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A Happy Birthday [PTFG]

By FajitasAnon
Created: 18th December 2020 12:43:41 AM

  1. >"Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday dear... uh... Happy birthday to you!"
  2. >This is not exactly how you planned spending your birthday, but you're not complaining.
  3. >The incident was well over six months ago, you're used to things as they are now
  4. >But your twentieth birthday is too unlike all the others
  5. >Namely because everypon- EVERYONE you know is pastel and hooved
  6. >Your dad and brother are here, and your mom bothered to drop by
  7. >Your only two friends are here too
  8. >You wish you could remember what their names were
  9. >You wish you could remember what their faces looked like
  10. >But that's not what you're all here for
  11. >The time for lamenting what you can't remember has long past
  12. >It's time for cake and balloons, fun and friends
  13. >You are a cyan-furred blue-maned unicorn
  14. >And you are happier than you've ever been
  15. >Sure, your own name escapes everypony
  16. >But that doesn't matter when you're setting up the monopoly board
  17. >Even when your feathered friend blows over the board when he goes bankrupt, you can't help but laugh
  18. >Funny, you'd've chewed his flan- ASS out this time last year
  19. >"Why don't we watch a movie?" Your little brother suggests
  20. >Hm, still sounds awkward in your head, you should all just choose names or something already
  21. "Sounds great, I'll put on something."
  22. >Even your voice sounds happier than you ever remember it being
  23. >Looking to the shelf of movies, you lock your eyes on the best of the bunch: Blazing Saddles
  24. >"Good choice uh... birthday pony!" your earth friend responds
  25. >Seems he didn't notice his mistake
  26. >Oh well
  27. >Movie time
  28. >You laugh with everyp- everyone else, something you're glad you get to see
  29. >Earth friend never smiled, and your mom was never without her scowl
  30. >Now they're smiling like they've never known anything else
  31. >Yeah, this kinda is the best birthday ever
  32. >Maybe it's time to let go of that little voice that keeps telling you the truths you don't remember


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