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Homeless Glim-Glam Shitpost

By DaybreakerAnon
Created: 21st June 2022 02:43:55 AM
25th June 2022 03:52:11 AM

After posting this a second time I figured I might as well save it here.

Original Prompt

sad glim-glam

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knock knock knock

H-Hey anon how are you? You're doing well...

I know this is sudden but could you just hear me out for a few minutes?

I'm homeless anon. After my latest friendship scheme, Twilight kicked me out of Ponyville.

She said if I came back she would use the Elements to imprison me forever. Even Sunburst turned against me.

My home village doesn't want me. I can't even stay in Canterlot. Everywhere I go I'm shunned.

So I've been wandering trying to survive. I'm so cold and I haven't eaten in days.

I'm pretty much out of options and you live on the outskirts of Everfree. So I'm I'm begging you. Can I stay with you until I get back on my hooves?

Please anon find it in your heart. I don't want to die out here alone and hungry..

This one was fun- actually cracked up a couple times when I wrote it.

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Well this certainly isn't what you expected on a Thursday evening.

It breaks your heart, seeing Starlight like this.

Not that you were close with the mare- you weren't- but your interactions with her had always been pleasant.

What exactly was Glimmer trying to pull that led to all of pony society ostracizing her?

You'd heard of her time as a former dictator of some commietopia, but wasn't she supposed to be reformed and everything?

If anything, this is as much an indictment on Twilight's failing as a teacher/mentor as it was on Starlight's reformation deficiencies.

Perhaps that's why Twilight threatened such severe retribution? Scare her failure away forever so the spotlight of shame would never swivel back to her?

Regardless, talk about an unexpected windfall.

Not only have you come into a position of power over a very powerful unicorn, you may just have acquired leverage against a princess should you need it.

The possibilities make your head spin.

This feeling that overwhelms you- is this what it means to feel drunk with power?

Starlight looks up at your towering form.

You can see her last vestige of hope flicker in her tear-filled eyes.

She's looking for a savior, so a savior you will be; a god-king, even.

"The ponies were cruel to shun you, Friend Starlight Glimmer," you say in a put-on Brazilian accent. "Twilight too, was cruel to reject you."

Starlight allows herself to hope and holds her breath; frozen by anticipation.

"But I am kind."

You're impressing yourself with just how well you're pulling off the Xerxes voice.

"True friendship. All the pepperoni hot pockets you could ever desire... The love your fellow ponies and the false princess denied you, I will grant you. For I am kind."

Whether Starlight is mystified by your act or delirious from hunger and exposure is irrelevant. She's so close to agreeing to any terms you demand.

You spread your arms, reminiscent of Christ in his final tortured hours.

"Embrace me! As your king and as your god! Submit yourself to me, and your joys will be endless!"

Starlight drops to haunches. "Yes!"

Unbeknownst to you, Starlight's lady bits moisten in anticipation of the inevitable ravaging you'll subject her to. It is the way of the jungle.

"I want it all!" she continues. "Friendship. Food. Love!"

You allow the slightest hint of smug to flash across your face as you unbuckle your belt.

Starlight's eyes watch your pants fall to the floor. You see her eyes track your hardened length as it bounces, finally free of its confines.

She looks in your eyes once more. Your nod is nearly imperceptible; your silent command understood nonetheless.

Holy shit, she's actually gonna do it.

This is so fucked up.

Your new roommate hesitates, seeming to sense your inner conflict.

However, she takes you into her mouth all the same.

Fresh tears roll down her cheeks as she suppresses her gag reflex.

You stroke her mane tenderly and reassure her.

"You will find... that I am kind."

Homeless Glim-Glam Shitpost

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