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/Sun/day-Celestia Archive

By Enonnnymous
Created: 16th July 2021 09:31:33 PM
12th June 2022 07:37:14 PM

/Sun/day: let us bask in Princess Celestia's radiance.

Hello there.

This is an archive of Celestia greentext stories that have been written on /mlp/. It's based off of the original /sun/ archives which were outdated and lacked proper formatting. I have removed many of the stories that would not be considered acceptable to be posted in current /Sun/ threads, although many are still very questionable. I have tried to provide helpful information where I can, but I know this archive isn't perfect. If you know a Celestia story that should be posted here, or want one removed because it is of poor quality, please let me know about it in the thread. I will keep this up-to date.

You can find the ORIGINAL archives here:

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A beautiful pony

Popular Stories - If you're new, read these in the order they are listed!

Title Writefag Word Count Plot Summary Links Notes
Exchange getmeouttahere 175,352 Ever since Anon arrived in Equestria, Twilight's been getting crazier and crazier in her pursuit of his romantic attention. When he turns to the benevolent and graceful Princess Celestia for help, she sends him on a quest to retrieve a sacred stone in return for her aid. No big deal, right? Well... turns out the stone is used to transform Twilight into an alicorn, increasing his problems a thousand fold, and Celestia unexpectedly moves in as his new roommate after giving up her crown to Twilight. (1/13) (2/13) (3/13) (4/13) (5/13) (6/13) (7/13) (8/13) (9/13) (10/13) (11/13) (12/13) (13/13) (Fimfiction) (All In One) The Fimfiction version has more chapters and is more polished, so I would read that one. Do what you want, I'm not your mom.
Prince Anonymous & Young Celestia. LokiLorien 202,890 Prince Anonymous gets wed to the young Princess Celestia for political reasons. Anon doesn't really like ponies though. Slow burn romance and political stuff. (1/1) From the Marital Problems thread (MP). Unfinished If the page doesn't load you can try these archive links instead: (1/2) (2/2)
The Sun Where You Belong YukkuriPalehorse 92,458 Anon comes to Equestria via Cadance's Waifu Shipping Program™ and is matched with Celestia. (1/2) (2/2) -
Off Duty AspiringWritefag 271,159 After centuries of ruling Equestria without a single day off, Princess Celestia is driven to true desperation: selling herself into slavery as a vacation on Earth, the one place she can go without being recognized. Can the sovereign ruler of Equestria adjust to the role of a domestic servant? Can this simpler life give her the peace and relaxation she desires? (1/3) (2/3) (3/3) (Epilogue) (Xmas Special) (Fimfiction) Originates from Slave Pony General. Has extras, and a sequel. Fimfiction version cuts NSFW scenes and changes Anon's name.
Back on Duty AspiringWritefag 160,109 Sequel to Off Duty. (1/2) (2/2) Originates from Slave Pony General. No Fimfiction version yet, will post when there is one.
End of the Universe JazzTeeth 89,739 A static, immortal Anon deals with entropy, loss and fatherhood. (1/12) (2/12) (3/12) (4/12) (5/12) (6/12) (7/12) (8/12) (9/12) (10/12) (11/12) (12/12) -
Interstellar Celly PhysicalAnontism 47,694 Space Anon finds broken Celestia in a box in his neighbors front yard. Anon nurses her slowly back to health. (1/2) (2/2) Originates from Slave Pony General. Unfinished.
Equestrian Rehab Adjudicant 155,539 Celestia is a broken slave on Earth. Anon buys her and nurses her slowly back to health. (1/2) (2/2) Originally known as "The Sun Will Rise Again". From Slave Pony General. Author was dead for a while, but has recently returned with updates. Work in progress
Father Time has his way La-Phantoma1 83,134 Coughing up blood, unable to stand up without a cane, most of his friends dead. Anon has finally reached eighty years old. It's been a long, content life, but the man knows his time is growing short. Too weak and tired to make amends, desperate to stay ahead of his dementia, and cursing his own frailty, he has accepted death. And for him, it is the end... Screaming in pain, cursing up a storm and stuck in a new world mourning some dead pony, Anon has finally reached twenty-three years old. It's the start of a crazy, weird life. And some talking horses seem to look at him funny. Like they remember who he is, despite this being the first time they've ever met. (1/4) (2/4) (3/4) (4/4) (Fimfiction) -
No Nose Knows Copyright Irespective & Black516 152,347 Edited version of No Nose Knows with the OC replaced with Anon. (1/2) (2/2) (Unedited Version) The original has more sequels, but they haven't been edited yet.

Recent/Ongoing Stories - Sorted by on-going first, followed by one-shots by author A-Z

Title Writefag Word Count Plot Summary Links Notes
Dancing in the Sun LmonE6 5,188 In the fledgling years of the unified nation of Equestria, Princess Celestia enlists the help of Anonymous, an eccentric creature from across the western seas, in proving the young nation’s mettle on the world stage at the decennial Equestria Games. As conflicting motives clash and the stakes of the Games are raised to astronomical heights by a mad Crystal King, however, the unlikely duo along with all others involved quickly realize that it isn’t just their nations’ character being tested, but their own. (1/?) Ongoing Last update April 19, 2022
We Share Everything PonyAfloat 59,676 Unbound by mortal conceptions of love, the royal sisters share everything, sometimes to include lovers. This is normal for immortal beings such as themselves for whom love comes and goes like the clouds, but for Anon, whose scope of mind is limited to mere decades, it is completely incomprehensible. Sharing Anon emotionally and physically, the sisters are unaware of Anon's lack of understanding. Having become so accustomed to their immortal viewpoint, they have simply overlooked explaining this key aspect of culture at the Royal Equestrian Court to Anon. Thus, Anon believes he is cheating on each sister with the other while the sisters believe they are all in, what is for them, a normal loving relationship. (1/?) (2/?) (3/?) (4/?) (5/?) (6/?) (7/?) (8/?) (9/?) (10/?) (11/?) (12/?) (13/?) (14/?) (15/?) (16/?) (17/?) Ongoing Last update May 22, 2022. NSFW. Contains love triangle between Celestia/Luna/Anon.
A Picture on Her Flank Appreciationproject 751 Smol Twilight draws a picture on Celestia's side. Based off of this image. (1/1) One-shot, >1000 words Appeared in /sun/ April 2022
Just A Ball ClarityControl 12,567 Anon tries to come to terms with his unexpected feelings for Princess Celestia. (1/1) Finished Appeared in /sun/ May 2022. Story was written after the author switched waifus from Dash to Celestia and discussing in /sun/.
Equine Physical Exam With Dr. Anon HobbyPony 3,203 Medical physician Dr. Anon is summoned late one evening to help Celestia with a pain in her haunches. (1/1) One-shot, Appeared in /sun/ June 2022

Finished Stories - Listed A-Z by Writefag

Title Writefag (A-Z) Word Count Plot Summary Links Notes
Moonie and the Sun 8th Sin 3,689 Anonymous cares for a young Celestia and Nightmare Moon. (1/2) (2/2)
Anon raises a Sun and Moon horse then ends up wed to the former. Anonymous 14,434 Anon raises a Sun and Moon horse then ends up wed to the former. (1/1)
But Your Ugly Thread Green Anonymous 4,809 Anon is on the receiving end of some harsh from Twilight, through a series of events he ends up in Canterlot and runs into a certain Princess. (1/1) (Originally appeared in a “But Anon, you’re ugly and weird titled” thread.)
Celestia on Earth BKCelestia 23,269 This displeases nicotine-addict goblins. (1/7) (2/7) (3/7) (4/7) (5/7) (6/7) (7/7)
Kissing the Sun Bolding 19,480 Clumsy Anon woos a sun-horse. (1/1) Used to have a Fimfiction version before Bolding nuked all his shit.
Age of Peace Bonermancer 22,751 Celestia has ptsd; so does Anon. Things happen as a result of this. (1/3) (1/2) (3/3)
An Affinity With the Sun Crooked-Djin 33,086 Anon's life is suddenly turned upside down when he is forced to leave behind everything he has worked for once he becomes the apple of Celestia's eye. (1/2) (2/2)
Five Stanzas Crooked-Djin 21,363 The famous poet Anonymous' world becomes bland as the days go on. But one visit from a certain princess may be enough to turn his smouldering cinders into the brightest shining star. (1/1)
Yandere Celestia Mommy Wife DaybreakerAnon 3,585 Yandere Momlestia has sex with Anon (1/1) Contains incest (obviously). Appeared in /sun/ December 2021
Pool Time DeviledText (DT) 14,335 Anon has sex with the pony princess in a pool. (1/4) (2/4) (3/4) (4/4) Continued in differently named pastes. Not entirely sure this is finished, I didn't read the whole thing.
Assisting DeviledText (DT) 7,093 Anon tries to popularise Twilestia. (1/1) If you're reading this DT: Please stay fucked off.
Slavelestia Equitech 21,456 Anon beats Celestia up before turning her into a sex slave (1/5) (2/5) (3/5) (4/5) (5/5) I don't know if this is actually finished, I didn't read the whole thing for obvious reasons.
Close to home Fillydelphian 44,291 Anon and Celestia romance over handegg. (1/19) (2/19) (3/19) (4/19) (5/19) (6/19) (7/19) (8/19) (9/19) (10/19) (11/19) (12/19) (13/19) (14/19) (15/19) (16/19) (17/19) (18/19) (19/19) Please for the love of god, Anons. Don't put every update to your story in different pastes. That's some bullshit.
Tia’s Secret Fizzles 3,839 Celestia is not into anal play; Anon "convinces" her. (1/1) Not 100% certain this wasn't just a one shot. It's a damn good fapfic, nonetheless.
Mistakes into Something Hanoff 9,123 Twilight fails at introducing Anon to Equestria, so Celestia takes over. I think. (1/2) (2/2) Not 100% certain this is finished.
Shadow of the Sun. Hasbr0cop 7,478 Anon raises a young Celestia on Earth, then fucks her because he is actually Fritzl. (1/1) Not 100% certain this is finished.
The Road to Hell Imperius 4,972 Celestia accidentally hurts Anon; trying to fix it only makes things worse. (1/1) Not 100% certain this is finished.
Between a Sun and a Hard Space La-Phantoma1 4,770 Anon tries to calm tensions between Celestia and Luna. (1/1) Takes place in the same universe as "Father Time has his way" (in the popular stories table above).
Tsunlestia Love and Powerlifting 25,588 Anon lives in the Castle by the order of Celestia herself, even though she shows only disdain for Anon. Can he win her friendship? Will he ever figure out why she keeps calling him a "Baka"? (1/6) (2/6) (3/6) (4/6) (5/6) (6/6) RGRE
Flanking Manoeuvres. Mandroid 73,065 Alt. Universe of Bros in Equestria (read up to part 26), Mous ends up married to a Molestia-esque Celestia after the events in this (1/31) (Fimfiction) Celestia=Molestia in this story. It is made known that she fucked everything that has a cock before she married Mous, so if that pisses you off, don't read this. There's also 31 fucking parts, so just go to Mandroid's bin or read the Fimfiction version.
Helios Mandroid 39,686 Bodyguard Anon romances Celestia. (1/23) (Fimfiction) This is a good story, but I'm not linking all 23 parts, god dammit. Just go to his bin or read the Fimfiction version.
Celestia's Foal Mendicant 10,093 Anon impregnates slave Celestia; Nightmare Moon grows jealous. (1/1)
Just a Photograph OnlyTheDead 3,890 Anon and Celestia romantically connect over photography (1/1)
Shall We Dance? OnlyTheDead 2,502 Anon and Celestia at the Gala. (1/1)
Crazy Celestia Pony_Azaroth 16,968 Celestia is a yandere; Anon approves. (1/5) (2/5) (3/5) (4/5) (5/5)
Sunrise Pozenbot 8,154 Anon looks after a young Celly and Lulu intermittently throughout the years. (1/4) (2/4) (3/4) (4/4)
A Simple Guard and Just a Human RUSKIE_ON_A_LEASH 16,860 Celestia is DTF; Anon is not. A guard guards him as a result. (1/4) (2/4) (3/4) (4/4)
Broken SHUKAKU20 8,813 An Anon winds up in Equestria via suicide. (1/1)
Riding the Sun. SHINOBIPONI 12,777 Young-Anon rides Celestia in a normal, horsey manner. (1/1)
Top Secret Consensual Cuddles. SHINOBIPONI 4,333 Anon cuddles a Sun-butt. (1/1)
Sun Spots. SLASHER_SCIENCE 14,260 Celestia likes Anon; Anon will not bone ponies. (1/4) (2/4) (3/4) (4/4)
The Grade SLASHER_SCIENCE 6,410 Anon's community service involves a sexy Sunbutt. (1/1)
The Canterlotto SLASHER_SCIENCE 3,251 Anon receives Luna and Celestia as maids for a month. (1/2) (2/2)
Till the End of Time Smudgey 2,279 Celestia and minstrel Anon fall in love. (1/1)
Lips Wide Shut. Texanon 24,669 Anon and Celestia get drunk and rob Diamond Dogs. (1/5) (2/5) (3/5) (4/5) (5/5)
Cooking for Sunbutt Wiggy\Chuck N/A Anon cooks for Celestia, but ends up hypnotising her and Luna then killing someone. And holy fuck, Chuck, each post does not need its own paste >:( (1/112) I am NOT linking all 112 pastes. Go to chuck's bin. Sequel/extra here:
To Kiss the Sun Wiggy\Chuck 26,492 Anon enters a competition for the right to kiss a Sun-butt. (1/10) (2/10) (3/10) (4/10) (5/10) (6/10) (7/10) (8/10) (9/10) (10/10)

One-Shots - >1,000 words

Title Writefag (A-Z) Word Count Plot Summary Links Notes
AnonDad 8th Sin 3,289 Parental, time-travelling shenanigans. (1/1) Unsure if one-shot or incomplete.
Rear Altanus 7,861 Anon and Celestia practice impregnation. (1/1) Inspired this story, which is something you should definitely read.
Shitty Celestia Oneshot Altanus 4,253 Anon comforts Celestia after Luna is mooned. (1/1) That's the title. Really.
Sneezes, Sunflowers and Magic Sunpowers. Altanus 3,325 Celestia has a sneezing problem. (1/1)
Anon in Genitalia-less Equestria. Altanus 4,444 Story is title. (1/1)
Sleeping In The Morning Antatrtic Lizard 3,230 - (1/1)
Comfy hugs and exciting books Appreciation_project 1,829 - (1/1)
Celestia, Anon and simple pleasures Appreciation_project 1,096 - (1/1)
Celestia, Anon and mind meld Appreciation_project 1,240 - (1/1)
Celestia and pizza Appreciationproject 1,893 Celestia teaches foals about making pizza (1/1) Posted August 2021 in /Sun/
Celestia, Luna and Hide'n'Seek Appreciationproject 2,374 Celestia and Luna have a dilema over the last slice of a cake. (1/1) Posted July 2021 in /Sun/
A comfy Hearthwarming story Appreciation_project 1,022 - (1/1)
Celestia's Very Bad No Good Gang Bang Cleverlestia 7,722 An Anon in cahoots with Nightmare Moon tortures Celestia in a sexy, stockholmey way. Features gelding. (1/1) Not certain if one-shot.
Jaded Celestia Silliness Cleverlestia 2,389 Anon teaches Celestia what other things a penis can do. (1/1) Not sure if one-shot.
Cely Feels Coppertoe1215 2,909 Celestia is ill; Anon tries. (1/1) It's "Celly" goddammit, get it right.
A Day Out Crooked-Djin 1,752 With Celestia gone away on business, it's up to Anon to entertain Dawn and Radiance for an entire day (1/1)
The Winter Conflict Crooked-Djin 2,745 Anon and Celestia engage in a snowball fight that escalates to the point of threatening all of destruction of Canterlot. (1/1)
The Mare in the Forest Crooked-Djin 2,824 - (1/1)
Dommy Celestia Shitpost DaybreakerAnon 4,389 Based off the prompt: "Plot twist: Daybreaker is the sub while Celestia is the dommy sunmommy." (1/1) Appeared in /sun/ February 2022.
An Afternoon with Celestia DeceptivelyProficient 1,580 - (1/1)
Tender is the Loin DeviledText (DT) 3,292 Anon makes Celestia some Tenderloin. (1/1)
Royal Desires DeviledText (DT) 1,000 Anon has inventive sex with a pregnant Celestia. (1/1)
I can’t title shit DeviledText (DT) 1,464 Anon and Celestia have a kid. (1/1)
The Royal Broodmare DeviledText (DT) 1,536 Celestia impregnates Anon. (1/1)
Don’t read this (really) DeviledText (DT) 1,296 Celestia lays eggs. Anon eats them. (1/1)
Bacchanalia (AKA Giant deprived Orgy) DeviledText (DT) 2,990 More egg-laying, oviposition stuff. (1/1)
Deep into the eyes DeviledText (DT) 3,087 Anon hypnotises Celestia and Luna. (1/1)
Slutlestia DeviledText (DT) 1,593 - is in the title. Also known as ‘that story’. (1/1)
All Work and No Play Diatomic-ge 2,316 Celestia snaps and Anon has to cope. (1/1)
The Horrible Lessons of War DrShenk 3,870 Anon explains human war to a naive Celestia. (1/1)
Staring at the Sun EquestrianBreaker 1,234 Anon disputes Celestia’s control over the sun. (1/1)
Anon vs. Celestia: Reckoning Fillydelphian 2993 Anonymous and Celestia have a fight. (1/1)
Celestia/Anon (cute shorts) Fizzles 1,925 A series of Celestia/Anon shorts. (1/1)
Promise Fizzles 1,677 Sequel to this short. (1/1)
The Price of Peace Gatorbait 1,146 Celestia is ruthless… In Space! (1/1)
Sunday Breakfast GFM Lewdendorff 5,705 Anon and pregnant Celestia havefiery morning sex. (1/1) Contains pregnancy lewdness and all that entails.
AiE - Celestia (Clop) GypsyWritefag 1,565 Celestia and Anon have sex. (1/1)
Comedy - Girls' Night Out GypsyWritefag 3,419 Ponies have a night on the town. No Anon. (1/1)
Comedy - Destruction Sphere (Clop) GypsyWritefag 1,546 Futa Celestia has sex with Twilight to the tune of Wrecking Ball by Miley Cyrus (1/1)
Dawn of the Gala Hobbypony 1,081 A tale of satyrs at parties. (1/1) Satyr
Done by Dawn Hobbypony 1,325 Dawn escapes from her tutor. (1/1) Satyr
A New Day Will Dawn Hobbypony 2,472 Dawn attempts to help her parents' workload. Also, features wrongness at the end as a precaution to the reader. (1/1) Satyr
Dawned Fears Hobbypony 1,227 Scary Movies make Satyr's frightened. (1/1) Satyr
Early Dawn Hobbypony 1,008 Anon wakes up early. (1/1) Satyr
Easter Dawns Hobbypony 2,711 Anon introduces his daughter to the concept of egg hunting. (1/1) Satyr
Friendship Recap InfernalDragonFlame 1,739 Celestia >rapes Anon. (1/1)
Thump JazzTeeth 6,895 Celestia keeps on sending Anon to the moon. (1/1)
Consider the Lillies JazzTeeth 3,187 Anon and Celestia have a moment in the grass. (1/1)
A Gift from the Sun JazzTeeth 6,325 Celestia saves Anon the only way she can. (1/1)
General-Zod-Anon in Equestria JazzTeeth 3,974 Celestia is eating too much Cake. Anon intervenes. (1/1)
Anon’s Quest for the Phat Ass JazzTeeth 1,217 Anon tries to persuade Celestia to expand derrières. (1/1)
A Borrowed Sun Leucine 1,801 Celestia mourns Anon (1/1)
101 Spells for Big Alicorns and Little Fillies LobosNumber5 3,411 Day after day, Celestia endures her duties as Equestria's ruler and looks forward only to the tutelage of young Twilight Sparkle, her newest pupil. After having been overwhelmed with responsibility and temporarily postponing their regular lessons, however, she can only hope that the purple filly feels the same. (1/1) Posted October 2021 in /Sun/
AiE Celestia Love and Powerlifting 3,402 Celestia invites Anon for a tea. He tries to hide a raging erection but eventually he's caught. Lewd things ensue. (Dong expansion was guaranteed) (1/1) RGRE
Tactful Negotiations Love and Powerlifting 4,418 Celestia negotiates a peace treaty with the changelings and her husband Anon is not happy about it (1/1) RGRE
Hormones are a bitch Love and Powerlifting 3,122 Anon and Celestia deal with her pregnancy and her hormones running wild (1/1) RGRE
Our little Dawn Love and Powerlifting 2,188 Anon freaks out while Celestia gives birth. (1/1) RGRE
Heat (Celestia) Love and Powerlifting 3,100 The summer heat is getting to the mares across Equestria, Princess Celestia is not exempt from this. (1/1) RGRE
Sexual Tyrannosaurus Anon Mandroid 5,257 Anon ends up banging all the pony princesses and a bugbutt. (1/1)
Death by Chocolate Navarone 1,561 Celestia insists that a little chocolate now and then is good for everybody. (1/1)
Guardsman Nebulus 4,124 Anon becomes a guard for Celestia (1/1)
Blueblood's Butler Nebulus 5,230 Anon and Blueblood face forceful propositions from Celestia and Rarity (1/1)
Castle Capers Nebulus 4,790 Celestia and Luna try to rape an Anon who’s dating Twilight. (1/1)
Luck beyond luck NotOneFuck 1,721 Celestia and Anon die and deal with what comes after. (1/1)
Young Again Poggoman122 3,773 Celestia looks after Hobo-anon (1/1)
Breakfast fit for a princess Ponefluff 2,421 Celestia discusses a date with Anon over breakfast with Luna. (1/1) (Fimfiction) The sequel to this one is only on Fimfiction.
Surprise Visit From Royalty Ponefluff 3,951 Sequel to Breakfast fit for a princess. (Fimfiction) Fimfiction exclusive, it seems.
A Touching Story Pozenbot 1,917 Anon can make Celestia cum through contact. This is of interest to her. (1/1)
Untitled Pozenbot Story Pozenbot 2,597 Celestia and Co perform an intervention on Anon. (1/1)
Snidely Pozenbot 6,493 Celestia allows herself to get kidnapped by a pseudo-villian Anonymous for a bit of R&R; Luna intervenes. (1/1)
Letters of Admiration ReggieSomething 2,815 An anonymous writer asks Princess Celestia to lower the sun slower than she usually does. (1/1) Posted December of 2020 in /Sun/
Seperation Anxiety [Artemis, Celestia] RocketAnon 5,808 Celestia fucks a r63 Luna. (1/1)
AIE Christmas gift: To Act Santa SHINOBIPONI 1,118 Celestia helps Anon with being Equestria's first Santa. (1/1)
Luna on Anon on Celestia SHINOBIPONI 2,641 Anon is an adoptive brother to the pony princesses. (1/1)
Sleepaway garden SLASHER_SCIENCE 1,468 Anon reads Haikus to Celestia; she reads some back. (1/1)
My Little Orgasm Sunbutt is Best Butt S_Noble 6,460 Celestia hears about Anon's 'talents' and makes use of them. (1/1)
You just told your favourite pony that you loved him/her Serenade 1,702 Anon does as on the tin to a Sunbutt at a gala. (1/1)
After the Bombs Fall Serenade 1,455 Anon discusses what he sees through a portal back to Earth with Celestia. (1/1)
It's Been a Long, Long Time Sunn 7,150 Celestia/Anon romance at the Gala. (1/1)
The first day Sunn 1,430 A mythology style origin story about the world's creation. (1/1)
Last Immortals Sunn 1,078 The world ends, and Anon and Celestia are the only ones left. (1/1)
Breaker of Day Sunn 1,769 Daybreaker infects Celestia. Anon defends her. (1/1)
Eternal Love Trandhal 4,955 After mysteriously disappearing, Anon returns to his love, Celestia with a gift (1/1) Posted July 2021 in /Sun/
Anon with Celestia and Luna Uh-Hmmm 2,567 Anon gets tricked into kissing Luna's dong. He plays along for sex. (1/1) Futa
Anon-Celestia-Researchpony Threesome Uh-Hmmm 2,002 Anon and Celestia bang an equally desired pony of the scientific inquisition. None suspect she has a dong. (1/1) Futa
Celestial Convergence CYOA Uh-Hmmm 2,085 Anon gains wings thanks to magic shenanigans and promptly plows princesses. (1/1)
An Acquired Taste Uh-Hmmm 1,247 Luna shits on Anon. Of course, the only recourse is some intercourse. (1/1) Scat
It's A Mare's World Uh-Hmmm 1,449 Harassed Anon gives Sunbutt a mayo sandwich. (1/1)
Married Man on the Market Uh-Hmmm 5,105 The Waifu thinks Anon needs more mares in his life. Biblically. Y'dig? (1/1)
Revised Evil Momlestia Unreliable Anon 2,368 Celestia gives Anon a present to make him a man. Evilly. (1/1)
Various oneshots of Celestia and Anon Unreliable Anon N/A The title explains all. (1/1) No word count because there are multiple stories in the one paste.
La Vie Naturelle Vhatug 4,925 Celestia pretends to be a true horse on Anon's ranch. (1/1)
Ambrosia Vhatug 1,542 Femanon fucks a sun-pony. (1/1)
Attraction Separation. Woofr 3,670 Dicksword and Celestia have a conversation. (1/1)

Short One-Shots - <1,000 words

Title Writefag (A-Z) Word Count Plot Summary Links Notes
Shorts and Stuff Antatrtic Lizard N/A A lot of '>you will never's in a paste. (1/1)
Celestia crotchbreastfeeding Anon (NSFW) Appreciationproject N/A - (1/1)
Celestia on a meadow, doing cute things Appreciationproject N/A - (1/1)
Celestia, Anon and back rub Appreciationproject N/A - (1/1)
Celestia, Anon and bad weather Appreciationproject N/A - (1/1)
Waiting For Anon Covight N/A >tfw no husbando, in essence. (1/1)
Something to Remember [SAD] DeviledText (DT) N/A Pregnant Celestia chats with Luna. (1/1)
Thread Bumpers FgtWtKybrd N/A Two stories involving Celestia: Blanket Celestia & Daddy Comes Home (1/1)
Double Luna, Toelight Sparkle & Celesia Cuddles. Gatorbait N/A Three shorts, one of which involves Sunbutt snuggling. Sequel can be found in the second paste. (1/1) (Sequel)
FNF 3 - Orgasm Denial, Language Fetish & Freefall Gatorbait N/A First short features Sunbutt and other princess being denied relief. Has a sequel, but no sun horse in it :( (1/1)
Sombra Vs. Anon. Gatorbait N/A Anon fights Sombra for the love of his waifu, Celestia. (1/1)
Stupid Sexy Ponies Leucine N/A Starting from line 380, two stories about an Anon washing Celestia. (1/1)
Oneshits NotOneFuck N/A Last one has Celestia and Luna struggling with the difficulties of peanut butter. (1/1)
History Paper_Guy N/A Celestia reveals Equestria’s dark secret to Twilight. (1/1)
Anon the Devoted Pony_Azaroth N/A Celestia sends Anon on a basic RPG quest. (1/1)
Overprotective Celestia (Thread Bumpers) SHINOBIPONI N/A Celestia attempts to find a mate for Anonymous. (1/1)
Boy Toy SLASHER_SCIENCE N/A Celestia makes use, through abuse, of Anonymous. (1/1)
Physics Shiggler N/A Celestia manipulates title to win Anon's heart. (1/1)
Drunk Story #5 Shiggler N/A Celestia attempts to persuade Anon. (1/1)
You're a Faggot. Shitty_Writefag N/A Celestia informs Anon of what he is via Luna. Then tables are rotated. (1/1) Based off of this comic (thanks moonbro for finding this.)
Guard duty sucks SteveEvet N/A Guards are forced to listen whilst Anon pleasure princesses. (1/1)
Celestia's Not Allowed to Cum. Unreliable Anon N/A Read the damn title. That is the story. Yes. (1/1)
Crusader Anon Unreliable Anon N/A Anon answers for his crimes to a Momlestia. (1/1)
Guard Anon Unreliable Anon N/A Anon prevents people from getting to see his mother, Celestia. (1/1)
Saddle Arabia Unreliable Anon N/A Real short story about how Anon is marrying the wrong pony and Motherly Sunbutt sends EoH to intervene. (1/1)
Celestia (lactation) Voslar N/A Anon must drink of sun pony milk to stay in horse-land. (1/1)
Edgylestia meets and kills a box pony. WHOREPONYTHREAD N/A Title. (1/1)
TFW you will never be Celestia's pet [Petplay] WaterApple N/A Anon becomes Celestia's pet. (1/1)
Listening to Music with Celestia Woofr N/A Anon shares his dope tunes with Celly. (1/1)
Morning for the Momlestia thread. Woofr N/A Story is title. (1/1)
A Sparring Match with Celestia Woofr N/A Swordfighter Anon is outclassed. (1/1)

Unfinished Stories

Title Writefag Word Count Plot Summary Links Notes
Sir Anon and the Princess 420PRAISEHARDEST 28,193 Dragons have invaded Equestria and have taken Princess Celestia as hostage. With a treaty stating that no harm well come to pony kind as long as no pony attempts to save her. Anon newly Knighted isn't a pony and sets on a quest to rescue the princess. (1/7) (2/7) (3/7) (4/7) (5/7) (6/7) (7/7)
Bedtime Stories Altanus 8,481 Assorted tales about a princess and a human in a bed. (1/1)
Growth Altanus 3,386 Anon reconnects with his satyr children. (1/1)
Blind Painting Anomalous 1,867 Painter Anon romances Sunbutt. (1/1)
Celestia found your porn Anonymous/Unknown 20,233 Title (1/1)
Meet the Anon's Anonymous/Unknown 4,225 A portal between two worlds is opened, and in Equestria Anon finds the love of his life. But when it comes time to visit his parents, things may get complicated. (1/1)
Celestia Vs. Anon's Parents Anonymous/Unknown 4,553 - (1/1)
The Royal Plot Package Anonymous/Unknown 3,715 CYOA about a Celestia delivered in a box to Earth (1/1)
Everything's Going to be Alright Antatrtic Lizard 26,807 Anon is raised with a couple of young royal ponies known as Luna and Celestia. (1/7) (2/7) (3/7) (4/7) (5/7) (6/7) (7/7)
A Beautiful Sun Chimeragoose 1,665 An Anon arrives naked in Equestria; this meets with Celestia's approval. (1/1)
Gluk Gluk Gluk Cleverlestia 1,733 Alicorns suck off Anon. (1/1)
A Princess's Monster Crooked-Djin 34,239 - (Index) (Missing sixth entry)
need... MOMMY DaybreakerAnon 4,640 A non-canon clop spinoff the Untitled Marital Problems Story. It is strongly suggested that you read it until line 1640 in the main story to have the contextual understanding of what's going on in this clopfic. (1/1) Contains Corrupt-MomlestiaxSonAnon incest.
Reproduce DeviledText (DT) 6,392 Celestia is an incubator for Anon & Chrysalis’ children. (1/1)
Without You DeviledText (DT) 1,184 Anon talks to Celestia's grave. (1/1)
Anon the Valet DocCockBlock 32,702 Luna promotes a guard to gigolo duty, and Celestia makes use. (1/5) (2/5) (3/5) (4/5) (5/5)
My Mother is a Princess- Prologue Dr_Anonymous 3,996 Young Anon arrives in Equestria and sun-butt adopts. (1/1)
Skewered Etiquette 9,607 Anon arrives in Equestria; Sunbutt pounces. (1/2) (2/2)
Exchange Rate Anon Exchange Rate Anon 55,105 Wealthy Anon enslaves young sun and moon buttocks. (1/11) (2/11) (3/11) (4/11) (5/11) (6/11) (7/11) (8/11) (9/11) (10/11) (11/11) Not sure if unfinished or not.
Quiet Sunsets Fizzles 25,218 Despite being a Human from another world, Anon serves as a guard in Canterlot. One day during Heart and Hooves day, Anon receives a strange letter asking him to meet up with a secret admirer. (1/7) (2/7) (3/7) (4/7) (5/7) (6/7) (7/7) This blog post may be of relevance to those wondering about this story.
Prisoner Fizzles 1,352 Anon commits a terrible crime just to be with Celestia, having no choice he is imprisoned in stone until he can atone for his sins. Celestia often visits him to see if he can be redeemed. (1/1)
Celestial Body Gadget 3,624 Celestia chats with an Anon who is fresh arrived in Equestria. (1/1)
Close To The Sun (Brolesita Maybe) Gadget 1,204 Anon is best buds with Sunbutt. (1/1)
The Royal Pet Hand-Made 11,897 Princess Celestia swoons for you, her noble "pet". As you're a handsome creature from another land, she takes you into her personal care for "research" purposes. However, how much does the zoophilic Goddess know of your own kingly plans? Almost entirely porn. (1/4) (2/4) (3/4) (4/4) (Fimfiction)
Becoming the Perfect Little Pony You’re Not. Horsefellow 4,271 Anon winds up in Equestria; Celestia is a bit of an obsessive motherly figure. They argue and he becomes younger. (1/1)
The Heir Jibber 25,390 Anon helps Dawn reclaim her throne. (1/4) (2/4) (3/4) (4/4) Satyr
The Love of the Sun Kerberos177 36,823 Anon grows up with a young Celestia and Luna, then romances the former. (1/7) (2/7) (3/7) (4/7) (5/7) (6/7) (7/7) (Fimfiction) INCOMPLETE FUCCCCC WHYYYY
Anon the Cuddlewhore - Celestia & Luna Leucine 4,336 Person Pampers Plus Pets Pretty Pony Princesses. (1/1)
Heat Wave Lulzies 8,136 Anon sends Celestia a Hearts and Hooves day card. (1/1)
Seizing the Throne Lurkeranon 10,663 Ruthless Anon subverts the Princesses’ authority and enslaves them (1/2) (2/2)
Celestia/Luna Domination/Manipulation Mendicant 15,538 An Anon arrived in Equestria before his time dominates Celestia. (1/1) Description sucks, will change later.
Anon and Da yandere butt sisters Meunster 3,958 Anon deals with a yandere Luna and Celestia. (1/1)
Anon the Manwhore Nixus 15,479 Anon is persuaded by nobles to bugger Celestia, though the experience is painful and he ends up romancing her. (1/5) (2/5) (3/5) (4/5) (5/5)
Tension ReggieSomething 957 Anon, a crystal empire knight, is sent on vacation by Cadance. She sends him to see Celestia. (1/1) Posted March 2021 in /Sun/
Princess Celestia’s Royal Guard (CYOA) Regidar 19,740 You are a unicorn recruit in Celestia’s guard (1/3) (2/3) (3/3)
Sucker for the Sun SHINOBIPONI 1,123 Anon and Celestia start the day together. (1/1)
Surface of the sun Sorcanon 36,616 Anon becomes the royal 'butler'; romances Celestia to Luna's chagrin. (1/11) (2/11) (3/11) (4/11) (5/11) (6/11) (7/11) (8/11) (9/11) (10/11) (11/11)
Anon the villain SteveEvet 2,615 Celestia and Luna recruit Anon to be a villain. (1/2) (2/2)
Celestia and Luna pick on humans for fun TechnicolorShortie 13,431 Title. (1/13) (2/13) (3/13) (4/13) (5/13) (6/13) (7/13) (8/13) (9/13) (10/13) (11/13) (12/13) (13/13)
Makarov in Equestria (Motherly Celestia) Toasty Ghost 1,238 Teenage-esque angst for a guy called Makarov who gets cared for by a sun-horse. (1/1)
Playboy Anon Unreliable Anon 5,869 Celestia raises a baby human; he turns into a playboy. This is his tale. (1/1)
Stranger in a Strange Land Writer_ 9,675 Celestia and Anon get close during estrus. (1/1)
Ponycuddle/Royal Groomer Writer_ 6,561 Anon cuddles/grooms the triad of Sun, Moon and Heart (+ Stars eventually) (1/1)
Anon the betrayed Zebramancer 41,650 Anon was Celesita's advisor long ago, but she punished him. Twilight finds that he might be innocent. (1/5) (2/5) (3/5) (4/5) (5/5) Not sure if incomplete.


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