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ALSO NotGay? 1

By Insomniac
Created: 2021-01-29 01:41:12
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  1. >"Anon's here, girls!" Twilight quickly introduces you to her friends as you sit down in the living room.
  2. >You're not really wondering why she up and invited you out of the blue to her slumber party, but whatevs, there's a bunch of hot girls in pajamas and that's enough for you to not really care.
  3. >Maybe you can work some of your non-existent skills and get some girl action.
  4. >Or better yet, watch them lez out in some serious girl on girl action.
  5. >That's what happens at slumber parties, after all.
  6. >Right?
  7. >You're broken out of your train of thought by Twilight grabbing your arm and dragging you over to the coffee table where the other girls have gathered.
  8. ">Oh my god, Anon, you have to get your nails painted."
  9. >Wut.
  10. >Apparently Rarity has broken out her nails kit, you can see the various colors and swabs situated on the table.
  11. >Of course, makeovers at a girly sleepover. Makes perfect sense.
  12. >You'll put up with it, you guess. Especially if it gets you a chance at some action later on.
  13. "What color do you want to try, Anon?" Rarity asks.
  14. >You've never done this before in your life.
  15. "I've never done this before in my life," you state.
  16. >The girls sort of blink at you and throw you confused looks.
  17. >"O-oh, you must be the more rugged type then, Anon."
  18. >Rugged? You like the sound of that.
  19. >"I think this purple would go lovely with your skin, Anon." Rarity says, as she begins mixing the colors.
  20. "Sure, if you think it will look good."
  21. >Rarity begins to paint your nails. Her long, slender fingers brush lightly over your hands as she works.
  22. >There isn't really much to your nails to paint, you've always kept them short and clipped neatly because your father had always bestowed the wisdom of "guys with long nails and fucking faggots" to you when you were just a wee lad.
  23. >Rarity works intently, and soon your nails are painted a dark violet color.
  24. >She looks satisfied, quickly painting them with a sealer, and blowing ever so gently with her breathe to dry your nails.
  26. >"Aaaaaaand finished~!" Rarity sing-songs as she leans back.
  27. >You glance down at the nails. They don't look bad. The purple suits your green skin and your fingers are all tingly from the lightness of Rarity's touch.
  28. >Not the most manly moment, but whatever.
  29. "Thanks, Rarity," you say, "Looks beautiful.
  30. >Might as well compliment her, make her feel good and start the slow Anon charm train going.
  31. >Rarity smiles.
  32. >"Oh it's not a problem, Anon. All girls should look fabulous."
  33. >Guy. But whatever.
  34. >You scooch back to your chair as Rarity begins to start on Fluttershy's nails.
  35. >You're still looking down at your fingers when Twilight bumps into your side as she sits down next to you.
  36. "Thanks for coming, Anon. I wasn't sure it was the right choice to invite you, but I can clearly see you fitting right in with us."
  37. >You shrug.
  38. "Not a problem, glad to be here."
  39. >She unrolls a magazine she had been carrying in her armpit and leans against you.
  40. >She starts saying something as she flips open the magazine, but you're far too busy staring as the opening in her pajama top to listen.
  41. >You can clearly see the traces of a pink bra hugging her slim chest tightly.
  42. >With the way she is leaned against you, her arm has squeezed up against her breast, causing it to pop slightly over the bra.
  43. >You're almost in visible nipple territory, captain.
  44. >Lean further!
  45. >Just as your about to move, Twilight waves a hand in front of your face.
  46. >"Anon, you there?"
  47. >You blink, tearing your vision away from the forbidden zone, and turn your attention to Twilight.
  48. "Yeah, just zoned out a bit there, sorry."
  49. >You focus back on the magazine.
  50. >There's a pin-up of a half naked guy standing there. His upper body looks like it has been sculpted out of pure muscle, his abs are chiseled and tight, and his upper body and arms are huge enough to be admirable, but not so large to be unsightly. His body glistens as if it was covered in some oily substance.
  53. >You also notice the massive stiffy the model has, barely contained in his tight underwear. Clearly fluffed before hand.
  54. >Ugh, girly mags. You guess it's the female equivalent of the porn ones you have, except written with a lot of "oh my gods" and "he's so hooot" instead.
  55. >"I was just saying, isn't Brick Hardstone just the best?" Twilight says as she stares dreamily at the model on the magazine page.
  56. >You can appreciate the amount of effort put in the male physique. Admiring that is perfectly normal. He's definitely pretty hot, you think.
  57. "Yeah, he's definitely pretty hot. Nice abs." You nod.
  58. >Twilight giggles, "Yeah he's so great."
  59. >Something dings in the other room.
  60. >Pinkie Pie shoots up from her seat. "Cookies are dooone!" She screams, bouncing out into what you assume in the kitchen area.
  61. >Twilight closes her magazine and looks up at you. "I'll go help, you can stay here, Anon."
  62. >She too heads out into the kitchen.
  63. >You watch her for a few seconds, and when you turn back, Rainbow has moved over a bit closer to you.
  64. >Rarity, Fluttershy and Applejack are still around the coffee table getting their nails painted.
  65. "Not getting your nails painted, Rainbow?" You ask.
  66. >"Pfft, that's for girly girls, you know. I'm too cool for that." She tosses her hair back as if that makes it a fact.
  67. >She moves closer.
  68. >You look at her as she leans in.
  69. >"S-so... like... Anon... have you ever..."
  70. >You can barely hear her.
  71. "What?" You ask a bit too loud.
  72. >She shushes you.
  73. >"Not so loud!"
  74. "Jeez, calm down out of it, I didn't hear you."
  75. >She looks away, unable to meet your eyes.
  76. >"I asked if you have ever kissed someone before."
  77. >Bit out of nowhere question, huh.
  78. >Probably just wants some advice. Fucking up your first kiss is one of those horror stories that haunt people for years.
  79. "Yeah, I have."
  80. >She leans back in shock.
  81. >"N-no way! Really?!"
  82. >This time her voice is too loud.
  83. >Rarity, Fluttershy and Applejack look over.
  85. >"You'll wake the neighbors yelling like that, Rainbow," Rarity chastises.
  86. >"Anon's already had his first kiss!" She exclaims, before clamping her hands over her mouth.
  87. >Great, now everyone in the neighborhood knows.
  88. >Rarity and the girls quickly focus on you, even Fluttershy glances as you through her hair.
  89. >"Ooooooh~! Is that true, Anon?" Rarity asks.
  90. >"He looks like a quick mover." Applejack adds.
  91. >Oh great, now they think you're whore. Damn, it was only one girl at some LAN meetup a while back.
  92. >God, you barely remember her name.
  93. "Thanks, Rainbow. Really."
  94. >You sigh as Rainbow looks away guiltily.
  95. >Rarity claps her hands together.
  96. >"Anon, you must give the poor girl advice." She gestures at Rainbow. "Obviously she needs some help."
  97. >Ouch, catty comment galore.
  98. >Rainbow buries her head in her hands.
  99. >"Please kill me."
  100. >You try not to laugh.
  101. >Whatever, might as well humor them.
  102. "Alright, kissing tips for you girls. Listen up!"
  103. >The four of them huddle around you expectantly.
  104. "Guys love a little bit of tongue. You don't need to go jamming it in or anything, but just a little flick is fine. Some guys will no doubt just want to shove their tongue down your throat, if you're in to that, cool, if not, a little bite or something to scare them off will work.
  105. >You're basically just reciting shit you've read online in your fap stories. You have no idea if it's right or not.
  106. "Also, try to grab a bit of their shirt when they lean in, and pull them towards you. Guys will find that hot as all hell. Standing on your tippy toes is also really cute."
  107. >Rainbow and Fluttershy are looking at you as if you just descended from heaven with the four rules of how to smash, eyes wide open and mouths agape.
  108. >Applejack is shaking her head.
  109. >Rarity has a dangerous gleam in her eyes.
  111. >You place your hands on your hips and nod.
  112. "That's pretty much the guide on how to get a decent kiss. Mostly up to personal preferences and all."
  113. >"Didn't know you had so much experience, Anon." Rarity teases.
  114. >Your shrug.
  115. "You pick up a few things, you know."
  116. >Just mysterious enough to sound cool.
  117. >Now all of these girls think you're a puss slayer.
  118. >Fucking sweet. Action tonight definitely.
  119. >Applejack scoffs.
  120. >"That sounds like a load of baloney, Anon. Right out of a chick magazine."
  121. >Oh shit, she knows.
  122. >Rarity laughs.
  123. >"Don't be jealous Anon knows more than you, Applejack." She winks at AJ.
  124. >"Gosh darn it, Rarity. I've kissed guys before too. Anon's not the only one!" Applejack gives Rarity a cold stare.
  125. >She's totally mad.
  126. >"Ah'm not mad!"
  127. >Oh shit, that slipped out. Wasn't supposed to.
  128. >AJ's now giving you the stink eye.
  129. >You find a very interesting corner of the room to look at.
  130. >Damn, that is some nice corner workmanship, the way those edges come together and shit.
  131. >Rarity finally finishes her nails, packing away her supplies neatly. She has a devious grin on her lips as she looks at Applejack.
  132. >"If you're such an expert on kissing, Applejack, then I dare you to kiss Anon!"
  133. >"B-b.... huh?"
  134. >AJ turns to Rarity, flabbergasted.
  135. >"What did you just say?"
  136. >Rarity shrugs, inspecting her nails.
  137. >"I mean, it's only one kiss after all, from the rough and tough cowgirl. Can't be too difficult of a task for an expert. Surely now."
  138. >Rarity has played her trap card.
  140. >Applejack isn't looking too hot right now.
  141. >In fact you're sure you can see several drops of sweat beaded on her forehead.
  142. >Her eyes are bouncing back between Rarity's smug face, and yours.
  143. >You're just sorta sat there, not really sure what to do.
  144. >Probably should thank Rarity though for setting this situation up.
  145. >Either Applejack follows through on her bravado, or Rarity never lets her live this moment down.
  146. >Your odds for some action are looking rather good at the moment.
  147. >"Ah'm not kissing Anon!" Applejack says.
  148. >"Why, because he would be your first, or you're scared of being showed up?" Rarity teases.
  149. >Damn this girl is cold af.
  150. "I won't bite."
  151. >"Shut up!" Applejack points at you, "You don't get a say in this!"
  152. >"Can we please sto-" Fluttershy chimes in.
  153. "WE'VE GOT COOKIES!" Pinkie's sing-song voice blasts through the tense atmosphere as she and Twilight return with a steaming hot tray of what looks like delicious chocolate chip cookies.
  154. >She slams the tray down on the table, the cookies almost jumping off the pan.
  155. >Applejack breathes a sigh of relief.
  156. >"What were you guys talking about?" Twilight asks as she settles back on the floor next to you.
  157. >Rarity giggles and Applejack looks away.
  158. >"Um... Rarity dared Applejack to kiss Anon." Fluttershy says meekly.
  159. >Pinkie does a 180 to face Rarity.
  160. >"Rarity!" Her tone sounds like that of a mother about to scold her bitchy daughter.
  161. >"You know we said to wait until after the cookies to start truth or dare!"
  162. >And like that, the tension in the room is gone entirely.
  163. >"Is that true, Anon?" Twilight asks as she reaches for a cookie.
  164. "Yeah, Rainbow wanted kissing tips so I gave a few. Applejack disagreed."
  165. >You hear Rainbow sigh.
  166. >Twilight looks disappointed.
  167. >Quick, salvage the moment Anon!
  168. "I mean, we could play truth or dare now, I guess. Unless you guys had something else planned out, of course."
  169. >Smooth, Anon.
  170. >Smooth like sandpaper over genital warts.
  172. >Twilight shrugs.
  173. >You look around at the other girls. They seem indifferent to the idea.
  174. >Eventually all eyes turn to Pinkie.
  175. >She's staring at you with a unreadable expression, as if she is trying to gauge whether to hug you or stab you.
  176. >She breaks out into a smile.
  177. >"Anon's got the right idea!" She exclaims as she sits down.
  178. >Truth and dare with six chicks.
  179. >God has blessed you with this moment.
  180. >It is now up to you to take advantage of the opportunity laid out before you.
  181. >And score some tight wet pinkness.
  182. >"And before somebody decides to chicken out, here's Pinkie to save the day!"
  183. >Pinkie reaches behind one of the chairs, and pulls out a massive bag.
  184. >You can hear the bottles inside clank and bounce off of each other as she places it gently down on the coffee table next to the cookies.
  185. >"P-Pinkie... is that alcohol?!" Twilight's eyes bulge open as she stares at the bag. "When did you bring that in?!"
  186. >"Yeehaw, now it's a party!" Applejack chimes in.
  187. >Truth and dare with six chicks...and booze.
  188. >You mouth a silent prayer and thank you to the good lord above.
  189. >"I never reveal my secrets, Twilight!" Pinkie begins to take the bottles out of the bag, placing them on the table.
  190. >Holy shit, there's everything. Vodka, tequila, some weird korean looking shit, cans of stuff so brightly colored that you can practically taste the sugar already.
  191. >"Um... aren't we underage... for drinking?" Fluttershy asks as she leans in to inspect the bottles.
  192. >"Pfft, come on, Fluttershy, live a little." Rainbows reaches over and nabs one of the pink looking cans.
  193. >"On that ah have to agree." Applejack grabs a can of Blackhorse beer and pops the tab.
  194. >Twilight and Fluttershy look very unsure about what to do.
  195. "Oh, it'll be fun, don't worry. Here, let me mix you a drink, Twilight."
  196. >You grab some of the vodka.
  197. "Got any sprite and some glas-?"
  198. >Before the words are out of your mouth, Pinkie has already gone and returned from the kitchen with glasses and mix.
  200. >You pour a small amount of vodka into two glasses, and top it off generously with sprite.
  201. "Here. Have a taste."
  202. >You take a sip from your own glass. The alcohol is barely detectable.
  203. >Twilight seems a bit more reserved, eyeing her glass carefully before finally raising the drink to her lips.
  204. >Her eyes light up as she tastes it.
  205. >"Wow, you can barely taste it. Thanks, Anon."
  206. >Soon enough everyone has had a drink and a few cookies. The truth or dare game finally starts.
  207. >The first few rounds are boring and mostly innocent.
  208. >The girls go back and forth mostly taking truths and having to answer about which boys in CHS they find hot.
  209. >Traditional girl talk. You zone out and focus on your drink. Perhaps a bit too much focus.
  210. >Soon enough it starts to hit you, the lightweight you are.
  211. >That groggy, slurred sensation, the warmth in your belly and the pleasant light-headed feeling all help relax you.
  212. >You notice it on some of the other girls too.
  213. >Fluttershy is leaned back against a chair, eyes closed, humming to herself. \
  214. >Rainbow and Applejack seem to silently battling each other over who can drink more, each time one of them goes for a sip, the other follow suit, and you can clearly see their eyes are locked onto each other.
  215. >Pinkie has several cans of brightly colored booze stacked neatly in front of her. Her bubbly attitude is still there and she barely seems to suffering any side effects whatsoever.
  216. >Rarity sips on some type of wine very conservatively, though you can make out a slight droopiness in her eyes.
  217. >Twilight seems to be entirely focused on whatever story that Pinkie is telling, looking at her wide-eyed as she cradles her glass close to her lips with two hands.
  218. >"Don't forget about, Anon. We haven't asked him yet!" Twilight's voice breaks you out of your stupor.
  219. "Huh? Ask me what?"
  220. >"Truth or dare, Anon?"
  221. >Oh right, the game.
  222. >You shake your head.
  223. >Come on, focus up, lightweight.
  224. "Truth.'
  225. >Play it safe the first few rounds.
  227. >Besides if it's a really personal question, you can always either deflect or lie. Whatever.
  228. >"Who do you think is the hottest guy in school?" Twilight leans in as she asks you.
  229. >You chuckle.
  230. >Not sure whether it's the booze or not, but your reservations about calling guys hot is unable to be found. It's not weird to gauge male attractiveness as another male, right?
  231. >At worst it's just a joke anyways.
  232. >You place your glass on the table, and tap your chin as you think.
  233. "I dunno, that's a hard question. Lot's of attractive guys at CHS."
  234. >Some of the girls giggle.
  235. >"Probably Flash, honestly. Captain of the football team. He's probably got some nice abs or whatever."
  236. >The alcohol works its way into your mouth.
  237. "Probably fucks pretty good too." You joke.
  238. >"Anon!" Twilight gags on her drink.
  239. >Applejack covers her face with her hands.
  240. >Fluttershy still seems to be humming to herself and rocking back and forth.
  241. >Rainbow does a huge spit take over the table... and Rarity.
  242. >"RAINBOW DASH!" Rarity screeches as she stands, covered in a mixture of Rainbow's spit and booze. "MY HAIR, YOU MONSTER!"
  243. >Everyone breaks into chuckles, including you.
  244. >Rarity storms into the kitchen. She returns with a towel, drying herself off. She's absolutely seething as she sits back down. You watch the murderous glare she gives Rainbow.
  245. >"Oh come on, Rarity, it's just a lil' booze. Probably not the worse you've been covered in." Applejack smirks into her can.
  246. >Rarity doesn't respond. She turns her head towards AJ. There's an unsettling smile on her face.
  247. "Truth or Dare, sweetie?"
  248. >The smirk disappears from AJ's. "Uhh..."
  249. >Rarity's creepy grin doesn't fade.
  250. >"Truth, ah guess."
  251. >No sooner had the words left her mouth had Rarity's grin shifted into something much more sinister.
  252. >"Was your first kiss with your brother?"
  253. >You could hear each individual breathe in the air. Even through the booze, you can see each of the girls become much more alert in their appearance.
  255. >"Rarity, I don't think that's-" Twilight starts to interrupt.
  256. >"Well she can choose dare if she wants, Twilight." Rarity spits back in a way too friendly tone.
  257. >Applejack is glancing at Rarity with a dark expression.
  258. >"Ah'm gonna ignore that just because I took a shot at you. Fine, dare." Her words are cold.
  259. >The smile on Rarity's face twists even more.
  260. >She planned this, you realize.
  261. >"I dare you to kiss, Anon!"
  262. >And just like that the night had come full circle.
  263. >"Ah'm not kissing Anon either!" AJ crosses her arms.
  264. >"According to rule 21-2-3 of the official rule book of truth or dare, if an individual refuses to answer the truth and do the dare proposed to them, they have to finish the remainder of their drink immediately." Pinkie popped up, reading out of a small, black rule book she had pulled from god knows where.
  265. >Rarity swirled the wine in her glass.
  266. >"What's it going to be, Applejack?"
  267. >Applejack looked back towards her drink. It was a can she had just opened a moment ago.
  268. >You could see the faint green tint on her face.
  269. >Chugging that entire can probably wasn't going to be easy.
  270. >"Fine, Ah'll do your stupid dare!"
  271. >"Are you sure that's okay with Anon?" Twilight asks, looking towards you.
  272. >You shrug.
  273. "Doesn't bother me.
  274. >"Sure you won't find it icky? You know..." Twilight gestured at you with her hand.
  275. >The gears in your brain are turning too slow.
  276. >"Girls... and... cooties and everything." Twilight finishes.
  277. >You clear your throat and look at Applejack.
  278. "Who would ever turn down a kiss from Applejack?"
  279. >"Shut up, Anon!" Applejack shouts at you.
  280. >She jabbed a finger at Rarity.
  281. >'You're going to regret this."
  282. >She marches over your way.
  283. >You can see the obvious blush on her face as she sits down in front of you.
  284. >She leans in and quickly pecks you on the cheek.
  285. >"THERE! DONE!" AJ exclaims.
  286. >Rarity gives her a bored look.
  287. >"You know that doesn't count. A real kiss... unless you're too chicken." She swirls the wine in her glass again.
  288. >You are Anon.
  289. >And you’re about to get some action.
  290. >Lip on lip, but considering all things, you’re not gonna complain.
  291. >Applejack’s face is half split between unimaginable anger at Rarity, and a deep red blush as she looks at the floor, refusing to make eye contact with you.
  292. >Half-angry, half-embarrassed.
  293. >It’s really hot.
  294. >Like damn.
  295. >”Y-you’re going to git y-yours, Rarity! Jus’ you wait!” Applejack sputters out.
  296. >It doesn’t sound like a very convincing threat.
  297. >Applejack faces you again.
  298. >You sit up a bit straighter.
  299. >She still can’t look at you in the eyes, her eyes darting nervously to the side. Her face is so red it’s like something painted her face. It makes her freckles stand out so much more.
  300. >”Ya’ll want a real kiss? Fine!”
  301. >Everyone in the room is sort of watching now, with varying expressions of interesting. Except for Rarity, she still maintains that cool, aloof looking face.
  302. >You’re watching Rarity through the corner of your eye when Applejack grabs both sides of your face with her hands.
  303. >She whips your head forward before you can even react.
  304. >Applejack has her eyes squeezed shut. You instinctively close yours as well.
  305. >You barely manage to take a breath before your faces meet.
  306. >Something in the back of your head shrieks “Remember the rules!”
  307. >And then your lips meet.
  308. >AJ’s lips are soft and moist. You can feel her body freeze momentarily, but you push forward, pressing your own mouth against hers. Your hand goes around her back and you pull her in even deeper.
  309. >Your tongue finds a gap between her lips, and you prod it cautiously, poking forward slowly.
  310. >Her own tongue gently presses against yours, and the two of you explore each other’s mouth lustfully. Tossing and turning and pressing.
  311. >You can taste apples, funny enough.
  312. >Her breath is hot, and when you feel it in your mouth and against your face, electrify courses through your body.
  313. >God, are you glad you’re wearing jeans right now or else everyone would see Mini Anon standing at attention.
  314. >Back and forth your tongues clash, her saliva meshing with yours.
  315. >She moans into your mouth, as you give one final assault, tangling your tongue in hers and pulling her back in.
  316. >Finally you relent, biting gently into her lip on the way out.
  317. >Both of you part lips, a quiet ‘pop’ noise breaking the silence in the room as the last strand of saliva connecting both your mouths falls away and breaks.
  318. >Time fades back in slowly.
  319. >You’re aware of everyone in the look staring at you.
  320. >Even Rarity has her wine glass gripped tightly.
  321. >Applejack still has her eyes closed when she backs away. She takes a step backwards; stumbling over Rainbow’s leg and falls into the chair she had been sitting in previously.
  322. >When she opens her eyes, they are glazed over, and she blinks unevenly.
  323. >Her face has this goofy smile.
  324. >She doesn’t speak, but sits there silently, smiling to herself.
  325. >Everyone else is still staring at you.
  326. “That’s why you follow the rules,” you announce.
  327. >And the trance in the room is broken.
  328. >You hear Rainbow take a deep breath as several of the others finally look away.
  329. >Twilight rubs the back of her head nervously.
  330. >”S-so… it’s your turn now, Applejack…” She says, looking over at AJ.
  331. >…
  333. >”Applejack?”
  334. >Pinkie waves a hand in front of Applejack. “Earth to Applejack, are you there?”
  335. >Applejack doesn’t respond, still sitting there in her dream-like trance.
  336. >”APPLEJACK!” Pinkie snaps her fingers right in AJ’s face.
  337. >Applejack blinks, then shakes her head. “Huh…. W-what?”
  338. >Everyone is now looking at her.
  339. >”W-what are y-ya’ll looking at me like that fer?” She looks around.
  340. >”Seems like Anon was the more experienced kisser,” Rarity declares, taking a sip of her wine.
  341. >Applejack blushes even harder.
  342. >”He just caught me off guard, is all!”
  343. >“Where’d you learned to kiss like that, Anon?” Rainbow leans over towards you.
  344. “Guys like me are just naturally that good,” You nod your head and wink at AJ.
  345. >Applejack refuses to look at you.
  346. “Anyway it’s your turn, AJ.”
  347. >”Ah’m not kissing anyone else!” Applejack crosses her arms.
  348. “No, I mean truth or dare.”
  349. >She pouts.
  350. >”Ah know what you meant!”
  351. >She clears her throat and takes a deep breath.
  352. >Before turning to Rarity.
  353. >Rarity stops sipping on her wine.
  354. >”Surely we’ve moved past such petty rivalry, AJ?”
  355. >Her voice is several octaves higher than before.
  356. >Almost sounds like she might be worried.
  357. >Applejack shakes her head.
  358. >”Ya’ll got yerself into this, Rarity.”
  359. >Rarity shrugs.
  360. >”I’m not afraid to kiss, darl-“
  361. >Applejack holds up a finger to cut her off midsentence.
  362. >”Ah dare ya to strip out of your pajamas, down to yer underwear.”
  363. >You gag on your drink, trying to cover it up with a cough.
  364. >No one seems to notice it however.
  365. >You hear Rainbow swallow very hard next to you.
  366. >Pinkie and Twilight are also extremely absorbed with the situation, leaning forward as they stare at Rarity.
  367. >Fluttershy seems completely unaware of what’s happen, still nodding her head as she hums to herself. Her face is flushed.
  368. >Definitely because of the alcohol.
  369. >Rarity’s eyes seem like two tiny pinpricks in a sea of white.
  370. >She laughs, off-pitch.
  371. >”H-hahahaha-a.” She gives a weak smile. “That’s a good one, AJ.”
  372. >Applejack puts her hands on her hips, “It’s either that or yer truth, and trust me, you don’t want to hear the truth.”
  373. >”How could it be any worse tha-“
  374. >”Would be a mighty shame if someone had to reveal how their date last week ended, wouldn’t it?” AJ interrupts.
  375. >Rarity grips her glass so tight her knuckles become even whiter.
  376. >You swear you can see her shiver.
  377. >She takes a deep breathe.
  378. >”You know it’s on after this, don’t you, darling?” She says emotionlessly.
  379. >Applejack smirks. “Try to do yer worse. But first, down to your undies, glamor girl!”
  380. >Rarity tilts back her wine glass, draining the entire thing in a few swallows.
  381. >”You should prepare your funeral now, sweetie. Just to get a head start.”
  382. >She rises from the couch and smacks her empty glass down on the table.
  383. >Standing at her full height, it’s only now you realize how incredibly shapely Rarity is. The relaxed pajamas had hidden most of her curves when she was sitting on the floor, but now they hug her frame much more tightly.
  384. >You’re sure the hourglass shape of the female body must have been discovered on her and her alone.
  385. >And this is with the pajamas on.
  386. >God only knows what’s underneath.
  387. >You swallow hard.
  388. >Rarity jabs a finger at Applejack. “Watch how a real lady doesn’t make excuses.”
  389. >She fumbles with her top, unbuttoning it slowly from the button.
  390. >You see her fingers trembling.
  391. >And then the first part of her stomach becomes visible.
  392. >Porcelain white, slim and concave. Not an ounce of unwanted fat. Her belly button sinks inward, the only mark on her otherwise perfect stomach.
  394. >You’ve never wanted to fuck a belly button before, but right now you’re feeling you could make an exception.
  395. >And then the top falls away as Rarity undoes the last few buttons. It slides off her arms and gently lands on the couch.
  396. >Rarity doesn’t give you a chance to see much as she immediately bends down and places her hands on the waistband of her pants.
  397. >She mumbled something underneath her breath.
  398. >She wiggles her hips as she thumbed the waistband.
  399. >Slowly, she lowers her pants.
  400. >You only just realize how long you’ve been holding your breath.
  401. >And her pants only go lower. Past her thighs, past her knees, her shins, finally resting on the ground as she steps out of them.
  402. >She eventually stands up, showing off her whole body and wrapping her arms underneath her breasts, popping them out more.
  403. >And oh god, is it something.
  404. >Her bra and panties are a matching lacy, dark purple, contrasting her alabaster skin sharply. Her breasts rise and fail with each breath, and you can see her body shiver slightly.
  405. >The top part of her breasts spill healthily over the top of the bra, and the slimness of the rest of her upper body only makes her tits look bigger than they already are. And yet they appear perky and tight, sticking out off her chest instead of hanging there.
  406. >At least double D’s, you imagine.
  407. >Your eyes drift lower, settling on her hips.
  408. >Whoever had defined hourglass as a shape for chicks must have had Rarity as a model.
  409. >Her hips curved outwards slowly from her petite stomach, and as you followed them with your eyes, you weren’t sure they were ever going to end.
  410. >The thigh gap on the inside was prominent, and the buttfangs only made you wonder how phat the ass could actually be.
  411. >Her dark panties hugged her waist closely, and you could see the imprint where it slightly compacted her thick legs and curvy thighs.
  412. >From there, her legs seemed to stretch on, slenderer than you could possibly imagine.
  413. >Even her feet are immaculate, pedicured to perfection, with her toenails painted the same color as her fingernails.
  414. >Like a goddess.
  416. >Rarity crosses her legs and sits back down on the couch, scoffing.
  417. >”It’s like you all have never seen a proper lady before,” she says with a huff.
  418. >You realize just how far you’ve been leaning forward, and slowly sit back.
  419. >You glance around at the others.
  420. >Rainbow is blushing furiously, and you can swear she is biting her lip.
  421. >Pinkie seems to be smiling contently, looking at Rarity with a gleam in her eyes.
  422. >Twilight is staring very intently at the top of her glass, tracing the edges with her finger.
  423. >Fluttershy is still zoned out.
  424. >And Applejack has found a very interesting corner of the coffee table to gaze at.
  425. >Once again you are extremely thankful for your jeans.
  426. >Rarity pours herself another glass of wine, slowly taking a sip as she relaxes her shoulders.
  427. >”Well then, if you are all done staring, it’s my turn again.” She says coolly.
  428. >Her eyes dart over to Applejack.
  429. >AJ perks up at her glance.
  430. >”Hey now, you can’t be asking me again!”
  431. >Rarity shrugs, tilting her head up dismissively.
  432. >”I can dare whoever I want, there’s no rules about not being able to choose the same person twice.”
  433. >Actually, in section 23-2-“ Pinkie starts to interrupt but Rarity shoots her a very dangerous look at the girl immediately clamps her hand over her own mouth.
  434. >”Now then, if there are no other objections. Applejack, truth or dare.”
  435. >Applejack scowls and crosses her arms.
  436. >Rainbow taps you on the shoulder suddenly.
  437. >You turn and look at her but she waves you in.
  438. >As you lean in she starts to whisper.
  439. >”H-hey, Anon, can I ask you something?”
  440. “You just did.”
  441. >She smacks you on the arm.
  442. >”No you dweeb! You know what I mean!” She hisses into your ear.
  443. >You shrug.
  444. “Sure.”
  446. >You don’t hear what Rarity said to Applejack, but Applejack suddenly shouts.
  448. >You try to turn and look but Rainbow grabs your hand and begins to drag you out of the room.
  449. >”Come on! Not here.” She states as she pulls you away from the rest of the girls, and up the nearby stairway.
  450. >You watch several rooms pass by, half intoxicated and not really paying much attention to your surroundings.
  451. >You do feel Rainbow’s hand squeezing yours harder and harder as she pulls you along. Her grip is warm and firm.
  452. >It’s nice.
  453. >You break out of your trance when she shuts the door behind you after dragging you into a bedroom. From all the purple colors, books and nerd shit, it no doubt belongs to Twilight.
  454. >Rainbow circles around and sits on the edge of the bed, leaving you standing in the middle of the room.
  455. >She rubs her arm as she looks down at the floor silently.
  456. >You decide to break the awkward silence first.
  457. “So… what did you want?”
  458. >Rainbow picks at her nails for several seconds, seemingly unable to answer.
  459. >Eventually she speaks.
  460. >”So… l-like, you know what guys like, right?” She spits out, her words uneven and broken.
  461. >You think.
  462. >What guys like was a very broad category. You’re pretty sure she means about guys, but hey, it’s more fun to tease her.
  463. “Like video games and stuff like that, you know.”
  464. >”Oh my god, what do guys like about girls, you ass!” She groans into her hands and covers her face.
  465. “Oh… yeah I guess I know what guys like.”
  466. >She perks up, looking at you.
  467. >”So…like… do you t-think… what w-ould… would t-they?” She stutters over her words.
  468. >You’re not even sure what the hell she wants at this point.
  469. “I’m not sure what you’re asking, Dash.”
  470. >”Oh my god, I want to die.” She whines.
  471. >Suddenly she stands up, advancing towards you.
  472. >”Like you saw Rarity, and I know that might not be your type, but she’s still… like… very… attractive to guys, right?” She says, the last few words slow and unsure.
  473. >Was Rarity your type?
  474. >Did you have a type?
  475. >She was a bit too prissy for your taste, even with the body of an angel and enough tits to smother on.
  476. “Yeah, I can say that dudes would definitely be all over Rarity. Why is that important?”
  477. >Rainbow is closer to you now, only about an arms length away.
  478. >”You saw her… her b-… her chest and everything. She looks just like those models in Twilight’s magazines.”
  479. >The more she talks, the worse her stuttering becomes and the lower her voice gets.
  480. >You almost have to lean in to hear her.
  481. “And…?”
  482. >”Do you think… that guys would like…m-…t…-“ Her last words fizzle out.
  483. “Like…? Like… what?”
  484. >She mumbles something quietly, looking away.
  485. >You can see the blush on her face.
  486. “I didn’t get that.”
  487. >”DO YOU THINK GUYS WOULD LIKE MY TITS?” She yells suddenly at you.
  488. >You blink.
  489. “W-hat?”
  491. >She continues on like she hasn’t even heard you.
  492. >”Rarity has got these massive melons strapped right to her chest. That’s what guys like, right?! I mean, I’ve seen some of those weird magazines and everything with the porn, and like, almost all the girls have massive tits. So that’s what guys want in a girl want, that perfect hourglass shape, big hips, soft and feminine, that’s like the ideal girl, right? And here I am, none of that. Small boobs, barely any hips. I mean, I know I’m the captain of the soccer team at CHS but like, that’s gotta count for something, right? Some dude has to appreciate smaller boobs, right? And some want a tough girl too, someone who’s not afraid of a little exercise and everything…”
  493. >She keeps stepping closer and closer to you.
  494. >You lose track of what she was saying, instead focusing on her trembling body.
  495. >Rainbow has her eyes closed as well, as she seemingly vents all of her insecurities at you in her half-drunk state.
  496. >You’re really not sure what to do.
  497. >So you take a look at her body.
  498. >Would guys actually like Dash’s body?
  499. >There’s only the dim light of the night illuminating the room as you glance over Rainbow. She’s wearing a short, dark tank top. Traces of her bra straps stick out here and there but it’s too dark to make out it’s color. You can see the tone in her arms, the muscles contracting and becoming easily apparently as she gestures during her rant.
  500. >You can also see the bottom of her stomach, and it is much more toned that Rarity’s, with the small indentation of abs with certain movements of hers.
  501. >Her athletic shorts also highlight her muscular legs and toned thighs. She looks like she could outrun most of the school, if not everyone.
  502. >You refocus on her chest.
  503. >Her breasts are definitely smaller than Rarity’s, sitting comfortably underneath her shirt.
  504. >If you had to choose between DFC and DCT, you’re not sure what you would pick.
  505. >But it’s like your dad always told you.
  506. >It’s not the size of what you’re packing, it’s how effective the chloroform is.
  507. >Or something like that.
  508. >The moonlight washes over Dash’s body in a way that highlights how slim, yet alethic she is. Moderate breasts suit someone of her type.
  509. >In your half-drunken state, you almost want to lean in and kiss her.
  510. “Yeah, I think your tits are pretty good.”
  511. >Almost instantly, she stops her rant and freezes up.
  512. >”You… mean it?”
  513. “I mean, you’re clearly a good athlete, right? One of the best at CHS. Your body is suited to that. Besides it’s not always about size, it’s how you present it. And personality plays a big part as well. Rarity may have big ass tits, but she’s a bit of a snob. I bet you’re cooler than her.”
  514. >”You-You’re just saying that!” She jabs a finger at you.
  515. >She then points to her chest.
  516. >”No one could like small boobs. You’ve got so much more to play with when they’re huge.”
  517. “I think you’re missing the point.”
  518. >”And hers have to be so much softer, and guys are looking at them all the time.”
  519. “Holy shit, Dash, your tits are fine.”
  520. >She grabs your hand.
  521. >Her strong grip doesn’t give you an opportunity to pull away.
  522. >”I mean, you can barely see them let alone feel them!”
  523. >She slams your hand on her tits.
  524. >”See what I mea-……n” Her sentence dries up as she realizes what she has done.
  525. >You can feel the panicky rhythm of her heartbeat as you hand lays there on her chest. It pounds away restlessly, and each thump reverberates through her breasts and into her hands.
  526. >The second thing you feel is the heat from her chest.
  527. >And then there’s the breast itself.
  528. >While not as big as Rarity’s, it’s still almost a handful. It’s soft enough to relent underneath your grip, and you can feel her erect nipple poking the bottom of the palm of your hand.
  529. >You instinctively squeeze it.
  530. >Rainbow moans.
  531. >”A-an-on!” She breathes heavily.
  532. >You give another squeeze, thumbing your way over her nipple.
  533. >Her legs tremble and she bites one of her fingers.
  534. >You put your other hand on her breasts, working your thumb and pointer finger over the nipple. Pinching and pulling gently as your caress her tits.
  535. >Rainbow begins to seize up, her legs shaking so much that they threaten to give out. You guide her back to the bed and she falls onto to it.
  536. >You fall with her, the two of you ending up almost face to face.
  537. >Her magenta eyes shine in the moonlight, and she looks up at you, breathing heavily. It tickles your nose and cheeks gently.
  538. >Her long hair is splayed out behind her in a mess.
  539. >Her entire body shivers with anticipation.
  540. >”B-but I thought y-you we-“
  541. >You interrupt her by placing a finger on her lips.
  542. “I like girls like you, too.”
  544. >You lean in.
  545. >She does as well.
  546. >Her first kiss is so soft and tentative, a small peck on your lips that you’re not sure was ever really there to begin with.
  547. >You meet her lips slowly as well, letting her set the initial pace.
  548. >Her next kiss is fiercer, and she places her mouth solidly against yours, as if gauging your strength.
  549. >You return the kiss evenly, and instead of pulling away for a quick breath, you push deeper, keeping your lips locked against hers.
  550. >She wasn’t expecting that, breathing gently into your mouth and moaning in response. The kisses that follow are more intense and intimate, each one lasting longer and longer.
  551. >One of your hands finds its way to her hand, and you lace your fingers through hers. She locks her fingers around yours, trapping both your hands in a warm embrace.
  552. >Your other hand works back to her stomach as you slip a hand underneath her shirt and work your way up slowly.
  553. >She feels the sensation of your fingers tickling their way up her chest, and presses her mouth harder against yours.
  554. >Under the shirt, her breast feels much fuller. Her nipple sticks into your palm, enticing you as you trace circles around her areola to tease her.
  555. >She grips your hand tighter.
  556. >You pinch her nipple ever so slightly.
  557. >Her entire body quivers underneath you, and you can feel her tense and spasm.
  558. >You slip your tongue against her lips and find a slight gap there. Cautiously you prod into her mouth as she moans again.
  559. >You feel her arm wrap around your back as she pulls you closer to her.
  560. >Your hand continues to play with her breast, pinching, pulling and teasing. Every flick, every touch, it sends ripples of electricity down Rainbow’s body as she spasms and shudders.
  561. >You feel her legs wrap around you, trapping you against her.
  563. >And suddenly, she flips.
  564. >You’re on your back faster than you can imagine, starting up at Rainbow as she straddles you seductively.
  565. >She straddles her hips across yours, grinding into your pelvis.
  566. >And into your very obvious erection.
  567. >Her hand trails down your stomach to your groin.
  568. >”Oh… what’s in here?” She asks as she grins mischievously at you.
  569. >”Didn’t expect I’d be the girl to convert you?”
  570. >You wrinkle your brow in confusion.
  571. “What do yo-“
  572. >Before you can finish, she dives on you, forcing her mouth to yours. Her tongue slips inside your mouth, as her hand passionately explores your body.
  573. >You push your tongue against hers, as the two wrestle inside your mouth.
  574. >Your hands wrap around her waist, and you slide them down to her ass, squeezing. Her butt is firm and muscular, and she grind her pelvis into your groin in response.
  575. >She’s more and more fierce in her kisses, each one taking more of your breath away. The light-headedness mixed with the alcohol has put you in a state of bliss, and you can feel your body growing hotter with each passing second. Each touch of Rainbow’s body against yours is like lightning, and you begin to buck your hips.
  576. >Mini Anon is threatening to burst out of your jeans, and you can feel the wetness of pre on your undies. And no doubt Rainbow can feel it as well.
  577. >Rainbow giggles as she sits back, finally breaking away from your lips.
  578. >She slides back off the edge of the bed, putting her hands on the waist of your jeans and begins to go for the belt.
  579. >”You better not tell anyone about this!”
  580. >You can barely comprehend what she’s saying, your entire body feels on fire, and your dick is so hard it hurts.
  581. >She undoes the buckle.
  582. >”Let’s see what we’ve got here.”
  583. >She goes to haul your jeans down.
  587. >The both of you freeze. Every bit of passion turns to anxiety and fear.
  588. >Seconds tick by, but neither of you move to answer the door.
  589. >”Are you alright in there? We heard bumping from downstairs!” Pinkie’s voice rings out through the door.
  590. >You see Dash spring up and rush over to the door.
  591. >”Y-yeah, I’m just getting changed into my pjs, Pinkie!” Dash replies, trying to keep her voice calm.
  592. >”I thought you had your pajamas on already, Dash.”
  593. >You quietly sit up and try to hide your stiffy. You rebuckle your belt.
  594. >God there’s a mess in your shorts, you can feel it as you stand.
  595. >”I spilt some alcohol on my shirt, Pinkie. I just changed into my spare one.”
  596. >”Is Anon in there with you? You both ran off together, right?”
  597. >You hold your breath.
  598. >Rainbow Dash looks around frantically. You see her focus on a door on the other side of the bedroom.
  599. >”Anon’s in the washroom getting changed into his Pjs as well.” Rainbow answers through the door.
  600. >”But Anon left his bag downstairs!”
  601. >Rainbow swears silently.
  602. >She points at you and then to the door.
  603. >You nod and slowly make your way over to the door and open it.
  604. >It’s definitely a bathroom, thank god she didn’t lie about that.
  605. >You close the door behind you and flick on the lights.
  606. >Rainbow continues talking to Pinkie.
  607. >”Yeah, he just realized he left his stuff downstairs. Can you go get it for him, Pinkie?”
  608. >You can only imagine the silent prayers Rainbow is making as she waits for Pinkie to answer.
  609. >A few seconds past.
  610. >”Okie dokie lokie, I’ll be right back.” Pinkie sings out.
  611. >You can hear her footsteps fade as she descends back down the steps.
  613. >You take the opportunity to clean up.
  614. >Your face is noticeably red from all the…
  615. >You know, stuff.
  616. >The alcohol still sits comfortably in your system, and you can feel your movements become more sluggish.
  617. >Didn’t think you had that much to drink.
  618. >Probably all the blood rushing around… to places.
  619. >You splash some cold water on your face and fix your hair.
  620. >You also grab some tissue to scrub the mess out of your shorts.
  621. >God, it’s everywhere.
  622. >And it’s so sticky.
  623. >Talk about being cockblocked, huh.
  625. >You take the opportunity to clean up.
  626. >Your face is noticeably red from all the…
  627. >You know, stuff.
  628. >The alcohol still sits comfortably in your system, and you can feel your movements become more sluggish.
  629. >Didn’t think you had that much to drink.
  630. >Probably all the blood rushing around… to places.
  631. >You splash some cold water on your face and fix your hair.
  632. >You also grab some tissue to scrub the mess out of your shorts.
  633. >God, it’s everywhere.
  634. >And it’s so sticky.
  635. >Talk about being cockblocked, huh.
  636. >You flush it down the toilet to destroy the evidence.
  637. >Pretty soon there’s a knock at the door.
  638. “Oh thank god, Rainb-“
  639. >You open the door.
  640. >Rainbow’s not there.
  641. >Instead you’re greeted by a ton of pink. Like literally, tons of pink. Bright blue eyes stare at you inquisitively.
  642. >”Heya, Anon! Here’s your bag!” Pinkie hands you the bag.
  643. >You take it dumbfoundedly. You can see out past Pinkie’s shoulders and Rainbow has clearly left the area and abandoned you to Pinkie.
  644. >”Hey, are you feeling alright, Anon?” Pinkie asks as she steps closer to you and looks right in your eyes.
  645. >You swallow.
  646. “What do you mean?”
  647. >”Well, your face is really red… and the bedroom was all warm and funny smelling.”
  648. >Oh god she knows.
  650. >”Pinkie I can explain-“
  651. >She places a hand on your forehead.
  652. >”Wowzers, you’re burning up!”
  654. >You back away a few steps, ending up against the bathroom wall.
  655. >Pinkie advances towards you, seemingly unaware of your odd behavior.
  656. >”If you’re not feeling well, Anon, you should let me know.”
  657. “It’s just the b-booze, you know. Alcohol gets me all flushed.”
  658. >Pinkie frowns.
  659. >”You looked fine downstairs, Anon.”
  660. >You’re trying to think of a good excuse, to no avail.
  661. >Pinkie peers at you, like she’s trying to see how full of shit you are.
  662. >”Oh well, just take a few minutes to change and come back downstairs!” She exclaims before turning and leaving the washroom.
  663. >And now you’re all alone again.
  664. >You take a few seconds to catch your breath. You can feel the heat in your face.
  665. >Christ, you know you didn’t drink that much.
  666. >You shake your head to clear the daze a bit, before turning towards your bag to get a change of clothes.
  667. >You strip down quickly and quietly, listening for any sound outside the room.
  668. >Please god don’t let anyone walk in on me, you think to yourself.
  669. >Soon enough your changed in your pajamas. Long sleeve brown shirt and some black wool pajamas. New undies as well.
  670. >You feel much cleaner.
  671. >You fold the clothes you took off and toss it into the bag, zipping it back up.
  672. >One last look in the mirror and you deem yourself half presentable.
  673. >Except for the flush in your cheeks. Your face is still warm and tingly, and not amount of cold water seems to wash the feeling away.
  674. >In fact it just brings back the memory of being tangled together with Rainbow in the bedroom. The tingling sensation shoots down your body. Once again you find the pressure growing in your pants.
  675. >That won’t do, especially with your pajamas on. They are a lot more… revealing than your jeans.
  676. “No more drinking tonight,” you say quietly to yourself.
  677. >You shake your head to clear your impure thoughts, and wait a few moments to calm yourself.
  678. >You sigh, and open the bathroom door, bag in hand.
  679. >And walk out.
  680. >Or, at least try to.
  681. >You instead walk into a wall of pink.
  682. >Surprised, you drop your bag on the floor and stumble back a few steps.
  683. “Oh crap, I didn’t see you there, Pinkie.” You apologize.
  684. >She doesn’t seem to be bothered that you almost shoulder checked her.
  685. >Instead, she’s looking at you with a very unsettling gleam in her eyes.
  686. >”I don’t really appreciate liars, Anon.” She says.
  687. >You blink.
  688. “Huh? What do you mean? See, I changed into my pajamas.”
  689. >You gesture at yourself.
  690. >Pinkie smiles, or at least you think it’s a smile. It looks much too sinister to be a regular smile.
  691. >She walks into the bathroom, and closes the door behind her.
  692. >You hear a faint ‘click’ as she turns the doorknob.
  693. >This can’t be good.
  694. “Uh… what are you doing?....Pinkie?”
  695. >You barely realize that you’ve been backed against the far wall of the bathroom again.
  696. >Pinkie has her arms crossed behind her back, and walks towards you with slow, focused steps.
  697. >Like a predator stalking towards their prey.
  698. >”I talked to Rainbow.”
  699. >You freeze up.
  700. >She wouldn’t sell you out, would she?
  701. >Certainly not that fast at least…
  702. >Right…?
  703. >You’re not feeling very sure of anything at the moment.
  704. >You can feel your heart beat faster and faster with each passing second, and the heat returns to your face.
  705. >Oh god damnit, not now.
  706. >By the time you focus back on Pinkie, she’s only a foot or two away from you, peering up at your face.
  707. >You’re sure you look like a deer in the headlights.
  708. “Listen, Pinkie, it’s not what you th-“ You try to start to explain.
  709. >Pinkie holds up a finger, and you immediately shut up.
  710. >”I don’t know how you behave at other parties, Anon. But that stuff won’t fly here, especially with my friends.”
  711. >Your mind is racing.
  712. >You’re really not sure what to say or do.
  713. “I-I don’t understand!” you blurt out.
  714. >Pinkie is right on top of you now. She places her arms on the wall, effectively trapping you where you are.
  715. >”Dash is a very close friend of mine, so I’d really appreciate it if you kept your hands to yourself, Anon.”
  716. “H-h-what?!”
  717. >She puts a finger on your lips.
  718. >”Sssssh, not so loud!”
  720. >She presses her chest against your body, pinning you to the wall more.
  721. >”She told me everything, Anon.” Pinkie says as she looks you in the eyes.
  722. >”You know, it’s not nice to take advantage of drunk girls, especially at a party, especially at MY party.” Her voice is low, but the malice is undeniable.
  723. >She has you pressed firmly against the wall now. Even if you wanted to escape, you’re really not sure you could.
  724. >Her bright blue eyes look anything but happy.
  725. >Your heart is pounding in your chest fiercely now, and you’re sure that Pinkie can feel it. The heat in your face makes it feel like you’re being cooked alive.
  726. >She’s so close to you that every time you breathe, you can smell her perfume. It’s disgustingly sweet, almost like bubblegum mixed with every flavour of candy you could possible dream of.
  727. >Even with her intense visage, your view begins to wander over the rest of Pinkie’s body.
  728. >It’s almost like you can’t control yourself.
  729. >She’s wearing a dark pink simple t-shirt, and a pain of small sky-blue shorts.
  730. >It’s only now you get a good view of how… big Pinkie is.
  731. >Not big as in fat.
  732. >More like voluptuous.
  733. >Her massive chest has you pinned squarely against the wall, and yet her breasts feel incredibly soft, almost as there’s nothing else under that shirt. Whereas Rarity’s chest spilled slightly over her bra, Pinkie’s chest looks like it’s enough to smother at least three people.
  735. >Her hips are huge, much larger than Rarity’s waist was. And her small shorts display the true extent of how thick she is. Her legs and thighs seem to be barely contained by them, threatening to burst out at any second.
  736. > They round deliciously into her plump butt, with you can easily see even from your pinned position. It’s like someone took the asses of several beautiful girls and put them into one plump, smothering machine.
  737. >To conclude: Damn she thicc, with two c’s.
  738. >You feel an involuntary twinge in your pants, and you’re sure Pinkie felt that too.
  739. >She brings her face in close to yours.
  740. >”Anon~! Are you checking me out, after what I just told you?!” She giggles.
  741. >It doesn’t sound like a happy giggle.
  742. >”I’m starting to think you’re lying about a lot of things, you know?” She continues.
  743. “I don’t know what you mean…”
  744. >”So you’re not even gonna try to defend yourself ?” She tilts her head, questioningly.
  745. “I-I mean…. Ma-maybe Rainbow and I… maybe we mighta… sort of… you know…”
  746. >She listens intently, refusing to break eye contact.
  747. >You desperately want to look anywhere else, but it’s like her eyes are drawing you in, pulling you down.
  748. “We… kissed and stuff.”
  749. >”Rainbow said you did more than that!” Pinkie accuses.
  750. “She asked me if her tits were nice!” You refute.
  751. “And I told her yeah, they were cool. And she wouldn’t believe me so she put my hand on her chest…”
  752. >”And?”
  753. “And… I might have squeezed it just a little bit…”
  754. >”And then?”
  755. “Well… it led to a few things, and then Rainbow and I we’re on the bed, and then she was on top and grind-“
  756. >”Rainbow was grinding?!” Pinkie yells at you, cutting you off.
  757. “Ye- yeah, why… why does that matter?” You stutter.
  758. >Suddenly you feel the pressure on your chest relent as Pinkie leans back a bit.
  759. >”She didn’t say anything about that.”
  760. “WHAT?!” It’s your turn to shout now.
  761. >Pinkie shushes you again.
  762. >And breaks into a giggle.
  763. >You feel her entire body heave and shake as that giggle grows into a laugh. She takes her hands off the walls around you, and smacks you lightly on the shoulder as she continues to laugh.
  764. >You swear you can see tears in her eyes.
  765. >Eventually, she calms down.
  766. >”Oh my god, Anon. Rainbow didn’t say anything about you at all.”
  767. >You freeze up so hard your muscles burn.
  768. “What.”
  770. >Pinkie busts out into another fit of laughter.
  771. >You grab her shoulders and shake her gently.
  772. “Then how did you know?!” You accuse her.
  773. >Pinkie wipes away a tear as she composes herself.
  774. >”I mean, you basically told me everything and I just sorta said some random generic things to you.”
  775. >You outed yourself.
  776. >You big fucking idiot.
  777. “I….it was…” Your words fail you.
  778. >”Besides, Anon, anyone could smell the air in that room. It’s no big surprise what you two might have been at.”
  779. >You’re barely paying attention to her at this moment.
  780. >”Still, it’s not nice to be leading girls on and lying to Twilight.”
  781. >You blink.
  782. “Huh, what do you mean?”
  783. >Pinkie looks at you suspiciously.
  784. >”Twilight only invited you over for a reason, you know. Definitely not to try and score with all her friends.”
  785. “But then why would she invite a guy over to a slumber party?”
  786. >Pinkie looks at you.
  787. >You look at her.
  788. >It’s clear you’re both missing a crucial piece of information.
  789. “I mean, it’s really nice that Twilight invited me over… but she had an ulterior motive?”
  790. >”I think she might have made the wrong assumption, Anon.”
  791. “It’s only natural for a guy surrounded by a lot of pretty girls to you know…”
  792. >”That’s not what I mean, Anon.”
  793. “Then what are you talking about?”
  794. >There’s a few seconds of silence as Pinkie just looks at you.
  795. >”I’m going to break this to you easy, Anon. Okay?”
  796. >You’re trying not to freak out.
  797. “Uh… okay. I really don’t understand what you’re getting at.”
  798. >”It didn’t strike you as odd that you’re the only guy here?”
  799. >You shrug.
  800. “You mean Twilight doesn’t have a crush on me?”
  801. >Pinkie stares at you dumbfoundedly .
  802. >”Anon… Twilight and the girls think you’re gay.”
  803. >What.
  804. “What.”
  805. >It’s more of a statement than a question.
  806. >And then it hits you.
  807. >The nails, the magazine, pointing out the hot model to you.
  808. >The kissing advice for what GUYS liked.
  809. >Even Rainbow wanting to know what Guys like about her body.
  810. >Oh sweet fuck, they thought you were gay. And they wanted an inside view of the male world.
  811. >You think back quickly to some of your responses.
  812. >You even said you would bang Flash.
  813. >You big fucking idiot.
  814. >They thought you were a big cocksucking fruit loop
  815. ”WHAT!”
  817. >You scream loudly, again.
  818. >Pinkie puts her hand over your mouth.
  819. >”Oh my god, Anon, quiet!”
  820. >You breath heavily into her hand. It also smells sweet.
  821. >You relax a little bit.
  822. >”You mean you’re not gay?” Pinkie asks quietly.
  823. >You nod slowly.
  824. >She takes her hand off your mouth.
  825. “I was actually excited to hang out with a bunch of girls, just for the opportunities, you know?
  826. >Pinkie narrows her eyes.
  827. >”You only came over to score?”
  828. >You really have to learn how to phrase your answers and understand the situation better.
  829. “No, I came over because Twilight asked me to!”
  830. >Pinkie looks at you incredulously.
  831. “Plus… you know.. she’s really cute and I really like talking to her in class, and I figured it might be a chance to get to know her and you guys a bit better.”
  832. >Eventually, Pinkie nods.
  833. >”I will accept that answer.”
  834. >More silence.
  835. “So… ugh… what now?”
  836. >Pinkie’s looking down at the floor, when she looks back up at you, you can see the faint red tinge in her cheeks.
  837. “Uh… Pinkie?”
  838. >She wraps her arms around your neck and pushes you back against the wall, pressing her massive breasts against your chest.
  839. >”You said Twilight’s friends are cute.”
  840. >She smiles up at you.
  841. >”Does that mean you think I’m cute?”
  842. >Once again, you’ve got to learn to gauge the proper response.
  843. >You open and close your mouth a few times wordlessly, like a fish out of water.
  844. >Pinkie’s body is extremely close and extremely warm. You can feel something poking your chest.
  845. >Looks like your earlier assumptions about no bra were correct.
  846. >Once again the heat begins to assault your senses. It’s like you’re in a sauna.
  847. >You look down at her. Her eyes are misty and it’s clear she wants an answer.
  848. >Fuck it.
  850. >You bend down slightly, and give her a peck on the lips.
  851. >She doesn’t pull away from the kiss, and you can hear her quick intake of breath.
  852. “You’re definitely cute, Pinkie.”
  853. >You’re not really sure what keeps making you act like this.
  854. >You’ve always been a quiet dude, keeping mostly to yourself.
  855. >Now you’re making moves on girls one right after the other.
  856. >You give a silently prayer to booze, the vanquisher of social nervousness.
  857. >Pinkie giggles as she hugs you.
  858. >”Doing that right after what I said. Anon, you’re silly!”
  859. >You frown.
  860. “I can stop.”
  861. >It’s Pinkie’s turn to frown as she looks up at you.
  862. >”I didn’t tell you to stop.”
  863. >She leans up as you lean down.
  864. >Both your lips meet again.
  865. >Pinkie’s kisses are quick taps, and she pulls away for a breath after every peck. Everything about her feels and tastes sweet, and her kisses are no exception.
  866. >Your face is on fire, and every additional kiss sends spasms of ecstasy throughout your body. Pinkie must feel it too, as she grinds her body against yours, her massive tits rubbing against your chest.
  867. >You’re so close to just losing control and indulging in all the sensations.
  868. >You swear you can see the steam from your breath.
  869. >Pinkie breaks away, and buries her head in your shoulder, nuzzling.
  870. >You take a few quick gulps of fresh air.
  871. >It’s cool enough to break some of the reverie.
  872. “I swear I shouldn’t be this drunk,” you reaffirm to yourself.
  873. >Pinkie giggles, and looks up at you again.
  874. >”Oh, that’s probably just the cookies, Anon.”
  875. “Yeah, you’re proba- WAIT, WHAT?!” You shoot a glare down at Pinkie.
  876. >Pinkie’s eyes go wide and she clamps a hand shut over her own mouth.
  877. >”Woopsie, that wasn’t supposed to slip out. Silly me! Hehe!”
  878. >She leans in for another kiss.
  879. >”Just forget what I just said, Anon~!”
  880. >You block her with your hand, frowning as you continue to glare down at you.
  881. >She pouts.
  882. >”Oh come on, Anon….” She whines.
  883. >Your expression is clear.
  884. >She pouts.
  885. >”Fine….”
  886. “You spiked the cookies with something.”
  887. >”Don’t look at me like that! It’s not what you think,” Pinkie tries to explain.
  888. >It makes so much sense. You knew you hadn’t had that much to drink after all.
  889. >Having your food spiked explains the constant heat and disconnected feeling.
  890. >As well as all the additional courage and sexual atmosphere.
  891. >You’ve been drugged.
  892. “You drugged us!” You accuse her.
  893. >”Anon, quiet! Just let me explain, please!” Pinkie looks up at you with a pleading expression.
  894. >”It was just to calm everyone down a bit and let them relax, you know? Twilight and Fluttershy are always so nervous at these types of things. They barely talk and they never make any new friends…”
  895. >Pinkie stares down at her feet.
  896. >”I just… gave them a little encouragement, to make things easier.”
  897. “Pinkie…”
  899. >”They were so nervous about you coming over too, Twilight was stressed out over everything. You know she made a checklist to make sure everything was in order, and then a checklist for that list!”
  900. >Yeah that kinda sounds like her.
  901. >”So… I just… paved the roads of friendship a bit.”
  902. “With drugs.”
  903. >Pinkie nods proudly as she smiles.
  904. >”With drugs.”
  905. >Your head is still swimming.
  906. >And it’s hard to be mad at such a cute girl. Even after knowing she’s the one who has drugged you.
  907. >Her smile is really heartwarming and genuine.
  908. >Plus it did lead to a whole bunch of sexy stuff tonight.
  909. >Can’t really fault her that much.
  910. >You sigh, clearly in defeat.
  911. >Pinkie giggles again.
  912. >”You’re not mad.”
  913. >You shake your head.
  914. >”And I’m still cute?”
  915. “Pinkie…”
  916. >She pouts.
  917. “What did you put in the cookies?”
  918. >”Pinkie never reveals her recipes, Anon.”
  919. >You stare down at her.
  920. >”Just a little bit of everything to get everyone to have some fun.”
  921. >A little bit of everything?!
  922. >Oh no, that can’t be good.
  923. >”Although I might have went a teensy weensy bit overhead. Labels are hard to read….”
  924. >You’re gonna die.
  925. >This pink girl spiked your food with god only knows what and you’re gonna die.
  926. >You must have had some freaked out expression on your face, because Pinkie busts out into laughter again.
  927. >”Hehe, I’m just fooling with you, Anon!”
  928. “God damn it, Pinkie.” You mutter
  929. >”You would have to eat so many of those cookies to be in any sort of danger. Don’t worry about it, you’re fine.”
  930. >”In fact….~” Her voice is teasing, and you find her hand trailing down your chest.
  931. >It’s only now you realize how incredibly erect you are.
  932. >”I think you’re better than just fine.” She bites her lip.
  933. “P-Pinkie… I…-“
  934. >It’s no use trying to hide it. With your jeans out you could have pretended it was your phone or something, but in these loose pajamas, your sprung out full mast.
  935. >Pinkie smiles. “Wow, Anon, is this for me?”
  936. >You’re blushing furiously now.
  937. “You drugged me, you can’t blame me for this. Stop teasing” You spaghetti-spill at her.
  938. >”Who says I was teasing?” Pinkie winks at you as she kneels on the floor.
  939. >What is she doing?
  942. >Pinkie presses her massive chest against your erection, and you instantly spasm.
  943. “Y-you have to stop.”
  944. >Pinkie squeezes her breasts against your boner, which throbs in response.
  945. >She giggles. “You’re saying one thing but your friend is saying something else.”
  946. >You’re struggling to catch your breath.
  947. >Your vision is in a red haze, and every little movement Pinkie makes that rubs against your sends sparks flying through every cell in your body.
  948. >Your knees are shaking.
  949. >Pinkie wraps her tits around your erection. Even through her shirt, and your pants, it’s enough to make you clench your jaw and seize up.
  951. >It’s so soft and warm.
  952. >You’re not sure you could protest anymore.
  953. >Pinkie smiles up at you, deviously.
  954. >”We’re you saying something, Anon?” She teases.
  955. >You don’t even respond.
  956. >The soft, plump feeling of her breasts against you is the only thing your mind can process. You’re sure you could just melt into her tits right now.
  957. >Pinkie starts mashing her breasts in and out, up and down on your pelvis. The heat and friction from the rubbing starts to chip away at any sense of rationality you have left. You can feel the pressure building in your lower half.
  958. >Looks like you’re going to ruin another pair of underwear.
  959. >At this point, you really don’t care.
  961. “Pinkie, you really, REALLY have to stop.”
  962. >She doesn’t seem to hear you at all, continuing to titfuck you through your pants.
  963. >You’re digging your hands into the wall, trying to find anything to grip on to.
  964. >The heat and sensations coursing through your lower half are reaching a climax, and you have to prevent yourself from thrusting into Pinkie.
  965. >”Aaaaaand, I think that’s enough~!” Pinkie giggles.
  966. >You feel her pull away.
  967. >Glancing down, you can see she has taken a few steps back from you.
  968. “W-hat?” You manage to eek out, questioning her.
  969. >”Well obviously I can’t have you making a big mess in Twilight’s washroom. Think of that as a little tease.”
  970. >You blink, trying to clear the stars from your vision.
  971. >”You alright there, Anon. You’re face is a bit red.”
  972. >You don’t have the energy to respond.
  973. >Pinkie points at your waist.
  974. >”I’d find a way to settle down a bit before coming downstairs” She sticks her tongue out at you, before turning and leaving.
  975. >You hear her footsteps fade away.
  976. >The rest of the sense begin to finally tone back in to the real world.
  977. >The throbbing in your pants is so violent that it almost makes you stomach sit.
  978. >You collapse against the wall, sliding down slowly to the floor.
  979. >It’s a few minutes before you finally manage to calm down enough to move.
  980. >You crawl to the toilet and take a few minutes to inspect the damage to your underwear.
  981. >God, it’s a fucking mess.
  982. >Feels like you shoved a whole ton of sludge into your pants.
  983. >So much for having a clean set of clothes.
  984. >You use water and a few nearby paper towels to clean up as best as you can.
  985. >Fuck, you’re still hard as iron.
  986. >Thoughts of Pinkie’s tits worm their way back into your head.
  987. >So soft and supple despite how incredibly large they are.
  988. >Your imagination springs to life.
  989. >Pinkie baring her tits and engulfing your member in her cleavage. A warm, sweaty embrace.
  990. “Get a hold of yourself, Anon!”
  991. >You slap your own face a few times, and then rinse your head in cool water.
  992. >The thoughts fade away, and eventually your erection goes limp.
  993. >As limp as it can.
  994. >The urge to blow your load is still incredibly strong.
  995. >You stop your thoughts there.
  996. >Any fucking longer in this washroom and the girls are going to notice you’ve been missing a long time.
  997. >You finally pull yourself together, grab your bag and make your way out of the washroom.
  998. >Pinkie’s waiting for you at the top of the stairs, grinning deviously.
  999. >”You look a little better, Anon.” She winks at you.
  1000. >You don’t even look at her, lest thoughts of those massive tits work their way back into your brain.
  1001. >Both of you descend down the stairs, and round the corner into the living room.
  1002. >Twilight, Rainbow and Fluttershy are sat around the table.
  1003. >Rarity and Applejack are missing.
  1004. >Twilight looks up as you enter the room.
  1005. >”Hey Anon, what’s up?”
  1006. >You point down at yourself.
  1007. “Just getting changed, was all.”
  1008. >You don’t mention anything else.
  1009. >Pinkie bumps her hips into yours and walks past into the living room.
  1010. >She settles back down onto the now vacant couch.
  1011. >Twilight nods at you.
  1012. “Where’s Rarity and Applejack?”
  1013. >Twilight’s looks away, down at the floor.”
  1014. >”They kept going at each other all the time you were gone. I told them to go sort out their issues.”
  1015. >”Yeah, they were still fighting and arguing at each other when I came down, too.” Rainbow chimes in.
  1016. >You find an empty chair to collapse into.
  1017. >God, you’re feeling so pent up. You have to make an extreme effort to focus on Twilight’s face and not have your eyes drawn to her hips or chest.
  1019. >”You missed Fluttershy’s dare, though.” Twilight jabs her finger at Fluttershy.
  1020. >You chuckle to yourself. You can’t even imagine what wimpy dare or innocent truth they would ever ask her.
  1021. >“What did she do?” Pinkie asks.
  1022. >Twilight shrugs.
  1023. >”I was trying to get the game away from Applejack’s and Rarity’s escalating dares, so I dared her to eat the rest of the cookies.”
  1024. >You grip so hard into the arms of the chair your fingers crack.
  1025. >Pinkie almost jumps off the couch.
  1026. >”You WHAT?!”
  1027. >Twilight leans back, away from Pinkie.
  1028. >”Jeez, Pinkie, it’s only a few cookies, we can always bake more.”
  1029. >Pinkie gives you a look.
  1030. >You turn your attention to Fluttershy.
  1031. >She’s smiling happily, bobbing back and forth, seemingly unaware of the pending crisis.
  1032. >”The cookies were very good, Pinkie. Thank you for making them.”
  1033. >You’re not even sure if her eyes are open.
  1034. >”Oh hi, Anon. You came back!”
  1035. >Fluttershy’s facing you now.
  1036. “Uh… hi Fluttershy, how are you feeling?”
  1037. >She tilts her head. “What do you mean?”
  1038. “…That was a lot of cookies you must have ate.”
  1039. >Fluttershy giggles. “Oh it was only like a dozen or so…. Hehe. Guess I’m a hungry girl!” She raises her hands up to the sky and topples over onto her left side.
  1040. >Fluttershy keeps laughing as she picks herself back up off the floor.
  1041. >”Hehehe, this party juice is awesome, Pinkie. I’m having a great time, guys. This is really fun!”
  1042. >She goes back to humming.
  1043. >Rainbow is trying not to burst out laughing, half-doubled over on the floor while covering her mouth.
  1044. >Even Twilight is covering her face with her hands.
  1045. >You and Pinkie are staring at each other with varying expressions of horror.
  1046. >This can only end in a really bad way.
  1047. “I’m gonna bring the tray out to the sink, is that okay?”
  1048. >You motion to grab the empty baking tray.
  1049. >”That would be great, thanks!” Twilight responds as she uncovers her face.
  1050. >”Yeah, I’ll help you, Anon. The kitchen is out here.” Pinkie points behind her as you circle around the table, tray in hand, and follow her out into the kitchen.
  1051. >She doesn’t say anything to you as you dump the tray into the sink.
  1052. >Pinkie keeps glancing out into the living room as you turn on the tap, as if she were afraid the whole room was going to explode.
  1053. >You rinse the tray, leaving the water on as you turn to Pinkie.
  1054. “So… is she going to die?”
  1055. >The running water helps mask the conversation, but you still whisper anyways.
  1056. >Pinkie looks like she about to pass out.
  1057. >She doesn’t respond to you.
  1058. >You grab her shoulder and shake her.
  1059. “Pinkie!”
  1061. >”I don’t know, Anon! Everyone reacts differently! I never expected anyone to eat much! Oh my god, it’s all my fault if something happens to her!
  1062. >You shake her again.
  1063. “And what might happen to her, Pinkie?”
  1064. >She takes a deep breath, steadying herself.
  1065. >”Well she might just get sleepy and pass out, she could get really hyper and start doing wacky things, or she might just explode!”
  1066. “EXPLODE?!” You try not to yell.
  1067. >”Well, you know, not explode as in ‘explode’, but like, not very good things in general.”
  1068. “Oh great, that definitely sounds good.”
  1069. >”Or she might be fine, I don’t know! No one has ever eaten that many of my cookies before!”
  1070. >Fluttershy doesn’t really appear to you as the crazy party go-er, recreationally doing drugs in her free time.
  1071. >She’s probably going to die.
  1072. >No one’s ever died at any of the parties you’ve been to before.
  1073. >Might be able to cross that one off the bucket list.
  1074. >You internally tell yourself to shut up.
  1075. >That’s not cool.
  1076. >You can feel Pinkie shaking as you hold her shoulders.
  1077. >”I’m such a bad friend, Anon! Who let’s their friend take that much!”
  1078. >You want to tell her it’s payback for spiking the food.
  1079. >Or payback for molesting you in the washroom.
  1080. >But that seems overly mean.
  1081. >You can see tears in her eyes, and she genuinely looks afraid of what may happen.
  1082. >Besides, it’s not molestation if you enjoy it.
  1083. >So sayeth Papa Anon, anyways.
  1084. >You sigh.
  1085. “You’re not a bad friend, Pinkie. It was just a simple mistake. You wanted everyone to have a good time, and it was just a little miscalculation. She seems to be fine now, we’ll just keep an eye of her for now, okay.”
  1086. >Pinkie stops shaking.
  1087. >Instead she throws her arms around you, and pulls you into a big hug.
  1088. >She sniffles.
  1089. >”Thanks, Anon.”
  1090. >You pat her back.
  1091. >She breaks away, and wipes a tear from her eyes.
  1092. >”Twilight was right about you, you’re pretty okay.” She giggles.
  1093. >Twilight thinks you’re pretty okay.
  1094. >That’s cool.
  1095. >But then again she thought you were gay.
  1096. >That’s not that cool.
  1097. >Oh well, you’ll get a chance to explain it to her sometime tonight.
  1098. “Alright, let’s go back out and sit down. Try not to look too suspicious.”
  1099. >She nods, and the two of you head back to the living room.
  1100. >Twilight and Rainbow are gossiping to themselves as you and Pinkie return to your sits.
  1101. >You steal a quick glance at Fluttershy.
  1102. >She’s lounging back in a chair, looking at her phone.
  1103. >She gives you a small wave as you sit back down and smiles at you.
  1104. >She seems fine.
  1106. >Maybe things wi-
  1107. >No. Shut up. Don’t jinx things just yet, Anon.
  1108. >You guess truth or dare is over. No one seems to be doing anything else, and no one says anything when you and Pinkie sit down.
  1109. >Rarity and Applejack are still MIA.
  1110. >You wonder if they are the type to get into a fistfight or just yell obscenities at each other.
  1111. >Applejack did seem pretty angry.
  1112. >And you were all dosed with Pinkie’s own supply. Which could cause any amount of reactions, as per Pinkie’s claim.
  1113. >Fuck, it all of you weren’t foaming at the mouth and spasming on the floor before the night was out, you can chalk this evening up as a win.
  1114. >A few more minutes of silence pass.
  1115. >You notice Pinkie continue to stare at Fluttershy from the corner of her eye.
  1116. >Twilight and Rainbow finally finish whatever they were talking about, and Twilight makes her way over to your chair.
  1117. >”Hey, Anon,” She says as she sits down on the arm of the chair.
  1118. “What’s up?”
  1119. >”Do you remember from math class on Friday about using how long light from stars took to reach earth to calculate how far away they were?”
  1120. >Wut.
  1121. >Where can this conversation even go.
  1122. “Yeah, I vaguely remember that. Why?”
  1123. >Twilight rubs the back of her neck and looks away.
  1124. >Is she going to ask you to do math problems?
  1125. >Doesn’t seem like a very inclusive activity for sleepovers.
  1126. >”It’s just that… I got a telescope in the backyard, and I was wondering if you want to… you know…”
  1127. “Look at the stars?” You interrupt. “Yeah, that would be very cool.”
  1128. >And it would give you an opportunity to be alone with Twilight and explain the whole ‘not gay’ thing.
  1129. >Her face brightens as she breaks into a big smile.
  1130. >”Really, Anon?!”
  1131. “Yeah, it definitely sounds neat.”
  1133. >She grabs you by the sleeve, almost dragging you out of the chair.
  1134. >”Well come on then, there’s no cloud cover tonight so we should be able to see a whole ton of constellations.”
  1135. >”I WANT TO SEE STARS, TOO!” Fluttershy suddenly shouts from her chair.
  1136. >Apparently she had put her phone away because now she is sat on the edge of chair looking very intensely at you and Twilight.
  1137. >”Ugh… yeah… you can come too, Fluttershy.” Twilight says.
  1138. >Her answer seems less enthusiastic than before.
  1139. >You struggle to keep pace with her as Twilight pulls you out of the living room.
  1140. >Fluttershy follows the both of you closely.
  1141. >The three of you round the kitchen and exit the backdoor of the house.
  1142. >Twilight’s backyard is pretty open.
  1143. >You can see the edges of a fence stretched out in the distance, but it’s too dark to make out accurately.
  1144. >Twilight must have seen you squinting in the dark, because she laughs sheepishly.
  1145. >”I keep the lights off because it’s easier to see the stars that way.”
  1146. >Fluttershy suddenly hugs into your side, resting her head on your shoulder.
  1147. >”Oh wow, Anon. I didn’t realize you were so tall.” She giggles like it was the most hilarious thing in the world.
  1148. >Twilight walks off into one corner of the yard, and you notice the small outcropping of a shed in the dark.
  1149. >”The telescope is in here, Anon.” She calls out.
  1150. >Fluttershy hangs on to you as you follow Twilight to the shed. She doesn’t really say anything, and just cuddles into your shoulder.
  1151. >Definitely a side-effect of the cookies.
  1152. >She still seems okay, but you’ll keep watching her just in case.
  1153. >You join Twilight at the entrance of the shed.
  1154. >”Huh, I was pretty sure I locked this before the party.”
  1155. >The door is obviously unlocked, the latch the only thing keeping the shed closed at all.
  1156. >Twilight shrugs.
  1157. >She unlatches the door, and swings the shed wide open. Light spills out into the night, temporarily blinding you.
  1158. >And someone screams.
  1160. >Twilight jumps back at the sound.
  1161. >You raise your hands in a defensive manner, and you feel Fluttershy grab tightly onto your shirt.
  1162. >And then your eyes adjust to the light.
  1163. >”Rarity? Applejack?!” Twilight yells.
  1164. >You blink once, then twice, just to make sure you’re not imagining things.
  1165. >Inside the shed, you find Rarity and Applejack staring back at Twilight, Fluttershy and you like deer in the headlights.
  1166. >Looks like they had just stopped wrestling each other, considering Rarity’s messy hair and ruffled pajamas.
  1167. >Applejack quickly zips up her jeans and tries to straighten out some of the creases in her shirt, failing to act nonchalantly.
  1168. >Oh… that type of wrestling.
  1169. >Nice.
  1170. >”What are you two doing in here?!” Twilight points at them.
  1171. >Rarity buries her face in her hands, trying to hide her expression, but you can easily pick out the redness in her face.
  1172. >”Well… you told us to sort things out.” Applejack finally looks up at Twilight.
  1173. >”And we did, ah guess.”
  1174. >No one says anything.
  1175. >Part of you wants to go in and thank Pinkie for her valiant efforts to make everyone a little but more sociable.
  1176. >Part of you worries that before the night is out there’s going to be a huge fucking orgy.
  1177. >Part of you tells the second part of you to stop being such a little faggot.
  1178. >Twilight just stands there in shock, seemingly having no idea what to say or do.
  1179. >Applejack eventually grabs Rarity by the hand and drags her out of the shed.
  1180. >As the two pass you, you can see the faint traces of dark, purple lipstick on various areas of Applejack’s face, trailing down her neck and disappearing underneath her shirt.
  1181. >And several hickeys.
  1182. >Oh… guess those two are like that.
  1183. >Pissy in the streets, kissy in the sheets.
  1184. >Or like… headache in the homestead, makeout in Twi’s shed.
  1185. >You absently wonder how many times you were mishandled as a child.
  1186. >Probably several.
  1187. >You lean in and whisper to Applejack.
  1188. “So who’s the better kisser?”
  1189. >You smug fucker, you.
  1190. >Her response is to punch you solidly in the guts.
  1191. >You grunt and whimper as the air is forcefully expelled from your lungs.
  1192. >”Don’t say a single word,” AJ hisses at you as her and Rarity make their way back to the house.
  1193. >You’re a big man, Anon.
  1194. >It was only a little punch. Try not to cry. You’re not trying hard enough.
  1195. >Apparently no one else noticed that Applejack just decked you because no one said anything at all.
  1196. >Twilight and Fluttershy must have pretended the whole situation hadn’t happened because when you finally are able to breathe and look up, the two of them are deeper inside the shed messing with an object covered in a massive sheet.
  1197. >Must be the telescope.
  1198. >You wander over to them.
  1199. >Twilight doesn’t even acknowledge your presence, though Fluttershy turns and smiles at you.
  1200. >”Anon! When did you get here?!” She asks, before breaking out into a little dance, apparently having forgotten what she was just doing.
  1201. >You ignore her for the moment being, and turn to Twilight.
  1202. “So like… are they always like that?”
  1203. >Twilight keeps picking at the sheet over what you assume in the telescope, and doesn’t even acknowledge your question.
  1204. “Twilight?”
  1205. >”ISN’T THIS JUST THE COOLEST TELESCOPE, ANON?” Twilight turns around suddenly,
  1206. “Y-yeah, I guess, but Rarity and Appleja-“
  1207. >”Aren’t they just the best of friends?! Solving arguments that quickly! Those two are the best!” Twilight seems to be trying to convince herself more than making any sense whatsoever.
  1208. >”Totally not doing anything indecent in my shed, haha, right?!” Her voice is pitched extremely high.
  1209. “Ugh… are you okay, Twilight?”
  1210. >Twilight looks up at you.
  1211. >Her face is red and she fiddles with her fingers, trying not to make eye contact.
  1212. >”What could possibly be wrong?! It’s not like I invited someone new over to my house for a sleepover and a bunch of my friends suddenly turn into insatiable floozies that can’t even control themselves for one night?! Right?! Hahaha, and it’s not like I feel really weird and hot and warm, and kinda jealous, and I’m kinda afraid that maybe I’m gonna scare you off and you’ll never come back or be my friend.”
  1213. >Twilight’s rant continues.
  1214. >You blink at her.
  1215. >The booze and the cookies have taken their toll on her as well.
  1216. >She must be one of those ‘incredibly talkative’ type drunks.
  1217. >You zone back in to her rambling.
  1218. >”And I’m not really sure if my science project for the year is all that great, and I know that I should be more concerned about keeping my grades perfect, but some part of me also hates me for being so anti-social and nerdy, and not being more outgoing and stuff like that, and-“
  1219. “Twilight!” You grab and shake her a little bit.
  1220. >She goes rigid for a few seconds, but finally clams up.
  1221. >She looks into your eyes.
  1222. “I’m having a great time tonight so far.”
  1223. >You don’t say anything about molesting and being molested.
  1224. “You’re just a little nervous because of the booze, alright.”
  1225. >You don’t mention the drugs.
  1226. >Man, tonight got really fucked up really fast.
  1227. >Were all of Twilight’s sleepovers this crazy?
  1228. >Or was it just you that made the atmosphere go from zero to fucked up within a ten minute game of truth or dare.
  1229. >Whatever, those were thoughts for a more sober Anon.
  1230. “You don’t have to be stressed out over everything, okay. I’m not weirded out or going to be scared off or anything. It’s been really cool hanging out with you so far.
  1231. >She seems to calm down aa bit.
  1232. “Besides, I think you’re fine just the way you are, nerdiness and all.”
  1233. >”A-Anon!” She blushes even harder.
  1234. >”You don’t call girls nerds!” She tries to be mock angry, but you can tell she liked your comment.
  1235. >You point to the telescope.
  1236. “Yeah, because so many not-nerds have telescopes in their backyards and ask ‘do you want go look at some cool stars’?”
  1237. >Her face is so red.
  1238. >”You’re beeeeeeeing mean!” She lightly smacks you on the chest.
  1239. “But am I being right?” You smirk down at her.
  1240. >She doesn’t say anything.
  1241. “You know, I might have a thing for nerdy girls.”
  1242. >”I THINK I SEE SOME REALLY COOL STARS OVER THERE.” Twilight quickly pivots on her heels and grabs the telescope, quickly running past you back out into the night.
  1243. >How could she see stars in the shed with the lights on, you’ll never know.
  1244. >Gotta stop teasing these girls so hard. Eventually you’re gonna push your luck a little too far and piss one of them off.
  1245. >The drugged part of you calls the rational part of you a pussy.
  1246. >Go for broke, brah.
  1247. >You turn around.
  1248. >Fluttershy must have gone out with Twilight, because you’re currently the only one still in the shed.
  1249. >That or she spontaneously ascended to a new plane of existence.
  1250. >At this point, you’re convinced anything and everything could happen.
  1251. >You close the shed door behind you as you walk out.
  1252. >Twilight is setting up the telescope in the centre of the yard. Fluttershy is staring over her shoulder excitedly.
  1253. >She’s still alive.
  1254. >Everything’s good for now.
  1255. >You walk over, not really sure what to say.
  1256. >Twilight finishes putting the telescope together, and you see her fiddle with the lenses as you approach.
  1257. >”So… there are several planets you can see with the telescope on a clear night.”
  1258. >You’re not sure if she’s speaking to you or just starting a science lecture.
  1259. >You listen intently anyways. She invited you out here, so it must be important to her.
  1260. >”Things like the moon are easily visible with the naked eye, but with even a moderately powerful telescope you can examine many of the craters with extreme detail.”
  1261. >She adjusts some of the dials on the scope as she looks through it.
  1262. >You glance overhead.
  1263. >The night is clear and cool.
  1264. >Even in your pajamas, it’s a perfectly calm night. The stars twinkle overhead brightly, and the moon stares back at you.
  1265. >It’s pretty.
  1266. >The gentle rustle of the grass swaying with the night wind is the only sound in an otherwise quiet night.
  1267. >Twilight’s hair catches in the breeze, and wraps around her.
  1268. >It feels cheesy to think or say that like this, she looks beautiful.
  1269. >But you do, anyways,
  1270. >And she is, regardless.
  1271. >”Come here, Anon. Have a look”
  1272. >You realize she is beckoning you over to the telescope.
  1273. >You oblige, walking over and putting your eye on the eyepiece.
  1274. >Your vision is instantly consumed by the massive outcropping of a rocky crater.
  1275. >You feel Twilight press up against you.
  1276. >”What you’re looking at is the largest crater on the moon, Aitken Basin. It’s more than 1500 miles in length.”
  1277. >Twilight continue to give you more facts about the moon.
  1278. >It’s size, how fast it rotates.
  1279. >She even explains the phases of the moon and the lunar cycle.
  1280. >She seems perfectly relaxed as she speaks, and you listen to everything she tells you.
  1281. >You never really expected to be intrigued much by using a telescope.
  1282. >You could see the moon regularly on most days anyways, right? What difference did it make with a little bit more zoom?
  1283. >But you were wrong.
  1284. >Maybe it was the visceral detail the telescope offered, allowing you to survey and explore every nook and cranny on the moon, ones that you would never be able to naturally see.
  1285. >Maybe it was the information you were learning, putting everything into perspective and allowing you to engage more and understand more.
  1286. >Maybe it was the cute girl on your shoulder eagerly explaining everything into your ear, her interest and enthusiasm gently carrying on the night wind into your own mind.
  1287. >Or maybe it was a combination of all three.
  1288. >Either way, you were having fun.
  1289. >You pull away from the telescope, and let Fluttershy have a turn.
  1290. >She approaches the telescope cautiously, eventually looking through the eyepiece as well.
  1291. >Twilight begins to explain again, and you watch Fluttershy’s demure behavior fade away.
  1292. >Eventually she is zooming through the stars with enthusiasm, Twilight gently guiding her through the night sky.
  1293. >You watch the two of them with a smile.
  1294. >It’s your turn again.
  1295. “What else is very cool to look at, Twilight?”
  1296. >You spin the telescope to point at Twilight.
  1297. >”Don’t you dare say it.” She looks at you expressionlessly.
  1298. >You’re gonna do it anyways.
  1299. “Because I was wondering if it’s possible to see Uranus.”
  1300. >You die a little inside.
  1301. >Twilight sighs, and you know she’s thinking why did she even bother with you.
  1302. >Fluttershy giggles.
  1303. >”Get it.. Uranus… like your anus. Hehe.”
  1304. >”Yes, Fluttershy, we got it. Hardy har har.” Twilight says mockingly.
  1305. >She turns the telescope back around, gently nudging you out of the way as she searches the night sky.
  1306. >”I’m pretty sure we should be able to find Jupiter too.”
  1307. >”Just give me a second….. aaaaand…. There we go.” She pats the eyepiece at motions at you.
  1308. >You look back into the telescope.
  1309. >Sure enough, there’s Jupiter .
  1310. >God, it looks just like some random computer generated image.
  1311. >Like a little marble floating in complete blackness.
  1312. >The lines of beige and brown are easy to make out.
  1313. >There are even a bunch of smaller dots orbiting the planet.
  1314. ”Hey, are those the moons?” you ask.
  1315. >”Yep, Jupiter has a ton of moons, and even more that are waiting to be classified as moons.” Twilight answers.
  1316. >Watching the solar system makes you a feel a little bit smaller.
  1317. >It’s cool, but it puts things into perspective.
  1318. >Twilight says a few things about Jupiter and its moons.
  1319. >After a few more minutes, you pull away from the telescope.
  1320. “Thanks for showing me that, Twilight. It was really cool.”
  1321. >Twilight smiles and looks down at her feet.
  1322. >”O-oh, you’re welcome, Anon. Trust me, it was no biggy.”
  1323. “And knowing all those facts, man, that would definitely make a girl seem like a-“
  1324. >Twilight punches you in the shoulder. Not hard, but enough for you to shut up.
  1325. >You wink at her.
  1326. >”J-jerk…” she mutters under her breath.
  1327. >She clearly doesn’t mean it.
  1328. >”Anyways! There’s one more thing to show you.”
  1329. >She takes the telescope again, turning it once more towards the heavens.
  1330. >”It might be a bit difficult to find, but give me a second.”
  1331. >Twilights takes a few moments, trying to find whatever it is she is looking for.
  1332. >”Stop tickling my shoulder, Anon.”
  1333. >Huh.
  1334. >You’re stood like three feet back from her.
  1335. “Uh… Twilight that’s not me.”
  1336. >Fluttershy coos, “Ahh… look, he wants to be your friend.”
  1337. >You look at her, slightly weirded out. You focus again on Twilight’s shoulder. In the dark, you’re able to make out some large, hairy and many-legged eking its way up her arm.
  1338. >Oh god. Oh no. You feel a violent wave of goosebumps cover your entire body.
  1339. >”What are you talking about?” Twilight asks as she lifts her head from the telescope to glance at her shoulder.
  1340. >Only to come face to face with what looks like the largest fucking spider you’ve ever seen.
  1341. >It takes you a second to realize that the scream was Twilight’s and not yours.
  1342. >Her entire body convulses as she shakes fiercely, throwing the spider off into the darkness.
  1343. >She continues to yell all the way back into the house as she flees from the multi-legged terror.
  1344. >You realize that you’ve been hugging into Fluttershy this whole time.
  1345. >Fuck spiders.
  1346. >No serious, fuck spiders.
  1347. >Big ass nasty hairy fanged vagina looking face creatures.
  1348. >Fluttershy sighs, pulling herself away from you and advancing towards where the spider fell.
  1349. >”Some people… so rude.”
  1350. >She crouches down towards the grass, and picks the spider up in her hand.
  1351. >You want to vomit.
  1352. >Oh please put that down. You get tingly in all the wrong places. Images of spiders crawling all over you fill your head.
  1353. >This must be what dying feels like.
  1354. >”See, he’s not even harmless.”
  1355. >You barely notice Fluttershy standing in front of you, holding the spider in her hands and letting the thing crawl freely over her.
  1356. >”Isn’t he cute?” Fluttershy smiles up at you.
  1357. >Not the word you would use.
  1358. >Hell, the only thing you felt like using now was a flamethrower and scorching this entire street clean from the earth.
  1359. “Yeah… c-cute. Definitely.”
  1360. >Fluttershy places the spider back in the grass.
  1361. >There’s no sign of Twilight.
  1362. >Must be scrubbing the feeling of the spider off her arm.
  1363. >You’d probably just cut the whole thing off.
  1364. >Oh well, this moment couldn’t last forever.
  1365. >Guess it’s time to bring the telescope back in the shed.
  1366. >You close the tri-pod legs, and pick the whole contraption.
  1367. >And return to the shed.
  1368. >Fluttershy follows closely behind you.
  1369. >You place the telescope where it was originally, and carefully cover it back up with the protective sheet.
  1370. >You turn around, only to promptly bump into Fluttershy.
  1371. “Whoops, sorry, didn’t see you there.”
  1372. >She doesn’t respond, smiling up at you instead.
  1373. >Creepy.
  1374. >Yet she’s still cute.
  1375. >You sidestep her and make your way back to the door.
  1376. >Wait, was it always closed.
  1377. >You didn’t close it on the way in.
  1378. >Which leaves two options: the wind blew it shut which you didn’t hear or notice, a situation that was unlikely at best. Or Fluttershy closed it.
  1379. >Which was much more likely.
  1380. >And also potentially much more sinister.
  1381. >Oh well, you’ll worry about that later on.
  1382. >You tug on the door handle. It doesn’t budge.
  1383. >You said you’d worry about that later, haha.
  1384. >The door doesn’t move at all when you try a second time.
  1385. >You mentally sigh. You also physically sigh.
  1386. “Fluttershy, did you lock the door?”
  1387. >You don’t even have time to turn around before you feel her arms wrap around your torso as she hugs you.
  1388. >She nuzzles into your back.
  1389. >”Hehe, you smell nice, Anon.”
  1390. “Ugh… thanks. Did you lock the door?” You ask a second time.
  1391. >She giggles.
  1392. >”Maaaaaaybe.”
  1393. >You squirm out of her hug and finally turn around, glaring down at Fluttershy unimpressed.
  1394. “We should get back inside.”
  1395. >Fluttershy pouts, “Don’t you wanna spend some alone time with your best friend, Fluttershy?”
  1396. >She sounds like she almost believes that.
  1397. >It’s also weird how she refences herself in third person.
  1398. >Yeah, you never do that, Anon.
  1399. >Haha.
  1400. “They’re gonna be expecting us back, you know.”
  1401. >Her pout falters. You sure you can see the warmth and friendliness drain from her face.
  1402. >”It’s not nice to deny a girl’s feelings, Anon.”
  1403. >She does a quick little spin, backing away a few steps.
  1404. >”Besides, you’re going to have to play nice to get this keeeeey~!”
  1405. >Key?
  1406. >You spy something shiny in Fluttershy’s hands. She dangles it in front of her, teasing you with it.
  1407. “Where did you get that? Isn’t that Twilights?”
  1408. >Probably snatched it off the table when you and Twilight first entered the shed.
  1409. >Fluttershy pulls at the neck of her sweater.
  1410. >”Oh no, my grip is slipping.”
  1411. “I swear to god, Fluttershy.”
  1412. >She drops the key down into the hidden depths of her cleavage.
  1413. >”Woopsie, I can be such a klutz sometime.” She puts a hand to her mouth and teehees.
  1414. “Fluttershy, give me that key.”
  1415. >She begins to sway back and forth, beckoning you forward with a slow finger waggle.
  1416. >”No, you come over and get it.”
  1417. >God damn it, now you’re gonna have to deal with this.
  1418. >Of course she starts to act up when you’re the only one around.
  1419. >Jesus Christ, that’s your fucking luck. Whatever. Deal with this quickly, then it’s back into the house to maybe hang out with Twilight some more. Or maybe see AJ and Rarity fucking on the coffee table.
  1420. >As you take a step towards her, Fluttershy giggles and jogs out of sight.
  1421. >Man, Twilight’s shed is fucking filled with tons of shit.
  1422. >Boxes, old furniture, piles of god knows what. It’s hard to navigate with out tripping over some long lost family heirloom or piece of garbage.
  1423. “Fluttershy, come on, we’re missing the party.”
  1424. >Her laughter seems to echo around you.
  1425. >You’re a bit creeped out.
  1426. >And a little bit turned on. You try to ignore that bit, though.
  1427. >You round a large pile of…. something, and find Fluttershy sat down on a very worn out wooden chair. It’s tattered and faded. There’s an identical one positioned right next to her.
  1428. >She pats the edge of the seat, inviting you to sit down in the empty chair.
  1429. >”You fooooound me!”
  1430. >You sigh again, but still end up sitting down.
  1431. “Give me the key, Fluttershy.”
  1432. >She tilts her head. “Key? What key? I have no idea what you’re talking about, Anon.” She grins mischievously.
  1433. >You’re getting real tired of this shit.
  1434. >She crawls over to you, resting her elbows on your knees and staring up at your face.
  1435. >”We’re gonna play a game, Anon.”
  1436. >That sounds disturbingly familiar.
  1437. >”You play along, you get the key. Everyone wins! Sounds good, right?”
  1438. >Oh boy.
  1439. >You can feel a second molestation in your future.
  1440. >But it doesn’t look like you’re gonna get the key any other way.
  1441. >Unless you want to wait for someone to come check on you.
  1442. >Giving the state of the girls, that could take anywhere from half an hour to whenever the shed starts to smell like two dead people.
  1443. >Fine, you can stand whatever she might throw at you.
  1444. >Besides she’s the most innocent one of the bunch, right?
  1445. >Remember what you said earlier about jinxing shit, yeah this could one of those times.
  1446. >Whatever, man, just fucking man up and nut up.
  1447. “Fine. What’s the game?”
  1448. >She claps her hands together and squees.
  1449. >”It’s Fluttershy Says.”
  1450. >Oh fuck.
  1451. >That’s definitely not going to be abused for sinister purposes.
  1452. >From what you’ve clearly seen, Twilight and her posse are pure, PG-13 students with no weird, deep seated issues at all.
  1453. >You’re not feeling so certain now.
  1454. >”It’s like Simon Says, but run by me, Fluttershy!” She points herself.
  1455. >Wow, you never could have guessed.
  1456. >Truly a 200IQ ploy.
  1457. >How could a brainlet Anon like you even keep up with this creative genius.
  1458. >Jesus Anon, lay off on the sarcasm. You gotta remember Fluttershy’s drugged all to hell.
  1459. >It’s probably better she gets a little mischievous than foaming at the mouth on the floor.
  1460. >”I’m sure you can figure out the rules, Anon.”
  1461. “I’m sure I’ll manage.” You respond, deadpan.
  1462. >She smiles at you. “Thanks for being such a good sport, Anon.”
  1463. >More like being forced against your will, but sure, ‘good sport’.
  1464. >She stands back up.
  1465. >”Okay! Let’s start.”
  1466. >You stay seated, looking up at her with a clear expression of impatience and frustration.
  1467. >”Fluttershy says: Close your eyes.”
  1468. >You keep staring at her.
  1469. >She places her hands on her hips, waiting.
  1470. “You’re serious?”
  1471. >”Fluttershy didn’t say Anon talk.” She spouts.
  1472. >Anon says ‘fuck off’.
  1473. >You don’t really say that though, that would be a bit too mean.
  1474. >She doesn’t budge after a few more seconds of staring at her. Seems she’s committed to whatever the fuck she has planned.
  1475. >You sigh, and then close your eyes.
  1476. >You hear Fluttershy giggle.
  1477. >”Good. Alright, next one. Fluttershy says: put your hands behind the chair.”
  1478. >You don’t really appreciate the idea of being this defenseless in front of a girl who’s equally likely to grab something sharp and start stabbing invisible hallucination ghosts or suddenly pass out.
  1479. >Complaining about every single thing isn’t really going to get you anywhere.
  1480. >This must be the bitchy phase of your high.
  1481. >Oh well.
  1482. >You put your hands behind the chair reluctantly.
  1483. >And wait.
  1484. >Fluttershy doesn’t say anything for a while.
  1485. >There’s no noise but the creaking of the shed as the wind blows through various openings.
  1486. “F-luttershy?” You call out.
  1487. >She wouldn’t’ have left you here, would she?
  1488. >Oh god, she could have tiptoed away and locked you in here.
  1489. >You briefly consider which arm you would eat first to survive.
  1490. >There’s a rustling behind you, and suddenly something grabs your wrists.
  1491. >You try to yank your hands away, only to find them restrained.
  1492. >A soft voice gently whispers in your ear, “Fluttershy didn’t say you could talk.”
  1493. >You seize up, violently trying to free your hands from whatever the hell she did to them. The wooden chair creaks and groans as you move, but ultimately your hands remained trapped.
  1494. >You stare at Fluttershy as she walks in front of you again.
  1495. “What did YOU do?!” You spit at her.
  1496. >She laughs. “I didn’t say you could struggle, Anon.”
  1497. >You twist your head around, trying to see what the hell she did to you.
  1498. >A faint white strip seems to be sticking off of one of your wrists.
  1500. >Fluttershy places a finger on your lips to silence you. You continue to stare up at her, actually fucking mad.
  1501. >Did this girl just carry zipties around with her to parties?
  1502. >What in the fuck is even happening right now.
  1503. >This is like legit rape.
  1504. >You no want.
  1505. >”Everything’s going to be okay, Anon.” She sits in your lap, straddling her legs across yours and wrapping her arms around your neck.
  1506. >”You won the game, the key is yours.”
  1507. >You blink.
  1508. >Oh.
  1509. >No way.
  1510. >It can’t be that easy. There’s no way it would be that easy.
  1511. >You’re not buying it just yet.
  1512. >You don’t tie someone to a chair in a dark shed to simply say ‘alright, you win now, yay!’
  1513. >She must have saw your expression of disbelief.
  1514. >Fluttershy sticks out her tongue. “Of course, now you just need to retrieve it.”
  1515. >Her arms go to her waist, then to the bottom of her sweater. She grabs onto the edges of her top.
  1516. >And then she begins to lift.
  1517. >Oh sweet Jesus.
  1518. >Fluttershy peels her sweater off slowly, revealing her thin stomach and large bust. Eventually her arms raise above her head as she pulls the entire thing off, throwing it on the empty chair where she was earlier.
  1519. >She puts her chest in your face. Her bra is a light pink, with little butterflies decorating the edges. It almost matches her hair.
  1520. >Dude, focus.
  1521. >This is about to turn into bad touch time.
  1522. >More like good touch time, heh.
  1523. >The internal struggle is real.
  1524. >She bounces on your hips a little bit, causing the chair to rattle again.
  1525. >Fluttershy leans into your ear.
  1526. >”Fluttershy says, find the key.” She nibbles on your earlobe, giggling.
  1527. >Her breath is warm, and the ticklish sensation sends shivers down your body.
  1528. >She reorients herself, sitting up straight on your lap. Fluttershy shakes her chest, her massive breasts jiggling back and forth as she moves.
  1529. >”Are you starting at my tits, Anon?”
  1530. >You honestly wonder where else there is to look.
  1531. >Up, down. Left, right. There’s boobage in all directions.
  1532. >What was with so many of Twilight’s friends having enough chest flesh to drown in.
  1533. >You can’t let yourself get distracted.
  1534. >You are a man on a mission.
  1535. >Mission: Get the key. To unlock the shed and escape this crazy girl.
  1536. >Area of Operation: The massive mountain of mammaries in front of you.
  1537. >Plan of attack:…
  1538. >…
  1539. >Huh, you really didn’t have any idea on that front.
  1540. >Plunging in just seemed like a bad idea.
  1541. >You remember the whole almost cumming in your pants from Pinkie’s teasing earlier.
  1542. >Sure you calmed down, but that calm is very quickly fading away.
  1543. >Not to mention you’re still pent up as fuck.
  1544. >Half of you wants to get out of here.
  1545. >The other half desperately wants to let loose and indulge in every bit of Fluttershy’s tits.
  1546. >Fluttershy seems to sense your hesitation.
  1547. >”You’re not going to get anywhere being shy, Anon. Trust me on that one. But if you need a little encouragement…”
  1548. >She leans forward, using her hands to force her breasts together, and suddenly your face is swallowed.
  1549. >Even with her bra still on, there’s enough cleavage for a man to get lost in.
  1550. >The first thing that hits you is the sweet smell of Fluttershy’s perfume. The flowery scent is mixed lightly with her sweat and invades your nostrils aggressively.
  1551. >The resolve you had earlier begins to fade away into a distant memory as your senses are violently assaulted.
  1552. >The sweaty, warm sensation sends shocks through you, and a familiar heat begins to rise in your pants again.
  1553. >You realize that trying to keep calm or persuade your way out of this is a lost cause.
  1554. >This is a timed battle, you just have to last long enough to win.
  1555. >It’s a struggle to keep your eyes open as Fluttershy mashes her tits into your face. Every time you try to peek, your vision is swallowed but a sea of soft, supple yellow, and pleasurable spasms rocket through your body.
  1556. >You hear Fluttershy coo and giggle as you struggle.
  1557. >Getting really hard to breathe fam.
  1558. >Like really need oxygen to prevent death tier oxygen deprivation.
  1559. >You try to lean back in the chair, anything to get away her the smothering depths of Fluttershy’s cleavage.
  1560. >It’s no use though. She straddles closer to you, keeping your face engulfed in her titty prison.
  1561. >You’re sure you’re about to pass out, judging by the stars in your vision.
  1562. >Any second now.
  1563. >But then, there’s fresh air, and bright light. You’re free.
  1564. >You suck up a few gulps of fresh air, as Fluttershy sits back on your lap. She’s grinning at you like a wolf.
  1565. >”Doesn’t look like you found it, Anon.” She says, clearly disappointed.
  1566. >You can’t muster enough energy to answer.
  1567. >Fluttershy shrugs, and her arms go behind her back.
  1568. >”Fine, I’ll give you a little help.”
  1569. >Her bra falls away.
  1570. >If you thought she had tits before, well holy lee shit.
  1571. >You’re not certain how one could hide that much away with a bra but apparently Fluttershy did.
  1572. >Her tits shoot out, blowing the bra clear across the other side of the room.
  1573. >Glass breaks somewhere in the clutter of objects behind you.
  1574. >Even while leaned back, Fluttershy’s tits threaten to consume you. They push against your chest with such pressure it’s hard to breathe.
  1575. >There’s no use trying to calm yourself anymore.
  1576. >Not with these monsters in your face.
  1577. >You know Fluttershy can feel your erection poking her in the ass.
  1578. >She squirms on your lap, using her arms to push her tits together. They spill and collapse over each other like a waterfall of flesh. Even with the dim light in the shed, you can see the glistening moisture on her skin.
  1579. >And while she squirms, she rubs her butt against your pelvis.
  1580. >You suck air in through clenched teeth.
  1581. >Any ounce of rationality or willpower you had is gone.
  1582. >Straight to your dick.
  1583. >And he’s on another mission indeed.
  1584. >Fluttershy giggles again at your predicament.
  1585. >”Seems you’re enjoying this. That makes me happy, Anon!”
  1586. >She runs her hands over her nipples, pinching them. Considering how pale the rest of Fluttershy’s body is. Her dark cherry red nipples stick out sharply. They seem to throb every time Fluttershy touches them.
  1587. >You watch, mesmerized, as Fluttershy plays with her own breasts, moaning and whimpering.
  1588. >Her nipples are so hard they stick out almost an inch from her tits. Fluttershy continues to touch and explore her tits.
  1589. > Eventually, when she’s struggling to breathe, and her voice has faded from moans to inaudible squeaks, Fluttershy stops touching herself. She puts her hands on your shoulders and leans back in.
  1590. >Her chest is heaving with each labored breath and sweat drips down her face and tits. Her hair is splayed out messily, strands sticking to your face in her exertion.
  1591. >She runs her hands through her hair, tossing it back.
  1592. >”Ready for round two?” She winks at you, biting one of her fingers alluringly.
  1593. >Your mouth is too dry to answer.
  1594. >You can feel something trailing up your hip, tracing tantalizing circles around your erection.
  1595. >And then you feel her hand slip inside your pajamas.
  1596. >You would’ve jumped right off the chair, except for Fluttershy and the restraints pinning you down.
  1597. >”Yeah, I think you’re ready.”
  1598. “Flu-“ You aren’t able to talk any further than that before Fluttershy buries you in her breasts again.
  1599. >You thought it was bad before, this is an entire new sensation. The bra must have been acting as a safeguard, because you’re in deeper than you ever thought possible.
  1600. >The heat and sweat of Fluttershy’s bosom is an unbearable assault.
  1601. >And yet only one part of her two-pronged attack.
  1602. >You feel her hand slither over the top of your underwear, teasing the member underneath.
  1603. >You’re reaching the boiling point for what you thought you could stand.
  1604. >Her hand continues to gently caress and stroke you. Your entire body is trembling, and there is no way to sate these feelings. You are trapped, being rubbed off at her pace.
  1605. >Stars burst in every corner of your vision, and you’re not sure which part of you is going to give in first.
  1606. >No! You can do this!
  1607. >The key, just find the goddamn key.
  1608. >She put it in her bra, but she took that off. Where the hell could it possible be?
  1609. >You get as much air as possible, and push your face deeper into Fluttershy’s cleavage.
  1610. >It has to be in here somewhere, or at least in her lap.
  1611. >She moans in response, and you feel her hand momentarily stop.
  1612. >Right.
  1613. >This was her weakness.
  1614. >You should have realized that.
  1615. >The fight isn’t over yet.
  1616. >With a renewed vigor, you plunge into her breasts, motorboating as best as you could.
  1617. >It must have been a little bit effective and you can feel Fluttershy size up and tremble.
  1618. >Anon might be down, but never count him out.
  1619. >There’s light at the end of this tunnel, you just have dig your way to the opening.
  1620. >The light being the key, and the opening being the locked shed door.
  1621. >Truly poetic, Anon. You should write more.
  1622. >Focus! Less self-deprecation and face titty fucking!
  1623. >Fluttershy’s hand starts to move again, sliding up and down your erection. You can feel every inch of your dick burn and throb in response, begging for more of her touch.
  1624. >Your bottom half is betraying you, and it’s only a matter of time before you give in to the pleasure completely.
  1625. >You ramp up your titty assault, biting, nipping, licking and sucking on any exposed and sensitive piece of flesh.
  1626. >Fluttershy’s other free hand grabs onto your hair, and you can feel her nails dig into your scalp. Your perseverance is paying off, just keep it up a little bit more, Anon.
  1627. >You hear her hiss and moan, muttering ‘oh gods’.
  1628. >She starts to violently shake in your lap, her legs locking around yours.
  1629. >And yet, there’s no key. Nothing. You’ve explore every possible inch of her cleavage, even getting your head far down enough to see her lap. And nothing.
  1630. >The earlier bravado is starting to fade away again.
  1631. >And then, more fresh air.
  1632. >”You didn’t think it would be that easy, did you?”
  1633. >Fluttershy’s leaned back again.
  1634. >You blink, trying to clean the sweat out of your eyes.
  1635. “W-what?”
  1636. >Fluttershy bites your ear again, and you can feel her tongue trail down your earlobe.
  1637. >”The key is still in the bra.”
  1638. >You feel the fires of resistance begin to wither and die, replaced by the burning in your loins instead.
  1639. >It was a rigged game from the start, she never planned on letting you even have a slim chance of winning.
  1640. >”Oh well, at least you tried, Anon.”
  1641. >You feel your eyes glaze over.
  1642. >Just a few more strokes and you’ll have succumbed to the pleasure.
  1643. >Fluttershy pouts. “Time to finish this up.”
  1644. >Her hand slips inside your underwear, her long, slender fingers finally brushing against your naked flesh. Her grip is gently and teasing, as she barely runs her hand up and down your length.
  1645. >And yet the sensation is enough for you to start bucking your hips wildly in the throes of ecstasy.
  1646. >No!
  1647. >No! No no no no no!
  1648. >You search for anything, ANYTHING you could possibly do to stop this as the last pieces of your mind begin to melt away from the feelings.
  1649. >The answer sits right in front of you. Large, dark, and cherry red.
  1650. >A last ditch effort.
  1651. >With all your remaining might, you lunge forward, taking Fluttershy’s erect nipple into your mouth.
  1652. >Her hand grips your dick so hard it almost breaks.
  1653. >”Oh, god, Anon, noooooo~!” Her voice trails off into a squeal as you run your tongue along her nipple.
  1654. >She begins to jerk you off, hard.
  1655. >Her hand gripping insanely tightly onto your erection as she gives long full strokes.
  1656. >She’s done playing around with you.
  1657. >You want to buckle over on the ground as pure bliss runs through every cell in your body. Your vision fades away, every other sense that you have slowly winding down as the throes of orgasm creep up in you.
  1658. >You can’t even hear Fluttershy moan and squeal as bite down and tug on her nipple.
  1659. >You’re trembling so hard the chair is shaking, the wood creaking underneath both the weight of you and Fluttershy.
  1660. >It certainly doesn’t help that she’s bouncing on your hips, each smack of her ass sending another unbearable wave of feeling through your groin.
  1661. >Your hips seize up violently as the pressure in your dick comes to a climax.
  1662. >You can’t even try to contain it anymore.
  1663. >You feel the pleasure and heat rise through your member as it throbs violently in Fluttershy’s hand.
  1664. >She squeezes hard.
  1665. >The final blow.
  1666. >There’s no using holding back anymore.
  1667. >Your body gives away, and you are floating in the air.
  1668. >Except you’re not floating, you’re falling.
  1669. >Something snaps below you, and gravity takes you into its sweet embrace.
  1670. >An explosion of wooden splinters shoots out violently in all directions as the old chair you were sat upon gives way.
  1671. >You and Fluttershy plummet to the floor in a mess of limbs. She falls back, off of you. Her hand being torn out of your underwear before the final stroke was dealt.
  1672. >You don’t even feel the impact of hitting the floor awkwardly.
  1673. >All you can feel it the heartrending throb of your erection.
  1674. >The ziptie must have been fastened to the back of the chair, before now your hands are free. You roll over on your stomach, trying to ignore the pounding in your loins.
  1675. >Your vision clears enough for you to spot Fluttershy lying on her back just a few feet from you. Her massive tits rise and fall slowly.
  1676. >You can see her looking up to the ceiling with glazed over eyes, shaking and trembling.
  1677. >But you don’t care about that.
  1678. >You find the key in her bra, of course, tucked away neatly.
  1679. >And then you turn back to her.
  1680. >You’re not thinking rationally anymore, you’re thinking with your dick.
  1681. >And your dick wants revenge.
  1682. >You walk over to Fluttershy, glaring down at her.
  1683. >You’re in control now. She doesn’t even notice as you stand over her.
  1684. >Tantalizing thoughts pick away at you. Your eyes roam over her tits, her nipples, her luscious lips.
  1685. >But how will you break this girl?
  1687. >Is it really right to do this? A little voice in the back of your head sounds off. You punch that faggot in the metaphorical mouth.
  1688. >It’s not really rape if they enjoy it anyways. Well, that’s what years of extensive sad panda browsing had taught you.
  1689. >Besides, she was gonna make you cum regardless.
  1690. >If she wanted you to bust a nut so badly, you might as well oblige her. Except you were going to bust that nut on this slut.
  1691. >Hell hast no fury like an Anon denied his orgasm. And what better way to apologize than let toy have a few minutes with her massive melon mounds.
  1692. >You reach your hands down to your pajama pants. Even the slightest contact is enough to send lightning spasming up your spine.
  1693. >To put it eloquently, you haul your peenor out.
  1694. >And boy, is he ready for some action.
  1695. >You kneel over Fluttershy, staring greedily at her tits. Nice Anon was gone away for a bit, and the only thoughts in your head currently was how hard you were going to tittyfuck Fluttershy.
  1696. >More like Sluttershy.
  1697. >Yeah that’s definitely original. As least the bad joke part of your mind was still chugging along ruining sexual moments.
  1698. >Fluttershy stirs on the ground, your shadow towering over her.
  1699. >Seems her senses are starting to boot back up. She blinks several times, before her eyes trail up to your face.
  1700. >Your grin, all the repressed lust causing you to lick your lips in anticipation.
  1701. >Your erection throbs, playfully tapping the edge of Fluttershy’s tits.
  1702. >She looks down, spotting your dick. It must have dawned on her what was about to happen, because she swallowed hard.
  1703. >”A-an-“
  1704. >You don’t even give her a chance to beg.
  1705. >With a tremendous thrust, you bury your cock deep with Fluttershy’s cleavage.
  1706. >Her protests fade away into a high-pitched squeal.
  1707. >You’re already sweating and panting hard after the first thrust. But you had to make this last as long as you could.
  1708. >You give another hard thrust, your entire dick disappearing into her tits as they flop and bounce on your pelvis.
  1709. >And you keep thrusting.
  1710. >Every wet smack of your dick penetrating deep into Fluttershy’s breasts is matched by another sweaty smack as her tits jiggle and slap against both her and you.
  1711. >You’re grinning madly, staring down at Fluttershy’s face. Her eyes start to glaze over as she trembles, any attempt at begging you top stop instead replaced by moans and squeaks.
  1712. >You’re not getting out of this that easily.
  1713. >You lock your hands onto the meaty part of her tits, positioning your thumbs right on top of her nipples. You wait a second, savouring every spasm and shake of Fluttershy’s body, before jamming your thumbs down hard into her nipples.
  1714. >Her entire body freezes, her tits locking down heavily on your tit.
  1715. >It takes every bit of your strength to not immediately cum.
  1716. >Fluttershy’s quiet moans turn into loud squeals as you grind your thumbs over her nipples. Every stroke and pinch making them redder and harder.
  1717. >Her eyes roll back in her head, and you see drool running out of her mouth.
  1718. >Her cleavage grows increasingly warm and sweaty, the loud thwapping noises of titfucking echoing loudly in the shed.
  1719. >You don’t care if anyone hears.
  1720. >You’re going to enjoy this.
  1721. >With so much focus on tormenting Fluttershy, you’ve been ignoring your own pleasure. Your dick aches and burns, begging to release your seed, but you clench your tit and thrust faster and faster.
  1722. >Your dick isn’t even visible anymore, buried so deep in her tits you’re surprised you’re not poking a hole in her sternum.
  1723. >But regardless of how deep you thrust, there’s more and more flesh to explore, each bit warmer and more sweaty than the last.
  1724. >Fluttershy’s tits roll over your dick like a log in the ocean, every inch of her bountiful breasts pushing against your member and begging you to cum. Your glans is leaking precum everywhere, and you feel the lubricant spread all over Fluttershy’s breasts, the squishing and sucking feeling increasing ten-fold.
  1725. >You crave this.
  1726. >YOU NEED THIS.
  1727. >Fluttershy shivers again, and you watch her move her hands underneath you. They go further down, disappearing as she jams them into her own panties. Her squeal and shrieks are so loud now everyone in the house can probably hear.
  1728. >You’re both drowning in the waves of ecstasy.
  1729. >There’s no ill intent in your mind, you are simply an animal in the throes of an impending orgasm, pounding away as hard as possible for your release.
  1730. >So you speed up your movements.
  1731. >The wet thwacking sounds more like a hard slap now, and Fluttershy’s tits bounce so fierce they slam into your groin with enough force to make you almost stomach stick.
  1732. >Your dick burns with heat, and every heartbeat throbs with such a force your vision starts to fade to white.
  1733. >That unmistakable feeling is beginning to creep up your loins, the tightness growing in your balls as they contract and surge.
  1734. >Fluttershy is mumbling to herself. Her body shakes, the momentum from your titfucking grinding her into the floor.
  1735. >”Ohgodohgodohgodohgodohgod.” She repeats over and over.
  1736. >The last dam breaks, and you feel the swell in your dick as your orgasm begins.
  1737. >You lean over Fluttershy, burying yourself into the deepest, wettest part of her tits, and squeeze them together tightly.
  1738. >You cum. Hard.
  1739. >The first stream of your jism plants itself deep within Fluttershy’s breasts, the warm liquid settling around your dick as you cum and cum.
  1740. >The second string shoots out forcefully, your throbbing dick aching with each spurt. It slides out through the top crease of her tits, running down her chin.
  1741. >You ease your grip a bit as the third shot leaves you. It arcs through her breasts, spilling onto her chin and lips.
  1742. >Fluttershy spasms underneath you, kicking her legs into the floor with such strength that you topple deeper into her tits.
  1743. >And keep cumming.
  1744. >Every wave is a powerful as the first. The hot jism paints every inch of her cleavage and tits, spilling down her stomach, onto her neck, and even running down her arms.
  1745. >And then the throbbing starts to die down, turning into a dull ache. You still keep thrust, caught in the ecstasy of your orgasm. Cum covers your dick, making it slide in and out of her boobs easily.
  1746. >You keep titfucking until your balls squeeze so tightly that you almost pass out, and only then do your movements start to slow.
  1747. >Fluttershy seems to be coming down from her climax as well. She removes her hands from her pants, the lengths of her fingers slick with her own juices, and collapses back on the floor, panting heavily.
  1748. >After a few more thrusts, you stop. Your dicks hurts, and your lungs burn from the exertion.
  1749. >You sit back, your dick still buried in the wet, ravaged remains of Fluttershy’s breasts.
  1750. >Neither of you speak, content to experience the last ounces of pleasure in silence.
  1751. >You blink, and gaze down at Fluttershy.
  1752. >She’s a mess, absolutely covered in both your and her own fluids. As you let go of her tits, they fall off to the side, and the massive ocean of jizz begins to run down various directions on her body,
  1753. >There’s so much on her chin and mouth that she has to breathe through her nose, and you can see various spatters up on her forehead and in her hair.
  1754. >You can’t help but laugh. Even that action causes your body to heave in protest.
  1755. >You roll off, toppling over on the floor in your exhaustion. Your entire groin is wet, soaked evenly with sweat and cum.
  1756. >How were you going to explain this? Or clean up.
  1757. >You turn your head and look over at Fluttershy. Her eyes are closed, and her breaths are slow and controlled.
  1758. “You alright?”
  1759. >She doesn’t respond.
  1760. >Oh god, is she dead? Did you fuck her so hard she died? You didn’t mean it literally!
  1761. >Her body shakes and twitches.
  1762. >Or did she cum so hard she fainted.
  1763. >Her body spasms and clenches a few more times as several afterglow climaxes roll through her body.
  1764. >She must have enjoyed that.
  1765. >God, how are you going to clean her up? She’s more cum than woman now.
  1766. >Your eyes drift around the shed, eventually landing on the sheet covering the telescope.
  1767. >Oh god. Twilight was going to hate you.
  1768. >So much.
  1769. >It takes a few minutes to clean up. You have to use both sides of the telescope cover and several old washcloths you find around the shed to wipe down Fluttershy.
  1770. >It takes way too long. Man, how pent up were you? Too much, apparently.
  1771. >She coos happily in her sleep.
  1772. >God, the entire shed smells like sex. Salty, musty sex.
  1773. >You and Fluttershy must fucking reek then.
  1774. >You wonder how long it has been since Twilight ran back inside.
  1775. >Eventually, you pick Fluttershy up off the floor, cradling her in your arms.
  1776. >Even as a sex crazed maniac, she still looks cute. She nuzzles into your neck.
  1777. >It’s a hassle to carry her and unlock the shed door with the key you pocketed earlier, but you fumble around enough get it open after a while.
  1778. >Cool night air breezes over you.
  1779. >And you step out into the night. Thank god that’s over.
  1780. >And bump right into something else.
  1781. >Something pink.
  1782. >”Anon?”
  1783. >You can see Pinkie’s blue eyes peering at you in the darkness.
  1784. >”Fluttershy?!”
  1785. >Oh boy.
  1786. >”What happened? And what’s that smell?!”
  1787. >OH BOY.
  1788. >You chew on your lip, trying to find an acceptable answer.
  1789. “Let’s just say it was the sexually hyperactive type of high.”
  1790. >”Oh…” Pinkie sound envious.
  1791. >”So… what happened…?” And apparently interested.
  1792. >You sigh.
  1793. >”Let’s get her inside first, okay there?”
  1794. >”O-of course, Anon.”
  1795. >Pinkie follows you back into Twilight’s house. As you approach the back entrance, the sounds of music hit your ears. You shrug, That would probably explain why nobody heard you to.
  1796. “Music…”
  1797. >You hear Pinkie creep behind you.
  1798. “Yeah, let’s just say Rainbow and Twilight just got hit very hard by my cookies. They’re having a dance off in the living room.”
  1799. >You were missing a dance off. Oh well, at least it would give you an opportunity to clean up and hide the evidence.
  1800. >”Was it bad?” Pinkie looks at you curiously.
  1801. “She had me zip tied to a chair.”
  1802. >Pinkie’s eyes open wide and she grins at you.
  1803. >”How is that bad?”
  1804. >Of course, this girl. She would be like that.
  1805. “Can you take her upstairs to get cleaned up?”
  1806. >Fluttershy squirms in your arms, even with her massive breasts, she’s very light to lift. You’re sure Pinkie could manage.
  1807. >Pinkie pinches her nose. “Yeah, that smell has to go.” She leans over and takes a big whiff of you. “You too, Anon. You stink.”
  1808. >Didn’t really want to smell like you just busted a load. Probably won’t send the best signal to Twilight.
  1809. >”Come on, let’s get upstairs before anyone notices you.” Pinkie grabs you by the collar, guiding you sneakily up the steps and into the nearby washroom.
  1810. >This is the second time you have been in a washroom in the past hour. You hope it’s a little more uneventful than the last time.
  1811. >”Anon?”
  1812. >Oh shit, that’s Fluttershy’s voice. You glance down only to find her looking back up at you.
  1813. >”Where are we?” She blinks tiredly, turning her head to view the surroundings.
  1814. >Pinkie springs into her field of vision.
  1815. >”Heya, Flutters! Anon just brought you in so we can get you cleaned up.”
  1816. >Fluttershy tilts her head quizzically.
  1817. >”Cleaned up from what?”
  1818. >Both you and Pinkie blink.
  1819. “Uh…”
  1820. >”And what’s that smell?” Fluttershy wrinkles her nose, screwing up her face in disgust.
  1821. >She’s gotta be pulling your leg, right? No way she could have forgotten that, drug induced stupor or not.
  1822. >The little evil part of your brain thinks she’s just trying to put on that innocent act to keep her image up in front of her friends.
  1823. >Is Fluttershy that sinister? You dunno.
  1824. >Pinkie clicks her tongue.
  1825. >”Don’t worry about that!” She laughs awkwardly. “I’m gonna run you a bath, so just wait a minute.”
  1826. >Fluttershy seems to clue in to her surroundings a bit more.
  1827. >”Um… Anon, can you put me down now?”
  1828. >Oh right, you’re still holding the big-tittied monster.
  1829. >You place Flutters gently down on the floor. She gingerly puts her weight on her own feet, stumbling into your chest as her legs shake.
  1830. >”Oh my, my legs are really weak.”
  1831. >You try not to smile too much.
  1832. >Pinkie walks over to the bath tub, leaning over to turn on the water.
  1833. >You totally don’t stare at her ass the entire time.
  1834. >Nope.
  1835. >You definitely didn’t see her playfully sway her hips from side to side as she tests the water.
  1836. >And you obviously don’t imagine sneaking up behind her and giving her a massive smack on the ass.
  1837. >You’re too pure of an Anon for that.
  1838. >Jesus Christ, if you stare any longer you’re going to become hypnotized. The way the flesh jiggles with each of her movements, no matter how small or subtle.
  1839. >And those fucking thighs.
  1840. >You wouldn’t mind having your head crushed in between those.
  1841. >You mean, if you had to pick a way to leave.
  1842. >Because you’re totally not fantasizing over it.
  1843. >”Anon, you alright?”
  1844. >Fluttershy is looking at you with concern.
  1845. >”You kind of zoned out there.”
  1846. >Any traces of sexually devious Fluttershy seems to be gone for now. Her bangs are back to covering half her face and she looks at you shyly.
  1847. “Just, uh, thinking. I’m fine, no worries.”
  1848. >Fluttershy nods but doesn’t say anything else. She wanders over to the mirror above the sink and begins to inspect herself.
  1849. >God, you hope you cleaned her up decently enough.
  1850. >The sound of running water fills the bathroom, and eventually Pinkie rises from the tub.
  1851. >”Alright, should be good for you, Fluttershy.”
  1852. >Both girls turn to you expectantly.
  1853. “Uh… yeah?”
  1854. >Fluttershy blushes.
  1855. >Pinkie rolls her eyes. “This is the part where you leave, Anon.” She makes a little shooing motion with her hands.
  1856. >Obviously, dumbass. You’re not going to stand here and watch.
  1857. “Oh right! Sorry!” You make yourself scarce and leave the washroom.
  1858. >”Go wait in Twilight’s room!” Pinkie calls out as you carefully close the door.
  1859. >No sooner after you have closed the door does the faint sound of whispers begin coming from the washroom.
  1860. >Oh great, gossiping. Hopefully not about you.
  1861. >Oh well, Twilight’s room it is.
  1862. >Music still blares up from the living room below. It’s loud enough to make the floor rumble. Some awful wubstep mix that no one in their right mind would listen to.
  1863. >You don’t know how Rainbow or Twilight could possible dance to this mess, but whatever. The noise hopefully covered up the sound of running water.
  1864. >As accepting as Twilight and her friends are, you showering her house is probably somewhere past that line of generally accepted acquaintance behavior in someone’s home.
  1865. >Better make this quick then.
  1866. >Twilight’s room is at the end of the hall, same place where Dash has led you earlier.
  1867. >You creak the door open a little bit, and after hearing no one respond, sneak into the room.
  1868. >At least Rarity and Applejack aren’t hiding in here.
  1869. >Yet.
  1870. >Haha, tomorrow was going to be one hell of a fucking awkward mess once everyone sobered up.
  1871. >Poor Twilight. You wonder if she knew her friends were all nymphomaniacs.
  1872. >You check the clock in Twilight’s room.
  1873. >Almost midnight.
  1874. >Only been a few hours since you got here. God, the night wasn’t even half over yet.
  1875. >You creep back over to the washroom in the corner of Twilight’s room and enter, closing the door behind you and switching the light on.
  1876. >The first thing you see in the mirror is your incredibly dishevelled appearance.
  1877. >Guess being trapped between super sized sweaty titties wasn’t exactly the best way to keep your hair tidy.
  1878. >God, it looks like you just walked through a tornado.
  1879. >You splash a little water on your face from the sink, using the moisture to make yourself a bit more presentable.
  1880. >What now? Pinkie told you to wait. You would’ve stripped out of your musty clothes and gotten in the shower, but you didn’t have any more changes of clothes.
  1881. >Guess you’ll wait.
  1882. >You take out a few towels from the shelf nearby and lay them on the floor.
  1883. >And then sit on the toilet, browsing your phone for a few minutes to pass the time.
  1884. >You look up when the door creaks open, and Pinkie sneaks in.
  1885. >”I brought you some spare stuff.” She says, holding out a bundle of clothes.
  1886. >You furrow your brows.
  1887. “You have guy clothes that fit me?”
  1888. >Pinkie shrugs, “Maybe you come to sleepovers unprepared, but Pinkie doesn’t!”
  1889. >This girl hurts your brain. Like she makes and doesn’t make sense at the same time.
  1890. >Oh well, you’re not going to complain about having some stuff to change into, especially given the stains on your current set of pajamas.
  1891. >You take the clothes from her, laying them down on the shelf.
  1892. “Thanks.”
  1893. >”Don’t mention it.”
  1894. “How’s Fluttershy?”
  1895. >”Relaxing in the tub.”
  1896. >You really want to know what they were talking about earlier, but you have to approach the subject carefully to not sound like some eavesdropping nerd.
  1897. “She say anything?”
  1898. >”What would she have to say, Anon? I’m sure nothing PG-13 and above happened out there in the shed, right?” She winks.
  1899. >You turn away, blushing.
  1900. >She obviously knows, and is obviously teasing you. Fucking super thicc drug girl.
  1901. >You cough, clearing your throat.
  1902. “Obviously. Family friendly Anon here. For all ages.”
  1903. >Pinkie giggles, turning around to leave.
  1904. >”I’m going back to check on Flutters, be quick in there before anyone wonders where you are.”
  1905. >She gives a little wave before creeping back out through the door.
  1906. >You wave back, and soon are alone in the washroom once more.
  1907. >Make it quick, Anon.
  1908. >You strip down, throwing your dirty clothes in a pile near the foot of the tub.
  1909. >It takes a moment for the water to heat up when you turn the tap on, but eventually you step into the tub and close the curtain.
  1910. >God, you loved showers.
  1911. >Hot and relaxing.
  1912. >Sure enough, as soon as the steam and the heat begins to roll over you, combined with the spray for the faucet, you find all your worries drifting away.
  1913. >The tub reverberates underneath your feet.
  1914. >Christ, how loud was the music downstairs. How the neighbours haven’t complained, or the cops haven’t shown up is a miracle.
  1915. >You hold your face up to the showerhead, letting the water wash the dried in sweat and grime away. You also rinse your hair, fixing the messy head you had earlier.
  1916. >Finally a moment to yourself. Your thoughts begin to wander.
  1917. >Tonight had been a busy night.
  1918. >Twilight and some of her friends thought you were gay still. Pinkie and Fluttershy knew you weren’t, or at least maybe the slutty half of Fluttershy did.
  1919. >You’d also made out with Rainbow, but she did say something about ‘converting you’ so maybe she still thought you were Anon the Dong Wrangler.
  1920. >Twilight, Rarity and Applejack no doubt thought you were still all aboard on the gay train. You’d have to find some time to talk to Twilight later on, just to explain things.
  1921. >Better to get it out of the way early on, before things became even more awkward.
  1922. >There’s also the molesting and being molested.
  1923. >And yours and Fluttershy’s whole ‘probably rape but maybe not’ sort of thing.
  1924. >Would they really believe she tied you to a chair?
  1925. >Eh… the odds on that are probably not that much in your favor.
  1926. >You continue to shower, almost on autopilot.
  1927. >And then you hear the bathroom door open.
  1928. >Oh boy, the one thing you should have done was lock the door.
  1929. >Like holy fuck, Anon, literally the first thing you do in any washroom.
  1930. >Depending on who this is, this could be a really awkward situation.
  1931. >You try to peer out through the shower curtain, however it’s too opaque to see anything.
  1932. “Hello?” You call, seeing no other option.
  1933. >You hear the tattletale giggle of an approaching Pink monstrosity.
  1934. >God damnit.
  1935. “I wonder who that could possibly be.”
  1936. >More laughter.
  1937. >You reach out around the shower curtain to grab a towel.
  1938. >And they are not there.
  1939. >You’re gonna kill this girl.
  1940. >So much for covering up. You settle with placing your hands over your crotch to hide the goods.
  1941. “Did you move the towels?” The annoyed tone in your voice seems to grow a bit.
  1942. >She doesn’t respond, and the only sound in the washroom is the running water spattering off you and running down the drain.
  1943. >Well moment of truth. You pull back the shower curtain enough to poke your head out.
  1944. >And find yourself staring deep into bright, blue eyes.
  1945. >You instinctively jump back, and smack your head against the shower.
  1946. >Ouch. This girl was going to be the death of you.
  1947. >You rub the back of your head.
  1948. >”Didn’t mean to scare ya, Anon!”
  1949. “Yeah, well don-“
  1950. >You look at Pinkie.
  1951. >She’s naked. Completely. As in ‘wow those huge tits are hanging out freely’.
  1952. >”See something you like?” She wiggles, bending over slightly to push her breasts out more.
  1953. “Yeah.”
  1954. >Oh shit, you didn’t mean to say that out loud. But her figure lives you breathless and dazed.
  1955. >Pinkie sticks her tongue out, “Hi Mini-Anon!” She gives a little wave, but she’s not looking at you, she is looking dow-
  1956. >Oh right, your hands. You moved them to rub the bruise on your head, meaning you took them off your dick.
  1957. >Which means it’s out in the open, swinging freely. Or would be, if the sight of Pinkie’s body hadn’t motivated him into standing at attention.
  1958. >You grab the shower curtain and cover yourself.
  1959. “Why are you naked?!”
  1960. >Pinkie laughs, “Why are you naked?” She shoots back.
  1961. “I’m in the shower, where you are supposed to be naked.” You declare, exasperated.
  1962. >She takes a step closer to the tub, her hips swaying and her tits bouncing.
  1963. >”So am I.” She wiggles her eyebrows, and winks.
  1964. “Nope.”
  1965. >You promptly haul the shower curtain back across.
  1966. >”You can’t hide from meeeee~!” She calls out playfully.
  1967. >You pinch the edges of the shower curtain. There’s no way she could possibly haul it open now.
  1968. >You expect an impending tug of war, but nothing happens for several minutes.
  1969. >You make the mistake of looking out, only to find the bathroom empty.
  1970. >You feel a presence behind you.
  1971. >”Wow, this water is hot!”
  1972. “GAH!” You almost jump out of the shower.
  1973. “How did you- What?! There’s no way!”
  1974. >”Pinkie finds a way.”
  1975. >You roll your eyes. Don’t turn around, don’t acknowledge her. Don’t turn around, don’t acknowledge her.
  1976. >”Wow, you have a nice butt, Anon!”
  1977. >Something pinches you on the ass.
  1978. “Hey, stop that.”
  1979. >You turn around, swatting her hand away quickly before trying to cover yourself up. It’s not that successful considering your raging hardon.
  1980. >Pinkie pouts. “You don’t want some time alone with Pinkie?”
  1981. >You’re trying not to look at her face because she’s grinning like a mad woman.
  1982. >”I can see that little smile on the edges of your lip, Anon.”
  1983. >Damn, she was good.
  1984. >You sigh and look at her.
  1985. >That was probably your first mistake.
  1986. >She’s standing right under the showerhead, the water splashing down on her head and shoulders. Her messy, poofy hair from earlier is gone, the moisture straightening it out to the point where it hands down to almost her back. Bangs sit evenly across her forehead.
  1987. >Wow, straight her looks really nice on her.
  1988. >You mouth slightly opens as you stare at her.
  1989. “Oh… wow.”
  1990. >Pinkie narrows her eyes questioningly.
  1991. “Your hair looks great like that.”
  1992. >You absent-mindedly reach out, brushing a strand out of her face. It still feels incredibly soft.
  1993. >Pinkie almost leans in. She blinks.
  1994. >”R-really?”
  1995. >You nod.
  1996. ”Your bangs are nice. They frame your face really well.”
  1997. >She looks at your for a few seconds, almost as if she’s shocked by your comment. She breaks into a smile, and rubs her arm awkwardly.
  1998. >”A-anon, you’re supposed to try and get me out of the tub, not convince me to stay in…” She mutters, unable to meet your eyes.
  1999. >Oh right, you were pretending to be mad.
  2000. >Very hard to, looking at her now.
  2001. >Everything about her… was just… wow.
  2002. >Yeah, that’s the proper word. Just…. Wow.
  2003. >Your eyes trail down her body, your brain slow to keep up with all you see.
  2004. >Pinkie must have noticed, because she stands on her tippy-toes and pushes her body forward, exaggerating all her features.
  2005. >It’s almost intoxicating to view her body.
  2006. >Your vision slowly takes in her entire form. Down her face, to her slim neck, to her prominent clavicle and past that to her enormous breasts.
  2007. >Forget about what you said earlier about Fluttershy, Pinkie’s tits are just as big, if not larger. They’re rounded and sit on her chest like water balloons, heavier at the bottom. Her areolas are bigger than Fluttershy’s, and when your eyes wander over her nipples, you’re momentarily confused, wondering where are.
  2008. >Until you see the little creases in the middle and realize.
  2009. >Inverted nipples. Incredibly puffy, huge inverted nipples.
  2010. >You’re finding it increasingly hard to breathe.
  2011. >Her stomach isn’t as thin as Fluttershy’s, but you wouldn’t say fat. More along the lines of appropriate pudgy, just enough to support her massive tits. Just enough for you to grab onto and fuck.
  2012. >Water from the showerhead pools at the top of her tits, like a little moat, before draining down the inside of her tits or overflowing from the top. The little water droplets sticking to her body makes each inch of her body more arousing.
  2013. >Even her belly button looks inviting, sitting deeply in her stomach. Like a little extra hole to put your dick in.
  2014. >But there’s more.
  2015. >Pinkie’s hips are imposing and gigantic, stretching almost the width of the shower. You’re surprised she fit in here so easily. Her inner thighs curve, allowing you a healthy view of the insides of her legs, and the colossal ass on the other side.
  2016. >The inner portion of her thighs look incredibly inviting. The plump flesh jiggling as Pinkie presents herself to you.
  2017. >Her pubes are bushy, yet styled enough to not be overwhelming. And there’s enough of a view of her sex to make your dick twitch.
  2018. >Your eyes return to Pinkie’s face, and you’re not really sure what to say, so you stare at her instead.
  2019. >She giggles.
  2020. >”What’s wrong, Anon, having troubling breathing?”
  2021. >You’re have more trouble than that. Your brain moves slowly, all your thoughts infected by Pinkie’s intoxicating appearance.
  2022. >You could just stare at her all day and die happy.
  2023. >Or you could do more. That’s a pleasant thought. One that makes your penis twitch again eagerly.
  2024. >”Look, Little Nonnie is excited.” She coos, her hand reaching for your girth.
  2025. >You’re not sure what’s warmer, the water pouring down on you, or the heat of Pinkie’s hand tenderly touching your dick.
  2026. >You can still feel the ache from the romp with Fluttershy earlier. Your dick is confused if it wants more, or just wants to rest.
  2027. >Is it really okay to bang around one of Twilight’s friends? You’re not entirely sober, but still not fucked up enough to not be aware of your actions. Still, it feels sort of wrong, like you’re taking advantage of the situation.
  2028. >Pinkie must have saw the confusion on your face, because she leans in to you really close. Close enough that you can feel her breath on your lips.
  2029. >”It’s okay, Anon. I really want this.”
  2030. >So you kiss her. Not a quick peck, either, but a full mouth-on-mouth kiss.
  2031. >Payback for earlier, you tell yourself.
  2032. >Her eyes light up, and she almost reels back, but instead she steps in, wrapping her arms around the back of your neck and driving her tits into your chest.
  2033. >Her tongue playfully wrangles with yours as she moans into your mouth.
  2034. >The both of you stay like that for a while, breaking away enough to inhale before leaning in and continuing to smooch over and over.
  2035. >Pinkie’s mouth is insanely sweet, and her lips are puffy and wet. Full of color and texture. You feel like you could get cavities from just kissing her.
  2036. >One of your hands wraps around her breast, your fingers pinch and squeezing her inverted nipples.
  2037. >Your other hand goes lower, past her tits, and her stomach, lower and lower. You feel her pubes brush against your fingers, but you continue on. Until the tips of your fingers at least find-
  2038. >Pinkie giggles, gently grabbing and stopping her hand.
  2039. >She pulls away from the kiss and takes a step back.
  2040. >”Not there, Anon.”
  2041. You blink at her. Cockblocked again, no way.
  2042. >And then Pinkie turns around, placing her arms on the shower wall and showing you her exposed ass.
  2043. >”Here.”
  2044. >If you thought the view was great before, then this was like staring into ass heaven. Pinkie had a sizeable rump from the front, but viewing it in all its glory from the back.
  2045. >You were probably an ass-man now
  2046. >Her ass was….
  2047. >Monumental. Massive. Mammoth-sized. Monstrous. Majestic.
  2048. >Like two fat watermelons in a g-string evenly divided down the middle.
  2049. >Fat and plump, shapely at all the right angles and tight enough to not sag.
  2050. >To summarize: Thiccccc.
  2051. >You weren’t sure how many C’s to add. You weren’t sure there could possibly be enough.
  2052. >She popped her ass out again, her booty jiggling alluringly.
  2053. >”Don’t just look!”
  2054. >Her hands wrap around her own buttcheeks and she cups them underneath, propping up her buttocks even more.
  2055. >God, you could dive right in.
  2056. >You’ve never done this before, but some dark, deep instinct buried somewhere in your mind tells you to eat that ass.
  2057. >So you do dive right in.
  2058. >Pinkie gasps as you clamp your hands down sharply on her rump, the smack reverberating in the shower.
  2059. >”Anon~!” She whimpers.
  2060. >You start slow, kneading your hands into her ass, pressing and digging at her flesh lustfully. Every slap and pinch and touch makes her booty jiggle and bounce.
  2061. >You get on your knees, and begin trailing kisses around the edge of her thighs and lower back.
  2062. >Pinkie’s body trembles at your touch, and she has to constantly move her feet to prevent her knes from caving in.
  2063. >Your kisses go lower, as you begin to peck away at her ass, your lips running over the thickest, fattest part of her butt.
  2064. >At this position, you can clearly see the outer lips of Pinkie’s sex. It’s glistening, from the wetness of the shower water and Pinkie’s arousal.
  2065. >You give her ass a hard smack, and it jiggles for a solid five seconds before slowing.
  2066. >”Ah!” Pinkie yelps, before breaking out into a fit of giggles.
  2067. >”What did I say about teasing?!”
  2068. “Pretty sure you’re enjoying this.”
  2069. >You don’t see her pout, but you know she is.
  2070. >Your hands go to the inner portions of Pinkie’ ass, and you spread them open wider. Buried deep in her butt, you can finally see the entrance.
  2071. >The plump donut hole clenches and puckers as Pinkie trembles in your grasp, squeezing tighter and tighter.
  2072. >You kiss around the outer edge. Each light touch of your mouth causing Pinkie’s entire body to squirm in response.
  2073. >And then you jam your tongue onto her asshole.
  2074. >”W-wait!” Pinkie squeals, having to use her arms to brace herself against the shower. Her knees quiver, so you push deeper into her body to stabilize her.
  2075. >Your tongue prods at the entrance to Pinkie’s ass, poking around the sides and running along the inviting hole.
  2076. >You hear Pinkie mutter to herself as you lick and stroke her. Even down here her sweat is sweet and tangling. The heat from her ass squeezing your face causes your dick to constantly twitch in joy.
  2077. >Eventually you pull away and stand.
  2078. >Pinkie seems to relax momentarily.
  2079. >You reorient yourself, gripping your throbbing erection and placing it in-between Pinkie’s asscheeks.
  2080. >The fat flesh rubs eagerly against the head of your penis, smearing her butt with precum.
  2081. >You rub your dick up and down Pinkie’s behind, lubing up her asshole with your fluids. She pushes back into your, burying your member deep in the confines of her buttcheeks.
  2082. >After a few moments of warming her up, you force your dick in further, prodding at her asshole teasingly. It clenches in response, and you wonder if you could ever fit in something so tight.
  2083. >But Pinkie is eager for you to try, bumping her hips against yours as she grinds your erection into her butt.
  2084. >”Stop teasing me, Anon.”
  2085. >You slap her ass hard again, causing her to jump.
  2086. “I want you to say it.”
  2087. >You lean over her, wrapping your hands around her nipples and pinching them hard.
  2088. “I want you to fuck my ass, Anon. Say it.”
  2089. >Pinkie moans as you abuse her nipples, breathing hard.
  2090. >”I…wa…….as..” She mumbles in between her moans.
  2091. >You pinch harder.
  2092. “I didn’t hear you.”
  2093. >She mutters again, barely audible.
  2094. “What was that?”
  2095. >You know it’s bad to tease girls like that but judging from how much Pinkie’s entire body is spasming, you know she loves it.
  2097. >As soon as the words leave her lips, you jam your erection as hard as you can into Pinkie’s asshole.
  2098. >That was probably a bad idea.
  2099. >Her asshole clenches down hard on your invading member, squeezing so tight stars burst in your vision. You have to clench down hard to prevent yourself from cumming immediately.
  2100. >Pinkie squeals in response, her body seizing up even more as her ass is violated.
  2101. >You step closer, burying more of your dick into her ass. It’s a slow process, but you manage to feed inch after inch of your cock into her bunghole.
  2102. >Every inch inside is hotter and tighter than the previous, and you’re gritting your teeth as you suffer through all the pressure.
  2103. >You bottom out, all you’re your member nestled deeply inside Pinkie’s rump, the only visible thing are your pubes sticking out between her massive ass cheeks.
  2104. >You take a deep breath to steady yourself.
  2105. >You’re not going to last long. Not with all the sensations running through your member.
  2106. >Pinkie giggles, half panting.
  2107. >”Bitten off a little more than you could chew, did ya, Anon?”
  2108. >She wiggles her hips slightly, the motion sending waves of pleasuring rocketing through your loins.
  2109. >”Wonder what would happen if I clenched down a little…” She wonders aloud.
  2110. >She’s not clenched down already? Oh no, this could be bad.
  2111. “Pinkie, wa-“
  2112. >Her entire body squeezes.
  2113. >Hard.
  2114. >Whatever room you had drilled into her ass disappears, as the tunnel collapses inward on your dick.
  2115. >Every inch of your erection is crushed under the pressure, the glans of your penis throbbing so hard your knees quiver.
  2116. >You cum.
  2117. >You didn’t mean to, but the wave of pleasure that rolled your body was irresistible. You feel your member twitch, each string of cum shooting deep into Pinkie’s ass.
  2118. >You have to grip onto her butt to prevent yourself from collapsing.
  2119. >”Wow, Anon, that was a lot.” Pinkie giggles, but instead of pulling away , she steps back, burying you deeper inside her.
  2120. “Pinkie… I… give me a moment.” You pant.
  2121. >”No can do, Anon. This pie isn’t going to stop until it’s cream filled.”
  2122. >You don’t event get a chance to respond.
  2123. >Pinkie slams her ass back into your hips
  2124. >In the waves of pleasure still riding through your dick in the afterglow of your first orgasm, the sensation is enough to make you yelp.
  2125. >More heat and pressure assault your dick, amplified by the sensitivity in your loins.
  2126. >Pinkie hums as she bounces on your cock, each loud slap accompanied by a wave of ecstasy in your pelvis.
  2127. >The steam of the shower mixing with the heat of Pinkie’s ass, and your own bodily exertion heat is too much for you. Your breaths are short and shallow, and it’s all you can do to keep conscious as Pinkie takes the lead.
  2128. >Her fat ass sucks you in deeper with every bounce, and your thighs are already red from how hard she is smacking into you.
  2129. >Your dick spasms and twitches uncontrollably, deep inside her asshole. It begs for release as the pressure once again builds in your balls.
  2130. >The pressure of Pinkie’s butt closing on you doesn’t relent, and you can see her ass constrict further and further as she clenches harder and harder.
  2131. >You feel yourself beginning to drool. Your eyes and head roll back, the only sensations you can feel in the unbearable pleasure in your dick and the faint wet slaps of Pinkie’s ass against your thighs.
  2132. >You cum again. It’s a mix of pain and pleasure so intense that you whimper. The pressure in your loins doesn’t relent at all, and instead builds off your previous orgasm.
  2133. >You swear she’s sucking the soul out of you, right through your dick.
  2134. >You can’t feel anything anymore, just a dull spasm that runs down your member with each additional cumshot.
  2135. >The inside of Pinkie’s ass fills and fills, the amount of jism sloshing around over your bruised and beaten dick. Between her movements, some starts to leak out of her ass, trailing down her butt and running down her legs.
  2136. >Eventually her movements start to slow, her panting become louder and louder with each passing moment. Her moans and whimpering also increases, over the hiss of the showerhead.
  2137. >Your abused dick continues to spasm inside her ass, releasing more and more seed. Sweat pours down your head and body, and you are barely aware of the same thing happening to Pinkie.
  2138. >With a few final thrusts, Pinkie bounces in your dick once more, concluding your final orgasm with a loud smack. Your dick twitches pitifully, one least tiny orgasm as the two of your collapse against the shower wall.
  2139. >Your dick slips out, crumpled and covered in jizz. Pinkie’s asshole bubbles over, trails of cum beginning to pour out in a thick, viscous liquid.
  2140. >She holds you tightly as the two of you sit underneath the showerhead, letting the water wash away the smell and liquids of sex.
  2141. >Your senses flicker back on one by one, and you’re briefly away of how prune-y your skin is.
  2142. >Pinkie nuzzles into your body, her eyes closed as she sighs happily.
  2143. >You can’t feel anything below your waist, and your mouth is so dry you can’t even speak.
  2144. >After a few moments, the warm water gives your beaten and battered body some new life.
  2145. >You manage to stand, and Pinkie hauls herself up as well. You’re not sure what to say.
  2146. >She wraps her arms around you, pulling you into a deep hug.
  2147. >She kisses you on the cheek.
  2148. >"We should probably clean up, Anon."
  2149. >You nod, still unable to speak.
  2150. >The next few minutes pass in a daze. Pinkie helps you wash your hair and back, and eventually she turns the shower, the both of you standing there, thoroughly cleaned and pleasured.
  2152. >When she finally turns off the tub and pulls the shower curtain open, it’s all you can do to not trip over the edge of the tub as you stumble out.
  2153. >Mist curls and floats in the bathroom, gently flowing around your body as you walk.
  2154. >Guess you were in the shower a little too long.
  2155. >You’re not sure if Pinkie is talking to you or not, the only sound you can hear is that of your heartbeat pounding in your ears.
  2156. >You manage to get over to the sink with your trembling knees, using it to brace your body on.
  2157. >You wipe the mirror off a little bit.
  2158. >A nice and clean Anon stares back at you. Your face is still flushed, and there’s a little glaze in your eyes, but you’re still alive.
  2159. >Pinkie walks up behind you, leaning on your shoulder. She’s still naked, her tits bobbing slightly at her movements.
  2160. >You’re pretty sure if you popped another boner you would die.
  2161. >”You alright there, Anon?” She asks.
  2162. >Your lips are dry, and you can’t find the words to answer her, so you nod slowly.
  2163. >Pinkie giggles, slapping you on the ass.
  2164. >”There’s no pie like Pinkie’s pie.” She takes a towel and wraps it around her chest, but it does little to cover her massive amount of cleavage. “I’d take it easy for the next few days, Anon.”
  2165. >You nod again.
  2166. >It takes a while to clean up the washroom and dump the wet towels in the laundry bin, but eventually the two of you make it back out into Twilight’s room.
  2167. >Life is managing to find its way back into your limbs. Your movements are less zombie-like as you recover from the sexual ordeal.
  2168. >There’s a dull ache in your nuts that resonates every time you even think. Probably not going to fap for a while after this.
  2169. >A shirt hits you in the face.
  2170. >”Heads up, Anon!”
  2171. >It’s probably a few seconds later that you actually raise your hands to catch it.
  2172. >You need something to drink and a one hundred year nap.
  2173. >Pinkie dumps the rest of the clothes she brought you on Twilight’s bed.
  2175. >You begin rummaging through it. Sure enough, Pinkie was true to her word. There’s undies and socks and a pair of lounging pants that mostly fit you.
  2176. >You hold up the shirt she threw at you. It’s bright pink with the word ‘Juicy~!’ etched across the front.
  2177. “What the hell is this? Is this yours?” You turn the shirt to face her.
  2178. >Pinkie winks at you.
  2179. >”I have to get extra large shirts, Anon. For reasons.”
  2180. >Oh right, mega-milk titties. You can’t really imagine Pinkie squeezing into normal chick shirts, not unless she wants to rip them clean open.
  2181. >The image of Pinkie in a really tight shirt with her puffy nipples sticking out noticeably worms its way into your mind. Your balls groan in protest, a wave of discomfort flowing through your pelvis.
  2182. >No more sexy thoughts, Anon. Not for a while yet.
  2183. “Whatever.”
  2184. >You shake your head, throwing the shirt on anyway.
  2185. >You know, trying to convince Twilight that weren’t gay while wearing a pink ‘juicy~!’ shirt probably wasn’t the wisest course of action.
  2186. >Oh well.
  2187. >The two of you finish dressing not long after, exiting Twilight’s room and heading back out into the hall.
  2188. >The music from below has stopped, the only sound drifting up the stairs being the idle chatter of Twilight and her friends.
  2189. >You hope they hadn’t head anything.
  2190. >The hallway bathroom door is also open, but there’s no light on inside. Fluttershy must have cleaned up already and went back downstairs.
  2192. >It’s going to be hard to look at her for the rest of the night.
  2193. >You walk quietly down the steps, Pinkie following behind you. You lean forward, peering around the corner as you descend, trying to see where everyone else is.
  2194. >There’s no one waiting at the bottom, or around the corner, so you make your way back towards the living room.
  2195. >The first thing you see is Twilight collapsed onto the couch.
  2196. >She’s sweating from every pore, and her hair is a sticky mess with strands flowing out everywhere over her body. She’s panting hard, with her eyes closed, and you can see her chest rise and fall rapidly.
  2197. >Rainbow’s lid on the coffee table in much of the same position. She’s face down with her arms and legs hanging off the side of the table. You can see her moist legs and thighs because of her exercise shorts. There’s a dark sweat stain on the middle of her ass too. You try not to look too long at that one.
  2198. >You survey the rest of the room.
  2199. >Rarity and Applejack are finally present. Sat in chairs on the opposite side of the living room. Rarity swirls another glass of wine, and Applejack is resting her chin on her arm. Both of them aren’t even glancing at each other.
  2200. >Fluttershy sips on a warm cup of something. You can see the steam wafting in the air.
  2201. >She’s wearing another set of pajamas, with a massive puffy sweater than hangs far down over her waist and arms.
  2202. >She waves at you with her free hand as you and Pinkie enter.
  2203. >”Hey, Anon!”
  2204. “What did I miss?” you ask.
  2205. >”Twilight and Rainbow had a… dance off.” Rarity mutters over her wine.
  2206. >”And I won!” Rainbow jabs her arm in the air triumphantly before letting it fall back to the floor.
  2207. >”You wish…” Twilight pants from the couch, finally opening her eyes.
  2208. >”Twilight, dear, I wouldn’t call that much of a ‘dance’.”
  2209. >You giggle a little bit at Rarity’s comment.
  2210. >Twilight dancing like an uncoordinated nerd? Yeah, that would make a lot of sense.
  2212. >”You’re j-just jealous you don’t have my moves, Rarity.” Twilight throws her arms up in protest.
  2213. >Somehow you don’t believe that.
  2214. “What are you guys doing now?”
  2215. >”We were discussing what game to play next.” Fluttershy sips her tea, smiling happily.
  2216. >”No more truth or dare, that’s for sure. Ah can’t handle anymore of that nonsense.” Applejack crosses her arms.
  2217. >You want to give her a big shit eating grin and say something super snarky, but she’d probably kick your ass into next week. Besides, you need to sit down for a few minutes.
  2218. >You slip into a empty chair.
  2219. >God, you could fall asleep. Every muscle in your body feels heavy.
  2220. “We could play a board game, or a card game or something,” you offer.
  2221. >There’s a bunch of muttering and shrugging from the girls.
  2222. >”A drinking card game?
  2223. “Uh…”
  2224. >You wanted to get things under control, and being sloshed wouldn’t exactly be the best way to go about that.
  2225. >”Hell yeah, that sounds fun!”
  2226. >Rainbow shouts and jumps up from the coffee table, pumping an arm.
  2227. >”None of you dweebs will be able to beat me, anyways. I’m the best at games.” She smirks.
  2228. >”Ah’ll take that challenge.” Applejack scoots from her chair closer to the coffee table.
  2229. >”We’ll need some cards, of course.”
  2230. >”Got ya covered, Nono.”
  2231. >Pinkie produces a pack of cards from her fluffy hair, and tosses them at you.
  2232. >Jesus, this chick just doesn’t obey the rules of the universe at all.
  2234. >You can only imagine the other shit packed in her hyper inventory.
  2235. >You’re pretty sure if you asked for a crowbar, duct tape, and an original copy of battletoads, she’d somehow pull that out of somewhere.
  2236. >The rest of the girls gather around the table as you open the cards and shuffle.
  2237. “Alright, I’ll guess we’ll start with a game of Asshole.”
  2238. >You just played a pretty good game of asshole, didn’t ya, Anon? That’s what the smarmy part of your brain says.
  2239. >Shut the fuck up, me.
  2240. >The girls give you several weird glances.
  2241. “Have any of you played it before? It goes by a few other names as well. Cheat, Liar, etcetera.”
  2242. >Pinkie raises her hand.
  2243. >”I know the rules, Anon.”
  2244. “Cool, anyone else?”
  2245. >There’s a bunch of head shaking.
  2246. “Alright then, it’s pretty simple.”
  2247. >You begin dealing out the cards among you and the girls, until the entire deck is exhausted.
  2248. “The whole goal of the game is to get rid of your hand. To do that, you have to lay down cards in a numerical order. The first player starts with ace, and then we go through to king, and start over again.”
  2249. >You begin to order your cards as you talk.
  2251. ”So, for example, if it was my turn, the first card would be ace. Now you can lay down any amount of cards you want, even if you don’t have them, but you have to declare what you are laying.
  2252. >You place two cards face down in the middle of the table.
  2253. ”For example, two aces. The real trick of this game is that you don’t actually have to lay down what you said. It could be an ace and a three that I just laid. If you suspect another player is lying about what they just laid, you can call ‘asshole’ or ‘cheat’, and then flip the cards."
  2254. >You nod at Pinkie.
  2255. >”Cheat!” She yells, pointing a finger at your cards.
  2256. >You turn them over, revealing the six of clubs and an eight of hearts.
  2257. “Now since Pinkie was right, I take back all the cards in the pile. If she was wrong, then she takes the cards. If no one says anything, we move on to the next player and it’s their turn to lay twos. And so on and so forth, until someone wins and someone loses.”
  2258. >”So how is this a drinking game?” Rainbow asks, looking at her cards intensely.
  2259. “It usually isn’t, but it’s really easy to transform into one.”
  2260. >You think for a second.
  2261. “If you get called on a cheat, and you’re lying, you take a drink. If your opponent is wrong, they drink. If someone gets out, the remaining players all take a drink, and if you’re the last one left at the end, you finish your entire drink. That sounds good?”
  2262. >There’s a few nods of approval.
  2263. “We’ll do a practice round first, just to let everyone get a handle on things. Then we can start.”
  2264. >The game starts slow enough. You begin with aces, and the cycle goes on.
  2265. >The girls are hesitant at first, slow with their cards an unsure with their calls. You can see little drops of sweat form on Twilight’s brow as she focuses on her cards.
  2267. >The first game is boring. None of the girls call a cheat except for Pinkie on Rainbow Dash near the end. She’s right, leaving Rainbow with a massive hand of cards she struggles to manage.
  2268. >Pinkie is the first one out not long after that, sitting back with a huge smile across her face as she watches the rest of the game.
  2269. >You finish up second, followed by Fluttershy, Applejack, and Rarity.
  2270. >And there’s just Rainbow and Twilight left, Twilight with only a few cards in her hand and Rainbow having the rest.
  2271. >Twilight relaxes a little, her shoulders dropping.
  2272. >”Two eights,” she declares, slamming the cards on the table.
  2273. >You wonder if she realizes the danger she is in. Two-player cheat is a long and terrible ordeal, stretching on for a long time until both players have exactly the cards they need to win because of the back and forth.
  2274. >Rainbow doesn’t say anything, instead laying down more cards.
  2275. >”Four nines.”
  2276. >Twilight looks through her hand.
  2277. >”One t-“
  2278. >”Cheat.” Rainbow calls immediately. She doesn’t even look up from her cards.
  2279. >Twilight takes the massive pile of cards on the table, and suddenly she’s far behind.
  2280. >The next few rounds pass in a very mechanical order as the girls slap down piles of cards.
  2281. >Until eventually…
  2282. >”Four kings, and I’m out.” Rainbow leans back with a sigh, all her cards gone.
  2284. >Twilight furrows her brow.
  2285. >”Guess I have to call cheat.”
  2286. >She flips the pile to reveal four kings.
  2287. “And that’s game.”
  2288. >You retrieve the cards and begin shuffling again.
  2289. “Up for the real game, this time?”
  2290. >”That was fun, Anon!” Fluttershy chimes in as she claps her hands together.
  2291. >The rest of the girls scoot closer to the table, and you can feel the atmosphere in the room shift as you deal.
  2292. >This time, sobriety was on the line. That and your pride at card games.
  2293. >You hear the clinking of more bottles, looking up in time to see Pinkie slamming down a mixture of drinks on the table.
  2294. >”Can’t have a drinking game without drinks.”
  2295. >She passes around a few cans and bottles of stuff.
  2296. >You snag something in a bright pink can. God, it feels sugary just resting in your hand.
  2297. >Finally the cards on dealt, everyone grabbing their hands and beginning to change around their cards.
  2298. >And then the game starts.
  2299. >This time, with much more fanfare and emotion.
  2300. >Rounds and rounds pass, as you and the girls lay cards, call cheat, and get cheated.
  2301. >You’re the veteran here, and manage to keep your losses to a minimum, burning through most of your hand at a steady pace and only taking a few drinks.
  2302. >Twilight and Rainbow are a little worse off for wear.
  2303. >Rainbow is too aggressive, constantly getting burned as she calls cheat way too often. She’s almost through her first drink when you are just a few sips into yours.
  2306. >Twilight is good at analyzing her cards, but her tells are way too obvious. She calls cheats with an alarmingly correct percentage, probably because of her math skills, but gets called on her cards often as well.
  2307. >The sweat on her brow and tremble in her fingers every time she lays a card surely isn’t helping her too much.
  2308. >She’s the first of the group to finish her drink, and you can see the frustration on her face as she empties the bottle.
  2309. >Rarity, Applejack and Fluttershy are much more cautious in their plays, safely discarding cards when they need do and not calling anything they aren’t sure on.
  2310. >And lastly there’s Pinkie.
  2311. >And Pinkie is… Pinkie is… Pinkie is unstoppable. She hasn’t gotten a call wrong yet, and no one has successfully called cheat on her either. Her drink remains full the entire round, and she smiles at everyone when she lays down her final card.
  2312. >”One two. And I’m out!” She winks.
  2313. >So much for not having much experience in this game. You’re not sure whether to chalk this up to being the party game machine, or if it was just another example of Pinkie disregarding all rules and logic.
  2314. >Twilight audibly gasps as Pinkie laid her final card.
  2315. >”HOW?” She exclaims. “How are you out already?!” She spreads her own hand, revealing at least a dozen cards.
  2316. >She slurs her words, over dramatically pointing a finger at Pinkie.
  2318. >”That’s so bullshit!”
  2319. >Pinkie giggles.
  2320. >”I’m just lucky, Twilight! You’ll win the next one for sure.”
  2321. “That’s a drink for all of us, since she won.” You declare, sipping on your drink.
  2322. >Twilight groans as she cracks open another can, taking a drink before turning her attention back to her cards.
  2323. >And the game continues.
  2324. “Three tens.”
  2325. >You throw down your last three cards, the tens you had been saving all game just in case. No one calls cheat on you, so you point to your can.
  2326. “Another drink.”
  2327. >They do so and the game continues.
  2328. >Rainbow is the next out, slamming her last cards down triumphantly.
  2329. >”Two fours, I’m out bitches!”
  2330. >Twilight mutters someone underneath her breath, and everyone remaining takes another swallow.
  2331. >This round is winding down now, Applejack finishes next, and then Rarity.
  2332. >Leaving only Fluttershy and Twilight left.
  2333. >”… one four,” Twilight says sheepishly, taking way too long to play the card.
  2334. >Fluttershy frowns, looking from Twilight to her hand.
  2335. >”Um… cheat, Twilight.”
  2336. >She slips over the card, revealing a seven of clubs.
  2337. >Twilight groans and collapses on the table.
  2338. >”All those cards…”
  2340. >Fluttershy pats her on the back, trying to comfort her.
  2341. >”There, there. Also I’m out.”
  2342. >She lays down her remaining cards.
  2343. >Twilight only mumbles into the coffee table, before sitting up and finishing her third drink.
  2344. >You try not to laugh.
  2345. >You deal the cards again for the second game. It continues much like the first. Pinkie is the first one out again, followed quickly by Rainbow, You, Fluttershy, Rarity and Applejack.
  2346. >Twilight loses again.
  2347. >”Bullshit!” She exclaims, throwing her cards down on the table. “You guys are cheating! There’s no way!”
  2348. “Just an unlucky streak, Twilight. Try to change your strategy up a bit.”
  2349. >”Why don’t you change out of that juicy shirt, Anon!” She jabs a finger at the stylized ‘J” on your shirt.
  2350. >She had to make it personal.
  2351. >You hear a few of the girls giggle.
  2352. >”I think pink looks nice on Anon,” Fluttershy says.
  2353. >”Yeah, all he needs now is a pair of tight speedos with ‘tasty’ on the ass.” Twilight spits out sarcastically.”
  2354. >Damn bro, she salty.
  2355. >And you were a little salty too.
  2356. “What crawled up your ass and died, because it sure wasn’t the dummies guide to card games?”
  2358. >Twilight turns on you, her face burning bright red. She takes a step towards you and raises her hand as if she was about to slap you.
  2359. >Pinkie is between the two of you, carefully grabbing Twilight’s wrist.
  2360. >”Woah, woah, timeout. No fighting at a Pinkie Party.”
  2361. >Her glare is enough to make you look away, as you awkwardly scratch at your arm.
  2362. >Twilight does the same, the anger is her face slowly fading away.
  2363. >”Now apologize.” Pinkie hauls the two of your together, so much that you’re basically rubbing against Twilight.
  2364. >You look down at her.
  2365. “I shouldn’t have said that, I’m sorry.”
  2366. >Twilight doesn’t meet your gaze, her eyes flickering away to corners unknown.
  2367. >”I shouldn’t have been a sore loser. Sorry.”
  2368. >And the awkward atmosphere switches back to normal.
  2369. “Alright, I think that’s enough of cheat for now. We should play something else.”
  2370. >”Ooooh! I have a good party game!” Pinkie is bouncing up and down, giddy excitement oozing from her.
  2371. >You wonder if it’s a good idea to let Pinkie pick a game.
  2372. >Pinkie disappears out into the kitchen in a blur of pink, quickly returning with a handful of something.
  2373. >You clean the cards up on the table as Pinkie slaps down a handful of straws.
  2374. >You raise an eyebrow at her questioningly.
  2375. >”Have any of your girls ever played the Kings Game?”
  2377. >You blink.
  2378. >Like your Japanese animes and that one manga that started out okay but went shit real fast?
  2379. >How the hell did Ponk know about the Kings Game?
  2380. >You see similar looks of confusion across the rest of the faces of the girls in the room.
  2381. >”Kings Game?” Twilight asks, adjusting her glasses.
  2382. >”Yup!” Pinkie nods happily, bouncing in place.
  2383. >”Do you want to explain the rules, Pinkie,” Fluttershy pushes her hair back a bit, looking at Pinkie with renewed interest.
  2384. >Pinkie kneels at the coffee table and grabs the straws. She takes a pen and begins to scribble on the top of the straws. You can see the faint outlines of numbers and a tiny crown.
  2385. >”It’s real easy! We draw some numbers and a crown on these straws, and then we pick a straw, without knowing which number we got. Whoever gets the crown has the ability to make two numbers do whatever they say.
  2386. >Pinkie messes the straws up, rolling them around randomly before grabbing them by the ends and hiding the numbers in her palm.
  2387. >”If you refuse to do what the King orders, you are out. Afterwards, the straws are gathered again and someone gets the chance to be the new king.”
  2388. >Pinkie smirks.
  2389. >”And maybe get a little revenge!”
  2390. >”Sounds mighty similar to truth or dare.” Applejacks states, looking at Pinkie with an uninterested expression.
  2391. >”A bit, but you don’t know who has which number, making it a lot more random, and a lot more funny.” Pinkie giggles.
  2393. >You’re not really sure if another escalating game of increasingly salacious orders is a really good idea, but meh, fuck it. You’re inebriated enough to not care that much.
  2394. >Pinkie holds the straws out to everyone.
  2395. >”Who’s brave enough to go first?”
  2396. >Yolo. You’re the man, Anon.
  2397. >Hell yeah.
  2398. >You shrug, grabbing the straw in the middle and pulling it out of Pinkie’s grasp.
  2399. >The others girls follow suite, drawing straws until only one is left in Pinkie’s hands.
  2400. >”No one look at the straws yet! Everyone sit down!” Pinkie plops down on the couch.
  2401. >You recline back in your chair as the other girls sit down.
  2402. >”Annnnnnd…. Go!”
  2403. >You open your hand, revealing a ‘2’ on the straw.
  2404. >Ah damn, guess you weren’t lucky enough this time.
  2405. >”Oh dear.” You hear Fluttershy mutter.
  2406. >She rotates the straw to show the group. You can see the rough crown on the top of her straw.
  2407. >Guess Fluttershy’s the King. Or would it be Queen?
  2408. >”Ooh, You’re the King, Fluttershy! You get to pick who and what they have to do!” Pinkie claps her hand excitedly.
  2409. >It couldn’t possibly be that bad, Fluttershy being Fluttershy and all.
  2410. >Although you had made that mistake before. You know what they said about assumptions.
  2411. >They make an ass out of you, and lead to a whole bunch of tittyfucking.
  2413. >You’re not sure on that last part, but it sounds right enough.
  2414. >Fluttershy seems to freeze up, retreating behind her hair further as the entire room turns to look at her expectantly.
  2415. >”I’m not sure I’m ready for this,” she mumbles.
  2416. “It doesn’t have to be anything bad, Fluttershy.”
  2417. >”That’s no fun, Anon.” Pinkie pouts at you.
  2418. >A few seconds pass, with everyone still looking at Fluttershy.
  2419. >”Um….”
  2420. >”Jeez, just come on, Fluttershy,” Rainbow sighs and rolls her eyes.
  2421. >”Okay, okay, just…. Um… number 1 must sit down in 2’s lap for the rest of the round.”
  2422. >Guess you’re getting a little booty action.
  2423. >Not really sure you can stand any more.
  2424. >”Well, who’s number 1 then?” Applejack shows her straw to the room, a ‘1’ marked on the edge.
  2425. “That would be me.”
  2426. >You show your straw as well.
  2427. >”Of course it would be.”
  2428. >Applejacks stands up.
  2429. >”It could be worse, ah guess.”
  2430. >”I’m sorry, Applejack.” Fluttershy sinks deeper into her chair.
  2431. >”Let’s just get it over with.” Applejack smooths out the creases in her pants before walking around the table and over to your chair.
  2432. >You smile up and her and pant your lap, trying not to look like a smug little shit.
  2433. >You're not doing a good job at that.
  2435. “All warmed up for you.”
  2436. >You smirk like an asshole.
  2437. >Applejack narrows her eyes at you, before plopping down on your lap with enough force to make you go ‘oof’.
  2438. >Her elbow also hits you in the side hard. You’re sure that was accidental though.
  2439. >She doesn’t face you, instead looking out over the rest of the room with a bored expression.
  2440. >”Is this good enough for ya?” She asks.
  2441. >”Um…”
  2442. >Applejack turns to give Fluttershy a glare.
  2443. >”It was just… that… I was thinking more legs across the lap and arms around the neck… like boyfriend and g-girlfriend.” She shies back further with each word, and you’re surprised she hasn’t jumped behind the chair yet.
  2444. >”But you don’t have to if you want to….”
  2445. >Applejack sighs.
  2446. >”You’re the King, and ah don’t want to lose yet.”
  2447. >Applejack twists in your lap, looking at you now. She scoots up your legs a bit, throwing her arms around your neck and wrapping you in a tight embrace.
  2448. >Her dark freckles burn brightly on her red face.
  2449. >”I’m not surprised that you’re hopping around laps so easily, Applejack.” Rarity says coolly, failing to hide her smirk at Applejack’s embarrassment.
  2450. >Applejack ignores Rarity's comment.
  2451. “Do I get a kiss too?”
  2452. >You whisper just loud enough for Applejack to hear.
  2453. >Applejack grits her teeth, and you feel her grip around your neck tighten considerably.
  2455. >”Don’t push your luck, Anon.” She spits out at you.
  2456. >You wink at her. All that tough attitude and she’s still blushing like crazy.
  2457. “Did Rarity have to-“
  2458. >A sharp elbow into your guts promptly shuts you up.
  2459. >”If yall want to live through the night, Ah’d hush up.” Her vicious expression makes the threat seem more like a promise.
  2460. >You hush up. For now.
  2461. >”Is that all, Fluttershy?” Pinkie asks.
  2462. >Fluttershy manages a nod, then lays her straw on the table.
  2463. >”Alright, round two. Put your straws back in.”
  2464. >Applejack gets up off your lap, returning to her chair.
  2465. >You throw your straw back into the pot.
  2466. >Pinkie shuffles them again, and once more, everything picks out one.
  2467. >This time, you see a ‘4’ marked on your straw.
  2468. >Shit, better luck next time.
  2469. >”Hell yeah!” Rainbow jumps up, showing the crown on her straw.
  2470. >”I’m the King, no- the Queen!” She laughs, putting her hands on her hands and laughing.
  2471. >Going to be interesting to see what Dash does.
  2472. >She sits back down, crossing her legs over and smiling.
  2473. >Rainbow’s eyes go around the entire room as she glances at everyone.
  2474. >You absentmindedly hide your straw away, so she can’t see your number.
  2476. >”The King gets to spank number 2!” Rainbow shouts.
  2477. >Jeez, not one to ease in slowly, is she?
  2478. >Then again, it was Rainbow. If she wasn’t fast and competitive, what was she?
  2479. >The girl in the room with the smallest tits?
  2480. >Ouch, Anon, that’s harsh. Remember it’s not the size of the boobs, but how easy you can pinch the nipples.
  2481. >Pay attention, idiot.
  2482. >You snap out of your reverie, focusing back on the room.
  2483. >”I’m number 5!”
  2484. >Pinkie lunges out of her seat, making a beeline for Dash.
  2485. >More like dashing at Dash.
  2486. >Hehehe.
  2487. >Rainbow frowns at Pinkie, turning to point a finger at you.
  2488. >”W-wait! Isn’t Anon number two?”
  2489. >Wait. What.
  2490. >You blink.
  2491. >She was looking at your straw, the fucker.
  2492. >Of course, she was seeing it from upside-down before you had hidden it away earlier.
  2493. >Guess she had gotten 2 and 5 reversed.
  2494. >Oh Rainbow, just how close your plan had come to fruition.
  2495. “Nope, I’m five.”
  2496. >You drop your straw on the table and recline back in your chair.
  2498. “Now, King, get your spank ready.”
  2499. >Rainbow’s earlier confidence seems to have deflated.
  2500. >”W-well… fine!”
  2501. >”Were you trying to spank Anon on purpose, Rainbow?” Twilight asks as she fixes her glasses.
  2502. >”Yeah! Payback for earlier!” Rainbow turns on Twilight, standing on her heels.
  2503. >Her hands are balled into fists, and you spy a familiar tinge of red creeping up her face. Her bright magenta eyes were more like pinpricks now.
  2504. >”Revenge for what?” Twilight looks moderately interested, glancing between you and Dash.
  2505. >Pfft, revenge. She enjoyed that earlier molest session anyways.
  2506. >Jeez, isn’t that what rapists say?
  2507. >Rainbow freezes up at Twilight’s question.
  2508. >”Uh…W-welll…”
  2509. “Yeah, Rainbow. Revenge for what? Did I do something wrong?”
  2510. >You try to put on a concerned, friendly voice, and keep the shit eating grin an internal thing only.
  2511. >”Can we get on with this already?” Rarity sighs.
  2512. >”Yeah, I can only be bent over so long, Rainbow!” Pinkie says as she wags her butt.
  2513. >Apparently she’s been bent over with her arms on the couch and ass in the air for the longest time.
  2514. >That big, wonderful ass.
  2515. >Rainbow uses the group’s impatience to completely ignore yours and twilight’s question.
  2516. >She turns to Pinkie and draws her hand back.
  2517. >God, you hope there’s no ‘cream’ in there. Wouldn’t be too good for a load of spank to get spanked out by Rainbow’s hand.
  2518. >That would be difficult to explain.
  2519. >And a little bit hot.
  2521. >In a blink and you’ll miss it moment, Rainbow’s hand arcs so fast through the air it actually blurs into a blue wave.
  2522. >And collides with Pinkie’s massive behind with a crack so boisterous and resounding that it would drown out thunder.
  2523. >You watch Rainbow’s hand disappear into the thickness that is Pinkie’s ass, leaving behind a massive handprint and sending out ripples through the girl’s juicy flesh.
  2524. >Like a stone on a still lake, Pinkie’s ass bounces and jiggles for an impressive amount of time after the initial impact, the after quakes of ass fat sending her booty on a repeating wiggle session.
  2525. >You’re leaning so far forward you’re on your tippy-toes.
  2526. >Even after Rainbow withdraws her hand, and for several long-drawn out moments afterwards, Pinkie’s butt keeps bobbing and weaving.
  2527. >Even the others seem to be mesmerized by this, fascinated by the incredibly impressive and erotic display of Newton’s First Law in action.
  2528. >To think you were able to fuck that only a while ago.
  2529. >”Wowee, Dash, that was a good hit!”
  2530. >Pinkie pops up, breaking the trance that had fallen over the room.
  2531. >Even Rainbow has to blink and shake her head to snap out of it.
  2532. >”Y-yeah, sure.” She puts her straw back down on the table.
  2533. “Alright, next round then. I’ll shuffle this time.”
  2534. >The others throw their straws in, and you quickly mix and rearrange them.
  2535. >And everyone draws again.
  2536. >And bam, you draw the fabled crown.
  2538. >You show it to the room.
  2539. >Thank god you’re quick with your hands, and a big fucking cheater. Easy to get the straw that way.
  2540. >Hopefully no one noticed.
  2541. “Everyone got their straws already?”
  2542. >There’s a few ‘yeahs’ around the room.
  2543. “Alright then, for my first order as king.”
  2544. >You put your foot on the coffee table, gesturing to the heavens and trying your best royalty accent.
  2545. >Pinkie laughs and Rainbow groans.
  2546. >Just as you’re about to speak, there’s a sound from the hallway.
  2548. >What the fuck it that?
  2549. “What the hell is that?”
  2550. >Twilight jumps up off the floor.
  2551. >”Ooh, that would be the pizza!” She claps her hands together.
  2552. “You guys ordered pizza? When?”
  2553. >”When you were upstairs or outside or whenever.” Twilight giggles and fixes her glasses again.
  2554. >Pizza sounded real good right about now. Some solid food to balance out the booze.
  2555. >But you were the king! And what better then pizza and… and…
  2556. >Half-naked girls!
  2557. >An evil plan formed in your head.
  2558. >When Twilight jumped up, you just so happened to see her straw.
  2559. >’1.’
  2560. >This was either going to go so well, or so wrong.
  2563. >You grab Twilight by the arm before she can run to the door.
  2564. “Before you go answer…”
  2565. >Twilight blinks as she looks up at you. Her face is still flush from the alcohol and her body wobbles a bit from her inebriation.
  2566. “The king decrees: Number One has to answer the door in their underwear.”
  2567. >Oh Anon, you fucking pervy bastard.
  2568. >You must have had some sort of problem. No way anyone normal takes advantage of drunk girls this many times in one evening.
  2569. >This could definitely be one of those 'how I ended up in jail' stories you tell between getting shived in the kidneys and fucked in the ass.
  2570. >”What!” Twilight basically screams at you. You’re pretty sure there’s some of her spit on your face.
  2571. >”Anon! I’m not doing that!” She wriggles free from your grasp.
  2572. >You cross your arms.
  2573. >”Oh come on, Twilight, that would be so funny for the pizza delivery guy!” Pinkie giggles.
  2574. >Even Applejack chuckles.
  2575. >”Now it’s ahbout the most original thing done here t’nite.”
  2576. “The audience demands it, Twilight!”
  2577. >You throw your arms out, keeping the really bad fake accent.
  2578. >”You guys are all perverts! I’m not letting a stranger see me in my underwear!” Twilight shakes her head fiercely.
  2579. “Hey, it is possible for the King to give their power to another player?” You turn and ask Pinkie suddenly.
  2580. >Have to sweeten the pot.
  2581. >She shrugs.
  2582. >”Not traditionally, but who cares, if you want, you can do it!”
  2583. >”How does that even matter?!” Twilight’s voice is shriller with each word.
  2584. “Well, if you do this order, I’ll pass the king straw to you. Then you can do whatever you want.”
  2586. >Twilight squints at you.
  2587. >Oh, how you seem to have caught her interest a little bit.
  2588. >Twilight looks back and forth from you and the straw you are holding.
  2589. >Come on, you drunk girl, take the bait.
  2590. “A-n-y-thing you want.”
  2591. >You stress each syllable carefully.
  2592. >”I think it would be funny too.” Fluttershy mumbles.
  2593. >God, you almost forgot she was here. All silent and everything she was.
  2594. >Everyone’s looking at Twilight now.
  2595. >”You’re all weirdos!”
  2596. “If you don’t, you’re out of the game.”
  2597. >You shrug.
  2598. “Which means no chance at being the king.”
  2599. >Twilight’s back up against the wall. Metaphorically at least. She’s actually right in front of you and looking extremely embarrassed.
  2600. >”You can’t be serious!”
  2601. >No one in the room says anything, they just continue to look at her.
  2602. >Whether from peer pressure, the influence of alcohol, or the enticing King powers, Twilight eventually throws her hands up in the air and relents.
  2603. >”Jesus! Fine!”
  2604. >You try not to fist pump in victory.
  2605. >Twilight crosses her arms over her chest and jabs a finger in your side.
  2606. >”You’re going to regret this, Anon.”
  2607. >She actually seems a bit angry, although it’s hard to tell with how hard she’s blushing.
  2608. >"R-E-G-R-E-T." She punctuates each letter with a jab in your side.
  2609. >If only you could spell.
  2610. >You bow and point towards the hallway.
  2611. "Best not to keep the king waiting."
  2613. >Twilight fiddles with her hands a bit, nervously looking around the room before bringing the tips of her fingers to the edges of her shirt.
  2614. >The rest of the room fades from your vision as you concentrate entirely on the stripping highschool girl in front of you.
  2615. >Don’t let her see you lick your lips, Anon.
  2616. >And for the love of God, mind the pants tent. You’re wearing pajamas, not jeans remember.
  2617. >Twilight grabs the edges of her plain shirt, slowing peeling the fabric away and up, revealing her lithe and slim stomach.
  2618. >Compared to the others, she’s much smaller and thinner, probably due to the fact of being a nerd bookworm.
  2619. >And then the edges of her bra appear, the same dark purple-ish blue as her hair, trimmed in pink, and clinging to her chest tightly.
  2620. >She’s not packing massive milk udders like Ponk, Fluttershy or Rarity, but they’re modest enough to make little Anon perk up.
  2621. >Which promptly sends a brutal ache through your entire body.
  2622. >Calm down, Anon, you’re still not over your earlier ordeal.
  2623. >Twilight finally pulls her shirt above her head, the edges catching on her glasses a little bit and ruffling her hair as well.
  2624. >And then she’s stood half naked, attempting to cover her chest with her arms, and blushing madly, looking anywhere but at you.
  2625. >She takes a second to seemingly compose herself, and then grabs the waistline of her pajamas.
  2626. >And slowly lowers them.
  2627. >What’s the inverse of thick?
  2628. >Damn, she thinnn? And you just add ‘n’s for exaggeration?
  2629. >Yeah that sounds right.
  2630. >Her panties match the color-coding of her bra, dark purple with pink trim.
  2631. >Her thighs are slim and narrow like the rest of her body, yet you can’t drag your eyes away from her trembling hips.
  2632. >Twilight steps out of her pants, leaving them on the floor.
  2633. >You want to slow clap and congratulate her, but you’re busy trying not to drool or pop an erection.
  2634. >The doorbell rings again.
  2637. >Oh that’s right, there’s someone at the door. You almost totally forgot that.
  2638. >Twilight seems to be trying to stop herself from hyperventilating. Her hands are clenched into fists and she’s breathing very slow and deeply.
  2639. >She doesn’t move for a few seconds.
  2641. >Looks like whoever is outdoors is getting impatient. She better get moving quickly before the pizza guy leaves.
  2642. >You clear your throat loudly.
  2643. >Twilight opens her eyes to look at you. It’s more of a glare with how tightly-knit her eyebrows are.
  2644. “Still have to answer the door.”
  2645. >She huffs at you, and turns, mumbling something to herself.
  2646. >Twilight begins to walk out of the living room, taking small, stutter steps as she moves towards the front door.
  2647. >You creep after her.
  2648. >There’s more knocking on the door, louder this time.
  2649. >”Is anybody home, hello?” A voice calls from outside.
  2650. >It seems feminine. Another chick? Sweet. She’s probably going to be freaked the fuck out that someone half naked is answering the door, but that awkwardness makes it hot.
  2651. >Just like the start to your favourite porno.
  2652. >Did you order a pizza with extra cheese~!
  2653. >Concentrate Anon!
  2654. >You can’t see who’s on the other side of the door, the stain glass blurs whoever stands on the other side.
  2656. >Twilight saunters slowly towards the door, trying to tiptoe.
  2657. >As if that would do anything to hide her nakedness.
  2658. > You feel the presence of others behind you, and turn to find the rest of the girls peering around you at the door too.
  2659. >You flip the straw up in your hand.
  2660. “The king commands you rabble back to the couch.”
  2661. >”You can’t do that!” Rainbow Dash protests.
  2662. “I’m the king, I can do whatever I please as long as I hold this straw.”
  2663. >”Oh, Anon, that’s not fun!” Pinkie also expresses her disappointment.
  2664. “The King orders two, three, four, five, six back to the living room. Or else, you’re out.”
  2665. >The group grumbles.
  2666. >”Varmint… little…. Jackass…” Applejack mumbles underneath her breath as she heads back to the couch.
  2667. >The others also slink back into the living room, muttering silent curses at you.
  2668. >Ah, it’s good to be the king.
  2669. >You’re definitely getting overthrown by these girls as the first chance.
  2670. >Whatever, worth it.
  2671. >You turn back to Twilight.
  2672. >She’s standing right at the front of the door, hand on the knob.
  2673. >But refusing to turn it.
  2674. >Knocking on the door increases.
  2675. >”HEELLLLLOO?! I’m going to leave with your pizza if you don’t answer the door!”
  2676. >The voice outside is getting restless.
  2677. >Twilight seems to be frozen up. She’s not moving, just staring at the doorknob.
  2678. >That won’t do.
  2680. >You need to see her embarrassment. Like some sort of sick voyeur.
  2681. >Like all that bullying anime you secretly watch yet condemn online.
  2682. >You sneak up behind Twilight.
  2683. >She either doesn’t hear you, or doesn’t care, because she doesn’t react at all.
  2684. >This’ll be good.
  2685. >You trail your pointer finger down the arch of her back.
  2686. >The effect is almost instantaneous.
  2687. >Twilight’s whole back spasms as if you tasered her, the muscles snapping and contracting as her entire form shudders.
  2688. >You hear the quick intake of her breath, as she spins around on you.
  2689. >”ANON!”
  2690. >With her hand still on the doorknob, her twisting motion opens the door, flinging the whole thing open.
  2691. >Twilight smacks you on the shoulder hard.
  2692. >”Don’t do that!” She berates you.
  2693. >You’re not really looking at her. More like looking over her shoulder.
  2694. >At the Pizzagirl.
  2695. >Who is now standing on the doorstep, hand mid-knock, and mouth agape, staring at the half-naked Twilight wailing on your shoulder.
  2696. >”Uh… Twilight?” The new girl says.
  2697. >If you thought touching Twilight’s back made her jump, then her reaction this time is nothing short of a total body convulsion.
  2698. >Like her entire soul is just being brutally sucked out of her body.
  2699. >Her pupils disappear almost entirely, and heavy beads of sweat form and drop from her forehead.
  2700. >She turns slowly to face the girl, like a puppet with its strings cut.
  2701. >The girl with the pizza looks equally shocked, and both just sort of stare at each other wordlessly for a minute.
  2703. >You take a moment to study Pizzagirl.
  2704. >Orange-y looking, with a mix of really wild golden and red hair.
  2705. >Kinda looks familiar, you’re not sure why though.
  2706. >5/5 cute, you’d say.
  2707. >Finally Twilight seems to find her voice.
  2708. >”S-sun…set.”
  2709. >Pizzagirl seems to nod slowly. Her eyes slowly flicker over to you, before focusing back on Twilight.
  2710. >”Twilight.” Her voice is uncertain. “Why are you….” She points at Twilight with one hand, supporting the bag of pizza with the other.
  2711. >”Uh… I can explain.”
  2712. “She’s stripping because I’m the King.”
  2713. >Sure, that answer cleared a lot up, Anon.
  2714. >”Anon, quiet!” Twilight whirls around to yell at you again.
  2715. >You shrug.
  2716. “Hey, it’s the truth.”
  2717. >Sunset takes a deep breath.
  2718. >”Imagining I accepted that answer as good explanation, why is he ‘King’?”
  2719. >She points at you now.
  2720. >”It’s a game we’re playing.” Twilight tries to explain.
  2721. >You really just want to get this over with so there can be pizza.
  2722. “It’s called the King’s game, whoever is the King gets to order people around and do stupid stuff. I’m the King, and ordered Twilight to answer the door in her undies.”
  2723. >Sunset blinks at you.
  2724. “That explains how we ended up in the current situation, now can you please bring the pizza in?”
  2725. >”Y-eah, that’s pretty much it…” Twilight admits sheepishly.
  2726. >There’s another moment of awkward silence as the three of you just stand there.
  2727. >”I guess I should bring the pizza in.” Sunset breaks the silence and steps through the door.
  2728. >”Yes! Definitely!” Twilight perks up, racing over to help Sunset with the pizza bag.
  2729. >”I didn’t know you were working tonight Sunset, although that explains why you said you couldn’t make it over tonight.”
  2731. >Sunset shrugs.
  2732. >”They had me scheduled for a late shift but didn’t tell me the exact time so I wasn’t sure if I’d be done in time.
  2733. >She looks down at the watch on her wrist.
  2734. >”Although I should be off soon…
  2735. >”Can you stay?!” Twilight practically screams and leaps off her feet with enthusiasm.
  2736. >Sunset bites her lip as she thinks.
  2737. >”I really should head back and sign off, but...."
  2738. >Twilight must be giving Sunset one hell of a face, because you can see Sunset's relent.
  2739. >"Oh well, it’s like one in the morning, I’m pretty sure they won’t mind too much.”
  2740. >”So that means you can stay?”
  2741. >”Yes, Twilight, I can stay.”
  2742. >The two of them make giddy girl noises.
  2743. >Twilight tries to go for a hug, but almost drops the pizza box.
  2744. >So you ‘helpfully’ take it from her so her and Sunset can hug.
  2745. >They gossip and laugh for a few moments, so you decide to head back into the living room.
  2746. >None of the girls are peaking around the corner, so at least they listened to your command.
  2747. >They are all staring up at you when you enter.
  2748. >You place the pizza box on the living room table, and settle back down in your chair.
  2749. “All yours, girls.”
  2750. >All focus seems to be on the pizza box now, instead of wondering who the strange girl in the hall was.
  2751. >Sunset’s and Twilight’s voices grow in volume as they turn the corner into the living, talking about something you’re not really interested in listening to.
  2752. >”Sunset!” Pinkie is the first to notice and springs up, running to wrap the girl in a bone crushing hug.
  2753. >Sunset audibly ‘oofs’ as Pinkie hugs her, before giving her a small pat on the back and returning the hug.
  2754. >”Hey Pinkie.” Sunset looks to the rest of the room. “What’s up guys?”
  2755. >By now the others have gotten up too, all of them taking their time to hug and welcome Sunset.
  2756. >You feel klnda weird, being the only one to not welcome her, but it wasn’t like you knew her too well.
  2757. >Might come off as a creep.
  2759. >You know, as the only male in this room.
  2760. >Did she think you were gay too?
  2761. >Oh boy, that really did have to be cleared up eventually.
  2762. >Instead, you decide to focus on the pizza situation, turning the box towards you and flipping the cover open.
  2763. >Instead of being euphoric in the presence of deliciously hot and fresh pizza, you are mortified.
  2764. “What the hell is this?”
  2765. >You stare into the box.
  2766. >Charred yellow fruit stares back at you.
  2767. >”Ooooh, Pineapple, my favourite!”
  2768. >Pinkie sits down on the arm of your chair, reaching into the pizza box to nab a slice.
  2769. >She takes the piece with the most pineapple, and stares at you unblinkingly as she bites into it.
  2770. >If you could be any more physically green from disgust, this would probably be the moment.
  2771. >There’s goosebumps on your arm as you watch Pinkie eat her slice of pizza.
  2772. >You thought it was just a meme, people enjoying pineapple on pizza.
  2773. >You never actually believed it could have been real.
  2774. >You’re actually angry, you want nothing more than to slap that pizza out of Pinkie’s hands.
  2775. >She must see the expression on your face because she’s giving you a massive shit eating grin.
  2776. >”Isn’t it just the best, Anon. Here, have a bite!”
  2777. >She brings her piece closer to your face.
  2778. “I would rather die than eat pineapple on pizza.”
  2779. >Pinkie pokes the pizza into the side of your face.
  2780. >You stare at her with the fury of a thousand collapsing suns.
  2781. >She shrugs after you fail to relent.
  2783. >”More for me!”
  2784. >She wolfs down the rest of her slice.
  2785. >You’re not hungry for pizza anymore.
  2786. >”Sorry, Anon, Pinkie’s the boss on pizza orders.” Twilight pats you on the shoulder as she walks past back to the couch.
  2787. >”Just pick off what you don’t like, jeez.” Rainbow grabs a slice herself.
  2788. >You can pick shit off your food, but it’s still gonna taste like shit.
  2789. >You really don’t want to sperg out into an argumentative debate on why people who like pineapple on pizza are usually monsters in society.
  2790. >So you just keep your mouth shut.
  2791. >Sunset settles down into the chair next to you.
  2792. >”Oh, I guess I should introduce you two.” Twilight says.
  2793. >Sunset laughs.
  2794. >”I already know Anon, Twi, no worries.”
  2795. >You raise an eyebrow.
  2796. >Huh? She already knew you.
  2797. >Might explain why she looked a little bit familiar. Maybe one of your class projects from the previous years or something.
  2798. >You look at Sunset for a second, but nothing immediate jumps out at you.
  2799. >Then again, maybe you just couldn’t remember. Wouldn’t be the first time you forgot someone’s name or something.
  2801. >Twilight seems to be intrigued as well, voicing your inner thoughts.
  2802. >”You know Anon already?”
  2803. >Sunset looks over at you. You can barely meet her eyes before they flicker away.
  2804. >”Yeah, from school.”
  2805. That seems to satisfy Twilight, who quiets down and turns her attention to the rest of her friends.
  2806. >However, you’re left wondering how the fuck this girl knows you.
  2807. > Maybe you’ll get a chance to ask later on.
  2808. >Damn, that was several things you had to clear up.
  2809. >Almost like there was a cosmic force that prevented any sort of meaningful character development.
  2810. >”Soooo… you mentioned something called the Kings Game?” Sunset pats her hands on her knees, glancing at the scattered straws on the coffee table.
  2811. >”Don’t worry, I can explain.” Pinkie is quick to get another straw marked off for Sunset. She carefully explains the rules.
  2812. >”Sort of like truth or dare.” Sunset mutters as Pinkie finishes her explanation.
  2813. >”Good to know Ah’m not the only one who thinks that.” Applejack reaffirms.
  2814. “With more randomness on who actually does the dare, I guess.”
  2815. >”So, is there any sort of limit to what we can actually tell each other to do?” Sunset asks.
  2816. >You point towards the pile of cans and bottle surround the coffee table.
  2817. “Only as far as your liquid courage lets you.”
  2818. >”Seeing as how you got Twilight to… answer the door like that, I’m surprised that one even worked.”
  2819. >”Yeah well, Anon is an asshole, Sunset. Don’t let him see your straw.” Twilight states as she begins to re-dress herself in the corner, throwing on her pants and shirt quickly before sitting back down.
  2820. “Hey, you agreed to it. Speaking of which.”
  2822. >You roll the King straw between your fingers, before tossing the thing over towards Twilight.
  2823. >She fumbles to catch it, but managed to reel it in.
  2824. >”Shouldn’t that be with the rest of the pile?” Sunset asks.
  2825. “Part of the deal, she gets the straw this turn. Pinkie allowed it so complain to her.”
  2826. >”Not complaining, just wondering.” Sunset leans back in her chair.
  2827. >”Alright, next round coming right up!” Pinkie shuffles the straws quickly, handing them out to you and the rest of the girls.
  2828. >You grab yours and hide it away quickly.
  2829. >If Twilight didn’t know your number, she wouldn’t be able to do jack shit to you, regardless of if she was King or not.
  2830. >Truly a perfect strategy with no flaws whatsoever.
  2831. >Twilight clears her throat loudly, and when you glance over, there’s a dangerous gleam in her eyes.
  2832. >What did she have planned? Surely something grand to get revenge on your ass.
  2833. >Of all the girls here to try and outsmart, maybe picking a battle with her wasn’t the greatest idea.
  2834. >But you were on a quest, to get as much action as possible.
  2835. >So there couldn’t be any regrets. Besides, it’s not as if Twilight could think of anything that you wouldn’t be able to do.
  2836. >Your mind was devious and dirty, way more so than hers.
  2837. >There was nothing she could suggest that would make you flinch,
  2838. >Twilight jumps up from her chair, tossing the straw into the air and throwing out some type of weird, stilted pose, covering half her face with her hand, and raising her other hand to the sky dramatically.
  2840. >The straw comes back down spinning, which she deftly catches in-between two fingers without flinching or pausing her movement whatsoever.
  2841. >She pushes her glasses back up on her nose a bit, glaring across the room at you.
  2842. >Suddenly you don’t feel so sure with yourself anymore.
  2843. >”Since Anon got to bend the rules a little, isn’t it fair if I do the same, Pinkie?”
  2844. >Twilight’s voice seems very cold and distant.
  2845. >Calculating.
  2846. >Pinkie shrugs, seemingly much more interested in the pizza on the table.
  2847. >”Sure, whatever! You’re the King, you make the rules.”
  2848. >So much for any sort of backup or reasonable counsel.
  2849. >You were going to have to deal with whatever this purple monster threw at you, for better or worse.
  2850. >You lean back in your chair, crossing her arms and staring back at Twilight unblinkingly.
  2851. >You weren’t chicken.
  2852. >This was one game you weren’t going to lose.
  2853. >You twirl your straw in your fingers, keeping the number hidden from any nosey glances.
  2854. >A ‘5’ stares back at you.
  2855. >”The King commands number one to stand up.” Twilight voice booms in the living room, undeniable authority resonating with each word.
  2856. >”That would be me.” Fluttershy slowly sits up, revealing her straw to the group. She stands, turning to look at Twilight.
  2857. >You knit your brow in confusion.
  2858. >Why would she command something so innocuous.
  2859. >Unless…
  2860. >Twilight’s eyes glance around the room.
  2862. >”The King commands number two to stand.”
  2863. >This…. This couldn’t be happening! No fucking way.
  2864. >You can feel your heartbeat quicken, realizing exactly what shenanigans this girl was trying to pull.
  2865. >”That’s me, darling.” Rarity’s voice is equally cool and collected. She flicks her straw back onto the table, but doesn’t stand, remaining lounged out on the couch.
  2866. >One by one she was going to eliminate everyone.
  2867. >Until she found you. And then…
  2868. >Then you were at her mercy.
  2869. >So much for the perfect strategy. Seems bending the rules had come back to bite you in the ass.
  2870. >All that would remain is determining exactly what she would do to you.
  2871. >You grit your teeth. She might have outplayed you with this, but your will was resolute. As long as you made it through her task, the last laugh would be yours.
  2872. >”The King orders number three to stand up.”
  2873. >”That’s mah number.” Applejack waves her straw in the air half-heartedly. She too doesn’t rise, merely looking at Twilight with an expression of interest, waiting to see what she plan she was concocting.
  2874. >Twilight is staring dead at you.
  2875. >You’re staring right back with a neutral expression. You would not give this girl the satisfaction.
  2876. >Twilight continues speaking.
  2877. >”The King commands number four to stand.”
  2878. >Rainbow flicks her straw on the table, and clicks her tongue.
  2879. >”That’s mine.”
  2880. >She stands from her chair, crossing her arms and looking at Twilight.
  2882. >Your time has run out, your number was next.
  2883. >Your fingers close on your straw tightly, bending it. You try not to let any fear creep into your face as Twilight stares you down.
  2884. >”The King commands number five to stand.”
  2885. >No one in the room moves for a second.
  2886. >Twilight’s eyes bore into you.
  2887. >There’s no use trying to prolong this.
  2888. >Rise to the challenge, Anon. Show this girl what you were made of.
  2889. >You sigh loudly, everyone in the room turning to look at you.
  2890. >You slowly rise out of your chair, revealing your straw to the room.
  2891. “I’m number five.”
  2892. >The faintest trace of a smile is visible on Twilight’s face, but her expression is otherwise unreadable.
  2893. “Do your worst, Twilight.”
  2894. >Your thoughts raced. What could she possibly do to you? You’d fucking strip down and drink the grimy remains in all the beer bottles if she ordered you to.
  2895. >What could phase the mighty Anon? You weren’t really sure what to expect, although you knew it wasn’t going to be pleasant.
  2896. >She had been planning her revenge the moment you made her strip, letting the plan boil away in the corners of her mind until it could come to fruition.
  2897. >And unfortunately for you, that moment had come so much sooner than you had expected.
  2898. >It didn’t surprise you that Twilight could be this clever.
  2899. >It frightened you.
  2900. >You can’t see Twilight’s eyes behind the glare of her glasses. You don’t know whether she is staring you down or looking around the room, trying to figure out what to get you to do.
  2901. >Her smiles grows, looking more like a twisted grin with each passing second.
  2902. >Her head tilts down the slightest, and you follow with your eyes, looking at the coffee table.
  2903. >What could she possibly be…
  2904. >The pizza box.
  2905. >OH GOD NO.
  2906. >”The King command number five to eat one slice of pineapple pizza.”
  2907. >You feel the blood in your veins freeze.
  2908. >Your breath catches in your throat, and the corners of your vision go dark.
  2910. >Sweat forms on your brow, and your heartbeat pounds relentlessly in your ears.
  2911. >You had given yourself away in your confidence.
  2912. >Oh all the truly horrendous punishments you could possibly imagine, this had to be the worst.
  2913. >You can feel the entire room looking at you, expectantly.
  2914. >Your eyes go back and forth from the pizza box to Twilight’s.
  2915. >The maniac smirk on her face is larger than ever.
  2916. >You try to reach for the pizza box, but your arms don’t obey.
  2917. >All you can feel is your dry tongue sitting heavily in your mouth.
  2918. >”What’s wrong, Anon?”
  2919. >Twilight’s voice is icy, and you hear the venom resting in her tone.
  2920. >”Surely a little bit of pizza isn’t too bad of a dare, right?”
  2921. >COME ON ANON.
  2922. >You scream at yourself internally.
  2923. >Grow a fucking pair! Grab that slice of pizza and gobble it down like it’s the most fucking delicious thing you have ever seen.
  2924. >Don’t get beat like this.
  2925. >Your fingers twitch, and you find your muscles loosening.
  2926. >Your hand crawls towards the pizza box slowly, and you find your willpower swilling gently inside you.
  2927. >You’d done worse than this before, seen much worse.
  2928. >Of all the horrors in your life, and everything you had seen on the internet…. This…
  2929. >This was nothing.
  2930. >You hand grabs the edge of a slice of pizza, and you take it out of the box, raising the slice to your face.
  2932. >Do it, you fucking pussy.
  2933. >You open your mouth, your tongue is still dry and your lips tremble.
  2934. >The smell is the first thing to hit you.
  2935. >The delicious meaty smell of fresh pizza, with warm melted cheese and toasty pepperoni.
  2936. >And then the charred fruitiness of the cooked pineapple.
  2937. >It’s enough to make you gag.
  2938. >Bile rises in the back of your throat, which you have to suppress down.
  2939. >There’s tears in your eyes.
  2940. >Don’t cry, Anon.
  2941. >The tip of the pizza is inside your mouth.
  2942. >Mechanically working your jaws, you bite down on the edge of the slice.
  2943. >Flavour explodes inside your mouth, gooey cheese goodness and tasty chunks of pepperoni.
  2944. >All of it soiled by the citrusy pineapple, the pieces bursting under your teeth and splattering juice all inside your mouth.
  2945. >It hurts more than you could possible imagine.
  2946. >But you force yourself to continue.
  2947. >A bite, a swallow, a bite, a swallow. Your mouth stinks of some rancid fruity, meaty mixture.
  2948. >And then… it’s over.
  2949. >The crust is the only thing that’s left, and you let it sit in your mouth for a minute to get rid of the taste of pineapple.
  2950. >Finally, you swallow.
  2951. >Somewhere in the depths of your stomach, you feel your guts contort and churn. You clamp down with all your might.
  2952. >No vomit, Anon, you’re a big boy.
  2953. >You sigh as your stomach settles, glaring across the room back at Twilight.
  2954. >Her smirks seems to have faded.
  2955. >Your plan failed.
  2956. >She has made an enemy for life.
  2958. >You wipe your hands together to get rid of the pizza crumbs.
  2959. “Done. Is that all?”
  2960. >You hope you’re not looking as green as you feel.
  2961. >You were only a few more bites away from projectile vomiting all over the room and everyone in it.
  2962. >Twilight crosses her arms. The straw deftly swirls between her fingers.
  2963. >Maybe you shouldn’t have been to quick to taunt her. She was still the King until the round was over.
  2964. >”Jeez, Anon, it was only Pineapple.”
  2965. >Sunset’s voice barely registers in your ears.
  2966. >She wouldn’t understand.
  2967. >Frigging pineapple lovers, making other suffer in their ignorance.
  2968. “It’s more about enjoying other’s suffering. You wouldn’t get it, being sober and all.”
  2969. >Sunset nudges one of the empty cans on the floor with her foot.
  2970. >”I was hoping this would last later into the evening, but oh well.”
  2971. >She reaches into her jacket, producing a tiny tin flask.
  2972. >Woah, Sunset was carrying booze the whole time?
  2973. >Maybe you pegged this girl wrong at the start.
  2974. >”I can solve that problem real quickly.”
  2975. >She looks at you and smirks, giving the flask a shake and sloshing around the unknown liquid inside it.
  2976. >”Are you two done, because I’m still the King.”
  2977. >Twilight speaks before you can say anything else.
  2978. >Guess she’s got something else in mind for you.
  2979. >Twilight puts a finger on her chin, and begins to pace back and forth.
  2980. >Oh boy.
  2982. >Get ready for whatever else she wants to throw at you, Anon.
  2983. >”Since you made me strip down, it’s only fair that you return that favour.”
  2984. >Your hands go towards your pajama pants.
  2985. >”Stop.”
  2986. >Twilight holds up her hand.
  2987. >You pause.
  2988. >With everything else you’ve been through tonight, being in your underwear was the least embarrassing thing you could do.
  2989. >Maybe you shouldn’t have been so eager.
  2990. >Oh well.
  2991. >”That alone is a bit too easy, Anon.” Twilight continues her pacing.
  2992. >”Sooo… The King commands number five to strip down into their undies, AND…”
  2993. >She pauses for dramatic effect, spinning and pointing a finger at Sunset.
  2994. >”AND… go into the closet with number six for…”
  2995. >Twilight taps her chin for a few seconds.
  2996. >”…ten minutes.”
  2997. >Is that all?
  2998. >You don’t say that, of course.
  2999. >This is probably one of the more tamer things she could have asked.
  3000. >Easy fucking peasy, boyz.
  3001. >”TWILIGHT!”
  3003. >Guess someone else seems to think otherwise.
  3004. >You turn to look at Sunset.
  3005. >She’s glowering at Twilight.
  3006. >Oh my, is that a bit of pink in her face there.
  3007. >Well, considering her and Pinkie were the only two left with straws, you guess you got off a bit lucky.
  3008. >Really didn’t need anymore alone time with Pinkie just yet.
  3009. >Although this seems a bit more like seven minutes in heaven than the Kings Game.
  3010. >Well, whatever, ten minutes in a small enclosed space half-naked with a girl you just met around five minutes ago.
  3011. >What could possibly go wrong.
  3012. >Now, all there was is finding the closet.
  3013. >You glance over to Sunset.
  3014. “Might want some of that courage now.” You say as you point at her flask.
  3015. >She’s still glaring at Twilight, but looks at you just long enough to blush a little bit deeper.
  3016. >Twilight moves around the back on the couch, sauntering over to the small closet door at the corner of the living room.
  3017. >”Over here.”
  3018. >Her voice is still authoritative. Less like she’s asking and more like a demand.
  3019. >You make your way over.
  3020. >Sunset trails behind you, looking down at the floor.
  3021. >Twilight opens the closet door.
  3022. >Oh…
  3023. >Wow.
  3024. >That’s a really tiny closet.
  3026. >Like, one person squeezing in there would have to shimmy.
  3027. >Two people, oh it was going to be a real tight squeeze.
  3028. “Bit small there, isn’t it?”
  3029. >Twilight shrugs, barely looking at you.
  3030. >”Anon. Strip.”
  3031. >Oh right, you had to do that too.
  3032. >And you’d really gotten used to wearing that ‘juicy’ t-shirt.
  3033. >You quickly strip out of your pants and shirt, throwing them on a nearby shelf nonchalantly.
  3034. >Own your nakedness, Anon.
  3035. >Sunset covers her eyes with her hands.
  3036. >Twilight gives you a bored look, before nodding and pointing into the closet.
  3037. >Ten minutes?
  3038. >EZ.
  3039. >You walk past her, turning sideways to cram yourself into the tiny space.
  3040. >There’s boxes, clothes, shoes, and god only knows what else squat into this little mini-room.
  3041. >If you were half your size, you might be able to stand normally in here.
  3042. >As you are not that small, you forced to contort and bend down awkwardly to force yourself in.
  3043. >Man, standing like this for ten minutes is going to make you sore tomorrow.
  3044. >But you’re finally inside, staring out at Twilight and Sunset.
  3045. >Sunset’s still not looking at you.
  3047. >She glares at Twilight once more, as if trying to get her to relent.
  3048. >Twilight simply keeps pointing into the closet.
  3049. >Sunset sighs. She raises her flask to her lips and takes a few, big swallows.
  3050. >She wipes her mouth quickly and hides the flask back inside her jacket.
  3051. >”Let’s get this over with.” She mutters.
  3052. >It’s a tighter squeezes than she imagined, you guess.
  3053. >Seeing as how you watch her eyes roam over the entirety of the closet before settling on you.
  3054. >You wink at her. Probably not the greatest idea, but whatever.
  3055. >This was turning out to be worse off for Sunset than you.
  3056. >Seemed like the opposite of what Twilight wanted, unless she had planned the whole thing from the start.
  3057. >As some sort of payback for Sunset missing the first half of the sleepover.
  3058. >That seemed a bit far-fetched though.
  3059. >Sunset keeps looking around the closest.
  3060. >You try to fold yourself up more and make a little bit more room, but it’s probably a futile action.
  3061. “It’s not going to get any bigger in here.”
  3062. >”Y-yeah, I know.” She mutters.
  3063. >As she steps in, Twilight closes the door behind her.
  3064. >The light from the living room vanishes, leaving only the faint traces of illumination trickling in through the cracks underneath door.
  3065. >Now it wasn’t only cramped, it was dark and cramped.
  3066. >Certainly didn’t make moving any easier.
  3067. >You can barely see Sunset now, the light from outside making the fringes of her hair glow, sending a red and orange tide across the closet.
  3068. >Her blue eyes shimmer slightly in the dim closet, but you can’t make out the expression on her face.
  3069. >She tries to squeeze in by you, but that doesn’t work, so instead she steps over your leg.
  3071. >Bad idea.
  3072. >You’re a bit taller than her, so when she steps down, you feel your thigh go way up between her skirt.
  3073. >And because you’re not wearing any pants, the inside of her legs rubs teasingly against you.
  3074. >You're pretty sure you just almost kneed her in the vag.
  3075. >Sunset jumps at the sensation, losing her footing and almost tumbling face first into the closet shelves.
  3076. >You’re quick to reach out, grabbing at anything to stop her from falling.
  3077. >You hand finds her wrist, and you yank her back just enough to slow her momentum.
  3078. >But now she’s falling towards you.
  3079. >Sunset’s body land on you, pushing your back into some dusty boxes you were leaned up against.
  3080. >One of her hands comes to rest on your bare chest, the other on your shoulder as she leans into you heavily.
  3081. >She's basically on top of you now.
  3082. >Her hot breath blows gently on your face, tickling your skin.
  3083. >You can smell the booze on her, the clear stench of vodka and it’s cleaning alcohol odor invading your nostrils.
  3084. >She doesn’t move, and you don’t say anything.
  3085. >For a moment in the darkness, all there is, is the soft gentle sensation of her breathing, and the trembling of her hands on your skin.
  3086. “You alright?”
  3087. >You decide to break the silence, although your voice is barely louder than a whisper.
  3089. >There’s no noise from outside the closet door.
  3090. >You wonder if Twilight and the others have left the room or if they are outside listening in very closely.
  3091. >You wouldn’t put it past her, exactly.
  3092. >But you would doubt some of the others are quiet enough for you not to hear.
  3093. >Pinkie, especially.
  3094. >Sunset’s hand squeezes your shoulder.
  3095. >You can feel her move her feet around as she tries to get a better foothold.
  3096. >”I-I’m fine… thanks.”
  3097. >Her voice carries lowly in the dusty closet air.
  3098. >And that’s all she says.
  3099. >Silence reigns again for several moments.
  3100. >You’re not really sure what to say to her.
  3101. >After all, you’re only really an acquaintance.
  3102. >There’s really only one thing on your mind, and that’s how she knew you from earlier.
  3103. >Finding a lack of other conversational topics, you decide this is really the only think you can ask her.
  3104. “About earlier… you said you knew me?”
  3105. >”Yeah… and?”
  3106. “Well… I’m wondering from where… because I really don’t recall.”
  3107. >You can only assume that Sunset is staring at you like you’re an idiot.
  3108. >That or she’s really offended.
  3109. >It’s impossible to tell either way, you can’t make out her face at all in the dark.
  3110. >”…That’s not funny, Anon.”
  3111. >You blink. Not that it matters much in the darkness.
  3112. “What do you mean?”
  3114. >”Pretending not to know me, that’s not cool.”
  3115. >Now you’re really flabbergasted.
  3116. >Were you this stupid, or was she really shiczo?
  3117. “I’m honest, I feel like I know you, but can’t place it.”
  3118. >You feel Sunset’s grip on your shoulder tighten.
  3119. >She brings her face closer to yours.
  3120. >”…You’re not joking.”
  3121. >It’s less of a question and more of a statement.
  3122. >You can feel Sunset’s body sag, like a balloon leaking air. She leans into you more, and you can feel her hips on your waist.
  3123. >She’s closer now.
  3124. >You can scarcely make out the whites of her eyes. Her blue irises glimmer with moisture.
  3125. >It’s clear you upset her.
  3126. “I…I feel like I should, but…”
  3127. >The mental block in your brain refuses to budge.
  3128. >Like the answer on the tip of your tongue that you know is there but for some reason you cannot spit it out.
  3129. >”I knew it was strange when you looked at me like I was a stranger. I didn’t expect it to be this bad… but I guess it was.”
  3130. >Sunset moves even closer.
  3131. >Her hand moves from your chest to caress your cheek,
  3132. >She turns your face so you are looking directly at her.
  3134. >Her face is right next to yours. You can see the glossiness of her lips, and the darkness of blush in her cheeks.
  3135. >”I didn’t forget you, though.”
  3136. >You’re not sure what to say, so you wait for her to continue.
  3137. >”What do you remember about me, Anon?”
  3138. >You open your mouth to spit back an obvious answer, but hesitate.
  3139. >It was a good question, what exactly did you remember about Sunset?
  3140. >Your brain searches in on itself, running through the memories of her that you have.
  3141. >You know her from school, obviously. But how much more was there than that.
  3142. >The more you delve the foggier it gets.
  3143. >Like it was so clear and plain on the surface, but the further you dig, the more cracks there were.
  3144. >The more unstable the foundation was.
  3145. >There’s brief flashes of her at school, but you really can’t place what you were doing at the time.
  3146. >Or what others were doing.
  3147. >Just that you were there, and so was Sunset.
  3148. >You jaws hangs open for a bit, as you try to formulate words.
  3149. >But there really isn’t an answer to speak.
  3150. >She’s a friend of Twilight’s, obviously, but when did she start attending Canterlot High?
  3151. >When did she move to town?
  3152. >Was she always here?
  3153. >You try to pry away the wall of fog in your head, searching for any real concrete piece that you knew this girl.
  3154. >There was that whole ordeal at the formal with Sunset and Twilight competing for top dog, but you really can’t remember more than that.
  3155. >Then again, that was your first year at CHS, and you hadn’t really been very social back then.
  3156. >So it made sense for your memory to be foggy, right?
  3158. >But there’s nothing you can find.
  3159. >You imagine you look like a fish out of water, mouth hanging open as you stutter on your answer.
  3160. >Sunset sighs.
  3161. >”Twilight is going to kill me for this… but I don’t care.”
  3162. >You’re about to ask what when Sunset leans in.
  3163. >Her form blocks all the light seeping under the closet door, and you are momentarily lost in the shadows.
  3164. >You’re about to ask what she’s doing when you feel her hot breath on your lips.
  3165. >You freeze up.
  3166. >Sunset kisses you.
  3167. >You don’t need to see to sense the soft touch of her warm lips against yours.
  3168. >But that’s not the most important thing to note right now.
  3169. >There’s a growing heat in your head, replacing the vacant feeling from earlier.
  3170. >As if the cobwebs and dizziness clogging your brain are being burned away.
  3171. >And then, like ripples in your neurons, things start coming back to you.
  3172. >That fog wall segmenting your thoughts evaporates away, and you are left dealing with the flood of memories.
  3173. >Something around Sunset’s neck is glowing faintly under her clothes, emitting a pleasant soft pink light that swirls in the small enclosed closet space.
  3175. >But that’s not something you’re really focused on.
  3176. >Instead, your brain is struggling to handle the new surge of memories that are currently rattling through your brain.
  3177. >So many of them concerning Sunset, Twilight and the rest of the girls.
  3178. >Prom night comes flooding back to you with a vengeance.
  3179. >It seems so much different now than what you thought you remembered.
  3180. >Sure, the stuff where Twilight and Sunset were competing for that stupid crown is all the same, but there’s a few irregularities that you don’t remember here and there.
  3181. >Specially the part where Sunset was a total bitch, grew horns and turned everyone into zombies.
  3182. >And the magic of friendship shit that Twilight and her friends used to finally subdue Sunset.
  3183. >Doesn’t really seem like the type of thing someone forgot, even if they tried really hard.
  3184. >You wonder if you should be freaked out now that she’s kissing you.
  3185. >The whole thing about wanting to control the world and whatever the fuck Equestria was.
  3186. >Bit too batshit crazy for your tastes.
  3187. >The other whole thing about magic sort of being real should also be making you freak out.
  3188. >You chalk it up to information overload that you’re not soiling yourself or screaming like a little girl.
  3189. >It seems more like a dream than actual reality, maybe that’s why you’re able to keep calm for now.
  3190. >Could also be the fact that maybe Sunset is using some weird type of magic shit to keep you under control.
  3191. >Some sort of weird succubus stuff, considering that’s kinda what she looked like when she went all haywire.
  3192. >Was Sunset a demon?
  3194. >Every thought just spurs a new stream of memories in your consciousness.
  3195. >Sunset being a really big dick in school, to virtually everybody.
  3196. >Movement brings you back to the present for a split second, and you’re vaguely aware of Sunset pulling away from you, breaking the kiss.
  3197. >The glow from earlier is gone, leaving you back in the darkness.
  3198. >All you can do is really blink. If there wasn’t an answer before, you didn’t have a goddamn clue as to what to say or do now.
  3199. >You open your mouth to breathe.
  3200. >Sunset slaps her hand over your mouth.
  3201. >She must have thought you were going to scream.
  3202. >You could have been, you’re kinda on auto-pilot now.
  3203. >”Ssssssh, Anon! J-just let me explain, please!”
  3204. >You nod slowly.
  3205. >She must have at least saw the gesture, because she removes her hand from your mouth.
  3206. >The gears in your head turn slowly, and you blink a few times.
  3207. >Thought swirl in your head like a drunken mess.
  3208. >You mentally give a shoutout to Pinkie’s drugs and the booze for deadening your responses a bit.
  3209. >Your tongue feels heavy in your mouth, but you force it to move.
  3210. “Are you a demon?”
  3211. >Sunset was already trying to answer the second you opened your mouth.
  3212. >”Magic is real, Anon, and – what?”
  3213. >She stops.
  3215. >You’re sure she’s staring at you.
  3216. >”That’s your first question?!” She hisses at you, seemingly offended.
  3217. >You try to shrug, but smack your arms into the sides of the closet.
  3218. “I mean… t-the wings… and the weird red skin…everything about that really…”
  3219. >Sunset sighs, it seems more like a relaxed sigh than an annoyed one.
  3220. >”That sounds more like a succubus than a demon… really.”
  3221. “What’s the difference? Are they both real?”
  3222. >"Well I couldn't see myself, you know!"
  3223. "That doesn't explain anything!"
  3224. >”Well, a demon is more of a- wait, that’s not really what you should be concerned about!”
  3225. >She pokes you in the chest.
  3226. >”Aren’t you going to be like ‘WAIT SUNSET, MAGIC IS REAL?’” She puffs out her chest and puts on her best dumb guy impersonation.
  3227. >You’re a little offended.
  3228. >But it’s a pretty good impersonation of your voice.
  3229. “There’s a long line of questions that I have, they’re just flying out in a random order.”
  3230. >You guess you should humor her enough to let the conversation flow her way, at least initially.
  3231. “So… magic is real.”
  3232. >”Sort of…”
  3233. >Wow, nice concrete answer.
  3234. “…Sort of?”
  3235. >”Not like magic exists everywhere or all the time, just that a certain few artifacts from a certain few places might have the ability to… you know… create magic.
  3236. >That’s not really clearing anything up.
  3237. “So like, what artifacts and what places?”
  3239. >”Can we queue that question back a few spots for now. I mean, I’m trying to ease you into this.”
  3240. “Yeah… sure whatever.”
  3241. >”I was expecting you to freak out more, but that fact that you’re so calm is unnerving me way more.”
  3242. >At this point you wouldn’t put this situation past being nothing more than some sort of coma dream.
  3243. >You could have tripped getting into the closet and smacked your head, and this whole thing was some sort of dying dream sequence.
  3244. >Would explain the missing memories, brain damage and all.
  3245. >Kinda makes more sense than magic and demons being real.
  3246. >Maybe you and Sunset had gotten into the closet and both passed out from the lack of oxygen in such a small place, and this was just your dying brain’s last attempt to function on no breathable air.
  3247. >Combination of both maybe… who knows.
  3248. >All of that being said, freaking out wouldn’t exactly be the best thing to do now.
  3249. >If this was all a dream, you’d just wake up.
  3250. >If you were dying, it’d probably kill you.
  3251. >If all of this was real, you just scare the hell out of Sunset and Twilight and her friends would think you were crazy.
  3252. >You know, being the super magical girls they were. With… the horse tails and ears.
  3253. “Wait, did Twilight have a tail and ears?”
  3254. >”Is that really your next question?!” Sunset looks like she wants to strangle you.
  3255. “I don’t think you understand how jarring having all these memories coming back to you are.”
  3256. >Sunset looks away.
  3258. >Focus up a little bit, Anon.
  3259. “So… ugh, biggest question besides all the magic stuff, is why my memories were shot in the first place.”
  3260. >Sunset shuffles a little bit.
  3261. >”Anon, please, you have to understand. We couldn’t just let people walk around with memories of that.”
  3262. >The emotional part of you wants to be mad at Sunset because someone memory fucked you without your permission.
  3263. >The rational part of you realizes that if the world knew magic was real, that would probably be really bad.
  3264. >Abducted by the government and dissected in a lab sort of bad.
  3265. >Or thrown in a psych ward sort of bad.
  3266. “I… I can understand that…”
  3267. >”I’m so sorry, Anon. You don’t know how bad that decision made me feel, but it had to be done.”
  3268. “I mean… maybe had you not gone sort of power crazy, we could have avoided the whole thing in the first place.”
  3269. >Sunset doesn’t respond to that.
  3270. >You feel her grip on your arm increase a bit.
  3271. >You remember that you’re still all sorts of fucking naked right now.
  3272. >Didn’t really expect this sort of situation when you first came in here.
  3273. >”It-it’s hard to explain, Anon.”
  3274. >There’s a few more seconds of silence, and it’s clear that Sunset isn’t willing to give you any more answers about this subject right now.
  3275. >”Is that all you remember? Just Prom?”
  3276. >She's looking for something, but you're not really sure what.
  3278. >There was a ton of miscellaneous stupid memories whipping around in your skull. All sorts of mundane school shit involving Twilight and Sunset.
  3279. >You think a little bit harder, trying to focus further back.
  3280. >There’s less memories of Twilight and the gang, but still quite a few of Sunset.
  3281. >In fact, there’s memories clearly before your time as a highschool student.
  3282. >Jesus, you remember her as far back as the first few years of Junior High.
  3283. >Which was forever ago.
  3284. >How much of your memory had been fucked with?
  3285. >How the hell was such a thing possible?
  3286. >Vertigo and wooziness floods into you. This time you stumble forward, with Sunset catching you.
  3287. >”Anon!”
  3288. >The earlier scenarios of coma or death dream seem much less plausible.
  3289. >Sunset feels too real, as does the fear that churns in your guts.
  3290. >You spit out a few words.
  3291. “How far back in my head did you go?!”
  3292. >You’re trying not to yell, but if anyone was listening outside the closet, they would easily hear it.
  3293. >”Please, Anon! Just quiet down a bit!”
  3294. >You realize that you were shaking and breathing heavily, your hands balled into fists.
  3295. >You’re pretty sure asking you to be calm in this situation was useless.
  3296. “Explain… please.” You force the words at a quiet voice.
  3297. >”I-I don’t know, it wasn’t my spell! Twi-“
  3299. “Twilight did this?!”
  3300. >”No, not Twilight, it’s… it’s hard to explain!”
  3301. >Another non-answer.
  3302. >You were beginning to get impatient.
  3303. “You… you messed with my head! You can’t just hide who and how from me like that!”
  3304. >Sunset backs up a bit, as much as she can in the small closet.
  3305. “Why would you even tell me in the first place if you weren’t going to come clean on everything?”
  3306. >”A-Anon…”
  3307. “Because of your mistakes, now you get to mess with my head? Just the prom was bad enough, how far back did you have to go? What else am I missing?”
  3308. >You’re almost pushing her into the opposite side of the wall at this point.
  3309. >Needless to say, you’re angry.
  3310. >Who knows what else you had been missing? What else had been ripped out of your mind?
  3311. >The willingness to let Sunset and gang explain themselves is fading fast.
  3312. >”I-I…” Sunset squeaks out. She covers her face with her hands, leaning back and away from you.
  3313. >Years of your life, poked and prodded away at.
  3314. >As far back as junior high, fucking years ago.
  3315. >But you still remember Sunset, bits and pieces of fragments of memories floating around your skull.
  3316. >You fade back into your brain, rolling as another wave of memories hit you.
  3317. >And it’s not just that you are remembering seeing her around the school.
  3318. >They are much more… personal.
  3319. >You remember sitting down with Sunset for lunch, talking with her afterschool, just hanging out and chilling.
  3320. >You remember the science and group projects the both of you worked on in and out of class.
  3321. >You remember riding the bus home from school with her almost every day.
  3323. >Sunset laughing at your jokes. Scooting closer to you in the seat.
  3324. >Leaning in…
  3325. >….
  3326. >Oh.
  3327. >Hmm, that makes things make a little more sense.
  3328. >You even remember the first time you saw her, stumbling around outside the school, crawling on her hands and knees like she didn’t know how to walk.
  3329. >Of course being the curious little shit you were, you had been spotted, trying to play off the fact you were spying on her by rattling off a very embarrassing introduction.
  3330. >Offering to show her around the school because it looked like she was new here.
  3331. >…
  3332. >Re-examining your memories with Sunset only reveals that she has always been nice to you.
  3333. >Sure, dick-ish to the other students, but with you…
  3334. >And then…
  3335. >You remember the clash outside the school, near that big fucking statue, after Prom.
  3336. >Twilight and Sunset wrestling for some sort of crown.
  3337. >Sunset eventually winning the crown and putting the piece of jewelry on her head.
  3338. >The flash of light, the burst of wind, the demon wings and red skin she sprouted afterwards.
  3339. >And then she had descended to you, in front of everyone and held out her hand.
  3341. >You remember how you had screamed right in her face, slapped her hand away, and ran off into the bowels of the school.
  3342. >Magic? Of course that would have freaked you out.
  3343. >That and the fact that Sunset tore off the front of the school.
  3344. >Sunset hadn't had many friends, if any, beside you.
  3345. >So having you do that... in front of everyone...
  3346. >Of course, Sunset didn’t have the best reaction to that.
  3347. >Zombie mode had followed pretty soon after that.
  3348. >The magic battle and Twilight and her friends winning.
  3349. >And that was the most recent memory you had of Sunset.
  3350. >And the last time you remembered meeting her before tonight.
  3351. >Now you feel like a big fucking asshole.
  3352. >Sure, it wasn’t all your fault… but definitely a little bit.
  3353. >Probably wasn’t the best decision there, Anon.
  3354. >You ever get that feeling when you look back on a situation and it’s clearly obvious what you should have done.
  3355. >And then younger you completely misjudges the atmosphere and fucks up.
  3356. >Good job, you idiot.
  3357. >Your anger deflates like a balloon.
  3358. >You know why Sunset gave you your memories back.
  3359. >Now it’s your turn to stand there silently. All you can do is look at her, cowered away before your presence.
  3360. >Eventually, she lowers her hands from her face and looks cautiously at you.
  3361. >”A…Anon?”
  3362. “I…”
  3363. >Suddenly, you have a thought.
  3364. >It’s probably fucking cheesy, but you have to do it anyways.
  3365. >You look at Sunset, and slowly take one of her palms in your hand.
  3367. “I… ah… probably should have done that before...”
  3368. >”A-Anon!”
  3369. >As much as you want to know more about everything, you really want this situation over.
  3370. “I know you can’t explain everything right now, but I do expect some answers eventually…”
  3371. >Sunset stares at her hand in yours. She locks her slender fingers around yours and squeezes.
  3372. >”Don’t let the others know… just for now… okay.”
  3373. “I can do that…”
  3374. >You can’t imagine how big of a clusterfuck that would be. Seeing as how they had been so complete in your memory wiping.
  3375. >Don’t really want to go through that again.
  3376. >Especially if Twilight was responsible and was literally in the room outside the closet door.
  3377. >”I don’t know why your memories from so long ago were messed with, Anon… probably because of…”
  3378. “Our past friendship.”
  3379. >Sunset nods slightly.
  3380. >”Yeah… that would make the most sense.”
  3381. “Can’t we just ask Twilight?”
  3382. >”Uh… it’s not really this Twilight, Anon.”
  3383. >This Twilight?
  3384. “Is there another Twilight in our school that I don’t know?”
  3385. >Sunset opens her mouth, but just sort of looks at you.
  3386. >Of course. Another complicated explanation.
  3388. >”It’s really, really hard to explain… just… “
  3389. “I get it, I get it, I’ll shut up with the questions for now.”
  3390. >Sunset nods.
  3391. >”Thanks, Anon. I really mean it.”
  3392. “So… like are we friends now… how do these sort of memory sucking things work?”
  3393. >”You think I do this enough to be familiar with it?!”
  3394. “More experienced than me, I guess… especially considering the current situation.”
  3395. >A few more seconds of silence.
  3396. >”So… you’re… okay? You don’t hate me?”
  3397. “I’m not screaming or crying like a little baby. Not sure if I’d say okay but… I can work through it.”
  3398. >”You know…”
  3399. >Sunset’s voice is so small and quiet you have to lean in.
  3400. >”You were the first friend I made here, Anon. Everything was so new and strange… but you helped me get used to things.”
  3401. >Sunset stands on her tippy-toes, staring up into your eyes.
  3402. >”And then having you not even recognize me in the hallway walking past…”
  3403. >She squeezes her eyes shut and looks down.
  3404. >”It hurt.”
  3405. >”Like a piece of me cut away, and not even aware that it happened.”
  3406. >”Every day it was worse and worse. I tried to just distance myself away and forget... but seeing you here tonight. It just re-opened the wound.”
  3407. >”I couldn’t take it anymore.”
  3408. >You put a hand under her chin, tilting her eyes back up to yours.
  3410. “It’s okay…”
  3411. >And then she’s leaning in again.
  3412. >And the warmth isn’t from some weird glowing trinket on her neck, but from the contact of her skin on yours.
  3413. >Closer and closer.
  3414. >Until both yours and her lips me-
  3415. >The closet door opens, light spilling in and blinding the two of you.
  3416. >”That’s ten minutes.”
  3417. >Twilight is outside, hand on the doorknob, looking down at her watch.
  3418. >Of course, everyone else is peeking over and around her body to see into the closet.
  3419. >To see Sunset just about to kiss you.
  3420. >Who, as you still remember, is half-naked, only in your boxers.
  3421. >Sunset freezes up. Her eyes shoot open as she pivots on her heels to face out the closet door.
  3422. >Twilight has looked up from her watch, clearing having spotted Sunset in her compromised position. The mask of authority she was wearing earlier is nowhere to be seen, instead her mouth gapes at Sunset with disbelief.
  3423. >”Sunset! What are you doing?!”
  3424. >”You didn’t see anything!” Sunset yells out the whole sentence as one word, and races out of the closet, half-tripping as she flees out of the living room.
  3425. >You’re still standing there, lips puckered, looking at Twilight with an expression of clear disappointment.
  3426. >Interrupted again.
  3427. >Almost seemed like a trend.
  3428. >Hey, at least you were out of the weird mindwipe situation.
  3429. >Staring at the culprit of said mindwipe, of course.
  3430. >Or, if Sunset was to be believed, it wasn’t this Twilight but another Twilight who you didn’t know.
  3431. >Which really didn’t make a lot of sense.
  3433. >The whole thing really only hurt your brain when you thought about it.
  3434. >So you conveniently shove all of that aside for now.
  3435. >You make your way out of the closet.
  3436. >There’s obviously some coming out of the closet joke you could make at all of this.
  3437. >”Looks like Anon finally came out of the closet!” Rainbow half-yells with laughter as you stumble out.
  3438. >You give her a bored look.
  3439. >Half the room turns to look at her with shocked expressions.
  3440. >Oh right, the whole thought you were gay thing.
  3441. >”Rainbow!” Twilight and Applejack yell at the same time.
  3442. >They blink, glance over at each other, and then quickly turn back to continue glaring at Rainbow.
  3443. >”That’s extremely offensive, Rainbow.” Twilight chastises. She puts her hands on her hips.
  3444. >”You can’t just make jokes like that at Anon’s expense! You don’t know what he’s faced!”
  3445. >Pinkie buries her face in a pillow.
  3446. >You’re pretty sure she’s trying not to laugh.
  3447. >Fluttershy also looks away and bites her lip.
  3448. >You might as well clear this up in one fell swoop.
  3449. “Twilight, it’s okay.”
  3450. >It’s kinda cute how she’s defending you.
  3451. >Even though she was the one to tell everyone you were gay in the first place.
  3452. >”It’s not okay, Anon!” Twilight whirls around on you. “She can’t just ignore the discrimination you face.”
  3453. >You hold up a hand to stop her from ranting.
  3454. “No, it’s really okay.”
  3455. >Twilight opens her mouth to respond.
  3456. ”Because I’m not gay.”
  3457. >Now it’s your turn to be stared at by everyone in the room who already didn’t know.
  3458. >”WHAT?!”
  3460. >You’re pretty sure you could hear a pin drop in the room.
  3461. >Oh boy, this might be a doozy to explain.
  3462. >All six of the girls, minus Sunset, are staring in your direction.
  3463. >Rarity, Applejack, Rainbow and Twilight are looking incredulously at you.
  3464. >Fluttershy and Pinkie are trying not to smile. Pretty sure they have already keyed on the fact that you are a perfectly normal, straight guy.
  3465. >Well maybe not ‘normal’ but you know what you mean.
  3466. >Would be nice to finally find out why exactly Twilight told everyone you were gay.
  3467. >You can feel the tension in the room increase with every second.
  3468. >Applejack is the first to speak.
  3469. >”You’re not gay?”
  3470. >God, how many times did you have to reiterate this.
  3471. >You shake your head.
  3472. “Nope.”
  3473. >”Are you sure?” Rainbow follows up.
  3474. >Pretty sure it’s the kinda thing you can be almost be certain about.
  3475. >Would you fuck a feminine dude?
  3476. >Were liking traps gay?
  3477. >Really didn’t want to tackle that internal question tonight.
  3478. >But like, by traditional gay guy standards… which you didn’t know because you weren’t gay, you were sure you weren’t on the ‘getting a train run on you’ train.
  3480. “Yeah, Dash, I’m pretty sure.”
  3481. >”Then why did Twilight tell us you were?” Dash asks.
  3482. >And then all the eyes in the room are on Twilight.
  3483. >She crumbles a bit under everyone’s stare.
  3484. >You have the same question yourself.
  3485. >Twilight twiddles her thumbs together, looking down at the floor.
  3486. “I’d like to know as well, honestly. Pretty sure I didn’t tell anyone anyways.”
  3487. >Twilight giggles nervously. She’s pretty much shaking all over.
  3488. >”I-I didn’t TELL everyone you were… you know… but I might have suggested it a teeny-tiny bit.”
  3489. >Oh boy, the word salad is about to begin.
  3490. >”Well, you know, you’re always sitting alone at lunch and I never see you talking to any girls or anything, and the few times I’ve tried to talk to you before, you’ve always sort of tried to ignore me.”
  3491. >”And you always seemed to be comfortable around guys.”
  3492. >It was easier to drop memes around dudes, that was true.
  3493. >And talking to girls wasn’t exactly your biggest strength.
  3494. >You always were more of a ‘get through school as fast as possible’ type of guy.
  3495. >And all those times Twilight said she tried talking to you, you always remember them being school and project related.
  3496. >Although that was probably the whole idea behind her small talk, start with school stuff and move into more personal topics.
  3497. >Once again a case of past Anon being a big fucking idiot.
  3498. >”Just sort of maybe thought, you know, that girls weren’t your thing.”
  3499. >Still kind of a logic leap there, but it’s possible, you guess.
  3500. >Not like Twilight had any ulterior motives, right?
  3501. >Right?
  3503. >Twilight’s looking at you, as if wanting an answer.
  3504. >You shrug.
  3505. “I mean, you could have just asked.”
  3506. >”You can’t just ask people that!”
  3507. >You wouldn’t have really cared.
  3508. “Or at least tried to clear it up.”
  3509. >Twilight tries to smile weakly. Looks more like a nervous twitch.
  3510. “But yeah, in case you guys didn’t know, not gay. Seriously not gay.”
  3511. >”Like… really serious?” Dash is still looking at you like she’s confused.
  3512. “Just ask Pinkie, she can give your proof.”
  3513. >Rainbow raises an eyebrow and looks over at Pinkie.
  3514. >Seems you managed to get under Pinkie’s skin, seeing as how her pink face was blushing,
  3515. >”A-non!” She sputters.
  3516. >Heh, looks like you managed to get at least one on her tonight.
  3517. >You can only imagine Rainbow wanting to see the actual ‘proof’.
  3518. >Said sticky proof was deposited deep within Pinkie’s ass, of course, but Rainbow didn’t know that.
  3519. >That would probably be an interesting conversation if Rainbow was really interested in finding out.
  3520. >Anyways, you were getting off-topic.
  3521. “We got all that cleared up?”
  3522. >You look around the room.
  3523. >Everyone either shrugs or nods.
  3524. >That’s good enough for you.
  3525. >Rainbow still looks shocked, like she had just suffered a mind-blowing revelation.
  3526. >And Twilight still looked a bit embarrassed but that really wasn’t important.
  3527. >You’d cleared up the fact that you weren’t gay, which was one of your primary objectives tonight.
  3528. >Feels like a major stepping stone towards better things.
  3529. >The room settles down a bit, putting your big revelation behind them.
  3530. >Sunset returns shortly after.
  3532. >She’s staring intensely at her phone, and frowning, her eyebrows knit together.
  3533. >Probably not a good sign.
  3534. >She walks over towards your chair, sitting on one of the arm rests.
  3535. >”So… girls, I know you all decided on the whole sleepover thing, but how great would it be if we all went out and had a little fun?”
  3536. >She doesn’t really sound too sure of herself. You can hear the slight hesitation in her voice.
  3537. >”Went out?” Rainbow is the first to question.
  3538. >Sunset nods.
  3539. >”Yeah, like for a few drinks. There’s a couple places downtown that I know that are really fun. Plus it’s Friday, girls get in for freeee.”
  3540. >She stresses the last word as if a $10 cover fee would really prevent anyone from entering a club or bar.
  3541. >Twilight crosses her arms.
  3542. >”I don’t know, Sunset, that’s not really… my thing.”
  3543. >Fluttershy nods in approval at Twilight.
  3544. >”Clubs are scary. There are so many people, and the music is always too loud, and people are always bumping into me.”
  3545. >”Come on, guys!” Sunset jumps up from the arm rest of your chair.
  3546. >”A few drinks, some dancing. Nothing really over the top, just a little trip. Besides, we can always come back here afterwards.”
  3547. >You can see Rainbow tapping her chin in thought.
  3548. >”You know, a really new club opened up not too long ago and I’ve been waiting for an excuse to go. I’m in, if you girls are up for it.”
  3549. >”Ah’m not going to turn down more drinking.” Applejack tilts her head in agreement.
  3551. >”Pretty sure they’ve got one of those mechanical bulls too, AJ.” Rainbow says, elbowing Applejack in the side softly.
  3552. >”Ah don’t need to hear anymore, Ah’m sold.”
  3553. >Rarity shrugs, seemingly indifferent.
  3554. >”I did put on all my makeup, would be a shame to let it go to waste.”
  3555. >That was four out of seven willing to go.
  3556. >Sunset looks towards Pinkie.
  3557. >Pinkie deadpans back at her.
  3558. >”As if you really need to ask.”
  3559. >Pinkie puts a hand in the air, pointing to the sky.
  3560. >”Wherever there is a party, there will be a Pinkie.”
  3561. >That was five.
  3562. >The girls turn towards Fluttershy and Twilight.
  3563. >Fluttershy lowers her head in defeat.
  3564. >”…Oh dear,” she mumbles softly.
  3565. >You guess that’s approval enough.
  3566. >Now everyone is looking at Twilight again.
  3567. >She crosses her arms and sighs loudly, rolling her eyes.
  3568. >”How are we even going to get in? Unless I magically missed something, we’re all under twenty-one.”
  3569. >A murmur of agreement goes through the room.
  3570. >Pfft, as if it was hard for underage girls to get into clubs.
  3571. >Sunset laughs, smirking slyly at Twilight.
  3573. >”You know, being one of the most popular girls at CHS does come with a few benefits.”
  3574. “What, having a bunch of fake IDs?”
  3575. >”That’s illegal, Anon.”
  3576. “What, you know the bouncer at the door and he owes you a bunch of favors?”
  3577. >What were the odds of that happening?
  3578. >Sunset rubs the back of her head, and bites the corner of her lip.
  3579. >”Well… actually…”
  3580. >No fucking way, man.
  3581. “Really…?”
  3582. >”Well are you in, or are you out?”
  3583. >You shrug.
  3584. “Whatever, I’m down, as long as it doesn’t come back to bite me in the ass.”
  3585. >Twilight sighs again.
  3586. >”Fine, but only for a few hours and I’m not holding Pinkie’s hair if she pukes all over the place again!”
  3587. >Pinkie pouts. “I told you I was sorry for that, Twi!”
  3588. >Sunset claps her hands together loudly, drawing all attention in the room.
  3589. >”It’s settled then, we are going out!”
  3590. >You raise your hand.
  3591. “In our pajamas, or like are we breaking to head home and change real quick?”
  3592. >Everyone looks at you like you have two heads.
  3593. “What?!”
  3595. >”You didn’t bring a change of dress clothes?”
  3596. >What the fuck? This was a sleepover, why the fuck would you wear anything half-decent besides some scrappy pajamas?
  3597. “No…?”
  3598. >”You’ve got a lot to learn about sleepovers with girls, Anon.” Sunset pats you on the shoulder consolingly.
  3599. >You already got fucking changed out of your jeans, now you were going to have to get another fucking change of clothes.
  3600. >Goddamn, hanging out with girls was fucking weird.
  3601. >Whatever, not like it’s a long drive back to your apartment.
  3602. “I’ll just rush home real quick and get something to throw on, you guys can get a cab downtown and I’ll meet you there, I guess.”
  3603. >You wonder if it’s okay to leave all your fucking cum stained clothes in a pile upstairs on Twilight’s floor.
  3604. >Probably not, but whatever, that’s Tomorrow Anon’s problem.
  3605. >Sunset is already on the phone talking to someone.
  3606. >”Yeah, could we get a cab over here, please?”
  3607. >The other girls have began to disper