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Tail Spin's Friendship Lesson [PTFG, Abandoned}

By FajitasAnon
Created: 18th December 2020 12:36:55 AM

  1. >It was about 2 years ago, or at least that's how their calendars work
  2. >You were Anonymous F. Aggot, one of the many horsefuckers that your favorite chinese spyware forum contains from the world
  3. >And today has been a great day, you've actually accomplished some things
  4. >The gas station you applied for a while back finally called you back to tell you that you start next monday
  5. >You convinced your dad to put off kicking you out for another few months
  6. >You made real, audible connection with a girl and she didn't run away
  7. >And you found a site to watch your secret autism of cute ponies that won't give your computer turbo-AIDS
  8. >It's late, and time to sit down and relax with some pony before bed
  9. >That's what you would think, before you notice this big ass fly on your monitor
  10. >Gross
  11. >You follow your first instinct to squish the little bastard, and your hand slips through the screen
  12. >You panic at first, you can't afford a new monitor this quickly
  13. >Then you realize that the screen's not damaged, it's more like an open window
  14. >If an open window was also connected to a weak vacuum that's getting stronger
  15. >By the time you get over your bewilderment of unexplained portals, you start to notice that your hand on the inside isn't a hand
  16. >It's some sort of marshmallow-looking ultramarine lump
  17. >Did you mention that the pull from inside was getting stronger?
  18. >Because you can't pull your arm out any more
  19. >Grabbing the side of the monitor with your free hand does little to give you extra leverage
  20. "What the fuck?"
  21. >The pull keeps growing, and more and more of you slips through
  22. >You're up to your shoulder now, and you're still not quite sure what's happening
  23. "Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck!"
  24. >Now is a pretty good time to panic
  25. >Unfortunately, panicking doesn't solve anything, and causes you to lose your grip on your side of the monitor
  26. >Your entire upper body slips through before you catch yourself with your knees, and you realize what is happening
  27. >You've fallen asleep at some point, and Mr. Sandman has some weird shit in store for you
  28. >That's the only reasonable explanation for your whole body tingling and the round blue thing obscuring your vision
  29. >You turn your head to see that your upper half has become more rounded, and there's two half-formed protrusions on your back
  30. >And you're covered in that same blue you saw on what used to be your hand
  31. >The pull grows even stronger, and your knees slip off the side of your computer screen
  32. >You're practically thrown away from the little window back to your word onto the ground
  33. >At least the drop isn't too far, only like twelve, thirteen feet down
  34. >Sideways in your world is down here, you guess
  35. >Ow fuck, falling hurts
  36. "Ow fuck"
  37. >Your landing is far from perfect, but at least there's grass to break your fall
  38. >Could've been stone
  39. >You try to stand up, but your slightly battered body keeps falling over
  40. >Instead, you get on all fours
  41. >This really shouldn't feel as natural as it does
  42. >You try to get your bearings, and take a look around you
  43. >There's a forest off to your left, a town to your right, and looking up you can't see the cosmic window back to your room anymore
  44. >Giving yourself a much needed once over while you're at it, you find out that you've turned into a pony
  45. >An ultramarine pegasus with a less saturated blue mane, to be exact
  46. >You don't have a cutie mark, but that's to be expected
  47. >You didn't have anything you'd consider a specific talent
  48. >Well, it's time to find out what's in that town
  49. >Don't want to leave your dream's whims waiting
  51. >It's another in Equestria, and you are the pegasus known as [spoiler]Anonymous[/spoiler] Tail Spin
  52. >Your dream was never a dream, you really got sucked into your computer
  53. >You tried to convince other ponies of what happened to you at first, but eventually gave up
  54. >At least you learned to fly, which has been your passion since the incident
  55. >You've flown across almost the entire continent, visiting everywhere you can
  56. >You never stay too long in one place, though
  57. >Just long enough to see some sights, eat some food, make some bits, and get directions to your next destination
  58. >You've avoided Canterlot, however
  59. >You really do not want to find out the princess' stances on what could be construed as illegal immigration
  60. >Life is as good as you could make it
  61. >You still are bitter that this all happened just as things started looking up for you back home
  62. >You've directed this bitterness at these ponies, and it doesn't help you make any friends
  63. >It's not like they weren't agreeable or friendly, you just didn't like the constant reminders that you're stuck here
  64. >You still haven't found where your window to home went
  65. >And you absolutely refuse to make a new home here
  66. >Still holding on to that vain hope you'll be able to get back
  67. >Even if you don't remember how to walk on two legs, the taste of meat, or the sounds of early-morning cars going to work
  68. >This kind of thinking is starting to bum you out
  69. >You're getting tired of aerial wandering, too
  70. >That combination says that the nearest field suitable for napping has your name on it
  71. >Looking down, you see that pretty much everywhere below you fits the bill
  72. >Landing, you see a forest way far off to your left, a town that looks more like a glorified light speck to your right.
  73. >Reminds you of when you first got here, and gets your hopes up
  74. >You crush your hopes again when you don't see anything out of the ordinary in the sky
  75. >Well, at least this grass is comfier than the last field
  76. "Maybe tomorrow. Tomorrow's another day."
  77. >You don't believe in your words anymore, but you say them anyway as you let yourself fall asleep


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