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Spanking archive

By splishsplash
Created: 5th January 2022 06:12:24 PM
3rd February 2023 05:11:47 PM


 Spanking greentext archive from /mlp/

 This story archive is all about naughty ponies, rumps and spankings! Most of the written works that you'll find in here are disciplinary in nature first. So if you are looking for mostly erotic texts, then I’d suggest trying any of these fimfiction groups. Also note that nothing within this archive is cherry-picked in anyway. Thus story quality, themes and length can vary greatly. Please enjoy the chaos and the amazing authors below!

Current active thread: 4chan

# Feedback, prompts, comments and questions. All is welcome!


Title Date Link
10th mistake by Anon 15/11/2016
A city built for fun by Anon 18/03/2020
Acting Up for the Babysitter by Anon 21/06/2020 - 23/01/2021
Aftermath by Anon 23/04/2013
Anon the Filly Whisperer by Anon 07/04/2016 - 25/07/2016
Anon-dad and Equestria Girls by Anon 11/03/2017
Applejack the Substitute by Anon 10/05/2017
Award-Winning Filly by Anon 19/05/2017
Baby Dragon by Anon 20/01/2017
Babysitter Extraordinaire by Anon 03/06/2016
Bad Bird by Anon 09/04/2019 - 17/04/2019
Best pony model by Anon 17/10/2021
Break This Barn! by Anon 08/03/2014
Butt in Translation by Anon 19/04/2014
Butt Sore from Test Score by Anon 17/07/2017
Caged filly by Anon 19/04/2021
Cell phones by Anon 14/04/2018
Center atrium by Anon 22/10/2020
Changeling days by Anon 06/10/2020
Country Punishment by Anon 17/02/2016
Different Kind of Competition by Anon 15/11/2016
Discipline centers by Anon 10/11/2016
EQG and Anondad: Nightmare Night by Anon 11/10/2017
Flip Out by Anon 10/06/2019
Flutter Brute by Anon 06/06/2016
Flutterfilly by Anon 26/02/2014
Flutterpaddle by Anon 22/04/2013
Forced to watch by Anon 08/05/2018
Friday Night Fun by Anon 20/03/2016
Giving a Show by Anon 23/04/2013
Good Friend by Anon 09/05/2019
Granny Spank by Anon 07/04/2017
Griffon guard duties by Anon 05/11/2021 - 11/11/2021
Group Project - Scarlet Mane by Anon 27/07/2016 - 30/07/2016
Hard detention by Anon 25/10/2020
Haystation 7 by Anon 16/06/2021
Heir by Anon 23/04/2013
Helping Lyra by Anon 14/07/2014
Hiking trip (wip) by Anon 16/04/2016
Ice pack by Anon 05/04/2017
Independent Study by Anon 07/10/2017
Intentional Trouble by Anon 13/06/2017
Lazy by Anon 13/03/2014
Long Spanking by Anon 05/06/2020
Making a Scene by Anon 23/04/2013
Malled by Anon 11/11/2019
Monster in the high tower by Anon 10/12/2021
Naughty Pie 1 by Anon 08/02/2016
Naughty Pie 2 by Anon 17/04/2016
Nicknames for spanking tools by Anon 18/05/2019
Old Fashioned Wife 1 by Anon 29/07/2016
Old Fashioned Wife 2 by Anon 30/04/2018 - 07/06/2018
Old Fashioned Wife 3: Pinkie's Hearthswarming Eve by Anon 05/09/2020 - 19/01/2021
Old Ways by Anon 24/02/2019
Overture to a Spanked Rump by Anon 30/07/2019
Paradox by Anon 21/02/2017
Parent-Student Conference by Anon 21/05/2020
Peeping Dizzy by Anon 09/11/2016
Pink Bloomers by Anon 12/08/2019
Pinkie Paces by Anon 11/04/2017
Plaid Stripes by Anon 03/04/2018
Potty Training at Cloudsdale preschool by Anon 15/11/2019
Power Trip by Anon 21/04/2018
Rainbow Asks About 4chan by Anon 26/04/2013
Rookie Guard by Anon 07/12/2019
Runaway by Anon 02/08/2017
Satyr Story by Anon 28/05/2013
Say Something by Anon 01/08/2019
Shopping for paddles by Anon 20/12/2021
Silverware Offenses by Anon 27/02/2014
Slave days by Anon 23/05/2017
Sneaky Shining Armor by Anon 16/02/2016
Snow Bawl by Anon 03/12/2017
Spank Marine by Anon 27/06/2014 - 26/08/2014
Spank The Rainbow by Anon 24/02/2014
Spank wrestling by Anon 03/11/2021
Spanquestria by Anon 12/06/2018
Special grown-up spankings by Anon 15/10/2017
Spur's heat by Anon 13/03/2020
Spur's weekly spanking by Anon 24/04/2020
Sunsent to the Principal by Anon 28/01/2018 - 21/02/2018
Sweetie Belle caught red hoofed by Anon 17/05/2021
Sweetie Belle's Double Discipline by Anon 10/02/2016
Tantrum by Anon 18/07/2017
the Peryton Curse - pt 1 by Anon 07/03/2018
The Straight A student by Anon 22/12/2017
The ten bits deal by Anon 10/04/2016
Three Slaps From Hell by Anon 01/07/2014
Time for a Spanking by Anon 22/07/2017
Time travel shenanigans by Anon 11/03/2019
Tippy Radsworthe by Anon 22/04/2013
Trial by Anon 24/04/2013
Twilight's Magical Mistake by Anon 24/04/2013
Unpaid silk by Anon 24/04/2013
Untapped market by Anon 18/07/2021
Utilitarian observations by Anon 23/01/2017
Vandalism by Anon 05/12/2020
Wants and Needs by Anon 09/09/2018
Warm for the Winter by Anon 31/12/2017 - 14/04/2019
Weak Queen Strong Love by Anon 23/07/2017
Your daughteru messed up by Anon 29/12/2018
Random short stories by Anon

 asdtroi8895 (asd)

Pastebin / Poneb

Title Date Link
A Brutal Beating Coming by asd 16/Nov/2019
Alicorn Magic by asd 23/Mar/2019
An Unusual Spanker by asd 26/Oct/2019 - 03/Nov/2019
Boast Busters alternate ending by asd 00/00/0000
Bogeypony by asd 21/Apr/2020
Boundaries by asd 20/Mar/2022
Breakout by asd 19/Oct/2019
Cadence Misuses Her Talent by asd 24/Jul/2022
Cadence's Foalsitting Tale by asd 04/Mar/2022
Changeling and Colt by asd 21/Apr/2019 - 23/Apr/2019
Checklist by asd 01/Jul/2021 - 08/Jul/2021
Chrysalis Disciplines her Brat by asd 28/Oct/2021
Chrysalis's Alternate Punishment by asd 09/Sep/2020 - 23/Oct/2020
Cozy And Her "Parents" by asd 14/May/2019
Cozy Glow's alternate punishment by asd 17/Aug/2020 - 27/Aug/2020
Crazy Colt Idea's by asd 10/May/2019 - 12/May/2019
Culture Shock by asd 02/Aug/2019 - 19/Oct/2019
Dashie The Foalsitter by asd 01/Dec/2019
Fat Colt by asd 15/Apr/2021
Fetish by asd 02/Oct/2022
Foalsitters First Time by asd 13/Jul/2019
Game Over by asd 07/11/2022
Herry The Camp Disciplinarian by asd 15/May/2020
1) Homework by asd 28/Mar/2019
2) Getting Out Of A Grounding by asd 00/00/0000
His First Patrol by asd 17/Mar/2019
Hurts You And Me by asd 00/00/0000
Learning How To Spank by asd 04/May/2019
Luster's Heater by asd 02/Sep/2022
Marks and Recreation by asd 12/May/2020
Paddlings and Findings by asd 08/Mar/2020
Party by asd 16/Dec/2019
Pound And Pumpkin Attempt To Get Out Of Trouble by asd 00/00/0000
Reformation Part 1 by asd 20/Jan/2019
Reformation Part 2 by asd 00/00/0000
Reformation Part 3 by asd 00/00/0000
Reformation Part 4 by asd 00/00/0000
Reformation Part 5 by asd 00/00/0000
Reformation Part 6 by asd 00/00/0000
Sandbar's punishment by asd 21/Mar/2020
Scootaloo's Milestone Spanking by asd 31/May/2020
Scruffing by asd 30/Jul/2020
Spanking at the Gala by asd 30/Apr/2021
Spanking on the Only Available Piece of furniture by asd 10 May 2021
Spike Gets Served by asd 13/May/2022 - 22/May/2022
Spike Spanked by asd 00/00/0000
Spike's First Spanking by asd 07/Dec/2019
Starlight's Punishment by asd 02/Mar/2021 - 18/Aug/2021
Story Exchange by asd 08/Sep/2022
Sunset And Her Charge by asd 17/Nov/2019
Sweetie Belle's Magical Mishap by asd 02/Jul/2022
Test by asd 13/Apr/2020
The Failed Field Trip by asd 30/Nov/2019
The Foalsitter Who Couldn't Sit by asd 16/Jul/2019 - 18/Jul/2019
The Most Well-Deserved Spanking in the History of Equestria by asd 10/Jan/2021
The Woodworking Apprentice by asd 20/Nov/2021
Tradition by asd 00/00/0000
Twilight Time by asd 07/May/2019
Twilight's Punishment in Celestia's Court by asd 25/Jun/2020
Voodoo by asd 04/Apr/2020
Whipping colt by asd 09/Jun/2019 - 10/Jun/2019
Whipping filly by asd 11/Jun/2019 - 17/Jun/2019
Shorts by asdtroi8895


Title Date Link
A Day with Cadence by Bluejay 01/01/2017
Belle-Bottomed by Bluejay 28/02/2014
Cucumber Quest short stories by Bluejay 00/00/0000
Different Ways of Feeding by Bluejay 08/04/2016 - 21/06/2016
Dress up by Bluejay 24/01/2015
Don't call me baby! by Bluejay 15/05/2015
Routine by Bluejay 07/03/2014
The Game by Bluejay 00/00/0000
The Princess' Bath 1 by Bluejay 27/03/2014
The Princess' Bath 2 by Bluejay 25/10/2014
The Royal Daughter by Bluejay 13/02/2014
Trixie Goes to Magic Kindergarten by Bluejay 07/11/2016 - 05/04/2017
Undressed by Bluejay 15/07/2014
Shorts by Bluejay


Title Link
Shorts by ChuckSchuld

 DCFTEF (Dangerous Creature from the EverFree Forest)


Title Date Link
10% Time by DCFTEF 18/05/2016
A Mother's Duty by DCFTEF 09/12/2017
A Visit from the Mothers' League by DCFTEF 20/04/2016
Apple Adventure by DCFTEF 00/00/0000
Apple Adventure by DCFTEF 00/00/0000
Applejack and the Stallion Stampede by DCFTEF 24/10/2014
Bad Old Days by DCFTEF 03/04/2020
Bat Adventure by DCFTEF 06/02/2017
BBBFF in Trouble by DCFTEF 04/02/2014
Benevolent Queen Haven by DCFTEF 09/10/2021
Big Little Sister by DCFTEF 25/08/2015
Breaking the Burglar by DCFTEF 05/04/2020
Ceremonial baton by DCFTEF 19/04/2016
Critical information by DCFTEF 20/04/2021
Dancing and Deception by DCFTEF 00/00/0000
Dashie's Letter by DCFTEF 01/03/2014
Dash's Decision by DCFTEF 22/10/2014
Detrimental Attitude by DCFTEF 24/11/2021
Dinky's First Time by DCFTEF 14/04/2014
Discord's Gift by DCFTEF 27/04/2014
Dizzy's Fantasies by DCFTEF 25/08/2016
EqG Fluttershy by DCFTEF 07/12/2013 - 12/02/2014
Everything changed by DCFTEF 02/10/2021
Filly Dash Got a D- by DCFTEF 31/12/2012
Fishing dock by DCFTEF 11/04/2021
Flitter's Date by DCFTEF 16/10/2014
Fluttershy's Fetish by DCFTEF 23/07/2015
Fluttershy's Sleepover by DCFTEF 19/03/2014
Fund Grazer by DCFTEF 24/08/2017
Granny the Sharpshooter by DCFTEF 07/03/2014
Great & Powerful by DCFTEF 21/02/2014
Impressing the Ladies by DCFTEF 23/04/2016
Laziness Cure by DCFTEF 06/05/2017
Lessons in Diplomacy by DCFTEF 12/05/2016
Lines crossed by DCFTEF 07/10/2021
Moondancer's Bad Day by DCFTEF 17/04/2016
Mr. Piggy by DCFTEF 17/04/2016
Not on Guard by DCFTEF 20/03/2020 - 30/07/2020
Octavia & Vinyl's First Meeting by DCFTEF 27/03/2014
Quickie Vignettes by DCFTEF 01/04/2020
Rarity's Night Out by DCFTEF 30/01/2014
Royal Guards by DCFTEF 12/04/2017
Royal Spanker by DCFTEF 15/03/2020
Scootaloo's New Job by DCFTEF 28/01/2014
Sergeant Roxy Docks on Crowd Duty by DCFTEF 29/03/2020
Shining Armor's First Day by DCFTEF 23/02/2014
Smoked Purple by DCFTEF 12/04/2016
Sorry Belle by DCFTEF 21/09/2013 - 26/01/2014
Special Duty Service by DCFTEF 25/01/2017
Sports Swats by DCFTEF 07/05/2019
Spring Cleaning by DCFTEF 21/10/2014
Spring Crystal Cotillion by DCFTEF 08/04/2016
Sugar Cube Horror by DCFTEF 17/02/2017
Sunday Dinner by DCFTEF 27/10/2017
Sweetie & Button by DCFTEF 11/02/2014
Sweetie Bad by DCFTEF 25/04/2013
Teen Talk by DCFTEF 22/04/2020
The Fillies Strike Back by DCFTEF 03/06/2016
The Hero's Reward by DCFTEF 25/02/2014
The Last Constable by DCFTEF 17/04/2020
The Shrine Mare's Story by DCFTEF 21/11/2021
The Spy by DCFTEF 06/02/2022
Thru the Window by DCFTEF 04/10/2017
Trixie's Re-return by DCFTEF 18/10/2014
Twi-Late-Sparkle by DCFTEF 09/02/2017
Twiley and the Ultimate Horn Job by DCFTEF 05/12/2016
Twilight teased by DCFTEF 16/05/2021
Watching oneswat by DCFTEF 15/07/2017
Weekend Detention by DCFTEF 16/05/2016
What Happens in Las Pegasus by DCFTEF 18/03/2020
Wip idea by DCFTEF 17/11/2021
Witch's hut by DCFTEF 30/10/2021
Wonderbolt Paddle by DCFTEF 27/04/2013 - 26/01/2014
Worst Beating Ever by DCFTEF 05/12/2013
Shorts by DCFTEF


Title Date Link
How to Get Ponies to DO WHAT YOU SAY! by Ice 29/08/2018
Somepony Who Cares by Ice 06/09/2018
The Drunk Tank by Ice 17/01/2019
True Meaning of Discipline by Ice 26/10/2018
Welcome to the Hive (Part I) by Ice 08/01/2019


Pastebin / Poneb

Title Date Link
A Soaping journey throughout Equestria by Joh 06/11/2019 - 17/07/2021
Consequences of late work by Joh 11/10/2018
Detention at the University by Joh 26/12/2018
Role reversal day by Joh 28/04/2019
Sunburst The Royal Discipliner 1 by Joh 20/10/2019
Unnatural position by Joh 11/12/2021
Wip prologue by Joh 13/11/2019


Title Date Link
Filly Twilight's Bad Touch by kangaroomerang 05/07/2014
Naughty Little Twilight 1 by kangaroomerang 28/03/2014
Naughty Little Twilight 2: Naughty Schoolfilly Twilight by kangaroomerang 09/04/2014
Zap Apple Retribution by kangaroomerang 26/01/2014



Title Date Link
A Costly Solution by KrishnaKarnak 03/02/2017
Act of Kindness by KrishnaKarnak 18/07/2014
Apple on a Stick by KrishnaKarnak 18/10/2014
Bad Apples 1 by KrishnaKarnak 00/00/0000
Bad Apples 2 by KrishnaKarnak 00/00/0000
Bad Apples 3: Day 9 by KrishnaKarnak 30/01/2014
Bad Apples 4: Day 12 by KrishnaKarnak 03/02/2014
Bloomin' Spoonin' by KrishnaKarnak 27/01/2014
Coco Ponut by KrishnaKarnak 24/07/2016
Coco Pummel by KrishnaKarnak 05/01/2016
Confessions of a School-Aged Farm Filly by KrishnaKarnak 01/08/2016
Cup Cake x Rumble by KrishnaKarnak 00/00/0000
Dress Distress by KrishnaKarnak 12/02/2016
Detention by KrishnaKarnak 14/04/2016
First Timers, Serial Offenders 1 by KrishnaKarnak 24/02/2014
First Timers, Serial Offenders 2 by KrishnaKarnak 02/03/2014
Fluttershame by KrishnaKarnak 07/02/2016
Fuck! by KrishnaKarnak 16/08/2014
Good For What Ales Ya by KrishnaKarnak 16/04/2014
Little Mr. Rumble by KrishnaKarnak 20/04/2016
Necessary Privacy by KrishnaKarnak 22/08/2015
Rainbow Thrashed by KrishnaKarnak 19/04/2014
Riolu's Important Lesson by KrishnaKarnak 00/00/0000
Roo's Mother's Day Adventure by KrishnaKarnak 00/00/0000
Rumble's Ducky by KrishnaKarnak 05/06/2016
Sneaking and Shrieking by KrishnaKarnak 27/06/2014
Sneaking and Shrieking (Bonus) by KrishnaKarnak 29/06/2014
Takes the Cake by KrishnaKarnak 05/08/2014
Taking Score by KrishnaKarnak 27/04/2014
Twilight Scepter by KrishnaKarnak 29/01/2014
Wearing the Dunce Cap by KrishnaKarnak 30/03/2014

 Nomine Anagram

Pastebin / Poneb / Fimfiction

Title Date Link
A Nightmare on Rumble's Street (Unfinished) by Nomine 05/01/2018
Bad Beehive-iour by Nomine 03/05/2018
Bitter Duty, Ch1: Behind the Mask by Nomine 14/03/2019
Button's Clues (Prologue) by Nomine 01/06/2016
Button's Clues (Unfinished) by Nomine 01/06/2016
Buzzy Studies by Nomine 17/02/2019
Celestial Retribution by Nomine 28/04/2017 - 24/02/2018
Chrysalis captured (Roughdraft for UB4) by Nomine 30/07/2017
Colt's Club by Nomine 21/04/2016
Criminal Code 1: N4P-T1M3 by Nomine 31/12/2017
Criminal Code 2: Grillfull Intent by Nomine 27/09/2018
Desert Discipline 1: A Druid's Dilemma by Nomine 10/03/2022
Desert Discipline 2: Whirlwind Riding by Nomine 17/03/2022
Desert Discipline (spin-off): One Night at Aquaria's by Nomine 09/05/2022
Dream realm 0: Parental Activity by KrishnaKarnak and Nomine 07/12/2016
Dream realm 1: Wynken's late-night escapade by Nomine 22/08/2020
Dream realm 2: Bogeymare Music by Nomine 05/03/2022
Forty Lashes by Nomine 18/04/2016
Grading system by Nomine 11/12/2017
Inferior games by Nomine 31/01/2017
Nomine Teaser by Nomine 13/03/2018
OC Questionnaire by Nomine 00/00/0000
On Fire 0: A Hearty Crisis by Nomine 20/03/2017
On Fire 1: On Fire by Nomine 17/03/2017 - 04/06/2017
On Fire 2: Heart Afire (CYOA) by Nomine 05/10/2018
On Fire 3: Heating up Afire by Nomine 24/08/2020 - 02/03/2022
Pony Behind in Front of the Cart Before the Pony by Nomine 29/04/2019
Story time! by Nomine 23/05/2022
Switch by Nomine 23/02/2019
Undercover Blues 1: A New Plan by Nomine 05/04/2016
Undercover Blues 2: The Hairbrush Strikes Back(side) by Nomine 10/04/2016 - 12/04/2016
Undercover Blues 3: Return of the Queen by Nomine 08/11/2016
Undercover Blues 4: The Last Spank-Cry by Nomine 13/11/2016
Untitled by Nomine 00/00/0000
Shorts by Nomine Anagram


Title Date Link
A+ Punishment by Pan 01/01/2019
An Odyssey by Pan 07/08/2014
Apple Bloom's Photos by Pan 27/06/2014
At the courthouse by Pan 24/10/2017
Bright Marks by Pan 12/07/2021
Bugmom by Pan 05/03/2016
Cadance Foalsits by Pan 03/07/2014
Cajoled by Pan 21/09/2020
Developing easier alternatives by Pan 18/12/2017
Diaper position by Pan 11/12/2017
Do It Yourself by Pan 26/12/2017
Down a Peg by Pan 00/00/0000
Dressing Down by Pan 18/03/2017
Driving a Hard Bargain by Pan 26/07/2017 - 06/10/2017
Earful tour by Pan 05/08/2021
Earful by Pan 18/02/2018
Exploding fireworks by Pan 17/03/2022
Firelock by Pan 01/01/2019
Free Spankings by Pan 17/07/2014
GABBY BUMS by Pan 13/01/2021
Gabby Gums incident by Pan 12/09/2020
Gallus caught by Pan 10/10/2020
Give and Take by Pan 22/07/2017
Local marks by Pan 22/05/2018
Loco Parentis by Pan 24/10/2021
Maid for Spanking by Pan 24/07/2020
More Than Grounded by Pan 03/01/2018 - 10/01/2018
One Big Family by Pan 31/05/2016
Paying the Price by Pan 18/08/2014
Pre-cutie-marks by Pan 29/11/2021
Public Pie Punishment by Pan 29/04/2020
Rainbow is in trouble by Pan 06/05/2020
Run Your Mouth by Pan 10/04/2017
S&M gear by Pan 07/02/2016
Sorrys and Spankings by Pan 29/06/2018
Sweetie Belle in the Corner by Pan 27/06/2014
Tangled by Pan 29/04/2020
The Failed Field Trip (asd, edited by Pan) v3 15/02/2022
Thunderlane's mother by Pan 09/08/2016
Tricky Treat by Pan 14/10/2017
Trixie's Tricky Voodoo by Pan 05/08/2017
Ungrateful son by Pan 12/11/2016
Week End Ritual by Pan 05/10/2021
Whiskey Apple by Pan 29/03/2020
Zero Suit Aeris by Pan 00/00/0000
Shorts by Pan


Title Date Link
Dust-up by Pinkamenalicious 00/00/0000
Substitute Creature by Pinkamenalicious 00/00/0000

 RoyalBardofCanterlot (RoyalBard / TheBard)


Title Date Link
Adult Foal Daycare by RoyalBard 20/12/2019
Bathroom spanking by RoyalBard 24/04/2020
Burned Buns by RoyalBard 14/11/2019
Candy is Bad for You by RoyalBard 21/11/2019
Diamond bullying 1 by RoyalBard 29/06/2020
Diamond bullying 2 by RoyalBard 30/09/2020
Didn't Cut It by RoyalBard 12/04/2020
Doodling by RoyalBard 30/07/2020
Drawing on walls by RoyalBard 09/12/2019
Flutterbat by RoyalBard 12/03/2020
Fluttershy is a good Pet by RoyalBard 29/09/2020
Fluttershy's spanking porn by RoyalBard 21/03/2020
Last chance by RoyalBard 13/11/2019
Little Learning by RoyalBard 26/04/2019
Messy kitchen by RoyalBard 11/11/2019
Need More Than Needles by RoyalBard 17/06/2019
Ping the Duck by RoyalBard 01/05/2020
Broken vase by RoyalBard 18/05/2020
Potty dance by RoyalBard 21/10/2019
Preschool Punishment by RoyalBard 15/12/2019
Red moon by RoyalBard 29/05/2020
Sexy Aftercare by RoyalBard 15/11/2019
Sore Trixie by RoyalBard 12/12/2019
Spanked to Sleep by RoyalBard 06/12/2019
Spilled cake by RoyalBard 17/11/2019
Spilled milk by RoyalBard 17/11/2019
Starlight's knee by RoyalBard 17/11/2019
The Sunset on Me by RoyalBard 12/06/2019
Wordplay by RoyalBard 21/03/2020
Worn Out for Not Wearing by RoyalBard 30/11/2019 - 01/12/2019
Shorts by RoyalBard


Pastebin / Poneb

Title Date Link
Anon the new foalsitter by RusticAnon 30/01/2017
Anon's Visit to the Crystal Empire by RusticAnon 06/12/2016
Bear troubles by RusticAnon 13/12/2016
CSM 1: A runaway filly by RusticAnon 11/10/2017
CSM 2: Bullying at school by RusticAnon 11/10/2017
Delegation by RusticAnon 19/08/2017
Dizzy Origin by RusticAnon 11/10/2016
Doomed Derpy by RusticAnon 20/08/2017
Ginger Experiments by RusticAnon 09/11/2016
Glory Hole by RusticAnon 15/01/2017
History and Hindquarters by RusticAnon 15/03/2017
Indie Inventors by RusticAnon 11/05/2016
Involuntary Testing (remake) by RusticAnon 09/06/2017
Involuntary Testing by RusticAnon 14/01/2017
Medical diagnostic by RusticAnon 01/02/2017
Mischievous Dream Spirits by RusticAnon 03/06/2016
Mrs.Cinnabelle the Foalsitter by RusticAnon 17/07/2017
Old fart by RusticAnon 13/12/2016
Pony + brush = Spanking by RusticAnon 25/08/2016
Royal Treatment by RusticAnon 16/11/2016
Shining Armor's and His Lazy Wife by RusticAnon 23/06/2016 - 16/07/2016
Spooky Spanky Everfree by RusticAnon 16/08/2017
The Blue Unicorn's Adventure by RusticAnon 04/08/2016
The Curse of the Alicorn's Eye by RusticAnon 22/01/2017
The Ponyville Nursery by RusticAnon 30/05/2016
The Suit Quest by RusticAnon 18/01/2017
The Wicked Mad Scientist by RusticAnon 00/00/0000
The Wicked Mad Scientist by RusticAnon 20/03/2017
unsolved future friendship problems by RusticAnon 28/05/2017
Shorts by RusticAnon


Pastebin / Poneb

Title Date Link
A Lost Bet 1: Good Morning, Sis by SkyeHigh 23/02/2014
A Lost Bet 2: Temper Issues by SkyeHigh 25/02/2014
A Lost Bet 3: The Filly's New Clothes by SkyeHigh 00/00/0000
A Lost Bet 4: Recap by SkyeHigh 25/02/2014
Bedder Den Fiddy by SkyeHigh 05/02/2016
Care and Carelessness 1 by SkyeHigh 22/04/2014
Care and Carelessness 2 by SkyeHigh 00/00/0000
Cherry Red by SkyeHigh 20/07/2014
I Want To Play A Game by SkyeHigh 20/04/2014
RariQuinn 1 by SkyeHigh 19/03/2014
RariQuinn 2 by SkyeHigh 00/00/0000
RariQuinn 3 by SkyeHigh 00/00/0000
The Price of Pie by SkyeHigh 00/00/0000
Velvet Slippers by SkyeHigh 00/00/0000


Pastebin / Poneb

Title Date Link
Spanking Applejack by somewritefag 00/00/0000
Spanking Dash by somewritefag 00/00/0000
Blueblood by somewritefag 00/00/0000


Pastebin / Poneb

Title Date Link
Birds of a Feather - Gilda x Anon by UF 08/02/2013
Flutterseat 1: Rarity x Fluttershy by UF 04/01/2013 - 11/01/2013
Flutterseat 2: Zecora x Fluttershy by UF 18/01/2013
Flutterseat 3: Gilda x Fluttershy by UF 28/01/2013
Flutterseat 4: Trixie x Fluttershy by UF 21/02/2013
Luna's Fart Cushion - Luna x Anon - Fart fetish fic by UF 00/00/0000
Praise the Sun - Celestia x Anon by UF 03/01/2013
Pretty Celestia by UF 16/11/2013
Spa-cial Treatment - Aloe x Mrs Cake by UF 16/03/2013
The Punishment of Celestia - Celestia spanking fic by UF 24/04/2013
The Punishment of Zecora - Zecora spanking poem by UF 26/04/2013
Wip by UF 24/05/2014
Non-spanking stories by UF


Pastebin / Poneb / Ponepaste / Fimfiction

Title Date
(∩`-´)⊃━☆゚.*・。゚ by Vega
Flutter Queen Spanking Shy by Vega
"Homewrecker" ~short, WIP by Vega
"Mortified Modeling" ~Complete by Vega
"Not so Simple Needs" ~Complete by Vega
"The market" ~WIP by Vega
1) "Trixie's Magic Trick" ~Complete by Vega
2) "Sparkle Spanker 2000" ~Complete by Vega
3) "Twilight's Political Plot" ~Complete by Vega
4) "Rarity & the Minotaur" ~Complete by Vega
5) Rainbow's Grand Ponyville Tour by Vega by Vega
"Chase" (SooT prequel) ~Complete by Vega
"Just business" (SOoT Side Story) ~Complete by Vega
"Staying out of Trouble" Act 1 by Vega
"Staying out of Trouble" Act 2 by Vega
"Staying out of Trouble" Act 3 by Vega
"Staying out of Trouble" Act 4 by Vega
"Staying out of Trouble" Act 5 by Vega
"Staying out of Trouble" Act 6 by Vega
"Staying out of Trouble" Act 7 by Vega
"Staying out of Trouble" Afterstory ~Non canon epilogue by Vega
"Staying out of Trouble" Intermission by Vega
"Staying out of Trouble" Swibble Scribbles ~canon epilogue by Vega
Shorts by Vega


Title Date Link
Apple Family Tradition by Zad 00/00/0000
Brotherly Love by Zad 13/02/2016
For Educational Purposes by Zad 09/04/2016
Heat of the Moment by Zad 22/04/2016
Pony of his Word by Zad 05/02/2016
Rainbow's After Party by Zad 09/05/2016
Red Wine, Red Rump by Zad 20/02/2016
Redder Than Paint by Zad 10/03/2016
Secrets Revealed by Zad 18/05/2016
Sweetie Belle’s Massage by Zad 03/04/2016
Swinging Your Hoof Down by Zad 07/11/2016
Taste of the Farm by Zad 13/04/2016
The Worst Deal Ever by Zad 24/06/2016
Wrong Recipient by Zad 15/01/2017 - 28/01/2017

 Singles & Oneshots

Title Date Link
Baked by CPL. Punishment 07/09/2014 - 15/09/2014
BEEEEEEEEEES! by BSting 19/10/2014
Caught by Aviator Anon 24/04/2013
Coach EastStern Simmers Sunset's Seat by blankmind12 00/00/0000
Crude paddle by PMBIBP 24/04/2013
Equestrian Justice System by Hallo Mein Schatz 22/04/2013
Fake Scarlet Mane by zy 15/04/2016
Helping the Neighbours by Cathorin 03/09/2014
Ideas by Xina 03/01/2018
NMM's Revenge by WritersBlawked 27/04/2013
Rarity riding by fetishwritefag 05/10/2019
Rumble in the Bus by The Buck Neigh Kid 26/02/2014
Shining by SeaSwirl 24/04/2013
Something Different by LewdMuffins 14/01/2023
Spoon Intro by Goblin 07/06/2019
Sunset Spankstravaganza by SickFuck 18/02/2014
Too much detail by Xina 12/01/2018

 Mixed writers

Title Date Link
A Sore Shopping With Score (Edit) by KrishnaKarnak, SkyeHigh and Pan 06/03/2016
Assisting Flurry by Anon and DCFTEF 20/04/2020
Family limits by Anon and Pan 01/10/2017
Fluttershy's Adventure in Foalsitting by DCFTEF and Pan 01/04/2018
Hot Seats by Anon and Pan 22/03/2018
Lemon sneaks out by Anon and RoyalBard 23/09/2020
Old techniques by Anon and Pan 31/12/2017
Silent Rose (New Alt Ending) by Anon, Vega and RoyalBard 15/04/2017
Spank the Anon 1 by Anon 11/08/2015
Spank the Anon 2 by Bluejay 13/08/2015
Spank the Anon 3 by Anon 15/08/2015
Spank the Anon 4 by Pan 16/08/2015
Supervisor's office by Pan and Anon 24/08/2017
The Price of Pie (Mrs. Cake Edition) by SkyeHigh and Anon 00/00/0000
Wrong Kind of Marks by timewarp and numer987 00/00/0000

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Title Link
(Clop) (WIP) Sexist Anon (Part 1) by Pony_Azathoth
(MLO) Learning by the Books Pt 1 by Clarissa
(Spanking) Rarity gets Punished by Pony_Azathoth
Anon's Quest for the Phat Ass by JazzTeeth
BDSMfag: Twiliestia Bondage by PonyPlotWorship
Celestia takes Anon’s clothes away by Anon
Humiliating Anonfilly [sexual humiliation/transformation] by pontology
Mama Rara by Anon
Outside ride by Anon
Pony Supplies by Anon
Punishing My Pink Puffball by PPPF
Rarity/SB Beach Oneshot (Good ending) [Completed] by forgottenmeme
Rarity's Last Chance 1 by RareSF
Rarity's Last Chance 2 by RareSF
Rarity's Last Chance 3 by RareSF
Rumble's Penis Inspection Day by Anon
Slackin’ off by Anon
Spanking thing by Navarone
Spatula (Batpony) by Shiggler
The back room by Anon
The Color of Life by MoondancerArchive
The Servant by MrNameless
The warnings come after the spells - draft by sunmane1
To a Good Home by ffanon
Transparent Children - Walkin on Sunshine (Celestia, unfinis by FingerbangingMLP
TwiAnon - Daddy by Nameless_Anon
untitled by guest
Untitled by guest
Urethral ponies by slutiebell
What to do by Anon
Random stories

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