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Home's Where the Shower Is [PTFG]

By FajitasAnon
Created: 18th December 2020 12:40:01 AM

  1. >Ah, home at last
  2. >Been camping with the family
  3. >Just the four of you, your brother, your father, and your best friend
  4. >It was a lot of fun
  5. >Fishing, swimming, the works
  6. >No campfires, though. Even with the incident, fire laws still applied
  7. >Bullshit, we're all cute cuddly ponies now, what's a little fire in a fire pit?
  8. >While you internally question the government, you levitate your bags into the garage
  9. >That's right you said levitate
  10. >While your brother and dad can fly, you got the better end of the stick with magic
  11. >The only thing left to do was to take a long and relaxing shower
  12. >"C'mon Aether, can you grab my bags too?" Gale Force whines at you
  13. "Hell no, should've thought of that before bringing all that shit with you"
  14. >Ignoring your brother's pleas for assistance, you head to the bathroom
  15. >You could've been nice, it is a lot easier for you to do
  16. >Buuuuuut that's your brother, and that's just what you have to do
  17. >Walk in, shut and lock the door, and turn on that sweet sweet stream of warm water
  18. >Almost immediately, you feel the collected dust of camp start to rid itself from your coat
  19. >It's refreshing like no other feeling, cleansing your body and your soul
  20. >Grabbing the shampoo, you start to work it into your mane and tail
  21. >This was only a quarter as good when you had hands
  22. >Soon you are a lathery, soapy sudsy horse on the verge of passing out from sheer relaxation
  23. >You stand there for a good while, enjoying the feeling of the warm water cascading over you until you collect yourself enough to rinse off and turn off the shower
  24. >You step out, and shake yourself dry
  25. >A slow sway in your step, you walk past Gale carrying his fourth bag though the house
  26. >Hehe, you didn't even need all those clothes, idiot
  27. >You walk up the stairs, and into your room
  28. >Almost to bed - dreamtown is the place for a sleepy mare like you
  29. >You jump up next to your favorite gray fuzzball of a cat, and you don't even notice when unconsciousness takes you


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