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Anonfilly's Master Plan [6]

By FajitasAnon
Created: 18th December 2020 12:37:46 AM

  1. >High noon of being the filly in Equestria
  2. >It's been a while since you've started a train of thought like that, so today must be important
  3. >And indeed it is, as you've finally figured out how to remove the purple stopgap between you and your favorite party amalgamation
  4. >Seriously, the quesadillas incident wasn't that bad
  5. >Okay, it was
  6. >But it was worth it
  7. >Your train of thought is interrupted by slamming hornfirst into Twiggle's crystal eyesore
  8. >Right, the plan
  9. >You knock a little tune into the front door
  10. >It's a little amazing how many knocking frequencies you can hit with a crystal door
  11. >The door opens to see the worlds most disappointing looking dragon
  12. >"Hey Nonny. Twi's busy with a project right now."
  13. "An exploding project or a boring, very interruptible project?"
  14. >"I don't think it'll explode, but you should wait-"
  15. >That's all you needed to hear
  16. >You push past the pathetic purple lizard
  17. >You'll probably apologize later, you want to be enough in his good graces to continue playing O&O with the boys later
  19. >You hear some semi-distant grumbling, and after a couple minutes the purple pony princess makes her appearance
  20. >"Hi Nonny, what brings you here?"
  21. >Her words say friendly, her tone says "You were supposed to not let her in today, spike"
  22. "I've come to make a deal, Twilight. One that we'll both like."
  23. >Her eyes narrow
  24. >Shit, should've known dropping the hated nicknames would rouse suspicion
  25. "So by your standards, I am a perfectly normal, not at all unusual unicorn filly. But I do know someone who is none of those things and very interesting to study for you. I could convince them to let you do magic on him again if you let me talk to Discord again."
  26. >" The two of you are a large threat to natural harmony. And there's no way you could possibly convince Anon to let me study him again, you of all ponies should know that."
  27. "And what if I already convinced him of this change and have the proof of three very good, harmonious friends that I can restrain myself from causing chaos untold with Discord's help?"
  28. >Seriously, that sleepover paid off in spades, Sweetie and Scoots trust you way more than they should
  29. >Downside is that Bloom's more suspicious of your intentions, but not enough to cause a rift
  30. >You'll win her over eventually
  31. >"...considering all the possibilities of all that and the probability of everything being true... I'm willing to go along with your deal here, if you bring Anon here and have him outright tell me he is ready to be studied again."
  32. >Shit, she was monologuing while you were lost in your own self-praising thoughts
  33. >That might've had a detail you could've exploited
  34. >Ah well, better claim the deal before she realizes the painfully obvious truth of Discord + Nonny being a terrible combination for anything nearby
  35. "Thanks Twilight! I'll bring him over right now!"
  36. >You gallop at full speed back to your house
  37. >There is no way this could backfire
  39. >Another day of prepping some slow-cooked goodness for dinner
  40. >Also be the one, the only, the legendary Anonymous
  41. >Today's been a great day
  42. >Scratch that, it's been a great two weeks!
  43. >Nonny hasn't caused any trouble since the sleepover!
  44. >She even went a full day without calling you a faggot!
  45. >You're gonna surprise her with some trout tomorrow
  46. >Yeah, you're feeling that upbeat about all this
  47. >Think of the devil, you can see your little green pony-clone running towards the front door
  48. >WHACK!
  49. >...
  50. "You know, you should watch where you're going!"
  51. >That door's thin enough that you know she can hear you yelling
  52. >The door opens, revealing Nonny rubbing her horn
  53. >"No time for watching where I'm going faggot, I'm playing Purple like a fiddle and I need your help."
  54. >There goes the hopes for two days in a row
  55. "As much as I love messing with Twi, my heart's not really in it since last time."
  56. >Honestly, it wasn't that bad
  57. >Yes it was
  58. >"Good, because that's part of the reason I'm doing what I'm doing - if we play things right she'll let us hang around Discord again."
  59. >That grabs your attention
  60. "Explain, slowly."
  61. >"No time for slow, explain in ook monkey brain. You say yes to Twiggy magic and then she tell Flutterbutter that Discord can hang with us again."
  62. >This is a fucking shit plan
  63. >But it's technically YOUR fucking shit plan
  64. >Plus you kind of miss someone who drank the glass instead of the milk floating around at random intervals
  65. "I don't think-"
  66. >"You're not supposed to think, you're supposed to get moving to that crystal monster in the distance."
  67. >Time to relent, you guess
  68. "Alright, alright, but if this goes bad you're going to be the one cleaning the bathrooms from now on."
  70. >...That's the last thing you remember.
  71. >You start to wake up on what feels like a soft bed
  72. >Opening your eyes, you see that it's a fucking massive bed
  73. >"Twilight, how the FUCK did you manage that from a 'simple scanning spell'?! I'm not even mad, just impressed!"
  74. >Wait, you didn't say that
  75. >But that's your voice...
  76. >Ah shit, she did it again, didn't she?
  77. "Twiggles, I swear if I look in a mirror and see that I'm Nonny now, I'm gonna learn magic then throw you."
  78. >Yup, sounds like Nonny
  79. >Should've predicted this could've ended up being some body-switching shenanigans
  80. >"Actually, you're not me either."
  81. >That's Nonny's voice too, but you didn't say that
  82. >"Your name's 'Green' now, and to foil your throwing dreams, you're a pegasus." Anon tells you
  83. >"No, that wasn't supposed to happen! This is getting out of hoof, now there are two of them!"
  84. >You, Anon, and Nonny burst into laughter
  85. >"What? What's so funny about this?"
  86. >"Don't worry about it. I might tell you later." Nonny replies, after catching her breath
  87. "Now, about meeting with Discord..."
  88. >Twilight looks like she's on the verge of a breakdown of frustration
  89. >"Urgh, I'll talk with Fluttershy. And I guess Rainbow too, you'll need flying lessons." Twiggles groans
  90. >None of you are ever gonna let her live this down.


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