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Of Many, One (or: Zecora's Change)

By SizeOfMT
Created: 2021-10-18 23:49:00
Updated: 2021-10-19 01:04:14
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  1. (The following is a sequel of sorts to A Big, Powerful Cheer - )
  3. >”What in tarnation’s happened to me?
  4. >and why am I cravin’ some herbal tea?”
  5. >”And why do I talk in a peculiar drawl?
  6. >and am I on the floor? Just when did I fall?”
  7. >she sat up and tried to think clearly
  8. >some details stuck out
  9. >Zecora’s hut
  10. >or was it home?
  11. >a visitor, a guest
  12. >a young farm girl
  13. >a mature witch
  14. >”I am no witch, you insensitive lout,
  15. >now get off of the floor and show yourself out!”
  16. >”I never said that, you persnickety dummy,
  17. >though I guess I thought it... dang, my head feels real gummy?”
  18. >she stood, only to slam her head into a shelf
  19. >”I’m not that tall, or at least not yet,
  20. >I must be seven feet tall, with growth yet to abet.”
  21. >her mind swam with decades of experience, yet fresh-faced enthusiasm
  22. >a potion given that would switch minds with another
  23. >she gave it to a familiar red haired girl, tall and strong, sun kissed from days working a farm
  24. >yet she took it from a white and black haired mature woman, with luscious dark skin
  25. >she located a mirror
  26. >red, white and black hair
  27. >one blue and one vibrant orange eye
  28. >”Zecorbloom? Applera? Oh wow, this is weird,
  29. >to a cure, our collective thoughts must be steered.”
  31. >the tall hybrid woman worked, and the younger entity stayed silent
  32. >the mind switch potion had fallen in a batch of plant bonding salve, designed to merge two weak stems into a healthy, single entity
  33. >but seasoned alchemical knowledge paired with youthful enthusiasm, and after an hour, the hybrid drank a potion
  34. >and promptly felt herself split in two
  35. >a 5’5 woman in her thirties, modest in bust but with wide hips
  36. >and a strong, towering girl of about sixteen, still growing and maturing yet already curvy
  37. >with their minds split, things made sense again
  38. >Applebloom’s school project; writing an essay on life from another person’s perspective
  39. >and Zecora, trusting the young woman after years of friendship, offered the mindswitch brew
  40. >but Applebloom had just started what Granny Smith called ‘the big’un’, the final, one day long Apple family growth spurt
  41. >seven feet tall already, so three more inches and she would overtake her sister, Applejack
  42. >but the constant growth made her clumsy, and that’s why she accidentally dropped the potion
  43. >”I’m real sorry, Zecora. I’m such a klutz.”
  44. >Zecora shook her head, still dazed, but focused her thoughts
  45. >”Accidents happen, so fret not my young friend,
  46. >a lesson learned with no harm done in the end.”
  47. >the wise woman produced another mindswitch potion and handed it over to Applebloom
  48. >”I’ll be careful this time! I promise! Oh, and sorry for sayin’, or I guess thinkin’ you’re a witch.”
  50. >before Zecora could reply, there was a knock on the door, and a loud but friendly voice
  51. >”Zecora? Sorry if I’m interrupting, but have you seen Applebloom?”
  52. >both left the hut, only to be met with the newest Apple family member, Big Mac’s wife and strongest person in the known world; Cheerilee
  53. >even in her ‘small’ size, the two-tone pink haired and tan skinned amazon she was almost twice as tall as Applebloom, and thickly muscled
  54. >at her true height, one of her feet was as long as her 7’10 husband was tall, and rumour was he used her bust as a bed on the one day of the week she spent full size
  55. >muscular as Cheer was, and as with most earth bloods, she retained her curves and then some, boasting huge G cups and a wide hips, all contained in stretchy, gym style clothes
  56. >she also boasted a noticeable bump that interrupted her deeply grooved abs
  57. >suffice it to say, Cheer wouldn’t be the newest Apple member for long
  58. >Applebloom said, ”howdy, sis! Sorry to keep ya!”
  59. >”No problem, squirt!” Cheer lifted Bloom off the ground and noogied the girl and said, “but let’s go, Granny Smith wants to document your final growth spurt, every day without fail since you’ll be growing by the hour. Oh, and Zecora; are you still sure you want to help me deliver when the time comes?”
  60. >”It would be an honour, great Cheerilee,
  61. >though I’ll need an extra pair of hands, or three.”
  63. >with the two huge girls gone, Zecora went back inside to tidy up and replace the plant merging brew
  64. >she mixed, cooked and tidied, but she felt strange
  65. >she was tired and kept feeling a tingle run through her, one that was pleasant but had all the hallmarks of a bout of pegasus feather tickle fever; the tickling would soon turn into painful spasms, no doubt
  66. >”Hmm... perhaps Applebloom’s mistake can be used to give aid,
  67. >a potion to restore the youthful feeling it made.”
  68. >deep earth magic; a temporal tonic
  69. >it would lock her state if being into a state she felt in the last few hours
  70. >and when she was bonded with Bloom, she understandably felt like a teenager again, and an extremely robust one at that
  71. >”Pegasus feather fever always lasts for four days,
  72. >so cockatrice beak, zap apple and a pinch of ground maize...”
  73. >she brewed up the tonic that would wind her body back, sans physical height since she wouldn’t be bound to Bloom, to that youthful period and keep her that way for the duration
  74. >and she felt tired enough that she added a booster to it, that would make her probably ready to run several marathons in a row, and she just might; she could use the exercise after seeing Cheer’s impossible physique
  75. >she downed the bottle, wincing at the taste, and felt an intense shudder run through her
  76. >oddly, the most intense shudder kicked in between her legs; desire burned brightly as she went red in the face
  77. >”A- ah, of course, my mistake. How foolish of me,
  78. >fresh, hungry teen hormones have just been set free!”
  79. >the normally celibate woman elected to meditate until she grew used to the boy (or girl, she wasn’t going to judge the teen)-hungry desires running through;
  81. >Zecora meditated about the open plains of her homeland, the calming breeze through the grass, the glorious trees, with their long, hard, erect shafts, thrusting-
  82. >she snapped from her trance, gasped and shook her head, then tried again
  83. >the mysterious Everfree forest, her current home. The wild, exotic flora and fauna, the glistening, parted petals of an eager flowers, their dripping nectar, desperate to be invaded, plundered, pollenat-
  84. >”What is this crass, lewd imagery?
  85. >shoo, begone and leave me be!”
  86. >her mind kept ambushing her with familiar faces
  87. >except she wasn’t focusing of faces; she was imagining everyone she knew naked
  88. >men had been a distraction in her youth, and just picturing the likes of Big Mac only made things worse
  89. >and where she thought she could focus on her friendship with Twilight and the others, now she thought of their curvy bodies, Applejack’s amazing ass, Fluttershy’s huge breasts, the glorious tone of Rainbow Dash’s hard earned body
  90. >Zecora looked in her mirror again; she was flushed and sweating
  91. >for a split second, a hotter wave pulsed through her
  92. >and Zecora swore the woman staring back at her wasn’t a woman, but a late teen version of herself
  93. >she pinched her brow and concentrated, looked again; just Zecora again
  94. >as the heat continued, she saw a walking stick she would take for her jaunts into the Everfree forest
  95. >well, less a walking stick than a stave for fending off the more aggressive beasts
  96. >a long, hard rod with a smooth, enticing, rounded end
  97. >”Oh, fine! Just this once, to clear my head
  98. >there’s so much more I should be doing instead.”
  99. >she took the staff, climbed into bed, and first used her hand to stroke herself
  100. >to no surprise, she was already wet and extremely eager
  101. >so without further ado, Zecora took a little moisturising ointment, applied it to the rounded end of the staff, and began to ride it
  103. >already hot and bothered, Zecora’s moans filled her hut as each thrust made her push harder and faster
  104. >and within seconds, she felt her body tense as she was pushed to the edge of a climax
  105. >there was something else that ran up her spine, but she didn’t have the mind to focus; she needed this
  106. >it had been years since she had indulged, and she forgot why she even gave up this feeling
  107. >one hand made the final thrust and her other squeezed her tit, and it was like lightning as the orgasm rocked her body
  108. >she thrashed and shook, her bedding tossed aside and covering the tribal masks and trinkets of her collection
  109. (-3)
  110. >and, at last, clarity!
  111. >she felt good as new as she rode the afterglow
  112. >and once the pleasure faded, she stood, washed then groomed herself in the mirror
  113. >the smiling, relaxed shamaness in the mirror looked as healthy as she ever had
  114. >but... that feeling that started near her climax
  115. >a shiver up her spine that spread through her whole body
  116. >Zecora stared in disbelief as her reflection de-aged
  117. >and she looked at her hands in case it was just the reflection; the callouses and scars from handling alchemical and medicinal substances, thorns and more faded into flawless, silky-smooth skin
  118. >staring back in the mirror, she looked sixteen again
  119. >her heartbeat throbbed in her hearing, and Zecora’s jaw went slack as she the mirror seemed to move lower
  121. >everything was moving, and she staggered as the mirror continued to descend
  122. >she even balked as her modest breasts swelled
  123. >her hips widened and...
  124. >then it stopped
  125. >Zecora jabbered into the mirror, but with a final shiver, she aged again
  126. >but it stopped short; she looked barely twenty
  127. >”I... what... why? What just occurred?
  128. >I’m younger? Taller? This is absurd!!”
  129. >she stared at herself; all 5’8 of herself
  130. >and before she stopped, she felt the warmth begin again as her arousal started poking her mind
  131. >”Some mishap, mistake or malediction,
  132. >I must seek a cure for this affliction.”
  133. >Zecora searched her hut, old books and even her memory, but if there was an answer here, the returning heat and growing lust was going to stop her from doing this alone
  134. >”Pride be damned, I need magic insight,
  135. >to town, to visit Princess Twilight.”
  136. >Zecora gathered what she thought might be useful, and with the youthful energy coursing through her, headed towards the Princess of Friendship
  137. >upon reaching town, she was a rare but welcome sight to the citizens, who often travelled to her for curative for all sorts of real, vague or imagined issues
  138. >and as she approached Twilight’s grandiose home, a few locals approach and ask for help
  140. >Zecora was a benevolent type, even if she wasn’t above toying with people to help them learn a lesson
  141. >years of being a local had given her a new position; a healer and repository of earth blood magic and mysticism, and a friend to boot
  142. >as the townspeople asked her for help, and despite her current issues, she couldn’t abandon them
  143. >there concerns were basic; colds, sprains, sicknesses and the like
  144. >while she only brought a small amount of her full assortment of reagents and ingredients, she’s soon grinding roots, mixing oils and more to help the townspeople
  145. >it was a tremendous distraction!
  146. >Zecora all but forgets her situation
  147. >until...
  148. >”Bulk Bicep, please pull up your pants!
  149. >keep the bandage dry and maintain a wide stance.”
  150. >”Yeah!! Thanks, Zecora.”
  151. >the muscle bound air blood nodded and sauntered away
  152. >Zecora sighed and pulled her mind back from the edge; hopefully no more intimate area injuries would befall her
  153. >the final person in the gaggle of needy folk approached; a pretty, pink haired girl from the spa
  154. >”So, I have this problem,” Lotus Blossom says, looking unsure
  155. >”Whatever it is, I’m sure it will be no trouble,
  156. >simply describe your concerns, you’ll be fine on the double.”
  157. >the beauty nibbles her lip and gestures Zecora into the spa, then into a changing room
  158. >”Now that it’s just us girls...”
  159. >without another word, the woman pulls up her shirt
  160. >Zecora gets an eyeful of a pair of immaculate, supple breasts, and her eyes try to travel lower to her slim belly and curvy hips, only to magnetise back to the perky pair
  161. (+1)
  163. >”they’ve been swollen and heavy for a few days. C-could you feel then and tell me if anything seems off?”
  164. >Zecora tries to control her trembling hands as she gives them a feel, then a firm squeeze
  165. (+1)
  166. >Lotus Blossom gasps and moans, which makes Zecora turn red, then she goes wide eyed
  167. >”You’re not pregnant... is your partner of the nip suckling ilk?
  168. >Lotus hesitates, then nods
  169. >”good, nothing to fear, but these are heavy with milk,” she finishes and raises her hand, showing the trickle on her hand
  170. >under recommendation Lotus drain herself (or by her partner’s help) and stop if she doesn’t want to keep producing, Zecora excuses herself
  171. >a good bit hornier once more, but she felt better about doing her part for the town; a far cry from the fear she used to receive, now trusted and accepted
  172. >Zecora reached Twilight‘s castle and knocked on the vast doors
  173. >they were opened by the princesses assistant, tge dragon boy Spike
  174. >far from the little tyke he used to be, the years had been kind to him
  175. >he’s now a handsome, slim but well toned lad barely out of his teens with finned ears, slitted green eyes and’ like air bloods, summonable wings
  176. >Zecora asked, “Good morning Spike, I mean not to intrude,
  177. >but I have need for someone arcanically shrewd.”
  178. >the dragon boy blinked a few times, then asked, “what? You know, Zecora, if you need something, I don’t know why you have to rhyme and be mysterious.”
  179. >Zecora rolled her eyes and grumbled, “Twilight is the one whom I seek,
  180. >now may I enter? I don’t have all week.”
  181. >”Oh, then why didn’t you say so? Come in.”
  183. >Twilight was surprised and thrilled by Zecora being her guest for once
  184. >the tall and curvy princess seemed quite oblivious to the fact Zecora was younger, taller and curvier than herself
  185. >although she did seem intrigued when the shamaness described what had happened to her
  186. >”... so as you can see, I’m in quite some distress,
  187. >I humbly desire your help from this mess.”
  188. >”Wow, this will be quite a change of pace. Earth blood magic isn’t exactly well documented; just about every family line has some trick, ritual or recipe that invokes a spell, even if they don’t know it.”
  189. >Twilight waved a hand and several books glowed purple as they levitated down to her, each opening and the pages fluttering as she scoured them, but she soon frowned
  190. >”Hmm, what you accidentally invoked isn’t exactly your everyday spell, but some four effects now compiled together. I don’t have anything on body merging, temporal tonics or that wellness potion, but thanks to Cheerilee, I’ve done some research on your height situation. Have you ever heard of goliath apples?”
  191. >Zecora nods.,”I did wonder, after good Cheerilee outgrew the school
  192. >but those apples are said to be unbreakable by tool.”
  193. >Twilight shrugged and started putting the books back by hand. “Clearly you didn’t see just how strong she before growing bigger. She told me she ground them down by hand! Regardless, the Apple family have been making a weaker syrup from goliath apples and using it for generations. I only mention this because Applebloom took her final dose of the stuff today. Considering you were part of her for a time, do you know what this means? Uh, Zecora?”
  194. >Twilight turns, only to catch Zecora getting an eyeful of the princess’ fashionably tight pants clad ass
  195. (+1)
  196. >the shaman blinked and looked Twilight in the eyes
  197. >”Forgive me, Twilight, my mind is all over the place,
  198. >roaming other folks figures instead of their face.”
  200. >Twilight raised an eyebrow, then smirked
  201. >”Maybe we can try a practical demonstrationYou said you’ve been struggling with arousal since the incident?”
  202. >Zecora cleared her throat and fidgeted in her seat
  203. >”It has been quite some time since I’ve lacked such control,
  204. >but these hormones are the biggest problem on the who-“
  205. >Twilight leaned across Zecora and gave her a face full of breast
  206. (+2)
  207. >”Oops, sorry, just needed... uh, this pen!”
  208. >Twilight promptly undid two buttons on her shirt and stuffed the pen into her cleavage
  209. (+1)
  210. >by now, Zecora is sweating and breathing hard, and tries to calm herself down
  211. >she doesn’t notice as Twilight ‘accidentally’ knocks a book on the floor
  212. >and she stands, turns and bends over to pick it up, giving Zecora a close up of her curvy butt
  213. (+1)
  214. >Zecora stammers, “I- I need to go, I can’t take much more,
  215. >”I’m going, I’ll show m- myself to the door.”
  216. >said door slammed shut and bolted itself,
  217. >”Sorry, Zecora, but for your own sake, I need to try some tests; how do you feel, and be completely honest.”
  218. >Zecora panted and growled, “you want to know how I feel, and honestly?
  219. >”I desperately want to climb your body like a tree!”
  220. >Twilight scribbled some notes down as Zecora clutched her head; she was moments from losing control
  221. >”Sorry about the duplicity, but I was sensing a build up of magic in you and needed to confirm,” Twilight said, “but it’s tied to your arousal, and it’s nearing its apex. Do I have your consent to test what happens when it peaks? It’s going to involve some contact. If not, use this.”
  222. >Twilight summons a... very phallic shape made of pure magic
  224. >Zecora didn’t want to subject herself to this, but she was more afraid of postponing whatever was wrong with her harming others
  225. >feeling beside herself, and wiping her brow from sweat, Zecora gulped
  226. >”Do with me as you so will,
  227. >I shall swallow this bitter pill.”
  228. >”Alright!” Twilight said and teleported from the room (and the phallic magic mass unsummoned as well)
  229. >she returned with a bottle of lotion, which she began applying to her hands
  230. >”I’ve recently been reading about the various pressure points in earth, air and noble peoples; did you know how varied they are? It’s fascinating! Oh, you might want to disrobe for this.”
  231. >Zecora bit her lip; she still wasn’t comfortable with anything intimate, and even situations like with Lotus Blossom she viewed with a studious, mature attitude
  232. >with her head filling her mind with all things lewd, she knew she couldn’t trust her own judgement; she had to trust Twilight was looking out for her best interests
  233. >Zecora removed her simple dress and gulped again
  234. (+1)
  235. >”Just relax and tell me if you feel anything strange.”
  236. >Zecora thought she would twitch at feeling another persons hands on her body, but as Twilight moved behind her and pushed against the shamaness’ back, the princess’ hands began to run up and down her body, Zecora let her wild desires take hold
  237. >she moaned softly as Twilight cupped her larger breasts, stroked the lithe toned curves of her womanly body
  238. (+1)
  239. >to Twilight’s credit, there was something exploratory to her touch, rather than totally sensual
  240. >she whispered, “it should be around... here?”
  241. >Twi’s hands were over Zecora’s breasts, just below the collarbone
  242. >and with a firm press of her thumbs into Zecora’s body, the shaman gasped
  244. >it was like she was ice cold and the pressed areas were a deep warmth
  245. >the heat filled her body, and while it aroused her, it didn’t push her towards climax
  246. (+1)
  247. >it just kept pumping a pure, pleasant feeling into her
  248. >she didn’t even register that Twilight just did the same either side of her chest, and the warmth spread faster
  249. (+1!)
  250. >it was overwhelming, and as it filled her to the brim, she felt something deep within
  251. >it was deeply alien and yet familiar
  252. >Twilight’s muffled voice pulled Zecora from her internal focus
  253. >”Zecora? What’s going on? What-“
  254. >there was no time to answer as the heat now burned, and Zecora yelped as a pulse of the heat washed over her
  255. >a flash, then darkness
  256. >a fogginess in her head
  257. >and she suddenly remembered; it was the same feeling she had when Applebloom
  258. >she opened her eyes to unfamiliar hands
  259. >and stood with a taller body
  260. >by instinct, and with a wave of her hand, she called a mirror to herself
  261. >a combination of Twilight Sparkle and Zecora, four coloured hair, blue and purple heterochromatic eyes
  262. >her figure wasn’t anything outrageous; besides the extra height, Zecora and Twilight had similar figures thanks to he shaman’s earlier boost
  263. >”Fascinating, this is a new sensation,
  264. >but I’m not yet sure what this ultimately achieves,
  265. >I’ll need to document the full causation,
  266. >and formulate a spell from what the deduction leaves!”
  267. >two smart women, both versed in true magic, alchemy, earth remedies; they would be unstoppable!
  268. >if she also wasn’t irrepressibly horny
  269. >with but another wave of her hand, she summoned the phallic mass again, guided it between her legs, and inserted it with a purr
  270. >the thing pulsed, vibrated and seemed to have a mind of its own as Twicora ran her hands over herself, squeezing her breasts and stroking her gorgeous body as the phallus intensified, plunged and shook
  271. >she then rapidly came and, with another bright flash, the two separated again
  272. (-11)
  273. >”Whoa,” Twilight shook her head and stood, “that was different and... unexpectedly hot. I might have to try that one again in my own time. Are you alright, Zecora?”
  275. >Zecora also checked herself; perhaps another cup size, a little more cushioning around the hips and ass
  276. >she also had a couple more inches of height up to 5’10, but as she clothed herself again, found her loose dress still covered her well
  277. >Zecora sighed. ”I hate to say that I’m growing used to this,
  278. >but that feels a big opportunity to miss.”
  279. >Twilight smiled. “Not necessarily. Pairing with you has given me some insights to your condition...”
  280. >the princess theorised that Zecora’s body was in flux: the temporal tincture trying to reach Zecora’s teens, where Applebloom’s goliath apple fuelled growth awaited, and the health boost to an ideal true age
  281. >the energy gathered within her from this mixup was also bound to the hormonal flood, and reaching climax discharged the energy into the temporal tincture, de-ageing her to her teens and causing a rapid growth spurt, and the more energy gathered, the longer it would last
  282. >lastly, because her body was also trying to revert to the point Zecora was under the effects of the accidental body merging concoction, too much energy build up without climax would trigger that effect too, but this was the least understood factor without experimentation
  283. >it might not need her hitting her peak, but just a strong charge and the right subject
  284. >the mix of magic was beyond Twilight’s ability to unravel without more research; research she needed to conduct at the Canterlot royal library, where some of the oldest recorded earth magic was documented
  285. >”However, before I head to Canterlot, let’s give you another examination; if joining with Applebloom gave you goliath apple empowered growth spurts, I can’t help but wonder what joining with me changed.”
  286. >Twilight conducts a few less invasive tests, and even the ones that involve any touching are done tactfully
  287. >Zecora soon still finds herself distracted, but not by anything in the room or her currently subdued arousal
  288. >she can feel several entities beyond the room that seem to resonate with her in some way; each feels familiar and calming
  289. >”I feel energy points flowing near and far,
  290. >like a darkened night and each a shining star...”
  291. >Twilight raised an eyebrow. ”Wait, you mean you can *sense* them too? Our joining must have unlocked some noble blooded magic potential within you; those are my friends you can feel! Well, now I’ll definitely need to start doing some reading into these earth blood substances.”
  292. >Zecora focused back inside the room again, and knew her body and mind was still subject to the same problems, and she couldn’t help but worry
  294. >”But what should I be doing while you conduct your research?
  295. >I’m still acting in ways that my reputation shall besmirch.”
  296. >Twilight replied, “I’ll be as quick as I can, but I want to be thorough so it could be at least a day, maybe more. Maybe seek out something to keep yourself occupied, though; you’re welcome to stay here and peruse my library, but I think anything to keep yourself active would help. Regardless what you choose, be sure to let Spike know where you’re going in case I need to find you, or if you need to ask me anything as well. Take care and try to relax.”
  297. >with a flash of purple light, Twilight vanished
  298. >and Zecora now potentially had three and a half days of this constant horniness, only she knew it was inevitable that she would be growing and she was at risk of merging
  299. >not to mention her capacity for this ‘charge’ had been increased too, and merging might alter Zecora even more
  300. (0/15)
  301. >with nothing but time, Zecora first checked through some books, but while that was fine for a few hours, her mind began wandering to these entities she felt a connection with
  302. >the door opened and Spike peeked inside
  303. >”Hey, Zecora. Twilight told me to check in to see if you needed anything while you’re here. She seemed worried.”
  304. >Zecora nodded and replied, “I believe I am just fine for now,
  305. >or as well as can be, anyhow.”
  306. >”Ok, well, just holler.”
  307. >Spike turned to leave, but it was like time stopped for Zecora and her usual shaman wisdom spurred a scientific analysis as she realised that Spike was one of the entities she could feel
  308. >they were people Twilight had especially strong feelings for, and might just mean suitable merging criteria
  309. >after all, Zecora and Applebloom were closer than she was than most
  310. >but Twilight knew several people deeply, and even stranger, Zecora could maybe analyse what effects joining them might inflict
  312. >Zecora asked, “actually Spike, if I might be so bold,
  313. >some tea would be nice; I’m feeling quite cold.”
  314. >Spike smiled and nodded; and hurried off, but when he returned with a tea-tray, Zecora studied him further and again the scientific mind afforded by the Twilight merge struck again...
  315. -Magic pool: +3
  316. -Growth/Figure adjustment: none
  317. -Traits: Dragon Greed: strong greed and envy can cause temporary but massive growth
  318. >Zecora shook her head as Spike put down the tray of tea, so she thanked him and pondered on this new information
  319. >her merge with Applebloom also came to mind, the one she already had...
  320. -Magic pool: +2
  321. -Growth/Figure adjustment: extreme height
  322. -Traits: Goliath apple spurts: causes height increases of severe magnitude
  323. >and Twilight...
  324. -Magic pool: +5
  325. -Growth/Figure adjustment: mild hourglass, mild height
  326. -Traits: studious: what you’re looking at now
  327. >”You okay, Zecora?”
  328. >Spike was right in Zecora’s face, waving a clawed hand and trying to get her attention
  329. >so close that it stirred Zecora once more; the young man really was quite handsome, and exotic with his draconic traits
  330. (+1)
  331. >”Y- yes, thank you, my friend, I am just fine,
  332. >to get this close, you must have taken a shine!”
  333. >Spike blushes and cleared his throat as Zecora realised she just flirted with him
  334. (+2)
  335. >the dragon boy stammered, “I- I was just making sure you’re okay; you were staring at me. I’m... I’d best get back to work.”
  336. >Spike left once more and Zecora, now once again feeling aroused, now had to make plans as she sipped her tea as she realised she felt compelled to run some experiments of her own... after all, this was going to be a unique few days
  338. >growing listless, Zecora decides to take a walk out to the Everfree forest
  339. >that she might sate her curiosity with her new found analytical power was just a bonus
  340. >because at this point, if Zecora knew she was going to be a horny, ever changing, body-sharing shaman for a few days, she would have secluded herself
  341. >but now, as much as she wouldn’t admit it, she had the... energetic curiosity of Twilight in her and a desire to use this opportunity to its fullest
  342. >she finally decided she could have her Everfree walk and occupy herself at the same time; Fluttershy seemed like a good person to visit
  343. >Zecora thought, ‘animals and nature? What’s not to like?’
  344. >she informed Spike she where she would be going, and set off out into town
  345. >it was afternoon by now, and the town was still busy, and that meant she took a long route through the market to see if she could spot any of these close entities
  346. >the towering figure of Cheerilee stood out, as she guzzled a barrel of some sort of protein drink
  347. >her heavy and powerful frame glistening from a recent workout, despite her early but obvious signs of pregnancy
  348. >of course being a twelve feet tall, muscular, goliath apple fuelled giantess who had to be shrunk six days out of seven to operate safely as a teacher, it wasn’t a wonder she stood out
  349. >let alone her full sixty foot true height
  350. >and Zecora felt Applebloom’s familiarity, as both teacher and now sister-in-law, and studied her...
  351. -Magic pool: +2
  352. -Growth/figure adjustment: massive height, massive strength
  353. -Traits: Gifted earth blood athlete: super strength, but needs effort to maintain
  354. Recently made giantess: only being a giant for a few months, merging would only yield a fraction of her true size, but still substantial
  355. >Applejack arrived and joined her, and the once towering farm girl looked petty tiny by comparison, although her figure was less muscular, her famous hips still stood out against her giant friend
  356. >and Zecora felt Twilight and Applebloom’s kinship grant her insight into AJ too...
  357. -Magic pool: +3
  358. -Growth/figure adjustment: major height, major strength, extreme ass/hip/thigh
  359. -Traits: Goliath apple affinity boost: all height increases enhanced
  360. -Element of Harmony: ???
  361. >it was food for thought, and the sight of all that power stirred more thoughts about being made either of their playthings, but Zecora continued on her way
  362. (+1)
  364. >with the town behind her, Fluttershy’s humble, one with nature home was a pleasing sight
  365. >the squawk, squeal and growls from the nearby stream sent Zecora around to the back garden
  366. >and there was the 5’8 curvaceous beauty herself
  367. >clad in a pair of tight short-shorts and an overburdened bikini top as she bathes a plethora of animals
  368. >Zecora gasped at the expanse of curves on display; clearly Fluttershy was less modest when she only expected the company of her many woodland friends
  369. >and before Zecora could mentally prepare herself, Angel bunny wriggled in her grip and leapt free, sending Shy’s wet, glistening mounds into a violent quake that made one pop free, complete with an erect nipple, before she readjusted herself and scowled at the white furball
  370. (+4)
  371. >Zecora put her hands over her eyes and forced the burning arousal back down
  372. >”Oh, hi Zecora!”
  373. >the shaman gulped, readied herself and looked at Fluttershy
  374. >to her relief (yet annoyance, Zecora discovered with self surprise), the pink haired woman had thrown on a towel, that she wore like a poncho
  375. >”Fluttershy, how do you do?
  376. >and how is your fine furry crew?”
  377. >the kindly soul smiles and replies, “oh, just making sure everyone is clear of fleas.”
  378. >she then glances at Angel bunny and huffs, “some are making a big deal out of it though... oh, you’re good with animals, right? Maybe you could help me? Oh, if I’m not being too pushy, that is.”
  379. >Zecora nodded and replied, “that would be just fine, so be at ease,
  380. >I know a fine way to ward off fleas.”
  381. >Shy led Zecora inside, and it gave the shaman a chance to finally analyse her...
  382. -Magic pool: +3
  383. -Height/figure adjustment: massive breast, moderate hip
  384. -Traits: Natural beauty: strikingly beautiful without even trying
  385. Element of Harmony: ???
  386. >”Now, I don’t want you getting that pretty dress all wet, and I have some spare clothes that Pinkie left behind that...”
  387. >Shy stops as she holds up a garishly pink set of yoga pants and a camisole as she looks Zecora over
  388. >”Huh? You’re taller than I remember. And fuller figured.”
  389. >Zecora decided to employ some of her usual, riddle-dabbling methods;
  390. >”I am only as tall as one perceives,
  391. >but any clothes are fine without long sleeves.”
  393. >the two nature loving women resumed washing animals anew, and having quickly picked a few flowers and plants then mixed them into a shampoo, Zecora was treating them and protecting the many critters from parasites while doing some rudimentary health checks
  394. >Pinkie’s clothes fit... mostly
  395. >although the fact the shaman and party girl were no longer the same height and Zecora was slimmer meant it was loose in places, tight in others
  396. >and much to Zecora’s chagrin (and budding, ever-distracting pleasure), Fluttershy was back to her bikini top clad, wet-skinned glory
  397. (+2)
  398. >it dawned on Zecora that she could feel the merging power awaken, but she was still in control
  399. (10/15)
  400. >and besides, she was busy with the creatures enough that she found it easy to ignore Shy’s jiggling self as they worked
  401. >the sun was going down by the time they finished
  402. >”Think fast, Zecora!”
  403. >the shaman found herself doused in a bucket of soapy water, followed by a tackling hug from Shy
  404. >”Thanks for helping! A- and sorry, I promised Dash that I’d start pranking and deriving fun from the mild discomfort of others in the name of friendship. Um, maybe I should have asked first.”
  405. >Zecora would have replied
  406. >except she had a mouthful of wet titty and hands full of Shy’s well padded ass
  408. >being buried under Fluttershy’s amazing body spiked both Zecora’s lust and her desire to use her powers
  409. >with a moment of focus, she felt her body flux and a bright flash ensued
  410. >for the third time, she was suddenly more than just Zecora
  411. >she was known as a good hearted woman, but she felt a depth of kindness within her as big as an ocean
  412. >and a creeping amount of self doubt, something she was familiar with deep in her chest; memories of being mocked for wanting to cast magic, despite her earth blood... old wounds that Zecora didn’t want to retread
  413. >but it was what was *on* her chest that unfamiliar
  414. >she sat up, and watched the vast swells of her new tits wobble for over a full second after she stopped moving instead of a moment
  415. >she familiar with her old B cups, or even her newly budded D’s from her growth spurt and joining with Twilight
  416. >but these were something else; each had to be as big as her head
  417. >two perfect, caramel coloured breasts
  418. >Zecorshy stood and ran her hands over her body as it wasn’t just her chest that stood out, but her ass and hips once more had swelled too
  419. >she swept her pink, black and white hair back and smiled
  420. >”how can we lack confidence when as beautiful as this?
  421. >I feel sexy enough that I could kill with but a kiss.”
  422. >then it dawned on her
  423. >bonding with the noble-blooded Twilight gave her a fleeting ability to use real magic, but she had been overwhelmed by her powers at the time and orgasmed, so she split before she could really experience power
  424. >so being bonded with an air blood, and having complete control, if still a bit turned on
  425. (4/18)
  426. >Zecorshy glanced over her shoulder, licked her lips
  427. >and summoned her wings
  428. >yellow, black and white feathers unfurled and extended
  429. >Zecorshy gasped as they moved with Shy’s instincts and experience
  430. >a huge smile crossed her face as she crouched, raised her wings, then leapt and took flight
  431. >Shy wasn’t the most confident flier, and Zecora had no experience
  432. >after a few near misses with buildings and trees, their joined mind patched together the shaman’s wisdom and Shy’s more relaxed, casual style of flying
  433. >if Twilight cured her right now, Zecorshy would have felt this whole misadventure worth it for this moment; she was flying over the town at sunset, and it was one of the most beautiful things she’d ever seen!
  434. >but she craved more; Zecora’s sensible and Shy’s timid mind made her feel cooped up
  435. >she needed a stronger flier
  436. >and then she saw Rainbow Dash’s cloudborne house, and smirked
  438. >Dash’s home was a beautiful place, sculpted from clouds (also enchanted to help non air bloods from falling through it)
  439. >you had to take Twilight’s old hot air balloon to reach it without flight
  440. >as such, Zecora had never been here, so as Zecorshy, she was relying on Shy’s guidance
  441. >as she landed, she felt a cold shiver
  442. (-2)
  443. >”Ah, this transformation is but temporary,
  444. >now, let’s seek the owner of this aerie.”
  445. >it was night time now, and the lights in the house were on, so she snooped around
  446. >Zecorshy wasn’t surprised to see Dash hard at work in her personal gym
  447. >the spectrum haired woman was performing one armed pull-ups
  448. >while wearing a weighted belt
  449. >*and* holding a kettlebell
  450. >Zecorshy couldn’t help but marvel at the 5’2 woman’s physique as she was clearly at full pump; she was as ripped as Cheerilee
  451. -Magic pool: +3
  452. -Growth/figure adjustment: major muscle, moderate ass/thigh
  453. -Traits: Awesome all round athlete: super speed, super conditioning, amazing stamina in the sheets
  454. Element of Harmony: ??
  455. >Zecorshy went to the front door and knocked
  456. >but another shiver and a flash split Zecorshy up just in time for Dash to open the door
  457. (-2) (0/18)
  458. >the two women blinked, glanced at each other, then at the sweaty Rainbow Dash
  459. >”Hey, Shy. Zecora? Never thought I’d see you in my neck of the clouds! What’s shaking?”
  460. >both visitors blinked at each other, and Zecora cleared her throat as she blushed and tugged at her ludicrous, tight pink clothes
  461. >clothes now overburdened by a freshly grown pair of tits rivalling Fluttershy’s own, and hips that strained yoga pants designed for Pinkie’s own ample curves
  462. >”Just a friendly visit, and not to impose,
  463. >but I don’t suppose you have some looser spare clothes?
  465. >Dash let the pair in and Dash busied herself getting herself washed from her workout
  466. >and Zecora now wore a big pj shirt, but it fit Zecora perfectly, though she still wore the pink yoga pants
  467. >Fluttershy fiddled with her fingers and asked, “maybe it’s not my place to ask, and I hope I’m not being rude, but... um... what in the hay was all that?”
  468. >What was what?” Dash said as she entered the room, wrapped in a towel that barely covered her
  469. (+1)
  470. >Zecora raised an eyebrow and said, “that was fast, it’s been but a minute,
  471. >I suppose use of your speed is infinite.”
  472. >”Damn right! Ain’t got no time for luxury these days if I’m gonna be a rival to peeps like Cheerilee and Applejack. So, how’s the... uh, witchy stuff?”
  473. >Zecora scowled. “I’m not a witch, I’m a bringer of good health,
  474. >of both mind and body, plus of spiritual wealth.”
  475. >Fluttershy interjected, ”I really need to know what just happened, Zecora! What happened to us?”
  476. >Rainbow Dash raised a multicoloured eyebrow at Zecora, who sighed and ran a hand through her black and white hair
  477. >”It’s a long story, but I suppose you should know,
  478. >and it may seem far fetched, keep your minds open though.”
  479. >Zecora recanted the whole affair; the merging, the potion mishaps, and the arousal (much to Shy’s blushing and Dash’s childish giggling)
  480. >”... so you see, this situation is temporary and unique,
  481. >and taking advantages of new experiences I seek.”
  482. >Shy said, ”I suppose it was nice having your calm demeanour for a time.”
  483. >Dash snickered, ”I’m still getting a kick out of stuffy, sensible Zecora being turned into a wild sex fiend. So what if I did this?”
  484. >Dash stood and whipped her towel off
  485. (+6)
  486. >”Dash! Cover your shame!” Fluttershy squealed and covered her eyes
  487. >Zecora nearly had a heart attack
  488. >”Guh... I... just what are you doing!?
  489. >you have no idea the trouble you’re brewing!!”
  490. >Dash flexed. ”C’mon, Stripes! Take a good look at this awesome bod! Does it do things for ya? I’ve put on ten pounds of muscle since Cheerilee got huge. Give me your honest opinion; am I awesome, or am I awesome?”
  491. >Zecora couldn’t stop staring; the flex of Dash’s arms, the clench of her abs, the subtle jiggle of her modest tits on the pectorals as they moved, and those deliciously thick thighs!
  492. (+4)
  493. >but it wasn’t enough to not want revenge for taunting her, so Zecora stood, approached the surprised Dash, and merged with her
  494. (-10)
  496. >”Oh my goodness! Are you alright? Or... both of you alright?” Shy stared
  497. >and right she should stare! Raincora looked awesome!
  498. >”Hell yeah, check me out, I’m ripped and I’m hot,
  499. >everyone’ll be jealous about just what I got!”
  500. >her bust was smaller than Zecora’s new H cup assets, ‘only’ an F cup, and she was shorter than the shaman at 5’7 too
  501. >but she had every bit of Dash’s muscle, thunder-making thighs and she stared at her bicep, then down at...
  502. >well, she couldn’t see her abs anymore, but her fingers traced them, then stroked her big tits
  503. >in fact, being part earth blood...
  504. >”Dude, I gotta give this new bod a try,
  505. >come on, just try not to drool, Shy.”
  506. >Fluttershy followed the even more varied haired woman back through to her gym
  507. >an she went straight up to the bench rack, get into position, and lifted the weights
  508. >they were set at Dash’s limit, and they felt like they weighed nothing
  509. >”Hey, Shy, do me a solid and double the load,
  510. >I’m gonna get myself in a serious beast mode!”
  511. >Shy helped do just that, and Raincora realised she was at Cheerilee’s strength levels, at least prior to her outgrowing the school
  512. >Dash’s enjoyment of exercise sparked Zecora’s arousal, and after another full set of weights, she was panting like a dog, and not from exhaustion
  513. >she was high on her strength
  514. (+6) (7/21)
  515. >Raincora looked at the impressed Fluttershy and winked
  516. >”I could do that all night, but I’ve got something else in mind,
  517. >how’s about we take this to bed and have a little love grind?”
  518. >Fluttershy blushed and said, “W-where’s this coming from? I thought we said that was a one time thing?”
  519. >Raincora licked her lips. “C’mon, you saying you don’t want a piece?
  520. >now I’m more than before and we both need release?”
  521. >”How did you know... oh, right, Zecora. But what about Soarin’?”
  522. >Raincora shrugged. “He’s only got problems with me doing other men,
  523. >but I’d you really don’t wanna, I won’t ask again.”
  524. >Shy looked over Raincora’s body, sighed and couldn’t help but smirk
  525. >”Oh, fine.”
  527. >clothes discarded, bedroom door slammed open
  528. >Raincora and Fluttershy held, kissed, caressed and groped each other
  529. (+4)
  530. >Raincora had a massive advantage; half of her had bedded the kind-hearted, extra-curvy girl before
  531. >of course the other half had *been* her and knew her inside and out
  532. >Fluttershy was pressed into the bed as Raincora’s fingers toyed within the bustier woman and took mere moments to blast Shy into an orgasm
  533. >Raincora brought her slick fingers to her mouth and licked them clean as Shy gasped for breath
  534. (+4)
  535. >”That all you got, Fluttershy?
  536. >come on, hot stuff, make me cry!”
  537. >then came The Stare
  538. >all her strength meant nothing; Shy rolled Raincora over and began returning the favour; it was like being worshipped, and it stroked Dash’s ego and naturally flared Zecora’s relentless arousal
  539. >The Stare wore off and they resumed pleasuring each other
  540. >and then she felt it
  541. (+5) (20/21)
  542. >Raincora was on the brink, but the clear sensation of her merging power sparking, when she was already merged?
  543. >it was crazy, dangerous and she didn’t know what would happen; Zecora would never do such a thing
  544. >but Dash?
  545. >gimme!
  546. >a bright light
  547. >and a lot of noise
  548. >but not audible noise; internal
  549. >she climbed out of bed and staggered into Dash’s bathroom
  550. >the light clicked on, and she went slack jawed at the... perfection in the mirror
  551. >a towering 6’9, gloriously ripped and absurdly curvy woman who could rival Princess Celestia; no longer somewhere in between or the best of all three, but combined
  552. >her hair was black and pink with rainbow highlights
  553. >and glowing purple and blue eyes eyes
  554. >somehow, even more amazing, were her wings
  555. >they were huge; the spacious bathroom wouldn’t let them fully unfurl
  556. >yellow, blue and grey feathered limbs that were twice the size of a normal air blooded woman
  557. >Zecorshy Dash (she guessed that would work) grinned
  558. >”I have give these a test flight!!
  559. >but then she yawned; all three were tired before the merge and it was getting seriously late
  560. >”then I guess call it a night...”
  562. >outside, it was a hop, skip and a dive
  563. >Shy and Zecora fought with Dash as she plummeted head-first toward the ground, but Dash had done this a million times before
  564. >then all three made their single body spread her wings
  565. >Dash was the experienced flier here, and knew the science of flight better than Twilight’s... well, most sciences
  566. >but it didn’t take an expert to realise just how absurd her speed, capacity to glide, manoeuvrability... everything was beyond what any of them had experienced before
  567. >”Celestia’s tits, this is amazing!
  568. >better call some rain, ‘cause we are blazing!”
  569. >Zecorshy Dash had to keep pushing her limits; at full pace, she managed to stop dead in the air with one flap of her wings
  570. >it caused a gust of air strong enough to nearly uproot a tree!
  571. >then a second flap sent her rocketing skyward!
  572. >then, higher and higher into the clouds
  573. >a shudder
  574. >and three girls emerged from one...
  575. >”Uhh... uh oh...” all three said
  576. >”No, no, NO!” Zecora screamed as she fell
  577. >Shy and Dash, after a moment of free fall to get their bearings, dived after her
  578. >except they passed by her as they cut through the cloud layer, and paused
  579. >”Where is she?” Dash called to her less confident friend
  580. >”I don’t know! We... huh?”
  581. >a feather fluttered by Fluttershy
  582. >a white and black feather
  583. >and with all the grace of an air blood child learning the art, Zecora flapped wildly into view
  584. >with her own pair of wings
  585. >”Looking sharp, Zecora!” Dash cheered
  586. >”Stop gawking, help me down to the soil!
  587. >I feel not long for this mortal coil!”
  588. >Dash snorted and laughed. “Ah, quit being a drama queen. You’re doing great for a first timer!”
  589. >punctuated with Zecora flapping herself upside down and stalling, only for Shy to catch her and give Dash an evil look
  590. >”Ugh, fiiine...”
  591. >back in Terra firma, thankfully near Zecora’s hut, the shamaness’ wings were indeed just like a air blood’s; she could summon or dismiss them at will, with a little practice
  592. >she also had Dash’s muscular physique on top of her Shy-blessed curves; thick thighs, huge hips and massive breasts and hard muscle married perfectly
  593. >and as for Dash and Fluttershy themselves?
  594. >”Oh my goodness... I don’t know how I feel about having abs and bulging biceps...” Shy pouted and felt her chiseled belly
  595. >”And I’ll probably have to do some serious binding for these puppies because of aeronautical drag,” Dash said as she felt her new F cups, “but I can deal! Soarin’s gonna have a fit!”
  596. >Dash was also now 5’6, but Shy and Zecora remained their 5’8 and 5’10 heights respectively
  597. >and before another word was said, they all yawned in unison
  598. >”I’ve had quite enough fun for just one day,
  599. >though I’d like to extend the offer to stay.” Zecora gestured to her hut
  600. >both her companions politely declined and they parted ways
  601. >Zecora dragged herself into her bed and collapsed into a deep sleep
  602. End of Day One.
  604. >a kiss on her neck
  605. >hands on her body, gentle, then firm
  606. >she was a goddess, and they were paying tribute
  607. >she wanted this
  608. >she *needed* this
  609. (+4)
  610. >and rightly so
  611. >she wasn’t just some peddler of potions
  612. >or some dispenser of wise advice
  613. >she had coached a princess in her own specialty of magic, cured countless illnesses and all sorts of feats
  614. >she had worked hard to become the woman she was
  615. >why should she deny herself this simple pleasure
  616. >the hands grasped and stroked
  617. >and penetrated
  618. >Zecora awoke as a climax surged through her
  619. (-4)
  620. >her hands were wet with her self satisfaction and frustration of the emptiness of her bed
  621. >she put her feet on the floor, and they hit the carpeted earth earlier than normal
  622. >and Zecora stood and staggered over to her mirror
  623. >an unfamiliar silhouette greeted her
  624. >firm biceps and strong shoulders made her once smooth contours curve and exude power
  625. >and the jiggle of her huge tits stood proudly on the flexing panels of her pectoral muscles and obscured the topmost of hard ridged abdominals
  626. >all sat atop broad hips, and a sideways turn revealed a thick, cushioned but muscular ass and huge thighs
  627. >that she had to bend down to see her face reminded her she was five inches taller than her old 5’5
  628. >even her face didn’t seem right
  629. >the familiar creep of wrinkles of her thirty plus years had faded, and her dark blue eyes shone with vigour
  630. >just as these details became more normal to her, they shifted again
  631. >already younger than she should be, the dark skinned woman felt a tickle as her twenty year old form grew younger, into her teens
  632. >no maturity remained as the black and white haired girl heard her bones creak and muscles stretch longer
  633. >and her already luscious curves swelled bigger
  634. >right, she thought to herself, the potion mishap
  635. >she gasped from pleasure as her view rose higher
  636. >and as her body stopped growing, her features once more matured to adulthood, if only just
  638. >Zecora looked down her voluptuous, amazonian, 6’2 body
  639. >but the J cupped, childbearing physique wasn’t everything she had gained
  640. >it just reminded her if what she had developed last night
  641. >with a flex of a... well, not a muscle, but an inner urging, two glorious wings sprouted from her back
  642. >a blend of black and white feathers, like a magpie, and the larger ones featured both shades in their fletching, making them seem grey at a glance
  643. >the limbs responded like her arms and legs, but flight seemed alien to her
  644. >while she remembered traces of Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy’s knowledge of flight, without their presence, it was like trying to remember a song without knowing the lyrics
  645. >only trying to hum this particular tune would likely end with her crashing and breaking something; she needed practice and guidance before she took that risk
  646. >with a sigh, she ran herself a bath, has breakfast (and grumbled at eating twice as much to sate her hunger) and got dressed
  647. >or tried to, but her body was now overburdening even her loosest dresses
  648. >she took a needle and some thread, took two of her more worn outfits, and combined them
  649. >the comparison of merging two dresses into one wasn’t lost on her
  650. >and as a precaution, she impressed herself by creating a ‘pocket’ in the dress that, if she grew larger, would give her room to expand
  651. >there was a knock on the door once Zecora got dressed
  652. >and she was pleasantly surprised to open the door to a purple haired young lady; Scootaloo, at rest on her scooter
  653. >”Morning, Zecora!”
  654. >the shaman smiled. ”And a fine and vibrant morning to you,
  655. > what can I do for you, young Scootaloo?”
  656. >”Applejack wondered if you’d come check out Applebloom; she isn’t feeling well. We’d ask the doctor, but you know Granny Smith; she thinks she knows best and AJ reckons she’d listen to your advice.”
  657. >Zecora nodded and started mentally preparing another travel case of cures and remedies; she certainly got through her last one when she last braced the town
  658. >”Oh, and Trixie’s in town to put on a show! Just as well Twilight isn’t around so she can’t give her the usual business. Gotta figure Starlight Glimmer might turn up to help out too, but last I heard, she was studying in Canterlot.”
  660. >Scootaloo tilted her head and looked Zecora over, and added, “dang, you’ve gotta tell me your workout routine. You’re looking jacked! I don’t remember you looking that strong before, or that tall. Maybe you could give me some pointers; I’m trying to catch up with and impress Rainbow Dash!”
  661. >Zecora couldn’t hold back a smirk, although the 5’4 Scootaloo was no slouch either; she was already well toned and pushed herself hard, even if she still had a ways to go
  662. >once more, the little bit of Twilight in her analysed the young speedster
  663. -Magic pool: +2
  664. -Growth/figure adjustment: moderate muscle, others inadequate
  665. -Traits: Great Potential: still budding and developing, nowhere near her peak
  666. Crusader clique: merging with all members: +2 Magic pool
  667. >”Well, I’m gonna get going. Applebloom might not be feeling up to it, but me and Sweetie Belle still gotta get people on the track! Seeya later!”
  668. >Scootaloo shot off back towards town on her scooter,
  669. >Zecora then gathered her things, and set off
  670. >her brief pass by town to reach Sweet Apple Acres showed there was indeed some buzz; Trixie, despite her past, now had a following, with her developing magic powers on top of her showmanship
  671. >though as Scootaloo mentioned, Twilight still had concerns
  672. >nevertheless, Zecora soon passed by the sea of apple trees, including the crusader treehouse, although it was now their ‘office’ for listless folk, mostly kids, who sought a purpose and the three girls would give advice
  673. >and the farm itself was in full swing, with Applejack, Big Mac in full swing, and Cheerilee was acting as ca crane by hauling the packed boxes onto wagons
  675. >Zecora had studied all but the huge, 7’10 older brother before, and gave him a cursory study
  676. -Magic pool: +3
  677. -Growth/figure adjustment: major height, major muscle
  678. -Traits: Goliath apple affinity: amplified growth
  679. Super strength: even stronger than he looks
  680. >Zecora tried, and failed to take her eyes off the brawny hunk
  681. (+2)
  682. >and then he took his shirt off and used it to mop his brow
  683. (+4) (6/21)
  684. >Zecora’s gaze lingered on his broad shoulders and musculature for too long, and finally tore her gaze away
  685. >only to see Cheerilee do the same, exposing her own impressive body (although with a giant bra) and she winked at her husband
  686. >baby bump besides, Cheer was still an impossible exemplar of earth blooded might; big curves and bigger muscles on a giantess frame
  687. (+2)
  688. >in danger of getting distracted, Zecora pressed on to the farmhouse itself
  689. >and with a knock on the door, Granny Smith answered
  690. >”Wassat? Who’re you”
  691. >despite her doubts, Zecora analysed Granny Smith
  692. -Magic pool: +1?
  693. -Growth/figure adjustment: negatives on all aspects
  694. -Traits: aching hips, bad back, light senility
  695. >the shaman replied, ”Zecora, and can I come in?
  696. >I’ve come to assist with Applejack’s kin.”
  697. >”We don’t need no cored apples, missy, now if ye don’t mind, I’m tryin’ta rustle up an cold tonic.”
  698. >the half-senile woman closed the door and Zecora grumbled as she knocked again
  699. >Granny Smith opened the door and went to speak
  700. >only for Zecora to cut her off as she said, “you should listen to me, and listen good,
  701. >I’m here for Applebloom’s sake, understood?”
  702. >”Wait just an applebuckin’ minute... I only know one person who rhymes like that...”
  703. >the old woman peered up at the tall shaman and squinted
  704. >”Cousin Crabby?”
  705. >*sigh*
  707. >some time later...
  708. >Applebloom sniffled and huddled under the covers as Zecora took the young woman’s temperature
  709. >the girl had clearly finished yesterday’s goliath apple growth spurt
  710. >she had to be 7’7 judging by the fact she was now taller than her bed was long since her feet stuck off out of her covers
  711. >she was also burning hot, yet shivering
  712. >Applebloom suddenly giggled then groaned in pain
  713. >pegasus feather tickle fever; of course
  714. >Zecora started feeling the effects after the potion mishap, so either of them might have contracted it before and spread it to the other
  715. >but where Zecora was still fine, thanks to the potions she took, she couldn’t do the same to Applebloom, since she had it for too long
  716. >instead she ground up some basic pain relief powder, poured some in a glass of water and placed it beside the girl, who coughed, sat up, gulped it down and returned under the covers
  717. >”take a spoonful in the morning, and in four days, it will run its course,
  718. >then you’ll be fine, walking tall, back at play and fit as a horse!”
  719. >”Thanks, Zecora,” Applebloom said, meekly but managing a smile
  720. >Zecora’s more matronly side took hold for a moment as she patted the sickly girl on the head then collected her things, and she felt calmer from the earlier muscular Apple family demonstration
  721. (-2) (4/21)
  722. >she also realised that she potentially had another three days of wandering, taking advantage of her unique circumstance or just keeping occupied
  724. >an event as infrequent as ‘The Great and Powerful’ Trixie being in town was a fascinating prospect
  725. >after all, Zecora could see just how truly powerful people were, and she certainly wanted to go look around town and see who was attending
  726. >not to mention that by all accounts, Trixie had been practicing her magic
  727. >frankly, there was a lot Zecora could be doing, but if there’s one thing she was learning to accept, it was to indulge in opportunities
  728. >and upon leaving the Apple family house, she was once more bombarded with tall, muscular earth blood eye candy
  729. >AJ, Big Mac and Cheerilee were a well oiled machine as each worked up a sweat, and Zecora just admired the spectacle
  730. >the flex of Big Mac’s muscle, the swing of Applejacks’s hips
  731. (+2)
  732. >Cheerilee’s... just Cheerilee; she was like Big Mac’s brawn and AJ’s bottom-heavy femininity in one more more mature package, yet also had massive boobs that swayed slower than anyone else’s thanks to her fourteen foot height; it was hypnotic
  733. >Zecora wanted to bury herself in them
  734. (+2)
  735. >just imagining them swinging if Cheerilee was her true sixty foot height; one breast alone would have more volume than even Celestia’s whole ten foot, generously padded body
  736. (+3) (11/21)
  737. >Zecora realised that could be her, as her merging power flared to life
  738. >honestly, any of these three would give Zecora a substantial boost
  739. >after all, when AJ, the shortest of the three, still had a clear foot on the shaman
  740. >there was a hint of jealousy; Zecora was big, but she could be bigger; Cheer’s raw height or this ‘affinity’ for goliath apples from the siblings could mean Zecora could ride her own growth spurts to make her sprout like a weed
  741. >but maybe just approaching the tightly knit family and merging with one out of nowhere wasn’t the wisest move
  742. >Zecora hid and observed for a while
  743. >until...
  745. >Applejack and Bic Mcintosh passed a final box to Cheerilee, who placed it high up on a fully stacked wagon and tied rope over the load
  746. >”Are you sure you don’t need a hand, AJ?”
  747. >AJ tipped her hat to the giantess. ”I’preciate the concern, Bigilee, but Pinkie says she’s already called in the cavalry. Thanks to Pinkie hearin’ through the grapevine about Trixie’s show early, we’re gonna make more bits than any of us can carry! Don’t matter if folk’re gonna want a snack for the show or somethin’ to hurl on stage, it’ll be a good days profit. Anyway, I’ll be helpin’ Mr and Mrs Cake bake up enough grub for the show then help Pinkie sell it, so don’t wait up!”
  748. >Cheer sat down on an empty cart, which creaked beneath her one and a half ton weight, and she felt her baby bump as AJ rode the loaded wagon off towards town
  749. >Big Mac puts a hand on her leg and says, ”you okay, shmoopie doo?”
  750. >”I could go for some water, please, sugar bear.”
  751. >Big Mac jogs over to the farmhouse water pump, where Zecora is waiting just around the corner
  752. >and as he pumps water to fill a bucket, she steps around and...
  753. (-10) (1/24)
  754. >suddenly there was more of her
  755. >a *lot* more
  756. >Fluttershy and Twilight were well built women, and Twilight was tall too
  757. >same with the more muscular Applebloom and Dash, although while Dash was shorter, she was far more beefy
  758. >Big Macora looked down at herself
  759. >way, *way* down
  760. >Big Mac didn’t exactly bring any bust to the occasion, so her chest was back to a modest D, and even Zecora’s amazing hips and ass were lessened by the sheer amount of brawn on her frame
  761. >even the bulk she had gained from Rainbow Dash paled in comparison to the fact her arms were now thicker than most people’s waists
  762. >but she was 7’10 of musclebound hotness otherwise
  763. >Mac had some... interesting mental baggage as well
  764. >something about dreams about being a princess-
  765. >Macora shook her head, pushed those thoughts aside, picked up the bucket and made her way to Cheerilee, who is now inside the barn but basking in the sun through the window with her eyes closed and on top of a pile of hay
  766. >Mac’s side sparked up again in a way that made her hold her breath
  767. >Zecora had dealt with Rainbow Dash’s libido, her own ever present lusts and the two combined, but she’d never experienced this feeling
  768. >Big Mac worshipped this woman, admired every inch of her body and every shred of her spirit
  769. >Zecora felt an intense jealousy
  770. >sure, she had chosen a life of solitude and chastity, and she had recently been forced to indulge as she had, but all of this was just compounding; Zecora wanted someone like Big Mac wanted Cheerilee
  771. >with a sigh, equally longing and awe, Macora walked up to Cheerilee
  772. >she heard Macora’s approach though, and said, “thanks sweetie,” as she holds out her hand with her eyes still closed
  774. >Macora places the bucket in Cheer’s hand, more a typical cup to her, and she gulps down a few mouthfuls
  775. >then utters an “oops” as she ‘accidentally’ pours half of it over her chest
  776. (+2)
  777. >the water cascades down over, between and around her massive bust as she giggles
  778. >and continues as the trickles flow down every groove of her musculature
  779. >”Oh no, what a mess; if only some big, strapping man would come help me get dry?”
  780. >the Big Mac side of the hybrid stirred to attention again
  781. >normally quiet and sensible, he licked their combined lips and took the reins, and Zecora was happy to let him have his fun
  782. >Cheerilee lounged back as Big Macora climbed on top, and began kissing the vast form of the teacher and part time farm girl and sipping the water
  783. >”Oh, you’ve shaved for little old me?”
  784. >Big Macora just grunted an acknowledgement, thankfully still low enough to not make Cheer suspicious
  785. >Zecora was bathing in the sensations; it was one thing to see Cheerilee, but to feel her and taste a woman so large and powerful?
  786. >and through the lens of such a devoted husband’s heart?
  787. >it was the headiest drug and the most arousing thing she had felt so far
  788. (+8)
  789. >Cheer’s moans intensified as Macora’s hands proved and dived deep into Cheer’s spacious folds
  790. >the lack of the right ‘equipment’ was just frustrating Big Mac even further
  791. (+3)(14/24)
  792. >even so, Macora continued to apply her vast strength to please the giant, who’s moans filled the barn
  793. >but then she finally opened her eyes and glanced longingly down at... an oddly familiar stranger
  794. >a shriek, a swat of the arm
  795. >and Macora is flung fifty feet out the barn
  796. >by sheer borrowed instinct from her previous merges, Zecora makes their form unfurl her white, black and now red wings
  797. >Macora glides and skids to a stop and unsummons her wings
  798. >as she’s pursued by a very angry giantess
  799. >”Alright, you perverted slut, you’ve got exactly five seconds to explain what they hay you think you’re doing or I’m gonna stomp you flat!”
  800. >a pregnant schoolteacher she may be, but Macora believed every word of the threat
  801. >especially since despite her new hugeness, Cheerilee was almost literally twice Macora’s height
  802. >and barring her much larger curves (and said height), odds were she was every bit as strong as Macora was
  804. >there’s no winning moves here
  805. >Zecora curses her drive for more power and size overcoming her sensible nature
  806. >it suddenly became apparent where so many villains fall off the deep end
  807. >Big Mac cursed himself for not putting a stop to this ahead of time, but he was an easy going guy
  808. >heck what can you do when your smart, caring wife presents herself like that, purring and eager?
  809. >Big Macora realised they had only one option; eat humble pie
  810. >”I’m sorry, I don’t know what came over me, I swear!
  811. >but surely you’ve got to recognise your sugar bear?”
  812. >Cheerilee cocked an eyebrow. “You’re a woman.”
  813. >”I’m a joinin’ of Applejack’s big older brother,
  814. >as well as who you picked as your child’s godmother!”
  815. >Cheerilee stopped, squinted and her jaw slowly went slack as the realisation sank in
  816. >”Sweet Celestia, Zecora? I can see it too. Just what’s going on?”
  817. >Macora shrugged. “Equal parts seekin’ to strengthen our bond,
  818. >and I’m intrigued with experiencing those of which I’m fond.”
  819. >Cheer sat down and asked, “and you didn’t think to just ask? And before you respond in some rhyme about if I’d believe you, have you been paying attention to this town the last ten years? Everything from Princess Luna being redeemed when Twilight first arrived all the way to me being turned into a giant, I can understand and accept a lot of weird stuff.”
  820. >she’s got Macora there, so the hybrid looks sheepish, but they look Cheer in the eyes
  821. >”So, I don’t suppose you’d wanna keep goin’?
  822. >I’m still eager to go and you’re still simply glowin’.”
  823. >Cheer stroked her pink and purple hair and pursed her lips. “I mean, I’m not really into girls...”
  824. >Macora smirked. “Oh? And yet I got you moanin’ real loud,
  825. >it’s a wonder we ain’t already drawin’ a crowd.”
  826. >Cheer blushes bright red. “W- well, my Mac knows what makes me- I mean you know me...”
  827. >Macora’s eyebrows wiggle
  828. >Cheer licks her lips, stands, wraps her arm around Macora and proceeds back to the barn with her lover over her shoulder
  830. >a primal panic in Zecora was thankfully held back by Bic Mac
  831. >after all, the half year as Cheerilee’s husband meant he wasn’t just familiar with being held like this (and learned to enjoy it) but this was nothing compared to being a literal handheld plaything when on Cheer’s big days
  832. >paired up with Zecora’s brief flight experience, especially the dual merge flight, Mac’s feeling of being held by a loving, all powerful woman made a strong second place sensation
  833. >but then Cheer placed Big Macora on a well hidden, blanketed stack of mattresses in the back of the barn, and lowers herself onto Macora until Cheer’s baby bump presses down on the at once huge but very tiny seeming hybrid
  834. >of course, that meant her massive, wet bra clad breasts were taking up most of her view
  835. >with a deft reach of one arm, she unclasped the industrial strength undergarment that flopped on Macora, the vast pair seemed to expand even more as they were set free
  836. (+2) (16/24)
  837. >”So, how do you want to play this? No offence, but there’s normally more of a reason behind the ‘Big’ part of my husband’s name.”
  838. >Cheer lifted herself off of Macora to help guide both their gazes between Macora’s legs
  839. >but Macora chuckled. “Y’all just wait and see, big girl,
  840. >and let me give this strength a whirl.”
  841. >she was confident, if bluffing
  842. >one attempt to turn Cheer over met with trying to overturn a tree
  843. >and Cheer’s giggle revealed she was being coy and resisting, and finally gave and she let herself be manipulated
  844. >back on top, Macora resumed the monumental task of pleasing her half-wife
  845. >but now Cheer’s hands roamed and stroked Macora in return, large fingers creeping and inserting...
  846. >it was bliss, they both mumbled and giggled at each other’s touch
  847. >it was so nice, Macora almost didn’t realise her merge power sparked once more
  848. (+4) (20/24)
  850. >”Just wait until you feel this,
  851. >time for real marital bliss!”
  852. >Macora felt the shift
  853. >the usual shift of place and senses
  854. >but... something was strange
  855. >she was trying to become part of Cheerilee
  856. >but she could see a newly released, and classically male, Big Mac looking around, confused
  857. >it suddenly comes to her
  858. >the baby!
  859. >of course; she had only barely managed to merge with Fluttershy and Dash, and now she was technically trying to merge a four way group
  860. >but Zecora just didn’t have the raw power
  861. >still, the magic was set on restructuring Zecora into Cheerilee, the spare magic roamed and seemed to find a... second pairing; the baby or Big Mac
  862. >but something else caught her eye
  863. >it was like a loose strand of something in the fabric of Cheer’s ‘essence’
  864. >Zecora had no frame of reference, but she’d not seen something like it so far, but whatever it was, it had great power
  865. >Zecora had only moment before she would merge, either expelling the excess for a normal merge with Cheerilee, a mix of Cheer and her child, or Cheer with Big Mac
  866. >and with or without snagging the ‘strand’
  868. >the ‘strand’ was a strange thing; not from Cheerilee, but attached to her and part of her
  869. >as their forms merged in full, Zecora grabbed it and whatever it was began to unravel
  870. >but immediately, Zecora felt her powers become stronger
  871. +2 magic pool
  872. >that wasn’t all
  873. >it was as if the power was coloured in some way, designed for a specific purpose, but she wouldn’t know what it was until it was completely part of her
  874. >but in the meanwhile, both Zecora and Big Mac’s forms flowed into Cheerilee’s much larger own
  875. >they... *she* opened her eyes and shook her head
  876. >”I feel weird, like an overfull corral,
  877. >oh, and now I sound like a true Apple gal!”
  878. >Big Cheercora sat up and immediately slammed her head into a support beam
  879. >it didn’t hurt, instead a segment of the beam was pulverised into splinters that sprayed across the floor
  880. >”What? I ain’t that tall, so what’s the deal?
  881. >and what’s this weird tinglin’ I feel?”
  882. >Zecora felt the power continue to flow into her
  883. >it was... a spell?
  884. >yes! A spell
  885. >it was like the energy was filling out a picture made of shapes; the shapes were meaningless, but once they formed together, you could see what they were supposed to represent
  886. >right now was vague, but clarity would come
  887. >for the moment, like before, going from her own and one other voice to three voices in her head, there’s a lot of internal noise
  888. >one thing stood out as things calm; there’s no bells and whistles for being an earth blood
  889. >no magic, or summonable wings (although Zecora felt certain she would get them back once they split again)
  890. >earth bloods did just a few things; they were strong, they were really good with nature, and their ‘fun’ attributes were bigger on average
  891. >it dawned on Big Cheercora that Zecora’s experience with being the earth in last nights Pegasus sandwich gave more raw strength to that combination
  892. >but as Big Cheercora sat up more cautiously, just the gentle grip of a support to stand caused the wood to crumple easier than an uncooked noodle
  893. >or the ocean of movement as her massive, lap filling tits jiggled and quaked
  894. >being a triple earth blood girl was going to be an experience
  895. >Cheer forced their hands to their swollen belly; all felt well inside, and they sighed in relief
  896. >then Big Mac gasped as he continued to stroke the maternal swell, and a barrage of emotions flowed over him
  897. >and that was further deepened as, once more, Zecora’s precious abstinence and lack of desire for companionship was kicked while it was down
  898. >now, not only did the shaman have a deeper desire for companionship, but maybe having a family might not be such a bad idea
  899. >”This bliss, this warmth, there is no better joy,
  900. >whoever I’m carryin’s gonna be a big gal or boy!”
  902. >one hand continued to caress the loving bulge, but her other roamed her body
  903. >Zecora thought it was her succumbing to her lust again, but like her last three way merge, no longer being the majority persona seemed to subdue that aspect
  904. >no, this was Big Mac developing a fetish and Cheer reciprocating
  905. >not that Zecora minded as she once more lounged down, squeezing a breast thrice as big as her own head and the belly rub slowly getting lower
  906. >and lower
  907. >Big Cheercora’s throaty moans rattled the barn
  908. >but not as much as when she tries to stretch her leg and kicks a hole in the wall
  909. >she grumbled, “I guess this isn’t such a great idea,
  910. >let’s get outside and get my head clear.”
  911. >Big Cheercora tried to leave the barn
  912. >but it dawned on her, even Cheerilee’s experience of being the biggest girl around wasn’t enough for her even more muscular, even more curvaceous frame stressed the barns supports and walls; she wasn’t just huge, she was *huge*
  913. >progress was slow as Big Cheercora had to act like the sturdy barn was made of paper
  914. >and as she fell to her knees to crawl, the ground shook, toppling tools and even knocking water out of a barrel without actually touching it, just the massive ripple from the impact
  915. >the mathematician part of Cheerilee had a quick think, said, “that’s impossible, and I know we’re immense,
  916. >but despite our size, we just can’t be that dense!”
  917. >she finally squeezed through the barn doors and stood up
  918. >all twenty feet, super powerful and shaped like a fertility goddess who lifted weights like it was her own religion
  919. >and now that she wasn’t as worried about causing any damage, they collectively agreed; they were hot, they were nothing short of a goddess to rival princess Celestia if she put all her powers into physical traits instead of magic
  920. >they needed to try this body out
  921. >going for a frolic in the orchard, the ground gently quaking with each step, though she was so strong, Big Cheercora felt weightless, dangerously so, like a single hop would send her into the upper atmosphere
  922. >each step didn’t just cause a low shake, knocking loose apples off the trees, but the grass felt like it was growing around her feet
  923. >and after looking down(and around much of her absurdly thick frame), it was doing just that
  924. >each time her foot touched the grass, wild flowers and herbs sprouted around it, the ‘shockwave’ thinning as it spread to just making the grass longer, lusher
  925. >curious, she touched her fingers into the ground
  926. >the soil gave like soft sand, so she dug a hole
  927. >then she took a fallen apple, dropped it inside and covered it up
  928. >with a final pat to settle the earth, she heard a rumble
  929. >and an apple tree shot out of the ground, fully grown and in full bloom
  930. >”Amazing strength? Fertile beauty? And natures boon?”
  931. >a shudder ran through her; was the merge ending already?
  932. >”this all earth blood power I fear will be gone soon.”
  934. >wait, no... it was the energy from Cheerilee
  935. >the spell was was complete!
  936. >Zecora internally looked at the ‘picture’ it formed
  937. >and... it was a shape, then a smaller shape, and finally a tiny shape
  938. >shrinking?
  939. >Ah, that’s right; Cheer spent most of her time shrunk
  940. >”Wait a minute, the shrink spell?
  941. >Oh my, oh no, oh hel-“
  942. >Big Cheercora felt an electric tingle run through her as her body surged bigger
  943. >her blended clothes, which resized to whatever form Zecora’s merging took, burst from her body
  944. >her feet ploughed the earth as she grew ever larger
  945. >and worrying about destroying the orchard or the farmhouse, she started towards the road
  946. >each footfall caused the ground to rumble, then tremble, then crack as she grew
  947. >fifty feet, sixty, seventy with no signs of slowing
  948. >but at last, her ascension slowed as Big Cheercora topped out at a full hundred feet
  949. >sun kissed skin, maybe a shade darker, with orange, purple and white hair
  950. >no doubt dark green-blue eyes, but she had no way of knowing without a mirror as big as she was
  951. >and she sighed; crisis averted
  952. >except, when she turned around?
  953. >there was the town in plain view
  954. >and pretty much everyone was staring at her naked, colossal, hyper fertile and extra muscular body
  955. >Cheer was a little used to being on display; clothed, sure, but you can’t help but stare at a 14ft to 60ft weightlifting woman and she certainly had bad memories of outgrowing the school and showing off her naked self to everyone
  956. >Zecora and especially Big Mac, though, weren’t exactly show offs
  957. >quite the opposite
  958. >Big Cheercora gave a comically girly shriek as she tried to cover herself
  959. >her thick arms weren’t long enough to cover both her world-shaking tits, let alone her womanhood too
  960. >so they fled to find somewhere to hide
  961. >each step shook the ground, with massive fissures forming from each footfall
  962. >and then the newly shaped earth flourished with greenery, flowers and even young trees
  963. >soon, she saw a lake the Apple family would swim in during hot days
  964. >and Big Cheercora’s desperation for cover sent her diving for it
  965. >the impact sent water high and far, even reaching the town and crashing down like a deluge
  966. >and the lake is now half empty
  967. >but then, with a final tremble, the merge expired
  969. >leaving the wet, naked earth blood trio
  970. >Cheer stood out the most; while back to sixty feet tall, her musculature had benefitted from Big Mac’s bulk
  971. >and the farmer himself had more definition and had to be ten feet tall!
  972. >Zecora looked at herself
  973. >All eight feet of her, with expanded curves and, like the married pair, more raw strength in bulk over her maintained tone from Dash
  974. >”Is everyone okay?” Cheer asked as she went to stand, then gasped and held her pregnant belly
  975. >Zecora and Mac went to run to her, then watched in shock as Cheer’s baby bump shuddered and swelled
  976. >everyone was silent as she looked to go from four months long to near term
  977. >then it calmed and Cheer relaxed
  978. >the shaman approached and put her ear to the enormous bulge
  979. >and heard a lighter heartbeat beside Cheer’s massive internal muscle
  980. >... actually a few lighter heartbeats
  981. >”it’s hard to say for sure, that I really must stress,
  982. >you’re now holding triplets, or at least that’s my guess.”
  983. >Big Mac chuckled and put a hand on Cheer’s thigh, “that’s a relief. You okay, hun?”
  984. >Cheer gently wrapped her fingers around Big Mac, lifted him up so the could kiss and she said, ”yeah, just a little shocked, that’s all. Although I’ll have to go see Twilight for a reshrinking.”
  985. >Zecora tapped her chin and said, “I think I could help there, since I drew the spell from you,”
  986. (0/28)
  987. >”but I’m empty, and I’m sure you know what we must do...”
  988. >Zecora smirked and the married couple blushed; they knew the shaman’s source of power
  989. >Cheer rolled her eyes, “listen, Zecora, I’m a one man woman, and while I enjoyed what happened, I don’t know if I’m comfortable with all this.”
  990. >Big Mac scratched his stubbly chin. “I mean, she was part of the both of us... and it’ll get you shrunk?”
  991. >”Sure, but I’m also not happy sharing you, sugar bear.”
  992. >Big Mac hopped onto Cheer’s shoulder and whispered into her ear, and she blushed harder
  993. >”Oh, alright.”
  994. >Zecora barely held back the panic as Cheer plucked her off the ground
  995. >”Now hold still. Not that you don’t look tough, but you’re not as sturdy as my sugar bear and I don’t want to pop a rib.”
  997. >the giantess’ huge tongue pushed through her plump lips
  998. >and stroked over Zecora’s body, licking every curve and swell of strength
  999. >Zecora knew this was something Big Mac enjoyed a great deal
  1000. >and it was certainly an experience
  1001. (+3)
  1002. >like the merging spell only seeming tangible when it was charged, the shaman felt something within her spark to life
  1003. >Zecora’s analytical side came into play again to gauge the shrink spell
  1004. >it felt... weak, like a shrink of this magnitude would probably only take a half her size
  1005. >”Well?” Cheer asked between licks
  1006. >”Hmm, not yet, I fear,
  1007. >but you’re very good at this, Cheer!”
  1008. >”Eyup.” Big Mac grinned
  1009. >the massive tongue continued to push and, finally, it darted between Zecora’s legs
  1010. (+4) (7/28)
  1011. >there!
  1012. >not all of it, but about... half the charge for a merge
  1013. >and with a draw on the spell, she brought the image to mind
  1014. >a shape in reducing sizes
  1015. (-5) (2/28)
  1016. >and her hands sparked as they pushed on Cheer’s tongue
  1017. >the teacher helped, shivered, and suddenly Zecora and Big Mac fell into the diminished lake
  1018. >and landed next to Cheerilee, 14ft once more
  1019. >with all three naked, they fled back to the farm
  1020. >and Zecora felt it was time to move on as well; the town beckoned, and she was even more powerful, physically and spiritually, than ever before!
  1021. >but her outfit hadn’t fared well, and she was substantially bigger
  1022. >but being a self-reliant household, she could refashion her clothes and borrow some more material
  1023. >also, with what charge she still had, Zecora could shrink herself to a more normal height if she wanted to blend in
  1025. >Zecora used to be an outsider
  1026. >her first day in this town led to a whole situation with Twilight and her closest friends getting caught in a patch of poison joke after pursuing her
  1027. >her acceptance was a great feeling, so despite how fun romping through town as an 8ft, super shapely, muscular example of earth blood womanhood, it might alienate the average person
  1028. >not to mention making an outfit to fit her enormous self would take longer than a far simpler solution
  1029. >bringing back the image of the reducing shapes, Zecora cast the spell on herself
  1030. >the world seemed to expand around her as she shrank
  1031. >and after just a few seconds, she was still taller than her original height, but 6ft was far easier to conceal
  1032. >and with a quick patch job of her dress, she Zecora traveled to town
  1033. >the road hadn’t fared well
  1034. >cracks, thick foliage and even a footprint twice as long as Zecora was currently tall made the trek back difficult, but not too troublesome for the Everfree dwelling shaman
  1035. >town was abuzz with activity still
  1036. >there was a lot of commotion about ultra curvy and muscular giants, earthquakes, downpours and the like
  1037. >despite some disturbance and the soaked ground, the town market was in full swing
  1038. >familiar faces stood out; regular townsfolk besides, Zecora saw Pinkie and her sister, Maud, having a discussion
  1039. >the energetic sister then took off, though not before the shaman gave the 5’5, full figured earth girl a quick study before she entered Sugarcube Corner
  1040. -Magic pool: +3
  1041. -Height/figure adjustment: moderate chubbiness/plushness (hourglass focus)
  1042. -Traits: high energy party girl; thrives on positivity and works hard for it
  1043. -rock farm background: stronger than she looks
  1044. -Element of Harmony: ?
  1045. >and of course Maud herself, as she slowly wandered the market place afterwards at half the pace of everyone else
  1046. >she had the same Pie family earth girl shapeliness, though thinner and outwardly plain than her spunkier sister, but Zecora had heard a lot about her, so she gave the near-literal earth girl a study too:
  1047. -Magic pool: +3
  1048. -Height/figure adjustment: nil, inadequate
  1049. -Traits: Rock solid: if earth girls are ‘everyday’ rock strong, and Cheerilee is corundum strong, Maud is kimberlite diamond hardcore strong
  1050. -tectonic personality: slow and steady...
  1052. >Zecora was shaken from her study by someone bumping into her
  1053. >a blonde woman who kept glancing at the sky
  1054. >”Oh, sorry!” Said Lily Valley. “I’m still in a panic about the earthquake! The giant!! I thought the world was going to end!”
  1055. >a quick study offered little but a tiny boost to her magic pool, but more than anything, Zecora was bemused by being considered a world ending event
  1056. >so she wrapped a powerful arm around Lily, pulled the shorter girl into a sort of hug, where Lily was getting a face full of Zecora’s massive tits, and patted her on the head
  1057. >”You need not fear, oh flighty one,
  1058. >the earth titan was just having fun!”
  1059. >Lily asked, “earth titan? W- what’s that?”
  1060. >Zecora pulled Lily’s face even deeper into her mountainous chest
  1061. >”A mighty spirit of fertility, we’re blessed she’s near!
  1062. >she’s just looking for a place to rest her town crushing rear!”
  1063. >muffled, from the deepest depths of her chest, “t-town crushing!? The horror, the horror!”
  1064. >Zecora giggled and held Lily until she began to struggle for breath, then released the panicked girl, who ran, eyes skyward, into several others as she went in her way
  1065. >Zecora realised she could get used to this; her wisdom granted her a special place here, but now she was hotter, stronger, taller (if not right now) than almost everyone
  1066. >she felt like a goddess
  1067. >but for now, and noticing Maud had vanished elsewhere, she carried on
  1068. >even above the bustle, a voice suddenly cut through, angry and grandiose
  1069. >”No, no, no! Trixie can’t just ‘make do!’ You don’t understand how important tonight is; in fact, if everything isn’t ready for the Great and Spectacular Trixie show, this whole town will be a laughing-stock!”
  1070. >the noble blood magician and performer stood out amidst the rest; purple, starry wizard hat and cloak, waistcoat, stockings and skirt certainly had plenty of flair
  1071. >Trixie was arguing with a surly earth blood labourer, who said, “that was before the downpour ruined the curtains and two of my guys getting into an accident ‘cause they were ogling that giant’s ass. I ain’t got the time or people to get it fixed, so you’ll have to do it yourself. Anyway, didn’t you used to be great and powerful?”
  1073. >Trixie huffed and fiddled with her silvery blue hair. “‘Powerful’ tends to have ‘negative connotations’ and it’s bad ‘optics’ or whatever, at least according to my friend,” she mumbles, then puffs out her perky chest and loudly continues, “but that’s beside the point! Trixie paid you to get the stage ready and can’t do it herself because she’s still replacing the soaked pyrotechnics.”
  1074. >the earth blood shrugged and walked off, and the performer looked panicked and called out, “please! I can’t do this alone!”
  1075. >Trixie’s shoulders slumped as she took off her hat, sat on a bench and sighed
  1076. >Zecora studied her; 5’7, slim, undeniably pretty with C cups and shapely hips, but at this point, Zecora’s frame dwarfed the magicians own; like almost everyone now, the figure adjustment was sadly lacking
  1077. -Magic pool: +4
  1078. -Height/figure adjustment: nil
  1079. -Traits: The Great and Powerful Ego!: though more grounded now, has her moments of self inflated delusion
  1080. -Genuinely talented: a world of potential (if focused right)
  1081. We have our Trixie, who’s looking quite down. What do you want do do? Observe from afar?
  1083. >Zecora approached the downcast magician
  1084. >and as soon as the ever-bigger earth woman’s large shadow put her in the shade, Trixie snapped, “what? Come to lau-“
  1085. >her bright purple eyes took in the thick muscles, the hide hips and bulging bosom, then finally at Zecora’s kind blue eyes
  1086. >”I could not hope but overhear,
  1087. >that a fantastic show is drawing near?”
  1088. >Trixie blinked and looked surprised. ”Wait... you’re a fan?” She leapt to her feet, twirled as she slipped her hat back on and kept her eyes hidden, all mysterious, and thrust her hands up, fizzling bright sparks rising from behind her and spiralling skyward as she recited a well practiced introduction;
  1089. >”Not merely fantastic, but stupendous and stunning!
  1090. >every man, woman and child will all come a-running!
  1091. >So watch, be amazed, and moreover, don’t fear,
  1092. >for the Great and Spectacular Trixie is here!”
  1093. >the sparks violently exploded in a flash of white, blue and purple colours
  1094. >”Hey! A little warning before you go blowing stuff up!” said one townswoman
  1095. >”Ow, my ears!” groaned another
  1096. >Trixie’s showy stance and mood dropped again as she sighed
  1097. >Zecora clapped all the same, “stunning indeed, and amazing, with an impressive rhyme!
  1098. >I’d say that the town is in for a very good time.”
  1099. >the magician managed a smile. “Thank you, thank you! The ever impressive Trixie aims to impress! But...” the smile vanished again, “as of now, there is no show. What’s the point of the Tremendous comeback tour if this town, the source of Trixie’s shame, can’t be won over? Who are you, anyway? I can’t say I remember you.”
  1100. >the shaman didn’t mince words, and replied, “Zecora, the one who helped Twilight succeed,
  1101. >when a certain amulet made you corrupt, indeed.”
  1102. >Trixie’s expression went from surprise, to panic, to remorse, “yeah, not my finest moment... I’m surprised you’re willing to help, but I’ve got nothing to lose at this point.”
  1103. >Zecora patted Trixie’s shoulder
  1104. >”now, what obstacles do you have in the way?
  1105. >I’m sure with help, you’ll have a show this day.”
  1106. >the downtrodden girl said, ”the stage is broken and the curtains are drenched, so they won’t pull and there’s no way they’re drying in time. While I can replace the pyrotechnics, and the props are fine, I don’t have the bits to hire anyone else and it’s too big a job for even The Great and Spectacular Trixie!”
  1108. >she looses another blast of magical fireworks, much to the grumbling of the crowd
  1109. >Trixie blushes, waves an apology, then continues,
  1110. >I’m getting help with the show, Starlight’s busy helping with something in Canterlot but she swore she would be here in time for the final rehearsal. And what’s with the rhyming?”
  1111. >Zecora chuckled. “You are not the only one with a dramatical flair,
  1112. >but leave your problems with me, and I’ll get out of your hair.”
  1113. >”Then go with the greatest gift of all; Trixie’s gratitude! But for now....” Trixie raises a hand, “farewell!”
  1114. >the magician throws a smoke pellet on the ground, vanishing without a trace!
  1115. >although the smoke thins in the breeze and Zecora spots Trixie running full sprint around the corner
  1116. >Zecora first thought of the workmen; the shaman could likely help heal any injuries her earlier gargantuan exposure caused to get them back to helping fix the stage
  1117. >failing that, there was plenty of raw strength in town; Applejack knew her way around tools and construction, though if it’s a multi-person job, Pinkie and Maud could help, Zecora was sure
  1118. >although... Pinkie helping might be more trouble than it’s worth
  1119. >the curtains would need lots of fabric, and in this town, that meant a visit to Rarity
  1120. >finally, Zecora was no slouch in what some would call parlour tricks and showmanship
  1121. >she had some potions and earth magic substances at her hut that could be used to help the act
  1122. >plus with Starlight apparently helping too, this show could really be something special, especially if Zecora could merge with two gifted noble blooded girls
  1124. >the curtains could wait
  1125. >without a stage, it would all be pointless
  1126. >and while Zecora could likely convince the workmen to take up the task again, and maybe her drive for more power was talking, but her mind went to the ever reliable Applejack, the reliably unreliable Pinkie Pie and the... rock solid Maud
  1127. >Sugarcube corner was is full swing; the Cakes were driving sales up front while Pinkie and AJ were baking up a storm out back
  1128. >Maud was there too, but she was more the slow rain than a full storm of the other two as she kneaded a massive batch of dough
  1129. >she lifted the mass and turned it over, and as it hit the table, Zecora swore she felt the ground shake
  1130. >the table certainly cracked under the weight
  1131. >with the operation in full swing, pastries and cakes were being moved all over the place
  1132. >some of it was restocking the front, but much of it was being boxed for the show
  1133. >Zecora snuck through to the kitchen, and Applejack gave the shaman quick study
  1134. >”Hey, Sugarcube, you been workin’ out? Heh, I guess everyone’s been gettin’ fit since Cheerilee got buff and snagged my brother. Anyway, kinda busy here, but what can we do ya for?”
  1135. >”Hi, Zecora!” Pinkie chirped in
  1136. >Maud slowly glanced up, then asked, “... are you the one with the evil dancing that puts you in trances?”
  1137. >her sister corrected, “almost! It was looking people in the eye that did that. And it turned out it wasn’t true. Well, kinda, because you should try some of her earth-green brownies! That’s a fun trance alright.”
  1138. >Zecora refocused the discussion. “I trust you three are preparing for tonight?
  1139. >I need your assistance or it simply won’t go right.”
  1140. >Maud turns to Pinkie. “Right, now I remember; you said about how she can’t just say things straight, and probably as a secret cry for attention since she feels ostracised by the public at large.”
  1141. >Pinkie winces, glancing between Maud and the less than impressed shaman, making mouth zipping motions to her sister
  1142. >Applejack loudly clears her throat and takes the attention away. “Yep, regardless is Trixie sticks her foot in things again or actually keeps her blusterin’ in check, we’ve got grub for everyone. But whaddya mean you need assistance?”
  1143. >Zecora said, “Trixie’s stage is broken so the show simply can’t go ahead,
  1144. >I need your building know how or you’ll be wasting all this bread!”
  1145. >she gestured to the piled boxes of baked goods, but Maud opened a box and took out a lumpy, rough surfaced bun
  1146. >she said, “actually, my rock cake recipe keeps these fresh for approximately as long as an equivalent shaped porous fragment of calcite cemented sandstone withstanding the local average precipitous rainfall, at least so long as the water ph remains consistently acidic.”
  1147. >Zecora grumbled, “that’s beside the point, so heed me well,
  1148. >for surely you want these cakes to sell?”
  1149. >Applejack sighed and washed her hands. “Alright, you made yer point.”
  1151. >Zecora added, “it’s a substantial task, so you’ll need some aid,
  1152. >we’re replacing a full crew that Trixie had paid.”
  1153. >Maud put another tray of rock cakes in the oven, washed her hands and said, “I can help if you want. ”
  1154. >”Oh, I can help too!” Pinkie put a few more boxes on the pile. “We’ve made enough for the show and I’m sure Mr. and Mrs. Cake can handle things from here.”
  1155. >the four earth girls made their way to the farm to get some tools, then went to Trixie’s stage
  1156. >set between the town and AJ’s farm, the broken platform was resting on ground cracked and misshapen from Zecora’s brief time as a massive, super dense giantess
  1157. >then drenched from her impromptu attempt at covering her nakedness by diving into a now half empty lake
  1158. >Trixie was rushing about, mixing powders and filling tubes, pots and connecting fuses in a complicated spiderweb
  1159. >the magician looked up and glanced at Zecora’s crew. ”Oh, Trixie was expecting Brick Mortar and his group, but if you can get things in shape, Trixie will pay you back. Well, once the bits roll in from the tickets, anyway.”
  1160. >Maud’s already inspecting the cracked ground
  1161. >Without a word, she pulls her top off and reveals her super toned body
  1162. (+2)
  1163. >and shockingly lacy bra containing her solid D’s
  1164. (+1) (3/28)
  1165. >AJ asked, “uh, what’re you doin’?”
  1166. >”Taking my shirt off,” Maud replied flatly
  1167. >Pinkie gestures for her to continue, so she adds, “oh, because I don’t want to get it dirty when I make some shale to mix with the mud for a more solid foundation.”
  1168. >Maud approached a large rock embedded in the ground, ripped it out the soil, and without the slightest flinch of effort, squeezed it between her arms
  1169. >it shattered into tiny pieces and smothered Maud in dust, but she didn’t seem to notice as she piled it up and continued to crush rocks
  1170. >Pinkie giggled and finished with, “Mrs. Cake nearly had a fit when she got dirt all over the kitchen when she first arrived with a ‘fairly interesting geode’. So, what should I do?”
  1171. >AJ said, “well, I’m gonna see what boards I can salvage from the stage and replace or repair’em. I know you made yer own hut, Zecora, so you wanna see if the frame needs fixin’ with Pinkie?”
  1172. >with a nod, the pair approach the stage
  1174. >it was broken in several places and split apart from the ‘earthquake’, and while Zecora was no builder, she knew a little about a lot of things, and it definitely needed to be lifted and held together to be securely put together
  1175. >she also knew she was more than strong enough to lift the platform to do so
  1176. >once Zecora and Pinkie had a plan, the shaman put her shoulders beneath the stage and lifted the large structure
  1177. >thanks to her earth titan merge, it merely felt like lifting a single plank of wood as the structure creaked, but until the repairs were done, Zecora had to stay still
  1178. >AJ, on top of the stage, called out, “alright, hold’er steady and let’s get to work.”
  1179. >Pinkie moved in with her usual enthusiasm, hammering nails and extra wood in place
  1180. >the full figured woman suddenly stopped and stared at Zecora’s thick, powerful body, then booped one of the shaman’s massive tits into a rapid jiggle
  1181. (+2)
  1182. >Zecora gasped. “What’s wrong with you? Stop being obscene!
  1183. >unhand me or this stage will careen!”
  1184. >”So... are they real? I remember you being more of a ‘badonker’ than a ‘honker’ girl.” Pinkie gives the shaman’s breasts a grope a squeeze which earns a moan. “They *are* real! They look fun!”
  1185. (+3) (6/28)
  1186. >as much as she wanted to stop the party girl, she also didn’t want to undo the work or possibly hurt Applejack by suddenly dropping the stage
  1187. >and it had been a while since she was being touched this way; Twilight felt Zecora but it was with a scientific touch
  1188. >Pinkie, as she stroked Zecora’s muscular thunder thighs and got two handfuls of her thick ass, was much more playful
  1189. (+3)
  1190. >Pinkie giggled and finally relented. “Sorry, I don’t know what came over me; I just know everyone real well, and what they like and they enjoy. I still don’t know what makes you smile except being alone, rhyming all the time and taking ‘fun’ substances.” She even air quoted, then gave a wink. “But hey, if you want a private party, I could always make time for you! I could unwind a little myself after all that baking.”
  1191. >Zecora couldn’t remember the last time she had been propositioned for sex or felt like that, but it certainly fully charged her merging power as Pinkie resumed hammering the platform together
  1192. (+1) (12/28)
  1193. >frankly, she wasn’t sure if merging now would be a good idea; they needed more hands to get the repairs done
  1195. >on the other hand, Pinkie would give her a little more plushness to soften her body, Maud would likely make her the absolute strongest woman, pound for pound, or Applejack would grant her an even stronger connection to Zecora’s goliath apple growth spurts the next time she climaxed, be it with Pinkie or not
  1196. >of course there was Trixie as well, busy with her pyrotechnics; noble blood magic within reach, even if Zecora would need another such blooded person to double merge with to make the shaman herself gain true magic, just like she now had airblood wings
  1197. >heck, with this much charge, she could shrink something or someone to a quarter of their size
  1199. >Trixie’s show has too much riding in it to mess around now
  1200. >once everything’s set up, there’ll be plenty of time to indulge
  1201. >Zecora lets Pinkie finish the repairs
  1202. >a mud and rock smothered Maud finishes packing down the shale cement, and the stage is now in one piece sitting on a more solid foundation
  1203. >Pinkie holds her hand out for a high five, which is gradually reciprocated by Maud with the tiniest of slow claps
  1204. >when Pinkie offers another high five to Zecora, the lingering and exuberant piece of Dash within the shaman hits high, down low, body bumps and playfully slaps Pinkie’s huge ass before the shaman realises what she’s done
  1205. (+1)
  1206. >and Zecora worries she went too far; naturally Pinkie has no sense of personal space and slaps the shaman’s well padded, muscular yet plush ass right back with a giggle
  1207. (+1) (14/28)
  1208. >and a few minutes later, AJ hops off the stage
  1209. >Pinkie cheers, “woohoo! All fixed, group hug time!”
  1210. >as Pinkie starts pulling Maud and Zecora in towards Applejack for the quad earth girl squeeze, AJ raises a hand
  1211. >”Now hold yer horses; the stage may be in one piece, but it’s still a mess up top and the uprights still need doin’. I’ve hammered in the intact boards, but I’m gonna need a whole bunch more wood. Maud? Could’ya head to Sweet Apple Acres and ask Granny Smith for-“
  1212. >Maud interrupts as she uproots a large tree and, with a firm tug, snaps off the leafy canopy. She then asks, “will this do?”
  1213. >”... or we could get a more local source, sure.” AJ chuckles as Maud grabs another tree to rip apart, then continues, “if you wanna start cuttin’em up into boards, that’d be swell. Much appreciated, Maud!”
  1214. >Maud blinks slowly and pulls a twig from her hair. ”I’ll try, but I’m not much for trees. Unless they’re petrified, which makes them far more interesting. I think I’ll make do.”
  1215. >AJ turns to Zecora and Pinkie. “Alright. We’re gonna need that stage curtain and the fixin’s soon, so let’s get movin’ with the uprights and the wings”
  1216. >while the uprights aren’t any heavier than the stage, they’re very tall
  1217. >also the fact they have to be planted into the stage edges at the base and being pulled by the wind from the panelling and held upright makes it awkward work
  1219. >”Easy does it...” AJ says as she’s braces against the tall pole
  1220. >Zecora crouched low to slide the base together
  1221. >a thunderous boom and a rainbow shockwave detonated in the distance; Dash is no doubt trying out her newfound size and strength
  1222. >”Aw, heck! Brace!”
  1223. >Pinkie pushes herself in behind Zecora
  1224. >of course that means she’s just jammed her crotch against Zecora’s head
  1225. (+3)
  1226. >then AJ positions herself on the other side, but with her back to the upright, and the farm girls famously powerful ass practically flosses the pole and sandwiches the shaman’s head between the pair until only her black and white hair is visible between Pinkie’s pudge and AJ’s booty
  1227. (+4) (21/28)
  1228. >as the shockwave threatens to knock the upright over, Zecora’s heart races; she’s getting dangerously aroused now
  1229. >she’d been getting used to the constant little pushes, but the warmth, the weight and plushness is maddening
  1230. >finally, as the rainboom passes, Zecora’s allowed to breath again
  1231. >then there’s another boom
  1232. >a pink and yellow one
  1233. >Zecora stands and braces the pole herself this time; another earth girl squeezing might get messy
  1234. >the blast isn’t as strong, and the stage weathers the rush
  1235. >a cheerful cry follows, “heck yes! I totally told ya you could do it! Alright, easy down; you look like you’ve got the shakes.”
  1236. >Shy cups a hand over her ear and winces. ”Cakes? No thank you, I’m feeling a little flight-sick.”
  1237. >”No, *shakes*! Ah, never mind, come on, follow me.”
  1238. >the amazonian airblooded duo of Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy land, and the more timid girl’s looking a bit worse for wear and cupping her ears
  1239. >AJ storms up to Dash. “Y’all out of your darned minds? We’re tryin’ to work here!”
  1240. >Dash shrugs and brushes her rainbow hair back. “Sorry. After last night, I had to put Shy through her paces; girl’s almost as strong a flier as I am! Did you see that Flutterboom!? It was wicked! She’s world class now!”
  1241. >Shy blushes as everyone turns to her and her too-tight clothes don’t cover her new, powerful physique
  1242. >Pinkie says, “dang, Fluttershy! Looking and flying like that, I guess that makes you... flap-jacked!”
  1243. >Shy blushes harder and slouches
  1244. >Dash continues, “and I’ve got this going on.”
  1245. >she stares at Pinkie, then after blinking and straining, ‘stares’ at Pinkie
  1246. >the party girl can’t help but step back, then Dash does the same to AJ, who also seems cowed, then Pinkie again
  1247. >”Could you not scare my sister?”
  1248. >Dash spins and directs her gaze at Maud, who just blankly stares back
  1249. >it goes on for a few seconds, but Dash suddenly falls to her knees and covers her face
  1250. >”Alright! Please, don’t hurt me!”
  1251. >as she cowers, a couple of squirrels seem to go and comfort her by hugging Dash’s thick, muscular legs
  1252. >snapping out of it, Dash glances at the critters and adds, “right, the animal friendship thing too.”
  1254. >everyone regains their composure, then AJ asks, “anyway, whaddya mean ‘after last night?’”
  1255. >the two air bloods look at Zecora, then everyone else looks at the shaman
  1256. >for the second time, Zecora explained her situation
  1257. >”So, in short, and as it would seem,
  1258. >once separated, all merged attributes gleam!”
  1259. >Pinkie goes doe eyed. “It’s the best of both worlds, like my chimicherrychangas! You can never have too much of a good thing, right?” Then she gasps and hops around “Oh, oh! What about making a chimicherrychurrochanga supreme? Or chimicherrychurrochamploochangas grande! Wait, or chimicherrychocolatechu-”
  1260. >a hand claps over Pinkie’s mouth. ”Trixie demands a demonstration.” The magician walks up to Zecora and looks her over. “Trixie was under the impression earth magic was all folk remedies and hokey stuff.”
  1261. >AJ snorts. “Y’all clearly ain’t familiar with growin’ zap apples, or Pinkie’s senses, or Maud’s...” the farm girl gestures at the muddy, stone-caked girl, and finishes with, “Maudness. But even I’ve never heard of people mixin’ with other folk deeper than a highfalutin garden party with too much hard cider.”
  1262. >Trixie taps her chin. “I’ll pass for now. Trixie wants to see this in action.”
  1263. >Zecora sighs; any chance of merging on the sly is gone.
  1264. >Pinkie raises her hand. “Hey, mix with me! This sounds like fun!”
  1265. >Maud just blinks, “I guess I can do it if Pinkie’s up for this. I’ve been meaning to do more bonding, and nothing like bonding on an atomic level.”
  1266. >AJ hesitates, then Dash snickers, “c’mon, you baby, it’s fine! Get your big keister in there and let your hair down.”
  1267. >Fluttershy nods, “it really is something. I’m glad I did it, even if Dash keeps demanding I keep up ‘her physique’.” The timid girl grumbles as she flexes a bicep and strokes her abs, but she can’t help but smirk.
  1268. >AJ rolls her eyes and says, “fine, but hurry it up. Times a-wastin’.”
  1270. >Zecora had three candidates, and each was willing
  1271. >well, Applejack less so, but-
  1272. >”Oh, me, me!” Pinkie chirped and waved her arms.
  1273. >and there was something to say about Maud’s effect on a merge; her flat but well meaning manner-
  1274. >”Zecora! Hellooo! Pick me!”
  1275. >though Applejack bring first would ease her into things; Zecora’s calm mind and experience would save the reluctant farm girl-
  1276. >”What’s black, white and pink in the middle! Us when we’re mixed like a delicious cake batter!”
  1277. >Pinkie grabbed Zecora’s tits, or as much as she could, squeezed them for grip and pulled her face to face
  1278. +2 (23/28)
  1279. >Zecora wondered how the shorter girl was able to even be face to face, but-
  1280. >”PICK ME!”
  1281. >Zecora smirked and said, “I hear you, Pinkie, and again I’ve heard,
  1282. >but I’ve yet to hear the magic word!”
  1283. >Pinkie pouted and postulated, “please!”
  1284. >Zecora unleashed her power
  1285. -10 (13/31)
  1286. >and where there was two, there was one
  1287. >or one plus; Zecora’s shrink spell didn’t withstand the merge
  1288. >Pinkora looked down at herself, her already curvy, powerful 8ft frame had a layer of padding that only made her even curvier
  1289. >sure, she had lost some tone, but-
  1290. >”Holy moly, they’re as big as her whole torso!” Dash gawped
  1291. >Pinkora’s tits were ridiculously big, squeezed into a hybrid top made from Zecora’s dress and Pinkie’s camisole
  1292. >each could smother a normal person whole
  1293. >she’d have to watch where she walked, because Pinkora couldn’t see the ground for several feet in front of her, and an untamed mass of puffy pink and black hair kept getting in the way
  1294. >and a twist revealed her ass was going to break door frames
  1295. >and she felt at her stomach, which while not ‘fat’, certainly had a cushion of soft over the hard abs beneath
  1296. >finally, she flexed; yep, huge biceps bulged beneath the softer exterior
  1297. >the whole mass of her made the hybrid giggle
  1298. >”Ooh, check me out, I’m a real ton of fun!”
  1299. >Pinkora slapped her own ass, which sent it quaking
  1300. >”and with a moon like this, I’ll outshine the sun!”
  1301. >”... never seen anything like it,” said someone behind Pinkora
  1302. >she spun around again to look
  1303. >only to accidentally boobslap Trixie ten feet away and head over heels
  1304. >”Oops, sorry! I’ve gotta get used to these things,
  1305. >here, lemme help up; ohh, that probably stings...”
  1306. >Trixie looks unfocused and dazed from the impact, and has a small cut on the side of her head too
  1308. >Pinkora picks the comatose magician up, then feels a compulsion, a lack of impulse control and a need to be friendly, all at once
  1309. >so she absolutely smothers Trixie in a cleavage that leaves only her thighs down and head exposed; the rest is completely absorbed by the hundreds of pounds of titflesh
  1310. >or hugs her, it’s all the same action
  1311. >”Aww, want me to kiss your boo-boo all better?”
  1312. >then her mind whirls again and she grins at the expanse of her own tits
  1313. >”I wonder if I can even fit these puppies in a sweater?”
  1314. >AJ says, “alright, big girl, I think we better get Trixie somewhere safe to lie down; she ain’t lookin’ too hot.”
  1315. >Maud adds, “she looks concussed. I’m no stage magician but I don’t think she’s going to be in any state to cast any magic when she’s less stable than a volcanically active fault line.”
  1316. >Zecora’s sensibilities took hold, as well as Pinkie realising that Trixie really was kinda flopping around and groaning gently
  1317. >the laughter gave way to concern as she placed Trixie gently to the ground, but any attempt to examine her was pointless
  1318. >Pinkora was just too big and her tits we’re in the way
  1319. >Fluttershy says, “I could take her to my place and help her recover.”
  1320. >Pinkora nods. “Thanks, Fluttershy, I’ll leave it to you.
  1321. >There’s a lot around here we’ve still got to do.”
  1322. >the caring, curvy air blood carried Trixie to her place, while Maud, Dash and AJ checked over the stage and pyrotechnics
  1323. >Pinkora was just a bit too unwieldy to help out
  1324. >but left to her own devices, Pinkie couldn’t help big explore her body
  1325. >Pinkie was... very friendly with many people
  1326. >these thoughts fought against Zecora’s inexperience
  1327. >not to mention Pinkie’s previous offer for a fun time also came back to her
  1328. >the exploration turned to soft moans as a hand crept down between her ultra plush legs
  1329. >it didn’t take long for her to bring herself right back to openly horny
  1330. +7 (20/31)
  1331. >Pinkora giggled as she felt Zecora’s double merge power flare up, and she remembered Maud saying she would be down for merging if Pinkie was
  1332. >so with the sneakiness of a cat in the body of a hippopotamus, she found her sister (half sister?) checking Trixie’s plans for the show
  1333. >Pinkora wiggles her hips and prepares to tackle-
  1334. >”I know what you’re up to,” Maud says.
  1335. >Pinkora blew a raspberry and mumbles, “you’re no fun sometimes, I wanted it to be a surprise,”
  1336. >she perks up though
  1337. >”but I guess you’ll see the fun when you’re looking through our eyes!”
  1338. >Pinkora snatches Maud up in a hug, and...
  1339. -20 (0/34)
  1341. >”Hey, Maud, is everythin’ oka-“
  1342. >AJ rounded the corner, then gasped
  1343. >the new hybrid blinked and looked at herself as small flowers budded around her feet, just like with the Cheerimac hybrid; earth magic was flowing stronger and stronger
  1344. >it was strange; she was far smaller than Pinkora had been
  1345. >well, not necessarily smaller
  1346. >more efficient?
  1347. >it was more like she was bigger, then condensed
  1348. >because the two-Pie and shaman mix, with a spectrum of bright pink, purple and grey hair, knew she had to be careful
  1349. >two sensible girls held the Pinkie aspect in check, because Zecora’s strength, blended and copied now from Dash, Cheerilee and Big Mac, had Maud’s abnormal power on top of it
  1350. >an average sized (but muscular) woman who could literally shatter rocks as big as houses with her bare hands, now given actual brawn
  1351. >and her overflowing curves were smaller
  1352. >and by smaller, that was like calling an Ursa Minor small
  1353. >”I’m a whole field of curves, like a gardeners plot,
  1354. >and like a diamond, in compressed and been made super hot.”
  1355. >the rhythmic tone was nearer to poetry with Maud putting the brakes on Zecora’s fluidity and Pinkie’s energy
  1356. >I’m fact, Pinkorauda Pie was still wrapping her head around herself on a whole
  1357. >Pinkie was held back from going too far, but Maud was unleashed
  1358. >Zecora was in the middle; once calm and collected but now with a lust for both life and lust itself
  1359. >she also had even more untapped potential, so they formed a plan...
  1360. >she turned her blue eyes to Applejack, winked, and blew a kiss
  1361. >AJ’s blushed and raised an eyebrow, and Pinkorauda stepped close
  1362. >”that’s no stony facade, so let me break the ice,
  1363. >’cause I’m hungry for something naughty *and* nice,
  1364. >plus I’m all mixed up perfect, like sugar and spice,
  1365. >let’s go get some pie,”
  1366. >she leaned in until their noses were almost touching
  1367. >”and I’ll be your slice.”
  1368. >AJ’s surprise held, but Pinkorauda saw her gulp, lick her lips
  1369. >then her eyes flicked down and looked over the hybrid’s more controlled curves and perfect strength
  1370. >”well, y’see, it’s... uh.”
  1371. >a voice whispers from above, “this is your conscience talking; you should do it, Applejack. You’re too uptight.”
  1372. >”What the..?”
  1373. >”and you should invite a friend! Maybe someone currently helping out you build stuff! Someone awesome!”
  1374. >the blush fades and AJ frowns. “Dash, buzz off.”
  1376. >Pinkorauda giggles and looks up at the hovering air blood, who lands and says, “hey, can’t blame a girl for trying. Seriously, though, between Cheer and Mac hollering loud enough that even I can hear them from my home, when was the last time you just had a good time?“
  1377. >Pinkorauda grabbed both into a hug. “AJ’s like a geode; all rough’n’tough on the out,
  1378. >but she shines in the middle, there’s really no doubt,
  1379. >so c’mon, indulge a little and let loose,
  1380. >’cause I want to ride the towns best caboose.”
  1381. >AJ glanced between the pair, sighs, and says, “alright, you’ve made yer point. It won’t take long to get the stage finished-”
  1382. >Dash and Pinkorauda interrupt the farm girl by pushing her towards Trixie’s trailer, which they all squeeze inside, close the door
  1383. >and soon, the whole thing starts shaking
  1384. >there’s no room inside, which just makes things more intense
  1385. >AJ’s a big girl at 7’3 and packed with muscle and curves, with an amazing ass
  1386. >but Pinkorauda’s hands, lips, tongue and body take her for a ride, dominating her, toying with her
  1387. >Dash gets sandwiched inside too, driving her hands into the hybrid and massaging her from the inside
  1388. +10 (10/34)
  1389. >hips buck, the farm girl tries to wrest control of the situation; it’s her nature to grab life by the horns, be on top
  1390. >but Pinkorauda’s impossibly strong
  1391. >AJ might as well try and pull down the moon, or the sky
  1392. >so she grabs a bird instead; she pulls and pins Dash down on top of Pinkorauda and they grind on top of the hybrid’s plush, cushiony curves backed with walls of muscle and power
  1393. >Dash’s writhing legs stroke Pinkorauda’s eager folds as her head gets buried deeper and deeper into the hybrid’s cleavage from AJ’s intense kiss
  1394. +10 (20/34)
  1395. >still nothing; she truly has a new threshold
  1396. >Pinkorauda briefly entertains shrinking Dash into a pleasure toy, but she doesn’t want to waste the power
  1397. >so she takes charge
  1398. >”Alright, a challenge, for I have a deep thirst,
  1399. >and I shall reward whoever makes me cry first!
  1400. >AJ and Dash stop pleasing each other, look at Pinkorauda, back at each other
  1401. >then scramble into action as they fight over the bigger woman’s slit
  1402. >Dash’s strength has improved tremendously since her rivalry with Cheerilee
  1403. >but she still favoured agility rather than raw strength, so in these confined quarters, the farm girl soon has her rival leg-locked as AJ buries her face between Pinkorauda’s legs
  1405. >so close
  1406. >such power flooding her veins
  1407. >if she let it finish, she would rock an orgasm that would probably ruin sex for Zecora forever
  1408. >but AJ won her contest
  1409. +13 (33/34)
  1410. >and so she unleashed her strongest spell yet
  1411. -30 (3/37)
  1412. >something was different
  1413. >it was quiet inside her head
  1414. >Pinkie, Maud and Applejack weren’t a constant rabble inside her mind
  1415. >but she knew everything they did
  1416. >she knew the exact time it would take for any given quantity of water to erode any type of stone
  1417. >she knew the growing speed and quirks of every apple tree variety
  1418. >she knew how to make the town’s citizens laugh (or howl with pleasure)
  1419. >all these things and more
  1420. >but as she tried to move, she realised she wasn’t... a a person
  1421. >she could feel the many footsteps of many people
  1422. >the scurry of insects, the patter of rodents, the thump of booted feet on her, around her... inside her?
  1423. >but she couldn’t see
  1424. >she needed eyes
  1425. >and she needed to stand
  1426. >the ground rumbled and cracked and reshaped
  1427. >and suddenly she could see
  1428. >with eyes made of sapphires
  1429. >a mop of hair made of vines and flowers
  1430. >a body made of soil, veins of water and bones made of rock
  1431. >Zecora *was* earth, she was the country, raw and ancient magic
  1432. >she saw Rainbow Dash exit Trixie’s wagon and gawp up at her in fear as the increasingly powerful shaman formed more of her own body shape from the raw material
  1433. >but before the earth entity could manifest a mouth to reassure Dash, there was a flash
  1434. >Twilight appeared, glanced at the earth being, then summoned her magic, ready to fight
  1435. >”I could feel you from all the way from Canterlot, earth... plant... thing! Stand down, or I’ll be forced to... wait, Zecora?”
  1436. >even with a mouth, complete with lips made from slabs of stone and a tongue of writhing vines, Zecora couldn’t vocalise anything
  1437. >it just came out as grinding, cracking and creaking of rock and vegetation, but she had taken enough of the shaman’s shape, even as a twenty feet tall figure to be recognised it seems
  1438. >”You have to stop, Zecora; you’re toying with powers that haven’t been used since before even Princess Celestia’s time! We don’t know what it might do to you. Hold on, let me try and draw away some of the magic.”
  1439. >with a gesture, and the manifestation of her noble blood horn on her forehead, Twilight starts pulling at Zecora’s new form
  1440. >and the shaman feels the merge become undone
  1441. >one moment she’s one entity, the next, she feels Pinkie get stripped away
  1442. >her earthen form breaks away, leaving a more classic three way merge of Zecora, Maud and Applejack
  1444. >she’s not as busty as the previous triple merge
  1445. >but hot dang, she’s got a set of hips that could block traffic in both lanes
  1446. >and she’s more classically brawny, as she flexed an arm, then brushes her black, dark purple and blonde hair out of her eyes
  1447. >”Well, that was unexpected,” Twilight says
  1448. >”That was fun! Let’s do it again!” The newly reformed Pinkie stands
  1449. >she’s beefier than before, but again, her pudge covers any serious toning
  1450. >also she’s now taller than Twilight at 7’2
  1451. >Zecora reorganises her thoughts, and it’s extremely easy
  1452. >all three serious women in one body, they’re like a well oiled machine
  1453. >except Twilight didn’t stop pulling the magic from their collective form
  1454. >suddenly, they’re Maudless, as the once lithe powerhouse appears on the ground with a flash
  1455. >she’s now rocking a power lifter’s build, full on curves and a similar height to Pinkie as she stands
  1456. >she blinks slowly
  1457. >then her eyes fully open
  1458. >”What is this feeling?”
  1459. >she tilts her head with the lighter frown
  1460. >then offers a classic tiny smile that almost threatens to burst into a... modest grin
  1461. >almost
  1462. >”Huh. I think I can express myself a little better...” she says, maybe a hair less deadpan?
  1463. >Pinkie gasps, then she looks herself over, then pokes herself in the head
  1464. >”Aww, all I got was big. Why can’t I get super-strong emotional powers? That’s both annoying *and* sad!”
  1465. >she’s neither annoyed or that upset; apparently the merge has taken the edge off her exuberance as she gets distracted re-examining her enhanced curves and size
  1466. >Twilight winces and stops her magic
  1467. >”Whew... it looks like the fewer people you’re merged with, the tougher the bond. I guess you and AJ are here to stay for now. On the other hand, it’s obvious that the more people in the mix, the more you can manifest the inherent powers of you bloodlines. You were some kind of earthblood avatar! Fascinating... just like in the books!”
  1468. >Applecora brushes her blonde and black hair and gets used to bring flesh and blood again
  1469. >again, mentally they weren’t too dissimilar; AJ had a fiercer drive and Zecora was more mellow and clever, but they were both nurturing, sensible women
  1470. >Applecora says, “Twilight, could ya quit yer musin’s and talk some sense,
  1471. >what’ve ya learned, quit keepin’ me in suspense.”
  1473. >Twilight clears her throat and blushes. “Not that much, if I’m totally honest. I did find something about the avatars of the three bloodlines, which distracted me from the temporal tonic earth magic research. But now I’ve seen you assume that form, I guess the two might be interconnected. I also came here to give you something; Princess Celestia’s curious to meet you tomorrow! You’ve been invited to the palace! Well, Zecora specifically. No offence, Applejack.”
  1474. >Twilight produces a royal summons from her pocket, then a train ticket to Canterlot, then levitates them to the hybrid
  1475. >”I’d best be getting back. Just be careful of over-merging? We still don’t know if manipulating that sort of old magic has any ramifications on anyone taking part. Remember, I’d you need to ask me anything, talk to Spike so he can send a message.”
  1476. >with a wave and a flash, Twilight vanished back to Canterlot
  1477. >Applecora ponders for a moment then calls everyone nearby
  1478. >”As much a distraction it’s been, we’ve got a show to get rollin’
  1479. >also curtains to collect and Trixie to consolin’”
  1480. >Maud says, “you should go into town and get the star and the curtain. I’ll take over the stage team; I’ve got your building know-how in my head and leadership charisma.”
  1481. >Dash snorts and giggles, “right, uh-huh. Charisma.”
  1482. >Maud suddenly frowns and says in a slightly raised and annoyed tone, “don’t give me lip, speedy. We’re running out of time and need to be a cohesive team like syenogranite needs 65 to 90% feldspar composition. That means someone has to take charge.”
  1483. >Maud blinks and clears her throat, then says (in a more natural, slow way), “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to yell.”
  1484. >Pinkie adds, “it’s alright , sis! We’re all helping Trixie here. C’mon, let’s get shaking!”
  1485. >the team resumes work, and Applecora has a couple of things to get from town
  1486. >the curtain still involves Rarity, which also means a shot at the Elements of Harmony and whatever boon that entails
  1487. >also even if Trixie hasn’t recovered by the time she get there, Zecora has a theory that merging with the magician will bring her around double quick
  1488. >not to mention that merging with both noble girls (and maybe after separating from Applejack) will untap noble magic for Zecora at long last!
  1490. >the very idea of going to Rarity’s place struck a sour note with AJ within the Applecora hybrid
  1491. >Zecora saw their history; the tension, the clashes, the friendship ever since Twilight drew them together as the Elements of Harmony and their adventures
  1492. >sure, they knew each other before then, but besides a hard work ethic, they were chalk and cheese and never chose to mingle
  1493. >and over time, where they grew to truly like each other as friends, then it kindled deeper
  1494. >then they had a fiery romance that lasted plenty long enough to make the breakup all the harsher, but any further probing makes AJ mentally push back against Zecora
  1495. >Applecora shakes her head and drops the issue for now
  1496. >”I’ll have to go there at some point, I know,
  1497. >but for now, I know where I’d rather go.”
  1498. >Applecora skirts town and reaches Fluttershy‘s place
  1499. >within, with the curtains pulled and dark, is Fluttershy tending to a conscious but lid-eyed Trixie with her head bandaged
  1500. >”How’re ya feelin’? And I’m real sorry ‘bout that,
  1501. >y’all know Pinkie! She knocks people flat.”
  1502. >the magician sits up and says, ”Trixie is... not at her best, but the show must go on. How is my stage?”
  1503. >Shy pouts. “You can barely stand up, let alone perform a magic show.”
  1504. >Trixie snorts and leaps to her feet. “The Great and Spowertacuful... uh, Spectacular Trixie cannot be held back by a mere... concu-“
  1505. >The Great and Spectacular Trixie collapses in a heap
  1506. >”I don’t mean to say I told you so, but...” Shy trails off as she uses her impressive build to pluck the dainty girl off the floor and put her back on the couch
  1507. >Applecora says, “That’s kinda the reason I’ve come here so soon,
  1508. >cause my merging power could offer a boon.
  1509. >the stage is comin’ along real swell,
  1510. >we just need you and the curtain from what I can tell.”
  1511. >Trixie purses her lips and thinks, then winces
  1512. >”About that merging thing... Trixie had some ideas about using it in the magic show, although...” she trails off and clutches her head. “Most of it’s a blur. If you think it will help, then go ahead, but be warned!”
  1513. >Trixie slowly stands and raises her arms
  1514. >”You may be awed in amazement, befuddled by brilliance, cowed by-“
  1515. >Trixie collapses again
  1516. >Applecora snickers and finishes, “cowed by concussions?
  1517. >now calm yerself and quit yer fussin’s.”
  1518. >Shy once more puts Trixie to rest, then Applecora taps her on the shoulder
  1519. >the air blood turns her pretty eyes to Applecora and tilts her head, curious
  1520. >”Not that I mean to be vulgar, but I need your help to get some magic flowin’.
  1521. >Mind if we... y’know. ‘Tend my fields, and give it a mowin’?”
  1522. >Applecora wiggles her eyebrows and Fluttershy blushes, giggles and says, “oh, right, the horny magic thing... I suppose if Trixie will be alright by herself for a while...”
  1523. >Trixie waves a wobbly hand. “Go do whatever. Trixie needs to rest and recover her Spectacularisms and Greatness for a while.”
  1525. >Applecora ducked into Fluttershy’s bedroom
  1526. >and to her shock, Shy slapped her ass as she was squeezing through
  1527. +2 (2/37)
  1528. >”Sorry! Was that too forward? I swear, ever since we merged with Dash, I keep getting these compulsions to-“
  1529. >Shy squeaks as Applecora picks up and throws the smaller girl onto the bed
  1530. >”You like it rough? Fine, I’ll give ya rough,
  1531. >I’m gonna ride ya like a prize bull, hot stuff.”
  1532. >Shy goes bright red, she seems to shrink a little before Applecora pulls her clothes off
  1533. >then the normally meek girl’s eyes, which roam over the hybrid’s massive curves and padded muscle, tell her all she needs to know
  1534. >the bed creaks and shakes as the two begin, lips locked, hands stroke and legs intermingle
  1535. >Shy’s strong, and if it was just AJ here, it would be a struggle
  1536. >but a Maud empowered, current 8ft Zecora sized and Cheerilee built woman like Applecora?
  1537. >Shy cries out as she’s made a toy for the massive amazon
  1538. >she’s utterly overwhelmed by bliss as Applecora’s tongue plunges deep
  1539. +3 (5/37)
  1540. >the hybrid’s enjoying this, but she wants some attention back
  1541. >so as Shy screams from a climax, Applecora flips them over so the air blood is resting on top, panting and whimpering so sweetly
  1542. >”Take five, but once you’ve got yer senses,
  1543. >you owe me yer best, so swing for the fences.”
  1544. >it takes a few minutes, but the kind girl recovers
  1545. >she kneels on top of the layer of Pinkie pudge over the impossibly strong core of the bigger woman, and she looks conflicted before starting Applecora in the eyes
  1546. >”Before we do this, I just wanted to say how much I’ve enjoyed myself since the merge. Experiencing this, and I’d love to feel what else you’ve felt by joining with the others. B-but more than that...”
  1547. >Fluttershy climbs higher so they’re face to face
  1548. >”Zecora, specifically I mean, if you... um, after this is over, and you ever feel lonely... I’ve seen inside for mind and the more I’ve thought about it... uh, If you ever wanted to spend more time with someone...”
  1549. >Shy was red faced before, but now she’s completely flustered, and it takes a while Fluttershy her to form the words
  1550. >”I would like to get to know you better... W-well, anyway, let’s get you c-charged.”
  1551. >Applecora couldn’t reply; Zecora wasn’t simply herself and couldn’t separate her own feelings from Applejack’s, so she remains quiet as Shy smirks
  1552. >she grins and climbs lower again, and rubs her strong, smooth legs between Applecora’s own
  1553. +3 (8/37)
  1554. >once in position, Shy kisses Applecora’s belly as her hands stroke and tease her womanhood
  1555. +5 (13/37)
  1556. >gentle strokes grow stronger, Applecora’s moans fill the room and finally, Shy buries her face and licks like someone dying of thirst
  1558. +7 (20/37)
  1559. >the double merge is ready
  1560. >and if time wasn’t already pressed, Applecora would have gladly let the beautiful girl pleasuring her finish up
  1561. >but with a gentle push, the two separated, and Shy can’t hide her disappointment as she sighs
  1562. >”Thanks, Shy, and I’ll think on what you said,
  1563. >but it’s time to get movin’ for the show that’s ahead.”
  1564. >Applecora cleans up and gets dressed, then returns to Trixie as Shy relaxes on the messy bed
  1565. >the magician’s horn flickers in and out as she tries to make a tiny sparkle, but it just pops and sputters and she puts her face in her hands
  1566. >Applecora puts a large hand on the tiny woman’s shoulder
  1567. >”Let’s get you well and put on a show,
  1568. >though of course we’ve got someplace else to go,”
  1569. >Trixie stands (with help) and asks, “does this hurt or anything?”
  1570. >”Not at all, in fact, I think you’ll approve,
  1571. >”and it’s fun to move to another folks groove.”
  1572. >Trixie gulps and still looks worried
  1573. >internally, Applejack also has concerns
  1574. >not that she admits to any issues with Trixie or anything
  1575. >except Zecora knows AJ does, like many of the townsfolk
  1576. >unjustified, Zecora makes it clear; being egotistical doesn’t justify them running Trixie out of town with all her possessions destroyed by two foolish individuals luring a great beast into town
  1577. >an argument could be made about the amulet situation, but two wrongs don’t make a right; that was a poor decision
  1578. >AJ has other issues too
  1579. >a well as hesitation in seeing Rarity
  1580. >Zecora can’t help but wish to help patch things up between the two, but doubts the stubborn farm girl will go alone
  1581. >it might also teach AJ about the real Trixie instead of the obvious facade she plays up
  1582. >having a steadfast friend like Applejack would go a long way to turning the town’s opinion of the magician
  1583. >of course splitting and merging with Trixie alone will allow the magician to ease into the experience, as well as be less costly in power
  1584. >Twilight may have had trouble separating them; but Zecora thinks she can split her merges whenever she wants to after all this practice
  1586. >time was against them, so Zecora made her decision
  1587. >with a little concentration, the shaman was herself again, all 8ft of her amazonian frame, now padded with Pinkie’s pudge but also reinforced with Maud’s peerless strength
  1588. >AJ was also now rocking the pudgy, if powerful, form at a similar height, but like most earth girls, she wore it mostly in the right places
  1589. >she pinches her newly formed belly fat and frowns. “Aw, dang it! It’s gonna take months to shift this spare tire. Oh well. Now, if ya don’t mind, I’m gonna make sure the stage is finished while you get the curtain. Feels like I’m dodgin’ a bullet but not dealin’ with Rarity though.”
  1590. >AJ dips through the doorway and leaves while Zecora focuses herself
  1591. >she also felt a tingle run through her; she had merged with all three Apple family members who routinely ate goliath apple in some cooked (and thus weaker) form, as well as Cheerilee, who binged on a trees-worth of raw ones to make her the giant she was today
  1592. >while she couldn’t be sure of the results, if Zecora had a solo climax again; the ensuing growth spurt promised to be something else
  1593. >of course she has better things to use her powers on
  1594. >Zecora looks at the woozy magician, gently runs her fingers through Trixie’s silvery-pale blue hair, and triggered the merge
  1595. -10 (10/41)
  1596. >there were many misconceptions about the magician
  1597. >Zecora was abundantly right, and not just because of Twilight’s analytical power
  1598. >Zecora felt the ego, the front and facade Trixie used
  1599. >all to shield a woman who wanted to entertain, to be loved, who was scared of being hated and appearing useless
  1600. >someone with a talent for stage magic and showmanship, pyrotechnical know-how on top of the power to conjure her own dazzling displays of light and sound
  1601. >there are other spells, learned under the tutelage of Starlight Glimmer; transfiguration, teleportation and more!
  1602. >not that she’s especially adept at the yet, though
  1603. >”Tricora is indeed a powerful soul,
  1604. >to succeed, she merely envisions her goal!”
  1605. >Tricora examines herself in a mirror
  1606. >the merge had diminished Zecora’s massive frame to a more reasonable 7’2, with a healthy level of feminine weight covering an athletic, caramel skinned body
  1607. >she twirled a lock of white, pale blue and silver hair, with a few black highlights streaked throughout and brushed it away from her brighter lavender eyes
  1608. >”Strange, I feel no need to brag or embellish,
  1609. >but this power is certainly something I will relish.
  1610. >Now, let’s go and make my show a success!
  1611. >A curtain for the stage and perhaps a new dress.”
  1612. >the mingled fancy stage costume didn’t exactly fare well with Zecora’s plain and simple dress; it didn’t affect the right amount of Greatness nor Spectacularistic charm
  1613. >not that she needed to rub that in everyone’s face; the urge for something subtle was strong
  1615. >as Tricora strutted through town, and the mix of sensible and sensational settled, the more Tricora knew this show would be a success
  1616. >Trixie discovered the parts of Zecora that had hosted Nightmare Night for the kids; the shaman had a flair for the dramatic
  1617. >no, that was too plain
  1618. >the dramatique! There, much better
  1619. >showmanship, Trixie’s boundless talents, Zecora’s sensibilities and mysterious nature; they were going to need a new title
  1620. >with a flourish and a brief show from her phantasmic horn, Tricora summoned a sparkling ball of light
  1621. >she spun it, tossing it between her hands and whirling it around like she had done it a thousand times
  1622. >the townsfolk watched the fiery thing with concern, then hit the ground as Tricora threw it skyward
  1623. >it popped, sparkled and formed a twinkling horse that reared up on its hind legs, then crackled as it faded into a thousand glistening stars
  1624. >impressive, but subdued, not too much nor too little
  1625. >”Come one, come all, to a show of repentance,
  1626. >filled with wonder and awe and above all, resplendence!
  1627. >you’ll be dumbstruck and amazed, now if you’d like to see more,
  1628. >see Tricora the Wonderful, tonight,”
  1629. >she winked at the group and tipped her hat
  1630. >”twenty bits at the door.”
  1631. >if they had hands, Zecora and Trixie would have high fived themselves as the townsfolk applauded her passing
  1632. >just as sympathetic merges had happened, the two should have been opposites
  1633. >but that just meant they covered each other’s weaknesses
  1634. >speaking of covers, the dress festooned Windows of the Carousel Boutique came into view, and with a gesture of her telekinesis to open it, Tricora deftly ducked through the door
  1635. >Rarity was focusing on cutting fabric, although the bell that rung from the door made her flinch, sigh and announce, “welcome to the Carousel Boutique, please bear with me for just a moment and I’ll be there presently.”
  1636. >the hybrid used the moment to study the slim noble blooded woman
  1637. Magic pool: +4
  1638. Height/Figure adjustment: inadequate
  1639. Traits: Finer things: an affinity for precious stones, clothes and refined living
  1640. >then she felt a tingle, an almost magnetic attraction
  1641. Element of harmony: +6 magic pool
  1642. Unique spell: Sixfold Soul, Three Forms: for 5 magic, or by merging with an appropriate person for a short time, Zecora will be able to change her own bloodline between earth, air or noble
  1644. >”I do apologise, darling, what can I do for youuwahaha!”
  1645. >Rarity’s jaw threatens to hit the floor as her gaze floats up along Tricora’s towering body
  1646. >Zecora wants to reassure, but Trixie can’t help but feel smug at the obvious adoration as she pushes her chest and ass out in a sexy pose
  1647. >”Please, hold your applause, but look on and adore!
  1648. >for Tricora the Wonderful now holds the floor!”
  1649. >Rarity blinks a few times before collecting herself.
  1650. >”So you are! A-and so you do, Ms. Tricora. What can I do for you today?”
  1651. >Tricora glances around and taps her chin
  1652. >”Tricora has need of a majestic stage curtain,
  1653. >and an outfit that will dazzle a crowd for certain,
  1654. >plus I shall need both prepared before it gets dark,
  1655. >so I hope you can impress me with your creative spark.”
  1656. >Rarity cocks an expertly plucked eyebrow
  1657. >”Stage curtain? Like tha- wait, Trixie!?”
  1658. >Tricora titters. ”That and more, for I can bear many faces,
  1659. >but I will bewilder all comers, ages and places,
  1660. >I’m the best of Trixie, the Great and Spectacular!
  1661. >mixed with Zecora wits, plus her rhyming vernacular.”
  1662. >Rarity opens her mouth to say something, but stops herself and shrugs
  1663. >”After Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy visited sporting each other’s physiques on top of their own and asking for whole new wardrobes, I should have guessed some magical malpractice was afoot. Well, a customer is a customer. A stage curtain shouldn’t be a problem, but it will take a lot of material; as for clothing…”
  1664. >Rarity holds out a hand and a brief flicker of her noble horn shines as a foot stool and a measuring tape float to her hand
  1665. >”I’ll need to take some measurements. I trust you have the bits to pay for all this; Zecora, I can speak from experience, lives by modest means. And no, before you offer them, I shan’t take free tickets to the show as payment. Especially for a rush order.”
  1666. >there’s the canny Rarity; business owner extraordinaire, with outlets in several towns, and a flourishing store in Canterlot. Generosity may be her virtue, but once more, Trixie’s old reputation has people on edge
  1667. >between pulling favours for the stage rather than pursuing the builders for a refund (and maybe even healing their injured members as Zecora) Trixie originally hired, Tricora doesn’t have the bits for such a venture, and ousting Applejack for a clean merge may have cost you a heart to heart moment that could have convinced Rarity to help out
  1669. >bits be damned; Tricora was a one woman show, a woman of immeasurable talent, exotic beauty and eye-catching stature
  1670. >in fact, both knew their way around a needle and thread; Trixie had to repair or replace her clothes more than once, as had Zecora
  1671. >Trixie certainly had no trouble drawing a crowd… well, at least in places where she hasn’t threatened to turn the place into a self indulgent utopia of her own ego
  1672. >”Tricora supposes she understands your hesitation,
  1673. >but if you’ll ponder this in your full collation,
  1674. >all prospective eyes will be on my show tonight,
  1675. >which could unveil your wares in the greatest light.”
  1676. >Rarity continues with her measurements but doesn’t say anything
  1677. >though the measuring tape wrapping around Tricora’s impressive chest rubs juuust so…
  1678. +1 (11/41)
  1679. >Rarity looses a soft gasp as she read the tape and jots the numbers, so Tricora doubles down
  1680. >”and if this doesn’t quite take your eye,
  1681. >imagine being part of this show, all eyes on you,
  1682. >with curves and beauty that will make them cry,
  1683. >and your outfits capturing hearts, through and through.”
  1684. >Rarity pouts and looks Tricora over, then off to one side
  1685. >there was a mannequin with one of Rainbow Dash’s flight suits
  1686. >plus a drawing of the modifications Dash needed thanks to her new voluptuous body, seamlessly paired with her original small but powerful frame now made taller
  1687. >Rarity grumbles, but shakes her head. “I may affect an air of vanity, but I’m not so shallow as to fall for that. You may have Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy smitten, but some of us are happy the way we are.”
  1688. >alright, this is going nowhere
  1689. >Zecora took the reins
  1690. >”Then I shall offer my talents thus,
  1691. >and I will work without a fuss,
  1692. >allow me to help with any labour,
  1693. >to show my intent as a decent neighbour.”
  1694. >Rarity steps back and stares into Tricora’s eyes with her brilliant blue own and she sighs
  1696. >”Your bartering skills need work if that’s the best you can muster. But… I cannot deny you seem earnest, if desperate. Alright, a trade. You can have your stage curtain, but you can make it yourself. I’ll make your outfit, and in return… you say I’ll be given your ample curves if you enact that magic on me?”
  1697. >Tricora nods
  1698. >Rarity let’s get eyes roam over Tricora’s body, and she blushes a little
  1699. >”Truth be told, I wouldn’t mind a new perspective and a bit more…” she runs her hands away from her body, in a larger female form’s shape, and says, “robustness. A certain pig-headed woman who I begrudgingly can’t help but hold feelings for keeps insisting she can’t cope with someone ‘as dainty as the morning dew’, despite my insistence otherwise.” She even air-quotes
  1700. >Tricora grins. “You’ll have that and more, plus more beside,
  1701. >as you gain talents of all of those within the ride.”
  1702. >Rarity nods, and says, “the show is tonight, yes? Then we haven’t a moment to lose, darling.”
  1703. >the pair settle into a good working rhythm
  1704. >Trixie knows the dimensions of the stage, their combined skill with self repairing clothes and household fabrics lend themselves well to a good, rugged but sufficiently grandiose curtain
  1705. >Rarity works with diamond focus preparing a glamorous, bordering scandalous stage dress in Trixie’s favourite shade of purple
  1706. >and upon clarifying that clothes merge too, and not wanting her good work spoiled, Rarity fashions an almost identical outfit for herself: after all, two identically merged objects should logically mean no changes
  1707. >the sun’s beginning to dip below the horizon when the work was done, and wearing matching outfits, Tricora and Rarity look at one another
  1708. >”So, how does this work, precisely? Some fanciful incantation or spell?”
  1709. >Tricora giggled. “The quickest way that you’ll discover?”
  1710. >the taller woman steps closer, and leans down, giving Rarity a deep look into her cleavage
  1711. >”is to bump and grind like a rutting lover.”
  1712. >”You’re joking…”
  1713. >Tricora just wiggles her eyebrows as Rarity turns red
  1714. >”What manner of perverse magic is this?”
  1715. >”If this gives you this much pause for thought,
  1716. >I could warm myself up where I won’t be caught,
  1717. >but you seem frustrated, bitter, wound up tight,
  1718. >so if you’ll indulge Tricora, she’ll make your night.”
  1719. >Rarity tries to look insulted at the bitter remark, but her eyes say otherwise, and she finally shrugs
  1720. >”Oh, fine. But I don’t want this to become a ‘thing’. Applejack spends half her time with easy lays when she’s off gallivanting in her boorish contests, yet *I’m* the one who seems to earn the scandalous reputation.”
  1721. >her protests say one thing, but the come hither eyes as she draws Tricora to her bedroom say another
  1723. >Trixie is no help here; her ego and attitude clearly hasn’t earned her any suitors, so Zecora and her growing experience does the heavy lifting
  1724. >quite literally as Tricora undresses and barely lets her new playmate do the same before throwing the dainty fashionista on the bed
  1725. >Rarity clearly likes being handled with a firm hand as being pinned down send her panting, eyes hungry, and a gentle whimper as Tricora gets to work
  1726. >they kiss deeply, fingers interlocking; Rarity really is into her romance, it seems
  1727. >it didn’t stay so tender as Tricora lowered herself onto Rarity; a slim leg pushing between the hybrid’s own and stroking Tricora’s wet womanhood
  1728. >if anything, Trixie’s inexperience is helpful; the whole act excites the magician far more than Zecora
  1729. +3 (14/41)
  1730. >”This is nice, but… I’ve been naughty, darling.”
  1731. >Tricora makes a confused face as Rarity purrs and giggles
  1732. >”So naughty… I dare say I may need a spanking with those big, strong hands of yours.”
  1733. >Tricora begins to maybe understand Applejack’s issues with this woman as she squirms free, turns over and sticks her pert posterior out
  1734. +2 (16/41)
  1735. >with a shrug the hybrid brings her hand in a light smack
  1736. >”Harder!”
  1737. >so she did, near full force with a resounding clap that echoed in the bedroom, and she threw another, and another
  1738. >Rarity’s squeals sent a tingle up Tricora’s spine
  1739. +2 (18/41)
  1740. >so close, the next merge was so close!
  1741. >if Rarity likes being submissive, the course was clear
  1742. >Tricora picks Rarity up, turns them both over, and forces her face into the hybrid’s slit
  1743. >without a word, and with the intent to build some power before the show, Tricora cries out in bliss as she was licked deeply and thoroughly
  1744. +10 (28/41)
  1745. >but after a few minutes, it was time to sadly bring things to a close
  1746. >Tricora spots a nearby ‘toy’, telekinetically floats it between Rarity’s legs, and begins to pump the woman hard and fast
  1747. >Rarity does her best to keep licking, but she’s rapidly brought to a climax, even as Tricora shivers from Rarity’s final drawn out plunge
  1748. +5 (33/41)
  1749. >Tricora wanted more, but they had to get moving
  1750. >she gently rolls off the bed, waits for Rarity to recover, and both go get cleaned up
  1751. >at last, after getting dressed in their marching outfits, Rarity nods and says, “I’m ready.”
  1752. >with a flash, they merged
  1753. -20 (13/51)
  1755. >power
  1756. >so much power
  1757. >the five previous elements had left their mark, and with Rarity now inside the hybrid, these remnants also merged, and the ancient power boosted Zecora’s already impressive pool of magic
  1758. >and with two of each bloodline, even if Twilight was no longer technically just a noble blood, but like with Cheer not being able to impart her new size, what a person was deep down mattered what they are now
  1759. >and what she was now, was Tricority
  1760. >Zecora felt her physical strength fade as she also became noble blooded, and felt her own magic spring to life
  1761. >she looks down at a lithe, toned body
  1762. >still the same 7ft height, still decently curvy
  1763. >but the phantasmic horns that noble bloods usually conjured was now a permanent fixture on her forehead, long, sharp and glowing with power
  1764. >she saw a mirror nearby and went to walk to it
  1765. >but she was in one spot one second, then in front of the mirror in another
  1766. >she teleported! As easy as breathing
  1767. >Trixie knew how to teleport, sure, but she struggled to do so with such panache or ease; she needed to rehearse the spell for hours first
  1768. >with another thought, a million little specks of light appeared around her, like a spherical map, and each speck was a precious stone for miles around
  1769. >Rarity was deeply comfortable with the spell, but at this range? And at this clarity?
  1770. >Tricority wondered what power was specific to Zecora, but soon grew distracted by the woman in the mirror
  1771. >the radiant white to black, passing through all shades of deepest midnight purples up to a pale silvery blue
  1772. >and sky blue eyes with little flecks of purple, all framed with a staggering visage of peerless beauty, exotic charm and righteous confidence
  1773. >”My beauty is profound and boundless,
  1774. >my power will leave voices soundless,
  1775. >I’m something from a world beyond,
  1776. >and the audience will grow truly fond!”
  1777. >to the show!
  1778. >a thought, and she was there
  1779. >and as the assembled, enhanced AJ, Pinkie and Maud look on in confusion, Tricority snaps her fingers
  1780. >and the curtain blinks into being, and flutters up, attaching itself the rail
  1781. >then another teleportation nearby
  1782. >Starlight Glimmer
  1783. >”Phew! Sorry I’m a little late, but I…”
  1784. >Starlight gawps at Tricority
  1785. >and the Trixie part of the hybrid froze
  1786. >deep inside was a timid aspect to the magician, a truthful part
  1787. >a part that adored the noble blood woman in front of her
  1788. >her first friend, and it had developed into a crush
  1789. >she never showed this side, but to Zecora, it was plain to see
  1790. >but she was afraid of breaking their friendship
  1791. >at the same time, as this hidden part flared, there was a similar, budding adoration for Zecora
  1792. herself
  1793. >to know the woman who was instrumental in stopping Trixie from becoming a true monster with the alicorn amulet, yet was sympathetic to her, and as they so gracefully paired bravado with wisdom
  1794. >Zecora realised she could influence Trixie…
  1796. >Trixie, for all her bluster and self-assured ego, was fragile when it came to matters of the heart
  1797. >as such, Zecora just couldn’t stand between the magician and her first friend/mentor
  1798. >she briefly considered adding herself in as a third partner, but something as tender as this budding crush would likely cause issues
  1799. >so Zecora acted as her old self, and gave Trixie a little push
  1800. >combined with the friendship between Rarity and Starlight, Tricority offered a bow to the flabbergasted noble blood
  1801. >”You’re just in time, Starlight, for a show for the ages,
  1802. >I’ll not bore you with the drama of giants and stages,
  1803. >but we simply must prepare for the crucial event,
  1804. >and I could use your advice in a magical extent.”
  1805. >Starlight blinks a few times, then takes a closer look.
  1806. >”Right, Twilight mentioned this. Zecora… Trixie…”
  1807. >she circles around and continues her study,
  1808. >”But who else?”
  1809. >she looks closer at Tricority’s outfit
  1810. >”And Rarity! Wow, it’s one thing to hear about it, but another to see a temporal-intercellular entanglement in person...”
  1811. >Starlight’s horn appears and Tricority feels a tingle and a tug; it’s the same as when Twilight tried it, but not as severe
  1812. >Trixie also couldn’t help but enjoy Starlight’s close look at her body, however scientific
  1813. +2 (15/51)
  1814. >”And you’re definitely stuck together. Fascinating! It’s not a constant state of flux, but-“
  1815. >Tricority rolls her eyes and puts her hands on Starlight’s shoulders
  1816. >”I’m three ways your friend, and I need your advice,
  1817. >so stop treating me like some batch of lab mice,
  1818. >we have a show to get set, and after I’ll agree,
  1819. >to submit to whatever things you’d *do* to me.”
  1820. >Trixie ensured to wiggle their eyebrows, and although the subtext seems lost on Twilight’s student, she nods
  1821. >”Right, sorry Trixie… uh, Zecora?”
  1822. >”The name, for now, that I find most agreeable,
  1823. >is Tricority, as it shouldn’t change in the foreseeable.”
  1824. >”Tricority! Alright, well, let’s see about this magic show! Although I’m sure you have plenty of new tricks up your sleeve if you’ve got Rarity in there too.”
  1825. >Tricority gives a smug grin ”Zecora has adapted to magic use too,
  1826. >so, behold at the spell Tricority can now do!”
  1827. >Tricority pulls a hammer from the stage with her telekinesis and spends a tiny amount of magic
  1828. -1 (14/51)
  1829. >and the tool shrank, and should have stopped about three quarters in size
  1830. >but it kept going, until about a tenth
  1831. >Trixie’s smarter than she lets on, especially since going under Star’s tutelage, she just lets her ego get ahead of her brain
  1832. >with Zecora making her more balanced, she realises what just happened
  1833. >just as Zecora’s merge with two air bloods and earth bloods amplified the ensuing hybrid’s standard traits, speed and flight then strength respectively, she’s now a triple noble powerhouse, possibly on par or more powerful than prodigies like Star or Twilight, at least before her ascension
  1834. >of course, with Zecora technically also noble blood, Tricority was sure that amplified what was Zecora’s spell too
  1836. >both magical adepts were wide eyed, but Starlight spoke first
  1837. >”That’s amazing! Only very experienced users can shrink things that small with such ease!”
  1838. >Trixie practically squee’d; demonstrating a power that impressed her crush *and* earned praise?
  1839. >Tricority feels giddy and blushes
  1840. +3 (17/51)
  1841. >then she collects herself and offers a sweeping bow
  1842. >”Merely a glimpse at the most base of my new powers,
  1843. >and with three minds, we must learn with the remaining hours.”
  1844. >”Alright! Let’s see what I can teach you.”
  1845. >Starlight heads to Trixie’s trailer, and Tricority can’t help but admire her well balanced curves; the wiggle of Star’s butt as she walks, her pretty purple and teal hair…
  1846. +2 (19/51)
  1847. >Rarity knocks Trixie out of her daydream by noting that Star’s green shirt and beige shorts aren’t doing her any favours
  1848. >and Zecora internally dope slaps both and studies Star
  1849. Magic pool: +4
  1850. Height/figure adjustment: inadequate
  1851. Traits: dark equilibrium: reformed or not, she still holds the power to subdue talents
  1852. Equivalent talent: an impressively powerful noble blood akin to Twilight
  1853. >upon joining Star, and occasional Trixie daydreams aside, Tricority is a fast study
  1854. >Zecora’s old school magical knowledge, Trixie’s smarts and drive to be Great and powe- uh, Spectacular and Rarity’s focus and attention to detail merge in… well, a wise, Great and Spectacular passion for fashion and flair
  1855. >invisibility, refined and multi person teleportation, super speed and illusion, check!
  1856. >but the hour soon arrives, and the murmurs of a growing audience can be heard
  1857. >Trixie internally wonders about the show; parlour tricks are fine and all, and certainly she can use that as filler, but with all this power, she could reshuffle the show
  1858. >and as sensible as Zecora usually is… merging with Starlight Glimmer, achieving a four noble hybrid would make for a mind blowing finale
  1859. >though she also notes she should also seek out three airbloods at some point and complete the trifecta; become an avatar of the three bloodlines
  1860. >lastly… this IS Trixie’s show, and advertised as such
  1861. >she internally begs if she could use her new illusion spell to give Tricority a full visual conversion into classic Trixie
  1862. >not just for ego! She wants to ‘shapeshift’ between the three merged elements, and hybrid forms, to keep the audience guessing
  1863. >Rarity agrees, so long as her outfit remains unchanged and on show
  1864. >and maybe it’s the remnant Applejack, Cheer and Dash parts inside her, but Zecora wants to flex some earth muscle and perform some acts of strength
  1865. >”Star, start selling tickets, tell AJ and Pinkie ply their snacks!
  1866. >I’m planning a show that’ll be the talk of an age,
  1867. >I’ll earn their forgiveness, and bits by the stacks,
  1868. >and fashionably late, I’ll take to the stage!”
  1869. >Starlight gives her a funny glance, “three times the woman, three times the rudeness?”
  1870. >Tricority giggles, “sorry… please, could you start sell-”
  1871. >Star smirks, holds up a hand and nods. ”Alright, I was just teasing.”
  1872. >speaking of teasing, she was going to need a lot of magical charge
  1873. >Tricority sat down and let her hands explore…
  1875. >after a lot of internal prep, and a lot of… warming up
  1876. +16 (45/51)
  1877. >Tricority was ready
  1878. >the advantage of having three minds is you can focus on three things at once
  1879. >and all three had experience with some form if showmanship; Zecora had a subdued flamboyance and entertained the local children on nightmare night
  1880. >Rarity was used to attention, dramatic reaction and knew the pressure of the spotlight with her fashion events
  1881. >and of course Trixie lived for the stage and had done this a hundred times
  1882. >with a gesture and a flash of her horn, Tricority shrank and suddenly appeared like the classic Trixie
  1883. -1 (44/51)
  1884. >well, maybe with an extra cup size…
  1885. >or three
  1886. >she taps into the magician’s magic and sparks up the spotlights for the stage as she leaves her trailer and heads into the backstage area; an early warning the show was about to begin
  1887. >through the curtain, she observes almost a full house
  1888. >Starlight finishes the ticket sales and returns as Tricority also spots AJ, Pinkie and Maud supplying their assortment of baked goods
  1889. >”I think that’s everyone we can expect… oh, Trixie! What happened?”
  1890. >Tricority wraps her cloak tightly around herself. “You don’t go in with your best upfront,
  1891. >but I’ll start with a glimpse of my ultimate stunt,
  1892. >I’ll vanish and reappear as my other personas,
  1893. >and make good on the skills best used by their owners.”
  1894. >Tricority takes a deep breath and uses a small burst of her magic to trigger the intro pyrotechnics
  1895. >the crowd gasps as the fireworks draw their eyes up, while the spotlights move to leave much of the stage in darkness
  1896. >but during a pause to the blasts, Trixie poses in one light
  1897. >but with a puff of smoke, and a concealed teleport, suddenly it’s Rarity on the opposite end of the stage, spinning like an elegant dancer!
  1898. >a woosh of flame obscures Rarity’s form, when with with a telekinetic pull of an off-cut of wood from offstage, it’s now Zecora, deftly balancing on top of a wooden pole while flexing her ever improving physique!
  1899. >another flurry of pyrotechnics and a scattering of spinning spotlights dazzle and flicker
  1900. >each time someone appears on stage, it’s one of the three
  1901. >except in one split second, it’s Tricora
  1902. >then, with a little guesswork, her idea of Trixity
  1903. >and of course Zecority too
  1904. >lastly, with a spray of smoke, it’s the full Tricority, but the audience can only see her silhouette
  1905. >the lights dim, she re-shifts to her… more ample Trixie shape, and with the spotlights all focus on her
  1906. >that… took a good chunk of power
  1907. -2 (42/51)
  1908. >”Welcome, one and all,
  1909. >to the rise, from my fall,
  1910. >it’s a show for the ages,
  1911. >a storm of power, rages!
  1912. >I bow to your mercy,
  1913. >for past controversy,
  1914. >but now, watch in awe!
  1915. >as you laugh and guffaw
  1916. >prepare for dropped jaws,
  1917. >Trixie stops and offers a wink to a gobsmacked Starlight watching back stage
  1918. >the adoration makes her tingle
  1919. +1 (43/51)
  1920. >”and now please, your applause!”
  1921. >Trixie bowed as the crowd erupts in cheers
  1922. More to come soon. If anyone has any cool ideas for tricks and feats of magic and such, I’ll gladly try and add them to proceedings, otherwise I have a few in mind.
  1924. >with a simple raise of her hand, the crowd falls silent
  1925. >”for my first trick, though that feels understated,
  1926. >we’ll keep it simple: but you’ll still feel elated.”
  1927. >Trixie keeps her hands beneath her cloak, but with a few simple gestures, an assortment of juggling pins float on-stage
  1928. >of course, such clowning around is hardly befitting this event
  1929. >so understated as it may be, Trixie began to juggle three, then four, then five
  1930. >then she seemingly slips once six pins were airborne
  1931. >then, with a rapid teleport she catches and launches the pin across the stage, even beyond the other five
  1932. >Trixie appears with the main set, puts them back in the air, then to the rogue sixth
  1933. >back and forth, in between, until another pin went off
  1934. >soon, she’s blinking in and out all over the area, into the crowd, and it sends their heads spinning
  1935. >until Trixie aims all six pins at one point on the stage, and teleports into position
  1936. >the pins converge, and with one last, subtle teleport, five vanish, making it seem like they merged together as Trixie catches it, twirls and bows with a flourish
  1937. >and a sideways glance at Starlight and the massive cheer from the audience tells Tricority that they’re all suitably impressed
  1938. >again, Trixie gets more excited at Starlight’s focus and admiration
  1939. +1 (44/51)
  1940. >but the show’s just beginning
  1941. >”For my next trick, I’ll need a volunteer!”
  1942. >Trixie scopes the crowd, and spots someone who’ll be perfect,
  1943. >”You, sir, the buff gentleman, come here!”
  1944. >Bulk Bicep leaps to his feet with a cacophonous, “YEAH!” and heads to the stage
  1945. >as he does, Trixie summons several large boxes and a number of swords and guillotine blades
  1946. >which makes the mighty man stop dead in tracks
  1947. >but with a flick of the wrist, Trixie levitates him to the stage
  1948. >and, summoning a deviously subtle draw of her power, summons Zecora’s shrink spell as she pats the man’s huge shoulder, but sets the effect on a delay in exchange for duration
  1949. -4 (40/51)
  1950. >Tricority thanked Starlight’s tutelage for that bit of flexibility
  1951. >”now, Trixie need someone to observe this man, so gallant,
  1952. >to prove no foul play for Trixie’s Great and Spectacular talent!
  1953. >do we have a magical nurse or a doctor in the crowd?
  1954. >no need to be shy, come and stand up, be proud!”
  1955. >Dr Greymare hesitantly stands, and is whisked down to the stage by Trixie
  1956. >”Throughout this trick, good doctor, I want you to keep track and observe,
  1957. >the volunteers vitals while I use no magic to death defy and unnerve.”
  1958. >the doctor listens to Bulk’s chest, then his horn glows as he keeps checking the pulse
  1959. >”A- alright, I’m keeping track of his pulse.”
  1960. >Trixie moves the boxes onto one another
  1961. >into a standing sarcophagus
  1963. >she then opens the doors and beckons Bulk within
  1964. >which he does, with some coaxing
  1965. >and pushing
  1966. >Dr Greymare says, ”his heart-rate’s on the rise…”
  1967. >Trixie closes the doors and picks up a couple of swords
  1968. >”No teleportation, as you will note with bated breath,
  1969. >as I impale my volunteer, yet he will defy death!”
  1970. >the shrink spell should be well underway, so Trixie jams a sword into the head box,
  1971. >and another, and yet another as the crowd gasps
  1972. >finally, a guillotine blade through the neck
  1973. >Trixie knocks on the box, earning a muffled yelp from within
  1974. >the doctor again notes, “his pulse is rapid, but he’s still in their and I can still sense he’s fine.”
  1975. >Trixie giggles, “but of course, he could just be dipping his head!”
  1976. >the giggle turns into a menacing cackle. “So let’s go harder and pray he doesn’t turn up dead!”
  1977. >another couple of swords, this time impaled through the torso section
  1978. >this time, Bulk cries out in panic
  1979. >it’s higher pitched than it should be since he has to be a third of his original size, but hopefully the crowd just assumes it’s a raw panic
  1980. >with dramatically slow effect, she picks up another guillotine blade and slowly inserts it into the join between the torso and legs, the looks at Dr Greymare
  1981. >he’s slack jawed and just nods; Bulk’s still fine
  1982. >though at this point, he’s likely a foot tall, and about to return to full size
  1983. >so Trixie quickly removes all the blades, waits a few seconds by playing up the crowd and opens the doors
  1984. >to a perfectly intact, if sweaty and wide eyed, Bulk Biceps
  1985. >Trixie calls out, “please, a special thanks to our volunteers,
  1986. >so give them your thanks and all of your cheers!”
  1987. >audience participation, cheers and adoration
  1988. >and things were only just beginning
  1989. >with a teleport and an illusory shift of form, Rarity takes to the stage
  1990. >and with a grandiose show of power, she used Trixie’s fireworks spells to summon a full ballroom of fashionably dressed phantoms on the stage, clad in the slowest bursts of light and colour that slowly flew into the night sky, then twinkle out of view
  1991. >it gave them a bittersweet sense of temporary beauty
  1992. >then came her second trick, with her enhanced power to sense gems and telekinesis, to seemingly summon a number of exquisite statues of precious stones from the ground
  1993. >and there was Rarity’s contribution of permanent beauty
  1994. >both earned their applause and cheers, but the Trixie and Zecora aspects felt they needed to get back to involving the crowd
  1995. >with Rarity’s final flourish, Tricority teleports away in a puff of smoke
  1997. >She reappears, as Zecora, after gathering a few substances from Zecora’s hut
  1998. >mostly the same green powder she once used to evoke Nightmare Moon on Nightmare Night
  1999. >mostly it’s a mild (and harmless) hallucinogenic
  2000. >she subtly levitates the powder behind the stage and over the crowd and lets it catch on the breeze
  2001. >”Magic is a part of all of us, this cannot be denied,
  2002. >a gift given to every child, which drives us as a guide,
  2003. >it’s coloured by those we’ve loved and lost, but deep within our souls,
  2004. >it drives and blesses each of us and drives us to our goals.”
  2005. >Zecora triggers several pyrotechnics, which makes everyone look up and get a good dose of the powder
  2006. >”So deeply ingrained is this magic, you know,
  2007. >that special nights, like tonight, it will abnormally flow,
  2008. >from air blood to earth, and for nobles, a boon,
  2009. >so go forth and cast, raise your hands to the moon!”
  2010. >it’s slow to start, but Zecora watches as Pipsqueak slowly raises his hands
  2011. >and off goes one of Trixie’s rockets, guided to time with Pip’s motions
  2012. >”I did it! I cast magic, I did!”
  2013. >others try, and before long, a great scattering of pyrotechnics flies skyward
  2014. >it’s too much for Tricority to perfectly time every launch, but the hallucination powder covers any gaps
  2015. >before long, everyone is having a blast, figuratively and literally
  2016. >for the final piece, Tricority teleports under the crowd seating
  2017. >it’s time to make the crowd think they’re flying
  2018. >she first tries to lift the stage by herself; Zecora’s strength should be ample, and it’ll save her magic focus to add a grand illusion around them, to make it seem like they’re travelling to far off places
  2019. >except she forgot that she’s now a noble blood too; all that extra strength has turned to magical aptitude
  2020. >she’s still stronger than anyone here, but enough to lift the town and the seats? Nope
  2021. >so it’s time to pull her trump card
  2022. >she teleports back stage
  2023. >Starlight applauds and beams, “this has been amazing so far! I mean, I can’t tell where Trixie begins and Zecora and Rarity take hold, but you’ve merged magic styles so well! I hope you’ll let me study your capabilities at some point.”
  2024. >Tricority smirks and says, “actually, I feel it’s time for a finale so grand,
  2025. >that there’s no way that a normal person will truly understand,
  2026. >unless, of course, you share deeply in my my mind,
  2027. >and become a glorious form of four nobles combined!”
  2028. >Starlight balks, “I’ll be part of you… and…part of Trixie?”
  2029. >Star goes through several emotions: curiosity, concern, excitement
  2030. >she then blushes. Then nods
  2031. >”I’m ready!”
  2032. >Tricority puts her hands on the smaller girls shoulders and triggers the four way merge
  2033. -40 (4/55)
  2034. >like before, Rarity, Trixie and Starlight fade from Zecora’s mind
  2035. >in their place is a simple truth
  2036. >the world itself is a plaything of magic
  2037. >and, subsequently, a plaything of Zecora
  2038. >she appears before the crowd, and the pyrotechnics stopped as they stared
  2039. >a tall, slender, ethereal and vaguely feminine form, with a vast horn on her forehead that split into three to effect a circlet, or crown
  2040. >and, with but a thought, the stage and the seats flew skyward
  2042. >a massive barrier encircled the seats, preventing anyone from coming to harm
  2043. >and with a true invocation pure magic, Zecora created a tiny universe
  2044. >a swirl of stars, tiny suns numbering beyond anyone’s ability to count
  2045. >and an even more innumerable planets
  2046. >and the tiny universe spun and evolved, stars blinked and bloomed, planets evolved and perished
  2047. >the audience watched in awe as they felt tiny wafts of heat and cold, covered their eyes from the flashes and felt tiny, harmless fragments of the beautiful chaos of the universe ran in rapid speed
  2048. >such depths of power at Zecora’s beck and call… her childhood dream of being able to cast magic not just realised, not just becoming a part of her
  2049. >but for this brief moment, she was magic in and of itself
  2050. >it was humbling and felt like a true cap to this whole adventure
  2051. >yet she still had time to learn more, and still had her royal visit
  2052. >Twilight was there, along with Princess Celestia and Luna
  2053. >the idea of a four-way divine merge excited her
  2054. >but for now, she knew things had to draw to a close
  2055. >the tiny universe finally faded, and Zecora returned everything to the ground
  2056. >her ethereal form fluttered and waned as she headed back stage
  2057. >and with a pulse of light, the four noble bloods split
  2058. >naturally, all four were transformed; all around seven feet tall, all with slim but toned bodies, with heavy breasts and wide hips
  2059. >ever the driven magician, Trixie suddenly cries, “wait, what of Trixie’s audience! Tell me all that was worth it!”
  2060. >she charges outside and takes a bow
  2061. >but the silence is stifling
  2062. >each audience member is staring at one another with confused, overwhelmed expressions
  2063. >and for a moment, Trixie looks like she’s about to burst into tears
  2064. >but then the crowd explodes in wild applause and cheers, and the chanting of “Trixie!!” over and over
  2065. >and Trixie cries anyway
  2066. >they love her!
  2067. >but something clicks on inside of her, and she raises her hands to quiet the crowd
  2068. >”I cannot thank you enough for your applause. And I thank you for believing in me enough to be here tonight. However, it wouldn’t be fair if I didn’t thank my friends!”
  2070. >she beckons to the back stage, and after a quick glance to one another, Rarity, Zecora and Starlight all head out
  2071. >and only after the three line up, the quartet take a bow, and another set of cheers and applause thunder through the night air
  2072. >and once again, Trixie calms them and gestures to each in tow
  2073. >”Please, if you were interested in fine outfits like those we wore this night, please visit Carousel Boutique! An official Great and Spectacular Trixie endorsed business!”
  2074. >Rarity rolls her eyes but takes the promotion in stride with a smile and a curtsy
  2075. >”But I have to also give my deepest thanks to two of my greatest friends; Starlight and Zecora. Without them, I couldn’t have put on such an amazing performance! Give it up for both of them for helping The Great and Spectacular Trixie entertain you! And thank you all again! Good night!”
  2076. >after a final batch of intense cheering, the four head back stage again
  2077. >Trixie’s doing all she can from bouncing off the walls in joy so she just hops foot to foot
  2078. >Starlight asks, “it’s alright, Trixie. Take a deep brea-“
  2079. >though her breath is stolen
  2080. >as Trixie pounces on Starlight and begins kissing her
  2081. >Star first goes wide eyed
  2082. >and… doesn’t show any signs of stopping
  2083. +2 (6/55)
  2084. >Rarity clears her throat and says, “Zecora, darling, perhaps we should give them a little privacy?”
  2085. >they leave the back stage area and enjoy the quiet for a time
  2086. >Zecora sighs and gets used to her new noble form; weakened, though still impressively toned
  2087. >and a black and white spiral horn that flickers into existence when she activates her telekinesis to lift up some of the leftover props
  2088. >and to test another of her new powers, Zecora transforms back to her normal earth form
  2089. -5 (1/55)
  2090. >everything shifts
  2091. >Zecora goes from a similar height to Rarity to looking down in her
  2092. >and her toned form swells with muscle and curves
  2093. >not to mention the Maud-based enhancements trigger; she’s once more impossibly strong, even more than she looks
  2094. >but the world feels a little less… well, just ‘less’ without that magic connection
  2095. >though judging by Rarity’s expression, she approves
  2096. >Zecora catches her staring at Zecora’s thicker muscles and rock-hard abs, then up at the shaman’s huge tits, and finally back into her eyes as she blushes
  2097. >”I- I just wanted to thank you for roping me into this. I dare say that I’ve not had such an enlightening experience since the years around Twilight’s ascension as a princess. And while I get the impression I’ll need to reinvigorate my wardrobe,” she says as she runs her hands over her taller, curvier form, “there’s nothing wrong with a little reinvention.
  2098. >again, Rarity’s gaze goes from her impressive body to Zecora’s earth girl hugeness
  2099. >”You’ll forgive the lack of tact, and please don’t consider me any less of a lady, Zecora, my dear, but… woof!”
  2100. >Zecora gives Rarity a raised eyebrow as the fashionista collect herself
  2101. >”What I mean to say, darling, is that having felt your noble spirit, the insight into your exotic ways and witnessed your,” she’s visibly salivating and has to gulp before she continues, “magnificent body… you seriously put my old flame Applejack to shame. Now, I shan’t lie; I’m no longer interested in short-term dalliances, and what I’ve been craving recently is a longer term partner. A paramour or,” Rarity puts a hand on Zecora’s broad shoulder and squeezes it, then continues, “perhaps someone grow old with. Just… give it some thought. Please?”
  2102. >just like Shy, it seems Zecora’s left a big impression on Rarity. Two long term proposed relationships in one day
  2103. >with a wink, a light goosing and a wave (and a final long stare at Zecora’s peerless physique) Rarity excuses herself and uses her newly acquired ability to teleport
  2105. >before Zecora can decide her next step, Trixie emerges from backstage, dishevelled and all but falling out of her underwear
  2106. >”Oh, thank Celestia, I was worried you’d left. Listen, Zecora first, I…”
  2107. >Trixie stumbles over her words for a bit before just wrapping her arms around Zecora and says, muffled since her head’s buried in a pair of massive brown tits, “thank you! Thank you so much!”
  2108. >Zecora return the hug and replies, “Trixie, greatness has always been your call,
  2109. >but I hope now you see what makes someone stand tall.”
  2110. >Trixie pulls away, wet eyed, and nods.
  2111. >”I see it now, yes. The Great and Spectacular Trixie has always believed greatness (and spectacularism) was something you have to make for yourself. But now I see that it isn’t that, or even just relying on another to make it happen, but to give the gift of greatness is to make others see it in yourself. Give first, and you’ll get it back. So everyone feels Great and Spectacular!”
  2112. >Starlight peers out, covering the fact she’s naked with Trixie’s cloak. “Thanks from me as well, Zecora. Having your mind join ours really helped put some of my own past in perspective too. Not to mention it’s helped me understand Trixie more. I’m going with her on show tour of Equestria.”
  2113. >Trixie nods. “It’s now a two woman show! The Great and Spectacular Trixie and The Beautiful, Incredible and Arcane Starlight Glimmer show!!”
  2114. >Starlight flushes bright red as she winks at Trixie, who smiles back at her. They’ve definitely upgraded their relationship
  2115. >and the fact Trixie’s given Starlight more titles than herself, Zecora muses, she shows she really has matured
  2116. >Trixie then clears her throat and adds, “although, once we’ve had some time to get used to the new dynamic, and if you’re up for it… Trixie wouldn’t mind making it a three woman show.”
  2117. >Star steals a glance at Zecora’s body and she gives a little nod. “Yeah, after a few weeks on the road to get used to our new feelings, we’ll come back to Ponyville on an encore performance and see what you think. Before, our relationship was a little strained at times, and I want to make sure we’re truly right for one another first, but having been part of you both, I think we could make a threesome work.”
  2118. >another prospective relationship. Zecora’s solitary ways feel like a distant memory
  2119. >though a wave of fatigue runs through her, and Zecora yawns
  2120. >”I have much to consider, and I wish you both the best,
  2121. >and no matter my choice, I know you’ll both be blessed,
  2122. >but for now, the night draws on and I need my rest,
  2123. >for tomorrow I’m off to be Princess Celestia’s guest.”
  2124. >with a final hug to both of them, and as they head off to Trixie’s trailer, Zecora returns home
  2126. >Zecora collapses on her bed, which creaks and strains under her weight, but she’s out light a light once she’s settled
  2127. >and her dreams are… vivid
  2128. >Fluttershy’s there, cuddling her, and deep in her soul, she can feel the airblood’s spirit has been bolstered, just as much as her physique
  2129. >days of looking after animals, working out together as Shy learns the value of exercising to maintain her much stronger body and she flourishes as a person, still gentle but confident
  2130. >and all around them is a beautiful glade, filled with exotic plants and animals
  2131. >suddenly, the vista switches, and it’s the Carousel Boutique
  2132. >Rarity’s hard at work sewing, and Zecora’s modelling for her
  2133. >Rarity’s looking a bit less tired and far more driven as she finishes another outfit, then smiles at her beau
  2134. >and Zecora can feel she’s become a famous face all around; the amazonian model to Rarity’s creative genius
  2135. >and with Zecora’s ability to shift her form and physiques, the pair dominate the market with glorious, beautiful and even practical outfits for all walks of life
  2136. >and with her work done for the day, Rarity leads them to her bedroom, where she submits to Zecora’s impossible strength and worships the shaman’s body
  2137. >then, suddenly, the spotlight’s upon her, and Zecora watches Trixie and Starlight beside her, all dressed in variants of similar stage clothes, but cohesive
  2138. >the invisible crowd cheers for all three; the Great and Spectacular Trixie, The Beautiful, Incredible and Arcane Starlight
  2139. >and The Mighty, Exotic and Mysterious Zecora!
  2140. >Trixie’s talent, Star’s magic and Zecora’s wisdom match their showmanship, prodigious power and esoteric strength respectively
  2141. >and every venue is sold out
  2142. >once the show is over, and the ticket sales are tabulated, the wind-down becomes a game
  2143. >every night is interesting, as illusions and play mingle in bed, the real and fantasy blurs and keeps her guessing
  2144. >Zecora feels their lips and tongues on her body
  2145. >all four of them, each eager for her
  2146. >and then she awakens, a hand squeezing her breast and fingers plunging eagerly between her legs
  2147. +2 (56!/55)
  2148. >uh oh
  2149. >she either needs to purge her magic through… shrinking something, or changing types, anything!
  2150. >or, as she loses herself to her lust and hits a climax, and we see what a full goliath apple spurt looks like
  2152. >Zecora just couldn’t muster the will to form either of her spells
  2153. >so for the first time in what felt like ages, even though it had only been a couple of days at most, she pumped her fingers deep inside her desperate folds and rode her lust into climax
  2154. -56 (0/55)
  2155. >she screamed, lightning ran up and down her body, are thrashed on the bed as wetness gushed between her legs
  2156. >her huge body knocked over a bedside table and as she fell off, she swore the ground shook from the impact
  2157. >everything was a blur, her open breaths were ragged and sounded distant, even to herself and she felt like she was floating
  2158. >she *so* needed that
  2159. >Zecora just needed to take precautions; she was going to grow soon, and-
  2160. >a tingle ran through her
  2161. >uh oh, already?
  2162. >she looked at her hands and the skin, already more youthful than they should be, smoothed further as she once more hit her late, growth-spurt laden teens
  2163. >three-way goliath apple spurts at that
  2164. >the panic rose within her as all that purged magic crackled throughout her body before she could get to her feet
  2165. >feet that suddenly shot away from her on thick legs that stretched longer and longer
  2166. >she staggered as she stood and her head smacked into a dense overhead strut and snapped it like a twig
  2167. >her heart hammered
  2168. >the world shrank around her
  2169. >the door, which was already a squeeze, dwindled to the size of a cat-flap
  2170. >there nothing for it; she dived for the wall and crashed through it, damaging the door and surrounding wall
  2171. >the morning sun greeted her as, without the risk of destroying her home, the tingling became less threatening
  2172. >and deeply arousing
  2173. +5 (5/55)
  2174. >her growing hands twitched and tingled; they wanted to feel her body grow as her hut, once comfortably spacious, sank below her hips
  2175. >then, with a shiver that made her moan, her knees
  2176. +5 (10/55)
  2177. >she tried her best, really she did
  2178. >but she staggered as her body betrayed her, and once her back met and rested against a vast tree for support, she once more stroked and caressed and plunged
  2179. +10 (20/55)
  2180. >her feet ploughed the earth as her weight increased by tons every second,
  2181. >the tree groaned and creaked as she leaned harder and harder
  2182. >another surge made her scream so loud in utter blissful joy, birds throughout the Everfree forest were spooked
  2183. +10 (30/55)
  2184. >then the tree gave way and she fell on her back
  2185. >this time, the ground definitely shook
  2186. >a glance at her home shower the humble hut, even the living branches above it, barely reached her skyward pointed nipples as her body grew unabated
  2187. >but, at last, with a final tingle, the spurt stopped
  2188. +5 (35/55)
  2189. >and as her mind gained clarity, she sat up to catch her breath, only to gasp
  2190. >she had to have grown ten times her eight foot height
  2191. >”Cheerilee may be a giantess, but now I dwarf her in size!
  2192. >I think if I meet the Princesses like this, it will be too much of a surprise.”
  2194. >there was nothing for it; Zecora would need to shrink to function
  2195. >she was somewhat glad the growth was so pleasing; she had ample power to play with
  2196. >Cheer could be shrunk to a quarter of her height, which still left her over ten feet tall
  2197. >that meant her own self-casted shrink spell would leave her twenty feet tall; not exactly travel sized if she was to go be train, and big enough that traversing town could be a problem
  2198. >and an idea occurred to her
  2199. >she first transformed into her noble form
  2200. -5 (30/55)
  2201. >shrinking from eighty to seventy feet and trimming down from muscular and voluptuous to toned and stacked
  2202. >and she tried to see if the magically inclined form… yes!
  2203. >Zecora could invest more magic in this form and intensify the effect!
  2204. >so she casted a full strength shrink spell on herself
  2205. -5 (25/55)
  2206. >the world shot upward
  2207. >and suddenly, her home looked much more… well, home-sized as she reached seven feet again
  2208. >90% shrink over 75%
  2209. >though there was something else that came to mind; she had successfully untapped pure earth and pure magic
  2210. >but pure air eluded her
  2211. >something deep within made it seem like unlocking this power might be a necessary step in also gaining a four way royal merge
  2212. >so with another cast, Zecora adopted an air blood form
  2213. >she grew taller, up to seven and a half feet
  2214. >and she certainly grew stronger, but not much bulkier as her abdominal grooves became more pronounced and her limbs gained a healthy amount of bulk
  2215. >curiously, her bust and ass also bulged a bit bigger… which seemed anti-aerodynamic
  2216. >not as big as her earth form, but still
  2217. >and she conjured her amazing black and white feathered wings, and deciding to get some solo practice, fluttered clumsily towards town
  2218. >now Zecora had to pick who to join her and receive enhanced form…
  2220. (Forgot to add Zecora configuring another outfit)
  2221. >a number of candidates came to mind
  2222. >the biggest certainty was Rainbow Dash
  2223. >a four way merge would hardcode Zecora with flight knowledge
  2224. >it also put to mind a couple of other airbloods who could benefit from such a join as well
  2225. >for one thing, young Scootaloo
  2226. >Applebloom was a towering young woman
  2227. >Sweetie Belle was a real beauty
  2228. >Scootaloo, though?
  2229. >she tried hard, and was fitter than almost anyone out there
  2230. >she had more drive to improve than anyone Zecora had ever seen
  2231. >but she was still short, she struggled to build mass and her wings were still underdeveloped, but she was still improving
  2232. >Zecora remembered scanning the speedster yesterday morning; she has a potential that might just untap more capabilities from this four way merge
  2233. >the shaman had only recently gained the ability to fly, and that was still a struggle, but there was *something* to untap there
  2234. >so she went to see her first
  2235. >Zecora saw Scootaloo on her usual morning run and the shaman began to hover to work out how to descend
  2236. >and Fluttershy was with her!
  2237. >the pair stop as Scootaloo catches her breath and drinks from her water bottle
  2238. >while Shy keeps jogging on the spot and shadow-boxes, ignorant or ignoring the fact her track jacket was quaking violently from Shy’s huge, jiggling bust
  2239. >Scoot’s jaw goes slack and tries not to stare. ”Damn. You go, Fluttershy! I was kinda worried this fitness drive was a spur of the moment thing, but you look crazy determined. I’m impressed!”
  2240. >Shy blushes, then drops on her front and starts a set of one armed pushups
  2241. >”You’d normally be right, *huff* and I’m not proud to admit that, *phew*.”
  2242. >she pulls off ten reps for each arm, then shoves herself to her feet with help from a quick flap of her wings
  2243. >she then accepts the water bottle as the unzips her jacket, revealing a sports top that exposes her hard, sweat-glistening abs
  2244. >and is a bit overtaxed at the chest
  2245. >Scoot stares for a moment, then busies herself stretching
  2246. >Shy gulps some water, then continues, ”but I’m not going to squander this gift. Both because I swore to Rainbow Dash that I’d take it seriously. Also…” she’s already red in the face, but she burns brighter, “I’m hoping the person who gave me this figure might take an interest if I change my ways. You know, be more outgoing and confident. I know I’m not very interesting, but-“
  2247. >Zecora lands clumsily nearby; not to interrupt on purpose, but because hovering’s still too difficult for the novice flyer
  2249. >Shy squeaks and, yep, is now sunburnt levels of red in the face as she waves to the shaman, “g- good morning, Zecora.”
  2250. >Scootaloo is a lot more energetic as she calls, “hey, Zecora! That was an amazing show last night, and I heard you had wings too! And wow…” her expression sinks, “you’re super ripped as well… *sigh*.”
  2251. >Zecora tells it plain. “I would like to ask for help from you both,
  2252. >and when we succeed, it will help Scootaloo’s growth.”
  2253. >”Are we talking about another merge?” Shy asks and flexes her bicep , “not that I mind, anything to help you out, Zecora. It’s just I’m still getting used to this body…”
  2254. >”Wait, merge? That’s what made Shy and Dash equally busty and beefy?” Scoot goes wide eyed, “W- would that mean I to be like you guys? Tall and strong and… bodacious?”
  2255. >Zecora nods. “I’m expected in Canterlot this day, and we can fly swift as the wind all the way,
  2256. >so I’m seeking for us and Dash to merge, and we’ll all experience an airblood surge!”
  2257. >Scootaloo looks like she’s about to burst from the excitement. “Let’s do it!”
  2258. >Shy smiles and winks. “I’m looking forward to spending more time together too. Oh, but I’d best mention, Dash is currently doing some ‘ultra-hardcore’, ultra long endurance thing.”
  2259. >Scoot clarifies, “oh, right. She was determined to push her, and I quote, ‘hot new bod to its limits and see if this enhanced strength offsets the new curves.’
  2260. >Zecora ponders this; catching Dash might be a struggle
  2261. >the shaman herself knew she wasn’t a good flier, but as she discovered on the way here, her massive strength helped keep her airborne
  2262. >Fluttershy has plenty of flight experience, and has been known to dig deep and help out in the odd emergency, but her nerves sometimes stop her hitting her potential
  2263. >Scoot is all about speed and reflexes but has only recently started flying thanks to her hard work overcoming those small wings
  2264. >between the three of them, they should be able to catch up to Dash
  2265. >Zecora pats them both on the shoulder and says, “then let us begin, though I’ll need to build up some power,
  2266. >though going by Scoot’s admiring gaze, we’ll be done by the hour.”
  2267. >the shaman winks at the younger airblood, who follows Zecora’s gaze to Shy’s impossible physique
  2268. >Scoot raises her hands and stammers, “l- look, I just admire… I mean, it’s not Fluttershy… what I mean is.”
  2269. >she growls and gestures to Shy’s midriff and compares them to her lesser, though still impressively taut proto-abs
  2270. >”I mean look at them!!” She then pats Zecora’s set, which are even harder cut. “I’d kill for a set like that! Now let’s get merging!”
  2271. >Zecora grins and pulls Scoot aside, then triggers the merge
  2272. >and with a fla-
  2273. >”look out!!”
  2275. >a flash, a tumble
  2276. -25 (0/59)
  2277. Wait… -25?
  2278. Double wait, 59!?
  2279. >that can’t be right… Scoot was only worth two
  2280. >the new hybrid shakes her head and sits up
  2281. >everything’s a bit… wobbly
  2282. >and as she stands, she feels heavy
  2283. >her disheveled hair’s covering some of her view
  2284. >white, black, purple
  2285. >and blonde
  2286. >Shy’s covering her mouth in surprise, then she says, “um… I think a certain postwoman might have joined in there.”
  2287. >Derporaloo gets her bearings
  2288. >and with serious effort, Zecora focuses inward to the unwelcome merger: Derpy
  2289. Magic pool: +2
  2290. Height/figure adjustment: inadequate
  2291. Quirks: klutz: if there’s a way to bump into something, she’ll find it
  2292. Dense: maybe it’s lugging huge parcels through all weathers and strong winds for so long, but for a flyer, she’s *heavy*
  2293. >Zecora reveals her ongoing merge mastery in two ways
  2294. >first, and accidentally, she’s now learned she can initiate a double merge for 25 magic
  2295. >second, she ejects Derpy with a thought
  2296. >the postwoman scratches her blonde hair and stands
  2297. >all the way up to her new seven feet in height, replete with thick curves and thicker muscle, and a merge-enlarged uniform
  2298. >”Sorry about that,” Derpy says and takes flight
  2299. >she clips a rooftop and plunged behind a house, scattering bricks and roof tiles all over the street
  2300. >there’s a ripping sound, a loud gasp from several citizens, and an even louder crash out of view
  2301. >normally she’s be curious, but the lighter Scootaloo/Zecora hybrid is still getting her bearings
  2302. >Scootora notices and responds to movement nice and snappy; a lifetime of zipping about on her scooter has sharpened her reactions massively
  2303. >but her vision?
  2304. >Scootora suspects they’re going to need glasses, as anything in the distance is unclear
  2305. >though, on the topic of merge mastery…
  2306. >there might be something…
  2307. >Zecora delves into Scootaloo’s mind
  2308. >images of fitness magazines, male and female
  2309. >Zecora offers Scoot a glimpse into the times she’s bedded Shy
  2310. >Scootora’s pops a serious black, white and orange wingboner
  2311. +5 (5/59)
  2312. >then Zecora summons the energy and…
  2313. -5 (0/59)
  2314. Trait purged: klutz
  2315. >Scootora’s vision clears, and she looks at Shy, who’s trying to check what that crashing was, but gives up and turns her attention back to the hybrid
  2317. >”Zecora? Are you okay? Derpy’s sweet but not exactly the safest flyer. I’m worried that, with your strength, it might be dangerous to go chasing Dashie.”
  2318. >Scootora sighs and answers, “I’m fine, you need not worry about me,
  2319. >”I can control these merges with great certainty.”
  2320. >Shy sighs with relief. ”Oh, thank goodness. Can you imagine someone as big and strong as us combined unable to fly straight? If you’re sure you’re alright, I suppose we should get back to the merging.”
  2321. >”Yes indeed but thanks to Derpy, we need more power,
  2322. >I don’t suppose you have spare stamina and half an hour?”
  2323. >with a less than subtle wink from Scootora, the ripped airblood giggles, nods and the pair fly off together
  2324. >immediately, the difference is stark
  2325. >Derpy’s density matches with Zecora’s strength well; she could probably fly through walls and barely slow down
  2326. >and Scoot’s speed and reflexes are a seemless fit too
  2327. >now if either had any real flight experience, catching Dash would be a done deal
  2328. >Scootora just has to have a little fun first to recover the charge lost thanks to the mailwoman
  2329. >Shy dives early before reaching her cottage and has a dip in the stream to clean off her sweat
  2330. >and no sooner than the pair enters Shy’s home, clothes are stripped and Shy’s bed springs creak from their combined, amazonian weight
  2331. >it’s a very familiar, though still welcome, play by now, but young, inexperienced Scootaloo adds a layer of excitement to this that enhances Zecora’s fun as she and Fluttershy settle into one another
  2332. +6 (6/59)
  2333. >Shy’s certainly eager; she pushes back with each kiss, her legs lock around Scootora’s waist and her hands sink into the hybrid’s vast bosom
  2334. >more touchingly, Shy unfurls her wings and applies a generous wing hug with her soft, downy yellow feathers
  2335. +4 (10/59)
  2336. >”A girl could get used to this sort of treatment,” Shy coos and smiles. “I know you’re still busy with all this Princess visit and merging stuff, but I still hope that… you know, when you’re yourself again...”
  2337. >having not had a romantically inclined set of goo-goo eyes on her before, Scootaloo triggers Scootora’s wings to full erect
  2338. +10 (20/59)
  2339. >internally, she’s all over the place, but Zecora keeps them on track
  2340. >moreover, Scootora kisses Shy all the way her perfectly balanced body
  2341. >all the softness,m of her femininity on display, and all the hardness of her gifted physique
  2342. >Scootora can’t help but admire it as she licks Shy’s abs, which clench as she giggles
  2343. >but the foreplay doesn’t take long
  2344. >Shy’s eager and ready
  2346. >Scootora plunges her tongue deep, and Shy’s moan fills the room
  2347. >the hybrid laps away for a few moments until Shy’s truly ready, then turns around on the bed
  2348. >then they scissor
  2349. +10 (30/59)
  2350. >Scootora and Fluttershy grind in a duet of moans and subtle squishes
  2351. >inextricably tied to her mana pool, Scootora can’t help but feel a little disappointed she can’t bring herself to climax; she needs the energy
  2352. >Shy’s shrill scream as she clenches and writhes from orgasm is still a nice cherry on top though
  2353. +5 (35/59)
  2354. >as she comes down from heaven, she stares soft, wet eyes into Scootora’s. ”I… lov-” Shy cuts herself off; she realises this isn’t the time. “That’s to say I’m ready whenever you are.”
  2355. >Scootora summons her power, and merged with Fluttershy
  2356. -20 (15/59)
  2357. >first and foremost, merging with someone still basking in the afterglow’s interesting for Scootaloo; she gets something of a second-hand high
  2358. +5 (20/59)
  2359. >but with that, Scootorashy stands and flexes her whole body, wings included
  2360. >big, powerful wings that make her gasp
  2361. >instead of a mix of feather colours, each is a beautiful gradient that starts with black at the quill and rachis, then fades from dark orange to yellow and ends with white at the edges, the vane and after-feather
  2362. >wow, Scootaloo’s been obsessing over her wings and feathers for those details
  2363. >something’s clearly different though
  2364. >there’s a depth to Shy’s merge, as if she’s either utterly invested in Zecora’s quest or the shaman’s mastery has made the change even more flawless
  2365. >so much so, some of the spent magic is restored
  2366. +5 (25/59)
  2367. >Scootorashy centres herself and steps outside to pursue Rainbow Dash
  2369. >they feel the wind as it ruffles and flows through her hair, which also has a gradient effect, black at the root, purple through pink to white tips
  2370. >Zecora’s power, Scootaloo’s speed, Fluttershy’s lifelong flight experience
  2371. >these aspects combine as, after a deep breath, Scootorashy extends and flaps her wings
  2372. >turf, grass and plants uproot from the sheer force
  2373. >and with a mere couple of seconds and a couple more flaps, she’s far above the town
  2374. >”Hah! With flight like this, catching Dash’ll be a breeze!
  2375. >I feel like I could jet around the world ten times without a wheeze!”
  2376. >Scootorashy was tempted…
  2377. >aw, to hell with it, a little exploration of her new form
  2378. >she dived, gained speed and darted for the horizon
  2379. >she lacked Dash’s immediate speed, thanks to Derpy’s weight
  2380. >but as she got used to her drag coefficient, got a read for the air currents and…
  2381. >it was official, Scootaloo had been seriously hitting the books to help her flight woes
  2382. >she was a damn fine choice in helping catch Dash
  2383. >aeronautical theory filled the hybrid’s mind, Zecora put a heavy dose of natural meteorological know-how and Shy applied it to what she had experienced in her time with Dash, helping with saving the day repeatedly and such
  2384. >she knew what she *should* be capable of with how big Scootorashy was; powerful, if average overall speed, and able to resist head and crosswinds thanks to her size
  2385. >and, with those aspects in the science of flight cemented down, Scootorashy laughs; time to break those boundaries
  2386. >with a series of full strength flaps and good reading of wind shear, she cut through the sky and works to defy the math
  2387. >it was difficult; her huge curves didn’t make it easy, let alone just the raw bulk of her muscular form
  2388. >but as she pushed herself to her limits, and without needing to dive, made a flash of orange and yellow light that formed a cone behind her
  2389. >not quite a rainboom, but the sound barrier was almost broken
  2390. >test flight over, she climbed higher and watched for that telltale rainbow shockwave
  2392. >there were a lot of empty skies and fair weather
  2393. >and removing Derpy’s funky vision was the best idea Scootorashy had ever had; even with clear vision, this was going to be difficult
  2394. >other airbloods were slowly travelling to and from work in Cloudsdale, either from Ponyville or Canterlot, far in the distance as it roamed between the two settlements, and a smattering of villages besides
  2395. >so the skies were predictably busy
  2396. >but nothing moving at super speeds
  2397. >wait… something waaay off behind Canterlot
  2398. >up in Galloping Gorge
  2399. >a plume of dust
  2400. >and a faint rainbow trail
  2401. >”Let’s push this body to the peak,
  2402. >and hope that’s the Wonderbolt we seek.”
  2403. >now they dived
  2404. >the drag was strong, but Scootorashy’s density sent them down like a meteor
  2405. >then, as she hit that resistance head-on, she bumped and shattered the sound barrier with an almighty, orange and yellow blast
  2406. >Scootaloo’s reaction was… predictable
  2407. >achieving something she had given up ever believing she could sent a shiver up Scootorashy’s spine
  2408. +5 (30/59)
  2410. >Shy and Zecora both agreed and let the younger woman take the reins
  2411. >she unfurled her wings and pulled out of the dive, and the strain hit like a truck, both on her body and her mind as her vision tunnelled from the g-force
  2412. >but Zecora’s strength was up to the task, and her mighty heart and lungs filled her muscles with blood and oxygen
  2413. >the same couldn’t be said by a stream below; the water violently erupted and emptied it for a good hundred feet as the shockwave smashed into it
  2414. >they climbed, performed an aileron roll, then spiralled out into a barrel roll, then levelled out
  2415. >once more, Derpy’s weight let them coast on their momentum as the shockwave rippled behind them
  2416. >within minutes, they lost the battle with the sound barrier, but they reached the gorge
  2417. >Scootorashy pulled a couple of loops to kill her speed, climbed into a stall, then hovered to once more find Dash
  2419. >there were signs of recent rockslides down the dry expanse
  2420. >following the trail of disturbed rocks which, thanks to some of Zecora’s know how and a lot of the lurking trait of Maud Pie’s geology brilliance, stood out like a sore thumb, they soon stumbled onto a creek
  2421. >it didn’t take too long to spot Dash, who was having a dip in the gentle flow, eyes closed and looking deeply relaxed
  2422. >and topless, blissfully unaware of her three-in-one observers, as her Shy-expanded bust stood out of the water like two huge hills above the waterlogged plains that were Dash’s ridged abs
  2423. +2 (32/59)
  2424. >Scootorashy, consisting of an age-reduced shaman experiencing immature streakand a technically similar aged younger airblood who liked cutting loose, overrode the older, more mature and gentle soul that completed their trio when deciding to announce their presence
  2425. >which they did by carefully flying high up
  2426. >diving down at full force
  2427. >and ejecting most of the water, along with Dash, with a massive air-braking flap of her wings
  2428. >Dash shrieks as she spreads her wings and makes an emergency landing, crouches low and looks ready for a fight
  2429. >”What’s the deal, you overgrown bitc- wait, Zecora?”
  2430. >”In the flesh, along with friend and student too,
  2431. >and I’m here with a request of some interest to you.”
  2432. >Dash flutters her wings to shake off the excess water as she studies Scootorashy
  2433. >”Scootaloo, huh? Lookin’ good, kid. I guess this oughta put you on the same playing field as me, maybe more.” She chuckles, then punches a fist into her other hand. “Sweet! Another peer! Shy was already taking to her new form, but a born speedster like you? This is gonna be fun!”
  2434. >”I know not what improvements will come from my proposal,
  2435. >if nothing else, you will have more mass to your disposal.
  2436. >I have merged as four earth bloods, and last night, four nobles as well,
  2437. >that just leaves us four airbloods when I next cast the spell.”
  2439. >Dash shrugs. “Alright, let’s do this.”
  2440. >Scootorashy grins and studies Dash’s full figure and ripped physique. “I fear I need to build power yet,
  2441. >and you probably know how, I bet.”
  2442. >a cocked, eyebrow, a sudden wingboner. “Oh, right, I keep forgetting about the whole magic horniness thing.
  2443. >Dash winks. “I’m down for it. We could always go ‘mile high club’ if you wanna change of pace.”
  2444. >Scootorashy smirks back ”It’s either that, or I have Scootaloo’s will to compete.”
  2445. >she unfurls her huge wings
  2446. >”Unless you’re afraid of magnanimous defeat.”
  2447. >an even harder wingboner, and a huge, toothy grin as Dash says, “sex good. Speed also good! What’s the contest?”
  2448. >”I’m due to meet Princess Celestia before long, so either way we must move,
  2449. >a low altitude chase to Canterlot or we fly high for our ‘groove.’”
  2450. >Dash stretches, turns, and sticks out her thick, muscular skin-tight-spats clad ass, then grins over her shoulder
  2451. >”You pick. It’s gonna be fun either way.”
  2453. >”A contest between us would be something world class.”
  2454. >Scootorashy moves close to Dash and strokes the smaller woman’s strong shoulders, then firm arms
  2455. >then gets a good two handfuls of Dash’s Shy-enhanced booty
  2456. >”but give me the choice, and I just want a piece of that ass.”
  2457. >Dash licks her lips and can’t help but stare at Scootorashy’s huge self, barely contained in the hybrid outfit of Zecora’s patchwork dress, and Scoot and Shy’s unzipped exercise jackets and shorts
  2458. >the speedster’s magenta eyes go wide at the fact Scootorashy’s smooth, massive, dark caramel coloured breasts are twice as big as her head, coupled perfectly with the deepest, thickest cut abs
  2459. >or the huge arms and legs supporting the body, with thighs wider around than Dash’s whole body
  2460. >finally up to the hybrid’s face; Zecora’s exotic features, Shy’s model-like prettiness and Scootaloo’s humble tomboy cuteness offer a wink from her marbled azure eyes, flecked with purples and a hint of green
  2461. >Dash mumbles and stammers, deep in the thought, and almost goes weak in the knees being just flat out dominated by Scootorashy
  2462. >instead, she turns and tries to playfully push her back
  2463. >it doesn’t work, the hybrid is too big and heavy, but Dash manages to stop herself falling over
  2464. >she plays it cool and says, ”I like the way you think! I just hope you know the risks in case you split up, Zecora… say, Scoots is in there, so you should know; not counting for wing resistance, so at terminal velocity, what’s the time to impact with the ground from a mile up?”
  2465. >Scootorashy answers, “eighteen point two seconds, but this point is moot,
  2466. >I don’t just have wings, I’m pure airblood to boot.”
  2467. >”Oh, I guess you don’t just got wings like last time we merged, huh? Cool. Then what’re we waiting for?”
  2468. >the pair took skyward
  2469. >the contrast of Dash’s light, steady lift from the ground was opposed by Scootorashy’s single, super strong shove of air, dust, rocks and burst of altitude
  2470. >but before long, they were a mile above ground
  2472. >Dash explained on the way up
  2473. >any airblood could find a cloud and have a tousle in the relative privacy of altitude
  2474. >and the natural magic that allowed them to fly and touch water vapour also took most of the sting out of the cold from that height
  2475. >but where was the thrill in chilling on a cloud?
  2476. >they both land on a large cloud as Dash finishes her description of the deed
  2477. >”So, in short, we have to keep ourselves airborne by any means necessary while… y’know, doing the deed.”
  2478. >”This seems like a foolish way to get killed,
  2479. >I’m just glad Scoot gets tickled when thrilled,
  2480. >though it bears asking if you can carry me at all,
  2481. >as robust as you are, I suspect we’re going to fall.”
  2482. >”Ah, I’ve carried Derpy before, how hard can it be?”
  2483. >Dash wraps her arms around Scootorashy’s waist and lifts
  2484. >nope
  2485. >Dash grunts with effort, then snarls as she throws her whole weight into just pushing or tipping the hybrid
  2486. >she finally gives up
  2487. >”Damn, just how heavy are you?”
  2488. >Zecora dug into her Twilight traits and did some math; Derpy was three hundred pounds despite looking like an average airblood woman, albeit one with an outstanding booty
  2489. >and Scootorashy was far bigger in all ways
  2490. >”Well in excess of eight hundred pounds, at a guess,
  2491. >so carrying me will leave your wings in a mess.”
  2492. >”Damn, I guess you’ll have to rely on Scoots to learn as we go, huh? So, we doing this?”
  2493. >Scootaloo seemed to wake up and tugged at Scootorashy’s reigns, so Shy and Zecora let her take the reins
  2494. >half a lifetime of adoration, bordering worship of Rainbow Dash, slowly converted to a heavy crush through puberty
  2495. >to give her this opportunity to express her feelings now, as an adult, and bolstered with Zecora’s confidence and Shy’s longer knowledge of Dash as a person, rather than a famous hero
  2496. >Scootorashy just walked up to Dash, who eyed her demurely, and was caught unawares as the hybrid ran her fingers through those rainbow locks of hair
  2497. >bent lower and raised Dash’s face to her own
  2498. >and plants on her the deepest kiss
  2499. >Dash is taken unawares
  2500. >she goes wide eyed
  2501. >this isn’t some friends with benefits play
  2502. >this is a ‘once in a lifetime, so to hell with it’ show of her long-term infatuation
  2504. >Scootaloo vents her emotions through it, and Zecora and Shy just in awe of how raw it all is, to witness and feel
  2505. >Dash soon reciprocates as she holds Scootorashy and closes her eyes
  2506. +3 (35/59)
  2507. >and when they finally part, with both panting from the intensity
  2508. >without a word, clothes are discarded, then Scootorashy lifts Dash into her arms, runs to the edge of the cloud, and dives off
  2509. >Scoots has no regrets, and if anything, she wants to make this special for Dash as well
  2510. >and it’s not long before Scootorashy unfurls her wings, gains altitude, and locks her legs with the professional flier
  2511. >Dash gets into place and begins kissing the hybrid’s body, her hands taking in every hard muscle and soft curve
  2512. >and the challenge begins as a smooth stroke between her legs makes Scootorashy gasp, and a shiver which makes her forget to flap her wings for a few seconds
  2513. +4 (39/59)
  2514. >the rushing air licked their wet skin as they fell into free fall
  2515. >but that didn’t stop Dash from sticking her fingers in deep
  2516. >the hybrid regains control and gains altitude
  2517. >yet Dash doesn’t hold back as she gets a mouthful of luscious dark breast and sucks on a thick nipple
  2518. >one hand squeezes the other
  2519. >while Dash continues to pleasure Scootorashy like a pro, working between the hybrid’s legs relentlessly
  2520. +6 (45/59)
  2521. >Scootorashy had to get control of this situation before she over flows with magic
  2522. >so she uses her strength to pry a disappointed looking Dash off
  2523. >and guides the speedster’s powerful thighs around her head
  2524. >with a few more powerful flaps, they’re back up im height
  2525. >and Scootorashy plunges her tongue into Dash’s wet and eager folds
  2526. >ceaseless and hungry, the hybrid shoves against Dash’s back to plunge deeper
  2527. >her gasp turns to a cry, then into a scream
  2528. >those magenta eyes roll back into her head as she clenched up and Scootorashy’s face is soaked
  2529. >her strength fades as she climaxes over and over
  2530. >and with Scootorashy’s work complete
  2531. >she activates the merge
  2533. -40 (5/59)
  2534. >it’s not air around her
  2535. >it’s just parts of Zecora’s will
  2536. >rapid wind torrents are her blood
  2537. >turbulence as flexes of her muscles
  2538. >she looks at her arms
  2539. >not limbs, just massive, mighty wings, with feathers of rain and ice
  2540. >and hair of thin cloud
  2541. >sleek, raptorish legs with wicked talons of crackling lightning
  2542. >she still has her normal face
  2543. >and her wings could manifest fingers of ghostly vapour, yet were as solid as flesh and bone
  2544. >Zecora’s closer to a bird than a human, but as tangible as a storm; destructive and gentle as she pleased
  2545. >she didn’t even have a heartbeat, but a rumble of thunder in her chest
  2546. >she flaps her wings, and the air currents move to assist her
  2547. >they flow and rise beneath their expanse, and with a single push down, hundreds of feet pass as she gains altitude like gravity holds no sway
  2548. >despite the silence in her mind, as Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy and Scootaloo are now fully part of her avatar form, Zecora still feels the desire
  2549. >she needs to feel true speed
  2550. >Zecora shoots for the horizon
  2551. >the sound barrier is as fragile as wet paper
  2552. >and the turbulence is felt all around the world in a monolithic thunderclap
  2553. >and a wake of violent, if brief, thunderstorms and hail
  2554. >brief isn’t surprising as, under a minute, she’s rounded the globe
  2555. >so she actually *tries* this time
  2556. >she circles the globe in seconds
  2557. >Zecora’s so fast that, for a perceivable moment, she swore she could see the passage of light
  2558. >but as before, ever since Twilight tugged at her earth avatar form, she felt a fatigue that stopped this being her new self
  2559. >so she made a casual mach 4 path to Canterlot
  2560. >approaching the ground felt… alien
  2561. >Zecora forces these feelings away, then grins
  2562. >the royal guard was flying to intercept at such an esoteric invader
  2563. >so, with a final flourish of raw speed, she shot past the glacial figures and lands, then dips into an alley before they locate her
  2564. >just in time, too; the avatar of air’s figure pulses and, in a flash, four airblood amazons reappear
  2566. >each a newly enhanced 7’6, rippling with muscle, plush with curves and heavier than they look
  2567. >and Scootaloo’s jaw goes slack as she unfurls huge, glorious orange wings
  2568. >she jumps and hovers effortlessly
  2569. >tears fill her eyes, and she’s speechless
  2570. >”Is everyone alright?” Dash asks as she looks over her improved body with a grin, but she seems unsure. “I feel… weird. Like I’m compressed?”
  2571. >Shy pats her abs, then her bicep. “I feel it too. Like I need a really good stretch…”
  2572. >Zecora ponders, “I feel nothing amiss, but then I have done this twice before,
  2573. >all the same, take it slow, you’ve been changed to your core.”
  2574. >Scootaloo finishes testing her wings, making a casual somersault before landing, then she focuses her glistening eyes on Zecora, and pounces on her in a massive hug
  2575. >”Thankyou thankyou thankyou!! I have normal wings!! Oh my gosh!!”
  2576. >Fluttershy smiles at the cheerful Scootaloo then also hugs Zecora. “I know it may just be a side effect of all these merges, but I’m so happy to be a part of spreading all this kindness, Zecora. You’ve given your gift to quite a few people, it’s almost a shame this is the last day.”
  2577. >Dash adds, “heck yeah! Check us out! Instant gains, Scoots can fly like a pro, Shy’s more confident, though…”
  2578. >she points at everyone’s state of dress
  2579. >everyone’s skin-tight track jackets and shorts that are several sizes too small; remnants of Scootaloo’s clothes before the first merge, spread out over four bodies
  2580. >”Aren’t you meeting the Princess? Even I wouldn’t go there without something a little less… skimpy.”
  2581. >”Perhaps I could be of assistance?”
  2582. >there, in her 7ft, well toned and fancily dressed glory, stands a familiar face
  2583. >Zecora says, ”Rarity? What are you doing here?
  2584. >I hoped to not make our landing so clear.”
  2585. >”Oh, you’re quite safe, darling. I was just making use of my new teleportation power to visit my Canterlot boutique when I heard all the fuss about something unique and extravagant aloft in the air, I reached out with my magic and felt it was you, my dear.”
  2586. >Rarity takes Zecora’s hand and gives it a squeeze, while Fluttershy stares daggers at the noble blood in jealousy
  2587. >”Besides, it seems you’re all in need of my services if you have a royal visit on the agenda, no? Follow me, and I’ll gladly find you something appropriate for a new wardrobe for you all, and something very fine for my dear Zecora.”
  2589. >Rarity’s boutique was just around the corner, and the stares were plentiful
  2590. >five huge, curvy and strong women hardly blended with the urban folk
  2591. >Scootaloo and Shy blush and try to keep moving, but Dash was grinning
  2592. >and eventually stopped and flexed both her arms and wings to the spectators before hurrying after the rest
  2593. >but she stumbles
  2594. >”Seriously, the heck *is* that? When I flexed, it was like I wasn’t actually flexing.”
  2595. >Scootaloo nods, “yeah, I feel all… I dunno, small, but we’re the biggest people here.”
  2596. >Fluttershy rolls her shoulder and flexed an arm, and winces. “You’re right, I thought it was just that merge, but it’s getting worse.”
  2597. >a loud rip caught them unawares
  2598. >and all eyes turned to Rainbow Dash
  2599. >the zip of her already strained jacket split apart
  2600. >she leans against the wall and grunts, but then moans, “Sweet Celestia, that feels good!”
  2601. >then she shudders, hunches over
  2602. >and begins to grow
  2603. >she’s quickly stripped naked as she pants and cries out
  2604. >and passes ten feet in height
  2605. >Zecora has a revelation and gasps, “I forgot this merge gives back as much as it takes,
  2606. >and this morning I grew so large I caused earth quakes!”
  2607. >”Wait, does that mean… uh oh…”
  2608. >Scootaloo yelps as she trembles and blushes, then falls to her knees and squeezes her weighty breasts
  2609. >and her own outfit snaps and splits apart
  2610. >Fluttershy looks panicked and asks, “Zecora? Just how big did you get?”
  2611. >”I suffered a spurt that left me eighty feet high,
  2612. >but I shrank myself down lest I caused a panicked outcry.”
  2613. >Rarity steps away as Fluttershy whimpers, nibbles her lip and…
  2614. >smiles, and begins to stretch taller
  2615. >”Yeah, make me bigger!”
  2617. >just as Fluttershy shreds her clothes, Dash giggles
  2618. >she reaches fifteen feet and flexes as she stands upright. “It feels so damn good! More!”
  2619. >”So good!” Shy nods and, for a moment, looks bashful as everyone stares, then she just revels in the growth
  2620. >Scootaloo winces as she tries to resist the spurt, but her pleasured moans fill the street
  2621. >finally, Dash’s spurt trickles to a stop, leaving her twenty feet tall. “Heh, guess it couldn’t last forever,” she pants and snickers down at the around-knee high Canterlot citizens
  2622. >Scoots follows up, just a foot shorter at 19ft, gasping and running her hands through her purple hair. “That was a wicked rush!”
  2623. >Shy giggles with bliss as she reaches Dash’s height, then screams as she pushes a foot and a half taller to 21’6
  2624. >her eyes are unfocused from a small climax as her legs wobble, then she falls on her gigantic ass
  2625. >the pavement shatters as spiderweb cracks surround her
  2626. >but as she does, Shy blushes and covers herself
  2627. >or as best she can; there’s just too much of her
  2628. >she giggles and says, “excuse me, I think I let that go to my head a little.”
  2629. >Zecora looks at herself, half expecting to grow as we, but her Twilight-given analysis reveals that her shrink spell is intact, and her true height should still be unchanged
  2630. >but there is something off, but she can’t quite put her finger on it
  2631. >”Oh my… what just happened?” asks Rarity as she can’t help but stare at the three giants as they recover and come down from the growth high, a bit closer to the height difference they had before all this started
  2632. >Zecora surmises, “while my merge does share traits and size,
  2633. >and if I’m not being fooled by my eyes,
  2634. >it seems they gained a quarter of my spurt,”
  2635. >Zecora pats Dash on the thigh to get her attention
  2636. >”importantly, are you all well? Is anyone hurt?”
  2637. >Dash smirks down, “I thought I felt great before, now I feel amazing!”
  2638. >Shy finally stands and once more seems conflicted about being a naked giantess in front of a gathering crowd
  2639. >Scootaloo joins Dash and they high five. “Looking good, Rainbow Dash!”
  2640. >”Right back at’cha, girl!” Dash chuckles, “I hope the Wonderbolts have a heavyweight division, because I’m thinkin’ we’ve got *three* candidates for them!”
  2641. >they both looked at Fluttershy, who still seems conflicted for a moment
  2642. >then nods and uncovers herself
  2643. >and shows off her amazing body to everyone with a flex
  2645. >”You know what? Why should I hide away when I’m this big, this hot and this strong! I’m through being small, fragile Fluttershy!”
  2646. >Shy lifts the comparatively child-sized Zecora off the ground and hugs the shaman deeply into her huge bosom
  2647. >”and I’ve got you to thank, Zecora! No more hiding, and no more meekness. You’ve given me all these gifts, both inside and out, and I feel incredible!”
  2648. >Dash slaps Shy on the back. ”That’s the spirit!”
  2649. >”A-*hem*!!”
  2650. >all eyes go to Rarity again, as, with a flash of her horn, the three giants suddenly found several tablecloths covering their privates
  2651. >”If I could bring some civility to this boorish behaviour, and while I’m surprisingly glad that Shy’s less prudish, you’re all naked and I’m feeling embarrassed for you. Let’s get to my boutique and get you dressed before the tabloids catch wind of this and start taking pictures!”
  2652. >Shy giggles and follows, still carrying Zecora
  2653. >she even offers a confident wave to the onlookers
  2654. >and every few steps, small cracks form under what must be ten ton strides, until she learns to step a bit lighter and let her twelve foot long legs cover the distance in little steps
  2655. >and Dash and Scootaloo follow
  2656. >though not before Dash fires some finger guns at the crowd, and Scootaloo offers a wink and a smile
  2657. >”Make way, peeps! I don’t wanna accidentally step on anyone here.”
  2658. >the boutique doors are huge, thankfully, and the workshop double doors, while spacious, require the three giants to crawl on their hands and knees to get through
  2659. >”Well, that was certainly not what I was expecting today.” rarity sighs and, with a gesture, summons a tornado of fabrics, needles and measuring tapes. “Though after literally helping create a miniature universe last night, I suppose all proverbial vets are off. My magic is so much stronger now, and so easy to control, it’s a little frightening. All the same c I shall have you all dressed within the hour. As for you, Zecora, darling, I shall create for you a magnificent gown for your royal visit.”
  2660. >Zecora watches as Rarity takes her measurements without even looking, with a notepad jotting the figures down, and does the same for the three airbloods
  2661. >then feels a tremble run through her…
  2662. >after a quick flash of panic, she notices the shrink spell still hasn’t expired
  2663. >but, to Rarity’s visible dismay, Zecora suddenly sprouts up a full foot
  2665. >her body bulges and swells with more muscles, more curves, and then a second spurt of height leaves her a full ten feet
  2666. >that meant she was a hundred feet tall if the shrink spell was still in full effect
  2667. >Zecora flexed an arm; she can feel her earthblood flowing through her, greatly enhancing her already massive strength
  2668. >but with a thought, she extends her black and white wings
  2669. >and with a gesture to lift a crate of mannequins, a horn flashes on her forehead
  2670. >everyone gasps
  2671. >Scootaloo exclaims, ”you’re a princess now!? What the fu-”
  2672. >”Cancel the search! Trixie has found her dear friend!!”
  2673. >everyone looks as The Great and Spectacular magician enters, complete with Starlight
  2674. >Star says, “I hope we aren’t interrupting, but when we heard all the commotion, we just had to swing by!”
  2675. >”And to offer our services!” Trixie adds. “If our Mysterious and Mighty friend is having a royal audience, Trixie would be a terrible friend indeed to not give her a suitable entourage with which to celebrate her greatness to even one as high as the Princess!”
  2676. >Shy says, “you don’t know how right you are. It seems Zecora’s ascended to royalty thanks to all of our help. Oh, you deserve it!”
  2677. >Rarity retakes her measurements and sets about making an outfit for everyone, not to mention all of Zecora’s former merge-mates (albeit the ones who seem to have the strongest bond with her) settle down and take stock of what’s happened
  2678. >Starlight taps her chin after giving Zecora a once over and putting her through a few tests
  2679. >all while hearing about what the shaman had been up to (through either Zecora’s own admission or asking the others) in full
  2680. >”If Trixie and myself hadn’t received a substantial boost to our powers after we became an entity of pure magic, I wouldn’t have believe it. But combining into a pure form of an earth, air and noble is, simply speaking, the best way to describe alicornism, or royal blood. The best of all of us in one form and all the strengths, amplified.”
  2682. >Zecora focuses inward, and gasps softly
  2683. >almost inspired by Princess Luna, but the fun had been doubled!
  2684. (5/118)
  2685. +1 (6/118)
  2686. >strange, Zecora didn’t think it or do anything lewd
  2687. +1 (7/118)
  2688. >”Not to cause an alarm, but it must be said,
  2689. >I’m making magic passively rather than arousal instead.”
  2690. >Trixie shrugs, “so what’s the problem? Us noble bloods have an exhaustible reserve of magic when stressed. Not that Trixie has ever come up short in that regard.”
  2691. >Rarity and Star give her a strong ‘really?’ glare
  2692. >”Don’t give me that look, not everyone can be as Great and Spectacular as Trixie, although Star is almost as powerful, but it’s only right that my mysterious and dear friend Zecora here is more… mysterious in how her newfound Greatness manifests.”
  2693. >Starlight bops Trixie on the head, then ruffles her silvery blue hair in mock frustration, but kisses her on the cheek (which earns a smirk and a wink back) as the magic prodigy says, “we know how this has come about, so less mysterious, more… esoteric might be a better term.”
  2694. >”Hmm, esoteric… maybe the Enormous and Esoteric Zecora? Ooh, no, even better!” Trixie raises her hands and trills, “the Extrrravagent and Esoteric Zecora! Once we’ve got your magic issues worked out, you *have* to join me and Star on tour so I can use that one! They’ll talk about us for centuries!!”
  2695. >Star giggles, then continues, “We have a self-made royal, I worry our two girl act might be a bit low-brow for a princess! And a self made one, at that; something thought to only happen in the oldest times, triggered by ancient earth magic, as well as a body that exemplifies earth blood, who has learned true flight and possesses the weather-affinity of the Pegasus line and deeply potent noble magic, albeit she hasn’t had much of a chance to learn many spells. I’ve never heard of the like outside legend. Now, let me try a few things to see what’s what with our new Princess here.”
  2696. >Star examines and asks Zecora to use some of her magic, teleporting, moving heavy objects through telekinesis
  2697. >it’s when she asks to see Zecora’s shrink spell on a spare mannequin that something odd happens
  2698. >it shrinks a little, but there was no magic cost; it was as natural as normal noble magic with a little drain on her stamina, no more than lifting a heavy box for a few seconds
  2700. >Star looks worried, but forces a smile and asks, “okay, take a measure of your power, and try transforming into… let’s say an earthblood?”
  2701. +1 (12/118)
  2702. >Zecora focuses, and loses her connection to her magic and flight
  2703. >once again, it doesn’t cost anything, but it’s more draining, like sprinting for a few minutes
  2704. +5 (17/118)
  2705. Zecora winces; what was a faint tickle of power now hammers through her
  2706. +5 (22/118)
  2707. >Zecora transforms back into her alicorn blood form and the pulsing energy fades to a trickle again
  2708. >”I cannot stop this flow, but it’s slower in this form,
  2709. >yet in my earth blood state, the power’s like a storm!”
  2710. >”O- okay! Merge with me! Maybe that can drain your power, or at least maybe I can find or feel something.”
  2711. >a flash, a wooziness as once again, Zecora feels it like a normal spell, but also feels her forced transformation into a noble form loose the energy flow again
  2712. +3 (28/118)
  2713. >Starcora casts a few of her own spells, but nothing changes
  2714. +3 (31/118)
  2715. >with a frustrated sigh, they split again
  2716. >Star covers her mouth as she joins the dots, and everyone else quiets down as the reality sinks in
  2717. >”if you can’t stop it, then we’re in big trouble. You’ll just keep growing until… oh no, how will you eat at that size?”
  2718. >Zecora frowns and adds, “most concerning to me, is the safety of you all,
  2719. >but if I can’t control my power, the world may yet fall.”
  2720. >Star sighs. “You’ve got me there. You’ve achieved something truly miraculous, and improved everyone here in ways we couldn’t have imagined, but if… *when* your magic reservoir tops out again, I dare to think how large you’ll grow. Catastrophically big…”
  2721. >a grim silence fills the boutique back room, but everyone looks troubled
  2722. >Dash frowns and keeps looking like she’s going to say something, but finally spits out, “this sucks! There’s gotta be something we can do! You’ve given Scoot her dream, Shy’s never been more at ease with herself and I’m even more awesome than ever!!”
  2723. >Shy nibbles her lip and her eyes grow wet. She can’t summon the words
  2724. >she kneels next to Zecora and holds her
  2725. >Scootaloo hugs her knees and sniffles. “I’d give it all up in a second if it would help. Just experiencing what I have would be enough.”
  2727. >Trixie pouts. “This is ridiculous! Trixie finally finds two good friends, two true peers in Greatness, and one of them could accidentally end the world? Of course, as powerful as Trixie is, it’s not that strange you would-” the magician stumbles on her words and finally lets the bravado drop
  2728. >instead she hugs Zecora’s other shoulder. “It’s not fair. You have given me so much…”
  2729. >Zecora just shakes her head; all this adventure, she sought to live out her wildest dreams of casting magic and rid herself of her self-imposed chastity when leaving her homeland
  2730. >both have been soundly shattered; she learned the glory of casting spells and had experienced pleasures with these girls, both intimate and innocent, and bonded with them
  2731. >and now, Zecora was a seemingly unstoppable doom to her friends and even the world
  2732. >Rarity stops magically creating four outfits at once and says, “now, now. Cheer up, everyone. The royal visit no doubt means we can uncover these findings to Twilight. I just know she will think of something.”
  2733. >Rarity lifts a large dress with her magic and hands it to the shaman, who puts it on
  2734. >there’s a little staring exchange between Rarity, Trixie and Shy
  2735. >it’s an appropriate hybrid of a traditional Zabrati robe, with yet strikingly sexy, revealing fit
  2736. >it also features little patterns; wings in the back, coiled horns on the hem and studded tiny gems throughout; very appropriate for her state
  2737. >”I thank you all for your concern, and Rarity for this dress,
  2738. >and I shall not succumb to this maudlin distress.”
  2739. >”That’s the spirit!” Starlight says. “I’m going to go ahead to pass my findings on to Twilight and get the ball rolling. As soon as you’re ready, head to the palace. I’m sure we’ll think of something.”
  2740. >Star waves to everyone, gives Zecora a reassuring squeeze of the shoulder, has a cute, loving kiss with Trixie, then teleports away
  2741. >Zecora says, “no matter what comes, I’m glad to have met all of you,
  2742. >but this truly is something that i alone must do…”
  2743. >Zecora receives reassuring hugs from everyone else, then heads out
  2744. >before she gets too far, a voice calls, “hold on a sec.”
  2745. >Rainbow Dash, ignoring the stares from the people in her tablecloth bikini, gestures Zecora to follow her up into the air
  2747. >once high enough, the giant speedster says, “I know this is probably scary, since there’s no guarantees what’s gonna happen, but I’ve gotta assume things will pan out okay, so I just wanna ask before it’s too late. We’ve had a blast these past few days, and I know you’ve had your pick of girls. I’m hoping these aren’t *all* just flings, because I’ve been in that head of yours and I know for a fact you’ve been craving a deeper relationship.”
  2748. >Zecora may have been distracted with everything else, but she can’t deny it; the passions she’s experienced have been a highlight and going back to a solitary life doesn’t seem viable
  2749. >Dash continues, ”I’ve known Shy since she was a kid, and I always felt like I’ve gotta protect her. Now, I know she doesn’t need me much for that now, and I hate being the mature one here, but I don’t want you to lead her on. I also know the others are sweet on you too, but I feel like you’ve gotta pick before things start getting catty.
  2750. >”You saw how Shy looked when Rarity started getting grabby, and can you imagine a cat fight between a twenty foot tall giant powerhouse Shy and a who-the-heck knows how magical amazon Rares? Heck, even I’m feeling something for you, and if I wasn’t already seeing Soarin’, maybe I’d be…”
  2751. >she looks down at Zecora’s body, blushes and clears her throat. “I’m getting off topic. Of course, we can still mingle, but if you hurt Shy by playing around without laying the ground rules of who you’re gonna stick with, I don’t care how world-threatening you are, I’ll still whip your butt!”
  2752. >she pounds a fist into her open palm. Bravado or not, considering Zecora’s immense power, Dash looks dead serious
  2753. >”So I don’t care if it’s Trixie and Star, Rarity, Fluttershy, heck, even Scoot or, double heck, maybe you’ve got something for Twilight or you wanna try your luck with the princesses. Whatever, just so I can tell Shy to not get her hopes up. And for the record, I’m still down for a casual fling with you, no matter who you pick. But I’m asking you straight, no judgments, are you settling?”
  2755. >Zecora grumbles with frustration
  2756. >she’s just been told she’s a ticking time bomb, at risk of likely smothering the capitol of Equestria under an ever-growing body, and who know how much beyond
  2757. +1 (41/118)
  2758. >which at this rate, would trigger before nightfall
  2759. >and Dash is trying to force her to choose?
  2760. >”I don’t have the time to deal with this now,
  2761. >if they care, they will wait until time will allow,
  2762. >for a better chance, when I know what will happen to me,
  2763. >and I-“
  2764. >a soft, yet firm voice, “so we’ll come with you, and we’ll never flee.”
  2765. >Fluttershy flies up to the pair
  2766. >followed by Trixie, carried inside a magic bubble
  2767. >”You’ve been choosing a lot of things on this adventure, my esoteric friend,” Trixie says smugly, “but we can make our own decisions as well. Trixie and Fluttershy have agreed to a truce. We don’t need any intermediaries forcing things on our friends, Rainbow Dash.”
  2768. >Dash says, “I was just asking Zecora to stop leading you guys on. I was worried that-“
  2769. >Shy folds her arms over her massive, towel-clad chest and huffs, “I’d have my feelings hurt? That I’d suffer rejection and go home in tears? Please, Dashie.”
  2770. >Shy puts a hand on Dash’s shoulder and she smiles, “I appreciate what you’ve done for me all these years, but no matter what Zecora chooses, no matter what comes,“ she turns and smiles at the shaman, “I’ll stay with her until the end.”
  2771. >”Trixie has also concluded thus; Trixie is now as great as she always believed she was, without falsehoods, and it is because of,” she raises her hands and trills, “The Extrrravagent and Esoteric Zecorrra! Trixie will now perform her greatest feat by saving Equestria by means of helping her dear friend!”
  2772. >”And once it’s all said and done,” Shy finishes, “even if you don’t go with either of us, that’s okay too. Because that’s what she means to me.”
  2773. >”Though Trixie will be utterly peeved if you cast us both aside, rendering this whole show of maturity in a truce moot, she shall be the bigger, mature, Great and Spectacular woman and accept gracious defeat.”
  2774. >”Well, darn,” Dash says and chuckles, “meek Fluttershy and egotistical Trixie coming up strong! Well, Zecora, I’ll let the others know your choice. I doubt I’m gonna change their minds, and I doubt you will either.”
  2776. >with a wave, Dash dived back down to street level
  2777. >and Zecora leads the way to the palace, with Shy and Trixie in tow to the palace gates
  2778. >but on approach, the guards say, “We recognise Zecora, but the invitation was for one-“
  2779. >Fluttershy stomps a foot, shattering the stone, “Oh, excuse me, but my foot slipped.” She stares at the guard. “I hope it doesn’t happen again as I walk through the gate.”
  2780. >Trixie giggles and sends the guards helmet flying skyward, which explodes like a firework, “just try and stop me.”
  2781. >the guard steps aside, and the three continue
  2782. >no sooner than they reach the palace stairs, Twilight teleports in
  2783. >”Oh, it’s you! Thank goodness, I heard the explosion, I thought… wait-“
  2784. >she eyes Trixie with surprise, “Star’s busy helping me, Trixie. I can pass on a message if you want.”
  2785. >”Trixie is here for Zecora, and Zecora alone.”
  2786. >the fledgling princess’s jaw goes slack. “Wow, that’s… big of you, Trixie.”
  2787. >”Trixie needs not your faint praise. You of all people should know the lengths true friends (or… more) shall go for those they love.”
  2788. >Shy gently steps up, but still cracks a step. “We’re all here for the same reason, to help Zecora. What can we do?”
  2789. >”Wow, speaking of big. Starlight told me about how… robust you’ve gotten, Shy, but she didn’t do you justice. You look good! But I digress, I was about to come find you, follow me.” Twilight heads through the palace
  2790. >though Shy has to hunker down to pass through the spacious corridors
  2791. >Twilight continues, “we’ve been discussing the matter most of the last couple of days, slowly adding information gleaned about the temporal tonic, earth magic and avatar forms, as well as observing your transformations, but the information Starlight passed on has made pin down those we’re most confident about.”
  2792. +1 (44/118)
  2793. >Zecora says, ”that is good, because my power continues to swell,
  2794. >and we have a matter of hours from what I can tell.”
  2795. >”I’m glad you’ve got Trixie and Shy as well, because some of the solutions we’ve identified need what we’re calling arcane causality anchors. Basically, with friendship being magic, the closer you bond with someone, the stronger their ability to help. Though magical strength,” she gestures to Trixie, then Shy as she says, “and physical robustness also helps a lot. What we have in mind is… taxing. But we can only use one anchor at once- tsk, sorry, I’m getting ahead of myself.”
  2797. >Twilight opens the door to a large chamber, helps Shy squeeze through, and closes the door behind them
  2798. >within, Celestia and Luna surround a font of water that’s showing Zecora on it (a scrying pool, Zecora identifies), piles of ancient books in a large conference table that has been pushed to the side in favour of a large ritual circle drawn on the floor
  2799. >Zecora can’t help but study the pair, as she has everyone since this began
  2800. >Celestia’s a towering figure, two feet taller than Zecora’s shrunken height, and massively curvy
  2801. Magic pool: +7
  2802. Height/figure adjustment: luscious curves, no potential change to Zecora’s true height
  2803. Quirks: Sun Goddess: control over celestial bodies
  2804. Ageless ruler: has ruled, and thus gained knowledge, for millennia
  2805. >Luna was smaller than her sister, but nonetheless full figured and as tall as Zecora
  2806. Magic pool: +6
  2807. Height/figure adjustment: very curvy, no height change
  2808. Quirks: Moon Goddess: control over lesser celestial bodies, as well as dreams
  2809. Dark past: has an existing darkness to her, and has been corrupted in the past
  2810. >”Welcome, Princess Zecora of the Earth.” Celestia offers a formal bow, closely followed by Luna.
  2811. +1 (52/118)
  2812. >Zecora blushes at the gesture from the ruler of the land. ”You majesty, you are mistaken,
  2813. >”no crown is mine, nor vows were taken.”
  2814. >Celestia laughs softly. ”Alicorns didn’t just appear from nowhere. It is a position inherited in some shape or form since before my time.”
  2815. >Luna nods. “What you have achieved is considered similar to how we understand the first Alicorns came to be. A champion of the three peoples, exemplifying their three strengths yet wielding wisdom to use their combined powers to bring peace to a troubled land. An ancient ritual of sharing their powers into a single vessel to rule then in turn.”
  2816. >Twilight continues, “but because of the nature of your merges, you’ve torn the very fabric of your being to do so, and the temporal tonic is preventing you from healing your spirit. You have the body of a princess, and have the powers, but the magic is in a recursive loop of drawing more power into you than you can withstand. Of course, your growth spurts are feeding on this, since you’re de-ageing from the tonic and Apple Bloom’s goliath apple spurt, magnified by the others consuming goliath apples in the Apple family, and when you hit your limit again, you’ll grow so large, we doubt living will be viable.”
  2818. >Celestia says, “it’s possible we could muster a shrink spell of a magnitude strong enough to prevent you from outgrowing the land, but then we realised an even greater problem once we received Starlight Glimmer’s findings. Your wounded spirit has you tethered to every person you’ve merged with, and left them all with a wound as well. And when the temporal tonic runs it’s course?”
  2819. >she turns and presses her hands on the table, magically floating a book in front of her. She reads it and sighs, the finishes, “it depends on who’s will is stronger, but either you, or every person you’ve merged with, will be torn to pieces to heal the other.”
  2820. >first, Zecora was a growth disaster waiting to happen
  2821. >and now she was going to destroy every person she’s merged with? Or be ripped to pieces herself!?
  2822. +1 (57/118)
  2823. >Zecora feels faint, but a large, strong hand catches her as Fluttershy steadies the shaman
  2824. >Trixie folds her arms and demands, “you have solutions, yes? Trixie demands you tell her what is needed to save her friend.”
  2825. >Luna’s brow twitches as the magician’s ego, but she answers, “the first, and crudest option is thus; banishment to the moon. It should sever the connections and spare those you have merged with as well as containment to any growth experienced since you become a metaphysical aspect of your actual self. Also, as a princess you have extended life and, therefore, once those merged have passed on by natural means, you can be returned and allowed to heal from the spirit wound. This will allow you to retain your form, as you are now.”
  2827. >Twilight shakes her head, “that’s a last resort. The next one is a form of far more temporary imprisonment, and came about thanks to your merging with the Apple family and Cheerilee; you have a strong affinity for the ancient earth magic goliath apple tree on Sweet Apple Acres and merging with it will let it take some of the burden and it will absorb the final growth spurt on you behalf. This will also slow your perception of time and, in turn, slow the effects of the temporal tonic expiring over years instead of seconds. You’ll heal in a far more controlled way. Those you’ve merged with will feel, at most, a little discomfort as a small fraction of their spirit is drawn to heal the wound.”
  2828. >Twilight gestures to Shy and Trixie. “As someone emotionally close to you, one of your anchors will have to remain with you to help keep your mind safe, periodically merging with you and exposing themselves to the strain of your full need to heal. It won’t be pleasant for them, but you will return exactly as you are; the Princess of the Earth.”
  2829. >Shy looks defiant. “Whatever is needed!” She then giggles. “Being a tree… that reminds me of something I said once. And I’ll get to live on Applejacks’s farm!”
  2830. >”No mere tree shall topple Trixie! Even if I’ll have to live like a yokel for a few years… hmph, fine. Such is Trixie’s Great and Spectacular determination for her dear friend.”
  2831. >”Another solution,” Celestia, “is one final merge with myself, my sister and my most precious former pupil, Twilight. Between the three of us, we shall take on the extent of your spiritual wounds, then transfer you into your emotional anchor of choice, to be reformed from their memory of you. This will be the quickest, most painless method, but it comes at a cost; you shall be stripped of your alicorn form and much of your true height and instead adopt that of your chosen anchor.”
  2833. >Starlight appears from behind one of the pile of books, and says, “I’ve found another solution!”
  2834. >all eyes turn to her, and she hands a crumbling tome to Twilight, who then says, “huh… of course. A temporal reset. We simply stop the initial accident from happening, and we have little chance of missing the make because the temporal tonic already links you to that moment, we’ll just have to go hour farther back. The amount of magic we’ll be dispersing theoretically means you will be returned to normal… we’ll, mostly, probably with some physical improvements, and you will remember what happened. We can even weave in both of your anchors to so that they also develop a portion of their changes as their ‘then’ and ‘now’ states align, as well as remembering a strong glimpse of their state of mind now, so Shy will retain her confidence and Trixie her…”
  2835. >Trixie raises an eyebrow and folds her arms as Twilight laughs awkwardly
  2836. >”You know what I mean… have a think, let us know what you want to do. If you have further questions, we should be able to extrapolate on the options for you, and if you want to talk to anyone else for a heart to heart, you have some time, but the only thing we can’t do is nothing.”
  2838. >”Being an anchor is more than just your support,” Celestia says. “They must also have a sense of self stability in some aspect. Fluttershy, as the element of kindness, is one stable aspect. Her confidence only strengthens this as well.”
  2839. >Shy nods. ”Yes, I will always help everyone I can, but I won’t be cowed any longer.”
  2840. >Starlight grins and says, “since you gave her an example of being humble about her powers, and especially now that we’re some of the most powerful noble bloods in Equestria, I know for a fact that Trixie is at her best; she’s both self assured and determined to prove herself right.”
  2841. >Trixie laughs. “Guilty as charged.”
  2842. >Twilight shrugs, “the problem is these two aren’t exactly harmonious together. While splitting anchors would be helpful in a few aspects, they run a very serious risk of conflicting with each other and making your wounds worse.”
  2843. >Twilight gives Trixie and Shy a look, then says, “if we had a little more time, maybe they-“
  2844. >”Um, no. Trixie respects Fluttershy, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves. We’re in this truce for you, Zecora, not each other.” She removes her hat and loses some of her bluster. “Besides, Trixie also has Starlight as a set partnership, and I don’t feel like having a fourth partner would be a good idea. Plus, even I can tell that Star didn’t need the sort of guidance you gave me.”
  2845. >Shy says, “I’m much the same. I recognise Trixie has developed into a better person, but I still don’t get her ego. I’m also deeply glad she’s here for you, but we will always agree to disagree. And anyway, I’m sure we can involve Dash if you wanted to continue having a little extra fun, but I don’t think she didn’t learn as much as I did from our merge, Zecora.”
  2846. >Luna says, “quite. It would cause an instability. We are dealing with forces of unimaginable power, so harmonious cohesion is paramount. Both of themselves and with you.”
  2848. >Zecora closes her eyes and looks deep within her soul
  2849. >this isn’t just her choice, to determine her own fate, but one that could change the world
  2850. >she had a real opportunity to become something else, something tremendous
  2851. >not just a giant with magical powers
  2852. >not just a woman who could transform into the three main peoples of the country
  2853. >but a goddess
  2854. >an actual goddess, like Luna, able to move the moon, to enter and challenge the entities beyond
  2855. >or Celestia, the ruler of this nation, able to shift a star!
  2856. >but…
  2857. >perhaps it was not her place to step upon that plateau, to encroach her will on others
  2858. >she needed clarity
  2859. >so for now, she opened her eyes
  2860. >two wonderful people eyed her expectantly
  2861. >to Zecora’s right, the once misguided Trixie
  2862. >truly a unique soul; self assured, once foolishly so, but now a righteous and proud magician who held the right to feel as Great and Powerful as she once claimed, as Great and Spectacular as she always wished she could be
  2863. >someone who, in time, would become a hero of the people
  2864. >people across the land would say things like, “such amazing magic! She’s like Trixie!” When speaking in reverent awe of a young, noble blooded spellslingers
  2865. >she would make her mark upon this land and have books written about her and her beautiful lover, Starilght Glimmer
  2866. >a kindred spirit indeed; two troubled people, in the shadows of prominent greats, both seeking their place
  2867. >and they found it at each other’s side, and completed one another
  2868. >both were the very visions of beauty and power
  2870. >to Zecora’s left, now sitting down and yet still as tall as the princesses, was a truly reborn soul
  2871. >Fluttershy, ever a reluctant hero, never quite sure if she was up to the task
  2872. >a dainty flower, precious and fragile, despite her lurid and vibrant spirit
  2873. >a beauty, who many would say belonged hanging behind others, to be looked at
  2874. >her jewel-like blue-green eyes were always so shiny and pure
  2875. >now they had such strength behind them
  2876. >where she would look away and stare at the ground, there was a tempered, iron will, an even stare of someone who knows exactly who they were
  2877. >and she knew in droves
  2878. >Fluttershy was no longer a wallflower; she was a gold-hearted warrior
  2879. >it would be easy to ask, “where did this strength come from?”
  2880. >they didn’t know Fluttershy; one who could, at times, muster the will to stare down a dragon, or a cockatrice
  2881. >that was now her all the time, not just in emergencies
  2882. >she just had the body to match it now; a towering amazon, taller than anyone besides Zecora’s true height
  2883. >and her figure was a perfect marriage of brawn and her own curves, the very same she had always owned and was ashamed of
  2884. >now she wore her makeshift garments with enough attitude that she wanted people to admire her
  2885. >not in a vain way, but to say to the world, “I am here, and I will not be pushed around.”
  2886. >Zecora knew them both deeply, and for this little moment, she had to make her choice
  2887. >and remembered who she once was, a woman of nature
  2888. >it gave her clarity; there was a kindred spirit right there
  2889. >”Fluttershy, I am unsure what lies beyond, this is true,
  2890. >but one certainty is the one I wish by my side is you,
  2891. >and to you, my good Trixie, I apologise,
  2892. >but apart is where our destiny lies.
  2893. >Not of spite, for I hope that far in the end,
  2894. >we can call each other forevermore, a friend.”
  2895. >Shy gasps, and looks at Trixie as she smiles and looks down, blocking her face with her pointed hat
  2896. >it’s a smile with a pained heart, but sensing this, Star puts an arm around her lover
  2898. >”Trixie understands.”
  2899. >she wipes a hand across her eyes, then stands tall and proud with a big smile
  2900. >”She would feel sorry for depriving the world by keeping you for Trixie, and Trixie alone. And… well, I still have you to thank for setting me on the right path, Zecora, and of course, a peer like yourself can consider Trixie friend.”
  2901. >she gives Fluttershy a nod, winks at Zecora and says, “Trixie shall watch from afar, and shall look forward to how Extravagant and Esoteric you truly become.”
  2902. >she then gives Starlight a deep kiss, and with a flourishing bow, teleports away
  2903. >considering the royal presence on the room, Fluttershy’s keeping her emotions in check
  2904. >but going by her wet eyes and the slightly quivering smile on her lips, she’s clearly ecstatic with this outcome
  2905. >Zecora takes one of Shy’s hands in hers and they just spend a moment staring, thumbs rubbing one another’s palms
  2906. +1 (73/118)
  2907. >but the shaman can feel the growing power within herself, like a dam primed and ready to burst
  2908. >”I feel enriched, but that means I have much to lose,
  2909. >but at this threshold I don’t know what to choose…”
  2910. >Fluttershy gently picks Zecora up and bring her in a hug
  2911. >she kisses Zecora’s neck and whispers, “if you’re worried about me, then don’t be., I want you to be the best Zecora you can. No matter what you choose, I’ll cherish what we have and who you are, but I believe you are a truly special, and I wouldn’t want you to be diminished out of fear for me. Let me be your anchor, and in turn, your guardian. I want you to join the goliath tree, and I will endure whatever pain and stress is expected of me to see you flourish, for however many years it takes. In the end, the kindness you’ll be able to enact as a- as MY princess far outstrips temporary pain. After all…”
  2912. >Fluttershy stands and has a full flex, straining her makeshift clothes
  2913. >even Celestia and Luna look awed at the thick swells of muscle bulging on display, especially while retaining curves that rival their own
  2914. >”What use is all this might if not to use it to challenge myself for the sake of others?”
  2915. >Twilight wipes a tear away and she smiles at her close friend. “It’s hard to believe you’re the same Fluttershy that was once terrified of even raising her voice. I’m so proud of you.” She turns to Zecora. “If it means anything, I find it hard to disagree with her. You deserve this power, and I know that once you settle into the role, your wisdom and strength will see Equestria, and beyond, blossom into something wonderful with all of us caring for it, together.”
  2916. >”If your minds are set,” Celestia says and gestures to the ritual circle on the floor. “Let us join Princess Zecora and her champion, Kind Fluttershy, as anchors, bonded in fate and heart.”
  2917. >Zecora holds Shy’s hand and they enter the circle
  2918. >the horns of Luna, Celestia and Twilight flash and glow, and the pair within both gasp as they feel a tug at the very core of their being
  2919. >and, in that moment, they are one
  2921. >it’s a deep, golden sunset over Sweet Apple Acres
  2922. >and in a small, secluded clearing, blocked in on all sides by thickets of twisted trees that leave only one narrow entrance by land, stands the goliath tree
  2923. >it’s not terribly impressive, all things considered
  2924. >a large, gnarled, sturdy thing, but unless one has witnessed such giants as Cheerilee and her rapid growth to her gigantic size, one wouldn’t think the goliath tree anything special
  2925. >it was joined by three figures
  2926. >the princess of magic and friendship looks the tree and nods
  2927. >Zecora and Fluttershy watch as Twilight casts a spell on it, then the giant pair, and they both feel another tug as a third connection is made
  2928. >Twilight clears her throat. “Okay, one last time and just to make sure we’re all on the same page.”
  2929. >Fluttershy recited, “Zecora will enact one last merge, using her affinity with the goliath tree to join with it and benefit from the enduring, slower state of being. This will likewise slow the draw of spiritual energy from everyone who has merged with her in the past, making it manageable for everyone.”
  2930. >Zecora nodded. “And while I slumber in a form that is not of my own,
  2931. >my mind will lose track of all the thoughts I have known,
  2932. >so my dear Fluttershy will reach for me, and have a merge with my mind,
  2933. >but while she does, sadly the draw from her spirit will be unkind.”
  2934. >Twilight says, “that’s right. Once a day, Shy will briefly touch the tree and your minds will merge. This will expose Fluttershy to the full drain of what would happen to every other merging partner otherwise, so do it sparingly. I normally wouldn’t recommend it, but considering Fluttershy’s in robust health, and the brevity of these merges, she should be alright. Of course, everyone will do what they can to keep an eye on her. I’ll get Applejack to build a shelter and keep her fed, and I’m sure everyone will come to visit.”
  2936. >Fluttershy looks at the clearing. “So this is my home for now. How long do you think it will take?”
  2937. >Twilight shrugged. “I wish I knew. Goliath trees are extremely rare and we don’t know how long they live for, or how old this particular tree is, but my best guess is two or three years.”
  2938. >Zecora winces, but Fluttershy just smiles at her, calm and serene. “I’ll be fine. I’ll keep you safe. I love you.”
  2939. >she kneels down and the pair have a deep kiss
  2940. >a precious moment later, their lips part, but Shy keeps her forehead pressed against Zecora’s and she whispers, light as the air, “and if you feel compelled to pay me back for enduring these next few years… well, I’m sure you’ll think of a way.”
  2941. >Shy’s hands stroke Zecora’s butt and hips and winks
  2942. >Zecora sighs and sadly has to resist her arousal. She says, “I’ll make it up to you until the end of my days,
  2943. >yet I’ll do it just to keep the love in your gaze,
  2944. >and if I’m to be a princess of the very land,
  2945. >then I shall make you my queen by my hand.”
  2946. >they have another deep, passionate kiss, and Zecora approaches the tree
  2947. >the tug from it becomes uncomfortable
  2948. >Twilight says, “awkward as it is, I need you to unshrink. It looks like the lingering magic is making the merge unstable.”
  2949. >Zecora purged the shrink spell, and she skyrocketed up to her full hundred feet height
  2950. >the tree now barely came up to her thigh, and the clearing’s tree barrier, her hip
  2951. >Twilight was a little taller than her ankle
  2952. >and an awestruck Fluttershy could touch her knee if she reached, but she shouted up to her, “I’ll be with you! Don’t be afraid!”
  2953. >and without any outside magic interfering as the link stabilised, Zecora took a deep breath, focused on the tree
  2954. >and with one last flash, she vanished into darkness and silence
  2956. Epilogue
  2957. >deafening silence
  2958. >Zecora wasn’t sure she had ever experienced such quiet
  2959. >the Everfree forest was abuzz with leaves rustling, animal calls and the sound of her charms and chimes gently moving in the breeze
  2960. >Ponyville was obviously a bustle with its residents always coming and going at all hours
  2961. >Zecora couldn’t remember a time when she had heard nothing
  2962. >but this was something else
  2963. >yet she could feel life around her, she knew it was there
  2964. >she could feel the subtle drain of energy from nutrients and water in the ground
  2965. >and the sun on her leaves
  2966. >and within, she felt her blood, or sap, flow oh-so slowly
  2967. >and just as Zecora gave herself to this silence, there was a rush of life
  2968. >a voice, caring and firm
  2969. >but pained
  2970. >”I’m still here…”
  2971. >”I can feel you”
  2972. >”I’ll do what I must to help you flourish.”
  2973. >”I can feel you growing stronger.”
  2974. >”Everyone… is waiting for you.”
  2975. >”I’ll be okay… I *will* endure…”
  2976. >”Take… as long… as you need…”
  2977. >it dawns on Zecora that she can’t tell if that was one merge or many
  2978. >time means little, just flickers of her dear Fluttershy, like rising to the surface of a deep pool to breathe
  2979. >each few words were like a drug
  2980. >Zecora wished she could have more
  2981. >just this addictive sensation, brief flashes of sound that made the silence so pervasive and alien
  2982. >another sensation sets in
  2983. >a strength within
  2984. >she felt increasingly whole
  2985. >Zecora remembered how strong she was before
  2986. >she now saw it for what it was; childish might and petty little magic tricks
  2987. >and as this power reached its apex, the tree felt confining
  2988. >a prison, not a home
  2989. >a cocoon
  2990. >a chrysalis
  2991. >it was time to be reborn
  2993. >the little sips of sound hadn’t prepared her for the heady depths of creaking wood
  2994. >the chirp of birds
  2995. >just… the sound of air itself
  2996. >it was overwhelming, but Zecora centred herself and processed the cacophony into smaller parts
  2997. >once she grew used to the sounds, Zecora opened her eyes, and winced
  2998. >light, energy radiating from Celestia’s sun, filtered through impurities and droplets of water in the air, reflecting off the kaleidoscope of colours in the world and into her eyes
  2999. >it felt like such a novel concept, but she soon recognised the world once more
  3000. >the clearing was largely unchanged
  3001. >but there was a large, simple yet functional hut
  3002. >Zecora looked at the goliath tree, and let out a little gasp
  3003. >it had grown massively, twice its original size
  3004. >small, immature apples lined it’s branches
  3005. >and she finally looked at herself
  3006. >she had no true frame of reference yet, but she felt more compact; obviously strong and toned, but slimmer overall
  3007. >Zecora guessed she was like the other princesses, who were supernaturally strong for their builds
  3008. >that she was still quite muscular probably meant she was far stronger than any of them, at least physically
  3009. >her old hundred foot height felt more like a muscle to be flexed than her true height
  3010. >Zecora reflexively shrank and grew
  3011. >and she supposed that if the hut was for her Fluttershy, it would be a little taller than her 21ft height
  3012. >so Zecora relaxed her size, and seemed to gravitate to be a little taller than the hut, so she guessed 25ft
  3013. >curiously, she’s wearing a revealing, woven vine-like outfit with wooden, body-emphasising panels
  3014. >yet, with a thought, the clothes fade… or are absorbed into herself, exposing her dark skin and stunning body
  3015. >and with another, they grow further into a more practical form, which looked like an armoured dress
  3016. >all of which grew and shrank with her
  3017. >comfortable with her new quirks and appearance, she approaches Shy’s hut
  3018. >if Zecora was honest, she expected there to be someone present outside, but Twilight did say nobody knew when she would be healed
  3019. >she entered the simple home, filled with a few lieces furniture, some designed for nornal sized people, some for Shy’s size, all reinforced for her build and Derpy- blessed density
  3020. >Zecora stops dead when she spots Fluttershy
  3021. >collapsed, face down on her bed
  3022. >with much of her mighty build lost and her usual sun kissed skin a ghostly pale
  3024. >”Fluttershy!” Zecora knelt beside her, “speak to me, are you alright?”
  3025. >what malady befalls, what disease or blight?”
  3026. >the princess carefully turns her over
  3027. >Shy’s sunken eyes remain closed, but she’s breathing
  3028. >but it’s so faint
  3029. >”Hey, what… Zecora?”
  3030. >the shaman turns to see Applejack
  3031. >”What has happened to my Fluttershy?” Zecora demands
  3032. >”What has caused her to wither, and why?”
  3033. >”Helpin’ you, that’s what. Every day, she’s been gettin’ weaker, and Twilight even said she should ease up a little, but Shy weren’t havin’ none of it.”
  3034. >Zecora probably knew that already
  3035. >maybe she was in denial, that this whole thing wouldn’t have a cost
  3036. >but this was too much
  3037. >”Mmh… Z- Zecora? Finally…” Fluttershy stirs and smiles, then winces
  3038. >”Fluttershy, I’m here, remain still and stay strong,
  3039. >I will move the earth to help solve what is wrong.”
  3040. >she felt a compulsion, an instinct, and heads outside, with Applejack following
  3041. >”We’ve already looked fer a way to help her, but stuff that heals drained spirits or whatever ain’t easy to find!”
  3042. >”Then we need not do the seeking,
  3043. >now, silence, no more speaking.”
  3044. >Zecora touched the ground, and closed her eyes
  3045. >her mind was sharper than it had ever been
  3046. >every spell, concoction and plant she had ever read or heard about, usually vague memories to cross-reference in books, was immediately recalled
  3047. >and this feeling…
  3048. >the ground trembled and a few plants sprouted
  3049. >”What the… is that jimson weed?” AJ pulled off her hat and scratched her head. “Like the stuff we use fer Granny’s nerves or whenever someone has a fever?”
  3050. >Zecora raised a hand for quiet, and opened her now glowing eyes as her horn blazes with power
  3051. >a local herb was easy, as a few other curatives burst from the soil
  3052. >what she ultimately sought was far, far away
  3053. >the far edges of the world in fact
  3054. >just one, small, brilliant plant
  3055. >”I call to you, oh flower of Spiritshine,
  3056. >from the northern lands, be here, be mine!”
  3057. >her voice echoed with power, and despite the surrounding barrier of interwoven trees, a strong gale rolled through
  3058. >moments passed, when another small quake sent AJ stumbling
  3059. >and a single closed flower rose from the ground
  3060. >”What’n the heck is that?” Applejack peers at it but keeps a decent distance as Zecora stands and approaches
  3061. >”A rare bloom that absorbs traces of spirit,
  3062. >it is a delicate thing, so you need not fear it,
  3063. >it only grows at the coldest, darkest edge of the world,
  3064. >and remains dormant until by sunlight it is unfurled.”
  3066. >no sooner said, the sunlight caused the flower to open its petals
  3067. >it shimmered with a pale light
  3068. >”It’s real purty…”
  3069. >”and like a soul bereft of a mortal form,
  3070. >it’s as fleeting as snow on a day most warm.”
  3071. >Zecora plucks the little flower, along with a piece of every other herb she had summoned, and approaches the goliath tree
  3072. >the hard wood wriggles and shifts, one of the tree knot holes bending to face the sky, like a bowl
  3073. >Zecora puts all the ingredients inside, and waves her hand
  3074. >a small, stubby limb reaches in and grinds the ingredients, and even drips a little water inside until it’s a smooth paste, which the new princess scoops up in her hands
  3075. >”I knew everyone told me what to expect,” Applejack says and chuckles, “but there’s no preparin’ a gal that someone she’s known fer years that become a princess. Twice now I guess, after Twilight.”
  3076. >”And just like her, I am still merely me,
  3077. >but more, I suppose, as are you, aren’t we?”
  3078. >Applejack grins. “Can’t say I was disappointed in bein’ made bigger and stronger. But ferget my musin’, let’s go help Fluttershy.”
  3079. >back inside, Applejack gently helps Shy into sitting upright
  3080. >and the withered giantess gratefully takes the medicine
  3081. >she screws up her face at the flavour, but in moments, she finishes gulping it down
  3082. >”How long does it take to-“
  3083. >Shy flinches, hiccups and her eyes go wide
  3084. >the sunken look fades
  3085. >her dwindled muscles flex and bulge back to full strength
  3086. >Fluttershy then pounces on Zecora, pinning her onto the bed and bouncing up and down like Pinkie after too much coffee (around one cup)
  3087. >”Wow, okaythatwasarush! Sweetbabybunnies, amItalkingtoofast? I’mtalkingtoofastaren’tI?”
  3088. >”Okay, that’s some liquid spirit alright. Hot dang, I…”
  3089. >Fluttershy licks her lips and pants like a dog as she looks over Zecora body and giggles.
  3090. >AJ finishes, “uh, I’m gonna go let the others know yer back and Shy’s fit as a fiddle. And… I’m thinkin’ I’ll take my time. Y’all look like ya need a chance to catch up.”
  3091. >Applejack barely turns her back as the reunited and restored Shy and Zecora begin making out
  3092. >and she’s barely able to get the door open as wild moans fill the clearing
  3093. >AJ shakes her head with an incredulous grin as Shy climactically screams, “Oh, goddess, yes!!
  3095. >AJ and the others don’t t