’s always been needing your help and you’ve always looked after her, guess it makes sense that she’d be attracted to you before hand as well.
  3238. >Sighing you drain the last of your water before spying the melatonin atop the microwave.
  3239. >Staring it down you let out another sigh before taking double the dosage and head back to bed.
  3240. >Peeking into the gloom you can see Sunset sprawled out in bed her hair cascading around her like a living flame.
  3241. >You remember the heartfelt smile she had when she transformed, that makes your heart lift from it’s heaviness.
  3242. >If there’s one thing you’d be glad to do for your sister, is to protect that smile.
  3243. >When did you get all sappy, must be the melatonin already.
  3244. >Crawling into bed you slip under the covers and nestle in close to Sunset feeling her breath gently mix with your own.
  3245. >With the pills, the pleasant heat and the rhythmic breathing you soon pass out into a dreamless sleep.
  3246. >Maybe things will make more sense in the morning?
  3248. >It’s hot.
  3249. >Burning!
  3250. >Eyes snapping open you stiffen suddenly before slowly relaxing.
  3251. >Swallowing a dry mouth you look around to find yourself alone in bed.
  3252. >Sunset must have gotten up already, looking over at the clock you can see that the time is already past noon.
  3253. >Cripes you slept in today.
  3254. >Shambling out of bed you grab the cane from the bedside table before heading into the living room.
  3255. >The house is quiet for once as you look around for your sister.
  3256. >It's only when you look at the television do you see a post it note.
  3257. >Taking it down you read, ‘Went with Rarity to get groceries and hang out at mall, will be back around five. Stay home and get some rest big brother! Hugs and kisses, Sunset.’
  3258. >Oh, well that explains it.
  3259. >Rarity, that reminds you,if Sunset told Twilight did she tell the rest of her friends?
  3260. >Grunting you walk to the couch and phone before looking at your contact list.
  3261. >Admittedly you don't have many people on here, but your sister had insisted on you knowing her friends just in case.
  3262. >Now which one to call…
  3263. >Rarity is out as you don't want her to tell Sunset right away
  3264. >Flicking ingredients through the list you a top on a blond mop of hair, Applejack.
  3265. >Didn't Sunset mentioned that this one was really honest or something?
  3266. >Might as well try.
  3267. >Clicking on the phone icon you wait for her to pick up
  3268. >It takes two rings before you hear that distinctive southern drawl, “Howdy Sugarcube, what's up?”
  3269. “Hey Applejack, hope I didn't call at a bad time.”
  3270. >”Naw, taking a break from picking apples, what’cha need?”
  3271. “Look this will sound weird, but Sunset did she ever mention certain things about me and her?”
  3272. >”Come again?”
  3273. >Covering your eyes with your hand to avoid the cringe you can see coming.
  3274. “Did Sunset ever mention wanting to be more than brother and sister to you? “
  3275. >”...”
  3276. >The silence is very telling.
  3277. >It's only when you check the phone to see if she hung up on you that she responds.
  3278. >Quickly Slamming the phone to your ear with a wince you catch, “-cube, I don't want to pry or nothin’ but…”
  3279. “No, go ahead I want to know.”
  3280. >”Alright, yeah, she mentioned a time or two on wanting to be more with you cuz of all the good you done by her.”
  3281. “The good?”
  3282. >”Well o’course! Most folks don't go as far as leaving their whole life behind for family and I can respect that Anon, Sunset cares for ya deeply Anon I promise she does.”
  3283. “Not enough to stop her from sleeping with me…”
  3284. >”She told ya about that!?”
  3285. “You knew?!”
  3286. >”Uh, what was that Anon you're breaking up, can't make ou-”
  3287. “Applejack.”
  3288. >”Darn it.”
  3289. “If she told you then it's a fair guess she told the rest of you huh?”
  3290. >”She did, but Anon she truly cares about you, don't throw that away Sugarcube.”
  3291. “I'm not it's just, I don't know. Alright?”
  3292. >”Have yall at least talked with the girl?”
  3293. “No, not yet at least.”
  3294. >”Do it, if there is anything I know best, is that you need to be honest for a relationship to work.”
  3295. “even when one of them isn't honest at the start?”
  3296. >“Cornsarnett Anon, she at least told you to your face instead of hiding it!”
  3298. “Sorry just, bitter i guess.”
  3299. >Suddenly the doorbell rings drawing your attention
  3300. >”Anon you an-”
  3301. “Hold that thought. “
  3302. >”Huh?”
  3303. >Walking towards the door you hold the phone with your shoulder.
  3304. “Someone at the door is all.”
  3305. >”Oh, well I can wait.”
  3306. >As you unlock the door you turn the handle over and pull.
  3307. >A cheerful smile and gentle hug is at the door in the form of a familiar pink girl with too large headphones blasting some odd punk rock music.
  3308. >”Anon, what's that noise?”
  3309. >Instinctively your hand reaches up to pet Zest on the head, memories of Sunset sneaking a hug now and then come to mind.
  3310. “I’ll call you later, a friend came over.”
  3311. >Hanging the phone up you thought you heard her ask who, before Zest turns her head up to look at you, “Anon, I know you might be weirded out by me coming over, but I’m totally down to help you out by /any/ means necessary!”
  3312. >The hooded look she throws your way at the mention of anything makes you shiver in your mental space.
  3313. “Neat, well if you wanted to help me change my bandages…”
  3314. >”Sure!” With a preppy spring in her step Zest quickly closes the door behind her as she drags you towards the living room.
  3315. >Helping you down Zest begins to pull off your shirt before you can utter a word.
  3316. >Lifting your arms up with a grunt you shimmy from side to side when the hem of the shirt catches on your nose.
  3317. >Grimacing from the discomfort start to grab the shirt ready to rip it off when there is a soft, moist kiss!
  3318. >Eyes wides you jerk back nearly falling over and yelping out in pain from the sudden movement.
  3319. >”Oh my gosh, I’m sorry Anon. I thought-”
  3320. “What was that even!?”
  3321. >”I just, I wanted to show my appreciation.” The hurt look in her eyes makes your resolve tremble, but you hold fast.
  3322. “Okay, well first too fast, second you almost got raped, I would think you wouldn’t be so eager.”
  3323. >”No, it’s not that. It’s, it’s better when I’m with you, I feel...safer.”
  3324. >Curling in on herself atop the couch Zest looks so frail by herself there.
  3325. >Sighing you simply hold out your arm to her.
  3326. >Face brightening up Zest happily crawls over to gently snuggle into your side, you can feel her heartbeat as she lays against your side.
  3327. >Not to mention that rather small buds that press against your side, shaking of those lusty thoughts you focus on Zest.
  3328. “If you want to show your thankful, then do it in smaller things, you know? I didn’t get into that fight trying to get laid.”
  3329. >’Yes you did’ a traitorous thought lingers in your mind before you dismiss it
  3330. >Zest turns her head up to look at you for a moment, worry and concern mixed with hopefulness, “Well you could tell me what you need done?”
  3331. “That’s a good start, maybe my bandages?”
  3332. >”Oh, right. Sorry I sometimes forget things at times.” Lemon Zest does a small knock on her head, “It just falls out like that, I’d lose my own head if it wasn’t attached to me.”
  3333. “Heh, well at anyrate the doctor did the ending of it on my back, think you can get to it?”
  3334. >Seeing the confident nod you leverage yourself up before turning your back to her.
  3335. >You wait before butterfly light touches start to graze your back.
  3336. “You can be a bit rougher, if you need to.”
  3337. >”Sorry, I just don’t want to hurt you.”
  3338. ”Nah I’ll be f-rip-i~~~~~ne!”
  3339. >”Oh gosh, what did I do!?”
  3340. >Tilting your head back at Lemon Zest you give her a lazily grin, “Gotcha.”
  3341. >A flurry of emotions flash across Lemon’s face before it settles on anger, “You jackass! I thought I really hurt you!”
  3342. >A couch pillow meets your face in retaliation!
  3343. “Sorry, I was just trying to break the ice.”
  3344. >”Well consider it broken you idiot, gah!”
  3345. “Didn’t mean to scare you.”
  3346. >”No it’s fine I just- phew okay, I’m nervous alright?”
  3347. >Patting her shoulder you give the best comforting grin you can.
  3348. “It’ll be fine, all you need to do is just undo the clips and then I can do the rest.”
  3349. >It seems to have worked as Lemon Zest gulps before nodding at you face oddly red.
  3350. >Turning away once more you wait before feeling her fingers slowly, but with more confidence begin to undo the bandages.
  3351. >The silence is somewhat comforting as the steady rasp of cloth fills the room.
  3352. >You started to reach for the bandage, but instead Lemon keeps undoing it.
  3353. >Not seeking a fight you relent though as you get closer to your skin, Lemon’s progress starts to stall.
  3354. >You feel fingers start to trace your skin where it’s whole, small goosebumps starting to raise up in response.
  3355. >The wounds look nasty you bet, better take over for the poor thing.
  3356. “Here, I’ll get the rest.”
  3357. >”Huh? Oh! Uh, no I’m almost done.”
  3358. “Are you sure? I know that it’s going to look gross…”
  3359. >”No, I can do it.”
  3360. “If you’re sure.”
  3361. >The last wrap slowly comes undone with a clinging feel to it and you can hear the gasp from behind.
  3362. “It’s pretty bad isn’t it?”
  3363. >”A-a little, b-but it’s pretty closed up!”
  3364. “S’cuze me?”
  3365. >Trying to look back you falter as you can’t see it.
  3366. >”Yeah, you’re healing really well Anon, it’s still really red an- oh gosh it’s bleeding again! What do I do!?”
  3367. “Calm down, hand me a bandage.”
  3368. >Fumbling Lemon brings the cloth over and you quickly unravel it.
  3369. >It’s starting to sting now, and you can feel a small drop of blood work it’s way down your back.
  3370. >Grunting you hold one end in place and gesture back to Lemon.
  3371. “Need you to start wrapping me.”
  3372. >”Right!” Quickly the bandage is snatched from your hand and you can see the small shakes in Lemon’s arms as they seem to fly around you quickly wrapping you up once more.
  3373. “Not so tight!”
  3374. >”Sorry!”
  3375. >Making a few last minute adjustments you’re rebandaged properly and can now sit against the sofa comfortably.
  3376. “Thanks, should have done it yesterday, but was too busy.”
  3377. >”With what?”
  3378. >Memories of Sunset’s tearful confession and your answer spring to mind.
  3379. “Magic stuff…”
  3380. >”Do you think you can do more of that?”
  3381. “The magic?”
  3382. >”Yeah!” Bouncing in place the girl leans forward looking at you eagerly.
  3383. “Not a clue.”
  3384. >Man dat pout.
  3385. >”Really?”
  3386. “Yeah, can’t really try to do it like I am now, but we did learn a few things.”
  3387. >In an instant the excitement is back and Lemon nods for you to continue.
  3388. “Emotion seems to be key, so far we’ve only tried a few different ones, but it looks like there are a few that are the best to use. Love seemed to have the greatest effect it looked like.”
  3389. >”Wait, if you managed to find this out, who was d- wait your sister can do magic too?”
  3390. >Nodding at her Lemon Zest frowns before biting at her thumbnail, “Darn it.”
  3391. “Why are you mad?”
  3392. >”Well, it’s not that I’m mad, just...have you ever noticed she seems to be awfully possessive of you?”
  3393. >Internally you sweat as you let out a unconvincing laugh.
  3394. “Ha you noticed?”
  3395. >”Really though! It’s so weird, she acts like you’re her boyfriend or something.”
  3396. >The word boyfriend sinks into like an arrow finding its mark with unerring accuracy.
  3397. “Y-you don’t say.”
  3398. >”Yeah! Seriously there isn’t anything wrong with me wanting to get to know my savior you know? And I meant it when I said I’d help.” Zest lays a hand on your thigh as she shares a genuine smile with you.
  3399. >Despite yourself you can’t help but return it.
  3400. “Sunset has always been a bit precocious, but hey she just doesn’t know you yet, to be honest neither do I.”
  3401. >”Well I’d be happy to fix that!” With that Lemon sits up and pulls out her ophone before scrolling to her playlist, “Here, this is some of the stuff that I like to listen to.”
  3403. “A-ah, I see, though I can’t hear now.”
  3404. >”I know right it’s so full of energy!”
  3405. >Remembering the lyrics of R3@p3rs hit song, ‘Die, Die, Die!’ you can’t help but let out a laugh.
  3406. >”What’s so funny?”
  3407. “It’s just, your music is inspired by carnage, death and other stuff and you say it’s so full of life, just some odd parallels yanno?”
  3408. >”Mm, I suppose, but that’s the great thing about music! You just find your own way with each one, its like, a reflection of your soul you know?”
  3409. >That’s a rather poetic way of looking at it.
  3410. >For the next couple of hours you and Lemon mostly hang out learning more about each other, you found out that she rather enjoyed a bizarre selection of music, not only death metal, but things ranging from punk rock to country rap.
  3411. >That last one is actually a thing, just very rare.
  3412. >You also learned the Zest had a passion for cooking as well as she uses her ophone to show you meals she’d made herself.
  3413. >Though you don’t know the difference between the flambe and the champe are you guess Lemon just has a zest for cooking.
  3414. >Somewhere you feel there is a smug mexican looking on in pride.
  3415. >Of course you had to share some tales of your own, since the cat was out of the bag in regards to your extradimensional origins you’re telling her of the time when you and Sunset had set up a prank for Princess Celestia.
  3416. “So we have this spell set primed and ready to go, it’d turn her mane all these different colors that clash together right, but when she walked through the door and the spell triggered. Let’s just say we didn’t try that one so close to Nightmare Night.”
  3417. >”You mean Halloween? Why’s that?”
  3418. “Yeah that, well turned out that Celestia had cottoned onto our prank and turned it back on us by using the spell to change into this fiery demon looking thing with sharp teeth, fire for a mane and slitted eyes before she started to chase us throughout the entire castle!”
  3419. >Zest giggles at that leaning back in her chair enthralled with your story.
  3420. “It got so bad that we tried every trick in the book to stop her; shields, spells, throwing things down and at her! Nothing would stop her as she cackled about eating our souls.”
  3421. >”How’d you get away then?”
  3422. “That’s the thing, we’d thought the royal baths would save us because of all the water and we found it just made things worse as the waters had evaporated. So we started to throw things at her before Sunset-”
  3423. >The door opens and closes interrupting your story.
  3425. >The door opens and closes interrupting your story.
  3426. >”Anon I’m home! Sorry I- oh, it you.”
  3427. >”Darling who a- oh, hello there, Lemon was it?”
  3429. “Sunny! Rarity, hey guys this is Lemon Zest. “
  3430. >”Hello.”
  3431. >Setting down the bags in her arms at the table Rarity nods in greeting to Zest.
  3432. >”I've heard of her, you were at the friendship games yes?”
  3433. >”Yep!” Lemon replies with a grin.
  3434. >”Well it's a pleasure, Sunset dear where do you want me to put these?”
  3435. “I could help wit-”
  3436. >In unison all three girls say no, prompting you to hold your hands up in surrender.
  3437. >”Set them on the counter, I'll get them put away later.” Sunset answers with a distracted tone.
  3438. >”I can at least put away the cold things, they'll spoil if you don't put them away.” Rarity insists as she starts to sort through the bags.
  3439. >”Sounds great, so Zest , care to share why you are here, again?” Sunset asks crossing her arms leaning against the door jam.
  3440. “Sis.”
  3441. >”If you need to know, I was visiting a good friend, not that it should concern you since your brother can see whoever he wants.” Lemon says with a chill entering her voice.
  3442. >You can almost see the sparks crackling between the two as they stare the other down.
  3443. >This is getting silly.
  3444. “Zest come on.”
  3445. >”Mm that's nice, though to be fair you are being rather clingy, an-”
  3446. >Shooting a glare at Sunset she stops before taking a deep breath.
  3447. >”And I guess that's your right to do so. Anon what did you want for dinner? Bought a ton of groceries back. “ Sunset says in exasperation.
  3448. >Beaming at her in pride you ponder for a minute.
  3449. >Taking your silence as an answer Zest quickly perks up, ”I could cook something up if you got good ingredients. “
  3450. >”Why would, I mean, sure why not. If Anon is alright with it. “
  3451. >You know you’re already pushing Sunset’s feelings on this so you shake your head.
  3452. “...Nah be wrong to make a guest cook for us. “
  3453. >”Alright then, I'll help with getting the groceries then! “
  3454. “Wait you d-”
  3455. >And she’s is gone.
  3457. >As that girl leaves with a bouncy sway to her hips you turn to your brother, walking over to Anon and lean down into his face, “Care to share?”
  3458. >“Look I just want everyone to get along, is that too much to ask?”
  3459. >Is he for real?
  3460. >Do you need to nearly kill him to get his affection or something?!
  3461. ”Yeah, it is when /she/ nearly gets you killed.”
  3462. >“Sis.”
  3463. “Don’t you Sis me, Anon come on. Why does she need to stick around? She’s part of what caused the problem at the games!”
  3464. >Anon starts to answer only for another voice to interrupt you both.
  3465. >”Darlings, is everything alright?” Rarity asks on a trip into the house.
  3466. “We’re fine, just discussing what to do for dinner.”
  3467. >”My goodness I know Sweetie and I argue sometimes, but I imagine food is important.”
  3468. >There are times when you wonder about your friends.
  3469. >Course, your brother was rather oblivious about your own actions as well, so it’s not like you have much room to talk.
  3470. >Feeling his hand on your wrist you look down to see him nod to the bedrooms.
  3471. >Silently you help him up and head for the privacy of the bedrooms.
  3472. >Once the door clicks shut you turn to see Anon looking at you with wrinkled frown, “Sis, I get that you don’t like Zest, but why?”
  3473. >Is he still that thick?
  3474. >Course he is, he’s your brother after all.
  3475. “Anon, I don’t like because she put you in danger, was a bad influence on Twilight back at the games, and I don’t like how she’s trying to get all buddy buddy with you!”
  3476. >Anon stares at you before you see a smirk start to grow on his face, “You’re jealous.”
  3477. “What?! No! Of course not, I’m just worried she’ll take advantage of you!”
  3478. >”Like you did with me?”
  3479. >That comment felt like a punch to the gut.
  3480. “Wh-what do you mean?”
  3481. >Regret floods Anon’s face as he refuses to look at you, “Ah jeez, I’m sorry I didn’t…”
  3482. >Worry starts to gnaw at your heart as you see how troubled Anon actually looks.
  3483. “Anon, Anon, look at me.”
  3484. >Tilting his head up you can see the conflict raging behind those green eyes, so much like your own.
  3485. “You know you can tell me anything right? What’s eating you up?”
  3488. >Anon looks indecisive before opening his mouth, “I-”
  3489. >A loud knock interrupts him making you curl your hands into fists.
  3490. >Grumbling you wrench open the door shouting, “What?!”
  3491. >Rarity stands there leaning back in shock at the venom in your voice.
  3492. “Oh, ah Rarity, I’m so sorry, what did you need?”
  3493. >Simply smoothing out her hair Rarity responds, “Think nothing of it Darling, I was just wanting to let you know that I and Zest were able to put away the groceries for you.”
  3494. >Oh, now you feel bad.
  3495. >”Thanks Rares.”
  3496. “Yeah, thanks for that.”
  3497. >Rarity does notice however that there is a tension in the room, leaning forward to look between you and Anon, “Is everything alright? I don’t mean to intrude, but…”
  3498. >You look over at Anon for a silent moment before going to tell her no when you hear Anon say, “Rarity did you know?”
  3499. >Snapping your gaze over to Anon you see him looking past you at Rarity with a clenched jaw.
  3500. >He only does that when he has to do something unpleasant.
  3501. >Oh no.
  3502. >”Know what Darling, you need to be more specific than that.”
  3503. >”About Sunset and I being...closer than normal, did she tell you as well?”
  3504. >Anon stop, what are you doing?
  3505. >”W-well I wouldn’t assume to barge in o-on-”
  3506. >”Just, just answer the question Rarity.”
  3507. “Anon, can’t we-”
  3508. >”No, we can’t I want the truth.”
  3509. >Rarity looks to you for guidance before answer for her.
  3510. “Yes, she did. I told her about it.”
  3511. >”What about the rest of it? And the rest of the girls do they all know as well?”
  3512. >Anon asks looking unsettled the more he asks.
  3513. “Yes! Celestia, I did, I didn’t have anyone else to talk about this!”
  3514. >Rarity edges away from your outburst as you have your eyes clenched tight.
  3515. >”Darlings, I imagine you two would care for some privacy, so i shall leave it to you two.”
  3516. “Wait.”
  3517. >Rarity freezes in place before looking back at you.
  3518. “Could make sure that Zest leaves too? I don’t want her to know.”
  3519. >”Seemed fine with everyone else but me knowing.”
  3520. “Anon please.”
  3523. >Rarity in response simply nods at you before looking at Anon, “Darling you shouldn’t be so harsh, I know it was a breach of trust, but-”
  3524. >”Thanks Rarity, bye now.”
  3525. >Jerking back as if slapped Rarity frowns before giving you a small thumbs up, “Good luck.”
  3526. >Letting the door close behind her you sigh before turning to look at Anon.
  3527. >The silence continues to draw itself out as you both watch each other.
  3528. >Come on Anon, say something.
  3529. >Rubbing his neck Anon lets out a sigh before patting the bed beside him.
  3530. >Mulling over the idea you relent and take a seat next to your brother.
  3531. >You sit upright nervous as to how Anon wants this to go, should you lean on him. Stay separate?
  3532. >The decision is abruptly taken from you as Anon wraps his big arm round your shoulder and brings you into a hug.
  3533. >Letting out a small whoof of displaced air you blink at the sudden affection, weren’t you both about to fight?
  3534. >”Sunset, I- you know that I love you right?”
  3535. >Turning your head and pushing up to look at him better you nod.
  3536. “Of course!
  3537. >Seeing your simple conviction makes your brother let out a small smile before he closes his eyes and looks at you with determination.
  3538. >”good, that’s good. Look, I think we rushed into this.”
  3539. >No, please don’t…
  3540. >”When you were crying and so upset about what you had done, I just-”
  3541. >Anon don’t do this…
  3542. >”I just wanted to make my little sister happy again. What I’m trying to say is-”
  3543. >Oh Celestia, you knew it was too good to be true.
  3544. >”I think we should step back from being, together.”
  3545. >It’s hard to breath through the lump in your throat at you stare at Anon.
  3546. >At seeing your condition Anon clenches his jaw before wrapping you in a hug squeezing you tight.
  3547. >Yet the reassuring feel of affection and security is only a faint ember of what it used to be.
  3548. >”Sunset, please. I know, I know this hurts, but I don’t know if I’m ready for it either and I hate it!”
  3549. >You let him talk into your shoulder as you try to bury your tears in his shirt, your arms limply come up to hug him back.
  3550. >”Sis, I just, I’ve always got your back, but what you did and what you want…”
  3551. >You tense up making Anon squeeze you tighter in response.
  3552. >You can’t talk, once you do you know you won’t stop.
  3553. >”I just can’t, I can’t do it and I know you’re going to be upset and sad and I don’t, I don’t want that.”
  3554. >Anon starts to shake in place as he holds you and your shoulder starts to get wet as well.
  3555. >”Celestia Above, I’m pathetic…”
  3556. >/That/ you need to correct.
  3557. “No, you’