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  1. ***Edited out some typos.
  3. >Be Twilight Sparkle.
  4. >The lights are off, the only illumination within the room emanates from the glow of the television set and Rarity’s phone.
  5. >Several sounds are present in the room as well: the sound of video games, the sound of a camera shutter on from a selfie, and the sound of your friends talking amongst one another.
  6. >You sigh in content as you lay on the bed, watching Applejack and Rainbow Dash banter back and forth as they continue to compete in that little video game they always bicker over.
  7. >Sunset Shimmer snores right by your side, her sleeping form close to your body.
  8. >The sound's a bit distracting but you’re not gonna wake her up or anything like that.
  9. >Besides, y-you kinda like her sleeping next to you.
  10. >It's pretty nice...
  11. >...But something’s missing.
  12. “...Hey, are any of you guys hungry?” you ask, stomach growling.
  13. >Applejack shrugs, turning her head towards you.
  14. >“Yeah, I could sure use some -- HEY! The heck, Rainbow?! I was right in the middle of talkin’ to Twi!”
  15. >“And that’s my problem why?” sneers Dash.
  16. >“'Cause it ain’t fair!”
  17. >The screen flashes the words “WINNER” brightly, declaring Dash’s character as the victor.
  18. >“Aw yeah! Who’s awesome? Who's the best? THIS GIRL!”
  19. >You can't help but to roll your eyes at her strange little vicotry dance.
  20. “Yeah, sure you are Dashie. Anyways, I could use some food right about now. Do we have anything here?”
  21. >Pinkie zips up on top of the bed, siting right behind you.
  22. >The wave of air from behind her makes the bottom her blue nightgown wave like a flag for a brief second.
  23. >“Do we got anything here? Of course we got anything here! Ya got me! Hellooo?” she says, knocking on your head like it were an empty door.
  24. “Ouch! Pinkie, not so hard!”
  25. >“Whoops! My bad.”
  27. >You rub your poor noggin.
  28. “Thank you...now what I was going to say was that I need a real meal, you know? Something like...”
  29. >“Pizza?” murmurs Sunset, stirring awake right besides you on the bed.
  30. >“Well, good job Pinkie," huffs Rarity, "it seems you woke Sunset up."
  31. >“Hey now, what’re you blamin’ her for when it was us who let 'er fall asleep?” questions Applejack.
  32. >The groggy Sunset slowly rises, placing her orange hand on your thigh as leverage to sit herself up.
  33. >You know this sounds weird, but you can’t help but notice how right it looks when her hand is atop the yellow cloth of your pj’s.
  34. >Speaking of pj's, Sunset's were very comfortable looking.
  35. >Like, 'I'm wearing nothing at all' comfortable looking...
  36. >The fabbric was simple, a dark purple that made your mauve skin look pale in comparison, but was tight as it was stretchy.
  37. >It frames her form very nicely, showcasing her gorgoeous figure and all of her delectable curves, her supple chest, her shapely thighs, and a cute butt that looked firm and...
  38. >...
  39. >You don’t like girls, you fuckin’ swear, man.
  40. >"Mmmugh...wassup you guys...?" slurs Sunset with a following yawn. "Did I falla sleep 'gain?"
  41. “Y-yeah, sorry. We didn't know wheteher to wake you up or not...” you admit abashedly.
  42. >She stretches out her arms, standing up from the bed.
  43. >Her tight purple night-wear resumes to show off her fabuloous form.
  44. >“No, it’s alright. I should’ve tried to stay awake better.”
  45. >You can see the shape of her flat stomach, her lean arms, and her h-h-hipsss....
  46. >...STRAIGHT.
  48. >LIKE PENIS.
  49. >...
  51. >“...Hey, Twilight? Ya doin’ alright?” asks Applejack.
  52. >You blink and give yourself a tiny shake.
  53. “Bwuh! Y-yeah! I’m fine! Totally. Um...sorry. Blacked out a little.”
  54. >Then, the sound of a single, boisterous laugh captures the room’s attention.
  55. >“Ha! Oh boy, I know what that look is, Twilight," says Rainbow Dash at the foot of the bed.
  56. “W-what’re you talking about? I-I’m just...just...”
  57. >You choke on your own garble words, your athletic friend grinnng like a cheshire cat. But gayer.
  58. >“Oh ho ho are you in for a ride, Twi” chuckles Dash.
  59. “I don't know what you mean, I'm just--”
  61. >“Hungry?” chimes Rarity.
  62. >Oh, thank goodness!
  63. >The perfect segway!
  64. >Thank Celestia's Sun for Rarity’s timing!
  65. “Yes!” you declare awkwardly, “Hungry! Very, very, very hungry. That is all and there is nothing more...
  66. >You smile jsut a bit too widely.
  67. “Sooo! You, uh, guys got any ideas for some good food?”
  68. >Rainbow Dash smirks.
  69. “Tuna.”
  70. >...
  71. >You want to punch her smug face so hard right now...
  72. “Any /other/ ideas? Preferably ones that are achievable?”
  73. >Everyone looks at each other, then back at you.
  74. >They all shrug.
  75. >Well, this sucks.
  76. >You sigh.
  77. “I see. And we only have junk food here. Oh well! Guess I’ll just suffer then.”
  78. >“...Actually, Twilight, I think Sunset had a good idea,” says Fluttershy. “E-even if she was half-asleep when she said it...”
  79. >“Me? I did?” says Sunset, confused.
  80. >You thinka bout what Fluttershy says.
  81. >Sunset said pizza when she woke up, right?
  82. “...Yeah, you're right, Fluttershy! She said pizza!”
  83. >“...I did? That’s actually kind of a good idea.”
  84. >“Pizza? OH! I’m down for pizza!” declares Pinkie.
  85. >Murmurs of agreement show that everyone has made up there mind.
  86. “Alrighty then! Pizza it is, girls!” you anounce proudly, picking up the phone and...
  87. “...Wait, wait! HAng on everybody; what toppings do we want?”
  89. ---Later
  91. >Be Anon.
  92. >You’re also a pizza man.
  93. >Pretty lame tbqh
  94. >Pays well though, mainly because your sick gains have finally showed themselves to the world.
  95. >Yeah, as soon as school starts, you’re gonna get a shit ton of more looks with these noice muscles.
  96. >Fuck, you don’t even use a car to deliver these pussy-ass pizzas, you use your monstrous leg muscles to...
  97. >...
  98. >Alright, you drive your moped.
  99. >...B-but you like to pretend that you’re flying sometimes.
  100. >Makes ya feel manly.
  101. >Anyways, your shift begins tonight, and you’re--
  102. >“Anon! You’re late man, always late!”
  103. >Ah shit, here’s your boss Joe: owner of Joe’s Pizza.
  104. >He speaks in a thick Indian accent, his white shirt hidden by his grease-stained apron.
  105. >He’s kinda got it out for you, you think.
  106. >With a tired sigh, you step off your moped.
  107. “Uh, sorry, there was another...disturbance.”
  108. >That fucking kid shouldn’t have played in the road.
  109. >Joe, a man of strictness and discpline on time, doesn’t have any of your shit, his red-man face growing redder in anger.
  110. >“Disturbance? Another disturbance? Always a disturbance with you!” he shouts, then rolls his eyes. “C’mon!”
  111. >He drags you inside the restaurant, his feet moving quickly.
  112. >You’re guessing someone’s having a party, or Joe wouldn’t be so fucking antsy tonight.
  114. >“Minutes ago, in comes order. 1337 Canterlot Way; Eight extra-large deep-dish pizzas. In eight minutes from now I am defaulting on our twenty-one minute guarantee. Then not only am I receiving no money, but I will lose the customer forever to Pizza Yurt.”
  115. >He looks at you dead seriously.
  116. >“Can you deliver this shit?”
  117. “I...in the bathroom maybe, but I--”
  118. >“Jesus Christ, man. Look Anon, you’re a nice guy...okay, not really, but you’re my only hope. You have to make it in time. You’re just not dependable enough...”
  119. >He hands you eight stacks of pizzas.
  120. >“This is your last chance. You have to go all the way to Canterlot Way in less than twenty-one minutes or your ass is fired.”
  121. >You stand, waiting for anything else he has to say.
  122. >...
  123. >“...GOooOOoo!”
  124. “Oh! Now? Shit, I see. Alright, ya won’t be disappointed, Mister Joe, sir!”
  125. >You rush out the door.
  127. --Later
  129. >Yes!
  130. >You’re almost fucking there...
  131. >It’s night, about 12:34 a.m.
  132. >Thank God the roads are clear this time of night, but you still need to hurry the fuck up.
  133. >While you don’t need this job necessarily, you do think that if you are fired, you’ll hardly ever get as many tips as you do from milfs and shit working anywhere else.
  134. >Yeah, these gains can save your ass in this line of work.
  135. >Big hunky pizza man at the door talks to sweet milf lady, sweet talks her into giving a bigger tip...that's been your whole job in a nutshell.
  136. >Wait, losing focus!
  137. >Remember, you're driving a moped, nigga!
  138. >If you’re even distracted for the slightest...
  140. >You skid your moped to a halt.
  141. >What the fuck was that?
  142. >Shit, was that thunder?
  143. >Christ, it isn’t gonna storm soon, is it?
  144. >You lay out your palm to feel for any falling rain drops, and fortunately feel nothing.
  145. >Still, the clouds look like death.
  146. >Was there a weather advisory or some shit?
  147. >You don’t remember there being one.
  148. >You’d check your phone, but you’re in a bit of a rush here and you're aaaaaaalmost there.
  149. >1329, nope.
  150. >1331, closer.
  151. >1333, not yet.
  152. >1335, closeeee....
  153. >1337.
  154. >Finally!
  155. >You pull your moped into the driveway and unstrap the eight pizzas.
  157. >THRASH
  158. >BOOM BOOM
  159. >...
  160. >And it’s raining.
  161. >It's raining HARD.
  163. >You run under the front porch of the house to take cover.
  164. >Then, you notice how strong the wind hits you.
  165. >It’s so strong that you can barely keep your eyes open; it blows the rain all over the place, soaking you despite being under the porch of the house.
  166. >Your short sleeve uniform was not made for this shit, and your hat is officially gone with the wind, taken into the black oblivioin of the night.
  167. >The trees start to sway dangerously and you can hear the sound of the trunks creaking under the pressure.
  168. >The surging lightning that coils like an eel in the ocean of black clouds alarms you as well, hissing and crackling with ferocious light.
  169. >You gotta finish this shit up.
  170. >You ring the doorbell and--
  171. >OH SHIT!
  173. >You begin banging on the door relentlessly, ringing the damn bell as quickly as you can.
  174. >Finally, the door opens.
  175. “PIZZA TIME!!!!”
  176. >“Anon?!”
  177. “...Twilight?”
  178. >What the fuck?
  179. >Twilight shakes off the confusion.
  180. >“Here, get inside!”
  181. >She drags you in along with the pizzas, only for her to accidentally pull your soaked body down on the floor with her.
  182. >The door slams shut and you now lay on top of her, your face mere centimeters from her own.
  183. >A little drop of rain water trickles off the tip of your nose, and drips onto her's.
  184. >Your cheeks flare.
  185. >It’s a lot warmer in here all of a sudden...
  186. >You stare staight below at her close eyes.
  187. “...H-hi.”
  188. >“Anon, is that...”
  189. “Wallet. I-it’s my wallet.”
  190. >“...That’s a pretty big wallet.”
  191. “I get a lotta tips.”
  192. >You stand yourself up, your cold skin riddled with goosebumps.
  194. >You offer your hand to Twilight who still remains on the ground, staring at your face.
  195. >You take the time to notice her attire, and raise a brow questioningly.
  196. “Yellow pajamas with hearts? Old fashion, don't ya think?”
  197. >She shrugs with a cute smile.
  198. “Eh. Whatever floats your boat,”you say. “Um, I didn’t just, like, completely soak you, did I?”
  199. >Twilight clears her throat awkwardly as she takes your hand.
  200. >“Uh, no, I’m fine,” she says as you help her up from the floor.
  201. “Oh, okay, good. I was like: "oh no" and stuff...and, uh, well... So how’ve you been this Summer? You seem to be doing well.”
  202. >“I can say the same...I'd, uh, ask if you've been working out,” she says, staring at your soaked shirt, clinging to your cchest, “but I think I already know the answer...”
  203. >You chuckle like a little pussy.
  204. >And here you thought you’d feel like an alpha once you were jacked.
  205. “Heh, yeah, trying to look a bit better for when school starts.”
  206. >Twilight stares at your pecs and how the wet fabric sticks to your skin.
  207. >“Well...you’ve definitely succeeded.”
  208. >You blush.
  209. “Heh. Thanks. So whatcha need eight pizzas for?”
  210. >“Oh nothing, the girls and I are just having a big ol' slumber party. They said school for them starts in a week, and that even though I usually visit every two weeks from Equestria, it'd mean a lot, yada yada...”
  211. “And you weren't too busy being a princess?”
  212. >She shrugs.
  213. “Not at the moment, no. I have time to act like a teenager again...it's always fun too, you know," she says with a playful laugh.
  214. “I see. Well, that’ll be about twelve dollars and fifty cents 'your highness'.”
  215. >You hold your hand out expectingly with a pleasant smile.
  216. >The smile slowly melts away as you see her wince
  217. >Why is she...
  218. >...Oh.
  219. >You hunch over in defeat.
  220. “I was late, wasn’t I?”
  221. >She frowns.
  222. >“Yeah, sorry, but I’m not paying for that pizza.”
  223. >You sigh.
  224. “Damn it.”
  226. >Just as Twilight opens her mouth to apologize, a familiar voice screams loudly from the basement.
  227. >“Twilight! Twi, did you get the pizza!? TWIIII?”
  228. >“Yeah, I got all eight of them! I’ll be right there, Pinkie!”
  229. >She turns back to you and chuckles.
  230. >“Guess she’s hungrier than me.”
  231. “Yeah, sounds like it. I’m the same when I’m hungry too. I’m all like Shrek and shit, y’know? Like, ‘git in mah belleh’ and stuff?”
  232. >Twilight giggles despite the fact that you’re pretty sure that’s actually from Fat Bastard in Austin Powers 2.
  233. >That and you don't think you have shown her all of Shrek yet.
  234. >Or Austin Powers.
  235. >Whoops.
  236. >“I totally understand. I probably wouldn’t be able to deliver pizzas to be honest. I’d get too hungry.”
  237. >Her stomach growls.
  238. >It sounds like Godzilla.
  239. “Hungry like that? Sheesh, how late was I?”
  240. >She shrugs.
  241. >“Half an hour. It’s no big deal, though.”
  242. “That mean you’ll pay me?”
  243. >She chuckles.
  244. >“Anon, I’m from a world of talking ponies. I don’t have money here.”
  246. “I see.”
  247. >An awkward pause ensues for a moment.
  248. “So, uh, I gotta get going. I mean, I should tell my boss I messed up and all that, y’know? Hey, yell the girls I said hi. Se ya.”
  249. >You begin walking to the door, about to turn the handle and leave.
  250. >Then, something places itself atop of your shoulder: Twilight's hand.
  251. >The look on her face is that of concern..
  252. >“You’re not seriously going back out there, are you?”
  253. >Her eyes are heavy with something.
  254. >Not tears, no, but something.
  255. >Like an emotion of sorts.
  256. >Perhaps she's missed you?
  257. >You...haven;t exactly talked with the girls that much over the Summer, busy with life, doing pizza things...
  258. >The emotion in her eyes, though.
  259. >You don’t know what it is...you know she doesn’t either.
  260. >But...something inside you says that maybe it's just wanting to be near a friend.
  261. >You've been pretty lonely, dedicating yourself to improving your body, your organization, your hygeine...
  262. >Like, fuck, dude, you even gotta job!
  263. >Still, that's the problem -- you got a job, and need to be fired for it.
  264. >You sigh tiredly.
  265. “...Yeah, I kinda do have to travel through that, though. I mean, I have to let my boss know I’m fired.”
  266. >She tilts her head.
  267. >“Wait? Fired?”
  268. >You sigh.
  269. “Yeah, this was my last shot. If I was late this one last time, my ass will be kicked out...or 'is' kicked out. Look, I really should go, alright. I don’t wanna impede on your all’s slumber party and stuff, so, yeah. I'm goin'.”
  270. >“...Or you can join us.”
  271. >You freeze.
  272. “I'm...Sorry, could you repeat that?”
  273. >“Join us; you’re fired anyway so why not? You can either go back to tell him you failed or just stay here with us as company.”
  274. “Or you could pay me twelve fifty and I could keep my job.”
  275. >She smiles smugly.
  276. >“You know you wanna join us.”
  277. >...
  278. >...That fuckin' smile.
  279. “Fuck it. Let’s eat some fuckin' pizza.”
  281. ---Later
  283. >You head towards the kitchen -- apparently the basement staircase is in it somewhere.
  284. >You’re sure this isn’t Twilight’s house when observing the interior of this place.
  285. >I mean, of course it isn't, why would a princess from a horse dimension own a house here when she transforms into a teenage girl?
  286. >You also doubt it's one of the others' homes either.
  287. >It’s too expensive, something a successful person would have to have.
  288. >Just who lives here?
  289. >Curiosity drives you to observe any family pictures that are up on the walls.
  290. >You find one quickly.
  291. >It's a picture of Principal Celestia and Luna.
  292. >...
  293. >Wait, what?
  294. >So that means...
  295. “Why’re we at the Principals’ house?”
  296. >Twilight raises a brow at your question.
  297. >It seems obvious to her.
  298. >“Why wouldn’t I be? This is where I stay when I’m not in Equestria. The Princesses, er, Principals offered me a place to stay after saving the school several times now. They get that I'm an adult where I'm from, though, so they just let me stay and do my own thing.”
  299. “...So you then live here for the time being?”
  300. >“Yep. It's like being their roomate, in a way.”
  301. “Well...where are they?”
  302. >Twilight’s face reddens.
  303. >“Cincinnati. They’re doing a concert with their rock band.”
  304. >...
  305. “They have a rock band?”
  306. >“Something like that. Teacher’s salary wasn't exactly enough.”
  307. >But a musician's is?
  308. >Suuure...
  309. >The lights are all out and the house creaks from the ferocious wind outside.
  310. >Thunder rumbles as a flash of light illuminates the blackness outside the house's windows.
  311. “...Yeah, so I think we should go down, now.”
  312. >“And you wanted to ride your moped in that.”
  313. “Yeah, cause I have a job, unlike you.”
  314. >“I’m literally the embodiment of friendship, magic and...never mind.”
  316. >You walk down the staircase with Twilight in front of you.
  317. >You can hear the sounds of a video game being played and two girls going back and forth with each other.
  318. >“Ha! You don’t even know how to block!”
  319. >Okay, that’s clearly Rainbow Dash for obvious reasons, but you’re gonna guess it’s Applejack competing against her.
  320. >“Yeah? Well whaddya call this then, eh?”
  321. >You stand corrected.
  322. >At the bottom of the stairs, the basement lights are all off with the television set being the one exception.
  323. >It’s honestly a really nice basement, practically custom-made for Twilight and everything.
  324. >There’s a dresser right next to the doorway you and Twilight entered from to your all’s left.
  325. >The wood looks old -- something from Luna or Celestia’s childhood from the looks of it.
  326. >Then, the wall to the left of that has a door that you presume to be the bathroom.
  327. >You wonder how nice it is compared to the rest of the house upstairs, or if it’s fairly basic.
  328. >Not that it matters, because if you can get permission, you’re going to want a hot shower in there anyways.
  329. >I mean, come on man, you’re cold from all that rain and your clothes are /freezing/.
  330. >Your central view is of the girls in front of the TV and an empty dog-bed for Spike (maybe he's rockin' with the princials?).
  331. >And, speaking of beds, a large mattress, potentially queen-sized, sits there, a couch perpendicular to it as both surround the television set with Dash and AJ in front of it.
  332. >You can tell that further to the left behind the wall that outlines the bathroom, there’s more:a bar with a microwave and a mini fridge, a table with several chairs to sit at when eating, and a good distance between.
  333. >...This whole basement is like an expensive apartment.
  334. >“You like it?”
  335. >You nod, impressed with the room.
  336. >She smiles.
  337. >“Yeah, I do too. You wanna tell them you got the pizza?”
  338. “Heck yeah.”
  339. >You hold the eight pizza-boxes in your hands.
  340. “Pizza time!”
  342. >In an instant, the game pauses.
  343. >“Pizza? Pizza!”
  344. >Pinkie scrambles across the floor like a spastic lizard, and stops just short from colliding with you and the pizzas.
  345. >The others all clamor as they walk to you and Twilight.
  346. >“Oh my gosh, it’s been, like, forever since we ordered this! We were starting to think you got sucked in by a tornado mister delivery man!” says Pinkie.
  347. >She energetically removes the pizza-boxes one at a time, passing them to her friends to hold.
  348. >As soon as she removes four pizzas-boxes from the stack in your arms, she finally stops when she notices...
  349. >“...Anon?!”
  350. >The other girls stop investigating their pizza.
  351. >You smile pleasantly.
  352. “Hiya. How’s it hangin’?”
  353. >“You’re a delivery boy?” asks Sunset, her voice confused.
  354. >Dash laughs loudly.
  355. >“Will it certainly explains why the pizza isn’t on time. You’re not exactly that fast, you know.”
  356. >Ha.
  357. >She says that now only because the pizza-boxes mixed with the dim lighting makes your figure harder to see.
  358. >You place the remaining four pizza boxes on the ground.
  359. “Oh contraire, Dash. I’ve actually been a bit more motivated recently...”
  360. >When Twilight flips on the lights, the girls all double take, and Pinkie lets out one big gasp.
  362. >Their eyes become fixated on your soaked body, your short-sleeved uniform drenched by torrents of rain water hugging your skin and presenting the musculure shape you now possess.
  363. >You flex your arms for added effect, feeling the tiniest bit of pretentiousness in you.
  364. >Rarity walks up to you, wide-eyed.
  365. >“My goodness,” she says.
  366. >Mesmerized, she pokes your beefy arm in disbelief.
  367. >Your wet skin is no longer the only one with bumps as Rarity looks at the fine details of your shape, her sapphire eyes scanning you with deep satisfaction and an occaional beet of her lashes.
  368. >“I can only imagine how much attention you’d given to your body over this summer. I’m rather astonished by your dedication,” she says pleasantly.
  369. >Staring down at her like this, you realize how attractive she looks in her current attire.
  370. >The baby doll nightgown leaves much of her looking vulnerable in a strangely alluring way.
  371. >You can see her slender neck go all the way down to her collarbone, her alabaster skin more flawless and smooth than the sculptures of Aphrodite from ancient Greece.
  372. >You could just imagine kissing her shoulders gently, or nipping at her neck teasingly as she moans from her throat.
  373. >Christ, even the thought of her revealing her shoulder makes the blood rush to your head.
  374. >“You know, I too like to treat my body well, but no matter what I do, I just can’t manage to end up with such extraordinary results such as yours. You simply must tell me your secret, Anon! Perhaps we could go exercise together, hm?”
  375. “I, uh, just listened to Rainbow Dash's advice, that's all,” you stutter out of nervousness.
  376. >Dash nods with a brotherly grin.
  377. >“Ha! That’s my man for ya! Gimme some Anon!”
  378. >You awkwardly fist bump her.
  379. “T-thanks,” you mumble, a ray of scarlet scorching across your cheeks.
  381. >“Now wait just a darn minute! You tryin' to tell me you got as ripped as Big Mac without any apple-farmin’ or ol' labor? I don’t think I can believe that...”
  382. >”Ahem,” says Twilight, demanding everyone’s attention. “So girls, Anon just got fired and he can’t exactly leave the house what with the weather outside, and I know it’s suppose to be our girls’ night but...”
  383. “I’m stuck here...but I at least got pizza,” you say for Twilight.
  384. >The reaction is not so bad.
  385. >“Works for me!” beams Pinkie.
  386. >However, Fluttershy gasps.
  387. >“Oh my goodness, you were fired? And after going through such nasty weather just to do your job? Oh you poor thing, do you want me to make you some tea, or soup, or...”
  388. “Uh, no thanks, I’m alright. You’re all okay with me staying for the night, though, right?”
  389. >Applejack laughs as she rests an arm around your broad shoulders.
  390. >“Heck yeah we are, partner! After all, I sure could use somebody else to fight ‘gainst in this here game. Now c’mon and grab yerself a pizza and let’s get ya started, capiche?”
  391. “Yeah, um, can I actually shower first? I’m pretty sure I'm freezing to death.”
  392. >Twilight nods.
  393. >“Of course. Bathroom’s right there. There’s some clean towels in the cabinet. I’ll get you some real clothes to put on.”
  394. >You smile.
  395. “Thanks. See ya guys in a few.”
  396. >Tonight is going to be interesting...
  398. --Later--
  400. >You welcome the warmth of the hot water, the steam in the entire bathroom making your stiff and rigid muscles relax.
  401. >Showers are incredible.
  402. >The daily grime from today rinses off your slick body along with the tension and stress.
  403. >There’s always something about being toasty and clean from the shower right after you’re wet and cold.
  404. >It’s almost like a buzz -- a buzz where you can just stop and be relieved of all anxiety.
  405. >This is the life right here, buddy.
  406. >Still, despite feeling tranquil and relaxed, curiosity ebbs at your wandering mind.
  407. >What are the rest of the girls talking about right now...?
  409. ---Meanwhile---
  411. “Holy shit, Anon’s actually really hot.”
  412. >“Ditto,” says Rainbow Dash, “dude’s more jacked than an ox.”
  413. >“Not to mention much more...dreamy,” sighs Rarity.
  414. >Be Twilight Sparkle
  415. >You sit on the bed with an open box of pizza between you and Sunset.
  416. >No one plays a video game at the moment, however everyone’s got the same thing on their mind.
  417. >Sunset exhales, still processing the sight of the new and improved Anon.
  418. >“Yeah, I’m kinda shell shocked. I mean, he’s like a...a...”
  419. >“Hunk! A super-muscular, square-jawed, deep-voiced, hunk!” exclaims Pinkie.
  420. >The room chatters about the vast change Anon has been through in such a short time, and how compared to the average looking kid he was last year, he’s become a new person.
  421. >...And he touched you.
  422. >Yeah, right when you let him in, he practically mounted on top of you, your face centimeters apart from his.
  423. >It was an accident, sure, but you could still remember his breath on your face as his soaked clothes dripped onto your body...
  424. >Oh, you gotta tell the girls this.
  425. “Did I tell you guys what happened when he came in?”
  426. >They each shake their heads 'no' with curious looks.
  427. >You squee at the opportunity to tell what happened.
  429. “Alright, so when I answered the door, there was Anon, alright? I barely had time to see him that much till he fell on top of me because I yanked him inside because of the crazy weather. It was like he was on top of me, you know? His face was really close to mine. It was really, really weird... Then, I swore I felt something near his, ah, groin. It was big and thick -- I didn't want to feel too much because I don't know what it is and I'm not taking chances here! I asked, what it was but he said it was his wallet.”
  430. >You give them a look.
  431. “Yeah, I think it was pretty big for a wallet.”
  432. >The room erupts with "oooh"s.
  433. “After that, he helped me up, and we just started /flirting/...”
  434. >“Hol’ up! You flirted with him?” questions a doubtful Applejack. “I ain't never seen ya flirt with nobody before -- excludin’ Flash Sentry!”
  435. >You blush.
  436. “Yeah, well Flash and I never clicked like /this/; I was always the one carrying the conversations and talking. But you guys saw Anon! He’s a bit shy and clueless, but I really liked talking to him...”
  437. >“I'm just shocked that ANON of all people was flirting to begin with,” says Dash. “I mean, you say he's just 'a bit' shy? Come on! He's more afraid of talking to girls than Scootaloo is afraid of the dark! We were the only ones he could talk to last year, and that's just because he's our childhood friend! Dude's shy is all I'm sayin'.”
  438. >“Well, I was shy, but I've grown out of it a bit...a little...I think...” mumbles Fluttershy. “Maybe he's still a little intimidated by all of this?”
  439. >All the girls look at you expectanting your take on Fluttershy's theory.
  440. “I dunno...maybe he is? He's just so different though...”
  441. >Sunset assumnes a pondering position next to you.
  442. >“You know, Twilight...it's kinda weird that we're interested in him, don't you think?”
  443. “It is?”
  444. >“”Twilight, we're ADULTS back in Equestria. Anon? He's just, like, seventeen. He shouldn't even be allowed to legally drink yet here.”
  445. “...Well, y-yeah but we're technically close in age-range here, right? Is that good enough you think? I mean, who cares if here, we're about is old as him! If we take him back to Equestria, he'd probably be physically as old as we are ther, too. I-it's not technically pedophilia or anything I think! It's okay, right?”
  446. >Pinkie smiles casually at this.
  447. >She blinks.
  448. >“This is a weird topic.”
  449. >“Soooo... Anyway!” begins Rainbow Dash, “What ya all wanna to do him, huh?”
  450. >“...Excuse me?” asks Rarity.
  451. >“I said: 'what do you all want to do with him'?”
  452. >You roll your eyes.
  453. “C'mon, Dash, that's a bit imature, don't you think? Besides! You all know I don’t think like that! I’m not that type of girl. I try to keep myself in check with thoughts like those...”
  454. >...
  455. >“Twilight. Twilight, c’mon,” deadpans Sunset.
  456. >The look in her eyes shows her disbelief, only matched by similar looks the rest of your friends share.
  457. “No, really! I-I don’t have those type of thoughts! Yes, he’s hot, sure, but that doesn’t mean that I necessarily -- ”
  458. >“Say it,” hisses Pinkie, “even Shy once admited to having /those/ thoughts,”
  459. >Fluttershy’s face goes blank before she shrugs with a toothy smile that screams: 'oh my god she really just said that oh Jesus oh Jesus'.
  460. >They got you cornered in your own bed, surrounding the entire piece of furniture.
  461. “I'm not, though! I don't! I only think about more, I dunno, nice things! Like what kind of books he'd like! Um, is he a good speller! You know, nice...things?”
  462. >“Oh-ho, I bet he can give a /nasty/ analysis at book club,” jokes Sunset. “Watch out you all, he's going to read the dictionary with a deep, sensual voice to us! Oh no!”
  463. >The rest of your friends start cracking up.
  464. >...Anon's voice would sound pretty good saying the word 'tittynope'...
  465. >Uh, wait, what're you talking about, don't be silly!
  466. >That's silly!
  467. >“C'mon, Twilight! Just vent a little! Say what you feel inside!” urges Rarity.
  469. >Your hang your head low so your hair covers your reddening face.
  470. “You’re not gonna let me go until you hear me say what I want him to do, are you?”
  471. >“Darn tootin’!” shouts Applejack.
  472. “G-guys, come on, I really don’t wanna -- ”
  473. >“Say it,” demands Pinkie.
  474. “But I...”
  475. >“SAY IT!!!” orders the entire room.
  476. >You tug at the collar of your pajamas and gulp.
  477. >You count to three in your head as you grab a pillow to reassure yourself.
  478. >1...
  479. >2...
  480. >3...
  481. >You take a breath in and...
  483. >The bathroom door opens with bilowly clouds steam flowing out of it, the bathroom light exiting the door into the darkness of the room, likerays of Celestia's heavenly sun releasing divinity unto the night.
  484. >Your face goes pale as everyone’s jaw drops as Anon walks out, his whole upper-body exposed with a mere towel too small for him wrapped around his waist.
  485. >You and the girls are frozen.
  486. >...
  488. >Despite your awkward shouting, Anon does not seemed phased.
  489. >He merely stretches out his sturdy, muscular arms with a satisfying groan.
  490. >“Oh, man, it was great. Thanks Twi. I owe ya a shit-ton.”
  491. >When he sees you and the girls' strange positioning, he tilts his head.
  492. >“...Why’re you all surrounding Twilight on her bed?”
  493. >All of you look at each other, unsure of what to say.
  494. >Thankfully, Sunset clears her throat.
  495. >“Oh, y’know, just teasing her about stuff, isn’t that right Twily?”
  496. “Y-yeah! Just teasing...!”
  497. >If Princess Cadance were watching you right now, she’d be beyond disappointed.
  498. >She’d probably call you a ‘cuck’ whatever that means.
  499. >Stupid sexy Anon...
  500. >Stupid sexy Shimmer...
  502. >Be Anon.
  503. >Also be very clean.
  504. >Also be suspicious as to what just happened.
  505. >Like, really, why were they surrounding Twilight in her bed?
  506. >Sunset smiles at you -- she claims it’s teasing.
  507. >So does Twilight.
  508. >It's wise not to dabble in things you're uncertain about.
  509. “...Welp, if you’re just playing around, guess I got no reason to be nosy,” you say, shrugging your bare shoulders. “So, uh, you know where I can find some clothes besides my uniform?”
  510. >Twilight nods eagerly.
  511. >“Y-yeah! Here, I’ll go get something from upstairs real quick. Girls? We can finish this talk upstairs. You keep Anon occupied, Rainbow.”
  512. >Twilight speeds out of her bed and nearly sprints to the stairs.
  513. >The others follow...
  514. >...All except for Rainbow, of course.
  515. >As they follow their purple friend, it’s just you, ripe from the shower and waist wrapped in a towel, Rainbow Dash, and the basement.
  516. >You give her a curious look, and point your thumb at the direction they left the basement from.
  517. “What’s with her?”
  518. >“Oh, you know, nerd stuff,” says Rainbow Dash, migrating back to the carpet where she’d left her controller.
  519. >As she walks back over, you notice her sleep-attire all that much more.
  520. >You guess her shirt is something of importance describing this, because it wears itself on her upper-body tightly, emphasizing her surprisingly more fruitful chest than you first thought her to have.
  521. >She’s not wearing a bra under it, but from observation alone, you guess she’s an A cup, maybe pushing just past a B cup.
  522. >Her sleeves are short, like a t-shirt, but unlike the rest of the white fabric on her shirt, they’re bold red.
  523. >Right in the middle of her shirt, her little symbol makes itself noticed at her chest region: a storm cloud with colorful lightning.
  525. >The shirt, while tight, still doesn’t hug her body as much as Sunset’s purple pajamas, but certainly alluded to that she was thin.
  526. >Her pants, however, were not as insightful on how she looked.
  527. >Not that you don’t know what her legs look like (she’s worn yoga pants before one time at school).
  528. >Something about the blue pajama pants with small white patterns somehow makes her seem that much more desirable, strangely enough.
  529. >You continue to stare at the little storm and rainbow lightning on her chest, and then find yourself gazing at her breast again.
  530. >You notice her nipples poke through the fabric just the tiniest bit.
  531. >They poke hard, like fuckin' tiny-ass torpedos of fun atop her --
  532. >“You’re staring.”
  533. >Those two words.
  534. >They slam you back into reality with the force of a crashing plane.
  535. >You've been caught, more helpless than a deer caught in a car's headlights.
  536. >You imediately, shift your gaze elsewhere.
  537. >Fuck.
  538. “S-sorry. I, uh, didn’t mean to...”
  539. >“S’cool; I’m used to that kind of stuff. I mean, c’mon, I can’t blame you for checking me out. I mean, I am pretty hot and all...”
  540. >Rainbow Dash grins as her eyes scan you hungrily.
  541. >“And hey, I'd pretty much be lying if I said I didn't like what I see either..”
  542. >Your heart stops.
  543. >Reality suddenly seems fake.
  544. “Wait, what?”
  545. >Rainbow gets on her hands and knees, getting closer to you than ever before.
  546. >“You heard me. I’ve been looking at you, and I like what I see.”
  547. >Oh lawd have mercy.
  549. >You gulp as her hand places itself over the bulge from under your towel.
  550. >“Looks like the feeling’s mutual, eh? Nice size ya got there, by the way. I was worried your gains was just ‘cause of compensation, but, like, yeah, clearly not the case if I’m seeing that right there.”
  551. >You scoot back, removing her hand from your lap.
  552. “This is some sorta prank, isn’t it? C’mon, the girls are gonna pop back in with their phones recording this or some sh -- ”
  553. >You swallow your words as Dash pounces on you, her mouth instantly interlocking with yours as her hands undo the wrapped towel around your waist.
  554. >Her hands move eagerly, quickly undoing the fabric around your prized possession like it were in the packaging of a Christmas present.
  555. >Rational thought is swept away at this point.
  556. >You no longer care if this is a prank or not.
  557. >As your tongues smack together, coiling and twisting around the other’s, you snake your hands up her shirt in a desperate attempt to feel more of her smooth, cyan skin.
  558. >You start at her hips, and as you make your way up from them, your mind melts as you realize how great her build is.
  559. >Lean, skinny, but with definite shape and curves.
  560. >Your hands reach up and feel for her breasts.
  561. >As small as they are, the tiny mounds are still pretty fun to tease.
  562. >You pinch one nipple, finding it already very erect.
  563. >As your fingers tease the tiny nub, you can feel Dash sharply inhale through her nose as you continue to smooch with her.
  564. >She's an anxious kisser, seeking to get as much enjoyment from your mouth as she can.
  566. >You do the same, and the result is a dance of tongues, tangling around each other as you exploit the surface of her body.
  567. >Getting dizzy from lack of breath, you pull back and take a deep breath of reality.
  568. “...H-holy shit,” you whisper in awe, “I feel like I'm on the fuckin’ moon.”
  569. >Rainbow Dash pants, catching her bearings as well.
  570. >“Damn, t-that was more intense than I thought it'd be...Not bad.”
  571. >She smiles deviously.
  572. >“Wanna go again?”
  573. “I, uh, well...”
  574. >She rolls her eyes at your uncertainty.
  575. >“You really gonna say no to this? C’mon, at least half the school would kill to be right here with me.”
  576. “But I...”
  577. >Urgently, you are pulled in for another kiss, then pushed down on your back as she saddles up on top of you.
  578. >Her smile is proud, confident like it usually is, but with a little something extra.
  579. >The satisfaction of getting what she wants shines in the teeth of her grin.
  580. >With her legs spread apart on top of you, you still feel the warmth of her eager womanhood through her pajama pants.
  581. >Your face grows a shade more red when your imagine how wet and hungry her privates must be for attention under the barrier of comfortable sleep-wear.
  582. >Entertained with your timidity, she begins gyrating her hips, grinding her excitement against your crotch.
  583. >Her breaths become powerful huffs from her mouth, bits of stuffy air that expell from her lungs.
  584. >Too hot to handle, she’s overtaken with a strong heat in her chest.
  585. >Her hands grab at the bottom of her shirt in a need to expose herself.
  586. >Slowly, Rainbow Dash begins removing the article of clothing from her, her flat, slim stomach revealing itself to your widened eyes.
  587. >You can hardly believe this is happening.
  588. >Fully topless, she flings aside the shirt like trash as you stare in awe.
  590. >10/10, no question about it.
  591. >Rainbow Dash looks incredible.
  592. >Her sky blue skin holds no flaws or marks other than minor scars from athletic injury, but are easily forgiven by her soft, slick skin.
  593. >Not a bit a hair on her, perfectly smooth to the touch.
  594. >Her breasts are small, but you were well aware of this.
  595. >Seeing them, however, gives you a sense of satisfaction.
  596. >They look perky, nearly flat.
  597. >Nearly.
  598. >She’s a B-cup at most; that or at the far scale of an A you'd say.
  599. >Not like you’re an expert on breasts, you know.
  600. >Still, her tiny dark blue nipples stick up completely erect in excitement.
  601. >They look sensitive to touch.
  602. >Must be fun to pinch.
  603. >Even though you always liked some big tits, you’re starting to see how one can enjoy these small, small orbs on her chest.
  604. >Her belly is flat and well-toned.
  605. >No pudge at all.
  606. >You could look at her all day and still be amazed at how well her body holds up compared to that of your average teenager.
  607. >Actualy, no...this body would make even WOMEN envious.
  608. >Rainbow is not fine, she's DAMN fine.
  609. >Your thoughts are interrupted by her small laugh.
  610. >“You look like your head's up in the clouds,” says Rainbow Dash.
  611. “Yeah, up in cloud nine.”
  612. >“Ha, that’s good, but I can think of something better,” Rainbow Dash says, her eyes speaking more than her words.
  614. >With her mind ready, she leans towards your face as you begin exploiting her body greedily.
  615. >Your mouth connects with her’s, causing euphoria to strike.
  616. >The two of you make each other dizzy by breathing shared breaths, the lack of fresh oxygen putting you both in a haze, and twp words escape you.
  617. “So...awesome.”
  618. >“That’s my line, dude.”
  619. “Coming from my mouth. Try and get it if you want it so much.”
  620. >She does, of course.
  621. >Dash’s lips are soft, much like the rest of her flesh.
  622. >They feel pillow-y, like tiny cushions, yet move in perfect tandem with your own as the resulting kiss generates a spark within.
  623. >The heat in both of your chests have become wildfires, and with each brush of skin, each touch of flesh, the fire is only fed.
  624. >A cacophony of quiet moans and groans down in your throats only push the two of you further and further till you think it’s impossible to get any crazier.
  625. >It does nothing but.
  626. >Her hands drape themselves over your chest and stomach, feeling up your defined pectorals and abs.
  627. >You smirk into your kiss as you cup one of her small breast.
  628. >You swear that her face becomes just a bit redder at this as she takes an incredibly sharp breath.
  629. >Awfully meek of her compared to how she’s approached this situation.
  630. >So far, Rainbow Dash has made it clear that she’s the more experienced lover, thus the dominant figure in this little game she’s made.
  631. >But as you continue fondling her rounded mounds, it’s apparent she’s trying to hide how much more she’s enjoying it in an attempt to keep her claim to her throne.
  633. >Perhaps because of her breast size, she rarely gets any stimulation in an area usually given attention to by plenty of people, thus the sensation is rare, or entirely new.
  634. >But she’s bragged again and again about how much ‘action’ she gets, so wouldn’t she have met someone to entertain her tits at least once?
  635. >You brush your thumb against the tip of her right nipple.
  636. >Much to your satisfaction, she pulls away from the kiss with a sharp, sharp gasp.
  637. >A theory hits you.
  638. >You think you know why.
  640. >“Ah! S-shit!”
  641. >The goosebumps on her skin become even more abundant as you then flick the erect nub.
  642. >“Hah! W-what the hell? How’d you know to do that?”
  643. >The grin Rainbow Dash made before is mirrored right back at her.
  644. “The girls don’t get much love, do they?”
  645. >You flick her left one now, and she moans loudly.
  646. >If she had attempted to hide her shock and pleasure a bit more, she might still have a fighting chance at reclaiming her position, but by making that cute as fuck noise, the game’s not only in your favor, but you make the rules.
  647. >With your right hand, you makes circles around her areola while your left hand pinches and tugs her nipple.
  648. “You haven’t done this as much as you say you have, have you?”
  649. >You can almost feel her heart skip a beat, her eyes wide and skin crawling.
  650. >Ha.
  651. >Got ‘eem.
  652. >“That’s not tr--Ah! Sh-shit!”
  653. >You chuckle.
  654. “Hey, don’t worry, I ain’t gonna tell anyone,”
  655. >Her shoulders drop in relief.
  656. “..on one condition.”
  657. >Again, her skin crawls as she battles fear with sharp pleasure.
  658. >“Y-you’re not gonna blackmail me, are you?” she asks, gritting her teeth in an attempt to suppress her gasps of affection.
  660. “More like the opposite. You tell anyone about this right now, I tell everyone about one game that you only /say/ you're skilled at.”
  661. >Her brows furrow as she pouts, yet she still can’t help but hide the look of pleasure on her face.
  662. >“F-fine...but I’m still more experienced than you.”
  663. “Now that, I don’t doubt,” you say, your head nearing her left nipple.
  664. >It’s dark blue and small, but completely firm and erect as it stands tall at attention.
  665. >The color is like blue berries, except much more delectable.
  666. >You remove your hand and cease your pinching, but continue playing with the right breast.
  667. >You stare straight into Rainbow Dash’s eyes as your head approaches the left nub on her chest.
  668. >Shakily, she nods her head in approval.
  669. >Perfect.
  670. >Your face leans to the left side of her chest as you give it small kisses till you reach her nipple.
  671. >You cup her left breast in your hand, appreciating the little weight it has far more than most should, and enjoy the feeling of holding a tit in general.
  672. >Then, you slowly bring out your tongue...
  673. >It makes contact with her supple flesh and you proceed to slowly lick your tongue around the shape of her areola.
  674. >Her head leans back as she lets out a shuddering moan, her arms shaking as they wrap around the back of your neck and shoulders, draped there lazily as the sensations dulls her focus.
  675. >Feeling adventurous, you decide to put your now-inactive left hand to some use.
  676. >You lay it atop the side of her left chest, and begin to feel down the sides of her ribs.
  677. >Your hand brushes from her ribcage, to the side of her stomach, and finally to her hips.
  678. >Her body twitches a bit, her nervous system letting out sparks from such enthralling sensations that she can barely keep up with.
  679. >Occasionally your palm will bump into the waist of her pajamas, but this tempts you more.
  680. >You snake your hand under the waistband, and begin to make way for her ass.
  682. >It’s somewhat difficult to reach, but she scoots up when she sees what you’re trying to do.
  683. >Finally, you’re able to feel the fabled ass of Rainbow Dash.
  684. >And it does NOT disappoint.
  685. >It’s the butt of a runner: firm, tight, incredible shape, but so much more!
  686. >You give a pinch for good measure.
  687. >Much like with her tits, she gasps sharply at the alien feeling, but doesn’t dare to stop you.
  688. >The touches you give each other are both new experiences that not only enthrall your minds, but opens them as well.
  689. >Your hand squeezes at her supple cheeks as you tease her left breast with your teeth, and continue pinching the right tit just for the Goddamn fun of it.
  690. >You don't know which part you like the most, but a voice in your head shouts “hips”.
  691. >Rainbow Dash, realizing she's taking all the pleasure, medicines to return the favor.
  692. >“...Don't think I’m gonna be the only one squirming here, Anon,” she says, her breath heavy.
  693. >She removes her hands from around your shoulders.
  694. >“Why don't we both do something new for the first time...”
  695. “You mean, like, rolling in the hay kinda new?”
  696. >Her hands start to flow to her waistband as she gives you a dirty smile, her teeth glistening in such a way that drives you insane.
  697. >“You know it.”
  698. >Slowly, she begins to pull her pajamas down, and --
  700. >“Anon! We found you something!”
  701. >You and Rainbow’s eyes meet.
  702. >The same fear they show is reflected off the other’s.
  703. >Panic.
  704. >Fucking PANIC!
  705. >Rainbow Dash immediately pulls her pajama pants up as she scrambles off of your crotch.
  706. >Meanwhile, you try to wrap your towel back on and help search for Dash’s discarded t-shirt.
  707. >Finally, the piece of clothing is found, and Dash hurriedly puts it on.
  708. >Her hair is still a mess, and so is your’s, but at least you were decent, and could come up with a better excuse now that you were clothed...if they even question you at all.
  709. >You both sit in front of the TV on the floor, not daring to make eye contact as you both blush.
  710. >Then, not a moment later, they enter the basement.
  711. >Twilight smiles.
  712. >She holds a coat hanger with a robe along with some pajama pants.
  713. >Looks comfy desu.
  714. >“Anon, Applejack and I found this is one of the principal’s closets. It looks like a man’s so I'm sure that you...are you two alright?”
  715. >Oh shit oh shit oh shit.
  716. “Us? As in Rainbow Dash and I? Why yes we are fine! We were just about to, uh, play a good match in Super Duper -- ”
  717. >“Uber,” corrects Dash.
  718. “Uh, yeah, I mean Super ‘Uber’ Bros...totally.”
  719. >The six look confused, but shrug it off.
  720. >“Well, I suppose that’s fine and all, but wouldn't you like to try your new attire on, dear?” asks Rarity, still checking out your bod.
  721. >You notice Dash’s face turns a shade redder as her lips purse.
  722. >Shes glares at the pale girl, but tries to hide it.
  724. >You shift your focus to Rarity to answer her question.
  725. >First you notice is her eyes look different, her make-up in particular was done more neatly than the last time you saw it, and her hair seemed just a tad more neat than it was earlier.
  726. >You’re wondering if she prettied it up while upstairs.
  727. >With a smile and a nod, you sit up to retrieve your new clothes in the coat-hanger held by Twilight.
  728. “Thank you guys for being so cool like this. Especially you, Twilight...any chance I can get that twelve fifty?”
  729. >She shakes her head no with a smile.
  730. >“No can do Anon.”
  731. >Fuck.
  732. “Oh well. Guess I'll change in the bathroom again.”
  733. >With that, you hide away.
  736. --Later--
  738. >You sit on the floor in a blue robe and flannel pajamas.
  739. >Twilight said they were men’s, the waistband says otherwise; you can tell someone with a good pair of hips has worn these (*cough!* Celestia *cough!*).
  740. >In your hands lie a gamestation controller from the early 2000’s.
  741. >And that's all you know about it.
  742. >You never understood video games, and this “Super Uber Bros.” was just a weird thing to play.
  743. >Like, c’mon, why is this Italian samurai character trying to defeat the turtleoids for?
  744. >And the fighting?
  745. >Sheesh!
  746. >More brutal than a god sending every demon from the pits of Super-Hell to ass rape you with forty-nine inch-long cactus cocks....or cocktus.
  747. >Cockti?
  748. >However, Dash talked you into playing with her, and, well, you kind of want to.
  749. >Like, you don't know why, but you got a feeling that you and Dash are gonna be good, gooood friends from now on...
  750. >And hey, friends play video games, right?
  751. >...Yeah, they sure do.
  752. >...Does this mean you and Rainbow are in a relationship?
  753. >Like, what even was that?
  754. >Some sort of explosion of you and her's teen-lust?
  755. >No, no...
  756. >There was lust, yes, but something a bit more...
  757. >Something more conscious than the instinct of lust was driving her...
  759. >At first it seemed like she was just trying to be prideful, asserting her dominance over you.
  760. >But right when you turned the tables, things were more intense.
  761. >And speaking of turning the tables, you try your best to do just that in this stupid game!
  762. >You’ve resorted to button-mashing, hopelessly trying to defeat Dash’s ninja character in a game you’ve never played.
  763. >All the girls except Rainbow Dash are cheering you on, chanting your name in hopes to raise your spirits.
  764. >But you know it’s impossible to win at this rate.
  765. >Your health bar is nearly diminished, one more hit and…
  766. >A kick.
  767. >No more health...but the game keeps going?
  768. >“DO IT” the game shouts with the voice of an announcer.
  769. >Your character still stands and whatnot, but what the hell?
  770. >Your health is all gone, you’re not able to move, but your character is still standing.
  771. >What’s happening?
  772. >He moves in a swaying motion as Dash walks up to him.
  773. >She takes her eyes off the screen, and winks at you.
  774. >“Check this out.”
  775. >She proceeds to press a certain combination of buttons as her ninja character does several hops.
  776. >Once it lands, the character takes off his mask revealing a bear.
  778. >From its maw, the bear-ninja proceeds to breathe hell-fire all over your character until you’re nothing but ash.
  780. >Dash pumps both fists in the air.
  781. >“Ah yeah! Sweet! Pretty cool, right Anon?”
  782. >Fluttershy pats you own shoulder as the rest of the girls comfort you...wait, what?
  783. “It’s alright Anon, just because you lost doesn’t make you any worse of a person,” says Fluttershy, her voice reassuring like a mother’s.
  784. >“Yeah, I’m sure if Dash actually let me teach ya first, ya’ll had gotten a better chance,” Applejack says.
  786. >She gives a stern stare at Rainbow.
  787. >The attention you’re getting just for losing…
  788. >Who’d ever think a loser would have so many girls talking to him?
  789. “Uh, it’s alright. I didn’t think I’d win anyways,” you say nonchalantly, hoping to make Dash look less bad. "Besides, it was kind of cool..." you say with a friendly smile to Rainbow Dash.
  790. >It doesn’t work when you notice Sunset walk up to her, eyes stern like an angry bull.
  791. >“Let ME play on Anon’s behalf.”
  792. >Uh, okay, this is a bit much.
  793. >Dash, prideful as ever, accepts.
  794. >“So you wanna take me on in a game, huh? Well I bet I can take ya down in two moves, ten seconds fl--”
  795. >“I’ll beat you faster than you can even finish that sentence.”
  796. >She sits on the carpet, picking up the controller as you remain sandwiched between the two.
  797. >“You really wanna be challenging me, Sunset?”
  798. “Yeah, you hesitating?” she retorts.
  799. >Rainbow merely laughs.
  800. >“Me? Hesitate? I never hesitate, I just get what I want because I’m good at it.”
  801. >Pinkie Pie draws out a chalkboard from nowhere, her smile a tad bit wider than usual.
  802. >“Plaaaace your bets here, girls! Come on up! Who’s gonna win this battle, and who's gonna win the most pizzas?”
  803. >“I’ll bid two slices of the pepperoni pizza that Sunset wins at two and a half minutes,” declares Rarity happily.
  804. >“Um, I guess I’ll bid three slices with the olives and anchovies that Rainbow wins in the first thirty seconds...I-I don’t really feel comfortable having poor little fishies on my pizza anyways,” murmurs Fluttershy.
  805. >Before you know it, Pinkie is managing the entire room’s bets on who’ll win: Rainbow or Sunset?
  806. >You politely decline to place any bets.
  807. >I mean, you don’t wanna pick favorites, right?
  808. >Besides, it’s obvious that it’ll be--
  810. >“There! That’s for you, Anon.”
  811. >Sunset dusts her hands off and stands up, leaving Rainbow Dash sitting with her jaw hung low.
  812. >“I...I lost?”
  813. >She turns to you, her eyes pinpricks.
  814. >“I lost!?”
  815. “Whoa, like, take it easy, it’s just a game, man...”
  816. >“So says you!” chimes Rarity, “I’ve just won eight slices from each pizza!”
  817. >All the other betting girls frown.
  818. >Except for Pinkie.
  819. >Mainly because she got some too.
  820. >Sly bitch.
  821. >Rainbow stands from her spot and points a finger at Sunset.
  822. >“Rematch! Right now!”
  823. >Sunset rolls her eyes, and sits on the bed next to Twilight.
  824. >“Psh, only when you’re no longer a sore loser.”
  825. >“Loser? Oh, you better--”
  826. >“Girls! Ya better stop this nonsense and start actin’ more polite with Anon here!” scolds Applejack.
  827. >She sighs.
  828. >“And usually I’m the one arguin’ and such…”
  829. >The room enters a heavy silence.
  830. >The air is more salty than the Pacific Ocean, bruh.
  831. >Twilight notices this and thinks of something quickly to regain everyone’s optimism.
  832. >“...So, uh, who’s thirsty from that pizza? I know I am! Let’s, er, go to the minibar! I got cider from Equestria.”
  833. >“Well I’ll be damned! I forgot all ‘bout the cider ya brought!”
  834. >“It’s not, you know, /that/ type of cider, i-is it? I just don’t want a repeat of what I did last time, you know?”
  835. >Your eyes widen.
  836. “Wait...Fluttershy, you got drunk?”
  837. >Right as you say that, she recluses under her hair in a week attempt to hide the ray of scarlet across her face.
  838. "Huh..."
  839. >With that, you all head to the bar.
  841. >It’s real fucking nice.
  842. >Excellent quality wood, several cabinets...it's a good bar.
  843. >It’s a basement bar, but a good one!
  844. >It’s set up like the real deal with several stools, proper drinks, proper glasses...lord how much did the damn thing cost?
  845. >It even has a refrigerator for fuck’s sake.
  846. >You all sit down at the stools as Twilight mans the bar itself.
  847. >“So girls--and boy--what’ll it be?”
  848. >“Well, that depends, Twilight dear. What say you have?” asks Rarity, her voice a tad bit smoother sounding as she gazes into your eyes.
  849. >This does not go unnoticed by everyone else though.
  850. >In fact, Applejack seems a bit irritated by it.
  851. >Twilight awkwardly checks the inventory.
  852. >“Um, well we have the cider from my world’s Applejack, some beer I bribed Luna to get us, Gatorade, chocolate milk (I’m guessing Pinkie somehow got it in here), wine, and...water.”
  853. >...
  854. "That’s an odd assortment."
  855. >Rarity shrugs.
  856. >“I’ll take the wine, if you don’t mind.”
  857. >Why do the “proper” people not drink beer?
  858. >You never got that…
  859. >“Pinkie? What’d you like?”
  860. >“Chocolate rain,” says Pinkie with a smile.
  861. >With a sigh, Twilight gets the chocolate milk out.
  862. >Not a glass, mind you, but a full fucking gallon from the fridge.
  863. >“I’ll take some Gatorade; I could use the energy,” sighs Dash, the pride in her voice flat and dull.
  864. >Twi gives an irked expression at not only this different sounding Rainbow, but her choice of beverage..
  865. >“Gatorade? For loss of energy? Loss of energy from what? All you’ve done is play video games with Applejack, Anon, and Sunset.”
  866. >You and Rainbow’s eyes meet, then dart away from each other quickly.
  867. >“Uh, I’m just in the mood for it I guess,” she says meekly.
  868. >Phew.
  870. >Twilight shrugs as she just grabs a bottle from the fridge and places it in front of Dash.
  871. >“And you, mister guest of honor?”
  872. >You smile playfully.
  873. “A nice, tall glass of water such as yourself,” you say with some added finger guns. "Ayyy."
  874. >Twilight brushes a strand of her hair out of her face with a goofy grin.
  875. >“Heh heh...I’ve heard that at least thirteen times now in Equestria at royal banquets," she says with a giggle, "and I still don’t know what that means.”
  876. “It’s a compliment. I’ll have a glass of water though. For real.”
  877. >She nods with newfound knowledge.
  878. >“I see…”
  879. >She places a glass of water down.
  880. >The next few minutes, Sunset and Applejack are asked for a drink.
  881. >Sunset wanted an average beer, while Applejack wanted to try the cider from Equestria.
  882. >But that’s not important.
  883. >What is important is when Twilight asks Fluttershy for a drink.
  884. >“C’mon Fluttershy, do it! You know you wanna,” teases Applejack.
  885. >“N-now girls, I’m not really sure if I--”
  886. >“Do it,” says Dash mischievously.
  887. >“But what if I--?”
  888. “You won’t, Fluttershy; not unless you fail to manage yourself.”
  889. >...
  890. >What?
  891. >You’re a firm believer in trying new things, and Fluttershy is pretty introverted.
  892. >Girl needs to spread her nonexistent wings a lil’, ya know?
  894. >With the whole bar table’s eyes staring at her, she sighs in defeat, knowing her attempts will be futile.
  895. >“O-okay...Just a little though! I don’t want to do anything...well…”
  896. >“I’ll keep an eye on ya,” says Applejack, patting the girl’s shoulders reassuringly.
  897. >Twilight places a standard bottle of beer.
  898. >It’s Rolling Rock.
  899. >Fluttershy eyes the emerald bottle nervously, like if she opened it, an evil genie would happen to haunt her for years to come.
  900. >Despite Applejack saying she’d watch how much the girl would drink, you decide to keep an extra eye on her, just for safe keeping.
  901. >She seems embarrassed about a “last time” she tried to drink, a story you want to hear.
  902. “So, Fluttershy, you said you have indeed tried drinking before?”
  903. >Her face winces as her memories (or lack thereof) crawl up the back of her neck as a cringe.
  904. >“I was trying to calm my nerves. I-it worked a bit too well.”
  905. >You nod.
  906. “I see. If it makes you feel any better, I’ll keep an eye on you too.”
  907. >“Thanks...”
  908. >With all drinks served, Twilight takes a seat with her cider.
  909. >“So I guess we’re all good, right?”
  910. “Yeah,” you say with a sip of water.
  911. >“Good! So, Applejack? What do you think of the, well, other ‘you’s cider?”
  912. >“Well hot damn! This here cider’s fantastic!” she yells happily, her face already turning red by the alcohol.
  913. >The farm-girl is already tipsy at one gulp, but at least she’s not hammered...yet.
  914. >Meanwhile, Twilight has some.
  915. >She remains unaffected.
  916. >Must be that whole “from Equestria” stuff.
  917. >Rarity is fine too, yet grabs the bottle of wine and pours herself another glass.
  918. >“So, Anon, how’s life?” asks Twilight.
  919. >Her smile is cute and charming at the same time.
  920. >It carries enough weight to show her personality, yet it’s obvious that the hidden charisma of this quaint bookworm could hold the attention of a whole nation.
  921. >Must be why she’s a popular princess at her home.
  923. >You laugh a little.
  924. “My life’s fine. Done a bit of exercise, deliver pizzas...not much.”
  925. >Pinkie tilts her head in confusion.
  926. >“That’s all? Wow, didn’t you go to any events, travel to Europe, swim at the pool, or play games?”
  927. “No, because I didn’t have much people to do it with.”
  928. >“Not even your girlfriend?”
  929. >Your face cracks into a ridiculous smile as you try not to burst out laughing.
  930. “Sorry, but where the hell did you get /that/ idea from?”
  931. >Pinkie does not see the amusement you do, and prods a bit further.
  932. >“Wait, so you /don’t/ have a girlfriend?”
  933. >You’re about to laugh some more and say ‘of course not’, but then you glance at Rainbow Dash.
  934. >...
  935. >Yeah, you don’t know if you’re in a relationship or not with her.
  936. >Like, you both clearly enjoyed it, and you’d definitely do it again, but does this mean you and Rainbow are…
  937. >You ponder for a short second.
  938. >She seemed interested in your body and trying to get it through dominance, but once you turned the tables on her, things got more real.
  939. >But no, you two never agreed on such a thing, and from the approach she made, you rightfully assume that you and her are not in a romantic relationship.
  940. “No. No, I don’t have a girlfriend, yet. Sure as hell am looking for one though.”
  941. >Now that statement, the ‘sure as hell’ one?
  942. >That’s really true.
  943. >But then again, for what guy your age isn’t it?
  944. >Twilight also has trouble believing this.
  946. >“Really? Anon, I may be a young adult pony princess back on my world, but that doesn’t mean my brain changes during the cross to this realm. I can tell a young boy who’s good looking when I see one, and they usually have girlfriends.”
  947. “Yeah, well, I’ve mostly been delivering pizzas this summer, so not much time to chat it up with the ladies.”
  948. >“Oh, don’t be so pessimistic, Anon! Look where delivering pizzas has gotten you this evening,” says Rarity, already done with her second glass of wine (wow, that was fast, too).
  949. “Yeah, it got me fired because Twilight doesn’t want to give me twelve fifty.”
  950. >“Oh, c’mon," says Sunset, draping an arm around Twi's shoulder, "you know you wanted to come stay with us. And trust me, if Twilight knew you wanted to, then you wanted to."
  951. >“Uh, yeah! T-that’s right!” stutters Twi.
  952. “Ok, fine...I did. And, uh, it is nice to see you all again after such a boring summer. Wish I’d get a job that’d let me have time to see you guys more.”
  953. >“Anon, ya ever thought about workin’ at the farm?” asks Applejack, her words slightly slurring. “I’m askin’ ya ‘cause you got all of what I need: muscle, smarts, and a good ‘tude to go along with it.”
  954. >...
  955. >Shit, that’s actually not a bad idea.
  956. “Um, really? I’d love to, but I’d need a bit more insight on it I think. Like, what would I do, how much would you pay and, well, other things?”
  957. >Applejack leans against her arm as she rests her elbow on the bar.
  958. >She eyes you up with a sly grin and rosy cheeks.
  959. >“I think we can work somethin’ out. I mean, ya really have no reason to say no, do ya? Think about it: ya get to keep your muscles growin’ stronger, the girls and I are often there doing this and that, you’ll get some help with me and Big Mac…”
  960. >She taps her chin in thought.
  961. >“Could prolly have ya babysittin’ Bloom, too now that I think about it.”
  962. >“Ugh, why’re we talking about this right here? This is boring!” groans Rainbow Dash.
  964. >Deciding to be a bit light on Dash for utterly losing against Sunset earlier, you decide to back her up in a non offensive manner to either of them.
  965. “Yeah, Rainbow’s right; I’d love to talk about this later though.”
  966. >“Well, we can always find someplace private to talk, eh?”
  967. >You look at the rest of the group.
  968. “You all don’t mind if I discuss this with her, right gang?”
  969. >They all nonchalantly shrug.
  970. >“Meh, the least I can do is let Applejack sort out a new job for you. Especially because I can’t pay that twelve fifty...”
  971. >“Yeah, but, uh, we’re gonna need somewhere private to talk. Ya got such a place, Twi?”
  972. >“Why so private?”
  973. >You were about to ask the same thing.
  974. >Applejack waves a hand like it’s no big deal.
  975. >“Us Apples wanna hear what a potential helpin’ hand says on his own, and havin’ others around might change his opinion.”
  976. >Okay, now that’s reasonable enough.
  977. “I’m okay with that. Anywhere we can go?”
  978. >Twilight’s chews her bottom lip in thought.
  979. >“Um, upstairs, yeah, but do you really wanna go up there with the tornado?”
  980. >Applejack does not look deterred and just waves her hand dismissively.
  981. >“Oh, sugar, if worse comes to worse, we’ll go to the bathroom. Ya know what they say ‘bout hangin’ onto them pipes, don’tcha?”
  982. >Twilight makes a puzzled grimace.
  983. >“Well, alright...don’t take too long though.”
  984. >Applejack winks.
  985. >“We’ll be just fine, sugar.”
  986. >You proceed to the stairs.
  988. --Later
  990. >You’ve arrived up the stairs into the kitchen, and you can see out the window how absolutely insane the weather is.
  991. >You had to help Applejack a little thanks to her tipsiness, but at least she knew your intentions were good.
  992. >She’s barely had any of the cider from Twilight’s world, but it must’ve had a strong fucking kick to it.
  993. >Almost as much as the thunder, lightning, and wind outside.
  994. >Saying it was a dark and stormy night would basically be calling a tadpole a shark.
  995. >This night outside of the house was like a battlefield, pockets of thunder clapping through the sky, illuminating under some of the pitch black clouds with each surge of lightning.
  996. >You wanted to get away from the windows.
  997. “So, uh, where’re we going to talk?”
  998. >“Livin’ room.”
  999. >Ah, of course.
  1000. >The living room is right next to the kitchen and is quite cozy looking, not to mention large.
  1001. >Two leather couches, a fireplace, a TV, carpet, you get the idea.
  1002. >It’s pretty typical.
  1003. >You take a seat on one of the couches, expecting her to sit on the one adjacent to you.
  1004. >She doesn’t.
  1005. >Instead, she seats herself right next to you on the very same piece of furniture.
  1006. >Your shoulders are barely even a foot apart from the other.
  1007. >“Time to start talkin’; what’d ya’ll do when we were gettin’ ya clothes?”
  1008. >Oh shit.
  1009. >She knows.
  1010. >How does she know?
  1011. >Okay, wait, ask her something first.
  1012. “Weren’t we going to talk about me getting a potential job?”
  1013. >Applejack smiles knowingly.
  1014. >“You’re cute when ya try and act all innocent and such, ya know that?”
  1015. >You ignore the comment with a blush.
  1016. “How’d you know...?”
  1017. >With a tip of her stetson, her emerald eyes shoot a message to you, the message that says: “You think I’m stupid or something?”
  1018. >You gulp.
  1019. “Okay, yeah, we kinda did. What’s it matter to you anyways?”
  1021. >Applejack chuckles in a rather silly manner with a lazy roll of the eyes.
  1022. >“S’kinda obvious that somethin’...somethin’...uh...”
  1023. >It hurts to watch the gears in her head fail to turn.
  1024. >“Riled ‘er. Y-yeah, that's it. Now seein’ as how I know Dash’s a bit of a braggart, I'm guessin’ she thought she could handle ya if she had enough confidence, and then ya damn blow her mind and switch it up a little. Then, to make it even better, she loses a game. That there is two times her ego failed her, and she's prolly feelin’ conflicted since she enjoyed being the big cheese when you all were going at it.”
  1025. >She tips her hat.
  1026. >“That’s what happened, dinnit?”
  1027. >You’re shocked.
  1028. >How the hell did she do that?
  1029. >Like, she didn't even say ‘Apple’ once and told you how she's deduced the act you and Dash did.
  1030. >You stare in both terror and awe.
  1031. “Okay...how and why?” you say, guffawed by her accurate-retelling based on her judgement of character alone.
  1032. >She shrugs in her blue footy-pajamas.
  1033. >“I read people. S’what I do.”
  1034. >With that, she starts approaching you on the cushions of the couch, crawling on all fours slowly, playfully, somewhat like an eager cat before toying with its prey.
  1035. >“And as for the 'why'…”
  1036. >THe southern belle chuckles sedulously.
  1037. >"Let's just say I'm itchin' fer some fun."
  1038. “...You for real? You wanna make out, play with our parts, and the only reason is because Rainbow Dash was blown away? That it?”
  1039. >“It takes a lot to impress a gal like Rainbow, trust me."
  1040. >She places her hat awkwardly atop your head.
  1041. "This is REALY inappropriate, you know."
  1042. "Ya got a problem with that cowboy?”
  1043. “Well, yeah, I mean, no, there was just a little bit more of something when Dash and I…”
  1044. >“Anon, I'm horny and I'm gettin’ perdy impatient. You wanna do this or not?”
  1045. >You look into her intense emerald eyes.
  1046. >They’re gorgeous, beautiful things...but they're tired--filled with lust.
  1047. >There is a significant lack of any other connection within them, just passion, hunger, and primordial desire.
  1048. >...But, again, they are beautiful, and you’d an idiot to refuse a chance such as this, becuase eep down you know you want it.
  1049. >Deciding that if no spark were to form on its own between the two of you, one would have to be made.
  1050. “Get that great ass of yours on my lap,” you say, your voice becoming lower.
  1052. >Applejack grins.
  1053. >“Attaboy. Now just so we don't get any wrong ideas, no kissin’ aloud.”
  1054. >You’ll live.
  1055. >Raising her round, enormous butt from the couch, she mounts your lap, smiling coyly as she undoes the robe’s tie from around your waste.
  1056. >Your heart races, each beat like a thunderous landing of hooves from a horse on the race tracks.
  1057. >It is in an instant that the blood pumps to your precious length that rides along against your thigh under the confining fabricheld by the fabric of these pajamas.
  1058. >Her gigantic bottom feels the girthy bulge on your lap.
  1059. >She slowly turns her head at you and flashes a toothy smile -- she is pleased.
  1060. >This grin of her is held as she pleases you by rubbing your hidden member by gyrating her hips, the crevice between her ass cheeks that the buttflap covers grinding against you like a budding ship.
  1061. >Her footy pajamas, for the record, look astronomical on her.
  1062. >The whole thing hugs her tightly in all the right places, outlining her mature and womanly build.
  1063. >Dash’s body, you remember, was small and slim, one that seemed to be well-crafted for the purpose of being held and to brush one's hands across sensually to tease her.
  1064. >Applejack, however, was no such woman.
  1065. >She was meant to be held firmly and treated like a fertile gal with big needs.
  1066. >Her muscular, womanly body aspires you to touch and appreciate the years of hard-earned labor, and her footy-pajamas are just teasing you with her incredible shape, wrapping her well-contoured body like a gift under the christmas tree.
  1067. >You can't slide your hands over her and expect much -- you have to REALLY feel this body with grabbing, tugging, squeezing, holding, gripping...
  1068. >Applejack undoes your robe, her eyes instantly landing on the throbbing anticipation under the fabric pf your pajama pants.
  1069. >Her cheeks, reddened from the abnormally strong alcohol, raise as her smile reveals her pearly whites.
  1070. >She bites her bottom lip in an eager smile.
  1071. >"Nice."
  1072. >The first word shared in what felt like eternity...
  1073. >It was more aimed at your dick rather than you yourself, however, you do at least feel comfortable in the consolation that you have the proper equipment to please women in your foreseeable future.
  1074. “Thanks.”
  1075. >Again, another word spoken, this one just as short and meaningless as the one aimed towards you.
  1076. >As Applejack places a hand on top of the bulge in your pajamas, she takes the time to appreciate it, marveling its thickness, its length, its shape...
  1077. >She caresses it like it were a bar of gold.
  1078. >You then remember that you can feel her up as well and begin to lay your hands on her breasts, admiring their weight through the fuzzy cloth of the dark blue onesie.
  1080. >She purrs.
  1081. >She's enjoying your hands-on approach.
  1082. >“Ya know, if ya wanna see ‘em, ya got yourself permission.”
  1083. “Well don't mind if I do.”
  1084. >You undo the top two buttons on her onesie.
  1085. >She pulls her arms out, her whole top half naked.
  1086. >And wow.
  1087. >Talk about natural beauty.
  1088. >You’ve seen some beautiful people in your life, but boy, her body is literally THE most fertile thing on the goddamn planet.
  1089. >Your jaw gapes open as your eyes nearly pop out of your skull, witnessing a natural treasure right before you.
  1090. >Rainbow Dash looked like a bombshell, but you literally cannot compare her to Applejack.
  1091. >It's like playing tennis with a basketball, they’re both sports, but entirely different fields with different rules and standards.
  1092. >Dash was still incredibly sexy, but Applejack was entirely beautiful.
  1093. >You stare, stare, and stare.
  1094. >“Guess ya like what ya see,” she says hungrily.
  1095. >Hearing her talk about her body in such a purely sexual way feels...wrong.
  1096. >You look at her eyes once more, and see them in a whole new light.
  1097. >They've seen a lot, yes, but have yet to see themselves -- she has yet to see her own beauty's value to herself.
  1098. “Applejack,” you say in quiet awe, “you’re the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen.”
  1099. >She turns cold, all the sudden she's dead-still at your words.
  1100. >“Uh, hold it partner, I said--”
  1101. “You said no kissing. Am I kissing you? No. I'm talking to you.”
  1102. >She takes her hat off your head and places it on her own, her face unamused.
  1103. >“Anon, you're not taking this too seriously, are you? We’re just doin’ this to have fun, y'know. This ain't nothin’ serious.”
  1104. “Or maybe you’re not taking this seriously enough. Aj, you’re beautiful. Let me at least treat you like it.”
  1105. >“No.”
  1106. “Please.”
  1107. >“I said no.”
  1108. “...Why not?”
  1110. >She abruptly grabs your hands and forcefully shoves them onto her tits.
  1111. >Holyshitthey’reincredible
  1112. >Your hands begin playing with them, admiring how their robustness take up most of your palm, the soft, supple feeling they have drives you made.
  1113. >You want to hold them for--
  1114. >Dammit, she's getting you off topic!
  1115. “Applejack, please. Even Dash let me treat her well. No one has to know if that's what you’re afraid of.”
  1116. >She groans.
  1117. >At least she doesn't pull your hands off her tits.
  1118. >You don't think you could let go of them right now.
  1119. >“Look Anon, I don't want there to be a thing between us, ya hear? I have other things to think ‘bout right now other than some boyfriend. I just wanna let loose a lil’, alright?”
  1120. “Applejack, that doesn't mean you have to prohibit yourself from feeling during this type of stuff. When was the last time you had sex with someone and felt anything other than lust?”
  1121. >“Every now and then, there's this...friend of mine,” she explains, “he's been with me for as long as I can--”
  1122. “Other than Big Mac.”
  1123. >“...I beg yer pardon?”
  1124. >You and your big fat mouth...
  1126. >Despite her anger, she does not attempt to remove your hands from her tits.
  1127. >You don't think she wants you to let go despite the small argument between you two, and you certainly don't plan to let them out of your hold either.
  1128. “I'm sorry, I just kinda thought you two were close. ...I'm not judging you."
  1129. >Her mouth turns into a puzzled frown.
  1130. >“How’d ya even get to that conclusion?”
  1131. >You shrug.
  1132. “You're not the only one who can read people. Remember, I read Dash like a book. It's simple psychology, really; many siblings without parents will sometimes turn to each other and seek affection, and if not, they’ll turn to a motherly figure and often feel romantic feelings. You know, like Big Mac and Cheerilee? You, however, want to be detached -- you want a husband to love in the future, not a boy to worry about. As a result, you turn to your brother or a brotherly figure. You know, like me.”
  1133. >You bring her closer to you, the skin on her breast glowing a vibrant red as her heart begins thumping.
  1134. >“...And you’re not judging?”
  1135. “No,” you answer “I'm blackmailing you.”
  1136. >She surprisingly keeps her calm.
  1137. >“...Whaddya want?”
  1138. “To let you enjoy yourself. No boundaries, no emotional barriers, just let yourself feel something other than pure sexual energy. You don't have to be in love to have loving sex, and I'm going to prove it to you.”
  1139. >Her lips purse as her nose crinkles.
  1140. >“...Fine. Not like I gotta choice I s’pose.”
  1142. “You won't regret it. Now c’mere.”
  1143. >You bring her face closer to you, your foreheads leaning on the other as the tips of your noses brush against each other briefly.
  1144. >Your half-lidded eyes complement your inviting smile.
  1145. >The gaze is a bit much for her and she blushes out of embarrassment for the first time tonight, keeping her eyes in any direction that's not yours.
  1146. >“I still don't wanna fall in love, okay?” she says, her voice softening.
  1147. “No one’s asking you to. And if you do, so what? You can still farm, you won't be distracted. Its natural.”
  1148. >“But…”
  1149. “Kiss me.”
  1150. >She freezes.
  1151. >For a moment, all is quiet as she sits on your lap in her footie-pajamas with her fruitful breast exposed, uncertain of what to do.
  1152. >Finally, she looks you in the eye.
  1153. >“...You win.”
  1154. >With that, you bring your mouths together at last.
  1155. >The spark that you’ve tried so hard to generate turns into a roaring fire, all the while your lips start smacking together, the taste of Apple-cider tinging the tip of her tongue as it coils its way into your mouth.
  1156. >She's an experienced kisser, far more than you or Rainbow Dash.
  1157. >Keeping up with her is a challenge, but certainly not impossible.
  1158. >Unlike before, however, her hands are at a loss, not knowing where to touch, where to feel.
  1159. >You keep your hands on her breasts, the only other part of her bare and exposed from the rest of her sleep-wear.
  1160. >They feel full, heavy, and large; they’re impossible to let go of, even a moment with them not in your hands would make them feel cold and empty.
  1161. >You continue admiring their shape with your hands cupping them as your kisses become more forceful.
  1162. >Her tongue is like a python, think, strong, but flexible and tight when it wants to be.
  1163. >She pulls back from the kiss, slightly tugging on your bottom lip with her teeth.
  1164. >Oh nigga, she's makin’ you crazy.
  1166. >Hungry for more of her, you begin to kiss down her neck till you reach her chest.
  1167. >The skin feels like it's on fire, heat rising off of it as it flares a bright red, her breast rising with the air she pants in.
  1168. >These beauties that you’ve held on to for a good while now are too good to pass up, tempting you to kiss their erected peaks.
  1169. >“T-they’re big enough, right?” she asks, her breath ragged from kissing before.
  1170. >You nuzzle your face into them, practically drowning yourself in her breast, bobbing for ripe ‘apples’ in the valley between her large mounds.
  1171. >You let their softness envelope you for a moment before peeking your head out of her bountiful cleavage.
  1172. “These are literally the greatest, most beautiful tits on Earth. Only select few should witness them. I'm unworthy.”
  1173. >She rolls her eyes,a friendly grin coming on her face.
  1174. >“Sure? Rarity’s looks better don't ya–”
  1175. “No. She can't compare. You should be model with how naturally beautiful you are.”
  1176. >“You’re just flaterin’ me; I'm too much of a country gal to do any of that sorta stuff.”
  1177. “Then maybe Rarity’s jealous. I know I'd be if I were her.”
  1178. >You rise from the warm comfort of her extraordinary melons and begin feeling her curves.
  1179. “Look at these curves! I mean, damn, have you seen these hips? These are some real nice fuckin’ hips.”
  1180. >“Yeah? Go on…”
  1181. “And your ass?” You say, patting your hands on her large, rounded posterior, “Christ it makes me go fucking crazy.”
  1182. >Applejack kisses you again, this one more slow and deliberate.
  1183. >When she stops, she smiles.
  1184. >“Ya wanna go for a ride on it, cowboy?”
  1185. “Sweet Jesus, yes.”
  1186. >With that, she rotates your lap so that her back is facing you.
  1187. >Her plush and ample ass laying right on your covered erection,
  1188. >Oh god, it has a butt flap.
  1189. >All is right.
  1190. >She turns her head back to look behind her shoulder, eyes half lidded and inviting.
  1192. >“Saddle up, partner. S’gonna be a bumpy ol’ ride.”
  1193. >This is it…
  1194. >You undo the flap as it opens up like a curtain, presenting to you the most athletic but on a woman of Applejack’s caliber.
  1195. >It looks so firm, so tight...
  1196. >Her breast are exposed and so is her ass.
  1197. >Time for you to release the hound, so to speak.
  1198. >Her top undone and shoulders naked, you pepper slow, loving kisses down her elegant neck, all the way to her shoulders, tickling her just the slightest bit.
  1199. >Meanwhile, you begin pulling down your pajama pants,
  1200. >Once it's out, your dick stands stiffly, the waistband pulling your cock out as it pops against her ass cheeks.
  1201. >They’re meaty, yet just as soft to touch.
  1202. “Don't think I'm gonna leave you doing all the pleasure,” you whisper into her ear with a hot breath, snaking your arm down her onesie and to her nether region.
  1203. >She withholds a gasp at this, wanting seem like she's in control.
  1204. “Let it out,” you whisper calmly, “let yourself go, just feel.”
  1205. >With a shaky nod, she obliged.
  1206. >You begin to reach her hair, surprisingly well trimmed, and below awaits her heated sex, oozing with anticipation.
  1207. >You start feeling her the outline of her lips, noting how they quiver at the mere presence of your appendages as you search for her clit.
  1208. >A shaky moan from the pits of her stomach shivers its way out, her legs trembling at your delicate fingers and their calculating touches.
  1209. >Her clitoris is easy to find; harder than diamond, sacred like a pearl.
  1210. >You brush a finger across the tiny lump and her hips start rocking.
  1211. >“S-shit…” she says, her stomach clenching from the pleasure.
  1212. >With your spare hand, you begin feeling up her ass.
  1213. >It's so large, so round...
  1214. >Your cock twitches, desperate to be pleased, yet you continue forth fighting the urge to relieve yourself, all so you can give her something to feel, something that's real.
  1215. >You hug Applejack as her moans flow out freely.
  1216. “You sound amazing.”
  1218. >Her pants and gasps are the only “thanks” you need, and encourage you to be brave with your advances.
  1219. >Her lips moist and her cunt eager, you slide in your middle and ring finger as deeply as you can, curling them inside of her walls.
  1220. >Kissing her neck sweetly, you take note on how warm she feels inside.
  1221. >This is a first for you, but it feels so right to do this.
  1222. >Her insides feel like heaven to your fingers; a fleshy, tight, tunnel of heat and warmth, and gifted with an almost gooey like substance within her.
  1223. >Her walls are slick, but clench harshly around your fingers.
  1224. >You imagine how insanely pleasurable it must be inside, how your cock, throbbing with desire, would feel within her moist womanhood as his dick rode through it deeply.
  1225. >For now though, you’ll stick with the foreplay–then you two can go crazy.
  1226. >Applejack wriggles and shifts on your lap, your fingers causing her to go wild.
  1227. >“Ah! Ah, shit that feels so good! G-go faster!”
  1228. >You smile and only go slower, your fingers more deliberate, taunting her.
  1229. >She squirms only more as she turns her head back at you.
  1230. >“K-kiss me,” she pants.
  1231. >You do, albeit with both your heads at an awkward angle.
  1232. >Despite this, it's still very satisfying.
  1233. >She accidentally breathes into your own mouth when she tries to gasp at your fingers’ delicacy, yet neither you nor her pay any attention to it.
  1234. >When you pull back, you can only say one thing.
  1235. “You’re so fucking beautiful...”
  1236. >“Anon, I…Oh yes! Ah, ah!”
  1237. >You dwell you fingers even deeper, reaching a spot with somewhat different texture than the rest of her insides.
  1238. >Whenever your fingers brush against it, she seems to lose even more of herself.
  1239. >The g-spot…
  1240. >It's surprising, honestly; you weren't expecting it to be so easy to reach.
  1241. >Now that you have, though, you wanna have some fun.
  1242. >You begin thrusting your fingers in and out, sweeping over the g-spot repeatedly in the process.
  1244. >Her voice begins to raise as her hips start rocking on your lap, desperate to feel more inside of her honeypot to reach that sweet satisfaction.
  1245. >“Oh my god, I think I gonna….I’m gonna do it!”
  1246. “Then do it. It's okay.”
  1247. >“I-I love ya, Anon…”
  1248. >You pull her into a kiss, one she screams into as her warm insides start to flex, and spasm uncontrollably, an even warmer liquid coming out of her sweetness as her whole body shakes on your lap.
  1249. >Her eyes look not at you, but somewhere fall off, darting around with no sense of any actual insight on what she sees.
  1250. >All the muscles in her body flex, release, and convulse like she was having a sort of seizure.
  1251. >This goes on for a minute or two, you kissing her as she wordlessly screams in your mouth, her body thrashing wildly with no control whatsoever.
  1252. >When she begins to stop, you smile, and end the kiss.
  1253. >She's smiling dreamily, yet pants like a dying dog.
  1254. >“That was...I can't believe you made me...That was incredible,” she says, voice trembling.
  1255. >You kiss her cheek.
  1256. “You’re welcome. See, that wasn't so bad, was it?”
  1257. >She shakes her head.
  1258. >“Not at all, but, uh,I kinda feel like I should return the favor.”
  1259. >You really want to be the nice guy.
  1260. >Really, you do.
  1261. >But here's the thing: Dash and you were blue balled, and you have a throbbing erection right now, so…
  1262. “What'd you have in mind?”
  1263. >She grabs a hold of your dick in her hands, turning herself around on your lap, face to face.
  1264. >“Well I'm wonderin’ if I should, ya know, return the favor and give ya a lil’ treat…”
  1265. >Ohfuckyes.jpg
  1266. “...A treat you say? I could use a treat.”
  1267. >She grins, nuzzling her head against yours.
  1268. >You do the same, cuddling her.
  1269. >She kisses you on the neck affectionately.
  1270. >“...You’re not gonna continue blackmailin’ lil’ ol’ me, are ya?”
  1271. “I dunno, you open to getting me that job?”
  1272. >She stares at your schlong, then your eyes.
  1273. >A grin forms on her face.
  1275. >“I'm always open for ya, ‘specially if ya promise more of this sorta stuff. Face it, ya got yourself a number, a job, and a booty call. Maybe I'll get Mac to convince Cheerilee to do somethin’ fun again with us so it ain't just you and him sharin’ me.”
  1276. “...yet you still want to give me a treat?”
  1277. >She nods.
  1278. >“Ya didn’t get to cum, didja? With me or Dash?”
  1279. “No…”
  1280. >“So why don't we do somethin’ ‘bout that? Whaddya say?”
  1281. “Oh fuck, yes please.”
  1282. >With a Cheshire grin, she gets off the couch, and onto the floor on all fours.
  1283. >Her ass sticks up, the butt-flap still undone.
  1284. >“You’re perdy good with your fingers, but your friend there has to wait till the first day of work if ya wanna get right in me...so let's compromise instead, ya hear?”
  1285. “I'm listening…”
  1286. >“I want ya to get your cock, and put ‘im between my ass cheeks. S’called hotdoggin’.”
  1287. >Oh damn.
  1288. >Mother fucker, you’re in heaven, aren't you?
  1289. >You stand from the couch, shirtless and with a massive piece of dick in desperate need of relief.
  1290. >You stand over Applejack, ready to do this.
  1291. >Your heart thumps fast when you realize this is the most intimate experience you’ve had yet.
  1292. >True, Dash had grinder her pussy against your crotch, but the fabrics of your pajamas both got in the way of them actually touching.
  1293. >Right now, however, you’re dick is about to touch a large, rotund, ass and hot-dog it.
  1294. >This is the closest you’ve gotten to sex, and it's exciting.
  1295. >Like a drug, the rush in your system makes you feel alive.
  1296. >You wait no more, and place your cock in her cheeks.
  1297. >Your precum serves as impromptu lubricant, that helps you glide your thick member between her extraordinary glutes, the skin firm and tight, yet soft and smooth.
  1298. >The size of her ass was remarkable.
  1300. >It wasn't just stored fat in her butt cheeks that just so happened to have formed a good shape like that girl named Derpy’s butt.
  1301. >Instead, Applejack’s bottom was muscular, like a damned horse, and shaped through years of farm labor, granting her ass the perfect size, the perfect amount of fat, and the perfect shape.
  1302. >Your hands on her cheeks, your dick in between them, the sensation is magnificent as you pump yourself continuously, moaning in pleasure.
  1303. >The mere fact that the flesh of your member is fucking her ass crack is just incredibly.
  1304. >Applejack chuckles.
  1305. >“Enjoyin’ yerself back there?”
  1306. “Y-yeah...probably a bit too much…”
  1307. >After a good ten minutes, pressure builds up within your cock, shaking like it were about to burst.
  1308. >You pick up the pace, chest hot and breaths short, making sure you damn well enjoy this while it lasts.
  1309. “W-where should I–?”
  1310. >Knowing your limit is nearly reach, Applejack stops you in your tracks, and turns around.
  1311. >“My mouth. Do it in my mouth.”
  1312. >You slide it in her mouth, the suction lacking, but the wetness of her tongue and cheeks just enough to keep you driving over the edge.
  1314. >Thunder strikes loudly, a tree falling down from outside is heard as you and her startle away from each other with a yelp.
  1315. >Thud hurriedly bump from the staircase; someone’s coming up to check on you two!
  1316. >Fuck, you’re getting blue balled...AGAIN!
  1317. >Applejack quickly buttons the top of her onesie up as she closes her butt-flap.
  1318. >You pull your pajama pants back up and hurriedly put on your robe.
  1319. >From the stairs below, Twilight Sparkle emerges, eyes frantic.
  1320. >“Get back down! Right now! They’re saying a big tornado’s right here!”
  1321. >Well, gee, you rather like up--
  1323. >...Yeah, fuck it, you’re going back in the basement.
  1324. >Aj follows along with a wincing smile.
  1325. >She owes the shit outta you.
  1326. >You sigh and return to the basement.
  1328. >Aj follows along with a wincing smile.
  1329. >She owes the shit outta you.
  1330. >You sigh, and return to the basement.
  1331. >The everyone is sitting at the bar still, but with their phones chiming with weather alerts, and the TV on the weather channel.
  1332. >“Ugh! Finally! Took you guys, like, forever to get back down here!” says Pinkie.
  1333. >Twilight shakes her head disappointingly at Pinkie Pie.
  1334. >“Pinkie, watch your manners. You’ve got who knows how much sugar in your system right now.”
  1335. >“Hee Hee...fourth wall jokes,” says Pinkie, laughing at her own joke.
  1336. >With a sigh, You and Applejack sit down at the bar once again.
  1337. >“So, did you give him a job on the farm, dear?” ask Rarity, seemingly sober.
  1338. >“Ya bet! He's gonna do some good ol’ farm labor, Apple style. Thinkin’ Sundays would work best.”
  1339. “Sunday? Yeah, I can do Sunday. I think.”
  1340. >“Yeah,but why’re ya askin’?”
  1341. >Rarity, her body tempting as ever in her nightgown, crosses her legs daintily, and moves her rich, purple hair away from her face, her bright eyes staring at you nicely.
  1342. >You don't need to think that hard about what she has in mind.
  1343. >“Well the reason I ask is because I have a friend with quite the eye as a photographer, and I'd love to see you be the model in my clothes for my portfolio.”
  1344. >Oh gee, you bet she has nothing sexual in mind…
  1345. >Yeah, Rainbow Dash and Aj have been pretty straightforward, but we're out of nowhere.
  1346. >Rarity, was different though.
  1347. >When they all first saw you, they were definitely mirin’, but Rarity started getting all up in your stuff, you know?
  1348. >Not that you didn't like it, you just aren't used to that type of approach from a girl like her.
  1349. >...you know, you don't get it.
  1350. >Why is she still wearing makeup if she's just going to sleep in it soon.
  1351. >Only obsessive people from, like, your mom’s era would do that you heard.
  1352. >Your glass of water is right where you left it, untouched by any others.
  1353. >Taking a sip, you eyes Rarity, thinking of her offer.
  1355. “So you want me to basically help you in your photos as a model?”
  1356. >“Precisely,” she says, her eyes still wide with that strange niceness that you can't determine if you like it or not.
  1357. >Applejack starts squirming a bit in her seat, clearly a bit jealous.
  1358. “And how much would I be getting paid for these pictures?”
  1359. >Rarity ponders for a moment.
  1360. >“I can't exactly say for certain, but I guarantee a most hefty form of repayment.”
  1361. >You try to withhold your grin, but just a small curve from the side of your mouth surfaces.
  1362. “Here's my number.”
  1364. --Meanwhile…
  1366. >Be Buttercry.
  1367. >You swears to drunk you’re not God, and you drink responsibling
  1368. >You lay on this cozy bar table, humming some sort of song you know.
  1369. >Everyone else is just like, “blah blah blah, I want Anon’s body cuz he's hot” and stuff.
  1370. >Hmph.
  1371. >You could totally get some of that…if you, uh, wanted to.
  1372. >Yeah-- just don't wanna right now, ‘specially cause he's doing stuff, and, you know, interrupting is kinda rude and when you do that you…
  1373. >...
  1374. >What's going on?
  1375. >Oh yeah, your here at the bar table.
  1376. >Feels like it's moving.
  1377. >...
  1378. >You’re sober.
  1379. >Honest.
  1381. >You slowly raise your head up, trying to look normal as possible not to rouse suspicion.
  1382. >You’re fine.
  1383. >Just a tad bit tipsy.
  1384. >You’re eyes focus on Anon, talking to Rarity about something…
  1385. >You should talk to him.
  1386. >He's a good, good friend.
  1387. >Yeah, you know what?
  1388. >He's incredible--best person on the world…all he three of him.
  1389. >You try to get up from your stool, the ground provide little sense of balance for you.
  1390. >Arms stretched out, you try walking toward him, a goofy smile plastered on your face.
  1391. >You practically throw yourself on his shoulder, making him jump a little.
  1392. >You're gonna let him know how good a guy he is.
  1394. >Be Anon.
  1395. >What is she doing on your shoulder?
  1396. “Fluttershy, what the hell are you doing?”
  1397. >She tries to stand up, but leans on you for support, trying her not to sway in place.
  1398. >Her face holds a smile, one that's odd and silly looking.
  1399. >Her breath smells of beer.
  1400. >“A-Anon! You’re….you’re the best, greatest...greatest person here...I-I'm serioush right now, really…”
  1401. “...You’re drunk, aren't you?”
  1402. >“Shhhhh….I mights...m-might be jus’ a teensy bitty tipsy...Buh thaz not the point! Y-you're just so chill, a-and…”
  1403. >You place a finger on her lips, silencing her.
  1404. “You’re drunk.”
  1405. >She tries to blow several raspberries, despite the fact your finger is in the way of her mouth.
  1406. >Twilight sighs.
  1407. >“You know, I'm not even sure if she's this much of a lightweight in my world.”
  1408. >“Yeah, well, you got more of, like,man tolerance to it since you’re older than us in Equestrian,” says Dash.
  1409. >“She’ll grow into it,” says Applejack, continuing her own cider, “just like I did, I tell ya.”
  1410. >“W-whazza talking about? I jus’ had a lil’ bit…” slurs Fluttershy, still draping herself across your shoulder.
  1411. >Its starting to hurt, actually.
  1413. “So, should we put her in bed or something? She's kinda hurting my arm.”
  1414. >“That's the best thing to do,” answers Twilight, “tell her we said good night.”
  1415. >You nod, and stand up from the stool, grabbing a hold of her.
  1416. >“Anon? Where are we gonna go?”
  1417. “Nowhere, just going to tuck you in so you can go to sleep…”
  1418. >“Y-you mean the bed?”
  1419. “Yep,this one right here. Lemme put you on it, kay?”
  1420. >The bed is about twenty feet from the girls, the couch perpendicular to it, and the television in front of it.
  1421. >It's a good size, the comforter is pretty cozy looking.
  1422. >Nice bed, all in all.
  1423. >You place her down on it softly, her mouth making these strange noises as she moves.
  1424. >You’re about to tuck her in, but…
  1425. >“W-wait...I-I haven't talked...you much…”
  1426. >...
  1427. >You really can't say no to that face, can you?
  1428. >With a sigh, you sit on the bed with her tucked in.
  1429. “Alright, whatcha wanna talk about?”
  1430. >“Y-you,” she slurs.
  1432. >...Once again, you can't say no.
  1433. “Well, okay. Guess I can do that. I'm guessing you want to know what I've been up to, or…”
  1434. >“D-do you know whatta penis lookz like?”
  1435. >...
  1436. >This is getting a bit ridiculous.
  1437. “Uh, that's not something I feel comfortable talking ab–”
  1438. >“You’ve sawn one?”
  1439. “Well, I mean,I have one, so I--”
  1440. >“I don't has the real thing, I-I jus’ keep a bunsha them round the cottage…”
  1441. “wat.”
  1442. >“Sometimes, when iz really scaredy outside, and I dun wanna talk to people, I-I...I use dem.”
  1443. >...
  1444. “Okaaaay, time for you to go to—”
  1445. >“No!” cries Fluttershy, “W-wait, jus stay fora a bit.”
  1446. >Those teal eyes plead for your presence with a weak, dependent stare.
  1447. >Her voice is serious despite the complete intoxication, and the heart can be heard leaking into each slurred word.
  1449. >Her yellow arms grab your own with a weak, but desperate grip.
  1450. >“Please, Anonomiss…You’re thuh only one I can talk to dis about…”
  1451. >Ignoring the terrible mispronunciation and pitiful grammar, you let Fluttershy’s pitiful, yet persuasive, timidity get the best of you.
  1452. “...Okay, I'm listening. Why do you wanna talk to me?”
  1453. >You see a thankful smile, and feel somewhat better as a person.
  1454. >Fluttershy pulls you closer by gently tugging your arm, then leans her head closer to yours, the breath from her mouth blowing against your ear causes a shudder as she prepares a whisper.
  1455. >“H-how does a boy g-get me to talk to dem…?”
  1456. >…You don't know how to react, opting to pull back a bit with a sigh.
  1457. “Fluttershy, I'm not really the best guy to talk to about this. Maybe ask Rarity, or…”
  1458. >“I wanna hear it from a boy.”
  1459. >This is gonna be difficult.
  1460. “...You sure?”
  1461. >She nods.
  1462. >...
  1463. >What the hell, it's not like she's going to remember all this anyways.
  1464. >You make yourself comfy on the bed with her, and hunk of where to begin.
  1465. “I guess you could say you have to be nice, you know? Not too nice to the point where people will feel that they can't do much with you, but approachable. Basically, don't try to be the “nice guy” girls like talking about. Nice guys finish last, and no one ever dates him.”
  1466. >“Buh your a nice guy…”
  1467. “And I don't have a girlfriend, remember?”
  1468. >“Oh...yeah…”
  1469. >She pauses for a second, a Thoth processing in her slowed mind,
  1470. >“I’ll do one…” she slurs.
  1471. >Wait, what?
  1472. >“I'll be a-a girl fren.”
  1473. “...Oh no, no, no, no! I’m just an example here, okay? I-I don't–”
  1474. >“Anon, I don’ care what you are, I-I'll always lub you…”
  1475. >This is not what you were expecting.
  1477. “No, I mean I don't want a girlfriend right now, because I’m kinda in to someone else, get it?”
  1478. >“Y-you can come into me…”
  1479. “...I've met desperate and sexually-repressed people, but not even they were this hands on,” you say tiredly. “Now why do you even want to have a boyfriend?”
  1480. >Fluttershy tilts her head lazily, her face confused.
  1481. >“I-I don't though…”
  1482. >Oh god, this is like teach a lion not to maul a fucking zebra...
  1483. “Then what do you want, Fluttershy?”
  1484. >She looks around suspiciously.
  1485. >“I wanna have some fun,” she says quietly.
  1486. >You can't believe this.
  1487. “With me?”
  1488. >“Uh huh…”
  1489. >...
  1490. “I think someone's bout ready for bed.”
  1491. >“N-no, please...Anon, I kinda…I-I like you…”
  1492. “You don't, you’re only saying that because you’re hammered like a nail.”
  1493. >Her voice becomes more frantic.
  1494. >“No! I-I drank because I wanted to be brave enuff for you! I shswear!”
  1495. >Your jaw drops.
  1496. “Are you really that low? That you have to poison yourself just so you can get my attention?”
  1497. >“Did it work?”
  1498. >You frown.
  1499. >Oh shit it kinda did...
  1500. “Uh, no. N-no it didn't. You shouldn't be doing this type of thing. It's unhealthy. If you wanted to talk to me, then don't be lazy–talk to me!”
  1501. >“....B-but….”
  1503. >Oh god, she's crying.
  1504. >Shit
  1505. >Shit
  1506. >Shit
  1507. “W-wait, don't cry, don't cry, just, uh, tell me what you want….”
  1508. >She doesn't say a damn thing, she just pulls you in for a kiss.
  1509. >Wat.
  1510. >It's by no means awful, but it's by far the sloppiest kiss you’ve had yet.
  1511. >No aim, no direction…
  1512. >But the passion is definitely there, and the softness of her flesh is addictive…
  1513. >You’re mind goes blank, all thoughts stopping.
  1514. >You try to be quiet, hoping your friends at the bar behind you two won't hear a thing.
  1515. >Fluttershy pushes you off of her, panting with a dreamy smile.
  1516. >“...Th-that's amazing...”
  1517. >...
  1518. “Y-you said you wanted this, right? That's why you got yourself wasted?”
  1519. >“Mhm…”
  1520. >Your thoughts are like lightning, ideas popping into your head.
  1521. >...One sticks out from them all.
  1522. “...Okay, I’ll ‘play’ with you on one condition,” you say sternly, “if you ever need me for this sort of stuff again–or any guy for that matter–just tell them. Don't do this to yourself. If you promise me to do that, we can do this.”
  1523. >She smiles a goofy smile.
  1524. >“Yay.”
  1525. >Jesus Christ, you’re gonna smash some drunken QT ass tonight.
  1527. >You slide yourself into the covers of the bed with her, the blankets already warm from her natural heat, and the fabric made of something soft.
  1528. >Climbing on top of her, you see her shy, drunken grin.
  1529. >“Thang you.”
  1530. >She pulls off her top from beneath you.
  1531. >Oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck.
  1532. >Your heart beats like Drake (haha) as you stare at her chest.
  1533. >Her breast are nothing astounding, and you ponder how large they are.
  1534. >Just the slightest bit larger than Dash’s, but nowhere near Applejack’s generous size.
  1535. >Still, she could be completely flat and you wouldn’t care.
  1536. >The fairness in her skin is truly astounding, soft and smooth, not but a single flaw on any part of her.
  1537. >She’s clean, no rough edges on her at all, and happily wishes for you to do the things you’ve wanted.
  1538. >...
  1539. >You ready your hands to begin their adventure across her delicate features, staring at her cute, mousy features.
  1540. >Your mind flashes with images of her frail, elegant body writhing in your arms as you hold her.
  1541. >But in your mind, she’s sober.
  1542. >Here’s, she’s not.
  1543. >...
  1544. >You decide to merely pull her close to you, her shirtless form snuggling into your broad body.
  1545. >Should she remember, you can tell her the exact details.
  1546. >You know what it’s like having to be someone you’re not to fit in.
  1547. >Everyone does.
  1548. >She was just unfortunate enough to fall victim to weakness, utilizing the demon in a bottle as a hopeless attempt for someone who seeks love, only to find the meaning in what they’ve searched for to be lost the next morning, replaced by regret, a headache, and disgust.
  1549. >This is better.
  1550. >You don’t give into her laziness
  1551. >With just a cuddle, you motivate her to approach you for tomorrow.
  1553. >Sex would just be feeding that desire.
  1554. >You kiss her forehead.
  1555. “...This is the best you’re getting for tonight,”
  1556. >No response.
  1557. >Just a peaceful snore.
  1558. >Good.
  1559. >You get up from the bed and return to the bar.
  1561. >“Is she going to be alright?”
  1562. “Yeah, she’ll be fine,” you answer Twilight, “just a bit of a hangover though. A big hangover.”
  1563. >Twilight Sparkle shrugs with an exhale.
  1564. >“Yeah, my Fluttershy usually does as well.”
  1565. >“Speaking of that, what’s your version of us even like? I bet I’m super fun to party with, aren’t I?” asks Pinkie.
  1566. >This line of thought brings forth curiosity for some of you all, Sunset in particular.
  1567. >“You know, I actually never really got to know Equestria’s versions of your friends either. I only met them when I...well…”
  1568. >Twilight blushes at Sunset.
  1569. >“I-it’s alright. All in the past Sunny, right?”
  1570. >“Yeah,” she says humbly, eyes quickly darting to you and back, “right.”
  1571. >You actually you don’t really know what to think of Sunset.
  1572. >When you attended Canterlot High, she was pretty cruel.
  1573. >Ruthless, many would say.
  1574. >I mean, c’mon, she not only would go and humiliate you through rumors that were as unkillable as Wolverine from the friggin’ X-men, but she literally almost took over the world as a friggin’ she-demon.
  1575. >Like, it was literally the apocalypse.
  1576. >The sky turned red, the dead started to rise (well, not really, but how else are you going to explain the massive polka resurgence?), and she brainwashed high school students into zombies, and turned several kids into hell spawn.
  1577. >Yeah, and this was only a few months ago, so you still have some hard feelings.
  1578. >You do acknowledge she practically saved the school from the Dazzling girls even fewer months ago, but it’s her fault that they came to CHS in the first place.
  1579. >Do you flat out hate her?
  1580. >Psh, of course not.
  1581. >Do you forgive her, though?
  1582. >No.
  1583. >You don’t.
  1585. >You’ve never flat-out stated your feelings towards her before, but she clearly seems to know.
  1586. >Whenever you are with her alone, a type of awkward distance is constantly being kept between the two of you.
  1587. >You do appreciate that she seems to respect your wishes to be away from each other, though, so that’s good.
  1588. >However, the majority of people have forgiven Sunset for her crimes.
  1589. >It’s mainly you who actually who actually feels this way anymore.
  1590. >By far, the most forgiving of these people are her friends, including the ever-understanding Twilight Sparkle.
  1591. >The two keep in close contact through some book or whatever that basically serves as a form of texting, but the conversations are unknown to you.
  1592. >You guess it’s just girl stuff between close friends.
  1593. >But, yeah, your mind always likes to think something more is going on.
  1594. >However, you read too deep into things, so you just follow the assumption that maybe one likes the other, and that they are particularly close.
  1595. >Speaking of Twilight, a refilled glass of water placed on the bar in front of you ceases your train of thought to an abrupt halt.
  1596. >“Anon? You alright?”
  1597. >Crap, zoned out.
  1598. “Uh, yeah, yeah, just thinking is all. Thanks.”
  1599. >You proceed to drink your water.
  1600. >“Anyways, as I was saying...Equestria’s version of you guys are quite similar, but, well, my age. My Pinkie Pie is pretty much the same, but the scale of how sporadic her antics are is insane. I tried to do a scientific study on her once. It cost me several visits to the hospital...in one day.”
  1601. >You and her friends look on with wide eyes.
  1602. “Sheesh, how’d that happen?”
  1603. >“If I had an answer, then I’d have figured out Pinkie, Anon.”
  1604. >Dang.
  1606. >“Well, how about me, dear? Am I a successful fashionista yet?
  1607. >Twilight nods, a happy grin on her face.
  1608. >“Ever since you, me, and the rest of our friends met to save Equestria from eternal night, business boomed for you. And when I became a princess? You hit many business opportunities. You run one in our hometown, another in Canterlot (which I guess would be like your version of Paris), and Manehattan. You’re pretty much the same, just an adult with high friends in high places.”
  1609. >Rarity nodded, pleased, but not yet satisfied.
  1610. >“I see, I see. Have I found my knight in shining armor yet? Have I met the man who can truly sweep me off my feet, and make me his dear princess as live in a happily ever after? Oh how wondrous it must be! Say it is so, dear!”
  1611. >Twilight forms a crooked smile.
  1612. >“Uh, well, you learned that not all love stories mean happily ever after…”
  1613. >“Why whatever do you mean?” says Rarity, a smidge of worry in her voice. “If I find my perfect love, then surely we’d be destined for one another, and live a wealthy life through our business ventures!”
  1614. >Twilight clears her, tugging on her pajama shirt’s collar nervously.
  1615. >“Well, um, it gets a bit more complicated than that, you see. Um, for example, maybe you’ll meet someone who’s really, really handsome as well as really, really rich, but find out he’s actually not at all what you thought he was? Or what if you begin to get jealous because someone who you admire seems to have affection aimed at somebody else--a certain somebody who does not know how to react to them? There are things like that you have to take into account when it comes to love and friendship.”
  1616. >Rarity’s interest peaks even more, now a tad suspicious about this alternate version of herself.
  1617. >“Are you insinuating that these things happened to /your/ version of Rarity?”
  1619. >Twilight Sparkle nods mildly.
  1620. >“Well, yes, they did, but she’s become quite more mature from it. She used to be afraid of getting dirty by playing with Sweetie Belle, but now learned a lesson from that. All my friends back home have learned lessons.”
  1621. >You think you see what she’s saying.
  1622. >Twilight may have the body of a high school girl at your age, but her mind belongs to that of a wise and influential princess in her early years of adulthood, and saved the day in her world a multitude of times with her friends.
  1623. >Perhaps all the girls in this room are more mature back in the strange world of “Equestria”.
  1624. >It’s strange to think about these friends of yours saving the world every weekend, solving problems and international affairs.
  1625. >To you, they were just simple friends, girls you knew and talked with at school.
  1626. >You decide to ask for more out of curiosity.
  1627. >“So, um, what’s Applejack like? She pretty neat?”
  1628. >“What? Me?” asks Applejack, her brow raised in a curious manner.
  1629. >Twilight giggles a bit.
  1630. >“She’s even more stubborn than you. Funny, because being teenagers, I thought it’d be the other way around.”
  1631. “An Applejack more stubborn than Applejack,” you muse to yourself. “I’m sorry, but I don’t believe you.”
  1632. >Twilight takes a drink with a smile.
  1633. >“One time, when our world’s Big Mac got injured when both he and her had to get every apple from the orchard, and let me tell ya, it’s a BIG orchard. Like, miles long.”
  1634. >She laughs a little, then continues.
  1635. >“AJ was told that she shouldn't do it all by herself, but by the sun, she decided she would. For days she kept herself awake. She also had to help Pinkie make muffins and almost poisoned the town of Ponyville, nearly injured Rainbow Dash in a failed stunt, began losing her hearing, her sight was getting bad...but she not only kept on working at the orchard, but insisted she do it alone.”
  1637. >“Well? Did she...?” asks the current Applejack, perplexed by this story.
  1638. >Twilight shrugged, her face wavering.
  1639. >“Somewhat. Each day, I tried to convince her to let us help. On the last day, when she was supposed to be finished, she saw every apple tree barren of any fruit in need of harvest...or she thought she did. I came by, and showed her the other half of the orchard had yet to be done.”
  1640. >Twilight sighs sadly.
  1641. >“She was devastated. She thought she was a failure, not worthy of being an Apple nor a friend for all the harm she’s done and the huge mass of apples left to be picked. I stood atop on the hill with her, patting her back reassuringly as she continued to hold back her tears. She was too stubborn to even cry, despite how distraught she truly was. Apparently she “only cries on the inside” as I found out later, but that’s not the point. The point is that she new she needed help, but said she didn’t deserve any now, saying she should just go alone.”
  1642. “Which is actually what got her into that mess, right?” you chime in.
  1643. >Twilight nods.
  1644. >“Precisely. I told her that there is no shame in having a little help, and after a friendly reminder that she always has friends, she can always call for us. And she did. We harvested all the apples with Applejack and made sure no tree had a single apple left in merely half a day.”
  1645. >Everyone turns to this world’s Applejack, currently sitting with her cheeks on fire.
  1646. >She clears her throat rather awkwardly and gulps.
  1647. >“I’d...I’d never do that! That’s jus’...that’s jus’ ridiculous! Y-yeah!”
  1648. >It takes everything and more for the room not to burst into laughter.
  1650. >Twilight wisely chooses to segway at this moment.
  1651. >“Well, Dash is pretty stubborn too in Equestria. I can’t say if she’s more or less, but she’s definitely, undoubtedly stubborn.”
  1652. >“I’m not stubborn!” Dash cries, “I-I’m just ‘overly determined’ is all…”
  1653. >You look at Twilight, a smirk on your face.
  1654. “Tell us.”
  1655. >“Rainbow has a pet tortoise named Tank?”
  1656. >Snickers.
  1657. >Snickers everywhere.
  1658. >Dash blushes.
  1659. >“Wha--? A turtle? But a falcon would be so much cooler!”
  1660. “Tortoise. She said tortoise, Dash. And hey, turtles and tortoises are awesome. Just watch Gamera.”
  1661. >Dash pouts, knowing fully well that a pet Gamera will only be seen in ‘Gamera:The Brave!”, aka, “The Only Monster Film that Fluttershy will Watch!”
  1662. >“Yeah, but Gamera can, like, fly and breathe fire and stuff. Tur--I mean, tortoises don’t fly! ...Wait, do they fly in Equestria?”
  1663. >Twilight shakes her head.
  1664. >“No, not naturally, but Tank can. We gave him a little propeller to fly with. He’s a good pet.”
  1665. >Rainbow continues to grumble.
  1666. >“At least tell me she’s super cool and is awesome at sports...”
  1667. “Or that she’s just as salty when she hears something embarrassing about her,” you say, following it with a good chuckle.
  1668. >Twilight nods with a smile, a small laugh coming from her.
  1669. >“Yeah, she is...but she’s possibly the fastest flier in all of Equestria. She’s the only pegasus able to make a sonic-rainboom: a feat where she dives down at incredible speeds, then bursts a bright shockwave of rainbows due to shaking the molecules of water in the air so much, that light reflects it in such a way. It’s honestly quite the spectacle.”
  1670. >“So I’m the fastest thing alive there?”
  1671. >Twilight sighs.
  1672. >She can already tell where this is going.
  1673. >“Yes. You are the fasting living creature that we--
  1674. >“Awesome! That is SO rad! Man, I bet I even have my own fanclub, celebrities asking for my autograph...I bet I’m so cool!”
  1676. >“Fanclub? Dash, c’mon, that’s a bit silly, don’t you think?” asks Rarity.
  1677. >You shrug, agreeing with her.
  1678. “Ditto.”
  1679. > “Well, aaaaactually…” says Twilight in a pained look, wincing as she uncomfortably shrugs.
  1680. “...NO.”
  1681. >Twilight nods yes.
  1682. >Sunset’s stomach churns.
  1683. >“I don’t want to live in this world anymore.”
  1684. “Well it’s technically in your world, Sunset.”
  1685. >She turns and looks at you with an exaggerated look of disgust.
  1686. >“Then I just don’t wanna live.”
  1687. >And for the first time ever, she said something that makes you laugh alongside her.
  1688. >Applejack chuckles heartily.
  1689. >“Hoo-wee! Boy, that sure does sound awfully funny; Dash havin’ her own fanclub…Ya’ll, Twilight’s clearly jus’ kiddin’ with us, ain’t that right? Right Twi? R-right?”
  1690. >Twilight purses her lips shut tightly, her head staring down at the floor.
  1691. >The color in Applejack’s face goes from a healthy tan orange to a sickly pale white.
  1692. >“Oh...Oh lordy.”
  1693. >“For once, I strongly agree with you, Applejack,” said Rarity, a grimace on her face.
  1694. >Dash scoffs, a cocky grin on her face.
  1695. >“Psh, it’s nothin’ personnel, kids. It’s just that I’m faster than anybody.”
  1696. >“What did you say!? I’ll have you know that I graduated top of my class in the Navy se--”
  1697. >“Pinkie, Dash,” says Sunset sternly, “we agreed on no memes.”
  1698. >Rainbow pouts, but Pinkie sticks her tongue out.
  1699. >You roll your eyes.
  1700. >...Then there’s silence.
  1701. >A nice, welcomed, silence.
  1702. >Just being near each other, most of the lights out, everyone’s warm in their pajamas...
  1703. >All of you take what seems to be a collective sigh.
  1704. >Even Pinkie for a change, is a tad less hyper than she ought to be.
  1705. >Twilight smiles lightly, no tension in her voice whatsoever.
  1706. >“This is an interesting night, isn’t it?”
  1707. >Applejack lightly chuckles in agreement, sleepiness overcoming her.
  1708. >“Eyup.”
  1710. >She yawns, getting up from her stool, taking off her hat and stretching.
  1711. >“I’m gonna go and hit the hay, ‘kay? G’night, ya’ll. See ya on Sunday, Anon.”
  1712. “You never discussed my pay.”
  1713. >She walks over to the couch adjacent to the bed, smugly laughing.
  1714. >“Oh don’t ya worry. You’ll be gettin’ paid alright…”
  1715. >Pinkie Pie squints suspiciously at you.
  1716. >Uh oh…
  1717. >“Anoooon…”
  1718. “...Yes?”
  1719. >“...Are you having an affair with Granny Smith?”
  1720. >Twilight, Rarity, and Rainbow facepalm.
  1721. >Sunset just sighs.
  1722. >Oh shit, this actually reminds you of something funny.
  1723. “No, but I once delivered Pizza to her.”
  1724. >Rarity rears her head back.
  1725. >“You did? When?”
  1726. “Psh, I dunno. S’like my first delivery or whatever. Wanna hear what happened?”
  1727. >“Is it funny?” asks Pinkie.
  1728. >You shrug.
  1729. “Sorta. When I told it to my grandpa he laughed. Long version or short version?”
  1730. >“...Ya know, I might be on the couch, but that don’t mean I can’t hear ya’ll.”
  1731. >...Oops.
  1732. “Um, maybe I’ll tell you guys a different story. This one I /know/ you’ll laugh at. This is how I almost became a pizza-stripper.”
  1733. >Pinkie snorts and giggles.
  1734. >“A what!?”
  1735. >You grin.
  1736. “You heard me, Pinkie, a pizza-stripper.”
  1737. >Rarity and Dash look quite entertained, but Twilight and Sunset look a little iffy.
  1739. >“Anon, you’ve never stripped for real, have you?”
  1740. “Shh….Let the story teller tell the story, Twilight.”
  1741. >You know it was rude to interrupt her like that, but you can’t help it.
  1742. >Whenever you remember something funny and become that spotlight, you nearly take on a whole different persona.
  1743. >Your voice becomes sly, slick, and teasing.
  1744. >Almost everything about you changes.
  1745. >You’ve been told you should stand-up because of this...but you’d rather remain seated in your stool (Ba dum tsst!).
  1746. >You’re pretty much that cocky bastard that knows what to say when you tell these stories, and now is no exception.
  1747. “You guys ready? I’m ready.”
  1748. >Three are enthused, purple smart and Shim Sham are not.
  1749. >Meh, they will be.
  1750. >You clear your throat, and sit up straight on the stool, chest puffed out.
  1751. “Okay, so....”
  1754. ---later
  1756. “...and I’m still shirtless because my uniform caught on fire from the accident I was in! Then Joe says I can’t come back till I deliver the pizzas...even though I was just hit by a speeding sudan.
  1757. >“Anon, don’t tell us you ran on foot after fighting for your life in the ghetto,” says Twilight.
  1758. >The other girls look at your face for an answer.
  1759. “...Well, I was bruised, but yes. I decided to run on foot.”
  1760. >A chorus of ‘absolute madman’, ‘no way’, and the occasional ‘holy shit’ lets you know they’re blown away by your past actions.
  1761. >“But weren’t you sore after trying to reclaim your bike from that big gang dude you got in trouble with?” asks Pinkie, her voice sounding completely thrilled with your story.
  1763. “Yep. But anyways, I ran on foot after the accident despite having been caught in the middle of a gang fight. After running for I don’t know how long, I’m finally knocking on this person’s door. I just know I’m late, but I don’t give a shit. I literally had to fight in the ghetto and get in an accident so these people could eat pizza.
  1764. >You sigh.
  1765. >Just recollecting this shit tires you.
  1766. “And the door then opens, and I’m expecting the customer to be pissed that I’m late, right? Well, when I see the person who answers it, it’s like a friggin’ shotgun just went ‘bam!’ in my own friggin’ head...In a good way. Turns out that this really, really hot woman answers the door, and she’s, like, a ten out of ten. She’s not upset at all, a small smile resting on her face. I remember thinking she looked like a work of art.”
  1767. >“So she was nearly as stunning as I was?” Rarity asks flirtatiously.
  1768. >You pretend to ponder deeply, the high rush from telling the story giving you courage.
  1769. “Hm, now, you see, that’s a good question for an artist, because I don’t work with masterpieces, honey.”
  1770. >She giggles.
  1771. >“Oh, I’m sure you’re a fantastic artist, Anon. I bet you’re incredible at painting, aren’t you? You look like you know exactly how to stroke a brush...”
  1772. “I’m pretty sure I’d be a better sculptor. I’ve always been a pretty hands-on type of guy.”
  1773. >You’re not even hiding your flirtatious nature.
  1774. >This is you when you tell a story, an impulsive funny man with a silver tongue.
  1775. “Oh...I’m pretty sure you’ll have to teach me sometime. Now please, at the very least, tell us what this woman looked like.” says Rarity.
  1776. >You try your best to recollect the color she was as specifically as you can, knowing how much Rarity likes to nitpick.
  1778. “Uh, I’d say her skin is about the color of cape honey. A lovely, comforting color. I remember her hair was browner though, but not necessarily dark. About whiskey-sour. Those are the right names for the colors, right?”
  1779. >“Indeed it is! Good job, Anonymous. I’m quite impressed by how well you know them.”
  1780. >Eventually, Rainbow grows tired of the flirtatious banter between you and Rarity.
  1781. >“Who cares? On with the story!” urges Dash.
  1782. >You’re not sure if it’s because of jealousy or mere impatience, but you prefer to think it’s a little of both that drove her to that.
  1783. “Oh. Feisty. Mrreorrr...”
  1784. >You giggle as Dash blushes, the girls snickering alongside you.
  1785. “Alright, so yeah, she’s standing at the door, leaning on it with her…”
  1786. >You look at Rarity and wink.
  1787. “...Pelorous...eyes staring at me. She has, like, long, beautiful hair, and keeps a good portion of it as a ponytail on the side of her neck on her shoulder.”
  1788. >Pinkie Pie raises her hand like a little kid.
  1789. “Yes Pinkie?”
  1790. >“What was she wearing? Something nice? You said you delivered the pizza at 9:30 p.m., so was she in her pajamas, was she in a robe, or a super-cool bunny suit?”
  1791. “Nah, she dressed pretty well actually. She had nothing on but an apron and…”
  1792. >You go silent.
  1793. >“...A bunny suit?”
  1794. “Nope. She wore nothing but the apron, Pinkie. She was stark naked.”
  1795. >Their jaws all drop.
  1796. >“You’re kidding,” says Sunset in disbelief.
  1797. “”Fraid not. She was in her apron, nothing else.”
  1798. >“Did she take the pizza?” asks Dash.
  1799. “Well, yes. She was actually quite nice to me over the whole thing. She apologized saying something like, ‘I’m so sorry sweetheart, but I’m afraid I’m not paying for that. It’s nothing personal, though!’”
  1800. >You sigh.
  1802. “Then, I said I’d do anything for a small tip. She then looked around behind her, kind of like she was making sure the coast was clear in her house. The look in her eyes she gave me was really playful; young eyes on a mature body I guess you could say. So naturally, this beautiful woman is asking me to come in her house, and I do. I go to her living room, sit on the couch with her, and see that she’s a mom. I could tell by the video game discs lying by the Gamestation, old family photos hung on the walls...Looked quite nice. So anyways, in the living room, sitting with a naked woman in nothing but an apron, my shirt has been burnt thus I’m shirtless. I asked her what she wanted me to do.”
  1803. >You pause, letting tension build for your audience…
  1804. “...She told me to dance for her.”
  1805. >Your friends practically die at this, sitting in awe.
  1806. “...and you know what? She said her husband is dead, she’s been lonely, and she just wants a little something to entertain her needs for a brief period.”
  1807. >“...Did you?” asks a fearful sounding Twilight.
  1808. >You answer truthfully.
  1809. “...No. I couldn’t bring myself to do it. I merely sat with her and talked instead. She’s not the type of woman to do those things, just a lonely person with needs. Besides, I’m not legal. She understood, said she was just being silly and felt ridiculous for doing this. She offered me to share the pizza with her, just so she could at the very least talk to someone. It was a nice night. I’ve been thinking about babysitting for her.”
  1810. >Twilight’s fearful look of you doing something stupid immediately faded when hearing this.
  1811. >She instead gave you an approving nod, her face proud.
  1812. >Pacing her hand on your shoulder, she smiles.
  1814. >“You know Anon, I think you’re one of the few people who would’ve actually done that. Most would take advantage of the situation or flat-out leave. But not you. You talked with her, reassured her...you went from an odd sexual encounter between strangers having a bad day, and made it a moment where two friends unite. I’m proud of you.”
  1815. >Your heart flutters at her words.
  1816. >It’s weird hearing an authoritative figure speak in a high school girl’s body, but her words clearly prove her adulthood.
  1817. >You go from being the cocky storyteller to an immediately shy and timid boy.
  1818. “...Heh. Thanks. But, um, yeah. That’s the story.”
  1819. >The room claps quietly...except Rainbow Dash.
  1820. >She thought the ending would be more fun.
  1821. >Oh well.
  1822. >Everyone else seemed to like it.
  1823. “...So, uh, what now?”
  1824. >Pinkie Pie immediately beams.
  1825. >“Oh! Oh! Uh, truth or dare! We should totally play truth or dare!”
  1826. >Several of the girls furrow their brows in uncertainty.
  1827. >“Uh, I'm not sure, Pinkie. You really think that's a good idea?” asks Sunset.
  1828. >Rarity flails her hand in dismissal, nonchalantly ignoring such worries.
  1829. >“Oh, Sunset, please! It's just a mere game. It's not like anyone's going to get hurt or anything.”
  1830. >You decide not to tell them about how your grandma nearly died when you were dared to put nothing but sugar in her pill capsules.
  1831. >Twilight, on the other hand, blinks in innocent naivety.
  1832. >“What's truth or dare?”
  1833. >You all stare at her.
  1834. >She’s kidding.
  1835. >She's gotta be kidding.
  1836. >“...Guys? Why’re you all staring at me?”
  1837. “Oh god, she's not kidding,” you say in awe.
  1838. >“Wow, Twilight, this is, um, kind of embarrassing for you. I'm not trying to be mean or anything, but Truth or Dare isn't just a human thing either, so…yeah.” says Sunset, disturbed and fascinated all at once.
  1839. >Dash grins, a sardonic smile smeared across her cyan face.
  1840. >“And you all say that I'm the clueless one.”
  1841. >Twilight smiles nervously, her cheeks cherry red.
  1843. >“Or parties in general! Haven't you ever had a sleepover?” asks Pinkie.
  1844. >Twilight twiddled her fingers.
  1845. >“Well, uh, not as much as you all...the second one I ever had was when I stayed at your house when we tried to fight the Dazzlings.”
  1846. >“I still feel like Maud will suddenly come out of nowhere sometimes at night,” murmurs Sunset, shuddering her shoulders.
  1847. >Dash places her hands down on the bar.
  1848. >“That's it! We're playing Truth or Dare.”
  1849. >“Oh boy,” sighs Rarity.
  1850. >Twilight retains an optimistic smile, eager for a new experience.
  1851. >“Oh, alright! Uh, how do you play?”
  1852. >“Well, ya see…”
  1853. >You cut Dash off before she fucks this up.
  1854. “It's pretty straight forward,Twi. Basically, you’re asked by some to do a truth or a dare. If you choose to do truth, you have to answer honestly, no lies, and explain the details. If you do a dare, you have to do a dare—no excuses.”
  1855. >“That sounds easy enough…”
  1856. >Aaaand she just jinxed it.
  1857. >“Alright, if we’re playing, I’ll take the liberty upon myself to start this game off,” says Rarity in a collected tone. “Alright, Pinkie...truth or—”
  1858. >“Dare! I wanna dare!”
  1859. >Ignoring Pinkie’s rudeness, Rarity keeps cool with a smile more devious than a serpent.
  1860. >“Pinkie, I dare you to…”
  1861. >She pauses for dramatic effect, loving that she has all eyes on her.
  1862. >“...To steal five dollars from Fluttershy's bag, and give them to me.”
  1863. >“Like this?”
  1864. >Raising her hand for all to see, Pinkie holds a five dollar bill, Fluttershy’s purse somehow in her lap.
  1865. >What the…
  1867. >“Ok! My turn!” She announces.
  1868. >She looks at you and your friends, deciding who should be her next victim.
  1869. >With careful thought, she thinks over this much more than any normal person should, undoubtedly having a plan for each and every one of you.
  1870. >Eventually, her finger points to her unfortunate prey.
  1871. >“Sunset! Truth or dare?”
  1872. >Sunset Shimmer bites her bottom lip, making sure to not be brash in her decision.
  1873. >Ultimately, her choice is seen is a bit cowardly, but hey, better safe than sorry, right?
  1874. >“How about truth?” she asks timidly.
  1875. >Pinkie’s face turns into a cheshire’s grin, her eyes gleaming with a bit of mischief.
  1876. >It is then known that Sunset never even had a chance, both truth or dare being just as dangerous as the other, no safe space to recluse.
  1877. >The whole silently pays their respects to Sunset, the fallen comrade, as they merely wait for the revealing question to be asked.
  1878. >Tension builds up like snow and sleet on a road in a snow storm, becoming difficult not only to see, but fearing that you could crash your car at any second.
  1879. >Pinkie rubs her hand plotting, her eyes smuggler than even Rainbow Dash’s.
  1880. >“Sunset, it it true that you—”
  1881. >“Dare! I wanna do a dare!” she begs urgently, cutting Pinkie off before she is made to answer anything.
  1882. >Pinkie thankfully silences, but her smile, remains strong and prominent.
  1883. >“Dare it is…”
  1884. >Sunset sighs and hangs her head low in defeat.
  1885. >“...What is it?” she asks Pinkie, knowing now that she truly lost when she was chosen.
  1886. >“I dare you…”
  1887. >Tension follows her dramatic pause, the silence more impactful than Rarity’s forced attempt to create suspense could ever be.
  1888. >Every braces themselves, fearing what this sadistic party-girl has in her sick mind in store for Sunset Shimmer.
  1889. >“...to make horse noises.”
  1890. >The drama collapses like a house made of cards, an anticlimactic reveal all removed like air deflating out of a balloon.
  1892. >“...Really? That's all?” asks an unimpressed Rainbow Dash.
  1893. “Yeah, kinda boring, don't you think?”
  1894. >With a point of Pinkie’s finger, she shows you something very strange.
  1895. >Twilight and Sunset, still blushing, still nervous.
  1896. >“What? Aren't you guys already technically horse? Shouldn't that be easy?”
  1897. >Twilight swallows something in her throat with a cowardly gulp.
  1898. >“We, uh, have special conditions for making those noises though.”
  1899. >Rarity leans inwardly, curious of such things.”
  1900. >“Conditions? How so?”
  1901. >“N-neigh…” goes Sunset.
  1902. >Twilight’s cheeks become ablaze with the flaring color of scarlet across her steaming-hot face.
  1903. >“Neigh…” repeats Sunset.
  1904. >They both look beyond embarrassed, beyond humiliated.
  1905. >“Neigh.”
  1906. >“Sunset, do better,” orders an entertained Pinkie,
  1907. >“B-but—”
  1908. >Pinkie stares at Sunset…
  1909. >She sighs in defeat.
  1910. >Her chest rises as she inhales a big breath, holds it….
  1911. >Holy shit, how the holy fuck did she do that!?
  1912. >You and the others immediately look over to Twilight, who hyperventilates in her seat, fanning herself off.
  1913. >The fuck is going on?
  1914. >This is fucking crazy.
  1915. >Just then, Twilight starts snorting—yes, snorting—like a horse.
  1916. >She sways her head around rapidly, her hair flailing in the air like the mane of a riled up mare.
  1917. >Her face shows something; a mix of nervousness, perhaps a tinge of excitement?
  1918. >Finally, Twilight lets out a loud cry,
  1920. >Sunset herself snorts similarly to her fellow Equestrian, but this time as a reaction, a conversation no one can pick up on but the two of them.
  1921. >A nervous whinny, Twilight Sparkle is embarrassed about something...
  1922. >And Sunset...well, you'd say she acknowledges Twilight’s behavior, yet she only lets out a confused nicker and several more neighs.
  1923. >Before another horse-like whinny can occur, you shout, disrupting this unfolding oddity.
  1924. “Whoa, whoa,why don't we stop for just a second, huh?”
  1925. >The girls’ both were about to let loose noisy cries, but stop at your statement, finally regaining some sense.
  1926. >In awkward silence, they both look at each, realizing the display they must've caused.
  1927. >Without a moment’s time, they dart clamp their mouths shut with their hands, cheeks turning rosy-red at not only the scene they’ve made, but at each other.
  1928. >They make sure to avoid eye-contact, preferring to stare at the ground below.
  1929. >One question comes to mind,
  1930. “Okay, what the fuck is going on?”
  1931. >“I-I don't know…” says a terrified Rarity, appalled by the ghastly sight of two young girls acting in such an uncouth, primitive manner.
  1932. >The slack-jawed expressions on your faces stand to contrast Dash’s wide-eyed yet curious look of interest.
  1933. > “That was kinda hot,” says Rainbow Dash, thinking out loud.
  1934. >You and Rarity both shoot an even more confused and baffled look at her.
  1935. >Realizing her flip of the mouth, Dash attempts to recover her pride, making sure her image is not tainted.
  1936. >“...Uh, is what I WOULD have said, if I, um, just suddenly realized I liked this type of stuff. Which I don't. At all.”
  1937. >...
  1938. >You look at her judgmentally, but only because you don't want it to be known that you actually agree with her.
  1940. >True, there indeed was an undeniable tension caused by the intense scene, a certain energy that got everyone’s heart racing.
  1941. >Pinkie Pie, who hasn't even flinched, claps.
  1942. >“Good job! Now you go, Sunny!”
  1943. “Uh, whoa, you mean we’re not gonna address the horse in the room on what the fuck just happened?” you ask with a raised brow.
  1944. >Sunset shakes her head in reluctance.
  1945. >“N-No, let's just continue,” she says, her voice more—and pardon the pun—hoarse than it was moments ago.
  1946. >She looks around the room, choosing her target carefully.
  1947. >It was not as terrifying as Pinkie’s moment to choose, but that did not hide the fact that Pinkie set the bar, and now everyone was going to try and reach it.
  1948. >Finally, Sunset chooses, her finger laying on the lovely Rarity.
  1949. >“You. Truth or dare?”
  1950. >Rarity, a girl who sees confidence as a crucial part of beauty, cushions her hair a bit, trying to keep it in its well-maintained shape.
  1951. >“Truth, please. My life is an open book as any true lady’s should be, so I see no such problems in revealing myself, especially if it is for my friends to see,” she says in a rather uninterested tone of voice, an aura of superiority pressed into it just slightly, but not with any ill-intent.
  1952. >You place your face in the palm of your hands with no attempt at hiding a groan.
  1953. “...Now you’ve just jinxed yourself as well.”
  1954. >“More like dug her own grave. I know things, Rarity. Lots of things.”
  1955. >Thunder from outside the house from the storm could be heard as Sunset began to squint intimidatingly at her victim.
  1956. >“Remember, I knew everyone’s secrets, blackmailed numerous students, and had lots, and lots of stories to tell. Snips and Snails, they’re not the brightest, but they knew how to get answers.”
  1957. >Rarity’s eyes start to widen with fear.
  1958. >“...They didn’t…”
  1959. >Sunset, arms folded, just nods at her calmly.
  1961. >“Now I questioned them if this was true, and i didn’t believe it, but they had some compelling evidence.”
  1962. >“Sunset, what’re you talking about?” asks Rainbow Dash asks curiously.
  1963. >She doesn’t answer the question, and asks one herself.
  1964. >“Rarity...is it true you were paid two hundred dollars by Snips and Snails to show your tits?”
  1965. >...
  1966. >The room enters a phase of stillness, Rarity’s hand trembling as she places down her glass of wine.
  1967. >Her eyes stare into a far off time, a moment where her sophistication was wasted by her biggest flaw.
  1968. >“...Yes. It’s true. Greed had gotten the best of me.”
  1969. >Everyone gasps as another bolt of lightning strikes outside.
  1970. >Rarity hangs her head in shame, a sad, regretful grimace across her face as she exhales.
  1971. “...You okay?”
  1972. >Slowly, Rarity pours herself more wine.
  1973. >“Fine. Don’t worry yourselves. Just glad that they didn’t spread those pictures around...”
  1974. >As everyone else observes and comforts Rarity, you look at Sunset, gesturing her to apologize.
  1975. >Shakily and silently, she nods her head in agreement and clears her throat after a sigh.
  1976. >“Um, sorry, I went a bit far, didn’t I?”
  1977. >Rarity waves her hand dismissively, but still clearly affected.
  1978. >“Oh, it’s no problem, darling, you’re still new to this whole friendship thing, we understand.”
  1979. >You don’t.
  1980. >“...Well, I suppose it’s my turn, but I see no way I can top something such as that,” says Rarity, sliding the whole thing under the rug. “You know, this would be much easier for us to pick who we want if we were on the floor in a circle rather than this bar…”
  1981. >“Yeah, I agree. I was going to say something, but, uh, I still don’t know if that’s allowed or not…”
  1982. “It’s allowed,” you reassure her, “if anything, most would recommend it….you wanna?”
  1983. >Twilight rises from her seat.
  1984. >“Um, sure, you guys go ahead. I’ll use the bathroom for a sec. Be right back.”
  1986. >Be Twilight…
  1987. >In the bathroom…
  1988. >With the knife…
  1989. >Okay, this isn’t clue, you’re just in the bathroom on the toilet seat.
  1990. >You weren’t sure if you even had to go pee or poop (which you don't) , but you know you needed a moment to collect yourself.
  1991. >Sunset…
  1992. >Sheesh.
  1993. >Her whinnies and nickering echoes through your ears, making your heart thump in excitement.
  1994. >By the Sun and Moon, you have to have her…
  1995. >Why do you even like her so much?
  1996. >Like, she was awful to you when you both first met, she made you feel weak, insecure, v-vulnerable…
  1997. >She could’ve done anything to you…
  1998. >...ANYTHING.
  1999. >...
  2000. >Okay, you think you’re starting to see what’s attractive about her all of a sudden…
  2001. >You have a feeling that being able to form any sort of thing with her is impossible though.
  2002. >Looking at how she stares at Anon, you can tell she wants him, even if he doesn’t like her that much.
  2003. >But just to make things even more complicated, you want Anon too.
  2004. >The way he acts towards the girls, his consideration, how gentle he is…
  2005. >You put your face in your hands.
  2006. >You shouldn't be thinking like this.
  2007. >It’s weird.
  2008. >Wrong.
  2009. >You shouldn’t merely want them both.
  2010. >Anon may be open to you, but that’d break Sunset, who still needs to fully embrace friendship…
  2011. >But you won’t get Sunset anyways, because she loves Anon...who doesn’t love her...and you love them both.
  2012. >...
  2013. >Thank god you’re not Cadance, because this relationship shit gets old real fast…
  2014. >You sigh, thinking about how strange, yet alluring the human form is...
  2015. >Hands.
  2016. >Hands, get off vagina.
  2017. >Vagina, stop letting hands touch you.
  2018. >...
  2019. >Okay, good.
  2020. >Now wash your hooves.
  2021. >Hands.
  2022. >You meant hands.
  2023. >Fuck.
  2025. >Be Anon.
  2026. >The circle is ready, all of you on the floor waiting patiently for Twilight.
  2027. >After the sound of a running faucet, the bathroom door opens.
  2028. >“Alright, I'm ready,” she chimes.
  2029. >She seats herself in the middle of you and Sunset.
  2030. >The circle you all have arranged is on the floor, in between the bar and the small table with the chairs.
  2031. >You would’ve preferred playing by the couch and bed, but you don't want to wake anybody up.
  2032. >At least you're happy with the new seating arrangement.
  2033. >To your immediate left is Rainbow Dash, ready to take on any dare so she can be called ‘Daring Dash’.
  2034. >After her in the circle is Pinkie Pie.
  2035. >She's just excited.
  2036. >Then, to her left (and straight ahead of you) sits Rarity in her sleeping blouse, eyes still playfully staring at you as they’ve been all night.
  2037. >Next to her is Sunset, and after that is Twilight, then you.
  2038. >You'd think Sunset would be a bit further from Rarity though, but, true to Rarity’s word, all is forgiven between the two.
  2039. >You pop your spine and stretch out your arms on the floor.
  2040. “All right, I think we’re ready,” you say in hopes of getting the game rolling. “So where'd we leave off.”
  2041. >Rarity slowly raises her hand.
  2042. >“With me, and I was going to choose /you/…” informs Rarity, her voice tinged with the slightly hidden sound of want.
  2043. >You point to yourself.
  2044. “Me?”
  2045. >She nods slowly, and with a grin saying,“Indeed. Truth or dare?”
  2046. >Oh shite.
  2047. >You gulp nervously.
  2048. >Rarity has a way of getting info out of people being a true expert in gossip, so going with Truth would be risky for your reputation at school when the school year starts.
  2049. >Dare, on the other hand, can have her literally do anything including the ability to make you tell a dark secret, have you perform acts you don't want to do, and…
  2050. >Fuck, what do you do…
  2051. >What are you going to do?
  2052. >Truth?
  2053. >Dare?
  2054. “...Dare.”
  2056. >Rarity shows an overly-pleasant smile.
  2057. >“Oh I was hoping you'd say that.”
  2058. >Uh-oh…
  2059. >“Anon, I dare you…”
  2060. >You are a dead man.
  2061. >You're going to do something humiliating, your reputation ruined at school forever and ever, no hope left for you.
  2062. >“...to keep your robe and shirt off for the rest of the game.”
  2063. >...
  2064. >That's all?
  2065. >...Okay, that's not too bad.
  2066. >However, the lack of your friends even pretending to act like they don't want you to is a bit unnerving.
  2067. >They might as well blatantly yell ‘strip for us’ as loud as they can.
  2068. >Their unblinking stares confirm their poorly hidden eagerness, their excitement in the form of a thumping heart.
  2069. >All the eyes in the room are on you like they were hungry children staring at a big steak to feed them.
  2070. >With your cheeks flaring red, your clear your throat and untie your robe and remove your shirt.
  2071. >You forgotten how warm the soft fabric was as the air makes contact with your bare skin, goosebumps shuddering up your spine to the back of your shoulders.
  2072. >You take a shaky breath, your muscular build free for them all to see whenever they want.
  2073. >They appreciate your defined build with their wide eyes, the strong, beefy body you’ve worked so hard to achieved being stared down hungrily.
  2074. >The girls act like they’re uncaring, but the fact they can't remove their eyes off of your abs blows their cover like a tornado catching a blanket in its wind.
  2075. >Rarity, however, makes no such attempt at hiding how much she enjoys studying your figure, preferring to stare at it with a serpent’s smile.
  2076. >“Very, very good…Quite the man, hmm?”
  2077. >You face has never been so red in your life.
  2078. “Um, eyes are up here…”
  2079. >The girls dart their eyes away, blushing.
  2080. >Except for Rarity.
  2081. >Her smile remains, as does her focused gaze.
  2082. >“I'm aware, darling. Your turn.”
  2083. >Ignoring the fact that you’ve become personal eye-candy for Rarity, you go on to study the circle around you.
  2084. >Who to pick, who to pick?
  2086. >Dash, immediately on your left, shakes your arm—you bet it's just an excuse to feel your biceps.
  2087. >“Hey, Anon, choose me! I haven't gotten a turn yet!”
  2088. >Eh, why not?
  2089. “Alright, Dash: Truth or Dare?”
  2090. >“Dare,” she says without hesitation, and cracks her knuckles.
  2091. >You begin pondering what you could have her do.
  2092. >If you wanted to, you could make her spend five minutes rambling about how she's actually a slow-handicapped weasel just for a laugh, and she’d have to do it.
  2093. >Or you can have her do something daring, exciting!
  2094. >You could get her to…
  2095. >You clap your hands, rubbing them together villainously.
  2096. “I got one. A good one.”
  2097. >“Bring it,” she says.
  2098. >You note the same prideful look from when you and her we're getting it down resurfacing.
  2099. >There is a difference to it though.
  2100. >When you and her were all alone, she made this look when she was in control, a look that said: ‘I’m getting off on the fact that I’m the one in control.’
  2101. >This time, she knows you're in control...and she's counting on you to do something crazy.
  2102. >You smile.
  2103. “Rainbow Dash, I dare you to take off /your/ shirt.”
  2104. >Her face remains unchanged, that excited, smug smile staying strong as ever.
  2105. >The others,however...
  2106. >“What!?” screams Twilight. “You can even do /that/ in Truth or Dare?”
  2107. >Pinkie, with a bowl of popcorn somehow, gasps in shock.
  2108. >“Wowzers! What a twist!”
  2109. >“I’ll say,” murmurs Sunset.
  2110. “Hey, if you guys can take off my shirt, then I can take off her’s,” you retort.
  2111. >Dash pretends to look angry...but the looks in your eyes tell the exact opposite.
  2112. >“...F-fine, but don't think I want to. And d-don't think I’ll forget to do something to you, too.”
  2113. >She subtly winks at you.
  2114. >A wink so minute and quick that if you blinked, you’d miss it.
  2115. >Thankfully, you caught it, just like your body caught her attention not too long ago.
  2117. >She begins by grabbing the bottom of her shirt, looking around as if she were nervous.
  2118. >Her chest beneath the fabric rises up and down, her breath quickening as her skin turns hot, cheeks blazing in a heat that she can't tame.
  2119. >Slowly, she pulls the shirt’s fabric up, revealing her perfectly flat and toned tummy for you to see once again.
  2120. >You forgot how astonishing she looked in such a brief time, now fully appreciating her athletic body, the perfect shape and elegant form of a runner reached to perfection.
  2121. >By the time the shirt is just about to uncover her tits, more of her astonishing outline is shown, the incredible curves and shape that frame her so well, making got you just want to ravage her all over again.
  2122. >You’re gonna need to stay in contact with her…
  2123. >Her tits are finally revealed, small, perky, but delectable.
  2124. >As she pulls her arms out of the red short sleeves, she discards the shirt by tossing it on your head,covering your eyes.
  2125. >Boner, please…
  2126. >You silently take a whiff of it, before pulling it off.
  2127. >Once you remove the shirt from your eyes, it’s like curtains are presenting you with a fantastic visual—a shirtless, secretly aroused Rainbow Dash.
  2128. >Damn.
  2129. >“There...happy?”
  2130. “Very.”
  2131. >All the girls don't know where to look, not wanting to imply any ought so by staring at you or Dash, both shirtless, right next to each other.
  2132. >Your bare-chested friend decides that now that she and you are both topless, the game’s gotten more interesting—more fun.
  2133. >With a malicious smile, she runs her hands together as if she were a dastardly villain from a cartoon.
  2134. >“What's it gonna be Twilight…Truth or Dare?”
  2136. >Oh shit…
  2137. >Twilight’s eyes bulge.
  2138. >“Wait, me?” she asks, the nervousness in her voice very apparent.
  2139. >You think Rainbow nods as confirmation, but honestly you’re stuck checking her out.
  2140. >“W-wait a minute, anyone else getting the vibe that the bar just raised too quickly?” asks Twilight.
  2141. >“Nope! It doesn't matter if it is, you HAVE to do it unless Rainbow changes her mind,” states Pinkie. “If you didn't, then it'd be no fair! It is the rules of the party, Twilight!”
  2142. >“B-but my sleepover books never said anything about Truth or Dare! How am I supposed to—”
  2143. “You had to read up on how to have a sleepover?” you interrupt Twilight mid-rant.
  2144. >“That's not the point! The point is...I...Um…”
  2145. >“C’mon already, Twilight! Truth or Dare?” Dash urges
  2146. >Twilight hangs her head low and sighs.
  2147. >“...Truth.”
  2148. >Dash fist pumps.
  2149. >“Sweet.”
  2150. >With a crack of her knuckles and a crick of her neck, the shirtless athlete grins.
  2151. >“I’ve been wondering ever since the beginning of tonight about something. See, when you were hungry for pizza, I remember you giving someone a certain look…”
  2152. >Twilight gasps, nearly jumping out to attack Rainbow.
  2153. >“Dash, don't!”
  2154. >“A look I've seen...sometimes given, but you? I was surprised to see you with that look.”
  2155. >“Don’t, please don't this!”
  2156. >“So...is it true that you have a crush on—”
  2157. >“Dare!”
  2158. >Dash stops mid sentence, a perturbed look on her face.
  2159. >“What was that?”
  2161. >“Dare,” repeats Twilight, “I want to do a dare instead.”
  2162. >Sitting sandwiched between these two girls is like standing between fire and ice, the result being a steamy confrontation.
  2163. >Rainbow Dash ponders, studying Twilight’s face for a minute.
  2164. >“....Alright, dare it is. Twilight, I dare you to kiss Sunset.”
  2165. >Multiple gasps…
  2166. >“OOOOOOOOOOH!!!!! Twily’s gonna get some!” hollers Pinkie as Rarity fans herself.
  2167. >“WHAT?!” shouts Sunset Shimmer.
  2168. >“Oh...b-but...I...no hooves...a-and…”
  2169. >Twilight goes limp, practically falling into your lap.
  2170. >Thank god her head doesn't land on your boner.
  2171. >You turn and face Dash on your left.
  2172. “I think you broke her. Should I get some water for her or something?”
  2173. >“Get Sunset to do mouth-to-mouth,” snickers Pinkie.
  2174. >Shimmer glares at her imposingly, her eyes like flames.
  2175. >“Heh heh...Sorry. J-just kiddin’...”
  2176. >Twilight whimpers on your lap as you shake her a bit.
  2177. “C’mon, Twilight,you can do it.”
  2178. >“Uh,no, she can't!” objects Sunset.
  2179. >“The rules, Sunset. She has to now, and so do you.” reminds Rarity.
  2180. >“Yeah, but—”
  2181. “But if either you or Twilight can persuade Rainbow Dash to make a new dare, then you’re safe.”
  2182. >Sunset looks desperately at Rainbow, her only salvation.
  2183. >“...please.”
  2184. >Dash shakes her head no.
  2185. >“Nuh-uh, Twilight’s dare is to kiss you, and that's what she's gonna do.”
  2186. >You look at Dash with a disapproving stare.
  2187. >“...what? I'm playing by the rules, aren't I?”
  2188. “Dash? A moment please.”
  2189. >You scoot Twilight’s head off your lap and drag Dash away with you by four feet from the circle,your backs facing your friends.
  2190. >You pull her ear close to you after making sure they don't listen.
  2191. >With a sigh, you speak in an intimate whisper into her ear.
  2192. “Look Dash, if you change your mind, I'll let you, um, I dunno, what do you want?”
  2193. >“Your number.
  2194. “Uh-huh.”
  2195. >“Your body.”
  2196. “And?”
  2197. >“...”
  2198. “You gonna tell me?”
  2199. >“...A date.”
  2201. >Your brows raise in partial disbelief.
  2202. “You want to go on a date with me…?”
  2203. >“I, um...look, what ya did with me earlier, the way ya did it? I kinda want more of that. And maybe—MAYBE—a little bit more.”
  2204. >You look at her, speechless.
  2205. >You kinda expected to just give her twenty bucks and let her screw around with ya, but…
  2206. “Fine. I’ll give ya my number. We’ll talk. Now call of the dare.”
  2207. >“Deal.”
  2208. >You're about to shake on it, but pause.
  2209. “Uh, can I touch your—?”
  2210. >“Whenever you want, hot stuff.”
  2211. >You smile childishly and fondle her tits subtly, but quickly, and enough to make her moan quietly.
  2212. >“I-I can get used to this.”
  2213. “Same.”
  2214. >With a quick, flip of her nipple, she quietly gasps before you turn around, making your way back to your spot in the circle.
  2215. >Dash returns to your left as well, clearing her throat.
  2216. >“Okay, so since Anon struck a deal with me, you and Sunset don't have to kiss, Twi...Twi?”
  2217. >Twilight Sparkle, still lying on the floor, stirs.
  2218. >“Y-you mean I don't have to?”
  2219. >“Yeah, thanks to Anon,” answers Dash, knitting at your exposed ribs with her elbow.
  2220. >Rarity frowns in puzzlement.
  2221. >“Hmm...And what exactly was this deal, if you don't mind?”
  2222. >She has her hands on her well-framed hips.
  2223. >You try not to stammer.
  2224. “J-just a little favor I’ll owe. Nothing too big.”
  2225. >“It feels pretty big, that's for sure,” murmurs Dash, thankfully quiet enough for Rarity not hear.
  2227. >Switching to your focus to the girl on your right, you wrap an arm around Twilight reassuringly.
  2228. “Hey, you alright?”
  2229. >She sighs, blinking frantically just to wake herself up a bit more.
  2230. >“Y-yeah, just over-reacted. Uh, thanks for negotiating on my behalf.”
  2231. >With a playful smile, you flick the tip of her nose.
  2232. “No problem, Purple Smart.,” you give her a light pat on the back, “no problem at all.”
  2233. >She shows all of her white teeth in a happy, giddy, yet uncertain smile as she leans into you for a brief moment for a short, mild hug.
  2234. >“....Hey, uh, remember how Twi still has to accept a dare from me?” Says Dash, her arms folded in poorly hidden jealousy.
  2235. >With a sigh, her victim nods
  2236. >“I know and I will,” confirms Twilight, “Now what do you want me to do, Dash? I’m ready for your dare now.”
  2237. >Dash grins.
  2238. >“I dare you to sit on Sunset’s lap.”
  2239. >Rainbow, you piece of...actually, that's not too bad.
  2240. >Can't say that for Twilight, though,
  2241. >You can see a slight twitch in her hands hearing those words.
  2242. >“B-but I...You know what? I can do that. It's weird, but at least I'm not kissing her.”
  2243. >Twilight stands up from her spot next to you, and places herself on the lap of a blushing Sunset Shimmer.
  2244. >“And now it’s my turn, right?”
  2245. >“Yuh-huh! Who you gonna pick?” asks Pinkie, eager as ever.
  2246. >Twilight, sitting on Shimmer’s lap like it’s her own fucking throne, scratches at her chin in thought.
  2247. >“Um...how about you, Rarity. Truth or Dare?”
  2249. >Rarity shrugs politely.
  2250. >“Might as well choose ‘dare’ for variety's sake.”
  2251. >“Perfect. Rarity, I dare you to...uh…”
  2252. >Damn, Twilight really is unfamiliar with this game.
  2253. >She sits on Sunset’s lap, hesitating, entirely unsure of what to do.
  2254. >It’s actually kinda cute, really.
  2255. >After a moment of this, Sunset pokes her.
  2256. >“Um, I got an idea…”
  2257. >Before Twilight asks her what it is, she looks at the entire group.
  2258. >“Um, is it allowed to get ideas from other players?”
  2259. >With an assortment of ‘yes’s, she questions Sunset’s idea.
  2260. >The two whisper, both of their words being unheard by the circle, yet their tone of voice with each other was quite obvious.
  2261. >Sunset was muttering Sunset, pushing for her to do a dare, while Twilight was sounding unsure and timid.
  2262. >Eventually, the hushed sigh of defeat from Twilight as she now faces the group gives the idea that whatever Sunset had planned, you were all about to find out.
  2263. >Her violet eyes dart around, not daring to keep a steady gaze on her poor victim.
  2264. >“Uh, Rarity…”
  2265. >By now, the white bombshell is nervous too, her smile holding back the look of fear from showing on face.
  2266. >“I dare you to…”
  2267. >“Come on, Twilight, go on…”
  2268. >“To...to...t-to…”
  2269. >She stops for a moment and sucks a deep breath in.
  2270. >Then, all at once, she exhales all that she has to say.
  2271. >“IdareyoutoshowusthepicturesyoutookforSnipsandSnails!”
  2272. >...
  2274. >Twilight pants doggedly, catching her breath after expelling so much air.
  2275. >Rarity’s breath, however, just stops, the dare hitting her as suddenly as a truck hitting a car.
  2276. >Twilight winces apologetically.
  2277. >“...I’m sorry!”
  2278. >You'd feel more bad for Rarity, but seeing as how she's been looking at you whenever she damn pleases, stating it to world, you think seeing a pic of her tits is pretty friggin’ fair.
  2279. >She sits, slack jawed.
  2280. >“E-excuse me?”
  2281. “You know what she said, Rarity. You have the pics?”
  2282. >Her cheeks flare a vibrant red across her snow-white cheeks.
  2283. >“N-no...I don’t…”
  2284. >Shit. She can't do the dare then.
  2285. >“...But I'll gladly remove my sleeping gown if you all would like for, say, twenty dollars? I-I mean, it, erm, certainly won't be like the pictures, but it's still a satisfactory result, don't you agree?”
  2286. >You look at the rest of the group.
  2287. >“...Should we?” asks Sunset.
  2288. >Pinkie Pie nods her head excitedly.
  2289. >“Uh, YEAH! Who wants a dare to end with nothing happening, right?”
  2290. “So you’re paying the twenty dollars?”
  2291. >“Sure! ...If I can have everybody else’s pizzas…”
  2292. >....
  2293. >Tits or pizza?
  2294. >...Who’re you kiddin’, tits.
  2295. “I'll give up my pizza.”
  2297. >“Me too,” says Dash, her hunger for a woman's body more powerful than the urge of eating pizza. “You guys?”
  2298. >Twilight on Sunset’s lap cringes, unsure of what to do.
  2299. >Sunset, however…
  2300. >“...Eh, Why not? I never was a big fan of pizza anyways.”
  2301. >All eyes on Twilight...
  2302. >“...Fine. You can have the last of my pizza.”
  2303. >Ha.
  2304. >Now only if you could get your twelve dollars and fifty cents…
  2305. >Pinkie grins, the pizza all claimed as her own, and pulls a twenty out of...the purse that she stole.
  2306. >Of course.
  2307. >No one questions it, though, especially not Rarity.
  2308. >“...Shall I?” she ask, a small smile aimed towards you sided with a daring glance makes it feel like she’s asking you only.
  2309. >You gulp.
  2310. “Absolutely.”
  2311. >“Excellent.”
  2312. >With that, her hands slowly make their way to the crystal-blue bowknot of her bold, white and violet nightgown.
  2313. >Her night attire was, of course, over the top in terms of quality and effort spent for such a trifling piece of clothing to sleep in, yet the whole thing was expertly designed by Rarity.
  2314. >The top of the nightgown left her dainty neck and tempting cleavage exposed for the eye to see, and the fabric and sleeves of it were white like cotton, but certainly not out of it.
  2315. >No, it looked much more akin to something silky.
  2316. >The bottom of her gown was separated by the bowknot, and held up her cleavage alongside her bra, giving ‘the girls’ a look that’s hard not to glance at every once and awhile.
  2317. >Now unfortunately, the fabric, while somewhat opaque, was not completely see-through.
  2318. >You could her hidden shape, her delicate hips and waist curtained over by the expensive clothing, but as her small, womanly hands begin to untie the bow under her breast, you know your curiosity would be heavily satiated soon.
  2319. >At a snail's pace with a wry smile, Rarity makes sure to take her time, knowing of your eagerness to see her naked form.
  2321. >Her bow, finally undone, begins to undo the front of her nightgown, allowing the rounded mounds beneath the barrier of silk to start filling out, revealing their size a bit more.
  2322. >And speaking of size, you’re pretty sure a bulge under your pajamas pants begins to rise once again, but you obscure it with your hands in your pockets, attempting to make your arousal as well-hidden as possible.
  2323. >Finally, Rarity moves on to her sleeves, sliding each one off her shoulder teasingly, her soft, smooth skin showing itself freely in an inviting manner.
  2324. >Her shoulder’s are primarily directed towards you, and the half-lidded look in her eyes, the small smirk, send a message more clear than you thought possible.
  2325. >Her body speaks a language, one that you’re understanding quite quickly.
  2326. >It says ‘you want this, you’re going to get this...on /my/ terms.’
  2327. >And you know what?
  2328. >It’s absolutely right.
  2329. >You feel your throat go dry as you stare on, Rarity perfectly aware of what she’s doing to you.
  2330. >She’s like a snake-charmer, and you’ve just been charmed beyond belief, ready for more.
  2331. >At last, she pulls her arms out of her sleeves, and begins removing the nightgown entirely.
  2332. >A gasp sounds throughout the room when everyone swore that they’d see her womanhood, but thank god, she wore lace panties, the same bright blue as her bowknot.
  2333. >Your jaw hits the damn floor.
  2334. >Rarity lies before you, her legs completely free for the eye to travel, admiring the curvature and elegant build.
  2335. >Your eyes meet up at her hips, outline by her lace panties as if it were gift-wrapping for a christmas present, your hands just eager to hold them.
  2336. >Her stomach is long, not flat like Dash’s but not muscular like Applejack’s.
  2337. >Instead, she head barely any pudge, and a vertical build that curves up makes your eyes land onto her breast.
  2338. >Her breast.
  2339. >They’re great.
  2341. >Looking at them makes you want to do everything from manhandling them, to giving them quaint kisses across their roundness.
  2342. >Rarity raises a brow in confidence.
  2343. >“Well everyone? I say I fulfilled my dare.”
  2344. >Yeah, one she didn’t really have to do and got paid for…
  2345. >Not that you’re complaining though.
  2346. >You’re pretty content with this view.
  2347. >The size is, well, you’d say a pretty good C-cup, and fit on her just perfectly.
  2348. >Her body is well structured, made for modeling.
  2349. >This is who most girls want to be when they look into the mirror--a beauty.
  2350. >And a beauty she was.
  2351. >Her nipples, hard and erect from more than chills, stand at attention, the stiff nubs being a color of a soft, light grey.
  2352. >“Noice,” says Pinkie approvingly, nodding her head in satisfaction.
  2353. “Uh, yeah. Nice.”
  2354. >You can’t get your eyes off of those jiggly marshmallows of her till you feel a pinch on your lower back.
  2355. >Assuming it’s Dash, you face her immediately.
  2356. >To your surprise, though, she’s checking them out too…
  2357. >You look at Twilight on Sunset’s lap.
  2358. >She fidgeted her fingers, looking at Rarity instead of something else…
  2359. >Did Twilight pinch you?
  2360. >“Well, since it was I who just did a dare, I see it fit for me to choose who’s next.”
  2361. >When she grins, it becomes obvious her choice is already made.
  2362. >“Anon, truth or dare?”
  2363. >Oh boy.
  2364. >Sweating.jpg
  2365. “Dare.”
  2366. >“Oh, being brave, hm?”
  2367. “I prefer the term ‘open-minded’ a bit more,” you retort.
  2368. >She giggles.
  2370. >“Then I suppose you won’t have any trouble with me daring you to massaging me for the next five or so turns, correct?”
  2371. >Oh shit, boner’s erected like a mother fucker.
  2372. >The girls, needless to say, are stunned.
  2373. >Twilight, perhaps thankful for your help from earlier, tries to save you from this.
  2374. >“Anon if you don’t…”
  2375. “I accept your dare, Rarity,” you say, cutting her off. “Bring a chair over, sit on it backwards so your back juts out.”
  2376. >Rarity herself looks like a lioness, her eyes unable to separate you, her delicious prey.
  2377. >“Eager and true to your word; I love a man with such qualities. I hope your hands are skilled enough for moi. Now if you’d be kind enough to work on me for, oh, I don’t know, the next two turns perhaps, then I’d greatly appreciate it if you’d come over to me.”
  2378. >Without hesitation, you rise from your spot in between Twilight (on Sunset’s lap) and Rainbow Dash, moving behind a near-naked Rarity who sits on her knees.
  2379. >She makes no attempt to get up.
  2380. >You sigh.
  2381. “...You want me to get the chair, don’t you?”
  2382. >“You know me so well.”
  2383. >Rolling your eyes teasingly, you get a chair from the nearby table, and place it by Rarity.
  2384. “Okay, sit on this.”
  2385. >“Would it kill you to say please?”
  2386. >You chuckle.
  2387. “A little, yeah.”
  2388. >With a shrug from Rarity, she rises, seating herself backwards on the summoned chair.
  2389. >You raise your hands, ready to prepare them for the massage.
  2390. “Alright, let’s—
  2391. >“Ah ah!, Don’t forget to choose who’s next,” chides Rarity.
  2392. >Such a tease...
  2394. “Um, Sunset, Truth or Dare?” you ask, mainly to get it out of the way more than anything.
  2395. >Sunset Shimmer nervously bites her bottom lip, worrying about an unwelcomed consequence from either choice, but mainly distracted by the tension between you and Rarity at the moment.
  2396. >“Truth?”
  2397. >You beath warm breath on your hands to make them warm, and begin rubbing them together.
  2398. >You decide rather do something interesting, you just should ask something that always confused you.
  2399. “Ah, alright, let’s see...is it true that you and Flash dated? I was never clear on that,” you say while cracking your knuckles.
  2400. >She frowns slightly.
  2401. >“Kinda? It wasn’t as close as you’d expect it to be, though.”
  2402. “I see. Why’d he date you if you were such a jerk though?”
  2403. >She rolls her eyes.
  2404. >“Because we looked good. Literally no other reason than we looked good and were well-known. That’s about it.”
  2405. “Did you guys ever kiss?”
  2406. >“Yeah. I, um, didn’t like it. It was empty. Hollow. No passion, emotion...it made me mad. I was mad before, y’know, dealing with Celestia and all that, but I’m still mad to this day about it. It was my first kiss, and not only was I pissed on how I wasted it, but I’m still pissed for having done it at all.”
  2407. “Lotta regret, eh?”
  2408. >She scoffs.
  2409. >“You have no idea.”
  2410. >No, you don’t, but you’re sure the many girls whose hearts were broken because of Sunset kissing their little boyfriends did.
  2411. >Still, you act sympathetic.
  2412. “Sorry. Gotta suck.”
  2413. >“Less talking, more massaging, darling.”
  2414. >Greedy little...
  2415. >You take a breath in and focus.
  2416. >Been a long time since you did this.
  2417. >You know somewhat about giving massages, your uncle was pretty chill, taught you some self-healing shit as a kid, taught you how to give a good massage.
  2418. “Okay, now I’m gonna ask you to breathe in, okay? 1,2, and 3. Now breathe just like that. As I go on, you’ll pretty much be doing that without thinking. Now relax.
  2420. >Your hands ready, you begin to close in on her lower back, creeping in slowly.
  2421. >You form them so they’re in the shape of a bat, your thumbs the bat-ears and your fingers the wings.
  2422. >With your hands like this, you press them gently down on the tight knots of muscle on the sides of her spine.
  2423. >It’s nothing much yet, but just a way to introduce yourself to the person.
  2424. >However, the compression on these stiff muscles is clearly needed as she lefts a sigh loose.
  2425. >“Hmm, quite nice.”
  2426. “I barely started.”
  2427. >You take a step back so that your somewhat leaning on her with your weight, and slowly begin pressing your hands (your support) on her.
  2428. >Halfway up her back after pressing, you cease this, and remove your paws off her for a brief moment.
  2429. >You continue up her back in a different, more relaxed manner, gently beating against the muscles of her back, the muscles not completely relaxed, but being inning to at your touch.
  2430. >Eventually, you pass her scapula, now on the ropes of tension and stress on the back of her neck and the muscles below.
  2431. >Stress is always stored here, but your good uncle taught you have to work it out.
  2432. >You place your hands on the knotty muscles between the shoulders and neck, and slowly begin working them as your tight but gentle grip turns the tightness into jello.
  2433. >Her shoulders visibly droop as as she moans.
  2434. >“Oh, why this is truly wonderful. I didn't expect anything this good…”
  2436. >This earns a chuckle from your “client”.
  2437. >“Judging by your magic fingers alone, I would've thought you’ve had plenty of practice” she purs. “You have quite the touch, after all.”
  2438. >You can't help but form a small grin at this.
  2439. “Well, perhaps practice doesn't make perfect then.”
  2440. >You glance away from Rarity’s smooth back to see the rest of your friends, continuing to play on as you massage Rarity’s shoulders.
  2441. >“...I know what you’re thinking.”
  2442. “And I know what you’re thinking.”
  2443. >A brief silence follows the two of you as you continue working out the stress in her muscles.
  2444. >“...I won't do it unless I get something in return.”
  2445. “I giving you a massage right now, you just got twenty dollars after everyone gave their pizza to Pinkie, what more do you want?”
  2446. >“I want you to work for free as my model. You’re quite dashing, Anonymous, but I still have standards.”
  2447. >You chuckle.
  2448. “Sorry, but I know how this works, Rarity. You’re trying to get good business...acting like this is benefiting me more than you, but with a price.”
  2449. >You glide your hands down to her hips.
  2450. “But the truth’s different, isn't it? You want me to make you go wild and gain a free model in the process.”
  2452. >“...I'm offering you a deal for the chance to sleep with me with your payment being a model for my latest line. I can find another man for this.”
  2453. >You bring your head closer to her ear from behind her, your warm breath making shudder as it tickles her ear.
  2454. “What would you do if said I still wanna be paid, but did something like…”
  2455. >You snake your hand into her thong, your hand sharing the same space with her womanhood.
  2456. “...this,” you say.
  2457. >“...I’d ask you to continue.”
  2458. “And this?” you ask as you put your other hand on her breast.
  2459. >You note that her chest begins to rise with each hot breath she inhales.
  2460. >“...I’d say more.”
  2461. >You begin fiddling your hand with her eager sex, the heat emanating off of her sweetness like a furnace.
  2462. >She bites her lip in strained moans struggles to hide the arousal from making too much noise.
  2463. >Her breaths become more rapid, her hips gyrating as your other hand caresses her wondrous breast.
  2464. >Right when her moans become an octave higher, you cease all movement of your hands, leaving her wanting more.
  2465. >She lets out a confused whimper.
  2466. >“Why'd you stop…?”
  2467. >You let out a mix between a chuckle and a light scoff.
  2468. “Uh, ‘cause you’ll say I didn't persuade you to pay me when I finally come in for that modeling thing.”
  2469. >She pouts.
  2470. >“Anonymous, I run a business as a teenage girl in high school. Money’s difficult to manage at our age.”
  2472. “But if you could get someone else without getting in their pants, why’re you so dead set on me?”
  2473. >Rarity pauses, thinking out her answer with delicacy.
  2474. >Delicacy, however, does not favor her in this case.
  2475. >She sighs.
  2476. >“You’re quite impressive, Anon. It'd be a shame if we didn't continue.”
  2477. “Let's be quieter then, cause we’re barely a few feet away from them.”
  2478. >Rarity nods silently in agreement and returns to her position for you to continue the ‘massage’.
  2479. >With your hand still on her hips, you can now clearly appreciate the slender, lengthy build of her hourglass figure.
  2480. >Her hips aren't wide and fertile, but they’re definitely desirable in their framing, outlining her shape perfectly.
  2481. >Applejack’s hips were childbearing’ handlebars to ride on like a bull during a rodeo, but Rarity’s different.
  2482. >They were like Greek statues of Aphrodite: curvy and elegant with a sense of beauty and aesthetic perfection, yet gentle to hold on to firmly like bike handles.
  2483. >Not to compare to her a town bicycle or anything, but it just feels like a good analogy.
  2484. >She’s built like a fancy bicycle.
  2485. >You decide to make your movements subtle, silent, as not to bring attention to the others that are mere feet away.
  2486. >This quietness to your movements brings a slow, almost deliberate quality of sensuality to the tension between you and Rarity.
  2487. >As your hand returns to sneak its way back into her panties, the hotness of her womanhood says just how eager she is.
  2488. >You’ve yet to even reach her outer cunt, your hand resting on her pubic bone before it officially makes its way to her sex.
  2489. >Her public hair is nonexistent.
  2490. >You wonder if Dash’s was too before swipe the thought for later, your focus returning to please Rarity.
  2491. >Finally, your hand is down at her sweet, leaking cunt, her clitoris begging to be stimulated.
  2492. >“Wait, put your other hand on my chest.”
  2493. “That'd be two dollars.”
  2494. >“Anon, don't tease me.”
  2496. >You place your hand upon her breast, admiring how good they feel.
  2497. >They’re not giant, but a perfectly normal size if not the slightest bit more round.
  2498. >However, this roundness is perfect with how firm and succulent they are, perfect for groping and caressing.
  2499. >Their fullness, shape, and firmness are just incredible.
  2500. >It’s like holding smooth oranges in your hand, but made of pillowy flesh.
  2501. >You enjoy holding them as your other arm begins to touch the sopping cunt.
  2502. >Her lips quiver as your fingers touch them.
  2503. >Rarity shudders.
  2504. >“Oh...that's...that feels incredible.”
  2505. >You hope so, you’re just kinda making this up as you go along.
  2506. >When your fingers reach her clit, she has to work hard to quiet her breathing.
  2507. >Then, you flick it.
  2508. >She squirms in her seat.
  2509. >You like that.
  2510. >While pinching her nipple, you begin to trace the outline of her entrance, getting plenty of her juices drenched on your hand.
  2511. >Her breath becomes ragged huffs that she tries to quiet by breathing through her nose, pressing her mouth’s lips together to avoid making unwanted sounds.
  2512. >And another thing; her cunt feels great.
  2513. >She has standards, and judging by the youth of her flower, it's been in bloom a few times, but not as much as one would like to assume.
  2514. >She's choosy when it comes to guys, and you bet you’re the luckiest, most exciting one she's had yet, if not for the scenario alone.
  2515. >You bring your head closer to her ear.
  2516. “How many you’ve been with?”
  2517. >She smiles.
  2518. >“Four times, hopefully five if we’re bold enough to go all the way. Despite my experience, I make up with skill. You?”
  2519. >...Fuck you haven't put your dick in anyone yet.
  2520. >In fact, you’ve been getting blue balled constantly tonight.
  2521. >Yeah, you got some nice little encounters, but you’ve yet to get off on anything.
  2522. >You leave your answer ambiguous.
  2523. “...Tell ya later.”
  2524. >“Don’t worry Anon, I won't judge.”
  2525. >You remain quiet on the subject, answering with a simple, “I know.”
  2527. >You return to focusing on her lower region as you get more adventurous with her body and pause.
  2528. >When your hand brushes over her sensitive parts, it elicits a sharp gasp, one loud enough to grab your friends’ attention.
  2529. >They turn their heads with looks of puzzlement and slight worry.
  2530. >It’s no doubt that the sexual sound proposed something more deviant was at hand, which was just the case.
  2531. >Thank god they don’t know.
  2532. >“Uh, what was that, Rarity?” asks Rainbow Dash, her tone of voice displaying just how confused she is.
  2533. >Luckily, the back of the seat that Rarity leans on covers your hands and where they reside on her aroused form.
  2534. >When she sees their looks of confusion, she puts on a fake and nervous smile.
  2535. >“Haauh! Oh...unf...sorry girls. I, well, Anon was just, um, well—”
  2536. “I found a spot with a lot of tension,” you answer for her, your voice sounding calm and unsuspicious. “It’s a really tight one I guess you could say…”
  2537. >Twilight looks at you and Rarity with an uncertain glint in her eyes.
  2538. >“You sure? That was pretty loud…”
  2539. “Yeah, I’m sure. All I need to do is to relieve the tension from this area, then she’ll be relieved. Sorry, we’ll try to keep it down.”
  2540. >“...Well, um, don’t take to long. Don’t forget you’re in the game still.”
  2541. >You smile wryly.
  2542. “No problem.”
  2543. >With that, they go back to their business leaving you and Rarity alone.
  2544. >“That was close. That was quite the cover up.”
  2545. “Well it was true, wasn’t it?”
  2546. >She chuckles lightly.
  2547. >“Clever.”
  2548. >With that, your proceed to—
  2549. “Oh, wait! Your time’s up!” says Pinkie.
  2550. >It takes everything in you to not look visibly aggravated.
  2551. “Oh...Uh, my bad.”
  2552. >Rarity pouts.
  2553. >“Oooh! But it was really getting good…”
  2554. >“Yeah, but the rules! The ruuuules!” reminds Pinkie.
  2556. >You try to shrug as if you don’t care.
  2557. “Well, guess we’ll have to stop.”
  2558. >Fuckin’ Ponk.
  2559. >You pick Rarity up from the chair as she stretches her arms out widely.
  2560. >By doing this, she practically exposes her entire breast, no shame in hiding her nudity whatsoever.
  2561. >Everyone stares.
  2562. >Everyone.
  2563. >An awkward cough follows from Twilight as Rarity takes a seat where she originally sat, as do you.
  2564. >She winks while doing so.
  2565. >This makes your boner cry.
  2566. >“Uh, okay, so who’s turn is it now?” asks Twilight.
  2567. >“It was mine. Pinkie, truth or dare?” asks Dash challengingly.
  2568. >You’d pay more attention if you were less upset about not getting some Rare poosay a moment ago.
  2569. >Like, seriously, compared to the rest of tonight, that has got to have been the least fulfilling.
  2570. >Well, at least you know you’ll get it when you go to model for her…
  2571. >“Dare!” declares Pinkie, eager to accept a challenge.
  2572. >Rainbow’s smugness is still there, but less severe than it was earlier.
  2573. >She has something in mind, but what it is probably pales in comparison to the things from earlier.
  2574. >“Pinkie Pie...I dare you to eat all the pizzas we gave you in one sitting.”
  2575. >Oh, dayum, that’s a lotta pizza pie.
  2576. >Makes your stomach flip just thinking about how much grease must be in it.
  2577. >Pinkie blows some raspberries with a dismissive wave of the hand, her blue eyes rolling along with her unintimidated smile.
  2578. >“Psh, please! Have you seen how many muffins I could eat?”
  2579. >“Then do it,” says Dash.
  2581. Many pizzas later
  2583. >“Oh...I-I don’t feel so good…What’s even in this stuff?”
  2584. “Quality,” you say with a cheesy thumbs up.
  2585. >“Rainbow, you think you can take her to bed?” asks Sunset, looking at the Pinkie as she bellows.
  2586. >Dash grumbles.
  2587. >“Fine, but only ‘cause it was my idea. You guys don’t mind if I hit the hay either though, do ya?”
  2588. >A mixture of “go ahead” and “sure” comes from the collective circle.
  2589. >“Actually, that massage wore me out as well. I think I’ll retire too.”
  2590. >“Me three…” moans Pinkie. “Can you guys carry me? Pleeeaasse?”
  2591. >Rarity and Dash sigh.
  2592. >“Sure,” they both say in a monotone.
  2594. >The circle is now a mere triangle.
  2595. >It’s just you, Twilight, and Sunset.
  2596. >“...So are we still doing truth or dare?” asks Twilight.
  2597. >You and Sunset look at each other.
  2598. “Nah. Think we wore that stuff out.”
  2599. >“Same.”
  2600. >Twilight nods in agreement, and a segway to the next part of tonight begins.
  2601. >“I see…then, uh, what do you guys wanna do?”
  2602. “I dunno. I can do whatever.”
  2603. >“...Why don’t we just talk?” questions Sunset. “I mean, I’d kinda like too.”
  2604. >Twilight, clearly empty of anything ideas at the moment, leaps on to that.
  2605. >“Oh, okay. So, uh, what about?”
  2606. “Well I for one wanna know what you all have been up to over the Summer. I kinda went on about mine.”
  2607. >Sunset shrugs.
  2608. >“It’s been a weird one for me. I’m trying to find a place to stay at long-term now. I’ve been kinda homeless since I came here, so, yeah.”
  2609. >“What about that one place I mentioned? Didn’t you check it out?” asks Twilight.
  2610. >Sunset grimaces.
  2611. >“I don’t want to live in a Yoga studio. The guy who ran it was weird…”
  2612. “Wait, wait…”
  2613. >You hold your hands up to stop the conversation.
  2614. >You then point at Sunset.
  2615. “...You’re homeless?”
  2616. >She nods like it’s the most obvious thing in the world.
  2618. >“Uh, yeah, why wouldn’t I be? It’s not like I just came here and arrived with a house to legally live in.”
  2619. “Ok, then how the hell do you look so clean and not like a run-down hobo? I mean, Jesus, I’m middle class and you still got better clothes than me.”
  2620. >She sighs.
  2621. >“Goodwill.”
  2622. “And where do you bathe?”
  2623. >“The gym at the school.”
  2624. “How do you get money?”
  2625. >“I do odd jobs. I once was a waitress.”
  2626. >You look at her, baffled by her lifestyle.
  2627. >“...What? It’s not like I like living like this.”
  2628. >You look at Twilight, as if to make sure this shit isn’t made up.
  2629. >She nods.
  2630. >“She’s telling the truth.”
  2631. >Well damn.
  2632. >“Why do you care so much anyways? It’s not like you talk to me that much…”
  2633. >...
  2634. “Uh…”
  2635. >“I just said that out loud, didn’t I?”
  2636. >Twilight cringes.
  2637. “Yeah, you did,” you say in an offended tone. “The fuck’s the suppose to mean?”
  2638. >“Nothing, just, uh, I kinda wished you noticed me a bit more?”
  2639. >For once, Twilight isn’t being the cringiest one in the room.
  2640. >“Sunset, you’re kind of messing up…”
  2641. >“What? I just want him to talk to me more. I mean, c’mon, I never bullied him, it’s all said and done, but he clearly hasn’t given me a chance.”
  2642. “How could I when you brainwashed me?” you say, your voice showing your anger. “Just because everyone else forgives you doesn’t mean I still have to! And hey, I don’t hate your guts either. I respect you enough, I get that you’re trying to reform, and that’s fuckin’ great.”
  2643. >You glare at her.
  2644. “But just because you’re a better person now doesn’t mean we’re on the best of terms.”
  2645. >“Oh my god, I try so hard to be nice to you, all the time, and you don’t even notice me! And when you do, you pretend you don’t!”
  2646. “You can’t force me to be your friend!”
  2648. >“Whoa, whoa! Sunset, Anon, let’s calm down…”
  2649. >“Me? Calm down!? I just said that I want to be paid attention by him more! There’s nothing wrong with me wanting him to forgive me, is there? I just want you to realize I’m not awful!”
  2650. >You scoff.
  2651. “Oh, yeah, make me the bad guy, huh? Remember when Big Kam broke his leg? You were the one who’d make fun of him saying he shouldn't have done basketball in the first place.”
  2652. >You try hard to blink the tears out of your eyes.
  2653. “...That was his senior year. Guy was counting on that scholarship to go to college so he could pay for his mom’s medicine.”
  2654. >Your throat begins tightening as your heart starts to sink.
  2655. “And while some people can look back on it and say “Oh, hey, it’s all in the past, relax!”, I’m not one of them. You literally ruined people's lives. You took things that people can never get back, like people’s friendships.”
  2656. >Sunset’s head hangs low as her hair obscures her face.
  2657. >“...I spoke with him a while ago.”
  2658. >...
  2659. “What?”
  2660. >“I went to Big Kam’s place. I wanted to say I was sorry. We...we went to a Sonic’s, got milkshakes...talked, y’know?”
  2661. >She takes a deep breath, sits up straight with teary-eyes.
  2662. >“I, uh...I paid, of course,” she laughs sadly, followed by a sniffle. “Be kinda weird if I made him pay right after apologizing. Uh, I-I said I was sorry, how I didn’t mean to, well, destroy his only chance, right? Probably went on for, pfft, I dunno, ten minutes just simply apologizing, saying how I fucked up, fucked his future up...I was pouring my heart out to him over how awful I felt. Eventually, h-he just smiled at me, patted my back, and said ‘Schnee von gestern’.
  2663. >Twilight tilts her head in confusion.
  2664. >“That’s Germane for ‘snow from yesterday’, right?”
  2665. >Sunset nods as she wipes a tear away.
  2666. >“Uh-huh. Snow from yesterday...It’s melted. All gone.”
  2667. >She looks at you with loads of pain.
  2669. “Then, we...we talked then for a while. He went on to be a mechanic, kinda like his dad...makes just enough, but he’s pretty happy with what he has. He asked how I was doing, and, well, I told him about, um this guy...and girl...that, uh, I really like....I told him that I like them both a lot...heck I even liked them when I was a bitch.”
  2670. >She gulps nervously.
  2671. >“The girl has no hard feelings for me, and we talk a lot already. I, uh, really like her. She forgave me. But this guy...I wanna talk with him, but, well, he doesn’t forgive me. I-I told Kam that this guy’s upset with how I ruined lives, right?”
  2672. >Another sad smile cracks on her face.
  2673. >“He said ‘the fuck would he be pissed for someone who’s forgotten it’ and that ‘this guy’s got no reason to hate you for stuff she did to people who moved on already.’”
  2674. >She shrugs.
  2675. >“So...I guess that’s all I have to say.”
  2676. >...
  2677. >You gulp.
  2678. “Look Shimmer, I don’t care about your love life, and even if Big Kam can just forget about it...I can’t I’m sorry. You broke friendships...People hated each other, each group segregated by each other with trifling rivalries..”
  2679. >“And I brought them back together,” chimes in Twilight. “And now Sunset’s one of us. She’s different now. She can be your friend, Anon. You don’t have to hate her.”
  2680. “But…”
  2681. >“But what? What did I do to you, Anon? Why do you hate me so much? Or whatever it is that makes you ignore me?” questions Sunset, her watering eyes wide and desperate for an answer.
  2682. >Both Twilight and her stare at you for an answer.
  2683. >It's a deep one.
  2684. >When it hits you, you've realized that they know you have a true reason.
  2685. >Finally, you give in with a jaded exhale of breath.
  2686. “I hate sounding cheesy.”
  2687. >Twilight smiles comfortably alongside with Shimmer.
  2688. >“We’re used to cheesy,” she says, pretty much telling you to lay it on her right then and there.
  2689. >In a nonsexual way, of course.
  2691. >Then, you think.
  2692. >Thinking of how to phrase your feelings, of course.
  2693. >The reasons for your lack of interaction to Sunset, why you haven’t forgiven her...you know why, but it’s hard to put it to words…
  2694. >After pondering, you think you know how to explain.
  2695. >You’ve always been terrible with words and explaining things.
  2696. >But, hey, you always know the gist of it, and this time’s no different.
  2697. >With a breath, you prepare to explain your reasoning.
  2698. >Once again, you just know it’ll sound cheesy, almost like your pizzas.
  2699. >Here goes...
  2700. “...I had to see my group of childhood friends talk about how much they hated each other as I was forced to be the middleman. I thought I could be unbiased and hang out with them each individually, and I did, but after a while...it didn’t work. You broke my friends apart, and they were awful to one another. Imagine having your parents be their with you, always happy, always smiling...then poof. Out of nowhere, you catch dad yelling at how she slept around. The break apart, and, well, so do you. Seeing my friends’ group shattered broke me, made me alone...”
  2701. >“...But they’re together now, right? And now I’m their friend. I don’t know if that’s enough to apologize with other than how sorry I am, but...well...”
  2702. “...Go on?”
  2703. >She frowns, clearly uncomfortable.
  2704. >You can tell she's hiding something, and you want to know what.
  2705. >However, maybe you DON'T want to know.
  2706. >It could smething that just fucks your shit up, makes a mess, and kills you.
  2707. >“...I’m not sure if I should.”
  2708. >You internally sigh in relief.
  2709. >Thank god.
  2710. >Maybe some things should be left unsaid.
  2711. >You strongly believe this is one of them.
  2712. >Twilight however...
  2713. >“Sunset, you can trust us...right Anon?”
  2714. >You bite your lip.
  2715. >God dammit.
  2716. >You can't say no, you'd look like an asshole...but you don't want to hear...
  2717. >Fuck, this is just splendid.
  2718. >You see the look in their eyes.
  2719. >It's like you never even had a choice in the matter.
  2720. >You nod.
  2722. “...Yeah. Yeah, you can trust me.”
  2723. >It’s not like you could just say ‘No’ anyways.
  2724. >But honestly, you would be lying if you said you didn’t mean it.
  2725. >Because, well, you did, even if just a little.
  2726. >Sure you have letting go of certain things, but that doesn’t make you totally unaware of the fact that she /is/ just a normal girl now, and you would trust her with something private of your’s, even if you didn’t exactly liked to.
  2727. >Sunset looks at you two’s eyes carefully.
  2728. >She sees the honesty in them, even if you’re unsure how honest it is within yourself.
  2729. >Her quick judgement, however, probably means there’s more than you realize.
  2730. >“I...There’s something I should tell you both…”
  2731. >Her hands tremble as she nervously rolls her thumb around her pointer finger; must be a nervous tick.
  2732. >She has to close her eyes to relax herself, then prepares to come out with her statement, whatever it may be...
  2733. >“I...like you guys...a lot.”
  2734. >The
  2735. >Stillness takes the three of you with a sudden, screeching halt; more abrupt than a shattered window, but impactful like a car slamming into a wall of brick and concrete.
  2736. >Needless to say, everything merely stops.
  2737. >Your jaw, as with Twilight’s, have hit the floor from dropping so low.
  2738. “Uh, what?”
  2739. >Sunset’s cheeks flood with crimson as she struggles to keep eye contact.
  2740. >“I,um, like you guys. As in ‘like’ like you guys. Like, a lot.”
  2741. >She shifts herself to face Twilight, but still, her eyes manage to avoid her as much as possible.
  2742. >“When I, uh, I was reformed, I kinda felt sorry. I went into a depression...I mean, I had a lot of guilt to carry. And when you left, I was...well, I was sad. Really sad. I had friends, but people still hated me. Not everyone forgave me for what I did, and I knew what I did was wrong, but you were the one that made me kind of hope that...well...it was possible.”
  2744. >With her words fueling her with more courage, she finds the strength within herself to look Twilight in the eyes in what you can only describe as a passionate stare.
  2745. >“Twilight, you gave me hope.”
  2746. >Her response is her desiree's eyes watering at her speech.
  2747. >“When you came back to help me with the Dazzlings, I remember when we held hands...I know you felt it too. I know it is. And ever since we’ve started these twice-a-week sleepovers when you cross the mirror, I can tell you see something there.”
  2748. >Twilight Sparkle, swallows something from her throat; wipes away a dribble of a tear.
  2749. >She smiles, pulling Sunset Shimmer into a full hug, the two tightly embracing each other.
  2750. >“I love you, Sunset,” she says hoarsely, followed by a sniffle.
  2751. >The hug, needless to say, is heart-filled.
  2752. >You can tell there’s something deep...but as soon as it stops, you can tell this is far from over.
  2753. >Sunset now looks to you.
  2754. >“...I know you hate me Anon, but I feel the exact opposite. I love you too. You’re funny, you’re nice...you’re genuine. You’re like that with all of our friends except for me. I’m sorry I can’t fix the hell I’ve caused at school, and I know that I broke our friends’ hearts when I was still mean. But you what? I changed, and I changed a lot. All I ask is that you change your mind about me…”
  2755. >Her lover clears her throat rather awkwardly.
  2756. >“Sunset, I...uh...I also like Anon,” says Twilight.
  2757. >Then, she sighs sadly, and looks over to you.
  2758. >“...I’m sorry for putting all this on you at once.”
  2759. >“Me too,” says Sunset.
  2761. >You stare wide-eyed as they both stare at you, expecting a revelation from your heart as well.
  2762. >However, as much as they’ve moved you, as much as they’ve changed your perception on them…
  2763. >You just can’t say.
  2764. >Although you can see what they /want/ you to say.
  2765. “...I’m supposed to say I love you guys as well, aren’t I?”
  2766. >The tone of your voice alone is the only answer they need.
  2767. >Dismally, they each nod, their shared look of optimistic hope starting to dissipate from their teary-eyed smiles immediately, their faces instead forming what will ultimately be sad frowns.
  2768. >You chest builds with guilt, and you attempt to sigh it out.
  2769. >It only hurts more.
  2770. >You give them a sad shrug while shaking your head.
  2771. “...Sorry.”
  2772. >You don’t even need to say what it; the message is received albeit painfully.
  2773. >They were hopeful, you’ll give ‘em that…
  2774. >Reminds you of yourself when you were younger.
  2775. >You decide to at least explain yourself.
  2776. “I mean, it’s not that I dislike you guys, just... just look, I may be forming feelings for you two right now because of this, I dunno, whatever it is we’re having right now, but I’m not in love with you two—not yet anyways. As much as I want to say I do, maybe have some happy celebration, it wouldn’t be honest.”
  2777. >Somewhat satisfied with your reasoning, this still doesn’t alleviate the gut-wrenching ache of shattered expectations and a damaged heart.
  2778. >“...There’s someone else, isn’t there?” asks Sunset, her head low.
  2779. >You almost say yes, but you’re not really sure to be honest.
  2780. >You kind have a crush on Dash a little, you’re interested in whatever working with Applejack may bring…
  2781. >...You know what?
  2782. >There.
  2783. >Those are you reasons.
  2785. >You just hope that they understand.
  2786. “I don’t know if there’s someone else. I really don’t. So right now, I don’t want to jump into something I’m figuring out as I’m still sorting things through, you know? I have a date with Dash, I’m working at Aj’s farm, modeling for Rarity...now this? I can’t have all of you and I don’t want to just yet. I wanna explore.”
  2787. >Twilight looks at you questioningly.
  2788. >“What do you mean by exploring?”
  2789. “I think you both know pretty well what I mean.”
  2790. >Sunset sighs.
  2791. >You can hear their true ages in their voice, their inner adult they speak to much more of in Equestria probing in thoughts of rationale, responsibility, and logic.
  2792. >“...I see. I’m sorry, we should’ve known. You’re just a kid, still figuring things out like the rest of our friends.”
  2793. >Twilight nods in agreement.
  2794. >“It’s easy to forget we’re not kids anymore when we’re here. Being back at school, having crushes, talking about boys…”
  2795. >She laughs sadly.
  2796. >“Like the childhood I didn’t even know I missed out on.”
  2797. >Sunset looks at Twilight.
  2798. >“We’re just two big mare-children, huh Twi?”
  2799. >She answers with another sad chuckle.
  2800. >At this, you realize just how strange this is.
  2801. >Technically, these are young adults who’ve made it as the genius prodigies when they were young at their world.
  2802. >Here, however, they relived a life they could only find within a book.
  2803. >Sunset probably got a taste of social appreciation...probably went power-hungry with it.
  2804. >Twilight, however, knew her limits, had already experienced meeting friends apparently, but only recently when she was no longer a young girl.
  2805. >Or filly.
  2806. >Point is: they must’ve never had a chance to “explore” themselves…
  2808. >You look at them, a spark of an idea shimmering in your eye as you find a potential solution to this mess.
  2809. “...What if we just ‘explored’ for now? If something like love comes from it, then we let it happen. Just, you know...fun?”
  2810. >This piques their interest some, as they both raise their brows.
  2811. >“Just regular sex with the guy we love…as friends?” asks Sunset.
  2812. >You nod.
  2813. “And as teenagers. And hey, you and Twilight could have something meaningful...and, I dunno, if something comes from that which makes me...well, maybe something nice will come out of it?”
  2814. >Twilight squirms at this.
  2815. >“W-wait, I don’t know if that’s a good idea...”
  2816. >Sunset, unlike Twilight, feels very open to the idea.
  2817. >“...I kinda want to though,” she admits. “I mean, we never got to do this type of thing when we were in high school, did we?”
  2818. >She shakes her head a timid ‘no’, but still has yet to be persuaded.
  2819. >“Y-yeah, but I...well…I don’t want something that’s just sex.”
  2820. “Who said it has to be like that though? Think of it as a date, the three of us trying to get along, see how we feel about each other,” you say. “It’s exploring, and if we find there’s love in it, then what’s the problem?”
  2821. >Sunset nods.
  2822. >“You in Twi?”
  2823. >She looks unsure, a clear conflict in her mind.
  2824. >However, experimentation, arousal, and a little bit of something else win her over...
  2825. >“A little bit of exploring never hurt anyone I guess.”
  2826. >You smile.
  2827. “Let’s get started then.”
  2828. >You’re pretty certain you’re in love already.
  2829. >Fuck.
  2831. “So how should we start?” you ask, eager, ready, but ultimately unsure, just like you’re friends as of right now.
  2832. >Twilight swallows dryly, a suggestion in her throat creeping up as she nervously raises her hand.
  2833. >“We could just, um, kiss?” she says with rosy cheeks.
  2834. >You look at Sunset to see if this is agreed on. With a shared nod, it is decided.
  2835. >It’s then that things start happening.
  2836. >You don’t know what that means, but it just does.
  2837. >Sunset and Twilight, both sit up on their knees, growing close together as they both let out awkward breaths, their breathing labored and stomachs clenched.
  2838. >When they’re barely a foot apart, Twilight gains enough courage to look at Sunset in the eyes with a smile.
  2839. >“Um, I’ve wanted this for a really long time, by the way…”
  2840. >Her smile is not only returned, but received from Sunset.
  2841. >“Yeah. Yeah, me too.”
  2842. >Shakily, the two lean their foreheads against one another, their faces closer than two peas in a pod.
  2843. >Their noses gently bump against each other, but with a slight giggle from Sunset, it’s dismissed as nothing too embarrassing.
  2844. >Then, she opens her mouth to say something to break the intense silence.
  2845. >However, she just hangs her jaw low, not sure of what to say.
  2846. >Then, something takes over, and her next words officially set off the chain reaction that will result in the big bang of tonight.
  2847. >“...I love you.”
  2848. >With that, Twilight loses it.
  2849. >The two press their lips together passionately, their tongues intertwining with each other as they open themselves up to their lover.
  2850. >The sound of smacking lips and high-pitched moans is extremely satisfying to hear, and seeing the sheer passion in it is marvelous.
  2851. >Sunset’s hand lays on the back of Twilight’s head, her free one pulling her closer to her body.
  2852. >Twilight is, interestingly enough, more adventurous in where her hands go.
  2854. >Under your pajama pants, your erect member remains holstered by the ill-fitting fabric in the groin area, poorly concealing the large bulge under the cloth.
  2855. >At this, Sunset grins whilst continuing to kiss Twilight Sparkle, her teal eyes pooling with lust.
  2856. >Noting Shim-Sham’s distractedness, Twilight ceases her kisses.
  2857. >“What? What’s wrong, Shimmy?”
  2858. >Sunset only proceeds to grin as she points to the throbbing mass in your pajamas.
  2859. >“You thinking what I’m thinking, Twilight?”
  2860. >The purple bookworm’s face flusters, but the nervousness she had held in her before continues to slowly release as the three of you grow accustomed to such lewdness.
  2861. >She smiles eagerly, more like a mischievous child than Sunset’s sultry grin.
  2862. >Both, however, carry that look of sly smugness.
  2863. >Dash would be proud...or jealous.
  2864. >Probably both.
  2865. >You look them both in the eye with a corny smile.
  2866. “Uh, you guys are talking about my dick, right?”
  2867. >You’re given a playful roll of the eyes from them.
  2868. >“Yes. Yes, we are talking about your penis, Anon,” answers Twilight.
  2869. “Oh. Ok...Wanna see it?”
  2870. >“Pull off your goddamn pants already,”commands Sunset.
  2871. >You jeeringly murmur something about them not even asking you to dinner first, and stand up.
  2872. >The girls, still on the floor sitting, look up at you.
  2873. >They stare at the bulge, barely contained by your pajamas, they stare at your shirtless body, soaking in the defined muscles you’ve worked hard for, and they stare at your eyes.
  2874. >It’s time.
  2875. >You grab the waistband of your pajamas, looking at the two of them as you begin slipping out of your remaining bit of attire.
  2876. >They stare at your man-hips, your muscular legs, but one things stands out the most.
  2877. >And yes, you mean that both literally and figuratively.
  2879. >Your cock stands out at attention, springing into action once it bounces out from the waistband.
  2880. >You’d like to think of it as you being a cowboy, and your cock being a gun, quick-drawn out and ready to fire.
  2881. >The girls gasps at seeing it.
  2882. >The response is quite positive.
  2883. >“Holy shit…” marvels Sunset. “That’s...that’s pretty good.”
  2884. “What? It’s just, like, somewhat above average…”
  2885. >“I beg to differ. Most mares couldn’t handle that in Equestria,”sates Twilight.
  2886. >But horse dicks are bigger, aren’t they?
  2887. >Bah, nevermind, just shut up and take the damn compliment.
  2888. “Uh, wow, thanks. You girls, uh, won’t have any issues with it then?”
  2889. >Sunset scoots herself forward on her knees, standing in front of you.
  2890. >“I dunno, I sure could use a taste,” she says, removing her shirt, showing her topless body for the world as her breast are freed.
  2891. >And, by the way, her tits are godly.
  2892. >They’re round and robust, a great size and shape to play with, easily a large C cup bordering on a D.
  2893. >Twilight’s reaction, upon seeing them, is as comical as Spike seeing a picture of Rarity naked, in that her jaw drops and her tongue nearly roll out like a dogs.
  2894. >She stares at Sunset’s breast in awe, biting her bottom lip as her eyes follow every minute jiggle.
  2895. >Not that you blame her of course, you’re staring too.
  2896. >An awkward silence falls; it’s just you and Twi, gazing at Sunset’s rack.
  2897. >Her eyes avoid all contact with the two of you as when she discovers this.
  2898. >“You don’t have to stare at them so much,” mutters Sunset shyly.
  2899. >You clear your throat awkwardly as you and Twilight remove your eyes from the golden pair of breast.
  2900. >There's still that silence, one which causes her to eventually groan.
  2901. >“That doesn’t mean you can’t look at them either, just...y’know...”
  2902. >Yippe.
  2903. >You happily stare at the ta-tas alongside Twilight once again, enjoying the view more than either of you probably should.
  2905. >Sunset tries to warm up to the attention, and, embarrassingly so, finds it relatively easy and straight-forward to allow herself into this type of mood and mindset, the back of her mind criticizing her for being so eager.
  2906. >With her bravery now increasing, she proceeds to make her way to you, her luscious breast raising with each nervous breath she takes and a red hotness dwelling inside her heart that guides her every action.
  2907. >On her knees, her face is at level with your stiffened member as it proudly stands at attention.
  2908. >From down below, her eyes glance up at you, silently asking if she should go for it, if she should be the one to do the first remembered action of what is soon to be an unforgettable night.
  2909. >With a small nod and a scared smile from you, her permission is granted.
  2910. >Something between the two of you feels even all of a sudden.
  2911. >What it is, you don’t know or care; it’s already past you.
  2912. >“You have no idea how long I've waited for this,” breaths Sunset, just before she crooks her finger at Twilight, who points at herself mouthing the words “me?”
  2913. >She's met with a wink and a smile from her.
  2914. >“C’mon, Twi, let's do this.”
  2915. >Slowly but surely, she obeys her new lover and crawls to the space next to Sunset, her eyes trying to not stare at your erection, but she just can’t look away.
  2916. >Worry, curiosity, and vast temptation causes her voice to tremble.
  2917. >“What are we going to do…?”
  2918. >Sunset’s eyes go half-lidded, hazily staring at Twilight.
  2919. >“Just trust me, okay?”
  2920. >For the like of Princess Twilight Sparkle, a hero whom had saved not only her world but your own, it seems she can't help but feel herself get goosebumps.
  2921. >She was scared in just the right way.
  2922. >And somehow, you knew she was in love with it.
  2925. >The two sit on their knees, a closeness that succeeds in intimidating you all that can’t be ignored, strangely turns to motivation.
  2926. >Sunset slowly raises her hand, nearing it to your shaft.
  2927. >The way she does so is not quick, but slow, like putting your hand close to a lion to tame it.
  2928. >You don’t really blame her.
  2929. >They don’t even know what a guy’s junk feels like.
  2930. >Finally, her hand makes the first contact with a firm grasp, but her soft palms make you welcome it.
  2931. >Her golden cheeks turn a brilliant crimson, but then begin to flare at the exact moment the touch is made.
  2932. >It’s shared between all three of you.
  2933. >However, embarrassment turns to quick fascination.
  2934. >She looks up at you from her knees, her eyes with a wondering, curious gaze.
  2935. >“It feels strange.”
  2936. “How so?”
  2937. >“It’s, like, hard, but…fleshy? I think that’s the right word.”
  2938. >She tugs on it a little.
  2939. >“Yeah, fleshy…”
  2940. >She begins to slightly move her hand across it, stimulating you even further, eliciting a quiet breath to pant out of your chest.
  2941. >She looks up at you, realizing what she just did.
  2942. >You grin goofily, mentally slapping yourself.
  2943. “Heh, s-sorry.”
  2944. >“No, uh, it’s alright...is that how I…?”
  2945. >She does it again, this time with more intent.
  2946. >It feels great.
  2947. “Yeah, just like that, but faster.”
  2948. >“I see,” she says.
  2949. >“Um, Sunset?” cracks Twilight, breaking through her nervousness to speak.
  2950. >Sunset nods in recollection.
  2951. >She’d almost forgotten about Twilight. Almost.
  2952. >“What should I do…?”
  2953. >“I...take off your clothes…” Sunset stammers. “Please.”
  2954. >Twilight opens her mouth, nodding in confirmation with an awkward weight in her chest.
  2955. >“Ah.”
  2956. >She does undress, albeit nervously.
  2957. >As this happens, Sunset returns her attention to your cock.
  2958. >With intent and purpose, she starts pumping it with a quicker pace and a firmer grasp.
  2959. >As your heart races, her breaths become more heavy as she continues.
  2962. >You can practically feel it tickle the head of your cock at moments.
  2963. >Not that you mind, of course.
  2964. >Eventually, small grunts escape from you due to the pleasure.
  2965. >“R-ready,” stammers Twilight, now topless, twiddling her thumbs together nervously.
  2966. >Sunset freezes mid-jerk.
  2967. >When you look to see why, your jaw drops.
  2968. >Twilight.
  2969. >Oh god, she’s incredible.
  2970. >Her tits, a perfect B cup, look just right, somewhere around the size of a well-grown pair of fruit.
  2971. >Her ‘girls’ hold no marks or veins, only the clearest skin ever seen by man.
  2972. >Her shoulders are not wide nor her waist, but that didn’t mean they were nonexistent.
  2973. >Quite the contrary in fact.
  2974. >Her body looks like that of a tight-fitting hourglass, her normal sized attributes, while not as large as some of her other friends’, were certainly a lot more defined than several of them could ever hope for, Twilight’s body rivaled only by Rainbow Dash’s compact physique.
  2975. >One of the things you like about Twilight’s tits is they are actually /not/ godly, like Applejack’s or Sunset’s, but seemed to have been the one pair that has found the perfect medium.
  2976. >They’re enough for some decent cleavage, good enough to fondle, perfect for all purposes, and they looked great for their proportions.
  2977. >You stare at her appreciatively.
  2978. >Her body reminds you of a hyper-feminized version of Donatello's famous statue of David.
  2979. >No, not Michelangelo's.
  2980. >That’s a different one.
  2981. >The point is: Twilight’s stunning, a truly perfect amalgamation of basic attributes made into a living work of art.
  2982. >Nothing about her is too much or too little; a perfect, divine in-between.
  2983. >The perfect “Girl next door”.
  2984. >Her hips, while not wide as Sunset’s, were still shapely enough, and their daintiness along with her slightly-diminutive figure gave her a sweet, innocence that only someone like her could even attempt to pull off.
  2987. >She curls up a bit out of her own insecurities, hiding from the heavy stares she receives.
  2988. >“Is this alright? I’m, uh, not sure about my human anatomy as much as I am about my pony form.”
  2989. >You smile warmly as Sunset does so as well.
  2990. >You both speak at the same time on accident.
  2991. >“You’re perfect.”
  2992. “You’re beautiful.”
  2993. >Twilight smiles, nervously, but with a warmth in her heart.
  2994. >She knows you and Sunset speaking at once was an accident, but it somewhat feels like it was intentionally part of fate’s plan.
  2995. >Adorably, Twilight thanks you with a trembling nod.
  2996. >The praises met from the both of you gives her more confidence, and she finds herself a bit further prepared for what may be the greatest night of her life in the human world, a world where she can be young and naive—a world where she can finally act like a child.
  2997. >And, like a child, she of course can be clueless and uncertain of the path she must choose.
  2998. >In turn, she must ask how to continue with this, a question that deep down, all three of you know are uncertain of.
  2999. >She clears her throat awkwardly, wracking her brain for answers that, while suitable in the realm of the fictitious stories she’s engorged herself with, prove themselves to be be unmistakably ridiculous—let alone plain awkward—to pursue in such an early and vague period in time.
  3000. >With a shakiness in her voice, she asks “What should I do now...?”
  3001. >Now as you said, all three of you deep down do know not the answer, but Sunset realizes something.
  3002. >There isn't one.
  3003. >She smiles.
  3004. >“Whatever you want,” winks Sunset. “We make our own rules tonight.”
  3005. >Your heart feels like it swoons when it hears Sunset’s alluring voice answer with such confidence.
  3006. >Twilight, in response to the fiery-haired vixen, focuses her gaze on you, then darts back to her, a hesitant, curious expression on her face.
  3007. >“So you...you don’t mind if I…?”
  3008. >“Of course not,”
  3009. >Twilight then looks back at you.
  3012. >“So you’re okay with…”
  3013. “Of course I am.”
  3014. >You sound just as nervous/excited as her.
  3015. >What was it Pinkie used to say?
  3016. >Something like ‘Nervouscited’ or whatever?
  3017. >With rosy cheeks, Twilight steps closer towards you and more of her is revealed to you.
  3018. >You’d have looked at her previously hidden womanhood, gaze down her legs, all that good stuff; however her eyes prove to be far more captivating as she slowly approaches you with gentle, timid footsteps.
  3019. >When she is close enough, not even a foot away from you, her arms go and hang themselves around your shoulders.
  3020. >You place your own around her hips.
  3021. >They're nice and shapely despite the small frame of Twilight, but they’re excellently well-defined.
  3022. >Her eyes continue to cling onto your own as her breast hang and tap against your chest a bit.
  3023. >You both shudder as chills wrack their way up your spine, the same going for her.
  3024. >She gulps.
  3025. >“Are you sure you want me to...y’know...”
  3026. >You cup her cheek with a slightly shaky hand.
  3027. “I’m positive,” you tell her.
  3028. >You both smile, appreciating the closeness.
  3029. >“You’re a nice guy, Anon,” she states. “I, uh, think you’re pretty cool.”
  3030. “I'd compliment you, but Sunset sucking my dick is a bit distracting.”
  3031. >She scoffs out a tiny laugh.
  3032. >“Let's just, y’know, kiss then.”
  3033. “I'd like that,” you say quietly, your faces getting closer to one another.
  3034. >Then, your lips touch, and your body prickles to life with fireworks.
  3035. >The kiss has been sealed.
  3036. >Two words go off in your head as this happens.
  3037. >Pure.
  3038. >Heaven.
  3039. >Twilight’s lips are soft and gentle, just as the kiss itself is instead of something wild and driven.
  3040. >This, however, is not unwelcomed.
  3041. >This kiss is slow and kind and lovingly passionate; it’s like as soon as your eyes closed into it, a peaceful world of sensation from Twilight’s tongue against your own and Sunset fapping your erected cock have taken you over.
  3044. >The breath that’s shared from Twilight is magical, as is the moment between all three of you.
  3045. >The way her lips smack against yours, the sensation of this closeness—it’s absolutely intoxicating.
  3046. >The kiss begins to break as both your lips start to part away from each other, the two of you panting more out of astonishment than an actual need for air.
  3047. >As she pulls backs, you can feel her hands on your shoulder trembling.
  3048. >Twilight looks at you, her pupils dilated, eyes flooded with a mix of emotions.
  3049. >She struggles, trying hard to find words from the huge storage of information in her mind that simply lacks the ability to handle such a new and raw experience.
  3050. >After a few seconds, she finds some that feel the most appropriate.
  3051. >“...Was that good?” she asks in a hushed whisper, her voice worried.
  3052. >You rest your forehead against her’s, then, with the hint of a smile, pecks her lips affectionately.
  3053. “I loved it,” you say, rubbing the tip of your nose against her’s.
  3054. >She smiles, proud of herself that she managed to appease you.
  3055. >Then you grin.
  3056. “That’ll be twelve dollars and fifty cents.”
  3057. >A good amount of nervous tension leaves her face as she giggles, a genuine smile spread wide across her face.
  3058. >“I have no idea what you're talking about,” she says, playfully pretending the she is, in fact, totally unaware.
  3059. >You raise a brow at her with a smile.
  3060. >She giggles again.
  3063. >“Okay, look, Pinkie is the one who ate most of it, try talking to her about it.”
  3064. “Maybe I will.”
  3065. >“...You don't even need it though since you’re fired anyways. Besides, you said your wallet was pretty big when it came to tips when you tripped on me.”
  3066. “You accidentally pulled me down.”
  3067. >“Well it's not my fault you fell for me.”
  3068. “I was supposed to be the witty one in this little break, by the way.”
  3069. >“Then why don't we just continue?”
  3070. >You nod with a silly, thoughtful look on your face.
  3071. “Why I do say that methinks that, m’lady, is an excellent idea.”
  3072. >With that, you and Twilight pull back in for the kiss, smiling into it just a little.
  3073. >Meanwhile, down below the two of you, Sunset Shimmer gets the most glorious view of Twilight’s ass, aimed at her face right next to the current dick she’s wanking—as in /your/ dick, of course.
  3074. >As she notices the sudden spike in sexual comfort with each other, an idea strikes her as she glances between Twilight’s supple cheeks, right above her feminine thigh gap.
  3075. >She begins noting the silhouetted shape of the cute, anticipating womanhood that drips with each passing moment, the fluids dripping alongside the interior of the space between her legs.
  3076. >Sunset grins to herself and stops jerking you off, causes you to be confused for a moment, but remained focus on kissing Twilight.
  3077. >She raises your member upwardly, the tip making it almost to your belly button...almost, and observes the small dribbles of precum, a handy impromptu-lubricant for Sunset as she gives you this handjob.
  3078. >However, this is no longer a mere handjob—not for long, anyways.
  3079. >With your cock up straight, it’s entire underside remains vulnerable to Sunset, who simply can’t help but lick her lips as she admires your length.
  3080. >Lewd...
  3081. >Things get more surreal when she makes eye contact with you, her teal eyes gleaming with something dangerous, something fierce.
  3082. >...Something she liked.
  3085. >With one hand holding your cock up vertically, she then decides to raise her other hand, this one approaching the space between Twilight’s thighs, her movements slow and deliberate like a serpent, all the while her intense stare keeps a hold of you.
  3086. >As the stare from her continues, her head approaches your cock’s underside.
  3087. >Then, something surprising happens.
  3088. >She lets her tongue out of her mouth, the hot breath against the skin of your erection causing the entirety of your cock to tremble and your spine to tingle.
  3089. >Right as her hand is about to make contact with Twilight’s sweet-spot, she proceeds to lick the underside of your shaft from the very base, right where the scrotum ends and the shaft begins.
  3090. >As you release a rumbling moan into the kiss with Twilight, Sunset decides to finally invades her beloved’s private area as well, knowing exactly where her fingers should go.
  3091. >You and Twilight can’t help but break the kiss once more, gasping at these sudden sensations, moaning as the two of you hold on to each other like lovers.
  3092. >Shimmer, either from self experience or with the help of others, knows how to get a reaction from Twilight, that's for sure, and you prove no exception to this either.
  3093. >She rubs her finger gently, but with force, against Twilight’s extremely sensitive clitoris after tracing the shape of her lips.
  3094. >Twilight cries out from the severe teasing and her heart flutters as she makes the most sweetest sounds you’ve ever heard.
  3095. >Absolutely incredible.
  3096. >Despite her occupation with Twilight though, Sunset keeps busy in pleasing you as well.
  3097. >She sees how your shaft has been made slick by her tongue and the reaction she got when doing it was more than positive.
  3098. >Her focus turns to a hungry look, staring at your prick with strong eye contact and the focus of a tiger.
  3099. >Her mouth opens even more, the deeper your cock dwells into her, the texture of her throat and mouth making your toes curl.
  3102. >You let out a powerful moan alongside Twilight.
  3103. “Holy shit...Sunset…That feels incredible…”
  3104. >She winks.
  3105. >You mentally applaud how not only is she able to please Twilight, but you at the same time.
  3106. >It seems she has no fear of closeness, her sense of boundaries are certainly off, but like hell that you or Twilight have any objections of that at the moment.
  3107. >This is amazing, and you love it.
  3108. >Her plump and pillow-like lips help not only in vacuum-sealing her mouth shut, but also assist by using their strength to help milk your cock.
  3109. >The insides of her cheeks make it seem so wonderful; the warm, wet walls of her mouth and the soft but talented tongue that swirls under the belly of your dick all work together, engulfing your entirety with the suctioning force of a black hole.
  3110. >The ends of her teeth, while careful not to scrape the skin, do scratch over it in an oddly stimulating way just lightly, but she knows not to chase by chances in tearing up your manhood with them.
  3111. >Your legs mildly quake at the rich sensation of your member pulsating lively within her mouth, wishing for more of such a sweet sensation.
  3112. >Deciding to impress you, Sunset starts swallowing further and further.
  3113. >It's like the deeper she takes you, the more it causes a tightness in your stomach that come out as deep, hearty groans.
  3114. >Her eyes reveal that she struggles with how much further she can actually take herself.
  3115. >You’d definitely say her efforts pay off.
  3116. >“Hurrkk~!”
  3117. >Holy shit she's gagging!
  3118. >She's trying to fucking deep-throat you!
  3119. >You note how the tip of your cock feels past her uvula, and she starts to gag on it even more, the strong muscles in her throat firmly tighten around your prick as she heaves.
  3120. >You look down at her eyes to see tears welling, some even making their way out through the corners as little droplets that have yet to fall down her clenching cheek.
  3121. >Lightheaded with severe pleasure, you pant.
  3122. “Y-you okay Sunny?”
  3125. >With another dry heave, she winks once more, inadvertently causing one of the forming tears to dribble and fall.
  3126. >Deciding she knows her limits, you take her word for it.
  3127. >Twilight in the meantime moans, practically hanging onto your body like a wet towel as Sunset rapidly stimulates her clit, making the girl’s legs spasm sporadically.
  3128. >They shake and tremble, the strange feeling making her jump like a startled animal.
  3129. >Her moans—more akin to coos—are sweet and child-like; enthralled, but relaxed.
  3130. >She hides her head in the crook of your neck, her sweet little noises muffling themselves there.
  3131. >“Mmphf! Mphf...Mmphf...Mmmm…”
  3132. >God, you love how she sounds.
  3133. >The impulse to stroke her hair comes naturally.
  3134. >You don't question it.
  3135. >You just decide to do it anyway.
  3136. >Your chest practically buzzes from the deepness of your voice as it groans erotically.
  3137. >Twilight probably hears it from where her head lies,mother humming buzzing tickling her eardrum like gentle whispers.
  3138. >As Sunset picks up the pace for both of you, standing up becomes a bit more difficult.
  3139. >There’s a tightness in your abdomen, your muscles are clenching.
  3140. >You think you feel a strong pressure about to build up within you.
  3141. >You know that if it’s released, you will collapse on the floor.
  3142. >But it feels so tempting to just do it now...
  3143. >You fight the urge to keep the stimulation going, but the temptation is strong.
  3144. >With great difficulty, you decide to let them know of your challenge.
  3145. “G-girls,” you groan, getting there attention. “This is hard to do while standing...”
  3146. >Twilight huffs and puffs as she almost limply hangs on to you, her breath nearly all gone except for raspy pants from her mouth.
  3147. >Sunset pulls her head back, mildly gagging as she slides away from your member.
  3148. >Damn that feels good too…
  3151. >When she finally removes the dick from her mouth with a succulent sound of released suction, several strands of saliva mixed with precum form and break, the friction of the pulling back eliciting a sharp breath from you.
  3152. >She coughs, then breathes after clearing her throat.
  3153. >“I...I think it's a good idea to take this down to the floor...”
  3154. >“M...me….m-me too…” pants Twilight, still tucked in your neck.
  3155. >With everyone in agreement, you all take to the floor.
  3156. >You look at Twilight and Sunset.
  3157. “Should we change things up a little?”
  3158. >“Absolutely. At least let me enjoy something other than sucking dick and teasing Twi,” says Sunset.
  3159. >Yeah, that’s right…
  3160. >She /didn’t/ get to feel pleasure yet.
  3161. “...Okay, I got an idea then. Sunset, I want you to lay down, on your back.”.
  3162. >“You had me at ‘lay down’.” she remarks, and obeys.
  3163. >She still has her pajama pants on, outlining her hips just perfectly.
  3164. >A plan begins to formulate in your mind.
  3165. “Twilight, you kiss Sunset.”
  3166. >“Alright…”
  3167. >She places herself on her knees, next to Sunset so she can kiss her without too much of an angle.
  3168. >You smile.
  3169. “Sunset, I’m taking your pants off.”
  3170. >You can see her eyes widen.
  3171. >“...Oh. Um, Okay…”
  3172. >You look at her cautiously.
  3173. “You okay with that?”
  3174. >She nods, but there’s a bit of hesitation in it.
  3175. >Perfect.
  3176. >As you pull down her pajama-pants, you do so slowly, as if slowly teasing yourself for her.
  3177. >Besides, you want to take a moment to appreciate the unveiling of what has got to be the greatest hips on Earth.
  3178. >In your mind, a choir of angels starts singing from the heavens as just an inch of the pajamas are pulled off, yet an inch that provides what is the closest look you’ve ever had at the hips of a being that transcends those of the gods.
  3179. >It’s magnificent.
  3180. >You’d say your eyes are the widest of anything that’s been labeled as “wide” in the history of wideness, but, well, that’d be simply untrue.
  3183. >The hips should take that title.
  3184. >A few more inches, and her waist band is at her pubic bone.
  3185. >The majority of her hips have been revealed, and the choir in your mind sings louder, some of your mental angels crying at the beauty.
  3186. >Then, you finally remove the pajamas from her long, shapely legs entirely.
  3187. >You weren’t looking at her legs though.
  3188. >Her now absolutely uncovered hips.
  3189. >That’s what you were looking at.
  3190. >You’d grin if you weren’t so awestruck.
  3191. >You pause.
  3192. >You just…
  3193. >You just need to appreciate their beauty for a moment…
  3194. >They’re…
  3195. >They’re so…
  3196. >“....Anon? Anon, are you okay? There isn’t something wrong with my, um, you-know-what, right?” asks Sunset. “I don’t look, like, wrong, do I?”
  3197. >Wrong?
  3198. >WRONG!?
  3199. >You refrain from sniffling at the most divine sight anyone--nay anything--could bare witness to.
  3200. >You were never a holy man, but these hips and how incredibly developed they were made you think of one word.
  3201. >Hallelujah.
  3202. “It’s more beautiful than I could’ve ever comprehended,” you whisper, mainly to yourself.
  3203. >Further down, past her eager womanhood, you pause to observe it alongside with the completely bare hips, now open freely to you and the word, their mere presence kissing your eyes with beauty.
  3204. >Her hips.
  3205. >Praise be unto.
  3206. >Praise be unto the hips.
  3207. >Her whole lower half is custom-made by something beyond this universe, multiverse, or whatever else their is, for the sole purpose of trying to achieve perfection.
  3208. >However, perfection is merely a shadow casted by the truly glory that is the extraordinarily defined hips crafted by the stars themselves.
  3209. >And you what’s better?
  3210. >They’re all yours to play with…
  3211. >Slowly you approach your hands to her hips, trembling and shaking.
  3212. >You want to take your time, for rushing straight into beauty that is so potent is unwise.
  3213. >Your hand touches the skin of her hips just gently, and…
  3214. >MY GOD.
  3217. >You could cry.
  3218. >Sunset looks down her chest to see you looking on at her lower half in astonishment.
  3219. >“...Anon, seriously, what’s up?”
  3220. >Slowly, you rise your head and look her in the eyes with a solemn face.
  3221. “These hips.”
  3222. >“..Yes?”
  3223. “...These hips do not lie.”
  3224. >She giggles, her face a mixture of a laughing girl’s and a flattered woman’s as a patch of red across her cheeks show the tiniest bit of embarrassment, nervousness, and excitement.
  3225. >“Thanks...I’ve been told,” she says with a cute grin as she looks at Twilight. “Just, uh, don’t forget to explore more...”
  3226. >Ha.
  3227. >It'd be hard not to.
  3228. >She then wraps a hand around the back of Twilight’s neck who sits over her.
  3229. >“That goes for you too, Twilight.”
  3230. >The two pull each other into a succulent kiss.
  3231. >Twilight boldly uses more of her tongue; experimenting with whatever it is that feels right.
  3232. >Her mouth opens up fully in the kiss with Sunset, and you see that she flicks her tongue against Sunset’s teeth.
  3233. >Then, slowly and hungrily, she’s sucking on her lover’s very own tongue, swirling around it with the their eyes relaxing as they share muffled moans.
  3234. >Judging by Twilight’s newfound eagerness, you get the feeling she really likes kissing.
  3235. >Perhaps it’s because it’s the first time she’s truly had any like this, and finds herself liking them?
  3236. >Back on point though, you intend to spelunk into the mighty caverns that these precious hips hold; the precious cunny of Sunny, if you will.
  3237. >You decide to look at the bottom half of Sunset as a whole now, your eyes trailing down from her navel, to her hips from Valhalla, then to her pubic bone.
  3238. >Her elegant, golden legs are well-built with great shape.
  3239. >They’re strong, sturdy legs, but not necessarily thick and extra-developed like Applejack’s.
  3240. >But trust me.
  3241. >They’re still /plenty/ developed enough compared to some of her friends.
  3244. >You hands trail down her legs, appreciating the form and build of such beautiful appendages.
  3245. >As you take your time feeling them, her skin prickles at your gliding touch.
  3246. >The skin of her legs is soft, shaven or waxed you’d assume, and their shape is long and elegant much like a giraffe’s neck.
  3247. >It was like feeling up a statue, but one made of flesh.
  3248. >In between her legs was a decent thigh-gap.
  3249. >You never really notice what the appeal with those are or why you liked them, but they sure as hell think they can be attractive if on the right pair of legs.
  3250. >And this particular pair-up of this thigh-gap and these legs, are simply a match made in heaven.
  3251. >Her thighs rode up to her glutes, which sadly were lying on the carpet-floor, but judging by what little you could see, she had quite the supple buttocks.
  3252. >As Twilight and Sunset giggle and moan into their shared kisses, you decide to take further initiative much as Sunset had a moment ago.
  3253. >You force your gaze back to her eyes.
  3254. “Sunset, I’m goin’ in.”
  3255. >She grins.
  3256. >Not a word spoken, just a wide, dark, and hungry grin.
  3257. >She nods.
  3258. >“Do it.”
  3259. >And that right there was her consent.
  3260. >With clear direction, you spread her long legs open from within her thighs, revealing her…
  3261. >Oh shit.
  3262. >That...
  3263. >This...
  3264. >Your eyes widen and look back up at her for a moment.
  3265. >She doesn’t see you, too focused on fondling Twilight’s breast (which in hindsight you should’ve done when in Sunny’s position), then you focus back on her treasure.
  3266. >You gawk, stunned by her womanhood.
  3267. >It’s...it’s unreal!
  3268. >Perfectly smooth, her labia in an even, perfect shape; not one side of it bigger than the other to disrupt such a balance.
  3269. >There are no loose, frumpy flaps that hang low either, instead just her daintily shaped lips like the petals of a newly grown flower.
  3270. >Gingerly, you make the “petals” blossom as you spread her lips apart, taking a good look at her sweet, frenzied sex.
  3271. >It leaks desperately with liquid arousal, drenching your fingers.
  3272. >Gingerly, you spread the lips more to examine the depths of her insides.
  3273. >At this, a high-pitched noise whimpers from Sunset needingly.
  3278. >The hole looks tight, like it’s never been properly explored.
  3279. >All of it looks like it’s never been explored now that you think about it.
  3280. >Her whole cunt is wracked with goosebumps, red and puffy with insane eagerness…
  3281. >Your finger is practically covered in the heat it gives off.
  3282. >It’s frantic, excited to be in such an intimate experience—an unforgettable first before many.
  3283. >A thought strikes you as you teasingly stroke the sizzling skin surrounding her more…“sensitive” areas.
  3284. >The thought in turn might be seen as simple; that claiming one’s virginity is seen as important.
  3285. >However, what you realized you’ve failed to acknowledge is that the moment one loses their fabled “purity” is not merely an introduction into the world of flesh, a world of pleasure—it’s one opening themselves to you in an act of total, complete trust where much that is typically hidden is revealed.
  3286. >You look up from Sunset’s nethers and look at her as she and Twilight continue to kiss with unbridled passion.
  3287. >She notices your stare, as does Twilight.
  3288. >They stop.
  3289. >“...What?” asks Sunset, confused by the delay. “You just enjoying the view?”
  3290. >You smile.
  3291. “I’m enjoying the moment,” you say.
  3292. >You're given a pair of friendly smiles.
  3293. “Carry on now. I’ll just be, you know, down here.”
  3294. >They do so, resuming their loving kisses with one another.
  3295. >You, however, have a kiss of your own planned.
  3296. >Refocusing on Sunset’s eager cunt, you near your face to get a better look at it.
  3297. >Deciding to be a bit facetious, you blow cold air into it.
  3298. >Sunset’s sharp yelp serves as your reward from it.
  3299. >“Aaie!!!” she yelps sharply as her lower half clenches.
  3300. >You note her how pussy quivers as she laughs from the mildly shocked action.
  3301. >Twilight snickers at Sunset’s moment of vulnerability, as do you.
  3302. >She thankfully snickers along, a playful frown on her lips.
  3305. “Sorry, bit much?” you ask with a giggly smile.
  3306. >“It wasn’t that funny,” she responds with a scoff-like laugh.
  3307. >“I dunno...I thought it was pretty cute,” says Twilight, leaning her nose against Shimmer’s.
  3308. “As did I,” you say, returning back to her privates. “Almost as cute and sweet as your little ol’ honeypot down here.”
  3309. >“You’re making me blush you guys...”
  3310. >“Sunset, we’re all blushing,” coos Twilight, moving herself down to Sunset’s rack.
  3311. >Her tiny, purple hand cups one the golden teats of the girl, kissing her erect nipple while adding a sensual swirl of her tongue around her areola, and sucks on it.
  3312. >When she pulls back from it, Sunset’s nipple has become firm and erect and her breast wracked with goosebumps.
  3313. >Twilight flicks it and smiles in nervous satisfaction.
  3314. >“Uh, sorry. Ever since I came to the human world, I kinda wanted to play with these...Specifically yours…”
  3315. >“Even when you first saw me being a bully to Fluttershy?” she questions with heavy breaths in her voice.
  3316. >Twilight nods, embarrassed, but proud at the same time.
  3317. >“Yeah. Yeah, I did. I know I shouldn't have, but you were really hot and...well...”
  3318. >“I gotcha,” says Sunset with a pur.
  3319. >You decide to play with Sunset a little and flick her excited clit with no warning whatsoever.
  3320. >“Well, Twi, that’s...Eep!”
  3321. >Sunset practically bleats out a pleasured whimper mid-sentence, interrupted by sudden stimulation.
  3322. >You love how she sounds.
  3323. >Need more of it.
  3324. >Gonna make her feel incredible.
  3325. >Your face then closes in on her cunny as you let out your tongue.
  3326. >Your hot breath gently brushes over the blooming flower before noting how it quivers.
  3327. >Your face dwells deeper into the moist heat set in front of you as the aroma of something primal drives your tongue to make contact with her.
  3328. >Then, with care, you maneuver it up to her sweet, maddeningly hard clit under it’s hood.
  3331. >Sunset can’t help but whimper from your tongue’s nimbility, sucking in small sips of air as you lick, and give her clit a small kiss teasingly.
  3332. >More fluids begin to leak from within her, akin to it almost crying out of a need to be filled.
  3333. >Time to get your hands dirty.
  3334. >You bring up your right hand and stare at your fingers, wiggling them with a grin.
  3335. >Oh yeah.
  3336. >You slowly bring them to her, your pointer finger straight and seeking its target.
  3337. >With a look at her hole, your chest becomes filled with light air.
  3338. >Holy shit, you’re actually doing this.
  3339. >Slowly, you slowly slide into her…
  3340. >Sunset lets out these strange sounds, probably unfamiliar with the sensation.
  3341. >From the bottom of her stomach, she practically hiccups out more of these amusing noises.
  3342. >“Uhf...O-Ough, f-fuck that feels w-weird…”
  3343. >Her tummy clenches as your finger goes deeper inside her as Twilight continues to suck on Sunset’s breast.
  3344. >You can’t help sink your finger in slowly.
  3345. >It’s different from Applejack’s.
  3346. >Tighter.
  3347. >It’s a tight, strange world inside of her, not to mention much more difficult to get your fingers into.
  3348. >It’s a mysterious den, too small to be a cave, yet still easily a tunnel of love.
  3349. >The walls within it clench around your fingers much more than Applejack’s did, and the slick, almost gooey-like interior practically pulls you in deeper.
  3350. >It’s so warm inside too.
  3351. >The thought of having your cock penetrating some like this made your erect member throb.
  3352. >The moist insides with it’s strong, clenching walls that,while tiny, practically engulf the size of whatever enters.
  3353. >You decide to reach the g-spot, knowing where it is from your little roundabout with Applejack earlier.
  3354. >As you push onwards, sticking your finger further into her insides, Twilight gives you a look while nibbling on Sunset’s nipple teasingly.
  3355. >When you look back at her, her eyes motion to your current, er, place of work.
  3356. >She wants to help stimulate her.
  3359. >You nod, and she removes a hand from one of the breasts, bringing her purple arm over Sunset’s stomach and down to her cunt.
  3360. >She places her hand on the clit, knowing how to touch it in just the right way.
  3361. >It’s that extra moment of touch where Sunset’s lower half jumps in surprise, not expecting the alien touch of a third hand, and unprepared for the mixed and additional stimulation.
  3362. >As her clitoris is pinched, stroked, rubbed, and teased, you begin to crook your finger inside of her.
  3363. >“Oh! Oh f-fuck!”
  3364. >You place your free hand on her hips, grasping onto them.
  3365. >You then scoot up just a little bit.
  3366. >Then you....
  3367. >You…
  3368. >Goddamn those hips.
  3369. >You gotta praise ‘em.
  3370. >You kiss her hip several times, each pressing of your lips welcomed by Sunset as she hums at the gentle and soft pecks laid upon her soft, warm skin.
  3371. >D-don’t judge…
  3372. >You don't stop fingering her despite your attention being spread to her lovely, lovely hips.
  3373. >In fact, worshipping the hips serves as great motivation as your finger undoubtedly reaches a tiny, tiny spot of odd texture within her sweet cunt’s depths.
  3374. >Sunset literally has to bite her lips to hide her loud yelp as she feels you touch the strange location of odd texture; a high pitch whine mixed with a moan that barely escapes.
  3375. >Her spreaded legs tremble when you begin to crook your finger against the tiny area within her fleshy walls, and you slightly slide your finger out slowly, mentally marking where her g-spot was located for later...
  3376. >When part of your finger is pulled out from inside her, the sound of her juices produce a strange “Schlick!” as your digit exits her succulent lips.
  3377. >You grow to love the sound in an instant.
  3378. >The hot moistness of her soft—yet tight—insides was to be savored in your mind, an idea formed on how truly good pussy is and how excited you are to bury your massive erection into her slick womanhood.
  3379. >“Anon,” says Sunset, “Why’d y-you pulled your finger out…”
  3382. >Twilight looks at you.
  3383. >She knows what you’re thinking, and Sunset probably does too.
  3384. >They know you’re gotta plunge your dick in there harder than a train ramming into a brick wall.
  3385. >They know you're going to pound your sausage into Sunset’s fresh tuna.
  3386. >They know /exactly/ what you’re going to do, and they’re starving for it, like two feral wolves drooling at a juicy slab of raw meat…
  3387. >But as much as they hunger for you to carry on, despite pretending to be unaware of what you have in mind, they don't care.
  3388. >They want you to do it, but even more...
  3389. >They want you to say it: declare you’re going to go and ride them like an animal all night long.
  3390. >The thought alone makes your dick diamonds, hard enough to split a wooden board in half if you could karate chop with it.
  3391. >The silly image gives you the urge to giggle, but you resist it by managing to pass it off as a smirk.
  3392. >“I’m gonna fuck you,” you say to Sunset, but just as much as Twilight if everything goes according to plan. “I'm going to fuck you to the point where you’ll never feel your legs again.”
  3393. >You stare at Sunset.
  3394. >She pants, her eyes wide with carnal desires, dig deeply.
  3395. >“I want it, Anon. I need it...”
  3396. >They’re ready.
  3397. >To smoothen the transition, your return to loving on her hips once again—a mere appetizer before the main course.
  3398. >As Sunset gasps repeatedly over Twilight’s clitoral teasing and your hip-loving, she finds herself growing hotter with each passing moment, anticipation and arousal merging into one desperate need.
  3399. >The fact that the purple girl also plays with those robust breasts at the same time also goes to show how you all have grown comfortable—maybe too much so, but you’re all comfortable nonetheless.
  3400. >Then, just as Sunset had been waiting for, you sit onto your knees, staring down at her pleading womanhood as it begs for you.
  3403. >Your erect member already shows itself; it stands tall in your hold as you eyes soak in the sight before you.
  3404. >Her teal eyes continue to stab into you, this time more demanding.
  3405. >“Fuck me. Fuck me hard.”
  3406. >Oh sweet lord.
  3407. >Lining yourself up against her entrance is surreal.
  3408. >It makes you wonder if any of this is real, or just the most vivid dream you’ve ever had.
  3409. >Twilight continues rubbing Sunsets clit, much to her and Sunset’s enjoyment you assure, and focus on your greatest moment ever.
  3410. >You give them a look of pride before grinning.
  3411. “Here’s to virginity, sweethearts.”
  3412. >You then begin pressing the tip of your length in, and Sunset releases her loudest cry yet.
  3413. >She huffs and pants as a way to fight the urge to wriggle, yet finds herself doing so nonetheless as undeniable pleasure overtakes her mind.
  3414. >You grab her hips from under her incredible thighs, and delightfully sink into her warmth slowly.
  3415. >Once your member's head practically pops inside of her completely, her mouth opens to let out a shaky moan.
  3416. >“Ooooooh. Oooh shit. That feels weird...really weird…”
  3417. >You’d have to agree.
  3418. >The gooey, warmth of Sunset that your fingers ventured into was one thing, and had granted you permission to deeply acknowledge how one could feel immense pleasure if one were allowed their cock inside…
  3419. >But now, as you realize as you slowly sink into her soft, velvety tunnel, her ribbed walls of moist flesh practically hug your dick tightly, enveloping in just the right way overwhelmingly.
  3420. >God you can't help but roll your head back and moan, your hips twitching the more you continue with your shaft’s descent into euphoria.
  3421. >You push yourself further within her depths as the sound of Sunset’s moans dance with your own, the two of you both trying to take in as much of each other as humanly possible.
  3422. >This, much to her embarrassment, fascinates Twilight as her heart races watching you and Sunset.
  3425. >Deciding to change up her tactics, she goes from rubbing Sunset’s clit to pinching it teasingly, lightly rolling it between her index finger and thumb.
  3426. >She can't help it but see a visible similarity to a nipple in that the human’s clitoris is much more like nubs of the nipple, but of course with some vast differences in function.
  3427. >It intrigues her in that, unlike most ponies’ marehoods, humans didn't necessarily wink like she did, instead opting to reveal itself whenever it pleased from her observation.
  3428. >If that was how human females’ and their clits worked is something she's uncertain of; she was a pony in a human body, and without proper knowledge of human biology, she could only hypothesize.
  3429. >Eventually, she starts to wonder how Sunset and you feel, finally achieving coitus together and whatnot.
  3430. >“...What's it like?” she asks curiously, still pinching Sunset’s love-button between her finger and thumb.
  3431. >You really do answer truthfully...
  3432. “It's like...fuck...it's like sticking your dick into heaven…”
  3433. >See? Truthfully.
  3434. >“...that's an interestingly analogy.”
  3435. >Twilight then looks at Sunset.
  3436. >“You, Sunset?”
  3437. >“Uhff...his dick...m-makes my...my whole friggin’ vagina feel like it's in heaven...”
  3438. >Twilight purses her lips, pausing for a moment, her face red with excitement and embarrassment.
  3439. >“Ah. So it feels good?” she asks,
  3440. >You fully hilt inside Sunset, your lover releasing a loud and voracious moan that shakes Twilight into even more.
  3441. >Her nethers practically drench onto Sunset a little, and maaaaaybe some of the carpet.
  3442. >You, however, are a bit preoccupied to notice.
  3443. >With your cock fully sheathed by Sunset, the two of you remain still, both of your hot skin becoming slick with sweat.
  3444. >Your whole spindle crawls in a simply delightful way, chills spreading across your shoulders as you notice Sunset’s goosebumps as well.
  3445. >The stillness is nice, quiet, and well appreciated.
  3448. >You’re inside her, she has enveloped you, and as you sit, leaning over as you see her star-struck eyes glisten up at you, the sensation of unity becomes a strong one.
  3449. >You find that Sunset’s hands clench on the carpet of the basement floor, her chest and face a bright, blazing red and radiating with heat from her body as the center of her breast rise and sink with intense breaths.
  3450. >She breathes as if she were running a marathon, but her mouth shifts into an open, exasperated smile.
  3451. >Just holding your length in there, perfectly still is as intense as a bomb defusing.
  3452. >It's just nice, y’know; the feeling of just being one in flesh, admiring the texture of Sunset’s insides…
  3453. >You can tell she feels the same way, soaking in the memory of how your shaft feels within her by every bump, its size, its shape, and its girth.
  3454. >After a moment of silence, Sunset speaks.
  3455. >“Gimme...gimme a moment. Y’know, to adjust to the size…” she says, adjusting her glorious fucking hips.
  3456. >As she does, minor grunts from her make you chuckle.
  3457. >Its cute.
  3458. >She's cute.
  3459. >“...Okay, I think I'm good.”
  3460. >You shakily nod with a ragged breath.
  3461. “Alright…”
  3462. >You’ve made it this far, Anon.
  3463. >Now is your reward.
  3466. >First, you slowly pull back your cock, the sensation of your member’s skin gliding against her soft insides energizing you like prickles of pleasure, the friction and tightness alone squeezing you inside her like a vice.
  3467. >Sunset let's out a guttural groan as Twilight eventually becomes desperate for some sort of release, the display being too hot for her to handle.
  3468. >She grabs Sunset’s hand, whimpering like a dog without a bone to play with—pun VERY intended.
  3469. >Sensing the girl’s strong need, Sunset, with her under Twilight still, decides to placate her as begins to gently rub her eager sex with her dexterous digits.
  3470. >At this, Twilight’s head leans back with a fresh moan to join the combined ones of you and Sunset’s in a cacophony of pleasurable sounds.
  3471. >You like how they sound.
  3472. >Twilight’s gasps and moans were primarily quick, yelping noises that often squeaked there way out in a pitch higher than you'd expect of her, swiftly cutting their way of from her in expels of air.
  3473. >Sometimes, when something really specific was done, her pitch will go lower with an adorable groan; one which you could practically hear the up and down as she does these cute little dogged pants.
  3474. >Then the whimpers.
  3475. >You really, really like her whimpers.
  3476. >They are, by far, the cutest, most erotic, and spine-tinglingly noises she makes.
  3477. >Her whimpers and whines aren't that of pain, but of her being overrun with how sensational the pleasure truly is.
  3478. >Sunset’s vocalizations are the antithesis however, but certainly captivate you as well.
  3479. >Her voice is smoky, husky, and while her panting is rather high-pitched consider her voice, she's at her highest whenever a sharp moment of extra pleasure strikes her by surprise, courtesy from you or Twilight.
  3480. >You try to place your mind into Sunset’s at the moment, putting yourself in her position and wondering what all she's feeling.
  3481. >You conclude that whatever it is, it's probably awesome.
  3484. >So does she feel great?
  3485. >Of course she feels great!
  3486. >She's practically in heaven by now!
  3487. >Her wild breaths hitch as as your cock once more thrusts into her, initially faster than you had started out with now that you both had adjusted, yet still somewhat slowly as you wanted to find which pace works best.
  3488. >Then again, this time faster.
  3489. >Then faster.
  3490. >And eventually, your pounding into her like a goddam animal, her greedy sex bucking towards you by her gracious hips in an attempt to get more of that delicious feeling where you pump through her tightness with all that pleasure in a matter of seconds, each time practically making you twitch and jolt.
  3491. >Its intense, breaths growing louder, hearts running faster; it's simply animalistic, so natural that it transcends the meaning of ‘good’ and instead rises above the word ‘heavenly.’
  3492. >The sound of skin slapping as both your thighs hit against each other with loud claps shows how much this lustful hunger drives you two.
  3493. >With her hair sprawled out across the floor, her head thrashes as she loses herself to the fiery passion.
  3494. >You plunge into her with a certain rhythm she reacts well to, one where she ends up twitching her hips.
  3495. >Then, her tummy begins visibly clenching as your dick starts to hit something specific.
  3496. >Her g-spot.
  3497. >You almost forgot.
  3498. >As you begin to pound over the sensitive spot within, you’ve officially gotten her at your mercy, claiming ownership to her moans.
  3499. >Eventually, the twitching in her hips becomes more noticeable; stronger than they were brief moments ago as they now raise with support on her flexing thighs as her toes begin to curl and eyes begin to lose focus.
  3500. >She's on the edge with her walls spasming spastically as her moans turn to cries, from cries to ever-loudening wails, and from ever-loudening wails to her jaw wordless gawking open.
  3503. >Her eyes roll to the back of her head as the top half of her body goes completely and utterly limp, her drenched hand falling from Twilight’s pussy.
  3504. >Her hips that you held and kissed not long ago begin to thrust and buck at something—anything to get off!
  3505. >She's almost ready, her breaths becoming more wild and inconsistent as she returns her hands to the carpet, clenching them as her toes curl.
  3506. >Then, with a final thrust, you decide to go as deep as you can, pushing through her pussy like a stake through the heart.
  3507. >“ANNOOOOOOOONN!!!!!!”
  3508. >That does it.
  3509. >Something inside her ignites, and you trigger the explosion.
  3510. >A scream of incomprehensible sweet nothing pierces your eardrums until Twilight quickly silences her so that the others do not wake up.
  3511. >However, this turns into Sunset sucking of Twilight’s digit with heavy pants.
  3512. >Her inside walls flex and squeeze your log of meat, hugging your prick with a moist warmth as her whole nervous system crackles with electricity as she spasms on the floor wildly.
  3513. >Her back arches, and she feels something practically blast out of her; so pleasurable that it feels like she's releasing her soul onto your member as her insides practically engulf it.
  3514. >Her body begins to feel slick with sweat as after all her muscles flex, they become limp and unmovable.
  3517. >Then, the warm, gooey fluid squirts out of her with a like oil from an oil rig.
  3520. >You and Twilight watch as her screams die down, blinking at her in surprise as her o-face turns into a look of dizzied confusion with the adorable smile of sleepy child after the dentist.
  3521. >Her head sways on the ground lazily as her once spasming legs fall limply, sprawled out with her stomach slowly rising and deflating with breath.
  3522. >Her eyes seem to look dazed, like they were seeing the world through a nebulous filter of post-orgasmic euphoria, and a toothy grin is spread across her face lets you see her satisfaction.
  3523. >She looked like she was tripping.
  3526. >In between her legs, a puddle of her own cum soaked the carpet with only more oozing down from the inside her sopping pussy.
  3527. >You’ve yet to cum yourself, but pull out anyways.
  3528. >She lazily moves her head around to look at you and Twilight.
  3529. >A soft, dopey laugh barely makes it way out before being being replaced with a sweet, adorable sigh of content.
  3530. >“Tha’ wus...tha’ wus amazzzing,” Sunset slurs, her voice high as a kite and light as a feather, yet very weighed down with exhaustion.
  3531. >Despite her hazy teal eyes seeming unfocused, they manage to stare at you and Twilight without ever diverting away.
  3532. >They were uncomfortably focused with the lewd grin of her’s...
  3533. “So...you’re alright?” you ask, mainly because you don't know what else to say.
  3534. >She happily giggles.
  3535. >“Yeah...waaaay bedder than alright...S’like, w-we all shuld do ‘dis again sometime…”
  3536. >She tiredly lifts up her arm, and places her hand upon Twilight’s own.
  3537. >She looks at you expectantly.
  3538. >You nod, placing your hand upon theirs as well.
  3539. >Sunset’s smile becomes more heartfelt.
  3540. >“I love yew guysh…”
  3541. >“I love you two, Sunset,” says Twilight.
  3542. >You decide to kiss her on the forehead.
  3543. “...We just lost our fuckin’ v-card,” you tell her.
  3544. >“Yeah...preddy…preddy good, h-huh?”
  3545. >You cup her cheek.
  3546. “Was it as good as you'd imagine?”
  3547. >“Was...incredible…” she pants. “Probly bedder…”
  3548. >And with that, she returns to basking in her orgasmic bliss.
  3549. >You chuckle at Sunset until noticing that Twilight stares at you.
  3550. >And then at your erection.
  3551. >The night’s yet to end.
  3554. >You playfully clear your throat, causing her eyes to snap back to your own as her cheeks go scarlet.
  3555. >“Sorry, I just was wondering if you got to, ear, ejaculate…”
  3556. “Not yet. Why, you wanna go for a ride?”
  3557. >“That was the plan, after all…”
  3558. >You nod.
  3559. >“Y-you shoulda herd the stuff she said while you were in the shower…” chuckles Sunset. “She was talking about you…”
  3560. >You look at Twilight who sheepishly shrugs with a cute grin.
  3561. >“I, uh, was really impressed by the size of your ‘wallet’ when you fell on me…”
  3562. “...I still want the $12.50.”
  3563. >“I’m sorry, what pizza?”
  3564. “Twilight...c’mon. I /knead/ the dough.”
  3565. >She glowers at you.
  3566. >“Why am I attracted to you again?”
  3567. “Good question, why don't you lie down and think about it while I shove my cock in you,mhm?”
  3568. >“Please tell me you're not going to make jokes during my first time…”
  3569. “...I’ll shut up now. Now if you’d like to ‘situate’ yourself?”
  3570. >She does so, holding onto her hands and knees.
  3571. >Doggy style.
  3572. >Noice.
  3573. >“Um, ready when you are…” she says.
  3574. >You hardly hear her though, distracted by the shape of her rear.
  3575. >You absolutely love it,
  3576. >You wordlessly place your hands firmly onto Twilight's ass, who in turn squeaks in surprise.
  3577. >When she realizes you are merely appreciating “dat ass,” she continues to calm herself.
  3578. >She was anxious, after all.
  3579. >The well-shaped rear of Twilight Sparkle isn't necessarily huge, per say, but it's very tight.
  3580. >Her cheeks’ shape look unreal in their roundness, a perfect pair of soft, untainted buns.
  3581. >There are no indentures, no lines; just some nice, firm, tight booty.
  3582. >These cheeks, you'd say, are to be cupped in one’s hand, massaged, then teasingly pinched and patted with gentle kisses to peck her smooth bottom.
  3583. >You reach your hand, feeling her smooth, soft skin and the fruitful shape it provides to appetize you with.
  3585. <