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Luna Story Archive

By LunarLunatik
Created: 2022-05-30 11:52:21
Updated: 2023-05-23 10:58:09
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Deprecated as of 2023/05/23.

/moon/day: Embrace the night of our dear Lunar Princess.

Welcome to the Lunar Library! Please note that it doesn't contain every single story with Luna - some of them were linked in the original archive, yet aged in a way that would make them inappropriate to post in the current thread. Since I'm the only one rating them, and because of that can be biased, please let me know ITT if you want to see a story added or removed from the list.



Ongoing Stories

Author Title Word Count Link(s) Synopsis/Notes
horsa Moonlight, Veiled 49,221 (1/X) (2/X) As a newly named Master of Archives and Histories, Anon is tasked to record the history of Equestria. As his relationship with Luna progresses, he learns that the golden age has long passed and discovers the truth behind the disappearance of other Alicorns. Future seems bleak, as even the remaining Princess acts like a dimming candle surrounded by a storm.
LobosNumber5 The Bag ‎‎ 2,372 (1/X) -

Hiatus Stories

Author Title Word Count Link(s) Synopsis/Notes
AnthonyC4 A Heart Longs for Another 59,703 (1/X) With the Noble Court denying her return as a Princess, a growing strife with her sister and feeling unappreciated by her own nation, Luna finds a friend and something more in the dimensional traveler Anonymous. But in process of gaining someone to confine in, she grows scared of him learning her dark past. Meanwhile the nobles are breathing on their backs, Celestia reawakens her painful memories and a certain Queen pulls strings in the game of politics they all play. // NOTE: On Hiatus
LmonE6 Assistant to the Night Court 58,510 (1/X) Anon gets paired with Princess Luna but doesn't feel to be worthy of her love - that's why he suggests starting as her assistant instead. // NOTE: On Hiatus
ReggieSomething Lunar Entanglement 87,417 (1/X) This story starts shortly before the fifth anniversary of Luna's return to Equestria. It follows the adventures of Princess Luna and Lord Counselor Anonymous as they navigate everyday life, politics, romance, and existential threats, with their actions irrevocably entangling their fates with those of others. // NOTE: On Hiatus
Ghost in the Shadows  3,487 (1/1) -

Finished Stories

Author Title Word Count Link(s) Synopsis/Notes
AlexanderGrey Social Cues 21,634 (1/1) Anon lives in Canterlot Castle as a servant and eventually is approached by a rather anti-social Princess Luna who is less up-to-date on courting mates.
Appreciationproject Wrath of Compassion  1,809 (1/1) A short vignette, a glimpse at the Royal Sisters when they still were foals.
Archiver-Writefag Guard Anon  2,963 (1/1) Luna and her guard Anon must hide their intimate relationship from Celestia. It turns out that doors aren't enough to mute all noise. // NOTE: Clop
Autopony Changing Lanes 122,827 (1/4) (2/4) (3/4) (4/4) (FimFic) When a human and his home land in Equestria, his love of speed quickly draws a few ponies to him, most notably Princess Luna. But her own desires and secrets soon begin to create, starting with a failed spell that leaves her and Anonymous in each other's bodies for a time. Anonymous narrowly escapes the mental torture Nightmare Moon has in store, lying in wait in the back of Princess Luna's mind, her absence setting the fiend free. But things do not go back to normal when the spell is reversed.... Why suddenly can he and Luna speak to each other telepathically? How is it possible for him to walk alongside Luna in the dream realm? Perhaps worse, someone comes calling not long after....
Through Dark of Night  4,148 (1/1) Anon is sent to make NMM readjust after her return from Tartarus. While she is displeased at the fact that her figure was forgotten, Anon helps her realize that ponies do appreciate the night.
Stupid shorts  2,005 (1/1) Short stories about Luna and Anon.
BlondieAnon Guardian  2,208 (1/1) While dreamwalking, Luna enters Anon's dreams and helps him fight his inner demons.
blubbins Handyman in Equestria 31,355 (1/11) (2/11) (3/11) (4/11) (5/11) (6/11) (7/11) (8/11) (9/11) (10/11) (11/11) All is going as normal for Handyman Anon, until a chance meeting with Princess Luna in the Canterlot gardens.
catoblepas Lunar Strike Force  4,292 (1/1) Luna takes her apprentice Anon for a hunt during the night.
Village of Moon  3,724 (1/1) Anon and Luna were sent on a diplomatic mission to an unknown pony town. After saving the citizens from a threat of winter, they both spend some time in much needed relaxation. // NOTE: Clop
CYOA_AiE Super Big Luna Birthday Bash  1,251 (1/1) Luna's "secret" birthday party doesn't go as planned. Thankfully, she has a friend to count on.
Devil-in-the-Machine Luna and Anon  2,365 (1/1) Anon is worried about Luna's reaction about his feelings and the possible schism it could make between the sisters.
DeviledText Domo Arigato 21,197 (1/2) (2/2) Luna has been kept alive with mechanical parts and it's up to Anon the robotics expert to keep her in check.
Ditherer Live your Dreams 11,709 (1/1) (FimFic) Anon studies astral magic in order to woo his beloved princess of the night. He soon learns that the dream realm isn't as peaceful as he thought.
DontWannaKnow Blood Moon 52,907 (1/5) (2/5) (3/5) (4/5) (5/5) Anon joins Princess Luna and her batpony subjects during her Lunar Eclipse festival. // NOTE: Has an unfinished sequel called "Painkiller"
Night Mare Fuel   510 (1/1) Luna has a really bad taste in cereal.
Fizzles_Anon Night Court  2,093 (1/1) Anon gets invited into the Night Court, but it isn't as lively as he expected it to be. His suggestion of solving dream problems in a proactive way makes Luna very excited.
FlutterPriest Dreamscape 10,102 (1/2) (2/2) (FimFic) After terrorizing the royal kitchen for the second time, Anon gets captured by Luna and challenged to a fight in his dream world.
getmeouttahere I Dream of Luna 83,761 (1/11) (2/11) (3/11) (4/11) (5/11) (6/11) (7/11) (8/11) (9/11) (10/11) (11/11) (FimFic) Anon's got pony problems. Fluttershy's been stalking him, Twilight's trying to experiment on him, and he's been fighting sleep ever since he met Luna at a dinner party last week. The reclusive Princess of the Night has taken a somewhat inappropriate interest in him and has been invading his dreams! Thanks to Luna's dreamwalking shenanigans, Anon now has to contend with doomsday meteors, horrendous creatures, and harrowing trials in addition to the growing herd of overly amorous mares plaguing him in his daily life. The line between dreams and reality begins to blur, leaving Ponyville's poor resident human desperate for a moment of peace and quiet!
HeliAnon Living with Nightmare Moon 24,475 (1/4) (2/4) (3/4) (4/4) Anon is tasked to live with Nightmare Moon and try to reform her.
JazzTeeth A Bicycle Built for Two  6,743 (1/2) (2/2) Anon takes Luna for a ride through the vibrant city of Canterlot on Equestria's first bicycle.
jffry890 Third Wheel  4,352 (1/1) Anon invites Luna to a movie night date while Celestia joins them as an oblivious third wheel.
Lefty-T-Writefriend Blue Moon Over Canterlot  6,992 (1/1) Immortal royal scribe Anon prepares for the Grand Galloping Gala. Cuddles with Luna ensue.
LensCap Let Us Go Then, You and I 18,335 (1/1) Troubled by horrible nightmares ruining his sleep, Anon turns to Luna for help where he discovers that she has the same problem.
Lerch_Transcendent Luna+Computer  2,018 (1/1) Anon gives Luna access to the internet. It was a mistake.
LobosNumber5 Mistletoe  5,818 (1/1) A mistletoe in Anon's apartment makes Luna embarrased.
MC_Lovin Playing With Yourself 15,284 (1/1) Luna is very good at games, or so she thinks. After getting defeated by Anon, she challenges him in plethora of different ways in order to succeed.
MrSkeltal Monster Hunter  2,018 (1/1) After returning from the exile, Luna reunites with her hunter.
Nebulus Luna's Anonymous 39,024 (1/1) Written as an epistolary, Anon lands in Equestria and catches the attention of the Princess of the Night.
Thread Shorts  7,472 (1/1) Short stories/prompts about Luna.
Night Court  1,765 (1/1) Luna spends her time answering inane questions in the Night Court.
NoctisTK Reminiscence  5,069 (1/1) After finding the journal of Nightmare Moon in the castle of Royal Sisters, Luna is forced to confront her past memories.
NotAWriterAnon Toast Synthesizer  4,781 (1/1) Anon needs to save the Princesses from his own toaster. // NOTE: /kinder/
Olibird Old Man Anon  2,129 (1/1) An elderly Anon reawakens his memories which allows Luna to visit him.
panzer8maus Luna x Anon  3,365 (1/1) Celestia asks Anon to spend some time with her sister.
Luna x sad Anon  1,910 (1/1) When the life seems bleak, Anon finds a friend to confide in.
PhysicsAnon Night Owls  1,544 (1/1) Anon meets Luna during his midnight trip to the kitchen.
PKAnon Something Memorable  5,350 (1/1) Nearing his first anniversary in Equestria, Anon is scared of what future may bring and can't sleep because of it. A certain Princess of the Night decides to help him.
Gala Oneshot  3,454 (1/1) Feeling out of place on the Grand Galloping Gala, Anon meets a kindred soul in Princess Luna and invites her to a dance.
PonyKeg Night Owl  2,448 (1/1) Anon and Luna bond over their appreciation of the night sky.
Project100 A Year's Worth  5,625 (1/1) After returning to Equestria, Luna can't find her purpose in the changed world she found herself in. Her only companions being the stars and Anon, which finds himself in a similar, situation, she plans to leave Canterlot.
ReggieSomething Legacy  4,344 (1/1) Anon can't find the point of living because something that he truly desires is out of his reach. Luna helps him find the purpose of it all. // NOTE: Clop
Insomnia  2,840 (1/1) Struggling with insomnia and depression, Anonymous goes for a late night walk through Ponyville to clear his mind. While out, Luna comes to his aid.
Moon Cuddles  2,455 (1/1) Luna called dibs on Anon. Cuddles and lewds ensue.
shukaku20 Single Dadnon 63,334 (1/1) After an unexpected pregnancy and Cadance's unwilingness to go through maternity, young Anon is forced to become a single father to his alicorn daughter. Celestia helps him as much as she can, but the real change occurs when Luna returns to Equestria and becomes acquainted with him. // NOTE : /rgre/
Sunn A Lifetime of Dreams  1,660 (1/1) Uniting as strangers to both themselves and to the world they are in, Luna and Anon find a way to spend countless lifetimes together.
TextingwithGreen A Magic Touch 88,046 (1/1) Anon discovers that prolonged physical contact with ponies makes them happy and relaxed. It brings attention from both good and nefarious beings.
A (Nightmare) Night to Remember 10,582 (1/1) Anon challenges Luna to spook as many ponies as possible during the Nightmare Night. // NOTE : Sequel to "A Magic Touch"
It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas 20,592 (1/1) Anon spends Christmas with his close friends. // NOTE : Sequel to "A (Nightmare) Night to Remember"
TraitorBagel Moonlight Picnic 11,242 (1/1) Luna takes Anon on a picnic during the night. The secret location reveals her past mistakes, but the company she brought allows her to make peace with them.
The Moon's Mother  1,697 (1/1) Luna and Celestia discuss the creation of Oblitus, first and only city on the Moon.
Uh-hmmm A Dream Proposition  2,119 (1/1) Anon gets a marriage proposal from the Princess of the Night. // NOTE: Clop, /rgre/
Moonpony Worldbuilding  4,173 (1/1) Worldbuilding about a colony of ponies on the Moon.
Umbra Untitled Luna Story  3,324 (1/1) Champion of the night Anonymous has to prevent NMM from returning again.
Untitled Luna Romance Story  1,896 (1/1) Anon is afraid to confess his feelings to Luna.
Wiggy Insomnia  1,897 (1/1) Anon helps Luna deal with her insomnia through a massage.
The Dress  1,293 (1/1) Luna wonders if her dress accentuates her figure a bit too much.
A Sick Moon  1,170 (1/2) (2/2) Anon nurses sick Luna back to health.
Squeak  1,075 (1/1) Anon discovers something weird when scavenging Luna's room.

Dead/Unfinished Stories

Author Title Word Count Link(s) Synopsis/Notes
AnalPlugAnon Goodnight Moon  3,074 (1/1) -
Ar-Adunakhor A bond through the Ages 39,230 (1/X) Anon Y Mous, the last Hierarch of the Moon, finds himself in a familiar yet vastly changed world of Equestria. Over a thousand years have passed since he used to serve as a Royal Executioner for his Empress during the Lunar Rebellion, and he now needs to readjust in the more peaceful country made by Celestia. Even though Luna isn't the same mare as she was back then, the bond between them is unbreakable. // NOTE: /rgre/
Autopony Embracing The Night 94,287 (1/X) (2/X) (3/X) (4/X) (5/X) Even though he can't remember any of the dreams they shared together, Anon decides to help Luna with adapting to the new world. In return, she provides assistance in confronting his past actions and their consequences. // NOTE: On Hiatus - Or rather Dead.
BrownieTown The Fate Turner 32,677 (1/1) -
Devil-in-the-Machine Stranded Space Anon  7,216 (1/1) -
DontWannaKnow Painkiller 58,283 (1/3) (2/3) (3/3) -
Editfag Drinking with Luna  7,586 (1/1) -
Thousand Nights  4,680 (1/1) -
Equus_Terra Mare Incognitum 10,449 (1/1) Anon the explorer attempts a journey to circumnavigate the world.
JazzTeeth Sky's the Limit 45,143 (1/4) (2/4) (3/4) (4/4) Anon loves the sky, upon being sent to Equestria he sees the pegasi and sees an opportunity he can’t pass up. He crafts shoes from magic and wings from pegasi feathers, allowing him to soar through the clouds himself. one day he makes a mistake, nearly falling to his death before being saved by Princess Luna.
Krivvy MoonyCYOA  8,544 (1/X) Anon gets transported to a world of eternal night, where the mere mention of Sun gets one in trouble. // NOTE: Dead due to lack of interest.
La-Phantoma1 Between a Sun and a Hard Space  4,770 (1/1) -
LobosNumber5 Once in a Thousand Moons 38,011 (1/1) // NOTE: The story ends up unfinished on a sad note.
LokiLorien The Advisor 89,616 (1/1) Anon was an advisor to Princess Celestia. After a mishap, he is now given the task of advising Luna and aiding her new political endeavors.
Miedo Untitled 10,490 (1/1) -
Olibird Moonbutt is for Gentle Sexual 16,679 (1/2) (2/2) -
PhysicsAnon Knight of the Moon 12,576 (1/1) After getting banished to the Moon by besting Celestia in battle, Anon accepts Luna's offer to become a Night's Champion. // NOTE: /kinder/, /rgre/
shukaku20 RGRE Anon Tabletop thingy 10,691 (1/1) -
StAnon Starlight  6,818 (1/1) -
Starla A Nightmare, No More  2,747 (1/1) -
TheAlmightyAutist More Than a Royal Guard 12,849 (1/1) -
TheGhostlydude Our Thirty Years War 11,095 (1/X) Anon, the Champion of the Sun comes back at the same time as Luna does. Once mortal enemies, they quickly learn that in this changed world, they are the only ones who can understand each other.

FimFic Stories

Author Title Word Count Link(s) Synopsis/Notes
Antoninus Snuggles From the Princess of the Moon  1,079 (1/1) To Luna, Anon is very good at two things--bantering, and staying up far too late. One night, she devises a cunning plan by which to see him off to a good night's sleep once and for all!
Jaythedude42 Her Night Watchman  5,348 (1/1) Exhausted, a pregnant Princess Luna returns home after a long, tiring session of her nightly duties. There, she hopes to be able to relax with her dear husband, Anon.
Not Enough Coffee Good Morning, Anon  2,004 (1/1) Anon and Luna share a lovely morning with one another. Turns out they share a lot in common for two beings lost in a world unfamiliar. Plus, breakfast time is a good time to find some bonding time with one another.
Good Night, Anon  1,855 (1/1) Anon fears he'll disappear once more. Luna, however, remedies that situation. The night never seemed so beautiful. // NOTE: Sequel to "Good Morning, Anon"
Some Dickhead Waxing 10,132 (1/1) Anon and Luna find themselves engaged after a night of drinking. Neither are too happy about the situation. // NOTE: More of a romance comedy than anything else.

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