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Anonfilly's Nightmares [7]

By FajitasAnon
Created: 18th December 2020 12:42:58 AM

  1. >It's nighttime, and you are the filly
  2. >The second filly, to be exact
  3. >Twiggles accidentally making one of you was enough, but two?
  4. >Anon's gonna have a hell of a time
  5. >At least you know you're gonna be less of a shid from your... his? experience with Nonny
  6. >That and you don't have broken bullshit magic
  7. >But that isn't either of your problem right now
  8. >Your problem is this recurring nightmare
  9. >You start to drift off for the third time tonight, and it starts all over again
  10. >A swirling mass of black and grays chasing you through the Everfree
  11. >You start to see your house, and the edge of the forest - relief floods you
  12. >But you trip, and fall onto all fours
  13. >You remember that you're a filly now, and can't run like a human anymore
  14. >The swirling mass is inches behind you
  15. >Despite the nondescript nature of it, its existence shakes you to your core
  16. >It jumps on top of you...
  17. >And you wake up in a cold sweat once more
  18. >Fear grips you like the cold, unfeeling mass that was chasing you
  19. >It takes a while for you to calm down
  20. >Wasn't it Luna's job to stop that kind of thing?
  21. >Maybe you'll have to convince Anon it's the moon that's a celestial cunt, not the sun
  22. >Either way, you've had it with this bullshit
  23. >And you are not showing up to yourself like a scared little kid
  24. >...even if you are now exactly that: a scared little pegasus filly
  25. >Then it hits you, the perfect solution.
  27. >You are a filly, but not the same filly
  28. >Must be Nonny
  29. >And your wonderful dream involving Luna and some lessons in flexibility is interrupted when your door creaks open
  30. >Damn, her reactions were realistic for a dream
  31. >Cracking open an eye and lighting up your horn, you search for the offender of your fantasies
  32. >Standing in your doorway, red in the face, was Green
  33. >What in the hell?
  34. >What could-
  35. >Oh
  36. >The nightmare
  37. >You acutely remember it, the first three weeks or so were a special kind of hell
  38. >That thing chasing you through the Everfree
  39. >But you refused to go to Anon
  40. >You can't have him thinking being a little filly made you a little bitch
  41. >Might have attributed to you becoming more abrasive than him, but still
  42. >Gotta have standards
  43. >So why is she here instead of her room?
  44. "You too, huh?"
  45. >Even in the near darkness, you can see the surprise on her face
  46. >"What? Me too? I just-"
  47. "Had a horrifying, recurring nightmare, right?"
  48. >The bewilderment on her face grew
  49. >"How did you-"
  50. "Relax, faggot. Like I said, 'you too.'"
  51. >You're both silent for a few moments
  52. >"You never told me."
  53. >The smidge of fear in her voice is masked by the unspoken accusation
  54. "I'm not five, can't go crying to an adult over a bad dream."
  55. >"I-"
  56. "I'm not gonna argue this. C'mere, it's probably less embarrassing if it's another filly."
  57. >You lift some of your covers, the implication obvious
  58. >Green just sighs, and crawls in next to you
  59. >Damn, she is soft and fluffy
  60. >Anon would probably kill to be you right now
  61. "And no lewd stuff until I figure out the psudo-moral implications of a clone."
  62. >"I wasn't-" Green cuts herself off, and sighs. "Goodnight, Nonny."
  63. "G'night Green."
  64. >"And uh... thanks."
  65. "Yeah."
  66. >You wait until she's asleep to snuggle up closer to her
  67. >You are definitely going to savor this
  69. >You are the one, the only, the great and powerful Anonymous
  70. >In reality, the only thing great and powerful right now is the pain in your back
  71. >Couches are not meant for sleeping on
  72. >But that's your situation until Twiggles builds a new section onto your house for Green
  73. >Fuckin' how do you manage that two times?
  74. >Well, at least the sun isn't in your eyes this morning
  75. >Saves the burning fuck from your morning ritual, this time
  76. >But if you're up, you should fetch Nonny
  77. >She fuckin' hates it when she's woken up
  78. >Not that you're any better, but that's the fun part
  79. >Waitaminute
  80. >Her door's cracked open
  81. >We hate having the door cracked open
  82. >Peering through the crack, you see something that rivals that sleepover last week
  83. >Nonny and Green are snuggling together
  84. >Yeah, you're not stopping that
  85. >But it definitely solves the couch problem
  86. >And unlike a week ago, you know where your camera is
  87. >Tiptoeing around the house, you easily locate it
  88. >Tiptoeing back, you line up the perfect shot to capture the adorable scene
  89. >Click!
  90. >Oh yeah, you're puttin' this one in a frame
  91. >You leave them be, and go on your way to make your morning coffee
  92. >Yeah, today's gonna be a good day
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