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My Son's A Horse [PTFG]

By FajitasAnon
Created: 18th December 2020 12:39:23 AM

  1. All these trafficking fics, when does one of them get arrested or get their brains blown out because there son got turned into a pink mare?
  2. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  3. >>35810622
  4. >You took your son out to a bar for his 21st birthday
  5. >You hadn't seen him smile in a few weeks, so his first drink with his old man is sure to brighten him up
  6. >You both laughed at his first reaction to whiskey - confusion and disgust
  7. >"Why would you even drink this?"
  8. "You'll get used to it, and grow to like it."
  9. >He didn't seem to believe you
  10. >Your bladder had made the call for release about an hour in
  11. >You came back to your boy chugging your beer
  12. >It looked like he found something he liked
  13. >He had started to drift off soon after, a sign to take him home
  14. >You did, and practically carried him into bed, just like when he was younger
  15. >You went to sleep off your own, much lesser buzz
  16. >The next morning, you hadn't really believed what you saw
  17. >A bright pink talking horse was screaming her head off, and calling you "Dad"
  18. >You had remembered those stories of that roofie drug that's been going around
  19. >You realized that you weren't as safe as you'd thought
  20. >You promised your son that you'll find whoever did this to him
  21. >After a long, agonizing ordeal of watching patrons at that same bar, you found the guy dropping tablets into drinks
  22. >Because of course, he dropped one into yours
  23. >You grabbed the guy, and dragged him outside
  24. >You beat him within an inch of his life
  25. >The cops were called, you were arrested
  26. >The bastard was sent to the hospital
  27. >You felt you've done what you could, that you had won
  28. >You told your story to the police, confess to brutalizing the criminal
  29. >He was be found drugging and transporting people as ponies
  30. >You were let off with little more than a slap on the wrist
  31. >You came home to your pony daughter son, told her him that he was safe now
  32. >But you never did look at her the same again
  34. Happy now?
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