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Shattered Will Review cloudruler 2023-11-14 11:24:25 mind controlautismreview
Untitled Guest 2023-11-04 20:00:00 was it autism?
/kinder/ The Twi-tistic meltdown Wall-o-text 2023-10-27 22:44:52 anonsafe/kinder/comedyanonymoustwilightkinderquestriakinderautismsilly
Aftermath of Slime Attack, Dated [REDACTED], Proctored by [REDACTED] BigPone 2023-09-22 16:16:25 weight gainautismfat/bpg/sentient slime forcefeedingscientific studyobservation log
Voidborne Writefag_Is_Kill 2023-02-02 09:20:31 twilight sparklefluttershysafesci-fiautismmy little progress
Sex with Sunny!!!! Guest 2022-05-02 22:50:49 sexautismg5sunny starscout
Fixing Moondancer's Autism yehlux 2022-04-21 13:38:46 anonmoondancer/rgre/nsfwvanilla
Announcement of Special Operations in Funtasia Guest 2022-04-01 05:49:37 autismapril foolsrussiaukraine
Misadventure in the DMZ (dd.docx) M4tt7h3Medic 2023-04-09 09:43:58 /rgm/humandesert environmentspace stuffenhanced(tm) autism
Statement Guest 2022-01-13 20:26:24 dramaautism
Pinkie Pie and autismo anon CORN_ANON Anonimoose 2021-03-16 22:49:16 /aie/qg/egq
Princess of Autism Starbounce 2021-03-27 22:39:51 shitposttwilight sparkleanonfillydailyfilly
Meeting Trixie For The First Time I_Luv_P0nes 2023-03-31 09:49:29 anontrixiesafecomedyflutterrapeponyautism
Anonfilly, feat. Abusive Twilight Part II AnonfillyArchived 2020-12-31 21:30:52 anonfillyfillyautismrevenge
AnonFilly, Feat. Abusive Twilight AnonfillyArchived 2020-12-31 21:25:27 anonfillyfillyautismrevenge
Autistic rgre worldbuilding AnalPlugAnon 2020-12-25 21:10:28 /rgre/world buildingworldbuildingautismworld-building
Teenage Autist[Song Lyrics](EqG) BetAnonTheSecond 2020-12-18 00:13:47 sunset shimmereqgequestria girlssong lyricsparodyautism
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