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Mistress (Or: Adagio’s Big Comeback) - Complete

By SizeOfMT
Created: 2021-11-22 03:44:50
Updated: 2022-12-06 02:12:20
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  1. Mistress now has a rewrite, and can be found here -
  2. This story also now has a shorter interquel, which revisits some scenes from alternative perspectives, as well as all new scenes, revelations and more characters -
  4. >there were a few nuggets of wisdom on which you’ve been raised
  5. >always wash behind your ears
  6. >always look both ways before crossing the street
  7. >and don’t go looking for women in seedy bars with plans for long term relationships
  8. >… one out of three isn’t bad
  9. >you *had* showered today in preparation, possibly for the last time as you realise this is it; all of nothing, everything you own is on your person
  10. >you stand before a place your normally not be caught dead within, holding a piece of paper like a court summons before facing the music
  11. >which is appropriate, because you’re looking for a singer
  12. >you hold a concert poster from a show you didn’t attend that took place a couple of years ago, a Starswirled concert
  13. >three very attractive girls, smiling, winking and making suggestive poses at the world beyond the worn page
  14. >The Dazzlings
  15. >to the average guy, they were a talented trio that fell short of success, got accused of lip-syncing and using copious amounts of auto-tune
  16. >you knew the truth, that they were defeated in some truly unusual circumstances in a battle of the bands well beyond the norm
  17. >then ‘creative differences’ and other official excuses depleted their gigs
  18. >now, they were splintered and forgotten
  19. >you’d heard of a wash-out singer trading barbs with people in this part of town and, sure enough, you’d seen her a few hours ago, entering this dump called the ‘Always Raining’ bar
  20. >a thick mane of orange and blonde highlighted hair, the swaggering, hip swaying walk, the cruel but alluring raspberry coloured eyes of one Adagio Dazzle
  21. >she was perfect for your plans
  22. >you aren’t a creep, though, you swear!
  23. >it’s a mutually beneficial offer, and only a handful of young adults were suitable
  24. >most were too risky
  25. >as in too virtuous and likely to turn you down, but also ruin your plans and draw attention to yourself
  26. >others just fell off the grid, namely Adagio’s old band mates
  27. >it was Adagio or bust; you’d spent your last funds on this shot
  28. >so here you were, as you jaywalked across the street
  29. >you pocket the poster, and you enter the bar
  30. >dives like this respond the way you expect
  31. >wary glances and grading you like a piece of meat
  32. >especially a burly guy sitting by the door who glares at you over his magazine
  33. >all these eyes on you, except the one person of whom you wanted attention
  34. >Adagio Dazzle sat at the bar, resting her head in one hand and staring at her phone held in the other, a number of empty glasses standing to attention but empty inside in front of her
  35. >you feel like she’s used to empty, drained vessels gathering around her…
  36. >you approach the barman, buy a beer and ‘whatever she’s been drinking’
  37. >a cocktail apparently called a ‘siren’s sorrow’, which contains at least six shots of various types of alcohol
  38. >you step up to Adagio Dazzle, place the glass beside her, and sit one stool away
  40. >”Not interested,” she snaps, but pulls the glass in front of her, “get lost.”
  41. >you say she doesn’t know what you want yet
  42. >she downs the drink in one go, turns her head to you with a massive sway of her thick hair, and gives you a bone chilling stare, then looks you over
  43. >Adagio’s booze reddened face doesn’t diminish the razor sharp focus, but clearly stops her from hiding her obvious contempt
  44. >she scoffs and returns to her phone, but says, “if you’re after an autograph, you can’t have mine, but you can have Street Tough’s if you want.”
  45. >you feel a presence behind you, and the stained bar mirror reveals the guy by the door standing behind you;
  46. >you keep your cool, asking why she thinks you’re after her autograph
  47. >”The old poster sticking out of your pants.” She sneers and flicks you a glare. “I hope that’s the only thing sticking up down there, or I’ll once again direct you to my friend, Street Tough.”
  48. >you don’t have to look, you can hear the cracking of his knuckles
  49. >”Either that or you’re a stalker, in which case I’m also prepared”
  50. >she places a robust looking taser on the bar, and depresses the button with a short, sharp crackle
  51. >you decide to pick up the pace before you lose some teeth or get electrocuted
  52. >so you tell her you’re here for her help
  53. >in tapping into equestrian magic
  54. >her eyes go wide
  55. >she hisses, ”get out.”
  56. >a gnarled fist grabs your shoulder
  57. >you whip out your phone, a hacked and heavily customised device, and activate a special app
  58. >you’re able to place it on the bar as you get thrown to the ground to the cheers of the drunken customers
  59. >you’re barely able to get to your knees when Mr. Tough picks you clean off the floor and starts hauling you towards the door
  60. >”Wait!”
  61. >Adagio’s holding your phone, her eyes enthralled at it as it works it’s magic
  62. >literally; a faint pulse of glowing light washes over the former singer, and she gasps in shock as her eyes flash red
  63. >Mr. Tough asks, ”boss? You alright?”
  64. >the vaguest hint of a smile crosses her pretty lips, but she scowls as she looks at you
  65. >”How? How have you made a phone project magic? Just who the hell are you!?”
  66. >you tell her, still cradled in Street Tough’s arms, that your name is Radian Wave
  67. >you’re a scientist
  68. >and you can give Adagio her powers back
  70. a few drinks, sceptical stares and an hour later…
  71. >Adagio purses her lips and seems to mull everything over
  72. >”So let me get this straight: You’re going to use me as a, what, a radio antenna for magic…?”
  73. >you call that a radical simplification, but yes
  74. >”… because there’s a permanent leak of magic from Equestria thanks to when that Twilight Sparkle from this world got corrupted, and that only people native to Equestria can be tuned in to it?”
  75. >you nod and say Adagio’s one of the best candidates, since she had her powers removed, so her ability to detect the magic will be that much greater than someone still routinely in touch with it, since she knows how it feels but should be sensitive to any deviance
  76. >”… and that using me this way, you’ll gain the ability to generate clean electricity from seemingly nothing, and I’ll get my powers back?”
  77. >you say having the perfect frequency of the magic will give her a direct link to the equestrian wavelength without needing any magic gems or trickery, and you know how to convert even a tiny trace of that power into electricity; your phone literally never needs charging, and that’s an extremely crude example
  78. >and to summarise again: you’ll be rich beyond your wildest dreams, she gets what’s rightfully hers, and you’re more than willing to split your inevitable fortune too
  79. >Adagio thinks a bit more, then squints at you. “And exactly what do you need for this scheme besides my sensitivity?”
  80. >you need cash, since modifying your phone to receive, convert and broadcast even that pitiful amount of magic cost you everything thanks to several failures, but you needed a way to prove it could be done
  81. >and the final piece is a partnership; her powers and cash, your knowledge
  82. >Adagio laughs, dryly. “Right, because I’m *clearly* flush with cash right now. I sank everything I had left over when The Dazzlings broke up into this place with the intent of turning it into a fancier place to drain idiots of their money. You know, a cocktail bar, maybe even some pretentious jazz club or something. Whatever I could use to squeeze out of the most from the biggest snobs by giving them the cheapest drinks, but I didn’t have enough and now I’m just barely breaking even. I’ve messed up every single one of my plans, and I’ll never stop paying the price.”
  83. >she sighs heavily and stands up. “We’re done. Get out of here. I’d get Street Tough to throw you out just for getting my hopes up, but I’m just too depressed for the effort.”
  85. >you didn’t come this far to get blown off now
  86. >you grab her shoulder, ignoring the murderous stare from Mr. Tough as he slowly stands, and her other hand grabs her taser
  87. >screw it; you might as well spend the night in the hospital if you can’t convince her, right here, right now
  88. >you tell her you’ve literally got nothing to lose, and she’s hot on your heels; a slow death, as one misstep means her ‘breaking even’ becomes a downward spiral into bankruptcy
  89. >and that she’s only got to trust you to become a siren again
  90. >someone powerful, a goddess among men, with the world at her feet and people falling over themselves to the name Adagio Dazzle
  91. >and all she can whine about is screwing up and paying the price?
  92. >she’s a siren, damnit!
  93. >she shakes off your hand, but remains where she is
  94. >after a silent moment, she looks over her shoulder at you
  95. >”You know what I am, yet you want me to get my powers back? Why?”
  96. >you could say you’ve crushed on her for years, as a silent nobody in school who felt weak at the knees at her confidence and power
  97. >or as a fan of her group, where you let yourself get washed away in her voice and magic
  98. >or that the things you’ve seen have fractured your mind to the point you’re certain this world is a weak duplicate of where the equestrian frequency comes from, and you secretly want to go there with her
  99. >but you simply say that everyone needs another chance to Dazzle, and you’re both well overdue
  100. >you’ll either both go out with a bang or rocket into the stratosphere
  101. >”You’re crazy!”
  102. >you belt out a full mad-scientist laugh, which makes Adagio take a step back
  103. >and say yes, yes you are!
  104. >you’re certifiable!
  105. >but not as crazy as letting a goddess live out her days worrying about crap like ‘breaking even.’
  106. >she steps back again and her jaw goes slack
  107. >”What did you call me?”
  108. >she heard you! A goddess!
  109. >a laugh rises through the patrons
  110. >insults mumbled and jeers, several uses of the word ‘simp’
  111. >Adagio stares at you for a few seconds, then at the floor, thinking deeply
  112. >then she grins an evil grin, grabs an empty glass and hurls it at one of the laughing patrons, the shattering glass a crescendo into silence
  113. >”Everyone get the hell out of my bar! We’re closed! Forever!”
  114. >she points to the barman and Mr. Tough, and says, “sell and liquidise everything, take your severance and don’t come back.”
  115. >she spins and grabs you, one handed, by the collar and pulls you close enough to get a strong waft of alcohol on her breath
  116. >”I’m going to give you what you want, but I’m going to watch everything you do. The ball’s in your court, Radian Wave. And if you fail?”
  117. >she jabs you in the crotch with her taser, mercifully she doesn’t turn it on
  118. >”I’ll fry yours instead! So let’s both hope you’re as clever as you say you are.”
  120. >so you and Adagio Dazzle start a partnership and shack up in her self-described crappy apartment
  121. >besides basic living costs, you’ve soon got the cash to buy and order all the parts for your Equestria magic receiver, converter and transmitter and another, portable device that should help with any field work
  122. >but not much else, and you effectively have a two week deadline
  123. >in the meantime, you convince Adagio to let you fine tune the frequency with your phone as you broadcast the energy at her
  124. >she shivers and makes a face. ”No, it’s getting weaker.”
  125. >you tweak it the other way
  126. >Adagio moans and her eyes cross a little as she blushes
  127. >”The hell was that? I swear, if that was on purpose…”
  128. >right direction… wrong amplitude?
  129. >another tweak
  130. >”Ooh…” Adagio gives a dark smile
  131. >pointed, horse-like ears poke through her hair
  132. >then, her eyes glow red
  133. >but then your phone crashes and reboots, and Adagio returns to normal
  134. >”Tsk… damn it. I’m guessing that’s all you can do for now?”
  135. >you could probably spike the broadcasting signal with some adjustments, but it would probably melt the phone
  136. >or explode, violently
  137. >and you kinda need it to dial in all the components you have in order for tomorrow’s big build
  138. >Adagio shrugs, then yawns and leans back on her threadbare couch
  139. >since you’re not under imminent threat of Mr. Tough or under the watchful glare of her former bar’s patrons, you can’t help but look at your business partner as she stares at the ceiling, lost in her ennui
  140. >the 5’5, indulgently curvy woman is staggeringly beautiful
  141. >and even here, out of public view, she exudes power
  142. >but it’s so subdued and flat compared to how she used to be back in high school
  143. >she’s just so defeated, she’s blending into the world around her
  144. >just like you did during high school, you realise
  145. >you were a silent onlooker in the background while girls like Sunset Shimmer ruled the school
  146. >then, she changed when you first noticed signs of the signal
  147. >Sunset turned herself around and became a lot nicer, and that’s when Adagio and her band mates made waves
  148. >and there was no two ways about it; she was the hottest thing you’d ever seen
  149. >but, again, the signal peaked, and things changed after a particular battle of the bands, which took the Dazzlings down and out
  150. >and you happened across some phone footage not long after
  151. >another student from another academy, Twilight Sparkle, transformed into a winged demon, ripping portals to another world that just bled with magic,
  152. >and you took every reading you could with your crude, makeshift devices at that time, despite not being present
  153. >but as you left school and entered college, this event calmed and faded again
  154. >yet you were determined to harness that power, prove you aren’t crazy, and make a fortune
  155. >and maybe it would give you a way to impress Adagio as well
  157. >okay, maybe you’re a simp… for now
  158. >but you don’t care: if you play your cards right, you’ll be a simp with all the money you’ll ever want and admiration of one Adagio Dazzle, complete with her powers in tow and on *your* side
  159. >but right now it’s getting late, so you sleep on the couch and Adagio goes to bed
  160. the next day
  161. >you dig around through Adagio’s cupboards and refrigerator and find enough ingredients for… toast
  162. >between cooking breakfast and the occasional knock on the door for your delivered components, you’re a little surprised when a sleepy looking Adagio emerges from her room wearing nothing but her underwear and a loose bathrobe, which once she notices you’re looking, she quickly ties it up
  163. >the wild, vast mass of bed-hair and no makeup besides, she’s still somehow beautiful as she groggily gets a glass of juice and slumps on the couch
  164. >you hand her a plate of buttered toast, and she stares at it for a few moments before taking it
  165. >”… thanks…” She munches down a full slice before you swear she’s forced to hold back a little smile. “How’s the… emitter thing coming along?”
  166. >you say you’re just waiting for one crucial delivery before you can start putting it together
  167. >she recovers her snide grin. ”Good, because if I found out you were slacking off when I’m sponsoring your weird experiment, we’re going to have a problem.”
  168. >you plainly state that she’s thrown her lot in with you pretty deep for any ‘problems’ with your work ethic now
  169. >and considering you’ve spent the last of her meaningful cash on parts and components she can’t use and will likely struggle to get half the cost in refunds or resale, she could stand to be a little nicer
  170. >Adagio sips her juice as she considers her next move. “Well, someone woke up with a spine today. If I didn’t know better, after all the worshiping you threw my way at the bar, I’d say you were just using me.”
  171. >you’re on a delicate balance here, because you meant every word about your little obsession with her
  172. >but admit that you’re using her? Sure, of course you are, and you say so
  173. >you needed money and a focus subject
  174. >by the same standard, she might not admit it, but as she slowly spiralled down the drain of normal life, she’s in a position to use you as well
  175. >and she should know a thing or two about being used, considering her past in sowing and draining negativity, but that’s the great thing
  176. >you’re both tools for one another’s needs, indispensable to each other
  177. >any further debate is put on hold as the doorbell goes
  178. >and you receive another parcel
  179. >you eat your breakfast and, with most of the components in, *now* you can get to work
  180. >you start building your devices
  181. >the main unit, which will be powerful enough to give Adagio her magic and be what turns magic into electricity
  183. >and a dedicated, less powerful handheld version, which you prioritise first since it’s not too far removed from your phone version, so it should be easier to work out
  184. >though, frankly, knowing now what your phone could do to her, maybe the mobile emitter might be enough, so you focus on that
  185. >Adagio watches for some time, but grows bored and starts browsing her own phone
  186. >you see her staring at a picture of herself and The Dazzlings, selfieing with some fans in front of a crappy ‘tour bus’, clearly a van
  187. >the contempt on that past Adagio’s face, buried beneath a forced, girly smile
  188. >but the Adagio here and now sighs
  189. >you ask what happened between her band mates
  190. >she closes the picture. ”That’s none of your business.”
  191. >you shrug and say that you thought they were really good together as a band
  192. >”Sure, once we learned to sing without magic.”
  193. >you say you’re not sure about that
  194. >after all, autotune *is* pretty magic in the right hands
  195. >you receive a furious stare for your trouble, and raise your hands to concede defeat and apologise
  196. >though, seriously, was she reliant so much on her magic to sing?
  197. >”Not that I have to explain myself to you, asshole, but fine; you try living for far longer than any pathetic human and have your songs be an intrinsic, deeply embedded part of your being. Then have it stripped away, and you have to try to learn how to sing for real in a few damn *months* to make music good enough to earn your way through this world and all its idiots!”
  198. >you say that you’re guessing that’s part of why The Dazzlings broke up?
  199. >”What did I just tell you? It’s none of…. Ugh!” She slams her phone on the couch and storms over to you
  200. >“I pushed them too hard and too far, alright!? Once Aria and Sonata realised we were just like any other human, and others would treat them better, they left! Sonata’s doing some voice acting gig for a kids show that’s oddly popular with so-called men and I don’t even know where Aria is any more. Yet another failure up you can add to my list. I need a damn drink!”
  201. >she opens a cabinet with only a couple of bottles of liquor, but you clear your throat and say she won’t need drink to cheer up
  202. >you hold up your newly built device and say you can hit her with that ‘tingly’ frequency if she wants
  203. >”Can that thing give me back my magic?”
  204. >you’re not certain, but considering how close your phone came, it could be worth a shot
  205. >she faces you, arms akimbo, and says, “do it.”
  206. >you figure a stress test is in order, so you crank the device up to the thresholds you’ve been calculating while building it
  207. >it looks like a megaphone with a bunch of antennas and a control panel
  208. >wired and powered from a wall socket, the thing hums in your hands
  209. >so you dial in the receiving frequency and the power surges, so you quickly unplug it and, bam, another ‘infinite power’ device by Radian Wave!
  210. >then you activate the emitter, let it build to full charge, point it at Adagio
  212. >you blast her with a focused, in-tune with her signature, burst of Equestrian magic!
  213. >Adagio Dazzle gasps and trembles as the waves hit her
  214. >she looks in pain for a moment, but she grins and giggles
  215. >her eyes glow red
  216. >her ears change and point up through her voluminous orange hair
  217. >the giggle turns into a full blown sinister laugh
  218. >aquatic fin-like wings appear on her back!
  219. >but suddenly, despite the device still pumping out energy, Adagio suddenly reverts and falls to her knees
  220. >you switch off the device and ask Adagio if she’s alright
  221. >”Your stupid machine didn’t work and I still don’t have my siren powers back, but sure,” she says, sarcastically, “I’m just great.”
  222. >you know for a fact the emitter is working just fine
  223. >you even conduct another test on it, and your phone detects the emitter is performing above expectations in terms of raw power
  224. >so you turn the phone’s detection software towards Adagio, as she stands and once more looks defeated by life as she gives the worlds biggest sigh
  225. >and according to your phone, she’s absorbed the vast majority of equestrian magic you projected at her
  226. >so much, you have no idea if it’s even safe
  227. >you ask once more if she feels okay
  228. >this time, the snark isn’t forthcoming as she frowns and looks down at herself as she starts to sweat
  229. >”I’m not sure. I feel hot.”
  230. >your phone beeps as the magic ticks down
  231. >but it’s not escaping into the air
  232. >it’s not decaying either
  233. >a broader band of detection reveals a second type of energy is gathering in her as the first dwindles
  234. >”It feels like I’m burning!”
  235. >it comes to you; energy conversion!
  236. >and you go to speak, but Adagio cries out as she clutches her arms around herself
  237. >her form violently twitches as she presses her back against the wall for support
  238. >and a series of popping and creaking noises come from her body as she looks pleadingly at you, then angry
  239. >”W- what did you do to me!?”
  240. >but then she stretches taller, from her 5’5 to your 5’8 in a few seconds
  241. >and her gown draws tight, the hem reaching from knee to mid-thigh
  242. >you’re transfixed on her legs as the smooth skin can’t contain the flexing and bulging of her muscles underneath, giving deeper curves and definition
  243. >turn your eyes go back up in time for her gown to loosen just as her tits swell up several cup sizes, almost as big as her head, backed by a thickening, strengthening chest to support them
  244. >she suffers another surge of height as she stretches over six feet tall, then another four inches to 6’6
  245. >Adagio brings her hands in front of her, staring as her hands crack and grow longer and bigger, then she clenches up like her whole body is cramping
  246. >firm, powerful biceps press against the silky gown sleeves, and her shoulders rip through the seams
  247. >not to be outdone, her arms continue bulking up and she’s sleeveless as the material explodes off limbs
  249. >with a final scream, Adagio’s body surges in one last spurt
  250. >every inch of her gains a rapid push in size, pushing her to explode out if her gown, and her underwear is at bursting point
  251. >and she finally relaxes on shaky, thickly muscles legs
  252. >all 7’3 of her as she pants and winces, but seems to be coming around
  253. >you can’t even begin to comprehend what just happened
  254. >not the least of which because blood flow to your brain is currently redirected to between your legs as an absolutely perfectly balanced vision of power and beauty steps away from the wall
  255. >it becomes clear you’re only as tall as her perfect breasts
  256. >she looks down at herself, then at you with a twitch of an eyebrow
  257. >Adagio grabs you by the collar with one arm, and lifts you up high enough that your head hits the ceiling
  258. >”What the hell did you do to me!?”
  259. >she then blushes fiercely and gulps
  260. >”and why am I so damn horny!?”
  261. >she drops you and all but runs into her bedroom
  262. >and as you hear her gasp and moan as she ‘takes care of an itch’, you’re left with a lot of questions, incomplete data, and a sore head
  264. >you can *feel* Adagio climax through the wall, let alone the immodest scream
  265. >which between your sore head and… well, just the fact she was ‘having a five person audition in her private studio’, you’ve only barely began to sort out the data
  266. >but the hard, bass thump of her hitting something in her bedroom makes the silence (her hard breathing notwithstanding) stark
  267. >a few minutes later, you hear her walking around her room, then you hear a shower running, so you finally start taking notes on your findings
  268. >a while later, the door opens and a relieved and completely calm Adagio, as if nothing happened and now dressed in a skintight sweater and a once-knee long skirt made mini by her long legs, all made up and her hair in her signature cascade of poofy curls
  269. >she ducks under the doorframe a little, though only her hair would make contact if she didn’t, and you suddenly remember she wasn’t best pleased with you before she took care of her business
  270. >if you wasn’t also in a do-or-die situation and had no way to run away with your master emitter project, you might have considered fleeing in case Adagio resumed where she left off before the horniness saved you being embedded in the ceiling
  271. >instead Adagio looks at you, clears her throat, and says, with a pout, “don’t look at me like that. I’ve had time to process this situation and have come to the conclusion that I can live with this. Is it permanent?”
  272. >you hesitate, then say you’re not sure, but possibly
  273. >also that she wears the extra inches…
  274. >okay, extra feet, very well
  275. >”Save the flattery. Why did your emitter make me a giant instead of giving me my powers? Don’t get me wrong, considering how big I used to be as a siren, it’s going to be a little nostalgic towering over the little people, and I like how it makes me feel, but being strong enough to throw a refrigerator is nothing compared to being able to control a crowd and drain their energy.”
  276. >you need to do more research, and you ask her not to take this the wrong way, but her body might be the problem
  277. >she clearly takes offence anyway. ”What’s that supposed to mean?”
  278. >your emitter flooded her with equestrian magic, which she absorbed and clearly began to awaken her dormant siren powers, but then her body seemed to convert it into something else
  279. >”Weird, but whatever.” She flexes a bicep, then looks at herself in a mirror and can’t help but chuckle. “I never thought I’d carry muscle well, but I quite like this. It’s like I’ve been turned into a brutish earth pony, albeit with a lot more beauty.”
  280. >wait, what the hell’s an earth pony
  281. >Adagio looks over and cocks an eyebrow at you. “You know, of the three main races of Equestria? Unicorns, pegasi and earth ponies?”
  282. >… what?
  283. >Adagio facepalms. ”Why am I always doomed to be surrounded by idiots?”
  285. A lesson in Equestria, and how everything is turned to humans or equivalent creatures in this world later…
  286. >you’re giddy; new data!
  287. >this changes everything!
  288. >three distinct creatures with different ways to process ambient magic in the other world means new possibilities and logical explanations for the signal and how it’s received
  289. >especially if aspects of these ponies carry over to their physiology here, as seemingly identical humans
  290. >you’re scrawling some notes, you tongue poking out your lips and wild eyed, when you hear Adagio make a wholly unnatural sound
  291. >an honestly *amused* giggle
  292. >”You’re such a nerd. It’s pathetic. And kind of adorable, I suppose. It’s like watching a child desperate for Hearth’s Warming day.”
  293. >you can’t help but blush
  294. >you say you live for this stuff
  295. >different ways to view a world you never felt you fit within and finding meaning in yourself
  296. >that maybe you aren’t where you’re supposed to be, and by learning more and more about Equestria, maybe you’ll find a place to belong where your true nature might be appreciated
  297. >Adagio’s judgy grin sinks and she goes silent for a while
  298. >eventually she shrugs and says, “I believe I understand how you feel. I’m just not sure if Equestria is all you expect it to be. Sure, I miss my magic, and you’ll probably like studying up on it with actual unicorn wizards and such, but from I don’t think Equestria’s technology will be that impressive to you, since I’m pretty sure they’re still on steam trains and wagons, and they’re not any less ignorant than the jocks and assholes here.”
  299. >you say, in that case, you’ll be a pioneer
  300. >but here, you’re just a weird junior engineer with a knack for magical signals
  301. >”You’re certainly weird. But whatever, you do you.”
  302. >Adagio sits down, glances at the beaten old couch as it protests against her weight, and let’s you work as she checks her phone
  303. >she tries to ignore you as you start scanning her from a variety of angles, but her increasingly frustrated reactions scare you into stopping shy of a sixth set of readings
  304. >the converted magic is fading within her, but a distinct lingering signal remains
  305. >but you suspect her transformation into an amazon won’t change without external stimuli
  306. >but it took you a long time to figure out the equestrian signal, let alone having Adagio to zero in on her own siren one
  307. >you announce your need to do some field scans, and then finish the main device later
  308. >”Uh-huh. Just try not to act too weird. Or do anything *too* stupid. Just… don’t do anything to get yourself arrested.”
  310. >as much as you’d like to rely on your more easily concealed phone, the accurate scans you’ll need necessitate the use of your new handheld emitter, which isn’t the most subtle device
  311. >but the purchase of a signal penetrable newspaper and a cheap coffee later, you’re scanning people as they walk by, with the emitter tucked in your lap and aiming for people from beneath the table
  312. >a trend soon appears
  313. >true to Adagio’s description of the three races of Equestria, three distinct signals emerge
  314. >more importantly, one of them shares a similarity with Adagio
  315. >and, naturally, you’ve scanned yourself and discovered it’s one of the other two groups
  316. >what it means doesn’t really give you much to work with yet, but corroborative data is helpful
  317. >suddenly, there’s a new signal
  318. >a strong one
  319. >attached to an exhausted but familiar face clad in jogging clothes
  320. >Sunset Shimmer
  321. >she orders an iced coffee sits down with a relieved sigh
  322. >you wonder if you should get out of there
  323. >but… that new signal!
  324. >and there’s no way she’ll recognise you, right?
  325. >nobody gave two bits of attention to quiet, weird Radian Wave
  326. >you check the readings and see a huge peak in one of the categories
  327. >the same you’re in, apparently
  328. >there’s some bleed into another frequency though…
  329. >”Wait, you look familiar… oh, Radian Wave, right?”
  330. >oh crap
  331. >Sunset smiles at you, but it turns awkward and she nervously laughs
  332. >you feel a twitch of anger but can’t bring yourself to say anything
  333. >”How are things? You look well.”
  334. >you keep the scanner on her, and take a deep breath
  335. >oh, you know, doing fine
  336. >you recently came out of your shell after spending your teenage years deeply afraid of a certain girl in school that made your life hell and struggled to socialise and fit in
  337. >”Ah haha… yeah,” Sunset slips her coffee and puts her hands behind her head, looking increasingly regretful. “I was kind of a jerk, huh?”
  338. >yep
  339. >”I’m so sorry about how I acted. I tried to apologise to everyone I’d wronged back in school, but you would always avoid me when I tried to talk to you.“
  340. >with good reason, you add
  341. >but hey, it was great seeing her again
  342. >you wrap the newspaper around your device and walk off, secretly truthful in your words
  343. >Sunset’s readings give you some theories
  344. >so you head back to Adagio’s apartment
  346. >you disclose your findings, including the details about Sunset
  347. >Adagio smirks and says, “congratulations. You’re a unicorn, or you’re this human world version of your equestrian counterpart who would be one. And considering how I’ve been severed from my magic, it seems I’d be considered an earth pony in Equestria. It would explain why the magic made me bigger and stronger. As for that bitch, Sunset…”
  348. >she growls, but eventually sighs and shakes her head
  349. >”Forget about her. What other ideas do you have?”
  350. >you ask why she’s dismissing Sunset as a lead worth chasing
  351. >hell, it might lead to some retribution for making you miserable in high school
  352. >”Oh, trust me, Ray, I’d love seeing what you could dig up on her. Really, anything to rub in her self righteous, goodie-goodie face but she’s got the power to read your thoughts and memories by touch and we’ve got… what, a couple of grand in electronic parts and your nerd brain? Also, I know for a fact she’s also got friends in the other world. *Very* powerful ones.”
  353. >wait
  354. >did she just call you Ray?
  355. >Adagio blinks, then she looms over you and snaps, “did you hear a word I just said, you moron? You go sticking your nose into Shimmer’s magic antics and if she, or one of her friends, learns what we’re doing, this whole thing is as good as over. They might find and plug the equestrian signal or do something more drastic.”
  356. >you snap back that neither Sunset nor friends scare you, powers or not
  357. >you know what you’re doing
  358. >you can understand if she’s afraid-
  359. >she grabs your shoulder, bends down and pulls you face to face
  360. >”You dont get it, do you? You aren’t thinking! I thought I had a solid plan when I set up the battle of the bands back in Canterlot High to sow discourse, to get back my full powers, and look what that got me!? It wasn’t enough to be banished to this pathetic ball of dirt for just being true to our natures, but to lose the most important piece of what we are!? What we *were*…”
  361. >Adagio’s eyes grow wet, but she grimaces and drinks in her anger, which restores her ‘general contempt’ mode
  362. >”I doubt I’ll ever get everything back, but I’ll just be glad to not be like every other human and you’re my best bet.”
  363. >you can’t imagine what she’s been through, that’s true
  364. >but you didn’t get this far without digging in and holding on to what you believe
  365. >but you say fine, you’ll think on it, plan accordingly
  366. >and besides, you still have numbers to crunch, data samples to sort and a machine to build
  367. >Adagio realises she’s still holding you, and takes a deep breath as she lets you go. ”Good. I don’t want to see you make the same mistakes. Success has a way of making you feel indestructible like that. You’re doing good work, Ray, so try not to screw up.”
  368. >you nod and thank her, and start going over your blueprints
  369. >she smirks and says, ”just protecting my investment.”
  371. >you forget about the matter for now, and focus on your work
  372. >while you were gone she’d bought some groceries
  373. >so your snippy (and distractingly sexy) roommate prepares a simple dinner
  374. >or tries to
  375. >her huge hand struggles to hold a knife to cut the vegetables
  376. >she trips and spills water while moving a pan from the kitchen sink for boiling and kicks a cabinet
  377. >her growing frustration is clear, but you get the impression she’s trying pretty hard not to lose her temper as a point of pride
  378. >eventually she hands you some pasta with poorly cut roasted vegetable sauce
  379. >which is over seasoned… you guess ‘a pinch’ in seasoning terms varies a lot when you’re seven feet tall
  380. >Adagio’s face says it all, but she eats it regardless
  381. >you do your best not to grin at her surprisingly adorable attempts at normalcy
  382. >maybe she read your mind, but she suddenly asks, “do you think you can shrink me a little?”
  383. >you say you thought she said she was happy at this size
  384. >”No, I mean… I am. Ugh,” she pinches the bridge of her nose. “What I mean is, when we succeed and make a fortune, and I can afford to not have to do this human regular life nonsense, I’ll happily live this big. Or *much* bigger.”
  385. >you almost choke on your food and Adagio smirks at the ceiling
  386. >she stops (presumably) imagining herself as a full giantess and continues, “just for the time being, losing a foot of height would allow me to at least use some of my regular clothes, eat less and not draw attention to myself when I have to interact with the scum on the street.”
  387. >you do wonder if you can force that energy signature out of her
  388. >and you do enjoy a challenge
  389. >so you say you’ll see what you can do, and once you’ve eaten dinner and cleaned up, you figure it’s high time you tried out the main device
  390. >it’s not completed, but it should still outperform the handheld device and work as a test-run
  391. >you tell her this might suck a little, since you’re not certain what the effects might be
  392. >”It’s fine. I’m prepared. I did ask you for this, after all.”
  393. >you first try hitting her with the two other signal types, trying to tease out the lingering wavelength she possesses
  394. >since one of them is on your signal, you feel a subtle tingle but it doesn’t amount to more than a little discomfort
  395. >Adagio looks at herself and cocks an eyebrow, then shakes her head
  396. >”What’s the other idea?”
  398. >you’re confident this will work
  399. >because if this doesn’t, Adagio might get her dream of becoming gigantic well before she has the finances to sustain herself
  400. >but now’s not the time for doubts, but perhaps a little caution wouldn’t go amiss
  401. >so you fire up the siren frequency and bombard her with a mild dose
  402. >her ears transform and point up once more, her eyes glow and those peculiar fin-wings manifest
  403. >far from the triumphant surge of last time, while she’s clearly enjoying the feeling, the panic on her face is clear
  404. >”Wait, isn’t this going to make me bigger!?”
  405. >you belt another mad scientist laugh and say if all else fails, a growth spurt is all but guaranteed!
  406. >but it’s time to be brilliant!
  407. >you check the scanner and grin as that non-siren signal she gained when she grew gets drawn into the mix and overlays with the ‘siren song’ signal
  408. >then you bombard her with the other two frequencies again
  409. >the siren frequency flatlines as the energy erratically tries to follow the energy, but their incompatibility diffuses it
  410. >”Agh! That stings!”
  411. >you look at Adagio and tell her you said it would suck, and to look down
  412. >she winced and does so, and even managed a grin as she shrinks
  413. >with that success, you shut down the device but keep scanning her magic
  414. >it remains flat as Adagio stands up straight
  415. >she’s around six feet tall, as her bigness-stretched clothes hang off her body
  416. >she pats herself down and gives you an honest smile. “Nice work.”
  417. >you feel a tingle of your own from her praise
  418. >but then a beeping sounds from the machine
  419. >oh… a flicker of life on her energy
  420. >”What’s wro-“
  421. >it spikes
  422. >she cuts herself off with a deep moan and her hands almost dive between her legs
  423. >and a tremble as she subtly increases in size all over for a second
  424. >just eyeballing it, you’d say she’s gained half an inch of height
  425. >”Whoa… okay,” she licks her lips and tries to focus. “I take that back. What did you screw up this time?”
  426. >you’re not sure, but the spike is slowly waning
  427. >your mind works on overtime, and you remain silent as you watch the signal decay for several minutes, much to Adagio’s frustration, but she’s at least sensible enough to realise you’re focussed
  428. >you watch the signal fade and flatten
  429. >… and slowly rise again
  430. >you tell her she’s going to suffer microspurts for a while
  431. >”Tsk. Well, can you fix it?”
  432. >it’s probably smart to let it run its course, but you think you can improve the method next time
  433. >you doubt you can make it permanent, but there’s definitely room for improvement
  435. >Adagio nods. “Alright, I suppose I can live with this. But next time it better work properly! When’s the next surge?”
  436. >you raise your hand, fingers splayed
  437. >five, four, three, two…
  438. >she takes a deep breath and grunts as she trembles and gains another half-inch
  439. >ten minutes and thirty two seconds
  440. >”I guess I’ll go ride this horny train in private.”
  441. >she heads to her bedroom door, but stops and looks at you
  442. >”Ray?”
  443. >what’s wrong, Addy?
  444. >she gives you a death glare
  445. >what, she can Ray you, but you can’t Addy her?
  446. >she rolls her eyes. “Fine, but use that in public and you’ll pay. Now shut up and listen; no jokes, no sarcasm, don’t make this weird and this doesn’t mean anything… but…”
  447. >she clears her throat and turns bright red
  448. >”wait, I’m getting ahead of myself. First, how long do you think these pleasure spikes will go on for?”
  449. >you assume she’ll regrow to her 7’3 majesty
  450. >so a couple of hours
  451. >you can’t be specific as you imagine there might be some fluctuations
  452. >”… it’ll be a lot more convenient with someone else helping taking care of them for me…” She winks at you. “And more fun.”
  453. >you go hard real quick
  454. >though her pleased moans and growing body already secretly had you having to think non-sexy thoughts
  455. >”Well? I expect you to do what I tell you, when I tell you.”
  456. >oh, hell yes
  457. >she stands to one side and beckons you inside
  458. >and shoves you into her decidedly girly bedroom
  459. >and plants her lips on yours
  460. >you freeze, but your every desire and biggest crush is kissing you
  461. >and that determined drive to succeed takes hold as you gently hold her and apply pressure back
  462. >you give as good as you get, and soon she’s kissing your neck, your cheeks, then shoves her tongue past your lips
  463. >Adagio tenses and shivers, and you feel her grow against you
  464. >at least until she shoves you into the bed and runs her fingers through her thick locks, the orange and yellow strands cascading over her shoulders and back
  465. >”I bet you’ve never been with a woman, hmm?” she purrs and removes her once strained sweater
  466. >you gulp and nod and she gives you a dark, bemused chuckle, then runs her hands up her body, cupping and squeezing her breasts
  467. >she’s lost some of her recently gained muscle from the shrink, but she’s still toned and diabolically sexy
  468. >big, perfect tits gently sway and bounce as she drops and steps out of her pants
  469. >then applies maximum sway to her, wide, full hips as she approaches and climbs on the bed
  470. >”The first lesson’s free. The rest you’ll have to earn.”
  471. >she slaps a strip of condoms on your chest and stares into your damn soul with her dark pink eyes
  472. >” Time to prove how much of a goddess I am with tribute. And I’ll give you a fair warning…”
  473. >she leans in and whispers, “it’s been a while, and your goddess hungers…”
  475. >your clothes are peeled off and tossed as you take precautions, and every half-second is a kiss, a stroke, a nibble…
  476. >and to your shame, you’re already close to breaking
  477. >”Don’t you dare!”
  478. >she claws your shoulders with her nails, and the pain pulls you from the brink
  479. >but just the warmth from her body, the softness of her feminine curves married with the firmer, powerful toned arms, legs and arms as she pulls you close
  480. >then she guides your hands, pulling them to her hips as she pushes out her ass and guides herself onto your length
  481. >then she rides you like a wild animal, and there’s no stopping it this time
  482. >she laughs as you cry out in blissful defeat, but Adagio continues bucking against you until you’re too soft to offer much more fun
  483. >”Aw, poor Radian Wave,” she says and pins your arms to your sides, her face an inch from yours, “what a shame. We need to work on your stamina. But the night is young and… ooh!”
  484. >she shivers and you watch her body swell once more, more tone and power, bigger curves and raw height
  485. >as fascinating as it is, and no doubt it would excite you like nothing else, but you’re still riding the last wave and your head’s fuzzy
  486. >”… there’s more than one way to skin a cat.”
  487. >Adagio pulls you over her and guides your hands once more
  488. >her wordless instructions soon have you stroking her thighs, caressing around and between them
  489. >soon she’s also riding high on pleasure as you find out which spots work and which fall flat
  490. >”There! Ah, more! Harder, damn it!”
  491. >you growl she’s a goddess
  492. >that you’ll worship her as long as she needs
  493. >”Forever?”
  494. >damn right
  495. >she grins and rides her pleasure as your fingers stroke and plunge within her
  496. >more and more pressure and pace as her moans rise and hit a crescendo
  497. >and Adagio’s climax has her scream’s so loud, it’s almost overwhelming
  498. >she slumps and catches her breath, and you lie atop her
  499. >but she giggles and growls
  500. >you feel her breasts swell against you, and her legs grow longer and stronger
  501. >”I need an encore…”
  502. >renewed and enhanced stamina and strength as she flips you onto your back and once more mounts you
  503. >and she straddles your chest as her hands explore her slowly transforming body
  504. >and you swear her eyes are glowing in the dark
  505. >”You might want to take a deep breath.”
  506. >you barely have time as she rises, moves higher
  507. >and sits on your face
  508. >you’re bathed in her scent and it takes your breath away
  509. >she grinds against you, and it takes a few attempts to dig your tongue into the right spot
  510. >one you plunge into her one, she clenches but settles to let you do the work
  512. >once you find the right spots, you wrap your arms around her wide hips handfuls of her thick, full legs
  513. >”Ah-! Yes! That’s it!!”
  514. >she squeezes your head between her immense thighs as she writhes and cries out again
  515. >you can’t breathe as she gushes and hammers her hands against the wall
  516. >it cracks from her strength as she rides another climax
  517. >you’re exhausted, but as Adagio climbs off you, it takes you both by surprise when you’re hard again
  518. >”Perfect timing. I’d say you’ve earned another favour,” she says in a deliciously breathy voice
  519. >she kisses you down your body
  520. >lower and lower
  521. >until she reaches your length and you feel her tongue begin to lick you in all the right places
  522. >somehow, you don’t go off right then and there
  523. >and she’s doing the work, you catch a breather, but once more you’re not going to last long
  524. >she’s really good at this, not too quick, so it’s like you’re riding a cloud of sheer ecstasy as you try to hold off another climax
  525. >but no, in moments, you growl and release
  526. >but there is no reprieve
  527. >every minute you’re not able to be ridden, you’re touching and feeling her body, exciting every nerve as her words and she’s your puppeteer for her desires
  528. >and that was just the first hour…
  529. >the second one is a blur, as you’re constantly pulled back from collapsing from her demands and expectations
  530. >it doesn’t matter
  531. >you could die right here, right now from exhaustion and you’d have no regrets
  532. >you’re almost unaware as you just follow her orders
  533. >stroke here, rub there, kisses and groping and blissful pleasure and work
  534. >and every time you have any sort of wherewithal, she’s bigger
  535. >six and a half feet
  536. >six eight
  537. >seven
  538. >she finally hits her full height of 7’3 and, as you struggle for breath again, she finally seems spent as well
  539. >”Mmh… well, you need to work on your technique,” Adagio pants as she settles beside you, her feet sticking off the bed. “But I can’t deny your dedication.”
  540. >you ache all over, and sleep is coming quick, but you need to ask one thing of her
  541. >can we cuddle?
  542. >she glances at you and laughs. “Will that make it all perfect for you, my little pet? I’ll tell you what, face away from me.”
  543. >you muster all your waning strength to roll on your side, as ordered
  544. >she wraps her arms and legs around you and pulls you close, the back of your head nestles into her cleavage, and your settle into spooning
  545. >you’re both sticky and gross, totally exhausted
  546. >but you’ve never had a better, more comfortable sleep as you pass out in Adagio’s long, strong limbs, cradled against her and you can hear her rhythmical heartbeat as a gentle lullaby
  547. >this is love
  549. >the first thing you notice as you stir is a scent
  550. >the scent of sex on the air lingers, but what you mostly get is a flowery fragrance
  551. >but also, curiously, the sea
  552. >you slowly open your eyes to the meagre light of a new day
  553. >you try to move
  554. >everything hurts
  555. >but it’s a good pain
  556. >you manage to turn over, and see the messy, wild hair of Adagio
  557. >she’s silently facing the wall as she sits on the edge of the bed
  558. >you call to her and ask if she’s alright
  559. >Adagio swiftly puts something in a nearby drawer, but doesn’t turn around as she says, “sure.”
  560. >you feel compelled to thank her for last night
  561. >it meant a lot to you
  562. >”… it was convenient for me. That’s all.”
  563. >she sighs and stands
  564. >”No… damn it, hold on.”
  565. >it’s impossible not to be awed at her size as she turns toward you
  566. >she’s completely unabashed at her nakedness as she stares at light peaking through the window behind you, deep in thought
  567. >Adagio’s muscular physique, ridged abs, immaculate, full tits and thick thighs mess with your emotions as you notice she looks troubled
  568. >she puts a hand on her hip, then looks at you silently for a while, though you suspect her focus in more introspective
  569. >it spooks you when she suddenly says, ”I’ve been doing some thinking, Ray. I need to ask you something important.”
  570. >you sit up and ask her to lay it on you
  571. >she manages to put on her usual look of superior contempt and takes a deep breath. “You know what I am. You know I’m an outsider here, and I hate all humans. I doubted that would ever change… until I met you.”
  572. >oh
  573. >that’s a shot in the heart you weren’t expecting
  574. >Adagio scoffs and rolls her eyes. ”Don’t give me that look. I’m not about to start fawning over you and whispering sweet nothings in your ear, you creep. But I suppose I respect you for your talents, and I’m a little confused why you’re so dedicated to helping me. Regardless, like I said, I have to ask you something.”
  575. >she walks around the bed and sits beside you
  576. >the bed tilts from her weight
  577. >”It sounds like you’re on track to completing your machine and no doubt using it to become richer than your wildest dreams.”
  578. >and you still have some ideas on giving her back her powers, you assure her
  579. >she bites her lip eyes the drawer she opened a moment ago
  580. >”What would you say if I told you I honestly don’t think it’s possible, and not to bother?”
  582. >you ask what changed overnight
  583. >”I know when we first met, you said there would be no need for magic gems to retrieve my powers. For a while, I believed you.”
  584. >she pushes you onto to your back so she can reach over to the drawer again, and the ease of which she can toy with your body can’t be diminished by the serious subject but you try and hold off the arousal
  585. >she pulls out necklace with a large red gem, one riddled with cracks and missing a large chunk
  586. >it pulses softly at her touch, and she closes her eyes as she brings it to her cheek, like a lovers keepsake
  587. >”As a siren, these were once a part of us. For me and my band…. no, my sisters, Aria and Sonata, it was as inseparable as our hearts, and just as important. I can understand how the pitiful equestrians were afraid of us, and as we sought to rule the land, I even understand our banishment. Just as I know why we were defeated by Sunset and her insipid group of friends. Which is why I must know, once and for all, if you truly want to restore my powers. I won’t judge you if we just finish your machine and we will take things from there, as partners in your business, or something more.” She looks at you and nods. “I’ll be in a better place than I was before meeting you, that’s for certain. I’m grateful for it. So I have to know…”
  588. >you don’t have to think for long
  589. >after all, you say, you don’t do things in half measures
  590. >that’s not the scientific method
  591. >pursuit of perfection through testing and refinement is your way
  592. >and the more you’ve gotten to know her, the more you’re sure she deserves to be whole again
  593. >Adagio turns her head away, her thick hair covers her face a she remains silent for a few minutes
  594. >”You really are strange. You’re on the cusp of everything humanity desires, riches and fame beyond avarice, and you want to help a… beast, who devours the negative power of discourse and conflict to nourish herself, who could well bring everyone to heel and dominate the world, and you insist on helping her?”
  595. >if it makes any difference, you say, you don’t think she’s that simple in her goals
  596. >not anymore, when she knows what powerful opponents she stands to face here and in Equestria
  597. >no matter her motives before, she’s not evil now
  598. >she nods, then wipes her eyes, and looks up at you with a sweet smile
  599. >”Thats why I like you, Ray. You dissect a problem and don’t consider any detail too small to ignore. It’s what separates you from the other moronic humans. And you have good taste in those to worship. You still have a lot to learn, but alright, no turning back; let’s do this, together.”
  600. >her tender smile turns to a familiar, dark grin and she wraps an arm around you
  601. >but you don’t get a chance to work out if it’s a cuddle or not before she picks you up and tucks you under her arm like a plush toy, and takes you with her to the shower
  603. >she makes you scrub her clean, though she returns the favour
  604. >of course your thin, average self is less work compared to her huge body
  605. >then comes a long session of brushing her hair
  606. >it’s repetitive but oddly therapeutic, and Adagio clearly enjoys the sensation a great deal as she hums some of her old Dazzling songs with her eyes closed, meditative
  607. >once clean and ‘dressed’, since you’re wearing one of her bigger bathrobes while your only clothes are in the wash and she’s dressed in a bedsheet, you have breakfast and ask what’s the plan
  608. >she gives you a serious glare. ”Do you trust me?”
  609. >after that morning’s conversation, you say of course you do
  610. >not to mentioning a purely pragmatic level you still need her and she still needs you for the original deal
  611. >you leave your growing emotional attachment unsaid; you know her too well, and you swear she smirks as you think that, like she’s reading your thoughts
  612. >”Then don’t worry about a thing. Trust me and do as I say, and things will fall together. As a matter of fact, the less you know, the better. I don’t want you distracted,” she says, looks away and narrows her eyes, “among other things. First, how much work does the machine need before you can shrink me in a more stable fashion?”
  613. >a bit, but it’s more a factor of refining the method than anything
  614. >”Good let me know when it’s ready. I need to go somewhere, today and as early as you can.”
  615. >she fiddles with her red gem necklace, hesitates, but ultimately hands it to you
  616. >”and… I’m entrusting this to you. Be careful with it, but I want you to see if it can hold any power at all, and theorise what it might be capable of intact, going by what you presumably recall from our use of it at the battle of the bands. Knowing it’s capabilities in a clinical way with your analytic mind could be crucial.”
  617. >you’ll treat it as if your life depends on it
  618. >she laughs, but she’s dead serious as she strokes your chin. “Oh, it does. Last night means nothing if you break it. I’ll destroy you.”
  619. >you swear you’ll be careful, actually glad for her restored, traditional snark
  620. >considering the delicate, damaged stone, you rely on the feathered touch of your modified phone to test
  621. >it certainly reacts to the siren power signal by glowing and even amplifying the power a little
  622. >but it can’t hold a charge
  623. >the earth, unicorn and pegasus signals get a mild reaction too, curiously the stone emits a puff of green smoke
  624. >you make some guesswork about it’s capacity based on what you recall about the battle of the bands, which is considerable
  625. >greater than your handheld device, maybe even your full sized machine could contain
  626. >the only guarantee is that this stone is what allows Adagio and the other sirens to use their natural powers by amplifying them a hundred fold or more, basically removing the inhibitions of magic in this world
  627. >but it also relies on negative energy to work, so at most, you could use it as a converter of sorts, turning negative energy into siren magic, but without some way to repair the thing, it’s impossible to say it wouldn’t shatter under duress
  628. >you don’t even think this much damage could be repaired, but you’re no mineralogist
  629. >you tell Adagio, but she’s unreadable
  630. >her raspberry eyes dart about, and she’s clearly deep in thought again
  631. >”Hmph. Fine, then I have some work to do. Prepare the machine to shrink me back to normal size.”
  633. >you tweak and improve both the power and precision of your main emitter
  634. >in a few hours, it’s well on the way to completion, and you also have an epiphany on a longer lasting shrink that fades much later in one surge, rather than in spaced spikes
  635. >you can even put the sustaining frequency using audible sound layering; it can’t force or enact a change, but you can trigger a reversion or sustain an existing shrink
  636. >Adagio thumbs her chin as she once more appears to plot, and smirks. “Even a normal phone can carry these trigger sounds, right?”
  637. >you’ll need to buy some audio editing software to make them, but absolutely
  638. >”Do it! Im sure we can be a little thrifty to make up for it. Now, let’s test your new signal. How long do you think this will last?”
  639. >you set up the siren signal blast and new disruption frequency and say like you’re about to find out
  640. >Adagio gets into position
  641. >and she winces and gasps in pain as you blast her, and she shrinks all the way down to her original 5’5
  642. >it already feels odd looking down at her, even if it is only by a few inches
  643. >you take a precise reading on the signal decay, and say you guess it will last six hours
  644. >she barely catches her breath before she sets a five hour timer, heads into her bedroom, gets changed into a more classic Adagio-punkish outfit, complete with studs and spikes, and heads out without a word (though with a wink as she passes you)
  645. >still dressed in her bathrobe, you busy yourself by continuing your machine
  646. >it’s nice being alone for a few hours
  647. >not that you mind Adagio’s company, as she’s smart enough to not bug you when you’re busy crunching numbers, but it reminds you of the experimental days when you first zeroed in on the equestrian signal
  648. >the functions are there, but it’s still not optimised, that requires practical tweaking
  649. >now you need to find a way to store enough power to make it attractive to some investors
  650. >three hours later, you hear keys jingle, the door opens, and you briefly see Adagio walk to the side to let another girl in
  651. >Sunset Shimmer, who stops and gasps as she spots you
  652. >with Adagio close behind her, with a huge smirk on her face, but she masks it as she stops beside Sunset and looks between the two of you
  653. >”Sunset? Ray? What’s wrong?” Adagio pretends to put two-and-two together and puts a hand over her mouth. “Oh, do you two know each other?”
  654. >”Radian’s your boyfriend!?”
  655. >Adagio folds her arms, indignant. ”Wow, judgemental much? I’m sorry if I like smart guys.”
  656. >you say, what the…?
  657. >and internalise the last word
  658. >but seriously, what the fuck?
  660. >Adagio hands both you and Sunset a glass of water and sits down next to you
  661. >Sunset keeps giving you awkward glances
  662. >which is appropriate, because you’re bouncing between old fears of her bullying the shit out if you, new fears of her uncovering your plans with Adagio and somewhere, sandwiched in the middle, is the fact you’re dressed in a girly, fluffy purple bathrobe
  663. >awkward glances all round
  664. >eventually, after taking a polite sip of water, Sunset says, “I didn’t mean to make you uncomfortable, Radian. I just bumped into Adagio at my regular coffee shop, we caught up on a few things and she invited me over.”
  665. >Adagio laughs and says, in a singsong voice, “you don’t have to sugarcoat things, Sunset. I don’t mind you were probing what schemes I’m up to now. Honest, I get it, I wasn’t a very good person. It took losing Aria and Sonata to learn being alone is the worst feeling I’ve experienced.” She grabs your hand and interlocks your fingers, then rests her head on your shoulder. “And it took my Ray of sunshine here to show me that, hey, maybe this normal life stuff isn’t too bad.”
  666. >”Wait, so does he know about… y’know,” Sunset feels the back of her neck
  667. >”Sirens, princesses and unicorns such? Yes.”
  668. >Sunset looks at you and you pluck up the guts to say, sure, it was a lot to take in, but you and Adagio have been very open with one another
  669. >Agagio says, ”*very* open! We’re relying on each other a lot. He happened to find me in a bar, depressed, drunk and despondent, and he took me home, looked after me and he was *so* sweet. It was life-changing, having someone be kind to me without asking for anything in return, or… me manipulating them. Once I learned he was recently made homeless, I insisted he stay with me. Things just kind of carried on from there; Ray, beaten down by life with nothing but the clothes on his back. Me, alone and in need of friendship and,” she kisses you on the cheek and finishes, “something more.”
  670. >Sunset says, ”I’m really happy for you. And relieved, because everyone deserves to be happy, and the way you seemed at the Starswirled venue, you didn’t seem to be having a good time with ‘living life,’ as you said.”
  671. >Adagio glances at you. “If I’m honest, I’ve never been happier. Well, we’re short on the rent that’s due at the end of next week, but Ray’s inventing some sort of self-charging battery that should put food on the table.”
  673. >Sunset looks at you for a few seconds, the guilt obvious on her face, and she says to Adagio, “that’s good, but if you need anything to help...”
  674. >Adagio grips your hand tightly, and her polite smile flashes dark for a split second before she looks remorseful and says, “no, no! After what I did back in high school, I don’t deserve your help.”
  675. >the guilt piles on as Sunset strokes her red and yellow hair as she bites her lip. “Look, first of all, everyone deserves help, just in case this invention plan doesn’t pay in time. I’m willing to help cover anything you need because seeing you this happy and settled is honestly the best thing I’ve seen in a while. And your past shouldn’t dictate how life treats you if you’re honestly trying to better yourself. The truth is, I feel like I owe Radian for the way I mistreated him back then, and how things went at the coffee shop…”
  676. >Adagio looks at you, (forcefully) surprised ”Wait, you didn’t forgive her? It’s so long ago! Do it for me, Ray, please? I want to start fresh, bygones being bygones. Just a couple of equestria girls moving forward with their lives.”
  677. >she flutters her eyelashes at you, and you sigh
  678. >you forgive her, you say to Sunset, and try not to make it sound too forced
  679. >Sunset doesn’t seem convinced, but nods. “Again, I’m sorry for how I treated you, Radian. Seriously, if there’s anything you need…”
  680. >Adagio clears her throat. “Well… there was one thing.”
  681. >Sunset looks at Adagio, who twirls her orange hair between her fingers and looks out the window
  682. >”If I’m being honest, as much as I’ve come to accept life here, there was one thing I’ve always wanted all these years I’ve been here… I’d love to see Equestria, even if just once.”
  684. >Sunset’s eyes go wide. “I don’t know about that. I guess the princess summit is is coming up again soon, but I don’t even have any sort of authority over there, and I doubt Princess Celestia would want me to bring a siren back to Equestria…”
  685. >”First, you wouldn’t be bringing a siren.” Adagio studies Sunset’s doubtful expression. “Let me explain…“
  686. >Adagio gives a very selective account of your brief study on how people here have three magic signals
  687. >”… so since you and Ray share an energy type, no doubt Equestria’s Radian is a unicorn too. Meanwhile, apparently I’d be an earth pony now if I crossed back home. He can show you the data, if you like. Right, Ray?”
  688. >you guess so, you say
  689. >but you know this is getting risky
  690. >Sunset looks deeply conflicted. “I need to think about this. And sure, I’ll need proof. I could read your thoughts-“
  691. >Adagio narrows her eyes. “Well, I don’t know the nitty gritty details of Ray’s data. He was sweet enough to put it in layman’s terms for me. You could always look at his mind! Would that be alright, sweetie?”
  692. >oh, the panic
  693. >you can’t mask it as you recoil at the idea of having Sunset invade your mind
  694. >”I don’t want to do anything you’re uncomfortable with, but… I’m sorry, but you have to understand, Starswirl the Bearded banished the sirens for a reason, and I need every assurance I can offer that you’re doing this under the right intentions. It doesn’t hurt, honest.”
  695. >she reads the panic on your face, but steels herself as she reaches over
  696. >then Adagio grabs her arm, decisively at her wrist and on Sunset’s jacket so there’s no skin contact
  697. >”I’ll tell you what, Sunset. Let’s take a rain check for today. You go and start having talks with Princess Celestia or whomever it is you need to talk, and I’ll talk to Ray and ease his worries, as well as have him get everything you need to prove we have no ill intentions.”
  698. >Sunset looks between the two of you, and retracts her arm. “That’s a good idea. I’ll need to talk to Princess Cadance too.”
  699. >Adagio looks confused (for real this time)
  700. >Sunset clarifies, “the portal leads to the Crystal Empire at the moment, since I get to see everyone at the sunmit, so if you do get permission to visit, odds are you’ll be restricted to there to begin with. It will need to be okayed with Princess Cadance and her husband, Shining Armor.”
  701. >great, the pony versions of the preppy-douche-palace principal and one of their asshole jocks
  702. >you watch Adagio’s eyes go wide and lips creep up in a smile, but she suppresses it
  703. >”Wow, I really have been gone a while. The Crystal Empire’s back, huh? Who’d have thought. Anyway, swing by tomorrow afternoon and I’m sure we can work out where to go from there.”
  705. >Sunset parts way on friendly(ish) terms and you resume building your machine, ready to have a talk about what the hell just happened
  706. >Adagio shudders. “Ugh, as much as I respect for her for defeating me, playing nice to her makes my skin crawl!”
  707. >she heads to the window and watches Sunset walking away from the apartment
  708. >as familiar with Adagio as you’re becoming, she suddenly becomes unreadable
  709. >then she giggles
  710. >which develops into a laugh
  711. >and then a full, dark cackle
  712. >she controls herself and says, ”do you believe in fate, Ray?”
  713. >on your purely scientific background?
  714. >no
  715. >”I do. My crushing defeat, my breakup with my sisters, the indignity of spiralling down the drain? I had given up, just ready to be shuffled into the random playlist of life with every other has-been, taking life a bottle at a time.”
  716. >she turns to you, angry at her recollections, but her expression softens as she looks at you
  717. >”Then you came into my life, and in just a couple of days, I have hope, an ever soaring path to power once more. And every time I think that we have things on track, that maybe I’ll be content again, another opportunity arises, even better than the last.”
  718. >you say that you assume this Crystal Empire thing is a good sign?
  719. >”Remember what I said, Ray, just trust me and follow along. I’ll divulge what I need to as and when necessary… which brings me to the next point. Your emitter can broadcast suppressive signals specific to the equestrian magic types, correct?”
  720. >sure, disrupting the energy and spreading them away from a person’s inherent power is how you’ve been able to shrink Adagio; you’re weakening her ‘earth pony’ power, which presents as strength and size
  721. >”Then we need to prepare an anti-unicorn signal, and I need you to teach me how to use your device. If we weaken Sunset’s power, but not completely suppress it, do you think we can stop her learning too much without arousing too much suspicion?”
  722. >it’s possible, although you admit that if you’re a unicorn, you’re not sure what effect it will have on you since you aren’t magical
  723. >also you’re not looking forward to honing in the frequency; it’s probably gonna suck
  724. >”Oh, poor baby!” Adagio approaches you and grins, then pats you on the head. “You’ll be fine. After all, any discomfort or pain will be because you didn’t teach me properly.”
  726. >you give her the run down, and considering her obvious cunning, it’s not too surprising she gets to grips with the device in pretty quickly
  727. >her phone alarm triggers not long into your tutoring
  728. >”What a shame, just one hour and I’ll be towering over you again.”
  729. >yep. Huge shame that, you snarkily tell her
  730. >and you absolutely *hate* her impossibly long, muscular legs and powerful physique, and it’ll be a shame to see all that again
  731. >”I’ll bet being even bigger does nothing for you, hmm?” Adagio gives you a smug stare.” “As completely off putting as it would be, could you just imagine me, having to crouch around the apartment? All naked and so huge, and you’d be my toy? All that power for poor little me?”
  732. >sweet mercy, Addy, don’t put that thought in your head
  733. >you might just use this brief window where you’re stronger than her to force her in the emitters way and you’ll *try* to remember to switch it off before she outgrows the apartment
  734. >or building
  735. >she licks her lips, and her eyes go distant; she’s imagining it
  736. >the smile says everything. ”I dare you to try.”
  737. >the heart, and other, more temporarily blood-filled parts, say to take the challenge right now
  738. >but boring Mr. Radian Wave’s brain, as in the thing that’s literally giving you this opportunity, says until she reverts on the existing signal, just to play it safe
  739. >and besides, you really don’t want to risk her giant hands ruining your machine because she’s not used to being even bigger
  740. >you sadly, as top priority, you have a unicorn diminishing signal to find
  741. >”I’ll tell you what, if we can work out the frequency before I grow, we throw caution to the wind, you dose me with more siren energy and I’ll let you do what you want to me as I grow to my new height?”
  742. >it’s your turn to look distant for a moment
  743. >you say you’re as ready as you’ll ever be
  744. >Adagio taps the keyboard and you *feel* the frequency
  745. >it’s not too drastic, you say, but you feel weird
  746. >nothing you can pinpoint, but everything feels off
  747. >”If I had to hazard a guess, it’s too weak. Increasing the amplitude.”
  748. >you feel hot, being on burning
  749. >and your mind fogs
  750. >you tell her to dial the thing down… for some reason you can’t think what it’s called
  751. >a few more adjustments, and you can tell it’s affecting you, but not only can you still mostly function, the longer you’re under its influence, the more it seems normal
  753. >Adagio switches the emitter off
  754. >”I’d call that a success. If we have this running throughout her visit, Sunset should hopefully not realise it’s numbing her magic if we let her settle, pass the time with conversation or whatever. Between that and how you’ll also be addled, she shouldn’t glean more than some basic details.”
  755. >it was numbing your brain, you say, so hopefully she doesn’t realise something’s to off, and you’re still playing on guesswork here; she could learn your motives
  756. >Adagio chuckles. ”Relax. Leave everything to me.”
  757. >it was kind of worrying; all your studies and knowledge were fading and like they weren’t even there
  758. >”Well, if you’re all reflections of your equestrian selves, it stands to reason your magic is tied to your special talent.”
  759. >those… cutie marks, right?
  760. >Adagio nods. “Now, if my brilliant performance as your tech assistant is up to your lofty standards, perhaps we can have some fun? We have,” she says and checks her phone, “ten minutes. I’m going to to change into something more disposable.”
  761. >you check her adjustments as she dashes into her room, and everything looks good
  762. >you jot the numbers down, log them on your phone and commit them to memory as well; this is very important
  763. >Adagio emerges, dressed in an old Dazzling’s merchandise shirt and some gym shorts
  764. >”Not that I’m having second thoughts, Ray,” Adagio asks, obviously having second thought, ”but I’ll be able to be shrunk down to this height again, right? It’s not worth having a little indulgence if it compromises the whole plan.”
  765. >it will take more power to suppress the extra energy, but sure, ultimately her 5’5 height is still a baseline in this world
  766. >hell, at some point you’ll need to experiment with bombarding her with earth energy, as you suspect that wouldn’t make her grow; you theorise it’s her body’s attempt to absorb the far more potent siren signal and her current, earth-like form is what’s causing this growth as a side effect
  767. >she shrugs. ”No time like the present. We’ve got a few minutes.”
  768. >you fire up the earth signal
  769. >”Ooh… tingly. It’s kind of nice. I don’t think it’s doing much though.”
  770. >you square that one under ‘fun times enhancer’
  771. >without a word, you then fire up the siren signal
  772. >ears point up through her hair, eyes glow, fin-wings spread as she grunts and receives more power
  773. >once more, it reaches a point where her body just stops receiving the power and her changes vanish
  774. >that means you’ve give her a similar dose to the first time and shut it down
  775. >she stands and stretches. ”Quick, what delightfully deviant acts do you want to do?”
  776. >all this meeting with your old bully business has you somewhat inspired
  777. >she looks a little surprised, then flashes a menacing grin
  778. >grabs you by the collar
  779. >and shoves you against the wall
  781. >”So, you like being treated like a little worm, hmm? Belittled? You’re pathetic!”
  782. >she shudders and gasps, losing her balance as she presses her body against yours
  783. >”A little… nngh… weed like you? Even thinking of approaching someone as beautiful as me? As powerful as me!?”
  784. >you could have escaped up to this point, but that window soon closes
  785. >her arms recover some mass as firm biceps and triceps rise and swell
  786. >and her breasts push and distort her T-shirt and push into your chest as she grows taller than you
  787. >”There’s no way… ahh-“ Adagio’s shorts creak and strain. “No way you deserve to breathe the same air as me!”
  788. >it’s becoming hard to breathe as she pushes her tits against your chest, but her arms are now on the wall
  789. >and you feel some genuine panic as you feel yourself being lifted
  790. >she cackles as she literally lifts you off the ground with her tits, just as a huge split forms down her T-shirt, the word Dazzlings broken apart like the band itself
  791. >”As if you could possibly… mmmhhh!”
  792. >by luck, there’s a mirror where you can see her back
  793. >and just in time as her ass explodes out of her shorts, the thick, padded cheeks wobble for a second as they gladly take up space, then flex as they get backed by slabs of muscle
  794. >”… could possibly please a woman as big as me!”
  795. >your feet are clear off the ground as her back muscles flex and finish what her tits started as her T-shirt bursts off of her, and with a flex of her thighs and a wiggle of her hips, she’s covered only in thin strips of fabric that are over her shoulders or pinned between you and her gigantic, perfect breasts
  796. >but you haven’t taken a breath in nearly a minute
  797. >Adagio grabs you, fights through her disorientating arousal and stands
  798. >and pins you against the wall and ceiling
  799. >she’s bigger than her original 7’3 height, and still growing
  800. >in fact, she cries out and you see her arousal trickle down her thighs as she hits a climax just from the growth
  801. >which seems to fuel her final spurt as she shoots up, her thick mane of hair cushioning her head as it hits the ceiling
  802. >she’s panting like a dog, her face is bright red and her eyes are lidded and unfocused
  803. >but she stares at you and drools
  804. >”I need you. Inside me. *NOW!*”
  805. >she lets you down and stumbles back, using the ceiling to keep her balance
  806. >and begin strategising as you realise you’re only eye level with her rock-hard abs
  807. >because you’re going to need to work to please your newly 9ft girlfriend
  809. >of course it wasn’t a request
  810. >Adagio picks you up and struggles through her bedroom door, and you thank your lucky stars you don’t get a concussion on the doorframe
  811. >she goes to throw you on the bed the bed but stops, looks you in the eye, and brings you in for an extremely heavy kiss, with her plush lips smothering your face so intensely, for a moment you worry she’s going to eat you
  812. >*now* she slams you on the bed and climbs over you
  813. >the bed creaks ominously and Adagio lowers herself on top, her pelvis pushes down on you as her legs settle on the floor either side, and she rises again just to get a more comfortable position
  814. >it’s obvious she isn’t thinking straight, as you’re liable to break some ribs, hips or break your spine if you don’t act fast while she’s not pressing her unfathomable weight on you
  815. >so you slide lower and push both your hands into her eager folds
  816. >she moans loudly as you meet little resistance; she’s so big and horny, you’re a little glad, because I’d your arms weren’t enough, you half suspect she would use your whole body
  817. >.. and briefly consider that may well true be next, if you grow her again
  818. >you pull your hands away and plunge a fist deep inside and massage her from within
  819. >there’s more laboured creaks from the bed as Adagio writhes, cries out and demands, “more!”
  820. >you slip off the bed as she lays on her front and raises her hips, like an invitation do do her doggy style
  821. >you use your other hand to tease her button, and she yells as she bucks against you
  822. >she also suddenly reaches down, snags your arm, drags you up between her legs, and mounts you again
  823. >Adagio begins humping your length, the size difference doesn’t seem to matter, and you breathe a sigh of relief she’s supporting most of her weighty
  824. >and she’s so sensitive, just grinding against you sets her off into rhythmic grunts
  825. >each thrust rocks the bed, each push hammering it against the wall
  826. >it’s overwhelming; her gasps, your grunts, the creaking bed, the scrape of wood and thump of the wall
  827. >you go off, but Adagio just rides you harder
  828. >to no surprise, someone hits the wall from the next apartment to complain about the noise
  829. >Adagio responds by screaming in bliss as you get drenched in her juices
  831. >she collapses on you, and you’re brought down to earth on the very real returning threat of being crushed
  832. >Adagio has just enough mind to pick you from beneath her as she relaxes on the bed
  833. >well, not on bed as over it; her arms and legs trail all over the room and her torso takes up most on the queen sized mattress
  834. >you’re tired, but it’s not exactly super late
  835. >so she cuddles you close as you bask in a mutual afterglow
  836. >you kiss Adagio’s fingers and say she’s an incredible woman
  837. >”Flattery? I don’t know what you’re after, Ray, but be my guest. Unless you’re pining for a second round? I wouldn’t mind, but I suspect the bed might not survive.”
  838. >you chuckle
  839. >but something gnaws at your mind
  840. >you say worshipping her is easy
  841. >she was beautiful anyway, her confidence was sexy, her intelligence impressive and she now looked truly divine
  842. >not to mention she had an amazing voice
  843. >and until now you hadn’t given it much thought, but… was there anything she liked about you?
  844. >Adagio’s hands stroke your chest, but she’s silent
  845. >you begin to worry, but she finally hums in thought
  846. >”If you’re fishing for complements. I could just say that your goddess gladly grants you her attention.”
  847. >no, real talk
  848. >your invention explained much about why she slept with you last time, a convenient way to secure your loyalty
  849. >but… she could have strung you along now, promises of more sex for completing the device
  850. >so you ask her again, what is it about you that just… works?
  851. >more silence
  852. >you uneasily say it’s alright if she doesn’t feel anything for you
  853. >you understand outcasts and geeks like you don’t really normally end up with the gorgeous girls
  854. >“Shut up, idiot. You don’t get to belittle yourself.” She holds you above herself and stares into your eyes and winks, but her smile is strained. “That’s my job.”
  855. >a few uncertain seconds pass, and she lowers you again onto her perfectly strong and sexy body, cradling you against her breasts
  856. >”Let me tell you a story. When I was still a siren, I felt akin to a goddess. I held great power, along with my sisters, over the hearts and minds of everyone we desired, just by singing. And through this manipulation, we sowed chaos and conflict. This made us ever more powerful. It was… simple. In our nature, and effective. In retrospect, simple is shortsighted, and effective is crude. Of course, we grew ever bolder and brazen, and that made the ponies gather champions to fight us. We were too strong to defeat, but they did banish us.”
  858. >Adagio sighs and holds you tighter, and you snuggle against her soft bosom
  859. >”Even when we resigned ourselves to our punishment, old habits died hard. So while we adjusted, we retained that pride. All we desired was our next nourishment of negativity. But more than anything, we desired adoration to give us a ready supply of that energy. And as soon as we had our old powers restored by what we did at Canterlot high, we struck. And failed. We lost everything but each other.”
  860. >the battle of the bands, you recall that but like most of the crowd, you were entranced
  861. >”So we delved even deeper into accepting our new lots in life. Just three humans, forever. We sought desperately to ‘find the magic’ of normal life. Sonata had the least trouble; she was always the most reactionary of us, and enjoyed simple pleasures. Going by what I heard when I watched the show, she’s revelling in the role her voice acting job. Aria resented her for giving up on the old ways, and instead of being their driving force and keeping them on track, I… I buckled, just gave up trying to keep them together and snapped at both of them, called them useless and… much worse things.”
  862. >it’s not like she wasn’t under stress too
  863. >you go to offer her some kind words, but the distant, sad expression on her face
  864. >”I still remember the day Sonata left. Aria and myself thought she was bluffing about the job offer, and even I said that if this talent agent was so great, she should just go and not come back.”
  865. >her eyes grow wet, but she scowls and laughs sardonically
  866. >”Take a wild guess what she did. And Aria vanished the next day, and just left a note saying she needed to find a reason to live for herself. Which was when I started my plan for that bar, only I failed that as well; I didn’t realise how much was needed to keep it running. I bet Aria’s doing just fine as well, just to make sure it’s succinctly my fault.”
  868. >which brings you to now, you say
  869. >Adagio squeezes your shoulder and says, “so I’d fallen lower than I’d ever been, and after years of demanding adoration and worship, a strange man appears before me, full of both. Given, unasked, even unrequited for a time. I’d never had that before. And he was clever, and dedicated. I’ll freely admit I don’t care much for the human form, but he wasn’t terrible to look at, either. And he let me discover meaning behind all those dark times by giving me hope. For once, instead of looking down on everyone and only seeing the worst in everything, I’m looking up, at the possibilities. And most of all, for the first time since my banishment? Suddenly this world seems tolerable. Because of you.”
  870. >you look up at her as she stares into your eyes
  871. >you both just have a moment
  872. >one ruined as her stomach rumbles loudly and you can’t help but laugh
  873. >oh yeah, you forgot you skipped dinner because of training her to use the device and the subsequent growth and sex
  874. >Adagio sighs, and says, “guess I’ll need shrinking again. I *so* can’t wait for you to make your fortune so I can just stay huge.”
  875. >you say you have some idea about inducing a less arousing regrow the post-shrink signal
  876. >Adagio scoffs. “Where would be the fun in that? Maybe I like growing and making you my little toy?”
  877. >you chuckle and say you enjoy it too, you’re just saying that, if nothing else, it’ll be useful to try it out if she suspects she might grow back in public
  878. >she rolls her pretty eyes. ”Sounds boring, but ugh, fine.”
  879. >you go to prepare the machine ahead of Adagio
  880. >only to hear a loud thump and her grunt, “ow!”
  881. >you look at her as she holds her forehead, and squeezes into the main room
  882. >”Not a single word, Ray,” she grumbles, “or you’re sleeping on the couch. Outside. When I throw it out the window.”
  883. >you know she’s just being… well, Adagio, but considering she lives in the second floor, you still don’t fancy being yeeted through glass and onto the sidewalk, so you focus on your new tweaks
  884. >it’s all about controlling the way the magic within her returns to her current ‘earth’ state
  885. >you assume it’s to do with the local lack of relative magic for an earth pony; her body can only process it in the simplest way which is, according to Adagio, earth ponies are typically bigger and stronger
  886. >the alternative is that earth ponies are excessively, eternally horny
  887. >you just realised that if you’re going to Equestria, you’re going to become an equine
  888. >and a unicorn at that
  889. >what even is your life, right now?
  890. >that’s a riddle for the ages, though you wouldn’t trade it for the world
  892. >once you set up the new shrinking signal, you watch Adagio dwindle in size, curves and brawn
  893. >considering her new ‘normal’ height, it’s very drastic
  894. >though this new method seems feasible, Adagio’s discomfort as she shrinks past six feet tall isn’t a great start, but she’s soon svelte and trim at 5’5
  895. >you check the decay and start your calculations
  896. >Adagio rolls her less muscular shoulders, then cups her smaller breasts and frowns
  897. >”I should give you a homework project, Ray. Maybe see if you can make a shrink signal that lets me keep the curves and muscle. I hated being human already, but being given a body like you’ve given me, and it’s hard to go back to this tiny form.”
  898. >you also regret to say that, while the decay seems more stable, so it should cause less *ahem* disruptive energy, it’s happening quicker: she’s got an hour before she won’t have to with about being ‘tiny’
  899. >”Is that what we’re calling big horny time now? Disruptive energy?” she wiggles her eyebrows at you and strikes a sexy pose, then sighs. “Eh, still, it’s enough to get a bite to eat.”
  900. >you both do your part to make a quick dinner and eat it just as quick as you plan your next steps
  901. >you realise with Adagio’s request, you’re not completely sure when you’ll have time to learn how to use that audio editing software
  902. >you say so, and that you hope this trip to Equestria won’t be too soon so you can get everything ready
  903. >Adagio snorts and chuckles. “Don’t be an idiot, Ray, you’re better than that. Who said anything about *you* learning how to use the audio software? I can do that. Perhaps you’re forgetting who you’re talking to? You know, the lead singer of the Dazzlings? After we lost our powers, of course I looked at every avenue to get us back on the stage, everything like mixing, layering and more. And yes, before you get snide, that includes autotune…” she gives you an evil glare and a pointed finger, “but we did *not* use it for our performances!”
  904. >you hate to admit it, but with everything going on, you kinda forgot she used to be an almost professional singer… mainly because she hasn’t sung in a while, which you mention
  905. >she bites her lip. ”I just… haven’t felt the need to. We used to sing for our powers to work, and when we lost those, we sung to make money. I suppose I haven’t really just sung for the enjoyment of it since…”
  906. >she trails off and looks distant, even looking a little distraught
  907. >”… I don’t think I’ve ever just *sung* a song. It’s always been to further my goals.”
  908. >you don’t know much, but you’ve heard true musicians always have tunes and songs in the background of their minds, even thinking in rhythm and such
  909. >just like how you’re always crunching numbers, working out theoretical uses for these magic signals; life is science, and that’s how you live your life since it’s how you perceive and judge the world
  910. >”I… I guess I’ll think about it.” She smiles. “Even if it’s for a one man audience.”
  912. >you do some tinkering while Adagio stares pensively at her phone
  913. >to your surprise, she suddenly lifts it to her ear
  914. >”Ugh, voicemail,” she grumbles, then puts on a friendlier tone and says, “hey, it’s me… I know it’s been a while, but I’d really like to talk. Actually, scratch that. I want- no, I *need* to see you. Please. Call me if you need the address, but I sent it to you, like, ten times already. If it makes the decision to call any easier, there’s a great taco place near where I live.”
  915. >she sighs
  916. >trying to lighten the mood, you ask if you’re going to have more surprise visitors, you’ll need a girlier bathrobe; the last one wasn’t quite emasculating enough
  917. >Adagio snickers. “Funny time to bring up the subject of clothes, I was considering making you wear lingerie while you’re living here.”
  918. >though, I’m all seriousness, who was that she was calling? Or is it another ‘do as I say, or else’ thing?
  919. >”I’m trying to mend things with my sisters, if you must know.”
  920. >that’s good of her, you say, and you think it would do Adagio a lot of good to bring them all together again; peace of mind and all that after how they broke up
  921. >”If I’m going to get my powers back, I want both of them here to receive the benefit too. Like you said, it only seems right after I pushed them away. The only problem is I still don’t know how to get hold of Aria. I’m hoping in some backwards way she’s stayed in contact with Sonata, even though they always bickered like children.”
  922. >with a sudden gasp, Adagio looks at herself
  923. >you check your phone; yep, been about an hour
  924. >”Ooh… without the tingling, this feels… weird.”
  925. >Adagio quickly peels off her clothes as she shudders up to six feet tall
  926. >her body looks like it’s flexing over and over, but every time she relaxes, she’s a bit stronger and more muscular
  927. >Adagio blushes a little as her modest but perfectly pert breasts swell and gravity pulls her forward, then another flex of her muscles and she stands upright
  928. >and creeps up to seven feet tall as she flexes her legs and wiggles her toes
  929. >sure, she may not be aroused, but damn!
  930. >she’s not the only thing growing as you hope the bathrobe is covering your own swelling
  932. >Adagio flexes her arms and grins as her biceps pulse larger
  933. >”Okay, so I may not be getting hit with the horny energy,” she says as her body stretches taller, “but this is still damn hot.”
  934. >she steps over to you and giggles, no doubt becayse you appear to dwindle and get obscured behind her tits as she hits eight feet in height
  935. >and you watch as your eye level goes from her upper abs, which bulge out as she hits her peak strength, to the lower set as her growth abates at nine feet once more
  936. >”Mmmh, there we go. Your goddess is back, and I sincerely hope you’re ready for intensive, dominant…cuddling.”
  937. >you might have to check your schedule
  938. >she gives you a traditionally dark grin and says, “I’m sure you’ll find the time.”
  939. >without another word, you’re picked up and taken to bed
  940. >you expect another hard session, but it’s as Adagio says
  941. >is passionate kissing, cuddling and a little grinding
  942. >it’s entirely your own choice when you grab some protection and she lets you have the most vanilla sex as you mount her
  943. >she just gently pushes her hips up to your thrusts and maintains loving eye contact
  944. >well, as much as she can; her breasts keep getting in the way as they bounce from her movements
  945. >you go at like a rabbit and easily blow your top, then fall flat on her hard but comfortable abs
  946. >but you feel guilty; the size difference means that she wasn’t likely getting much from that
  947. >so you change tactics and go fist deep again
  948. >she gasps and smiles as her eyes lose focus reclines and lets you worship her
  949. >and you push your arm as far in as you dare to, which makes her squirm, and begin pumping her
  950. >and it lets you get near enough to her button to nibble it between your lips and suck on it
  951. >”Aah! E- easy, you idiot! Not so- ooh… rough!”
  952. >you apologise, you didn’t realise she was such a dainty flower
  953. >you feel a shiver run up your spine as she gives you an evil glare. ”Oh, that’s it!”
  954. >she grabs your head and jams you face first between her legs
  955. >”Work fast, Ray, I’m not… mmmh letting go until I get what I want!”
  957. >like you needed an incentive
  958. >you eat her out faster than you ate lunch back in Canterlot High when Sunset was on the prowl
  959. >and apparently so efficiently, you’re almost surprised when she cries out in climax and you get half crushed between thighs as she clenches
  960. >but as she comes down from her ecstasy, she plucks you up higher, cuddles you like a plush toy, and you easily find sleep
  961. >…
  962. >you feel the bed move and there’s a squeal of wood on wood
  963. >”Ray!”
  964. >you turn and look at Adagio, as she sits upright and sweating
  965. >most shocking is you’ve never seen her this distressed before
  966. >you ask Addy if everything is okay
  967. >she clears her throat and says, “sure, just a weird dream.” She recovers her composure and grins. “Almost as weird as you.”
  968. >har har
  969. >she settles back down, or as much as can considering her legs are clear off the bed so she has to go into a foetal position to fit, and she cuddles you as you doze off
  970. >”… never leave me…”
  971. >did she say that, or was that your imagination?
  972. >it was strange seeing her like this
  973. >vulnerable, which even when she was like back in her old bar, she never displayed it; it just wasn’t in Adagio Dazzle’s personality
  974. >but you can only guess that, siren or not, she’s a human now, with that entails; doubts and fears, despite how huge and strong she is physically, just like you had before you plucked up the courage to find and talk with her
  975. >all you can do is stick to your principles and trust in her unspoken plan
  976. >and that means dealing with Sunset Shimmer to get into Equestria, despite your still lurking fears of her
  977. >for your Adagio
  978. >your goddess
  979. >your lover
  981. >once more, you wake up to her scent; oceanside flowers you’re starting to call it
  982. >you guess she carries the aquatic element of being a siren with her, even here
  983. >you’re also buried in another usually water-like feature: a cascade, though of her hair
  984. >her gentle snoring is a good sign; after her sudden start in the night, you wondered if she might be worried about something
  985. >but nope, she’s sound asleep
  986. >and any chance to escape soon vanishes as she pulls you on top of herself, squeezes you tightly and sighs, thoroughly content
  987. >then the doorbell rings
  988. >you’re launched halfway across the room as Adagio catapults upright
  989. >”Wha- Damn it, who the hell is that? Oh, Uh… Ray? Are you alright?”
  990. >just… peachy
  991. >you think she’s convinced, as you’re upside down and half-splayed on her dresser
  992. >you get to your feet as Adagio stands and bumps her head on the ceiling, cussing again
  993. >then she walks towards the bathroom and trips over the dresser, narrowly missing you and landing on the floor with enough force to break the floorboards
  994. >”Damn it! Ray, answer the door. Wait, the handheld emitter can shrink me, right? What’s the frequency?”
  995. >you hastily get the device and your notebook, and tell her to take her pick of the six hour horny or one hour non-horny versions, but follow the instructions carefully
  996. >you then get back into her bathrobe on as the doorbell rings again
  997. >Adagio uses the daintiest fingertip taps on the controls and sets the device down, pointed towards her; that’s going to take a few minutes to bring her down to size
  998. >you head to the door and open it to a surprisingly familiar face: Sonata Dusk
  999. >she peers at you, blinks a couple of times, and checks her phone. ”Oh, dang it. Did I get the wrong one again? This is supposed to be Adagio’s place. These numbers and floors are confusing.”
  1000. >you say she’s got the right place
  1001. >she squints at you for a few seconds and says, “Adagio? Wow, you really let yourself go.”
  1002. >suddenly, your girlfriend’s facepalming attitude to stupidity makes a lot of sense
  1003. >you clarify; that is Adagio’s apartment, you’re just living here for the time being
  1004. >”Ooh, okay. So where is she? And who’re you?”
  1005. >you say she’s just getting dressed, aren’t sure you want to say anything about you and Adagio’s relationship so you keep quiet on that point, and let her in
  1006. >your inner fanboy is giddy; you’ve met two of the three Dazzlings!
  1007. >of course, you’re going steady with one kinda supersedes that, but whatever
  1008. >you ask if she wants anything to drink
  1009. >”Honey and lemon tea, please.”
  1010. >you… don’t think you have that. You have coffee, water and juice
  1011. >”Like, why didn’t you say so? In thought you said ‘anything’ for a reason. I guess coffee?”
  1012. >…
  1013. >it’s going to be a long day
  1015. >as you switch on the kettle, a shrunk and classically purple clad (if still a bit bed-haired) Adagio exits the bedroom and folds her arms
  1016. >two sisters face each other and you can feel an uneasy atmosphere
  1017. >Sonata can’t hold eye contact and looks down at floor, ashamed. ”Hey, Dagi.”
  1018. >Adagio doesn’t break her stare
  1019. >she just slowly walks up to Sonata, who looks slightly panicked and takes a step back
  1020. >Adagio gets within striking distance
  1021. >takes a deep breath
  1022. >and pulls her sister into a deep, tight hug
  1023. >”I’m sorry.”
  1024. >”Dagi?”
  1025. >your girlfriend pulls away and caresses Sonata’s cheek. “For the break up. I imposed myself as leader of the Dazzlings, I thought I’d done my utmost to keep us together, but all my leadership didn’t count for much more than a carrot on a stick, leading us from meagre scraps to meagre scraps of energy.”
  1026. >Sonata cocks an eyebrow, “I don’t remember you using a stick? Or carrots. Oh, unless you mean that carrot heavy stir fry sauce you made once on the tour bus?”
  1027. >”Ugh.” Adagio goes to face palm, but sighs, looks her sister in the eye and pats her on the head. “I meant I didn’t really lead you, I just used our desperation to keep you with me. I should have been better, and I especially should have been sensitive to you and Aria’s needs when we lost our powers altogether. Most importantly, I’ve missed you. I hope you can forgive me.”
  1028. >Sonata pulls Adagio back into a hug. “It’s alright. I’ve missed you as well.”
  1029. >you’re not sure whether to vomit or d’aww at the moment, so elect instead to sip your coffee
  1030. >Sonata glances at you and asks Adagio, “so, living with a human, huh? Is he your slave?” She then giggles and teases, “or maybe your boyfriend or…?”
  1031. >Adagio breaks the hug again, glances at you, and says, ”yes.”
  1032. >”Which one?”
  1033. >Adagio’s evil smirk sends a tingle up your spine and she doesn’t clarify more than saying, ”Radian Wave’s a credit to his race, and he’s also the second reason I wanted to see you. But that can wait, how have you been?”
  1034. >Adagio leads Sonata to sit down, and you drink your coffee in silence as Sonata explains what she’s been up to the last couple of years; similar to Adagio, she got a simple apartment and just got on with life, though in her case, her voice acting role
  1035. >she’s a major character in a kids cartoon (and also lends her singing prowess to a couple of other characters) about various forest animals who gain magic powers because of an ancient spirit passing on the duty of protecting the land. There’s fairly simple politics between their respective animal clans, slice of life stuff, and occasionally fending off larger threats through the power of compromise and friendship
  1036. >apparently she plays an uppity, snobbish, well spoken rabbit who can cause earthquakes by thumping the ground with her feet named Tantra, you guess is a play on tantrum
  1038. >Adagio says, ”I wondered why I couldn’t recognise you when I watched an episode. Interesting choice; I honestly couldn’t tell it was you.”
  1039. >”I know, right?” Sonata giggles. “I wanted to play something more fun, like the ditzy deer that can turn into rock, but when they said the rabbit was the last role, I remembered what my agent said, ‘channel someone you know,’ and it worked!”
  1040. >wait, you interject, did she channel Adagio?
  1041. >your girlfriend’s glare shaves few years off your life, but Sonata giggles and says, “I totally did! Wow, you’re smart!”
  1042. >Adagio goes from murderous to a little hurt. “I’m not uppity, am I?”
  1043. >you’ve never seen Adagio pull the kicked puppy look, and both you and Sonata can’t help but laugh
  1044. >and, eventually, Adagio joins in and the tension fades
  1045. >”I guess I deserved that,” Adagio sighs, “but anyway, I’m glad you’re doing well. I don’t suppose you’ve heard anything from Aria?”
  1046. >Sonata suddenly goes quiet and looks away again
  1047. >”Sonata, please, it’s very important. I wouldn’t ask otherwise.”
  1048. >”Uhh,” Sonata fiddles with her striped blue ponytail, “so, like, she became a backup vocalist in a band, learned the guitar and… she’s been working on my show as well between gigs, doing some of the music and voicing a side character. She made me swear not to say anything to you. Like, pinkie, but not Pinkie Pie, swear!”
  1049. >Adagio looks hurt again. “So she’d rather spend time with you, when you used to always bicker the most, rather than talk to me?”
  1050. >”Yep.”
  1051. >Adagio pinches the bridge if her nose and grumbles but sniffs and says, ”whatever. All the more reason to set things right. Do you still have your pendant?”
  1052. >Sonata pulls a big locket necklace on a fine chain from her top and pops it open, revealing a similarity damaged red gem, much like Adagio’s
  1053. >”I always keep it with me. It doesn’t work any more, though.”
  1054. >”Well,” Adagio says and wraps an arm around your shoulders, “things might change soon, which is why I wanted to get us all back together. I want us to keep in touch. And I want your necklace.”
  1055. >Sonata looks at the broken stone for a second, then closes the locket. “I don’t know… why do you even need it?”
  1056. >Adagio clasps her fingers together. “Please, you have to trust me. It’s extremely important, and just as important I keep it secret.”
  1057. >it’s a tense few seconds
  1058. >”Okay, I guess…”
  1059. >Adagio flashes a grin as she takes the amulet and heads into her bedroom
  1060. >she emerges without it, but instead with your handheld emitter
  1061. >she switches it on and places it on the kitchen work surface, pointed at Sonata
  1062. >the ditzy siren shudders and says, “oh… I don’t feel so good all of a sudden…”
  1063. >Adagio suddenly puts on a worried expression, “oh no, I was worried about this! Without our stones, we’re getting weaker!”
  1064. >the anti-siren signal that’s part of the shrink sequence…
  1066. >this manipulation isn’t cool with you, and you go to call Adagio out
  1067. >she’s already giving you a pleading look and raises a hand to signal you to calm down as she retrieves the necklace, fiddling with the emitter as she does
  1068. >”Does that feel better?” Adagio asks as she hands the necklace back and winces as she stands in the field, looking shaky
  1069. >Sonata seems more comfortable. ”Yeah… a little.”
  1070. >”If you’re not busy, maybe you should stay a while, just to make sure you’re alright? I did say about getting tacos.”
  1071. >Sonata clutches her necklace, then nods
  1072. >you pass the time getting to know Sonata and Adagio gets some breakfast tacos from a local place, then spends some time on your device’s computer with the sound editing software
  1073. >she puts a few Dazzlings songs on and they’re primed and ready for your joined input to make versions with subliminal energy frequencies
  1074. >you’ll need to experiment, but the two you’re certain that will work is a version that can cancel a shrink and one that can extend it; a disruptive frequency and a reinforcing one
  1075. >while busy with her chores, Adagio suddenly shudders grows a little with a barely restrained moan, so she quickly heads back into her bedroom with the handheld device, and reapplies her shrink signal, narrowly missing being seen by Sonata
  1076. >eventually Adagio receives a text
  1077. >she smirks. ”Ah, finally. Our guest.”
  1078. >Adagio sends a reply, disengages the handheld device, and nods to you and the main emitter. “Time to get things ready.”
  1079. >”Like, get what ready? And who’s coming?”
  1080. >”Sunset Shimmer.”
  1081. >Sonata looks panicked. ”Ohmygosh, what!? Why?”
  1082. >”You’ll see.”
  1083. >you activate the unicorn weakening signal, and grumble as you feel unwell
  1084. >a few minutes pass and the doorbell rings
  1085. >you see it this time where missed it before; Adagio’s recently recovered and permanent aura of smugness loses its edge, and her characteristic grin turns to an attempt at an earnest smile
  1086. >she opens the door and lets Sunset’s inside
  1087. >the flame-haired girl shudders and seems dazed for a moment. She then collects herself and says, ”Adagio, Radian. Oh, hey, Sonata.”
  1088. >Sonata folds her arms and just replies, “hey…”
  1089. >Sunset takes a deep breath to focus herself. ”So I’ve talked with Princess Twilight and Cadance. They’ve approved your visit, on the condition I can check this isn’t some ploy.”
  1090. >you sigh and offer your arm, reluctantly, as well as hand her your note book
  1091. >Sunset gently holds your wrist, and her eyes flicker white for a few seconds
  1092. >she winces and shakes her head. “That’s weird, I couldn’t get a good read on you. Just… bits and pieces.”
  1093. >you say it plain; Adagio’s changed and she’s a better person now
  1094. >Sonata chimes in, “she even hugged me! It was like, weird, but nice.”
  1095. >Sunset looks surprised. ”I guess that checks out.” She flips through your notes
  1097. >she looks a bit confused at parts, but otherwise seems awestruck. “This is incredible, Radian. I can’t work out all of it, but this magic signal conversion is genius. It’s way closer than I’ve ever come to working out how magic functions in this world; I tend to just rely on the fact it just works, and that’s it.”
  1098. >you say thanks, that compliment almost makes up for ruining your science fair project by dumping water on the expensive, sensitive electronics back in high school
  1099. >explaining that to your parents was fun, especially the part where they argued about taking you out of school and that incident was the last straw, and likely that argument was likely a major catalyst to their break-up
  1100. >Sunset practically shrinks in on herself in shame
  1101. >Adagio stifles a laugh, but collects herself, rubs her neck in a pretend show of awkwardness and says, “that’s awful, but let’s get back on topic. This is probably a bad time to bring up a new development. I think life without draining energy is slowly weakening us… maybe even killing us.”
  1102. >Sunset’s immediately on the offensive again. “You can’t be serious. You realise what you’re asking, right?”
  1103. >Adagio gestures to Sonata, “you could always get the memory from my sister. I asked to look at her stone and she felt the effects of being away from her gem.”
  1104. >as Sunset prepares herself, Adagio directs your gaze over to the device and points downward
  1105. >you quickly reduce the power, and feel better as a result
  1106. >”This is gonna feel weird, isn’t it?” Sonata mumbles
  1107. >and when she (also reluctantly) gives her arm to Sunset to have her mind read, your old bully’s eyes glow a brilliant white this time
  1108. >Sunset lets go after a few moments, and her expression is troubled
  1109. >”It’s true…” she whispers, “damn it.”
  1110. >Adagio beams a manic grin at Sunset’s back and clears her throat and looks earnest again
  1111. >”I understand your trepidation, Sunset, I wouldn’t have trusted myself either, but I fear we aren’t long for this world if we go without nourishing ourselves on energy. We need that ability to drain negative energy. It’s too deeply entrenched in our souls and the Crystal Empire is just the place to repair our gems, as a civilisation based around objects of power like the Crystal heart. Even one gem would do; we could share!”
  1113. >Sunset’s troubled expression only deepens, and Adagio puts on more pressure
  1114. >”Sunny, if it will ease your fears, let’s consider the facts; it’s my understanding there are, what, four princesses of immense power that will be present for this summit? And it will just be myself, an earth pony with no powers, and Radian Wave, who will be a unicorn but will likely need to spend most of his time there just trying to utilise even telekinesis, let alone any other magic. If we try a single thing out of line, we have no way to stop you punishing us as you deem fit.”
  1115. >she approaches Sunset and takes out her her necklace, holding it out to Sunset
  1116. >”AND if it makes a difference, you can even be in charge of my gem, we’ll only need it when we get back home. Finally, I want to remain in contact with you, Sunset… maybe even become friends? That way you can keep an eye on us. I bet my Ray of sunshine here,” she says and takes your hand, “can use his know how to give us the energy we need without us ever having to harm another human. You hold all the cards. Me and my sisters are at your mercy.”
  1117. >Sunset’s jaw goes a little slack as the two girls stare at each other, and Sunset turns her gaze to the necklace in Adagio’s outstretched hand
  1118. >”Adagio, I…”
  1119. >your girlfriend turns on the near to tears puppy dog eyes. “Please! If not for me, then for the sisters I led astray!”
  1120. >Sunset reaches for the necklace
  1121. >and closes Adagio’s fingers over it, gently pushing it back to Adagio’s chest
  1122. >but then grabs her forearm, and her eyes glow white
  1123. >Adagio winces as you panic and crank the power up
  1124. >you barely keep your feet as the severe anti-unicorn signal makes both you and Sunset stumble
  1125. >and you grit your teeth as the two girls break up, with Sunset clutching her head and Adagio grimacing as she’s steps away
  1126. >”Oh… oh no. Adagio, I’m so sorry, I had to be sure.”
  1127. >what did Sunset see, you ask, only to step back
  1128. >Adagio’s shaking violently
  1129. >and her expression…
  1130. >Sunset gently takes hold of Adagio’s shoulders. ”Why didn’t you come for help sooner? I knew you were in a bad place, but-“
  1131. >Adagio’s carefully sculpted platitudes, plots, ploys and personable personas shatter as she swats Sunset’s hands away, then brings her own hand across Sunset’s face in an almighty slap
  1132. >it’s so painfully loud, it makes both you and Sonata wince and recoil
  1134. >Adagio seethes, “how… fucking *dare* you!?”
  1135. >Sonata pleads, ”Dagi? What’s wrong, what’s going on?”
  1136. >this is the most unrestrained Adagio’s probably ever been, even more than her giving in to her desires
  1137. >it’s shocking
  1138. >almost feral
  1139. >she just points at Sunset and snarls through her teeth, ”don’t you dare tell them! I won’t be pitied by anyone! Not Sonata, not Ray, and least of all you, you bitch!”
  1140. >Sunset holds her reddening cheek, her own anger boiling below the surface, but she holds back as Adagio storms into her bedroom and slams the door shut.
  1141. >after a laborious silence, a downtrodden Sunset says, “I’m leaving. And I’ll do my best to convince Twilight of what Adagio wants and make the arrangements. We leave the night after next, when the moon is full.” She looks at you and Sonata and sighs. “I know you care for her, but all the same, look after Adagio. I never realised… never mind.”
  1142. >Sunset leaves without another word
  1143. >Sonata approaches Adagio’s door and knocks. “Dagi, like, what was all that?”
  1144. >you move up beside her and listen
  1145. >your heart almost stops when the door opens to a grim faced Adagio, but she just folds her arms, takes a deep breath and shrugs. “Nothing. Just getting what we want. This time next week, we’ll be sirens again, and if we play our cards right, we can coerce our way back into Equestria and we can forget this pathetic chapter of our lives ever happened. As it should be.”
  1146. >Sonata wordlessly just puts her arms around Adagio, who barely responds to the affection, like maintaining her usual frosty demeanour is taking all her concentration
  1147. >”Like, I know I’ve annoyed you a lot, and I’m not smart, but we *are* sisters. Please, just talk to me if you need to… or if you just need to vent and stuff.”
  1148. >Adagio sighs, relaxes and returns the hug
  1149. >and most tellingly, she gestures for you to join in, which you do so, gladly
  1150. >”We belong together,” Adagio says, “we’re stronger together, because I’m through being chewed up by this damn world alone.”
  1151. >”Yeah… about that. I didn’t want to, like, cut in because of all the shouting and just… y’know, Sunset? But what’s all this Crystal empire and visiting Equestria stuff?”
  1153. >Adagio glances at the door out of her apartment, breaks up the hug, then taps her chin with a finger
  1154. >”Well, flared tempers aside, I guess we did get what we want… not much point hiding the details now. But I want Aria to know about it as well. Can you call her here?”
  1155. >Sonata takes out her phone and says, “I’ll try.”
  1156. >she steps away to make the call, and you put a hand on Adagio’s hip to bring her close and whisper if she wants to talk
  1157. >”It’s ancient history at this point, and not important anymore. I’m better now, thanks to you and reconnecting with sisters, so drop it.”
  1158. >and yet, you say, she still manipulated Sonata and hit her with an anti-siren signal for her own gain
  1159. >where does that factor in patching things up, exactly?
  1160. >Adagio scoffs, steps away and folds her arms. “I said reconnected, not become ‘besties’ something equally ridiculous. If you’re that sore about it, I’ll tell you what, Ray; when me and my sisters are true sirens again, with our powers restored and you’re rich, I’ll apologise to of you. Hell, I’ll grovel. And besides, of course I care about her, and you, a great deal, but if you think I’m not willing to push and twist anyone into getting what I need, you’re dead wrong. Just know it’s for the right reasons for *us*. If you care about me, then you have to accept that.”
  1161. >… point taken, you say
  1162. >Adagio gives you a genuine smile, kisses you on the cheek, and you both try to listen in to Sonata’s call
  1163. >”Oh, come on, Ari. Like, why won’t you believe me?”
  1164. >”What’s the problem? Or is Aria just being Aria, like normal?”
  1165. >Sonata quizzically tilts her head and asks, “why wouldn’t Aria be Aria? Is that like when you weren’t you answering the door, but Ray being you? Huh? No, Aria, listen…”
  1166. >as Sonata returns to the phone, Adagio cocks an eyebrow at you, deeply confused
  1167. >you say it’s a long story
  1168. >not long in concept, just… because, y’know, Sonata
  1169. >”Enough of this.” Adagio storms up and snatches the phone
  1170. >”Aria, listen to me, we *need* you… look, I know, I messed up before, but you don’t understand just how close we are to getting our powers- yes, she was being serious! Why would I lie about having a boyfriend? Wait, why is that the part you find hard to believe!? Ugh!”
  1171. >Adagio holds the phone to you. “Ray, tell her what she wants to know.”
  1172. >you clear your throat
  1173. >take the phone
  1174. >activate your chad reserves
  1175. >and say, hello Aria, it’s the man that’s ramming her sister into noise complaint inducing screams of pleasure and cuddling the night away post-coitus talking, and ask what she wants to know about getting her powers back
  1176. >Adagio’s lost for words but blushes bright red, eyes wide and jaw slack
  1177. >Sonata bursts into a fit of laughter and collapses on the couch
  1178. >while, on the phone, you hear Aria say, “… alright, I’ve got to see what sort of freak show she’s got strung along. I’ll be there in ten.”
  1180. >Adagio gulps. ”A… bit much, Ray.”
  1181. >you shrug and say to your girlfriend that you only said the truth
  1182. >she’s still blushing. “That… I guess it worked…” she stammers but takes a deep breath and calms down
  1183. >Sonata’s still giggling like crazy. She gasps for breath and says, “ohmygosh, that was hilarious!”
  1184. >Adagio rolls her eyes as hand Sonata back her phone
  1185. >”This will probably be the harder ask,” your girlfriend says, “even more than Sunset. Aria was always second guessing my leadership, and while I’ve owned my failings, she’s going to use that against me, I just know it.”
  1186. >Sonata shrugs. ”She’s not been too bad when working on my show. Like, she’s still little miss Snippy-Pants, but she seems, like, I dunno, less of a downer?”
  1187. >”I’d hardly call her attitude just ‘snippy.’”
  1188. >”Oh, Snippy-Pants her characters nickname on the show, Snipanna. She’s my character’s bestie! I just mean she’s more focused on doing stuff instead of arguing, especially playing the guitar.”
  1189. >”Wow, actually doing stuff instead of being passive-aggressive? Maybe she has changed. I guess we’ll soon find out.”
  1190. >a few minutes later, there’s a heavy knock on the door
  1191. >you open it to one Aria Blaze, who’s got an electric guitar slung over her shoulder
  1192. >she eyes you with genuine contempt as you give her the once over in return
  1193. >her girly twintailed violet and aqua striped hair and deep, pretty violet eyes are a far cry from the rest of her
  1194. >compared to perky, lively and curvy Sonata and beautiful, traditionally womanly (in her formerly normal form) Adagio, Aria’s obviously taken to the whole self improvement side in stride
  1195. >her bare arms show rock solid muscle, her waist is sturdy instead of trim, and damn, she looks poured into her fashionably torn purple jeans, with meaty thighs and calves mostly exposed through the split denim
  1196. >”Really? You’re the human that’s screwing my sister? She really has given up.”
  1197. >post-school life taught you one thing, and that’s to stand up for yourself, so you shift gears
  1198. >you say it’s nice to meet her, too, or was she here for clothing repair, what with those ‘Snippy-Pants’? Adagio’s neighbour’s a tailor
  1199. >though going by the guitar, if she’s busking, you don’t have any change, because she definitely looks like a bum
  1200. >Aria glowers and grits her teeth at you, but Adagio pulls you back and stands between the pair of you
  1201. >both girls fold their arms as they just stare down one another
  1202. >”Aria.”
  1203. >”Adagio.”
  1204. >the tension between the sisters is probably setting off energy alarms on your sensors
  1205. >Adagio sighs and drops her hostility first. ”You look well, Ari. Better than well, you look great. Very impressive. It’s honestly good to see you again.”
  1206. >”And you look like you’ve forgotten what you are and have taken to sleeping with humans. I don’t know whether to be repulsed or amused that the high and mightiest of us could fall this far.”
  1208. >Adagio’s brow twitches and her attitude changes gears. ”Nice guitar. It looks familiar… wait! Isn’t the same model Rainbow Dash plays? Aww, Aria’s got a crush! They do say imitation is the most sincere form of flattery.“
  1209. >Aria bares her teeth, but Sonata’s voice pipes in from behind
  1210. >”Nuh-uh! We just got together again and we are *not* doing this! Aria, if you don’t play nice, I swear I get you fired!”
  1211. >that takes the wind out of Aria’s sails, and just as Adagio smirks and takes a breath to go in for the verbal kill, you put a hand on her shoulder; Sonata’s dead right, as worrying as that is
  1212. >Sonata them pushes past you, grabs her sisters and pulls them inside, so you shut the door
  1214. >you make another round of coffees
  1215. >Aria and Adagio spar with their resting bitch faces as Sonata frets between them, twiddling her fingers
  1216. >the stalemate breaks as Aria says, “I’m gonna be clear here. I think we’re better as far away from each other as we can be, so once you give me my powers, I’m gone.”
  1217. >Adagio sighs as you hand her a coffee and she takes a sip. ”I understand. I failed you as a leader, and you were right to question me. But I want to not only become close again, but I’d like to recreate the Dazzlings, but as equals, and that includes Ray, albeit as more of a managerial-come-owner role, once he earns his fortune. Everything we do together will be discussed and all points considered.”
  1218. >Aria sneers at your girlfriend, and begrudgingly takes a coffee from you. “Let me get this straight, you want me to be on equal terms with a human, Sonata and *you*?”
  1219. >Sonata pouts and gives Aria an attempt at an evil glare (it’s adorable). “Hey, what did I say? Quit being a meanie! Don’t forget who got you a job, and loaned you money when your band didn’t pay you.”
  1221. >Aria huffs, hiding what’s obviously a sore point. “I don’t care, learning the guitar was enough. It gives me more joy than anything else in this stupid world, and that dumb show just gives me an opportunity to keep playing.”
  1222. >Adagio grins, “oh, so you were scammed. I guess I’m not the only one who’s made some bad decisions. In fact, as indicative as how living as a human it makes it, the only person here who seems to have her head on straight is Sonata.”
  1223. >you didn’t need to look, but you do so anyway
  1224. >Sonata’s feeling her neck, looks confused, then catches on and says, “ooh, you mean… well, it’s just a job, even if I love doing it. Hey, you own a bar, right? How’s that working?”
  1225. >Adagio grumbles, but leans back and says, “I sold it, because Radian Wave’s research needed funding. And I’m happy to say, he’s almost got everything worked out. He’s the best investment I’ve ever made.”
  1226. >as Adagio strokes your back, affectionately, Aria asks, ”what research?”
  1227. >Adagio laughs. “What indeed? I think a practical demonstration might be in order. Just a little taste, nothing permanent.”
  1228. >you head to the machine and fire it up, then turn the emitter towards the Dazzlings
  1229. >you set a short siren energy cycle, but too short to trigger a spurt
  1230. >although…
  1231. >… no, fetish, get out of this
  1232. >you doubt you’ll survive a big, angry Aria, or a big, clumsier Sonata
  1233. >or an even bigger, room filling Adagio
  1234. >Ray, there will be big ladies later
  1235. >or… oh, now that’s your using your head
  1236. >best of both worlds
  1237. >you dial up a full run and resist the urge to do your mad scientist laugh… for the moment
  1239. >you ask Adagio to look at the machine
  1240. >she raises a neatly trimmed eyebrow and comes over
  1241. >you quietly ask her, when she first grew, it felt great, right?
  1242. >”After the initial surprise and… aftershock, yes. I felt powerful, like it reminded me of what it was to be more than a mere human. I still think on it as motivation. To see this through, no matter what.”
  1243. >*now* you let out your mad scientist laugh and say good, time to replicate the results
  1244. >for science!
  1245. >and you unleash the siren signal at her sisters
  1247. >Aria snarls, ”what the fuuu-ooohh yeah, more!” Her frown turns upside down real quick, and she looks overjoyed
  1248. >”Oh… oh! That feeling! I’d almost forgotten how good real power feels!” Sonata gasps and beams an equally huge smile
  1249. >both sirens’ eyes glow red, fin-wings emerge and they float off the ground
  1250. >Adagio gives you a funny look and says, ”I feel like I’m missing out, but whatever. I hope you know what you’re doing.”
  1251. >you chuckle and say nope, but it’s high time to share the wealth, because you’re about to take a page out of her book
  1252. >ever the girl who likes to be in charge, she’s taking your sudden insubordination well
  1253. >you’re say banking on the same reaction Adagio had; a feeling of nostalgia and empowerment as a way to motivate them as well
  1254. >Sonata seems on board, sure, but Aria needs some convincing
  1255. >plus, you’re also pretty sure Snippy-Pants up there will have a hell of a time playing her precious guitar without regular access to your shrink tech
  1256. >tech that only two people know how to use…
  1257. >Adagio smirks. “Not bad, I give you a B for manipulation. But a D- for planning.”
  1258. >you watch Aria and Sonata suffer the same cut-off as Adagio has before, where their siren forms suddenly cease, and the energy gathers begins to convert over
  1259. >so what’s wrong with your plan?
  1260. >”Well, be glad I’m all about sharing with my sisters, because I suspect you might be in high demand.”
  1261. >Sonata whines, “aww, what gives? That felt *amazing*!”
  1262. >Aria’s brief joy ”Yeah. I’d almost forgotten what it felt like. It was as if a piece of me was missing and I’ve only just noticed it’s power. But where did all that energy go?”
  1263. >you smile and say that scientific law states that energy cannot be created, nor destroyed
  1264. >merely converted into another form
  1265. >”What‘s that supposed to- oh…” Sonata‘d face turns red and she stifled a moan. “What’s happening!?”
  1266. >her eyes go wide as she looks down at herself
  1267. >just in time for her tits to surge in size and strain her T-shirt
  1268. >Aria’s clearly feeling it too, but she grunts and tries to resist it
  1269. >she clenches her fists and watches as her arms swell with more muscle
  1270. >and her already compromised jeans snap and rip as her legs thicken
  1271. >Sonata staggers forward from her newly head-sized breasts, struggles to remain upright as she stretches taller, then backwards as her ass swells out and bursts through her pants
  1272. >Aria’s abs come into view as she starts sprouting taller
  1274. >Adagio bemusedly says, “it’s kind of fun to watch, isn’t it?”
  1275. >you add you doubt it’ll ever get old as you sweat and stare in awe as Sonata spurts up towards six and a half feet in height
  1276. >her clothes spontaneously burst off her body, revealing less muscle than Adagio gained from her first spurt, looking more like a fitness instructor rather than your girlfriend’s amateur bodybuilder muscle but…
  1277. >sweet mercy, her curves!
  1278. >you’ll be able to see her tits from behind
  1279. >and you doubt she’ll be seeing her toes any time soon
  1280. >and you doubt they make doors wide enough for the hips, let alone chairs for dat ass!
  1281. >her height crests at 7’1 it as her growth slows to a stop
  1282. >Aria’s on the opposite end
  1283. >she finishes her ascension just shy of seven feet, by her physique triggers a primal fear,
  1284. >her moderate curves are boosted to impressive, but nothing extraordinary
  1285. >but she’s thoroughly jacked as she experimentally flexes, and her pro bodybuilder-style body responds by going full hulk
  1286. >Aria still manages to look feminine, but it’s pushing the boundaries
  1287. >both sisters look at themselves, then each other
  1288. >Sonata whispers a slightly whiny, “my clothes!”
  1289. >Aria looks at the swell of her bicep, and grins. “It’s weird, but… this feels natural.”
  1290. >Adagio adds, “a bit nostalgic from those days we towered over the denizens of Equestria?”
  1291. >”Like, now that you mention it?” Sonata says and seeks to be coming around. “It kinda makes me miss being all kaiju. And flying. And screaming at stuff to destroy it.”
  1292. >”It’s a meagre facsimile of our true power,” Adagio muses, “but there’s a certain something to it, eh?”
  1293. >Adagio turns to you, pats you on the shoulder, and says, “now for the punishment for your lack of foresight. Don’t be embarrassed; we all have to learn this lesson the hard way,” she gives you her best evil grin and adds, “and if you don’t survive, your sacrifice won’t be in vain. I wish you luck. I’m gonna go get more tacos for dinner, for Sonata being a team-player with Ari.”
  1294. >Adagio leaves and you wonder what she means?
  1295. >you hear an unrestrained moan
  1296. >and look up at the flushed, aroused expressions of the two sirens as they struggle to keep their hands off themselves
  1297. >Aria tries to resist, but soon begins grope herself, stroking her muscles and caressing her body
  1298. >Sonata whines, plunges her fingers between her legs and falls to her knees with a dopey grin
  1299. >they’re unashamed as they pleasure themselves, even hitting a climax within moments, each crying out in pleasure, but just as quickly, it’s obvious they’re still deeply aroused
  1300. >”I- it’s no good… I need something more,” Aria growls and licks her lips as she looks at you, “I need some*one* in me. You did this to us, haaah… you’re gonna fix it!”
  1301. >Sonata pounces on you. “First dibs!”
  1302. >”Hell no, he’s mine!”
  1304. >you’re glad you’ve had some experience in dealing with Adagio’s brand of rough sex, because Aria snatches you from Sonata, pins you to the floor, rips off your pants and mounts you
  1305. >your girlfriend was strong, but you swear Aria’s shaking the room as she begins jumping your bones, which knocks over her guitar with a ringing of the strings
  1306. >Sonata climbs over you head and drops her eager folds over your face and grinds against you, moaning as she squeezes her massive tits
  1307. >you don’t stay passive though, not the least of which because between the pressure on your body and head, you literally can’t breathe
  1308. >so you reach up between Sonata’s legs and, as she lifts to get a better position, you grab a handful of her sex
  1309. >”OHMYGOSH, yes!! M- more!”
  1310. >as she wishes
  1311. >she leans forward and kneels over you as you use one arm to penetrate and the other to stroke and caress her inner thighs and use your full strength against her sensitive spots
  1312. >but you’re forced to pause as Aria roars in her climax, and you’re not far behind her, but you only go off (thankfully) after the titaness pulls off of your shaft to recover, and you explode over her abs instead
  1313. >forcing yourself through the orgasm haze, you push your forearm deep into Sonata, who screams her own blissful cry
  1314. >”Gotta have more!” Sonata purrs as she comes down, and she says to Aria, “told ya humans aren’t so bad.”
  1315. >”Shut up and lemme ride his face before I have to look at him get smug.”
  1316. >oh, damn it, you were hoping that would be it
  1317. >Sonata settles in to just grind against your hips, as there’s no way you’re gonna be hard enough this quick
  1318. >but it doesn’t matter, you improvise by bucking your hips against her own, helping her as she strokes herself along most of your body
  1319. >Aria’s lacking some of the soft padding of her sister, and you have only a split second to suck in a breath before she shoves your face right inside her
  1320. >for the second time in the same day, you’re tongue-lashing Aria
  1321. >and the brief look you get at her goofy, smiling, lidded eyed expression as you eat her out tells you you’re on the right track
  1322. >then she presses almost her full weight on your head and you see stars
  1323. >but after a determined effort, she screams and your face gets flooded, and thankfully she collapses off to the side
  1324. >you wipe your face off with a larger scrap of Sonata’s clothes, only for the still bucking siren to fully lie on top of you
  1325. >and she kisses you, which muffles her climax as she wraps her arms around you, and pulls you on top of her as she also flops, spent, on the floor
  1326. >”Okay,” Aria pants and forces her smile away, “as much as I’m loathe to admit it, and I don’t know why, but… I’m starting to see where Adagio’s coming from.”
  1327. >you say yeah, you’ve seen her ‘coming’ a bunch lately
  1329. >Aria blinks and even manages a little laugh, then says, “fine, I’m down with getting back together. Not just the sex, but feeling my old powers again… and I could get used to this body.”
  1330. >Sonata adds, “and, like, if things don’t work out between you and Dagi, call me? You seem nice, and easy to dominate. I love that in a human!”
  1331. >… thanks?
  1332. >as she winds down, Aria picks up her guitar to check it’s not damaged, but it’s comically small in her hands, and tuts. “You can shrink us… *right*? There’s no way Adagio hasn’t done this too, but she looks normal.”
  1333. >of course, but you only have temporary means right now
  1334. >”Sure sounds like an Adagio plan; falling short on all fronts…”
  1335. >you leave it unsaid, but you’re glad she hasn’t caught in to the fact-
  1336. >Aria suddenly growls, ”wait, you did this on purpose, didn’t you!? So we’d be stuck here, or leave and get branded freaks without your help!”
  1337. >you call it a fringe benefit, but Adagio certainly hasn’t minded being made bigger for the same reasons, it makes her feel powerful and instils a sense of being closer to what she once was
  1338. >”Yeah, I don’t mind this, either,” Sonata says and admires her expanded body, “I’ve wanted to talk to Adagio again for, like, ever anyway, it’s only because you kept saying we should leave her alone. If I’d known we’d get sex and tacos, I’d have come here sooner!”
  1339. >serendipitously, Adagio enters with another bag of tacos, burritos and more, and the still mellowed Aria and Sonata chow down as Adagio pulls you towards the shower
  1340. >”So, have fun? I’m glad you survived, for what it’s worth,” she says with a weak smile
  1341. >she’s putting on a front, that much is certain
  1342. >for real, you ask her, is something wrong?
  1343. >Adagio pouts and sighs. “That obvious, huh? As soon as I left, I felt jealous. I didn’t think it would effect me, you and my sisters clearing out the ‘disruptive energy’,” she says with finger-quotes, “but the thought of you being with another woman… really didn’t feel right, if I’m being honest.”
  1344. >you say you’re sorry, but Adagio cuts you off by pushing a finger over your lips
  1345. >”I’m owning my mistakes, and it was my call to let that happen, so don’t apologise. Just… never again, okay? Though I guess the blow’s softened a little since it’s my sisters, and they deserved your determined touch. Still, it seems Aria’s calmed down and she seems on board, so good job. I’d kiss you but I don’t fancy some second hand sex contact with my own sisters. Get clean, because it’s time to explain the plan.”
  1346. >you shower, and realise with your pants ripped, you’re officially out of full outfits, and resort to once more wearing the bathrobe
  1347. >as you head back into the main room, Aria and Sonata are shrunk back to normal and dressed in some of Adagio’s spare clothes, with the former quietly jamming on her guitar and the latter busy in her phone, and Adagio herself is tinkering with your handheld emitter
  1349. >Adagio waves you over and gives you your owed kiss. She whispers, ”Sonata’s ordering us all some clothes, including some… big and tall stuff. She’s also paying our rent, so we don’t have to worry for the time being. We can focus on getting our powers and then we can get your invention completed at a leisurely pace. Naturally they want a cut of your future fortune.”
  1350. >they’re her family, so of course
  1351. >anything important to her is important to you
  1352. >”Well, with that settled…”
  1353. >Adagio stands and everyone looks to her
  1354. >”So, shall we discuss the plan? I’m not going to lie, there’s a lot of guess work here, but we’ll just have to improvise,”
  1355. >”Oh great, more of Adagio’s stellar planning…”
  1356. >”Aria, I’ll let that slide, since you’ve only just got here, but just to bring you up to speed, between my planning and Ray’s know how, we’ve managed to fool Sunset into believing that we’ll die without repairing at least one of our siren gems. Even if the main plan fails, we’ll be far better off than I ever thought we would be.”
  1357. >”Wait,” Sonata says and tilts her head, “I’m *not* dying? Phew! For a second there, I was worried I wouldn’t be able to finish recording the second season my show. All those cliffhangers! That would have made me sad.”
  1358. >Adagio, Aria and you all sigh
  1359. >”Just… try to keep up, Sonata,” Adagio says and pats her sister on the head
  1360. >you say you know it’ll be you and Adagio going to Equestria, but what else does she have in mind?
  1361. >Adagio’s grin goes maximum evil scheming mode. “So, starting tomorrow…”
  1363. >the plan is set, and you’ve all got some preparations to finish
  1364. >with Adagio learning your energy signal work nice and smoothly, so she’s mixing those shrink extension and cancelling music tracks without you needing to help her
  1365. >which is incredibly hot; it’s one thing her being sexy, yet another that she’s now a nine foot tall giantess, but that she’s actually mentally brilliant is genuinely distracting
  1366. >not even in a fetish sense, and more in a way that, without your previous crush on her, and the physical relationship, you’d be falling for her right now as she carefully blends subliminal signal triggers in with her songs
  1367. >forget what you said that night you first spent together after sex
  1368. >*this* is love
  1369. >meanwhile, Sonata’s gone to get the old Dazzling tour ‘bus’ in working order down a local repair shop
  1370. >but your first order of business is to teach Aria how to use the emitters
  1371. >the dour sister’s certainly not as smart as Adagio, but you designed the devices to be easy to use, but almost impossible to just ‘guess’ how to make it work
  1372. >in fact, if things are done out of sequence, you’ve boobytrapped them to send out a warning pulse that your phone will detect from literally a hundred miles away and shut down
  1373. >”So set the receiving frequency, amplitude, then hertz, then power it up?”
  1374. >no, you correct, frequency is a form of hertz
  1375. >you repeat that it’s receiving frequency, amplitude, then conversion of energy coefficient in hertz to help prevent confusion-
  1376. >Aria pinches the bridge of her nose. “This is complicated… I need a break,” then she smirks, “how about we go blow some steam?”
  1377. >you politely decline
  1378. >”Oh, come on, I won’t even be at risk crushing your skull this time.”
  1379. >you *feel* the violent urges radiate from Adagio before you hear her stand and approach
  1380. >”There are plenty of humans for you to choose from. Not all are as brilliant or competent as *my* Ray,” Adagio says and squeezes your shoulder, “but you’re welcome to go find one.”
  1381. >Aria shrugs. “I don’t see the problem. He’s a competent human, sure, but he’s already getting what he wants from this when he sells his invention or whatever.”
  1382. >Adagio narrows her eyes. “Like I said, he’s one of us now, and you’re welcome to his talents and asking him for anything, but as a person?”
  1383. >Adagio tilts your head up and she plants a very deliberate kiss on your lips, tongue and all, all while she stares daggers at her sister
  1384. >”He’s mine. He made you bigger, like me, in haste. I would have made you wait, and that’s the running joke with all of us and why we were brought so low; fast mistakes have long-term consequences. Like mine, when I left him to be subjected to your lust from the transformation, but that’s all it was. Are we clear?”
  1385. >Aria chuckles. “I dunno, he seemed to enjoy it.”
  1386. >oh, this isn’t going to end well, is it?
  1388. >Adagio turns unreadable as she undoes her belt and a few buttons on her clothes, and brandishes her phone. ”Ray, my pet, I’ve finished the signal triggers. Shall we conduct a test?”
  1389. >maybe in a controlled environment? It’s kinda tense here…
  1390. >Adagio’s brow twitches but she grins. ”Oh, I’m in control, it’s just *some* people have forgotten that control can be fleeting if one is not careful.”
  1391. >she taps her phone, and ‘Lets have a Battle’ plays
  1392. >both Adagio and Aria shiver, and at Adagio’s continued disrobing, Aria clues in and starts removing her borrowed clothes
  1393. >just as both girls start growing, with Aria’s muscles and Adagio’s curves improving quicker being the only main difference
  1394. >”Let me make this absolutely clear beyond a doubt, Aria, my darling sister…”
  1395. >Adagio is either ignoring the arousal or ending it early weakens the effect, because she puts a hand on Aria’s shoulder and smirks, though grunts with some resisting effort as she slowly grows
  1396. >”You see this? Feel this? This power?”
  1397. >she pauses the song and their growths end at an impressive six and a half feet for her, and 6’2 for Aria, both with enhanced physiques
  1398. >”This is ours. And everything you desire, I shall fight for with all my soul, in apology for failing you. You name it, and if it’s within my power, it shall be, dear sister. Because I love you, and Sonata, as family only can.”
  1399. >she resumes the signal track, and their growth
  1400. >”But one thing is off the table. Just one, itsy, bitsy thing. Because it seems we all have our vices, our passions poured into something, or someone, else. Something I’ve learned is tied to our desire for control, and to be adored.”
  1401. >Aria’s growth sputters out, and Adagio continues to ascend
  1402. >”And for me, that one thing is Radian Wave. My willing worshipper after a lifetime of having to ‘hunt’ for adoration. His brilliance and dedication. And for that reason, he is equal in our group. Am I clear?”
  1403. >Aria shakes off her obvious rising fear as Adagio ducks to stop her head hitting the ceiling, and says, “but he’s just a human-“
  1404. >Your girlfriend finally stops growing. ”You’re right… he *is* just a human.”
  1405. >Adagio picks up Aria’s guitar and plucks a few strings, then oh-so-gently grips the neck and body, and her powerful arms visibly flex
  1406. >”Hey, leave my guitar alone!”
  1407. >”But it’s *just* a guitar,” Adagio’s mocks. “Teasing aside, I can tell this means a great deal to you. As does Sonata’s voice acting job. I’d say we sirens are still creatures of simple pleasures, no? With a capacity to lose our tempers when something interferes with the focuses of our control. Am I right? Do I need to set an example, *dear* sister?”
  1408. >there’s an ugly creak from the varnished wood, and the hairs on your neck stand up as the metal strings squeal from strain
  1410. >Aria grits her teeth but her will breaks and suddenly, gruff, moody Aria looks like a scared little girl. “You’ve made your point! I’m sorry!”
  1411. >Adagio hands it over without a fight. “We’re fickle things, aren’t we, Aria? Just as soon as we are defeated by something, we seek to understand it, bring it to heel, by instinct, make it the next monument of our desire for control. Sonata sought to understand friendship because we were beaten by a band with a damn girl with a stupid tambourine!”
  1412. >her cool demeanour breaks for a split second, but she sighs. “Ugh, what I mean is, it was nothing to do with their silly instrument selection, it’s just proof that their togetherness made them greater than our bickering and lack of cohesion. Because of that, I think Sonata was attracted to a show about rival creatures joining forces and becoming the sum of more than their individual parts, and she acts her heart out for the desires of the viewers, and as always, to be adored. You’ve sought to imitate and overcome the now-leader of the Rainbooms, and you’re by all accounts a virtuoso after only a couple of years of practice. We adapt, as is our nature, and excel, because we *need* adoration from others.”
  1413. >your girlfriend puts a hand on Aria’s shoulder again. “But most of all, between us, simply abiding each other isn’t enough any more. We must act as one harmonious group. If we can do it in our music, we can do it as people. Friends *and* sisters.”
  1414. >you ask what Adagio’s revelation was
  1415. >Adagio smiles, but it’s a sad smile. Distant. “… as you can probably tell by how far I continued to fall, it took me longer to learn that… never mind, not now. I swear I’ll tell you, some day. Now, care to shrink us?”
  1416. >you figure it was whatever Sunset saw when she read Adagio’s mind, but drop it for now and bring the pair back down to size
  1417. >Adagio and Aria silently get dressed, but Aria keeps stealing glances at her sister
  1418. >not contempt, like you were expecting, but concern, like even she recognised what happened to Adagio has pierced the rivalry
  1419. >evidently Adagio’s fall has given her wisdom the others lack, on top of her deviousness, strength and beauty
  1420. >what a woman…
  1422. >”Now, back to work.”
  1423. >you resume teaching Aria, who’s far more focused, and you’re soon satisfied with her knowledge
  1424. >your next job involves modifying the handheld emitter
  1425. >namely, inside the EM shielding for the sensor array (to prevent interference), there’s now space for a little contraband; just enough for two gems…
  1426. >you hope your knowledge of Equestrian magic is enough and nobody detects or deconstructs your device over there; your main machine can’t detect the unique signatures the gems give off, but the handheld emitter now has some frustrating, constant hiss
  1427. >you reconfigure the ‘squelch’, and that helps a lot, but it’s no longer the precision tool you demand, but you’ve gotta get those siren stones into Equestria somehow
  1428. >the next day, you’re having to deconstruct the main device and reconstruct it in the Dazzlings tour van
  1429. >Adagio stress tests herself with the shrink extension signal;, which is piggy-backing off of ‘Find the Magic’
  1430. >she claims it feels like being wound up like a spring
  1431. >but it’s a success! The signal decay is significantly extended, and with repeated use, it seems to be indefinite, not to mention you put the tracks into your handheld emitter; if things go bad and a fight is called for, instant big Adagio
  1432. >and finally, when the sun goes down…
  1433. >Adagio’s phone chimes, and she reads it with a stern expression
  1434. >”It’s time.”
  1435. >you head out with the Dazzlings, quadruple check the handheld emitter, and climb into the van
  1436. >it’s a little cramped, but more than that, you’re nervous as hell as the van drives towards Canterlot High
  1437. >Aria says, “I wonder what it’s really like back home? I can’t believe it’s been six hundred years to them. So much must have changed.”
  1438. >you ask if they’ve actually lived for that long?
  1439. >Adagio says, “it’s complicated. When we first arrived, we barely knew what we were. The shock of transforming into humans left us without our memories, and we wandered as in a dream for some time, peaceful but ignorant. The world changed, technology advanced, and it was only as the modern world brought arguments and trash elements like social media together that conflict became so easy to trigger that we began feeding, reawakening to what we were. That was maybe five years ago.”
  1440. >and by the sounds of it, you’re about to head somewhere with little to no conflict once more, you say
  1441. >Adagio, who’s listening to the shrink extension and visibly uncomfortable, turns around to face you and Aria from the passenger seat. “Yes we are. So to answer Aria’s question, from what I’ve gathered, Equestria is a world where almost everyone lives in harmony. We wouldn’t be able to just go home and continue as we once did. I don’t know if we’d even just be banished again, but turned to stone, like old primal spirits like Discord, or entrapped in Tartarus. The good guys won, and that’s that.”
  1443. >Sonata says, “speaking of good guys, there’s Sunset.”
  1444. >the school, the statue out front
  1445. >it’s barely changed
  1446. >and standing before it is your old tormentor, looking just as nervous as you
  1447. >you and Adagio disembark, then the van drives away, but parks just around the corner; everyone’s in place
  1448. >your girlfriend immediately clasps her hands together, almost pleading, and says, “Hey, Sunset. Thanks for all of this. Truly, and I’m sorry about what happened the last time we spoke. I won’t excuse what I did, but… what you saw was still a fresh wound. Will you accept my apology?
  1449. >Sunset’s disposition softens and she smiles. “Of course! Don’t worry! I’ve lost my temper more times than I’d care to admit. We’re more alike than I think either of us really know.”
  1450. >you step forward and say that you’re grateful as well, and you have a proposition; you want to bring your handheld sensor and emitter into Equestria
  1451. >”Really? I guess that’s probably fine, but It might not work for long. Technology here taken over there seems to lose power even from batteries, far quicker than they should. Why do you want to bring it?”
  1452. >you smirk and tell her this device runs on Equestrian magic alone, and you’re hoping for two things; to get a cleaner reception of the magic, but also, as a personal thank you, you’d love to show her and teach her everything you can about how magic reacts as it passes from that world to this one
  1453. >Sunset’s eyes light up. “Really? I’d love that… heck, Twilight would love to see this as well. She’s one of the most powerful ponies around, and there’s plenty she doesn’t understand about some types of magic. Thank you, I can’t wait! But anyway, the portal will open any second now, and we have to be out by the third night. It only opens naturally every thirty moons.”
  1454. >you say that’s fine, you’ve got a device to perfect here so you have no plans to stay
  1455. >Adagio squeezes your shoulder ”He’s such a dedicated worker, my Ray of sunshine. But… here, hold onto this. It’s Sonata‘s pendant. Mine can wait until such a time as you trust me in full, but my sister needs it just in case her condition worsens.”
  1456. >Adagio hands over Sonata’s gem, and Sunset stares at it for a few moments before placing it in a small, cushioned pouch tied around her neck. “I know you offered yours before, but that you’re willingly giving me something so precious… I’ll guard it with my life. This is a big step into a new world for you, Adagio, trust me. You’ll be a happier person after so much bitterness, just like I am, and you’ll never have to be alone ever again.”
  1458. >Adagio’s facade falters as she seems to tremble for a moment, but not like the rage before
  1459. >she looks away from both of you and she puts her hand over her chest, her voluminous hair obscuring her expression
  1460. >you put a hand on her shoulder, and Sunset even steps forward to likely do the same, but your emitter beeps and catches everyone’s attention; a spike in equestrian energy, you say
  1461. >Sunset checks her watch. ”Okay, the time is right. It must be open.”
  1462. >Sunset leads you to the back of the statue, and while nothing seems off, she taps the statue base
  1463. >and her hand phases through the clean stone surface, causing it to swirl and distort
  1464. >”Yep, the way is open. Go on through, people, just mind your step. I’ll be right behind you.”
  1465. >Adagio takes a deep breath and walks through
  1466. >and once you check your handheld emitters sensor readings, and commit them to memory, you make sure the emitter is securely strapped onto you and step through as well
  1467. >you feel like you’re falling, gravity seems to pull you all over the place
  1468. >and, with a flash of light, you fall on your back and tumble
  1469. >and you think you’ve broken your fingers! You can’t feel or move them
  1470. >or your toes!
  1471. >you’re aware of a mass of Adagio’s hair also floundering nearby and you’re starting to panic
  1472. >you just flail your your limbs until a purple figure looms overhead
  1473. >it’s much like a horse, but more delicate in its features, and feminine, with eyelashes, a long, purple mane with a redder stripe and a coiled, hard horn poking through her forehead
  1474. >she giggles and says, ”Mind that first step! It’s one hay of a gravitationally divergent doozy! But where are my manners; welcome to the Crystal Empire, and Equestria! I’m Twilight Sparkle.”
  1475. >hi, you say, you’d shake her hand but nothing’s making much sense right now, least of all limb rotation, or manipulatable digits
  1476. >and wait, isn’t she a princess or something? Do you need to bow?
  1477. >”Maybe we should start with standing, hmm? Let me help you.”
  1478. >your emitter beeps and everything turns a sheen of purple as once more gravity is subverted
  1479. >you’re lifted off the ground, then turned upright
  1480. >”Okay, now just get all four of your legs beneath you, straight with just a *little* bend for comfort, aaand… perfect!”
  1481. >you feel the floor, but there’s a weird tactile confusion
  1482. >as well as four distinct ‘clacks’ that reside with you standing on what appears to be a very nice marble or… almost glassy floor?
  1483. >the room is a large library, with the walls made of the same… you guess crystalline surfaces, and big, grandiose double doors
  1484. >you look down, and while stable, the fact you’re looking at hooves makes your knees, all four of them, almost buckle
  1485. >yep, you’re a pony now
  1487. >and looking up, you see your horn on the edge of your vision
  1488. >you reach for it with one hoof, carefully balancing on three legs, and tap it
  1489. >it’s… pretty sensitive
  1490. >Twilight’s voice distracts you from your urge to experiment with this new form
  1491. >”Adagio Dazzle! You have no idea how happy it makes me to see you here, and that your heart open to friendship,” she glances to you, “even love! It’s humbling.”
  1492. >you look at Adagio’s yellow coated, quadrupedal body beneath the familiar orange and highlighted blond mane, now joined by a tail of much the same indulgent curls and fluff
  1493. >Adagio rolls onto her belly, though most of her is still obscured by her massive mane
  1494. >Adagio gasps, but says nothing
  1495. >Twilight raises an eyebrow. ”And you’re a lot bigger than I was expecting.”
  1496. >Twilight’s not wrong
  1497. >the princess is a good bit bigger than you are as she’s half a head taller, and with you being average back home, you expect you’re average here, but as Adagio stands in shaky legs, she’s taller by half a head again
  1498. >with a grunt of pain, you turn and see Sunset crash out of the portal too, but has far less trouble standing
  1499. >her fiery mane and aqua eyes are unmistakable, and as soon as Twilight and Sunset see each other, they rush together into an affectionate hug, hooking a forelegs around one another’s necks
  1500. >”Hi, Sunset! You’re looking well!”
  1501. >”Twilight! I swear you’re getting bigger every time I see you. The burden of being a princess, huh?”
  1502. >”It’s a bit of a hassle, but it’s fine. Speaking of growing up, I wasn’t expecting a mare bigger than Big Mac. I seem to remember Adagio being fairly average in height in the other world. Something’s off…”
  1503. >you expect some quick wit from your girlfriend, a snappy, simple explanation
  1504. >but as she turns to you and the two other girls, and you look into her pretty, raspberry coloured eyes, she seems vacant
  1505. >her mouth opens and closes as she just looks at the world around her, as if in a dream, so you step up instead
  1507. >you say it stands to reason that, while presenting as an earth pony now, Adagio *was* a siren, and by all accounts a very large entity in a world of other massive fauna
  1508. >you theorise some degree of matter-inertia perhaps still exists in this world, where standard human thresholds are more strongly enforced in the other world
  1509. >Sunset blinks, a little confused, but Twilight gasps, grins and says, “that actually makes a lot of sense. Magic and matter share a lot of traits here, and the sirens were as big as fully grown dragons. Wow, Sunset wasn’t speaking in hyperbole when she mentioned you. It’s so nice to have somepony else invested in the marriage of magic and science! I can’t wait to get to know you better!”
  1510. >Adagio snaps to and she scowls, jealousy obvious and bubbling over, but she collects herself and takes a few controlled breaths
  1511. >”Princess Twilight Sparkle,” Adagio says and lowers herself on her forelegs, bowing. “I’m grateful you’ve offered us such mercy.”
  1512. >Twilight walks up to Adagio and gently brings her face up. “There’s no need to bow, and of course we’ll help anyone who asks for it. We’re here to get to know one another, and to see about making sure you and the other sirens aren’t going to come to harm because of your natures. Even dark magic has a place here, but as you can likely guess, we must be careful. Anyway, it’s late, and there is a Princess Summit that I have to attend to in the morning, but I’d love to talk with you over the next couple of nights!” She turns to you. “If you go with Sunset Shimmer and follow the guard, they’ll show you to where you’ll be staying. I just want to have a word with Adagio.”
  1513. >it takes a few attempts to learn to walk
  1514. >Twilight helpfully teaches you a numeric sequencing trick for your legs that, scientifically speaking, makes it easier to figure; walking is a procession left front, right back, right front, left back, or rotational numbering of 1, 3, 2, 4
  1515. >and a trot is 1 and 3, 2 and 4
  1516. >running… well, you know what they say about learning to run
  1518. >Sunset hands over the pouch around her neck to Twilight, and joins you as you leave
  1519. >a burly, armoured pony nods to Sunset, and you head down a few quiet corridors
  1520. >”Now that’s good first impression! Talking shop with Twilight is always going to get her excited.”
  1521. >considering you half expected an idyllic, simple world where steam trains are still hot tech, you were a little worried you’d struggle to find anyone with which to have a meaningful conversation
  1522. >”Actually, I hear airships are the big thing right now. And you’d still have Adagio, even if that were the case. I’m sure she won’t be long, but…um…”
  1523. >Sunset glances around as you reach a door along the corridor and the guard goes on his way at Sunset’s nod, and she turns to you again
  1524. >”Knowing Adagio, she’s not been especially forthcoming, since she still seems to like having control but it’s been nagging me. What happened to her was awful, and you should know.”
  1525. >you say Adagio swore she’d tell you when she was ready, and you’d rather let her have that control
  1526. >Sunset grimaces. ”Normally I’d agree, but at the same time, I know she’s scheming something. I saw flashes of a plan, and I know she’s here to give all the sirens their powers back. And that’s why I’m conflicted. After what happened to her, Adagio needed help, and your relationship has made her a better person. You even took her away from thinking of the event, but if you give her back her powers now, all that progress might be lost as she embraces her dark side again, and reinforces them with the hatred of what happened to her. You could be cast aside, forgotten, and you deserve to know, because you’re the only one who can convince her not to do this! Touch my arm… uh, foreleg, and let me show you what happened to her.”
  1527. >her horn glows, as do her eyes
  1528. >damnit…
  1529. >you rest your own front leg on hers and-
  1531. >you lock the door to the bar and sigh; again, you wonder why you even bother protecting this dump
  1532. >you sweep your hair back and begin the walk home to your crappy apartment
  1533. >you hated this world before, but every day, you find a new depth, a deeper hole to dig yourself into
  1534. >so you sigh again, but something behind you-
  1535. >your ears ring, it takes you a moment to register you’ve been spun and punched
  1536. >the world’s a blur, and you’re pulled by someone
  1537. >they’ve taken your purse!
  1538. >you reach and grab the man, you claw at his arm
  1539. >and receive a kick in the ribs for your trouble as he runs off
  1540. >you sit there, dazed as your eye swells shut
  1541. >you’re covered in garbage, and you just don’t care…
  1542. >this is it
  1543. >it was one thing that Sunset and Twilight bested you; they were an equestrian natives, they had power
  1544. >but now, you have no pride left, stolen along with your possessions by some thug, an ordinary human, and there wasn’t a thing you could do about it
  1545. >and you just can’t summon the hatred… you just don’t care
  1546. >you stand, and think of the way home
  1547. >there’s a bridge on the way… a high bridge over a busy road, and a hole in the fence
  1548. >a nice, long drop
  1549. >maybe it’s time to stop trying to find the magic
  1550. >for good…
  1551. >you break away from Sunset and clench your jaw
  1552. >you figured it was bad, but to see her give up fully, to *feel* her empty heart, somehow squeezed even more of any shred of hope
  1553. >”There’s more, but I’m sure you can guess. When I read Sonata, she was upset and even a little depressed after the Dazzlings broke up, but found satisfaction and fulfilment in her job, but Adagio had literally nothing good left within her life. And she almost made that final, irreversible decision. Imagine what someone with her powers, *and* that darkness now inside her could do!”
  1555. >you get it! Enough! She’s made her point
  1556. >but Adagio’s not like that any more, you know she isn’t
  1557. >and if she had truly given up, then why did she have a taser to protect herself? We all have dark thoughts when times are tough, but she obviously wasn’t too far gone
  1558. >plus, now she has her sisters back home, and she has you!
  1559. >”I know, but… please, I’m not saying we can’t ever give her back her powers, but she still needs time to heal inside. Sharing a stone that isn’t hers, as is the current plan, is fine, especially if she lets me into her life so I can keep an eye on her. I won’t apologise for what me and the Rainbooms did, because the Dazzlings had to be stopped, but it’s my responsibility to make sure Adagio has a chance to live a full life. And if you love her, it’s your responsibility too.”
  1560. >Sunset opens the door for you. “Now, I asked Twilight to keep a book on hand… uh, hoof, for training injured and recovering unicorns on how to reinitialise their magic, so it should be perfect on getting you on track using your telekinesis. That should keep you busy if, like me, you struggle to sleep. See you tomorrow, and trust me, I hope nothing but the best for both of you. Good night, Radian.”
  1561. >you head inside. It’s the fanciest room you’ve ever been given as a place to sleep
  1562. >a huge, plush bed, ornate dresser (which strikes you as odd… do ponies even wear clothing?) cabinets, a mirror, a desk
  1563. >a mirror…
  1564. >you use your teeth to awkwardly pull your emitter off of your shoulders and approach the pristine, reflective glass, and look at yourself
  1565. >a dark, smokey blue bodied pony looks at you, with brown eyes
  1566. >and your mane and tail are the same colour as your hair back home; dark green with a couple of yellow stripes
  1567. >you get lost in your appearance for a while, then start reading the provided book, helpfully opened to the right page on beginners magic
  1568. >it’s not terribly long before you hear the door open, and Adagio enters
  1570. >she gives you a weak smile. “How’s life as a pony, Ray? You look quite handsome as one, you know.”
  1571. >you say not as striking as her
  1572. >and looking at her without the initial shock, she really does stand out
  1573. >massive height besides, compared to Twilight and Sunset’s bodies, who have a smooth musculature obvious in beneath their coats, Adagio’s carried over her buff frame as a human; she’s broad and powerful
  1574. >which contrasts greatly with her fatigued, weak expression…
  1575. >”I’m going to get some sleep… I know you probably want to explore and study or something, but I could use a little comfort right now.”
  1576. >you say you’d be glad to, although you’re not sure if you could… uh, perform in this body yet
  1577. >Adagio giggles. “Oh, no, no! Nothing like that. Just… cuddling? It would mean a lot to me. I’m not feeling myself, so a little familiarity would be great.”
  1578. >you can’t turn down that request
  1579. >tomorrow, the plan begins
  1580. >or you hope… things aren’t going quite as smooth as you’d like, but you have to do this
  1581. >for Adagio
  1583. >sleeping’s an experience, that’s for sure
  1584. >Adagio surrounds you, her limbs embracing you as you sleep with your girlfriend
  1585. >so far so good, it’s just like her apartment
  1586. >except you’re both ponies, and you’re in a bedroom that you swear wouldn’t look out of place on the set of a fantasy tv show
  1587. >you manage to get some sleep, mostly as you’re serenaded by Adagio’s breathing
  1588. >you wake up to the sensation of being shaken on the bed
  1589. >Adagio’s struggling to climb off the bed with her new body
  1590. >for a moment you wonder why, but even if she’s an equestrian native, she apparently only had forelegs and a mermaid-ish tail
  1591. >you ask her if she’s feeling better
  1592. >”Oh, Ray.” She stands and turns, looking worried. “I’m sorry if I disturbed you.”
  1593. >… she’s sorry?
  1594. >Adagio seems just as concerned, and shakes her head. “Uh… I mean, I guess? I’m still feeling a bit off, but whatever, we’re here, in Equestria. Now, remember the plan; as soon as we get any idea where they’ve taken the gem, you head there and study their methods under the guise of exchanging magic and science knowledge. I heard whatever happens, it’s to be overseen by some guy called Sunburst. I don’t know what it means, but it sounds promising, as he’s apparently the Empire’s ‘Crystaller.’” She sits on her rump to do a crude ‘air quotes’ with her forelegs
  1595. >alright, that’s more like it, because you say for a second there, she seemed… uh, Adagio?
  1596. >she’s staring at the daylight beaming through the window, her jaw slack
  1597. >she stands and slowly walks over, and uses her teeth to open the curtains by a pull cord
  1598. >you wince and cover your eyes with a hoof from the light
  1599. >it’s a beautiful day outside
  1600. >brilliant sunshine, gleaming buildings and roads of crystalline material
  1601. >ponies trot about their day, pegasi fly through the air, the birds sing and chirp
  1602. >”I’m… home…”
  1603. >what?
  1604. >”I’m finally home…”
  1605. >Adagio?
  1606. >she turns to you
  1607. >you’ve seen her upset, angry, happy
  1608. >you’ve seen her eyes get moist a couple of times when her emotions got the best of her, but she’s been quick to reel them in
  1609. >now?
  1610. >she’s openly weeping, with a gigantic, unrestrained smile on her face
  1611. >”I’m home! Ray! Isn’t it beautiful? I never thought I’d ever see Equestrian skies again!”
  1612. >you suspected something before, but it’s official
  1613. >this place is actively messing with her
  1615. >Adagio once more seems to snap out of it. She wipes her eyes with a foreleg, and begins making a little panicky, in-place trot and pleads, “what’s happening to me!?”
  1616. >you’re thinking of theories, what with Adagio being an equestrian native but not in her true form, and you try to activate your emitter to chase a few ideas
  1617. >goddamn hooves! The little buttons are too tiny
  1618. >you recommend she just take it easy while you learn telekinesis so you can manipulate the device, both for conventional use and retrieving the stowed gems within
  1619. >”Okay, I just have to stay focused.” She storms up to the mirror. “I’m not some vapid, airheaded girlie-girl. I’m Adagio Dazzle! Once powerful, dominant singer of the Dazzlings, a siren, and will be again!”
  1620. >she sure will!
  1621. >you return to the book on magic and start going over the basics
  1622. >After a while, Adagio says, ”I’m going to take a bath. Hopefully I can shake off more of these weird feelings.”
  1623. >Adagio vanishes into the luxurious suite’s bathroom, and you’re alone to try and get that lump of bone in your forehead working
  1624. >it takes a lot of effort to even feel anything happening up there, which makes sense according to the book
  1625. >magic is taxing on the unicorn, it’s described as being like a muscle; through extensive use, it both becomes easier and the truly powerful can perform feats of tremendous arcane strength much like an earth pony could move objects bigger than they are, or pegasi can carry multiple people despite the odd wing/body ratio compared to birds
  1626. >and that’s before any spells uniquely tied to a unicorns cutie mark, which should be natural, almost effortless, yet potent
  1627. >and those learned through intense study being the weakest, though gifted unicorns can make these esoteric spells every bit as strong, though rare
  1628. >cutie mark, eh?
  1629. >right, you were so obsessed with just seeing *you*, you didn’t exactly look at your ass
  1630. >you look in the mirror, turn to the side and…
  1631. >it’s a right pointing triangle, with lines sticking into it in a few spots
  1632. >and inside the triangle is a square, intersected corner to corner, one part has a wavy curve and the other a flat line and three short lines
  1633. >you recognise them immediately from your electronic studies; it’s the electrical symbols of a differential amplifier and an electrical converter
  1634. >functionally what you’ve been building
  1635. >as a representation of your gift, it seems appropriate, but what that means for a spell unique to you?
  1636. >you have no idea, so you return to the book
  1637. >maybe you’re being affected by this place too, but once you learn telekinesis, you can’t wait to look into casting magic spells
  1639. >you haven’t felt this giddy since you first narrowed down the equestrian signal frequency; it’s not just one frequency, but three that alternate in a very specific way
  1640. >it’s a number sequence that’s been buried in your head ever since, a three-point repeatable wavelength
  1641. >126.22, 0.0033, 74.221
  1642. >your head aches
  1643. >and your horn develops an amber glow
  1644. >the book floats for a second, then you panic and it drops
  1645. >it was almost as if…
  1646. >you focus on the numbers again
  1647. >and your horn sparks to life
  1648. >you can ‘feel’ the fields of everything in the room, everything resonates as you touch them, and the items get covered in an amber coloured field in turn
  1649. >you can manipulate them as easy as you could grab and move them back home! Even easier, maybe, as you don’t have no stupid arms to get in the way
  1650. >and if the master signal triggers your magic, then what about all those frequencies you’ve memorised for the machines?
  1651. >you have no test subjects besides yourself
  1652. >unicorn amplification
  1653. >you take a deep breath and try to force more energy into your being as you repeat the number
  1654. >and your horn crackles with power!
  1655. >you err on the side of caution and try to lift a pillow
  1656. >and it rockets into the ceiling and explodes in a cloud of feathers…
  1657. >a success! You can’t stifle the manic, mad scientist laugh
  1658. >or… mad… wizard laugh?
  1659. >so you try the anti unicorn signal
  1660. >and immediately almost black out as it’s like a void opening in your head
  1661. >you stumble and fall over as the weakness pulses over you for a moment, but you recover quickly
  1662. >okay, so you’re literally a living version of your emitter devices, but more importantly?
  1663. >Radian Wave knows goddamn magic!
  1664. >the bathroom door opens, and a crudely towel-covered Adagio emerges, complete with a drenched mane that clings to her body
  1665. >”A little help here, Ray? Besides rolling around on the floor like a dog, I don’t know how I’m supposed to get dry in this stupid body!”
  1666. >you use your magic to caress her form with the towels, drying off her smooth coat and getting the excess of the water from her mane
  1667. >and then, you open a dresser and take out a hairbrush, and like back home, proceed to get her cascade of hair in order through plenty of brushing
  1668. >Adagio sits down on the bed, and as you work (and get the mane out of her face) her expression is one of absolute bliss
  1669. >she enjoyed the brushing before, but as her whole body is covered in hair, you get to stroke her body with the brush too
  1670. >and she begins to hum a song you’ve never heard of before
  1672. >it’s gentle and melodic, if a little sad sounding
  1673. >and as you near finishing taming the wild mane of your girlfriend, and tie it up with her spiky hair band, she suddenly begins to sing, mournfully…
  1674. “For so very long I've had a heart of stone,
  1675. Just carried on, soulless and all alone,
  1676. I lost the way ahead, I lost my wiiill!
  1677. Life just blurred together, just as bleak,
  1678. Every day drained me, left me weak,
  1679. This was my life; the final, bitter piiill,
  1680. There was no way out, but then, oh, what I saw!”
  1681. >she turns to you with a bright smile, and her song hits a higher tone and pitch
  1682. “Oh, what I saw!
  1683. What I saw was somepony that my heart's worth beating for!”
  1684. >Adagio stands and begins dancing around the room and ups the tempo
  1685. >you sense someone else here, and a flash by the door and a female gasp, but as you go to look away, you find you can’t as Adagio leans out the window, her mane billowing in the wind
  1686. “So as my heart began to beat anew,
  1687. And once more there was so much I could do!
  1688. A life to live, and songs to siiing!
  1689. Life had colour, and the joys it brought,
  1690. Witnessed wonders I would’ve never even thought,
  1691. I couldn't wait to see what else life would briiing!
  1692. And it's all because of you, the one I adore!
  1693. The one I adore!
  1694. Because you're somepony that my heart's worth beating for!”
  1695. >you’re captivated
  1696. >she’s like a whole different mare… uh, woman, but you can’t take your eyes off of her
  1697. >she’s a shining star, a supernova, aglow and exposing her soul just for you
  1698. >your heart feels like it’s going to burst
  1699. “I feel our souls ignite and grow,
  1700. No walls or places we can't go,
  1701. The world's now ours to explore and fiiind!
  1702. You gave me back my strength, my family,
  1703. And a gold horizon I can't wait to see!
  1704. With you and me, two of a kiiind!
  1705. And now we're together, forever-ever more!
  1706. Forever-ever more.
  1707. You're truly somepony that my heart's worth beating for!”
  1708. >she slows tempo again, and prances up to you, gently raising your head to stare right into her eyes as she finishes, so close you can feel the warmth of her breath on your face
  1709. >oh, to kiss her now…
  1710. “To whom my beating heart belongs, forever true...
  1711. Oh, my Ray of sunshine, I love y-“
  1713. >the door slams open to a scream of, ”BREAKFAST FUDGE!!”
  1714. >you and Adagio both yelp and hold on to each other as your rear hooves skid on the floor as fight or flight kicks in
  1715. >a pink intruder, an earth pony, bounces into the room, with a tray strapped to her head, carrying the mentioned confections in a pile of cubes
  1716. >the tray’s held further in place with a curly mass of darker pink mane that almost rivals your girlfriend’s amazing poofage
  1717. >”Get your Princess Summit breakfast fudge right here! I got it, you want it! Filled with oats and hay to get ya moving on this princess-filled day!”
  1718. >”Pinkie!” A white, rather beautiful unicorn unicorn with lusciously wavy indigo hair dashes in. “We’re not supposed to be in here! I-“
  1719. >the white unicorn stares at the still panicked Adagio, and her blue eyes go wide as she approaches
  1720. >”That… that exquisitely luscious, indulgent mane!” She gasps, “it’s absolutely gorgeous, darling!” She pulls Pinkie over to herself, hooking a foreleg over the bouncy girls shoulders and gesturing with her other hoof. “Do you see what a little work could do to your eccentric curls, Pinkie? You too could achieve such resplendence with a good conditioner and just an hour of brushing!”
  1721. >Adagio begins to relax a little as the unicorn approaches with a friendly smile. “You simply must visit my boutique if you ever visit Ponyville! I know an outfit that would accentuate your femininity, *and* that gorgeously strong frame. Why, you have the proportions of a princess and the full figure of a truly exemplary earth mare!”
  1722. >”Dang, y’all ain’t sugarcoatin’ that one, Rarity.” A sturdy orange bodied and blond earth pony says as she enters, this one with a cowboy hat. “She’s bigger’n Big Mac! Uh, beggin’ Yer pardon there, missy, just here to wrangle our excitable friend here.” She nods to Pinkie, who extends her tongue to grab a piece of fudge and eats it like an equine frog.
  1723. >The orange-coated mare adds, “But ah don’t suppose a big earth pony like you does any rodeo events? You’d be a shoo-in fer apple-buckin’, hay-throwin’ and such!”
  1724. >”Girls!”
  1725. >everyone turns towards the opened doorway, only for the door to swing away from the wall, revealing a partially flattened Twilight, who pries herself off the wall and staggers for a bit before setting her hooves beneath her
  1726. >”Please, this is an important guest.”
  1727. >Pinkie giggles, “sorry, but this fudge is *the* best batch I’ve ever made! The world must know!”
  1728. >she shoves a couple of cubes into you and Adagio’s mouths, and all of them head out quickly at the purple princesses scowl
  1729. >Twilight sighs, magically plucks a fudge cube from Pinkie as she leaves with the others, and closes the door behind them, then pops the fudge in her mouth
  1731. >”Sorry about that… oh, wow, that *is* really good!”
  1732. >you and Adagio chew; it really is outstanding fudge
  1733. >considering it’s literally got dried grass in it, the chewing action is oddly comforting, and the oats give it substance
  1734. >as a breakfast thing, though? Eh, maybe sweets are just a pony thing
  1735. >the mood calms, and Twilight clears her throat. “Don’t mind my friends, they do tend to get into all sorts of escapades and places they shouldn’t. Anyway, here I was all ready to begin going over the schedule, working out how Adagio’s magic was affected by this world without her stone, and even making sure nothing unusual was going on… but that song!”
  1736. >Twilight heads towards a worried Adagio, until the Princess puts a hoof on your girlfriend’s chest
  1737. >”I could hear… no, *feel* the good in you when you were singing. There’s no denying it, you’re not the same girl that I fought back in the other world. There’s a veritable wellspring of goodness and purity within you.”
  1738. >you hesitantly ask if that’s why she’s been more emotional, giggly and such
  1739. >”That may well be! She’s a native to this world, and without the filter of the evil within her siren stone, it’s possible we’re seeing the true Adagio Dazzle come to the fore as the magic fills her. But… that also were not sure if Sirens were born with that gem within them, and is intrinsically part of them, thus a requirement for their survival, or if they were once ponies that were corrupted and transformed by their power. Adagio, do you remember much about your past?”
  1740. >your girlfriend looks at the floor, and no doubt deep within herself, before responding, “no, not really. I remember living in the sea, coming out to fool people into obeying us and fighting one another to feed us. As we grew in power, we didn’t need to prey on gullible coastal villages and started using more force to get what we wanted. Anything before that? It’s like how we were when we arrived in the human world; until we received enough negative energy to remember what we were, we lost ourselves. Just surviving, not living.”
  1741. >Twilight rubs her hoof on her chin. “Sadly, that’s pretty much all I’ve uncovered when reading up on the sirens as well. You’d become so powerful by the time word spread of what you were, any real history no doubt faded with your first victims. I’ll let Sunburst and Starlight know to go ahead with the restorations on the siren stone. I’m absolutely confident that, with measured doses, we can make sure you don’t become overwhelmed by the negative emotions. In fact, Adagio, how about you go out and explore the city? I’ll let my friends know to keep you company! And Radian Wave? Meet me at the palace gates, and I’ll show you to the technological wonder that is the Crystallisation workshop ,where they do most of the repairs here. You’re going to love it! I’ll leave you two lovebirds to get ready, but don’t wait too long.”
  1743. >you’re left alone, and Adagio presses a hoof to her head and winces, and she scowls. “Ray? I don’t know how much longer I can fight whatever’s happening to me. This place… it’s twisting me, but a part of me wants it, wants to embrace it, maybe even drag my sisters here to live an idyllic, simple pony life. Even worse, I can feel it try to turn my influence over you to give up on the plan… I can’t trust myself any more, so it’s up to you.”
  1744. >you say you don’t know if you believe Twilight about this being the true Adagio, that she was corrupted by the stone
  1745. >but you also admit it’s difficult ignoring that if she’s feeling real joy and happiness here, that maybe it would be for the best
  1746. >everything you’ve done has been for her
  1747. >”Aww, that’s so sweet of you!” Adagio whacks the side of her head. “Dang it! Ray, listen, so long as you don’t act like an idiot, I trust you to do what’s best for me. Be you, be scientific; if you honestly believe, after learning whatever you can about the siren stones, that I’m… no, *we* are better off without them, then so be it, but otherwise, stick to the plan. From here on out, I can’t be trusted. Swear to me you’ll trust your own judgement, Ray! No matter what I say after this moment! Swear it!”
  1748. >you nod and say you swear, you’ll be as empiric, impartial and clinical as you can
  1749. >”Good. I’m gonna go… frolic or some bullsh-ot… fu-dge me this place is infuriating! Mother-fffeather! Ugh, forget it!”
  1750. >Adagio sighs, stands and calms herself
  1751. >she then plants a heavy kiss on you… it’s different, what with the muzzles and all, but it’s definitely got the dark passion you’ve always enjoyed
  1752. >as the kiss breaks, she says, “the only thing that’s stopping me from panicking is that, no matter what happens… both sides of me will have you, my little weirdo. See you later, okay?”
  1753. >you smile at each other and go your separate ways
  1755. >once Adagio leaves, you also have a quick wash, far easier with your magic, secure your emitter in its pocketed carry strap around you and get moving
  1756. >the guards direct you out of the palace, and Twilight awaits you outside, beneath the mighty struts holding the castle aloft
  1757. >not exactly gates as a few doors up into these struts to the palace proper
  1758. >”All set? Follow me, it’s not far. Hey, what’s that device?” She leans in for a closer look at your emitter
  1759. >you decide to test her; it’s a specially tuned receiver/emitter of specialised, intensifying and neutralising energy waveforms and spectral distribution capable of near-perfect radio, electromagnetic radiation conversion with a 97.49% efficiency… give or take 0.03%
  1760. >Twilight’s eyes light up. “Oooh! Sunset mentioned you had found a way to collect, convert, refine and otherwise repurpose magic from the native flora and fauna and anomalous, supernaturally imbued materials and use it to power conventional devices! Even beyond the world boundaries! I’ve dabbled in the field myself. I managed to power an artefact with one unique signature that only works through the passage of moon with an inter-dimensionally linked book, although I kinda had to use a lot more personal effort than an ambient-energy powered device like you have!”
  1761. >… oh no, she’s hot
  1762. >the topics just roll on and you chat about science and magic and it’s plain she’s brilliant
  1763. >you’re aware of the Twilight in your world; she’s a bit too shy for your tastes, though improved in time but you had your eyes set in Adagio by the time *that* Twilight might have interested you
  1764. >but *this* Twilight?
  1765. >Adagio became invested in your tech, and stepped up to learn it. She’s naturally clever but likely didn’t apply herself unless necessary (but as you’ve rubbed off on her, she’s become more focused and proactive), whereas this Twilight is like you, obsessed with the field of scientific advancement
  1766. >both girls have a slightly unhinged edge to them that they’ve got bubbling under the surface too; Adagio’s dark, domineering and manipulative side and this world’s Twilight’s manic exuberance may not seem openly similar, but deep down, if they see something, they seek to understand and control it, harness and use it
  1767. >but you know for a fact if you and Adagio weren’t a thing, then you and Twilight maybe…
  1768. >damn it, Radian, focus
  1769. >you shoot the breeze about magic-technological theory until reaching the workshop
  1770. >and inside, machines, crude devices and all manner of what you assume is ‘modern’ tech in this world, is organised around a large, elaborate hall
  1771. >how quaint, but you suppose when you, yourself, are basically a living version of your devices, the number of ponies running around and working here replicate any number of tools a lab would usually need
  1773. >a bespectacled, tan and white male unicorn, with a red mane and a beard, waves (hoof-waggles?) you over, and he’s joined by a pale purple unicorn mare with a mane that’s very similar to Aria’s in colour
  1774. >if not for the fact she has no open disdain for you with in her lighter coloured purple eyes, you’d swear they were related
  1775. >the mare says, ”good morning, Twilight, and… Radian Wave, right? I’m Starlight Glimmer, and this is my oldest and dearest friend, Sunburst.”
  1776. >Sunburst says, “good morning! This feels like a momentous occasion. Personally handling one of the of the most powerful artefacts of an entity that even Starswirl the Bearded couldn’t defeat alone, even with his considerable magical acumen. I’ve been excited ever since Sunset first told Princess Twilight of this alliance! Speaking of which, will you be joining us today?”
  1777. >”Sorry, I’m just swinging by,” Twilight says, “as much as I’d love to stay and assist, I’m leaving the restoration up to you since the summit begins soon. Oh, and Radian Wave can assist! He’s a natural at magical theory, *and* he has some experience with the siren stones!”
  1778. >you say hi, and admit, it’s nice being amongst peers, even if you’re in the opposite side of the tech-magical spectrum
  1779. >”Good luck, everypony!” Twilight smiles and waves. “Remember, the lives of some new friends are at stake, but never forget the risks. There are a lot of unknowns! I’ll swing by as soon as todays portion of the summit is over so I can help.”
  1780. >Twilight teleports away with a flash
  1781. >damn, you’ve gotta learn that
  1782. >you’re led over to Sonata’s siren stone, held in a very delicate, padded clamp
  1783. >beside it are a number of other gemstones, the same stones as powders, squeeze tubes, precision tools and more
  1784. >Sunburst levitates a book nearby and it opens to a page, depicting three serpentine creatures with horselike upper bodies, albeit scaled, and finned tails
  1785. >the sirens…
  1786. >the Crystaller notices you staring and says, “fascinating creatures, aren’t they? One of the greatest threats ever known across the land, and only stopped thanks to a joint effort of the Pillars of Equestria!”
  1787. >creatures, you ask?
  1788. >”Well, you know, like dragons, manticores, cockatrices, sea serpents… ancient and mystical creatures-”
  1789. >you’re no expert on any of those, but you say you’re not a fan of just lumping your romantic partner, or her sisters, in with whole species of generalisation
  1790. >for one, it feels impersonal
  1791. >second of all, even Twilight appreciated the lives and souls at stake here
  1793. >though you don’t say it, you realise at this point the life threat is more for Adagio’s sense of self than actual death; the jury’s still out on how much of bubbly-Adagio is the real her, exposed and unfiltered or a corruption of her very personality
  1794. >but frankly your loving but intense and dark girlfriend deserves better
  1795. >Sunburst clears his throat. ”i just meant to say they’re just uncommon fauna in our world. Of course I’m not trying to disparage any of them; Twilight has a young dragon as her assistant who’s a hero in this empire, and they’re close as siblings, after all. But categorisation just helps speed things along. The sirens are, at least to our limited understanding in the face of lacking detailed description, a trio of one species, and we simply have to go by that knowledge.”
  1796. >knowledge? Oh, you have knowledge on the sirens, alright
  1797. >you say Sonata Dusk loves tacos, she’s bubbly and enjoys simple things in life, and has discovered that she gets a thrill out of entertaining people
  1798. >Aria Blaze is dark, moody and insular, but she loves exposing her soul by playing the guitar, and deep down just wants to be respected and appreciated
  1799. >Adagio Dazzle is brilliant, stunning and such a unique woman, one of the smartest people you know, yet the thing that gives her the most joy is something as simple as having her hair brushed
  1800. >that and cuddling, you mumble
  1801. >all three of them have defied their natures and grown, developed beyond their old ways, and had a raw deal that persists from then too, and despite having already been punished, they deserve better
  1802. >they are not just *creatures!*
  1803. >they’re as multifaceted as you, or him, or anyone!
  1804. >you realise you’re in Sunburst’s face, and that he’s backed into a wall
  1806. >Starlight puts a hoof on your shoulder. “Hey, it’s alright! Easy, Radian. Don’t mind Sunburst; he’s brilliant, and his knowledge of magic is unparalleled, even if he’s not always good at getting his point across. But you’re right, we’re here to help your special somepony and her sisters. And trust me, I’ve been in a situation where I disregarded everypony as a statistic and ‘just another one like all the others’, and it’s an abhorrent way to think of anyone, whether pony or not.”
  1807. >you calm yourself earnestly apologise
  1808. >you’re a scientist, so you know more than anyone the value of classification
  1809. >it’s just difficult separating the individual from the facts
  1810. >Sunburst smiles. ”Apology accepted, and I’m sorry as well. Adagio must be quite the mare to leave you so passionately protective of her. All the more reason to get to work and repair this siren stone!”
  1811. >you’re in your element as Sunburst and Starlight show you the method
  1812. >magical energy resonates with different precious stones (which are more common here, it seems, used to decorate clothes and apparently Twilight’s dragon eats them)
  1813. >the gems will be tested for these energy types and cut for shards, enchanted with sympathetic energy, and the tubes of magic-sensitive epoxy will be mixed with powdered stones to bind them all together
  1814. >it seems simple enough
  1815. >you make note to nab what you can to repair the other two siren stones in private, once you observe this one being fixed
  1816. >the only concern is that the siren stones might not be identical
  1817. >first things first, though
  1818. >it becomes apparent that Sunburst may hold a title equivalent to the head wizard of the Crystal empire and obviously really does know his magic theory
  1819. >but his own magic leaves something to be desired
  1820. >most of the careful applications of spells on the various stones to see if they respond the same as Sonata’s stone are cast by Starlight
  1821. >a few gems are outright destroyed after exposure, others are completely inert
  1822. >but the list of ones that respond is narrowing
  1823. >you use your emitter’s sensors to read the signatures of the spells used
  1824. >it’s fascinating; your magic (and by extension, your emitter) is like perfectly enunciating a single, complicated word in a foreign language; you narrow it down until the person you’re talking to smiles and nods
  1825. >but these actual spells?
  1826. >it’s like speaking sentences clearly and smoothly, with inflections and all sorts of complications
  1827. >it’s genuinely exciting to be a part of something so new and challenging
  1829. >eventually you get involved by replicating the components of the spells, first with your emitter for accuracy, then your own magic to practice
  1830. >you get an agate glowing and pulsing when Sunburst marvels at it. “And you’ve only been casting magic for, what, not even a day? I bet if you were born in Equestria, you’d be on the same level as Star. There’s no shortcuts to learning magic, but you’re gifted alright. I hope you’ll stick around! Everything I hear about the other world seems… dull.”
  1831. >you’re in agreement there
  1832. >when you learned about Equestria, you wanted to come here pretty desperately
  1833. >but regardless if you choose to stay in the end, you’ll be going back there; Adagio’s sisters are still back home
  1834. >Starlight comes over, looking tired from hours of constant magical use, and says, “I still find the technological difference fascinating. Our reliance on magic has slowed Equestria’s developments; you’ll never get earth pony results in farming from equivalent pegasi or unicorn setups, but a good irrigation system helps. But even earth ponies can’t grow plants as well without pegasi and their ability to wrangle the weather, for example; our best comes from working together, in friendship! And just to be fair, us unicorns are capable of such marvellous and wonderful things, but mundane issues tend to get the better of us.”
  1835. >you say that’s why you became an inventor in the other world; Equestria seems more vibrant with its wildly differing people and abilities, rather than everyone being the same and relying on the same technology and achieving things the same way
  1836. >Star laughs nervously. “You don’t know the half of it.”
  1837. >she tells you about her past; about how she became so disillusioned at the unique gifts of others, she made her own enforced balanced society, and how people like yourself would have been frowned upon
  1838. >but after a bitter feud, Twilight showed Star how amazing being unique was
  1839. >despite obviously being an old shame, it makes you like Starlight more; it’s that unhinged but now under control aspect again, like with Adagio and Twilight, true peers
  1840. >you feel like you belong…
  1841. >but this isn’t about you, damn it, so after a lunch break (a daisy and watercress sandwich… it was surprisingly good) you knuckle down… uh, put hoof to road and gallop on with the work
  1843. >it’s getting dark when Twilight teleports back in, looking tired and a bit frazzled
  1844. >”Phew… lots of work to be done around Equestria in the coming year, but I won’t worry you with that, how’s the siren stone restoration?”
  1845. >Sunburst nods to you, and you report that you’ve found a combination of stones that will work best, and you’re waiting for the epoxy to harden before energy testing, cutting the excess and polishing
  1846. >”Amazing work, Radian! You must be thrilled!”
  1847. >you say it plain that you’ll be happier when your… special somepony and her sisters are all restored
  1848. >Twilight offers a sympathetic smile. “Foal-steps, Radian, we’ll get there, and I understand your position, which was why it was reassuring that she offered her sister’s stone first over her own. That’s very selfless of her, and I believe both you and Adagio in that she and her sisters have changed, but I’m still worried about the effect the siren stones will have on them. Best case scenario, we have three sirens, fully restored and allied with Equestria, free to roam and able to feed themselves without causing harm with our combined help finding a substitution for negative emotions. At the absolute least, I fear that this one stone will allow them to live in the other world but we will be forced to leave it at that.”
  1849. >Starlight yawns. “Well, I’m spent. And the epoxy will take a good while to set fully, so shall we pick this up tomorrow?”
  1850. >it’s been a fulfilling day, but you agree it’s time to finish
  1851. >of course, as everyone tidies up the workstation, you secure a few materials, stowing them in the pouched strap of your emitter
  1852. >the siren stone itself has a magic barrier erected around it, and after you say your farewells to everyone, you head out to find Adagio
  1854. >a big, unique mare like your girlfriend doesn’t take too long to find, carrying saddlebags on her back
  1855. >she’s gleefully clothes shopping at a market with that white unicorn… Rarity, was it?
  1856. >”… oh, but this gown is simply to *die* for! Imagine it with that amethyst trimmed ribbon from the last stall around your fiery bouffant! I guarantee that your beau wouldn’t be able to take his eyes off you!”
  1857. >Adagio frowns at the shear, deep purple garment. ”I don’t know if I can pull that off, Rara. It’s kinda dainty…”
  1858. >”Dagi, darling, most mares with your stature might not, but with your mane tied up, it would draw the eye down and accentuate your long, majestic legs!” Rarity levitates the dress in front of your girlfriend and pleads, “you must wear this! You must!!”
  1859. >”Well…” Adagio looks closer, then balks. “A hundred bits!? Fu-aairly expensive! You’ve spent enough on me today, I can’t keep taking from you.”
  1860. >”Nonsense! You’ve agreed to model my outfits when you come back to Equestria, and that is ample payment enough! And besides- oh, there’s your certain somepony now!” Rarity beckons you over as Adagio smiles warmly at you. “Good evening, Radian Wave! Pardon that interruption this morning, but I must say, it’s simply marvellous to meet you. I’m actually glad you’re here, I saw a fabulous saddle that just *screams* to be worn by a stallion of your intellectual prowess and slim physique!”
  1861. >saddle? Wait, who rides ponies in this world?
  1862. >Adagio giggles, winks at you and says, “maybe you can ride me later, hmm?”
  1863. >… you’d be lying if you didn’t say the temptation is getting stronger, equine bodies or not
  1864. >Rarity titters and blushes, then replies, “oh my! The passions of new lovers.” She then clears her throat and clarifies to you, “no, no, darling. Forgive me, I keep forgetting you’re new to all this. A good saddle is more of a cold-weather accessory, especially when paired with a good blanket and pad. It keeps keep everything in the right place in high winds and prevents unseemly chafing if you wear saddle bags for long periods. It’s simply perfect this far north!”
  1865. >you’re dragged along for a while, but eventually you part ways as you bump into a couple of Rarity’s other friends, and she joins them
  1866. >with Adagio promising to meet with them tomorrow, you’re finally alone with her as the sun sets
  1868. >”… so eventually, Dash and Applejack took off to go get some jousting in before it got too late. Yeah, compared to their our-world counterparts, they’re not bad. Pinkie’s… well, Pinkie. She’s okay in measured doses. Fluttershy just blurred into the background, but I think she was already scared by who I was. Applejack kept eyeing me as if I was challenging her place as the big girl of the group. Rarity’s nice. I can see me hanging out with her more.” Adagio suddenly scowls. “Ugh, Rainbow Dash has her moments, but sometimes she can be a total, insufferable cun-“
  1869. >Adagio sticks her hoof into her own mouth and seems genuinely shocked
  1870. >”Oh my gosh! Where did that come from?”
  1871. >curious, you say… when she was trying to act like the Adagio you know, she gets overwhelmed by this place
  1872. >but maybe the opposite holds true?
  1873. >”Maybe? The longer I hung out with the girls, the more I noticed their flaws. And I went out actively just expecting to be an all smiles and rainbows giggly airhead vapid bitch.” She gasps and chuckles her darker style of laugh. “I cussed! Low-key cussed, but still!”
  1874. >she rubs her neck on yours and you kiss her cheek
  1875. >you then say you’re starting to believe that maybe the true Adagio has always been somewhere in between all along
  1876. >as though her time without the siren stone and alone, she’s grown from the experience
  1877. >Adagio looks distant, then pulls you to face her and sighs
  1878. >”… yet I can still feel that side of me growing stronger again. I might not have long… tsk, a whole day of being a nice girl and I can’t even get ten minutes of being myself? Whatever. Look, Ray, I think it’s time. About what happened to me.”
  1879. >she quietly tells you about when she was mugged, just as you witnessed from Sunset’s vision
  1880. >she sighs and paws at the floor with her hoof. ”… I couldn’t take it any longer. I had never felt so alone, so defeated as right then. I… almost let it overwhelm me, and considered-“
  1881. >you gently put a hoof on her cheek and say you understand, and she doesn’t have to say it
  1882. >she smiles, and not in the giggly, *this* world way
  1883. >she legitimately looks happily into your eyes and looks deeply relieved. “Thanks. I think I was too afraid to go through with it, or stubborn. All I know is I spent the last of my savings on replacing my stuff, bought a taser in case it happened again and just carried on.”
  1884. >you say that was brave of her to not give in, no matter what she was thinking
  1885. >”I didn’t feel brave. Just too cowardly to do anything. I started drinking to numb the fear of walking going back to my apartment each night because I couldn’t stand being alone at home.”
  1887. >you remembered her saying about a revelation she and her sisters had, and ask what Adagio’s was
  1888. >”… that I can’t bring myself to hate humans any more. Not truly, anyway, despite what I’ve said. I’ve been there as one of them, alone, helpless to a random asshole, helpless to my own despair, and I realised I couldn’t separate myself from any of them. But just when I finally decided to just be a normal woman, you came along, like it was fate. And I realised that if humans could give me someone as special as you, that if… no, *when* I become a siren again, I didn’t want to take over, or destroy or conquer, in case I hurt somepon- one else just as special as you, Ray. And I want to live my best life, to show that smug, self-righteous bitch, Sunset, I won’t be beaten! And not just because I’m better than her or whatever, but because I have you, and my sisters and I don’t need anything else! You guys *are* my world!”
  1889. >and Equestria? What about *this* world?
  1890. >”… that’s where I still don’t know. That’s where you still need to follow the plan.” She looks woozy, blinks as if confused and makes an innocent smile. “Or we could just live here and forget all about it. This world’s version of Sunset’s clique are *way* better, especially since she isn’t here-”
  1891. >”Hey, guys!”
  1892. >speak of the devil…
  1893. >Sunset trots up, smirking
  1894. >”I hear Radian’s making waves and Adagio’s dazzling! I think you’re fitting in better than I did my first time back here after being forgiven. But how’re you two finding things? And how’s the restorations?”
  1895. >you say today was a lot of fun
  1896. >after a life of feeling like an outcast, working with a bunch of ponies with similar hang-ups felt great
  1897. >and the stone is technically completed, it just needs a chance to harden and be polished, then comes trying to test if it can be powered
  1898. >Adagio mainly tells her what she told you; she hung out with Twilight’s friends and mostly fits in
  1899. >”…speaking of which, I’m surprised you didn’t tag along, Sunset.”
  1900. >Sunset replies, “to be honest, I try not to interfere with Twilight’s circle. We’re on good terms, but it’s… difficult separating my friends back home with the ones here. Star and Twi are plenty for me, plus whatever time I can get making things up to Princess Celestia.”
  1902. >she sighs. ”Anyway, I’m still doing a bunch of jobs for the princesses for the summit, so I’ll let you two go! But say, now that you’ve mentioned it, mind if we hang out tomorrow, Adagio?”
  1903. >”Sure, I guess? It’s a free empire, right”
  1904. >”Sweet! Seeya then.”
  1905. >And off she goes
  1906. >you grab a quick dinner and slice of something called a crystal berry pie, both of which are delicious, and return to the palace
  1907. >things seem to have been relaxed in terms of your visit
  1908. >which suits you out just fine, because you’ve got a busy night ahead of you
  1909. >once back in your room, you take out a few gems you claimed had failed testing, as well as their respective powders and a tube of epoxy
  1910. >then you use your telekinesis to open the EM shielding from your emitter, retrieve Aria’s stone, and begin your work
  1911. >you’d rather work on Addy’s stone, but she insisted her sisters come first, so that’s that
  1912. >Adagio winds down with a book on running a business that Rarity suggested, then watches you for a bit, then asks, “is that really what you wanna all night, my Ray of sunshine?”
  1913. >you say you’ve got to do three ponies worth of work, alone, with limited resources and even more limited time
  1914. >so it’s not a matter of what you want to do, but for her and her sisters, you have to do it
  1915. >at least you know the method, but you heavily suspect each of the stones carries a unique signature, albeit one that’s going to be very close to Sonata’s stone
  1916. >you start testing frequencies when Adagio hooks a foreleg under your belly and she throws you onto the bed like a sack of potatoes
  1917. >before you can recover and move, she leaps on and pins you under her powerful frame
  1918. >”Well, *I* think we should cuddle. Or, if you want, we can try something more interesting…” she says, strokes your body and nuzzles your neck
  1919. >Addy, please, think of the plan!
  1920. >”The only plan I want to think of right now is the one where it’s you, me, a whole *stable* of colts and fillies, a juice bar in Ponyville or Canterlot where I sing every night, you bringing other world technology to the ponies of Equestria and making us fabulously wealthy, and our happily ever after.”
  1921. >and what of her sisters?
  1922. >”Uh… well… you heard them, Aria and Sonata still treat people as toys. Things to be used. And besides, they abandoned me! We should just give them their stones and let them do their own thing.”
  1924. >and all that talk about defying their natures? Aria really started listening to you after that big talk, about how Adagio’s hard learned lessons about sirens and their natures
  1925. >they need guidance, even if they didn’t want to admit it
  1926. >but most of all, Aria seems like she’s struggled the most fighting her nature, and while Sonata was the most well adapted to her new life, surely Adagio remembers how eager she was to reconcile
  1927. >arriving at the crack of dawn after Adagio asked her to come and talk just the night before
  1928. >no matter how they say it, all three of them want to be part of each other’s lives
  1929. >and you’re privileged at how they’ve come around to you as well
  1930. >but unless they can prove they’re better than their old selves, able to have their true powers at their beck and call yet still show their newfound humanity? How can they really tell Sunset that they’ve grown?
  1931. >”I… b-but… holy shit, Ray.”
  1932. >her grip on you loosens and you roll over to face her
  1933. >she’s biting her lip and looking deeply ashamed
  1934. >”… I’m sorry. I swear, it’s this place!”
  1935. >you tell her you don’t blame her, and to not apologise
  1936. >it’s becoming obvious this other side of her just wants the path of least resistance, because yes, Aria and Sonata do still have problems
  1937. >but it’s nothing they can’t overcome with their brightest, loving sister helping them, right?
  1938. >and not even being super happy-go-lucky, just… content to live their lives with the ability to expand their own horizons
  1939. >but to do that, the sirens all need their stones, to prove themselves, once and for all
  1940. >”You’re right. Just one hug and I’ll let you work, okay?”
  1941. >gladly
  1942. >you hold each other close for a good while, then she reluctantly lets you go
  1943. >as you climb off the bed, you turn and say you quite like her new plan as well
  1944. >and like everything, there’s probably a compromise; your fortune earned and the Dazzlings restored back home, and a juice bar with live singing here, you’ll have it all if you can
  1945. >and how many more colts and fillies would there be if her sisters learn to love their own little weirdos as well?
  1946. >or whatever hybrid siren children would be called
  1947. >”Oh, make no mistake, I totally intend to find out with you. And that’s not giggly bitch me talking neither. We’re gonna go at it like depraved, wild animals. It’s just a matter of time.”
  1948. >she wiggles her eyebrows at you, and you laugh nervously
  1949. >but you can’t be distracted yet
  1950. >Adagio watches you work again
  1951. >eventually you witness that confused blink on her face as this world once more puts her under its spell, and while she seems to want to say something, no doubt to ask you to come to her (figuratively and literally, you bet), she keeps stopping herself, and finally settles down to sleep instead
  1952. >as the hour draws late, you finally succumb to fatigue yourself, having Aria’s stone in a similar state of repair to Sonata’s
  1953. >so you gently climb into bed and spoon against Adagio’s bigger body
  1954. >and she makes a deeply contented sigh
  1956. >it’s not the first all-nighter you’ve ever pulled, but they never stop sucking
  1957. >working on projects until exhaustion, sleeping, and waking up to work again
  1958. >you wish you could keep sleeping with your girlfriend, but you’re a man (or stallion) on a mission
  1959. >you carefully climb out of bed as Adagio continues to sleep and examine Aria’s stone
  1960. >it’s looking good, if crude, so you quickly set about grinding and sanding it down
  1961. >you use the emitter to gently imbue some power into Aria’s stone
  1962. >it glows a little, but not much else, so it’s definitely better than it was, but you can finish it back home
  1963. >frustratingly, you have no idea how negative emotional energy works
  1964. >it’s antithetical to everything you’ve worked on so far
  1965. >for one thing, how does emotion transcribe to power?
  1966. >your whole thesis so far has been ‘energy flows from Equestria, enters your world, people absorb a little of that power, it radiates off of them’
  1967. >and for the ponies here, that reaction is far stronger
  1968. >… you’ll just have to work with your team today and see what they have planned
  1969. >your team?
  1970. >wow, you really have integrated to this place
  1971. >stop it, Radian Wave, focus
  1972. >you conceal the stone in the EM shielding again and sneak out
  1973. >you head down the hall, trying to avoid the guards but also not make yourself too conspicuous
  1974. >and you reach the room with the mirror portal, though a guard is posted outside
  1975. >he eyes you warily, but you square up and flatly say you need to conduct some scans
  1976. >”Scans? I haven’t heard anything about this.”
  1977. >you imagine a lot of this siren stone business hasn’t passed by him
  1978. >but it’s imperative that you try to narrow down the transferral bandwidth of the equestrian magic flow to improve the energy coefficient rate to enhance the odds of the unique negative-
  1979. >”Okay! Okay! Fine, Princess Twilight did say you’re guests, just… hurry up and don’t make a mess.”
  1980. >he unlocks the door and you head inside
  1982. >phase two of the plan is go
  1983. >you tap in a unique energy signature into your emitter
  1984. >one Aria had been told ahead of time to alert her for a her siren stone’s drop off
  1985. >you fire it up and take the siren stone out, and wrap it in a cloth
  1986. >you just need to push it through the portal
  1987. >just… throw it in there
  1988. >… oh, Radian Wave, now’s not the time for second guesses
  1989. >but… but Twilight… she’s trusted you with so much
  1990. >you gulp
  1991. >and place the stone back into the EM shielding
  1992. >you instead grab a nearby quill and bottle of ink, a piece of paper and write a message
  1993. >’The plan has changed. Will still give you all your powers back, but be ready nearby until the portal shuts. If we don’t make it…’
  1994. >you scribble that last part out
  1995. >‘we will see you tonight’.’
  1996. >you fold the page and send it through the portal, and head back
  1997. >you enter your room just as you hear Adagio yawn, and turn as she rubs a foreleg on her ever-pretty raspberry coloured eyes
  1998. >you’re getting keen to which Addy is present; it’s giggly-Addy this morning
  1999. >the light-Addy to your dark-Addy
  2000. >”Morning, Ray. I guess you’re off to work?”
  2001. >yep
  2002. >you say you miss spending days with her already
  2003. >but it’s only one more day
  2004. >”You’re right. I love you, okay? No matter what happens.”
  2005. >you love her right back
  2006. >and with a parting kiss, you head out of the palace
  2007. >”Well, somepony’s been burning the candle at both ends!” Twilight chirps as she meets you at the base of the castle again. “Or were you too excited for today to sleep? I know that feeling all too well!” She giggles. “So many all night study sessions, or watching the stars, or some emergency, either major or just as often it was me ‘making a mountain out of a molehill.’”
  2009. >you wish her a good morning as you head for the workshop and admit, back in college you were so driven to succeed and pass, you probably averaged about three hours of sleep a night, and looking back, you probably could have looked after yourself better
  2010. >”I definitely understand. I don’t know about your world’s colleges, but I had tests given to me by Princess Celestia. It’s easy to lose sight of how kind she was when I kept over-inflating the consequences. Forever stuck in magical kindergarten, or my friends being imprisoned for accidentally letting her actually immortal pet perish when it turned out to just be a big joke, or me maybe kinda making the whole of Ponyville obsess over an old doll of mine.”
  2011. >Twilight giggles sheepishly
  2012. >those have got to be some stories worth telling, she’ll have to tell you some day
  2013. >and sheesh, the ruler of Equestria’s personal student, huh?
  2014. >wait, so she graduated into royalty?
  2015. >Twilight blushes. “I try not to make a big deal out of it, but yes, you could say that. I’m the princess of magic and, by extension, friendship.”
  2016. >and she’s… what was it, an alicorn now? Wings *and* a horn
  2017. >when she nods, you ask if you could scan her with your device
  2018. >”I’ll tell you what, I’ll let you scan me if you’ll show me how that device works tonight, deal?”
  2019. >absolutely
  2020. >she stands still and you get your readings
  2021. >Twilight’s got strong spikes in the earth and pegasi subtypes
  2022. >and… an anomalous reading for unicorn
  2023. >”So? What does it say?”
  2024. >that she’s too powerful to get an accurate reading with the current configuration
  2025. >she looks rightly smug, but says, with a flutter of her eyelashes, “I bet you say that to all the princesses.”
  2026. >just her…
  2027. >okay, Radian, stop, you tell yourself
  2028. >you say you’ll tweak the device with her later when you show her how to use it, decrease the sensitivity so you can get a more accurate reading
  2029. >”I can’t wait!”
  2030. >you grab a breakfast on the go, thankfully paid for by Twilight
  2031. >hay burgers, because all this talk of college has you fondly remembering eating garbage fast food, yet Twilight insists they’re amazing
  2032. >and yeah, they really are
  2033. >at the workshop, Sunburst and Star greet you both and you head to the workbench
  2034. >the siren stone rests within its barrier, which Starlight disengages and Sunburst takes out a high magnification magnifying glass and gives the stone a thorough inspection
  2035. >”It’s looking good! Just some surface imperfections that will come out with a good polish. The flaws might hurt charge yield for now, but we can go ahead and test it’s ability to absorb magic.”
  2037. >Twilight puts a hoof on Starlight’s shoulder. “Are you sure you want to do this? I could do it instead, I’ve got a little time before the summit…”
  2038. >Starlight looks nervous, but says, ”I’ve got this. I’m not the same Starlight who suppressed so many gifted ponies anymore. If focus on that, I’ll be alright.”
  2039. >Sunburst grimaces but puts on a brave face. ”Be careful, Star!”
  2040. >wait, what’s going on?
  2041. >Twilight explains, ”she’s going to cast dark magic. There are many forms of it in this world. Much if it is incompatible with most folk, but the magic that is within everypony can be turned dark. Usually, this peels away and leaves the individual a bit weaker as friendship is chipped away, and most of the time, reconciliation allows the individual to heal, but that off-cast dark magic would seem to be what the sirens consumed with these stones. This is a natural, protective process, as those that harbour this darkness can become corrupted if they come into contact with certain artefacts or individuals already strong in darkness. I learned some dark magic from Princess Celestia, and as Starlight has gone from strength to strength, she’s insisted she’s ready to use it herself.”
  2042. >you quietly get your emitter ready for a high-sensitivity scan as everyone backs away
  2043. >Starlight’s horn glows blue, but she winces and her eyes flash green, and her horn follows suit, then black, crystalline structures form around it
  2044. >the siren stone pulses an eerie red, but nothing else happens
  2045. >your emitter’s showing a wildly powerful discordant signal
  2046. >Twilight frowns. ”Enough. Stop.”
  2047. >”No,” Star says though her clenched teeth, “I can do this!”
  2048. >Star puts more force into it, but still nothing
  2049. >dark is dark, but it’s not conflictive
  2050. >Adagio is proof of that…
  2051. >… heh, time to be brilliant
  2052. >you sidle up to a transfixed Sunburst
  2053. >and stomp on his back leg
  2054. >you can’t resist shouting ‘Charley horse!’
  2055. >he yelps, stumbles, turns to you, and shouts, “what the hay do you think you’re doing!?”
  2056. >a green wisp pulls off of his body
  2057. >it swirls and expands, feeding off of Starlight’s spell
  2058. >then the whole negative mass bursts, some hitting the gem, which now glows with a red radiance
  2060. >Starlight shakes her head and recovers from her dance with darkness. ”What just happened?”
  2061. >back home, conflict is far more present, so it made sense that Adagio, Aria and Sonata could just walk into a diner and cause a small ruckus to feed, as she told you about her downfall against Sunset
  2062. >in Equestria? In the middle of an idyllic world?
  2063. >sometimes things need a little push
  2064. >Sunburst winces, stretches his back leg, and says, “results at any cost, huh?”
  2065. >oh, don’t be sour
  2066. >negative emotions don’t usually just happen without cause
  2067. >just as you didn’t just become a scientist because you wanted to as a kid
  2068. >you were pushed, almost suppressed, but you wanted to find a better way forward, to fight back, prove someone they couldn’t win, and all you had was your intelligence
  2069. >and if that involved stepping on a few legs, illegally hacking and modifying devices, yeah, results at any cost
  2070. >Twilight asks, ”Sunset Shimmer was that push, wasn’t she?”
  2071. >yep
  2072. >conflict isn’t inherently evil
  2073. >it strives us to do better if you keep pushing, keep fighting
  2074. >you’re not the quiet, vulnerable bookworm you were in school anymore
  2075. >it may not seem like a good motive, but ‘winning’ against Sunset made you what you are, by succeeding and even siding with her enemies
  2076. >it may have been misguided to begin with, petty, but it was the best decision you ever made, because you also inspired Adagio to become better
  2077. >like it was fate…
  2078. >you chuckle; how unscientific of you
  2079. >fate… of course Adagio’s rubbed off on you as well
  2080. >Starlight stares at the stone. “But just as often, we let these obsessions to prove others wrong to lead us astray. Like my ‘perfect community’.”
  2081. >”I suppose there’s no one true answer,” Twilight says. “But I believe in that love between Radian and Adagio. While Starlight drove for her goals alone, he has the best interests of somepony else in mind, and I have to believe Adagio’s feelings for Radian’s in return have given her reason to reform.”
  2082. >Twilight turns to you. “And besides, we’ve successfully restored the gem! Now you get your chance to shine; see if you can’t find a… less painful way to replicate the negative energy.”
  2083. >Sunburst stops nursing his leg and pouts. “Sounds like a good idea to me. I need to take my mind off my leg. Darn, that hurt.”
  2084. >you chuckle, but apologise
  2086. >Twilight heads off to the summit via teleportation, and you go ahead with your testing as Sunburst carefully grinds and polishes the facets of the siren stone
  2087. >Starlight helps by casting her dark magic a few times so you can get a better refinement on the sorts of energy it’s made of, then it’s her turn to watch as you strut your stuff
  2088. >with the emitter as a primary and your own magic as a secondary, you try to find a way to cause the same type of energy flow
  2089. >but even direct exposure only makes Sonata’s stone glow, but that’s it
  2090. >even using your magic to create an unharmonious energy form doesn’t take
  2091. >you hate to admit it, you say, but you might need to kick Sunburst again
  2092. >Starlight giggles. ”Sadly, I don’t think that’s a viable option.”
  2093. >it comes to you; perhaps someone needs to be directly using the stone, rather than it being a passive
  2094. >the only problem is, you’re not entirely sure if Adagio can use Sonata’s stone, so that’s something to tackle back home
  2095. >unless, of course, you can fix Adagio’s stone before midnight, in which case you could test that theory before returning home
  2096. >but you doubt you can do that here, or get out of this task without drawing attention to yourself
  2097. >unless…
  2098. >oh, that’s a big ask, but maybe…?
  2099. >Twilight seems to trust you, and Adagio
  2100. >maybe she’ll understand
  2101. >”Hey, Radian,” Sunburst calls to you, “could you help me with something?”
  2102. >yep, no way out now, at least
  2103. >and besides, she seems to be busy with the politics stuff
  2104. >so you settle back into work until Twilight finishes with the summit
  2105. >if nothing else, it’s good being thorough, and and the monotony lets you prepare yourself for what may happen later with Twilight
  2106. >and you’re even able to quickly buff down Aria’s stone by switching it with Sonata’s and claiming you’re just being extra thorough
  2107. >it looks just as good as the first, and you can’t help but feel pride in helping your girlfriend’s sisters
  2108. >your family…
  2110. >the hours pass by, and it’s getting dark again
  2111. >but Twilight blinks in, even more disheveled than last time
  2112. >”Ugh! Remind me to never agree to entertain the Yakyakistan delegates personally again. But never mind me, how’re things here?”
  2113. >Sunburst shows Twilight the siren stone. “We’ve done all we can, but without this stone’s owner, uh,” he looks at you and smirks, “without Sonata Dusk here to use it, we’ll never be sure.”
  2114. >you say you trust his appraisal
  2115. >and that you’re eternally grateful for Sunburst and Starlight’s help
  2116. >”It’s been fun!” Starlight says, “I really hope you’ll visit again. I wish you’d stay; we make a great team.”
  2117. >you promise you’ll come back, even if it will be another two and a half years, going by what Sunset said
  2118. >Twilight looks nervous, but clears her throat. “Well, with that all done, what say I deliver Sonata’s stone to a safe place for when you return home tonight, and we have a good few hours to just relax.”
  2119. >that sounds great
  2120. >you wanted to have a word with her, too
  2121. >you say your goodbyes to your team, even hugging both, and head outside
  2122. >Twilight teleports away with the stone, then returns after a few moments, and you head through the crystalline streets
  2123. >you reach the jousting grounds as ponies clash with padded lances, and Twilight smiles as she looks to the vast field
  2124. >”Radian, before you say anything, I wanted to say something first. It’s been great meeting you. You’re brilliant, driven, a bit rough around the edges in an endearing way, but I have to tell you that we should just remain friends. That’s both because I honestly like you, but also because of what could come to pass if we let things go too far. I can’t come between you and Adagio. As quick as it’s been, our chats have been some of the most fun we’ve had in a long time, and it’s helped me centre myself before and after the summit… I’ve never been great at politics.”
  2125. >you’d be lying if you said you didn’t come to see her as something more than a friend, too
  2126. >and you’d love nothing more than to remain close, and if that’s just as friends, that’ll be fine
  2127. >she’s honestly such a breath of fresh air from most people you’ve talked to all your life, in both worlds
  2128. >she smiles, however a little sadly. “You wouldn’t be the first guy from the human world that I’ve had feelings for, but when ever I thought about us, I’d think of how much it would hurt Adagio. I can’t do that, both for your joined happiness, but… for more pragmatic reasons too. We want the sirens on our side, and part of the summit was actually about bringing them into the fold, as citizens of Equestria. With their powers, backed with our support and understanding, we want to give them a home. A true place to belong.”
  2129. >that’s a lot of trust
  2130. >which you admit, it’s a relief, because you have a confession
  2131. >you need her help, but also, in light of her unwavering faith in you and Adagio, you want to come clean
  2133. >”… Sunset told me she detected Adagio might try and pull something when she also saw her… darkest moments. You brought the other stones here, didnt’t you?”
  2134. >she frowns, but doesn’t look angry, just concerned
  2135. >you nod and take them out of the EM shielding, and she takes them with her telekinesis
  2136. >you say you originally had every intention of keeping it a secret, and just fixing them and returning home
  2137. >but the more you’ve seen this world affect Adagio, the more you’re worried she won’t be able to resist the effects of having the stone given back to her
  2138. >not to mention, Sunset said her despair might make Adagio turn evil
  2139. >and the faith Twilight has had in you… you can’t betray that
  2140. >Twilight looks at Adagio’s broken stone, then at you
  2141. >”If you were in my position, what would you do?”
  2142. >you won’t pretend to know the wisdom that she must have accrued as a princess, especially one with her astounding power, or the magical problems she’s had to solve compared to a simple miscalculation or a blown transistor
  2143. >but you suspect she would hold on to two of the stones to see how Adagio handles her and her sisters having the remaining one to observe what happens, as per the original agreement
  2144. >”Actually? Knowing the place you hold in Adagio’s heart, and the budding good within her? I think, while we have me, my brother Shining Armor, and the Princesses Celestia, Luna and Cadence? My friends, the Elements of Harmony? And you, who I know will fight with every fabric of your being to restore Adagio?”
  2145. >she puts a hoof on your shoulder
  2146. >”We throw caution to the wind and put our faith in your love! We’ll repair the stone, and at worst, we keep the other stones here and banish Adagio back to your world, almost the same as the original plan, until we find a better solution. But if this works, knowing and Adagio can control the darkness with her newfound strength in the magic of friendship, she will be primed to impart that to her sisters.”
  2147. >she really means it?
  2148. >”Of course I do!”
  2149. >you can’t stop yourself
  2150. >you wrap your forelegs around Twilight and hug her
  2151. >and you thank her over and over
  2152. >she hugs you back, and when you part she’s blushing
  2153. >”I hope I find somepony like you for myself, someday.”
  2154. >you chuckle maybe she can find the Radian Wave from this world, maybe he might be worth looking at?
  2155. >you imagine he’s quite handsome
  2157. >Twilight giggles and you realise your eyes must have started leaking at some point
  2158. >must be some powdered stone in your eye, you say and clear your throat
  2159. >”Come on, we have one more stone to fix!”
  2160. >she warps you back to the workshop, and you get to work with gusto
  2161. >naturally, she picks up on using your device rapidly, even suggesting some ways you might improve it, albeit some aren’t practical back home
  2162. >like replacing some of the circuit boards with magical components
  2163. >but it inspires you for when you return to Equestria, and you promise to Twilight that you’ll build her whatever she could dream of
  2164. >you could be her personal inventor
  2165. >”But what about your home? Don’t you want to go back?”
  2166. >you say you’ll be in a better place than you’ve ever been
  2167. >you even think you could work with Sunset, even though what she did to you still keeps you from fully opening up to her
  2168. >you realise you don’t know much about her, since you’ve been afraid to really get close to her
  2169. >”She’s strong willed, but I sometimes worry about her. Sunset gets by, but between her and the other worlds versions of my friends looking out for magical problems that crop up from time to time over there, she sometimes struggles to stick to a job. But I understand you’ve had your differences, but you should have seen Sunset when she fell foul of my old crown and transformed into a demonic entity; for all her pride and deviousness, she was so distraught at what she had done when I defeated her. She’s not the same girl you remember. Just as Adagio isn’t the same girl I knew when I helped the Rainbooms defeat her. If Adagio can learn to love, Radian, you need to learn to forgive. I know it can be difficult, but please. For me. The five of you together, and Sunset’s friends, would be a great team.”
  2170. >you understand
  2171. >and you can probably help her a great deal with her challenges of dealing with magic threats; you’ve got plans for your equestrian magic batteries that might just make detecting them easier
  2172. >and you’d love to give Sunset a job once you’ve got your business up and running
  2173. >”Thank you. Sounds like a plan!”
  2174. >as night sets in, you finish the stone
  2175. >the only problem is the epoxy takes time to set
  2176. >”Allow me!”
  2177. >Twilight casts a spell, and an aura forms around the gem
  2179. >”I’m speeding up time for the stone with a temporal acceleration spell. Go and get Adagio, because within the hour, this will be ready. I’ll also see about getting Princess Celestia and the others here so we can hopefully have this resolved before midnight.”
  2180. >she doesn’t have to tell you twice, and you once more set off to find your girlfriend
  2181. >it’s dark, and most of the ponies have also settled inside, but there’s still some ponies about
  2182. >one you recognise; Applejack is heading towards the palace
  2183. >you say hey, and ask if she’s seen Adagio
  2184. >”Sure, we’ve been with’er all day. Then she and Sunset said they had some private business to discuss. Yer girlfriend seemed’ta get this real sinister side come over her though when Sunset turned up. Ah’m guessin’ they might have some bad blood between’em, because they kept snippin’ at each other all day, but ah first thought it was just some banter. Now ah’m not so sure.”
  2185. >she points you in the direction of the city’s outskirts
  2186. >you hear Adagio’s raised voice. ”… oh, you’d love that, wouldn’t you? Me and my sisters beneath your heel?”
  2187. >”It’s not like that! We have to be careful, or I’m worried you’ll slip back into your old ways!”
  2188. >”We don’t need you! After what you did to Ray, and my sisters? We just want to be left alone!”
  2189. >you round the corner and see Sunset with Adagio, glaring at one another
  2190. >the fury on both their faces…
  2191. >you ask them to stop, it’s not worth it
  2192. >Sunset glances at you, “try telling your girlfriend that! She may put up an innocent front, but I don’t think she realises what she’s trying to do! If she gives her sisters back their stones, it’ll just be the battle of the bands all over again! Corrupting their followers and dominating them, you included, Ray!”
  2193. >”Bullsh-…. Aaagh! Bull*shit*.” Adagio slams her hoof into the ground so hard, the crystal road shatters in a spiderweb pattern. “They’ll listen to me, we just need time and trust!”
  2194. >”You’ve snuck all the stones into this world! When you explicitly told me you wouldn’t! How do I know you aren’t still trying to fool us!?”
  2195. >wait, was that green wisp…?
  2196. >you ignore it and plead for them to calm down
  2197. >Twilight’s already agreed to help Adagio, and this arguing is pointless
  2198. >”Hah, see?” Adagio smugly says. “No wonder you’re a failed student of Celestia’s. You don’t understand love and trust, and you just can’t stand being wrong.”
  2199. >Sunset snorts and paws at the ground. ”Bite me, you prissy, stuck up, energy sucking whore!”
  2200. >”Fuck you, you bitch! I’ve had it with your superior, holier-than-thou, smug, self-righteous goodie-goodie shit!”
  2201. >Sunset shoves her head against Adagio’s and they push against each other and snarl through clenched teeth
  2202. >more green smoke-like energy
  2203. >wait…
  2204. >Twilight teleports in nearby
  2205. >”What’s going on!? Everyone stop! Adagio’s stone started reacting-”
  2206. >you hear your emitter beep rapidly
  2207. >a strong surge of magic is approaching
  2208. >and a bolt of red blasts Sunset away and knocks Adagio back, into a nearby building and through its wall
  2209. >and as the smoke clears, and she stands from the rubble
  2210. >her stone is embedded in her chest, and it throbs, pulsing as a heartbeat
  2211. >her body crackles with green energy, and a looming cloud of negative energy flows into the stone
  2212. >oh no…
  2213. >Adagio screams in pain
  2214. >she writhes on the ground and reaches for you. ”Ray!! Help me!!”
  2215. >and she begins to transform
  2217. >fins sprout from Adagio’s back, and her mane merges with it like a seahorses crest
  2218. >her still mostly pony face changes subtly, gaining a subtle serpent-like look, with her teeth growing long and sharp
  2219. >she collapses as her back legs merge, but then Adagio becomes obscured as a pillar of red and green light surrounds her, and she screams your name again
  2220. >but you’re too stunned to move
  2221. >Twilight panics for a second, but quickly collects herself. ”Wait here, we need the help! I never had a chance to notify everyone!”
  2222. >she teleports away
  2223. >Sunset struggles to her hooves and backs away from the chaotic swirl of power
  2224. >you’re aware your emitter is beeping like crazy
  2225. >a calm, logical Radian would probably find a use for that data, use it to help
  2226. >but this is your Adagio, in pain, calling for you
  2227. >you charge toward the pillar, only for Sunset to tackle you
  2228. >”Radian, stop! We have to get to safety!”
  2229. >you can’t leave her!
  2230. >Sunset throws you back with her magic, and sprints to push you farther, but you wrestle with her to run back towards Adagio
  2231. >that’s when you hear it
  2232. >Adagio’s cries grow louder
  2233. >but also less a normal scream, more a deafening roar
  2234. >the pillar of light leaves the ground and grows wider as it shoots skyward
  2235. >and when it finally fades, Adagio Dazzle is just like in Sunburst’s book
  2236. >she’s huge, many times your size
  2237. >a scaled equine upper body flowing into a fish-like lower half
  2238. >and she turns her glowing red eyes down, snarling
  2239. >then she looses a furious scream
  2240. >but instead of like a fierce beast, it’s a singers haunting voice, a full power note
  2241. >a cone of red power blasts from her maw, impacting on the ground and obliterating a sizeable crater, rocks firing through nearby homes like cannonballs
  2242. >you call up to her
  2243. >her eyes are wild, panicked and feral, until she locks her gaze on you
  2244. >clarity starts to wash over her expression, before her forelegs wrap around her head and she snarls in pain
  2245. >multicoloured beams of magic fly past her, which makes Adagio turn towards the arrival of four alicorns
  2246. >the princesses!
  2247. >the beams bend and encircle Adagio
  2248. >but with a cacophonous cry, a shockwave of red energy blasts all a sphere around her, breaking the magic binding, and she begins to flee from the city as you and Sunset are flung tumbling backwards from the shockwave
  2249. >the princesses catch you with their magic and land near you
  2250. >the tallest one, white coated with a vibrant multicoloured flowing mane and tail, orders, “we can’t risk fighting this close to the citizens! It is regrettable, but be must banish her back to the other world, just as Starswirl did!”
  2251. >the second biggest, a dark blue mare with a starry mane, replies, “I am with you, sister! Twilight, make the portal! The rest of us will shepherd her towards it! Quickly!”
  2252. >Twilight and a final, pink princess all brace themselves and begin casting
  2253. >Twilight conjures a huge wormhole in front of the fleeing Adagio, and beams of energy preventing her from deviating from the other three
  2255. >a horrifying memory surfaces
  2256. >of Adagio and her sisters forgetting who and what they were when thrown into the other world this way
  2257. >all you can think of, as the wild and enraged Adagio hurtles towards the portal, is all of her new self being stripped from her
  2258. >she wouldn’t be your Addy any more
  2259. >you can’t let it happen!
  2260. >the numbers flow through your mind
  2261. >you recall the alicorn scan you got from Twilight
  2262. >and with every ounce of your being, you project the strongest anti-alicorn signal you can muster with your magic
  2263. >all four princesses’ legs buckle, and their magic falters and flickers as they all cry out in shock
  2264. >Twilight manages to call out, “Radian, what are you doing!?”
  2265. >you quickly activate your emitter as you sprint off after Adagio
  2266. >she flies past the now empty spot where the portal has formed
  2267. >you drop the emitter it with the anti alicorn signal projected over the princesses
  2268. >and shout back that you’re sorry, but you can fix this!
  2269. >you’ll bring Adagio back to her senses, or die trying!
  2270. >after the initial shock, Sunset begins her pursuit, but you don’t care
  2271. >you’ve got a head start and you can’t afford to look back
  2272. >you need to keep up with Adagio or you might lose her forever!
  2273. >the temperate night gives way to a bitter, arctic wasteland, mercifully clear but frigid
  2274. >yet still you pursue!
  2275. >you’re no athlete, and you’re galloping by instinct rather than anything you learned while in Equestria
  2276. >but you keep up surprisingly well, long enough for you to see Adagio drop below a tree line of a small, isolated forest
  2277. >you stumble as exhaustion takes you, but at least she seems to have stopped
  2278. >”Radian! Stop!”
  2279. >Sunset teleports in front of you, nowhere near as winded as you are
  2280. >of course she was always a great athlete
  2281. >”I’m partially responsible for this… let me help, however I can.”
  2282. >she’s helped enough, you growl
  2283. >all Adagio wanted was trust, a chance to make her small world complete
  2284. >but Sunset just couldn’t let things go, could she?
  2285. >”You’re forgetting just how manipulative she’s always been; it’s literally the siren way. And you’ve been compliant with her, sure, but so what? Why would I ever assume you weren’t being strung along? Knowing what I do now, I realise you even must have used your device to make my magic weaker so I couldn’t get a true read on your memories or thoughts.”
  2286. >… shit, she’s right on that count
  2288. >”Plus, if we go in there still at each other’s throats, Adagio is just going to use that against us, even if she doesn’t intend to. Please, I’ve never lied about wanting what’s best for you. Both of you.”
  2289. >you’ve held onto your old grudge from Sunset’s bullying since Canterlot high
  2290. >Twilight asked you to forgive her, and as hard as it is, you finally do it
  2291. >you lower your head and say you’re sorry for manipulating her, for twisting the knife of her bullying and leveraging it against her
  2292. >the problem with trying to forge a new path ahead is carrying the burdens of old baggage, but no more
  2293. >”We’re both at fault. I’m far from perfect, because I’ve been prejudiced against Adagio before as well. I was stuck in a time loop once, you know, at the Starswirled music festival? As I knew the Dazzlings were there, even though I knew they had lost their magic, I assumed they were the cause and broke into their van. And Adagio was right, I was a failure of a student to Celestia, I thought I was good enough to go off my first assumptions and skip straight to finding a solution instead of putting in the work to get things right.”
  2294. >Sunset’s definitely improved, though
  2295. >hiding what she saw of Adagio’s plan besides, she still allowed you and your girlfriend to come to Equestria
  2296. >Sunset bites her lip and her ears flatten, ashamed. “About that…”
  2297. >oh, what now?
  2298. >”You have to understand I did it under the best of intentions…”
  2299. >Sunset… what did she do?
  2300. >”When I saw what happened to her, and the way she felt, I made my mind up to bring you both here. I told Twilight and we both agreed she needed help that neither of us assumed she would ask for, willingly. We… expected her to be resistant, or for her to try and enact some plan. This whole thing was a trap, to force Adagio to come to terms with the fact she needed our help, and even stay here for years to learn about friendship if it came to that.”
  2301. >seriously, when does this cycle of lies and manipulation stop?
  2302. >when are the old hatred’s and feuds ever going to stop either?
  2303. >so what changed?
  2305. >”You. You did. I first saw you as a willing minion in this, like how I once treated Snips and Snails in school. I disregarded what an influence you could be, mainly because I thought Adagio was using your past as a tool, since she knew I would be sympathetic because of what I’d done to you before. I assumed you would follow what Adagio wanted, but no…”
  2306. >she smiles and laughs
  2307. >”instead, you grew beyond that. You became the very thing Adagio needed. You even won over Twilight’s heart! She told me when she heard Adagio sing; that song wasn’t just proof that Adagio had goodness in her, but that you, Radian, was the seed that sprouted into her willingness to change. I just wish I’d focused on you more than Adagio, then I would have seen it too. Instead of focusing on what Adagio might do, I would have seen how hard you were fighting for her, the passion that simply isn’t there in a one sided relationship.”
  2308. >you tell her what you’ve told your girlfriend before
  2309. >everything you do is for Adagio
  2310. >”You don’t need to tell me twice; what you did to the princesses? Ballsy. I hope you don’t get sent to the moon for that.”
  2311. >wait, what?
  2312. >never mind, you don’t even want to think about how they’re going to respond to hitting them with your anti-signal…
  2313. >so you change topics, and say you’ve heard from Twilight that Sunset’s got enough on her plate as it is
  2314. >dealing with magical anomalies and entities passing over there, just like your girlfriend and her sisters, and how it’s stopping her living a normal life
  2315. >”Yeah, but that’s because it has to be me. I screwed up being Celestia’s student, I almost invaded Equestria with a small army of brainwashed students, for goodness sake! It’s my punishment to carry this burden, because nobody else can do it besides me and my friends, but even then I feel like I’m disrupting their lives. Sometimes things get desperate.”
  2316. >you could help her, once you get your inventions marketed
  2318. >with what you’ve learned of magic and with your technology, not only can you help her directly
  2319. >but you can even give her a job, financial support in sorting out those magic issues
  2320. >it’s not her burden to carry alone any more, as payback for at least wanting to improve Adagio’s life
  2321. >”You’d do that for me?”
  2322. >sure
  2323. >what else are friends for?
  2324. >she tears up and smiles
  2325. >”I’ll never be able to make up for what I did to you, or how my actions broke up your family… but thank you! Alright, lets go save your Adagio!”
  2326. >good, because Addy and her sisters *are* your family now
  2327. >you charge into the forest but quickly lose steam as you struggle to see or hear anything
  2328. >and you immediately regret discarding your emitter for maybe a minute of distraction on the princesses
  2329. >you could hide easily narrowed in on a siren signal
  2330. >your magic can do a lot of what it can do, but sensing it?
  2331. >you say you’re flying blind here
  2332. >”So we need some way to track where she is, huh?”
  2333. >yes, but you’re out of ideas
  2334. >”Charley horse!”
  2335. >red hot pain as you stumble and fall
  2336. >Sunset just kicked your leg!
  2337. >what the fuck!?
  2338. >a green wisp falls of your body and flows through the forest
  2339. >that clever bitch
  2340. >you fight through the pain and chase after it, limping a little
  2341. >you ask was that revenge sent by Sunburst?
  2342. >”What’re you talking about? No, I just realised we needed a little conflict to trace the negative energy to Adagio’s stone. Sorry!”
  2343. >… great minds think alike, you say, to Sunset’s confusion
  2344. >you’re about to lose sight of the energy when you hear something
  2345. >a low, mournful sob fills the air
  2346. >it’s beautiful yet heart-crushing to the ear
  2347. >then you see the shine of gold scales in the white blanketed darkness
  2349. >coiled around herself like a snake, with her head buried between her forelegs, lies your Adagio
  2350. >in all her marvellous and terrible splendour
  2351. >you reach the clearing, and a low rumble of a growl shakes the snow from the trees
  2352. >she glares at you with a slitted eye
  2353. >”Radian…” You *feel* her voice more than you hear the low, harsh whisper
  2354. >as her dragonish face emerges from behind her hooves, you’d say her expression lightens up
  2355. >but it is *not* a good smile
  2356. >”It’s alright, Adagio,” Sunset says, “come with us and we can fix this!”
  2357. >”You!” Adagio’s brief, sinister smirk turns on it’s head into anger. “Why would I go anywhere with you!? To trap me in stone, or imprisoned in Tartarus!? Or maybe you want to torture me with the other world some more, to be beaten and broken by human filth as my memories fade!? All you bring with you is servitude to that vile sun goddess! Banishment and pain and loneliness and despair!”
  2358. >you tap Sunset with your hoof and take the lead
  2359. >you tell Adagio that it’s true; she just needs to trust you, and you’re sure this all fixed
  2360. >”Fixed?” Adagio lifts up her upper body, and she changes to a smug, self-assuredness. “But I am fixed! I am restored! And it’s all thanks to you, my little pawn. Come to me!”
  2361. >her voice…
  2362. >yes, go to her
  2363. >”Ray! Snap out of it!”
  2364. >”He’s not your toy any more, Sunset. He’s mine. And with all his wonderful power at my command, I don’t even need my sisters! Radian Wave, come *here!*”
  2365. >yes, mistress
  2366. >you stagger forward to your goddess
  2367. >”As a matter of fact,” Adagio says and cackles at Sunset, “even your petty talents may still serve me, my delicious little rival. Bow to me, and you’ll be spared! Subjugation is bliss!”
  2369. >your fading mind catches on Adagio’s split attention, and you force yourself to stop walking
  2370. >as powerful as your girlfriend is, she’s only absorbed a little negative energy, most of which was likely expended in the violent shock of her transformation and breaking free from the princesses attempt to bind her
  2371. >you have a moment of clarity, as Sunset grunts with effort and, when you look at her, you see her struggling to keep her mind
  2372. >but two unicorns aren’t strong enough to stop the power of even one diminished siren
  2373. >but combined?
  2374. >you channel your power, and unleash a unicorn enhancing aura
  2375. >Sunset breaks the control, and you boost both your powers
  2376. >then you turn your magic against Adagio, hitting her with an empowered anti-siren signal
  2377. >Adagio growls, reels from the initial blast, thanks to the boost,
  2378. >for a moment, she seems almost subdued
  2379. >but you haven’t had enough practice; your magic weakens
  2380. >Adagio sneers at you
  2381. >”That wasn’t a very good idea, my pet… come here, *now!*”
  2382. >your magic is still enough to block the worst of her voice powers; it’s an itch to obey, not a compulsion
  2383. >so instead, she charges at you!
  2384. >then Sunset uses her still booster power as she fires a beam of magic at Adagio, and a mighty explosion that knocks trees, snow and rocks flying from the epicentre
  2385. >a grim silence settles in
  2386. >what have you done?
  2387. >…
  2388. >then a deep, melodic, contralto chuckle
  2389. >into a laugh
  2390. >a manic cackle as the smoke swirs
  2391. >a barely scratched Adagio lunges from the cloud
  2392. >her tail lashes out, narrowly missing you both, but slapping you both away in a shower of dirt from the massive impact of her tail smashing the ground
  2393. >you skid and slide along the ground, scratched and bruised, but Sunset hits a tree with a heavy thud
  2394. >”How precious! Is that really all you’re capable of, my little pets? How disappointing! Maybe I am better off alone?”
  2395. >you see it, for a split second
  2396. >that word
  2397. >Adagio’s smug superiority gives way to a deeply troubled expression
  2398. >alone, you say?
  2399. >”Silence!” Adagio hisses, reeling from your word
  2400. >her demand stings through your head, and you can’t talk for a few moments
  2401. >”No… I shall keep you both alive until I can find my own subjects. Willing or unwilling.”
  2402. >”R- Ray…”
  2403. >Sunset’s trying to stand, but she doesn’t have the strength
  2404. >she’s also struggling to breathe, but she’s reaching for you
  2405. >you rush over, and wrap your foreleg around hers to help her up
  2406. >”You have to… remind her…”
  2407. >and her eyes glow white
  2409. >you retract your leg and disable your mind reading power. ”Really? Adagio sang that? It’s so sappy! That’s hilarious!” You can’t help but giggle
  2410. >”Sunset!” Twilight chides, “don’t be like that. It was amazing, and so heartfelt! I really think she’s changed. It’s the sort of song I wish somepony would sing to me, some day.”
  2411. >you respect Princess Twilight like nobody else, but this is a bit far fetched. ”Look, I know songs are a big deal. A view into the soul and all, but I just don’t know… Adagio’s a semi-professional singer, but a master manipulator.”
  2412. >”I’ve heard people fake it, I’ve seen people give performances that were touching, but I’ve never *felt* it like that. Radian must be her whole world to so deeply receptive to the magic of friendship, especially if she’s so willing to accept it that it made her spontaneously burst into song like Pinkie. Adagio’s likely a willing vessel for it, even if she’s not going to admit it. In fact, as a siren, an entity of fathomless power, the amount of magic she’s capable of absorbing from her relationship with Radian’s has almost certainly made her a deep reservoir to the magic of friendship.”
  2413. >”So that’s it? One song, and you’ve accepted her, huh?”
  2414. >”Now, now,” Twilight picks up a book with her magic and opens it, revealing a page about the sirens. “That’s not to say we relax, but I’m willing to give her the benefit of the doubt. She’s going to hang around with my friends today, and they’ll be reporting to me if they sense anything untoward. Likewise, Sunburst and Starlight will be working with Radian Wave, so I’ll have plenty of data to consider about who’s tricking who.”
  2415. >you tap your hoof on your chin. Could this really be it? Could Adagio have changed this much, just hours after entering Equestria? “Just one song, huh?”
  2417. >you’re back in the forest, and Sunset slumps
  2418. >you gulp, face the grinning Adagio, and step towards her
  2419. >that one song
  2420. >that was when she shined the brightest for you, as if she was emitting magic herself
  2421. >maybe she was
  2422. >Adagio tilts her head quizzically as you straighten up. “I’d choose your next action wisely, my little slave, for it will be your last ounce of freedom!”
  2423. >you take a deep breath
  2424. “For so very long you had a heart of stone,
  2425. Just carried on, soulless and all alone,
  2426. lost the way ahead, and lost your wiiill!
  2427. Life just blurred together, just as bleak,
  2428. Every day drained you, left you weak,
  2429. That was your life; the final, bitter piiill,
  2430. There was no way out, but then, oh, what you saw!
  2431. Oh, what you saw!
  2432. What you saw was somepony that your heart's worth beating for!
  2433. >Adagio’s smugness fades
  2434. >you continue, and brandish your own soul!
  2435. “I’d given my all, with nothing left,
  2436. behind me, joy and skies grey and bereft,
  2437. my hopes and dreams now rested upon you!
  2438. A soul, my calculations could not predict,
  2439. A beauty, my designs could not depict,
  2440. With you by my side, the sky would be perfect blue!
  2441. And no matter what, you’d make my spirit soar!
  2442. Make my spirit soar!
  2443. As I dreamed to be the one who your heart’s worth beating for!”
  2444. >Adagio’s jaw goes slack, and the malice in her expression fades, eyes growing wet
  2445. >”R- Ray… you are…”
  2446. >Adagio drops to the ground with a heavy crash, and closes her eyes
  2447. >”You are the one. My heart beats only for you!”
  2448. >she looks at you, with tear-filled admiration
  2449. >you plead for her to come back to you
  2450. >she doesn’t deserve to be alone
  2451. >she deserves the best life you can give her
  2452. >but she has to come back to you
  2453. >”I can’t! I lost myself, what if it happens again? I’m a monster!”
  2454. >no she isn’t!
  2455. >she’s glorious
  2456. >she’s as vibrant as the sun, and as bold as the moon
  2457. >greater than any princess
  2458. >and you will move the earth to help her through this
  2459. >but you know she can fight this
  2460. >Adagio gently presses her muzzle against you, either a kiss or a nuzzling
  2461. >which at her size, capable of eating you whole, she accidentally knocks you straight on your back
  2462. >she giggles, then looks past you and gasps
  2463. >”Sunset!”
  2464. >you turn
  2465. >she’s lying still, and doesn’t respond
  2467. >Adagio slowly rises and floats as you run over and examine Sunset
  2468. >she’s breathing, but it’s faint
  2469. >and she barely twitches to your touch
  2470. >you need to get her back to the Crystal empire
  2471. >you cast your unicorn boosting magic
  2472. >Sunset grunts in pain and comes around, looking weakly at you but she doesn’t speak
  2473. >but she puts on a brave face, managing a little smile as she sees the fretting Adagio’s worried expression
  2474. >you tell Sunset to keep still, and try to lift her
  2475. >shit, no hands and you can’t cast both spells at once, and the boosting spell might be the only thing keeping Sunset alive!
  2476. >Adagio looms over you both, then grimaces at her hooves
  2477. >”You’re so tiny! I don’t know how I could pick you up without hurting you! Ugh, stupid siren body, all this power and all of it is tied to my mou-“
  2478. >Adagio’s eyes go wide
  2479. >”Uh… Ray? Could you… gently wrap yourself around Sunset for a second? And try not to scream. Or squirm around?”
  2480. >you do so
  2481. >wait… squirm?
  2482. >Adagio opens her vast maw and licks you off the ground
  2483. >”Yuck… ohay, ‘on’t mouv.”
  2484. >ewww!
  2485. >aaaahh!
  2486. >EWWW!
  2487. >but especially AAAAAAHHHHH!!
  2488. >you’re cuddling your former bully, inside the mouth of her… frenemy? Rival?
  2489. >you’re literally bathing in your girlfriend’s saliva, in the dark
  2490. >and surrounded by razor sharp teeth as big as your head
  2491. >at least the tongue is… soft
  2492. >and undulating
  2493. >it’s a war of gross in practice and… actually kinda hot in theory
  2494. >so you focus on your inner ear senses
  2495. >inertia tells you that you’re moving
  2496. >up, across for a time
  2497. >eventually down
  2498. >muffled voices… Twilight?
  2499. >”… n’t move, Adagio! What have you done to Sunset and Radian!”
  2500. >you’re tipped down and spat out, to the gasps of pretty much everyone you’ve met during your stay here, plus a contingent of guards led by someone who stands side by side with that pink princess
  2501. >you realise they’re probably Shining Armor and Cadance
  2502. >Shining’s horn is projecting a massive barrier that’s surrounding the whole city
  2503. >Adagio pleads, ”Sunset needs help! And- and I…”
  2504. >holy shit, she’s going to say it?
  2505. >she coils in on herself like a serpent as she lands, and winces like she’s about to stick her head in a box of tarantulas
  2506. >”I- I need…”
  2507. >you shake like a dog, flicking off some of the excess saliva and run up to your gargantuan girlfriend, and press your cheek against her wall-sized one
  2508. >and tell her it’s okay, she can do this
  2509. >Adagio gulps, then says, “I need your help,” before cowering behind her forelegs in shame
  2510. >you say you’re proud of her, and she gives you an awkward smile
  2512. >the guards disperse, Starlight and Sunburst escort a stretchered Sunset along with a few medical ponies
  2513. >the princesses and Twilight’s friends are talking amongst one another
  2514. >Shining Armor’s keeping a smaller barrier up, around you and Adagio, who looks panicked and barely resisting the urge to take flight and flee again
  2515. >the princesses confer for some time
  2516. >Twilight finally approaches, grinning
  2517. >notably, you see she has your emitter strapped around her neck
  2518. >”We don’t know how to separate you from the stone, not without hurting you, but I think I know someone who might.”
  2519. >you tilt your head, and Twilight rolls her eyes and passes you the emitter
  2520. >”I can think of nobody more qualified. Come on, Radian! I now you can think of something.”
  2521. >Adagio adds, with a less than serious sneer, “you’re brilliant at this sort of thing, Ray! Come on; we haven’t gone through all of this for you to turn into an idiot now.”
  2522. >you need… what do you need? Science time, Radian, it’s all on you
  2523. >everything here has energy, signals to mute, to boost, with enough of a degree of separation that you can afflict multiple entities with one field
  2524. >Adagio’s energy is extremely close to, but not exact to her stone
  2525. >a positive and negative signal… but you’re not sure if you have that sort of power, in you, nor your handheld emitter
  2526. >a gradient of signals, since Adagio is of three aspects
  2527. >a negative for the stone, to weaken its hold
  2528. >neutral, verging on positive for her siren form, since you need to keep her steady, gradually separate her and the stone and resist the harm the anti-stone signature might induce
  2529. >and positive to earth, because you want to encourage her to return to her earth pony form
  2530. >you ask Twilight if she’s quick at learning spells
  2531. >Twilight’s friends all laugh
  2532. >Rainbow Dash hovers overhead and adds, “she learns spells like I achieve awesomeness! As good as done!”
  2533. >then there’s no time to lose!
  2534. >you talk about your method of learning your own magic
  2535. >she ponders for a moment. ”That’s pretty clever, but somewhat limiting. Not all spells can be summarised as simple numbers, but it’s a good way to start. Let me try…”
  2536. >Twilight’s horn glows
  2537. >and Rainbow Dash faceplants, flaps her wings wildly, but can’t take off again
  2538. >”Hey, what gives? I feel weak…”
  2539. >that’s an anti pegasi signal
  2540. >a woozy looking Fluttershy flaps her wings a few times, and also can’t get any altitude
  2541. >you say maybe tweak it up a few notches?
  2542. >Pinkie trembled and bounces in place. ”Ooh, that tickles!”
  2543. >Applejack blushes and clears her throat, “yeah, ain’t that the truth…”
  2544. >that’s the one!
  2545. >you tell Twilight she’s a fine student, and if she can take care of the strongest positive earth signal she can muster, you’ll handle the rest
  2547. >you activate a negative siren stone signal with the emitter
  2548. >Adagio snarls, but she’s fighting her nature like a champ
  2549. >being the most sensitive of the three, you broadcast the siren signal, which you tweak into positive oh-so gently
  2550. >Adagio looks comforted by this, and closes her eyes
  2551. >she drifts off to sleep as her stone fades, losing its red glow
  2552. >and then, Adagio herself begins to glow a gentle, white light
  2553. >she shrinks!
  2554. >Princess Celestia steps forward, and with a yellow glow of her horn, she extracts Adagio’s stone
  2555. >and as the glowing Adagio reaches a familiar size, the glow fades
  2556. >a big, powerfully built earth mare, as beautiful as ever as she slumbers
  2557. >but her chest has a scar where the stone was, with small golden scales hiding closely under the coat by the wound
  2558. >she stirs, blinks wearily, and looks at you with slitted raspberry eyes
  2559. >”Ray!”
  2560. >she pounces on you, pinning you beneath her amazing body
  2561. >and smothers you with kisses, all over your face, neck
  2562. >they begin to get salaciously lower, when Twilight clears her throat
  2563. >”Welcome back, Adagio.”
  2564. >Twilight, and her friends, are all blushing as Adagio awkwardly climbs off of you, and helps you up with a foreleg
  2565. >but then Adagio notices the damage she had done, the broken houses and ground, bites her lip, and says, “I’m sorry… I lost control. All those negative emotions hit me at once. I was terrified!”
  2566. >”I believe you,” Twilight says, calmly. “But don’t worry, nobody was seriously hurt, and Sunset’s in good hooves. I hadn’t expected it to be easy, but your argument with Sunset triggered your stone before I had a chance to get everyone together. That you’re here, welcoming our help, is enough.”
  2567. >the biggest alicorn, Princess Celestia, approaches. “I had hoped to meet you both before you departed, to invite you to Equestria as honorary citizens. To have a siren so smitten by you, young Radian Wave, and for you Adagio Dazzle, to be so willing and open hearted in turn, speaks volumes to me. The light in both of you, no matter the darkness you have lived through or even carry with you, has prevailed. If your visit has not been spoiled by this unfortunate evening’s events, I would still love to extend that invitation again. Even if you only accept it to do right by Sunset and the Crystal empire, I would be humbled.”
  2569. >Adagio squares up to Celestia
  2570. >the princess is maybe a quarter of a head taller, but far more slender
  2571. >and your girlfriend breathes in deeply, then bows. “I am torn between two worlds. I feel it would help me to know if I had a place here I could return when the other world grows too dark. And even if I have to wait two and a half years before visiting again, I’ve never felt like I belong anywhere more strongly than I do here, but my banishment-“
  2572. >”Is rescinded,” Celestia says, and nods. “You are not the siren you were back in the day of Starswirl the Bearded. And if you can show your sisters the way to change, I would welcome them in turn. Together, as one, along with other reformed souls like Discord, my sister, Sunset Shimmer, Starlight Glimmer, your siblings… we have much to gain if you’re willing to help Equestria, and we hope you would feel enriched by allowing us to support you and your sisters.”
  2573. >”I…” Adagio stares at her still-hovering siren stone like one would look at someone confronting them with a knife. “I’m scared… I don’t know…”
  2574. >you’ll find a way, you quickly say
  2575. >you’re sure you can create a device or a shielded necklace that allows her to control the stone safely
  2576. >and besides, next time, it’ll be a more controlled change
  2577. >plus you know how to reverse it now, no doubt you can work out how to gradually reintroduce her siren powers so she isn’t overwhelmed
  2578. >”That sounds promising!” Twilight chimes, and takes Adagio’s stone from Celestia. “But the hour’s growing late. The portal will close soon.”
  2579. >damn, and there was so much you still wanted to do and say
  2580. >”Come on, I’ll see you two off.”
  2581. >you and Adagio make your way back to the mirror room
  2582. >Twilight briskly heads off to check on Sunset, and catches up to you
  2583. >she presents you with a fine, ornate wooden box, opens it, and places Adagio’s stone inside, along with Sonata and Aria’s
  2584. >Twilight gives you and Adagio a hug. ”I was going to make you promise you will help guide one another on the right path, or maybe even risk going myself to keep an eye on things… but I’d say these are in good hooves. Or hands, should I say?”
  2586. >you take the box, and watch as Adagio approaches Twilight
  2587. >her manner is… less gentle as she’s been most of this trip, more like she’s sizing Twilight up
  2588. >”You’ve done so much for us. Me, Ray, my sisters. I regret what I once was, and what I became out there when I hurt Sunset… she’ll be alright, won’t she?”
  2589. >”The palace doctor insists she’s just bruised her ribs, but passed out from the shock. But she won’t be joining you for now.”
  2590. >so she’s stuck here for two and a half years, you ask?
  2591. >Twilight avoids your gaze and says, “don’t worry too much about it. You’ll see.”
  2592. >Adagio gets closer to Twilight. “I am in your debt. And yet, at the same time, the more I feel my siren side within me again, the more I feel I must do one thing.”
  2593. >both you and Twilight give her a raised eyebrow
  2594. >only for Adagio to kiss Twilight on the lips
  2595. >deeply, and passionately, tongue and all, as the smaller girl panics
  2596. > your girlfriend holds Twilight still with her forelegs as it goes on for several moments
  2597. >hot damn, where’s a camera when you need one?
  2598. >even when the kiss breaks, Twilight’s dumbfounded and her blushing cheeks verge on pink through the purple coat
  2599. >”You and Sunset hold a unique place in my heart, even from my Ray. I don’t care about the form, be it human or pony or whatever, we sirens grow obsessed with those who outshine us, as we seek to understand how to attain such adoration and power. I felt it when Sunset was tagging along with me earlier, and I misunderstood what I was feeling and responded in anger. Only now do I understand it. Make no mistake, if you need me, as a mare or a siren, call on me and I shall defend your people, and your enemies shall face the wrath of a siren! But one day, I will demand a rematch, Twilight Sparkle! Against you *and* Sunset!”
  2601. >”I… I don’t understand, I thought we were friends?”
  2602. >having said what’s on her mind, she speaks from her heart, “we are, and I deeply cherish everything about you, and I will do you no serious harm. But do not expect me to go easy on you when the time comes, Twilight. Prepare yourself for that day! I will expect no quarter in return.”
  2603. >Adagio beckons you to follow as she approaches the portal, but you need to do something first
  2604. >Twilight stammers and shakes her head, still blushing, and says, “s-something wrong, Radian? Uh, if it’s another kiss, I- I…”
  2605. >you chuckle and shake your head
  2606. >no… but it is a parting gift
  2607. >you take off your emitter, and loop it on her neck
  2608. >it’s hers now
  2609. >”Really? Don’t you think you’ll need it?”
  2610. >you owe her too much, and you want to leave her with something that means a lot to you
  2611. >and the emitter represents what Adagio’s trust in you can achieve, as the first thing you built together, even if there was so little trust at the start, just desperation
  2612. >but from that one device, and the bond over a common goal, love flourished
  2613. >and besides… Twilight’s inspired you to build a better one, and when you visit next time, you’ll make one for her too
  2614. >her blush strengthens, and she kisses you on the cheek, and you return the gesture and hug
  2615. >”Thank you, Radian. I’ll put it to good use.”
  2616. >a mechanical clock triggers a short alarm
  2617. >”One minute left! I’ll contact you via Sunset’s book, once she returns. Keep in touch with her and we can chat any time! Good luck to you both, and send my regards to your sisters! Until we meet again!”
  2618. >you and Adagio nod, wave, and walk through the mirror together
  2620. >you swirl around through the portal, and crash out in the other side
  2621. >”Son of a bitch… they need to get that portal fixed,” Adagio says and stands
  2622. >she helps you up and smiles at you
  2623. >back to 5’5, it’s a weird feeling being taller than her again, but she grunts and begins to grow
  2624. >well, that didn’t take long
  2625. >you locate an emergency stash from the original plan, a little money and a cheap mp3 player, hidden in a bag in the hedges around the school
  2626. >after she renews her shrink signal with the extension song, she’s now six feet tall and straining her clothes, then she kisses you
  2627. >so, rivals with Twilight and Sunset, huh?
  2628. >”I swear, I won’t do anything permanent… but I’m a siren again, and we have our vices. Humanity may have shown me true misery, but it all started with Twilight and Sunset beating us at the battle of the bands. I’ll show them both!”
  2629. >you’ll support her, and you trust her
  2630. >”trust, huh? Ray, forget about that rival stuff for now. I- I don’t even know if I have the words… but thank you for believing in me, saving me from myself. When I transformed, everything we had felt so petty and inconsequential, but when you sang for me… even in that body, with all that negative energy, you pulled me through, made me understand I can’t be that *thing* again. I need to be better than that.”
  2631. >for her, as always, everything
  2632. >though… did she like your singing voice?
  2633. >Adagio giggles and folds her arms. “Well, don’t give up your day job. I mean it wasn’t terrible. Nothing a little autotune couldn’t fix.”
  2634. >you share a laugh as the tour van’s brakes squeal as Aria and Sonata pull up
  2635. >”So?” Aria cocks an eyebrow at you. “Did you manage to screw it up, or are we good?”
  2636. >”And we’re there still ponies? And princesses? And dragons and guff? You’ve gotta tell us! I bet it was amazing!”
  2637. >Adagio smiles and takes the box from the ground, and opens it to show her sisters
  2638. >both their eyes go wide, and they grin
  2639. >then Adagio closes the box again. “Listen, Aria, Sonata. We aren’t going to turn back into beasts. Were better than that. We’re going to find a way to master ourselves, and if we do that, we can return to Equestria together, freely.”
  2640. >Aria smirks. “I get it. Play nice until we get home, then strike? Sure, I can play the long game.”
  2641. >Adagio sighs, and looks at you with concern. “Give me time,” she whispers.
  2642. >you take hold of Adagio’s hand, climb into the van together, and drive home…
  2644. Epilogue
  2646. >there were a few nuggets of wisdom on which you’ve been raised
  2647. >always wash behind your ears
  2648. >always look both ways before crossing the street
  2649. >and don’t go looking for women in seedy bars with plans for long term relationships
  2650. >*HOOONK*
  2651. >”Get outta the way, asshole, I’m drivin’ here!!”
  2652. >damn you wish you’d had a chance to shower
  2653. >… you’re a failure on all three of those counts, you guess
  2654. >there just aren’t enough hours in the day
  2655. >all you can think about is learning some of that time magic Twilight was talking about
  2656. >you jog down the street of a packed intersection
  2657. >the destination? Only the biggest open air venue in the city of Manehattan, and you smirk at the biggest display above the sea of people
  2658. >’Mistress, The Dazzlings comeback tour’ the signs says, featuring your beloved and her sisters in absolutely ravishing scale on billboards all over
  2659. >sponsored by the new Radwave smartphone; limitless power and cell range at your fingertips
  2660. >it’s not a green energy conglomerate… yet
  2661. >ambition’s great, but there are a lot of angry, greedy bastards sitting in their pile of consumable power solutions to fight down
  2662. >but the equestrian energy conversion generator is something for another year
  2663. >a fancy new phone with revolutionary, everlasting batteries and miraculous tower coverage without the towers, though?
  2664. >it’s just gimmicky enough to work, and boy, does it work!
  2665. >the money just keeps rolling in, mostly handled by a decent natured businessman called Filthy Rich
  2666. >you’ve given him a substantial cut to run most aspects, but it’s selling so hard, you’re earned a pile of lawsuits from the other cell brands for unfair business practices
  2667. >not to mention the fact nobody can work out how to channel the equestrian signal into electricity, even with all the other companies trying to reverse engineer it
  2668. >… yeah, this world sucks, but what can you do?
  2669. >your new family makes it worthwhile; Adagio, Aria, Sonata and Sunset
  2670. >you look at your smartwatch, exhausted and sweating
  2671. >and, you say to it, to run boost mode
  2672. >the positive unicorn signal runs over you, kicking you back into high gear and letting you breathe easier
  2673. >you abandoned the limo several blocks back, what with the traffic, and left behind another day of phone calls about international shipping, logistics, brand deals and other corporate shit; let Filthy take care of that for a while
  2674. >and you just hope you still have time to reach the grand finale as the stadium comes into view
  2675. >and it even starts snowing… New Years is just a few days away
  2676. >you sprint through parking and approach the backstage area
  2677. >a burly security guy blocks the way
  2678. >”No entry, slim.”
  2679. >is he joking? He’s on your payroll!
  2680. >”you got a pass, kid? If not, piss off.”
  2681. >motherfu- it’s in the limo!
  2682. >the door opens, and a familiar red and yellow haired woman pokes her head out
  2684. >”Ray! Finally!” Sunset taps the security guard on the shoulder. “It’s okay, he’s the band owner.”
  2685. >thank Celestia for you, Sunset
  2686. >the guards eyebrows go high as he steps aside, and you get in from the cold
  2687. >”You’re just in time. They’re halfway through the ‘Found the Magic’ reprise.”
  2688. >that was close; the reprise of the original ‘Find the magic’ version is the penultimate song
  2689. >if you’d missed the big ‘Mistress’ finale, Adagio would kill you
  2690. >the gentle tone of the final section of ‘Found the Magic’ fills your ears as you get nearer the stage
  2691. “Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh,
  2692. Ooh, ooh, oooohh….
  2693. We found the magiiic!”
  2694. >the cheers ring out and the stage goes dark, with the lights at the front of the stage obscuring the audiences view as the stage hands get the final prep done for the finale
  2695. >you stand beside the stage, and see Adagio quickly unbutton her white, sequinned top-dress, then take a few controlled breaths and a sip of water from near back of the stage
  2696. >Sonata and Aria separate out, doing the same with a drink and a quick dab with a towel, and Aria picking up her guitar and smirking
  2697. >all three wearing their stones, but not a green wisp in sight, just a crowd enjoying the Dazzlings
  2698. >Adagio is dead serious and focused, but then she spots you
  2699. >her facade breaks; she beams a huge smile, waves giddily, and blows you a kiss
  2700. >you blow her one right back and mouth ‘knock’em dead’
  2701. >she has to fight the smile off her face and steps towards a microphone, and a gentle, somber piano begins to play
  2702. >and as the piano gains pace, a spotlight shines upon her
  2703. “I'd never felt so powerless or ever so alone,
  2704. I felt that I would have no choice but to cower and atone,
  2705. Listlessly I carried on, regardless of what would befall,
  2706. But then you found me, and once more I stood proud and tall.”
  2707. >the piano gives way to a subtle synth, and Aria’s electric guitar feathers it’s way in
  2708. >Adagio’s tempo increases with the swell, and her gentle tone gains power
  2709. “You said those magic words, and the dark within gave voice,
  2710. And I took you for my own, as if you ever had a choice!
  2711. But what were those words you whispered, deliciously in my ear?
  2712. You’d take a knee and worship me, there'll be nothing else to fear!
  2713. You’d die for just one touch of my tenderest caress,”
  2714. >the light rise, and the music hits a thunderous, heavy but steady cascade
  2715. “And you will know your place is just to *bow before your mistress*!”
  2717. >Adagio throws the dress off of her, revealing a drop-dead gorgeous shear purple outfit, similar to the one Equestria Rarity pushed for, with some heavy kink appeal leather straps
  2718. >and all three Dazzlings sing the chorus
  2719. “Adore us!
  2720. Just try to ignore us!
  2721. When the tension's rising faster,
  2722. We're your succour from disaster!
  2723. Obey us!
  2724. Just try to betray us!
  2725. Bow before our words and cower!
  2726. As our will fills you with power!
  2727. We're the dark that terrifies the bravest of the brave!
  2728. We're the dirty secrets you'll all carry to your grave!
  2729. If you worship at our feet, your spirit we will save!
  2730. Just bow before your mistress!”
  2731. >the lights dim for Adagio and Sonata’s sections, as Aria stomps up front and just goddamn *destroys* with her guitar
  2732. >you sometimes wonder if she’ll ever come around to Adagio’s frame of thinking, but when she’s unleashed on her axe, the girl has a soul like… well, a supernova, my like Addy when she sung her song for you, back then
  2733. >she’ll come around, eventually
  2734. >during the solo, Adagio marches behind her sister, backing her up with an operatic duet with the guitar
  2735. >then, Aria sings
  2736. “Come at us with pride, and you're set up for a fall,
  2737. Bow down at our boots and cower AS WE STAND TALL!
  2738. You're nothing to us, and you’ll do everything we please!
  2739. And you'll find life is much easier when you're always ON YOUR KNEES!
  2740. Stay, obey, follow our every word,
  2741. Free will? Choice? HAH! DON'T BE ABSURD!
  2742. Pray to, don't stray from, the demands I give,
  2743. And rewards? You'll be happy YOU GET TO LIVE!
  2744. But maybe I'll give you mercy, and relief from your duress!
  2745. But only if you go ahead and-“
  2746. >all three join in again
  2749. >they kick off another chorus as Aria’s guitar softens, and the synth turns up
  2750. >likewise, Adagio moves over to Sonata’s side as they reach the latter half of the chorus
  2751. >after a few bars of music beyond it, the peppy sister winks to the crowd and begins her section, while
  2752. Adagio encourages the crowd to clap in time with the beat
  2753. “Watching you crawling on your knees has me positively grinning!
  2754. You could try to fight back but-“
  2755. >the music cuts
  2756. “Hello! Hashtag!”
  2757. >and resumes
  2758. “#WeKeepWinning!
  2759. So just be a good girl or boy and we'll get along just fine!
  2760. I'll be your pussy cat, and you’ll be my ball of twine!
  2761. I'll take your chocolates, your gifts, and all of your flowers,
  2762. Or you'll find out why nobody wants to be an enemy of ours!
  2763. My will enshrouds, your head in the clouds,
  2764. Ignorance is bliss, and you just don't wanna miss,
  2765. Living life without all that undue stress,”
  2766. >and the sisters, as one!
  2767. So bow before your mistress!”
  2768. >then, the normal chorus once more as Adagio moves back to centre stage
  2769. >and her sisters join her as the centre stage rises from the ground
  2770. >the music hits a higher, almost desperate tone, the finale version of the chorus
  2771. Oohhhh!
  2772. Love us!
  2773. Nothing else above us!
  2774. As our influence grows vaster,
  2775. Be the servant to your master!
  2776. Revere us!
  2777. Just so you’ll be near us!
  2778. We will bind you to our power,
  2779. We're your queens atop the tower!
  2780. At the crack of our whips, you'll know how to behave!
  2781. We're the unmatched beauty you have no choice but to crave!
  2782. We're the untamed power of a crushing tidal wave!
  2783. So take a knee,
  2784. and you will see,
  2785. there was never a choice!
  2786. Besides our voice,
  2787. Subjugation is bliss,
  2788. So let’s do this!
  2789. And bow before your MISTRESS!”
  2790. >the pyrotechnics fire off in a massive crescendo as the platform lowers again
  2791. >the crowd erupts into cheers as the Dazzlings take a bow
  2792. >”We love you, Manehattan! Good night, and happy new year!”
  2794. >the Dazzlings come off stage
  2795. >Aria fist-bumps you. “S’up.”
  2796. >you high five Sonata. “Hi, Ray!”
  2797. >and Adagio pulls you to her with a decadent, heavy kiss
  2798. >”For a second there, Ray? You had me worried. I’m glad you made it.”
  2799. >you apologise, Manehattan’s roads are terrible
  2800. >the sisters converge and group hug and celebrate just slaying another concert
  2801. >Sunset looks over her phone. ”There’s been a few accidents out there, I doubt they’ll clear until the early hours of the morning.”
  2802. >Sonata whines, ”but we’re recording the third season of Bastions of the Glade tomorrow! How will Tantra ever get over losing a magic battle to Willow the Squirrel if I’m not there to voice her!”
  2803. >Aria sneers. ”And I’ve gotta go show up to that stupid new year charity event! The Rainbooms are performing, and I’m going to *crush* them!”
  2804. >Adagio turns to Sunset and sighs. “Just… do something, Sunny. If it takes helicopters, boats, whatever, just get my sisters out of Manehattan!”
  2805. >Sunset rolls her eyes ”Sure, I’ll see what I can do.”
  2806. >you tell the girls to go to the green room to freshen up, and they head off (with a wink from your Addy)
  2807. >Sunset sighs with relief. “When you said you’d get me a job, you never said it would be the Dazzlings chew toy.”
  2808. >they’re just tired, you say, it’s been a hell of a tour, plus they’re a little cranky since they’re limiting their energy draining
  2809. >and honestly, Adagio really appreciates her work, she’s just trying to keep the status quo with her sisters
  2810. >not to mention Sunset hasn’t seen her tour completion bonus yet
  2811. >take a look, you say, you sent it before you got in the limo
  2812. >Sunset squints at you as she fiddles with her phone. “It’s not about money. I’m not their PA, I’m the band manager. I don’t get paid to-“
  2813. >her jaw goes slack, she begins hyperventilating and her pupils dilate as she stares at her phone
  2814. >”Uh… buh! Wha…? So… many… digits!?”
  2815. >yeah, like you said, bonus
  2816. >you squeeze her shoulder, and say she’s doing a damn good job
  2817. >but you tell her to go on vacation, because she deserves it, and it’s going to be at least a month until she’ll be needed to help with the band again
  2818. >see, you’ve got plans too, to take Adagio away somewhere special
  2819. >so you’ll sadly be away if any magic mishaps happen for a while
  2821. >Sunset collects herself and slows her breathing
  2822. >”Are you sure about this?”
  2823. >you nod
  2824. >”Thanks, Ray. I wasn’t trying to be whiny. Your phone network being able to detect equestrian magic disruptions has made my life *so* much easier. Plus, these impromptu concerts to those areas help mask our actions since everyone’s too busy fangasming over the Dazzlings to pay attention to any weird magic stuff happening, especially with that free Dazzling ticket with your phone deal. It’s just still a little weird working for them, though.”
  2825. >you swear it’s mostly keeping up appearances; once Sonata and Aria cool off their old habits, things’ll change
  2826. >but having Sunset ‘beneath’ them makes them compliant, otherwise you’d be glad to have her boss them around a bit
  2827. >but they’re coming around
  2828. >it’s only been nine months, after all, a lot of it spent apart because of setting all this up
  2829. >anyway, you’d best go tend to the Dazzlings yourself
  2830. >you part ways and head to the green room
  2831. >the Dazzlings are drinking and eating the fancy spread of restaurant quality food in the well furnished room; suspiciously large furniture, including a couch and a bed, just in case the Dazzling feel like ‘stretching out’
  2832. >Sonata asks, with a mouthful of gourmet tacos, ”Ray, didn’t you say after the tour, if we didn’t, like, cause any riots or turn people against each other, you’d treat us to something?”
  2833. >Aria grumbles, ”yeah, and it better not be something lame! We’ve been living off scraps again! You promised us we’d get some real energy!”
  2834. >Adagio cocks an eyebrow. “I admit, I forgot all about that. I’m intrigued, and I don’t usually like surprises.”
  2835. >you grin and link your phone to the tv
  2836. >then select a video to run on the bigger screen
  2837. >a dubstep theme tune gives way to a cello stinger as an episode of ‘Melody Scratch Music Match review’ starts
  2838. >a prim and proper, dark grey haired lady sits beside a funky looking girl with big sunglasses and blue hair
  2839. >”Welcome to episode twenty six,” says the upper class looking, and sounding, girl, “I’m Octavia Melody, joined, as always, by my friend Vinyl Scratch.”
  2840. >Vinyl snaps her fingers and points to the screen as DJ Pon-3 appears on screen, along with some social media tags for both
  2841. >”Today, we’re covering the return of the Dazzlings, currently on their nationwide tour of their big comeback after their fall into obscurity a few years ago. ‘Mistress’ is a combination of their old repertoire, updated reprisals capped off with the number one hit, and the eponymous song, ‘Mistress.’ Initial thoughts, Vinyl?”
  2842. >Vinyl smiles and puts both thumbs up
  2844. >”Yes, quite. It has a fascinating variety of genres combined and yet is certainly a crowd pleaser. Now, that being said, there has been some contention about the substance of their lyrics, references of slaves, BDSM hints and other dark themes. Personally, I think people are right to be wary of such salacious verbiage in songs.”
  2845. >Vinyl sticks her tongue out, disrespectfully, at Octavia
  2846. >”Ugh, and Vinyl here insists creative freedom should be celebrated if it pushes the boundaries.”
  2847. >Vinyl nods, and looks smug
  2848. >Octavia scowls. ”Oh, could you not act so superior, Vinyl? You ha-“
  2849. >you pause the video
  2850. >and tap forward a few frames
  2851. >does everyone see it?
  2852. >the Dazzlings squint at the screen, then shrug at you
  2853. >you approach the screen and tap near the bottom
  2854. >Vinyl Scratch’s phone on a table, one of your Radwave devices
  2855. >a green light is on, and as you frame forward a few times, small green wisps enter the phone
  2856. >Adagio looks surprised, then grins that oh-so dark grin of hers. “You didn’t…”
  2857. >”Didn’t what? Let the video play? Like, duh, he didn’t!” Sonata huffs, “I love that show!”
  2858. >Aria cocks an eyebrow, “wait, your phones absorb negative energy?”
  2859. >they’re receptive to all types of magic, to help Sunset find magic incidents, for one
  2860. >but that’s not all they do
  2861. >you tell them to take out their new phones, and to dial a specific, unusual number
  2862. >they do so
  2863. >their phones beep twice, and the green light turns on
  2864. >and a massive cloud of negative energy emits from them, straight into their necklaces
  2865. >all three gasp and cry out in absolute bliss
  2866. >their ears turn horselike, their hair extends and forms tails
  2867. >fin-like wings form, and they all glow a potent red aura, especially their eyes
  2868. >”Yes! YES!!” Aria screams
  2869. >Sonata squeals like a five year old girl who just got a pony for her birthday
  2870. >Adagio subdues her obvious relishing of the energy, but still lets out a sinister laugh
  2871. >the energy cuts off, and all three look at one another’s sirenified forms
  2872. >”That’s what I’m talking about!” Aria says and cackles at the fact she’s floating off the ground. “What was that? All the negative energy from every crowd we played to on the tour or something?”
  2873. >nope
  2874. >one hour of the vitriol spouted on social media, arguments in the streets, everyday squabbles worldwide, anything near one of your phones, which radiate a tiny siren signal
  2875. >they don’t even need another person in the room, just an argument online earns a tiny amount
  2876. >but there’s a lot of people buying your phone, and you know?
  2877. >people can seriously suck
  2878. >that’ll never change, which is why the Dazzlings spreading more hatred isn’t necessary when you can just tap what they’re already doing to each other
  2879. >you quote your phone’s tagline: limitless power and cell range at your fingertips
  2881. >they let their forms revert, and all three eye you with admiration, respect, gratitude
  2882. >… and a lot of lust, especially from Adagio, but yeah…
  2883. >that siren side of them really does like getting what it wants, huh?
  2884. >”You’re a damn genius, Ray!” Aria slaps you on the back and squeezes your shoulder
  2885. >painfully; you forget how damn strong she is sometimes
  2886. >also, holy shit, she just did the Aria equivalent of a hug on you, she really is making progress
  2887. >Sonata prances up to you and kisses you on the cheek. “Thanks, Ray! You’re the best!”
  2888. >Adagio’s playing it coy, but by the look in her eyes, and how well know the woman; you’re gonna have a *real* good time tonight
  2889. >Sunset enters. “Alright, I’ve chartered a helicopter out of Manehattan, and it’ll be here in ten minutes to get you to the airport. Then, it’s a flight back to Canterlot on a private jet. Who’s going?”
  2890. >Aria and Sonata show some reluctance, but let go of you
  2891. >Aria says, “yeah, I’m going. I can’t miss thrashing Rainbow Dash. I wanna see her break to my skills so she’ll join my band! Or… maybe the other way around.”
  2892. >damn, was that a blush?
  2893. >you say you wish her luck
  2894. >”The forest needs me!” Sonata chimes and hops from foot to foot. She suddenly puts on a remarkably close impression of Adagio and says, “Tantra stands firm, but is also fleet of foot! There’s nothing I cannot do!”
  2895. >you say you promise you’ll catch up with her show soon! You’ve got the series ready to watch on your phone
  2896. >Adagio shakes her head, causing her amazing hair flow and sway. “I’m good here, Sunset. Hey, Aria? Sonata?”
  2897. >both her sisters look at her
  2898. >”We have our lives to live, and we are restored, but promise to keep in touch! I want to hear about how you’re doing, okay?”
  2899. >the sisters high five each other
  2900. >Aria sighs and shrugs, but can’t hide the little smirk on her lips. “Sure, Dagi. You’re the boss.”
  2901. >Sonata’s much more open as she beams a huge grin. ”Like, c’mon, sis, of course I will!”
  2902. >Sunset stands aside to let the pair leave
  2903. >Adagio visibly relaxes and says, “good job, Sunny. Thanks. ”
  2904. >”No problem! So, you fancy getting out of Manehattan by limo?”
  2905. >Adagio goes to answer, but you put a hand on hers and say not quite, but don’t worry, you’ve got plans
  2906. >you just don’t want to spoil the surprise
  2907. >”Another surprise, Ray?” Adagio gives you a funny look. “I don’t know if I should be glad for the romantic intent or angry you’re hiding things from me.”
  2908. >”Alright, I’ll leave you to it then. I was gonna meet up with the Rainbooms anyway, so I’ll tag along with Ari to the charity event. Good luck, wherever you go!”
  2909. >stay safe, Sunset
  2910. >text if she needs anything… you won’t be answering you phone, but you’ll check every day
  2911. >she smiles and waves, and leaves you alone in the green room with Adagio
  2912. >so you lock the door
  2914. >”Radian Wave,” Adagio purrs, grabs you by the collar and pulls you down so you’re face to face. She bats her eyelashes at you. “You are a brilliant, cunning genius of a man, and tonight, you deserve a treat. What style did you want? Little old me or… *big* old me?”
  2915. >you have in fact enjoyed Adagio at her natural human height a few times now
  2916. >it turns out their stones, when worn, completely absorb the earth signal within sirens, so she remains 5’5 and perfectly shapely indefinitely, no need for any extension songs
  2917. >instead they have with all their more mystical powers; the hovering, the ability to sing to make people bend to her will, screams that can overturn buses and destroy buildings, and projecting her siren form to attack from afar
  2918. >and you know what?
  2919. >making love to Adagio in her classic beauty is a damn fine thing, especially as someone who crushed in her since high school
  2920. >tonight, though? After her big performance?
  2921. >you make your intentions clear by putting your arms around her shoulders, pushing her gently to her makeup mirror, untying her siren pendant, and placing it in its protective box
  2922. >she immediately moans as her body begins to swell
  2923. >and she quickly peels off her tightening clothes
  2924. >her curves thicken, her slim physique bulges with power, and she bites her lip as she stretches taller and gets into the sensation
  2925. >as she passes you in height, she kisses you on the lips, the forehead, then pulls face right in the astonishing tits
  2926. >you haven’t done this nearly as much as you expected these past months
  2927. >and at last, for the moment, you have no commitments, no business
  2928. >just you and your Adagio, at long last
  2929. >the Dazzlings hype machine needed regular interviews, and obviously prep, practice (Adagio insisted they get their singing voices perfect *before* using their stones to make them even better)
  2930. >you were getting everything ready with with your phone launch
  2931. >and of course, the Dazzlings were together a lot, and while the others respected Adagio’s claim on you, your girlfriend didn’t want to rub their faces in it
  2932. >speaking of…
  2933. >you catch your breath as your mouth drops below Adagio’s perfect breasts, and kiss her abs instead
  2934. >you gently push her towards the giant bed, with no chance of forcing her, but she complies
  2935. >and as you get close, your eight foot girlfriend picks you up and pins you on top of the mattress
  2937. >she stares into your soul with her gorgeous dark pink eyes
  2938. >you could remain captivated forever, but her still swelling body is just too much to ignore
  2939. >you glance at her scar, directly in the middle of her vast cleavage, and the subtle golden sheen to her skin
  2940. >but you don’t get long to study it as she presses her weight on you, and her lips on yours
  2941. >your body’s being squeezed by her still expanding form as she hits nine feet
  2942. >of course, she doesn’t stop as she grows right past her old top height
  2943. >instead, she lifts herself, kisses your chest, your belly
  2944. >and licks her huge tongue along your dick
  2945. >then stops
  2946. >”So… what’s the surprise?”
  2947. >oh, hell no, not now Addy
  2948. >”See, the only problem with having a… what was my new height again?”
  2949. >brain not exactly getting all the blood it needs right now
  2950. >”Oh, that’s right, a fifteen foot tall girlfriend is that you have no choice but to be her plaything, so I can do whatever I want, and demand whatever I want.”
  2951. >Addy, please!
  2952. >she giggles and rolls her eyes. “Oh, fine. This was your reward, after all.”
  2953. >she stretches her goddess body as it reaches its peak
  2954. >she’s as big as the gigantic bed, and you know from experience that standing you’d only come up to her thigh
  2955. >and she’s just a mind-blowing balance of power and raw sex appeal; bigger than head sized tits, double-door frame splintering hips, a car crushing ass and more than enough strength to throw said crushed car dozens of feet into the sea
  2956. >yes, that’s a fact… never get Adagio drunk and grow her in public, it gets expensive and chaotic
  2957. >even considering she can hold her liquor really well
  2958. >she ‘aaah’s on her descent and engulfs your whole crotch with her tongue and plush lips, and her hair cascades over you like a fluffy blanket
  2959. >oh fuck, the suction!
  2960. >the lapping of your balls and dick!
  2961. >hhhnnggg!
  2962. >nope, you can’t hold back and yell, and your climax is joined with the subtle rumble of her purr, that you can *feel* in your chest
  2963. >you collapse and sigh as she gulps and wipes her lips
  2964. >but t