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The big /bootleg/ archive

By afterpaste
Created: 2021-09-30 19:57:01
Updated: 2023-09-22 18:08:27
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All that is /bootleg/


Writefren Green Words Summary & Notes Tags
Castafae Letters for Gray Garden 39,997 On Hiatus OC, SoL, Sci-Fi, Anon Ponebots, Hassenfeld
A Chance For Reign 8,990 New OC, SoL, Sci-Fi, Anon, Ponebots
Anon Carpathia 6,669 Something is off about Derby and it's not just her name... In a depressing trip, will she make a difference? - Unfinished Derpy, Dark, Robot
Sunshine (S)miles 4,820 Anon's new friendship gets a rocky start, but decides her sweet smile is worth fighting for which catches the eye of somepony - Unfinished Sunshine Smiles, Robot, SoL, Cute, DT
Rambo Fast 6,427 A RainbowDash kit-bashed with Pinkie's talents struggles to fit in when she's not what Anon expected - Unfinished Rainbow, Dark, Robot, Feels
Broken Anon 14490 Things go wrong when you dont follow the instructions on your hassenfeld manual. Tree Hugger, Earth
MexicanCactus Apuljyak 40,379 This smol Spanglish helper wants to be just as useful around the farm as her big counterpart, and she's determined to hold down the fort - Finished Applejack, Adventure, Micro, Robot, Foreign
Ponk Twibot 6,321 Anon gets a Twilight ponybot: Friendship is [Restricted] it will take diving deeper to get beyond her cold shell - Finished Twilight, Robot, Romance, Feels
ReggieSomething Zooma 28,901 A series of vignettes following the (mis)adventures of Zooma, a bootleg Luna. She can't run straight all that well but god dammit she's doing her best and is thrilled to be of use to someone for once and that's what matters. - On Hiatus Luna, Zooma, SoL, PiE, Cute, Lewd
Condense 24,878 Worlds collide when a pink alicorn lands on Anon's doorstep in a dystopian future. A tale of love, loss, pain and healing - On Hiatus Cadance, Sci-Fi, Dark, Romance
NHanon Tinny the tinfoil conspiracy pony 17,335 What is real and what is the unreal? All bets are off as everything is out to get Anon and it's up to a pony made out of tinfoil to keep him on his toes! On Hiatus OC, Strange waifu, Comedy, PiE, SoL,
Minky 46,574 After inheriting a will Anon comes face to face with his late uncle's project, a friendly DIY pony based off Marble Pie - Finished Marble, SoL, Cute, Robot
Blondie Jacky (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (7) (8) (9) (10) (11) 12 238,515 With no friends to turn to Anon discovers HasBuh's shopping list and reaches out, resulting in the escapades of 3 connected dorks that are thrust into a new lifestyle - Part 12 is On Hiatus Applejack, SoL, PiE, Twilight, Rarity, Sparks, Dashie
Missie Pie 11,790 AU of Jacky where Anon reconnects with his long lost childhood therapeutic ponybot. Something deeper is brewing that isn't supposed to be possible - On Hiatus Pinkie, SoL, Romance, Missie Pie, Missie Chai, Missie Skye, Missie Rye, Robot
Photo Finished (α) (ß) 8,029 Life feels more like a fever dream every day since Anon became the subject of attention from a creepy pony doll - On Hiatus Photo Finish, Supernatural, Horror
Angel Cake's Quest 29,164 Sequel to Missie Pie - Finished OC, Angel Cake, Feels, SoL
Twilit Starsky 2 30,479 Anon moves back to his parent's house, and his new nosy pony neighbor wants move in. The two have to reconcile moving on from their past On Hiatus Twilight, Anon, Dark,
Autopony Midnight (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) 132,747 A clash with a homeless pony who bears her fangs about leaving his Junkyard... and has some more input for Anon's job. - Ongoing NightmareMoon, Sci-Fi, PiE
YukkiPalehorse De-Meaning the Six (1) (2) (3) 483,648 Anon tries to do the impossible in Equestria and avert a looming crisis revolving around six asshole doppelgangers that were made that way AiE, MeanSix, Adventure, Lewd, Dark, Rape
FONYpan Patches 29,001 Anon bites off a little more than he can chew after fishing out a Ponycom from the dumpster that husbando's him - On hiatus OC, Sci-Fi, SoL, Romance, Lewd
FortuneFavors Rosie Rock 25,759 Anon receives a care package from an old friend... that has strange connections when the gift is an amalgamation of the Pie sisters Ongoing Pie sisters, PiE, Dark, SoL
Red Cricket Chryssie 4,650 It seems like a bad joke when a mistake makes bugbutt act like a real one. Anon decides to take it upon himself to fix it more up to standard Chrysalis, Robot
Longname Mishmash (CYOA) 56 posts You wake up cold and hungry. You look over yourself and find that you're a ... sphinx? Kirin? Is that a DDog tail? - On Hiatus OC, Equestria, AU, SoL
Disastral Raggie (CYOA) 203 posts Raggie, the stuffed and cuddly guardian keeps Anon safe from the terrors of the night. - Canceled Raggie, PiE, Plushy, Supernatural, SoL
Punki A Very Different Pony 5,380 Anon meets Stompy Stompy, AiE, SoL, Romance
BIOFORGE A Change of Hooves 4,892 Shortly after Anon is transformed by Twilight into a pony he meets Stompy Slippers and falls head over hooves for her... but he hasn't told her he's not a pony Stompy, AiE, Lewd, TF, Romance
DarkKnight The Broken Toy 31,307 Lyra, Sci-Fi, Cyberpunk, Dark, Mature, Hassenfeld, Earth

Shorts and One-offs

Writefren Green Words Summary & Notes Tags
Castafae Novel Pursuits with Radio Star 16,064 On Hiatus NEW OC, SoL, Sci-Fi,, Anon Hassenfeld
A starry night for radio waves
Chilly Filly Flicks 4,949 Meeting a movie theatre pony who's a little on the cold side, literally. On Hiatus New OC, cute, SoL, Sci-Fi, Ponbots
Keksy - -
Sudsy - -
Death Threat - -
Coffee - -
PinkRD - -
Conny - -
Cast Aside - - OC, Radio,
Conny's first night - -
Sole Stealer - - OC, Easel, Lilith, Crossover
Littlest Painter Easel 1,656 - OC, Easel, Micro
First Draft - - OC, Radio, Sparks, Crossover
kqaii Rare 1,946 Anon orders a fragile Rarity, assembled from Russian instructions the best he could who was an irreplaceable angel - Finished Rarity, PiE, Feels, Hassenfeld
Anon Rare shorts 1,367 A prequel of random snips into the life with Rare before the tragic ending - Finished Rare, SoL, PiE
Anon The Worst Possible Customer 2300 Rarity meets a very unusual pony trying to proposition selling her slipper designs who ends up using Rarity for more than she bargained for - Finished OC, Rape, Lewd, Rarity, Stompy
Anon Ivy the T Shirt Mare 607 -
Buttershy - -
Biggie Mac - -
T-Shirt Mare 607 -
Captain Bootleg 818 -
"Blotches" 2,867 In /bootleg/ there was a pony by the name Patches. One day, a pony came online, pretending to be Patches and was soon found out and named Blotches. This is her story - On hiatus OC, Meta, Lewd, Sci-Fi, Robot
Snowball 1,029 A sad look into an android filly's brain on what it's like to have a speech defect that repels others Applebloom, Feels, Robot
My Little Demon 3,591 On Hiatus Cozy Glow, Anon, PiE, Supernatural
Boolet 131 Anon gets a deep blue colored RainbowDash with no wings, but a whole lot of energy and speed Rainbow Dash, SoL, PiE
Freedom & Commie 604 Anon's living room is the next battleground in the war of two sworn WorldWar II themed enemies tied at the hip OC, Comedy, PiE, Foreign
Starskin Spinner 1,547 A defective Starlight tries to process being discarded after abuse and picked up again by a new owner Starlight Glimmer, Dark, Feels, Robot
Queen Celestial 1,310 Anon's life has taken over by a chinese ripoff of Celestia, whether he likes it or not Celestia, Yandere, Comedy
Dollar Tree Poney 1,362 Anon stumbles upon new friends at the local dollar store - OC, PiE, Micro, Toy, SoL
Ceres the uniCORN 365 Poorfag Anons dreamgirl is a unicorn on a cereal box, dreams can come true! - OC, Cereal sisters, Cute, Lewd, PiE
Snootle Saturn & Star 675 A small pony that didn't come out right reminisces about her past under the moonlit sky OC, SoL
Damaged Goods 1,711 Anon's new waifu arrives and is a picture perfect Celestia... but underneath her beauty is a self-aware mind that asks something bootlegs typically don't while discussing with Anon. That question is... Why? Celestia, Sci-Fi, Romance, Dark, Hassenfeld
Summer Sprinkler Surprise 5,862 In an unbearable heatwave, Anon visits a sports shop picking out a Unicorn Sprinkler to cool off... but the surprise is what came next - On hiatus OC, Comedy, Strange waifu, SoL
Perfect Derpy 921 When you screw up a screw up, thanks to a screw up it all cancels out Derpy, Comedy
[NeccAnon Untitled Lyra 1,933
KirkoBangz House of Boots 8,500 Anon keeps getting cheapo shit or ripped off. Soon he has a family of growing bootlegs, and it all starts with a dragon called Dim-Sum - On hiatus Dim-Sum, Comedy, Thun, Cricket, Bump, Jacky, Rare, Kinder, SoL, Foreign
Autopony Shadow 1,807 Side story that takes place in Midnight Finished Sci-Fi, PiE
A Midnight Christmas 1,199
Darkness 1,320
Purrrlestia 1,693 Celestia, Anon
MLHfag Twill Shorts 2,779 Anon rescues a fakie Twilight with identity issues from being foreveralone - On Hiatus Twilight, PiE, SoL
ACAPO Stompy Stomping 1,185 Stompy when left home alone discovers something new to do with her time Stompy, AiE
Aganon Jolly Twinkles 878 In the far future owning a pony is a status symbol, even to someone who's homeless like Anon. After losing his old job and a lot of scavenging, a new opportunity arises from the dumps OC, Sci-Fi, Robot, SoL
NHanon Concerned Pony Oneshots 1,506 Everything is a scary hurdle to this micro pony Concerned Pony, PiE, Micro, SoL
Bootleg Rarity 1,454 Life is carefree until a bootleg Rarity learns a terrible secret that's been kept from her Rarity, Dark, Feels
Punkfire Xmas 3,722 Anon's roomate is a wild-colored maned Spitfire with a checkered past Spitfire, SoL, PiE
Starbounce PegaVinyl 1,017 What to do when the music-pony can't make music with magic? Vinyl, SoL
Spibbles Workshop 3,665 Hasbro has finally done something right and created wAIfus. Anon decides to cash in on the trend, together with trio of his ponies Rarity, Fluttershy, Applejack, Sci-Fi, SoL, Robot
Red Defective 5,125 Lyra orders a bootleg Anon who can't stand up straight Anon, AiE, Reversal, Lyra, SoL
MexicanCactus Nightmare Rare 4,544 Anon's life hasn't been the same since opening a portal to Hell for his waifu Rarity, but there are special rules that can not be broken without punishment Supernatural, Rarity, Strange waifu
Nebulous Silent Friend 7,416 In search of friendship Anon gets the only thing he can afford, a mute and deaf badly offcolor Flutters- On hiatus Fluttershy, Sci-Fi
Blondie Flutterlime 4,797 Anon owns a toyshop and opens a box with a Fluttershy knockoff who's more adventurous than her miniature size would suggest Fluttershy, SoL, Toys, Micro
Peetzer Pony 248 Pizza becomes pone in this shitpost that plays fast and loose with bootlegs Comedy, Strange Waifu, Food pony
Sparkless 1,429 AU where Anon got Sparks first in Jacky Sparks, Dark, PiE, Jacky
Growing Wings 2,048 AU where Anon got Dashie first in Jacky Faint Prism, PiE, Jacky
F is for... 1,258 AU where Jacky is not bought by Anon Jacky, Dark, PiE, Pets, Feels
Eternal 1,117 Oldfag Anon clings onto his memories with Snapplejack in the bleak future Applejack, Dark, Feels
Jacky get's Bootleg Anon 3236 A short where the dorks are human and Anon is the pone. Jacky, Sparks, Dashie, Anon, Reversal, PiE
An Ode to Friends 1107 Jacky one-off Jacky, Sparks, Dashie, SoL
Independent 2061 AU where Sparks never reunites with Jacky Sparking Shine, SoL
Week of Terror Jacky 2,660 .
Week of Terror Sparks 1,908 .
Week of Terror Prism 2,078 .
Neglected 2,896 .
Jacky - Dragon Mare Z 2,866 .
Writefagrises Half-Assed and Bootlegged 732 Anon discovers that the universal constant of Chinese knockoffs applies even with genetic engineered ponies with Panka Po. - Based off of a classic bootleg pic Pinkie Pie, PiE, Cute, Hassenfeld
CYOA_AiE Rag doll 3,450 Anon has to balance his boner for Raggie while keeping her secret safe Raggie, Comedy, Lewd, AiE, Plushy
CaptainConundrum Rarity Buys Bootleg Anon 4,404 Anon tries to adjust to his limited existence as a bootleg of Anon - On hiatus Anon, AiE, Rarity, Reversal, Toys, Micro
FortuneFavors Songbird 1,433 Bots
Reggie Multiverse Waifu Reckoning 3,550 Temporary Zooma, Spitfire, Condense, Anon, Meta,
YukkiPalehorse Mean 6 lewds 11,651 These are the kind of ponies you want to hate-fuck, dominate and have threesomes with MeanSix, AiE, Lewd
HeyHey Repairing Applejack 3,252 Anon's an electrician, but he's challenged when taking on the task of repairing a used ponybot from a dirty dealer Unfinished Applejack, Robot, Dark
redwritefag Fiddly Twang 2,395 Anon falls victim to an online ad and blows his funds on something he regrets Unfinished Applejack, Robot, Dark, Feels
Shutdown64 The Cleansing of Anon 1,475 Anon indulges Stompy's petplay but it comes with an extra clause he didn't expect, a good sloppy cleaning session that gets a little dirty Stompy, Lewd, Fetish,

Other /bootleg/ media

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It's Always Sunny in Fillydelphia (By Anon)

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